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C-Bar TV episode 4 and 5
by Mark Baugher (mbaugher@q.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Westerns   User Review:

The story of an Arizona pioneer family and how they survived.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Marsha Jean is doing kitchen work with her back turned to
the camera. She hears Dockie enter but does not look up.She
is smiling. Dockie walks to where she is and leans against
the sink next to Marsha Jean then turns facing the camera.
Marsha Jean do you have any plans
for the afternoon?
Dockie's expression has a big smile!
Marsha Jean puts her fingers in both sides of his mouth
looking for that disgusting chew. She finds nothing.
They move close to each other, both smiling.
Jessie Lynn walks into the house.
                       JESSIE LYNN
I swear! Are you at it again. It's
a wonder I don't have a dozen
brothers and sisters.
Dad, isn't there something you
need to do outside? Get to work
and leave my mother alone! Go
Dockie has a frown on his face.
I'm sure there is something
outside that must be very
important, so I may as well get to
Just then there is a banging on the door. It is Bobby Blue,
the ranch foreman, and he looks upset.
Buck steps in and looks at Dockie.
Dockie, we got trouble. A
horsethief stole Gus!
How do you know?


I saw him in the north section
going as fast as Gus would carry
Running my horse?
Did you see who it was?
Yes, but I hate to say!
Well who-the-hell was it?
Jimmy Barnes .
Are you sure?
I'm afraid I'm real sure.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Maybe he only borrowed the horse.
Maybe he had a good reason.
I hope so Marsha Jean, I hope so.
Bobby, gather the hands but not
Eric Alan. Him and Jessie Lynn
ain't going.
Wish me luck on that!
Jessie Lynn storms out of the house.
Bobby leaves the house/
                       MARSHA JEAN
Dockie, forget the horse. You
have more than you need.
I wish I could. I wish I could.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Are you going to hang Jimmy?


Horsethieves get hung!
                       MARSHA JEAN
Oh my God!
Marsha Jean turns away and crosses herself.
Dockie , Bobby and 6 other ranch hands have gathered. This
includes Jessie Lynn and Eric Alan.
Bobby was he going north?
Is there any water at Henderson
Not for the last month.
Jimmy doesn't know that. He needs
water to go further north . When
he finds a dry hole he will be
forced to go to the Verde to water
up. We will wait for him there.
Eric Alan and Jessie Lynn you
ain't going I need you here.
                       ERIC ALAN
Going with you Pa, you can't make
me stay!
                       JESSIE LYNN
We'll just Goddamn well follow you
Dockie looks mad then very sad.He drops his head and sighs.
Marsha Jean is standing on porch. Dockie moves horse to them
and reaches his hand to Marsha Jean. She reaches out and
they touch hands. Dockie then turns and says to group
We will move out at a long trot.
No reason to cripple a horse.


Many scenes of travel. All in a line led by Bobby. Scenes
are of the most beautiful in area
Posse arrives at Verde. Dockie speaks to the group.
We'll tie up here, Jimmy will come
to the clearing just ahead to get
water. We'll hide and wait. Eric
Alan and Jessie Lynn will wait
with the horses.
                       ERIC ALAN
We will NOT stay with the horses!
Docke sighs
They pick places to hide
Sometime later Jimmy rides into clearing , dismounts to
As Jimmy is scooping water to his mouth Dockie steps out
from behind a tree.
Stay where you are Jimmy, if you
run we will shoot you off my
Jimmy is very surprised and looks scared
The group all come from their hiding places, and gather
Jimmy why did you steal my horse?
I'm quitting this country and you
had the best horse to leave on.
The look on Dockie's face could melt an anvil. He goes from
very mad to an expression of sadness.
Tie him up boys and let's find a
Crowd swarms to Jimmy to tie his hands.


