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Eight Blind Wolves
by Haleigh Cohen (linedwithcharcoal@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Follow the Wolf Pack as they travel through 2060s Europe in hopes of overthrowing the tyrannous English emperor James Rahler. On the way, they make some friends and enemies, and discover the true meaning of love and loss.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       MARIETTE (V.O)
A long time ago, there was a
beautiful country named France.
Strong and proud, its people
refused to forsake their heritage,
even when the English invaded and
took their home away, destroying
it until there was nothing left.
                                         CUT TO
LAURINE HAVA, 11, leans over a dead man, woman, two young
boys, and a female infant.
                       MARIETTE (V.O.)
Among the survivors was a woman
named Laurine. She was alone, her
family murdered due to a raid
meant to migrate them further
north to Grenoble. Scared and
young, when a woman recruited her
into a prostitution house, she had
no idea what she was getting
herself into, only that she now
had a place to live and people
whom she knew.
                                         CUT TO
Laurine, 12, in bed with a man, looking sick and much older
than her actual age.
                                         CUT TO


A pregnant Laurine, 13, lies in bed with a painful look on
her face as a DOCTOR standing by her bed looks upon her with
pity as she gives birth.
                       MARIETTE (V.O.)
Two years of nightmares later, she
gave birth to a beautiful baby
boy, who she named Aurélien, which
means "gold." Between her need to
support herself, her son, and the
sick addiction she had developed,
she stayed a part of the
prostitution house, resulting in
another baby four years later.
This one was a girl, whom she
named Mariette, which means, "sea
of bitterness."
                                         CUT TO
AURELIEN HAVA, 6, and MARIETTE HAVA, 2, hide in a closet,
watching while Laurine is in bed with a strange man.
                                         FADE TO
Aurélien, 10 and Mariette, 6, hide in the same closet, still
watching while Laurine is in the same bed with a different
                       MARIETTE (V.O.)
Laurine, being only thirteen years
apart from her son and seventeen
years apart from her daughter, was
more of a sibling to them, and was
virtually not there to raise them.
By that time, she had become
consumed by the prostitution house
in both body and mind. Addicted to
the terror that was prostitution.
                                         FADE OUT


                       MARIETTE (V.O.)
I believe that's what killed her.
Two FRENCHMEN stand in front of a shop. They are fighting
with one another.
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
Brűle en enfer, Rahler, for what
you have done to this city! And to
                       SECOND FRENCHMAN
I would rather you burn! You
destroyed my shop, enculé!
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
I have destroyed nothing that is
yours! You should thank me. This
piece of shit empire has given us
nothing but cheap, worthless
charity! That shop was granted to
you so that you might make money
for that faceless bastard hundreds
of miles away!
                                         CUT TO
NICHOLAI IVANOV, 20, quietly walks through the mob-infested
streets of the French side with his head down, and
approaches the two fighting Frenchmen.
                                         CUT TO
                       SECOND FRENCHMAN
      (punches first
C'est magasin, c'étais pour ma
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
      (spits at the
       other man's feet)
A piss-poor family still, no


                       FIRST FRENCHMAN (cont'd)
      (sees Nicholai and
       grabs hold of his
You, boy! Explain to this little
prick how stupid he is! Eh?
Nicholai opens his mouth, but says nothing.
                       SECOND FRENCHMAN
See? I am not the idiot here. You
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
      (shakes Nicholai
       in a frustrated
Boy! Ane! Are you fucking mute?
      (speaks slowly and
       reveals a thick
       Russian accent)
I believe that you should
compensate this man for the loss
you have caused him.
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
      (releases Nicholai
       in surprise)
Fils de chienne! He's a Russian!
      (draws a pistol
       from his belt and
You're going to be sorry you ever
crossed over into this part of
                       SECOND FRENCHMAN
What's a Russian doing here?


Nicholai backs away from the Frenchman, but is accidentally
pushed forwards towards him by someone running past, and
falls to his knees.
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
My wife was murdered by a Russian
in this very city two years ago.
      (smirks and aims
       the pistol an
Consider this compensation.

                       MARIETTE (O.S.)
Arrętez, ne tirez pas c'est idiot.
He's with me.
                       SECOND FRENCHMAN
Just let the boy go.
                       FIRST FRENCHMAN
      (shoves Nicholai
       in Mariette's
Fine. Take this damn Russian
garbage with you.
      (turns and walks
       away, not once
       looking at
Let's go. I have places to be and
things to do.
I can see you staring. Didn't
anybody ever tell you that's rude?
      (trips over
       himself following
       her and speaks


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
I did not ask you to save me,
But I did not have to save you,
either. I could have very well
just watched as you were shot to
pieces by those men.
      (stops walking and
       turns around,
       looking him full
       in the face for
       the first time)
What were you doing in French
      (struck by her
What is your name?
      (turns around and
       continues down
       the street)
Wouldn't you like to know?
So cold! You wound me with your
cruel, cruel words. If you will
not tell me your name, then I will
not tell you why I am here.
Then be gone, Russian boy. I have
no use for you. There is somewhere
I have to be.
      (spots a bouquet
       of flowers in her
Aha, I see.
      (feighns a swoon)
A romantic? Off to see her


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
forbidden love? In Russia, it's
the man who brings the flowers...
unless of course! You're not a
woman at all?
Mariette stops walking and turns to Nicholai, fury in her
Combien grossier! I see you're no
gentleman yourself, for you dare
insult a lady like you do.
      (avoids his gaze)
All men are scum.
      (meeting his eyes)
If you have no more business with
me, please feel free to leave.
It's a shame you feel that way.
Now, will you not give me a lovely
name to go along with that
beautiful face?
Nicholai and Mariette begin walking side by side.
Beautiful, you say? Your words are
heavy with lies.
Would I lie?
      (taken aback)
Work for my name, then, if you
I don't mind a challenge.
Nicholai and Mariette come to a halt by a tree, a cemetery
in the background.


Wait right here.
The small cemetery is littered with half tombstones, a few
trees skirting the very edges of it. MARIETTE approaches a
headstone labeled LAURINE HAVA, 2021-2057, and kneels in
front of it.
Salut, madre.
Nicholai, leans against a tree, glances over his shoulder
every so often and shivers, muttering broken phrases under
his breath.
I always did hate these places.
Every year I tell you how lucky
you were to escape from this
earth. Every year I believe it
more and more.
      (runs her fingers
       over the petals
       of the flowers)
It's been five years now. It feels
like I've lost a sister. Aurélien,
even though he was unable to make
it, misses you still.
      (a few tears run
       down her face)


Nicholai, approaches the cemetery gate, searching for
There's a strange man waiting for
me outside, so I should go soon.
He won't leave me alone.
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
      (steps into view)
Do you really think I'm a strange
man? We've already known each
other for fifteen minutes.
Come here.
Nicholai walks quietly over to the grave and kneels beside
her. Mariette places the flowers in front of the headstone.
She was so young when she died.
It happens all too often now.
This genocide's been going on for
far too long.
Sometimes I sit and wonder... has
God abandoned us?
      (reads the name on
       the stone)
Who was she?


      (laughs in a
       delicate tone)
Who else would it be? My mother.
I'm sorry.
Don't be. Hasn't everybody living
at this time lost a parent?
      (turns her head
       and looks closely
       at him)
Who did you lose?
My own mother. Thankfully, I still
have my father. We've gone a long
while without her.
I never knew my father. It's
probably better that way.
      (stands up and
       offers her hand)
Enough of this. We both should be
heading home.
      (accepts her hand)
I should walk you home.
Are you daft?
Excuse me?


Did you not almost lose your life
once today for being on the French
side? Do you have a death wish?
You are an inconvenience, Russian
Don't worry, Frenchie. I'll be as
mute as I can be.
Close up on a wooden door, attached to a small cottage. A
hand is seen knocking three times.
The cottage is barely standing, with the paint peeling and
the foundation crumbling, but it seems to maintain a
welcoming aura.
      (opens the door,
Who is it at this ungodly hour?
Nicholai, standing there with a wide smile on his face, lets
it fade quickly.
Oh. Hi.
Aurélien's face begins to contort in anger as he recognizes


Aurélien leans against the door frame, crosses his arms, and
narrows his eyes.
You're the Russian brat who looted
that French store last month. The
one I almost beat to death.
      (thinks for a
No, nope. Not me.
The owner was a close friend of
mine. His wife was killed, and he
committed suicide two weeks ago.
Nicholai looks a bit guilty, but ignores him and looks past
him into the cottage.
So, can I come in?
Aurélien looks at Nicholai incredulously.
Why are you even here?
      (starts forward
Give me five reasons why I
shouldn't just kill you now.
Ah. Well, I'm just here for a
Aurélien grabs Nicholai by the collar and slams him into the
side of the cottage.


