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Eight the angel and the book of life
by Derek Killion (reslasherflimsderek@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: **
God has left his book of life on the earth and now it's up to eight to get it back from the earth and the devil also sent his own up to get it before eight does and he sent a suprise with his demon can eight get it before satans demon does?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


(emerges from the shower with a
towel around his legs) Ah...
That's the stuff after a long
training session (hears a knock on
my door) Yes?
(knocks on Eight's door) God
requests your presence now.
(gets his clothes on) Ok. Ok. I
just came out of the shower. (gets
his clothes on and opens the door
and goes to god)
(He steps out of the way) Get
going Eight. God seems very
serious you need to go now.
(Eight runs to god's court and the messenger runs with eight
as Heaven and Hell Stryper plays in the background of the
movie as they go)
                       GOD (VOICE)
(watches the messenger he sent and
Eight enter into his court) Hello
my children how are you doing
today? Messenger Leave us.
(bows) Yes shepherd. (he leaves
singing and praising god)
Yes my lord what is it? (bows and
takes a knee) Why did you summon


                       EIGHT (cont'd)
me to your side my lord?
                       GOD (VOICE)
I have a quest with you that
Noah,Moses,Eli and Joshua will
help you in retriving the Book of
Life from the Earth. (Moses, Eli,
Noah, and joshua come in from the
way eight came in)
Hello Eight. (greets him and god)
Hello teacher (falls into line)
Grettings Eight and teacher. (goes
into line with Noah)
Grettings Eight and strong tower
(goes into line next to noah and
Hello Eight and my lord. (goes
into line)
                       GOD (VOICE)
(looks at the group) Now you will
go to the mountain of Samaria and
get me the book of life from one
of it's branches.
How will we find this Mountain of
Samaria lord? Should we need our
                       GOD (VOICE)
Yes my children you will need your
gear for this mission cause Satan
will send his very greatest foe
ever and Eight step further.


(i step further) Yes my lord? You
have a gift for me?
                       GOD (VOICE)
Yes my hybrid child. (gives eight
gabriel's last known location)
My mentor's last known location?
(praises god) Thank you lord.
Time go suit up for the mission.
Moses, Noah, Joshua, and Eli run with Eight right behind
them to mission prep and get ready to go and the song The
Trooper Stryper plays as they run towards mission prep
Alright Eight get all geared up
and get ready to go get that book
for our Lord.
(Eight picks up his gun and gears
up and puts on his battle clothes
on) I'm ready when you are.
(Gears up and gets ready to go)
You ready Noah and Eight.
(gives a thumbs up) I'm all good
what about you Eight.
(also gives a thumbs up) I'm all
good Noah.


(gears up and looks at Eli for him
to be finish) You good Eli?
(eli gears up and gives Joshua a
thumbs up) I'm good now lets get
going and get that book for the
Let's get that book and get back
up here already.
The four companions get into their teleports and goes to
their mission starting point and the song Fire it up
Thousand Foot Krutch
In the mens bathroom of a Church the companions merge from
their teleporters
(spots rust on the pipes and
almost barfs as he crawls out from
underneath his teleporter) That
was gross.
(comes out of a stall) Man.....
That was werid.
(comes out of the stall with noah)
That was werid.
(comes out with Eight also
disgusted and sees a black sheet
along the wall in the shape of a
angel) Look over there guys.
(comes out with noah and looks)
What is that.