Dockie rides his horse to a big tree.
Put him on Gus and bring him over
Several hands are putting Jimmy on the horse.
Dockie is sitting on his horse under a tree, a ranch hand is
throwing a rope over a branch. Eric Alan is leading the
horse with Jimmy to the tree. The camera goes to several
faces as this happens. JL and Eric Alan both have tears in
their eyes.
Dockie you're not going to hang me
over a horse, are yuh?
Horse thieves hang in this part of
the country , you know that.
The camera goes to several faces as this is happening. This
is making everyone feel sick.
Dockie please, please don't do
this. I've learned my lesson.
Dockie looks at Jimmy for a few seconds.
Jimmy goes from fear to sadness. He is realizing what he has
done and what is about to happen.
Dockie will you tell my Ma I love
her and I'm sorry?
Dockie rides to the side of Jimmy and is in a rage. Grabs
his clothes and shakes him.
You stupid little whelp! You just
don't understand. Respecting and
caring for other people and
animals is what a man is all
about. Who's going to look after
your Mama? And you know not to
run a horse unless you're chasing
cattle. You're a spoiled colt that
needed a father to keep you
straight. I'm not going to hang
you because I couldn't face your
Mama and I don't want these fine


                       DOCKIE (cont'd)
people to go to their grave with
this memory.
Dockie pushes Jimmy off the horse.
Get off that good horse. You don't
deserve to sit on him.
Jimmy falls toward the ground when Eric Alan catches him.
Cut him loose.
Jimmy is cut loose.
Jimmy strip down to your longs.
Why do I have to take my clothes
Jimmy removes his boots and clothes. Leaving only his long
Tom, bring Widow Maker over here
and strip the saddle off.
Tom does so.
Climb up Jimmy and ride north.
You know that Tom Horn is the only
one that can ride that outlaw.
You're both outlaws, get up.
Eric Alan moves over to Jimmy to give him a boost up on the
horse. In so doing whispers in Jimmy's ear.
                       ERIC ALAN
Jimmy get on the horse now and
shut up. Push Pa and you may not
live through this.


Jimmy mounts horse, Dockie throws canteen to him.
Leave rite now and if you come
back I will shoot you like the dog
you are.
Jimmy looks at group forlornly then turns horse and rides
As group watches him leave Buck says out loud and with
You've done it now. Every horse
thief in the country will hear you
went soft.
Bobby,I love you like a brother,
please just shut-up. I'm tired,
hungry and want to go home.
They all ride off.
Eric Alan leans over to Jessie Lynn and whispers
                       ERIC ALAN
I think Pa is getting old.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Good Goddamned thing for Jimmy.
Jessie Lynn leans over her horse and spits. Then looks at
Eric Alan and smiles.
They follow the group.
Some time later they arrive at the ranch. Dockie stops and
looks at Jessie Lynn.
Jessie Lynn would you tell your Ma
what all happened. She is
probably fretting. I'm going to
town to talk with Libby.
Dockie rides to Libby's house. She is a woman in the mid
forties. She is Jimmy Barnes mother. Dockie ties up his
horse and steps onto the porch. Removes gun belt and spurs


and places them on a chair next to door. Hat in hand he
knocks and Libby answers door.
Well hello Dockie, what a
surprise, come in and sit down. Do
you want coffee?
No Ma'am,you may not want to drink
coffee with me when I tell you
what I done.
Is something wrong?
We caught Jimmy stealing a horse
Oh God Dockie did you hang him?
No Ma'am, I tried but couldn't see
it through.
Libby collapses into chair with a stunned look on her face.
A few seconds go by. Libby needs time to think this through.
What did you do with him?
Stampeded him out of the country.
At least he is alive.
He wasn't happy or comfortable
when he left.
Libby stands and walks over to Dockie, puts her arms around
Dockie , thank you for not hanging
Jimmy. He's all I got and I could
not go on if he was gone.


If I had hung him I couldn't have
gone on either.
Libby backs off , straightens herself up.
Libby and Dockie both have tears in their eyes.
My regardes to Marsha Jean.
Yes Maam, yes Maam.
Dockie turns to leave than turns back.
Marsha Jean is there if you need
She's there for anyone in need. I
might drop by.
Dockie turns and leaves.
Bob and Ike are sitting at campfire drinking coffee.
Veterans of many range wars. Very hard people. Bob is the
leader and Ike is just plain stupid.
Well Bob, the fun came to an end
with the Tonto Basin feud. We
could have drug it out longer if
we weren't so good at killing the
Wells family.
What now?
Lets go to Prescott, get drunk,
play cards, chase whores. When we
run out of money we take what we
want and leave.
They say Virgil Earp is the law
there,that worries me some.


