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Finding Hope
by Jason Rosenthal (Jrosenthal264@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


JACK and HOPE are walking through the halls of New York City
High School to class.
      (Walking with HOPE)
I saw FRANK yesterday.
JACK, you know your mom hates it
when you see him.
She doesn't know I went. I need a
father around Christmas time.
      (In disgust)
That's all your mother needs right
now. How long has it been now?
      (Responding slowly)
Five years and 2 months from this
I'm sorry JACK.
Whatever. Are you going to Will's
I don't know yet. Ms. Jacobs
changed our project to be due
Monday so I'll see. Are you?
What a bitch. Ya I'll be there
you should go.


      (Stopping by the
       door of a class)
I'll see, alright? I gotta go to
class I'll see you later.
      (Walking away)
Aright see ya.
                                         FADE OUT
Zoom in on Mr. Williams writing on the board teaching the
class. JACK sits in the far back corner. The class is made
up of roughly 20 students.
                       MR. WILLIAMS
      (Writing on the
Open your books to the reading
from last night.
      (Looking over at
       JACK and notices
       is he asleep. He
       then yells.)
      (JACk awakes
       suddenly and has
       a face of
       confusion. MR.
       WILLIAMS says in
       a stern voice.)
Can you please summarize the
reading that you were assigned to
do last night JACK?
      (Looking confused
       because it is now
       obvious that he
       did not do the
I didn't do it.
                       MR. WILLIAMS
Shocking, Mr. Farrell.


BING BING. The bell rings and everyone leaves class. The
school day is over and JACK meets back up with HOPE by her
locker. HOPE is putting books in her backpack from her
locker when JACK approaches her.
What's up?
      (In a tired and
       stressed tone)
Hey, not much. I'm just glad this
week is almost over I've had so
much work. How are you doing?
I'm alright. I've been wanting to
ask you something.
We've been friends for a while now
and I really like being your
friend and everything.
      (In a nervous tone)
I was kinda wonderin if...
      (Still nervous)
If maybe... you want to be my
      (Very surprised
       but happy)
Wow umm...
sure I guess we can try it out!
Ok! I gotta go I'll see you


      (Smiling still)
Ok bye JACK!
JACK walks outside to the car lot. Gets into his old beat
up 1975 Mustang Fastback. JACK drives to his house in
Bronx, New York. He lives in a small white house with his
mother. The neighborhood is middle class and a "safe"
neighborhood. JACK parks his car in the driveway and walks
JACK'S mother reorganizing pictures of JACK when he was
young on the kitchen table
      (Walking inside)
Your home early.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (Dusting off an
       old photograph of
I know the diner let me off at one
today so I've been tidying up the
JACK puts his backpack down on the kitchen floor.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (Showing JACK a
       school picture of
       JACK from the
       second grade and
Look at my little JACK.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (In a joking
I don't know what happened.


      (In a sarcastic
Ha ha ha
                       JACK'S MOTHER
How was your day?
      (In a casual tone.)
It was fine. Me and HOPE are
going out.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (Surprised but
       very happy for
What?! That's great! It's about
time you asked her out and she's
so adorable.
Yup. I gotta do some homework
I'll see you for dinner.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (In a motherly
Alright. I'm right here if you
need anything.
JACK walks into his room and puts his books on his bed. He
works on his homework for an hour. Then his mother calls
for him.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (In a soft yell)
JACK! Dinner's ready!
JACK walks in and sits down. He puts the spaggetti and
meatballs his mom has prepared for him on his plate and eats


      (Finished eating
       JACK puts his
       fork down.)
I'm really tired I think I'm gunna
go to bed. Goodnight mom.
JACK gives his mom a kiss and goes to sleep in his room.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The next morning JACK wakes up late. He rushes out the
house and says goodbye to his mother. He drives to school
and while rushing through the hall he gives HOPE a quick hug
before getting in his class. He sits in his seat and opens
his books to study quickly before his test he has now.
                                         FADE IN
                       CLASSMATE 1
      (Turning around to
       face JACK)
You ready for this?
I don't know I hope so.
      (In a comedic tone)
Maybe I can get my first A on a
test in this class.
JACK and CLASSMATE 1 chuckle.
                       MR. TOLLI
Quiet class! I'm passing out your
tests now. Good luck.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN


JACK's MOTHER is driving her dark blue 1995 FORD ESCORT to
work. She is stopped at a red light at the intersection of
6th and Broadway. The light turns green and she begins to
accelerate. When she reaches the middle of the intersection
she is hit broadside on the left by a large GMC pickup
truck. Her car flips three and a half times to the right
until it is stopped by a telephone pole. The car is left on
it's side pinned against the telephone pole. The car is
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
MR. TOLLI hands out the tests and sits back at his desk.
Everyone begins working out their tests. Minutes later,
PRINCIPAL STEVENS walks in with a scared look on his face.
He walks over to MR. TOLLI. He whispers into MR. TOLLi'S
ear. MR. TOLLI then stands up and walks over to JACK'S desk.
JACK looks up at him in a confused state.
                       MR. TOLLI
      (in a soft voice
       and uneasy voice.)
      (Very confused
Yes, MR. TOLLi?
                       MR. TOLLI
      (Still in a softer
       and more uneasy
You need to go with PRICIPAL
                       MR. TOLLI
      (In now a more
       agitated voice)
Just go!


The whole class is staring at JACK and MR. TOLLI now. JACK
gets up out of his seat and walks over to PRINCIPAL STEVENS.
They walk out the door, through the hall, and into the main
office. PRINCIPAL STEVENS leads JACK into his office where
a police officer is already waiting inside. JACK, now
seeing that there is an officer in the room is now very
uneasy and sits down next to him.
                       PRINCIPAL STEVENS
      (Very uneasy and
This is OFFICER JOHNSON of the New
York City Police Department. He
has something very important and
disturbing to tell you.
      (Very scared now
       thinking he did
       something wrong)
What is it?
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
      (Uneasy and very
JACK, this isn't easy to tell you
      (Very serious and
Tell me what? What is going on?
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
      (Serious and in a
       slow tone)
Your mother was hit broadside on
the intersection of 6th and
Broadway by a man who is suspected
to have been texting and ran the
red light where he collided with
your mother's car. Her car
flipped more than three times
until finally being stopped by a
telephone. I am sorry to inform
of that your mother past away.
There is a long silence in the room. JACK looks petrified
as if he has just seen a ghost. Moments later, JACK gets up
from his seat and storms out. He sprints through the school
hallway, not stopping for anyone or anything. He sprints


out to his car, gets in, and drives very fast to 6th and
Broadway. After what feels like the longest car ride of his
life, he gets to the crash site. There is yellow police
caution tape around the crash site. He first spots the GMC
pickup truck. He see the front of the truck in horror. The
whole from is flattened and all of the glass is shattered
completely. He then looks to his right. He sees his
mother's car being pulled from it's inverted position
against the pole. He stares in horror of his mother's
completely totaled car. He then breaks down, sobbing, and
falls to the ground in panic.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Outside of a cemetery for JACK'S mother's funeral. There
are roughly 30 people there, most of whom JACK has never
seen before. JACK will not speak to anyone not even HOPE
who is standing with her family next to JACK. FATHER EVANS
gives a sermon to remember JACK's mother.
                       FATHER EVANS
      (In a soft voice)
We will always remember BRENDA
FARRELL, a woman who lived a
wholesome life and who never let
challenges get in the way of her
happiness. She past before her
time. Please bless her son, JACK
with the strength to overcome this
great loss.
After the sermon, JACK'S mother is lowered into her grave.
JACK's AUNT LILY and cousins, ROB and JOHN approach him.
                       AUNT LILY
      (A very sad tone.)
We're going to get through this
JACK. Your going to live with me
and your cousins now.
JACK still does not speak. He holds on to his AUNT LILY.
                                         FADE OUT


