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by Anthony Stark (Rush9x@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

A famous lust crazed director uses his next "film" to ensnare three gorgeous actresses.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Inside a lavish hotel room, the famous director Dominic Wade
sits on a couch, dressed in a black suit and thin black tie,
with a cigarette in his right hand and a smile on his face.
In front of him are three camera men taking pictures while
four reporters, each from different magazines and
newspapers, ask him question after question. Camera lights
flash, cigarette smoke moves through the air.
                       VANITY FAIR
Mr Wade, how do you feel about the
recent criticisms toward the
sexuality in your films?
What, are they saying its too
much, or not enough?
                       VANITY FAIR
Well, I think they're criticizing
that fact that your films are very
      (taking a drag
       from his
I don't see how that's a problem,
but some people view things like
violence, or action, or even
sexuality as just something
aesthetic, when it can be a tone,
satire, or literary tool, I'm not
saying I do that, I'm just saying,
if its done right then it can be
great in films.
                       TIME MAGAZINE
What's your opinion of censorship
in films?
I'm indifferent I guess.
                       TIME MAGAZINE
Can you elaborate on that?
      (taking a drag
       from his
Well I don't care about it, but I


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
probably will if it happens to me.
                       ROLLING STONE
Mr Wade, how do you feel about
directors who don't write their
own films?
I don't really feel one way or the
other about it.
                       VANITY FAIR
My readers are interested in
romance, can you tell us a little
bit about your love life?
It's a hilarious learning process.
Mr Wade there's seems to be a
running theme in your films of not
having a hero character, can you
explain why?
      (taking a drag
       from his
I can't, to be perfectly honest, I
don't know why.
                       ROLLING STONE
Can you comment on the level of
secrecy of this next film?
Believe me, you guys are gonna be
the first to know as soon as I'm
finished casting.
                       TIME MAGAZINE
Is that why your in New York?
      (taking a drag
       from his
Yes, I'm here casting and scouting


                       VANITY FAIR
You've often worked with Gloria
King, can we expect her in the
next film?
I couldn't tell you even if she
was cast, you know that, but I can
tell you that it'll be mainly
female leads.
                       TIME MAGAZINE
Have you cast anyone in the film
No I haven't.
                       ROLLING STONE
Will Jackson Chase be producing
this film as well?
Yeah, he's a fun guy.
Can you tell us anything about the
plot or the title, maybe even a
      (taking a drag
       from his
No I can't, but I'll tell you that
it's gonna be my best film yet.
                       ROLLING STONE
Can you give us one word to
describe it?
One word to describe my next film?
                       ROLLING STONE
Yes, for example I'd say that your
body of work, all your films
together, I'd probably choose the
word, "provocative". So what word
would you use to describe this
upcoming film?


Dominic looks perplexed, not knowing the answer. He takes a
drag from his cigarette and forces a conning smile.

Cut to Title: SENSELESS
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Dominic dressed in suit pants, with a white tailored button
up and black suspenders, lays on the bed; awake, staring up
at the ceiling. He looks at the lights hanging above his
head then gets up, takes out a pack of cigarettes and walks
to the bathroom. Dominic turns on the bathroom light and
closes the door, he takes out a cigarette, puts it between
his lips and looks at himself in the mirror, he then looks
to his right and sees Rhyme and Reason leaning up against
the wall and the glass shower, dressed in their usual attire
of short black dresses. Dominic looks back to himself in the
mirror, takes out his zippo then lights his cigarette.
So...you guys got any ideas?
Dominic turns around to face Rhyme and Reason, they brush
off the question with annoyed faces, both looking away after
giving him a defiant stare.
Still giving me the silent
treatment, huh.
The two remain silent, not caring to answer.
      (taking a drag
       from his
Well I'm at a dead end, not a
sentence, nothing written down,
and you guys aren't saying a
Rhyme and Reason look at each other then Rhyme checks her
nails while Reason runs a hand through her hair.
You've got nothing to say to
this?..Great... Well I've got no
other choice, something new has to


Dominic takes a drag from his cigarette, then runs a hand
through his hair in nervous contemplation.
I know you both don't approve of
this kind of approach but I think
it'll be fun.
Rhyme and Reason stare back at Dominic with disapproving
      (taking a drag
       from his
Oh come on don't look at me that
way. What do you want me to do?
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
Outside, in a very wealthy district of the city Dominic
strolls down the sidewalk dressed in a black suit with a
thin black tie. He crosses the street, and walks into to his
producer's apartment building. He reluctantly walks through
the lush apartment building's lobby then takes the elevator
to the fourth floor where he sees his friend, the famous
American Novelist; Franco West.
Franco is dressed in a tan suit jacket with gray suit pants
and a thin black tie. He walks down the hallway, then stops
and smiles when he notices Dominic.
I'm not gonna go off on some kind
of a tangent, but I had the notion
that the city would look a lot
better with more statues, not of
any real people, but enormous
statues, and then I thought, if an
architect was commissioned to
create giant statues all over the
city, well it would obviously
change the city, but would it
change the people, depending on
the architect's imagination, I
think it could, I guess I'm trying
to say that the creator should be
shaping his environment rather
than the environment shape the


Hah, that's something we can agree
on hah good to see ya Franco.
      (shaking Dominic's
       hand and patting
       him on the
Hello old friend, you're looking
worse than usual, a bit tired
maybe. But how's your mind?
Hah I'm fine, thank you. How was
the book signing this afternoon?
The two start to walk down the fourth floor hallway.
Haha hilarious, the press are
labeling it as a "stampede", a
couple girls fainted too.
Well you have that effect. Hey
thanks again for hangin' around
this week, could use your advice
on some things.
Well I'm here for a couple days
then I'm off to Paris, the tours a
bit longer than expected, eh what
can you do. Alotta girls to charm,
and become infatuated with.
Hah yeah, well I loved the book,
couldn't put it down, read it in
one sitting, and that's saying
something, my attention span is
remarkably short.
Hah thank you. New York times best
seller. Wait till you read my next
one, I'm in the middle of writing
What's that one gonna be about?


Well it's somewhat of a comical
satire on our generation's sex
crazed superficiality, told
through the narrative of a brash,
dim witted male model, who happens
to be a cannibal.
Hah another Franco West
masterpiece haha, so, I've been
meaning to ask you, how'd you like
the last film?
Yes, well I have some notes.
Franco pulls a small notepad from his suit jacket.
Aesthetically, it was very
captivating, but other than the
obvious confusion in theme and
tone, the intention doesn't seem
that clear, so one could make the
point that you had more focus on
your characters, than the dilemma
itself, and that distracted you
from a more clearer piece of work.
So you didn't like it.
I didn't say that, it was
enjoyable, I just don't think they
got it. But you have to understand
that in its originality you
sacrifice most relations. Not that
it has to be very relatable but it
must posses a clear form that the
viewer can understand.
Too many rules and restrictions.
      (putting away his
Well what does that say about your


We've been through this before;
Director bad, Novelist good. I got
The two stop when they're near the elevators again.
Hah couldn't have said it better
myself. But you shouldn't let this
or any other feedback get you
down. I'm looking forward to
seeing what you have planned for
this next one. I keep hearing
about Dominic Wade's next film,
whats it about by the way?
We'll get into that later, its a
big pitch, but you haven't seen
Jackson have you?
      (taking a drag
       from his
Yeah just saw him, he's looking
for you, well the whole production
seems to be looking for you hah.
He just opened up another club,
wouldn't stop telling me about it.
Yeah, thats all I hear from him,
clubs and money, and the fact that
I'm unreliable.
Well I'm twenty minutes late for
drinks with a lovely young lady,
so if you'll excuse me, my tired
looking friend.
Don't let me keep you, I'm off to
face the music.
The two walk in separate directions.