What do you want with her?
      (punches Nicholai)
What have you done to my sister?
Mariette appears in the doorway and pulls them away from
each other.
Control yourself, brother, please!
      (advances on her)
I thought you left this lifestyle
behind. This is what killed Maman,
and it will kill you, too.
I did.
       suddenly, looks
       in Mariette's
       direction and
       blushes lightly)
You're a-
Mariette forcefully puts her hand over Nicholai's mouth,
effectively silencing him, then grabs him by the elbow and
leads him away with an angry look at Aurélien.
Mariette stops walking. Nicholai leans again a tree, rubbing
his eyes.
Say one more word. I dare you.
P-prostitute. You're a prostitute.


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
I'm not.
Or you were, at one time in your
I work at a pub. Two completely
different things.
How long did you keep that up? And
that brother of yours.
I could have died today. Again.
What are you even doing here?
You must tell me your name now.
Come on.
Mariette stares at Nicholai in disbelief.
Alright, I get it.
How would you like to come to
dinner with me?
It's the least I can do, yes?
You've saved my life twice in the
past twenty-four hours, and I
don't even know your name. My
father told me to extend you an
invitation for dinner tonight.


      (pauses, then
You risked your life, again-- just
to ask me to dinner?
Yeah, pretty much.
Mariette hesitates, the barest hint of a smile on her face
before it fades, then rolls her eyes and walks away.
Go home, Russian boy.
So I'll be picking you up at
seven, then?
If you're still alive.
Nicholai stands outside of the cottage dressed as smartly as
he can- a simple black suit with a few tears here and there.
He knocks on the door, feeling unusually nervous.
Aurélien answers the door, much to Nicholai's disdain.
Oh. You.
Yeah, it's me. Hello. I'm great,
thanks for asking, how are you
this evening?
Please, just stop.
Is she here?


You don't even know her name, do
      (blushes and
Not my fault.
She's a bit tough, if you hadn't
Yeah, I picked up on that bit
      (calls into the
      (looks back to
If you keep coming over here
you're going to get yourself
                       MARIETTE (O.S.)
Lay one finger on her and I'll
fucking kill you. You have no idea
what she's been through.
      (leans forward)
You're not taking her away from
Point taken.
Mariette comes into view, and Nicholai cannot take his eyes
off her. Aurélien gives her a small smile, and then focuses
his attention back to Nicholai.


I'm sure the sun took the rest of
the day off just to lend all the
sunlight in the world to you.
I see you're still alive, then.
You look beautiful, as usual.
Nicholai and Mariette turn to leave. Nicholai turns to catch
Aurélien's look of disdain and anger.
You're dead!
Mariette and Nicholai approach Nicholai's house, the sun
beginning to slide down the sky in the background.
I'm not too sure about this.
You're not backing out on me now,
are you? After you walked all this
      (grabs her hand)
I think you and my sister will get
along well. She doesn't leave the
house much. Poor girl, there's
very little for her to do here.
      (looks at their
Why's that?


She's blind.
I'm sorry.
She wasn't always blind. It
happened when we left Russia.
How old is she?
How old are you?
      (looks at her
I'm twenty.
Nicholai opens the door, and Mariette follows him inside to
the main room to see LEON IVANOV, a few inches shorter and a
head of hair grayer than Nicholai sitting in a chair as he
watches the door impatiently.
Nicholai! Where have you been?
I've been worried sick with all
this news about the mine
explosions and the riots.
      (spots Mariette)
Is this her?
Mariette steps closer to Nicholai nervously.
It was very risky, bringing her
      (moves towards a
       door in the far


                       LEON (cont'd)
       corner of the
       small room and
       knocks quietly)
Zoya, please join us for supper.
                       ZOYA (O.S.)
Yes, Papa.
ZOYA IVANOVA, a pretty girl with dark red hair and eyes a
very pale blue, opens the door and steps into view.
Please, sit.
Leon, Zoya, and Mariette sit at a small table in a side
room, decorated with a simple tablecloth. Nicholai
disappears and reappears with a few plates of food.
Thank you.
So, miss. What is it that you do
for a living?
I'm a waitress.
At what kind of restaurant?
Mariette focuses on her plate, a bit embarrassed.
Father, please.
It's just a small restaurant near
the dividing line.
It's a pub, isn't it?


Zoya! Stop it!
What did I do?
Nicholai here works in the mines,
through thankfully he decided to
be a hardhead and skip work
yesterday. And today.
      (a smile plays at
       her lips)
Thankfully? He still almost died.
I still don't know what he was
doing there yesterday. He was very
nearly shot when I saw him.
Yes, but see? Everything is fine
I've told you a thousand times not
to go into the French district, or
at least not alone. Do you see
what happens? How many times did
you say you almost died yesterday?
      (speaks through
       gritted teeth)


I apologize, the second time was
my brother.
Leon cradles his head in his hands, then runs his fingers
through his hair and looks back up at Nicholai.
Did you not stop to think what
would happen to your sister if you
were to die?
Maybe I should go.
Father, this is not the time.
Please, Papa, don't bring me into
I want you to leave the mines! It
is too dangerous! Without you we
shall starve!
Whether I leave the mines or die
within them, we shall starve
either way!
We would rather starve with you
than without you.
Please, Nicho.
No! I'll stay, and that's the end
of it! At least there I have some
measure of dignity! Maryksa works
for hardly anything at that
Italian bastard's shop. He treats
her like trash! I'm surprised
Dimitri and Josef haven't beaten


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
the living hell out of him!
Calm down. Please, son.
Zoya suddenly stands up, and all eyes turn to her. She
speaks quietly.
If you would excuse me.
Zoya exits.
How does she walk around without
any help?
      (half- smiles)
She's very talented.
Excuse me.
Nicholai catches up with Zoya and grabs her hand. Zoya turns
around and gives Nicholai a hurt look.
Zoya, stop this. Please.
Stop what? Worrying about you?
Caring about you and keeping quiet
about it? You have so much that I
don't have.
Nicholai remains silent, and Zoya takes in a breath.


Your health. You have your health,
Nicholai. Do you know how much I'd
love to live a normal life and
help earn bread for this family?
What? Do you care at all that I
haven't been able to see anything
in years?
I'm sorry. Baby sister, I forget
the most important things so
You take so much for granted. Why
do you constantly put yourself in
danger all the time? It's like you
push everyone else's feelings
I'm sorry.
Sometimes I feel like you're all I
have. And if I lose you... Papa
has his own reasons for wanting
you to leave the mines, and even
though mine are selfish, I want
you to be by my side for as long
as God is willing.
Nicholai pulls Zoya into a tight embrace and breathes in the
scent of her hair as a tear falls down his cheek.
I promise, I'll be here as long as
I can.
Zoya pulls away, eyes blank.


Good night, Nicholai.
Zoya exits.
Mariette and Leon enter nervously.
I should apologize for the way I
acted tonight.
It doesn't matter now.
I think I should get going.
It must be getting late anyways.
Would you like me to walk you
There is no need.
It's not safe for you to be
walking outside alone at this time
of day. At least let him walk you
to the dividing line.
Alright, then. Thank you for your
      (holds out his
Shall we?
Nicholai wakes to heavy knocking on the front door.


Ey, calm down! The door is about
to fall off its hinges as it is!
      (opens the door)
What is this? What's happened?
Three OFFICERS stand outside the house. A first one smirks
as a second one pushes past him into the house.
                       FIRST OFFICER
Everyone in this house has been
sentenced to death as traitors to
the crown.
A third officer grabs Nicholai by his arm and drags him
outside and forces him to his knees.
      (appears in the
Release my son! We have done
nothing to betray Rahler!
The first officer forces Leon outside into the same position
as Nicholai as the second officer returns with Zoya. He
pushes her to the ground as well.
You son of a bitch! Release us!
                       SECOND OFFICER
Shut up, old man.
The second officer aims a pistol at Leon's forehead.
The second officer laughs. Leon spits on his boots.
A loud BANG is heard as the second officer shoots Leon.


