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Good and Broken
by Sabrina Quintana (quintanas97@yahoo.coom)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Sixteen year old Erin Cole gets involved in a rebellious relationship with an older boy. As Erin and Andy's relationship moves on, Erin's overbearing mother begins to break down. Tragedies amend, and Erin begins to abuse the use of drugs. Erin and Andy's relationship grows apart, and when the death of Erin's father follows her around the corner; Erin decides to commit suicide. Author's Synopsis: It's a story of real-life situations. Teenagers are becoming the highlight of the news these days. Pregnant teenagers are walking around the mall. And using drugs and alcohol is no longer a secret in this world. Families are constantly falling apart, and teenagers are taking advantage of their parents. This movie will feed the taste of Adults and teenagers, and open the eyes of those who watch it. Great movie to learn a lesson from. Makes me cry everytime i read it. Please contact me for any further information: quintanas97@yahoo.com Or message me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001552281223

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



MUSIC UP: Teenagers-Hayley williams cover
Erin, a very rebellious and pretty teen wakes up as her
alarm clock goes off at 7 AM.Erin puts on her two-piece
bathing suit, as follows, an oversized shirt to go over the
bathing suit. Erin heads out to her backyard which turns out
to be a beach in the back of a very nice beach house/Erin
runs to where her friend beans, ironically also quite
attractive, is laying down in the sand.

      (Laying down)
Happy birthday
So how old are you?...11?
      (Faking a laugh)
That's not funny
      (Putting on her
So, I'm thinking about getting a
job for the summer, and laying off
the beach.
      (Sitting up)
What happened to you?Did you stop smoking your weed? or
Yeah that's definately not funny,
      (Closes the
That'll never happen


The girls both start to laugh/ Erin get's up and takes off
her over sized shirt. Erin runs straight into the beautiful
water's of Florida, as beans follows.
MUSIC UP:Teenagers-Hayley Williams
After a little while of swimming and splashing in the ocean,
the girls get out of the ocean and dry off.
      (Noticing the new
       kid Andy)
Check out the new kid
      (Taking a glance
       at Andy)
Hey, he's actually pretty cute
      (Fixing her boobs)
I'll be back
Where are you going?
To go talk to him
      (Runs towards Andy)
I'll be back !
As beans reaches her destination to talk to Andy, she
approaches a Nice and handsome guy; just her type.
      (shaking andy's
Hi !
Im sabrina
Im andy
Andy...Yeah, you look like an andy...i
like it.


Yeahup, well
That's my name
As andy tries to focus on their conversation, he takes a
little glance at Erin, and Erin waves;Andy smiles.
So umm, i'm assuming your new
around here?
      (Still distracted
       by erin)
Yeah,i uhh
      (finally looking
       at beans)
I just moved here on saturday.
      (Looking back at
That's Erin
The girl your drooling over?
Yeah that's erin..that's my best
Oh...Im sorry im being a jerk
No, no, it's cool
Boys are always drooling over
erin....She's the highlight of this state
Andy laughs
Actually, your reaction over her
isn't as bad as the others


                       BEANS (cont'd)
But uhh,There's a party tonight
for my birthday. if you wanna
come? We'll get you some new
Yeah, sure
      (Pointing to
       erin's house)
That's erins house. And
evidentally where the party is
always at.
      (Walking away
So, uhh, ill see you at 8.
Yeah, ill be there
Beans turns around and runs back to erin, leaving andy
So what happened?
      (Beans sits down)
I invited him to the party
Well, gee thanks for asking.
      (standing up)
As if you dont have a million of
your wierdo friends already coming
to my house.
Erin starts grabbing her stuff and puts her over sized shirt
back on.
Uhh, where are you going?
      (yelling from a
To go live my life somewhere other
than this beach !


      (Laughing quietly)
Hey, dont hate this beach!
      (yelling for erin
       to hear her)
Dont forget what you did last
summer !
As erin turns around and walks backwards towards her house,
she puts on her cool retro glasses, and flips beans
off.Beans laughs, and erin turns right back around and heads
to her back door.
Erin walks into a house full of clinking dishes, and dinner
on the dinner table. Erin puts her bag down on the couch ,
and slips out of her flip flops. Walks towards the kitchen,
and sees her mother and sisters, all who don't resemble Erin
at all, except for their beauty.
      (Talking to her
I'm home
      (Carrying a dinner
       tray full of
       cooked brocolli)
Well nice to finally see you
      (Sets the tray on
       the dinner table,
       and hugs erin)
How are ya? ... Are you enjoying
your first day of summer break?
Yeah, it's alright...I always go to the beach, it's
kind of getting old
Erin and her family all sit down at the dinner table, and
start to eat.
Well, maybe this party tonight,
will refresh your summer a little


      (Rolling her eyes,
       and laughing)
Yeah, maybe
Erin grabs the brocolli tray and puts brocolli on her plate,
and stabs a chicken leg full of barbeque sauce and throws it
on her plate
There is sudden silence for a little while. Kelly and her
husband David look at eachother and decide in a quiet voice
who is going to tell the girls some good news.
      (At ease)
Well, that's good....
      (Wiping her mouth
       with a napkin)
Shall we talk about the rules of
Mom, i know, i've had this speech
a thousand times..
Okay, alright! I just wanna make
sure you are safe. No sex, no
Okay... where are you going with
Kelly and david look at eachother again, and erin seems
      (Swallowing her
Your father won us a trip to
hawaii from his work, and it's
this weekend.
...And you wanna leave us ? Again.


And we would like to go
We trust you girls.
Linsey and Rae get excited/ and erin still doesnt buy their
      (puts her fork
So what's the catch this time ?
Nothing. Just no boys in the
And no drugs !
Am i in charge?
Your like 12 years old
      (flashing a
       disgusted face
       towards rae)
Im 16, genius
Rae's the oldest, she's in charge
I dont think age matters, im
obviously more responsible then
these two material chicks
Rae and Linsey glance a bitchy attitude towards Erin/David
gets up and heads into the kitchen/ David comes out of the
kitchen with a pie in his hand.
Who wants dessert?


      (throwing an
Is it apple pie?
Yes...We always have apple pie on
Erin grabs her plate and gets up
Then no
Erin takes her dinner plate to the kitchen, and throws her
chicken bones in the trash, then turns the faucet water on
and scrapes the barbeque sauce off , and throws the dish in
the sink. Erin turns the water off and walks back to the
dining room.
      (Putting her hair
       up in a bun)
Umm, Beans is coming over.
Alright, well thats fine.
Erin flashes a fake smile, and puts her thumbs up.
Im going to my room
Erin runs upstairs
                                         FADE OUT.
Music is playing loud throughout the house.Teens being teens
and couples being couples. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and
erin squishes through the crowd of people in her house. Erin
opens the door, and looks at andy standing in the other side
      (Snapping her
Your the new kid right?
      (Shaking his hand)
Im erin


Erin closes the door as andy steps inside the house full of
foolish and drunk people. They both head back through the
crowd and end up standing next to a bucket full of alchohol.
      (Grabbing two
Want a beer?
      (taking the beer)
      (taking a drink,
       and grabbing his
Follow me
With erin and andy hand in hand, they both walk out to the
backyard, where a bonfire is lit, and more of foolish and
drunken teens. Erin and andy walk down to the bonfire, and
sit down on the lawn chairs.
      (Looking out at
       the ocean)
This is a nice view you've got
      (Taking a drink of
       her beer)
I know, but it's a total pain in
the ass...
      (Putting her drink
       on the floor)
You can't sleep past seven in the
morning..It get's too bright.
Erin gets up and grabs a bag of marshmallows and two sticks
and sits back down, putting a marshmallow on the stick.
So where you from ?


      (Frying his
California...but i've been around
the world
      (Takes a drink of
       his beer)
My parent's are the adventurous
No that's actually pretty cool
      (Eats her
Where have you been?
You know just the usual tourist
places....Bangkok, Malaysia,China,
Australia.....A few places in
      (Drinks her beer,
       and raises her
What was your favorite place to
      (Thinks to his
When we went to Europe, we took a
trip to Germany, and saw the
Auschwitz camp, and that has got
to be like the coolest experience
You mean like that Holocaust crap?
Did you go to any beaches?


Yeah, greece has got some pretty
legit beaches. They have warm
water for being there in winter.
      (Erin finishes the
       last of her beer)
So how old are you?
      (Handing erin the
       last of his beer)
I think the real question is how
old are you?
Im old enough
      (Puts the beer
       down on the floor)
      (Shaking his head)
No seriously, how old are you?
      (Scratches his
Im uhh, eighteen
Well shit man, How lucky are you?
I dont know, i kind of miss my
      (remembering his
My mom's cooking
      (Changing the
Where do you live?
Down the street..In the studio


Beans had an old boyfriend that
used to live there....his name was tim or something
like that.
I actually think my neighbors name
is Tim
That is actually, really wierd..
What a freaking small world.
      (Stops laughing)
Well we should hang out some time
Yeah, yeah totally.....I have no life, so im pretty
much free everyday.
Erin and Andy look at eachother and smile for a long time.
Beans runs over and breaks the silence!
      (Interupting erin
       and andy)
      (Grabs a chair and
       sits down)
I thought you weren't gonna come.
I didn't see you come in.
No...i've been here. For a while
Well come join the party then!!
Erin starts to look uncomfortable. And gets up and grabs the
marshmallow mess up off the floor.
Im just gonna go
      (Giving "Knuckles'
       To andy)


                       ERIN (cont'd)
I'll see you around
Erin walks away and throws the marshmallow mess in the
trash. Andy watches her leave in fascination.Then looks back
at beans.
So this is what you and Erin do
when your not tanning and...
doing..girl stuff
Oh yeah, well it's much funner
when her sisters aren't here.
And her parent's are cool with
Her parents are like unbelievably
cool with everything, actually.
Linsey walks by in a skimpy bathing suit with her other
friends, to take a dip in the ocean.
      (Looking at linsey)
Who's that ?
      (Looking at linsey)
Oh, that's Erins sister, linsey
Totally gorgeous, but totally hard
to get.
      (Laughs a little)
Im sensing some jealousy?
Oh, trust me, im not jealous
      (Looks at andy)
Just your typical classy bitch.
Always thinking she's the shit....But her sister Rae is probably
worse..They think that because
they have good looks, that they
can make everybody feel like


And what about erin?
      (raising her
       eyebrow and
What else is there to
know?...She's hot, her whole
family is hot, she's just part of
a freaking gene pool of hot
people. The only difference is,
she's totally cool, and doesn't
act like a drama queen.
Is she taken?
      (Points to Lucus)
You see that guy right there?
      (Andy looks at
The kid in the green shirt?
Erin and Lucus have been going out
for like 2 years, and lucus is
totally obsessed with her.But you
can totally tell that erin isn't
as interested as she was before.
      (Beans leans in
       close to andy)
So she could be yours...real soon.
      (Freaked out)
Are you giving me advice?
      (shrugs her
You can take it in whatever way
you wanna take it.
      (Looks at lucus
       one more time)
Well thanks
      (wierded out)


                       ANDY (cont'd)
...I guess
No problem
      (Beans stands up)
Well i'm gonna go...The party's
waiting for me.
Hey...You should really go after
Erin, she's quite the catch.
Well maybe all of us can hang out
Yeah, definately...We can go to
the beach!
      (Laughs a little)
I had a feeling we would be doing
Great i'll tell erin !
Beans walks away towards the party, once again leaving Andy
behind.Beans walks towards erin, who is standing next to
Lucus, a quite handsome kid, who is goofing off with his
friends. Beans grabs erin's arm, and drags her to another
Were hanging out with andy
Well thanks...for asking me
Erin, I'm telling you right now.