                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
An apartment door. Dominic walks in front of it, stops,
composes himself, then ecstatically enters. Inside the
apartment Dominic shuts the door, smiles, and starts
My favorite, brilliant, strike
that, my genius, business savoy
producer. How are you your grace?
Dominic, in the middle of the room, getting out a pack of
cigarettes while his wealthy, club owning, producer; Jackson
Chase sits on a leather chair, dressed in a white three
piece suit with a light blue button up, drinking a glass of
scotch while his Russian girlfriend, Kerry sits on the couch
texting on her phone while rolling a joint. The Casting
Director; Leon stands by a desk, sorting through papers
while looking through appointments on his computer.
You've perfected the art of
patronizing, but I'm fine Dominic
thank you. How are you doin after
the interview, well rested I'm
      (lighting his
Yes, perfecto. Sorry I couldn't
make the opening, heard it was a
big hit though.
Thanks, best club in Manhattan,
but I attribute that to great
location, it'll do good, gotta
change a bit to the V.I.P section
though. Leon, remind me about that
Remind you of the V.I.P section?
Yeah about changing it a bit, I
don't like the lighting.


      (taking a drag
       from his
Well you woulda liked the press
thing, I was very charming, hyped
up the mystique of it.
Well your the only one enjoying
the mystique, I haven't even heard
a fuckin' plot yet.
Don't worry, I'm tryin' to lessen
the burden here. I'll let you know
everything as soon as I'm done
I don't like this behind the
curtain bullshit.
      (taking a drag
       from his
I know, that's why I'm enjoying it
so much, and speaking of casting I
need Gloria King here as soon as
humanly possible.
She's in Rome doing a press junket
for that new space film, and her
agent said send a script and
she'll read it right away.
What? No, tell her that this is
the role of a lifetime.
She's got two offers from other
studios, her agent said she's
booked for awhile.
No, tell her to come here as soon
as possible, tell her it's
important and I'm asking as favor.


Meanwhile I got reporters asking
me what the films about.
      (taking a drag
       from his
Jackson I told you, stop worrying,
I thought you'd like this part,
you get to relax.
Well I'm paying for it, so I'll
relax when I see the post
production figures.
Dominic you should've picked a
nicer location for your next film,
like an island or something.
Thanks I'll keep that in mind.
Also Dominic, do you want me to
send a car for you tonight?
Car for what?
For Jackson's dinner party.
Little bit of pre production
drinks at my house. I invited that
Vanity Fair writer, and Franco's
coming too.
Jackson pours another glass of scotch.
I'd love to but I can't tonight.
      (standing up)
Yes you can, you look more
stressed than me.
Yes, and your eyes looked tired.


See, your eyes looked tired. Even
Kerry thinks you look terrible,
and she barely cares about
anything. So come on it'll be fun.
They'll be some drinks, some
girls, some dancin'. Don't say
anything just take this glass and
drink with me.
Jackson stands up and hands Dominic a glass of scotch, the
two finish their glasses
                                         CUT TO BLACK
In a huge, lavish apartment, Dominic sits on a couch
drinking a glass of vodka while his dealer, Marcello Donovan
sits across a coke, pill, hash filled coffee table, smoking
a joint, dressed in a gray suit with a thin black tie and
sunglasses resting on his head.
      (taking a hit from
       his joint)
See, It's all about charm. Charm
is what gets you everything you'll
ever want.
I don't disagree with you on that,
I think that's a perfect point.
But how does it connect to Sean
Connery and The Rat Pack.
Well I'm gettin' to that. At a
young age your brain is like a
sponge right? In the sense that it
absorbs information and shit
Yeah, yeah, go on.
A chic gorgeous socialite named Amy walks into the living
room with a purse around her arm, and a cell phone in her


Marcello, I'm going to pick up my
dress, do you need me to get
anything while I'm out.
Can you pick up those sunglasses I
was lookin at, at that store with
the balcony.
I'm not gonna be around that part
of town, and you already bought
too many sunglasses today.
Yeah that's true, (taking another
hit) Alrigh' see ya later. Okay
where was I?
Amy leaves the apartment.
Brains like sponges.
      (taking a hit from
       his joint)
So grownin' up if you happen to
watch alotta James Bond or listen
to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and
Sammy Davis Jr. your gonna just
naturally do better with women.
Because as a kid, you'd pick up on
the charm, and kinda try to
emulate that?
      (taking a hit from
       his joint)
Yeah basically, I'll break it
down, okay so, you got two key
figures of 60's charm, confidence,
and bravado, and I do love saying
that word; bravado.
Bravado. Bravado.


Exactly, now you got the British
super spy with intelligence,
class, and style. And you got the
coolest American entertainers in
history, who also, basically own
any city they're stroll into.
      (lighting a
I'm seeing your point.
And I don't know if you can learn
charm, or if it's inherent, or you
absorb it when your a kid, but I
know I picked up on that shit.
Haha, I think I did, hah but you
might be a bit crazy too.
Marcello takes out a small pouch, then takes out six small
Haha I don't know, I think I'm
pretty sane, haha, (sealing up a
small bag) there you go amigo, do
you need anything else?
Thanks (taking a stack of bills
out of his jacket pocket and
giving it to Marcello) I'm all
set, but thanks again, your a life
Marcello hands two small bags to Dominic.
Hey, I almost forgot to ask, hows
that movie goin'?
Yeah it's good, I don't know, I'm
a bit tired.
Whats that shit about by the way.


I don't know yet, (taking a drag
from his cigarette) do you think I
should go in a different
What do you mean, like move?
No like do something different, I
mean shouldn't I be doing
something more meaningful.
Don't take this the wrong way, but
your not really cut out for
anything else, (taking another
hit) like what you do you?
Well that's a valid point..
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
In the middle of a very wealthy district of the city,
Dominic exits Marcello's apartment building while stepping
out onto the sidewalk, looking for his pack of cigarettes.
He takes one out but before lighting it he sees Chloe
Stites, the young Hollywood scarlet and one of the best new
actresses in cinema, walking down the street. Dominic does a
double take, surprised by the beauty only a couple yards
away from him. He puts the cigarette back and starts to walk
over to Chloe. She notices him and smiles.
Chloe Stites. The most gorgeous
girl on the planet.
Hah Dominic Wade, I can't believe
it's you, I'm such a fan.
See, that's what I picture when a
fan says that.
The two hug. Chloe kisses Dominic on the cheek.