Two weeks later... AUNT LILY'S house is in a very rough
neighborhood deep in the Bronx. It is a small, gray, two
story house. JOHN is 20 years old and ROB is 18 years old.
They are both in a gang. AUNT LILY comes into JACK's room,
which is the same room that JOHN and ROB live in. JACK is
laying on the bed and tossing a yellow tennis ball up in the
air repeatedly. JACK still isn't speaking.
                       AUNT LILY
      (A stern voice)
It's time to get up out of bed and
start living again. Your not
gunna feel any better just pouting
all day alone in this room. Now
get up, get dressed, your going to
school today.
JACK gets up slowly and walks with AUNT LILY out to her car.
                       AUNT LILY
      (Speaking stern)
I'm taking you to school today
AUNT LILY drives JACK to school. When they arrive, AUNT
LILY kisses JACK on the cheek.
                       AUNT LILY
      (Speaking softly)
Now, your mom would have wanted to
go to school and not continue to
dwell on her death. Your going to
be ok.
JACK shakes his head and gets out of the car. He walks into
school and to his locker, where HOPE is standing. She is
completely shocked to see him but very happy to see him.
      (Very surprised
       and happy to see
HOPE hugs JACK for a while speaking.


      (Still in very
       happy and
you doing?
JACK speaks the first words he's said since his mother past
      (Very depressed
       and speaking
I'm ok
      (Calm and now a
       little uneasy)
I've called you a lot. You
haven't answered any of my phone
      (Still very
       depressed and
       speaking more
       softly now)
Ya... I know.
      (Now looking upset
       and starting to
       get angry.)
Look, I know you've been through a
lot these recent weeks. I'm
always here for you. I don't know
what you want me to do though
JACK. It's been hard for me too!
Not speaking to you in two weeks.
Not knowing how you are or if your
ok. I'm your girlfriend JACK.
JACK looks at her and then looks at the ground.
My mom just died. Your the first
person I've talked to in two
weeks. I live with my cousins now
who don't give a shit about me
only the gang they're in. I just
really need my mom right now and I


                       JACK (cont'd)
miss her so much.
HOPE hugs JACK again.
You'll get through this.
Everything is gunna workout. Trust
      (In doubt)
I don't know. Nothing feels like
it can get better.
      (In a comforting
It will.
      (In a loving tone)
We have to go to class the bells
about to ring with talk later,
      (Still sad)
JACK and HOPE walk off to they're classes. After school
JOHN picks up JACK.
JOHN pulls up to school in AUNT LILY's beat up Buick.
      (Acting tough)
Get in. We gotta make some stops.
JACK opens the door and enters the car a little hesitant.
      (A little scared)
What kind of stops?
      (Acting tough)
Just sit down and shut up.


JACK is scared but still trusts JOHN because he is family.
They drive through the Bronx and drive down an ally where
they pull up to a black SUV.
      (ACting tough)
Get in the back.
      (ACting tough)
Just do it, now.
JACK gets in the backseat of the car anxious to see what is
going to happen next. Two grown men get out of the SUV and
walk towards their car. The men are dressed in suits and
have big silver chains on.
      (Acting tough to
Don't talk. These guys don't give
a shit about you so stay quiet and
act like a ghost.
JACK nods his head and cooperates. The two men get in the
car. JOHN pulls out a large brown bag from under his seat.
                       MAN 1
You got a lot of balls coming
around here.
HAHA do you know who I am. I
think it's more you got a lot
balls coming in here.
JOHN pulls out a gun from inside the brown bag, cocks it
back, and points it at MAN 1.
      (In shock)
What the hell are you doing JOHN?
      (Angry now)
I told you to shut up JACK. This
doesn't concern you.
      (To MAN 1)


                       JOHN (cont'd)
Now you can either have what you
came here for or can have this
bullet your head, the choice is
                       MAN 1
      (Afraid now)
Ok tough guy you win.
      (Now facing MAN 2)
Give it to him.
MAN 2 reaches into the side of his jacket.
      (To MAN 2)
MAN 2 pulls out a large stack of cash. He then gives it to
      (Laughing now and
       acting tough)
HAHA my man.
JOHN pulls out a large plastic bag from the brown bag. It
is full of cocaine. JACK is in shock and now very afraid.
JOHN gives MAN 1 the bag.
      (To the men)
Pleasure doing business with you.
The two men get out of the car and back into the SUV. JOHN
then turns to JACK who is very afraid.
      (To JACK, acting
I know your my cousin and all, but
if you tell AUNT LILY or anyone
about this...your dead.
      (Extremely afraid
I won't.
JACK and JOHN leave the ally and get back on the road.


      (To John)
Where are we going now?
      (In a harsh tone)
Shut the fuck up!
John drives Jack to what looks like an abandon house. He
parks the car across the street on next to the curb.
      (In a commanding
       tone to Jack)
Stay in the car!
John opens the door to the car and slams it behind him. He
then walks to the front door of the house and knocks on the
door. Jack watches this from inside the car and sees a very
large man escorting John into the house. Jack waits about
ten minutes in the car until John walks out holding a brief
case in his hand. John opens the door to the car and sits
      (To John confused)
Who lives in that house?
      (In a protective
Just some friends of mine.
Oh... well what's in that brief
You really wanna know?
      (Getting excited)
John begins unclipping the brief case and looks as if he is
about to open it. Jack looks in awe puzzled of what could
be inside.


Fuck you why the fuck would I ever
show you this HAHAHA
Jack shrugs and lays back on the seat. John starts the car
and they drive home not saying a word.
JACK is laying on his bed trying to work on his homework but
the scene of his mother's car crash keeps replaying in his
mind. He hears the music his mother always would listen to
with the windows down. He can picture her wearing her
sunglasses and dancing to the sound of the music laughing as
she did it. He her approach the crossing street wear the
accident took place. He hears the screeching of the tires
of the car that his her. SCREECH. Cuts out. JACK hears a
                       AUNT LILY
The fucking boy! I'm so sick and
tired of his bullshit. I swear to
god I am kicking him out and
moving so far away from the place
he won't even know what hit him!
JACK looks through his bedside window and sees AUNT LILY and
JOHN leaving the house and leaving in AUNT LILY'S car.
      (Asking himself)
What the fuck is going on?
JACK runs downstairs and checks every room in the house and
sees that ROB isn't anywhere in the house. When he runs
into JOHN'S room he stops and thinks about the briefcase
from earlier that day. JACK looks everywhere around the
room and becomes frustrated because he cannot find the
briefcase. He punches the wall and notices a large poster
in a frame of Al Pacino in the movie Scarface wobble a
little. JACK walks up to the poster and takes it off the
wall. ZOOM IN on JACK'S face. JACK looks very confused. He
sees the brief case open stacked up with one hundred dollar
bills. To the right of the briefcase he sees hundreds of
hundred dollar bills stacked up along with a 45 millimeter
handgun. JACK hears a THUD and hears the door open. He
gasps and puts the poster back up and runs out. JOHN spots
him and stops JACK.