      (Yelling from
       across the room)
Erin ! Babe ! Come here !!
      (Ignoring lucus)
You have got to start asking me,
before you plan shit.
I know i'm sorry
      (Beans takes the
       girls drink that
       passes by her)
I know you like him ! He likes you
! The bird's and the bee's,
whatever. My point is, you need to
get over this whole lucus phase,
because he's an asshole, and move
on to better thing's, for
No...I have a boyfriend
Oh, screw lucus! I never liked
him, and i never will..okay? Do
you not recall what he did to me
last summer?....He drew all over my face with
purple marker when i passed out at
your grandma's lake house.
Yeah, and do you also remember why
he did that ?
Okay, so i borrowed a couple
hundred bucks from him...big
freaking deal. Look your not focusing on the
fact that he is freaking hot, and
he wants to hang out with us.


I can't get with Andy...He's
eighteen years old. I'm pretty
sure there is a law against
that...There's gotta be.
Laws shmaws !! Lucas is turning
eighteen in a couple weeks!
      (Snapping at erin)
Hello?!?! Erin, he's hot. You're
hot. You've got a perfectly hot
guy who want's to get with you !
I'm not getting with him.
Yes you are
Im not !
      (beans looks at
       erin for a long
Okay, fine i'll hang out with you
      (In a happy tone)
Great !!! I'll see you tomorrow
Beans walks away back to the party, and erin stands there
for a few seconds. Erin finally walks back to lucus, who is
still goofing off with some different friends.
Lucus grabs erins butt , and erin moves a couple of inches
away from him while still listening to his friends talk.
Lucus looks at erin, and grabs her hand. And once again,
erin rejects him.
What's wrong with you?
Umm, nothing. Just a little tired.
You wanna go somewhere else?


MUSIC UP: Party- Demi Lovato
Lucus and erin begin with an aggressive kiss and continue

                                         FADE OUT.
Erin wake's up and finds lucus is gone. Erin looks at her
clock which says it is 6:45 AM.Erin get's up and takes a
After a few minutes, erin gets out of the shower, and wipes
the steam off of the mirror and looks at herself for a
minute. Erin's phone starts ringing and erin wraps a towel
around her, and quickly runs to answer her phone.
                       KELLY (OS)
Hey !
Mom! ..What's happening?
Oh nothing, your father and i are
just eating breakfast. How are
you? How was the party?
Oh it was fun... I met a guy.
                       KELLY (OS)
A guy?!? What's going on? Are you
and lucus doing okay ?
Yeah mom, we're fine.
                       KELLY (OS)
Well, i'm doing fine mom, but i
have to go
      (Putting on her
       bathing suit)


                       ERIN (cont'd)
I'm uhh.. Going to the beach, with
Oh wait! Before you go, your
father and i have decided, that
we're gonna stay a few more days
                       ERIN (OS)
Because, three days in hawaii, is
just not enough
Is that alright with you ?
Yeah mom, that's fine!
                       KELLY (OS)
Okay, well i love you and..
      (Mocking kelly)
No monkey business, i know. I love
you. I gotta go.
Erin hangs up the phone, and starts to get ready. Erin puts
her almost dry hair up in a bun, and slips on her shorts and
t-shirt over her bathing suit. Erin then opens her door and
runs down to her living room.
Rae is eating breakfast on the couch, and linsey is watching
an infomercial while doing yoga.Erin walks past them towards
the hallway to grab a towel and her sunscreen.
Where are you going?
      (Annoyed and
       mocking Rae)
To the beach?
      (Still doing her
You're gonna get some sort of skin


                       LINSEY (cont'd)
cancer from being in sun all the
Tell ya what. If i do get skin
cancer, you can tell me you told
me so. But until then, stop
bitching, and let's not play the
what if game.
      (Erin puts on her
Erin opens the back door and slams it behind her.
Erin walks towards beans who is sitting next to andy as
well. Erin takes off her shirt and shorts and walks past
beans and andy, towards the ocean.
      (Realizinng erin)
Was that erin?
I...think so.
      (Patting andy's
Go get her tiger.
Andy stands up and takes his shirt off.
MUSIC UP: This love- Maroon 5
Andy runs behind erin, and picks her up. Erin starts
screaming,and is suddenly thrown into the water.
Erin splashes water at andy, and they start laughing.
What the hell man?
That's for making me wait here all
day with Sabrina !
Okay eww ! Her name is beans, not


Erin gets out of the water and andy gets out with her. They
walk towards beans who is of course, tanning.
      (Throwing a towel
       on beans)
Get up ! Im hungry.
OOOOH, can we go to shorty's
Take me on the floor-The veronicas, plays in the background.
And beans, erin and andy all sit on the balcony of Shorty's
      (Eating french
So, andy.. Who do you work for?
i uhh, im a human resource
What the hell is that ?
I hire and train new employees.
Oh, sick...i think my grandma does
that.or something like that.
Your grandma doesn't even come
close to doing that. She sits on
her ass and watches all my
children all day.
Screw you, My grandma is a nice
lady...Who smells and watches all my
children all day...


The waitress comes by and brings them their food. Erin
orders the chicken tender salad, and beans and andy both
order the barbecue beef brisket plate.
      (Looking at erin)
So..where are your parents?
      (raising her
       eyebrow and
Umm, in hawaii
      (Swallowing her
Having one of many vacations
without their children
That's wierd, i'd expect you to be
enthusiastic about you being home
alone, throwing parties, and what
Yeah that was the case
      (Wiping her mouth
       with a napkin)
When i was 14...Now it happens
often, and it's getting old
There is a silence between the three, and beans gets
      (Talking to
Can we have the check..ASAP?!
      (Looking at her
Oh shit ! I was supposed to meet
lucus at 6
      (Gets up from her
Im sorry, i have to go..im late !
Erin puts her bag on and runs down the steps to the
beach.Beans and Andy sit there awakwardly in silence.


      (Looking at erin
       and lucus hug)
Do you think i could take that
My 80 year old grandma could take
him, He's such a woos.
Andy and Beans continue to sit there and stare at erin and
lucus who are playing in the ocean together.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin and Lucus are in the ocean with their surfboards. Erin
laying on it and Lucus sitting on it. Both enjoying the
beautiful hot weather.
Babe , you gotta get into shape
      (splashing water
       in her face)
You're not such a winner at
Could you just not be such an ass
for like a day ?
      (Crinkles his
I was just kidding
      (Sits up on her
Stop talking like that
      (Gets ready to
       ride a wave)
It's getting really annoying


Erin rides a wave and reaches the shore. Erin gets off her
board, while Lucus is still back in the water in confusion.
He clears his eyes, and starts swimming himself and his
surfboard to shore. Lucus gets off his board and runs after
      (Grabbing erin's
What's going on with you lately?
Did i do something to piss you
Yeah..actually, all you care about
in this relatoinship is looking
      (moving her arm
       out of lucus'
This relationship isn't fun
They're not supposed to be fun.
That's what marriage is for...and guess what lucus, i'm only
16. I don't want to be stuck in a
relationship where all my
boyfriend cares about is
impressing his dumb ass friends.
Erin walks away, and lucus tries to figure out what is going
on. Lucus follows erin.
I honestly don't know what i did.
We were fine just 20 minutes ago,
what happened?
      (Turning around)
You're a jerk lucus! And i can't
take this shit anymore.
Andy walks down the beach step not knowing erin and lucus
are still there and sees lucus is being really agressive
with erin. Andy runs down the beach.


      (Grabbing erins
Hey. I'm talking to you, stop
walking away.
Hey !
      (grabbing erin)
Take it easy man
Who the hell are you ?
Leave the girl alone !
Lucus looks at erin for a long time.And erin walks next to
      (To erin)
Are you cheating on me ?
No one's cheating on anybody here,
i'm just making sure erin's okay.
Dude, shutup !
      (To erin)
After all that we've been through
?...Peace out babe, it's over !
Lucus walks away. Erin walks the other way and andy follows
      (Putting her shirt
Is he always like that ?
No. He never used to be.
      (Putting her hair
       up in a bun)
Ever since he became the baseball


                       ERIN (cont'd)
captain, he's been annoying.
He finally got what he deserves
yeah, im kinda glad it's over too
      (Reaching her
Hey thanks for that.
No problem
      (Giving andy
I'll see you around.
Erin walks up her back porch and walks inside. Andy stays
there for a few seconds, and smiles, and walks away.
                                         FADE OUT.
Andy walks back down the beach and pulls out his phone to
call beans.
                       BEANS (OS)
She's single
                       BEANS (OS)
Who's single?
Beans is eating a donut while sitting in her laptop
                       ANDY (OS)
      (Walking up the
Her and dumbass just broke up
      (Dropping her
       donut on her bed
       and closing her


                       BEANS (cont'd)
No freaking way !
      (Walks to the
Dude that's a freaking miracle, i
thought they were gonna grow old,
and be miserable together....What the hell ?
      (Eating her donut)
You know what you should do ?
                       ANDY (OS)
What ?
You should totally do that whole
cheesy shit, and get down on one
knee and ask her to be your
                       ANDY (OS)
I honestly don't think that erin
is that naive to buy that type of
                       BEANS (OS)
Oh come on, what's there to buy?
Erin is not some preppy chick, who
falls into those type of traps
      (Sits down at a
I've only know here two days, and
i can already tell that she's some
harsh chick who could beat the
shit out of someone by just
looking at them.
                       BEANS (OS)
Dude, she totally could.
Okay, this is such a pointless
conversation.. I gotta go.
Whatever. Peace out weener.
                                         FADE OUT.


