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The Blind, The Blue, The Brave "Tell Me Why"
by Alexis Obasuyi (alexisobasuyi@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
When Ferrari steps in to help rescue a member of the Roger's Park Police Force, a tentative and temporary partnership is formed. With her help, the team scrambles to solve her fiance's murder case--after discovering a piece of Blonde hair at the initial crime scene--before the murderer disappears forever. (This is the second episode following the pilot episode. If you haven't gotten to read the first one, you can find it here: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291534790&t=&pg=6) (Please don't hesitate to rate and comment. I need all the feedback I can get.)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The camera pans down the hallway and a significantly
younger-looking MAGIC (Age 14 at this time) is at his

A few of his Varsity basketball teammates walk by and greet
                       TEAMMATE #1
How's it going, Freshman?
I'm cool, thanks.
                       TEAMMATE #2
I'll catch you on the court later,
Blaze. We gotta talk about that
bogus jump shot of yours.
That "bogus" jump shot saved your
ass when you botched your free
His teammates yell "Shaq" and everyone laughs. Then they
walk off. Shortly after, Magic opens his locker and looks up
to find WRIGHT (Age 18 at this time) walking his way.
      (leans against
Hello, fresh meat. What's up?
      (takes out book)
I'm cool. What are you doing over
here? Won't being seen with me
damage your Senior cred?
Forget that. I'm just here to
borrow some cash.
      (closes locker)


Gas money. I want to stop by
Denise's house later and I'm
closing in on "E".
Denise? What the--? What happened
to Aimee?
Things with her got really old,
really fast. Denise is so
different. She's...she's more--
--willing to lie on her back?
      (punches Magic in
You're not funny.
Hey, it's true! But I'd be careful
if I were you. One day, you'll
screw the WRONG girl and then I'll
never hear from you again.
OR...one day, I'll meet the RIGHT
girl and I might be persuaded to
CHANGE my ways.
Magic stares at Wright and laughs. As he is laughing, twin
girls walk down the hallway. This catches Wright's attention
and he elbows Magic.
      (stops laughing)
I think we should marry twins.
Again, what?
      (snaps fingers)
Yup, I got it all planned out. You
and I are going into the NBA after
college. Hopefully, we'll get


                       WRIGHT (cont'd)
drafted by the Bulls and then
after we score like three rings,
we'll decide to settle down and
marry some fine twins. Then, we
can buy mansions on the same
So...I'm going to assume that this
is your way of telling me that
you've contracted some sort of
life-threatening STD and that you
feel that you should spend some
more time with me.
      (crosses arms)
Don't be so quick to jump to
I'd much rather be with Denise
right now.
Magic and Wright laugh.
                                         CUT TO PRESENT DAY
Magic leans back in his chair, taking a deep breath. At the
far side of his desk is a picture of him and Wright in their
basketball uniforms.
Magic gets up slowly and walks towards the window that was
behind him. As he stares out of it, he begins to think.
      (speaks quietly)
So, You're the Man upstairs and
all. Where does Wright's death fit
in Your plan because I'd like to
Is this his punishment? My
punishment? Are You trying to make
me stronger or something or is
there a real reason at all?
Magic shakes his head and sits back down at his desk.


      (clasps hands
God, I just want You to tell
Magic's private moment is shattered by RODERICK and AURORA.
Both of them struggle to get through the door and when they
do, they end up in Magic's face, talking a mile a minute.
      (puts hands up)
I'm going to need you two to take
a deep breath. And after that, USE
Aurora complies but Roderick ignores Magic.
Magic, you have GOT to turn on the
WHOA! What I have to say actually
applies to Wright's murder case!
So if you would excuse me,
Roderick, I'd like YOU to move out
of MY way!!!
      (turns to Aurora)
What about the case?
      (sticks tongue at
Ha. I win.
      (turns to Magic)
I went to go see Ferrari and--
      (puts hand in
       Aurora's face)
Hold that thought.
Roderick bolts for the TV in the corner. When he gets to it,
he presses buttons furiously and the TV switches channels
like it's broken.
      (crosses arms)
Roderick. What are you doing?


YEAH, Roderick. What ARE you
SHHHH! I'm almost there.
Magic and Aurora are about to say something else but they
stop as soon as they spot the news channel. Newscaster BECKY
O'HARA, (Blonde, wanna-be Marilyn Monroe, Age 30), can be
seen reporting the story.
      (holds mic to face)
Good Afternoon, citizens of
Chicago. This is Becky O'Hara here
with the Windy City News.
      (motions behind)
Behind me lies one of the most
prestigious banks in all of Near
North Side. Today, however, it is
the site of a serious bank
robbery. Inside we have an officer
being held at gunpoint by the last
of four robbers. SWAT and other
members of the police force are
currently trying to construct some
sort of plan to get this man out
Um...am I the only one wondering
where Sonny is right now?
      (looks up at
Please don't be Sonny. PLEASE
don't be Sonny. If You love me at
ALL, it won't be Sonny, because if
it is, I swear--
      (puts finger to
SHH! I want to see if it's Sonny!
All direct their attention back at the TV.
Here is the officer being held at


A picture of Chauncey takes over the screen.
      (slams hands on
Damn it!
Well..at least it wasn't Sonny.
      (forced smile)
Both Magic and Roderick give her a look.
What? We have to look at the
bright side of things, right?
Your optimism is sickening.
      (crosses arms)
Now wait just a damn--
Magic leans against his desk as the room falls silent.
Okay. What to do...what to
do...what to--
                                         CUT TO:
...What were you doing in Iraq?
...While I was there, I became a
well-known hostage negotiator and
in some delicate situations,
they'd send me in--armed--with
some elaborate plan to rescue the
hostage. So that explains that.


                                         CUT TO PRESENT DAY
Magic starts to smile.
      (raises eyebrows)
I feel like I missed something.
I'll be back.
Whoa. You'll be back? Dude, where
are you going?
      (walking away)
Don't worry about it.
Magic exits.
I hate when he gets all secretive.
Tell me about it.
      (kicks at floor)
Man, Sonny and Chauncey have all
the fun.
Well, if you consider being held
at gunpoint fun, then yes, they
have A LOT of it.
We cut to FERRARI'S house as she's sitting on the porch with
her niece, LASTACEE, combing her hair. In a few seconds,
Magic pulls up to the house.
OWWW! Auntie, that wurts!


