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by Lashaunte Wade (lashauntew@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *1/2
Jessame starts to come into her own as she struggles with her terrifying past and her pressured future she reverts back to drugs to help her forget and not care. Her new lover seems to be her salvation as he inspires her to let her darkness out and is caught into a deadly head game with herself.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Screen Black
(hear girl breathing hard(faint scream in background, then a
camera pan to door

Jessame and Lisa come through door laughing coming from
eating and partying, bout to relax and get high.
can you believe that guy!? So
      (laughs, but
I know! he's was all " um excuse
me, I asked for a water with lemon
and there's no lemon"... (laughs)
what asshole getting that girl in
trouble over a fuckin lemon.
Lisa heads to kitchen to get them drinks and Jessame heads
to couch and gets everything set up for them to get high,
chill and watch TV.
Here ya go. (give Jessame drink
and sits by her)
Lisa starts flipping through channels and getting high, been
smoking for hours, drinking, etc. Really high. Laughing
having a good time.
      (stares at Lisa
       with love)
I love you


OK don't get gay on me...(laughs)
no, I mean I love you like a
sister. You're always there for
me. I just wished I could be there
for you.
      (smiles, grabs her
But you are always there for me.
Even when you know it makes David
mad, you're always there.
Camera pans to door. Loud banging on door.

Jessame and Lisa look at each other worried. another loud
bang. they jump a little bit.
      (banging on door,
      (whispers, grabs
       Jessame's arm)
don't open it. he'll go away.
it's OK he won't hurt you. stay
Jessame heads to door and opens it up. David pushes door
into her hard. walks in furious.
I was with Lisa it was her
birthday yesterday. We went out.


      (upset, in
       disbelief kind of
NO ONE! It was just me and her. I
Lisa stands up and gets ready to defend Jessame.
      (scared, but
It's true David, it was-
      (pushes David)
David grabs Jessame's throat and pushes her into wall.
Choking her harder every second. Jessame tries to loosen his
      (furious, choking
Jessame is about to pass out. Lisa starts hitting on David
and David lets go of Jessame.

Jessame is on floor and in and out of consciousness.

David goes for Lisa and starts punching her and throwing her
around. beating her.
Jessame is coming to and able to get herself up, but is
doing it slowly.

She calls for Lisa and see her laying on ground while David
is choking her (eyes are still trying to focus), she can
hear her yelling for her and slowly dying.

David is fixated on Lisa so does not notice Jessame.


      (while he's
       beating her)

      (is on ground and
       chokes her,
       whispers in her
I'm going to fucking kill you.
Camera pans to Lisa's beaten face, all bloody.

Then Jessame comes from behind and stabs David in the neck,
blood spurts, David turns around and takes knife out and
goes for Jessame, he slams her into wall again, gets a few
hits in before Jessame grabs another knife on counter and
stabs him and pushes him away.
      (pushes David away
       goes for Lisa)
LISA! LISA! I'm gonna get you out
of here OK? I'm so sorry!
David comes for another attempt (David is bleeding out while
all this is happening). Jessame reacts in time and grabs
knife David dropped and stabs him again in throat.

David falls on her and is bleeding all over her. She lies
there in shock and then tries to push him off of her. She
sits up, looks at David (sad, about to cry). Looks at Lisa
(Lisa is slowly getting up)
      (Grabs phone,
       dials, in shock)
I want to report a
murder....there's so much blood...
      (looks at hand,
       body, home)
blood everywhere...
      (hangs up)
Jessame tries to remain calm, she wipes blood on her face,
but then tries to wipe it off on shirt, but it just keeps
covering her more and more. Jessame starts crying. Lisa
comes over and hugs her best she can.


It's OK, You're alright now. No
one's going to hurt you again.
                                         END SCENE
Screen is black. Alarm clock goes off. (Title shows up on
black screen, goes away), cue Jessame sleeping, opens her
eyes & starts to wake up, turns off alarm.

(Cue song in background)

Jessame does her daily morning routine (Brush teeth, get
dressed, etc) Cue Jessame leaving house and going to
Starbucks to get a coffee. (gets in car, drives to work,
parks in space) (End background music).

Jessame gets out of car and heads into work and goes into
Everybody has just started to arrive to meeting. Getting
situated and finding a seat.

jessame is in front setting up her laptop for notes and for
outlines of what needs to be done for the upcoming
OK. We have a few things to go
over right now so I'm going to
make this quick.

First I just want to say that
these past few months have been
really great for us when
showcasing our traditional
artists. So bravo and you all will
be receiving a little gift from
myself for working so hard.

With that said I want to step
outside our box and look for more
creative, imaginative artists.

OK? So Lisa will finish this up
and I have to go. Have a good day


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
      (friendly but
OK guys so I will need everyone's
portfolio for next weeks
exhibition by 9am tomorrow and get
started on the love exhibition
that's next month and have your
drafts on my desk in a week.

Any questions? Alright guys get to
Camera follows Jessame to car. Camera in car pointing at
Driving around running errands for the gallery.