Well we're here let's get this
mission started and finished so I
can go rest in Heaven before this
place is gone and destroyed.
The four heroes looks over at the sheet on the wall and
Archangel Raphael Pulls off the sheet and he looks like he
is under control and as they fight Lifewar Demon Hunter
plays in the background
                       ARCHANGEL RAPH
      (AA Raphael)
Surprise Eight. I will see what
Gabriel taught you will hold
against me. (he into a fighting
stance) Come at me little hybrid.
GABRIEL?!? You know where he is
at? (gets into his fighting
stance) I will not fall to you
this day Raphael you will be set
free and brought back with me and
my companions.
                       ARCHANGEL RAPH
      (AA Raphael)
You have to find that out for
yourself Hybrid. (He attacks with
a roundhouse kick at Eight's
(Eight blocks the round house kick
and elbows Archangel Raphael's
knee and watches Raphael's face
controt in agony)
      (AA raphael)
(he grabs at his knee and quickly
looks back up and rams into Eight
and pins him against the wall) You
will not win Eight.
(pushes Raphael back away from me
and hits him in the chest few
times and pins him to the ground
and takes off a controlling


The song ends as the fight ends and as Raphael goes back up
to heaven in shambels and knocked out and can barely stand
for the damage he took
                       ARCHANGEL RAPH
      (AA Raphael)
(lays on the ground as a Heaven
ray takes Raphael back up and
treats him)
There is one archangel up in
heaven. We need to find Gabriel
and fast before something bad
(nods) Noted Hybrid Eight.
(also nods) Noted sir.
(nods) Noted Eight.
(nods) Noted.
The heroes Leaves the mission starting point as the song The
World is a thorn plays and the camera follows them to a
field outside of the church
Eight looks out over the field from a vantage point and sees
some enemys here and there and is now in need of some help
from his companions and brings them up
Do you see this my fellow friends
Yeah i see this Eight. There is
too many of them we can't take
them all so let's pick them off.
Is there a agreement.


Agreed. Mosses do you agree?
Yeah i agree. Joshua get the
sniper and take out the group not
most noticeable group.
Will do. (gets the sniper rifle
from off camera and comes back)
Eight you're my spotter. (lays the
sniper rifle out on the vantage
point and gets it all ready)
Alright Joshua. (gets ready to
spot joshua for his shot) You
ready josh aim to the left.
Ok. (aims to the groups lead and
tags them in his head and aims for
the leads heart)
Alright and you are clear to fire
when ready and keep in mind of our
other buddies in the field out
Eight and Joshua watches the leader fall to the ground and
joshua follows up after the shots and takes out the
remaining members of the group and moves to another vantage
point on the playground nearby as the camera follows as the
world is a thorn is played and Joshua and Eight makes it to
the slide of the playground and Eight shoots two enemies
guarding the playground using kenpo fighting techinques and
they get into the playground
Joshua you injured or not if not
take position and wait for my ok
to fire.


I'm ok Eight and perfectly fine
and ready to rock and roll. (hears
a ping on the slides outside)
Eight. GO! GO!
(goes and pulls joshua with) Do
you see the snipers? I don't see
I don't..... Wait i see them.
(shoots at exposed snipers chest)
Got them. (takes out the other
groups and the song stops)
Joshua and Eight regroup with Moses and Noah in the center
of the field
Spread out and search the area for
anything that we can use.
Will do Eight. (goes out straight
and searches the area ahead)
Will do Eight. (searches the area
straight down from the field)
Will do Eight. (searches with
(looks around and sees a trail
leading to a house off the
property) I will go search the
house over there while you four
stay here if there is more enemies
i can take them. (eight disappears
off screen and down the trail)


I'm sure Eli now go and search
with the others while I go and
search somewhere esle eli got
Hey Eight you sound abit cocky
over there you sure you don't need
anymore help from the four of us?
I'm sure Eli now go with the
others and search the field and
the other bulidings while I go and
search the bulidings off this
property. NOW GO!
Eight darts off camera for the house outside of the property
to the enterance of a trail towards the deserted house on
the outside of the property
Yes eight. (eli turns and goes
with the others while they do grid
searches for anything unusual) I
don't believe it why would eight
go off on his own like that?
Don't question authority Eli now
come on lets go search as
instructed by Eight come eli you
can come with me.
Yeah eli go with Noah. Joshua and
I will go and search the other
half of this church while you two
search the other half.
Alright Moses let's go and start
searching for anything usual or
any werid thing that we can find
on this church property that we
have stumbled upon since this is


