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Super Boy
by Kyle Gossett (k.gossett@tcu.edu)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A tall young man in deep blue body suit sits crouched on the
edge of a roof top above the slums. His grey eyes and blonde
hair reflect the moonlight as he watches the street below.
1. Super Boy born.
2. Picture of parents together in from of high school
3. Amateur video of 5 years old Super Boy hovering above
ground after jumping in off play house.
4. Picture of man in black suit at parents door.
5. Young Super Boy in training.
6. Super Boy in costume with several others fighting along
side him.
7. Super boy standing in front of burning building with
police around.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
Sometimes a person is given a role
in life that is beyond anything
that a normal human should ever
have to handle. Yet with such a
role you develop a greater sense
of duty than the average person, a
deep strength which very few ever
are able to unlock. This life was
given to me out of mere chance,
some chemical response turned on;
some hormone didn't suppress the
right reaction. No one knows what
really causes a natural
superhuman; all that science
understands is what can be used to
artificially create one. Yet this
is not how I came to be, I was not
created, at least not in an
artificial sense like some who
have donned a pair of tights, I
was born in a hospital in a small
town like a normal person. My
parents were teachers, not the
kind of people who would be
exposed to unusual substances
which might explain the powers
which I developed so early in
life. Yet with my powers, my life
turned from normal to far more
complicate than my birth should
have ever required.I have


                       SUPER BOY (cont'd)
officially been a 'supe' for two
years, given the code name 'Super
Boy' by the government agency
which maintains our covers and
provides us our necessities to
operate including Department Of
Justice Credentials. When I was
finally released from the training
program, I was placed with the
super group 'young justice', but
with my continued progress, I was
allowed to leave the group and
start my solo career. My first
case ended in the destruction of
an opium den in Old Town, this
evening is to be the culmination
of my second.
From above, as steam rises from grates of the sidewalk
below, Super Boy watches a tall Hispanic man in a red shirt
and dull grey jacket with a large scar on his cheek
concludes the transaction of a trunk to trunk drug deal with
three very unsavory looking men.
                                         END MONTAGE
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
This man is called Eduard Garza;
he is a high-level enforcer for
the Zununga crime family. This
slime has been trafficking drugs
and guns into the slums of Central
City for months. I have been
watching them; biding my time,
intervening when I could.
Gathering information from the
drones of the king bee, before
throwing them to the authorities.
Tonight, Garza will tell me the
location of Emilio Zununga, the
elusive king pin and I shall
finally cut the head of this
poisonous snake.
As Garza departs the meeting, Super Boy rises into the sky
and flows his red sedan from a distance.
1. Super Boy follows Garza's vehicle to a drug drop off on a
2. Garza entering a highway


3. Garza exiting highway
4. Garza turning off into a subdivision.
                                         END MONTAGE
Garza pulls into the driveway of a large two story suburban
home. Super Boy hovers above a large glass sky light
watching as Garza is greeted by a women and two small girls.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
How strange that such a violent
man can be so tender in his
private life.But, I guess that
even villains have families. I
wait for Eduard to be alone, no
need to harm innocents.
The wife and children have gone off the bed and Garza sits
alone in a study on the second floor which faces the
backyard. Super boy watches briefly as Garza stands up and
walks to a wall painting, he opens it, revealing a safe.
Taking a large folder from the safe, Garza the door and
returns to his desk.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
The time has come for this man to
reveal the cave of the king snake.
Super Boy descends from the sky, landing on the wooden
second floor balcony which connects to the study at the back
of the home. Kicking open the glass door, Super Boy
confronts a startled Garza as he spins around in his chair.
What the hell are you doing here?
                       SUPER BOY
Eduard Garza. The time has come
for you to tell me where Zununga
You idiot, Don't you know I'm
undercover, you are going to ruin
my case. Get out of here!