      (Stern voice)
You know where I was just at JACK?
JACK shakes his head.
ROB, was caught today with a dime
and his gun.
A dime?
      (Getting angry)
Of weed, marijuana, pot, kush,
whatever you wanna call it smart
What's gunna happen to him?
Since it's his first time he only
got 20 hours of community service
and a bad ass beat from my mom.
      (Getting more
Enough about ROB. What the fuck
were you doing in my room?
I was seeing if anyone was home
and now I see that your home so
I'm gunna go back upstairs to my
Hmmm. Get up there!
JACK walks upstairs and goes back in his room. Seconds
later he hears.
      (Screaming loudly)
JACK!! Get down here now!


JACK creeks the door open slowly while shivering and walks
down the stairs. JOHN is waiting for him at the bottom. JOHN
grabs JACK by the arm and walks him into his room and shuts
the door.
The Scarface poster is down and the money and brief case are
showing. JACK is shacking.
You know what this is JACK?
Just a couple bucks.
      (Getting angry)
Just a couple bucks? There's over
30 grand in here not even
mentioning that suitcase.
Where do you think this money came
from JACK?
      (Very scared)
Uhhh working?
Oh ya I've been flipping burgers
at Mcdonalds all my life and that
house we were at today was the
fucking Mcdonalds headquarters
giving me a brief case full of
hundreds. Try again dumb shit.
I don't know why don't you tell
      (Laughing while
       hanging back the
HAHA. How about I show you and
this isn't an option.
JOHN walks out of the house with JACK and approach his car.


You wanna be a man? Get in!
JACK and JOHN open the doors of the car and get in. JOHN
starts the car and they drive out.
      (TO JACK)
What do you want out of this life
I don't know I guess just a big a
house, a nice car, a wife.
How I see it you can either kill
or be killed in this life. Life's
not like the shit you see on t.v..
I used to be just like you. I
wanted all that but then I met
this guy who showed me how to get
what I want. And how to live they
way you wanna live.
JOHN and JACK pull up in front of the house where JOHN came
out with the brief case.
What's in there?
      (Turns to look at
In there is where all your dreams
in life can come true they way you
want it.
JACK and JOHN get out of the car and walk towards the house.
      (A little nervous)
You sure I'm allowed in here?
JOHN looks and JACK and laughs. JOHN opens the front door
and they walk in. Inside there is rap music playing in the
background. The inside of the house is in like a fraternity
style with about twenty guys between the ages of seventeen
to twenty-five. The people are dressed in jeans and gym
shorts and are all pretty big. Everyone greets JOHN and
looks at JACK.


      (To WILL)
Yo Will this is my little cousin,
      (Looks and JACK up
       and down)
Look at this fucking kid it looks
like he's about to shit himself.
Everyone laughs including JOHN. Then there is the sound of
a man yelling upstairs and then gagging and the sound of a
body dropping. Then a door opens and shuts and then there
is the sound of footsteps leading downstairs. Everyone
stops laughing and look at the stairwell waiting for VINCE,
to come down.
      (In a light voice
       to JACK)
This is guy who showed me the way
to everything I ever wanted and he
could do the same for you.
VINCE gets down the stairs and comes in front of JACK. He
is dressed in a black suit ARMANI suit with gucci shoes.
He's wearing a white button down collared shirt and a black
tie. The which shirt has some drops of blood spattered on
it. He studies him up and down. Everyone is silent.
      (TO JACk)
Your FRANK'S boy aren't you?
      (TO JACK)
I heard about your mother. Too
bad she was quite the woman. Now
I wonder.
      (Looking up and
       speaking as if to
What do you boys think about
another Farrell joining the party?
      (To VINCE)
Well if he's anything like his
crazy son of bitch father then I'm


                       WILL (cont'd)
Everyone in the room nods and agreement.
      (To JACK)
Hmmm. Let me think about this. I
knew this day since I first saw
you as a baby. I am interested
though. Hmmm. How'd you like to
stay the night here tonight JACK?
      (Trying to get out
       of it)
I have school tomorrow though and
my aunt.
      (JOHN interrupts
He'll stay here tonight.
      (TO JACK)
Good choice.
      (To everyone angry)
Now will one of ya'll no good
pieces of shit clean up that mess
upstairs it's starting to smell.
What's up there?
      (Putting his arm
       around JACK'S
Well Jack he was on leave.
The rap music starts up again and within minutes about
fifteen beautiful girls are at the house wearing barely
anything. Hundreds of bottles of beer are being drinkin and
liquor is being poured continuously into peoples glasses.
JACK sits on the couch alone not knowing what to do.
A half naked beautiful girl walks over to JACK and sits next
to him. JACK is nervous.


Uhhh hi.
      (Looking over at
       JACK after taking
       a long sip from
       her bottle of
Hi there! I've never seen around
here. What's your name?
Uhhh JACK.
Ooh I like the name JACK. Well
what do you think of me JACK?
      (Not knowing what
       to say)
Uhh what do I think of you?
Well comon don't be scared now.
      (More confident)
I think your beautiful.
      (Happy tone)
Your cute JACK.
      (Walks away and
       gets JACK a cup
       full of liquor)
Why don't you drink this up and
then come upstairs with me?
      (Eyes go wide)
Unless your scared or something.
      (Chugs the cup.)
Let's go!


      (Laughing and
Haha ok JACk.
JACk and Brittany stand up from the couch and start heading
towards the stares. The rest of the party sees this.
      (Smiling and
Haha ya get it cuzo!
                                         FADE OUT.
JACK is standing on the intersection where his mom was
killed. It's daytime out and birds are chirping. JACK
looks around and everything turns dark as night and starts
rain. JACK then sees his mother inside her car approaching
the intersection. She makes eye contact with JACK.
      (Freaking out)
Holy shit! I'm late for school.
      (Waking up)
Relax baby and come back to bed.
JOHN opens the door to the bedroom with two other men.
Haha damn lil cousin you put in
some work last night.
      (More seriously)
Now get your shit and let's go. We
got a big day today.
JACK gets up from the bed and goes outside with JOHN and two
other men. When the open the front door to go outside there
is a bright light and then the lights go down.
Subtitles come on the screen that say one year later...


      (Walking out from
       her seat walking
       to the halls
       talking to SARAH
       in a friendly
Yeah I'll be there tonight around
9 right? And don't make me wait
this time. With amount of work I
have I don't have to be waiting.
Don't worry that was only because
I was lost on the subway and had
to walk six blocks in my heels to
find you! I'm not used to this
whole subway thing.
HAHA I told you to get a map! I'll
see you tonight!
      (Starting to walk
See ya!
HOPE is walking through the quad from her late class when
she receives a phone call from an unknown number. She picks
it up.
      (Unsure tone.)
Camera zooms in on JACK in his car speeding on the
interstate. His face is cutup and is arm is in a sling. He
has tears in his eyes and a bottle of whiskey in between his
legs half drinkin. It's raining at night.
      (In a loud and
       drunken tone.)
HOPE I'm pushing 110 on the
freeway. There's nothing left for
me in this life.


      (Shocked and stops
Who is this?! JACK is that you?
Ya it's me.
Where the hell have you been?!
      (In a drunken slur)
Do yo love me HOPE?
      (Taken Back)
JACK that was a long time ago.
      (Getting louder)
Do you love me?
Of course I love you JACk I always
have. Just tell me why your doing
this please.
It's a long story you wouldn't
want to hear it.
John, you've known me for ever.
Cmon talk to me.
It doesn't matter. There's
nothing left for me here. Death
is my only option.
Sound of car speeding and accelerating with wind and rain
hitting the windshield.
      (Screaming and
       starting to cry.)
JACK! Stop the car now your
scarring the shit out of me!
Car continues to accelerate even more.


