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The New Kid
by Cade Bengert (cadebengert@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
One act multimedia play facing depression and suicide in teens.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


VIDEO: A teenager's bedroom is seen. It is a typical room,
messy, with walls covered in posters. A small bed is seen in
one corner. The computer is sitting on a desk, with BRIAN, a
teenage boy sitting in front of the webcam. He is an average
looking boy, unremarkable in every way. He has a backpack
slung over one shoulder. He speaks to the camera.
Well, here goes nothing. I guess
we can consider this Day One. Day
One of the new school. Day One of
my new life. I have decided that I
should document my senior year, so
that when I grow old, I can look
at this and laugh at how lame I
was as I entered my adulthood. So
here it goes: My name is Brian
Young. I am currently 17 years
old, and about to start my first
day at my new school in the new
town my dad got transferred to. He
got a new job with his company,
and we all had to move across the
country. My dad is working a lot,
and my mom is busy with my little
sister. I don't talk to them much.
I pass my time by writing poetry,
and playing on the internet. I
know no body at this school. I
have no idea what this school is
like. I have no clue if I will
even be in classes I like. I am
Brian Young and I am scared
VIDEO: Brian approaches the front entry of his new school.
Students laugh and joke with their friends.
POV Shot: Looking from group to group as students give him
looks of disapproval, like he is a foreigner who is not
welcome. Brian opens the front doors and walks in.

STAGE: Brian walks on from stage right, holding onto his
backpack strap, shoulders up and looking at the ground.
Students walk all around. Brian is overwhelmed and
disoriented. He gets lost in the crowd. The bell rings, and


seemingly instantly, the students all disappear, leaving
Brian lost and alone in the hall. A man walks up behind him
and places a hand on his shoulder. Brian turns to see MR.
                       MR. WEST
Lost there, man?
Brian nods nervously.
                       MR. WEST
You must be new. What's your name,
B-B-Brian Young... I'm new.
                       MR. WEST
      (shaking his hand)
Pleased to meet you, Brian. My
name is Mr. West. If I am not
mistaken, you were added to my
English class list. Follow me, its
just down the hall.
Brian hikes up his backpack and follows, eyes to the floor.
VIDEO: Classroom full of students yelling and laughing and
throwing things.

STAGE: Mr. West and Brian walk in.
                       MR. WEST
      (yelling over the
Alright, alright! Listen you
Mongol Horde!
      (the virtual class
       stops and faces
We have a new student. Everyone,
please meet Brian Young, expert
crowd navigator and classroom
      (winks at Brian)
VIDEO: The class is silent. A cough is heard in the


                       MR. WEST
      (to Brian)
You can just take a seat over
there, man.
STAGE: Brian walks off stage right. Mr. West's voice can be
heard in the background teaching.

VIDEO: Brian walks in and down the the line of desks. A
student sticks out his leg and trips Brian. He falls and the
class laughs. He stands up embarrassed, then sits in the
empty spot. Side shot of Brian in the desk. BRENT, another
boy across the isle, leans over.
Hey man, I'm Brent. Brent Howard.
Stick with me, and I'll show you
how to survive this hell hole.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
A school bell rings.
                                         FADE FROM BLACK
VIDEO: Shot down a hallway, kids walking towards the camera.
Brent and Brian are walking down the hall. Their voices are
heard clearly over the mumble of the crowd. Brent is eating
an apple while talking rather obnoxiously.
Welcome to Yurst Hummel Composite
High, or as we like to call it,
"Little India".
"Little India"?
Didn't you pay attention in
Social? Its a hierarchy man! The
football players and the slutty
cheerleaders: they are at the top.
The royalty of our fine little
nation. The floaters, those kids
who just coast their way through:
they are the middle class. No harm
to them or from them. Barely on


                       BRENT (cont'd)
the radar.
And what are we?
STAGE: Brent and Brian walk under the screen and onto the
We are the lowest of the low, my
friend. Scum of the earth. We are
on the radar, but only so they can
avoid us. We-
      (throws the apple
       to Brian)
We are Untouchables, mate.
Brent and Brian walk off stage right.
VIDEO: Brent and Brian walk on screen by the lockers. Camera
follows them while they walk.
A few words to the wise: School
dances should be avoided. I don't
care how sick your moves are; no
body goes to dances. The upstairs
bathroom is off limits. Its where
everyone goes to smoke. Oh, and
one more thing-
VIDEO: Suddenly, Brian is slammed into the lockers by a
large boy. Camera turns to see CHARLES, a football player
who is considerably bigger than everyone else.
      (yells back at him)
Get out of my way, freak!
VIDEO: Camera turns back to Brian who is still against the
That is Charles Gable. Captain of
the football team. He owns this
school, but he's a sick son of a
bitch. His parents split up when
he was a kid, and he has been
warped ever since. Stay out of his
way, or he will frickn' kill you.
Come on, I'll show you the


