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Rendezvous with Destiny
by Robert Rice (rrice2004@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Family   User Review:

A young man who just lost his two best friends, finds himself moving. Not only must he learn cope with their loss, but also the making of new friends and a girl friend. After losing yet another friend, he learns to cope the only way he knows how. On the BMX track.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A collage of videos of mid 1980's BMX freestyle bike shows
in need of tracking, shows a very young, 13 years, BOBBIE
LUND competing with some of the best riders from factories
like GT, Haro and Hutch. These events include both outdoor
flatland and vert ramp competition.
Through the video's, BOBBIE is enjoying every second of the
competitions with his friends and on his 1986 green and
white GT Pro Performer. All of the riders pull pranks on one
another, only to form a stronger bond between them. The last
image in the video's is of BOBBIE holding up his first,
first place trophy.
                                         DISOLVE TO:
An older, 30 years, BOBBIE engaged in deep urban desert
combat somewhere in the Middle East. Taking fire from the
front and right flank, from an ambush, a Sergeant in the
Armies 101st Airborne Division, BOBBIE instructs his men
through the fire fight.
Sir, they're trying to flank us on
the left.
A mortar lands only feet in front of the soldiers. BOBBIE
looks for a way through, to get his men out of harms way.
Three more at two 'o'clock. Looks
like an RPG.
Diaz, rig the first Hummer. Two
claymores on the front, tie it
tight. Riggs, Lewis!


Bullets ricochet off the three hummers, causing all the
soldiers to duck for cover. Shrapnel makes its way under a
Humvee and into the leg of one of the soldiers. RIGGS
quickly attends to the injured soldier.
      (IN PAIN)
Oh God, I'm hit. I'm hit.
It's okay, it's okay I got you.
Everyone ducks for cover. An RPG goes off behind them.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Riggs, Lewis, smoke grenades there
and there on my mark. Diaz,
Diaz makes his way back to cover with Bobbie and the others.
Ready to rock and roll Bobbie.
Four more just went into the first
building on the left at the alley.
Good. Listen up. Were gonna blow
this like a lemonade stand and get
the hell out of here. We'll wire
in our position when were clear.
Riggs, how is he?
Fine Bobbie. But someone owes me
some new boxers.
Diaz looks at Bobbie in confusion.
      (TO DIAZ)
He shit himself.
Bobbie pops his head up over the Humvee to get a better
look. More bullets ricochet of the armored vehicles.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Okay, here we go!


Smoke at three and twelve o'clock,
Riggs and Lewis toss their smoke grenades into their
intended positions. Bobbie steps out and auto pilots the
rigged humvee into the alley way. A MASSIVE EXPLOSION
collapses parts of the shanty buildings. Smoke from the
grenades billow up in front and to the right of the
group.The men take a moment of enjoyment, before jumping
into the last two Humvee's.
Let's get the hell outta here.
Turning around, the soldiers drive the remaining Humvee's
back the way they came, taking sporadic gun fire. Bobbie,
sitting in the passenger side of the first Humvee, keeps an
eye out for more potential threats. Diaz's voice come across
the radio.
                       DIAZ (OS)
Ya know sarge, they're taking that
outta your pay.
What don't they?
There's a loud BOOM and a LARGE EXPLOSION when an IED goes
off right next both of the Hummers. Everything goes BLACK.
Through Bobbies POV, his eye's open to a blurry sky. Only to
start fluttering to the sound of a HEART BEAT. Bobbies last
view fades into a picture of Diaz and himself, giving a
little Middle Eastern boy a BMX bike with a ribbon on it.
                                         DISOLVE TO:
The voice of a Pastor cuts through the somber feeling of
those in attendance of a small and private funeral.A
military burial is in progress. As the ceremony comes to an
end, we see Bobbie step from the back, walking with a cane.
He takes the flag and presents it to a small petite woman
all in black. He leans over and whispers into her ear. She
grasps Bobbies hands tightly as he kisses her on the head.
Bobbie turns and stares at the headstone. On it is the name
of his best friend, Samuel Diaz. Bobbie reaches into his
pocket and pulls out a small piece of paper. He leans over,


kisses the flag covered casket and places the PICTURE of
Diaz, himself and the little boy with the BMX bike on top of
The sun is bright outside, early in the morning, in a quiet
Florida suburb neighborhood of Orlando. As Bobbie works on
the motor of his 1973 Nova SS, he watches out the open
garage door as men unload the moving truck across the
street. The garage is littered with car parts, old muscle
magazines and repair manuals. On his walls are tools of all
aspects along with a twenty six inch, mint chrome GT BMX

His new neighbors, are a very quiet and professional mother,
struggling to raise her child and make a decent living to
support them and a distraught, intelligent, coping son. Who
has recently lost two of his best friends prior to moving.

MONICA and NICHOLAS RILEY emerge from their new house, to
help get stuff off the truck. MONICA, a young woman in her
mid thirties, petite in size with strawberry blonde hair,
dressed in casual sweats and t-shirt waves over at Bobbie.
NICHOLAS, a seventeen year old boy, about six foot two,
decent athletic build with shoulder length dark brown hair,
dressed in GOTH style clothing, keeps his eyes to the
ground, as if he would rather be doing something else.
                                         QUICK CUT:
Monica and Nicholas are in their new home unpacking. Empty
and half empty boxes litter the house. Monica knows Nicholas
isn't happy with the move. Nicholas is sitting on the couch
playing on his Nintendo DS, using an empty box as a foot
You know bud, those boxes aren't
going to unpack themselves.


What ever.
Listen sweetie, I know you didn't
want to move. But with all that's
happened, it's whats best for US.
Monica bends down behind the cupboard to put a stack of pans
                       MONICA (CONT)
Besides, with the economy the way
it is, I had to go where the money
is. Otherwise we wouldn't have a
Nick throws his DS onto the couch and storms toward the
kitchen for the front door when Monica grabs him by the arm.
Monica knows how hurt Nick is with the loss of his friends
as well as moving to a new neighborhood.
It was an accident Nick. There's
nothing you could have done. I
miss them just as much as you do.
But no matter what we do, nothing
will bring them back.
You don't know how I feel. You
have no clue what I go through
every night when I go to sleep. If
we weren't moving, this never
would have happened. So get off my
Monica grabs Nicks arm.
Don't you ever talk to me like
that again. I do the best that I
can to put a roof over OUR heads,
food on OUR table and clothes on
OUR backs. I know your in pain
right now. But that gives you no
right to talk down to me no matter
what. You understand me mister?


Nicholas yanks free and heads into the garage off the pantry
room, slamming the door behind him. HE goes motionless as
tears start to swell in his eyes.
                                         QUICK CUT:
Bobbie comes out of his garage door with two garbage cans in

Bobbie watches as Nick rides down the driveway, he pulls a
WHEELIE and jumps into a FRONT WHEEL MANUAL. He rides that
for a few feet before putting his foot on the front peg and
goes into a ROLLING TAILWHIP. Nick pulls out of it and rides
away down the street.

As Bobbie walks back into his garage, he glances up to the
loft over the inside house door. He catches a glimpse of
what looks like the old GT PRO PERFORMER he had as a kid.
Nick rides his bike towards his new school. Wearing a
replica Steelers jersey and semi baggy pants, Nick looks for
the bike rack.
Nick pulls up to the bike rack, where a few other students
are locking up their bikes. TESS, a seventeen year old
tomboy looking girl with beautiful facial highlights and
bright red hair, wears the average clothes found in most
local mall shops. She secures her hair color matching BMX.
MIKE, a sixteen year old with ADHD, SCREECH looking boy,
slighter taller then Nick sits on his bike listening to his
iPod. Mike stares off into space.
Hey Mike, you get last friday's
assignment done for Mrs. Kern?
Don't I always?
Nick pulls his lock from his back pack and lock up his bike.
he watches as Tess hands Mike a report paper.
You are THE GIRL!


What ever.
Tess reaches over the bike rack and extends her hand out to
Hi. I'm Tess and this is Mike. You
must be new here because I don't
remember seeing you around before.
Yeah. Just moved in.
Mike waves his hands around like he's a tour guide.
Welcome to Winter Park High. Home
of the retired, rich and geeks.
Like us!
Don't listen to him. It's not that
bad. It's just like every other
dysfunctional high school in this
The first bell of the day rings.
Ruh Roh Rhooby. Better get a long
Nick walks about a step and a half behind Tess and Mike.
Glancing from side to side, he realizes that most of the
student body isn't much different then his old school in
Pittsburgh. Same cliques as always.
So where you from, I never did get
your name.
Nick. From Pittsburgh.
Steelers fan. I should have


So what brings you to warm and
sunny Florida?
Don't want to talk about it.
Mike and Tess throw a quick glance at one another.
It's understandable. You have your
schedule Nick?
Yeah. Just don't understand it.
Tess turns to Nick, with her hand out.
Well, were in the same history
class first period and science
class 5th period. The rest of your
day is spent with the dork here
except lunch. Were all together
for that.
Woooooo, the Kerninator! Such
hotness and yet such a bitch.
Nick looks at Tess with a puzzled stare.
Don't mind him. He's still having
pet teacher fantasies.
Wet ones?
Tess breaks out in laughter. Mike stops and turns toward
Nick, like he's ready to confront him for his choice of
If you only knew.
Dude, that's disgusting.
The first HOMEROOM BELL rings. As the students pour through
the doors, Tess points out the main office to Nick so he can
check in.


It is. But he will grow on you
I like him. He seems cool. Later
your cheekiness.
Tess walks into her homeroom as Mike continues down the
                                         CUT TO:
Standing in front the the class, writing names on the board
is MRS. KERN. A very tall, slender attractive brunette
teacher. Her skin is fair in complexion and her hand writing
is as if she had years of penmanship training. The students
sit there making very little noise as the start of class is
ready to begin. There's a knock on the door and in walks
                       MRS. KERN
You must be Nicholas. Find
yourself an empty seat so we can
begin class.
Nick nod's. The students in this class represent most of
what Nick has come to despise, arrogance, self centered and
jocks. Those back home, he knew how to handle. But here he
had to start over. Then there was Tess. Probably the only
person he feels he fits in with, other then Mike.
                       MRS. KERN
Okay class. This is Nicholas. He
just moved here with us from
Pittsburgh. Everyone make him feel
Most of the students pay no mind to Nick.
                       MRS. KERN
Today were going to talk about the
Battle of the Bulge, particularly
the Siege of Bastogne. Can anyone
tell me when this took place?
There's silence in the classroom, with the exception of a
few ruffling papers.