A 45 will kill him same as all the
others. I ain't worried.
You like killing folks Bob?
Yup, I learned to like killing
when I worked in a slaughter house
in Chicago. Then the war taught me
how to kill people. When the war
ended I just kept looking for
another battle. Hired guns are
good at finding them.
Bob and Ike laugh.
Jimmy is walking through the desert. He is looking bad. What
clothes Dockie let him keep are torn and dirty. He is to the
point of exhauston and talking to himself.
How dumb can I be. Stole Dockie's
horse and here I am. Hot, thirsty
and drinking out of cow tracks.
Haven't eaten in three days. Horse
bucked me off and I'm barefoot.
Every time I sit down to die I
rest enough to feel better. Dieing
don't sound bad but I can't get it
Jimmy's head is leaning against a tree but his eyes are
open. He is staring when he sees dust in the distance.
Well dumb-ass what have we got
here. Apaches, outlaws or if I am
lucky some white people sent by
God to save me. All I can do is
walk that way and find out. Gonna
die if I stay here.
Jimmy gets up and starts walking. He finds a dirt road and
can see that what was making the dust is a covered wagon. He
stands and waits. In time a wagon pulls up next to him and
stops. The man in the wagon seat is a huge fella. He looks
hard at Jimmy. The man is Tom Carver, he and his family fill
the wagon.


Boy you are a mess. What are you
doing here?
Mister you are looking at at the
dumbest person in the world. My
poor behavior put me here and I
was hoping that you were a kind
sole sent to help me.
Well boy, I guess everyone
deserves a second chance. Get up
here and tell me your story. My
name is Tom Carver. If you were to
look behind you, that woman with a
10 gage pointed at your back would
be my wife Judy. What's your name
My name is jimmy Barnes. I am
sorry to look this way in front of
Mrs. Carver.
Don't worry Jimmy, any thing you
have she has seen in the war. We
decided to leave the South and try
our luck out West. We lost all our
sons in that Goddamn war the
politicians got us into. We're
going to Flagstaff to work in the
logging trade. We need a new
start. Where are you going?
Mr Carver, Flagstaff sounds like
heaven to me, can I come along?
From the back of the wagon, Jimmy heard gigging. He turned
and to his horror saw not only Mrs. Carver , but three
teanage girls looking at him.
Mr.Carver nudged Jimmy to turn back around.
I said we lost our sons, but we
still have our girls. Girls turn
around and stop staring at Jimmy.
When we get to town Jimmy we need
to get you some proper clothes.


Mr.Carver if it weren't for how it
would look , I would hug you.
Jimmy I would let you but those
girls would laugh so loud they
would bring every Injun for miles
The wagon keeps moving toward Flagstaff
Bob and Ike rode into Prescott and liked what they saw.
Money was everywhere- minors, ranchers, new stores and a lot
of saloons. This is a thriving town. Bob and Ike put their
horses in a stable and head for the saloon. For a week they
drink and gamble. They are sitting alone at a table.
Tucson is a good looking older man.His problem is to much
fun.Everybody likes him and his mere presence starts a
party.The bottle has brought him a lot of grief.The scene
starts in the local saloon.Tucson is surrounded by his
friends when someone makes a big mistake.
                       PATRON IN THE SALOON
Well boys I never thought I would
see the day that Dockie Barnett
would go soft and not hang a horse
thief. Whole country has gone to
The room goes quiet. Everyone knows that Tucson and Dockie
go way back. This kind of talk will bring out the fighting
mood in Tucson. Tucson looks at the man who just shot off
his mouth.
                       TUCSON SLIM
Fella, you just went down the
wrong road.
The fight is on. These two are not well matched. Tucson is
middle aged and the hours spent drinking have done him no
good. The other man is younger by half and range tough from
hard work. Tucson hits him square on the nose with little
result. The man swings back and down Tucson goes. The saloon
keeper steps in with his shotgun and stops the fight.He runs


the younger man out while everyone helps Tucson to a table.
The painkiller starts flowing.
Dockie and JL come to town for business. On there way to the
bank Dockie stops in at the stable to let his old friend
David Caldmile stable their horses while in town.Dockie
walks in and looks at David.
Hey Ugly we need you to watch
after our horses for a few
hours.Try not to founder them
while they are here.
Dockie sits on a bench to remove his chaps
Don't worry asshole, I know how to
handle a horse.
Marsha Jean wants to make sure
you're coming for the July fourth
party at the ranch.
I haven't missed a July fourth in
years. Why would I now?
Marsha Jean said I should ask you
to come so that you know you are
I sure like her more then I like
David turns to JL and smiles.
How are you sweetheart?
David gives JL a big hug.
JL smiles and hugs David back. She loves this old man like
he is family.