      (Screaming very
       loudly now and
JACK! Stop now! Please just talk
to me like you can't do this.
Please speak to me I can help you.
There is a long pause. The sound of Jack's car decelerating
he hard through Hope's side of the phone until it finally
comes to a screeching stop. Jack's car is on the side of
the highway not moving.
      (Speaking softly
      (In an angry tone)
You said you can help now help me!
I don't know what to say.
OK OK. What do you want me to
Fuck this I'm hanging up I don't
even know why I called you.
      (It a loud tone.)
JACK STOP! You know I'm here for
you please tell me what's wrong.
JACK takes a sip of his whiskey.
Well, It all started when I was a
boy and my father took me to the
fishing hole. He would go on and
on about his days in the meat
packing factory. I still recant
to myself those days. I hold in
myself a glimmer of what was and
what I could be. And everyday I
reflect upon myself whether I
could be a better man. Whether I


                       JACK (cont'd)
could raise a better son. If only
I knew what was ahead of me in
life. I could prepare myself for
the obstacles to come.
      (Very confused.)
What are you talking about?
      (Hiccuping and
HAHAHAHAHA. I'm so fucked up.
      (Hiccuping and
HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know I'm so
fucked I think there's more than
whiskey in this bottle.
Jack. Focus!
      (Shaking himself
       back into it.)
Ok. Well I guess it all started
the night that JOHN took me to the
Camera zooms out and films on the house. People are drinking
inside and it is back to the scene when JOHN brought JACK
inside the gang headquarters.
What house?
HOPE now walking into her dorm and shutting the door behind
her. She sits in her bed and listens in. JOHN is still
sitting in his car pulled over on the side of the road.
Well the guy's name is VINCE.
Ya VINCE. It's his house and all
you need to know is shit goes down
in that house that you don't wanna


                       JACK (cont'd)
hear about.
Shit like what? JACK talk to me.
I'm probably gonna get killed just
telling you this. It's like a
gang house like a compound where
people of the gang go in an out
making transactions, party, and
keep VINCE happy.
Camera shows inside of the house with VINCE sitting in his
office with stacks of money in front of him.
So how do you get involved with
this house.
Well that's when my cousin JOHN
comes in. He takes me there a
little over a year ago and I meet
VINCE and all the boys. They
showed me a great time and taught
me that to get what I want I can
just go out and get in now without
having to rely on assholes and
bullshit school to get me there.
And you bought into this crap?
Well, after seeing all these young
guys, not much older than me,
having Mercedez and Lexus' it
kinda caught my attention.
Camera shows JACK getting out of bed with the two girls and
JOHN knocking on the door to the bedroom and walking inside.
Then is when shit got bad.
JACK is on the intersection where his mother was killed. It
is a beautiful day out. The sun is out and the birds are


chirping. JACK looks around noticing where he is.
Everything then turns dark as night and it begins to rain.
JACK sees his mother in her car approaching the intersection
where she was killed. JACK looks in horror.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (In a subtle tone.)
JACK's mother's car is then hit immediately and JACK awakes
inside the bedroom in the gang house. Sweating profusely.
      (Freaking out)
Holy shit! I'm late for school!
KNOCK KNOCK. JOHN walks in the bedroom with two other men.
JOHN walks in with some other guys
and tells me we gotta go.
      (Waking up)
Relax baby and come back to bed.
JOHN and two other men walk into the bedroom.
HAHA damn lil cousin you put in
some work last night.
      (More seriously)
Now get your shit and let's go. We
got a big day today.
JACK gets up from the bed and goes outside with JOHN and the
two other men. They open the front door and go outside.
They walk up to JOHN's car.
      (In an aggressive
Get in!
      (Opening the back
       door for JACK)
JACK gets in the car. JACK sits next to JACKSON.
      (Speaking to JOHN)
Uhh. Are you taking me to school?


JOHN backs out of the driveway and begins driving down the
road. He has rap music playing loudly.
Where are you taking me?
FLASH IN. JACK is walking down 7th Ave in a Burberry
jacket, GUCCI shoes, and worn out pants. JACK looks at a
store coming up and sees the sign LOUIS VUITTON. JACK pulls
out his wallet and takes out all of the cash inside.
      (Counting one
       hundred dollar
       bills one after
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine.
JACK then puts the money back in his wallet and into his
pocket. He opens the door to the store and walks in. Five
minutes later he walks out wearing black LOUIS VUITTON
pants. He walks past a trash can on the sidewalk and throws
his old rundown pants into it.
FLASH OUT. Back to JOHN's car on the side of the road
talking to HOPE.
Yep I was livin the life. I had
everything I thought I ever wanted
and I could get anything for
Well, what happened?


Shows JOHN talking to a man on top of a downtown skyscraper.
The man is being held by two men on the edge of the
building. JACK is standing next to JOHN.
      (Angry voice.)
Where the fuck is the money?
                       MAN ON BUILDING
      (Crying and
       mumbling his
       words. Saliva is
       coming out of his
I I I ddddont kknow.
What was that? You don't ddddont
know. HAHAHA
JOHN and JACK turn around and walk to the other side of the
building. They whisper to each other.
What do you think about this
I don't know, JOHN. He's said
this shit before I'm not about to
take his word for it again.
See that's why we're cousins we
don't listen to low life's like
this one. I'll take care of this.
Good. Just make sure I get my
take. I don't need this guy
losing me anymore money.
      (Starting to walk
You got it.


JOHN lights up a cigarette and walks over to the man.
      (To the two men
       holding the man.)
Make him face me.
They two men turn around to face JOHN holding the man still.
JOHN takes a puff of his cigarette.
      (To the man)
What are we gunna do about this?
                       MAN ON BUILDING
      (Still crying and
I I Im going to get your mmoney.
Fuck you.
There is the sound of footsteps coming up the building. THUD
THUD THUD. VINCE walks toward the man being held by the
other two men. He takes a 45 millimeter firearm out of his
jacket, points it at the man forehead, and fires. BANG. The
man falls to the ground. He is laying in his pool of blood.
      (Very cool and
What a bloody mess. Boys, clean
this shit up and let's get some
JACK, JOHN, VINCE, ROB, and WILL are sitting at a table
      (Stands up.)
A toast to JACK! His father would
be proud to see this sight!
VINCE sits back down in his chair and faces JACK.


      (To JACK)
So JACK, what do you think of all
      (Looks and VINCE.)
I think, I should've met you a
long time ago.
There is something I want though.
      (Still chuckling.)
What do you want JACK?
      (In a serious
      (In a more serious
He killed my mom. Now I'm gunna
kill him.
JACK, your definitely your
father's son.
JACK smiles.
You'll have chance. I'll make
sure of that.
JACK is laying in bed. JACK is dreaming. He is in a the
pickup truck that killed his mother. He is in the driver's
seat. He tries to turn the wheel and stop the car but
nothing will work. The car speeds past intersection after


intersection. JACK spots his mother's car and tries to turn
the wheel as hard as he can to avoid her. He is heading
straight for her car. He honks the horn. BEEEEP BEEEEEP.
The car JACK is in hits his mother's car. He sees his
mother's car flip over and over again in horror. He wakes
up in his room sweating.
      (In shock and
Oh my god.
His bedroom door opens and JOHN walks in.
      (In a serious
Get dressed. We got something for
      (Looks at Jack's
Why are you all sweaty?
      (A little
Oh, I think I'm coming down with
Whatever let's go your gunna like
JACK gets out of bed and puts his jacket on. He walks
downstairs and gets into JOHN' car. They get into the car
and JOHN drives to the gang house. He pulls into the
driveway. JACK and JOHN get out of the car and walk to the
What is this?
You'll see.


