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Escape of Isidoro Farsante
by Richard C Shaffer (dickjutsu@verizon.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
The escape of Isidoro Farsante.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

FARSANTE is asleep, lying against the wall of his cell. His
voice narrates as the prison hall outside his cell is shown.
Once upon a time I was the
President of the great nation of
Chimerico. But four years ago I
suffered a rebellion and have been
locked away ever since.
The sounds of gunfire awaken Farsante and he tries to look
out the narrow opening of his cell door.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
Is someone out there?
I wonder what's going on.
Farsante struggles to see a little harder and a guard's face
suddenly comes into view through the bars. The guard grits
his teeth and collapses out of view. The sound of keys
being used on the door is heard.
Farsante backs away from the door as he hears it unlock. The
door opens and three young men carrying firearms run into
the room.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Who are you?]
[Do you know who I am?]
[Don't kill me!]
      (Who are you?)
Who are you? Government
assassins, loyalist rebels, or
maybe CIA?
      (Do you know who I
I am El Presidente Isidoro
Farsante! Kill my body, if you


                       FARSANTE (cont'd)
wish, but my legacy will live on
      (Don't kill me!)
Oh God, please don't kill me!
You've already taken everything
from me; leave me my life!
The three youths look at each other before the eldest
extends a hand to Farsante to help him stand.
El Presidente, we are here to free
Who are you young lads?
We are of the Stefano family. I
am Alejandro. These are my
brothers, Roberto and Fernando.
And you lads intend to do what,
We are here to rescue you, El
Presidente! We intend to help you
regain your crown.
Very well. I always appreciate
the efforts of Loyalists. Let us
be gone from this foul place,
then. I will need a weapon,
The three brothers hold out their weapons. Alejandro has a
shotgun, Fernando has a sub-machine gun, and Roberto has a
scoped hunting rifle.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE


My gun is not very accurate, but
it is loud and scary.
Very good, those who are not
wounded will be demoralized.
My gun is small and fires quickly,
but not very powerful.
Very good, if you send enough lead
in one direction you'll take them
down eventually.
My gun is slow to fire, but it is
powerful and very accurate.
Very good, as they say: "One shot,
one kill."
Whichever brother's gun you take, they will draw a pistol to
replace their weapon. Whichever brother's weapon you take
will feel honored by your choice and his relationship level
with Farsante increases.
Farsante leads the brothers out into the hall and they sneak
up to a guard standing at the end of the hall. The guard is
facing away from the group.
A single guard? But there is
probably more nearby. Since our
attack, they are probably on high
So...what should we do El


                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Kill Him]
[Disarm Him]
[Shoot Him]
      (Kill Him)
He is an enemy of the state, kill
him quietly.
(Alejandro likes this idea,
Fernando does not.)
(Kill Him)Alejandro sneaks up to the guard and garrotes him
with a piece of wire, the murder takes several seconds and
the others watch as Alejandro takes his time to kill the
guard slowly.
      (Disarm Him)
He is just a pawn of the rebel
government, but he is still a
fellow Chimerican. Eliminate his
danger, without taking his life.
(Fernando likes this idea, Roberto
does not.)
(Disarm Him)Fernando walks up to the guard, quietly.
      (Disarm Him)
Pardon me, do you have the time?
(Disarm Him)Fernando grabs the guard's gun as he turns to
face him. Fernando spins around, smacking the guard in the
face with the gun. The guard flies backward and lands on
the ground. Fernando ducks down and looks around as the
guard groans, he then makes an 'Okay' sign to the group.
      (Disarm Him)
He will live!
      (Shoot Him)
We do not have time to sit around
strategizing while they surround
us. We must trust our insticts
and our faith. Just shoot him and
we will continue on.
(Roberto likes this idea,
Alejandro does not.)