Erin knocks on andy's door, and andy opens his door not
expecting her arrival.Erin stands there with pizza and hot
wings in her hand.Andy stands there with no shirt on.
Can i come in ?
      (Holds the pizza
       box box up)
I brought pizza
      (Erin takes DVD's
       out of her purse.)
And movie's.
      (Grabs the movies)
Friday the thirteenth?
I thought you'd be more of a eat,
pray, love type.
      (Walks inside.)
Don't you ever mistake me for my
sister's again.
Erin walks inside of andy's house. Andy finds a shirt to put
on while erin takes a tour of andy's living room.
      (Clearing his
So uhh, What are you doing here?
      (Settling in)
      (Looking through
       the cabinets)
Beans is into all that religious
crap, so she's at church camp, and
if you haven't figured out
already, my sister's are wannabe
hannah montana's so, i mean there
is so much more that i hate them
for, but that is just the cherry
on the icecream.
      (Looking at andy)
Do you mind if i stay here?


      (Scratching his
Well your already here
      (Sitting at the
So what the hell?
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN
It is dark in the living room. Erin and andy are both
sitting on the couch watching Friday the thirteenth and
eating varied junkfood snacks.Andy puts his arm on the back
of the couch which evidentally is where erin's head is
resting.Erin gets up, not realizing andys arm and goes to
andys room. . A scary scene in the movie flashes up and andy
gets scared and jumps.Erin looks at herself in the bathroom
mirror and smiles, and puts her hair up in her signature
messy bun.Erin walks to the kitchen and gets some of the
left over pizza left out on the table. Andy looks back and
realizes erin in her stage of beauty. Andy smiles, and gets
up quietly without erins knowledge. Andy walks towards erin,
and gently touches erins shoulder. Erin turns around, and
andy moves her hair out of her face to steal a gentle and
passionate kiss.
MUSIC UP: Rehab-Rihanna
Erin and andy continue to share a passionate moment in the
middle of the kitchen. Erin and andy continue the passion
laying on andys bed.
Suddenly their love- making is interupted as erin lays on
his chest. Andy kisses erins neck, and there is momentarily
a passion between them again.
Andy wakes up taking a look at erin under the covers. He
gets up , snooping quietly across the room, trying not to
wake her. Andy gets in the shower. After a few minutes ,
andy gets out of the shower. Walks out of the bathroom with
a towel around his waistand another towel which he is drying
his hair with. Andy walks into the bedroom,and erin sits up


in the bed, with a pillow covering her. They look at each
other for a long time. Andy breaks the silence.
I don't..really know what to do
from here..I've never been
physical with a ...sixteen year
Well now you have.
So, how are you doing?...
      (smirks a little)
And you?
Im- im- fine..... feeling ..nice
and clean.
Hey, I don't really want anyone
to know about this
Oh..Sure. Yeah, i won't tell
Erin gets up off the bed with a sheet wrapped around her
body, walking towards andy. Andy doesn't take his eyes off
of her.Erin stand sin front of andy, and wraps her arms
around his neck and kisses him passionately. Erin stops
kissing him and smiles.
Im hungry
      (Quietly laughing)
Your hungry?


      (Knodding her head)
      (Grabbing her hand
       and taking her to
       the kitchen)
Well then lets eat.
Erin and andy are happily together in the kitchen cooking
pancakes together. Andy rolls a towel up and playfully
threatens to hit her with the towel. Erin laughs and pushes
andy. Their playful morning continues as they cook breakfast
and laugh.
      (eating the
       pancakes and
This is disgusting
      (eating the
       pancakes and
yeah? Well you made it.
Suddenly the doorbell rings and erin and andy look at each
other. Andy gets up to answer the door, and erin goes to the
room to find her pants and t-shirt. Andy opens the door, and
beans stands on the other side.
Why aren't you answering your
phone? I've been trying to call
you since this morning.
Erin walks out, and sees beans standing on the other side of
the door.
What the hell are you doing here?
      (Beans forgets the
Hey did you know Tim lives here?


Yeah, no shit.
How does everyone know where i
This is where all the newbies
       something and
       walking inside)
Wait...You didn't!
Do what?
Did you guys like....do it?
I'm not sure that i know what you
guys are talking about at this
Oh my gosh...That's so grose !
Ewww !
Okay. Okay , calm down, it's not
that big of a deal.
Will someone fill me in on what
we're talking about?
Beans walks back to the front door, and opens it.
      (fixing andy's
You, my friend, have got to get on
my level.
      (whispering in his
I just wanna make one thing clear
between us, If you ever mess with
that chick over there, i will, and
i repeat myself, will chop those


                       BEANS (cont'd)
precious little babies down there
right off !!
      (Smiling at him)
Don't break my best friends heart.
      (scared and
       gulping his
Umm, alright.
      (Acting like
       everything is
Oh, i am so glad to be back.
      (Putting her
       glasses on)
What do you say ? Meet me at the
beach at one ?
Beans walks out the door, and closes it behind her. Andy
walks to his room, and grabs erins bag. Erin follows him and
starts laughing.
What the hell are you doing?
What do you mean ?
Were going to the beach.
That is just beans being beans.
She'll say that to anybody who
even looks at me.
Yeah well, that bitch scares
me...And i'm not gonna piss her
      (Looking at his
Let's go.
                                         FADE OUT.


Beans is at the beach laying down tanning, and erin and andy
walk down awkwardly not knowing what to do. After a couple
minutes of silence, andy grabs erins hand,and erin grabs a
hold of his hand. Erin looks at andy, and quickly looks the
other way.
So are we doing this?
      (putting her
       glasses on)
Doing what ?
Are we..you know.. in a
relationship? Whatever you teens
call it these days..
      (stays quiet for a
       few seconds)
I just don't want you to turn out
to be someone completely opposite
then who you are now, you know ?
Let's not focus on that. Do you
wanna be with me ?
      (shrugging her
Maybe...maybe not
Okay, i'll answer that question....yes.
Are you sure?
Im not like those other girls. I
don't want you to..you know,
serenade me. I just want you to be
there for me, when i need you.
Andy stops walking and pulls erin back to where he stands in
the middle of the beach. Andy grabs erin by the waist and
kisses her.


Then i'm your guy.
Well then...i don't see why not.
Erin walks down the beach smiling, as andy stands behind for
a couple seconds smiling as well.Andy runs to catch up with
You flabbergast me erin.
I'm not falling for your cheesy
      (quietly laughing)
It was worth a shot.
Beans gets up, wearing a bathing suit and big hat.
What the hell took you guys so
      (looking at her
It's one-thirty.
      (whispering in
       erin's ear)
Wanna go for a swim?
      (knodding her head
       and smiling)
Erin and Andy walk away down the beach to the water.
Hello ?!?!..What the hell guys ?
Andy jumps in the water and erin turns around to look at
beans who is still behind standing there speechless!
Beans !.....Come on get in.


Erin runs in the water, and swims where Andy is. Andy and
Erin sit there smiling at each other and play around in the
      (Talking to
These bitches. I just got back
from freaking church camp, and
here they are playing in the god
damn water.
      (turns around and
       see's a cute guy.)
Hey !!...I'm sabrina.
Beans runs over to the group of cute guys and shakes their
      (flirting with the
How you doing?
      (touching their
Wow. i work out too. We should
work out together sometime.
How about tonight ?..eight o'clock
Sure. where ?
36th street and willow.
Great, i'll see you there.
Beans walks away and runs towards their spot of towels, and
open bottles of sunscreen. Erin and Andy are both sitting
down with their sunglasses on, when a volleyball rolls their
way. Andy gets up and grabs it, and takes it back to the
owner, who evidently turns out to be lucus.
      (shaking his hand)
thanks man


      (looking at lucus
       and andy from a
That little asshole. That is lucus
      (running towards
       andy and lucus)
Hey. what are you uhh, what are
you guys doing ?
I was just about to ask him if he
wanted to join in?
Fine. How hard could it be ?
Andy, he's the captain of the
volleyball team too.
      (whispering in
       erin's ear)
What's the worse that can happen.
I'll be fine.
So are you gonna grow some balls
and play ? Or are you gonna let
your little girlfriend take away
your man hood?
      (Grabbing erins
       hand and kissing
No offense..but let the big guy do
what he's gotta do. huh ?
      (Putting her hair
       up in a bun)
No. He's playing...but so am I.
Alright sweetie. Bring it on.
Erin and Andy go against Lucus and his other friend. Lucus
and his friend seem to win for a little while, but Andy and
Erin step up their game, and after many minutes of playing,
Erin and Andy win.


Erin throws the ball at Lucus and he is too tired to catch
it. Lucus walks towards Andy while wiping the sweat off his
face with his shirt, and shakes Andy's hand.
Good game man.
      (Drinks his water)
You're a worthy opponent.
No, that was all erin.
Erin walks away and runs towards beans.
      (watching erin run
Are you guys together ?
Yeah man..We are.
      (Knodding his head)
Yeah ?...well take care of her man.
Don't let her go
I will. I'll take care of her.
Lucus stands there looking at Andy, and without hesitation
or saying anything, turns around and walks away. Andy walks
up to the concession stand.
      (Pulling out a
       five dollar bill)
Can i have two waters please.
Linsey turns out to be the server at the consession stand.
      (handing him two
       water bottles)
So are you new around here ?


      (Handing her the
       five dollar bill)
Yeah. I've been here a couple
You should let me take you out,
and i'll show you a few places
around here.
No. I have a girlfriend.
Who's your girlfriend ? I know
everyone here.
Oh you definitely know her.
      (walking away)
It's your sister.
Andy walks away, and linsey stands there in shock.
Andy gives erin a water bottle and drinks the other one.
Andy kisses erin. and sits down.
I think i just met your sister.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN.
Erin shuts the back door and slips out of her flip flops,
while she throws her bag on the couch.Erin walks to the
dining room, and everybody is already sitting down at the
dinner table.
      (in a sarcastic
I'm home.


      (tossing the salad
       with two big
Hello dear. How are you ?
      (sits down at the
       dinner table)
When did you guys get home
A few hours ago.
      (passing the salad
      (grabbing the
       salad bowl)
      (drinking her
I met your boyfriend today.
He's cute.I guess.
      (Looking at the
Met ?...haven't you already met Lucus ?
      (dropping her fork)
Oh so she didn't tell you ?
Erin has moved on, and she has
found herself another boyfriend,
isn't that right erin ?
Well that's okay hun, things like
this are always gonna happen till
the day you get married.
      (Touching erin's
There's nothing wrong with
changing your mind.