Haha I'm serious, I've watched
your movies since I was starting
out. I love Smile, it's my
favorite movie.
Hah thank you, hah so I saw you
walkin' and I had to introduce
Hah well I'm glad you came over.
I'm a huge fan.
Likewise, I keep seeing you on
basically every magazine hah, I
loved you in Sunset by the way,
you were amazing, and
distractingly good looking.
The two start to walk down the street.
Thanks, that was really fun. So
what are you doin' in New York?
I'm working on my next film.
Casting it actually.
Hah thats so exciting! I haven't
heard anything, what's it about?
Well I'm keeping it all very
secret, amp up the mystery and
everything, you know.
Hah that's perfect, I love the
idea of mystery, I always thought
one of the fun parts of films was
the anticipation.
Well that's actually the real
reason I came over, I don't wanna
get any casting directors, or go
through any agents, cause someones
bound to talk and then everyone
knows everything about the film,


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
and I was gonna try to call you
and get a meeting, well I'll just
cut to the chase, there's a part
that I know you'd be perfect for.
Haha me, in one of your films
haha, yes, of course, what is it?
Well what's a character you've
always wanted to play?
Ooo this is interesting, not the
usual pitch.
Hah, I hate the usual.
Well I've always wanted to do like
a bank robber type, like a
criminal or something. I'm always
cast as some action chick that
helps save the country or the
world from something stupid. I
wanna play a gangster.
Now this is crazy. Like this is
fuckin' strange.
Dominic stops walking. Chloe also stops.
Wait, are you joking with me?
Haha about what? Tell me.
Haha Chloe this is perfect. Hah
this couldn't have worked out
better. Thats exactly the role I
want you to play.


Hahah your kidding! Thats amazing,
tell me everything!
Well I don't wanna get too into
now but basically your character
is this vicious, crazy bank
robber, she's violent, but
passionate, sexy but gritty. She
drives around with a machine gun
and robs just about every bank on
the east coast.
Oh my god, yes! Dominic that's
exactly what I want, I need to
play this character, tell me more.
It'll be sexy, and romantic. It'll
be violent, and funny. I could
talk all night about this
character, but, we have time for
that later.
Hah I love it, let's meet up
later. Talk about the film and
everything, we barely know each
other, we need to hang out.
Actually, my producer is having
this thing at his house, drinks
and dancing. Do you wanna come,
it'd be boring if you weren't
Hah of coarse, I'd love to. But
you have to dance with me, and
don't tell me you don't dance, I
saw your last film.
Chloe smiles and starts to walk down the street. Dominic
stands, with his hands in his pockets, smiling back at her.
He walks after her, the two stroll down the sidewalk under
the lights.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE


In Jackson's lavish New York mansion, the dinning room is
well lit and full of guests. Jackson sits at the head of the
table, his girlfriend Kerry sits on his right while Leon
sits to his left, next to them is Chloe Stites, across from
the Vanity fair writer, next to them is Dominic sitting
across from Franco. Everyone dressed as they usually do; in
expensive, chic, and fashionable outfits. Everyone talking,
and drinking.
      (holding his glass)
Other than the obvious flaws, the
real dilemma is restrictions.
Well I'm not losing sleep over it.
      (eating chocolate
I heard about a new sleep massage
its suppose to be very relaxing.
Cinema lacks certain freedoms, and
although they can have
originalities, films are still
conforming to their audiences.
      (holding her glass)
Wait I don't get it,are you
sleeping while your getting
No, they massage you till you fall
I don't think that would work.
                       VANITY FAIR
Mr. Wade whats your opinion on the
various directions that American
cinema seems to be taking.


      (taking a sip from
       his vodka)
It's been doing that same thing
since its inception.
                       VANITY FAIR
Could you elaborate on that?
No. I can't
      (taking a bite of
       her cake)
Baby when can we go to Rome again?
Not till fall, its too hot there
American cinema has been going in
great, original directions, and
also terribly repetitive
directions, and I don't think its
ever gonna stop doing that, so I
don't really see the sense in
talking about directions or
I agree, the same could be said
about alot of art forms; music,
liteature, paintings. It always
feels like a waste of time when
talking about cinema in a general
as apposed to one film.
What about Greece? Let's go to
Greece again.
Baby no, Greece and Italy are
practically next to each other.
Jackson, have you heard of this
painter from Greece, she paints
these gorgeous naked women into
various monsters from greek


Does she paint on the girls or on
a canvas?
On the girls.
                       VANITY FAIR
Mr Wade, do you think you could
compare film making to any other
art form?
Why would you want to? Cinema is a
completely different world.
I agree, and the role of director
or filmmaker, whatever you wanna
call it, it's the most demanding
of art forms because there's so
much more work that goes into it,
and I know my friend will
I will.
But it is, and the only thing I
can think of to compare it to is a
Hah perfect.
                       VANITY FAIR
And why do you think magician?
Because he makes things out of
nothing, he makes people and
worlds appear.
And above all, I trick audiences.
Haha and he's proven himself
naturally amazing at it, time and
time again. Now come on who wants
to dance?


Chloe looks at Dominic and smiles. Dominic smiles back
Dominic and Chloe dance into view, moving in the center of
the living room's vast space, they smile and move
effortlessly, legs and arms moving to the beat. Franco West
and the Vanity Fair writer come into view, dancing expertly
while the others drink and watch, and laugh with enjoyment.
Franco spins the Vanity Fair writer, the two laugh. Dominic
takes a break from dancing, sending Leon onto the dance
floor, he starts laughing then takes a sip from his vodka.
Dominic then manages to sneak out of the living room for a
cigarette outside.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
Dominic stands outside on the vast front deck, fixing his
glasses as he rubs his hands over his face and through his
hair. Stressed, he searches for a cigarette, he lights one
with his zippo then quickly puts the pack of cigarettes back
in his jacket pocket. Dominic looks up at the stars and the
clear night, he then reaches in the pocket of his pants,
pulls out his cell phone then starts to dial a number. He
slowly paces around while the phone rings.
GlORIA'S APARTMENT- Cut to a lush apartment's living room; a
cell phone vibrating on a marble counter top, a blonde girl
getting dressed in the background, three framed posters are
hung up on the wall of the living room; the blonde girl is
the star in each poster.
Cut back to Dominic outside Jackson's mansion, Dominic keeps
pacing then stops when he hears the message machine.
Hey Gloria, it's me. I know your
busy with the press and that
premiere and everything, but I'd
love if you could make it to New
York. I know, it's kinda sudden
and I'm askin' a lot but I'd love
to talk to you, I really have to
get you in this next film, it's a
role you'll love, your perfect
role, I'm not kidding, so come
visit me so I can pitch it to you.
Call me back, or have your agent
talk to Jackson or Leon, okay..
hopefully see you soon.