(Shoot Him)Roberto nods excitedly and approaches the guard
from behind, drawing his pistol and pointing it at the back
of the guard's head. He pulls the trigger and as the
gunshot echoes through the prison's hallway the guard falls
to the floor lifelessly.
      (Shoot Him)
I've just shot an escapee, but
another is escaping north!
      (Shoot Him)
(Off Screen)Going north? We'll
get him!
Farsante leads the group past the guard's body and closer to
the nearest exit of the prison. As they arrive at the gate,
they find it swarming with well-armed guards. Whichever
brother's weapon was accepted will move out first and be
shot by one of the guards (in the side) who will all open
fire on the group, pinning them down.
(Depending on which brother's gun he accepted the next event
will change slightly.)
      (If Shot)
The wound is not bad, but I fear I
am of no use to you right now.
      (If Shot)
Augh! I cannot believe I was so
careless. My apologies, El
      (If Shot)
That was...stupid. I am sorry,
but I fear I am about to faint...
We need to fight off these guards
and escape, quickly!
Farsante looks around while under cover behind a decorative
stone trough with the others. He looks at the guards
shooting at them and approaching slowly, then looks to a
perpendicular hallway, and finally to a stairwell leading up
to balcony over them.
I have a plan!


You [Roberto], head up to that
balcony. Fernando here will give
us covery fire. When he shoots,
we'll move into position. Go!
What will you do, El Presidente?
I will outlfank them and open fire
when they least expect it.
(Shotgun)The player must wait until Fernando gives the
signal by shooting at the guards and forcing them into cover
to move. The player must traverse a series of pieces of
cover to get to a small hallway. Once you get there you
will have to dispatch a few guards in the hallway (fire the
shotgun by pressing left mouse button) using Fernando's
covering fire to supress the sound of your own shot. Then
once in position, when the guards walk passed the corridor's
opening, the player must open fire on them to create a
flanking manuever. While you are setting up, Roberto begins
firing from the balcony. Open fire by clicking left mouse
button at the correct moment.
You [Roberto], head up to that
balcony. Alejandro, sneak over to
the corridor and hit them from the
flank when they approach my
What will you do, El Presidente?
I will give you covering fire.
When I shoot, that is when you
will move. Understood? Go!
(SMG)The player must give covering fire when one of the
others decides to move. When either Alejandro or Roberto
whispers that they're moving the player must click and hold
the left (Alejandro) or right (Roberto) mouse button to give
thhem cover. But if they give cover for too long without
pause, they'll have to reload and fail to give proper cover.


Once Alejandro and Roberto are in position, Alejandro will
gun down some guards from the flank and Roberto will open
fire from the balcony.
You [Alejandro], head over to that
corridor and flank the guards.
Fernando here will give us covery
fire. When he shoots, we'll move
into position. Go!
What will you do, El Presidente?
I will go up those stairs and
start picking off guards from that
(Rifle)The player must utilize the cover from Fernando's
covering fire to make it from cover point to cover point to
the stairwell and go up to the balcony overhead. Once there
he must shoot guards in between Fernando's covering bursts
to give Alejandro the chance to get in position for the
flanking maneuver. Once Alejandro's in position he will
open fire on the guards' flanks.
Once the guards are dealt with, the group comes back
together near the stone trough.
Excellent work, boys! Now we can
get out of here.
Gunfire erupts from behind the group as the prison's warden
and the rest of his guards come from the inner sections of
the prison to capture or kill the group members and
Come on, we must leave
Farsante helps up the wounded brother and they all start
running for the exit. But the wounded brother goes down and
begins crawling, with the guards approaching quickly. The
other brothers look to Farsante for orders.


                       STEFANO BROTHERS
      (Whichever two
       weren't shot.)
El Presidente! We can't leave our
brother behind.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
      (Shot brother will
       not appear in
[Leave Him]
Alejandro, save your brother!
(Alejandro...)Alejandro nods and runs back to pick up the
wounded brother. He drags the brother to the doorway, but
is shot as they reach the exit and collapses as Farsante
takes the wounded brother over his shoulder.
Alejandro hits the ground, dead. The remaining two brothers
and Farsante flee into the surrounding hills; hiding within
the evening's darkness.
Fernando, save your brother!
(Fernando...)Fernando nods and runs back to pick up the
wounded brother. He drags the brother to the doorway, but
is shot as they reach the exit and collapses as Farsante
takes the wounded brother over his shoulder.
Fernando hits the ground, dead. The remaining two brothers
and Farsante flee into the surrounding hills; hiding within
the evening's darkness.
Roberto, save your brother!
(Roberto...)Roberto nods and runs back to pick up the
wounded brother. He drags the brother to the doorway, but
is shot as they reach the exit and collapses as Farsante
takes the wounded brother over his shoulder.
Roberto hits the ground, dead. The remaining two brothers
and Farsante flee into the surrounding hills; hiding within
the evening's darkness.