JOHN opens the door and they both walk in. JACK sees tied
to a chair in the kitchen, KENT ADAMS. KENT's face is
covered in blood. VINCE has a towel with blood on it around
his fist.
Here's your chance, boy.
JACK is in shock and approaches KENT.
      (In a serious tone
       and eyes start to
You killed me mom!
      (Starts to cry and
       puts his head
I don't know what to say to you.
There's not a day that goes by
without me thinking about what I
did and it kills me.
I'm gunna kill you KENT.
Please! I have kids don't do
My mom had a kid too. But you
took her away from me. I have
nothing else to say to you.
JACK pulls out his gun from his back pocket and fires into
KENT's head. Everyone in the room is silent.
      (To JOHN in a sad
Let's go home.
JOHN and JACK walk out to his car and drive home. Not a
word is said.


JACK is laying in bed tossing and turning. He is dreaming.
JACK is in his mother's house, just after school.
      (In a happy tone.)
Mom! I'm home!
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (From the other
Oh JACK come here!
JACK walks into the next room where his mother is. JACK's
mother is turned away from JACK looking at pictures. JACK
walks up to his mother.
JACK's mother turns her head toward JACK. Her face is
completely cut up and bloody.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (In a creepy tone.)
JACK! Thank god your here. I was
just looking at some old photos of
      (Her tone gets
       very serious and
       she raises her
I thought I taught you better than
to bring your gun in the living
JACK looks at his side pocket and sees his gun. He is in
                       JACK'S MOTHER
You killed all those people. JACK,
please be my boy again. I can't
take seeing what you've become.
JACK begins sobbing. He then wakes up from his dream in his
bedroom in AUNT LILY's house.
      (Breathing deep.)
That's it I'm out!


JACK walks into the side of the gang house. He approaches
      (To WILL)
Where's VINCE? I need to talk to
      (In a tough guy
He's upstairs what do you need?
JACK walks up the stairs and approaches VINCE'S office door.
Come in.
JACK opens the door and walks in.
Oh JACK it's good to see you what
can I do for you?
I've been thinkin alot lately and
I want out. I can't live like
this anymore. My mom wouldn't of
wanted this.
      (Looks up at JACK
       in a calm voice.)
Well JACK, if that's what you
think is right then you got it.
It is. Thanks for everything
VINCE I'll see you around.
      (In a friendly
See ya kid.


JACK walks out of the room and walks out of the house back
into his car. Back in the house, VINCE walks down the
      (In a tough tone.)
Yeah boss?
I need you to follow that kid and
tell me everywhere he goes.
Don't fucking ask me why just do
it damn it!
WILL walk outside, gets into his car, and follows JACK's
car. Inside the house, VINCE calls JOHN.
      (Yelling to VINCE.)
HE WHAT?! Cousin or not no one
gets out alive! You got a plan?
Ya I got something.
JOHN and WILL are wearing black masks over their faces. They
are on the roof of MIKE'S JEWELRY STORE.
You sure about this?
Quit being a little bitch. JACK
made his decision. I'm not gunna
let him live happy with that.
JOHN kicks open the door to the store. BEEP BEEP BEEP. The
alarm sounds.


      (Yells to WILL)
JOHN and Will break through the glass with bats and stuff
every piece of jewelry into a black trash bag. They they
sprint out to JOHN's car and speed away.
      (Taking off his
That was fucking close!
      (Taking off his
       mask laughing.)
They speed to AUNT LILY's house. JOHN and WILL get out of
the car.
      (Walking towards
       his own car)
You got this?
Ya I got this. Get outta here!
JOHN opens the door to AUNT LILY's house holding the garbage
bag full of jewelry. He walks upstairs quietly to JACK's
room. He opens the door to JACK's room. He stuffs the
garbage bag under JACK's bed and proceeds to leave the room.
      (Waking up.)
JOHN is that you?
Ya it's me I was just checkin on
you I known you've had a tough
      (Still with his
       eyes closed and
       barely awake)
Thanks JOHN I'm glad your my
      (Deep breath.)


JOHN walks out of the room and shuts the door.
The next morning five police cars and a S.W.A.T. Truck park
on the street surrounding AUNT LILY's house. AUNT LILY runs
out of the house.
                       AUNT LILY
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
      (Yelling out of a
                       AUNT LILY
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
AUNT LILY puts her hands behind her head and gets down on
the ground. Several S.W.A.T. officers handcuff AUNT LILY
and bring her to OFFICER JOHNSON.
                       AUNT LILY
      (To OFFICER
What the hell is this all about?
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
It seems there was a robbery last
night at a jewelry store and the
tracker on the jewelry puts it in
your house?
                       AUNT LILY
      (In shock)
Oh my god!
Several S.W.A.T. team officers break kick the front door
open and search the house. Three officers run up the stairs
checking room by room for the jewelry. JACK is still laying
in bed when the S.W.A.T. team officer kick open is bedroom


      (Wakes up
                       S.W.A.T. OFFICER
KID, put your hands up and get
down on the floor.
JACK gets off from the bed and puts his hands in the air, on
his knees on the floor. An officer looks under his JACK'S
bed and pulls out the garbage bag full of jewelry.
                       S.W.A.T. OFFICER
Your in some serious trouble, son.
      (Scared and
But that's not mine!
                       S.W.A.T. OFFICER
Oh really? How else did it get
under your bed?
Several officers handcuff JACK and take him downstairs and
outside to the other cars.
                       AUNT LILY
      (To JACK yelling)
How could you do this JACK? For
your mother's sake.
JACK begins tearing and he helped into the back of one of
the police cars. He is then driven off to the police
JACK is sitting in the defendants chair awaiting his
sentence. AUNT LILY, JOHN, ROB, WILL, and VINCE, are
sitting in the crowd of people. AUNT LILY is crying.
                       JUDGE THOMAS
Will the defendant please rise?
JACK stands up and faces the judge.


                       JUDGE THOMAS
With the decision to plead
innocent to all charges placed
upon you and with the evidence
placing you to be the robber in
this incident. You are charged
with one year of prison without
      (Hits his javelin.)
Court is dismissed.
JACK has a blank face. He is taken by the bailiff into
another room. JACK is crying.
      (To Warden)
I'm telling you I was framed!
      (To JACK in a
       sarcastic tone.)
Oh really? Who would go through
the trouble to frame you?
I don't know! All I know is that I
remember seeing my cousin, JOHN in
my room that night while I was
sleeping. He never goes in my
That's all very interesting but do
you have any proof?
      (Looking down)
ONE YEAR LATER... is shown on the screen.
      (TO VINCE)
You know JACK gets out today?
I'm aware.


He was in there a long time. You
think he said anything?
Do you?
Well all I know is shit has been
tightening up everywhere ever
since he got locked up. I feel
like I got cops up my ass every
time I leave the house. That's
gotta mean he said somethin right?
I just know one thing for a fact.
I don't want this kid on the
streets again. He gives us a bad
name that's all we need right now.
Fuckin rat.
I love the kid as much as you do
but he's a goddamn liability.
I'll take care of it. I don't
want anymore problems. This ends
JOHN walks out of the house and leaves in his car.
JACK opens the front door of AUNT LILY's house. AUNT LILY
runs over to him.
                       AUNT LILY
      (In a loving tone.)
Oh JACK your home!
AUNT LILY kisses JACK on the cheek and hugs him.
                       AUNT LILY
We all missed you JACK.
JOHN walks over to JACK.