GLORIA'S APARTMENT- The blonde girl, now fully dressed walks
out of her bedroom and into the living room.
Cut back to Dominic. He hangs up the phone, looks at it, and
puts it back in his pocket while shaking his head. He takes
a drag from his cigarette and starts walking down the deck,
but stops when he sees a car's lights. A Mercedes pulls into
the private driveway as Dominic stands; watching, he flicks
his cigarette. A young woman exits the car but it's too dark
out to tell who she is, she approaches the giant mansion,
then up the deck's stairs. Dominic smiles, the young woman
is Sophia Baydon, the very famous and talented actress,
often refereed to as a complex and tortured artist.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Hah, you're Dominic Wade.
And your Sophia Baydon I love
every role you've played.
Hah I've heard your very charming.
No I'm serious, I'm not trying to
charm you, you're a natural
actress. Probably the best range
I've ever seen.
Hah well thank you, I love your
films by the way.
Thank you, so how do you know
Awhile ago I played this L.A party
girl in an independent film, so I
had to go to alotta clubs for
research and Jackson was a big
help, he practically owns half the
clubs out there.


I shoulda guess that..well,
everyone's inside, still dancing
      (looking in
       through the
Ahh, not really in the mood, I was
just gonna drop by for a drink.
Hah and now you're stuck.
Haha, not true, you're the only
one who saw me, and you look like
you can keep a secret.
I can.
So why are you out here, and not
Trying to call an actress for a
part actually.
Interesting, is this for your next
film, I keep hearing it's all very
To be honest, I thought of you a
bit while writing this certain
character in it.
Hah well I'm flattered, you,
thinkin' of me while writing,
thats a compliment.
Haha I'm serious, you're an
amazing actress.
So what's the part?


Well I don't know if I should tell
you this way, but I really think
it'll be your favorite role.
Oh really, well whats my favorite
role then?
Well you tell me, I wanna see how
good I am.
Haha vanity isn't an attractive
Hah so c'mon whats your ideal
character to play.
If I think about it, I've never
had the opportunity to play
something as despondent as like a
rock star. Do you know what I
Hah couldn't have worked out
Hah oh shut up Dominic.
Haha listen I'm not gonna
compliment you and bore you with
things you already know, but I
will say this, you're a genius
actress and I can't see anyone
else playing this role.
Wait, there is a role, you're not
I'm not, I literally wrote a
character that'll be perfect for


Hah oh my god you're not joking.
You're serious about this part?
You want me to play some kind of a
rock star in this?
I need you to play this part. The
character is this nihilistic,
drugged out, gorgeous lead singer
of this british band. She's tough,
and sexy, she's seen it all.
Haha yes, I'm in, I know we've
both wanted to work together and I
couldn't think of a better
character, tell me everything, I
need to know everything about her,
to talk and move, and be her.
This is exactly what I need in an
Lets have drinks tomorrow, I don't
wanna get caught in a dance
tonight so I have to make my exit,
gimme your cell phone.
Dominic hands Sophia his cell phone, she starts to type in
her number.
Here's my number, call me tomorrow
and we'll talk all about this, I
can't wait to hear about her, It's
all I'm gonna think about.
Sohpia hands Dominic his cell phone.
Until next time.
Goodnight gorgeous, I'll see you
Sophia walks down the deck stairs and into her Mercedes,
with the lights on she pulls out of the private driveway as
Dominic watches. She drives down the road and out of sight,
Dominic walks back into the mansion.


                                         FADE TO BLACK
In Dominic's hotel room, he stands smoking a cigarette,
leaning up against the doorway of his walk in closet, he
then slowly walks over the bathroom counter where he picks
up a headshot of Chloe Stites next to some lines of coke and
a dvd player thats playing a film she starred in called
Traveler. Dominic takes a drag from his cigarette and walks
to the coffee table and picks up a headshot of Sophia Baydon
next to the television thats showing a film called Monsters
that she starred in, he hold both pictures in his left hand
while smoking his cigarette with his right. He strolls over
the room's bar counter and picks up a headshot of Gloria
King that rests next to a laptop playing the film Shoreline.
With the three headshots he walks over to the bed and places
them propped up against the pillows, with Chloe, Sophia, and
Gloria facing him, each one of them gorgeous. Dominic takes
a drag from his cigarette.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Camera lights flickers. The room is large and somewhat empty
with a white backdrop covering one of the walls while fans
blow wind toward Chloe who sits in a leather chair; posing,
modeling for Ralph Lauren's new summer line, striking
different scowling looks to the photographer as Dominic
stands off to the side watching the gorgeous actress.
This one time this French reporter
from some women's magazine asked
me if I thought Fashion was art.
And what'd you tell her?
I said obviously, I mean to me
it's like the question answers
itself, if you've already made the
connection then what's my opinion
Camera flashes light up the room.


I've always considered it an art,
I like to think I appreciate
clothing hah.
Well from your films it's clear
that you understand style. But can
you believe there's people that
don't consider it an art form. I
was a model before I started
acting and I can tell ya, if there
wasn't genius designers then there
wouldn't be any origianality or
style, cause everyone would
basically look the same.
I wouldn't be making films.
Exactly, and I wouldn't be an
actress, I wouldn't have been a
model, I wouldn't have grown up
idealizing all those amazingly
talented women.
I know its a strange thing to say
but your very different from how
I've seen you.
Well you've only seen the movies.
What would you do if you couldn't
make films anymore?
I don't know, I guess, nothing.
Probably just retire and become an
explorer hah, ya know, strolling
through the Amazon, something like
Haha yes, I could see you wearing
all that khaki, cigarette between
your lips, looking very dashing.
Haha thanks.


      (speaking to the
Are we good Owen?
The photographer nods and starts to look through his
computer and equipment while Chloe stands up and starts
walking to Dominic.
Perfect, that was fun.
Chloe walks to Dominic, the two move to the other side of
the room, near a window.
Ya know, this one time a
journalist asked me why my
characters are always so
fashionable and why aren't they
dressed more realistic.
Haha realistic, that's a dangerous
word in film. In anything that's
created, obviously there's some
elements of realism, but at the
end of the day, it's a film, it's
not suppose to be real life, its
theatrical and stylized.
Exactly, they're films. Why do
they think there's so many good
looking actresses hah, people want
to be aesthetically pleased. Take
you for example, your talented and
clearly, your gorgeous, now do you
think people would be as happy to
see an unattractive actress
playing your part.
Haha no need to convince me, I
completely agree.
But it's obviously not just that,
a gorgeous actress such as
yourself can convey emotions much
clearer and deliver performances a
thousand times more convincing,
and it's partly because of your
stunning features. Now I know it


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
sounds like I'm just complimenting
you for the sake of complimenting,
but I'm serious, films are meant
to have style,
I'm very glad you make films, it'd
be very boring without you.
Thanks gorgeous.
Chloe leans in close and kisses Dominic on the lips.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
Inside a large, chic mansion, musicians, socialites and
actors drink, and smoke. Some watching a girl read out loud
from a novel while other socialize. Down the hall from the
main room is a study where Dominic sits and drinks with
      (taking a sip from
       his glass)
How can you drink more than me?
Practice, I drank alotta vodka for
this role I did three years ago.
Royalty by Sam Lassiter right? You
were amazing in that, you have an
insane talent for accents, I was
convinced you were Russian haha.
      (taking a sip from
       her glass)
Hah you know way too much about
too many movies, I love it.
Haha I don't know that much, not


I bet I could name a film and
you'd tell me the director, and
cast, and all their cousins haha.
Haha maybe, ya know I think we're
kinda similar actually. Our
obsession with our crafts.
I know it's a rarity, so many
people do their jobs, its not very
often you meet someone who is
their job.
Hah thank you, It's the only thing
thats a real challenge, ya know?
Exactly, I never take a role that
isn't a challenge.
Sophia finishes her glass then begins to pour another.
Well that's one of the differences
that makes you so good, see alotta
actors take the part that's fun,
doesn't matter if it's challenging
or not, as long as they have fun
doing it. Not saying that's a bad
approach, it's just that one
clearly makes you more skilled
than the other.
Haha did you ever wanna be an
      (taking another
       sip from his
Hah yeah actually at one point I
did, I wanted to be like Steve
McQueen haha, I tried acting, I
was good but I wasn't great.
Hah I could see you being an
amazing actor, why'd you stop?