                       JOSHUA (cont'd)
the mission place or mission
Moses and joshua dart off the camera to the north most part
of the property to search for anything usual or werid of
that nature to tak back to heaven for examination leaving
Noah and Eli on the field alone
Well Eli follow me to the south
most part of this church property
so we can start with search.
Noah darts off camera to the south most part of the church
property and waits for Eli as Eli catches up they move to
the south most part of the church property
What do you think or Who do you
think has the book of Life Joshua?
(moses turns his to joshua as he
scans the ground of as he walks)
I don't know who has it Moses.
Perhaps some human like us took it
and sold it to the Devil. (he also
scans the ground for anything that
could go wrong)
As joshua and moses and walk and talk a band of Fallen
Angels comes up from behind and knocks the two out as Moses
and Joshua fall to the ground they are dragged away to a
The two captured commrades wake up and sees Archangel
Archangel Gabriel! I'm glad to see
you for a change.... (he sees a
device on his chest that glows and
emits a drug into Gabriels brain


                       MOSES (cont'd)
that controls him) Gabriel what
happened to you?
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
Shut up Moses! (he hits moses
across the mouth which sends him
to the ground with a bloody nose)
MOSES YOU OK?!? (joshua goes over
to moses and looks at him as he
disappears back to heaven from the
damage he took to his nose)
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
You're next Joshua. (he comes over
to joshua and blasts joshua's head
off with a shotgun he reachs for
from a wall and aims it at
Joshua's head and fires)
Joshua falls to the ground dead and dissappears back to
heaven to get treated for his head to get it mended back to
together as gabriel laughs evily at his destruction and
walks off
Eli and Noah search the area for any unusual things to take
back up to heaven with them until they come under fire from
a group of fallen angels that keep pushing them back
Eli you have to help push them
back before we get lit up would be
(fires at fallen angels and misses
every shot) I'm trying to Noah.
(spots a buliding nearby) Let's
make a run for the buliding over
there Noah.


It's a chance but let's give it a
try anyway Eli. You lead the way
Eli leads the way towards the buliding and they get in but
is captured but eli is released
Eli you sided with them?!? (Noah
gets his face all red with anger
as he stares at Eli) You little
turd. I will get you if it is the
last thing I ever do on this
Yeah we shall see old man. (he
punches Noah in the nose and talks
to the fallen angels and has the
fallen angels kill him on the spot
      (Fallen Angel
Yes sir Mr.Eli sir. (he takes out
a 9mm submachine gun and guns Noah
down and he laughs and he turns
the submachine gun on Eli and
shoots him down)
Eight walks down the path catiously towards the house as
Cross the line plays as he descends the path alone and gets
close to the house
(belly crawling and stops as
guards runs by to their posts and
catches the last one as he runs by
slow and puts him into a sleeper
hold and puts him off to the side
of the path and continues on to
his objective) almost there.
(Eight hears running footsteps and goes lower and makes sure
he doesn't move as he stays still on the ground)
                       GUARD 1
      (Guard 1)
(sees his commrade is missing and
goes back to see where he is at


                       GUARD 1 (cont'd)
and sees his commrade unconscious
on the side of the trail) Someones
(crawls around to the back of the
guard that came up and takes him
to the ground and covers his
mouth) shhhhhhhh........ Don't
                       GUARD 1
(struggles under eight's hold and
muffles let me go as he trys to
get out of Eight's grasp but his
attempts are getting futile)
(tightens the hold)
shhhhhh........ Don't struggle it
will make you tired (goes into the
sleeper) Rest..... Sleep little
guard.... (goes back down onto the
ground and continues to crawl
towards the objective) I should be
almost there by now. (crawls
Eight gets to the Desert house and gets behind cover and
messages his team about his location and tells them of the
guards stationed at the enterance to the trail
(spots a shed barn thing and
quickly and expertly times the
movement of getting to the shed
barn thing to a science and does
it quickly and does it to his
expertise) Perfect. Time to get
those sentrys posted by the doors
to the exit and enterance.
(Eight takes a sniper rifle off his back and aims it at the
sentrys hearts and shots and drops the two sentrys by the
side enterance first and chances postitions and fires again
at the other two by the garage and front door)