Missed you cuz. It hasn't been
the same around here without you.
                       AUNT LILY
Now put your things upstairs in
your room and come downstairs I
made dinner!
JACK walks upstairs and opens the door to his room. He
throws his stuff on the side of his bed and falls onto his
Huhhh. Back into the jungle.
                       AUNT LILY
      (Speaking loudly
       from downstairs.)
JACK! Hurry up for dinner!
JACK walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. JOHN and
AUNT LILY are sitting down around a small table. There is a
place setting for JACK with two slices of pizza on it. JACK
walks over to the table and sits down.
                       AUNT LILY
Well it ain't much but it's beat
the food you've been eating the
last year!
It's great.
      (Takes a big bite
       from one of the
Where's ROB
      (Cutting him off.)
He's working tonight he's sorry he
couldn't make it.
Oh I see.
      (Changing the
       subject and
       speaking to both


                       JACK (cont'd)
       AUNT LILY and
So how is everything?
                       AUNT LILY
Everything a good I got a new job
working as a waitress at a new
restaurant downtown.
That's cool. What about you JOHN?
      (Glaring into
       JOHN's eyes)
Anything new?
      (Glaring back at
Nope. Just business as usual.
      (Taking another
       bite of pizza.)
True. True.I think I'm gunna go walk around
town I haven't really gotten to do
that the last 12 months.
                       AUNT LILY
Okay JACK don't be home too late.
JACK gets up from the dinner table and walks out the back
      (To AUNT LILY)
Be right back. I gotta make a
phone call.
JOHN gets up and walks to his room and shuts the door behind
him. He dials a number and puts the phone up to his right
Nows your chance he's walkin to
his death. Text me when it's
JOHN hangs up the phone and walks back to the kitchen and
sits back down at the dinner table.


      (To AUNT LILY)
This pizza is delicious.
JACK is walking down the street just enjoying the night sky.
He looks up at the stars smiles. He continues to walk. He
comes to a part in the neighborhood that has no people
around. All of the sudden JACK is jumped by two men wearing
masks. One punches him in the face and JACK falls hard on
the ground.
JACK tries to fight back and punches one in the face. One
of the men pulls out a switch blade and stabs JACK deep just
under the right part of his chest.
KUH KUH. STOP! Please please
please nooo!
One of the men kicks JACK in the head. The two men run off
into an ally. A lady from inside a house across the street
runs out to JACK.
      (Still catching
       her breath and
I just called 911 to police are on
they're way!
The LADY pulls is carrying a towel which she puts on JACK'S
stab wound and puts pressure on it.
      (Breathing quickly)
Fuck! I don't wanna die!
Just hang in there your gunna be
An ambulance arrives seconds later.


                       AMBULANCE MAN
      (Radioing in.)
We have a stab wound victim
requesting backup!
The ambulance workers load JACK onto a girty and put him in
the back of the ambulance.
      (Seeing blurriness
       and becoming
Mom? Where are you? Mom?
JACK is in a hospital bed hooked up to many monitors. His
chest is wrapped heavily with bandages as well as his head.
AUNT LILY is in the room waiting for him to wake up. JACK
suddenly stirs.
                       AUNT LILY
JACK! Wake up JACk can you hear
      (Still waking up)
AUNT LILY? Where am I?
                       AUNT LILY
Oh thank god your alive I was
worried sick! Your in hospital you
were jumped last night and stabbed
pretty badly.
DOCTOR MITCHELL walks into the room and over to JACK.
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
Your lucky to be alive son you
lost a lot of blood last night.
It's a miracle you made it
JACK looks at the doctor and then shuts his eyes.
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
He's going to need to stay here
for observation for at least a
week depending. He's still in
pretty bad shape.


                       AUNT LILY
Ok doctor. Thank you so much.
JACK is in the hospital bed sleeping. He wakes up to VINCE
standing over him.
Long time no see.
You just can't seem to stay out of
trouble. How long has it been?
Not long enough.
Oh comon JACK don't be so naive. I
pulled a lot strings getting your
prison sentence down to a year I
think you can treat me with a
little more respect.
Sorry, you're right.
So, how are you feeling?
Like there was a knife in my
HAHA that sounds like a pretty
shitty feeling. Here's some
Ibuprofen, I get the worst
headaches sometimes this shit
works miracles.
VINCE pulls out two red pills and gives them to JACK with a
cup of water. JACK looks at the pills and looks at VINCE.
      (In a sincere
I'm telling you they're gunna


JACK puts the two pills in his mouth and drinks the cup of
water and swallows.
There, much better. Are you sure
you don't need anything else?
Nah, I'll be fine the doc says I
should be out in less than a week
      (Fake smile.)
That's great! Now I know what you
said before about getting out of
the game but have you changed your
mind at all?
VINCE, I'm done this isn't the
life for me.
Fair enough.
VINCE starts to walk out of the room. He walks to the door
and shuts it. He then walks back up to JACK.
      (More serious)
I meant to ask you something.
Ask me what?
Well, I know what it's like in
jail. A lot of time for talking,
socializing, or what have you.
      (Still confused)
Yeah, so?
Well, you sayin your out of the
game and all and then being in
jail with those fuckin cops. You
say anything to them?


I didn't say anything.
      (Standing over
You sure you didn't say anything
to them?
      (Speaking louder.)
Yeah VINCE I'm sure! I wouldn't
pull that shit you know be better
than that.
I hope so. I like to think that I
can trust you. Can I trust you
VINCE, you can trust me!
HAHA aright JACK. I'll see you
See you.
VINCE walks to the hospital door, opens it, and walks out.
JACK looks at the clock it ready 1:33. He stares at it. He
coughs. The beep on his heart monitor speeds up rapidly. He
looks at the clock again it reads 1:3333. A doctor rushes
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
What is going on?!
JACK blacks out.
JACK is sleeping in his race car bed. He is 7 years old. It
is pouring rain outside and thundering. JACK wakes up to
the boom of thunder.


JACK's mother runs into JACK's room to comfort him. She
lays in his bed with him and hugs him.
Mommy I'm scawed!
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (Comforting JACK.)
Oh honey everything is okay it's
just thunder.
      (Pointing at a
       dark figure in
       the doorway)
Who's that?
                       JACK'S MOTHER
      (Looks up at the
Frank! Get the hell out of here
how many times have I told you not
come here!
                       JACK'S DAD
      (Very drunk and
                       JACK'S MOTHER
Stay here and close your eyes. I
love you.
JACK's mother gets out of bed and walks out towards FRANK.
She closes JACK's bedroom door behind her. JACK can hear
the yelling.
                       JACK'S MOTHER
Damn it FRANK! Your scarring JACK
get out of here.
Shows JACK in his bedroom listening to his mother being
beaten my FRANK.


                       JACK'S MOTHER
Two nurses and DOCTOR MITCHELL are standing around JACK in
his hospital bed waking up.
      (Still waking up.)
What happened?
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
      (Still in shock.)
We're not really sure. Are you
okay son?
JACK looks at the clock. It reads !:33.
Yeah, I'm fine.
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
You know you almost just died
again. Your heart stopped.
JACK looks up at the doctor again. It's KENT ADAMS.
      (Scared to death.)
I'm sorry I'm really sorry! PLease
I take it back. I was just so
angry. So confused. I thought
that would make me feel better
about everything when really it
only made things worse. I'm sorry
please forgive me!
      (In a calmer
Your mother loves you. Don't
disappoint her again.