                       MRS. KERN
Okay then. Well while you're
thinking about it, please pass
your homework up from Friday.
There's a few grunts from the students as Nick is the only
one to raise his hand.
                       MRS. KERN
Yes Nick?
December of '44.
                       MRS. KERN
Very good. Do you know the dates
this occurred?
The 19th thru the 27th.
                       MRS. KERN
Almost. It took place from
December 20th to December 27th
It depends on what curriculum you
want to read.
The rustling of papers has stopped. It's almost as if taboo
were just broken.
                       MRS. KERN
Excuse me? Do you mind explaining
your comment Nicholas?
The battle itself started on the
19th of December in the town
Noville just north of Bastogne.
A couple of his classmate start flipping through the pages
of their books. Nick turns to the student on his left.
Don't bother, you won't find it in
there. That's the condensed
                       MRS. KERN
Go on. I'm listening.


The paratroopers and the 10th
Armored Division entered the town
to take out the Panzer Division.
With the Hellcat tanks we had and
their speed, it confused the
Germans who never launched a
counter attack. This attack led to
about 1000 casualties. The town of
Foy was taken the next day by the
3rd Battalion.
Nick sits upright at his desk.
                       NICK (CONT)
December 20th.
                       MRS. KERN
Very impressive Mr. Riley. Now can
you site your citations on this
SCOTT is your typical high school jock. Light brown hair,
well built, top athlete in most sports. Very self centered
to others outside is clique.
                       MRS. KERN
Mr. Ashley, that is uncalled for
and unacceptable.
There's some laughter from the class, before Mrs. Kern
clears her throat.
Stephen Ambrose, Samuel Lyman
Atwood Marshall and as the jock
here said, the Military and
History channels.
There are snickers coming from the class, including Tess.
                       MRS. KERN
That's enough. This isn't the 3rd
grade and we don't act like
children in here. And your comment
Mr. Riley is unacceptable.


I was just calling it as I
perceive it.
                       MRS. KERN
Is that so Mr. Riley? Then tell me
Mrs. Kern stands and leans against the blackboard. She
crosses her arms waiting for Nick's response to her
                       MRS. KERN (CONT)
What is your perception of this
class, of history and of Mr.
Ashley here?
This school? It's no different
then any other school. It teaches
condensed versions of the subject
in order to get us to pass "The
Test." There's no discussions, no
thinking out side of the box.
Students are nothing more then a
way for schools to get more money
to keep building and yet it's the
students who are getting failed.
Mrs. Kern is now standing straight up. She never expected
this type of an answer from a junior student, much less any
of her senior students.
                       NICK (CONT)
As for history? It's boring. It's
things that happened back when I
wasn't around. However, people
have a way of repeating history
whether good or bad. As for Mr.
Ashely here.
Nick pauses a moment to get a clear look at Scott.
                       NICK (CONT)
He's a jock. Nothing more to say
about it. He thinks he's better
then most but has some inner self
esteem issues or something. No
different then any other jock.
Just look at high schools across
this country. The story is all the


The class laughs. Tess just stares at Nick. She can't
believe Nick could have that much of an understanding of how
things work like she does.
                       MRS. KERN
Well I see then. You seem like a
very educated man for such a young
mind. Mr. Ashley, is Mr. Riley
Scott just sits there. He's not sure what to say.
Just informed.
Scott looks over at Nick. As he stares at Nick, he mouth's
the words "You're Dead."
                       MRS. KERN
Well Mr. Riley. Just be informed,
I would like to see you after
There's some sly remarks from the other students.
                       MRS. KERN
Okay class, now that fun time is
over. Open your books to page 313.
We're going to discuss Bastogne.
My point exactly.
Mrs. Kern heard Nicks murmur. A slight smile creases her
lips as she continues to write some dates on the board.
                                         CUT TO:
Nick enters the room, he glances around. So far today his
being informed has been correct. On one side of the room sit
the jocks, all huddled together. Off to their side are the
cheerleaders. On the other side of the room are the club
addicts, chess, drama, debate. And of course in the back are
the ones who don't quite fit in with the others. This is
where Tess and Mike are sitting. It reminds him so much of
the eighties movies his mom used to make him watch.


You should have been there. No one
has ever challenged her before.
And I missed it. For shame.
As Nick makes his way across the room, Scott and his buddy
GARY cross Nicks path, bumping into Nick with his shoulder.
Nick lowers his head and smiles before turning toward Scott.
You need to watch what you're
Nick glances both Scott and GARY over.
You some kind of idiot or
Or something.
You know, I just don't like you.
I'm going to warn you just once.
Watch yourself.
Tess slaps Mikes hands and points toward Nick and Scott.
Warning well taken. Now if you
will excuse me, I have some
socializing to do.
Just watch your back.
Scott and Gary head over to their table. Nick lets out a
slight sigh.
Hey Mr. Scholar, how goes it?
What was that all about?


Hey guys.
Nick takes the seat next to Tess.
                       NICK (CONT)
I guess he liked my first
impression so much, he had to
introduce me to his friends.
Tess lets out a small laughter.
So I heard you went head to head
with the Kerninator this morning.
If that's what you want to call
it. I just called it as I saw it.
Well, she was speechless for a
moment. I don't think she knew how
to react on that.
Just be careful pal. She has
powers you know. She'll get into
your head. Twist your thoughts,
your decisions. I'm telling you,
shes weird.
And you're the one that fantasizes
about her and you call her weird?
Maybe Tess was right this morning.
About what?
Both Nick and Tess let out a loud laughter. Mike throws his
cold fries at Nick. The laughter grabs the attention of
Scott. He stares at Nick, as if they were arch enemies.
So what do you guys do for fun
around here? With those bikes you
two have, there has to be
someplace to ride around here.


Van's and Mesh skate parks are
about it. There's really no other
place. All the trails we make get
Everyone is afraid of insurance
costs. There used to be some cool
trails to ride. The only thing
left really is out by the airport.
But even that is off limits.
Off limits?
It's a left over construction area
that's all fenced in. Guards
patrol it every hour or so. But
it's got some killer jumps.
So how long have you been riding?
Since about twelve or thirteen.
You any good?
Nick finishes his soda, gets up and takes his trash to the
bin. He eyes Scott and his buddies leaving the lunch room.
As he sits back down and grabs the book Mike is reading.
Unix for dummies. You're a nerd
and a dork?
Ha Ha. You're a funny man Mr.
Mike gets cut off by the sound of the school bell. Nick
leans over and whispers into Tess's ear.
You'll have to find out won't you?


Tess looks a little shocked, but that look on her face leads
to a smile. Mike see's this and shrugs his shoulders at her,
as if asking what's going on.
                                         CUT TO:
Most of the students from school are boarding the buses.
Tess and Mike are at the bike rack waiting on Nick.
So what's the story princess?
What story?
With you and the newbie.
What are you talking about? You
weren't sniffing the glue again
were you?
I saw the look in your eyes at
lunch. You like him or something?
Please! He's cute and all.
Tess is cut off when Nick walks up and over hears part of
their conversation. Tess's face turns almost as red as her
Who's cute?
Tess fumbles for some words. Mike puts his ear buds in
smiling as he turns his iPod on.
Um, my new puppy. Mike thinks she
looks like a rat.
Really? What kind of puppy?
A rat!


A chihuahua.
Tess throws Mike a looks could kill glare as she gets on her
bike. Nick unlocks his bike.
Eh, he's kinda right. They do look
like rats!
Told you so.
What ever!
How far is the airport from here?
I want to go check out these
At least a forty five minute ride.
You wanna go?
I dunno.
I would, maybe some other time? I
got to get home after school
I see. Which way do I go from
If you want, we can head over this


That's alright. I can go over.
It's down 436. Just stay on the
right. You can't miss it.
Okay, thanks. See you guys
You sure Nick? I'm free this
Yeah no biggie.
Okay boys, I will see you
tomorrow. Stay out of trouble
What ever you say princess.
See you later Tess.
                                         QUICK CUT:
As Tess heads down the sidewalk, she gets to the
intersection. As she crosses with the green light, a car
slams on it's brakes, leaving a patch of rubber on the
pavement. The car stops short of hitting Tess. Tess stops in
her tracks, shaken, she stares at the driver, Scott.
                                         QUICK CUT:
Everyone looks to see what is going on. Mike sites on his
bike in disbelief. Nick takes a few steps forward. He is
withdrawn into a QUICK B&W flash back of car TIRE SQUEALS,
BRIGHT HEADLIGHTS and the car running into a person on a
bike at night. He snaps out of it as quickly as he went into
it as Mike taps him on the shoulder.
Bro, you okay?


Yeah. Yeah i'm fine.
Damn that guy's a jackass. You
sure your okay? You don't look
Yes I'm fine. Listen, I'm going to
head out. I'll see you later.
Yeah, later.
                                         QUICK CUT:
Tess starts riding away, still visibly shaken. Nick, on his
bike pedals down the sidewalk toward the intersection as
fast as he can. As he nears Scott's car, he pulls up on the
front wheel of his bike and BUNNY HOPS onto the hood. He
rides across the hood and jumps off the other side, turning
and heads toward his destination.

Scott jumps out of his car and looks at the newly fresh dent
in his hood. He jumps back in his car and gives chase, but
Nick starts cutting through alleys and back yards, as to not
get caught.
                                         QUICK CUT:
Mike is sitting on his bike in awe. He looks as though he
just saw Mrs. Kern naked.
That boy as some mad skills.
                                         CUT TO:
Nick works his way through a chain link fence, into the
closed up construction yard. Left over metal tubing, metal
beams and trash litter the place. Amongst the garbage are
what seem to be some fairly good sized jumps. Nick takes a
quick look around for guards before he starts gliding
through the area looking for the right line to take.
As Nick is grabbing air and pulling tricks like TAILWHIPS,
NO HANDERS, 360 BAR SPINS, Tess, shows up on the outskirts
where she knows she can't be seen by Nick.She watches Nick


intently until he's done riding and sits down at the base of
one of the jumps.
The sun starts to go down as Nick sits there. He is
exhausted. As he sits there, he keeps replaying what
happened to Tess over and over. After a few moments, he
breaks down and starts to cry. He punches the dirt a few
times, catching his hand on a small piece of glass. He just
stares at the blood as he cries.
                                         FADE OUT:
Students barrel out of their class rooms as the bell rings.
Nick and Mike walk down the hall toward the lunch room when
they spot Tess coming the other way. Out of nowhere, Scott
pushes Mike out of the way and SLAMS Nick up against the
wall face first.
Nice little stunt you pulled
yesterday. I should kick your ass
for that.
You have three seconds to let me
Gary grabs Tess as she tries to get to Nick and Scott.
Scott knock it off.
So what should I do? Break your
arm or break your leg?
I'm not kidding, you best let go.
Or what? What are you going to do?
Nothing, that's what.
Yo dude, what's your problem. Your
jock strap too tight or something?
      (TO MIKE)
Back off or you're next!