(eight celeberates quietly and
proceeds to the side enterance low
and fast on a crawl towards the
door and hears the archangels
michael and Gabriels voice from
the outside the door to the side
enterance as gabriel leaves goes
out of the rear enterance and
drives away back to another
deserted house and eight speaks to
himself quietly) So there is at
least ten or so fallen angels
inside and michael inside now how
will I go about this? There is
only one me and eleven of them.
Hmmm... (thinks of taking them on
at once and thinks of going in the
front enterance and attack the
front most group since michael
will be alone and face eight by
(Enters as Cross the line changes
into Fire in my eyes and the first
Fallen angel groups attack like
about 5 and Eight fights the first
angel group)
      (Fallen Angel
       group 1)
Get him master michael will be
pleased to have this one for his
own pleasure to kill. (They all
attack Eight and Eight takes out
two and slowly defeats the
remainning three and last one
says) No Master Michael i have
failed you.
(moves towards the lower level in
the house and encounters another
group and attacks first two on the
way in) Time for more.


      (Fallen Angel
       group 2)
(the first two drop down
uconscious and the other three
gets defeat with swift fury of
kicks and punches and the last one
says) Master michael... He...
i.is... coming.
(walks down the basement and
approaches Archangel Michael with
swords in his hands) Ready Fallen
Angel Michael? Cause I will send
you back to Jesus for his
(The Fallen Archangel turns around with swords in his hands
also and gets into his stance so with Eight as Skeleton Hawk
Nelson plays in the background)
                       AA MICHAEL
      (Archangel Michael)
Come at me Eight. (has his swords
in the ready stance) Come on
little Hybrid
(attacks the archangel and slashes
at his arms and legs in a combo
and other attack routines not
familiar with Michael)
                       AA MICHAEL
      (Archangel Michael)
(His swords blocks them weakly
knocking them from his hands)
Aghhhhhh!!!!!!! No..... (He
attacks Eight as One shot plays
and he knocks Eights swords from
his hands)
(My swords clang to the floor as i
assume a shotokan attack position
and attack Michael with a kata and
michael gets hit few times and
Eight finishes him off with a
roundhouse kick)


                       AA MICHAEL
      (Archangel Michael)
No.... Master Thirteen Forgive me.
(falls to the floor and the same
light comes down and takes Michael
back to heaven)
Thirteen... Who is this thirteen.
and why was my mentor running
away? (goes back up from the
basement and takes out the two
guards and goes back down the
path) Where could he be at?
(The scene ends with the song Never Surrender Skillet plays
as he goes back to the field)
                       GOD (VOICE)
Eight. Noah, Moses, and Joshua
have taken a big amount of damage
and is now back up here in heaven
you must hurry and get that book
for me.
(the scene opens with Eight coming from the trail and
attacks the two guards with Never Surrender Skillet still
playing in the background)
(Takes both guards out with a
quick furry of punches and kicks)
I think there is a house around
here somewhere. (looks around and
sees a house cand goes towards the
(eight enters the house and is koed by the Archangel Gabriel
and is dragged to the basement and is tied up and wakes up
with Gabriel standing and looking at Eight in the face)
(wakes up and sees Gabriel staring
at him and he feels dazed)
aghhh..... My head. What happened
to me and where am I. What are you