                       SUPER BOY
Liar, you are not going to be rid
of me that easily. Tell me where
Zunuga is!
                       SUPER BOY
I am not going to tell you, this
is my case and I am going to be
the one who brings Zunuga down.
Now get out of here before my
family hears you.
                       SUPER BOY
Oh Yes, you will!
Super Boy lunges at Garza, grabbing him and lifting him off
his feet by his collar. Garza frantically searches behind
his back before grabbing hold of a heavy black eagle paper
weight. Striking Super Boy in the face, Super Boy lets go of
Garza. Recovering from the blow, Super Boy, grabs Garza and
throws him against a near wall.
                       SUPER BOY
Get out of my house!
Standing up, Garza wipes blood from his mouth. Garza runs at
Super Boy in a attempt to tackle him. Super Boy steps out of
the way and flings Garza outside. Garza goes over the
railing, landing on a heavy metal table below, bending it
inward as he falls through it. Super Boy stands at the
railing and looks down at a unmoving Garza. Jumping down,
Super Boy checks Garza's pulse.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
He still has a pulse. but how am I
going to get the information I
need, now.
Lights come on in the house. The wife's voice is heard
calling for her husband. Super Boy looks back at the house,
a worried look on his face.
                       SUPER BOY
I can't let them see me.


Super Boy flies into the air, then stops and hovers out of
sight watching the scene which unfolds. Below, Garza's wife
in tears is screaming into a house phone and the two little
girls are crying for their dad.
                       SUPER BOY
I know that I should feel
justified in dispatching this
criminal but I don't, I feel
wrong. Was he telling me the
Super Boy flies off.
                                         FADE OUT
1. Super Boy lands on the roof of a light-less penthouse
apartment in the wealthy district of the city.
2.He enters the dark apartment and with a great familiarity
walks through he walks through the apartment to a bedroom in
the back.
3. He removes the suit and hangs it up.
4. He showers.
5. He changes into a t-shirt and sports shorts then returns
to the living room.
6. Sitting down at lap top sitting on a round coffee table.
7. 'Google' search results for Eduard Garza.
8. Eyes in computer light.
9. Central City police records.
10. Eyes in computer light.
11. FBI files on Zunuga Crime family.
12. Eyes in computer light.
13. Department of Justice reports.
14. Eyes in computer light.
15. DEA Dossier with Garza's Picture.
                                         END MONTAGUE
                       SUPER BOY
Eduard Garza. Real name- Edgar
Super Boy puts his hand to his mouth as he reads the file.
After a minute he stands up and begins to pace.
                       SUPER BOY
How could I have been so
wreck-less. I've harmed a good
guy. I can't believe I didn't know
about this, how could I have


                       SUPER BOY (cont'd)
followed this man for month and
not know he was DEA. What am I
going to do?
                                         FADE OUT
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
I didn't sleep much that first
week, the guilt prevented it. The
Evening news ran a story a few
days after it happened. They
praised me, said that I had
cleaned the city of one more drug
Super Boy dressed in black suit and tie stands at the charge
nurses desk.
                       SUPER BOY
I'm looking for the room number of
a Edgar Ramirez.
Super boy produce's his Department of Justice identification
and shows the nurse.
                       CHARGE NURSE
Room 1232.
                       SUPER BOY
Thank you.
Super Boy walks down the hall. The intensive care ward was
quiet except for the sporadic noise of television sets which
float out from behind the closed doors.
                       SUPER BOY
This is a situation no super hero
ever wants to happen, the injury
of an innocent. I have hurt a good
man with a family. I had to see
Garza, I had to tell him face to
face that I was wrong and beg his
An alarm sounds above and two nurses and a doctor rush
passed Super Boy pushing a CRASH cart. Looking back he
watches them burst into a room. In front of the room the


charge nurse stated stands a police officer. Super boy
approaches him, presenting his DOJ Credentials once again.
The police officer looks at the ID and opens the door, then
super boy enters the room.inside the room, Ramirez's two
little girls sit on the floor by a large open window
coloring on large legal notepad. EMILY RAMIREZ, a beautiful
women of 33, in a baby purple blouse and khaki shorts with
light brown hair and skin to match sits next to her husband,
her head resting on the side of his bed.
                       SUPER BOY
Mrs. Ramirez?
Mrs. Ramirez lifts her head, revealing puffy green eyes.
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
                       SUPER BOY
I'm Agent Boy with the Department
of Justice. how are you doing
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
I'm scared. The doctors say that
if Edgar does wake up that he need
extensive surgery just be able
walk again. I want him to be okay,
I need him,
Emily looks at the two little girls on the floor and begins
to tear up.
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
His little girls need their
                       SUPER BOY
I'm very sorry ma'am. I wish there
was something I could do.
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
You can. you catch the bastard who
did this to my Edgar. those sons
of bitch Zunuga's deserve to pay
for what they've done.
ROSIE RAMIREZ, the old of the girls, looks very similar to
her mother except her hair is in braids. She looks up from
her coloring and at her mother.
                       ROSIE RAMIREZ
Mommy, you said a bad word.