                       JESSIE LYNN
I'm fine Mr. Caldmile, how are
At least you care sweetheart. More
then I can say for your Pa.
Dockie and David both laugh and slap each other on the back.
Dockie and JL leave and walk down the street. Dockie and JL
walk into the general store.The owner and also good friend
John Eddie Hampton looks up and smiles at JL.
                       JOHN EDDIE
JL it sure is nice to see you. You
look more like your Ma every time
I see you. Sure glad you took
after her and not your ugly Pa.
As much as I hate to say this
Marsha Jean wants me to ask you if
you are coming July fourth?
                       JOHN EDDIE
JL is something wrong with your
                       JESSIE LYNN
Well there is a lot of things
wrong with him.This time he is
just following orders from Ma.
They all laugh. Then John Eddie gets a sober look on his
                       JOHN EDDIE
Dockie, the Sheriff said to tell
you that Tucson Slim is back in
Not saying a word Dockie turns and walks out the door. He is
walking across the street toward the Sheriffs office.John
Eddie and JL watch him go. John Eddie turns to JL
                       JOHN EDDIE
Jessie Lynn can I ask you a
personal question?
                       JESSIE LYNN
Sure Mr. Hampton, what is it?


                       JOHN EDDIE
Your Pa worries and frets over
Tucson Slim. Tucson is the town
drunk. What is their connection?
                       JESSIE LYNN
Pa won't talk about his early
years but Ma tells me what he went
through. Can I tell you this in
                       JOHN EDDIE
Sweetheart don't tell me anything
if you don't think you should.
It's really none of my business
and I don't want to cause you any
That's not a problem Mr. Hampton.
Pa says that if I'm ever in
trouble and he ain't around that I
shud come find you. You can be
                       JOHN EDDIE
I feel the same way about your Pa.
                       JESSIE LYNN
When Pa and my Uncles first came
here they were running from some
unpleasant business down South.
They picked up Tucson on the way
here. He was also in trouble. For
some reason Pa took him in and
they seem to connect on some
level. Ma says that Pa would die
to protect Tucson.
                       JOHN EDDIE
Your Pa did well, what happened to
Tucson Slim?
                       JESSIE LYNN
Pa found Ma and Tucson found the
Dockie enters the jail and walks up to the Sheriff sitting
behind his desk.
Hi George, Tucson in the back?


Yup, go on back Dockie.
Do I need to give you my gun?
Keep your gun, cell ain't locked.
Dockie enters the back room to see Tucson sitting on a bunk
with his face in his hands.He opens the cell door and walks
into the cell. He sits beside Tucson and puts his arm around
Tucson's shoulder.Dockie pulls him closer and rests his chin
on the man's head.
How you doing old friend?
                       TUCSON SLIM
I've been better Dockie.
Can I help?
Tucson is a mess. To many years of drinking have made him
look sick.
                       TUCSON SLIM
Dockie, I've been drunk to long.
It ain't no fun no more. Have you
got some work for me away from all
I need a man up at Sycamore
Canyon.Got young Fred there, he
would be good company for you.It's
away from all this temtation.
                       TUCSON SLIM
I got no gear, no horse or
saddle.All I got in this world is
on my back.
You are wrong about that. You got
me. We will go to John Eddie and
get what gear you need. David will
fix you up with a horse and


                       TUCSON SLIM
Dockie you are the only friend I
have in the world. If you do all
this for me I still may let you
I know Bobby, I know. You were
there for me when I needed you. I
will always be there if you need
                       TUCSON SLIM
Dockie I ain't never said this to
anybody before but I love you.
I love you too. Now let's get you
out of here and started toward
Sycamore Canyon.
They leave the jail and start walking toward John Eddies
store. When they arrive and walk in Dockie looks at John
Eddie and nods. John Eddie nods back.
                       JOHN EDDIE
Well by God Tucson I haven't seen
you for ages. What can I help you
Dockie knows that Bobby is being taken care of so he backs
out the door. He walks to David's livery and explains that
Tucson is coming.
Leave everything to me Dockie.
I'll put him on a horse that won't
hurt him. We can settle up some
other time.
Dockie leaves and continues down the street. He is just
about to enter the saloon when he steps aside for two ladies
walking down the boardwalk.They both look at Dockie and are
obvious about their flirtation.
                       LADY ON THE STREET
Well well Dockie.It's nice to see
you in town today.Got time to buy
a girl something to eat?
Just then JL steps between them and has a real frown on her
face.She stares hard looks at the ladies.The town ladies
know it's time to move on and leave. JL turns toward her Pa.