      (knodding her head)
That's right...Now who is he ?
      (still looking at
Is this the boy you met at the
party ?...hmm ?
      (trying to stop
       the tension)
That doesn't matter. She's a
teenager, and she has every right
to not want to be in a
relationship anymore. Her and
lucus are no longer together, so
lets just drop this conversation.
      (putting her fork
I just don't understand..He was a good kid.
      (getting annoyed)
Mom, i don't care. It's over, so
just build a bridge. alright ?
      (raising her
       eyebrows in
Alright, fine.
There is a long silence, as the family continues to eat
dinner as a dysfunctional family would. Sounds of forks
scraping against empty plates, and worn out faces to Erin,
continue to look ashamed upon her.
Well, when are we gonna meet the
kid ?
are we ever gonna meet the kid ?


Erin gets up out of her seat, and walks away for a few
seconds. Erin walks into the room, and leans over the
counter with frustration. Erin then walks back to the dining
room, where everyone is sitting down still in disbelief.
I'm tired of this shit mom !!!
      (pushing the food
       out of kellys
just be proud of me for one god
damn thing ! Just one ! Jesus mom,
that's all i want !
You think your the only one who's
tired of this god damn routine
erin ?
      (bows her head
       down, and then
       picks it up.)
You are an arrogant little brat,
who could have the world at her
feet, but you choose to live other
wise, staying out all hours of the
day, and going out with every boy
in Florida ! I worked too damn
hard to be sitting here every day,
waiting for you to come home so we
cann all have a nice dinner
together as a family, that's not
how i raised you
      (standing up)
And it frustrates the hell out of
If anyone is to blame, it is you !
You pay more attention to your
dumb ass vacations, then your own
daughters...doesn't Hawaii get
old, how many times have you been
there anyways?
      (bangs on the
I work damn hard for every single
thing that is in this house, and i
deserve a vacation erin !


Oh for Christ sake mom. you're not
capable of doing anything, you
don't do shit, you just sit on
your ass and come up with more and
more reasons to hate me !
      (pointing her
       finger at erin)
Don't you dare tell me what i am
capable of doing. Now you are a
sixteen year old girl, who do you
think you are to talk to anybody
like this.
      (calms down)
Now lets all reiterate ourselves.
      (rolling her eyes,
       and walking away.)
Screw you mom.
Rae, Linsey, David, and Kelly all stay in the dining room.
There is not talking. Only the sound of Erin's feet pounding
as runs up the stairs, and the slamming of a door as Erin
enters her room.
Kelly turns around for a second while everyone is still
sitting down.Kelly closes her eyes, and opens them after a
few seconds of disbelief. Kelly turns around to face the
"family", and starts to clear off the table.
You girls go ahead to your friends
house, i'll get this junk.
      (looking at the
Go on ! I'll be fine.
The girls stand up and grab their keys, and walks out the
door.David stands up and starts grabbing the plates out
kelly's hands.
      (kisses kelly's
Honey, Erin is not as simple as
you want her to be. She needs her
space. She doesn't want to be like
those girls out there, and she has
every right to make those kind of


David, i just don't know where we
went wrong with that girl. I gave
her everything.I bought her the
most expensive dresses, i put her
in the best music school in the
state.And then she turns fifteen
And, she throws it all away for
converse shoes, and big band
t-shirts. She's not my little girl
      (hugs kelly)
Honey, she will always be our
girl.Just not a little girl.Those
days are good and gone, she's
growing up. She's got a boyfriend,
hopefully a good one. And she's
about to graduate highschool. You
gotta trust her.
i just don't know what to do with
her anymore. she's a monster.
      (grabs a chair and
       sits down and
       grabs kelly's
Kelly, you remember when Erin was
born, and you got to hold her for
the first time ?...you remember how you had your
heart set on a baby boy? But erin,
turned out to be a girl ? You were
a little disappointed, but you
held that beautiful little girl,
and you promised her that you
would love her through anything
and everything.
Now you got through the sleepless
nights, and the potty training,
and the nightmares. You went
through all of that, even her
first boyfriend.


David i know i did. It's just,
it's very hard to do this right
Hold on a minute. Those times were
tough. No matter how much crying,
and how much attitude that sassy
little girl gave you, you always
stuck by her side. And you know
why ? Because that night you made
a very important promise, to a
very important part in our lives.
And you need to keep that promise
now, no matter how hard it is to
do so.
Kelly wipes her tears, and David stands up to kiss her for a
couple seconds.
I guess your right.
      (taking a deep
thank you for that. I really
needed that.
Yeah your welcome.
I always knew there was a reason
why i married you.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin is laying on her bed watching eat, pray, love. She
hears a knock on her door, and throws the remote on the side
What ?
                       KELLY (OS)
It's me. Can i come in ?


      (mimics her mom
       and makes faces
Kelly opens the door, and walks in closing the door behind
      (Sits on her bed)
What'cha watchin'?
      (frustrated about
       the movie)
Crap...eat,pray, barf.
I never could figure out why your
sisters liked this movie.
      (looks at erin)
Erin i'm sorry. I shouldn't have
yelled at you like that. I'm happy
for you, i really am, i think it's
great that you have a new
Mom you don't have to be happy for
me, i just can't stand when you
try to hide your disgust with the
whole world, when i know what
you're thinking. It's obvious.
I know. I know, i'm sorry. It's a
habit. Why do you think i never
talk to my mother ? Cause she does
the exact same thing.
      (tries to hide her
Mom, i'm gonna go to Andy's
      (holding back)
Alright...well, can i take you


      (Slowly shrugging
       her shoulders)
i..don't.. know
At least let me do that. It's
dark. And, i wanna meet him.
You really, wanna, you really
wanna like meet him ?
Of course. Pack your bags, come on
lets go.
      (raising her
Alright, well just, give me a few
minutes to get my things.
Erin gets up and goes to her closet to grab a bag from the
top shelf. Kelly grabs the remote, and turns the volume up
to watch eat, pray, love in a more clear volume.Erin walks
to her drawer, and grabs some clothes , that she shoves in
her bag. Erin walks to her bathroom, and looks at herself in
the mirror, and then grabs her toothbrush and walks out.
Alright, i'm ready.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin and Kelly pull up to the front of Andy's apartment
complex.Kelly takes the keys out of the car, and Erin
reaches in the back to grab her bag. Kelly and erin get out
of the car.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin knocks on the door. It takes a couple seconds. And Andy
finally comes to open the door. Erin flashes an embarrassed
smile.They all stand there for a couple of seconds, and andy
opens his mouth, but after a second of not knowing what to
say he closes it.


      (shaking andy's
I'm Kelly, Erin's mom.
Mrs. Cole, i'm Andy.
Erin stands there in awkward silence. She gets bored sitting
there in silence, and starts swinging her arms back and
forth and clapping them.
Well it was nice meeting
      (begins to turn
I have to go. Bye.
Kelly walks away.Erin walks inside Andy's house, and Andy
follows her while shutting the door behind him.Erin lays on
the couch in a lazy way, and pulls the cover off the back of
the couch and lays it over her. Andy stands by the door, and
looks at erin. Erin closes her eyes. Andy walks over to the
couch, and gets under the covers with erin.
You're too big to be on this
      (kisses andy)
How are ya ?
      (kisses erin)
Good, now that you're here.
that is so cheesy
What? It's the truth.


      (trying to get up)
Okay, let me up.
Andy sits up and Erin walks to the bathroom.
Andy lays back down on the couch while Erin uses the
                       ERIN (OS)
      (While in the
Did you clean or something ?
      (with his eyes
Yeah, just cause i'm a guy,
doesn't mean i don't have motives.
I clean.
You hear the toilet flush, and faucet water turn on.After a
couple of seconds, the faucet water turns off. Erin opens
the door and walks to the kitchen.
Chill out man.
      (rubbing his eyes)
Well, i'm going to bed.
Andy gets up and walks to Erin who is looking through the
refrigerator. He stands there, and after a moment gives Erin
a kiss.
your a party pooper
Well, i had no idea my sixteen
year old girlfriend was gonna show
up at my doorstep with her psycho
more like deranged.
babe it's almost twelve o'clock.
And unlike some people, i am
actually an adult, who needs to


                       ANDY (cont'd)
just cause your eighteen doesn't
mean you're an adult.
Well, according to the state of
california, I am legally an adult.
well you're not in california
Andy closes the fridge and leans against the counter.Erin
walks towards Andy's bedroom.
And where do you think you're
going ?
to a nice and comfy bed, because
"Andy's tired"
Andy chuckles, and walks in the bedroom and shuts the door.
                                         FADE OUT.
The sun is bright. Erin and Andy lay there under the
cover.Andy plays with erin's hair.
I was thinking of getting a dog.
a dog ? Do you really think a dog
would want to live in this....shit
A dog does not care where it
lives, as long as he has some food
to grub on, and a bed to hide
under, he's pretty much good. Just
give him some love, and he'll love


                       ANDY (cont'd)
you back.
okay, while you're busy playing
Marley and me, i'll wait for you
to come back to reality.
I'm just kidding. But seriously
babe, i want a dog.
alright fine.Then we get the dog
that i want.
      (sitting up)
I'm not getting some ankle biter,
so if it's a chihuahua, then you
can forget it.
That's not what i want.
Well then what do you want ?
      (kisses erin)
Hmm? I'll get it for you.
      (sits up)
I want a Saint Bernard.
      (raises his
I want a dog not a freaking
monster..Plus, where the hell are we
gonna find a freaking saint
Bernard? They're extremely
expensive, and extremely hard to
I don't know, go on craigslist or
Alright. Alright, fine. I'll get
you your stupid dog.


Erin smiles, and kisses andy.
      (getting out of
So, Your old boyfriend wants to
hang out with me today.
Lucus ?
Damn, how'd you get stuck doing
that ? That really....sucks.
So you don't mind ?
Why would i ?
I don't know, that's usually not
the reaction a girl gets when her
ex wants to hang out with her
well i'm doing you a favor..You
have no friends.
                                         FADE OUT.
Andy and Lucus walk down the walkway. Girls in bikinis, guys
walking their dogs. Vendors and coffee shops,etc. Andy and
Lucus sit down at a table outside and a waitress takes their
What can i get you boys today ?
I'll have a pink berry frozen


      (looking at andy
I'll have a coke
Waitress writes down the rest of the order on her notepad,
and then walks back inside.
Before you explain yourself , i'm
just gonna go ahead and hope that
yogurt is for erin.
Yeah, it's her favorite.
Oh believe me, i know....I just
got a little worried there for a
      (scratching his
So how ya' guys doin'?
      (pauses for a
Um, yeah man. We're doing good.
Well, that's good. You taking care
of her?
Yeah, of course. Always.
Alright, well i'm just gonna go
out and say this. I was thinking
of taking her back. Working my
magic. But
      (points at andy)
I like you. And you guys seem like
a good match. So i'm gonna be a
genuine and kind person, and give
you guys a shot.
well, thanks.


