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Three Willows
by cosmo andoloro (partyperks847@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***1/2
Based on a true story. A quadruple homicide in Upstate NY leads and alcoholic County sheriff and his lead investigator with a checkered reputation on a journey through a bizarre world of small time career criminals,the mob, political pressure from other law enforcement agencies and his their political rivals,ending in the case being broken in a most unexpected way

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


This is a story based on actual events that took place in
Oneida county NY in 1979. Out of respect for the living and
the dead,some names have been either changed or altered.
While there are elements of this story that are still in
question, in dispute, and some no one will ever know because
those with first hand knowledge are either dead or will take
the truth to their graves,th story you are about to see
represents as much as anyone alive knows for sure.
Scene opens with Karl Beckman sitting in the office of the
Three willows nursery looking dejected and worried
Judy enters the office
      (looking annoyed)
Big day today you know
      (Still annoyed)
We need to get the order for the
town of Lee on the trucks and over
to the landscapers before noon
Oh yeah, yeah I...
Where are you karl?
      (nervous laugh)
Where am I? I'm right here
No you're not, you're off in your
own world.I am really trying to
salvage what we have here and I
need you here with me, HERE karl
Karl looks at Judy, then looks back down an the desk


Listen, I have a way to get some
The bank is not going to loan us
Not the bank, an, an investor
What the fuck Karl what investor?
      (angry and loud)
Oh Jesus Christ Karl no
Hon listen...
Your going to a fucking loan
shark, a criminal? That's your
solution? What is wrong with...?
Karl stands up
God damn it LISTEN!
Judy rolls her eyes, sighs and crosses her arms
      (forcing him self
       to lower his
He wants to invest
Judy gives a quizzical look
      (with an impatiant
Yes, he wants to buy in. We have a
ton of work coming up and he knows


                       KARL (cont'd)
people in Florida looking for a
quick turn around. We can use that
money catch up on the debt from
the nursery and.....
Karl stops talking and looks at Judy
You trust Billy Kassab? You trust
that disgusting oily piece of
He helped us...
Why do we even still know him
Honey he gave us seed money
before, and and he didn't screw
Gave us? he gave us seed money?
Karl looks down
Karl, you paid him $300 a week for
a year and a half and that
deducted NOTHING from what he
loaned you. Everything we made in
profit went to him remember? I
cashed in my IRA to get that
monkey off our back to pay the
principle and you want to go
through all that again?
Karl sighs and puts his hand on Judy's shoulders
      (In a low
       reassuring voice)
Honey, it's not like that this
time, I promise


Judy looks back with a dead pan stare
Set in the three willows nursery on the final day of the
lives of Karl Beckman, Judy Beckman, Kim Dunn and Mike
Kim Dunn, the mother of Karl Beckman is on the phone at the
front counter of the nursery
I understand that but he is not
available right now. Yes I will
give him the message. Thank you
Bill collector?
What else?
Something is going to have to give
here soon
Karl walks in the room
Things will be better soon Mom, I
Is that right?
Yeah, he has an "investor"
Oh for God's sake Karl, what
You don't want to know
Damn it! Our problem here is not
lack of work of lack of assets,
our problem here is I just need to
get some working capital to get
the jobs I have on the line in....


Here we go again
Once we get over this hump we'll
be fine
I hope so Karl, you're my son and
i love you, but I don't know how
much more i can help you
I appreciate everything...
I know you do Karl.
Kim looks at Karl lovingly but sternly
      (In a tense voice)
Giving you this job kind of voids
any debt we have to you, don't you
think Kim?
Kim looks at Judy
Excuse me?
I'm just saying most of what you
do is busywork, that's all
Judy shrugs her shoulders and turns away
      (Looking at Judy)
Honey that's not...
Let me tell you something Judy,
when I first too over that god
damned mess you called the books
and sales tax,they were....


Judy quickly turns back around and glares at Kim
All you did is change them, you
didn't improve them. I let take
them over because since we were
paying you I thought you might as
well do something around here
Both of you...
                       KIM (to judy)
      (angry but
You ungrateful bitch
How fucking dare you...
How fucking dare you? All you do
is bitch and complain about the
business, except when you are at
the mall spending money on cloths
and makeup and god knows what else
you can't afford. You hate this
business, it's a loss, it loses
money, but that's not what you
tell your snooty friends at the Jr
league and your ridiculous book
Karl put his hands over his face as if to be at his wits end
You have no fucking idea...
No Judy, YOU have no fucking
Just then the bell that rings when the front door opens and
a customer walks in. Everyone tries to look as if all is
                       JUDY (at customer)
Can I ....
Can I help you?