Finally Jessame goes into a parking structure and finds a
parking spot, gets her pipe and starts smoking. She puts
head back and relaxes get out of car and heads to
cafe/restaurant to meet up with artists she might showcase
in gallery.

(No talking just a montage of the artists she meets and her
looking at portfolio and interviewing.)
Jessame heads back to her car. rubs face, looks in rear view
mirror. Starts car and goes back to gallery.
Jessame comes back from interviewing artists goes into break
room, grabs a snack, from being high.

camera pans to workers
So what do you think about our
she's nice, just focused and she's
got a killer body (smiles).


      (shakes head)
pig...I dunno there's something
about her I just don;t like, since
she started working here.

She looks like such a bitch.
Everything about her screams
Lisa has been eavesdropping.

Lisa Steps in conversation.
      (playful, but
well when you have to run someone
else's gallery and can't get
approvals for exhibitions that
would benefit everyone working
here over and over, you'd be like
she is too.
      (walks towards
       Jessame, looks
stop gossiping and start doing
your jobs
Jessame is still snacking on things. Lisa walks in with a
Hey girlie. How'd everything go?
      (giggles, has
       muffin in mouth)
good. (finishes bite) The usual
boring artist they always have me
      (closer to Jess)
you OK? (looks in eyes) are you
Jess if you're using again, let me
know. I'm here to help. (hand on


                       LISA (cont'd)
shoulder) I'm not going anywhere.
      (puts head down,
Calm down. I'm OK. I just smoked a
little weed. I'm fine I'm not
doing anything else. Promise.
scouts honor
                                         END SCENE
Screen is black. you hear girls laughing in background and
someone falling and a loud laughter.

Cue flashback with David.
Jess and Lisa are already drunk and high arriving at party
stumbling and laughing.

They get inside the house and go straight to kitchen.
                       PARTY CROWD
      (laughs, stumbles)
HEY!!! (laughs) Rob! what's up!
      (goes to give hug)
how ya been?
      (hugs jess)
good good. you? how you been? You
guys fucked up already?
      (smiles hugs Lisa)
Miss Lisa, how ya been?
I'm good! good. Living life!
I hear that.


so who's a girl got to fuck to get
a drink around here?!
Rob grabs Lisa close and gets her a drink. Jessame laughs
and gets a beer and goes to living room.

Going through a crowd she's looking around, and notices
Their eyes lock and everything goes silent and all you hear
is her heart beating in a medium-fast pace.

Lisa bumps into her and bumps her out of the eye lock she
had with David.
      (bumps into
       Jessame playingly)
Hey! what'd you get to drink?
I just grabbed a beer.
      (looks for David
Hey, do you know who that kid is
right there?
      (looks where Lisa
Uh...(squints, almost falls back)
yeah. That's uh...that's one of
Rob's friends. Just moved here I
(burps, leans forward almost
falling, squints looking at him
again) He's kinda cute...Maybe Rob
will introduce you guys
      (laughs, holds
       Lisa up)
OK...lets sit down...you're fuckin
                                         END SCENE
Screen is black.

You hear the lighter flicking and then you hear bubbling and
a air being blown out.


Cue camera pan on Jessame.

Jessame is getting high, spacing out thinking about the
past. She finally snaps out of it. Gets up grabs her drug
box and take out a pill to take. Looks up at ceiling. Takes
a deep sigh. Leans in to take a hit, blows out smoke and
looks at camera kind of erie.

cue black screen
cue new scene
Camera is in car with Jessame and Lisa.
Jessame is taking Lisa to the new gallery to surprise her.

Lisa is Blindfolded.
So where are we going?
      (looks at her,
It's a surprise.
Jessame drives to gallery, parks, turns car off, turns to
OK, we're here...Now before I take
the blindfold off, Promise me you
won't freak out.
Oh lord, what did you do now Jess?
Nothing. Just promise me.
Fine. I promise.
Jessame gets out of car and opens door for Lisa. Jess helps
Lisa out and walks her to be in front of Gallery.


      (Takes blindfold
Oh..wow...Jess...I dunno...
Don't freak out I have it covered.
Ive been talking to some investors
and they really like the concept
and idea of the gallery.
Who...how'd you pay for this?
They gave me an advancement before
even reading the proposal! They
said to give them a month to look
over things and research, blah
      (faces Lisa)
Hey, only thing that matters is I
got the money and that we can
start our own gallery...our
way...we are in control of our own
destiny now.
Lisa smiles at her. Jessame smiles back and gives her a hug.
Lisa looks worried, pats Jess on back.
                                         END SCENE
Theres a young lady jogging with her ipod on her arm and one
ear piece in her ear. She is in the moment jogging. She
stops to catch her breathe a little bit and then she
stretches her legs for a minute due to a little cramp.
Proceeds on With jogging. As she is jogs she thinks she
hears something in the trees and goes to see what it is.