                       JESSIE LYNN
Pa I'm telling Ma on you!!
Dockie looks at JL and laughs.
What the hell girl. I didn't do
anything but walk down the
street.You need to worry about
your own business and not mine.
                       JESSIE LYNN
You just remember I"m watching.
Watch all you want, I ain't never
chased after no other woman then
your Ma.
                       JESSIE LYNN
You're a man ain"t you. I'm just
watching after Ma.
Dockie can't stop laughing. He turns into the saloon with a
big grin.JL is right behind him.
Bobby is hung over but manages to get the cloths and gear he
needs from John Eddie. He walks over to the livery to see
David. He walks in the barn to find David saddling a horse.
David did Dockie tell you I was
Yup, he sure did. Got a nice horse
here for you.
Thank you David. Where would I be
without my good friends?
Same as the rest of us, up a creek
with no paddle.
Bobby ties his gear on the saddle and mounts the horse. He
looks at David.David reaches out and pats Bobby on the leg.


Bobby ol boy.Take care of
Thanks old friend.
Bobby rides out of town.The C- is half way to the Sycamore
cow camp so Bobby decided to stop in and see Marsha Jean. He
rides in and ties up at a hitching post.He walks to the
front door and pokes his head in.
Anybody here that wants to feed a
poor down and out ranch hand.
Marsha Jean turns and looks at
Bobby. Her first expression is
that of a concerned mother, then
she composes herself and smiles.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Come here Bobby and let me hug
No complaints from me. Hug away.
After the hug they step back and look each other over.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Bobby you are not taking care of
yourself. You make me want to slap
some good sense into you.
That has been tried on many
occasions but I don't learn real
                       MARSHA JEAN
Dockie worries himself to death
over you. Why don't you come here
and stay so we can keep you on the
strait and narrow?
I wouldn't do that to Dockie. At
least when I am out of sight he
can forget about me. If I stayed
here it would strain our
relationship past repair.


                       MARSHA JEAN
Dockie don't give up on the people
he loves.Sit down and let's get
you something to eat.
For the next hour they eat and visit. Bobby then goes on his
way. Marsha Jean watches him leave with a heavy heart.
                       MARSHA JEAN
What could have been, how sad for
Bobby arrives at the cow camp and is met by young Fred.
Young Fred is a good boy and is tickled to have a character
like Bobby Blue to work with.Young Fred's youth and Bobby's
colorful past are a good combination.That evening around the
                       YOUNG FRED
Bobby the word is that you and
Dockie go way back. How did you
come to know each other?
We was both young and at loose
ends. Eating garbage and sleeping
in alleys.All we had was each
other. We soon learned that
borrowing was a better life then
being hungry.Dockie was crafty and
I was bold. We made a good team.
We always referred to our
occupation as doing odd jobs that
needed to be done.We eventually
grew into the cattle business. We
would go into Mexico and rescue
poor lost cattle, drive them to
Tucson and find them a home that
would take care of them.We did
this for several years.Got damned
good at it if I do say so.
                       YOUNG FRED
How did you get here?
It was my fault really. When we
would sell our cattle the party
was on. Drinking, gambling and
whores was pure heaven for
me.Dockie looked at everything a
little different.He didn't drink
much. He wouldn't gamble at all.
When I tried to get him involved


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
with whores he would just shake
his head no. Said they weren't the
kind of gals he was wanting. He
said they were loud, stunk and to
damned rough for his taste.Ol
Dockie saved his money and I
wasted mine on fun.Poor guy never
knew what he was missing.Well one
night I had a little
misunderstanding with a fella and
damned if I didn't shoot him dead.
Law put me in jail and set a trial
date for murder.I was in that shit
hole for three months. Dockie came
to see me every day but couldn't
find a way to break me out. They
found me guilty and said I was
going to hang.I thought it was all
over for me.Well one day Dockie
came to see me and as luck would
have it the sheriff was home
sick.His depute was sound asleep
in the sheriffs chair. Well Dockie
slipped his keys out of his pocket
and opened the cell door.We
slipped out the back door and lit
out like our asses were on fire.
We ended up on the Verde River
when Dockie said he was going to
stay. He built a ranch, found
Marsha Jean and had a family. Me
on the other hand stayed with what
I knew and all I know is how to
have fun.
                       YOUNG FRED
Gosh Bobby, I wish I had some fun
once in a while.
You hang around me very long and
something will come along.
They turn in for the evening.
Back in town Bob and Ike are sitting at a table.
Well Bob, I'm almost broke. I
can't pay the hotel bill or get my
horse out of the stable.My eaten
and drinken money is almost gone.