      (yanks comb)
Wurts? Wow honey. I know it hurts,
baby, but your hair is REALLY
Lastacee looks up and spots Magic walking toward them. She
moves closer to Ferrari, seeing as she doesn't know Magic.
Ferrari notices her fear right away.
      (holds pick comb)
Whoever you are, I'm a vet and as
a vet, I have a whole damn arsenal
of things that I can do to you
with this here pick comb. Just try
      (holds hands up)
I come in peace.
      (puts comb down)
Oh. It's you. Well, Lastacee, this
is Magic. Magic is a cop and guess
what? Your auntie doesn't like
cops...especially on her front
Ferrari looks in Magic's direction while Lastacee looks up
and sticks her tongue out at Magic.
Well aren't you just the perfect
Thanks. Now if you would cut the
crap, what on earth are you doing
      (combs hair again)
      (shoves hands in
I got a job for you.


      (raise eyebrows)
And the job is?
...It's not something I'd like to
mention in front of your niece.
She's tough. She's seen and heard
more than any normal two year old
should. Go ahead.
Alright then.
      (clears throat)
There's this thing, you know, and
it's called a hostage...
Ferrari stops combing Lastacee's hair and looks in Magic's
                                         END TEASER
                                         OPENING CREDITS
As the scene opens back up, Ferrari is still in utter shock
at Magic's last statement and quickly pushes Lastacee back
inside the house.
      (pats Lastacee's
Inside you go. This is grown
folk's business.
Lastacee disappears into the house and Ferrari closes the
door behind her, turning toward Magic again.
Now that she's gone...WHAT?!
      (motions for her
       to calm down)
Calm down. You're blowing this way
out of proportion.


      (crosses arms)
Really? Alright, then
Well, if I'm correct, Sonny got
himself into a compromising
situation at a Near North Side
bank and Chauncey probably showed
up to help. Long story short,
Chauncey's being held at gunpoint.
      (nods slowly)
Okay. Why are you HERE? What can I
possibly do about it?
Are you serious? You're the one
who was telling me about your
awesome adventures as a hostage
negotiator back in Iraq. So, I'm
here to test your so-called
Look, why can't your people in
SWAT deal with--hold the hell up.
Did you say "so-called"?
I believe I did.
Ferrari narrows her eyes and walks closer to Magic.
As much as I want to reply to
that, I won't and here's why:
Before Wright's murder, I hadn't
touched a gun in about three years
or so! What makes you think I want
to go back to that?
Well, you might not need a gun in
this situation if you're as
skilled as you say.
That's where your wrong.
      (steps back)


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
Now, I know that your friends are
in trouble, but I really don't see
why I should be concerned, seeing
as I don't even like you or them
for that matter.
      (turns to leave)
Ouch. But, what about Chauncey? I
mean, he was nice to you.
      (turns around)
While that's nice in all, it's not
enough to draw me out of
"retirement". This is a problem
for SWAT, okay?
      (turns to leave
      (blurts out)
Damn it, I'll pay you!
Ferrari stops and turns back around.
Let's say that hypothetically, I
need cash right now...how much are
we talking?
We revisit SONNY and CHAUNCEY as they are still stuck inside
the bank. At this point, the fourth robber has ordered
everyone inside the bank, including all SWAT members and
Sonny, to toss their guns and phones aside.
Everyone--excluding Chauncey and the robber--is seated
against a wall.
                       SWAT MEMBER #1
So...I know we're supposed to sit
here quietly and everything and
wait for someone to answer your
so-called "demands", but I'd just
like to say that I'm hungry. And I
want something to eat, like, stat.


I'm sorry, I thought I was making
the demands!
                       SWAT MEMBER #1
Yeah we know that but--
      (elbows him)
Dude, shut up! You're going to get
Chauncey killed.
      (grits teeth)
I didn't tell you to speak!!!
A few minutes pass by and the robber speaks again.
So where is this so-called
"Lieutenant" of yours? I thought
he was going to call so I could
state my demands.
      (shoots back)
He'll be here!
I hope.
He better.
      (stomach growls)
Because I'm hungry too.
                       SWAT MEMBER #1
Thank you!
Shortly after that exchange, the door to the bank opens and
in walks Ferrari with a black briefcase. It appears that she
wants to make a transaction. Everyone--including Sonny and
Chauncey--stares at her with quiet disbelief.


                       SWAT MEMBER #1
What the hell are you doing in
here, lady?!
Well, not everyone.
I'll ask the questions!
      (turns to Ferrari)
What the hell are you doing in
here, you stupid broad!?
Ferrari twitches at the word "broad" but recomposes herself.
I wanted to make a deposit, but I
can see that I'm going to have to
take my money elsewhere.
      (turns to leave)
Oh no you don't. This is a stick
up, alright? Give me the cash.
Ah, that's what this is.
Then I'm in the right place after
What are you talking about?
I'm your friendly, neighborhood
hostage negotiator. So, if you
want this cash on me...
      (raises briefcase)
You're going to have to work with
me, bub.
Work with you?! HA! I might as
well shoot this idiot here and
      (reaches for


You won't kill him.
Yup. Because if you kill him, you
won't get any of this money and
I'm sure we can work out a way to
send you to the electric chair.
      (raises voice)
So, I'm going to ask you again:
are you ready to work with me?
The robber stares at Ferrari for a while.
Good. Now I'm going to ask you a
couple of questions and you'll
answer. For every question, I get
to take a step closer and that's
one step closer that you are to
the money. When I finally reach
you, you can take the money...and
I want the hostage...got it?
The robber nods.
Alright. Your name?
      (raises voice)
That's not part of--
It's a question. Answer it.
My name is David. David Stokevick.
      (steps closer)
I'm Ferrari. Ferrari Rendo.
What kind of name is Ferrari?


It's the kind of name your mother
names you when she believes crack
is currency.
Everyone laughs a little, including the robber.
      (steps closer)
So, what's your part in this
      (clenches gun)
You're getting too personal.
Chauncey makes a face.
Come on, David. You have to do
your part. Answer the question.
David pauses.
I was actually the driver. My
buddy Jason rang me up a week ago,
talking about this elaborate plan
to make a quick buck. So I figured
I'd cash in. I mean how much
trouble could I get in as the
driver? Maybe a couple of months
in the slammer but that's about
      (steps closer)
Alright. How did we get here?
      (raises voice)
WELL, your cop friends decided to
kill us all, including my buddy
Jason. And then I lost it! I
grabbed the first cop I could lay
my hands on and just ran with it.
One: I don't even like cops, so
they're not my friends. And two:
Do you have a lover, David? Is
their anyone special in the