She looks a little bit off the path, but goes back to path
to start jogging and chuckles a little bit. She starts to
put both ear pieces back in her ears and after she does
that, someone comes from behind and takes her in the woods.
                                         END SCENE


Camera pans to Lisa making breakfast. Smell of bacon in the
air. Eggs and fruit already on plate. Lisa finishes cooking
bacon and gets ready to eat, but there is a knock on the

She looks through peephole and sees Victor.
Hey! Good morning.
      (goes back to
       plate to eat)
thanks for coming to pick me up
while my car's in the shop.
      (grabs a piece of
no problem. What are friends for?
Victor goes into fridge to grab some orange juice and an
apple. As Lisa is eating she is watching the news and there
is a reporter on jogging trail telling people that a womans'
body was found strangled and brutally beaten. Also to tell
people (specifically women) to be careful when jogging.

camera pans to Lisa after report is over.
Thats terrible! I can't believe
they haven't found this guy yet!
I know. I've been keeping up on it
here and there and so far this guy
has killed over 6 women so
far,that they've found.
That's terrible! Jess and I run
over there all the time.
yeah maybe you should go in the
daytime until they catch the guy.
      (takes a bite of
So how's Jess doing? She seems
kind of stressed.


She's OK, you know ever since Jess
got the promotion over Julie,
Julie has been making it very
difficult for her and the boss
loves Julie. So you know.
      (pauses, takes a
Also she showed me this gallery
she bought.
      (surprised, smiles)
Is that right? How'd she get the
money so fast?
She said some investors gave her
an advancement, but they haven't
given her the full OK to fund the
So they haven't said they'll be
partners yet? Crazy. So why give
her an advancement? What if they
back out? What happens then? When
does she find out?
Jess knows how to market stuff and
she was able to get money from
these guys without a proposal in
hand and I have no clue, if they
back out im guessing she'll have
to give money back.
I just know she's been saving up
for something like this for a few
years now. After everything she's
been through I will hate to see
her dream crumble.
So when does she find out?
She said in about a month so they
can research and read through
everything. I'm hoping that they
partner with her.


Yeah me too. Well good luck to
      (takes last sip,
       looks at watch)
we gotta go, don't want the boss
lady to be mad at us for being
Lisa finishes up last bites of food and grabs her purse and
Victor and Lisa head out to go to work.
Jessame is sorting through portfolios and going through
research papers so she can meet with her boss today, but
notices Julie's portfolio isn't there and is upset. Jessame
calls Julie into her office and get into a slightly tense
      (gets up from
       chair, heads to
Julie, can I see you in my office
really fast?
Julie still talking to Victor as if she doesn't hear her.
      (shocked, pissed)
Julie continues to ignore her. Jessame is really irritated.
She walks up to her and gets in front of Victor.
      (looks at Victor,
breaks over
Victor looks kind of nervous because of how Jessame looked
at him. Victor leaves and Jess looks back at Julie.
      (crosses arms)
Did you not hear me calling you?
      (rolls eyes)
Yeah I heard you. What do you


As your boss I would like to think
I would get the respect I deserve
from my employees, but obviously
we are never going to be on the
same page.
      (sarcastic smirk)
Great, I'm glad you understand.
      (grabs Julie's
Listen, everyone seems to give me
their portfolios on time, except
you. Now, I don't know if you're
just stupid or if you really just
want to piss me off, but if I
don't have your portfolio on my
desk in ten minutes, I will fire
you without hesitation.
      (trying to break
       free wrist)
Let me go, you're hurting my arm.
What's your problem?
      (releases wrist,
       gets closer)
Do you understand?
      (grabs wrists to
       relieve pain)
Yes....What's your problem? You're
losing it.
Lisa walks in and notice Julie holding wrist and Jessame
walking back to her office.
      (walks up to Julie)
Hey you OK?
You better tell Jessame to watch
her back, she just grabbed me! I
am going to Mr. Bailey and telling
him what happen. She's going to be
so fuckin sorry she messed with


                       JULIE (cont'd)
Julie walks off and grabs her portfolio and goes into
Jessame's office and slams on desk.

Jessame looks up at Julie and smirks.
Thank you
Oh you're so very welcome...Hope
you enjoy your office while you
still have it.
Julie and Jessame stare at each other for a minute. Julie
walks out and Jess watches her leave with such rage, balling
fist up and trying her best not to show how enraged she is.

Black screen
                                         END SCENE
Screen Black. You hear passenger door close and then you
hear driver door close. The car starts and camera shows Rob
and David in car driving to the liquor store. As they are
headed to Rob tells David about Jessame.
      (Driving and looks
       at David from
       time to time)
You ready for tonight man?
      (smiles at him)
We're gonna have a good time.
Yeah, lets do this...So what's the
The plan is we meet the girls at
their place and we chill with
them, get high, drunk...
      (looks at David,
and hopefully get fucked.