                       BRENT (cont'd)
Brian looks down the hall still upset.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
VIDEO: Brian is recording another video blog. He is reading
poetry from his notebook.
Cold white walls,
The bleak landscape is the perfect
backdrop for murder.
The blood of the thin victim,
Lay spilled upon the blank canvas.
No one saw.
No one heard.
No one cared.
But all understood the message

VIDEO: Brian sighs and tosses his notebook to the bed, then
looks at the camera, not speaking for a time.
Charles Gable. As soon as I walked
into that school, he had it out
for me. It's going to be a long
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE FROM BLACK
VIDEO: Brian and Brent sit in their desks. Brent is staring
out the window, and Brian is taking notes. Mr. West's voice
drowns in the background about symbolism.
POV Shot: Brian's focus is on his notes and Mr. West, until
he notices CAITLYN, a pretty girl sitting across the room.
Regular shot: Brent notices Brian's staring.
Take a picture man, it will last


                       BRENT (cont'd)
Shut up man...
Got a thing for Caitlyn Brown, do
we? Might wanna be careful. Its
only been a week, mate, hate to
see you killed by Charles already.
Why would he kill me?
That's his girl.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
School bell rings in the dark.
Lights come up.

STAGE: Students enter stage left, Caitlyn coming on last.
Caitlyn turns to look, as Brian walks on stage.
Umm, do I know you?
Yea! Well, no. I am in your
English class.
Oh, yea, right. The new kid...
Byron, is it?
Brian. My name is Brian.
Yea. So, uh, I was wondering...


Charles walks on and sees Brian talking to his girlfriend.
He walks over and grabs him by the collar lifting him up.
What the hell do you think you are
doing talking to my girl?
I-I-I'm sorry...
      (mockings Brian's
Y-y-y-you're sorry? Well that's
t-t-t-too bad! I'm gonna knock
y-y-y-y-your head off!
Charles! Put him down!
Mr. West enters stage left.
                       MR. WEST
Is there a problem here?
      (putting Brian
No, Mr. West. None at all.
                       MR. WEST
Now, Mr. Gable, I'm pretty sure we
have talked about this. A
neanderthal sized brain does not
give one the right to push around
those smaller than you.
Charles looks confused, trying to understand what Mr. West
had just said.
                       MR. WEST
My point exactly. Everyone, go to
your next class!
      (Brian turns to
Not you, Brian. Can I talk to you
for a bit?
Brian slowly nods and follows the teacher back into the


VIDEO: Mr. West and Brian walk into the classroom. Mr. West
sits on his desk and motions for Brian to sit on another
                       MR. WEST
So, do you and Mr. Gable there
have a problem?
FLASHBACK: Charles beating up Brian, pushing him into
lockers, Brent's voice saying, "He'll kill you..."

      (shaking his head
       and speaking low)
No, Mr. West.
                       MR. WEST
      (pauses then
You are sure?
                       MR. WEST
Alright... I'm here if you need
Brian nods and leaves. Mr. West watches him go.
STAGE: Brian enters stage left. Brent comes running in stage
Dude! What happened, man? I heard
you almost got murdered!
Yea, by Charles. Where were you?
I tried to take a short cut to my
next class. Sorry, man.


So you ditched me? I barely know
my way around the school yet.
I know. Sorry, man. It won't
happen again. I promise. Scout's
honour or some shit.
Brent puts his hand up in a mock Scout's salute with a
cheesy grin on his face.
Alright man. Just, just help me
get to my next class.
Alright, mate.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
VIDEO BLOG: Brian is reading from his notebook.
The fairest maiden,
In all the land,
With golden hair,
And gentle hand.
The dew that drips,
From her lips,
Those crimson lips,
I long to kiss.
But I cannot,
'Tis not my role,
For she is protected,
      (angrily throws
       his notebook
       across the room)
Brian sits with his head in his hands in silence for a
moment. He looks up at the camera. He looks exhausted.
Brian turns off camera.
                                         TO BLACK