Judy storms into the back of the store and Karl follows
Fade Out
It is late afternoon and the nursery is ready to close. The
front door is unlocked and the closed sign is up. Karl is
writing something a a ledger, Judy is running the daily
receipts on the cash register, mike is sweeping the floor
and Judy is wandering aimlessly still annoyed from her words
with Kim. The front of the nursery is a room with a counter
and chairs with a coffee pot and posters of the various
trees they offer. There is also a display case case under
the register where the coin collection is displayed as the
nursery doubles as a coin shop on the side.
Suddenly a masked man bursts in the door brandishing a
handgun, locking the dead bolt on the door behind him
Judy, Karl and Kim speak all at once
      (Looking up)
Oh My God
What the hell...
Mike says nothing but freezes and looks terrified
Your hands, lemme see your fucking
Mike quickly drops his broom and puts his hands up still
looking terrified
Judy and Karl slowly lift there hands. Kim just glares at
the intruder
      (More angry that
What the hell do you want?
Robber walks toward Kim, Kim stands defiantly


      (Looks at the
What do you want? don't hurt us
The robber reaches Kim and slaps her,knocking her to the
Mike Karl and Judy speak at once
Stop it
Leave her alone asshole
Kim on the floor, now looking shocked and terrified
Points the gun first at Mike, then at Karl and Judy, then
back at Mike
      (talking to Mike)
I will fucking.....
A car is heard entering the parking lot, everyone looks
You people act natural or everyone
dies, you understand?
The robber removes his mask revealing a man with almost a
baby face were it not for a scruffy beard with almost
shoulder length blond hair
      (looking at Kim
       who is still on
       the floor)
Get up bitch
Mom, get up, do what he says
Kim reluctantly gets up


A woman tries the door then knocks on the window, the robber
pretends to examine the coin collection and conceals the gun
in his pocket.They recognize the woman as their friend Carol
      (Gritting his
       teeth and under
       his breath)
Get rid of her
Judy walks over to the door and at first just looks through
the window at Carol. Carol looks back wondering whey she
doesn't open the door. Judy opens the door half way and
begins to speak, carol half pushes her way in and begins to
Hi guys, I know you're closing but
I see you are still here and have
customers so I have got to show
you something, this may be
something you are interested in
The robber continues to fain interest in the coin collection
never making eye contact. Mike pretends to keep sweeping and
Judy stands silently against the wall
Carol pulls two bills out of her peruse and hands them to
Karl who is standing behind the counter
Karl examines the dollar bills and sees they are dated 1961
and that one side of the bills are plain black
      (seeming to almost
       forget there is a
       robbery in
       progress for a
I have heard of these but I have
never actually seen them before,
where di you get them?
They were in a bundle of one from
the bank. Are they worth anything?
I am sure they are carol but I
would have to find out how much,
can you check back with me
tomorrow afternoon?


scene shifts to the robber momentarily as he looks up
      (asn she moves
       toward the door)
Oh sure thing Karl, why don't you
hold on to them and I'll see you
Ok carol
Bye everyone
all at once
Bye Carol
Bye now
Kim says nothing
Carol looks quizzically at the robber for a moment just
before leaving,then walks out the door
      (gritting his
Please, dont....
Shut the fuck up, let me think let
me think
Please, just go, we wont say...
      (almost in rage
       points the gun at
You think I'm stupid you fucking
cunt, do you think I'm fucking


                       ROBBER (cont'd)
Kim lunges at the robber
The robber points the gun at Kim and shoots striking her in
the forehead. Blood and tissue shoot out the exit wound on
the back of her head, he lifeless body falls to the floor.
Karl, Judy and make stand in complete shock for a seconds
then Judy screams
Judy sobs, Karl staggers backward, Mike bends over and
      (strangely calm)
I told her to let me think. I
needed to think
Everyone is silent for a few seconds
Mike lays face down on the floor, Judy runs to Karl shaking
and sobbing
      (Pointing the gun
       at Karl and Judy)
I said on the fucking floor
Still in shock, Karl takes Judy's and and the lay face down
on the floor.
Almost at the exact moment they get face down,the robber
fires a bullet into the back of Mike's head.
Mikes body quiver and convulses, Karl and Judy are silent