You really don't like to listen do
Shut up! You owe me for the
repairs to my car. How do expect
to pay up?
I don't owe you anything.
Scott, don't be such an ass. Knock
it off.
      (TO TESS)
You know Stephanie, you really are
pathetic. I still don't see what
you see in losers like these.
And what makes you any better?
Because I am Steph. That's why you
could never measure up.
You self centered son of a...
Tess gets an arm by Gary and slaps Scott across the face
with a semi clutched fist. Nick makes his move.

Nick kicks backwards, striking Scott in the groin. He then
proceeds to knee him in the head, busting his nose.
Now it's time you listen to me.
Nick grabs Scott and puts him against the wall, putting
pressure on Scott's nose.
You ever, and I mean you ever
touch me again, it will get a lot
worse then it is right now.


Nick, the Kerninator! Dude, she's
Now I think you owe both Tess and
Mike an apology.
Nick stares intently into Scott's eyes. Making Scott aware
that he isn't going anywhere.
Or what?
I'm waiting.
Nick it's fine. Let him go.
Dude, Nick, Kern!
Nick let's go of Scott. Mrs. Kern steps through the crowd of
                       MRS. KERN
What's going on here? Scott,
That's what I thought. Nothing.
Nick slams his elbow against Scott's head, bouncing it off
the wall.
                       MRS. KERN
That's enough the both of you. Mr.
Anderson, I need some assistance
Mr. Anderson, another teacher, emerges from the lunch room
to help Mrs. Kern escort the boys away.

Tess has a scared look on her face as Mike grabs her to make
sure she's alright. The rest of the students move a side.
                       MRS. KERN
Both of you in detention now!


                                         CUT TO:
Bobbie is in his garage working on the motor to his Nova, as
Nick rides his bike past and up the driveway to his house.
Over the last week, Bobbie has gotten to know both Monica
and Nick a little more. He knows what happened to Nick prior
to his move.
Hey Nick, Mind coming over for a
minute? I need a hand here.
Nick sets his bike down and lays his backpack next to it and
walks over to Bobbie's house.
What's up Mr.Lund?
I need a second set of hands on
this. Do you mind?
Nick proceeds to the front of the car, under the hood.
Bobbie hands him a socket and a wrench.
Okay, I'm going to pull back on
this, I need you to tighten the
bolt up as tight as you can get
They both begin turning wrenches on the motor. As the bolt
nears its final turn, the socket slips off and Nick catches
his knuckles on part of the motor. A little blood emerges
and drips onto the engine.
Damn it.
You okay there?


Yeah. Just stings a bit.
Bobbie grabs a first aid kit from the bench.
Here. Wipe it down and put this on
Thanks. So where did you get this
I won it in a poker game from a
friend while in basic training.
Never did care for it much. But
then again, it's a classic.
As Nick cleans off the rest of his hand and applies the
bandage he glances around the garage and spots the GT BMX
Cruiser hanging on the wall. As he continues looking around,
he tosses the bloodied wipe into the trash, only to gaze on
the bike again.

Bobbie notices Nick, but keeps working.
Well, you don't look like your a
car man. So you a bike man?
Nick smirks and turns around and leans over the fender of
the car.
Not really. I just ride to ride.
Nothing really. I've just never
seen one like that before.
She's a beauty alright. I believe
it's as old as you are.
Bobbie makes a final turn of the wrench.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
I've had that bike for about ten
years. Rides really nice too. I've
seen you on yours. Not too bad if
I say so myself.


I'm no pro if that's what you
mean. I don't even ride much
anymore. Just to and from school.
Bobbie goes over and get's into the car and puts the keys
into the ignition. He gives the key a couple turns, but the
car doesn't respond.
Hold up a second.
Nick looks under the hood, attaching a plug wire.
Okay, try now.
Bobbie give the keys another turn and the motor turns right
over. He rev's it up a few times and then lets it sit at
Maybe you are a car guy after all.
Bobbie makes a few adjustments to the carburetor and rev's
the motor via the throttle cable. He closes the hood of the
car and closes his eyes. The sound of the motor puts a big
smile on his face. Nick laughs.

Bobbie reaches into the car and turns the ignition off. He
starts to clean up around the car, putting his tools back.
So why don't you ride anymore?
It's good exercise.
Caught off guard by that question, Nick knows why he doesn't
ride much anymore.
I, uh, gotta get home. School work
you know.
Yeah. Need to do your homework.
As Nick starts walking toward the garage door, Bobbie turns
around, wiping his hands with a clean rag.
Nick, I have this meeting this
Sunday. Kind of old guys, you
know, my age. It's over at the


                       BOBBIE (cont'd)
local skate park. Were gonna show
off our cars and bikes. I was
wondering if you wanted to come
Nick stops and begins to ponder for an answer.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
I've already spoke with your mom
and she said she didn't mind. But
it was up to you.
Nick starts to turn around, with an almost glare at Bobbie.
Asking his mom about his personal life is out of the

Nick turns around to face Bobbie, who is now standing right
behind him with his hand extended.
Like she said, it's up to you. And
I would like you to come join us.
Bring your bike as well.
Nick glances over at Bobbies BMX. He extends his hand and
shakes Bobbies.
Yeah okay. Just promise me one
Yeah, what's that?
Just don't try no tricks on that
thing. I don't want to see you
hurt yourself.
Deal. Be here at ten. Hey, thanks
for the help on the beast. I
appreciate it.
No problem. Okay, I'll see you


                                         CUT TO:
Nick's bedroom has seen better days. With just moving in and
still not settled, things are everywhere. The room looks
like every mothers nightmare.

Sitting at his computer, he does a Google search on Bobbies
GT BMX Cruiser. After a few page clicks, he lands on a site
called the BMX MUSEUM. He is astounded by the amount of time
and money people have spent into repairing, selling and
buying old BMX bikes.

As he looks through some of the bikes in the museum, he
finds a forum post about the get together this weekend that
Bobbie was talking about. As he reads through some of the
posts, he stares at the pictures of bikes he's never seen
before. Some better then others. Some true twenty plus year

There's a knock on his door and Monica opens it.
It's midnight sweetheart. Lights
Alright. Did you see this?
What's that honey?
Look at this. Some of these bike
are as much as our car. I don't
understand why people would spend
so much on a bike.
Well, it seems no different then
what some people spend on old cars
or old instruments I guess.
Yeah but these are just bikes.
Monica leans over and kisses Nick on the head and messes up
his hair.
That they are. Lights out.


Monica turns and walks toward the door.
So what did you tell them?
Nick turns the monitor off on the computer and stands up
facing his mother.
What did you tell them about me?
What do you mean?
Nick takes his shoes off and tosses them across the room.
Nick falls back onto his bed and grabs a PC magazine and
starts flipping through the pages.
Come on mom. The guy hardly knows
me, and he's asking me to go with
him this weekend to meet a bunch
of people who are trying to act
like their still in their teens.
Did it ever occur to you, that he
might want to be a friend? Or that
he might want to share his
Really, let's make friends with a
man we don't know. He could be a
freak for all we know. Wants me to
meet his other "friends". Next
thing, he'll want to buy me ice
about enough of that. It's about
time you got off your high horse
and quit thinking of only
yourself. There's more to this
world then you.


What ever.
Enough! It's time you start to
grow up a little bit and start
acting more your age. It's getting
old Nick. It's getting old.
What is?
Your attitude.
Nick gets up and walks over to his cluttered dresser, next
to Monica and grabs his iPod.
I don't have an attitude.
Monica reaches out and slaps Nick across the mouth.
Nick can't believe his mom just struck him. He can't recall
her ever raising a hand to him. He stands there with his
hand rubbing his cheek. Staring at her in disbelief.

Monica can't believe she just struck Nick. She hasn't
slapped or spanked him since he was five. This moment is a
culmination of the last few months of stress on them both.
But it came out in a way that neither had expected.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Monica goes to put her hand on Nicks shoulder. HE brushes
her away and flops onto his bed. As Monica goes to speak,
Nick puts his ear phones on and turns on his iPod.
Nick, I didn't mean to.
She backs out of his room and closes the door. How much more
can she take? How much more can they take before it all
comes to and end?


It's an unusually cool day for a Florida summer. Nick, Mike
and Tess have made their way to the construction grounds and
through the fencing. They have been riding for about an hour

Both Mike, wearing a Captain Caveman shirt and Nick sit on
their bikes, cradling their HALF SHELL helmets, watching
Tess as she starts a set up jumps. For a girl, she has some
real riding skills, pulling off most of the same tricks the
boys do like BAR SPINS, TAILWHIPS and 360's.
      (TO MIKE)
She's good.
Down boy, down!
Watch it dork!
Tess finishes the last jump with a 360 BAR SPIN. She rides
up next to the boys.
Wow, what a rush. It's been a long
Where'd you learn to ride like
Why you jealous?
Jealous of what?
That I'm just as good as you are!
Whoa nelly, those sound like
fighting words.


So let me understand this,
Tess throws her helmet at Nick and scowls.
                       NICK (CONT)
You want to challenge me to a
contest? What do you think
Mike,she stand a chance?
You scared?
I don't know dude. She's good. She
might have you here.
Oh, I see how it is. Two against
one. Well, let's see.
Nick looks around at the dirt jumps and picks a set.
There, those set's of doubles.
Best trick wins.
Who judges?
Why Moi of course!
      (TO MIKE)
Just keep it fair. Or else I turn
your Captain Caveman shirt into a
spit shine rag.
You wouldn't.
I would.
Mike raises his hands in no contest. He grabs his bike to
ride off to the side.
Ladies first.


And who said I was a lady?
Nick turns to Mike.
I told you dude. But you didn't
want to listen.
Okay, rock paper scissors then.
Both Tess and Nick shoot rock paper scissors, with Tess
winning over Nick.
Beauty before beast as I always
Yeah something like that. Just
don't hurt yourself.
Tess roles her eyes at Nick. She puts her helmet on and gets
into jumping position. She hits the first jump with a simple
TABLE TOP CROSS UP. As she approaches the seconds jump, Nick
attempts a distraction.
Tess hits the second jump and pulls off a very fluid 360
Way to go princess. You rock.
You're number uno!
Nick glances over his should at Mike.
Okay hot shot, your turn. But
please be careful. I don't want to
tell your mom you got beat by a
What ever! Never happen.


Tess goes over to sit next to Mike as Nick get's into
position. Nick hits the first jump with a clean 360 BAR
SPIN. Tess returns the favor for the second jump.
Yes mom, I just beat your son.
Nick hits the second jump and starts into a nice NO HANDED
BACK FLIP. He over rotates and crashes hard on the back side
of the dirt ramp.