VIDEO: A calendar flipping from September through to
December, then fade to black. Fade back up to show Brian in
his room on his webcam. He is pale and thin, like he has
lost a lot of sleep.
I, uh, I haven't done a video in a
few weeks. Didn't see the point.
Nothing changed. Still getting
beat up daily by Charles. Still
can't get Caitlyn to look at me.
Grades still suck. I still suck.
Untouchable for life.
      (sighs and pauses,
Whatever. Maybe Christmas will
bring some change...
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE UP
VIDEO: In a class room, Mr. West is at the front, reciting
                       MR. WEST
To be, or not to be--that is the
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to
The slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of
And by opposing end them. To die,
to sleep--
No more--and by a sleep to say we
The heartache, and the thousand
natural shocks
That flesh is heir to. 'Tis a
Devoutly to be wished. To die, to
The bell rings and cuts him off, as students stand and
                       MR. WEST
      (yelling over the
Alright, I want you all to have
the first ten lines of Hamlet's


                       MR. WEST (cont'd)
Soliloquy memorized for tomorrow!
It's a great piece, guys!
Mr. West turns to see Brian is still in his seat, staring
out the window. Mr. West approaches Brian.
                       MR. WEST
Ah, what light through yonder
window breaks?
      (startled for a
Oh, Mr. West. Sorry, must not have
heard the bell. Wait, isn't that
from "The Tempest"? I thought we
were studying "Hamlet"?
                       MR. WEST
      (sitting down on a
       desk by Brian)
Actually it is "Romeo and Juliet",
but I'll give you points for
trying. How you doing, man? You
seem run down lately.
Just... haven't been sleeping well
                       MR. WEST
You sure that is it?
Yea... I'm sure Mr. West.
                       MR. WEST
Alright. Have a good day, Brian.
Brian stands up and leaves, his notebook under his arm.

STAGE: Brian enters stage left. Charles enters stage right.
Hey, shithead! Whatcha got there?
      (snatches Brian's
Looks like a diary to me!
      (reaching for it)
Charles, give it back!


      (reading from the
"The sky,
Bleak and desolate,
An unpainted landscape,
An open sea of depression and
Open for the taking.
But would you take it?"
      (laughs while
       tearing out a
What the hell? I thought only gays
wrote poetry. You gay there,
      (getting angry)
Dammit, Charles! Give me my shit
      (suddenly hostile
       and grabs Brian
       by the throat)
You know what, Brian? I'll give it
back. One. Page. At. A time.
      (drops him)
See ya, 'round.
Charles turns to leave.

VIDEO: Black and white shot for Mr. West reciting
Shakespeare in class.
                       MR. WEST
      (in the video)
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to
The slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of
And by opposing end them
STAGE: Brian stands up and turns to Charles.
      (fists tight)
Hey, asshole!
Charles stops in his tracks and turns to look at Brian.


What did you say?
You heard me! You think you are so
tough, cause you are bigger than
me? You are nothing but a scared
little boy, crying for his mommy!
Boohoo! Well guess what? Your mom
left your dad cause she could bare
to see her fuck-up son anymore!
Charles is silent and walks up to Brian slowly.
      (through gritted
Wrong move, freak.
Charles punches Brian in the face, and Brian collapses in a
heap on the ground. Charles walks off while Brian clutches
his face in pain. Brent walks on stage and sees Brian. He
runs to his friend's side.
Holy shit, man! What happened?
      (pushing Brent
Leave me alone!
      (stops, confused)
Brian... I'm trying to help, mate.
      (looks up at him
Know what, MATE? If you were my
friend, you would have been here
to help me when I needed it! Where
the hell were you, eh? Where the
hell were you?
      (pauses unsure
       what to say)
Dude... I-


      (cuts him off)
No. No more "dude"s. No more
"mate"s. If you were any of those,
you would have been there for me
when I was getting the shit kicked
out of me!
Brent stands up silently and pauses for a moment.
Know what, Brian? Fuck you.
Brent walks off.
      (yelling after him)
Yea, you walk away! I don't need
you! Merry fucking Christmas!
Brian collapses, crying.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
VIDEO BLOG: Brian is sitting there silently. He has
obviously been crying.
I do though... I do need him...
Now I really am alone...
                                         SLOW FADE OUT
STAGE: Students fill the hallway. Charles is leaning against
the lockers with Caitlyn under his arm. Brent is speaking
with other students. Brian walks in wearing a long sleeved
T-shirt and black jeans. He looks as though he hasn't slept
in days.He walks up to Charles but his gaze remains low.
Charles... can I please have my
notebook back?