The robber then fires a bullet in to the back of Mikes head,
he jerks, then lays lifeless as a pool of blood emerges
around his head
Not me, please not me
      (looking confused
       and angry)
What did you say
Please, don't kill me, please!
I'll do anything you want. I don't
want to die
The robber smiles, then laughs
You disloyal fucking bitch. I just
killed everyone around you and you
are begging me for your life, you
don't even care about them?
Judy sobs, and the robber fires six shots into Judy's head
Cut to a closeup of the robbers face. He wipes the sweat off
his forehead

Fade out
The scene opens in the early morning in the home of Sheriff
Bill Hauser. The house is unkempt and Hauser is fully
clothed asleep on his sofa. A near empty bottle of bourbon
and a half eaten Pizza is on the coffee table. The TV is on
and the "Today show" is playing
Hauser's phone rings 8 times and he never wakes up or makes
any attempt to answer it. After a short pause it begins to
ring again
                                         HAUSER WAKES UP


He gets up and staggers toward the kitchen where his phone
is on the wall
Yeah yeah yeah
He clumsily pick up the phone
scene shifts back and forth between Hauser and Rick
I am about to ruin your fucking
Good morning to you too asshole,
don't you know it's Sunday?
I hope you got some sleep,this is
gonna be one fucked up day
      (sighs and coughs)
Some kids key a patrol car?
Yeah ya idiot, I woke you up for
      (in monotone)
Quadruple homicide
long pause
What did you say
Quadruple homicide, and wait it
gets better, we have established a
crime scene and the fucking


                       RICK (cont'd)
troopers are all over the place
claiming this belongs to them
Jesus Christ, where, who?
Three Willows Nursery
long pause
I need you here Boss
On the way, and keep those fucking
troopers away from my crime scene
Hauser hangs up and turns around to see a 20 something blond
girl walking out of his bathroom in a towel
                       YOUNG GIRL
I took a shower, I hope you don't
No, no thats...
                       YOUNG GIRL
I tried to wake you up but you
passed out, sorry we didn't get to
do anything, I...
No it's ok it's ok...
                       YOUNG GIRL
We can do something now if you
like, I mean...
No, I gotta run, I'm sorry,
really, just let yourself out when
your ready....
                       YOUNG GIRL
      (looking worried)
So, ummm, I am still not going to
get my license suspended right?
No, no I'll take care of it


                       YOUNG GIRL
Your so sweet
Blows him a kiss
                       YOUNG GIRL
She runs back in the bathroom
Hauser pulls into the parking along side the road in front
of the Three willows nursery. There are several sheriffs
deputy and state police squad cars already there
Hauser gets out of his car and walks under the yellow police
line tape
Hauser is approached by State police captain Gene Nichols
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
That's you Hauser, always the last
one on the scene
Well you can go now Nichols we got
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
Bullshit, there are four dead
bodies in there, this is no...
We got to the scene first Nichols
you know the....
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
Don't give me your God damned
jurisdiction bullshit Hauser. You
are way over your head here,back
off and let us do our job
Ok gene, let me put it another
way. This is unincorporated Oneida
county. I am the duly elected
sheriff of......
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
You know damn well....


I'm still talking Gene
I am the duly elected sheriff of
Oneida County, and that makes me
the supreme law reinforcement
agent any where in the county
outside the cities and villages,,
neither of which we are in at the
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
I'm still talking Gene
With that in mind, get you fat ass
away from my crime scene before i
arrest you for obstruction right
here in front of all you men, you
don't want that do you Gene?
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
You drunken.....
Investigator Rick DeCastro walks up behind Nichols
I would take great pleasure in
being the one to take your gun and
cuff you asshole. Go ahead, put me
to the test
Nichols looks at Hauser, Hauser grins
                       TROOPER CAPTAIN
When you fuck this up because you
pass out in the middle of a
witness interview, we'll be ready
to take over
Gene stomps away
      (Smug grin)
Bye Gene