Waitress walks out and brings the yogurt and coke to andy
and lucus. Lucus looks at the waitress quickly, and then
winks at andy. Lucus, drinks his coke.
      (flashing a
       charming smile)
You got a pen ?
      (pulling out a pen)
Lucus takes the pen from the waitress, and takes her hand to
write something down.
      (handing the
       waitress the pen)
That's if you ever wanna have a
good time.
How old are you ?
Then i'll see you around
Waitress walks away slowly, and lucus looks at her butt.
Andy sits there laughing at Lucus.
I know.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN.
Andy and Lucus walk down the shopping center once again. And
Andy is distracted by a "puppy for sale" sign.Andy stops and
talks to the guy.
                                         FADE OUT.


Erin walks out of the bedroom, and there standing in front
of her is Andy closing the door with a Saint Bernard puppy
in his hand.
      (her eyes get big)
What the f-
      (put his hand
       across her mouth)
Watch your language around the
little one.
      (taking the puppy)
Is this mine ?
      (smiles and kisses
yes it is. That's because i love
you, baby.
      (puppy licks erins
oh my goodness. I'm gonna call you
      (petting the puppy)
Gunther ?
      (talking in a baby
Yes, Gunther.
      (sits down on the
Actually, that was a big freaking
coincidence. But i got you your
dog. So there.
      (hugs andy)
And i love him.


Erin puts Gunther down, and sits down next to Andy.Gunther
starts barking and smelling around.
Alright, if that dog shits in my
house, you are responsible for
cleaning it up. Cause i'm not
doing it.
      (Annoyed by the
       dogs barking)
Alright shut up already.
Erin walks over to Gunther. Erin sits down on the floor, and
picks Gunther up.
      (talking to
Don't mind him Gunther, He's just
a grumpy old man.
This relationship is getting too
damn serious.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin walks through the front door this time of her house,
and hangs her jacket up in the hall closet, and puts her
shoes in the shoe rack. Erin turns the corner after walking
down a long hallway full of family pictures all in the
scenery of a beach, and all with a fake smile from Erin.
Erin finds her family haven't sat down at the dining table
without her this time, and when they see her arrive, they
automatically turn the TV off, and her mom comes out of the
kitchen with a big extravagant meal.
Look what the cat dragged in.
      (flipping linsey
Jealous much ?


Alright, let's all calm down.
      (kissing erin's
How are ya ?
      (sitting down in
       her chair)
I have to tell you guys something.
Are you pregnant ?
No !
Go on, tell us.
Okay..Andy got me a puppy !
      (choking on her
A puppy?!
      (Swallowing her
Honey, don't you think you guys
are getting just a little too
serious, just a little too fast ?
Okay, here we go back to square
one. I don't give a damn what you
think about my social life, nor do
i care what you think about MY
Erin. Show your mother some


Erin sits there staring at everybody. There is a familiar
long, and awkward silence between the whole family. Everyone
continues to eat their food in silence.
      (breaking the
Don't you think we should meet the
boy ?
      (chewing her food)
Maybe not.
Why don't you invite him to the
party .
What party ?
      (Clearing his
       throat and
Your uhh...your birthday party?
Well you be sure to invite that
boy, because i need to meet him.
Erin looks around awkwardly at everybody. And sits there and
wrinkles her forehead a little. Erin looks back at her mom,
and her mom smiles at her while everybody is once again,
eating in silence.
Erin is running down the pathway of shops and concession
stands. Erin runs and breathes deeply, while holding her
water bottle in her hand. Erin runs down to the beach, and
sees her sisters. Erin quickly runs away as her sister
realize that she is there.
Erin starts to get tired, and slowly starts to walk. Erin
takes a long gulp of her water. And out of no where, Andy
comes up and tips the water so it spills all over Erin.


That wasn't very funny
I'm sorry
Andy moves Erin's hair out of her face, and kisses her
passionately with his hands holding her head.
Out of nowhere, Erin's parents walk past them.
Erin ?I thought you were...going out for
a run ? Weren't you ?
Yes i actually was. I don't always
walk down the shopping square full
of sweat.
Everybody stands there awkward. Andy starts scratching his
head, and erin, kelly, and David all stand there looking at
Uhh, dad...this is..andy. Andy,
this is my dad.
      (shaking david's
Nice to meet you...sir.
Son, you can call me david.
Okay, david.
Umm, actually...sorry. We'd really
love to stay and chat. But, we
have reservations.
Bye,sweatie. Oh, i'll see you


                       KELLY (cont'd)
tomorrow right ? Andy ?
Tomorrow ?
Oh no honey. You didn't invite him
Kelly reaches in her purse and digs real deep to find
Mom, you don't have to give him an
Oh, pish posh honey. Everyone
needs an invitation.
Kelly finally finds the invitation in her purse, and hands
it to Andy.
Tomorrow is Erin's birthday party,
and you're welcome to come.
We'd..be glad to have you.
They all stare at each other for a long time, while Erin and
David stand there embarrassed, and Kelly continues to smile.
      (Smiling and
David stands there with his hands in his pockets, and Kelly
grabs his arm and they both walk away. Erin turns back to
face Andy and raises her eyebrows a little bit.
You weren't gonna invite me to
your birthday party ?
      (Kisses her


      (scratching her
I actually was gonna tell you
Well, than it's a date.
Erin and Andy embrace with another long and passionate kiss.

Music up : We Are Young by Fun
Andy and Erin kiss for a long time, as people walk past them
and stare.
Music off. Loud party music plays throughout the whole house
and backyard.
It is Erin's birthday party. Tons of good looking family
members, and tons of teenagers and kids are running around,
socializing, and having a good time. The party is an over
the top luau, with Hawaiian dancers on a big platform that
is set up , with a banner that says "Happy Birthday Erin ".
Big buff guys are professional swinging the sticks of fires
around, and people playing limbo, and drinking smoothies.
People are wearing leas, and coconut bras. Erin and Andy are
sitting at a table with beans, and the rest of Erin's
Erin looks her prettiest. With curled hair, and heels and a
dress. Beans is dancing in her seat, and drinking a smoothie
with an umbrella stick in her cup. Linsey and Rae are
sitting there texting, and being snotty.
Girls...Could you please put your
phones away ?
Mom, chill out.
      (Begging to David)
Honey ?
      (raises his
Alright. Girls ? Could you uhh,


                       DAVID (cont'd)
put your phones away ?
      (clears his throat
       and chuckles)
Why don't you..go flirt with some
Kelly checks her time and gets excited, Kelly runs up on the
stage where the Hula dancers are. She fixes her hair a
little, and then grabs the microphone.
      (Testing the
Is this on ?
Okay,Well..Everybody, this is uhh,
actually the part where all of us
are going to make a speech. So,
I'll go first.Okay
      (clears her throat)
Erin. My,sweet Erin. You are,
finally turning seventeen. And
young, and beautiful. And i know
we've had our differences in the
past. Well, and this morning. But
you know, i've heard the "B word "
many times before it doesn't
really affect me, so you know,
it's okay. But, i love you erin.
So much. And your father and I are
so proud of you.
The speeches are going to go in a sequence of events, with
many different people.
Umm, dude. We've been best friends
since first grade, and you know we
always used to get in trouble.
Actualy, we still get in trouble.
I just, i really want you to know
that i'm glad i have you as a best
friend. I mean not really all for
this emotional crap but, you're
pretty cool.
                                         CUT TO.


Erin, you're my sweet little
angel. All grown up, next year
you'll be moving out. Hopefully.
You know sweetie, I've never been
the type to speak out. So
obviously you got that trait from
your mother, and you know what ?
I'm glad you did. Cause i don't
want you to ever let anybody take
advantage of you. You're my little
girl. So choose your friends
      (clears his throat)
Andy, take care of her.
Everybody claps , and David steps down. Andy walks on stage
Well, umm. I'm andy. Erin is my
      (gulping his
       saliva down)
Umm, Erin is such an amazing
girl..you know. She accepts me for
who i am. And it's been a long
time since i found a girl like
Erin. And you know, i'm glad i
found her. Erin, Happy birthday
There is a loud applause, with whistling and yelling. Kelly
and David sit there happily clapping and staring at Andy
walk back down to Erin to dance with her.
MUSIC UP : Hero by Enrique Iglesias
Erin and Andy start dancing closely to the beat of the song
Everyone else gathers around and dances along with the song
as well. Andy and Erin look happy and in love. Smiling at
eachother for a long time. Erin rests her head on Andy's
shoulder, and they dance together until the song stops. By
the time song stops, everybody is looking at the two
dancing, and they all clap after a long passionate kiss.
Screen goes blank.


                       ERIN (V.O.)
There are over six billion people
in the world. And there is one for
each and every one of us.One that
we can love forever, despite
differences. Despite the flaws.
Erin and Andy are arguing
Don't touch me!
      (pushing Andy)
Get away from me !
      (blocking Erin)
Hey! Don't hit me.
Erin walks away and goes inside the bedroom and slams the
door shut
                       ERIN (V.O)
Despite the arguments, and despite
all the things left unsaid. If
you love each other, you'll always
love each other.
A narration continues to play....Erin starts looking skinny,
and sick. Erin's pale hands open up a bottle of pills, and
sticks some in her mouth.
                       ERIN (V.O)
There are bad things in this
world. things that are so bad,
that they can ruin your life. They
can ruin your family's life. And
you begin to shut everything out.
Everybody that loves you, and you
only focus on those bad things.
Erin is sitting on the toilet in Andy's bathroom with the
pill bottle sitting on the sink.There is a knock on the
door. And Erin gets up, and closes the pill bottle and hides
it in the back of the sink.
Erin opens the door, and it is Andy waiting with Gunther on
the leash. Andy kneels down and takes the leash off. Gunther


is now bigger then he was when he first moved in.Gunther
runs in a goofy way to his food bowl sliding across the tile
floor,as he turns. Andy walks in and shuts the door.
Your mom called me.
Andy lays down on the couch. and Erin sits down on the other
side of the couch.
What did she say ?
Why have you been ignoring your
mom ?she said she hasn't heard from you
in a month.
so ?
Erin, last week you told me you
were gonna go see your parents.
What were you doing ?
      (scrunching her
I was hanging out with beans.
Andy looks annoyed, and gets up to go to the bathroom.
Erin stands up and walks to pet Gunther.
Andy turns the shower on, and sees that there is no towels
on the towel rack, so he looks under the sink and finds the
pill bottle right in the middle of an empty cabinet. Andy
grabs the bottle, and walks out of the bathroom.
      (shakes the bottle
       of pills)
What the hell is this ?