      (Leave Him)
He'll never make it, we'll have to
go on.
(Leave Him)The two brothers look on in horror as Farsante
begins running for the surrounding woodlands. The warden
comes up to the wounded brother and shoots him in the temple
with his pistol, killing him.

The remaining two brothers follow Farsante into the
surrounding hills; hiding within the evening's darkness.
Tom is sitting in the dimly lit Northern Bell Bar knocking
back glasses of brandy. An older bearded man, Dean
Nicholson, sits down beside him.
Mind if I have a seat here?
A little late for that question
now. But go ahead, I don't mind.
I'm only on my third of the day,
and I'm not a violent drunk.
Well that's good to hear--did you
just say your third? It's only
two in the afternoon.
That late, huh? I took too long
chopping wood for the Hendersons,
I was planning on being in here by
Tom holds up a glass of brandy.
Liquid lunch.
Dean pulls out a newspaper clipping and looks at it
longingly, before looking at Tom again. He holds the
clipping up to compare the photo in the clipping to Tom's


Would you mind smiling for me,
Tom looks at Dean groggily and smiles blankly.
That's what I thought, you're Tom
Yates, right?
Aaand, that's my cue to leave.
Tom starts to stand up, but Dean grabs his arm. Tom looks
at the old man's hand on his arm and Dean lets go with a
slight trepidation.
S-sorry, but I'd like to talk to
What are you, some kind of
reporter? Where are you from, the
Gazette, the Herald, or the Times?
Actually, I'm from SVU.
      (Raising his hands)
SVU? Woah, woah...I didn't know
she was underage and she was alive
and well when I called her a taxi.
I don't know. Who are you talking
about? You're from the Special
Victims Unit, right?
No, no...I'm from Serenity Valley
Never heard of it.
It's a moderately-sized school
west of Bellville, Maryland.


Still never heard of it. Is it a
real place?
Why don't we sit down together,
maybe at a table? We can discuss
the job there.
Tom nods and the two of them walk over to a table and sit
Hey, Keith! Two drinks, a brandy
for me and...something for my
friend here.
A brandy sounds nice, thank you.
Two brandies!
The bartender (Keith) brings over two glasses of brandy in
whiskey glasses and sets them down.
Why the whiskey glass?
Fewer fights; there's a lot of
lumberjacks around here. They
think drinking brandy from a sissy
glass is reason enough to fight.
Tom slams the drink back and burps before looking at Dean
and smiling goofily.
So, about that job? You need a
roof reshingled, some firewood, a
shed put together? What're we
Dean hands Tom a pamphlet from Serenity Valley University.
Recently we've had an opening in
Campus Security.
Sorry, I don't do security.


It's not just security, all the
officers are sworn deputies. It's
more Campus Police than Campus
Security, really.
Double no, then. I'm not a cop!

Are we done here?
I'm still offering you the job.
Out of all the people in the
nation, we've chosen you.
The only thing I'm first in line
for is when the bar opens.
Look, you're the only person who
can do the job.
I haven't been in a uniform in ten
years! Why would you want me?
Because you were a good cop. I'll
bet you still are.
Ask Joey Tucker who's a good cop.
It wasn't your fault. Even the
courts agreed.
Not the court of public opinion.
You made one mistake, you were
still loved by the city!


They called me the Angel of Death.
That certainly doesn't sound very
Did you read the newspaper after
you turned in your badge?
I try not to read newspapers
anymore. The last time I thought
about it was when my cousin was
running for office.
Did he get elected?
Dunno...I don't have a TV or a
radio, either.
Just read this story. It was
printed the day after you left the
Dean hands Tom a newspaper and the camera pans to show the
story. The headline reads, "Hero cop chased out of town
after exhoneration". Dean flips through the pages for him
and all the headlines read like this: "The Angel of Dubleth
Departs," "We need you Officer Tommy!", "Bake Sale to pay
Officer Yates' court fees!"
How much did this cost you?
Ninety cents for the back copy,
plus fifty cents for the parking
space. So you owe me about a buck
So you go through all this trouble
just to hire me as a rent-a-cop?
Why me?
It's management. We want you to
run the Campus Police department
as the new Captain.