      (looks at Rob)
Sounds like a plan to me.
So... what's up with Lisa's
friend? You said I met her
Yeah, you don't remember? It was
at the house party we threw a
while back. She had that short ass
dress on with the spikes on it.
      (thinking for a
Oh yeah, that's
Jess?...Damn...She's pretty hot.
So what's wrong with her?
What do you mean?
They pull up into the parking lot of the liquor store and
they get out and go inside to buy beer and liquor.
      (gets out and
       shuts car door)
Yeah...what's wrong with her.
She's not taken and from what I
saw her and Lisa are joined at the
hips and she doesn't talk much
too. Lisa seems to be the talker.
Jess! not talk!? yeah right. She's
a talker, a constant talker matter
of fact. You just have to get to
know her. She's a freak man. Your
type. A fighter (pushes him and
pretends to punch him).
      (blocks his fake
Yeah, lets hope so, because I
don't want to waste my night on a
girl who isn't interested.


As they are talking they are grabbing beer cases and bottles
of alcohol and placing it on counter when they can't hold
Oh she's interested. Jess likes to
play hard to get. That's her
      (chuckles, hits
       him on the side
       of arm)
Like I said, She's a freak. She
enjoys the torturing of men
(laughs a little).
      (laughs as well)
The torturing of men eh? You make
that shit not sound appealing at
all. you should just
They finish putting beer and bottles up on the counter and
they pay for the items. They each take bags and a case of
beer and head out the door to the car. They open the doors
and put the bags in the car. They get inside, close the
doors and Rob and David head off to Lisa & Jess's apartment.
Camera is out of car and shows Rob and David pulling up to
Lisa and Jessame's apartment. They get out of the car and
grab bags and beer and head to the apartment. David puts
down a bag and knocks on the door.
      (O.S.Behind door,
       muffled sound)
Who is it?
David picks up bag again. Camera still on David and Rob.
Conversation between Lisa and them is between a door.
      (O.S.Behind door,
       muffled sound)
SORRY...I don't know who us is!


      (Kicks door)
Lisa opens the door and peeks from behind it and smiles.
Hey, Guys! About time! Thought you
stood us up (Kisses Rob).
Rob and David come in and set the Beer and Liquor down on
the counter.
Hey David, How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
Good, good. Living life.
Where's Jess?
In the room changing. She just got
out of the shower.
      (O.S. IN ROOM)
David grabs a beer out of case and hands it to rob, he grabs
two more and gives one to Lisa. He puts the other beer on
the counter for Jess.
Uh, She's gonna want something
stronger. Did you bring anything
Um, yeah we got whiskey, vodka and
tequila. Which one does she like?


The whiskey.
      (points to
The cups are in that cabinet over
David goes towards the cabinet Lisa pointed to and grabs a
glass, puts it on the counter and pours the whiskey in the
glass. As he is pouring Jessame comes out the room in sweats
and a tank top with no bra on so you can see her nipples
hard through the tank top.

David can't help but stare at her and he accidentally over
pours the whiskey in the glass and it spills onto the
counter and floor. Everyone looks at the mess and Lisa, Rob
and Jessame giggle a little bit, while David tries to catch
the alcohol, but then thinks about it and gets some paper
towels and cleans it up.
David, this is my friend Jessame.
Jessame, David.
      (Smiles, bites lip)
Hi. Nice to meet you.
      (Points at drink)
You trying to knock me out or what
Uh...no...I..wasn't paying
attention. I saw you and... never
I'm just messing with you.
      (walks up to him,
       gets close, grabs
      (pours half out it
       out, wipes the
       sides with finger
       and sucks finger)
(licks lips and takes a sip) Not


David is staring at her sucking her fingers and licking her
lips. Jessame stares at him as she's doing this. Seductively
teasing him. As this is happening Rob and Lisa notice and
they slowly walk away from the kitchen and into the living
      (looks over couch)
Hey, are you guys going to come
over here?, or are you going to
keep eye fucking each other?
Jess and David stop looking at each other and head towards
the couch, as they do Lisa Stops them.
      (Puts hands up to
       stop them)
Whoa whoa whoa! (pauses) Don't
forget the beverages ladies!
jessame switches her drink in other hand and grabs the
whiskey and tequila bottle and David brings a case of beer.
They sit down and watch a movie.

Moments pass with them drinking and smoking weed. Camera
circles around them every time they are doing something
different. Camera slows down and faces Lisa and Rob who are
passed out. Jess and David are up and still smoking and

Camera moves to David and Jess.
      (high, low voice)
So...how do you know Rob?
      (hits joint and
       blows smoke out)
We use to work together and after
I left, we just kept hanging out.
Found we liked the same things
(looks at Jess).
      (nods head)
      (take last swig of
I'm going to bed, I'm tired (leans
in and kisses David). Good night.


Good Night.
Jessame gets up and staggers to her room. She makes it to
her door and before she goes in, she turns around and looks
at David.
Hey, you coming or what?
David is taken by surprise and it takes him a minute to
process what is going on right now, but he gets up and walks
to Jessame.
huh?...you want me to lay down
with you?
David gets face to face with her.
      (grabs his shirt
       and brings him
Yeah, I wouldn't have asked if I
didn't want you.
      (She takes her
       shirt off and
       backs up further
       into room)
You don't want me?
      (walks in her room)
Yeah I want you.
      (Takes pant off)
Then come here.
David comes closer and Jessame grabs him and kisses him.
David takes his shirt off and he grabs her and they get into
the bed. David and Jess passionately kiss as the screen
blacks in and out showing David Kissing her on her lips and
her neck. Screen continues to black in and out showing
Jessame on top now and her kissing David on his lips,
stomach, etc.