I...don't know..
Oh bullshit erin ! What the hell
is this ? What's going on here ?
Answer me ! Are you doing drugs?
It's not a big deal Andy.
This is poison erin ! How is that
not a god damn big deal ? Huh ?
It's for my anxiety.
Bullshit that's for your
anxiety..I'm calling your mom.
Why ?
Because your moms a doctor, maybe
she'll be more cooperative on what
this shit is. And because she's
your mother, she has a right to
know about what's going on with
Andy grabs the phone, and Erin runs over to Andy and tries
to grab the phone away from Andy.Andy pushes her away and
erin tries to fight andy, but andy just holds her back.
Would you stop ?
Just let me help you.
I don't need any help!!!
Andy sits there and stares at erin with the phone in his
hand for a few seconds. Andy slowly walks away, and goes to
his room. Erin stands there in the living room, while she
hears drawers being slammed open and shut.


Erin walks to the bedroom door, but does not enter the room.
Erin stands in front of andy, who is throwing all of erins
clothes out of the drawers and closet.
What are you doing ?
If you don't want help, then you
can get the hell out of my house...Now !
I'm not gonna leave.
This will kill you erin ! And you
need to grow up and realise that !
What you don't think this will
effect everybody in your life ?
Huh ? What about your mom? What
about your dad ?What about beans !
I'm not hurting them,and i won't
let it get that far andy !
What about me ?...Hmm ?
I'm not gonna stop.And if you
can't except me...than don't.
Andy stands there in disbelief. Andy looks like he is about
to cry.
Get out.
Erin turns around and andy follows her to the door. Erin
walks out the door, and andy slams it shut.
Erin stands there as the door was just slammed in her face.
Erin bangs against the door, and walks off the porch. Andy


opens the door and throws the pills out of the door, and
slams the door shut again. Erin starts to freak out , and
grabs the bottle of pills off of the floor. Erin screams and
throws the bottle at Andy's apartment window.Erin screams
some more,and falls to the floor.
Andy grabs a trash bag out of the cupboard, and starts
shoving all of Erin's clothes in the bag. Andy is
frustrated, and sets the bag on the bed, and it falls, and
all of the clothes fall out. Andy gets even more frustrated,
and punches the wall. Andy puts his hands on his head, and
takes a deep breath. Andy leans against the wall and slowly
drags his back against the wall down to sit on the floor.

MUSIC UP : Again-Bruno Mars
Andy starts folding all the clothes and putting them back in
the drawers. Andy stands up and puts her pants on the
hanger...Andy grabs Erin's signature glasses laying on the
floor with a crack on them, and puts them on the counter.
Music off.
                                         FADE OUT.
Linsey tugs Erin, who is laying on the couch to wake her up.
Erin's eyes slowly open.
Hi...care to tell me what you're
doing here ?
I could ask the same.
If that's a joke i don't get it.
How old are you ?
      (Swishing her hair)


My point exactly....You're twenty
years old, and you still live in
your parents house.
Erin walks to the kitchen
So, now do you wanna tell me what
you're doing here ?
Erin stands there leaning against the counter and Linsey
sits on the stool.Rae walks in with a facial mask on her
face, and small shorts and a t-shirt.
Hey, did you sleep on the couch
last night ?
      (Noticing erin)
What the hell are you doing here ?
      (Raises her
Well, gee...I missed you too Rae
Hey, keep it down ! Do you want
mom to find out you're here ?..she finds out you are here, and
she's gonna go on a crazy rampage
or something.
Erin opens the fridge and grabs the juice, and pours herself
some juice in the cup that was sitting in the dish rack.Erin
takes a sip, and Rae sits in the stool next to Linsey.
      (clearing her
Yeah, me and Andy had a
little...uhh, disagreement.
Well that sucks, because you can't
come back.
I messed up okay?...You don't need
to tell me every freaking second.


                       KELLY (O.C.)
      (unaware of erin)
Girls,who ever slept on the couch
last night needs to clean that up.
Cause i'm not doing it.
Kelly walks in the kitchen unaware of Erin's presence. Kelly
stops and looks at Erin like something is completely wrong.
Linsey and Rae both hold onto their chairs and look anxious
to get out of there.Erin stands there drinking her cup of
juice, not caring what is happening in the atmosphere at the
What are you doing here?
Erin looks down to the floor and plays with her feet.
I uhh..
      (clears her throat)
Andy and I, had a little
Oh honey, i'm sorry....I-well i
guess i can make an exception.
      (Takes a deep
You're welcome to stay here.
      (not caring)
But, you can't stay here for long.
Kelly walks away back up the stairs. And Erin, Linsey, and
Rae sit there in the same positions they were in before
Kelly entered.
What's up with her ?
Um, mom has gone delusional since
you left, and has decided, all by
herself that she's gonna adopt a
Chinese baby.


      (wrinkles her
Are you kidding me ?
This is not a joke. Okay, that
woman is crazy, and it's all
because, she just wants to love
you, and take care of you.You are
the only daughter that is legally
still under her wing. She just
feels insecure about the whole,
Oh for Christ sake. Is she really
that obsessed with me ?
She's your mother erin, okay ? And
you need to grow up and realise
that you are not the only person
in this world. People have faults,
people have feelings. And i know
you can't please everybody, but
you are moms pride and joy. Okay.
Mom is so sick of Linsey and I.
She really is. And if i were you,
i would take advantage of this
opportunity, because if that was
me that treated mom like that five
months ago, she would've never let
me back into this house.
Well i never asked to come back.
She invited me all by herself.
Andy and I, did not break up and
we're not gonna. And, tonight i
will tell mom that.
Erin walks away and Linsey and Rae watch Erin walk up the
Erin walks into her room.Everything is the same, as it was
five months ago when Erin moved out of the house.Erin shuts
her door, and slides her hand across the mouse of her


laptop.Erin walks to the closet, and than she walks to the
bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror.
Erin opens the sliding door to her backyard. The backyard
porch is decorated with lights, and the rest of the family
is sitting out there laughing, and getting ready to eat
Erin sits down at the extravagant dinner table full of all
kinds of barbecued foods. The atmosphere gets quiet. Kelly
comes and sits down and sets a bowl of Salad on the table.
There is a typical silence at the dinner table.
So Erin, how's the adult life
treating you ?
Erin looks at Kelly in a strange way, and puts her fork
It's treating me just fine, mom.
Are you sure ? You don't look to
good. You look a little pale.
      (gulps her saliva)
I'm fine.
How's Andy ?
      (Takes a deep
He's fine, mom.
Erin and Kelly are both walking side by side in the grocery
store. Kelly is pushing the cart, and Erin is walking with
her arms crossed.
What would you like for dinner
tomorrow ?


Mom, i'm not gonna be here
Why ? Where are you off to now
Erin ?
I am going back to my hou..i'm
going back to the apartment.
Okay, no you're not. You're not
going back. That is enough of
this. No. Nope. i forbid you.
Yes i am.
No you're not. You're staying at
Mom, i understand that you have
security problems. But i am not a
little girl anymore. And you can
not tell me what to do. Remember,
that's what the whole emancipation
was for. Alright ?
Kelly stops walking and takes a breathe and closes her eyes.
Erin stands there and looks around at everybody who is
starting to stare.
Let's not talk about that.
Mom, it happened, alright ? You
signed the papers, and maybe you
should start thinking of a plan to
tell everybody at home why i don't
come home anymore. Alright ?
Damn it, Erin ! You're coming
home, and that's final.


People start watching as Erin and Kelly are caught up in an
Why are you overreacting ?
I am not overreacting.And i refuse
to let some over aged kid take my
daughter away from me. You
understand me ?
                       STORE CLERK
Excuse me, i'm gonna have to ask
you to leave.
Kelly starts hyperventilating. The store clerk trys to help
her, and lays his hands on her shoulder.
No. Don't touch me ! Don't touch
me. Get your hands off of me.
There is a lot of commotion at this point, and all three of
them are freaking out.
                       STORE CLERK
Ma'm, i'm gonna have to ask you to
leave once more, or i'm going to
have to call security.
Mom. Can you just, stop it.
Kelly starts screaming,. and the store clerk runs to the
phone to call security.
                       STORE CLERK
Security in the dairy section !
Just stop it !
Kelly pushes the cart away from her and it crashes into the
bread cart. The bread cart falls to the floor, and Kelly
walks out of the store. Erin stands there and helps the
clerk pick the bread rack up.
I'm sorry.


                       STORE CLERK
Oh, no. it's oh. don't worry about
Okay.Well bye.
Erin walks out of the store, and the store clerk stands
                                         FADE OUT.
Gunther runs to Erin, and Erin bends down and pets him.Andy
walks out of the kitchen, puts down Gunther's food bowl.
Erin walks in the kitchen and leans against the counter.
Andy walks in and finishes cooking his grilled cheese.
Uhh, i wanna talk to you about,
What's there to talk about?
Andy, you can't keep avoiding me.
Andy takes the spatula and picks the grilled cheese off the
pan, and onto a plate. Andy turns off the oven.
I can, and i will.
Okay, can you just..hear me out ?
Okay, here's what i have to say
Erin. That batch of poison that I
found in your pocket a little
while ago, and the bottle of pills
that i found yesterday are not


                       ANDY (cont'd)
different in any way. They will
both kill you. And i'm not gonna
allow you to ruin your life. And
you know what, if you wanna become
a crack head, then go ahead. But
i'm not gonna stick around and
Nobody said you had to stick
Okay you know what Erin. I want
to. I want to stand by your side
through all the bullshit, through
all the lies. But not this ! Not
There is a silence.
I don't know what you want me to
do.... i'm sorry. I just, people
expect me to be some perfect
little girl. Who knows everything,
who can do anything.
Forget everybody, Erin. Forget
what everybody wants.All that
matters is what you want.
Erin stands there. Andy walks to Erin, and kisses her.
MUSIC UP : Creep- Radiohead.
Andy picks Erin up while they continue kissing and puts her
on the kitchen table. Erin runs her fingers through Andy's
MUSIC: will continue. Now Erin and Andy are happy and
playing in the water with Beans and her boyfriend Alexander.
Andy and Erin kiss. Andy and Alexander play football across
the wet beach sand. Beans and Erin laugh and Erin jumps on
Andy's back.