Leon collapses, dead.
      (looks at officer)
I'll kill you for what you've
      (fights against
       the grip of the
       third officer)
I'll kill you!
      (fights off tears)
Just kill me, my God.
The first and second officers are suddenly shot in the back
of the head and collapse, dead.
                       THIRD OFFICER
What the-
The third officer is shot, and dies.
What just happened?
JOSEF ANDREEV and DIMITRI MIHAILOV run into view, both dirty
and wearing ripped clothing.
      (tears drip down
       his face)
Josef! Did you see? It just...
      (pulls him to his
I came as soon as I could... I'm
I just can't believe-


Any second later and you would
have been shot to pieces.
Don't... don't say that.
All eyes turn to Zoya, who hasn't moved from her spot on the
ground. She wipes away tears at the corners of her eyes.
Josef looks back at Leon and shudders.
Come, little brother. Maryksa is
waiting. We all must leave
Grenoble. Now.
Aurélien shakes Mariette. Mariette stirs.
Mariette! You must get up now!
Ce qui? What time is it?
The police are raiding the entire
city! They're killing anyone who
gets in their way.
Aurélien leads her out of the house.
They'll be here any minute. We
need to leave this place.
      (hands her a
       jacket of his and
       a pair of her
I'm sorry. There's no time to
bring anything but what we have on


                       AURELIEN (cont'd)
our backs.
Where are we going?
My friend Marco has bribed a guard
by the southern gate. We'll be
able to pass through.
We'll have to go through the
Bears are better than guns,
sister. We'll survive. I promise.
Aurélien reaches for Mariette's hand, and she takes it.
Nicholai, Zoya, Josef, Dimitri, and MARYKSA ELTSINA sit in
dazed fashions. They are close to a mountain range north of
the city.
Aurélien and Mariette walk through the forest, still holding
each others hand.
What are we going to do after we
We go as far as we can.
Aurélien looks away for a second, and Mariette trips on an
ingrown branch, falling down a steep hill.
Ma cheville...


Aurélien slides down to meet her.
Can you stand?
Mariette tries to stand up, but cannot.
Nicholai looks out between the trees.
What is it.
I heard something.
      (stands up)
I'm going to see what it was.
      (hands him a
Just be safe.
Branches crack somewhere nearby. Mariette looks around.
Stay down.
                       NICHOLAI (O.S.)
Who are you?
I think the proper question is who
are you?
                       NICHOLAI (O.S.)
A refugee, just like you, I


You seem a bit familiar.
      (to Mariette)
Don't you think?
Mariette looks back to her ankle.
Does he?
Nicholai comes into view, and Aurélien tenses.
Well, this is... interesting.
What, Aure?
Hello, No-Name.
Mariette looks at Nicholai sharply.
Fancy meeting you here.
Quite an unexpected pleasure.
I suppose. Now, since we're no
threat to you, you may go.
Yes. Good-bye. Aurélien and I are
figuring out what to do as of now.
You could obviously use a bit of
help. From what I can tell, you
and your brother are not in the


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
best situation at the moment.
A sprain, is it? You'll have to
find food eventually, meaning
he'll have to leave you out here
on your own for some time.
Perhaps, but I'm in no rush to
throw my lot in with you.
Because I am a Russian? I thought
you above such faceless judgement.
Why do you even care?
I don't.
      (after a pause)
Show us the way to your comrades.
      (smiles at
       distraught face)
I'm only thinking of you. It's too
dangerous for you, now.
Josef, Dimitri, and Maryksa watch and Nicholai walks back
into the clearing, followed by Aurélien, carrying Mariette.
So, Nicholai. Who are these


Good people. But yes, Frenchmen.
Zoya, it's the woman from last
night and her brother.
You know them from the city?
Nicholai sits down next to Josef and holds out his hand
So soon? Well, damn.
My father was just murdered. Let
me have a brief pleasure.
Josef reaches into his pocket and hands Nicholai a
cigarette. Nicholai places it between his teeth and holds it
still as Josef lights it.
Aurélien places Mariette onto the ground. She leans against
a tree behind her.
I thought someone was missing. I'm
Nicholai remains silent, just exhales the smoke and looks up
at the sky.
It's alright.
Should we keep moving?


Oh, Frenchie, that's Dimitri. He's
the youngest brother here.
      (motions to
This here is Maryksa. She's
Dimitri's girlfriend.
Maryksa makes an impatient noise, and Dimitri's face falls
I'm not his girlfriend.
An awkward silence settles over the group. Mariette and
Aurélien look confused. Nicholai finally clears his throat
in an attempt to rid the tension that has risen.
And this, of course, is Josef.
He's practically family.
You're all brothers?
Nicholai, Josef, Dimitri, Maryksa, and Zoya all laugh.
Not by blood.
Ah. Well, it's nice to meet you
all. We should get going, yes?
Alright. We'll make for the
mountains. It's the best chance we
have of not being detected.
Nicholai stands up and crushes the cigarette beneath his


My aunt has a house somewhere in
the range ahead. She's hidden
there away for years.
Shall we get moving, then?
Mariette stands up shakily and puts pressure on her bad
ankle and falls down.
Nicholai picks her up.
What are you doing?
You obviously can't walk, and
there's no way we're leaving you
      (a beat.)
Let me. Please.
Nicholai and Mariette's eyes meet. Neither of them say a
word, but the intentions are obvious. Aurélien watches
almost fearfully, but grim and resigned.
The group walks close together. Aurélien is holding
Mariette. They have been walking for a week, and they are
hungry, tired, and freezing.
Why must it be so cold up here?
This is worse than Moscow.
Maryksa looks around.
This doesn't look right.


What do you mean?
Well, I've been up to my aunt's
place a few times before, and I
just have the feeling that we've
gone in a totally wrong direction.
This is insane.
Aurélien puts Mariette down, and she sits against a tree.
What do we do now?
Everybody stop moving.
The entire group freezes as Josef slowly draws his pistol
from his belt.
What's going on?
A lone gray wolf appears amongst the group. Dimitri looks
closely at it.
Look at its eyes. Josef, I think
it's blind.
You're right. There're no pupils.
Josef lowers his weapon.
What's it doing here?
Maybe it's lost.


Nicholai takes a step towards the wolf.
What are you doing?
Nicholai takes a few more steps towards the wolf before it
lashes out in fear.
Josef grabs Nicholai by the collar and drags him back
towards the group.
You're scratched.
The wolf quickly turns away from the group and begins to
It doesn't matter. We need to
follow it.
Mariette reaches up and drags Nicholai down to the ground
next to her. She washes it out with water from a bottle,
then rips a piece of material off the bottom of her gown and
wraps it around Nicholai's wound.
Nicholai inches away from Mariette.
That wasn't necessary. You're
already cold.
It would have become infected.
So you'll tend my wounds, but you
won't tell me your name?
That's right.
Mariette smiles.


      (speaks quietly)
Are we there yet?
Maryksa shushes everybody.
The wolf moves further into the darkness of the night and
sniffs about. Suddenly, several other wolves appear, and
seem to greet it happily.
Is it a family?
Nicholai nods.
Eight wolves.
      (looks around)
This area seems familiar.
Are we close?
I believe so.
Then which way should we go?
North, most likely. If I'm not
mistaken, we're about one mile
Mariette sighs in relief.
What about the wolves?


They've found each other. We no
longer need to follow them.
The group sees a small house come into view. They all sigh
in relief. They walk closer, and the door becomes just
within reach.
Here it is. It's a small house,
but at least it's shelter.
Wonderful. I'm starving.
Does she know we're coming?
I take it as a no?
Maryksa knocks on the door.
NADIA ELTSINA, 47, a bit shorter than Mariette with a full
head of gray-black hair, opens the door and takes in Maryksa
and the group with surprise.
Maryksa, what a pleasant surprise.
Auntie, there have been many raids
in the village.
And you need a place to stay?
These are my friends. You know
Dimitri, right? Josef, Nicholai,
his sister Zoya-- their father was


                       MARYKSA (cont'd)
murdered. I...
I hope we're not intruding.
No... no, of course not. Please
make yourselves at home.
Nadia steps aside and Maryksa leads them into the house and
gives Nadia a kiss on the cheek.
Mariette sits up in her bed and looks next to her at Zoya,
who lies still asleep, then leaves the room and makes her
way to the kitchen.
Maryksa is standing by the sink with her back to Mariette as
she washes a dish.
You're awake, then?
What are you doing this early in
the morning?
I'm cleaning up. What does it look
like? I just made breakfast for
later. How's your ankle?
Much better, thank you. Is there
anything I can do to help?
Since you're up, I might as well
take advantage of you, yes?
Mariette smiles.


That's why I offered.
There's a well on the side of the
house and a big wooden bucket by
the front door. Can you go fill it
up for bath water?
Mariette nods and leaves the house, taking the bucket with
her. She walks towards the well.
Nicholai sits with his back against the wall and stares at
what seems to be nothing at all.
Mariette eyes him curiously, but walks by him as if she
doesn't see him and fills up the bucket.
The day I met you.
The day the mine shaft collapsed
on all of those poor people, the
government refused to search for
The government does nothing unless
it's to help themselves.
Nicholai stares at the ground.
We're going to Lyon.
Mariette sets the bucket down next to the well and sits
beside Nicholai.
What for?
Nicholai stares into her eyes. His intentions are clear.
"I'm going to start a revolution."
What if you fail?