Ferrari gains David's trust on the "cop" point, so he
doesn't hesitate with his answer.
Julie. She's my wife of two years.
She's part of the reason I'm here,
you know. She absolutely adores
me, but her parents hate the fact
that I'm not rolling in dough.
They wanted her to marry the
lawyer or doctor type. And I'm
just a lowly painter who works at
She sounds like her heart's in the
right place. But let me ask you:
If she loves you as you are, why
stoop to this level just to please
her parents
who--technically--don't matter?
David becomes angry.
I'll tell you why! Because I can
and because Julie could ALWAYS
change her mind. Sure, she's cool
with it now but what happens when
she's not? You know what! I'm sick
of this, I want the money now!
Screw the questions. Give me the
money or 50 cent's head gets blown
to bits.
Chauncey makes a sound.
Very well then. But before I do
that, I need you to drop the gun
and let the very idiotic cop go.
Drop the gun!? Let him go? What do
I look like!?
Don't make me answer that. Just
drop the gun.
David aims at Ferrari angrily and presses down on the
trigger. The bullet just misses Ferrari and whizzes past her


ear. It ends up in the wall behind her, above Sonny. Ferrari
doesn't flinch at at all.
      (at Ferrari)
Hey Blind Wonder! You might want
to stop mouthing off to the guy
since I'm like, I don't know,
Ferrari ignores Sonny.
      (to David)
Are you finished?
Yeah. Just, just give the money
Ferrari nods and closes the gap between her, David, and
      (lifts suitcase)
Here it is.
      (reaches for it)
Great. Now--
--I want the cop. And drop the
David and Ferrari have a stare off. Finally, David gives in
and drops the gun. And with that, Chauncey leaps away from
him, taking a deep breath.
Good choice.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want my cash.
No problem.
Ferrari hands over the briefcase. When David gets his hands
on it, he looks it over, trying to figure out how to open
it. Ferrari stoops down to pick up the gun and before anyone
can put two and two together, Ferrari whacks David across


the face and he crumbles to the floor while the briefcase
goes flying.
      (rolls on floor)
      (points gun at
That's for calling me a "broad",
you dimwit.
Oh snap. She just pistol-whipped
him. Now that's tight.
      (turns to shoulder)
Is that good enough for you,
Magic? The guy has a broken nose
and Chauncey's safe. I believe my
work is done now.
                       MAGIC (O.S.)
I guess it is.
      (stands up)
The door to the bank opens and in walks Magic.
In the flesh.
                       SWAT MEMBER #1
Whoa. So she was wearing a wire
the whole time...? That's
Another swat member hits him upside the head while the
others swarm David and cuff him. During that commotion,
Magic, Ferrari, Chauncey, and Sonny step aside to have their
own discussion.
So, I accept cash, debit, or
credit. I don't do checks. They're


      (to Ferrari)
We'll get to that later.
      (to Chauncey)
Now that this is done with, you're
coming back with me. Aurora found
something really important.
So...does this mean I'm back on
the case?
Not a chance.
Oh come on, Magic!
Magic and Chauncey turn to leave and Ferrari follows them.
Just so you know, you're stuck
with me until I get my money.
I figured. And by the way, what
was really in that suitcase?
A dollar.
What? Did you really think I'd put
a lot of cash in here? What, do I
look like the damned tooth fairy
to you?
Magic shakes his head and they keep walking.
                                         END ACT I


Magic, Ferrari, Chauncey, and Sonny enter. Sonny finds his
desk while the others continue on. Chauncey speeds up his
stride to catch up to Magic.
Yo Magic, I don't know how you
pulled off that whole thing with
Ferrari but man, I can't thank you
      (looks his way)
Do NOT thank me. This is something
I did for you as well as myself.
There was no way that I was going
to lose another brother. No way.
Chauncey and Magic stop walking and end up bumping fists.
Ferrari follows suit and smiles.
      (fakes enthusiasm)
Awww. Aren't you two just so cute?
Chauncey smiles and turns to Ferrari.
      (to Magic)
Ay, go ahead and meet up with
Aurora. I want to talk to Ferrari.
Magic nods and exits. Chauncey then walks toward Ferrari.
      (shoves hands in
I never got a chance to thank you.
Well, what can I say? I'm awesome.
Yeah. You're pretty cool...even
though you apparently put a price
on my life.
About that. Look, I haven't been
put in a situation like that for
about three or four years and the


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
whole thing with Wright didn't
help, so yes I was hesitant and
yes I was bribed, but you're safe
now so all is well.
You don't have to explain anything
to me. But, I will say that for a
person who was "hesistant"...you
ended up being pretty bad ass.
      (smiles slowly)
I wasn't...that bad ass.
You were...and you are. I'm not
lying when I say that I was
scared. But when you came in and
handled things like you did--
--Don't...make me blush. I get it.
Chauncey smiles, slowly reaches for Ferrari's right hand,
brings it to his lips and kisses it softly.
See you around.
Chauncey walks away and Ferrari finds herself blushing.
We visit the lab where we see Magic and Aurora talking
quietly amongst themselves until Chauncey enters.
Well, if it isn't our very own
damsel in distress. How's your day
been, Lady Chauncey?
Funny. Anyway, do your thing and
tell me and Magic about this big,
important break in the case.
Aurora removes a Ziploc bag from her lab coat and places it
on the table in front of them. Magic and Chauncey stare.


That's a bullet.
And there's Blonde hair around it.
Oh gee...really? I missed all of
Magic and Chauncey shoot her a look.
Anyway, let me explain how it got
here and why it's important.
      (clears throat)
I went to talk to Ferrari earlier
in the day about people of
interest. As a result I found out
that Wright knew Daisy and
probably dated her.
Magic snorts at the word "dated". Aurora looks at him.
Sorry. Continue on.
ANYWAY, the bombshell came when I
was leaving the house with Ferrari
and she ended up stumbling upon a
bullet. So, I plucked it out of
the wall and now we're here.
Get to the important part.
It's IMPORTANT because Ferrari
mentioned shooting at Wright's
killer. We have one suspect in
this case...and guess who's
I don't know, um, you?
Aurora flares her nostrils at Chauncey but Magic jumps in.
So, what you're saying is that
Daisy needs to be brought in,


Unfortunately, that is exactly
what I'm saying. And to think I
thought she was the victim.
As the scene opens up, we see DAISY sitting in a chair
across from Aurora. Aurora places the two notorious pictures
in front of her. Magic stands beside Aurora and crosses his
Start talking.
      (rubs neck)
Let's start with the Wright
picture, seeing as you never
mentioned him.
I...didn't think it was in my
place to mention him.
Didn't think it was in your place?
That's interesting. You know
what's also interesting? You're
the only suspect in his murder
case right now and you failed to
say anything.
      (raises voice)
Well, I'm sorry that the events of
me being raped and my
attacker/former lover being killed
happened back to back, causing all
this commotion about some DEAD GUY
to slip my mind!
But he wasn't just some dead guy
to you, Daisy. You dated him.
Daisy pauses and nods slowly, tears starting to fall.