                       EMILY RAMIREZ
I'm sorry baby. go back to your
Emily's voice lowers.
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
You find them and you make them
feel the pain that they have cause
this family. You promise me.
                       SUPER BOY
Yes ma'am. I will do what I can.
Rosie Ramirez stands up and approaches Super Boy. she places
the drawing she just made in his hands. It is a picture of
her father with a big shiny badge on his chest.
                       ROSIE RAMIREZ
This is my daddy. Are you going to
get the bad men who hurt him?
                       SUPER BOY
Yes, I will try.
Super Boy hands the picture back to the little girl and she
goes back and sits down by her sister.Super Boy looks back
at Emily.
                       SUPER BOY
I will leave you alone ma'am.
thank you for letting me speak to
Super boy walks back to the door.
                       EMILY RAMIREZ
You find them.
                       SUPER BOY
Yes ma'am.
Exiting the room Super boy hurry down the hall and into a
stairwell. He sits down on the top step. Breathing heavily
he wipes away tears.
                       SUPER BOY
I decided that I had to talk to
someone, I had to find out if I
should feel this way. I felt i had
to talk to heroes far more


                       SUPER BOY (cont'd)
experienced than myself.
Village packed with people. Some in ragged and older
clothing, some shirtless and shoeless. 50 armed men with
weapons ranging from sticks and machetes to automatic
weapons and RPGs have corralled the villagers in the center
of the collection of dwellings.their leader and a tall
emaciated African with a machete prepares to remove the limb
of a young women as tow of his men hold her down. Just as
the blade falls a Red flash is seen and the blade wielding
man disappears. As his men look around confused the man
falls screaming on to the roof of one the multiple trucks
the men arrived in behind them. His body collapses the roof
inward. two heros, Super Boy and a older super hero, MAJOR
GLORY, descend from the sky. Major Glory, a tall weathered
looking man in dark red tights and star spangled cape. He
has dark grey eyes and his hands and face are cover with
scars. As the two reach the ground the armed men in a panic
open fire on the two superheros as the villagers scatter.
as Major Glory advances, Super boy flight back in to the
sky. Major Glory approaches three firing gun men as their
bullets bounce off his body. he grabs the guns of the two on
ether side, bunding the barrels. he slams the bottom of his
white boot in the chest of the middle one, Sending him
flying backwards, then wrenching the guns from the men's
hands. He smashes the rifles against the two men's heads
bringing them together with a crack. Super Boy lands in
front of a truck full of of armed men, picking up the
vehicle by the front he swing it over his head crashing it
onto is top on the ground behind him. The scene become a
wild melee as Major Glory and Super Boy lay waste to the
remaining men, collapsing chests and decapitating heads with
punches, throwing men into the sides of cars and through mud
walls of huts. with the last of the armed men dead the two
survey their work.
                       MAJOR GLORY
Well, that's done.
                       SUPER BOY
Yes, sir. Should we just leave the
bodies on the ground like this?
                       MAJOR GLORY
We aren't janitors, kid. leave
'em, I sure the villagers can loot
them and find somethings they can
use. let get back the
civilization, I'm hungry.


The two fly away as the villagers return and begin scouring
the bodies of their would be attackers.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
Major Glory was the first product
of American super science. In
1941, the Nazi's experiments in
genetics resulted in the first
test tube 'super' human, the aptly
named 'EISENFAUST' (Iron Fist). As
the German super soldier wrecked
havoc in the skies above Europe
and London; the US and Britain
coordinated a plan to steal the
secrets of the German process.
Under the cover of a bombing raid
on Essen, the location of the Nazi
facility, OSS and British
operatives captured many of the
research document regarding the
process as well as three leading
scientists, including the man
behind the breakthrough, Dr. Ernst
Weiss, before destroying the
laboratory. With the Genius of Dr.
Weiss at their disposal, the
allies were able to recreate his
work and its product was codename
'Major Glory', an invulnerable
'man' capable of flight and super
strength. The Major is a legend
amongst 'supes' both natural and
artificial; having singlehandedly
begin to turn the war in our
favor. In early 1944, 'The
Guardians' a super group
consisting of Major Glory, The
Mist, Dark Knight and as well as a
recently discovered British
super-human, 'Trench Raider'
entered Berlin, capturing much of
the Nazis high command including
Adolf Hitler himself. Since that
time, Major Glory has made himself
the premiere force for justice and
peace on Earth. The man is a
shining example of what a
Superhero is supposes to be.