                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
Charge it to three hundred CCs.
A charge of shock his JACK. He awakes in the hospital bed.
He is sweating a lot and has the face as if had had just
seen a ghost. DOCTOR MITCHELL is standing over him.
What happened?
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
It seems some kind of lethal
compound found it's way into your
blood stream. We stopped it from
reaching your heart just in time.
How did it get into my
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
We have no idea. Have you taken
anything in the past twenty-four
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
JACK remembers when VINCE gave him the red pills and what
would happen if he ratted him out.
Nope just had some water that's
                       DOCTOR MITCHELL
Hmm, strange. I want in her for
observation for another week.
JACK looks at the clock again. It reads 11:33. The doctor
walks out along with the other nurses and closes the door.
JACK gets out of bed just as they leave and unhooks himself
from all of the medical equipment. He then puts on the
clothes he had on before and tries to cover as much of the
blood stains he can with his jacket. He runs down the hall
and out s side door of the hospital. He gets on the subway
and gets to AUNT LILY's house. He takes out his car keys


from his pocket opens the door to his car which is parked on
the side of the house. He gets in and starts the car. He
drives to a nearby liquor store and parks his car. He walks
into the liquor store.
JACK walks into the store and walks up to the register. A
man is sitting on stool reading the bible.
                       LIQUOR STORE EMPLOYEE
Can I help you sir?
      (Still bandaged
                       LIQUOR STORE EMPLOYEE
Sir, you don't look so good are
you sure you should be drinking?
I'm fine. Get me your strongest
bottle of whiskey.
                       LIQUOR STORE EMPLOYEE
JACK DANIEL' is our best seller.
Sure, I'll take a fifth of JACK.
                       LIQUOR STORE EMPLOYEE
      (Scanning the
That'll be $18.72 please.
JACK takes out all of the money he has in his wallet. He
pulls out a twenty dollar bill which he is very surprised to
have and gives it to the clerk.
                       LIQUOR STORE EMPLOYEE
Thank you. Have a safe night.
JACK opens the door of the liquor store and walks out. It
begins to rain outside. He walks to his car and gets in. He
takes a long swig for the bottle of liquor and proceeds to
start the car. He drives out of the parking lot and onto
the street. He gets on the interstate and continuously
takes swigs from the bottle. He begins to speed on the
interstate getting up to 95. He takes his phone of his
pocket. He pushes through his contacts.


      (Saying to
Who could I call?
JACK passes over his mother name in his phone book.
      (Starting to get
JACK takes another swig from the bottle. He comes to HOPE's
name on his contact list.
      (Asking himself.)
HOPE? Well I think I need some
JACK dials HOPE's number on his phone. RING RING RING. HOPE
answers the phone.
HOPE is at BOSTON UNIVERSITY walking out of a classroom
towards her dorm.
      (Unsure tone.)
      (In a loud and
       drunken tone.)
HOPE, I'm pushing 110 on the
freeway. There's nothing left for
me in this life.
      (Shocked and stops
Who is this?! JACK is that you?
Back to JACK pulled over on the side of the road talking to


And that's how I got here.
      (In shock and
Oh my god!
Yeah, it's pretty bad right?
      (Still shocked.)
Pretty bad?! That story was
insane. Like JACK you poor thing.
You have been through so much!
I know it's been a tough year.
Well, killing yourself is not
going to make anything better.
I can't take living like this
anymore. I have nothing left.
JACK, go back to school, get your
GED you can do this I have faith
in you.
I don't know school hasn't ever
really been my thing.
      (Changing the
Are you still pulled over on the
side of the road?
Yeah, why?
You need to go back to the
hospital. You need rest.


      (Louder tone.)
I'm not going anywhere in this
city. There's people all over
looking for me. I can't stay here
and I have no idea who to trust. I
thought I could trust my own
blood, JOHN, or a friend of my
fathers, VINCE, but I guess I was
      (Louder tone.)
I need help HOPE!
I want to help you JOHN. How can
I think I really need to see you.
Your the only one I can talk to
about everything.
You want to come to Boston? JACK,
find a hotel room and sleep. Let's
talk in the morning. You really
need rest and really the last
thing you should be doing right
now is driving.
Yeah, you're probably right. I'll
call you in the morning if that's
Definitely! Goodnight JACK I'm
sorry about all this. Thing's
will workout.
I hope so, goodnight HOPE.
JACK gets back on the interstate and gets off at the next
exit. He sees a sign for a motel and pulls in. It is a
small two story motel on the outskirts of the city. JACK


parks his car in the parking lot and walks up to the door.
He opens the door and walks in.
The next morning JACK wakes up in the motel bed. He looks
at his cellphone and has four missed calls from AUNT LILY
and one from VINCE. He calls AUNT LILY. AUNT LILY picks
                       AUNT LILY
      (Speaking loud.)
JACK! Where the hell are you I've
been worried sick. I got a call
from the hospital saying that you
ran away last night?
I had to leave this is gunna sound
crazy but some people are trying
to kill me.
                       AUNT LILY
JACK, that's crazy. Who would try
to kill you.
I'm not naming any names but I'm
just telling you I'm not going
back to the hospital or back home.
I don't want to die.
                       AUNT LILY
JACK, you can trust me.
I know AUNT LILY and I do. I've
just been talking to this girl
HOPE about things. We used to go
to school together and she's
really helping a lot. Don't worry
about me just worry about
                       AUNT LILY
      (Being reassuring.)
Oh I'm fine JACK I'm worried about
you though.


I gotta go. I'll call back later.
                       AUNT LILY
JOHN is sitting in the kitchen next to where AUNT LILY was
on the phone with JACK.
      (Calm tone.)
Who was that?
                       AUNT LILY
Oh that was your cousin JACK.
                       AUNT LILY
Yes why?
No reason. Did he say where he
                       AUNT LILY
      (In a louder tone.)
What did he say?!
                       AUNT LILY
Don't raise your voice at me!
JOHN gets up from the table and put his hand around AUNT
LILY's neck.
Now you tell everything that
fucking kid said otherwise I will
kill you.


                       AUNT LILY
      (Very afraid.)
All he he he ssaid was he's been
telling everything to this girl.
What girl?!
                       AUNT LILY
      (Gasping for air.)
JOHN lets go of AUNT LILY. AUNT LILY gasps for air.
      (To AUNT LILY)
Don't tell anyone about this!
AUNT LILY runs out of the front of the house screaming.
                       AUNT LILY
      (Very scared and
VINCE happens to be walking toward the house at the same
time. He spots her and JOHN running after her. He pulls
out his knife and runs head on with her. He stabs her and
she dies immediately and he loads her into his car.
      (TO JOHN)
That'll shut her up.
VINCE, we need to talk.
What is it?
JACK's been talking to someone.
He's been telling her everything
about us and about our whole
operation. He's actually doing
it. We're in some deep shit.
      (Loud tone.)
Who's "her"?


Her name is HOPE.
Let's find this girl and use her
to bring JACK in.
I like it. Where do we find her
I'll make some calls. I'm sure
she went to his old stuck up high
school. We'll see where she is.
      (Laughing and
HAHA perfect!
VINCE calls the office of NEW YORK CITY HIGH SCHOOL. A
woman is in the office sitting at her desk. She answers the
                       WOMAN IN OFFICE
I help you?
      (In different
Well hello there. How are you
doing on this beautiful day?
                       WOMAN IN OFFICE
Oh I'm doing just fine. What can
I do for you?
Well I'm from the city and I'm
taking a poll what schools seniors
went to last year. I was
wondering if there anyway you
could help me out.