You can hear the soft, passionate moaning and can see that
they are both connecting with each other. The screen goes
black and the last thing you hear is a soft orgasm.


                                         END SCENE
After the confrontation with Julie, Jessame races downtown
to corporate offices to submit all portfolios to her boss.
She get out of the car and calls Lisa to let her know she is
there. While she is talking she is also trying to get the
portfolios organized and positioned right in her arms.

She begins to hold her phone with her ear and tries to push
up portfolios with her knee. As she does this she is not
paying attention to where she is walking and bumps right
into James hard, knocking everything out of her hand, but
her phone.
      (Kneels down to
       pick up papers)
Fuck, I'll call you back.
      (Kneels down to
Shit. Sorry about that, let me
help you.
It's fine, it's my fault.
You can hear her heart pounding like how it was when she
first saw David for the first time.
      (Slowly finishes
      (snaps out of it,
       shakes head a
Oh my god, sorry...I'm being
No worries. You're not being too
So... I was thinking right now
that you should probably let me
make this up to you. Especially
now since your probably late now
if you weren't before.


                       JAMES (cont'd)
      (writes down
       number on back of
you can call me if you want.
You're decision, but I guarantee
you won't be disappointed if you
They both raise up.
      (looks at paper)
Thanks James for helping me and I
might just have to take you up on
that offer and give you call.
      (smiles, points
Sounds like a plan. Well, have a
good rest of your day (hinting
that he wants her name)...
Oh! Jessame.
      (shakes his hand)
Names Jessame. (smiles)
Have a good day Jessame.
You too.
She walks off, but then looks back and see that James is
still looking and she smiles and waves.

Camera pans to James and focuses on him with a sly smile and
happy attitude. James then continues to walk down the
sidewalk to go to wherever he was headed.
                                         END SCENE
Lisa, Rob, David, Jessame and some party goers are in
Jessame's and Lisa's apartment. They are crowded around
table getting high and drinking. The apartment is filled
with smoke from the weed. There are a few people on floor
already passed out and a couple on couch.


Lisa, Rob, David and Jessame are still up and are beyond
high on various drugs. Camera pans around the room and zooms
in on the drugs that they are taking.

The room is lit low, the music is playing softly in the
background. Lisa and rob are sitting next to each other
(Lisa's head is on Rob's shoulder) and Jessame head is on
David's lap.
      (wipes face)
fuck man. I am so fucking high.
I think I'm going to be
sick...Rib, I mean rob (giggles)
could you grab me another beer?
      (looks at her)
(shes Lisa with puppy dog eyes on)
sure, why not. (chuckles)
Rob gets up to head to fridge to get Lisa's beer.
      (turns around and
Hey you guys want one?
      (waves hand like
       shes Vanna white)
no, I'm good. I've got these
beautiful choices right here in
front of me.
Yeah, bring me a few.
      (pauses for a
       moment, chuckles,
       opens fridge)
OK, a beer and a few beers coming
      (Talks to self)
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Sir Rob?
why yes how may I help you? Would
you like a beer? Oh yes a beer
sound very refreshing. OK right
away. (looks at hem and smiles)


Lisa, Jessame and David laugh at Rob while he acts out the
      (slurring words)
You're so...so...sil..ly...
Rob heads back to table with armful of beer. Hands a beer to
Lisa and David and then set the rest on table and grabs one
for himself. They all take a drink and then Rob takes out a
bag and makes a few lines from the cocaine he had brought.

Jessame and Lisa look at each other once they notice what he
is doing and what it is. They look kind of nervous because,
all they ever do is drink and smoke weed and take pills.
Is that what I think it is?
If you think its coke then yes my
dear it is.
      (laughs and looks
Why are you acting like you guys
haven't done this before, I see
you high all the time.
Because we haven't. Jess and I
only pop pills and smoke weed.
Thats it.
      (chimes in)
and drink.
      (agrees with Jess)
That's right and drink.
      (chimes in)
Well ladies I guess tonight you're
going to try something new, if
you're down.
      (looks at Jess and
       grabs hand)
I'll make sure you high is good.
      (looks at Lisa)
We'll make sure you girls enjoy


David makes a line for Jessame and himself. He snorts his
line and looks at Jessame. Jessame looks at the line and is

She looks at Lisa.
You'll be fine...I promise.
      (Takes deep
       breathe, exhales)
Fuck it.... (snorts line).
Rob makes Lisa a line and Rob snorts his line first then
Lisa. Lisa looks at Jessame and starts to giggle. Jessame
just smiles at her.