                       EIGHT (cont'd)
doing here Gabriel.
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
I know why you are here eight you
came for what i have and I won't
give it to you Eight. (Seven
Nation Army plays in the
background as Gabriel hits eight
repeatedly as thirteen walks down
with the book of life and he shows
eight his name where it used to be
and Eight crys out in vain of the
(smiles as he hears eight's crys
of shock and pain) Good....
Gabriel. Kill him and get rid of
his body and join me when it is
done. (thirteen disappears back up
the stairs)
(Looks at gabriel mad as Eight
attacks Gabriel with tied up hands
and his feet) I will not die in
vain on this earth. I rather die
as a warrior of god.
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
(takes a beating from Eight as
gabriel kicks eight hard in his
right knee) You will die in vain
on this earth you disgusting
(falls on the bad knee and gets
back up and bites off the control
device) Help me mentor Gabriel we
need to get that book back from
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
(is freed from Thirteen's evil
grip comes to his senses and
unties Eight and helps him up and


                       AA GABRIEL (cont'd)
gets his gear for him and knows
that noah and eli and joshua and
moses is back up in with the rest
of the angels cause god recalled
them for duty against the devil
and his angels) Lets go get that
book from thirteen and take it
back to heaven Mentee.
Right on Mentor. (puts his gear
back on) Mentor lets go get that
book. (goes up the stairs)
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
Lets my mentee. You will need my
help though you became lot weaker
since you're not in the book of
life anymore we need to get that
book to god and have him rewrite
your name. (follows as City on the
hill plays)
(Eight and his mentor goes across the chruch property
killing fallen angels as they charge at them and as they
reach the door of the last house on the property the song
changes to Changing World and as they search the house for
Thirteen the song changes again to Kill at Twilight Kids In
The Way)
(As Eight and Archangel Gabriel searches for Thirteen in
each room and the song By your side Tenth Avenue North still
plays as they search and after when they searched each room
they find Thirteen in the basement with Book of Life and the
song By Your side Tenth Avenue North plays and the final
battle begins)
(taps Thirteen on the shoulder and
as thirteen turns eight nails him
in the face and Thirteen stumbles
backward into a wall and eight
grabs thirteen by the front of the
shirt and headbutts him) HOW DARE


                       EIGHT (cont'd)
PIECES! (throws thirteen to the
ground and uses a pressure point
and uses it to where it snaps)
(Thirteen starts to feel pain and
starts to bleed) I will take you
with me Ethan. Prepare to die with
me! (he attacks Eight with his
remaining strength)
(blocks thirteens attacks and uses
pressure points and snaps another
joint in thirteen)
sword from my back and sticks it
through Thirteen) Die faul demon.
(takes the book from Thirteen's
hands and pushes thirteen)
(falls to the floor gushing blood
and dies and burns and a auidable
demonic scream can be heard as
thirteen burns back into hell)
Eight falls to the floor in Heat exhaustion as Gabriel puts
his hand to for Eight to be pulled back up
                       AA GABRIEL
      (Archangel Gabriel)
God will be happy that you have
the book come lets go back into
heaven mentee. There will be more
of him on the way i can tell. Take
my hand and we shall accessed back
into Heaven.
Let's Mentor. I feel tired from
the Heat of battle. I have never
felt so exhausted in my long years
of being a Hybrid angel. (eight
takes Gabriels hand)
      (Archangel Gabriel)
(he pulls Eight up onto his feet
and helps him up the stairs to
their ascending point) Good job


                       EIGHT (cont'd)
again buddy.
(Eight takes Archangel Gabriels Hand and they walk back up
the stairs to the houses front door as the Love is here
Tenth Avenue North plays and they accessed into Heaven
slowly as the song for the credits the Revelation Song Kari
Jobe plays as the credits roll)


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From Margaret Jansen Date 4/11/2012 **
Darling, you must put Direction in the Direction. It's there for you to use, otherwise most people wont read your work. If you use a song do this: SONG: PRECIOUS ANGEL..............................Bob Dylon. Better still, check out the net "How to write a screnplay". All the best and God bless you.

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