Yeah, we dated. I dated Wright
about five years ago, when I was
eighteen. He was so good to me,
you know? He always treated me
with respect and I trusted him.
What happened?
After about a year of dating, he
sat me down and broke it off. He
met someone else, someone who
apparently changed him.
Magic raises his eyebrows and then connects the dots.
Ferrari Rendo.
That's around the time he met his
fiancee', Ferrari.
Daisy looks from Magic to Aurora.
I never knew a Ferrari, but if I
ever met her, I'd tell her how
lucky she was. Wright was amazing.
As touching as that is, you know
this whole thing provides motive,
...Mo-tive? No...I have no motive.
I would NEVER kill Wright.
Well, we'll see about that.
I hear you Magic.
      (points to other
So, how do you explain this?


      (raises voice)
Where did you get that?
Answer the question.
Both of my parents are
construction workers and recently,
they were in a really bad accident
at work. We don't have any
insurance, so I looked up an old
friend who was into that stuff and
I bought a couple prescription
drugs. That's what the money was
for, okay? I didn't hire anyone to
kill Wright if that's what you're
Oh, so you killed him yourself?
Daisy, a bullet was found in
Wright's house and it had Blonde
hair around it. You're Blonde,
hence the accusation.
Okay, so?! I'm Blonde. That
doesn't mean I killed Wright.
Someone else did it, okay? You
gotta believe me!
Magic and Aurora stare it each other for a second and then
turn back to Daisy.
      (to Aurora)
Check her.
I'm on it.
Check me?! Check what?!


Aurora walks over to Daisy, takes a pen and lightly sifts
through Daisy's hair.
      (to Aurora)
What are you doing!?
Aurora ignores Daisy's question and continues on. When she
doesn't find the bald spot she's looking for, Aurora sits
back down.
She's clean.
And what the hell was that about?!
Ferrari shot at Wright's killer
and the bullet grazed her head,
which is where we got the hair
from. So, since we suspected you,
Aurora checked your hair and--
--And NOW you know that I didn't
do it, like I've been saying!
Watch it. We've been in this
business for a while so we know
you're still hiding something. So,
take us back. What happened that
night after Cody was killed? Why
weren't you hurt too?
I don't know! How am I supposed to
answer that!?
We all know that something
transpired between you and his
killer which somehow preserved
your life because according to our
theory, you should've been killed.
Wright was killed by a jealous
ex-lover and the same applies to
Cody. Now WHAT happened?
      (starts to cry)
She made me promise!


Magic and Aurora look at each other.
Who made you promise?
I don't know her name but I heard
her come in and say something to
Cody and then she shot him. When I
got downstairs, she talked to me
about what "happened" to me and
then she made me promise not to
say anything.
Why didn't you tell me this when I
first talked to you at the initial
crime scene?!
I was scared, okay?!
We need more than this, Daisy.
Otherwise this makes you look
really bad.
I don't have anything else, I
There has to be more.
Daisy's head falls on the table, but then comes right back
up again.
      (talks fast)
Um, she said something to Cody
about "virus-ladened blood" and
"not stopping him before he did
something to someone else" and--
Magic and Aurora look at each other again and something
clicks in Magic's head.
What did he give you?
Daisy pauses.


Daisy, WHAT did he give you?
      (bitter laugh)
Imagine. He takes advantage of me
and then I get HIV in return. How
That's why you didn't come to us
in the first place. You felt Cody
got what he deserved.
Yeah and more. So, what happens
Well, YOU'RE going to help us ID
the killer since you saw her.
Fine. Might as well squeal some
more while I'm at it.
So, is there anything you know
about the killer as of now that
can help at this point?
She had brown hair. The slender,
brunette type if I'm not mistaken.
She's really pretty but she has
this atmosphere about her that's
dark and deceiving. If I ever saw
her again, I could point her out.
Magic remembers something.
      (shakes Magic's
Hi. My name is Adonica Moss.
                                         BACK TO PRESENT DAY


      (steps away)
Oh my God.
      (turns to Magic)
Oh my God.
Aurora walks toward Magic, leaving Daisy out of earshot.
Magic, what is going on?
      (in a daze)
Aurora, my brother's killer may
have been in my office and I
didn't even know.
Aurora stares at Magic but turns to Daisy quickly.
Do NOT leave town.
                                         END ACT II
The scene opens back up with Magic charging towards his
office. As soon as he opens the door, he finds Ferrari
sitting at his desk, spinning around in his chair and
playing with one of his pens.
      (breaths deeply)
Ferrari stops spinning and looks in Magic's direction.
Hiya! How'd the interrogation--?
--Get OUT of my office.


Whoa! What's going on? What happ--
      (opens door)
Ferrari looks in the direction of the door and then back at
Magic momentarily. Then she bolts for the door and slams it
closed. She then walks toward Magic slowly.
      (jabs Magic in
Listen. I have as much as a right
to be here like the rest of you
stupid cops. I only want to help
and I refuse to be shoved out of
here like some cheap prostitute
that showed up at your door.
      (raises voice)
Now, you ARE GOING to tell me what
the hell happened in that
interrogation room, whether you
like it or not!
I didn't stutter. So make due with
the interrogation talk, will you?
Magic pauses for a second, then he walks past Ferrari and
tosses a folder on his desk.
I saw her.
I saw Wright's killer. She was in
my damned office just a few days
ago and I didn't even realize it.
Well...do you at least know her


      (sits on desk)
Adonica Moss. I really messed up
this time. I mean, how could I
have missed it? How could I have
missed her?
Maybe this isn't the job for me
after all. I'm pretty sure Aurora
could do bet--
      (walks up to Magic)
Let me stop you right there. Get
off your "woe is me" wagon and
deal with what happened. So you
saw her and she has momentarily
got away. Let's just focus on
catching the bitch, alright?
Ferrari turns away from Magic and seems to look around the
You gotta camera in here?
      (looks up)
Yeah. In one of the corners, I
And is this so-called camera
hooked up to that lovely computer
on your desk?
It's possible.
So, how much are you willing to
bet that your camera caught our
Magic looks around and locates a camera in the far corner.
Nope. It's impossible. That
camera's at an odd angle and
besides, it was probably too far
to catch anything anyways.