Jessame then grabs two ecstasy pills and chugs it down with
her drink she had on the table.
      (high, but still
Take it easy Jess.
      (smiles, assuring)
I'm OK...It's not a good time
unless you go hard right?
David leans in towards Jessame and begins to blow gently in
her ear. She feels the tingling sensation going up and down
her body.

The physical attraction toward David and Jess is intense.
They lock eyes. Jess breathes deep with excitement.

David gets up and extends his hand out. Jess grabs his hand
and he helps her up. She has a little trouble walking on her
own so he helps her to the room.
      (Gets on top of
       Rob and looks
       towards Jess)
Have fun you two (smiles, looks
back at Rob and starts kissing


David and Jess go inside her room and David shuts the door.
Jess turns around and looks at him with such love and
intensity and David looks the same way. David moves closer
to her and grabs her and pulls her in.

They are face to face as if they were going to kiss, but
don't. She fights it at first. David grabs her face gently
and kisses her passionately. He picks her up and she wraps
her legs around him and he walks towards the bed.

They are right at the edge of the bed. They stop kissing for
just a moment. Jessame takes off her top and goes back to
kissing David. He lays her down gently and takes his shirt
off. He lays on top of her. Kissing from head to her belly

He moves his way back up gently touching her. He kisses her.
       passionately, and
       grabs face)
I fucking love you
      (pulls her hair,
       looks into eyes)
you're fucking beautiful.
      (looks at David,
Don't ever leave me.
      (kisses Jess)
I'll never leave you. you're mine
til death.
      (looks worried a
       little, but still
       turned on)
Til Death (kisses him back)
Jessame turns David over so she is on top. David sits up and
starts kissing her all over she lets out a soft moan and the
screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE


It's Lisa's Birthday and everyone is at Jessame's Place
celebrating. Everyone from work, friends and family gather
around the cake and sing.
Everyone cheers and claps. Lisa makes a wish and blows out
her candles. She cuts the cake and gives everyone a slice.
After cake is handed out people disperse and hold separate

Lisa and Jessame are by cake talking.
      (hugs Lisa with
Happy birthday! You one year older
and 29 years stupider (smiles).
      (laughs and pushes
Oh my god, shut up don't remind me
of how old I'm getting. I'm
freaking out.
      (laughs and then
       gets a little
So thanks for throwing this
awesome party for me. I really
appreciate it.
No problem, what are friends for?
They both hug each other. Lisa has a worried look on her
face like she's nervous to tell her what she wants to say.
OK...what's with the awkward
silence, you're being weird,
what's wrong?


Nothing...Nothing at all actually
I was going to tell you sooner,
but I forgot.
Forgot to tell me what?
Well, there's this major art
gallery in Washington D.C. that is
looking for curators for an

I applied for it and I'll know in
a few weeks if I got it or not.
      (eyes big, shocked)
What?...that's...that's great! Oh
my god, so if you get it what
happens then?
If I do get it, I will be getting
paid a salary while I'm learning
over there, plus they take care of
my housing and they said I have
two weeks to get my stuff together
and move over there, but that's
only if I get it. They said over
300 curators applied for the
That's awesome, you'll get it.
Don't worry about it, but until
then, enjoy your birthday bitch!
Thanks for being a great friend. I
know this is unexpected, but I'm
glad I have your support.
I'll always be there for you.
      (picks up a small
       box by cake)
With that said...(presents box)
Happy birthday. (smiles)


      (opens box, smiles)
Oh my god...
      (takes necklace
       out of box)
Thank you! I love it!
They smile and hug. Lisa goes off and talks to another
group. Jessame is still by the cake. She is upset about the
news she was given. She feels like Lisa is trying to leave
her and distance herself from her now. She puts a smile on
and continues as if she is still having a good time.

Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE
Camera is on Jessame in top view showing face to chest.

Jessame opens eyes before Alarm goes off and waits for alarm
to go off. Alarm sounds and she turns it off, sits up,
scratches head and does her daily morning routine.

Jessame isn't working today , so she wears sweats and a tank
top. Hair is pulled back and has no makeup on.

Camera is inside Jessame's car following her to the swap
meet looking for her "tools" to plan her killings. She finds
what she needs, puts the items in her car and goes back to
her house. She gets inside and takes everything out to
process what she plans on doing.

Then, there's a knock on the door. Jess gets up, but puts
items back in concealed bag first and hides the bag
somewhere. She walks towards the door and camera faces Jess.
Who is it?
Camera faces Lisa.
It's me Lisa, Open up!
Jess unlocks door and opens it. Lisa rushes in with
excitement with a letter in her hand.