Mike and Tess go running over to help him up.
Nick. Nick. You okay?
Nick, you breathing dude?
Nick lays there grabbing his shoulder. Pain grimaces his
face. Tess and Mike kneel next to him. It takes a minute or
two for Nick to catch his breath.
Son of a bitch that hurt.
You didn't break anything did you?
Can you stand?
Yeah, I think so.
Nick looks up over his shoulder at the top of the ramp.
Um, I think you missed it!
Nick turns to Mike and jokingly slaps him a few times across
the cheek.
No. Ya think.


Mike smiles and helps Tess pull Nick to his feet. Nick
rotates his shoulder and arm to shake off the on coming
stiffness. Mike begins to clown around.
Ladies and gentleman, the winner
by knockout, Princess Tess!
You sure your alright?
I'm fine. I've had worse.
I bet.
Mike mocks a cheering crowd.
So Princess Tess, how does it feel
to win this epic shoot out?
Tess looks at Nick and they both jump on Mike knocking him
over. They start lightly punching him. Mike starts screaming
like a little girl. They all start rolling on the ground
laughing. Nick in slight pain, holding his shoulder.
The three grab their bikes and start heading home.
                                         DISOLVE TO:
Tess and Nick are sitting outside a local gas station, with
cold drinks in their hands. Mike is still inside. Patrons
come and go from the gas pumps and store front.
How's your shoulder?
It'll be fine. I'll ice it when I
get home.
I saw you riding the other day.


The other day after school. I
followed you over here. I watched
as you rode. You're very good.
Where did you learn to ride like
Spying on me already?
No! Well, maybe.
I used to ride all the time back
home by the rivers. I guess it
just comes naturally.
You did make a lot of those tricks
look easy.
I guess.
There's a pause in the conversation. Both of them want to
ask the other, but both are a little weary about it.
So what's the story with you and
Captain Caveman there?
Who Mike? Were just friends.
Seems like a little more then
We grew up together. Since we were
in like fourth grade.
He's seems to like you a lot. And
what's up with this princess
Tess takes a sip of her drink and stares out into space.
Mikes and her history goes way back and is full of ups and


I don't mean to pry.
No it's all right.
Tess takes another sip of her drink and looks down at the
When we were still real young, his
dad lost his job and couldn't
handle it. He started drinking and
started beating Mike and his mom.
I was over there one weekend, when
his dad came home drunk. The night
before his eleventh birthday.
A tear starts to emerge from Tess's eyes.
Mike and I were sleeping outside
in a tent when we heard his dad
yelling at his mom. A few moments
later, there was a gun shot. Mike
and I got up and ran to my house.
My parents called the police and
his dad went to prison. He was
supposed to go to Disney the next
day for his birthday. Every since
then he has called me his
Nick and Tess get on their bikes waiting on Mike. Mike comes
out of the store and over hears the current conversation.
But doesn't make himself noticeable.
So you saved him.
Basically. When the cops got
there, his dad was looking for
him. We've dated a few times over
the years, but realized that it
would only hurt the friendship we


I can see why. His dad still
Life in prison.
Tess has more tears running down her cheeks. She's not
trying to hide them.
Sounds like a true friendship.
I love him. Nothing will change
Tess now starts to wipe the tears away from her face. She
tries to grab her composer.
                       TESS (CONT)
So what about you? What brings you
My mom!
Tess glares at Nick. Nick doesn't want to talk about his
situation, but knows he has to.
My mom's company was downsizing.
So instead of loosing her job, she
chose to relocate.
I'm sorry. It's getting harder
these days.
What about your friends back home?
Nick about drops his drink, even though he knew this was
Two weeks before we were to leave,
my friends and I went for a night
ride by the rivers. We were


                       NICK (cont'd)
tearing up one last time together.
On the way home, we decided to go
up one of the trolley's for old
times sake.
Mike slowly makes his way over to his bike. Tess see's him
but Nick doesn't.
                       NICK (CONT)
We locked our bikes up at the
bottom and rode up. It was a clear
night. The city lights reflected
off the rivers like you wouldn't
believe. After that we left for my
house. A block away from the
house, a car come speeding around
the corner and lost control.
Mike and Tess both know whats coming. Both of them close
their eyes in horror and in prayer. Nick takes a large sip
of his drink.
                       NICK (CONT)
Justin tried to bunny hop over the
hood to take less impact, but
didn't make it. Ronnie didn't have
a chance. The car rolled over on
both of them. The driver was
ejected and died on scene.
I'm so sorry.
Funny thing is, If I hadn't
stopped to check the noise coming
from my bike, I would have been
right there with them.
Mike places his hand on Nicks shoulder.
But you weren't. That's the
important thing.
That's what everyone keeps telling
me. But only...


Only what? You lived so you could
remind people how special they
Just like Tess, Nick has tears rolling down his cheeks.
Well, we're friends now. It has to
count for something.
Nick stares at Tess.
It Does. It does.
What? I can't hear you. Speak up
      (TO MIKE)
Listen caveman.
The three start to laugh. Nick and Tess wipe the tears away
when a familiar voice breaks in.
Awe, what's this. A pity party?
Scott, with a nose brace on, is walking over to the group as
Gary is getting out of Scott's car. A local sheriffs car
pulls up to the side of the group.
What do you want?
Nothing. Just wanted to see if I
could join in.
Scott, leave.
      (TO TESS)
Was I talking to you bitch?
Nick lets his bike drop and turns to confront Scott. Gary is
standing behind Scott.


We can dance right here and now if
you chose to. I'll leave that up
to you.
How's the nose Scottie?
Yeah, how is that nose?
Nick flicks the tip of Scott's nose, causing severe pain.
We have a problem here gentleman?
No sir.
      (TO NICK)
Young man?
Nick stares intently at Scott.
No sir officer. Was just saying
hello to an old friend.
Well I think we need to move
Not a problem officer. Thank you.
Not taking his eyes off Scott, Nick gets back on his bike.
Scott and Gary get back in his car and peel out from the
station. Nick, Tess and Mike head off in the opposite
He is such a dick!
That he is Bergman, that he is.
Oh Tess, you really think I'm
Nick and mike break out in laughter.


                                         FADE OUT:
It's already starting to be a very hot and humid morning at
nine thirty as Nick walks over to Bobbie's house, bike in
tow. Nick rings the doorbell.
                       FEMALE VOICE (OS)
Be right there.
The door opens and Nick about falls over in a coma. Standing
in front of him, in a beige jogging suit, with her hair let
down is Mrs. Kern.
Well, Mr. Riley. How are you this
I'm Fine. Is, uh, Bobbie here?
Darling, You have a visitor.
There's a commotion from behind the door, Bobbie pops over
Megan's shoulder.
Hey, Nick. Glad you decided to
come. Listen, I'm going to open
the garage door. Will you grab my
bike off the wall?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Bobbie senses a little tensions between Megan and Nick.
Have you two already met or


Mr. Riley is the one in my history
class I was telling you about.
Oh really. A History buff as well
as a bike and car man.
Bobbie can see the tension on Nick's face. Megan stands
there smiling.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Yeah well. Let me get that door
for you Nick.
Yeah. Nice to meet you Mrs. Kern.
You too Nick.
As Nick turns to head to the garage, Megan stops him.
                       MEGAN (CONT)
Nick, my bark is really worse then
my bite. What happens there stays
there. What happens out here stays
Nick lets a smile escape his lips and heads toward the
garage. Megan slowly closes the door, waiting for Nick to
disappear around the corner.
                                         CUT TO:
The morning sun was just an indication of how hot the day
was going to be. As Bobbie and Nick pull up to the skate
park in his Nova, bikes strapped to the bike rack on the
back, Nick can already see about two dozen cars and a few
dozen BMX bikes. Bobbie pulls in and finds a spot under one
of the few remaining tree's and parks.
I'll unstrap the bikes if you want
to grab the stands from the back


As Nick grabs the bike stands, he can't help at gaze at the
living history of the BMX world. Both race and freestyle BMX
bikes sit in row after row. Some shaded, some not.
Here, we'll set up under the tree.
Most of the time we head out for a
bike ride. I don't want a hot
How long have you been doing this?
The bikes or the cars?
I used to ride freestyle semi pro
back in the early and mid
eighties. So i guess I've always
had a love for it. As for the
cars. Well, just like American
muscle i guess.
Bobbie straightens out the bikes and locks up the car.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Let me introduce you to some of
the guys. How's your shoulder by
the way?
It's good. Just a little stiff.
A few of the fellow riders are already riding the ramps as
well as some of their kids. Others walk around looking at
the other bikes, engage in conversation and are looking
through some of the old school bike parts others have
brought to trade and sell.
Tony, whats up guy?
TONY, a mid forties gentleman, slightly bald, with a well
built physique, is standing around looking for someone or


Bobbie you geezer. Hey, how's that
ride coming along?
She's purring like a kitten.
Thanks to help from a friend. I
would like you to meet me neighbor
He ya Nick. Listen, don't believe
everything this joker tells you.
Most of it is lies anyway!
So how long have you been riding
For awhile I guess. Mainly for
transportation reasons.
I hear you on that. Oh Bobbie,
Marty's looking for you. He's got
your stuff. Nice to meet you Nick.
I'll catch you guys in a bit. But
right now I need to find my kids.
Sure thing Tony. We riding later?
Nice to meet you Tony.
Tony walks off toward the ramps. The smell of food enters
the air as JOHNNY fire's up the grill with hot dogs and
                       NICK (CONT)
Which of these are his bikes?
Those Haro's over there. He's a
nut for those things. Most of them
are still original. A couple are


                       BOBBIE (cont'd)
Bobbie points to six Haro Master's and Freestyler BMX bikes
under one of the tree's. All from the mid eighties. Bobbie
and Nick stroll down through looking at all the bikes.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Most of the bikes here are mostly
originals. A lot of the guys like
them that way. More history. But
once in awhile, they will restore
a bike from ground up.
Yeah I noticed. I found the BMX
Museum on line. Saw the forum
thread on this get together. I
just can't believe the amount
spent on these bikes though.
Really? Well if you think about
it, these bikes are no different
then the cars we drive. If it's
worth it, you spend the money.
It's just a way for most of us to
relive parts of our childhood.
I just never thought of it like
that. Then again, I've never had
anything really worth keeping yet
i guess.
Nick stops and stares at a very gorgeous black and gold 1983
SE Racing Qaudangle BMX. Next to it is a matching 1983 black
and gold SE Racing P.K. Ripper.
                       NICK (CONT)
Now i've never seen anything like
this. Man is this different.
SCOTT, a early thirties man, very slender and slightly
shorter then Nick, comes walking up behind Bobbie and Nick
with soda's in hand.
Bobbie, how's the lady?
Phil, where you been hiding?
Megan's good. She would have come
today but had some work to get


                       BOBBIE (cont'd)
Who's the fella making eye's on my
This is my neighbor Nick. Just
moved down from the Steel City.
Nice to meet you Nick. You ain't a
Steelers fan by chance are you?
Nick shakes hands with Phil.
Hi. I am.
Well sweet Jesus, another member
of the family. I was born and
raised in McKeesport.
You kidding right? Where about?
Corner of Oneil and Jefferson.
That's down the road from my old
house on Ivy.
Finally, someone from where Nick was from. Someone he could
slightly relate to. Nick relaxes a bit.
Yeah I know that. used to be a
nice blond that lived on that
street. Wow, it's been what,
eleven years since i've been up
If you two don't mind. I'm going
to find Marty and get my stuff.
You two can talk about home.