      (turns around)
Impossible? Do you know me?
There's a knock from the door and both Ferrari and Magic
look in its direction.
Before you get that, point me
toward your computer.
Magic does as she says and then walks over to open the door.
When it opens, he finds CHANEL standing there.
      (to Chanel)
You're here because?
Sonny wanted me to give you some
fax or something.
      (looks at Ferrari)
Isn't that the blind lady from the
recent case? Should she really be
on your computer? I mean--
      (looks up)
The name...is Ferrari. I maybe be
blind, but I ain't deaf and
definitely not stupid.
      (back to computer)
Keep my name out of your mouth.
      (to Chanel)
Look, Ms. Rendo is just trying to
look up video footage on the
computer. How she's able to do
that, I have no idea.
Whoa. If it's a little bit of
computer work you guys need help
with, I'd love to step in.
      (mocks Chanel)
"I'd love to step in."


Chanel rolls her eyes while Magic lets her in. She
approaches the computer slowly, as to not anger Ferrari.
Ferrari stands upright when she hears her and backs away
from the computer.
      (Chanel voice)
Here you go.
Chanel sits down at the desk and starts clicking and typing
away at the computer.
I'm going to see what she's doing,
okay? You going to alright
standing right here?
Ferrari nods and Magic moves over to Chanel's side, leaning
over her shoulder. Being in such close proximity with Magic
leaves Chanel somewhat flustered, but she continues with her

In about two minutes, Chanel accesses the camera's archive,
and is able to pull up the video from two days ago. Magic
immediately recognizes the Adonica by the back of her head.
That's her! Stop the video!
Okay, okay! Geez, Magic!
      (looks at screen)
Damn it. I knew the camera didn't
catch her face at all. So all we
have now is the back of her head.
I don't believe that.
And that's where I agree.
What do you mean?
See, cameras are almost always
pointed at something that can
reflect what they see even at an


                       CHANEL (cont'd)
odd angle. If I zoom in behind you
and this chick toward your
      (zooms in)
The picture frame on it, gives us
a clear picture of our ruthless
Magic stares in disbelief at the screen but quickly snaps
out of it.
      (to Chanel)
Print that out now. We've got a
witness in the interrogation room
who needs to I.D. this chick
before we do anything whatsoever.
Magic and Ferrari emerge from Magic's office. Aurora can be
seen at the front desk talking with Sonny as they close in
on her.
      (to Aurora)
Where's Daisy? We got a picture
and we need her to I.D. it.
That's great! I'll just call Daisy
and ask her to come back down
because she left. She said
something about going to a Jessica
Boreaux's house but I'm pretty
sure it's not too far from here.
Magic is visibly upset now and places his hand on his head.
Whoa now, Malibu. What do you mean
she LEFT?
      (cuts eyes)
She had to go. Something about an
emergency or something.
You were supposed to hold her!


For what? I mean she already
agreed to help us I.D. the killer.
      (says calmly)
Aurora, Daisy told us all she knew
in confidence, even after she
swore to the killer that she
wouldn't. You really think that
she doesn't know that she came to
us? Seriously?
Magic--I didn't think--
That's an understatement.
Aurora stares menacingly at Ferrari while Magic takes a deep
breath and starts to walk away quickly while dialing away on
his phone.
      (puts phone to ear)
Hey Chauncey...meet me outside.
Here, we find that Daisy has found refuge in her friend
JESSICA BOREAUX'S house. Currently, she has finished
unpacking her things in the guest room and she slowly
wanders downstairs, where she finds her friend staring out
the window.
Hey, thanks again. I don't know
what I would do without you. This
was the only place that I could
think of where I'm always safe.
It's cool. I always do what I can.
Yeah, you do. That's why you're my
best friend.


      (turns around)
Except I'm NOT your best friend.
When "Jessica" turns around, Daisy is shocked to find
ADONICA standing in her place. The color drains out of
Daisy's face as she backs away slowly.
How the hell did you get in here!?
Let's just say that you and
Jessica aren't the brightest
people and that Jessica is pretty
loud. I heard her talking to you
on the phone about moving in, so I
figured I'd beat you here.
Where--where is Jessica now? What
did you do to her!?
Far less than I'm going to do to
Did you really think that I
wouldn't find out that you
squealed? Huh, Daisy? Because I
have eyes everywhere, okay!
      (approaches Daisy)
So, now...I'm going to conduct a
little experiment. You seem to
snitch like a bitch. Let's see if
you squeal like one too.
Daisy's eyes get big as Adonica closes in.
                                         END ACT III
Magic and Chauncey promptly exit their respective cars and
approach the house.
You sure she's here?


Aurora mentioned something about
Daisy staying with a Jessica
Boreaux and this is the only one
in Illinois period.
Mayne, at least we know she's
smart enough to not go back to her
own house. Who knows, maybe she's
safe after all.
Magic stares more intently at the house and discovers that
the door has been left open. He starts walking faster while
a confused Chauncey struggles to keep up.
Yo Magic! What's going on?
Something doesn't feel right,
Chauncey. Something doesn't feel
right at all.
In a few more seconds, Magic and Chauncey reach the house
and push the door open wider, revealing an unconscious Daisy
on the floor who has been beaten badly and is bleeding
      (leans over Daisy)
Call the ambulance now. We don't
know how long she's been lying
Magic crouches to check her pulse as Chauncey dials for the
      (turns away from
So we gotta pulse or what?
It's barely there but yeah, we got
      (hangs up phone
       and shakes head)
See, this is why people don't tell
the 5-0 anything cuz' they either
get shot or jumped or buried.


                       CHAUNCEY (cont'd)
Mayne, I wouldn't even tell the
5-0 anything and I'M the 5-0.
Magic simply shrugs off Chauncey's comment until he hears
faint knocking from nearby.
Chauncey, you hear that?
Hear what? Magic, you going crazy
or something?
Damn it, Chauncey! I heard
knocking from somewhere. Maybe if
you close your mouth you'll hear
it too!
Whoa, mayne. Don't be insulting me
The faint knocking turns into hard pounding which draws both
Magic and Chauncey's attention to a nearby closet just down
the hall. Magic and Chauncey look at each other momentarily.
So I'm going crazy, right?
Your sarcasm ain't needed, mayne.
Magic and Chauncey walk down to the closet to check it out.
Magic draws his gun out and points it toward the door while
Chauncey braces to open. In a split second, Chauncey turns
the door knob, opening the door which results in a young
woman tumbling out. The woman has her arms tied up and tape
over her mouth. Magic puts his gun down.
      (to the young
Damn! I'm going to go ahead and
assume that you're Jessica, right?
The young woman motions to the tape on her mouth and
Chauncey gently pulls it off.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Is she gone!?