Captain? Why me?
We've had a string of events that
we just can't handle without a
good cop running things. We're no
longer the educational facility we
were when I went to SVU. Now
we're a party school, with drunken
brawls and riots almost weekly.
Not to mention--
You're dodgin' my question! Why
The security budget got gutted
this past year. You're the best
cop we can get for twelve dollars
an hour.
Seems legit.
So will you consider it?
Sure, better than the nickel and
dime stuff I'm doing now.
Glad to hear it.
Tom stands up and motions over to Keith, the bartender.
Hey Keith, Dean here said he'll
pay my tab.
That seems fair for listening to
me ramble. I'll pay it.
As Tom staggers toward the door, he hears Keith state that
the tab is $60 and Dean begrudgingly pays it.
Tom stumbles out of the bar, walking home to his house just
outside the town. When he gets inside he turns the light on
and looks at the newspaper that Dean gave him.


Tom, now clean-shaven and sober, pulls up in his beaten, old
pickup truck and steps out in uniform. He looks over the
station for a few moments before walking toward the door.
Dean meets him near the doorway.
I'm glad you decided to take my
Hard to argue with twelve bucks
and hour.
And a chance to wear a badge,
Tom takes a deep breath, looks the station over, and smiles.
It is kind of nice. Been a while,
though...when I told you my sizes,
turns out I've put on some weight.
The slacks didn't fit, so I wore
my own. The shirt didn't fit,
either, so I tore the patches off
and sewed them on to another
uniform. I belive it's a Maine
State Trooper's uniform, if that's
all right.
What kind of uniform?
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Thrift Store]
My cousin was a trooper, it wound
up in my closet somehow.
[Dean is creeped out by your
      (Thrift Store)
I picked it up at a Goodwill along
the way.
[Dean almost appreciates your


                       TOM (cont'd)
Got pulled over on the way here,
traded him uniforms.
[Dean didn't find your joke
Well, lets go in and meet your
Tom and Dean walk into the building...
Tom and Dean walk into the station and see a group of people
standing around in various qualities of uniform. Sitting
behind the desk is Lisa, the dispatcher. Standing by the
announcement board is a middle-aged man reading over the
latest batch of announcements (Chuck). Sitting on the bench
near him is a young woman in ill-fitting uniform swinging
her feet and whistling absently (Leona). Sitting in a chair
in the corner of the room with his reading glasses on is a
stocky middle-aged man (Mark). Near the woman behind the
desk is a young latino man (Carlos).
Everyone, I'd like you to meet
your new Captain, Thomas Yates.
All the officers, barring Lisa who remains in her chair
behind the desk, stand up and approach Tom and Dean.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Good Morning.]
[No need to bow.]
[What, no salutes?]
Umm...hi everyone.
(Hello.) Tom waves meekly and everyone chuckles a bit; Leona
waves back and giggles.
      (Good Morning.)
Morning everyone.


(Good Morning.) Tom nods to everyone and they all nod or
smile back, except Mark who yawns.
      (No need to bow.)
No need to kneel down and bow or
anything, I'm just like one of you
(No need to bow.)Everybody frowns and Carlos mutters.
      (No need to bow.)
      (What, no salutes?)
What? Nobody salutes their
superiors around here?
(What, no salutes?)Everyone grumbles, except Leona who snaps
to attention and salutes. Chuck calmly grasps her hand and
lowers it to her side.
      (What, no salutes?)
He was kidding.
      (What, no salutes?)
Oh...are you sure?
      (What, no salutes?)
God, I hope so. If not this job
just got twice as miserable as it
was before.
All right everyone, introduce
yourself to Captain Yates.
All the officers look at each other as if trying to decide
who's going to introduce themselves first. Finally Carlos
steps forward and reaches out to shake Tom's hand.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Shake Hand] +1 with Carlos
[Ignore] -1 with Carlos