Erin and Andy are playing "Just Dance" on the Xbox. Erin and
Andy are laughing and having a good time.
Babe, you suck at dancing.
Look who's talking. I do not suck.
Mmkay, i'll bet you that i can
beat you in this stupid game.
Alright fine, if i win...then, you
I strip ?
      (knodding his
Alright, then if i win. You strip.
Panties and all, miss sassy.
You're on.
Erin and Andy begin to dance to HEY YA by the outkast. Erin
and Andy begin to get really interested in winning the game.
Both are very drawn into their dance moves and precise
movements. Erin throws her hands.
winner ! Yes ! Alright loser. A
deal is a deal.
Andy energetically pulls his shirt off and twirls it around
and throws it to Erin, which lands on her face. Erin pulls


it off of her face, and Andy picks Erin up and throws her on
the couch. Andy kisses Erin and the doorbell rings.Andy
takes a deep breathe and gets up. Andy opens the door and
there is Kelly standing on the other side of the door. Kelly
looks at Andy in disgust as he is wearing no shirt.
Is Erin available ?
Erin walks to the door.
What's up ?
It's your father
      (Takes a deep
He had a heart attack.
What ?
Now don't worry, he'll be fine.
Okay just, we'll go to the
hospital as soon as we get ready.
Are you sure ? I don't wanna
break any little love fest up.
We'll see you soon.
Kelly looks at them for a second and then walks away.
The atmosphere is quiet. Erin, Linsey, Rae, and Andy are all
sitting together on one side of the waiting room. While
Kelly is siting on the other side of the waiting room. A
doctor approaches their way, and Kelly stands up. Turns out,
that doctor is not coming to talk to them. Kelly sits back
down. And Erin gets impatient.
Erin takes a deep breathe.


He's gonna be fine.
Everybody patiently waits for some results. And a after a
long time the Doctor comes out and grabs a seat in the chair
next to Erin. Kelly hurries to grab a seat on the other side
of the room with the rest of the crowd.
Dr.Hale shakes everyone's hand.
                       DR. HALE
Hi. I'm Dr.Hale. Specialist in
cardiology. I just have a some
questions for?
      (raising her hand)
Oh, that would be me. I'm Kelly.
                       DR. HALE
Kelly. Hi, Kelly. Um, is David
under any stress lately ?
I'm pretty sure he's not.
                       DR. HALE
Are you sure? Stress can be caused
by anything..Work, family,
Kelly keeps her cool while taking a glance at Erin.
      (forcing a smile)
                       DR. HALE
Okay,alright. How about exercise ?
Is he getting enough exercise,
eating the right foods ?
Yes, we have vegetables everyday,
eat the right amount of meat. We
don't eat junk food. We're a very
healthy family.
Dr. Hale writes some notes down in her notepad.


                       DR. HALE
Okay, and does he smoke ?
I'm pretty sure he doesn't, Dr.
                       DR. HALE
okay, well..Lack of exercise, low
fiber diet, low fruit and veggie
intake, high fat and cholesterol
intake. Anything that will clog
your coronary arteries with fatty
deposits. These are the biggies.
Heredity can also be a factor.
This is why checkups with the
doctor are very important.
So is he gonna be okay ?
                       DR. HALE
I can suggest that you may want to
keep a close eye on him. He's 42
years old, he's still just a
little too young to be having
these kind of problems.
Yes, Doctor. We will be sure to
keep a close eye.
                       DR. HALE
i would suggest controlling the
high blood pressure, the high
cholesterol. And he'll be good in
no time at all.
Yes ma'm
Kelly grabs her jacket.
Girls, Let's go.
Erin walks towards David's room.And Kelly and the girls
watch her leave in disbelief. Andy looks awkward and follows
Erin's lead.


Erin walks into the room, and Andy stands outside. David is
watching the football game on his cool TV. David's hospital
room looks like it's worth a thousand bucks.
Hey, what are you doing here ?
Are you okay ?
Honey, come on in. Shut the door.
Erin walks all the way in the room, and shuts the door
behind her. She crosses her arms, and stays standing up even
though she's standing next to a nice and comfy looking
what's up.
I'm going to tell you this, and
you cannot tell your mother. Is
that understood?
I'm sick.
what do you mean ?
i'm sick.I was diagnosed,
with...Marfan syndrome.
What the hell is that ?
Uhh, it's a heart disease.


well, i mean can we do surgery ?
There's gotta be something.
I've already agreed to do the
surgery, and i need someone to be
here for me, so..would you and
Andy concider being here?
Well, why can't mom take you ?
Erin, out of everybody that has
ever known your mother, i think
you would be the one to know why
your mother can't take me.
That's because she's my mom. I'm
supposed to hate her. She's your
wife, she needs to be with you,
she needs to know about this.
Are you gonna be here or not?
We'll be there.
David grabs her hand and kisses it.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin, Andy, Linsey, Rae, and Kelly are all sitting down
having lunch at the dinner table in Erin's old house.
Surgery ?
Well, why didn't he tell me about


                       KELLY (cont'd)
this? I just don't understand.
Well, i don't know maybe because
you add so much stress to
everybody's lives.Everywhere we
go, everything is such a big deal
to you. What do you expect ?
Well, he's my husband, Erin. I
would expect just a little more
out of him, than this.
Mom, he had a freaking heart
attack, the last he's gonna want
is some bitchy mother up his ass
twenty four seven.
I beg your pardon?
oh...my god, mother ! I'm. You
know what no ! I'm tired of
arguing with you. I'm leaving.
Fine, get out ! And don't come
back, because this is no longer
your home ! Just get out ! You're
not my daughter anymore.
Erin and Andy are already half way out the door, and Erin
turns right back around.
You are so full of shit mom !
Erin and Andy walk out the door, and Erin slams it shut.
                                         FADE OUT.
Erin is sleeping in Andy's bed, when she is awaken by a kiss
from Andy. Erin opens her eyes, and kisses Andy back.
Andy is in the shower, while Erin is brushing her teeth.


Erin and Andy are hugging David who is being pushed around
in a wheel chair, by a nurse. David gets wheeled away to the
room he will be doing his surgery. Erin and Andy sit down.
This is taking forever and a
freaking day, man.
      (making a face)
He's getting heart surgery, not
going in for a check up.
Still, shouldn't it only take like
an hour max. We've been sitting
here for like a billion hours.
Andy watches Kelly enter through the sliding doors.
      (Playing with his
Erin, i think your mom is here.
Erin, turns around, and Kelly waves.
This bitch has some major mood
swings man.
Erin and Andy stand there waiting for Kelly to get inside
the waiting room.
I'm just here to see how he's
Erin looks at her, and rolls her eyes and looks away. Erin
sits down a seat away from Kelly, and Andy stands in an
awkward position, and sits in the seat between Kelly and
MUSIC UP : A mellow melody will play in the background.
Erin, Andy, and Kelly all sit there impatiently waiting for
hours. Andy ends up sleeping on the floor resting his head
on Erin's jacket. Kelly is sleeping while sitting up, and
Erin is still awake after many hours of surgery. Erin looks
tired, and worried.


The Doctor walks out and walks towards Erin, Andy, and
Kelly. Erin kicks Andy lightly , and they all stand up.
                       DR. HALE
Hello, Mrs. Cole. We meet again. I
expected you stay over night.
Yeah, well i was unaware that he
was having surgery.
                       DR. HALE
Oh, well i apologize for that.
So can we see him ? Is he good now
                       DR. HALE
Unfortunately, he.. didn't....make
Are you freaking kidding me ?
Andy puts his hand on Kelly;s shoulder. Erin puts her head
Kelly takes a huge breath while crying, and starts freaking
What did you do to him ?
Kelly drops to the floor.
                       DR. HALE
Erin, i'm sorry. You're father
told me to give you a message, if
anything should happen to him.
      (grabs Erin's hand)
He wants you to know that he loves
you. His exact words were, try not
to kill your mother.
Kelly cries a little bit more.


Get away from her. Don't touch my
Just get a grip mom !
How are you okay with this ? How
could you just let go of your
father that fast !
It's life, mom. Get off the god
damn floor, you're making a fool
of yourself.
                       DR. HALE
I'm very sorry for your loss. We
tried everything we could. When
your mother is ready, we would
like to have a word with her.
Kelly remains on the floor, pounding on the floor, and
crying. Erin and Andy hug each other, for a long time.
                                         FADE OUT.
There is white flowers all around, and a pretty graveyard,
with tons of family members gathered around. Erin is
standing next to Andy, and holding Rae's hand. Kelly is
holding Linsey's hand.
Let us commend David Michael Cole
to the mercy of God, our maker and
redeemer. .
      (bowing his head)
Loving God,
we thank you for the gift of life.
Today we thank you for the life of
David Cole.
and all that he was.
We thank you for the memories of
which we can keep,
as a source of comfort and
continuing thankfulness.
We thank you for those aspects
of his life which meant so much to


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
for …

By your grace,
help us this day to commit David
Cole, into your hands
and as we do, grant us your peace,
In the name of Jesus Christ our
Saviour. Amen.
Everyone begins to bow their heads in silence. Erin looks up
for a second, and takes in all that is happening. She looks
at Andy, and Kelly. And then at David's grave. Erin then
kneels down on the floor where Beans and Kelly are praying,
and touches her moms shoulder.
MUSIC UP : Sorry- Buckcherry
Erin and Andy are sitting on the couch watching TV. Andy
looks comfortable with Gunther laying on his lap. Erin is
sitting there very stiff, while staring at the wall. Erin
looks tired, and depressed.
Erin is wearing untidy clothes, and looks very cracked out.
Erin is sitting on the floor of Andy's bathroom, popping
pills after pills. Erin has at least five different bottles
on the floor, next to burnt out cigarettes.
Kelly is dicing vegetables and cooking in the kitchen with
steaming and bubbling pots. Kelly is dolled up as usual.
Kelly looks very depressed.
Erin and Andy are sleeping in bed. They both fall asleep
holding each others hands.