Well there were people like you
out there haha, I didn't stand a
chance, hah I don't know, I loved
films and I didn't wanna be far
away from them so I just started
writing them, turned out I was
better at making them than
anything else I could do.
Thats perfect, ya know it's
directors like you that make
people wanna get into cinema.
      (finishing his
Haha I think half of that credit
goes to actors like you.
Hah I don't know about that.
Films wouldn't be films without
your kind. It's not a common
thing, your type of actor. The
real ones, like you, the kind that
can be anyone, they're shape
shifters, I love seeing them work,
I could watch it forever, the way
you guys become something else
entirely. Everything changes, even
the look behind your eyes, I love
Haha thank you, I love your way
with words, shape shifter, I have
to remember that.
Haha thanks, I feel like you're
making fun of me.
Haha no I'm not I swear, I love
it, but if I'm a shape shifter
what does that make you?


I'd tell you, but you already
think I have a huge ego haha.
The two laugh and flirt, and drink. The moon hangs low.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Dominic lays on the floor of his hotel room, smoking a
cigarette, with a small wet towel on his forehead. He
exhales a cloud of smoke, trying to relax. The room's phone
rings, Dominic opens his eyes, then takes another drag from
his cigarette, the phone rings again, Dominic takes the
towel off of his head and stands up, the phone rings,
Dominic walks over by the bed and picks up the phone.
Yes, what is it?
Dominic listens to the woman at the hotel's front desk.
She's here now?.... Yeah, yeah,
how longs she been
waiting?....Yeah of course send
her up......right, yeah, thank
you... yes I thought it was a
great film too, thank you.
Dominic hangs up and quickly straightens his tie, then while
walking over to the closet he fixes his hair. At the closet
he grabs his suit jacket and walks back out to the center of
the room; putting on his jacket while checking himself in
the mirror. A knock at the door, Dominic walks over,
composing himself one last time then opens the door to see
Gloria King the beautiful and famous award winning actress.
Hello Mr Director.
Hah Gloria King, I don't think
I'll ever find the words to sum up
how gorgeous you are.
The two hug while Gloria kisses Dominic's cheek.
      (walking into the
Hah, thanks handsome, how have you


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Dominic closes the door.
Somewhat busy, I've mainly just
been working on casting and
I know, my agent told me. He said
your people told him it's suppose
to be the role of a lifetime, and
that I should come here as soon as
Sorry for the urgency but I
wouldn't ask you to come all the
way over here if it wasn't for a
good reason.
Yeah I know, the film, so tell me
about it.
Taking Gloria's hand and guiding her out of the hotel room.
Let's go for a walk, it'll be
Haha that's not a word I'd
associate with you.
Well the other words are too
dirty, so just use romantic for
Dominic and Gloria exit the room, Dominic closes the door.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
On the rooftop of the hotel, Dominic and Gloria walk around
the garden, under the lights, with the skyscrapers around


I'm glad you picked this city for
filming. Especially in the spring,
most of these streets remind me of
your first one, that was so much
fun, remember the roof top scene,
all those cigarettes I had to
Hah yeah but you were so briliant
in that, and intense, that was a
fun character, one of my
Mine too.
I can't stop looking at you,
you're stunning. It feels like
it's been years since I saw you.
It does feel like a long time. But
here I am.
A pause, the two look at the lights hanging from the small
trees on the sidewalk below.
How come we've never been
together, well you know what I
mean, like stayed together.
Other than the obvious reliability
What are you saying, I'm not
Yes Dominic, haha that's what I'm
saying, and you knows it's true,
you don't have to act.
You're right, you know you look
incredibly gorgeous, everytime I
see you, you're even more


Thank you handsome, so tell me
about this new film, you didn't
send a script and all I keep
hearing about is what a secret it
is, and I'm sure your enjoying
Well I'm divided about it I guess.
Really? I thought you'd love
everyone talking about this,
everyone wants to know, and
filming hasn't even started, you
should be happy.
I am happy, I think I'm smiling
most of the time, I've just been a
bit stressed, but seeing you makes
me feel so much better, you really
are gorgeous.
Hah stop getting off topic, and
tell me what the film is about.
I'll tell you the character I want
you to play. She's an Italian
singer, opera actually. She's
beautiful and charming, everyone
falls for her the second they see
her. She's the most talented and
loved performer in Italy and she's
one of the muses to a famous
Do they know each other?
Of course, they work together
every now and then, like most good
artists they enjoy each others
And how does she feel about him?


She trusts his work just not him,
and with good reason, he's lust
crazed and his real intentions are
never clear, but she cares about
him. It's hard to say what he
cares about, he's mainly just
concerned with his work, she
doesn't have that much in common
with him. See, this character, she
inspires so much respect and
confidence. She's beautiful and
young, but wise and very clever.
What happens in the end?
Well I don't wanna ruin the
ending, you have to read the
When I get it.. Whenever that is.
Hah very soon, I just wanted to
check over everything, you know
how I am.
Hah somewhat, so have you been
having fun?
Haha I have, and it's getting a
bit more interesting actually.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
In a restaurant's private bar room, Dominic sits in a large
leather chair drinking from his glass of vodka while Franco
stands by the bar pouring himself another glass of whiskey.
The Actor, a simplistic creature
that yearns for the label of being
complex. When in the end their
erratic behavior is that of a
child's, to the point where they
must be treated as a child. They


                       FRANCO (cont'd)
need to be encouraged and
complimented and patted on the
back for the work they've done.
They're glorified puppets that run
on attention and praise, the
modern actor need so many awards
and accolades.
Franco walks back to the chairs and takes a seat across from
Dominic in a large leather chair.
      (taking a sip from
       his glass)
I agree it's true for most of
them, but you can't condemn an
entire group of artists, and you
know that. (taking a drag from his
cigarette) There's actors out
there with as much talent, maybe
even more talent in their craft
than you or me.
Of course I'm generalizing to make
my point, but to be perfectly fair
it's a business for the immature
and the egotistical. Where as you
can see that the actor is one of
two things; the actor is either a
vain narcissist that needs to see
it's face on the screen and it's
name on the posters or the actor
is a chameleon who without any of
its own artistic originality
mimics a character that you
created and plays the part. So one
could make that point that their
true talent is that of a mimic.
This explain the misplaced clout
of genius that most try to exude,
they mimic genius, they mimic the
complex tortured artist. Their
business is one of tricks and
Dominic takes a sip from his glass.
No, I don't see it that way.
Again, yeah most of them are that
exact thing, but I've seen actors
who can literally become other