Is 'who' gone?
Some chick! She came in, stuffed
me in the closet and beat Daisy
like this!
      (looks at Daisy)
Is she--
Hell naw, she's not dead. We ain't
about to let that happen.
We cut to the hospital where Daisy has been taken. Chauncey
is sitting against the wall, while Magic stares into her
room. In a few seconds, Aurora and Ferrari enter.
      (approaches Magic)
Hey. I tried calling you. What's
up? What happened?
      (motions to
       Daisy's room)
You happened to her.
      (red in the face)
I didn't know that this would--
Shut up. Both of you. I have no
time for your bull, okay?
      (to Magic)
How is she?
She's stable...for now. I've been
waiting for her to come to and--
Magic stops mid-sentence when he spots Daisy opening her
      (starts walking)
I'll be right back. I've got to
talk to her.


      (grabs arm)
Whoa, whoa, whoa. She just woke up
give her some--
      (cuts in)
Time? That's not something I have.
Magic moves toward the door of Daisy's room when a NURSE
appears out of nowhere. The gray hair and wrinkles on this
woman is enough to make us assume that she probably isn't
the most patient person.
Excuse me, ma'am, but I have to
talk to the woman behind you.
She doesn't want to see no cops.
Patient's order.
      (steps in)
Ma'am, she has information
pertaining to a murder case. We
need to speak to her.
I don't care what you need,
Barbie. I ain't letting you in
because she don't wanna see no
      (crosses arms)
Barbie!? Now let me tell you
something you old wench--
      (steps in between
       the two)
Chauncey, a little help?
Chauncey springs into action to help Magic calm Aurora and
the bitter nurse down. Meanwhile, Ferrari manages to slip
past everyone and starts walking toward Daisy. The nurse
catches sight of her at the last minute.
      (turns to Ferrari)
Hey! I said, NO COPS!


      (turns head)
You know damn well that I ain't no
cop, old lady. Now, if you'll
excuse, this young lady and I are
related. So, I'd like to speak to
her because I'm damn sure not
going to say out there with you
where you'll disrespect me like
you have Alzenheimer's or
Ferrari keeps walking and the old nurse shuts her mouth.
Magic and Aurora look at each other quizzically while
Chauncey crosses his arms with a smile on his face.
She's impressive.
Daisy turns and finally catches sight of Ferrari walking
toward her and she tenses up.
Look, I'm not here to hurt you.
I'm here to hurt the bitch that
hurt you. You know where she went?
      (loosens up)
No...um, I know you were Wright's
fiancée and everything, but I have
to ask...are you a cop too?
The hell I am. I'm just blind,
child. Not blue.
      (lowers voice)
Oh. Do they follow you around too?
I can't seem to shake them.
Yes. It seems that unfortunately,
they have taken an interest in me,
but enough about that. Tell me
what the hell landed you in here.


It's simple: I snitched on Adonica
and she tried to kill me. I
thought she killed my friend
Jessica but the nurse told me she
was fine.
Well, I'm glad you made it okay.
I've heard a lot about you during
this case and it seems like you've
been through a lot.
Yeah. It kinda sucks.
Look, I know you were scared of me
earlier because you thought I'd be
out to get you because of Wright.
But the truth is that I have no
problem with you.
My problem was more or less with
Wright since he kind of fooled
both of us.
      (leans against bed)
But even with that, he didn't
deserved to be killed and I know
you agree because you still care
about him as much as I do. So, I
need your help on this.
Daisy nods solemnly and Ferrari sighs.
Have any of the cops showed you a
picture to I.D. this bitch called
Adonica? Because they can't do
anything until you confirm it--not
that they do anything anyways, but
Daisy shakes her head "no" and Ferrari calls for Magic to
come into the room. Magic reluctantly approaches the two.
Daisy's ready to see the picture.


      (nods and reaches
       into pocket)
Thanks Daisy and we're all glad
you're okay.
Magic swiftly retrieves the picture and shows it to Daisy.
That's her.
      (folds picture)
Alright. Let's put out an APB on
this murderer.
      (turns to leave)
      (rises to leave)
I don't say this a lot, but...
      (turns to Daisy)
Magic and Ferrari then exit the room, where Chauncey and
Aurora are waiting for them.
      (crosses arms)
So...we get to put out an APB on
Wright's killer. Daisy identified
Aw snap. Your man is on it.
Alright then. We're done here, so
let's move out.
Magic and Aurora move to exit the hospital with Ferrari and
Chauncey close behind, working on the APB. In a few minutes,
all four set foot outside of the hospital. Magic, however,
catches sight of a woman in a car parked right across the
Magic? Why'd you stop walking?


Am I crazy or do I see someone
parked across the street?
All eyes--excluding Ferrari of course--look in that
direction and spot the car that Magic was talking about.
Well, I can't see anything...but
if I could, I'd bet my life on the
fact that you idiots are probably
staring at the killer right now.
      (crosses arms)
Daisy's not dead and the murderer
wants her dead. Chances are she's
back to finish the job.
Magic pauses for a second, takes the picture out of his
pocket and compares Adonica's picture to the woman in the
car. When he finally puts the picture down, Magic and the
woman lock eyes. The woman then proceeds to screech off.
      (starts running to
Aurora, stay here with Ferrari.
Chauncey, grab the other squad car
and come on. I'm not letting her
go this time!
                                         END ACT IV
As the scene opens back up, we follow Magic as he is
involved in a high speed chase. Flying at over 70 miles per
hour, he is determined to finally catch Adonica.
Adonica blatantly runs through a red light and takes a sharp
turn at an intersection while Magic quickly follows behind,
barely missing a car.
Adonica speeds up to 90 miles per hour, whizzing past
unsuspecting civilians. Magic does his best to keep up, not
wanting to hurt anyone and hopes for something large to
block Adonica's way.
Suddenly, a silver car pulls up at an intersection in front
of Adonica and she can't avoid it. Adonica plows full-speed
into the car and both of them skid down the the far side of


the street. Magic screeches to a stop and jumps out of his
car, wanting to check the damage.
      (walking toward
       the smoking cars)
Death would be too easy for you,
As Magic gets closer to the collided cars, he can see
Chauncey crawling out of the silver car. Magic speeds up his
      (to self)
Now what the HELL possessed me to
do that?!!
      (walks up to
Chauncey, what the hell happened?
One minute I'm in a high speed
chase and the next minute I'm
looking at scrap metal. What did
you do?
I ain't stupid. I knew Adonica
would lead us on some elaborately
long-ass chase so she could get
away. So, I took the scenic route
to see if I could cut in front of
her and slow her down.
But as you can see, my dumb ass
used my car as a roadblock
Wait...MY CAR!!!!!!
Chauncey jumps to his feet to survey what is left of his
      (places hands on
Aw naw....AW NAW!!! MY BABY! MY
      (drops down to