Super Boy and Major Glory, flying side by side, soar through
clouds as if floating on air. Suddenly, Super Boy turns to
Major Glory.
                       SUPER BOY
                       MAJOR GLORY
                       SUPER BOY
You have been a superhero so long,
what has been your greatest
                       SUPER BOY
I've run out of space for all the
awards they've given me. a man can
only keep so many medals and
sashes. You have no idea how man
keys to cities and bronze statues
I've use for target practice over
the years; hundreds, thousands.
                       SUPER BOY
                       MAJOR GLORY
Well, back in the war there WAS a
sense of duty, everyone had it,
from the superheroes down to the
milkman. We had to fight the Nazi
horde, and make the world safe for
democracy. Then that ended and the
red menace came along and once
again we had to fight for freedom
on the globe. But, just like the
Nazis, Communists went away and we
were left with nothing to really
fight for.
                       SUPER BOY
You had nothing to fight for? What
about the people who are oppress
in the world? What about the
people we just saved? I thought
that superheros stood up for
people like them.


                       MAJOR GLORY
Oh, that's not something to fight
for anymore. A bunch of people in
grass huts getting hacked to death
by a bunch of meth addicts and
diesel drinkers, that's not an
adversary, that child's play for
someone like me. I miss the days
when you actually had real enemies
like EisenFaust or Crazy Ivan.
City blocks in rubble, great
battles in the sky, that was the
golden age. Now it's a gaggle of
skinnies thinking that they can
take a 'supe' down with AKs and
bazookas. There is no challenge,
you can clear a field of
miscreants during lunch time. The
only thing left for us is the
little trinkets we acquire in
those derelict holes.
Banking down the two come out of the clouds and fly above a
shimming blue ocean.
                       MAJOR GLORY
I'll give you an example of what
I'm talking about.I took a Gold
plated AK off a Sudanese warlord
last week. Do you think 'Mao's
Hand' would be caught dead with
such a gaudy piece of junk. I used
to feel I had a responsibility to
keep the world safe, but not from
whoremongers like that. This world
has become one of greed and
honestly, sheer boredom, I haven't
had a real scrap in years. So, now
all I have left is reveling in my
little accolades and boggles.
Well, what about you, you've had a
few years as one of us. What do
you think is important?
                       SUPER BOY
Fighting for justice and helping
                       MAJOR GLORY
Don't be so na´ve son, we don't do
those things anymore. Superheros
used to serve those purposes but
now we just deal with the little
pieces of trash that pop up from


                       MAJOR GLORY (cont'd)
time to time. No one really needs
saving anymore. All we do are just
the small guestures that make
people feel safe enough to get in
their cars and drive to work in
the morning. Taking care of that
pimp on the corner or that drug
dealer who is selling to inner
city kids. Super heros are just
glorified cops, hell half the
things we do could be done just as
easily if there were a few more
patrolmen walking beats.
                       SUPER BOY
So you don't think super heroes
are needed anymore?
                       MAJOR GLORY
Don't take it so hard son; we just
happen to be a relics of a bygone
age, that's all. Maybe they'll
find some other use for us.
Reaching land the two part ways, waving goodbye as Major
glory turn north and Super Boy stays straight ahead.after a
few moments a vast city comes in view lined with great
skyscrapers and billboards.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
I though that Captain glory would
have been able to give me advice
but it seems that he does not even
care about anyone anymore. I can't
believe the world's greatest
superhero no longer cares if the
world he spent his life protecting
is safe.
                                         FADE OUT
a large boxing gym is abreast with activity, men working
heavy and speed bags, jumping rope in front of mirrored
panels, running on treadmills, Push ups, sit ups, weight
machines, everybody is in a zone of exercise. In the back of
the gym is a regulation sized boxing ring, with two men
sparing in it.