Hey, not a problem Bobbie. See you
on the ride?
You bet. See you in a bit.
Bobbie walks off.
So what's it like? How much has it
Well it depends how it was when
you left really. The crime has
gone up. But where hasn't it.
Very true. So you ride?
Phil invites Nick over to where he has a couple small
folding chairs. Hands Nick a can of soda.
A little. Nothing like any of
these though. It's just amazing.
What's that?
Just the history that is sitting
here. I mean, I don't know any old
riders or anything. But some of
these bikes are amazing.
That they are. That's why we do
it. To try and keep the history
alive. That and to make ass's of
ourselves trying the tricks we did
as a kid.
Both of them start to laugh.
So what are these?
Nick points to Phils bikes.


Those are my pride and joy's. I
had the P.K. Ripper as a kid. But
I always wanted the Qaudangle.
Finally a few years ago, I got one
and there she is today.
You ride them?
These two are more show bikes
really. I do have another qaud
over by my truck i ride though. So
what kind of bike do you have?
A DK General Lee. Found it at a
yard sale one day. Sprayed it and
replaced the broken parts.
Shh. Don't say spray around these
guys. That's like fingernails on a
chalk board to these fellas.
JOHNNY, an early forties aged man, medium build and long
hair standing over the grill, hollers out to the group.
                       JOHNNY (OS)
Come and get it! Food is ready.
Why's that?
It's almost like taboo. A lot of
them think it ruins the history of
the bike, no matter how new or old
it is. Others just don't like it.
Then again, unless you can make it
look like a professional paint
job. Then they'll let you off the
Phil laughs at his last comment as he set his drink down.
You hungry?
Sure. Do i owe anything?


No. It's free. But if you wish to
donate anything, you can just give
it to Johnny.
As everyone starts to eat, a few more people pull in with
bikes. General park goers stop by and look at the bikes and
ask questions to their owners.

Bobbie makes his way back to Nick and Phil with parts in
So what do you think Nick?
It's cool. I've never seen
anything like this before.
Well i'm glad you're enjoying
Bobbie, Nick here said he can out
ride you any day of the week on
that thing you call a bike.
Nick about chokes on his hot dog.
Oh really. Now is that coming from
his mouth or yours woodchuck?
Nick points his finger over his head at Phil. All three
break out in laughter.
I've seen him ride a bit. He
probably would blow most of us
Oh really? How about a little show
then? I'm game.


I'm not so sure.
Sure about what? All we do is
ride. And like i mentioned
earlier, make ass's out of
Only you Phil. Only you.
Phil makes a big ear to ear clown smile and get's up.
Sure why not.
Hey guy's. Flatland session in the
parking lot. Plus we have a new
rider to initiate.
The three of them start walking over to their bikes.
Nick bows his head and grimaces. What did he just get
himself into?
It's alright. Just do what you
always do. Just ride. Besides it's
all in fun anyway.
                                         CROSS CUT:
About a dozen or so people stand around the parking lot
while the riders take their turns doing some basic flatland
tricks. Others from the comfort of the shade tree's by the
bikes look on. There are a few falls, scrapes and cuts here
and there.
Okay, Phil. let's see if you
learned anything new.
Yeah right!
Phil, on his riding Qaudangle, starts off with some simple
tricks. After about three minutes, he finishes his ride with
a very clean DECADE.


Wow, very nice.
Thank you.
You're up nick.
Nick looks at Bobbie like he's still not sure about the
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Just relax. Like I said, do what
you do.
Nick heads out into the lot slowly. He starts with some foot
work and balancing tricks. He pulls off a few ROLLING
TAILHIPS in the mix. He ends his run with an old school
SURFER trick. He gets applause from everyone there.
Man talk about crazy. Excellent
ride Nick.
Told you he's good.
Hey kid. Awesome ride.
Hey Bobbie. You hear about this
year's Dew Tour?
Phil, Tony, Bobbie and Nick head back toward the main group.
No. Whats this year?
At each stop, they are doing
something a little different.
Apparently, after a chance meeting
with a local rider in PA, Dennis
Mcoy talked the sponsors into
having an old school BMX show here
in FL.


You're kidding right?
No. Marty just told me. He said
he's in contact with one of the
sponsors to try and get a spot for
us locals.
Now that's sweet.
When's he going to know for sure?
He said by weeks end next week.
Marty's always had connections. I
may have to go this year.
Man this is sweet.
The four gentleman get back and park their bikes next to
Phil's little spot and continue conversation.
                                         DISOLVE TO:
Bobbie and Nick pull into Bobbies drive just as the sun
starts to set. They get out and unload the bikes and parts
Bobbie brought with them.
Thanks Mr. Lund. I had a blast
It's Bobbie and I'm glad you had a
good time. Let's get these
So how often do you guys do things
like this?
Not as much as some of us would
like. Some of the guys get
together on a regular basis and go


                       BOBBIE (cont'd)
for cruises. Others just come
when we have the big gatherings.
The guys have the bikes unloaded and the parts in hand when
Megan walks out of the front door.
Evening kiddies. So how was your
Nick tries to avoid eye contact with her.
It was good. Think Nick made some
new friends too.
Is that so. That's good to hear.
It was a good day. Thanks again
Mr. Lund, I need to get home and
finish some school work.
That's okay. Listen, after school
tomorrow, would you mind stopping
Yeah sure. Night.
Night Nick.
See you tomorrow. And for the last
time, it's Bobbie!
Nick smirks and walks with his bike across the street to his
house. Megan wraps her arm around Bobbie as he presses the
garage door opener and they walk into the garage.
So how was he?
The kid has some talent. Something
I haven't seen in a long time.


Bobbie hangs his bike up on the rack on the wall. As he
turns he stops and stares at the loft over the front door.
You can see hints of candy colored BMX bikes hidden behind
You know what tomorrow is?
I do.
As Bobbie and Megan walk into house, Bobbie reaches over to
flick off the light. Only to pause a moment, before turning
out the lights and closing the door, to rest his fingers on
a picture of himself and Diaz, when they first arrived in
the Middle East.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Typical day of school lunch. Nick, Mike and Tess all enjoy a
quick but laughter filled lunch.
I open the door and there she
stands. Boy, I wanted to put my
head in the sand.
And here I thought the Kerninator
lived in some evil Sci-Fi
labyrinth or something.
You're such a dick Mike.
It's cool. I actually had a good
time. A lot of those guys were
really cool.
So, we still meeting at your house
after school?


Ah, I can't go guys. Got to help
finish decorations for the pet's
birthday this weekend.
Mommas boy!
Mommas boy and a geek. You have
all the basis covered don't you
Mike throws his empty milk container at Nick.
Smart ass. Keep it up Bergman.
You'll get yours.
The three laugh.
It's cool. Besides, I'll have Tess
here handle my light work.
Tess mocks Mike and flex's her muscles.
Well, Mr. Lund wants me to stop
over to his place after school for
something. But I don't think it'll
be take too long, so yeah, my
Man, I dunno about that. Getting
all jiggy with the Kerninator's
boyfriend. That's like taboo or
Only in your eye's Mike.
Sorry you're not coming bro. I
could introduce you to her in
person. In her dark and damp lair.
Mike cringes as the bell rings. They all laugh and get up
and leave the cafeteria.
                                         CUT TO:


Mike and Nick are sitting on their bikes talking, waiting
for Tess to show up.
So are you serious about this
years Dew Tour?
From what was said, it may happen.
But either way, I would love to
It's a blast dude. I've been to
the last few that were here.
There's nothing like it.
Well maybe we can all go.
Tess walks up behind the boys and unlocks her bike.
Go where?
To the Dew Tour.
That would rock. Too bad we would
have to skip school for the first
day though.
Whys that?
Qualifiers are the first day,
which is on a Friday.
So, what's the big deal. We all
miss one day of school.
Well, you see...
Mike has a habit of missing too
many days. He's almost to the
allowable limit now.


So, just don't miss any days until
then. I don't see the big deal.
You don't know Mike.
Mike smiles. Nick chuckles.
So we ready?
Yeah Sure. You sure you can't come
Would if I could. But brotherly
duties call.
Okay then. We'll see you tomorrow.
As Tess and Nick start to ride away, Mike calls for Nick.
Nick stops, while Tess rides down to the curb. Mike comes to
a stop next to Nick and stares intently at him.
Don't hurt her.
What are you talking about?
Listen. Her and I go back a long
way. There's a bond between us you
don't understand. And if you hurt
her, Scott won't be your only
problem around here.
                       TESS (OC)
You coming or what?
Mike, don't worry. I have no
intentions of anything like that.
I don't care about your
intentions. I just don't want to
see her hurt.


I understand. I give you my word.
The boys shake hands.
                       TESS (OC)
Okay Romeo and Juliet.
The boys turn toward Tess, and she raises her arms in
You know she just called you a
girl right?
Me? I'm not the one who screams
like a girl!
Both guys starts mockingly girl slapping each other and
break out in laughter.
Alright bro, I'll catch you
Okay. Remember, your word.
My word.
Nick rides off down to Tess as Mike turns and heads the
other way. Tess and Nick ride off to Bobbies house.
What was that all about?
Decorating tips!
Ha ha, funny.
                                         CUT TO:


Bobbie is in his garage with some of the boxes from the loft
on the floor next to his bench. On the bench are some old
BMX magazines that he is flipping through pages. Up on the
loft, all the candy colored BMX bikes can be clearly seen.
Nick and Tess ride up to the garage.
Hey Bobbie.
Hey Nick. And who's this little
This is my friend Tess. Tess, this
is Bobbie.
Tess and Nick lay their bikes down and walk into the garage.
Nice to finally meet you.
Finally? Has Nick here been
spreading rumors again?
Well he does talk about you a lot.
Almost like he has a crush or
Is this true Nick? I never knew!
Nicks face turns bright red in embarrassment. Both Tess and
Bobbie break out in laughter.
She's cute, quick witted and she
rides. She's a keeper if I ever
saw one.
And you two know each other how?
What makes you say that Nick?