What if I fail?
You will be put to death.
They can take my life, but they
can't take my soul.
Your sister would be alone.
There is nothing I want more than
to turn this world into a better
place for her.
She'd rather suffer with you than
without you.
There's nothing you can say to me
that will make me change my mind.
And there's nothing you can do to
make me change mine. You can start
wars, but you will never find
justice. God abandoned us a long
time ago, and there's nothing any
of us can do to change that.
Mariette stands up and reaches for the bucket.
You will come over to my side one
day, I know it, France. You want
this revolution worse than I do.
You don't know anything about me.
Mariette exits.


The group, minus Josef, stands outside a hotel. Josef opens
the door and joins the group.
I only have enough money for a
week's worth of rooms.
At least we're in civilization
Nicholai motions to Josef.
Josef, I need to speak with you.
Nicholai and Josef step away from the group.
Is everything alright?
I need your jacket.
What for?
There's something I need to do
here in the city.
      (pauses and lowers
       his voice)
The knives, the two knives you
keep between the layers of fabric
in your jacket. I'll be needing
      (looks back to the
And the lighter in your pocket.
I'm not following.


I will destroy the Lyon embassy,
with or without your help.
Josef stands there quietly and looks at Nicholai with a
pained expression on his face, then reaches into his pocket
and extracts the lighter.
Josef silently takes his jacket off and hands it to
Nicholai. Nicholai eagerly begins ripping the seams apart
and removes the knives.
The group is standing slightly off to the side of the hotel.
Now. The plan is fairly simple.
      (picks up a large
       piece of concrete
       from the road,
       then hands it to
The Lyon embassy lies on the other
side of the city. Now, I'm sure
we've all heard the stories of its
magnificent architectural style,
yes? In particular, the large
window toward the back of the
central lobby.
Where are you going with this?
Allow me to explain. After I enter
the embassy, I will give Aurélien
a sign to throw this piece of
concrete at the window. This will
draw attention from the guards to
the outside of the embassy. After
this, I will send Dimitri and
Josef to disable any security
systems, while Frenchie and I use
      (flips open


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
to start ourselves a fire.
Very good.
      (smiles, then
Maryksa, I'd like you to stay with
Aurélien. You can borrow a pistol
from Josef.
      (looks at Zoya)
Zoya, you should stay behind at
the hotel.
I would like to do something to
By knowing that you're safe, I
will be able to accomplish this. I
won't be able to focus knowing
that you could be in danger.
Zoya's face becomes void of emotion, and she says nothing,
her eyes completely blank.
I promise sister, you will be able
to help in some way.
Nicholai is standing off to the side, speaking quietly with
Josef and Dimitri. Mariette and Aurélien stand side by side.
This-- revolution. What we're
doing... why are you part of this?


Aurélien seems to be taken aback by her question, but turns
to her with a soft expression on his face. He reaches out
and cups Mariette's face, and she leans into it.
Because this empire has bound your
wings for too long, and I wish for
nothing more than to see you fly.
      (a beat.)
There will be no more heartbreak,
for either of us. We've fought
together our whole lives, through
everything we've been thrown. Why
not this?
There's a pause. Mariette's jaw trembles, and she reaches up
to grasp at her brother's hand.
Because I'm scared. Because I--
      (stares at her
       brother with wet
       eyes, pleading
       him to
Aurélien pulls her into a hug. Mariette pushes her face into
his chest.
I know. I know.
Nicholai walks swiftly through the doors of the Lyon embassy
and looks around at the four guards in the area.
Nicholai turns slightly back towards the door and rubs his
hands together as though affected by the cold outside.
A crash is heard.
                       GUARD 1
What was that?


                       GUARD 2
Should we go see?
The four guards look towards the noise, then at each other.
They nod and exit.
Dimitri and Josef enter. Mariette follows.
Josef, Dimitri, lock the doors and
then find the control room.
Disable everything. Frenchie,
let's get started.
Josef and Dimitri lock the doors then exit.
Why do you keep calling me that?
Nicholai begins setting papers on fire.
Well, I have to call you
something, yes? And since you
refuse to tell me what your name
is, I figured this was most
      (throws the
       lighter to
       Mariette and
       throws the papers
       all over the
       wooden floor)
The first day we met was so much
Mariette holds the lighter to a rubbish can, then flips it
shut and looks at Nicholai.
Why do you keep bringing up the
day we met?
Just forget I said anything.


Mariette sighs in frustration and flips open the lighter
once more.
Nicholai continues to move about the room as it grows
There are countless design flaws
in this place. Dimitri could have
done so much better than whomever
this Englishman was.
Mariette pockets the lighter and joins Nicholai in the
center of the room.
The fire is spreading more quickly
than I thought it would. We need
to get out of here.
Nicholai and Mariette exit the room and walk through the
corridor until they find the control room.
Is everything taken care of?
I've almost finished, but it's
nearly impossible to erase the
footage from the central lobby.
Then we at least need to get out
of here before the guards find a
way back in.
What's that smell?
It's just the fire.
No, I'm sure it's something else.


That's it. I can't eliminate
anything from the central lobby.
Nicholai, it's protected too
carefully. Even after this place
burns down, the English will still
have access to it.
There's an exit leading out onto
the street. We can blend in
quickly and leave this district.
Then we can return to the hotel.
I can't believe it actually
It didn't.
We'll keep you both well hidden
until all of this blows over.
Being that there is only about a
week left for us to stay here at
the hotel, however... we might
have to leave the city.
Mariette advances on Nicholai.
I wanted no part in this
revolution to begin with! Now look
at what happened.
Aurélien holds Mariette back.
Now we're closer to equality.
Their voices begin to rise.


      (struggles against
       her brother)
You will never be my equal!
That's just as well, then, isn't
it? Who would want to be as frigid
as you?
Who would want to be as selfishly
closed-minded as you? You insisted
that we had to start a revolution,
and you didn't even blink an eye
at the ones you were putting in
If not us, then who else? If you
are so against it, though it
killed your mother as well as
countless others that we hold
dear, then I swear to God I will
go to the police right now and
turn myself in.
My mother was dead the second she
was born into this world. It's
rotted already, and throwing
ourselves in the line of fire
won't change that.
You're better than this, France.
You don't know me.
I know you well enough to
acknowledge that you're one of the
bravest people I've ever met.


Josef leans towards Aurélien and whispers into his ear.
Aurélien nods.
Aurélien pulls Mariette towards a room and pushes her into
it. Josef closes the door and locks it.
You see, the thing about these old
city hotels is that sometimes the
locks are installed incorrectly.
Mariette hits the door in anger.
I'm sorry, sister, but it's in
your best interest.
Thank you. Your help is
Josef smiles, and Aurélien seizes Nicholai by the shoulder.
Your turn, Nicholai.
Excuse me?
Nicholai is thrown into the room beside Mariette.
Nicholai stares at the door in apprehension, then lies down
on the single bed.
To think that only a few weeks ago
we were refugees. Now we're
Mariette sits against the door.


There's plenty of room here. Come
join me. We can discuss
assassination techniques for when
we get out.
Mariette doesn't move.
I'm sorry. I should never have
brought you into this.
      (sits up)
      (looks at him)
You brought my mother into it.
Do you really think I'm selfish?
      (sighs and looks
Nicholai stands up and walks over to her, then sits down
next to her. She leans her head upon his shoulder.
You don't have to be so strong all
the time. It's okay to seek
comfort in others. You know that,
      (kisses the top of
       her head)
You're allowed to cry sometimes.
Nicholai and Mariette are curled up on the bed. A knock is
heard against the door, and it opens. Josef enters.


Nicholai stirs.
Did I wake you?
Josef? I'm starving, when do you
plan on feeding us?
Nicholai detangles himself from Mariette, and she stirs.
How long have we been in here?
It's been a week. But, I might
have a solution to your hunger.
You won't believe what I'm about
to tell you.
Nicholai and Mariette sit up.
What is it?
It's all over the city. Rahler
himself and the Viceroy André are
holding a public banquet tonight
to gain the favor of Lyon's
citizens. Everyone and anyone is
This is a perfect opportunity. We
need to go.
I'm not going. It's too dangerous.