                       SUPER BOY (VO)
I could not let what Major Glory
said get to me. I know there are
still people who care about this
world, someone like one of the men
who protects this city from it's
worse evils. I first attempted to
contact 'The Dark Noir', the
costumed crime fighter who in his
50 years of service has struck
fear into the hearts of this
cities criminal underworld. Yet,
he would not respond to my pleas
for his council. Instead, I turned
to 'The Bowery Boy' to answer my

Bowery Boy was not a traditional
superhero in the normal sense. He
was a once a heavyweight boxer,
second in the world; he fought
hard and trained even harder. His
strength and invulnerability were
the result of an experimental body
supplement that went wrong.
Because of him and his unique
reaction, the superhero sciences
learned of a new compound with
hyper-genetic properties,
'Amertine K'. His name 'Bowery
Boy' is the moniker we had since
he was still fighting for the
title. Wreck-less at times, there
are those who think of Bowery Boy
as more a harm than a genuine good
for the people of Central City.
Most of the remodeling the city
has seen in the last few years are
the direct result of his
destructive habits, whether it be
throwing cars at super villains or
consistently getting drunk and
punching through the sides of city
buildings. Yet, even with his
propensity for deconstruction, he
has served this city in one
capacity or another for 15 years
and saved it on countless
occasions. So, he was someone of
experience and would be able to
give me a veteran's perspective.


Super Boy spars in a boxing ring with a very large man.
Bowery Boy is a monster of man, 6'8 with massive musculature
and Buzz haircut. Bowery Boy swings at Super Boy who dodges
then connects with a right cross to Bowery Boy's chin.
                       SUPER BOY
Why did you become a superhero?
Bowery Boy swings a left hook.
Well it's not like I could do
anything else. I mean it's not
like I can just go back to the
ring like I am now, I'd knock
someone's head of with half a
punch. So, I let them sign me up
to be a 'caped crusader'.
                       SUPER BOY
But, why do you keep doing it?
It's a job. A man's got to do
something to keep himself
occupied, why not something that
puts his skills to good use. I
rather enjoy busting the faces of
guy's like Brainiac and Red
Captain. It makes me feel like the
old days when I would step under
the lights and slam some pugs nose
into the back of his head. Hell,
it's a bastard of a good work out.
                       SUPER BOY
You are a super hero because you
had nothing else to do?
Don't twist my words, kid.
Bowery Boy clocks Super Boy in the chin with an uppercut.
Super Boy stumbles back, shaking off the punch.
                       BOWERY (Cont'd)
Yeah, I guess there is some sense
of duty that has to do with it
too. But, I don't really count
that as a big factor in why I
still do this job. I found that
duty doesn't hold ya too long; the
job get's repetitive and somewhat
boring. Ya have to fight the same


                       BOWERY (cont'd)
guys over and over, and you just
get tired of the same idiot
jumping into yer wheelhouse. Yea,
the parades and medals are great,
but those things get old after a
while and yer left with having to
find something else that acts a
reward. I still haven't figure out
what the something is, but hell I
got time yet.
The two circle each other in the ring, tossing missing
                       SUPER BOY
Have you ever made a mistake?
What? Like not telling those
quacks at Stark Pharmaceuticals to
go screw themselves and their damn

Yea, sure I have, everyone has. I
don't think much about them, kinda
just let'em go. Why keep that sort
of stuff in yer head, it messes
with ya. I had my share of public
appolgizes for some guy who got in
the way when I was scrappin' with
one of the usual villains. But, I
don't think too much on 'em, after
all you'd think that if ya saw a
couple guys tossin' trucks and
shit at one another ya'd get the
hell out of the way. Don't let
that kind a stuff bug ya, yer
gonna do it, hell I'll probably do
a couple more time before they
finally shut me down, it's just a
hazard of being one of us.
                       SUPER BOY
You don't feel bad about the
things you've done?
Yea. But as I said those are the
sort things you come to expect
when you stick on the costume.
These always going to be some dumb
ass who end up where he's not
suppose to be and splat, he get's


                       BOWERY (cont'd)
cream by a laser beam or stepped
on by a robot, and everyone
considers it ya fault whether ya
were directly to blame or not. I
just try forget about 'em, if ya
think too long about those sort of
thing ya can do nothing against
whatever guy ya gotta fight next.
                       SUPER BOY
How do you deal with it?
We all have our ways of dealing
with our problems. Some aren't
very smart, but ya do whatever ya
need to, to cope with it.
                       SUPER BOY
What do you do?
I'd rather not mention it. It's
not something I'm proud of, but it
helps me. ya'll figure out your
too eventually.
The two continue to box each other.
                                         FADE OUT
Super Boy, flies along the tree tops of a great mountain
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
Just like Major Glory, Bowery Boy
seems to be very conflicted about
being a super hero. I'm not sure
whether I should be relieved that
others are going through the same
doubts as I am or if I should be
worried that like them I will
eventually become as disillusioned
as they are. I wanted an outside
perspective, someone who has been
a hero but has quit to pursue
other things. which is why I am on
my way to the mountain laboratory
of 'The Mist'.