I ain't doing no better. Let's
give this town a few more days
then move on.
Sounds good to me Bob, what now?
We wait till we are broke then
skin this town for some money and
light out. Story is that there is
a big rancher hereabouts that has
gone soft and is easy pickens.
Are you talking about that rancher
that let the horse thief go?
Yup, he has a cow camp up by the
Sycamore- only one cowboy there.
We can get fresh horses there and
head toward a logging camp called
Flagstaff. From what I heard he
probably won't even chase us
About then the bar went quiet.Bob and Ike looked to the door
and saw Dockie enter the saloon.He walked to a table and was
greeted by his old pals. Bob looked around and waived a bar
fly over.
Ralph, who is that jasper that
just came in?
That's the old c- bunch that came
here years ago. That feller that
just came in is Dockie Barnett. I
know he don't like me much, I hope
he dies.
Is he the one that let the horse
thief go?
Yup, never figured him for that.
Bob looks at Ralph.


Get lost.
Ralph walks away in a huff.
A few days later Bob and Ike are broke.They leave the saloon
and walk to the hotel. In the morning they sneak out the
back door so as to avoid the clerk.They walk to the general
store. John Eddie is the only one in the store. He walks
over to wait on the two men. Bob pulls his gun and beats
John Eddie to death. They then robbed the cash register and
left, walking to the livery stable. They were gathering
their horses and saddling up when the owner, David comes out
demanding to be paid. They shoot him down. They then race
out of town.
Dockie and Marsha Jean are in the kitchen. Marsha Jean back
to camera, Dockie facing camera. They are close and smiling
at each other. Marsha Jean is rubbing Dockies whiskers.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Maybe just maybe,but those
whiskers have to go.
Jessie Lynn enters house in a hurry,
                       JESSIE LYNN
Pa,riders coming fast.
Dockie frowns and walks outside.
Bobby and Tom Horn ride up.
I just came from town,big trouble.
Some hard-cases stayed drunk for a
week, lost their money then went
to the general store and killed
John Eddie. After that they went
to Davids livery. Killed him and
rode out fast..
I cannot believe anyone would kill
John Eddie and David.
Dockie is in shock. He is staring into space. Marsha Jean,
JL and Eric Alan are speechless.Things are very quiet.Bobby
breaks the silence.


Their names are Bob and Ike.They
just came from the Tonto Basin
Tom you were in that mess, do you
know them?
Really bad men,kill more for fun
than money.
Which way did they go?
Hate to tell you this but they
were asking about your cow camps.
Had particular interest in
Sycamore Canyon
Why were they asking about me?
Heard about Jimmy Barns.
Buck get who you can. We need to
ride to Sycamore Canyon.
Nobody here but a few.
Buck returns with Tom,Jessie Lynn and Eric Alan.All riding
their best horses and armed.
Jessie Lynn and Eric Alan I need
you here.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Ain't going to happen Pa.They
killed Mr. Caldmile and Mr
Hampton. They are heading toward
the Sycamore Canyon cow camp.
Uncle Tucson and Fred are there.We
need to move.


Jessie Lynn then spits on the ground.
Dockie sighs
Is everyone armed ?
Marsha Jean comes out of house carrying a shotgun, she walks
between Jessie Lynn and Eric Alan and hands shotgun to
Jessie Lynn
                       MARSHA JEAN
Jessie Lynn you can shoot this gun
better than any man on the ranch.
Take it with you.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Good idea ,Ma.
Marsha Jean motions for Jessie Lynn and Eric Alan to bend
over and listen to her quiet words
                       MARSHA JEAN
These men will kill you if you
give them half a chance.
                       ERIC ALAN
Don't worry we ain't going to give
them any chance.
                       MARSHA JEAN
You Kids take care of your Pa
                       JESSIE LYNN
We always do Ma. He don't know it
but we always do.
Marsha Jean returns to the porch.
We will not run our horses. We
will long-trot and make better
time. It's 20 miles and we have to
be smart with these horses.
Dockie rides to Marsha Jean touches her hand then they all
ride away.
Ike and Bob ride up to Sycamore Canyon cow camp,Tucson and
Young Fred stop what they are doing and walk over to greet