All we're going to do is eat and
see Rahler with our own eyes.
There's very little danger!
You agree, Josef?
Rahler still has guards searching
for someone to arrest for your
stunt, Nicho.
I'll go alone if I must.
Everyone else has already agreed
to come.
With the exception of Zoya.
Maryksa took her into town a few
days ago and helped her get a job
at a flower shop.
      (smiles fondly)
Her blindness does not hinder her
at all.
We could use the money.
      (looks at Mariette)
I don't want to go without you.
I've told you my decision.


I get lonely without you there.
Nicholai and Mariette look at each other. She smiles
The group is seated at a lavishly decorated table towards
the back corner of the hall. The entire room is draped with
jewels and expensive fabric.
There he is.
The group follows Nicholai's gaze and observes ROBERT ANDRE,
34, a tall man with noble features and blonde hair.
That must be him. The great
bastard of a king.
If it was Rahler, he'd have been
announced. It's André.
The Viceroy?
An Italian, yes?
Aurélien nods.
Why would an Italian be working so
closely with Rahler?
A guard enters the hall, and everyone hushes.
                       GUARD 1
All hail Emperor James Rahler,
ruler of Europe!


He's here.
Everyone looks fearfully and curiously to the front of the
hall as JAMES RAHLER, 39, enters.
James is quite tall, even taller than Robert. His eyes are
very dark and lifeless.
Citizens of Lyon and the English
empire! I have gathered you all
here to offer my far-reaching
hospitality and graciousness.
Enjoy this feast, as I will enjoy
your loyalty.
James whispers something into Robert's ear, then snaps his
fingers and exits the hall with a group of armed guards.
Graciousness? What an egotistical
A MESSENGER approaches the group.
Don't look now, but there's
someone coming our way.
The entire group follows Dimitri's eyes.
I said don't look!
The group turns back around and pretends to look
inconspicuous. The messenger approaches them anyways.
In honor of the emperor's visit,
we would like to offer you each a
glass of the finest red wine,
imported from the Viceroy's home


Are the rest of the guests being
extended the same courtesy?
The messenger's expression strains.
Of course.
Each is served a glass of wine from the messenger's tray.
We insist that you at least...
take a sip.
Is there another reason you've
come here, sir?
The emperor has decided to
demonstrate his mercy in light of
these very public circumstances.
Each of you must drink half of
your glass before you will be
allowed to leave. Peacefully. It
is but a...proper warning, yes?
What have you put into the wine?
Allow me to explain. One of your
glasses contains a possibly lethal
dose of strychnine. Any doctor who
could possibly save your life is
at this banquet, and you will
ultimately be helpless. So one of
you shall die as a result of your
disobedience to the English crown.
      (tries to stand up
       suddenly, but is
       held back by


                       MARIETTE (cont'd)
I curse the day you were born!
You are all traitors. It is what
you deserve. Now drink.
Mariette boldly grabs a glass and drinks the entire thing
quickly, then slams the glass back onto the table. The rest
of the group follows.
      (to Mariette)
How nice. It appears yours was
only red wine.
As was mine.
And mine.
Dimitri nods.
Mine was simply wine.
Everybody's heads snap to Nicholai as he stares at his
My duty is done. Now you all must
Nicholai begins to cringe as the poison enters his system.
Josef grabs him and drags him outside into the streets.
Josef leans helplessly over Nicholai's dying body.
I'm so sorry. We shouldn't have
come. I should have seen this


We need to find help!
You heard what the messenger said.
There's no hope.
Ha! No hope! What nonsense!
THEO CHEVCHENKO, 22, obscured by darkness, suddenly appears.
Who are you?
Josef stands up.
Please, stranger, you need to help
us. My brother's been poisoned.
Of course, citizens! Bring him
The room is filled with unusual-looking trinkets that
occasionally make noise and shoot cotton balls.
Nicholai lays face up on a yellow table with holes.
Each person stands off on his or her own in a different
spot. Josef hovers over Theo as he works.
It would be deliciously great if I
didn't feel human saliva traveling
down my spine.
Is he dead?


Perhaps. But then, perhaps not.
You said he was poisoned. Well,
some people just aren't cut out
for life on the road.
Is there anything you can do for
Theo sits on the table and puts Nicholai's legs on his lap.
Theo closes his eyes and strokes Nicholai's legs.
What are you doing?
Just a minute, I'm thinking. I
need to harness the inner workings
of his liver.
      (hits himself on
       the forehead)
      (hits himself
There's something I'm forgetting!
      (hits himself
Something extremely very
Is hitting yourself really
Theo throws Nicholai's legs away from him and jumps up.
I've got it!
You can heal him?
These aren't my pants!


The entire room gets silent. Theo looks around.
Alright, you strange goosepeople,
as I can see you have no sense of
yes. I can eliminate his chance of
death. Of course I can. But I
can't guarantee there'll be no
My God, then do it! What are you
waiting for? He could have died
while you were doing that strange
Alright! My goodness, there's no
need to treat me like a Peruvian
bean plucker!
Excuse me?
Theo whizzes around the room, throwing bits and pieces of
random materials into a bowl, then mixes it with water until
it begins to fizz into a light green.
He'll have to drink this.
Is that even safe?
Are you challenging me, rebellious
Theo slaps Nicholai across the face.
What was that for?


It'll go down easier if he's
Nicholai awakes, coughs, and moans.
Josef runs to Nicholai's side.
I can't feel anything, Josef.
It's alright. You're going to be
Josef sits Nicholai up and holds his back. Theo slowly pours
the contents of the pot down Nicholai's throat. Nicholai
coughs and slowly loses consciousness.
Well, that's it.
What did you do?
He's just sleeping.
We are indebted to you forever,
Theo Chevchenko, trader of
antidotes and other various
things. It's a wonderful life.
But he'll be alright?
Certainly. Unless, of course, you
decide to throw him off a roof, in
which case, he probably won't be.
      (hangs bowl from a
As I said before, when he wakes


                       THEO (cont'd)
up, he will experience
excruciating pain. I would
recommend spending the night here.
Yes, well, I wouldn't want to
intrude upon your hospitality any
Nonsense! I have plenty of room.
It gets pretty lonely at night
when all the robots go to bed.
Well, alright, Dimitri and I can
stay over. Maryksa can take the
others to talk to Zoya.
I would like to stay.
Everybody looks at Mariette in surprise.
Are you sure?
Mariette nods. Josef bites his lip and looks at Dimitri, who
      (to Theo)
What could we possibly do to pay
you for this? We don't have much
in money.
      (suddenly serious)
Voices have whispered to me that
you are planning to mend this
world back together. Finish it,
succeed, and that is payment


Everyone looks around at each other, a sudden newfound
weight of companionship and purpose settling down around
Mariette cautiously steps out into the hallway and walks to
Nicholai's room.
Mariette knocks on the door.
There is no answer.
Mariette opens the door.
Nicholai lies on the bed uncomfortably. His face is slightly
shiny from sweat and he breathes unevenly.
Mariette sits on the bed next to Nicholai and takes his
Are you awake?
Nicholai lets out a soft groan of pain.
I find myself wishing we were
locked in that room together
again. When you told me that I was
allowed to cry sometimes...
I think I'm falling in love with
      (a tear trails
       down her cheek)
I feel safe when I'm with you, and
I don't know why because you're so
Nicholai groans.


Mariette looks at him sadly and pushes his hair out of his
eyes, then leans forward and kisses him gently. Nicholai
seems to come to life beneath her, breathing into her mouth
and bringing a hand up to cup her cheek.
Mariett's heart quickens in alarm, and she pulls away after
another moment. Nicholai tries to follow her in vain, trying
to sit up, and lets out a small cry of pain.
Nicholai's eyes flutter open and he lets out a small cry as
he tries to sit up.
Wait! Please.
Mariette watches him warily, inching towards the door
slowly. Her eyes are wide, begging him quietly not to make
her talk about it.
      (licking his lips)
That was a, rather. Pleasant way
to wake up.
Mariette blushes. There's a beat; electricity seems to
crackle between the two of them.
      (in a soft voice)
Can we talk about it?
They both know what he's talking about. Mariette ducks her
head away.
Nicholai takes in a breath and pushes his lips together.
He's visibly disappointed, but looks down at the bedsheets
in acceptance.
I must say... I'm feeling much
better, and I think it's perfectly
acceptable for me to get up now.