Super boy stand in the middle of a great space. The
laboratory has multitudes of test tubes and beakers full of
fluid of every different color. There are massive machines,
computers analyzing substances and cages full of animals
both worldly and extra terrestrial. Super Boy stands next to
'The Mist' as she assembles a strange looking weapon. 'The
Mist' is a tall lanky humanoid creature, with lime green
skin, piercing yellow eyes and a smooth light bulb shaped
head. Her fingers are long and bony, yet she works with a
graceful dexterity. Reaching for a small welding tool on an
adjacent table, the object floats softly into her hand.
Super boy covers his eyes as the tool ignites a bright
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
The Mist is an alien. In the 1942,
she came from a planet in an
adjacent galaxy as a observer of
earth culture, yet finding herself
set down in midst of the Second
World War she decided to assist in
the pacification of the conflict.
She was an original member of 'The
Guardians' with Captain Glory. Her
powers aren't exactly superhuman
as she herself is not human. Her
abilities for teleportation in
condensation and psychokinesis are
actually quite normal on her home
planet of Seti. Having returned to
the reason for her arrival on
earth many years ago, she has used
her advance scientific knowledge
for creating gadgets for many of
the world superheros, I myself
still have several of the
creations she made for 'Young
                       SUPER BOY
Mist, you have watched our world
for many years. is there justice?
'The Mist' snorts through her nasal holes as she continues
                       THE MIST
Humph. Such a human term,
'justice'. It is only your species
which thinks that you can justify
violence amongst yourselves, even
if you follow the laws of your


                       THE MIST (cont'd)
king, Hammurabi. What I have seen
during my time on your planet is
that you for the most part are a
world of killer apes,
confrontation is in your very
nature. In this capacity do I
think that your 'justice' exists,
                       SUPER BOY
Why are you still on this planet
if you think so little of us?
                       THE MIST
I am here as a scientist, one does
not just leave because of one
lacks a favorable opinion of
indigenous wildlife. I tolerate
you humans because in spite of
your vicious nature, you humans
are capable of great compassion
and understanding. Despite the
rampant hate and harm which you
conduct amongst yourselves, there
are those who stand up amongst you
and strive for peace and
companionship in the face of the
maleficent members of your
species. This interests me and my
planet immensely. I have found
these 'Superheroes' as your world
calls them, to be a most unique
quandary. My planet has no need of
such entities, we are completely
without strife, thus my superiors
have ordered me to add creatures
such as yourself to my list of
                       SUPER BOY
What have you found about super
                       THE MIST
These 'superheros' or 'supes' as
you earthlings colloquially refer
to them seem to be persons which
give universally of themselves for
the common good yet ask nothing of
value in return. They are a most
fascinating subject. We find them
to be a most unusual construct
which neither I nor my planet has


                       THE MIST (cont'd)
encountered elsewhere in our
explorations. We see them as
somewhat of a paradox, some are of
artificial means while others are
naturally gifted, yet universally
they are seem to choose to accept
their roles as protectors.
                       SUPER BOY
Why is that so strange, that
strong people are willing to
protect others.
                       THE MIST
It is unusual because, is seems
that this behavior has no
biological reward for the
participants. in fact it appears
to be quite detrimental to the
biological and mental health of
the individual. I have seen that
many engage in increasingly risky
practices, including the fogging
of their minds with altering
substances. These superheros seem
to try to destroy themselves when
they are not conducting assistance
to your world. As a member of this
group can you explain this
behavior to me?
                       SUPER BOY
I have not been a superheros very
long. I do not know why some have
turned to drinking and drug use.
                       THE MIST
Hmm. Yes, perhaps I SHOULD direct
my question at one of more
experience then yourself. It is a
most curious quandary. Are you
finished with you inquiry, I am
quite busy.
                       SUPER BOY
Yes, I am. Thank you 'Mist' for
letting me speak with you.
                       THE MIST
yes, you are welcome.