                       CHAUNCEY (cont'd)
I'm sorry baby! I'm so sorry!
      (places a hand on
I'm...uh...sorry for your loss,
but I'm going to go check if
Adonica is still alive.
      (walks away)
      (still hysterical)
Aw. Go ahead then, cuz you know,
it only took me MY LIFE'S SAVINGS
to buy this damn thing!
Magic ignores Chauncey and approaches Adonica's crumpled
car. Wanting to see if she survived or not, Magic draws his
gun and opens the driver's door, leading Adonica to fall
out. Magic points it at her, waiting for something to
      (low laughter)
...Wow. You guys just don't quit.
Figures you'd still be alive. But
it's okay because we have you now
and now you have to answer for
what you did.
Adonica slowly sits up and leans against her crumpled car.
She has her fair share of cuts and bruises.
Yup. You got me. I killed him. I
killed your stupid brother and I
would do it again.
And I'll save you the trouble of
finding a motive. I killed the guy
because he was a liar and a
cheater, simple as ABC. After
dealing with that piece of scum
Cody and contracting some horrid
disease, revenge happened to
pop-up on my bucket-list and guess
who was my lucky first victim? You
guessed right...your brother!


      (strengthens grip
       on gun)
You talk a lot of smack for
someone who's going away for
Adonica stands up slowly and begins to laugh louder.
You're right, but who's going to
stop me? I know you won't shoot
me; you're too good for that or at
least you think you are. And
LLCoolJoke over there is too
occupied with his precious car to
do anything, so other than that, I
can think of no other--
Adonica abruptly stops speaking and promptly crumples to the
floor. Magic is confused until he sees Ferrari and Aurora
standing right behind the car. Since, Ferrari is holding up
a gun, Magic assumes the worst.
      (to Ferrari)
Do you think the gun was
Why'd you shoot her!? I didn't
want her de--
      (to Aurora)
Shut up, Malibu Barbie.
      (to Magic)
And she's not dead smart one.
She's probably holding her head on
the ground or something if you'd
only look. I simply whacked her
upside the head because I hate
bull and she's full of it.
      (lowers gun)
And by the way, thanks for
ditching Malibu Barbie and I but
don't worry. We flagged down a
taxi and ran the rest of the way
when we--well Aurora--saw the


Yeah. And it seems like Chauncey's
car took a one for the team.
      (from far away)
Moaning can be heard from the ground and all --except
Chauncey--turn their attention on Adonica, who is obviously
in pain.
So, what's this heifer's motive?
Just what we thought all along.
She was a jealous ex-lover who
wanted revenge at any cost.
      (shoves hands in
I only wished we could've stopped
But you didn't, now did you?
      (struggles to sit
       up and turns to
And what does it have to do with
you, bitch? Me confessing to
Wright's murder still won't bring
him back, so there.
Ferrari angrily yanks Adonica up by her collar, so that they
are face-to-face. Magic tries to stop her but Aurora holds
him back.
      (to Aurora)
Aurora, let me stop her before--
      (speaks softly)
Let her do this. You want to heal
right? Well, this is her way, so
let it happen.
Both Aurora and Magic turn their attention on Ferrari and


      (tightens grip on
That's where you're wrong,
Adonica. It has everything to do
with me. You killed my fiancé
because he no longer wanted you
and was trying to get away. The
fact that you couldn't have him
angered you so that you tried to
take me out of the picture too,
but you failed.
      (voice rises and
       tears fall)
And yes, I will miss him terribly
but he left me with something
important: love. He loved me with
all he had in me, even until his
dying breath and that is something
you NEVER got from him, cheating
or not. So I'll be fine after a
while because I got the love and
the ring. What did you get, side
      (flares nostrils)
Go to hell, you blind bitch!
Ferrari smiles and spits in Adonica's face.
You sent me there, but guess what?
I'm back.
Ferrari lets go of Adonica's collar, who then falls back to
the pavement, screaming, cursing, and wiping at her face.
Ferrari steps back slowly and then proceeds to walk away.
And so her healing begins......
      (sighs and laughs
Yeah but when will mine?
Shaking his head, Magic begins to walk away also, leaving
Aurora behind to cuff Adonica and Chauncey to continue to
lament over his damaged car.
                                         CUT TO WHITE FLASH


                                         END ACT V
Brother Wright, man, he was a
feisty one but I think we can all
agree that God don't like 'em
bland. Naw. He likes 'em full of
life, like our brother was.
Now while the way he was parted
with us is rather unfortunate, we
all know what type of legacy this
here brother left behind...and
that is a legacy that is to be
The scene opens up with Wright's funeral in session. Despite
Ferrari's protests, the team decided to show up and pay
their respects. Ferrari and Magic sit near the front while
Aurora and the others stay near the back.
Now I'm going to close with this:
don't cry for the man. Naw, his
time was done and he spent it
well. This brother was an engineer
who gave his life so he could
better the lives of others. So,
why don't we all do the same?
The congregation claps softly as the preacher ends the
service. Pretty soon, people start to file out of the church
slowly and surely, leaving only family and friends behind.
Ferrari and Magic stand up solemnly as people pay their
respects as they walk by. After awhile, Ferrari leaves
Magic's side and walks toward the front of the church,
probably to be alone.
Sensing a safe opening when Ferrari leaves Aurora, Sonny,
Chauncey, Roderick and Marvee find their way to Magic to
offer some kind words.