Oh my god thats great! So when do
you leave?
Two weeks from now. I already
called in and told them I'll be
leaving. So there's no turning
back now. I can't believe it!
I'm happy for you, this is good.
You deserve it.
Yeah, we've been through a lot. I
can't believe this is happening!
I'm going to miss you.
      (hugs Lisa)
I'll miss you too
now stop being all mushy and let
me make you breakfast my darling.
sounds good to me.
Lisa goes and sits down on couch and turns TV on and Jessame
starts to make breakfast. Lisa puts it on the news since its
still morning and another new break of 2 more female bodies
found in the woods.
      (shakes head)
This is terrible. they still
haven't caught the guy who is
killing these girls. Now they're
saying he picks them up somewhere
else and dumps them in the woods.
So they have no evidence of who
this guy is. That's terrible.
They'll find him, guys like that
usually fuck up once they get out
of control or pick the wrong girl
and she fights back and kicks his


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
ass. (chuckles)
Well I hope they find him soon. I
get nervous running at night now.
So run in the day.
Whatever, asshole. You need to be
careful too. All those guys you go
on dates with. They're weirdos.
Speaking of Weirdos. I met this
guy while I was on my way to drop
off the portfolios to corporate
and he was really cute.
What does he do?
I don't know I didn't ask. I
bumped into and all my stuff got
knocked down, that's why I said
I'll call you back
remember?...Anyway, he helped me
and then he gave me his number,
and we went our separate ways.
Did you call him
Yeah we went jogging last night.
Yeah I bet you went jogging
alright, but all seriousness, be
careful. I know you like guys that
are dangerous and mysterious. I
don't want you getting hurt again
like last time.
She plates up the breakfast and places them on the table.


Don't worry about me. I know what
I'm doing. If I feel he's getting
too weird and I don't feel
comfortable around him, I'll cut
it off.

I promise.
They both sit down and they enjoy their breakfast.
                                         END SCENE
A few weeks later, Jessame and James go on a jog. Jessame
starts to slow down as she is out of breath from the long
jog they did.
      (Breathing hard)
Stop...I need to rest.
Jessame sits down to rest on the grass. James sits next to
her and hands her some water.
      (Takes water,
Still breathing kind of hard, Jessame lays down and catches
breath. James is still sitting up.
It's nice out huh?
      (Nods Head)
Yeah. Nice breeze. Not too muggy
like yesterday.
Serious. It was so hot yesterday I
was so uncomfortable.
They stop talking for just a moment. Observing there


Hey, can I ask you a question?
uh..you just did (smiles).
      (smiles back)
Smart ass. Well can I ask you two
      (Nods Head)
Yeah what's up.?
Do you ever feel like doing
something, but don't and it always
just fucking festers in your mind
like a disease?
      (kind of confused,
What do you mean?
Like do you get urges that you
can't help but give in to? Urges
that are bad?
      (leans in and
Like how bad?
      (kisses her)
and...it depends how much you want
      (kisses her again)
If you think its worth it and you
think you'll enjoy it or it will
make you feel better...give in
(kisses her more and gets on top
of her).
Camera is on Jess and James making out on grass and then
camera pans off into another part of the park.
                                         END SCENE


James and Jess are just enjoying the day, holding hands,
kissing, having a good time with each other. They go into a
store to shop and camera pans to Lisa who has noticed Jess
before Jess noticed her. James is in the Mens section so
Lisa does not see him yet.
      (sneaks up behind
Jess is looking through the clothes and jumps from Lisa
scaring her.
      (gasps, then
Ahh!...(looks and see its Lisa)
      (hits her)
you scared the shit out of me!
What are you doing here?
      (kind of nervous,
       with her eyes
       looks for James)
Um, nothing just shopping and
having some me time.
Well, do you want to go have
As Jessame tries to come up with an excuse not to go to
lunch, James comes up from behind and hugs her. Jessame has
a shocked looked on her face because she hasn't told Lisa
about James.
      (surprised, smiles)
Well, who's this Jess?
      (Shakes Lisa's
Hey I'm James.


Lisa, James, James, Lisa. Now we
all know each other....
      (hinting to drop
       the subject)
Ok Lisa?....
Oh you know I'm not going to drop
      (looks at James,
So James, Since I am the loving
caring friend I get to ask a
couple of questions.
perfectly understandable, ask
      (counts fingers)
one, what's your occupation? two,
who do you live with?
      (looks at lisa in
       amazement over
       dumb questions)
(scoffs) really Lisa? Those
questions sure are really
intellectually challenging
      (smiles, going
       along with it)
It's ok.. both those questions are
reasonable and for One, I am a
Junior Architect. Two, I live by
myself (smiles).
Are you happy now?
      (trying to size
       James up)
for now..


      (in a rush)
Ok...so I will see you later and
James and I are going to go now.
Jess grabs James arms and walks out the store and hurries to
get into the car. Camera watches Car leave parking lot.
James is just looking at Jess from time to time wondering
what's wrong.
                                         END SCENE
It's the morning after their jog and Jessame heads to her
meeting she has with her potential investors for her art
gallery. She is very excited because she knows in her heart
they will give her the contract to sign the deal and to get
her gallery fully running and ready to go.

She arrives to restaurant/cafe they agreed on meeting at.
They shake hands and sit down.
                       INVESTOR #1
Glad you could meet with us this
afternoon Ms. Smith. We've looked
over your business plan and it is

The location, is a great space,
your projected earnings and
clientele that is already
available to you is a great start
as well. Which is what made this
decision a very difficult one and
we ended up doing very detailed
research if we were going to
invest in your gallery.
                       INVESTOR #2
Unfortunately, the art market is
not doing as well as we had
thought it was, and therefore
cannot proceed further into this
venture with you.