them.When they are close enough to make out who Bob and Ike
were they stop.Tucson knew them from the saloon.It didn't
take long for Tucson to get real uneasy.
Howdy boys. Got any grub for
wondering souls?
                       TUCSON SLIM
It would be best if you fellas
just kept on moving.
Bob and Ike draw their pistols and in a flurry of shooting
kill Tucson. Young Fred is watching in shock.With grins on
their faces they then cut Young Fred down.
Let's find what grub they have
,get fresh horses and push on.
They might be rite behind us we
need to push hard.
Bob and Ike ransack the cow camp getting provisions,than
saddle fresh horses and leave in a hurry.
All but Bobby are looking down at the bodies. This is an
emotional time for them.
JL and Eric Alan dismount and move to their childhood friend
Fred and Tucson.They neal down beside them. Tears are
dripping down their faces. Dockie gets off his horse and is
week kneed. He almost goes down. He grabs the saddle horn to
steady himself. He then walks to and sits beside Tucson's
body.He holds Tucson by the hand.Tears are dripping off his
Tucson old friend you made me
outlive you. Damn dirty trick.
Camera goes to Dockie's face. Flashback to both of them
laughing hard and enjoying something. Next scene is Marsha
Jean scolding them about something and them looking guilty
about something they did. Finally a scene of them hugging
Marsha Jean and her trying to be mad but can't do so.


                       JESSIE LYNN
Goddamn scum cut them down and
they ain't even armed. I will kill
these sons of bitches. I ain't
staying here Pa. Don't even say
Eric Alan has tears in his eyes. When he speaks his voice is
very emotional.
                       ERIC ALAN
These fellas were my friends and
family, we got drunk many a time
and laughed the night away.
Bobby rides up.
You won't believe this. They went
into the canyon instead of staying
on top of the rim. The going is
slow and tough down there. They
have to come up and out on the rim
trail. We can be there waiting.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Those fools are running their
horses. They won't be fresh long.
Everybody still have enough horse
under them to get there?
Everyone says yes.
Tom stay here and look after these
fine boys.
I'm the best man you got here,let
Jessie Lynn stay.
Jessie Lynn stares at Tom Horn and her hand moves to her
gun. Eric Alan is between them and backs out of the way. Tom
Horn puts his hand on his gun because he knows what JL is
capable of.
                       JESSIE LYNN
I never did like you Tom Horn.
Killing you wouldn't bother me


That's enough,Tom! You're staying.
Jessie Lynn will do.
Buck, Dockie and Eric Alan mount their horses and start
riding up the trail. As JL rides past Tom Horn she spits
tobacco spit on his horse. Tom throws a fit of anger.
Half way up the mountain, Bobby pulls up and dismounts. He
yells out.
My damned horse is lame, JL give
me your horse.
JL doesn't even look at Bobby as she rides by.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Kiss my ass! Uncle Bobby
Dockie,Eric Alan and Jessie Lynn move on up the mountain at
a fast pace leaving Bobby behind.
They arrive at the trail head before Bob and Ike
Kids ,we will put them in a
crossfire. Jessie Lynn you hide
behind that rock,let them walk
past and when they are in the
clearing we will have them. We
will be over here and won't fire
until you are clear. We will not
give them a chance to put up their
hands.On my signal we cut them
Bob and Ike are struggling to climb the trail. They are
breathing hard when they reach the top.
Bob I'm plaid out let's rest.
Me too, let's tie up and sit under
that tree.
They tie up horses and walk toward tree.They walk past where
Jessie Lynn is hiding.


JL is sitting behind a large bolder. She is very upset with
the loss of friends and family. Her eyes are watering.
Flashback to John Eddy, Uncle Tucson and Fred.
Bob and Ike are approaching. JL is not aware of them. The
ghost of NoName appears beside JL. He reaches and gently
pushes her head to the left. She then sees Bob and Ike. When
they pass she stands up.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Dockie and Eric Alan are hiding behind a tree waiting for
Bob and Ike to walk into clearing. Sudden roar of two
shotgun blasts.They jump and run toward the gunfire.When
they get there Jessie Lynn is looking at the dead bodies.
Jessie Lynn you were supposed to
                       JESSIE LYNN
Waiting didn't seem like a good
                       ERIC ALAN
Dam it to hell Jessie Lynn I
wanted to kill one of these scum
sucking pigs. You never could
                       JESSIE LYNN
You came to this party to late
little brother.
                       ERIC ALAN
I can hear it now. Erick's little
sister took care of the outlaws
while he hid behind a tree.
Jessie Lynn grins big
                       JESSIE LYNN
Don't worry big brother, I would
never tell the story to anybody.
Eric Alan just shakes his head in disgust. Then looks down
at the dead outlaws.
                       ERIC ALAN
Let the wolves eat them.
Jessie Lynn spits on a body