                                         FADE OUT.
Andy and Erin lay on the bed together. Closely they snuggle,
and lay there aimlessly staring at the ceiling. Andy plays
with Erin's hair, and Erin is laying on Andy's chest,
looking pale and depressed.
There is a knock at the door. Erin gets up and head through
the living room, to open the door. There, stands Kelly with
her two sisters Rae and Linsey.
Linsey, Rae, and Kelly all walk in with paper bags of food
in their hands. Kelly heads to the kitchen, and Linsey and
Rae head to the couch, and Linsey turns on the TV.Andy walks
out of the bedroom and stands there watching the unexpected
action in his kitchen and his living room. Erin watches her
mom take meat and veggies out of the paper bags. Erin looks
at Andy and shuts the door.
Erin walks to the bedroom, and changes her shirt behind the
door. Andy walks in and scratches his head.
Am i really seeing what i think
i'm seeing ?
If what you're seeing is
dumb,dumb, and dumber...than yeah.
It still amuses me how everyone
always figures out where i live.
      (kisses Andy)
It's the only studio apartment
complex by the beach.
Erin walks away, and Andy looks at her walk to the kitchen.
Erin sits at the table, and watches Kelly start up the
What are you doing here ?
Just thought that...we all needed
to spend some time together. Since
your father took an unexpected


                       KELLY (cont'd)
absence..you know, we can use the
family time.
      (Looking at Andy)
And i'm guessing that Andy isn't
really going anywhere, so he's
family too.
Okay, last time i checked, it's
politically correct to say that
dad is dead. You don't have to use
all the adjectives, and all that
Kelly smiles, and puts her hand up.
Okay, you're right. Let's just try
to save this whole Dr. Phil
episode for later.
Andy walks over to Linsey and Rae and gives them both a hug.
How is she ?
Uhh, she's good. Just being her
typical self, I guess
      (looking at the
       90210 episode on
       the TV)
Alright, well save me the soap
opera's for later... i'll be in
that disaster over there.
Good luck.
Andy walks to the kitchen where Kelly and Erin are mumbling
i just think it's a good idea.
What's a good idea?


Going to family counseling.. it's
only right for what we were all
going through.
I'm not talking about this right
now. We're not gonna discuss this.
Andy looks over the pots on the boilers, to see what is
cooking. Kelly and Andy give a brief hug, and Andy leans
against the table, and grabs Erin's shoulders
How are you holding up, Hun ?
      (makes a face)
I'm doing good. The same as
yesterday, the same as the day
before that.
So, this whole death experience
doesn't, you know...bother you ?
Why would it ? People die.
It's life...
You're born, you live, you die,
mom...okay ? Just, let's. Can we
not talk about this subject
anymore ?
                                         FADE OUT.
Everybody is all sitting in a circle playing "Slap Jack" and
having fun. Erin and Kelly seem happy sitting there... and
Andy, Rae, and Linsey are all having a good time...Andy
keeps flipping the cards and Rae and Linsey are getting
ready to slap the cards.
And get ready to lose the game.
Don't be too cocky, buddy..i am
known to be a "slap jack " champ.


Andy fastly slaps the jack card before Linsey and Rae get
their hands down, and Rae and Linsey both lay out a big
whine of total loss. Andy stands up and raises his arms in
the air, with his fists clenched.Andy throws the rest of the
deck down on the coffee table and Erin and Kelly laugh a
Andy laughs and jumps around humming and getting in
everybody's face.Linsey and Rae get up from the floor and
grab their bags from the couch.
Well i'm gonna go, Samantha's
having a party tonight.
Yeah well, she's my ride, so i
guess i'm leaving too.
      (hugging Andy and
Linsey and Rae walk to the door and Erin follows them to
escort them out. Linsey opens the door and the two girls
walk out. Erin shuts the door.
Alright, well... mom, it's ten at
night, i think we should all just
call it a night.
Wait, wait, wait. .. wait just a
second, i wanna talk to you about
some stuff. You too Andy, come sit
over here.
What ?
I have a little surprise for you..
Really ?


Okay, i enrolled into an online
course, so you can get your GED.
It gets quiet and Erin sits there trying to figure things
Well, i'm not going.
Well of course you are, you need
an education.
Andy looks at Erin like she's about to blow up.
it's still summer mom.
Well honey it's obvious you're not
going back to school. I mean you
need to get an education, what's
gonna happen if you two decide to
have a baby, or get married. You
need to get a diploma to go to
college to get a good job.
Otherwise you guys will be living
in this dump for the rest of your
I like this dump. This dump is
better than living in that high
class, stuck up neighborhood with
I was just trying to do you a
Well don't. I don't need your
Oh my gosh. You don't need
anybody's help do you? You just
like to convince yourself, that
you're gonna be fine in this
little fantasy of yours, with your
perfect little boyfriend, living


                       KELLY (cont'd)
in this trashy house. Well news
flash Erin.
      (stands up)
You have not seen nothing yet. I
have been through hell and back
with you, missy. And i will tell
you , that it is not easy raising
a little snot like you.
You never try. Never. I had to
shop for my own god damn clothes,
and ask my sisters how to use a
freaking tampon, because you were
too caught up in your little
perfect plans. How embarrassing is
that mom ?
Oh, how selfish of you, erin. I
worked my ass off for you. And i
still do. I taught you how to shit
on the god damn toilet, and how to
put makeup on. I taught you how to
do multiplication problems. And
you think that you have the right
to tell me that i have done
nothing for you ?
Look at yourself you look
horrible. You don't take care of
yourself anymore. Who knows what
you and Andy have been doing.
Having sex and doing drugs.
      (getting annoyed)
Oh, i can't believe you. I don't
need you mom. I don't need any
help from you, not from linsey,
not from rae. I can do this by
myself.Not from dad. Not from
      (tearing up)
Don't you dare ! Don't you dare
Erin. Just leave your father out
of this mess. He ever did shit to


Erin starts pushing Kelly to the door.
Just leave. I don't need you here.
I hate you !
      (Pushes Kelly)
I hate you, mom. I hate you.
      (pushes kelly out
       the door)
I hate you.
Kelly walks out the door in disbelief after being shoved by
I hate you !
Andy grabs Erin's head and pulls her closer to him. Andy
holds Erin tightly.
MUSIC UP : Creep- Radiohead
Andy leans up against the wall while still holding Erin
tightly. Andy slides his back down the wall while Erin ends
up sitting on top of him. Andy kisses Erin, and they share a
long agressive, passionate kiss.
Suddenly Erin is gently laid on the bed while Andy's shirt
is off. Andy kisses Erin passionately. Erin takes a breath,
and looks at Andy for a second. Andy and Erin touch noses,
and Erin and Andy continue kissing passionately. Erin traces
the path of Andy's spine with her hands.
MUSIC UP : A sad piano medley will play.
Erin is laying there dead on the bathroom floor, surrounded
by an empty bottle of pills.Andy is crying. and the
paramedics arrive.
                       ANDY (M.O.S)
Come on, Erin. Wake up !
                       ERIN (V.O)
Life is hard. No one ever promised
it would be easy. Some say that
they promised it would be worth
it, but i say they lied. I took my
own life today, because I don't
wanna hurt anyone anymore. I don't
wanna see anybody cry because of


                       ERIN (cont'd)
me. I've found my place, and now
it's time for me to go. Goodbye.
Andy sits on the floor and bows his head down to his knees.
Andy Picks his head up and bangs it against the cabinets
which he is leaning up against. Andy grabs Erin's dead hand,
and lays down on the floor with her as the paramedics are
checking her pulse.
                                         FADE OUT.
Kelly drives up and trips while getting out of the car.
Kelly runs to Erin who is being brought out on a stretcher.
Andy holds her back, and Kelly falls to the floor. Andy
falls to the floor with Kelly and holds her tightly while
Kelly cries. Andy closes his eyes, and a tear falls down.
MUSIC OFF: Piano medley stops
(Everywhere you look is full of fancy flowers and decorated
chairs. All sorts of people surrounding the back of the
chairs, and people sitting in the chairs. There you will see
Lucus, Beans, Andy, and the rest of Erin's family. All are
crying, and Andy seems to be taking it the hardest. He is
sitting in a position where it seems to be that he is
praying. Andy lifts his head up, with red eyes, and dry tear
marks. You hear the preacher saying the annual funeral
prayer, and Erin's family and Beans all take turn to say
something about Erin.)
Loving God,
we thank you for the gift of life.
Today we thank you for the life of
Erin Cole.
Everybody bows their heads in prayer.
Beans walks up to Erin's graves
      (Talking to the
A lot of you know me, and a lot of
you don't know me. I'm Sabrina.
Beans, for short. Erin was my best


                       BEANS (cont'd)
friend. I never imagined that
things would end like this, and
now that they have…
I don't know what I'm going to do
without her. Mrs. Cole…You raised
an amazing daughter. And I'm so
glad that I met her. And that I
met you and David. Erin's safe
now, in a place maybe a little too
far away. But you guys don't have
to worry anymore.
Beans turns around and picks up a rose from a pile of a
bunch of other roses, and throws it in Erin's grave.
Kelly walks off the stage, and Andy looks up. Everybody is
quiet as they watch Andy get up and walk to the grave. Andy
picks up a rose.
Umm,h-hi. I'm Andy. Erin's
boyfriend. I've been with Erin for
a year, not that long but..I never
had a doubt in my mind that i
wanted to be with her for the rest
of my life. I love her. and i just
wish she was still here.
Andy starts to cry, and can't finish his speech any longer.
So he just turns around and throws his rose in Erin's grave.
Andy stands looking at Erin's grave, and turns around to
face the crowd.
Funny things with teenagers. We
don't care what we look like. We
don't care what anybody looks
like. We just want somebody to
love. Somebody to hold our hand,
and walk with. Somebody that'll
accept us, for who we are
      (Wipes his tears
. And rarely do we ever find that
special someone. But I did. And if
I could take back any argument we
ever had. Anytime that I should've
apologized, but I didn't….i would.
And I wish that I could get a


                       ANDY (cont'd)
second chance to be perfect for
Andy stands by Erin's closed grave while everybody is
packing up chairs, and walking to their cars. Lucus stands
behind him with his hands in his pockets.Lucus pats Andy on
the shoulder.
You're a good kid.
Andy nods his head and flashes a little smirk. Andy and
Lucus stand there looking at the grave, and after a little
while, Andy pats Lucus' shoulder, takes his hands out of his
pockets, and walks away.
                                         FADE OUT.
Andy walks into his house, and Gunther runs to him. Andy
puts his keys on the top of the TV entertainment center.
Andy is laying down on the couch watching the movies that
him and Erin watched together. Gunther walks up to Andy, and
licks his face.
Yeah, I know how you feel. I miss
her too buddy. I miss her too.
      (Gunther cries)
Come on
Gunther jumps on the couch with Andy.Andy and Gunther
continue to lie on the couch watching Friday the thirteenth.
Both at ease.
                       ERIN (V.O)
Forgive me. I make mistakes, we
all make mistakes.Just close your
eyes, and clear your heart. Do me
a favor, let go.
Andy picks up a picture sitting on the side table. It is a
picture full of memories. Before the scene ends, the picture
will be the last thing on the screen : Erin and Andy
kissing. Happily in love. Erin in her signature bun, and


Andy partially smiling while they are in such a passionate
stage of kissing. Young, Free, in love, Being teenagers.


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