Super Boy leaves 'The Mist' to her work. As he exits a puff
of smoke erupts from the device on The Mist's table.
                       THE MIST
Gerot ekans sisbastia foarm pigle
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Super Boy sits alone on the edge of an tall building across
from a hospital. He sits and stares at a sedated Edgar
Ramirez. Ramirez is cover with bandages and tubes while a
machine breathes for him.
                       SUPER BOY
Three of the heroes I respect have
stated much the same thing., just
how the pointless and
Self-destructive this career truly
is. The Mist gave me some hope but
Bowery Boy and Major Glory have
planted seeds of doubt as to
whether this job is far more
useless and hazardous to myself
and the world than it's going to
be beneficial. they make me feel
like should just stop before i
become as jaded and unhappy as
they are. I don't want to grow
cynical of what we do. I would
rather hang it all up than than
let my hopes and integrity be
killed any further.
Behind Super Boy, A Figure emerges out of the darkness. He
is a strongly build man in a faded gray trench coat and a
hat with a dark black mask which cover his whole face. Dark
Knight crouches next to Super Boy on the edge and looks out
at the hospital room. Surprised by his sudden appearance,
Super Boy stares at Dark Knight.
                       DARK NOIR
So, you want to hang up your
mantle and just quit because of
one mistake and a bunch of stupid


Super Boy points across the street to the hospital room.
                       SUPER BOY
I harmed an innocent. That man
deserved my help, not a life of
surgeries and pain. I broke my own
rules. How can I continue fighting
crime when I have so destroyed the
life of a good man and his family?
I am afraid if I keep doing this
job that I'll hurt more people or
become just as hollow and
discontent as Captain Glory.
                       DARK NOIR
Boy, we were given a life that we
did not choose; it is up to you to
decide what to do with it. As that
red and blue fairy in New York is
so fond of saying "with great
power, comes great
responsibility". It is not a light
duty which you can just wear like
those trunks you have on,
                       SUPER BOY
I've spoken to three of earth
mightiest people and yet, I feel
like what we do really does not
matter to the world.
                       DARK NOIR
The super hero life is a road that
you must walk. If you feel you are
going down the wrong way you must
keep going and pray that if you
are right that you will be
forgiven in the end. There is no
light, no dark, there is just you,
standing alone on the rooftops
deciding who stays and who goes.
That is the charge you have been
given at the end of the night.
                       SUPER BOY
Both Major Glory and Bowery Boy
say that after a while all that is
left to this job is the accolades
we receive. I don't want to be in
this duty if that is what is
waiting for me in the end.


                       DARK NOIR
they have forgotten what it is to
be a superhero. There are no
laurels, no big parades, no pats
on the back for a job well done,
just you, alone. You may feel
regret but you must remember that
you are there not to be a great
moral compass, some public symbol;
you are there to maintain the
balance. We real supes are the
ballast which holds the tide in
check. Every piece of evil you put
away means that infinitely more
innocents will be able to live
free from their influence. We may
not be as flashy and vain as
'Glory' is, but we sit in the
trenches with the ills of this
world and we fight back all the
same. We give all of ourselves so
no one else has to.
                       SUPER BOY
But what is the purpose of being a
super hero if you are just going
to be come so disillusioned with
the principles we all strive to
                       DARK NOIR
Being a super hero is very
dishonorable honor, you must do
what you think is right even if
the world tells you it isn't.
There is not a code which you can
hold yourself to to help you, no
shred of dignity which can save
you when you go into the dens of
the wicked. The cruel and
heartless of the world have no
conscious and the only way you can
fight them is by being as ruthless
as they are. You will make
mistakes, you will harm innocent
people in the course of your duty,
but they are merely casualties of
war. A war which we did not start
and we will never finish. All that
can be asked you is that you do
your part to hold back the
darkness so that the hope of the
world may linger for that much


                       DARK NOIR (cont'd)
                       SUPER BOY
That seems right but it does not
seem like justice to me.
                       DARK NOIR
Justice is not something you can
decide, it is just something that
is. It's an idea dreamed up by
those who have never experienced
the hatred and the pain which you
and I have to combat every day.
The only justice that exists is
that people sleep safe in their
beds at night because rough men
stand ready to do violence on
their behalf. We are those rough
men and we stand ready at a
moment's notice to pull the scum
off of the doorsteps of the world
and drag them to where they can
never harm another person again.
                       SUPER BOY
But what about the innocent people
you are going to hurt. I don't
want to keep experiencing the kind
of doubt and hurt I have
experienced when I made my mistake
with that man and his family. I
don't want to make another
                       DARK NOIR
If you let yourself feel whether
that is right or wrong, you cannot
do your job. You have to let all
emotions go to be a super hero. In
this life, second guessing only
gets you and others killed. If you
stop for one minute to think it
over you will let the bad guy go
and they will keep hurting those
who can't fight back like you can.
You must be the decider and
whatever choice you make you will
have to live with it. If it
becomes the wrong choice you must
let it go and move on to a right
one. You will make wrong ones; bad
hunches, miscalculations, but in
the end you will make far more