You kids ain't kids no more.
                       ERIC ALAN
Ain't been for a long time Pa.
I suppose, I suppose. I did like
it better when you were young and
did what I told you. Let's gather
horses and go home.
Marsha Jean and Dockie are standing at the sink grinning at
each other. She is rubbing his whiskers and looking in his
mouth for a chew.
Comes a knock on the door.
Dockie sighs, walks to door and opens it. Little Johnny is
standing there. He is 10 years old and very poorly dressed.
Mr Barnett, Miss Libby wants to
see you as soon as you can get
Marsha Jean do we have some pie
for Johnny to eat?
                       MARSHA JEAN
Of course I do. Johnny come in and
sit down.
Yes Maam.
Dockie looks at Johnny for a few seconds.
Marsha Jean maybe you can take
Johnny to town and do a little
                       MARSHA JEAN
I have something I really want to
do this afternoon,but Jessie Lynn
would be happy to do it. On your
way to town tell her to come in.


Yes Maam
Jessie Lynn is shoeing a horse when Eric Alan,Bobby and Tom
Horn ride by.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Where the hell are you going all
slicked up?
                       ERIC ALAN
Ma said to take the day off and go
to town.
                       JESSIE LYNN
                       ERIC ALAN
Didn't stay around long enough to
Eric Alan and his pards ride off and are being loud and very
happy. Jessie Lynn is annoyed.
Just then Dockie rides by an says.
Jessie Lynn your mother has an
errand for you, get to the house.
                       JESSIE LYNN
I must be the only reason this
ranch don't blow away! Eric Alan
and his stupid friends are always
running to town to cause trouble
and Pa is always chasing Ma
around. I'm getting Goddamn tired
of doing everything around here.
I'm the only one that gets
anything done, bunch of damn
Jessie Lynn throws her tools down and storms off.
Jessie Lynn enters the house.
                       MARSHA JEAN
Jessie Lynn I need you to take
Johnny shopping for clothes. Hitch
up the buckboard and take his Mama
some provisions, too. While you're
there see if she needs anything
done around the house.


                       JESSIE LYNN
Do I look like a......
Marsha Jean turns and looks at Jessie Lynn with her hands on
her hips and looks very stern. Jessie Lynn knows when to
shut up.
                       JESSIE LYNN
Yes Ma'am, Johnny let's get you
looking prosperous.
Dockie rides to Libby's and ties up his horse and then steps
onto porch. Takes off his gun belt and spurs putting them on
a chair. With hat in hand he knocks on door.
Hi Dockie,come in and sit. Want
Sounds real good Libby.
Dockie and Libby sit at table drinking coffee.
I have a letter from Jimmy.
Is he well?
Yes very well.
Dockie sighs with great relief.
He sent a note for you.
She slides the note over to Dockie.
Libby,Marsha Jean does my reading
for me, maybe you could help me
with this?
Of course.
She reads.


Dear Mr Barnett,
I understand.
Yours truly, James Barns
Dockie's eyes water up.
Libby would you excuse me for a
Dockie stands and steps out the door. He is trying to
control his emotions. He blows his nose. A few seconds later
he returns to the table.
Libby would you write back and ask
Jimmy to come home?
Libby stands then Dockie stands.
Dockie, you probably should go
now. With the way I feel right
now I might try and steel you away
from Marsha Jean and I love her to
much to do that.
Dockie is very embarrassed.
On your way out of town would you
stop and mail this letter for me.
Dockie looks at letter and smiles.
I would bet that a good boy named
Jimmy is on the letter.
With a little help he became a
very good boy.
Dockie a possibility is waiting
for you at home, but if I were you
I would stop at the barbershop and
get a close shave first.
Dockie and Libby smile


You women are a crafty bunch.
Dockie lopes his horse away. Libby smiles and goes inside.
Door shuts


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