Nicholai tries to sit up once more and centers his weight on
one arm, which collapses onto his elbow.
Mariette reaches for him, and both become aware of the close
proximity of their faces.
I really think...
      (takes a deep
that you should stop trying to sit
I think I have to agree with you
Mariette sits Nicholai up.
Nicholai and Mariette sit in silence.
I've decided what our next move is
going to be.
Why are you doing this?
Doing what?
You almost died today. We were
This must simply mean that this is
my destiny.
I can't accept that.
Mariette begins to stand up, but Nicholai grabs her arm and
pulls her back down. He puts his hand on the side of her


Please. I can't to this without
Yes, you can.
      (smiles sadly)
Maybe, but I don't want to.
Nicholai and Mariette look into each others eyes.
Nicholai lets go of Mariette.
What is your plan?
Nicholai smiles and laughs. He makes room for her on the
bed. She sits next to him and puts her head on his shoulder.
La Rochelle.
      (waves his hands
It's a port city.
I'm aware, thank you.
Well, I'm thinking that if we
somehow scrounge up the money to
rent a storage warehouse in one of
the shipyards, then Dimitri could
build us something very important.
And what would that be?
Nicholai smiles mischievously.


Afterwards, we'll head to Paris.
Hopefully, this way, we'll be able
to find André.
Do you really think he'll help?
I saw the hate in that man's face
the moment Rahler walked into the
room. Whether he'll have the
courage to turn against Rahler,
however, is a mystery.
      (brushes a strand
       of hair from her
I've never seen the sea before.
I hate being stuck here.
Mariette smiles.
You almost died today.
Yes, I know, as you continue to
remind me.
Mariette stands up.
What are you doing?
You need your rest.
Would you stay with me tonight?


Please. If you saw the same things
in the dark that I do, you
wouldn't want to be alone, either.
Mariette hesitates, then sits on the foot of Nicholai's bed.
Theo opens the door to Nicholai's room and sees Nicholai and
Mariette curled up on the bed together.
Well it looks like you two had
some marvelous fun last night! Oh
ho! I suppose this means the
Slugarambo Shake worked!
What the hell are you even talking
      (looks into
       Nicholai's room)
I keep catching them like this.
Nicholai and Mariette stir.
What's going on?
      (spots Nicholai
       and Mariette and
Well, I'll be!
Nicholai and Mariette open their eyes, confused. Mariette
sits up.
Good morning. Did we disturb you?
Nicholai sits up quickly.


      (is so startled he
       falls off the bed)
Ouch! Son of a bitch!
I take it you're feeling better?
Not too noisy, then?
Mariette blushes a deep red and Nicholai sputters.
I don't even know what you're
talking about.
Mariette exits. Josef and Dimitri burst out laughing.
She gets embarrassed easily.
The group is sitting at a round table eating lunch.
Aurélien sets down his sandwich and leans back.
You know what I haven't done in a
long time?
Had fun?
Something like that.


I see where you're going with
this, and I like it.
We haven't done anything like this
in ages.
What say you, Dimitri? Are you up
for it?
I have no idea what you're talking
So it's settled, then?
What is even going on?
Zoya, Maryksa? What say you?
I'm up for it.
I could deal with a girls' night
Somebody please tell me what's
going on.
Everybody laughs.
Meet me later, Mr. Mihailov, and
I'll show you what it takes to
become a man.
Dimitri spits out his drink and Nicholai nearly falls out of
his seat from laughter.


You planned this, didn't you? I
hate all of you so much.
Maryksa, Zoya, and Mariette are seated by a café sipping
tea. The sun has long since set, and the three women are
relaxing and laughing about life.
Dimitri approaches the three girls with Aurélien in tow.
      (to Mariette)
Can I see you, please?
Dimitri? What are you doing here?
Did you just see that unicorn,
Dimitri sighs. Mariette stands up and follows Dimitri.
They were driving me mad! I
couldn't take it any longer!
What happened?
Come with us, Dimitri, to find the
meaning of being...
Is this what you lot have been
doing all night?
They have. I haven't touched a
drop in years.


Dimitri? Oh my God, Dimitri.
What is it this time?
There's an iguana. It has your
face, Dimitri. You're an iguana.
You should go find the other two
before they get themselves into
You left them alone?
Dimitri smiles sheepishly.
How drunk are they?
To put it lightly... I fear they
might start a nuclear holocaust if
left unattended for much longer.
Aurélien begins sniffing the collar of Dimitri's shirt.
Must you, really?
I apologize. You're just so
Dimitri's eyes widen.
I love you, Dimitri.
Where did you last see them?


They were at an Irish pub just
down the street. Better go quick,
you're the only thing Nicho's been
talking about all night.
Yes. Your breasts, mostly.
Excuse me?
Hello, Dimitri.
Mariette enters the Irish pub. She spots Josef and Nicholai
and walks towards them, ignoring the catcalls from the
drunken men inside the building.
And then I said, of course it's
not a unicorn! It's clearly a
narwhal with legs!
Nicholai sits against the wall laughing madly at nothing.
We're leaving.
      (holds up bottle
       of Vodka)
This is good fun!


You just recovered from being
poisoned, Nicholai. You're going
to destroy yourself.
Mariette seizes Josef and Nicholai by their arms and pulls
them out of the pub.
Lithuania, why are you so mad?
I don't think is was Lithuania,
I think is was something more
like, uh... Pakistan.
I want to hit both of you.
But Austria!
Am I not pretty enough to drink?
Is that it?
Mariette sighs heavily.
Yes. That's exactly the reason.
Nicholai gasps.
But I think Josef is a beautiful
little sex kitten!
Josef slaps Nicholai across the face.
Don't objectify me.


Can you both just shut your mouths
until we get back to the hotel?
Punch a bear!
Nicholai punches Josef.
Mariette stops walking, turns around, and advances on Josef
and Nicholai.
For the final time, neither of you
touch each other, look at each
other, or speak at all. Are we
Mariette sits Nicholai down against the door and turns to
look at Josef.
You're going to have to listen to
me if I'm going to get you to bed
How naughty.
Mariette helps Josef take his shirt and pants off and guides
him to his bed. She places a bag and a glass of water next
to his bed.
Mariette turns to Nicholai. She begins to undress him.
Mom, I've missed you.
Nicholai begins to drift off. Mariette taps the sides of his
face to keep him awake and drags him to his bed.


Yes, Nicholai?
You're beautiful when you're
Thank you. Was your mother
beautiful, too?
Yes, but I am talking about you,
Venezuela. Я
What does that mean?
Nicholai's eyes begin to drift shut as Mariette lays him on
his bed.
I love you.
Mariette freezes.
Excuse me?
I love you. And I know that you'll
reject this. Which is funny,
because I know you love me, too.
Mariette pauses.
What makes you say that?
I heard you. I was awake, that
night you visited me in my room. I
heard everything. All of it.
You think I'm dangerous.


                       NICHOLAI (cont'd)
      (breathes slowly)
And when you kissed me... I'd
never felt anything like that.
I'll never be able to explain that
feeling. It was just so,
      (long pause)
You don't know what you're saying.
Just go to sleep.
I'm not in the mood for sleep
Why's that?
Because I'd much rather look at
you than the back of my eyelids.
You're so beautiful, France.
You need to sleep.
What I need to do is tell you
everything I felt that first night
in Grenoble.
      (ignore Mariette's
For the first time, I knew that I
felt love. Sure, Josef used to
bring me to bars and brothels
every once in a while, but nothing
I ever experienced there was real.
I know that this is. I don't even
know your name, and yet I'm
prepared to die for you!
Mariette pulls the sheets over him and turns out the light.


Good night, Nicholai.
Aurélien walks around food stands with an angry Dimitri in
tow, gathering whatever they can with whatever money they
Look, I'm sorry, but there really
were an unnatural amount of
unicorns running around last
Unicorns my ass. How many people
do you think got the wrong idea
last night?
What was so wrong about it? I was
just expressing my feelings.
Dimitri freezes. Aurélien continues to walk. Dimitri runs
his hands through his hair.
Yeah. Great.
Five armed guards surround Aurélien and Dimitri.
What's going on?
                       GUARD 1
You are both under arrest by
authority of the crown.
On what account?
                       GUARD 1
On account of treason.


Is there any proof?
                       GUARD 2
A tape exists of the area
surrounding the embassy before the
recent fire destroyed it. You
both, along with several others,
were seen speaking with the main
perpetrators before the attack.
This is nonsense. We demand a
                       GUARD 2
Only natural-born English citizens
have the right to a trial.
And we have no rights at all.
The guards knock the food out of Aurélien and Dimitri's
arms. They struggle as the guards grab onto them.
Word just reached the group of Aurélien and Dimitri's
arrest. Josef, Nicholai, Maryksa, and Zoya are sitting in a
Josef angrily throws a chair.
I can't believe this! I promised
him I'd keep him safe!
He's strong, I know he is. He'll
be fine.
I've heard that prisoners are
placed in labor camps.