      (to Magic)
I know I didn't know your brother
well, but he seemed like a good
guy. I'm sorry for your loss.
      (shoves hands in
Well, would you look at that.
That's the most mature thing I
think we have ever heard you say.
      (laughs a little)
I don't agree with Sonny a lot
but, yeah, that sounds about
Well, I'm trying to be
serious...and I'm also trying to
ignore how much I hate funerals.
And you ain't the only one.
      (to Magic)
But seriously man, we hope you're
going be aight. But just to let
you know, I ain't finna let you
near nothing sharp. Hell, I'm
thinking about putting a safety
lock on your gun.
      (gives Chauncey
Chauncey...I'm grieving. I'm not
      (gives Magic quick
And THAT is definitely good to
hear. If you need anything, you
know where to find me.
      (lets go of Magic)
Anyway, I think it's time we all


      (clears throat)
Wait. Aurora has yet to say
anything, seeing as she's been
staring in the opposite direction
since we got here.
Aurora, surprised, turns when she hears her name.
Oh. I'm sorry but...uh. Well, let
me put it this way...
      (to Magic)
I'm pretty sure that you've heard
all the "I'm sorrys" that you want
to hear today. Ferrari, on the
other hand, is standing over there
in what seems to be solitary
confinement and she's not my
favorite person, but damn it...she
lost someone too.
Aurora promptly walks toward Ferrari's direction, leaving
Magic and the others behind.
Just so you guys know, she's
right. However, I'm a little
scared of Ferrari so I'm going to
keep my distance for now. So, I'm
Sonny, Chauncey, and Roderick follow suit, leaving Magic
behind to make his way over to Aurora and Ferrari who are at
the front of the church.
At this moment, Ferrari is facing forward, quietly
contemplating when she senses someone behind her. She takes
a guess without turning around.
Hey Malibu. What brings you here?
And you know it's me because?
      (turns around)
Your perfume, your walk...need I
say more?


      (laughs nervously)
Right. So...uh...are you okay?
I'm not dead. I consider that
...Right. Well...you see--
--It's okay. I know you're trying
to talk to me and make sure I'm
okay and I applaud your
efforts...seeing as your other
friends were too scared to even
WALK in my direction.
      (rubs back of head)
Yeah..about them--
--Again, it's cool. They don't
know me, I don't know them. We'll
leave it at that.
Aurora nods and turns to leave but Ferrari stops her
      (turns around)
      (soft smile)
Aurora smiles and proceeds to walk off, thus passing Magic
right by as he approaches Ferrari.
Seems like you and Barbie had a
good talk.


Yeah, but don't expect it to last.
I'm sure if we bump into each
other again--which I doubt--we'll
be back at each others throats.
Well, it's not something I'd
      (raises eyebrows)
What do you mean by that?
I mean...I'll tell you later.
      (turns slightly)
Here comes my dad.
Magic's dad, GARRETT BLAZE (Age 56, African American),
slowly approaches him. His age is all the more apparent with
the amount of tiredness one can see in his eyes. And the
loss of a son did him no good.
      (hugs Magic and
How are you feeling, son?
      (hugs back)
Better. It'll be awhile before I'm
okay though.
      (lets go)
That is something I could not
agree more with.
      (to Ferrari)
Now how about you, Angel-face? You
pulling through, okay? I know we
only recently met because of
delayed news, but you're still
family nonetheless.
      (soft smile)
I'm getting there, but it'll take
time like Magic said.


      (pulls Ferrari
       into a resounding
Glad to hear that. I mean, Wright
wouldn't want you all sad and what
not. It wrinkles up your pretty
Ferrari laughs a little and Mr. Blaze lets go.
      (shoves hands into
So, need I ask where mom is?
I don't know. I haven't kept up
with that woman since she divorced
me a year ago.
      (shakes head)
It's a shame though. I loved her
so much.
      (shakes head also)
Divorcing you, hence damaging my
view on healthy relationships was
her first strike. Not telling me
or you about Wright's wedding was
the second strike and now....not
showing up to his funeral? I
--Don't crucify her in your mind,
son. She's only human.
She should be here.
I know, son. I know.
      (turns to leave)
Well, I'll see you around, son.
You too, Ms. Angel-face and stay
strong, will you? Remember what I
said earlier.
Mr. Blaze exits the church, leaving Magic and Ferrari


      (smiles softly)
Your father's nice. He almost made
this whack ass funeral worth it.
Yeah. He's the best...which is not
as much as I can say for my mom.
      (sits down)
Excuse my bluntness, but you'll
get over it. Your mom isn't the
best but she's the only one you
got. Don't get me started on mine
She's a real piece of work. And as
for my dad...let's just say it's
amazing how I got here.
      (sits down also)
I'm sorry, it almost sounded like
you were trying to show the least
bit of optimism. That's new.
      (looks in Magic's
Eh. Don't patronize me, cop. I
have my reasons for limiting my
Some time passes before anyone speaks again.
      (crosses arms)
So...what are we still doing here?
Well, I'M still here because this
is where I feel most at home...at
peace with everything...
      (raises eyebrows)
Here as in the church or here as
in the funeral we were just


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
subjected to?
The church. I don't care much for
Ah. Okay. So, I take it you pray
and everything, right?
      (stands up slowly)
Well, do me a favor and ask God
"why" for me.
As in why did Wright have to go
out like this if--
You don't have to explain. I asked
myself "why" and I asked Him
"why", but at this point, there
are no answers. And trust me, I've
been through a range of emotions
over all of this. I went from
sadness and despair to regret and
after that, I was pissed off to be
But at this point, I don't know
how to feel. I guess I have to
wait and see if--
--this happened for a reason,
Yup. Wright informed me on a lot
of things and that just happened
to be one of them.
Well, if you've been "informed",
why not ask God "why" yourself?


      (makes a face)
It's been awhile since me and
God--well, way back in the day,
words were said and--well, let's
just say that I am severely
damaged goods and I count myself
lucky to be alive.
      (stands up)
Luck isn't really His thing and
I've been around long enough to
know that God has an affinity for
"damaged goods".
Hmm. Touché.
      (turns to leave)
Well, I'm going to take my leave
now. I have to make sure that my
sister and her kids haven't burned
down my house yet.
      (turns around)
I haven't forgotten about the
money and everything.
Don't worry about it. Count that
as a reward for a riveting pep
Nah...I had something else in
mind...which might have something
to do with seeing Aurora and the
others again....
      (stops grinning)
You wouldn't.


I just might. Depends on what you
      (crosses arms)
Let me get this straight: I
clearly define my dislike for
officers of the law and you want
to hire me and turn me into one?
Why not? You've got the skills
despite the blindness. Maybe
you'll end up learning something
about us "cops".
      (cocks head to
Or maybe you'll end up learning
something from me.
We'll never know if you don't say
yes, now will we?
Ferrari shakes her head in amusement and starts to exit.
Magic quickly follows behind.
      (yells after her)
So, I take it that was a "yes"?
                                         END TAG
                                         CREDITS ROLL IN


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From Rosie Date 8/23/2012 ****
Love it. Yeah, there are grammar mistakes but it doesn't compromise the essence of the script. I LOVE FERRARI. She just makes everything more interesting for some reason. You should definitely give people like Marvee, Roderick, Sonny, and Chanel more screen time and I most definitely want to know what is up with Magic's mother.

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