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
people, who can move entire
audiences by the way they carry
themselves or change their eyes or
move their faces, and I know their
my words that they say but what
would composers be without
musicians and instruments. It'd be
like a magician without any
Haha yes it's a valid point but
you know as well as I do that the
only thing in cinema that should
be given even less trust than an
actor, is the role of a Director,
the film maker is constantly
making up stories and motives,
mastering excuses and lies. I mean
yeah its true that I write
fictions, but no amount of fiction
could compare to the Director's
pyramid of lies. I don't envy your
job, but you should consider
yourself lucky, your a very
talented liar, best I know, and
I'll drink to that.
Dominic sits, somewhat entranced. He holds up his glass
before finishing it.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Dominic somewhat drunk, but still maintaining his composure
walks down the hotel hallway, then stops in front of his
room, he takes out a key card and enters. Strolling in, he
throws his jacket on the couch, then out of nowhere, an
armed burglar grabs Dominic's shirt from behind and presses
a gun against his back.
Jesus Christ, what the fuck! Take
anything you want, I didn't see
you, I didn't see anything, just
don't shoot me.


The gun remains against Dominic's back.
Please I have alotta money, just
don't kill me or fuck up my face.
The burglar says nothing.
Dominic gets roughly pushed up against the wall then turned
quickly around.
Sophia!? What the fucks going on?
I'm really into the whole breakin'
in and fuckin' role play. I played
a cat burglar in a British film
called Shadows when I was
Sophia throws Dominic down on the floor.
Oh my god, I didn't see that one.
Yeah it was limited release, but I
won a Bafta for it.
Whoa, that's pretty impressive.
Sophia takes off her shirt and drops it on the ground.
Dominic smiles.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
The hotel room is dimly lit, Dominic sits on the bed smoking
a cigarette looking through old notes in his pad while
Sophia stands in front of the mirror, doing her hair.
Dominic, I have to ask you


      (taking a drag
       from his
Yeah go ahead.
And don't make fun of me for
      (Dominic stands up
       and ashes his
Haha I like the sound of this,
what is it?
I know I'm the star but, how
important to the film is Chloe
Stites or Gloria King?
Cut to Chloe Stites's apartment, Dominic stands by the bed
smoking a cigarette while Chloe gets dressed.
Hah babe they're supporting
actresses, they're brilliant but
they're nowhere near as crucial to
the film as you are.
Hah, well you can understand why
I'm kinda nervous, they're really
big actresses.
      (taking a drag
       from his
Hah there's no need to be nervous,
you're gonna be perfect, and the
other two are gonna make you look
even better.
Haha do you think they're upset
not being leads?
Cut to Gloria's New York summer apartment. Dominic stands
smoking a cigarette fixing his sunglasses.


Well I think they understand that
your obviously the one who had to
be the lead.
Hah I'm sorry, I don't know why I
even thought of them. I like them,
they're very talented. I just
wanted to see if they knew this
wasn't an ensemble piece.
Haha no, there's no confusion, I
Perfect, thank you handsome.
Your gorgeous, I've gotta be the
luckiest director alive to have
you in this film.
Cut to the hotel room with Sophia.
Having you in this film, I've
gotta be the luckiest director in
the world.
Cut to Chloe's apartment.
Ya know, I'm the luckiest director
in existence, to have you in this
Chloe smiles in the apartment
Sophia smiles in the hotel room
Gloria smiles in her summer home
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Dominic dances down the hotel hallway, very pleased with
himself he moves to his room and opens the door. In the
hotel room he takes off his jacket and throws it on the
couch then walks to a window where he looks down at all the
busy streets full of people, lights and cars. He turns back
to the room, and sees Rhyme and Reason sitting on the coffee


table. They look at him, still giving him the silent
treatment. He looks back then gets a joint out of his front
pocket and lights it.
Are you both gonna keep giving me
those looks till this is over?
Rhyme and Reason give disapproving looks.
      (taking a hit from
       the joint)
The best cast I've had and you
can't even be a little bit
Rhyme looks at her nails, unimpressed while Reason rolls her
eyes while running a hand through her hair.
You know this is a process, it
takes time..
Dominic takes a hit from the joint then looks back up to
Rhyme and Reason.
I know, I know, I'll think of
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
In the lavish lobby of Jackson's apartment building,
Jackson, Kerry, and Leon stand and talk while waiting.
Dominic enters with sunglasses on, and a smile across his
My genius producer, how are you?
Kerry, Leon, you all look sharp,
where are you guys heading off to?
We're going to dinner at that new
place on Tailor Street.
Meeting with this set director,
suppose to be the best in Europe.


Ah perfect, always working,
another reason I love you guys.
Hey actually can you two go ahead,
I'll meet you guys at the
restaurant, I've gotta talk to our
Director for a minute.
Don't take forever baby.
I'll be right there, thanks
beautiful. And Leon tell the
driver to swing back around after
he drops you off.
Yeah, no problem.
Leon nods and walks out of the lavish apartment building
with Kerry. Jackson looks at Dominic then walks through the
lobby and a glass door to a spot near the elevators where
the two can talk in private.
What's goin' on? You got a joint
or something?
Six years ago, you had no films,
no money, and no power, but you
had imagination. Now look at ya.
Yeah, seems like a life time ago.
You made your first one with that
Gloria King, and you got
everyone's attention, got my
attention. Since then you never
had to worry about a thing, never
had to ask for funds, never had to
think about money. Now I'm not
tryin to raise myself up to
something I'm not, I'm bein'
honest; it was an investment,
alotta fuckin' producers wanted to
bank on you, but our business, you


                       JACKSON (cont'd)
and me, it's a good investment on
your part too, anything you need,
it's yours, any kind of space, you
got more freedom to do what you
do. But now, at this moment, this
is not an equal investment. I've
yet to see a thing other then
three high budget actresses, now I
don't know what this things about
and I don't care, but whatever
pretentious cluster fuck of a film
you wanna make, well you better
get started on it right away, and
it had better be fuckin' bankable,
or else I'm done footin' the bill,
and actually to be honest,
repercussions are gonna be a bit
worse than just pulling the funds
haha, because you know as well as
I do, that a bad investment can't
fuckin' stand.
Silence. the two look at each other.
You get what I'm sayin'?
Yeah, I got it.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
Dominic stands in the elevator, leaning up against the wall;
agitated. The elevator comes to a stop on the forth floor
and opens, Dominic walks out and sees Chloe standing in the
hallway looking over the balcony.
Hey gorgeous, I'm glad to see you.
This is gonna be so much fun, I
can't wait to see my wardrobe, and
all the guns we'll be using haha,
I can't wait to read my lines and
start really working on this


I know, It's gonna be perfect,
your too gorgeous. You're gonna be
amazing as this character.
      (leaning in and
       kissing Dominic)
Thank you baby.
So what do you feel like doing
Opening the door to Jackson's office.
Cause there's this great movie
playing over at Ellis theater.
Dominic sees Sophia standing by the window drinking a glass
of rum. She turns around and smiles.
Heyyy Sophia, how ya doin', you
look great, have you.. uh met,
Chloe yet?
Chloe Stites, I wanted to meet you
since I saw you in Sunset, you
have way too much of a screen
presence, I love it.
Hah thank you haha, oh my god
Sophia Baydon, It's so crazy to
see you in person haha, I've been
obsessed with your work since you
Haha thank you, I'm so happy we
finally we get to meet, and
Dominic I'm sorry you probably had
a meeting planned to introduce
everyone haha now it's so anti
climactic, I'm sorry I was just
waiting for Jackson and Kerry to
get back from dinner, we were
gonna go get drinks.