Hey there, Cap'n. I'm Carlos, you
ever need a date around here you
talk to me, okay?
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Be professional!]
[You want to date me?]
You mean you can get me some co-ed
action? I'll have to remember
(+1 with Carlos)
My man, you got it!
      (Be professional!)
Sexual harrassment is a serious
thing, officer! I don't feel like
dealing with his kind of behavior.
(-1 with Carlos, Leona, Lisa,
Chuck, and Mark; +1 with Dean)
      (Be professional!)
Yeah...I get it.
      (You want to date
Are you saying that you want to
date me? Sorry, officer, I don't
fraternize with my
subordinates...at least not the
male ones.
(-1 with Carlos, +1 with Lisa,
Leona, Mark, and Chuck)
Leona is the next to step forward and she salutes Tom,


                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Salute] (+1 with Leona)
[Ignore] (No change)
[Mock] (-1 with Leona, Chuck, and
Officer Leona Michaels, reporting
for duty sir! I'm happy to have
such a famous person as the Angel
of Edgewood as a commanding
Settle down, kiddo. Don't chase
him away before he gets to his own
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[It's okay.]
[Yeah, you're creeping me out.]
[Are you any good at making
      (It's okay.)
It's fine. She's effervescent to
say the least, it looks like this
place could use a little of that.
(+1 to Leona, -1 to Carlos, Mark,
and Chuck.)
      (Yeah, you're
       creeping me out.)
Yeah, how 'bout you cut that out?
You're giving me a headache and
I'm barely in the door.
(-1 with Leona, +1 with Carlos,
Mark, and Dean)
      (Are you any good
       at making coffee?)
Is your coffee drinkable? I think
I'm going to need a lot of coffee
to keep up with you.
      (Are you any good
       at making coffee?)
Oh! I'm, uhh, not a
secretary...I'm a field officer.
I, uhh, I actually patrol and,


                       LEONA (cont'd)
uhh...(trails off)
(-2 with Leona, -1 with Lisa and
Chuck, +1 with Carlos and Mark)
Chuck steps forward and extends his hand to shake hands with
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Shake Hand] (+1 with Chuck)
[Ignore] (-1 with Chuck)
Spruance, Chuck Spruance. I've
been here the longest, glad to
have you aboard.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[You're not Captain?]
Aboard? You a Navy boy?
(+1 to Chuck)
That's right, fought in Vietnam.
And no, I don't wanna talk about
it...we'll just leave it at that.
      (You're not
If you've been here the longest,
why aren't you the Captain,
instead of me?
      (You're not
...Good question.
(-1 with Chuck and Lisa, +1 with
Mark and Carlos)
How long you got 'till retirement?
I'd like to get someone with some
kneecaps in your spot ASAP.
(-2 with Chuck, -1 with Leona and


                       TOM (cont'd)
Lisa, +1 with Mark and Carlos)
I can run circles around a young
pup like you.
Mark staggers forward, adjusting his waistband, before
sticking his hand out to shake hands with Tom.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Shake Hand] (+1 with Mark)
[Ignore] (-1 with Mark)
My name's Marcus Rodgers, you can
call me Mark.
                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Officer Rodgers]
Marcus? What kind of name is
(-2 with Mark, -1 with Lisa and
Dean, +1 with Leona and Carlos)
I was named after my grandfather,
he died at Belleau Wood in the
first Great War.
Nice to meet you, Mark.
(+1 with Mark and Lisa, -1 with
Carlos and Leona if you were meant
to either of them)
And back here is your
second-in-command, Sgt. Robins.
Dean leads Tom to the desk and the lithe, beautiful woman
behind the desk stands up and extends her arm to shake Tom's
hand. Tom instictively reaches out and grasps her hand.


                       DIALOGUE CHOICE
[Tight grip.] (+2 with Lisa)
[Pretty face.] (-2 with Lisa)
      (Tight grip.)
Wow, you've got a pretty tight
      (Tight grip.)
I wasn't always a desk-warmer, I
paid my way through college by
teaching Aikido. I've been the
dispatcher here for about six
years. I started in the field,
though, so I know how to handle
      (Pretty face.)
What's a pretty face like you
doing behind this big desk?
      (Pretty face.)
I'm not just a pretty face; I'm
also your dispatcher. And I used
to be a field sergeant, too, back
when we had a budget and let
sergeants out of the office.


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From Shawn Smith Date 10/8/2012 ****
I've read several video game scripts and I can say you have something going here.

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