      (pretending not to
       have heard)
What's that pipsqueak? I didn't
quite catch that.
      (only slightly
Can I have my notebook back,
I thought we had an agreement that
you would get one page back at a
time, my good sir.
Please, Charles... Just give it
      (pulling a folded
       piece of paper
       from his pocket)
Well, I suppose I could give you
one page now...
      (clears his throat)
Excuse me ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the first every Yurst
Hummel Composite High School
Poetry Corner! Our first piece is
a poem by our very own Brian
Young! It is entitled, "Caitlyn".
Please.. don't do this Charles...
Caitlyn looks on confused, while Charles just smirks and
clears his throat again. Students come in closer to hear.
Brent makes eye contact with Brian, then turns away and
"If I were to compare you to
It could not be the sun,
For your beauty does more than
brighten my day,
When my way, I see you come.



                       CHARLES (cont'd)
It could not be the flower,
For your smile holds far more

It could not be the sky,
For your blues eyes are too deep
for even I.

You are beautiful, fairest lady,
In my religion, you are my only
Charles and the other student's laugh loudly, as Caitlyn
stands silent. Brian stares at the floor, too embarressed to
move, then runs off.

VIDEO: Brian runs down the hall, and into the washroom.
Brian rolls up his sleeve to reveal a series of fresh cuts
on his wrist and forearm. He cries as he pulls a knife from
his pocket and adds a few more.
                                         SLOW FADE OUT
STAGE: Brian is sitting in the hallway writing in a new
notebook. He writes. He looks at what he has written. He
tears it out and crumples it up. Caitlyn enters quietly. She
holds a crumpled piece of paper in one hand, and Brian's
notebook in the other.
      (looks up shyly)
Oh... hi...
      (hands back the
I got Charles to give it back.
Sorry he took it.
      (averting his eyes)
It's fine... thanks...
Caitlyn is silent for awhile, then sits beside him.


I really did like your poem by the
way. It was sweet...
Look, umm... I'll tell Charles to
lay off, and if you need anything,
I'm here okay?
Alright... see you around then.
Caityln stands up and exits. Brian picks up his old notebook
and turns to a marked page.

VIDEO: Over the shoulder shot of the notebook. A sticky note
is inside labelled "This is my favorite".
      (voice over)
Why do we let our chains us down?
Why do we allow ourselves to
become victim,
To the chains we have created?
We are caged birds,
Silently swearing at ourselves,
For our containment.
Break free,
Spread your wings,
For the world was never seen,
From within a cage."
STAGE: Fade to black.

VIDEO: Fade to Brian's video blog. Brian is in front of the
camera with notebook in hand.
That was her favorite. Charles is
her cage...
What am I gonna do?...
Puts his head in his hands and sighs.


                                         FADE TO BLACK
STAGE: Students all about. Brian enters stage right. Kids
whisper and stare a him. Brian just hunches his shoulders
and keeps walking. Mr. West enters and sees Brian.
                       MR. WEST
Hey, Brian! Can I talk to you for
a bit?
Brian nods and follows him off stage left.

VIDEO: Mr. West and Brian enter the classroom. Mr. West
motions for Brian to take a seat.
                       MR. WEST
Brian... I'm worried about you.
You haven't been yourself lately.
You are pale, you have lost a lot
of weight, you aren't handing
things in, you are sleeping in
class. Talk to me, man. What's
going on?
      (looks to the
Nothing... I'm fine...
                       MR. WEST
Don't give me that, Brian. I know
you aren't fine. I want to talk to
you and make sure you aren't going
to hurt yourself.
Brian looks up at him silently.
                       MR. WEST
Brian. Talk to me, or I will call
your parents.
      (eyes to the
       ground again)
I'm... just stressed out. I'm
having trouble in school, my dad's
new job isn't going well, some
kids are bugging me... It's not a
big deal...