His hand, Nicholai! They'll kill
him because he won't be able to
perform as well as the others!
Then we have faith, Josef!
And you? Who's rejected him and
broken his heart over and over
again for years? You don't care
about him at all!
Just because I don't want to marry
him doesn't mean I don't care!
There is no such thing as faith
Everybody looks at Zoya as she runs her fingers over a dead
flower. Her eyes are blank.
Why would you say such a thing?
Because God has abandoned us.
Maryksa begins to weep. Josef embraces her.
Nicholai opens the door to Mariette's room. Mariette lays on
her bed and doesn't acknowledge his presence.
I couldn't help but notice that
you haven't spoken to me all day.
Mariette doesn't move. Nicholai sighs.


I came to figure out why. Have I
done something to upset you?
      (steps into the
       room and shuts
       the door)
I realize that your brother's
arrest is concerning you.
Mariette turns onto her side so her back is to Nicholai.
Nicholai sighs again, then sits next to her and hums loudly.
Can you leave?
I could. But if it were me, you
wouldn't. Why should I?
Because I'm used to being alone.
Now that's not fair.
      (sits on the bed
       and moves around,
       shaking the bed)
I just can't seem to get
      (stands up
       suddenly, then
       sits back down)
Ouch, stupid loose springs. What
an annoyance.
Mariette smiles slightly. Nicholai sees it.
I promise we'll find your brother.
What if they kill him?
That's not going to happen.


Mariette sits up and looks down at her hands.
But what if they do? I'll be so
alone. He's all I have left.
Nicholai looks at her sadly. He leans towards her.
You have me.
It's just not the same.
Mariette looks away. Nicholai reaches out and gingerly
strokes her cheek with the back of his hand. Mariette looks
at him.
There's just something about you.
Do you promise?
Mariette blushes.
That you'll always be there?
No question about it.
Nicholai leans in, hesitates, then presses his lips to hers.
Mariette gasps, then pushes him away.
What are you doing?
Nicholai moves his hand through her hair, and smiles


Something I should have done the
first night I met you.
Nicholai kisses Mariette once more. Mariette kisses him
back, then pulls away.
Nicholai reaches for her.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry. It's just... too soon.
Nicholai leans back in disappointment.
Josef, Nicholai, and Mariette stand huddled together. The
air chills them. Maryksa and Zoya approach them with bags of
This should be enough to hold us
for the next week or so until we
get into La Rochelle.
How much money is left?
We have about twenty Euros left.
That's it?
If we can budget ourselves right,
it should be enough.


How long is this trip supposed to
Nicholai takes out a faded map. He unfolds it.
Supposing we don't stop and take
the entire journey on foot, I
would say about five days.
Then if we think about sleep time
and time to catch our breath, I
would say anywhere around a week.
Shall we set off, then?
Josef and Maryksa walk behind Nicholai as he tries to read
the map by flashlight.
Mariette and Zoya hang back.
What are you thinking about?
Right now, what's going through
your mind?
Well, to be quite honest, whether
we're ever going to sleep tonight.
Zoya smiles.
And my brother. I don't even know
if he's still alive.


Keep him alive in your memory. It
is all you can do for now.
And what about you?
What about me?
What are you thinking about?
I'm thinking about the stars.
Mariette looks up at the sky.
The stars?
I used to go stargazing with
Nicholai when we were younger. Our
mother used to teach him before I
was born. Then he taught me.
Do you miss her?
Very much.
Mariette and Zoya are silent for a while.
I can still see them sometimes.
I'm sorry.
Mariette and Zoya are silent for another few minutes.
I know you love him.


Mariette inhales sharply.
I know you're going to deny it. So
I'm just going to ask you to take
care of him. He tries so hard and
doesn't stop to think. I don't
want to lose him.
      (she looks in
       direction with
       blank eyes)
He's such a special person.
Mariette and Zoya are silent for a bit longer.
The group closes in on Nicholai as he desperately tries to
explain the situation.
What do you mean, lost?
I mean, we're five hundred miles
from society with nothing but
bears to rip the flesh from our
Don't get smart with me, or I'll
tell everyone what you said to
Josef the night you were drunk!
The entire group gets quiet.
What did I say to Josef?
What did he say to me?


Why are we lost?
Nicholai and Mariette stare at each other in silent
defiance, and quietly challenge each other.
Nicholai sighs.
I lost the map.
You what?
I woke up and it was gone. It
wasn't my fault.
How long ago?
How long ago?
Four days.
The group stands in stunned silence. Nicholai blushes.
Four days. You lost the map four
days ago.
When were you planning on telling
Well, to be honest, I'd hoped that
my superb sense of direction would
lead us straight to La Rochelle.
The group continues to stare at him in disbelief.


At least we've been near the ocean
for two days now! Come on, this
isn't my fault!
Mariette sighs heavily and begins walking. Maryksa quickly
follows her with Zoya on her heels.
Ey, France, wait up! Where are you
I don't know, why don't you check
the map?
Well, you did earn it.
Shut up.
The street suddenly grows thin, and a beach begins to form.
The group walks slowly.
It has been nearly two days since they've eaten anything and
their water supply is almost gone.
That's it, I think. I want to die
here. This seems like a fairly
nice place.
It's not so bad.
Oh, you think so?


Do you see that?
See what?
Josef points out to the ocean. Everybody looks. JACK CAFFEY,
22, and BOBBY HART, 21, float on submarine wreckage. They
wave and shout to the group.
What in the world?
The group walks to the edge of the sea. Jack and Bobby
What are you doing over there?
Having a picnic. What does it look
like we're doing?
Bobby smacks Jack on the back of the head.
Who are you, then?
Friends. Region 7.
Do you have food?
Just some bread.
      (to Bobby)
They're no good, then.
Bobby turns and says something to Jack. Jack says something
back, then jumps into the water.


Bobby shouts after him and stands up in surprise. He loses
his balance and falls off the side of the wreckage into the
The group looks at each other.
Jack and Bobby swim ashore, then lay on the sand and gasp
for air. They both wear tattered Navy uniforms.
Nicholai kneels next to them.
You say you're friends, yes?
Nicholai nods.
And who are you?
Jack stands up and approaches Mariette. Bobby doesn't
Bobby Hart. American Royal Navy.
Nicholai stands up.
Bobby stands up.
Americans. Jack and I-
      (looks around and
                       JACK (O.S.)
Am I drunk, or do you actually
look like that?
Nicholai blushes angrily.
Excuse me?


What is he talking about?
Oh God, Jack, not now!
Please, fairy. I got this.
      (to Mariette)
I've been dreaming about you all
my life, but I've never caught
your name.
It's Jack Caffey, if you're
Don't worry, I wasn't.
You know, it totally looks like
you have a mirror in your pocket,
because I can see myself in your
Nicholai blushes deeper.
I'm sorry?
Please forgive him. He hasn't seen
anything with two X chromosomes in
three years.
Tell me, sweet thang, are those
      (motions to her
Mind if I touch them?
      (reaches out)
Mariette slaps him. Jack yelps and cradles his cheek.


What was that for?
Are you kidding me?
Jack pouts, then slinks over to Bobby and leans close to
French girls: Hot but dangerous.
There was a song about that once,
right? Keeya, I think she was
called. God, the 1990s had the
best music.
Bobby stares at him incredulously.
American Royal Navy, you said?
Josef grimaces.
Are you sure?
Not anymore.
The entire group sits around a small fire.
You say you can lead us to La
Do you have a map?
Mariette smirks.


Well, we're screwed. I told you
not to burn ours, fairy.
What? You were the one who took it
out with you swimming! You're
lucky I had most of it memorized
before you ruined it!
      (looks back to
I'll do my best.
How long have you been floating
out on that submarine for?
I'd say about two weeks. My man
Bobby and I got that sucker to
What were you doing out there,
Well, Bobby blew up the engine.
Everybody looks at Bobby. Bobby hits Jack in the back of the
Would you shut up? My God.
Sorry, honey.
Everything is fairly private in
America. People still go to
school, they still have jobs, but
the government-


If you can even call it that, now.
There's school in America?
Jack nods in disgust.
It seems the American school
system will never shut down, even
in the event of a genocide.
The government takes about 75% of
your paycheck and sends it to the
English government as payment for
him not seizing North America as
well. We can travel only a set
amount of miles from our hometown,
and there's protests everywhere
now. Unemployment, poverty
homelessness, hunger rates, and
crime have skyrocketed.
Do you remember that time when
Why must you bring this up now?
Because it's funny.
It was your fault!
They still made you walk around in
that dress. Oh God, your face will
forever be cemented in my memory.
Will you just shut up?