Haha no no it's fine, I was gonna
have a dinner with the whole cast
but we can still do that.. haha,
all we need.. is uh, Gloria King
The door opens and Gloria enters. Dominic tenses up.
Perfect, you're here, haha oh
perfect you're all here, I was
wondering when I got to see you
two. Sorry I called Leon, they're
all at dinner but he told me to
stop by whenever.
Heyyy..Gloria, hah yeah no
problem.. um.. Chloe and Sophia
just met.
Hey guys, I'm Gloria King, first
off, I loved you in
Monsters(pointing toward Sophia)
and I loved you in
Traveler(pointing toward Chloe)
You're both amazing, I'm so
excited to meet you.
Haha thanks, you're obviously
brilliant, I think your best
performance was in Slow Burn, it
was insane.
Haha I watch that all the time,
you're really perfect in that.
Hah thanks, coming from you two
that means a lot, and I just
wanted to say, I'm so happy to get
to work with you girls and what an
honor it is having the both of you
as supporting characters, I really
think we're all going to do
amazing work.
I'm sorry what was that?


What was what?
Wait what do you mean, supporting?
Did she just say supporting?
Uh, yes. Well you could look at it
as an ensemble piece but I am
obviously the lead.
Hah, why do you think you're the
Because I am.
Hah no, your not.. (turning to
Sophia) and what makes you think
you're the lead of this? I'm the
head Bank Robber, you guys are
just in the gang.
What are you talking about,
someone explain the plot to Chloe.
I think you should probably figure
out your actual role in this,
cause it doesn't sound like you
know what your talking about, I'm
the lead and your both supporting.
I don't know how that would work
since your both my band mates and
I'm the lead singer, and basically
every scene is me.
Baby what's she talking about band
mates? Why doesn't she know about
the Gangster movie?
Why did you just call him baby?
Why shouldn't I?


Because Dominic is with me.
Are you fuckin' kidding, so you've
been seeing Dominic.
I'm sorry how the fuck is this any
of your business?
Take a wild fuckin' guess.
Wait.. So your both sleeping with
Dominic too?
The three actresses look at each other.
Dominic can you explain something
to me?
Gloria, Chloe and Sophia look to where Dominic was just
standing, but he's gone.
Dominic nervously walks down the hallway, getting his car
keys from his suit pocket while checking behind himself. He
then quickly walks to his car parked on the city street. He
gets it, starts the engine, then frantically drives away.
Dominic pulls his car into a wealthy apartment building's
parking garage, whipping around corners until he quickly
pulls into a spot and runs out of his car, and toward an
elevator. He runs into the elevator and rapidly pushes the
button to the 29th floor. The elevator doors close.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
Dominic runs down a hallway until he gets to the door of
Marcello's apartment. He knocks frantically, then opens the
door in panic, entering the apartment. Marcello stands
dressed in a tuxedo with the bow tie undone, holding a
bottle of vodka in one hand with a glass in the other.
Whoa what the fuck, how'd you get
in here man?


The doors unlocked. Listen, listen
I'm totally and completely fucked.
Fuck the doors unlocked, Amy you
left the door unlocked again.
Amy; in a short black dress walks by while texting on her
iphone, ignoring the two.
They all found out, It's fuckin'
over, I'm done.
Who found out? Wait hold on lemme
fix you a drink, come over here.
Marcello walks to the chairs and couches, and starts pouring
Dominic a glass of vodka.
I'm fuckin' ruined man,
everythings fuckin' over, I don't
know what to do.
      (getting Dominic
       to sit down on a
Whoa, hold on, take a seat man,
calm down, here take your drink,
now what are you talkin' about.
Marcello sits down on the couch across from him.
I fucked up, they all found out,
they fuckin' found out, and at the
exact same fuckin' time too.
      (lighting a joint)
Wait, wait hold on, chill out for
a second, here hit this.
Handing the joint to Dominic. Dominic takes it. He hits the
joint twice then hands it back to Marcello.
I don't know what I'm gonna do,
I'm fuckin' ruined, Jackson's
gonna kill me, even fuckin' worse,


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
those girls are gonna fuckin' kill
me. I'm fuckin ruined, nobody's
gonna work with me after this.
      (taking a sip from
       his glass of
What? Man.. No one's gonna kill
you, and what do you mean no one's
gonna work with you, that's
fuckin' pessimistic (taking a hit
from his joint) Why do you think
A bad movie your pretty much done,
what the fuck am I gonna do after
this fuck up? I don't know what to
do man.
Relax, you've made plenty of bad
movies. I think your freakin' out
over nothin' again, (opening a
small pill bottle) here take some
of these.
Marcello hands Dominic three small white pills.
      (taking the small
       pills and
       drinking a sip of
I'm not over reacting, this whole
thing blew up in my face, It's
fuckin' over.
      (handing him a
       small tab of
And one of these, but honestly you
always come out on top man, your a
smart guy, I think you just gotta
calm down then see where your
heads at in a couple hours, oh and
take two of these.
Marcello hands Dominic two blueish green pills.


I don't know, It's a lot worse
than you think. What are these by
the way.
Just take those, and drink this,
Dominic takes the two pills and washes them down with his
Marcello puts three drops of a clear liquid from a little
vile into Dominic's glass of vodka. Dominic takes a sip.
Marcello lights another joint. Dominic takes a swig from his
glass then lays back in the chair and tries to relax,
      (taking a hit from
       his joint)
You just need to chill man, watch
some movies or something, maybe
some t.v, you just gotta calm
down, ya know the ancient Aztecs
use to like open up people's
stomachs for the sun or whatever
haha, like what the fucks that
shit, I'd be like whoa what the
fuck are you guys doin' hahah.
Dominic starts to drift off.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
A picture perfect day, the suns out, not a cloud in the sky,
fields of green grass and a big maple tree. Under the shade
of the tree; a vintage picnic, resembling a pulpy 50's
scene. From left to right sits Chloe, Sophia and Gloria all
dressed in different bright colored dresses. The three of
them giggling and talking. Dominic enters, and kneels in the
middle of his three perfect women. Chloe kisses Dominic on
the cheek and hands him a glass of rum, while Sophia takes a
hit from her joint then hands it to Dominic, he takes a hit
then takes a swig of him rum. Gloria hands him a rolled up
hundred dollar bill while holding small mirror, Dominic does
a line then says a clever joke to the girls, they all laugh
under the shade of the maple tree. Laughing until the sound
of a loud slap stops the music, sitting on their picnic
blanket they look puzzled. Perplexed by the sudden halt in
their happy tone. All of a sudden another slap.