                       WOMAN IN OFFICE
Why certainly. Any specific
schools your interested in that
people went?
Any schools around the northeast
                       WOMAN IN OFFICE
Well, the best student we had
attends Boston University.
That's a great school! What might
her name be I'm also taking a poll
on who the best students are that
attend such prestigious schools.
                       WOMAN IN OFFICE
Oh that's nice. Her name
is...HOPE Reynolds.
What a beautiful name. Thank you
so much that's all I needed.
VINCE hangs up the phone. He calls JOHN.
The girl goes to BOSTON UNIVERSITY
and her name is HOPE REYNOLDS.
Let's get this girl!
VINCE, JOHN, ROB, and WILL get into they're black ESCALADE
SUV and drive to BOSTON UNIVERSITY. They arrive four hours
lady at the campus office. VINCE gets out of the car and
walks inside the office leaving the other three in the car.
He walks up to a woman at the front desk.
      (In a very
       friendly tone.)
Hi. I'm looking for a student
                       WOMAN IN FRONT DESK
Okay and who are you to the


I'm her uncle Eddy. It's kind of
a surprise I'm here that's why I'm
in here.
                       WOMAN IN FRONT DESK
Oh how nice of you.
                       WOMAN IN FRONT DESK
      (Typing on the
She is in the dorms right across
the quad and room 304.
Thank you so much.
                       WOMAN IN FRONT DESK
Not a problem. I hope she likes
the surprise.
Oh I'm she will just love it.
VINCE exits the office and walks back to the ESCALADE. He
opens the door and gets in.
      (Pointing to the
She's in those dorms over there.
ROOM 304.
They drive up to where the dorms are. JOHN gets out of the
car and walks into the dorm complex. He walks up the stairs
and acts like he is a kid that goes to Boston University. He
reaches room 304 and knocks on the door. KNOCK KNOCK.
      (Yelling from a
Be right there!
HOPE opens the door and looks at JOHN.


Who are you?
I'm Professor Ludwig from Harvard
Oh wow hello sorry I was a little
taken back.
Oh it is no problem. How would
you like to take a ride to my
office at the university and we
can review your portfolio for grad
school? I did hear that you were
interested in attending Harvard
for grad school.
      (Eyes lighten up.)
Yes! Very much so!
Let's go then!
HOPE and JOHN walk down the stairs of the dorm and walk
outside to where the car is.
      (Pointing to the
That's your car?
Why yes it is!
      (A little confused)
That's an odd car for a Harvard
professor to have.
HOPE gets in the car and is immediately gagged by WILL. JOHN
gets in the car.
That was way too easy. Let's go!


HOPE, JOHN, ROB, WILL, and VINCE, drive another four hours
back to NEW YORK. They park in the drive way of the gang
house. HOPE has been sleeping the entire time. They open
the doors and carry HOPE into the house. There are roughly
twenty gang members inside of the house at this time. They
carry HOPE to a room upstairs and lay her on the bed.
HOPE's cell phone rings. VINCE goes through HOPE's purse
and finds her phone. He looks at the caller I.D.. It
displays that JACK is calling her. Vince smiles and picks
up the phone.
Oh sorry I must have the wrong
HAHA I don't think you do.
      (Very confused
Who is this?
Why JACK, don't you recognize my
HAHA yes it is.
      (Freaking out.)
What the fuck?! Where did you get
this phone?!
I got it from HOPE of course.


      (Freaking out and
She's in a good place.
      (Freaking out even
What the fuck does that mean?!
      (Speaking calmly.)
JACK she's here. In New York. At
my place.
At your place? What?!
Yes JACK we picked her up and
brought her here.
Yes JACK we picked her up and
brought her here.
HOPE begins to wake up.
      (Looking at HOPE)
Oh wait she's waking up!
If you do anything to her I swear
to god!
      (Interrupting JACK)
Your gunna do what? Your not
gunna do shit.
      (Waking up and
       freaking out.)
Where am I?!


      (To HOPE)
Your here in NEW YORK. Nows the
time for your lover boy JACK to do
Oh my god! You're the guys he was
talking about!
That's us!
      (Angry voice.)
You son of a bitch! Let me go!
HAHA. Not a chance beautiful.
      (To JACK)
I wanna make a deal.
Your deals are shit I'm not gunna
trust you again.
JACK, your really all out of
options. I think this is the only
chance you've got.
What's the deal VINCE?
Your life for hers. Easy trade
and no strings attached.
      (Yelling into the
Don't do it JACK! You've been
through enough! You don't have to
do this!
      (Calmly now.)
I put her into this mess. I'm not
gunna live with that. Fine VINCE


                       JACK (cont'd)
you got it.
Where would you like to meet JACK?
      (Changing his mind)
Actually no, you can meet here.
I'm sick of chasing you all around
Oh and by the way I wondering how
those ibuprofen were?
HAHAHAHA. Serious shit right?
      (Serious tone.)
JACK hangs up the phone. He thinks to himself. He is still
in the motel room from the night before. He imagines what
his mother would want him to do in this situation. He puts
on his pants, shirt, socks, shoes, knowing that this would
be the last night he would be getting dressed in his
lifetime. He turns off the t.v. and packs up his things. He
makes the bed and walks out of the room. He then proceeds
to the front desk and checks out. He opens the door to the
outside world and closes his eyes from the blistering sun.
He proceeds to his car parked in the same spot in the
parking lot from the night before. He opens the door to the
car and gets in. He turns on the car and gets back on the
interstate. He drives knowing this will be his last drive.
He peaks out at the New York Skyline, knowing this will be
the last shot of it he will ever see. He drives on the
street where the gang house and thinks about his life. He
thinks about the last thing that his mother said to him and
seeing his mother the night before after school and how
happy she was. At last, he is in front of the gang house.
He opens the door to his car and gets out. He walks up to
the front door, takes a deep breath, and knocks. KNOCK
KNOCK KNOCK. JOHN opens the door with a smile on his face.
I can't believe you actually had
the balls to show up.


JACK doesn't say a word. He can sense that this is his
time. All twenty people in the gang house stare at JACK not
moving a muscle. JACK sees HOPE coming down the stairs.
Oh JACK! I love you for this.
HOPE hugs JACK and kisses him on the cheek.
I've always loved you HOPE. I'm
sorry this ever happened. I wish
I could go back to the day before
my mother died. I was so happy
with you and being your best
friend. I hate that I messed
everything up. But now, this is
my time to makeup for this.
      (Crying heavily.)
You're a hero and I will never
forget this.
I'm gunna miss you HOPE. You've
helped me so much and finally I am
at peace.
VINCE is standing at the top of the staircase looking at
JACK. HOPE finally runs out the front door and gets out of
the house.
      (Calm voice.)
Time to go JACK.
JACK looks around and takes a last look at a house he had
been so familiar with the year before. JACK walks up the
stairs and meets with VINCE at the top of the stairwell.
      (Calm tone.)
Let's go.
VINCE opens the door to one of the rooms in the hallway. He
leads JACK in. Inside, JACK sees JOHN, ROB, WILL, and two
other big men. He knows this is it. He knows this is the
last time he will the world in his shoes. VINCE walks in
behind JACK and closes the door behind him. Camera shows
outside of room and the door closing behind VINCE. The


closes softly. There is a short pause and then fades out
with eerie music.


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