                       DARK NOIR (cont'd)
right ones that are going to
benefit those wronged, or yet to
be wronged. You must stay on the
path you have set and that path
will always be spotted by the
unforeseen pains for those
unintended, but it will also be
littered by chances to make it
right. You have to burying any
doubt you have and just do the
job. If you can do that, then,
when you return to your home, you
fold your cape and pray for the
forces which claw at your mind to
stop and maybe you can get a few
weary hours of sleep.
                       SUPER BOY
I know i will make more mistake
but I'm afraid of what the
consequences maybe. What if next
time I end up kill someone who
does not deserve to die? Someone
good like Ramirez.
                       DARK NOIR
This is a dirty life we have, but
it is up to us to clean as much of
it as we can. That is all that
they can ask of you. all that can
you ask of yourself to do as much
right as you can. If you can do
that then nothing else matters.
this responsibility was given to
you, act like it.
Dark Knight reaches into his coat and retrieves a folded
piece of paper. He hands it to Super Boy.
                       DARK NOIR
Get back to work, kid. The evil
that dwells in this would won't
wait for you to figure your
problems out. you have to make a
choice if you in or your out. you
can start with this and if you
still feel it's not worth it you
can quit and no one will blame you
but, this task must be done. so
get to it.


Dark Knight stand up and pulling a grapple device from his
coat jumps off the building. Super Boy opens the piece of
paper. On it is written an address, '8234 9th street'.
as Super Boy patiently watches from across the street, a
black town car pulls up to a lit up old house in the
outskirts of the city. from the building emerges two men
with automatic weapons. the two men approach the car and
open the back seat door. a older man steps out of the car.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
Emilio Zunuga steps from the vehicle with two more armed men
and is escorted into the building. Still smiling, Super Boy
approaches the door. stopping he takes a slow breath.
                       SUPER BOY
Time to make it right.
Super Boy kicks in the door with a resounding crash. He
enters to the sound of Yelling and then the commencement of
gunfire. as we watch from the street, a henchmen flies
through the doorway smashing into the side of the town car.
inside the sound of gunfire continues yet quickly fades,
replaced by the sounds of heavy objects being thrown against
hard surfaces. as quickly as it began the noise ceases.
Super Boy emerges from the building dragging an unconscious
Zunuga behind him.
1.Flashes of Zunuga being book
2. Zunaga on trial.
3. A newspaper appears on the screen, stating his conviction
on multiple criminal charges and a life sentence.
                                         END MONTAGE
Super Boy in street clothes sent on a bench reading the
newspaper head line. looking over his paper he sees a
recover Edgar Ramirez being wheeled out of the hospital


surrounded by his family to a waiting car. Rosie sits on his
lap. Super Boy smiles.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
We all have paths in life which
draw us to places we least expect,
some bring us to the brink and
back, and some farther than we
should ever go. That is the life
of a superhero, moving beyond the
edge. We stand alone with our feet
in the dark so that the world may
stay in the light. Standing alone,
we make the decisions that will
save or end lives. We walk the
streets of our cities, ready to
punish those who would disrupt the
silent night, ready lay vengeance
on those who would harm the
innocent and the just. We cannot
justify the things that we must do
to keep the world safe, only that
it will be safe when we complete
our work. We are the people who
will step into the fire and walk
out again dirtier than we came.
But we remember it is not about
us. It is never about the
superhero, it's about people like
Edgar. Every person who has a
family, who has a life worth
protecting, it is about them. We
serve the world and regardless
whether they thank us or not, we
will keep protecting them and
their loved ones. We are the
guardians of humanity, without us
the world would lose whatever
goodness it has left. We are
violent so that the world can stay
in peace. What blood that stains
our hands remains with us forever
yet, it will never compare to
blood we will save. We are the
dirty and the vicious; we are the
jury and sentence. We are
superheroes and we will never stop
as long as there is evil in the
world. We will light up the dark
and never let it stain innocent.
We will fight for you.


Super Boy hears a scream in an alley far to his left. he
stands up and moves to the entrance. Smiling again he begins
to pull off his clothes revealing his costume as he runs in.
                       SUPER BOY (VO)
And our work is never done.


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