                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
A slap. Dominic is abruptly woken from his dream. Another
slap. Sitting on the couch in his hotel room, he grabs his
face with his left hand, rubbing his cheek in pain, he then
looks up to see Gloria King standing in front of him, with
Chloe Stites and Sophia Baydon.
There's nothing you can say to get
out of this, so I just wanna hear
you admit it, all of it.
What? How'd I get here?
The woman at the front desk said
some kid in a tuxedo dropped you
off in the lobby. Now do you wanna
explain some things to me.
There's nothing he can explain,
it's just going to be a lie,
that's all he does.
No I wanna hear what the fuck he
was thinking, how the fuck do you
think you can do this to me.
And me! You lied about everything.
Not everything, just the film.
Just the film!? You lied to all of
us, you're not a director anymore,
you're a fuckin' con man.


I really can't believe the ego.
All you do is want, then you want
more and more, and you don't care
about anyone else but yourself.
I care about each of you, all in
different ways, but I do care
about you.
Your so full of shit, I can't
believe your still trying to
justify it, can you even hear
No of course he can't, he's too
caught up in his lies. It must be
so stressful to remember all of
What did you think was gonna
He didn't think, that's the point.
He's a narcissist and he'll do
whatever he wants as long as he's
Was there a point to any of this?
Other than you just getting what
you want.
There was. It doesn't look like
there would be, but there was.. I
thought maybe I could make
something new and unique,
something that could change cinema
and represent so much of what I
loved in it. I thought I could
make something natural, with
something that could be connected
to everyone and help them see some
kind of honesty in their
creations, something to be proud
or happy about. But I ended up
hiding from that. When I saw each
of you I really was convinced that


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
something good would come from it.
I know I didn't know what I was
doing, but I wanted to make
something pure and complex and
confident and you all emulate so
much of that idea.
So you used us.
You didn't have an idea so you
thought you'd find one by trying
Did you even think what would
happen? No actor is gonna trust
you after this, no one's gonna
work with you.
Exactly, and I'm glad, your not
really a director anyway. Not
Do you have anything left to say?
Good. Well I'm leaving, I've got a
meeting in an hour, with people
who actually want to make films.
I'll see you girls around,
hopefully on set.
Sophia walks out of the room.
Yeah, I don't want to be here for
another second, everything's too
Chloe leaves the room.
You brought of all this on


Gloria looks disgusted with Dominic, she then walks out of
the room without closing the door behind her. Dominic sits
on the couch, defeated.
In the hotel hallway Gloria walks toward the elevators. In
the elevator Sophia leans against the wall in the center
getting out a pack of cigarettes while Chloe enters and
stands on the left side, then Gloria enters as Chloe holds
the door for her. The three actresses stand in the elevator.
Chloe, Sophia, and Gloria. The door closes.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
On the hotel's roof Dominic sits on the patio while Franco
stands near him by the balcony overlooking the wealthy
district of the city. Both of them drinking and smoking
cigarettes. Dominic looking depressed, somewhat broken, with
his sunglasses on he stares off to the skyline.
You shouldn't view this as
anything else than a learning
process, that's all it is anyway,
problems and solutions, cause and
affect. Its in the creator's best
interest to take all endeavors, no
matter the size, as lessons, not
accomplishments or failures, just
simply, lessons. Not as though you
shouldn't enjoy victories and
contemplate defeats, you must take
them in a minuscule amount in
comparison to a life long
education. Total perfection is
subjective, it'll never be
obtained, so you can put that
right out of your head. There's
never going to be a perfect film,
book, painting or song, however,
there can be moments of
perfection, like flashes of
electricity. These rare moments
where everything is aligned and
flows seamlessly as if the piece
of work has life, being both
composed and untamed by it's
creator. Its these moments of
perfection, well, they're the very
reason audiences have faith, its
why we all want to see the magic
trick, and most importantly, to


                       FRANCO (cont'd)
people like you and I; it's why we
create. I hope you continue your
search Dominic.
Franco puts his glass of Vodka on the table, nods to
Dominic, then leaves while smoking his cigarette. Dominic
sits, he takes another sip from his glass and stares out at
tall buildings, the massive towers of steel and glass. A
cold wind picks up.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
In a private theater screening room Dominic sits in the
middle row drinking glasses of rum and chain smoking. He
wears a black suit with a thin black tie and sunglasses. He
sits, defeated; watching auditions and test footage.
He takes a sip from his glass, and sees Reason appear next
to him. He notices her but ignores her presence.
Cheer up, it's not the end of the
world, and sadness just isn't a
good look for you.
      (taking a drag
       from his
So now your talking to me.
Stop being so grumpy.
Why? It's over, they're all gone.
What does it matter if they're
gone. Since when has a woman
leaving stopped you from working.
But they all left, even Gloria.
Hah, all of them hate me now.
But your fans still love you, and
you can't let them down.


      (taking a drag
       from his
I don't want to work right now, I
think I'm gonna take a vacation
for awhile.
No you can't think like that, you
have to be positive.
How can I be positive? Nothings
gained from this.
Well that's not entirely true, you
got a good story out of it.
Dominic sits up in attention.
What do you mean, like a film?
Well yeah, its something new.
Dominic jumps out of his seat with excitement, he then walks
a couple feet down the isle in extreme concentration and
deep thought. He turns around to Reason.
Yeah, yeah, a film haha. Yeah.. It
could be about a director that
uses his next film to ensnare
three beautiful actresses. Yeah,
it could be about so many things,
it'd be a gorgeous young,
talented, director and the three
seductive actresses.
Well more handsome than gorgeous.
You might wanna throw in lust
crazed, its a good adjective, or
maybe even love sick.
      (taking a drag
       from his
It'd be about the hectic juggling


                       DOMINIC (cont'd)
and seducing, and confusion, it'd
be about cinema, and artists, and
full of breath taking, beautiful
women, I mean distractingly good
Well I know you wouldn't leave
that out.
Dominic starts walking to the front of the theater, then
stops and turns back to Reason.
Yes, and the casting.
Reason stands up.
Haha should be fun.
Reason joins Dominic at the front of the theater.
Yeah, yeah exactly... the casting,
I mean the casting. Okay, alright,
I gotta start writing, then we
gotta start casting right away, as
soon as humanly possible.
Dominic starts walking down the hallway to the exit. Reason
follows close behind.
As soon as this things written I
want casting directors in my
office, with acting reels, and I
want gorgeous, stunning, beautiful
actresses reading for these parts.
Remarkably talented, phenomenally
gorgeous. I'm talkin' unbelievably
The two exit the theater, the giant swinging double doors
                                         CUT TO BLACK


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