                       MR. WEST
Which kids are picking on you?
It doesn't matter... It's nothing
I can't handle.
                       MR. WEST
Okay... As far as school, I am in
here every lunch period. You can
always come in for extra help.
Okay... Thanks.
The school bell rings. ON STAGE, the students leave. ON
SCREEN, Brian stands and leaves.
                                         FADE OUT
STAGE: Caitlyn is sitting in the hall where Brian was
before. She is sitting with her knees up and is crying
softly. Brian enters stage left and sees her.
Caitlyn, whats wrong?
      (between sobs)
Charles dumped me...
      (sitting beside
Oh wow... I'm so sorry... Why?
      (looking at him)
Because of you...
Yea, he said that since I stood up
for you, I must have a thing for
you, and that he could never be


                       CAITLYN (cont'd)
with a girl who could have a thing
for a freak...
Oh... Caitlyn, I'm-
      (cutting him off)
No, no, it's fine... its fine... I
should have know talking to
someone like you would make him
      (taken aback)
Someone... like me?
You know... an Untouchable...
      (stands up and
       turns away)
Brian, I didn't... I don't...
No... whatever... see ya...
Brian silently leaves stage right.

VIDEO: Close up of Brian's face as he leaves. He is crying
VIDEO BLOG: Brian has his laptop on his lap. It is dark
except for the glow of the screen.
I can't do this anymore... I
just... I just can't deal... I'm
sorry... I'm sorry mom and dad...
this isn't your fault... I'm sorry
Brent... I shouldn't have yelled
at you... you were the only friend
I had here... I'm sorry,
Caitlyn... I'm sorry for
everything... Charles... I don't


                       BRIAN (cont'd)
blame you... This is all my
fault... Mr. West... You almost
saved me... thanks for being the
only one who tried... Goodbye...
VIDEO: Screen blinks out.

STAGE: Low light comes up to see Brian.He is standing on a
stool, with a rope around his neck. He is crying.
Well... here goes nothing...
Brian falls off the stool.
                                         TO BLACK
Spotlight up on each person as they speak, then back down
after they finish.
                       MR. WEST
      (trying to stay
Brian... Brian was a good kid... I
can remember his first day here...
He... he was so nervous... I
tried... *cough* I tried to help
him... I'll remember him
forever... Rest in peace, man...
Brian my best friend, you know...
I should have been there for
him... I should have been there
for him... Goodbye, mate...
He was a sweet boy... He really
cared about people... I didn't
mean to be so mean... He deserved
better than this... I'm sorry,
      (soft and numb)
I killed him... He never did
anything to me... and I killed
him... I'm so sorry...
      (breaks into tears)
I'm so sorry... I didn't mean
to... I didn't mean for... Oh my


                       CHARLES (cont'd)
Spotlight back up on each person as Brian's voice over talks
about them.
      (voice over)
Mr. West continued to teach. His
classes weren't as fun though. He
lost a lot of his sparkling
personality after I died. He did
keep a copy of one of my poems on
his board from then on, though.

Brent graduated high school that
year, but only barely. His marks
weren't that great before, but
after my death, he couldn't
concentrate, and they fell even
further. He went to college, and
met the love of his life. He is
now a foreman for a construction
company, and is happily married.
This past week, he celebrated the
fourth birthday of his son, Brian
Curtis Howard.

Caitlyn was put into the hospital
after my death. She was so upset
that she refused to eat, and had
to be kept under constant watch.
She is now doing well and is
healthy. She was married, but got
divorced after her husband
couldn't take anymore of Caitlyn's
nightmares. She still has dreams
of me, and can't seem to forgive
herself for what her last words to
me were.

Charles was taken over by guilt.
He never bullied again, but had to
drop out of school because he
couldn't bare to see the faces of
all the people that knew he had
caused my death. He started
drinking more and more. He is now
an alcoholic, and works as a
janitor at Yurst Hummel Composite
High School.
                                         FADE OUT


Slow fade up spotlight on the stool lying on the ground, and
the rope hanging from the ceiling.
      (voice over)
It's sad to think that I had to
die for people to realize how
valuable my life was. It's more
sad that it took the loss of a
teenager's life for people to
change and treat each other right.
I could have been saved. I didn't
have to die. But I did. Now I'm
gone forever...
                                         FADE OUT


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From Lacie Date 7/8/2012 ****
Oh My god! this is so sad! but so good! it kinda reminds Me of a line in the band perrys "if I die young" a penny for My thoughts, oh no. I could sell them for a dollar. They'll be worth more, after I'm a goner. and mayby then You'll hear the words I've been singing, it's funny when You're dead how people start listening.

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