Well, obviously they way you two
are carrying on.
I've known Bobbie for about a
year. That barspin 360 i got you
with the other day, he taught me.
You mean...
She beat you?
Nicks face get a darker shade of red as Bobbie and Tess's
laughter is broken up by Megan.
Nick, Stephanie. Okay darling, I
need to go. I will talk with you
Okay. Drive safely.
Megan leaves the premise.
Well Tess, as long as your here,
you can help out as well. Nick can
you climb up to the loft. I need
you to grab a few things.
So what are we working on?
A very special project.
Tess starts looking at the old BMX magazines on the bench
when she see's an old copy of a BMX PLUS MAGAZINE, opened to
an article about an old school rider named CHRYS DAUCHEY.
Who's this?
Let me see. That's Krys Dauchey.
The best female rider from back in
the day. She was good enough, that


                       BOBBIE (cont'd)
she even competed against the
                       NICK (OC)
Oh shit.
Bobbie smiles and Tess gets a look of confusion. They both
turn toward the loft.
Um, Bobbie, you never told me
about these.
You never asked.
About what?
My old bike collection.
GT, GT, GT, Redline, Haro. Why
didn't you take these to the
They know what I have. I just
don't ever take them down.
Why not?
You see that box laying flat, all
taped up?
Grab that and slide it down to me.
Just be careful.


As Nick and Bobbie get the boxes, Tess looks through some of
the old magazines. She comes across one that has a picture
of Bobbie on the cover, straddling a GREEN and WHITE GT. She
pauses, looks over at the two guys, and opens to the
Okay, now grab the two smaller
boxes up there.
So what's in it?
You'll see.
Nick climbs down from the loft. Tess taps Nick on the
shoulder and shows him the cover of the magazine and the
article. Neither one can really believe what they are
Bobbie, that pink bike up there.
It looks a lot like this one here
with Krys.
That's because it's hers. We
weren't the best of friends back
then, but we were friends. When
she stopped riding, I asked her if
i could have her bike.
She don't ride anymore?
Honestly, I can't tell you. I know
she fell on hard times for a
little bit. Changed her name to
Chyna or something. I haven't seen
her in about 20 years.
She was very pretty.
That she was. The crush for most
teenage boys back then.
So you were a big name back then.


Not really. I rode semi-pro. Never
was good enough to hang out with
the big guys.
That's not what this article says.
Bobbie finds a utility knife in a drawer. He walks over to
Nick and Tess to look at the magazine they have.
Those were some good days. (PAUSE)
Everything you two see today all
started with those group of riders
right there.
I've never heard of any of these
Not surprising. Each one of those
riders had something to give to
the sport back then. Designing
bikes, new tricks, lot of hard
promotions. A lot different then
what it is today.
Bobbie flips through a few pages of the magazine. Then sets
it down.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
Well, let's open this up and get
started shall we?
The three head over to the bench and Bobbie begins to cut
the tape on the boxes. He open the small boxes first,
revealing different BMX parts painted in a GT WHITE and GT
GREEN and various small components. Then he opens the large
box revealing his old GREEN GT freshly repainted.
Is that?
Yup. The same bike you seen in the
article. Got it back a few days
This is beautiful.


I've had this bike since i was 13.
Through hell and high water over
the years, I have managed to keep
it along with the others.
So why are you re-building it now?
You remember what was said at the
gathering, about the Dew Tour?
Well it's official. This years
Orlando stop will host the first
old school BMX show.
So I thought I would build this
back up to it's glory days.
Any of the other guys going to be
Yes. And to make it even better,
some of the older riders, who are
in those magazines will be
attending as well. So you may get
your chance to meet them. That is
if your okay with going with me?
You bet I am.
Good. And Tess, If you would like
to come, your more then welcome to
join us.
I would love to.


Both Nick and Tess are smiling ear to ear. Bobbie smiles as
he pulls the frame and fork out of the box and unwraps the
However, there is one condition of
you both going.
Tess and Nick look confused.
And what's that?
Well, seeing how I have five more
bikes up there, you both need to
build one to bring with you.
I don't know about that.
I'm with Nick on this Bobbie.
Why's that?
There's just so much history
there. I don't want to mess it up.
Besides, I don't know anything
about rebuilding a bike.
      (TO TESS)
And you?
Like he said, there's just so much
history. And it's all documented
in these magazines.
Bobbie leans against the bench, ready to give a Drill Sgt
You're right. There is a lot of
history here. But it's not history
that can be taught in a class room
or on TV. It's taught by people
like ourselves.


Bobbie begins laying out parts on the bench. Nick and Tess
stand there listening intently.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
BMX, skateboarding, surfing,
there's history there that a lot
of people don't know of because
it's not documented. Like not
everyone collects classic muscle
cars. Yet there are new people
coming in all the time who want to
Bobbie grabs the magazine with his article in it.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
So it's up to us to teach them.
With each generation of riders
comes new tricks and better bikes.
But it all started somewhere.
Tess and Nick slowly join hands as Bobbie makes his way back
to his bench.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
So here's the deal. Two nights a
week, for the next two months, you
both show up here to work on the
bikes. I'll have any new parts
shipped in and I'll send what
needs painted, because i don't
powder, out. You take pride in
your work and come the day of the
show, you'll be able to answer
questions not only about the bike
but also the sport itself. Deal?
Nick and Tess look at each other. Shrugging their shoulders,
raising their brows, all in silent communication.
Okay love birds, so whats the
Both Nick and Tess's faces turn a crimson red with
Okay, but one condition.


Oh, you're making the rules now
Were in. However, If something
gets broke, you don't get upset
about it.
Upset? Wait. You don't have a job,
do you?
All three start laughing. Nick and Bobbie shake hands and
Tess plants a kiss on Nicks cheek. Tess stops not believing
what she just did. Nick stands there in awe. They both smile
and go about their work.
So what bike do I get?
I want the pink one.
Sorry Tess, the pink one doesn't
get touched. However, if you want
to create a twin of it, then you
can get one of the GT's since
they're all the same year. Nick,
take either a GT or the Haro.
Nice, I'll grab the Haro. What
about the rest of them?
Other then the GT Tess gets,
there's nothing really wrong with
them. So they will be cleaned up
and shown as survivors.
Nick climbs the loft and hands down the bikes. Tess grabs
the magazine with Krys Dauchey on the cover. Nick starts
looking through the box of magazine and pulls out an old VHS
tape of the movie RAD.
What's this?
Bobbie takes the movie from Nick and smiles.


I forgot I had this. This my
friend, is the movie of movies.
Most of the guys you see in these
magazines, right here on film.
It's still early, you guys want to
see a piece of history?
Sure why not.
I'm in.
But wait a second. iPod, Blu-Ray,
VHS. (PAUSE) What plays a VHS?
Smart ass.
The three laugh as they enter Bobbies house.
                                         CUT TO:
A collage of images from the inside of Bobbies garage over a
the next few weeks of Bobbie, Nick and Tess working on all
the bikes. Assembling, cleaning, reading magazine articles
and having a good time.
Nick and Tess are leaving Bobbies for the night.
Okay, I will see you guys later.
It's all looking real good. By
the way, I got a letter from the
head of the Dew Tour. Everything
is set for the show. All we have
to do is show up. I have our
passes in the house.
Awesome. I so can't wait.


This is going to be too cool.
Just be here on Saturday to finish
it all up so we can get all the
details covered.
Will do.
Everyone say's their goodbyes.
                                         CUT TO:
Nick and Tess straddle their bikes on the sidewalk in front
of Tess's house, saying their goodbyes.
Listen, thank you.
For what?
For being there. For being a
You getting all mushy on me?
Yeah well you know. My inner
                       NICK (CONT)
It's just been hard these past few
months. And you're the only one I
have been able to turn to. I can't
even talk to my mom.
I understand. Sometimes it can get
so hard. With out anyone to
confide in, you seem lost and


I know that all too well.
There's a long awkward silence between them when Tess
reaches over and places her hand on Nick's.
Everything will be okay Nick. You
have Mike and me. Then there's
Yeah, Bobbie. That's something
What do you mean?
I'm not sure. The whole thing. The
bikes, his friends. It all seems
so weird sometimes.
Well, friends come in strange
forms. We just need to be thankful
for the friends we have.
Yeah, I guess.
Tess turns and starts walking toward her house.
Nick walks next to her and kisses her on the lips. A moment
passes before either moves. Then Tess embraces Nicks as they
continue their kiss.
Listen, I will be late on
Saturday. I have something very
important I have to do before I
come over.
Okay. Just don't be too late.
I won't.


Nick kisses Tess again and rides away. She watches with love
in her eyes.
                                         FADE OUT:
Bobbie, Tess and Mike are all working on final finishes in
the garage, having a good time.
Okay, looks like were done. Just
need to get these wiped down and
wrapped for travel.
I just can't believe that these
bikes were around back then. They
almost look like Wally World rip
Bobbie picks up a good size box full of packing peanut's and
shoves it on Mike's head. Bobbies and Tess start slapping
the box jokingly.
Oh, real funny guys. Children.
Okay, okay. I'm getting dizzy
You're always dizzy.
As the three continue to have a fun, a DARK vehicle pulls up
in front of the house. TWO Soldiers in their DRESS UNIFORMS
Now what?
All three stop the horse play. Bobbies starts to head off
the soldiers before they get to the garage.
                       BOBBIE (CONT)
You two start clean up. I'll be
right back.
As Tess and Mike clean up the garage, they keep watching
Bobbie argue with the soldiers. One of the soldiers hands


Bobbie some papers and they walk away. Bobbies stands there
in frustration and disgust. He takes a moment to compose
himself then heads back to the garage.
What was that all about?
They've re-activated my unit. I
leave first thing in the morning.
There's a long moment of silence. Mike sweeps here and
there, only to keep looking at Tess. Bobbie leans over the
work bench going through the papers.
      (TO TESS)
Everything is taken care of. Just
show up with the bikes next week.
I'll make a couple of calls to the
guys to make sure you get there.
      (TO MIKE)
You help her set everything up.
Make sure things happen.
On it.
Bobbie stops a moment, watching Monica pull in her driveway.
He sets the papers down on the bench and heads toward her
I have some things to take care
of. Finish up here and head out.
As Bobbie walks over to Monica's house, Megan stands in the
front door with her hand over her mouth crying. She saw the
soldiers, she saw Bobbie.