The entire group looks confused. Jack laughs.
Once in a while, when someone
steps up and challenges the
government, they disappear. We
don't know what happens to them...
they're just gone.
Then Americans are just as much
slaves as we all are.
That still doesn't explain how you
made it here.
We joined the Navy about three
years ago. I was in college, and
Jack had taken a year off after
high school. When he mentioned it
to me, I was skeptical, but at the
end of my first year, I dropped
out and joined with him.
You still hate me for it.
Only a bit.
Thanks, fairy.
When we got to training, it was
rougher than we imagined. Through
the army, we learned that they
were not training against the
English army, but for the English
army. Rahler has been planning to
take over Asia.
That bastard!


Bobby here met some pretty
influential friends, and they
helped us escape in a submarine.
Then Bobby here blew up the
Are you kidding me? You ripped out
the steering wheel!
Not important.
Oh, of course.
What's important is that we were
attacked by the English.
Everyone else on board was killed.
With my extensive mechanical
knowledge and my superb guidance,
we were able to re-float the
Your extensive-- knowl-- guidance?
Your guidance? You sat on the top
of the wreckage and kept shouting,
"Faster, fairy boy, let's go!"
While you threw rice at me.
Not important.
We needed that food!
Not important.


Oh, of course.
Aurélien and Dimitri walk in a long line of men. All
PRISONERS have been shackled at both the wrists and the
ankles. Some collapse from exhaustion, but are beaten by
This is an abomination.
      (from behind them)
Any man is lucky to make it out of
here alive.
Dimitri begins to feel faint. Aurélien narrows his eyes. Two
GUARDS stop the line and look at them unkindly.
                       GUARD 1
      (somewhere near
       the front of the
Excuse me?
                       GUARD 1
You dare question Rahler's army?
The first guard nods at the second guard. The second guard
pulls a pistol from his belt, aims it at the prisoner, and
fires two shots into his head. The prisoner dies.
Aurélien and Dimitri exchange fearful looks.
                       GUARD 2
Now! Undress!
      (fires shot into
       the air)
All prisoners begin to undress.


                       GUARD 1
      (begins to pace in
       front of line)
Now. You will live a new life
starting today. This is what's
known as a labor camp. You will
wake up at the crack of dawn, and
you will do whatever is required
for you that day. The only breaks
you will have are for meals and to
      (stops pacing and
       eyes line)
Should you deserve it.
A third GUARD approaches the line with a box of uniforms.
The second guard begins throwing them at each prisoner.
Nicholai, Josef, Maryksa, Zoya, Mariette, Jack, and Bobby
spot a "Welcome to La Rochelle" sign. Jack collapses onto
his knees and begins to kiss the ground. Bobby rolls his
eyes and the rest of the group looks on in confusion.
Oh sweet Jesus, I haven't been
this happy since the last time we
were drunk!
Josef raises an eyebrow.
That was last month.
Trifles, Bobby.
      (stands up with a
       huge smile on his
Point is, we're in civilization
No thanks to you.


Man, I could just kiss you right
      (begins to get
Please don't.
Jack and Bobby stare at each other.
Hell, I'm going to kiss you right
      (grabs Bobby's
       face and kisses
       him on the cheek)
I love you, man.
I'm, uh, going to pay for the
Nicholai exits.
      (to Bobby)
Great, man, you're scaring the
Aurélien and Dimitri both wear uniforms. They lift heavy
equipment and bring it from one room to another. Dimitri
looks uncomfortable, the wrench in his hand is making it
hard to lift heavy objects.
Dimitri accidentally drops his end of a table. A nearby
GUARD sees.
                       GUARD 1
What have I told you, you
incompetent ape?
      (takes out whip
       from belt and


                       GUARD 1 (cont'd)
       hits Dimitri with
This is your last warning.
Dimitri shakes on the spot and Aurélien shoots the guard an
angry look.
Dimitri picks the table back up, obviously weakened. Upon
closer look, Dimitri's uniform has tears in it from being
continuously whipped.
Aurélien and Dimitri begin to move the table once more, and
Dimitri drops it once again, and it breaks.
Oh no...
The guard approaches Dimitri angrily and whips him.
                       GUARD 1
You stupid son of a bitch! Can't
you do anything right?
The guard continues to whip Dimitri. Dimitri collapses onto
his knees and shakes.
Aurélien grabs the guard's wrist in anger.
Will you just stop?
The entire room gets silent. The guard turns and looks at
Aurélien, then backs away.
                       GUARD 1
Clean this up. No supper for
either of you tonight.
      (cracks the whip)
Aurélien begins to pick up the table. A PRISONER quickly
aids him. Dimitri sits on the floor, uniform torn and


Aurélien approaches Dimitri and picks him up and brings him
into the sleeping quarters.
Aurélien lays Dimitri onto a bed.
      (pushing his hair
Oh, God, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't
have made you help me.
Don't beat yourself up, it's not
your fault.
Aurélien sits on the bed next to Dimitri.
What happened, anyways?
Dimitri holds up his left hand, which has a wrench in it.
Dimitri shrugs.
Never had a problem before.
      (sits up and
       laughs, then
It was always Josef who carried
the physical labor out.
      (taps his head)
I was just the brains.
How old are you?
      (looks at him
Aurélien stands up, turns away from Dimitri, and rubs a hand
over his eye, breathing heavily.
What's wrong?


Nothing... it's just, you're the
same age as my sister.
All the prisoners gather in the barracks, talking in hushed
voices. Aurélien and Dimitri sit near the back. Dimitri is
wrapped in bandages, and Aurélien sits next to him.
The door opens, and two guards enter, trailed by DAVID RUSH,
42. The entire room gets silent as they begin to walk
between the beds. David looks closely at each prisoner and
picks a few as he continues to walk towards Aurélien and
What's going on?
      (whispers from
       beside him)
David stands in front of Aurélien and Dimitri and gives
Dimitri an odd look, then puts a hand on top of his head.
David exits. One of the guards pulls out a whip and cracks
it. All prisoners jump.
                       GUARD 1
All who were selected are to come.
Dimitri looks at Aurélien fearfully, who keeps his
expression stoic.


      (to Dimitri)
I'm sorry.
      (to prisoner)
What for?
Those who are selected by that
man... they all go into a room...
and no one has ever come back.
I'm not sure.
Aurélien's jaw clenches. Dimitri runs a hand through his
hair and stands up.
Aurélien looks at Dimitri in alarm.
What are you doing?
I have to.
      (voice cracking
You can't.
Aurélien and Dimitri exchange sad looks.
You'll die.
Dimitri smiles sadly.


Whether I submit myself to
experimentation or continue to
work, I'll die either way.
      (nods, then looks
You'll get out of here, Aure, I
know you will.
      (locks their eyes)
Tell Josef I'm sorry.
Dimitri exits.
How old is he?
All selected prisoners line up outside the door. Dimitri
rounds out the back.
Jack and Bobby sit on the ground against the wall of the
warehouse and eat a small breakfast.
Josef sits next to them.
Mornin', bro.
What's a bro?
      (rolls his eyes
       and holds out
       some bread)
Food, dude. You eat yet?
Nicholai joins them.


Morning, gentlemen.
Jack spots LISE MYHREN, 20, walking past and carrying a few
boxes. Jack hits Bobby on the chest and smiles.
      (rubs his chest)
Man, what gives?
Do you see her or am I just
See who?
Beautiful blonde, three o'clock.
Bobby looks over at Lise. Jack groans and leans backwards,
hands braced on his knees.
Man, I would so hit that.
Jack, please, I'm eating.
Shut up, you're just jealous that
I could totally get with her.
Nicholai and Josef look in Lise's direction, then give Jack
and Bobby confused looks.
Why would you want to hit that
poor woman?
Jack grins, then stands up.
Watch and learn, my manly men.
Jack exits.


What is he doing?
He's going to get himself killed.
Should we help him?
No, no, this'll be fun.
Jack runs a hand through his hair and smiles experimentally.
He checks his breath and approaches Lise.
Lise walks with two crates in her arms, one stacked on top
of the other, and upon seeing Jack approaching her, rolls
her eyes.
Hey, beautiful. Is your dad a
baker? Because, seriously... you
have a nice set of buns.
Lise's jaw tenses, and she doesn't stop walking. Jack chases
after her.
My father's dead, and I'm not
Seriously, though. I really like
your face.
Lise lip twitches up into an amused grin. Jack keeps up with
her pace.
Are you really not going to say
anything to me?


Lise goans, then stops walking and sets the boxes onto the
ground in front of her. Jack's smile falters when she looks
him full in the face for the first time, realizing just how
beautiful she really is.
I'm working.


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From tina kenney Date 11/11/2012 ***
Very well done. This must not be your first rodeo. Keep up the good writing.

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