Scene shift to Hauser and DeCastro entering the building
they take only a single step inside.
The 4 lifeless bodies were still on the floor and the floor
was covered with the intermingled partially congealed blood
of the four victims
Mom, Dad wife and employee
Anyone else work here?
According to the Guy who found
this some part timers and sub
contractors,I already have the
office putting a list together
Who was the first deputy on site?
Jesus thank God
Yeah, he sealed and secured
everything and called me right
Who found this?
A old guy that ca,e in to buy some
mulch. He's over there with the
EMTs. He's pretty shaken up
Where the hell are are your
On the way, I called you first. I
didn't want that asshole Nichols
bird dogging our crime scene guys
The two walk back outside


Rick gives Hauser a quizzical look
What sick bastard does this?
Who knows?
So as of now it's robbery homicide
ya think?
I hope so, I sure as hell hope if
somebody did something like this,
it wasn't just for fun
Rick is laying on his back in his dimly lit bedroom while an
attractive woman on top of him and the two are having sex.
The woman is moaning and her thrusts increase in speed and
her moans get louder as she has an orgasm. She sighs and
rolls off Rick and lays flat on her back. Rick looks only
semi interested
You ok?
                       RICKS DATE
That was great, except I had to do
all the work
      (Rolls his eyes
       and smiles)
I got a lot on my mind baby, sorry
                       RICKS DATE
I heard about that crazy murder
thing at that nursery, that's
fucked up
Fucked up is what it is
                       RICKS DATE
Is it true they raped the women?


Rick looks over at her and pauses, then speaks
Where did you hear that
                       RICKS DATE
I dunno, it's what people are
Don't believe everything you hear
                       RICKS DATE
An then the newspaper said...
Don't belive everything you read
                                         FADE OUT.
Bill Hauser gets out of his car in the parking lot of the
Oneida County Court house. He is swamped by media and
reporters who badger him questions as he walks.
I cant hear any of you if you all
talk at once
                       REPORTER 1
Any leads in the case sheriff
It's early in the investigation
and we are beginning to develop
all the reporters try to get there question in but one
reporters talks over them
                       REPORTER 2
Sheriff there have been reports
that Mr Beckman had gambling debt
is that true?
I would have no comment on that
aspect of the investigation


                       REPORTER 3
Is there any information on how
much was stolen from the shop?
No comment at this time
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE
Sheriff we have be told you are
here today to meet with the FBI,
will you be turning over the
investigation to them?
No comment
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE
Don't you think you should turn
this over to the FBI or at least
the state police Sheriff?
Hauser stops walking and looks at Christine
Why would I do that Christine?
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE
This is a major crime sheriff, and
we hear there may be a mob
The other reporters look on intently
Where did you hear there was a mob
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE
Well we have had...
Hauser starts walking again
      (Looking forward
       and not looking
       at Christine)
The sheriffs department has
jurisdiction in this case, and
there is no indication at this
time there is any Mob
connection,stop spreading rumors c


                       KARL (cont'd)
Christine or you never get a job
at a real Newspaper
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE (Trying to keep up with Hauser)
      (walking faster)
That's all for now people
Christine stops walking as the other reporters continue to
follow Hauser and continue asking questions
                       REPORTER CHRISTINE
      (Under her breath)
                                         SCEENE SWITCHES TO A
Close up on the face of FBI agent one as he speaks
                       FBI AGENT 1
There are indications of a mob
connection and this needs to be
turned over to the FBI
Shift to FBI agent 2 who says nothing and looks
Where are you seeing any
indication of a mob connection...
                       FBI AGENT 1
And even if there is no mob
connection stolen coins and
precious metals are federal
                       DISTRICT ATTY WAGNER
That's not exactly true agent
Hackett, it doesn't become federal
jurisdiction until the coins or
metals are sold or attempted to
This is not a federal matter....


                       FBI AGENT 2
Here is where we are at gentlemen,
sheriff Hauser, you will share
with us everything you know,
everything you learn and
everything you suspect on a daily
basis. The Sherrifs department
will continue the investigation
until the second this this becomes
a federal matter.


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From eve holden Date 4/22/2012 ***1/2
I found myself gettin engrossed in the storyline, I liked that the characters were quite fleshed out, I would of liked 2 know a bit more about the motive and the murderer, but on the whole I think its a very good story especially the fact it is based on a true story, as is the script I am myself working on.

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