Mike and Tess finish up cleaning as they watch Bobbie tell
Monica. Monica gives Bobbie a hug and wipes the tears from
her face.
                                         DISOLVE TO:
Megan pulls in from dropping Bobbie off at the airport. Nick
is waiting outside the garage. Nick can see something is
wrong when he looks at her, as she enters the garage. Megan
composes herself before getting out of the car.
Where's Bobbie? Everything okay?
He's been sent back.
I, I don't understand. Sent back?
He was recalled to Afghanistan.
His entire unit. I just left from
dropping him off.
Megan hands Nick an envelope from Bobbie.
I don't understand.
He left you guys a box for the
show with a bunch of his things.
He's already got things set for
you kids.
The show. He's not going to be
there. Is he?
Nick, are you okay?
Nick starts to look more then confused.
                       MEGAN (CONT)
Nick? Everything will be okay. Do
you want to come inside?


I, I uh, I have to go. Thanks.
Megan watches Nick as he walks his bike down the road. She
cannot hold back her tears anymore.
                       MEGAN (OS)
                                         CUT TO:
Nick sits on a cross walk built across the edge of the lake.
His feet dangle over the edge, his bike next to him. He
holds the letter from the envelope and a picture of Bobbie
and him from the skate park. Tears flow down his cheeks as
pedestrians walk buy talking.
Nick picks up his bike and begins to slowly ride around the
lake and park. Watching people as they converse and the
children play. So deep in thought, he has blocked out all
                                         FADE TO:
Tess and Mike are inside the local gas station stop. They
exit the store with fountain drinks in tow as Scott and Gary
pull in.
Well look who we have here. Helen
and Keller.
But which one is which?
Mike, let's go.
Tess and Mike mount their bikes and start to leave. Scott
steps in front of Tess so she can't move.
What's the hurry? Where's your new


I don't know.
What's your problem bra? Your
girdle to tight or something?
I think you need to shut it before
I do it for you.
Dude you're such an ass. Your
mommy must be proud.
Scott steps away from Tess and goes face to face with Mike.
Tess drops her bike and tries to separate them.
Scott knock it off. Mike lets go.
Such a putz.
Mike spits in Gary's face. And shoves his bike into Scott.
Mike knows he's about to get beaten down. He's just tired of
the childish antics.
Scott THROWS Mikes bike aside, knocking Tess over hers. Gary
lands TWO PUNCHES on Mike before he falls to the ground.
Gary and Scott proceed to punch and kick Mike. Tess gets up
holding her arm, trying to pull Gary and Scott of Mike.
Nick comes riding around the corner to see Scott push Tess
back over and to the ground. Pissed, Nick GHOST'S his bike
into the front of Scott's car.
You son of a bitch!
As Scott turns, Nick lands a wild HAY MAKER on Scott. He
then proceeds to pull Gary off Mike and take him out of the
equation. Nick finishes Gary off by BOUNCING his head off
the newspaper vending machine.


Scott lands a punch to Nicks face, resulting in the two
finally going to find out who is the tougher of the two.
Tess scrambles over to Mike who is bleeding from all corners
of his head.
This ends now.
You bet on your life it does.
Nick slips to dodge a punch only to catch a knee to the mid
section, knocking him down. Scott proceeds to land kicks in
Nick's ribs.
SCOTT! Knock it off. Enough
Shut up you bitch.
Scott THROWS Nick's bike towards Tess and Mike, just missing
Tess as she ducks out of the way. Seeing this, Nick snaps.
Okay asshole, we're playing for
keeps now.
Nick takes a few punches, positioning himself in front of
Scott's car. In one fluid movement, he side steps a swing
and ends up behind Scott, driving Scott's head into the hood
of the car. Straddling him on the ground, Nick lands punch
after punch. Starting to cry with each one. Suddenly Nick
starts screaming out "You never let me say goodbye", over
and over.
Nick. Nick, stop. You're gonna
kill him.
Tess is finally able to pull Nick off an almost motionless
Scott. Nick sits there with his head in his hands, blood
flowing from his knuckles.


They never let me say goodbye. I
didn't get to say goodbye.
Nick, come one. Let's get you guys
Tess helps Mike stand and goes to help Nick. He shrugs her
off. He stands and grabs his bike.
Nick, please.
Tess can see the rage and fear in Nick's eyes. Nick pedals
away like he's never pedaled before.
What about him?
Don't worry. I know where he's
going. Let's just get you home.
He loves you princess. You know
that right?
Yes. But right now he scares me.
He won't hurt you. He respects you
too much.
Besides, if he did try to hurt
you, he would have to deal with
Like that back there?


What that? that was just a warm
They both chuckle, Mike grimaces and coughs from the pain.
                       MIKE (CONT)
He just needs a friend right now.
Go talk to him.
I will.
                                         CUT TO:
Tess pulls the fence aside to see Nick sitting atop one of
the large dirt jumps. She climbs up and sits next to him.
The mood between the two is very SOMBER.
How are you doing?
I should ask you the same thing.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bruise or
two. (PAUSE) What was that back
They got what they had coming.
No. Well besides that. Who didn't
let you say goodbye? Bobbie?
They sit there in complete silence. The sound of the passing
cars on the nearby road can be heard clearly.
Nick, talk to me please.


Nick tries to hold back his tears but he no longer can.
Saturday was Justin's birthday.
That's why I didn't show up at
Bobbies. I spent the day talking
to his family. Then I went on a
long ride around the lakes. By
time I got home it was late. I
spent the night looking through
old photos of us.
Nick stands and moves to the top of the dirt pile. He starts
tossing pebbles across the lot.
                       NICK (CONT)
Did you know, that as a senior in
high school, Ronnie was still
afraid of girls. But he would pull
off a double back flip with out
blinking an eye. He would always
say "I know what I know". We were
more then friends. More like
Nick stops tossing the pebbles and stares up at the moon.
Funny you know.
What is?
All my life, people who I'm close
to have left me with out saying
goodbye. My father, Justin and
Ronnie and now Bobbie.
I'm not making excuses. Life is
cruel and it does suck a lot. Even
if we can't say goodbye, doesn't
mean that we can't remember them
for who they were. How good they
made us feel. You hang onto those
memories. As long as you have
those and don't throw them away,
you've never truly said goodbye.
More of an I'll see you later.


It just feels like I'm stuck in
this void sometimes. Some land of
confusion. And I don't know how to
get out.
Nick starts to choke up again.
If you let me, I will help.
Tess wraps her arms around Nicks waist and rests her head
against his chest. They stand there in silence.
                                         FADE TO:
Nick, Mike and Tess sit around Nick's living room watching
old tapes of Bobbie and the other riders from back in the
WOW! A moonwalk on a BMX bike.
That's just sick.
These guys had it. They make it
all look effortless.
      (TO NICK)
Just like you do.
Tess gets up and heads to the kitchen to refresh the drinks
and snacks. As she comes back, she blurts out.
Wait. Stop. Rewind that.
Wait. What. Rewind?
Rewind that part before I smack
you in your head.
Nick and Tess laugh. Tess sits down as they watch KRYS
DAUCHEY perform TWO of her SIGNATURE moves, the


Look at her. So graceful.
Yeah, but it looks like that may
hurt the back a bit.
They continue watching the tapes and looking through a box
of magazines brought over by Megan throughout the night.
                                         FADE TO:
Tony and Phil help the kids load up the boxes of bikes and
parts for the show.
Well, that's the last one. We have
about an hour before the gates
open. Who's up for breakfast?
Food. Someone mention food?
Sure. I'm starving. Nick?
Nick stares at Bobbies car in the garage.
It's okay. You'll be fine. Just be
yourself out there and things will
fall into place.
      (TO TONY)
Yeah. (PAUSE) Thanks.
Megan walks into the garage from the house with a small box.
Bobby sent these out to be cleaned
and fixed. He wanted to display
them next to his bike.


Megan sets the box down on the car and pulls out Bobbies old
YELLOW and BLUE GT uniform and helmet.
Now that's sick!
The group breaks out in laughter. Monica comes into the
garage. Everyone gets ready to head for breakfast except
You guy's go ahead. I have
something I need to do. I will
meet you at the competition.
Nick darling, you okay?
Yeah mom. Just something I need to
take care of.
      (TO MONICA)
He's okay. He just needs to clear
some cob webs.
Well, Okay then. Just be careful.
Everyone piles into the cars, Tess stays back to be with
Nick a moment longer. He grabs her hand and pulls her in. As
they kiss, Mike is heard (OS)"Woooo. Nick and Tess, sitting
in a..."
Both Monica and Megan tell Mike to shut up.
                                         CROSS CUT:
The grounds of the Dew Tour Finals is crowded for a very hot
day in Orlando, Florida. Spectators of all ages have come to
watch as athletes perform in various forms of extreme

Small tents line a side of the skate park, covering classic
BMX bikes from the 1970's through the mid 1990's, from the
hot Florida sun. Bikes from companies like GT, CW, SKYWAY,


HARO, HUTCH, DYNO and many others show off a lot of the
roots of today's sport. Some awards have already been given
out to owners of these bikes.

Nick and Megan stand next to the bikes they brought of
Bobbies, to help show their support of him while he is over
sea's. On Bobbies green and white GT is a 2nd place ribbon,
for best restoration. Laying next to Bobbies original GT
freestyle uniform and helmet is the matching trophy.
I can't believe all of these
bikes. I've never seen anything
like this before. I wish Bobbie
was here.
He is here.
Megan puts her arms around Nicks shoulders.
                       MEGAN (CONT)
He's here in our hearts. He's here
in faith.
Do you think I stand a chance
Of course you do. You stand as
good a chance as any other rider
Nick tilt's his head back to look at Megan, then turns to
face her.
But I'm scared.
It's okay Nick. Everyone gets
jitters when they compete in
something. Even the professionals.
It's not that.
I see.


Nick sits atop his bike with the other riders on the side of
the skate park. He watches as the current rider, BEN SNOWDEN
seems to be pushing the limits of extreme stunts. The crowd
goes in a frenzy as the rider pulls a ONE HANDED BACK FLIP
into a TAILWHIP to finish out his run.
                                         QUICK CUT:
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Wow, what a run.That run should
bring Snowden into the top three.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2
Incredible. He never seems to
amaze me with his raw talent. And
speaking of raw talent, next to me
is one of the legends of BMX, Matt
Sitting next to the two T.V. announcers is MATT HOFFMAN. One
of the biggest legends of BMX. Matt cradles the mic, waiting
to speak in turn.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2
Matt, as a legend in this sport,
you have seen it grow from small
time AFA competitions to the X
Games and the Dew Tour. What is
your take on what we just saw?
                       MATT HOFFMAN
It was amazing! The riders today
are pulling bigger and harder
tricks then what was thought
possible back in the day.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Do you think this is just a sign
of things to come?
                       MATT HOFFMAN
It could be. Over the years riders
have perfected a lot of these
tricks only to see someone pull
off something bigger and better. I
wouldn't be surprised if something
like that happens here today.


                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Speaking of surprised Matt, up
next is a local rider. Just like
Snowden who just finished his run,
Nick Riley was able to make it
through Open Qualifiers to make it
to the next round and has already
finished his first run. What's
your take on him?
Matt smiles and lets out a small chuckle.
                       MATT HOFFMAN
This kid is good. He has a desire
deep within to not just win, but
to compete with the best. I
actually rode with his mentor
Bobbie Lund back in the day.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2
From the interview I had with Nick
a bit ago, he stated and I quote,
"If I am to make it to the finals,
it will be dedicated to Mr. Lund
who can't be here today."
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
With that, Matt thank you for
stopping by.
                       MATT HOFFMAN
Anytime. It's always a pleasure.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Now to the skate park and the
second run of Nick Riley.
Nick is getting ready for his second and final run in the
Preliminary Round. He was good enough to finish twenty
eighth of the open thirty five slots. The other riders begin
to clap their hands and a few tap him on the shoulders,
wishing luck.

Nick's music starts to play. He looks over to the stands
where his mom and Megan are sitting. Monica has her hands
clasped together like she is praying he doesn't get hurt.
Megan smiles at him. Nick turns around and rides for the
biggest ramp first.


                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1 (OS)
And here is the new rider, Nick
Riley. let's see what he does in
his final run of the second round.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2 (OS)
I have a feeling it's going to be
Nick heads straight into the spine launch ramp in the center
of the park, pulling off his first trick, a NO HANDED BACK
FLIP. As he lands, he heads up the wall ramp into a
                                         QUICK CUT:
Monica lets out a massive breather as Nick lands the first
of many big tricks. Megan looks at Monica with a "I can't
believe it" look and a big smile.
Nick contiues his run, using as much as the park as
possible. Pulling tricks like FLAIR'S, DOUBLE TAILWHIPS,
BACK FLIPS and 540's. In between all the big air tricks Nick
does, he manages to get a little technical with some basic
grind and manual tricks.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2 (OS)
What an amazing run so far. Riley
seems to have no fear out there.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1 (OS)
You can say that again. He seems
to have each trick to perfection.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2 (OS)
Big airs, small technical tricks.
The judges have to look at this
run and score high.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1 (OS)
Time will tell. With only seconds
left in his run, he has time for
one more trick.


                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2 (OS)
Well I can tell it will be big.
All of his tricks have been out
there. Like he's been riding for
years above his age of seventeen.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1 (OS)
He's coming into the middle spine
at full speed. This is going to be
Nick rides full speed toward the middle spine ramp, only to
slow down right before the edge. In one swift move he
launches his bike up and lands on the coping in a 50/50 PEG
STALL, jumping into an old school SURFER position. balancing
one foot on his seat and the other foot on the crossbar of
the handle bars, Nick raises his hands into the air with
clenched fist, keeping his balance. A sign that he did what
he thought he couldn't do.
                                         CROSS CUT:
Nick is congratulated by the other riders and Tess is right
there to meet him.
WOW! That was amazing.
I didn't... yeah it was, wasn't
You feeling okay?
Yeah. Just winded. I just wish he
was here.
                       PA ANNOUNCER
Nick Riley scores a 92.3. This
scores moves him to the finals
with a current standing of third
Tess Hugs and kisses Nick


You did it. No doubt, you did it.
Nick let's out a ferocious yell, throwing his hands up in
the air. More salutes come from the other riders.
                                         FLASH CUT
Monica and Megan hug each other with joy. Phil and the other
guys by the tents high five each other.
                                         FLASH CUT
Two Army soldiers walk from the parking lot to one of the
EVENT STAFF. After a few exchanges, they locate Megan in the
stands. Slowly, they head toward her with papers in hand.
                                         CROSS CUT:
Nick, Tess and Mike are with the rest of the guys. The
occasional "legend" walks by and congratulates Nick.
Dude, I've never seen a surfer
ever done that way before.
The kids got talent, that's for
I don't know. I just closed my
eyes and said whats left. There it
was when I saw the spine.
Still though. It's like
re-inventing the old.
Maybe. But it feels good. I'm in


Mike spots the two soldiers approach Megan and Monica. He
taps Tess on the shoulder. The soldiers give a brief and
hand Megan the papers. Megan breaks down, as Monica tries to
comfort her.
Nick. NICK!
Tess grabs Nick and points to the stands. Nick drops
everything and the whole group rushes over.
MOM! Megan.
Nick pushes past the two soldiers as they walk away, not
giving regards to their presences.
Mom, what happened?
It's...It's Bobbie.
What happened? Is he okay?
The sudden news about Bobbie has everyone in the area quiet
and stunned. Megan hands the papers to Phil.
We regret to inform you, that on 4
April 2015, serving as Sergeant,
William Rudolph Lund was killed in
action at approximately 2:30pm
local time...
Phil's voice trails off as everyone there is stunned. Nick
falls down on the seats and rests his head on Megan's lap
and holds Monica's hands. Tears fall from everyone, even
bystanders. There is a few moments of pure silence.
I have to go. I got to go. I need
to leave here now. This isn't
Okay. Let's get you home.


NO! Leave me alone. This isn't
Megan starts to fall as she leaves the stands. She is caught
by Phil and Marty.
We'll take her home. Monica, why
don't you come with us. Tony can
see the stuff is taken care off.
Okay. Nick?
Nick sits there comatosed. Tess sits next to him, and wraps
her arms around him. She motions to Monica to go.
Nick? Nick. Listen sweety, it'll
be okay. Let's get you home.
I don't know man. He doesn't look
so good.
Nick. Come on guy. Let's get you
up and out of here. You with me?
The whole world is a BLUR to Nick. Sounds are MUFFLED, until
a young boy accidentally knocks over Bobbie's green GT. Nick
rushes over picking up the bike and scolds the kid.
What's wrong with you? Why don't
you watch where your going.
The young boy starts to cry and the rather larger, slightly
over weight, biker build FATHER steps in.
Excuse me? Who the hell do you
think you are talking to my kid
that way?
You need to teach your kid to
watch where he is going.


The father pushes Nick back. Tony and Mike step in. Tony
grabs Nick and backs him off.
Easy kid. It's okay.
No it's not. Get off me.
Nick breaks free and steps to the father as Mike turns
around and knocks Nick to the ground with a punch to the
Oh damn. Dude, sorry. Ah man.
Why'd you make me do that Nick. Ah
Nick sits there stunned. Tony and Tess get him up and away
from the situation. Mike turns to the father.
Listen, sorry about that. He
didn't mean it. He just lost his
best friend. The guy who owns,
owned this bike.
Yeah well, it still gives him no
right to speak to my kid that way.
Yes your right. He just needs some
breathing room. Is the kid okay?
Not hurt or anything?
Mike reaches around to pet the child on the head, the father
knocks Mikes hand away.
Just make sure he stays away from
me and my kid. Got it?
Yeah. Not a problem. Listen,
again, I'm sorry.
Yeah, what ever.
                                         CUT TO:


Tony and Tess are standing around Tony's car, while Nick
sits there with his feet out the door. No one speaks until
Mike shows up.
He okay?
He'll be fine. Just needs to cool
Tess places her hand on Nick's shoulder and starts to rub it
when he shrugs her off. That set's Mike off. Mike walks
over, picks Nick up by his shirt and slams him against the
Mike, no!
What's your malfunction Berg? Huh?
Answer me.
Back off Mike. You don't want to
do this.
Yeah, well maybe I do. You see, we
here are your friends. You don't
treat your friends this way. I
don't care how pissed off you are.
I don't care how angry you are.
      (LET'S GO OF NICK)
Listen, were not Scott or Gary.
Were not something you can just
find and let go. Were your damn
friends. Family. Bobbie was just
as much our friend as he was
yours. We stick together like we
always do...
You just don't get it do you? You
don't understand.


What, that you didn't get to say
goodbye? That none of us got to
say goodbye?
Nick throws a scowl at Tess.
Yeah she told me. So what. You
have to stop running man. The past
is the past. This is now.
Nick slumps down into the car. Tess moves next to Tony.
You think I don't know how you
feel. After my father...after my
father went to prison, Bobbie was
the only father figure I had. I
prayed every day and night while
he was over seas fighting some
stupid war, hoping that he would
make it back in one piece.
Mike wipes his tears. He kneels next to Nick.
Listen man. We can't fix the past.
I know you're hurting. Were all
hurting. But you need to let go.
If you want to say goodbye, say it
out there. Show them, tell them
goodbye out there.
Tess leans in and whispers something into Tony's ear. Tony
pats Mike on the back and jogs back toward the stands.
Nick. Can you? Are you ready to
say goodbye?
Nick looks up with tears at Tess and nods. He hugs and
kisses her and pulls Mike into a group hug.
I think so.
Berg, you ever do something like
that again... damn I think I wet


The three chuckle, wiping away their tears. they had back
over to the stands where Tony is waiting.
                                         CUT TO:
As the park get's ready for the finals, a man rushes up with
a piece of paper and hands it to the main announcer.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Really? You got to be kidding.
He hands the paper to the other announcer.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Ladies and gentleman, it has just
come to our attention, that one of
the riders from the early days,
one who helped set up the Old
School Reunion, has passed. Sgt
William Lund was killed in action
in Afghanistan. Please, let's have
a moment of silence for a true
The entire park goes silent. Men, woman and children bow
their heads, look up to the sky and place their hands on
their hearts.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 1
Thank you folks. It's now time for
the Mountain Dew Tour park finals.
                       T.V. ANNOUNCER 2
First up, sitting in 5th place is
Ben Snowden.
                                         CUT TO:
Tony and a few others Nick remembers from the bike outing
stand around the tents. They are looking over Bobbies GT.
You think they'll hold?


Chrome rims, killer pads. They
should stop on a dime once they're
dialed in.
As Tony and Nick dial in the brakes on the GT, Matt Hoffman
and CHINA DARRINGTON walk over.
                       MATT HOFFMAN
Nick, excellent run out there. I'm
sorry to hear about Bobbie. Man we
go way back.
Thanks. Yeah, I've seen the
pictures and video.
Oh my god! Krys, I mean China. Um,
It's China. Hi, nice to meet you.
Nick, I'm sorry as well. I can't
believe you guys put all this
Well, it wasn't just us. More or
less it was those guys.
                       MATT HOFFMAN
But it's so nice to kinda see
where it all started.
It is. These are all the bikes
Bobbie had?
Yeah. Even that one over there.
Tess points to the DAY GLO PINK GT that used to be China's.