You don't have to reimburse us the
money we gave to you in advance,
you can think of it as a donation
from a couple of supporters. We're
sorry to have to tell you this.


Jessame is in awe. She spaces out and tunes them out,
muffled sounds in background.
                       INVESTOR #1
Ms. Smith?... Are you OK?
      (Snaps out of it)
Huh?...um..yeah. Excuse me, I have
to go.
      (Shakes investors'
Thank you for your time.
Jessame gets into her car and starts to drive back to her
house, forgetting she needed to return to work. She is very
mad and upset. She pulls over to the side of the road, parks
and starts to cry.

Deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. She hits the steering wheel
repeatedly having the horn go off a few times. She composes
herself and camera shows her driving off. She gets back to
her place, takes her shoes off, gets her drugs.

She goes into her room and tears it apart looking for
something. Finally she finds what she is looking for, its
her cutting kit she use to have when she was with David. She
places it on the bed and goes into the fridge grabs a bottle
of alcohol and grabs her drugs from the table and heads back
to room.

She sits on the bed and lays everything out. She gets her
favorite cutting tool and starts to make lines on the inside
of her thigh going deeper each time. On the fourth cut she
stops and watches the blood flow down her leg and feels the
pain and relief from all the bad things that happened today.

She takes a swig of the alcohol and starts to smoke and pop
her pills. She finds that she has a small bag of cocaine in
her drug box as well from before she went to rehab and
stares at it wondering if she should do it or not. She makes
2 lines and sniffs it, lays down and stares at the ceiling.

Camera is pan down facing her zooming in. She looks at her
cutting kit and she smirks.

Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE


You see David with a razor in his hand and Jessame looking
at him with love. David and Jess are laying in the bed and
David is analyzing her body, camera pans down Jessame's body
from head to toe. Showing the cuts that she has done to
herself and cuts David has done to her on her back.
Sit up.
Jessame sits up on the bed and David does as well. They are
sniffing cocaine and shooting up heroin. So they are really
We've been together for a little
over a year and I love you and I
know you love me because you let
me do this to you.
What the fuck are you talking
about? I like seeing blood and it
makes me feel better and kind of
turns me on. (Smiles)
      (grabs her arm)
I'm fucking serious right now. I
want you to know that I'll share
your pain with you.
He grabs razors and cuts his arms a few times. Trying to
show her that he is in pain. She is shocked about what he is
doing and watches as the blood flows down his arms.

She smiles and grabs his arm and wipes her hand on the
blood. She looks at it and puts some on her face. She leans
and and kisses him. David grabs her hair tight and they
begin to have sex.

Camera pans off to bedroom door. Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE


Jessame is at the bar and is drinking. She is looking around
observing the patrons drinking and conversing; having a good
time. She notices a handsome business type guy staring at

(pan to other side of bar)

He gets up and goes over to Jessame. Jessame acts like she
is not impressed and doesn't notice him. Continues to drink.
uh, hey how are you? I'm Evan.
      (turns to Evan)
Hi Evan. Nice to meet you (turns
back around slowly)
      (leans in a little
and you are?...
      (gives a fake
Jessame. Name's Jessame
      (Doesn't make too
       much eye contact,
       but she continues
       to drink)
      (still being a
       gentleman and
Well Jessame, I see you're almost
done with your beverage and if it
isn't an issue, I'd like to buy
you another drink and sit down and
chat some more with you.
you seem like a very interesting
      (looks at Evan and
       smiles, shrugs
Sure.. why not.
      (finishes drink)
no harm in a drink right?
      (with a sly smile,


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
       hand up)
Another Whiskey.
So Jessame, what is it that you
exactly do that has you out by
yourself at night?
      (smiles, sarcastic
Well Evan, sometimes when you have
a shitty day, you have a few
drinks alone.
      (leans towards
       Jessame, whispers
       in ear)
but you know you're not alone
      (smiles, winks)
      (Scowls at Evan,
I know asshole...So what about
you? You just get off of work?
yeah, crunching numbers all day
drives you crazy sometimes.
I bet it does...Listen I would
really like to change my clothes
and get out of here so...
      (write number on
       Evan's hand)
Here's my number. Call me later
and I'll come and get you. Yeah?
Uh yeah...yes...I'll call you.
      (still close to
OK...good... see ya soon


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
      (gives him a kiss,
       sexy and sultry)
Jessame walks out of bar very sexy and seductive.
      (in awe, amazed by
                                         END BAR SCENE
Jessame is home getting her travel kit ready and puts
syringe and drugs in and gets dressed. Evan calls.
      (phone rings,
       answers friendly)
Hello...Hey. You ready?...OK whats
your address?...uh huh...OK I'll
be there in like 30 minutes.
Jessame finishes getting dressed, she brings her travel kit
and purse with extra clothing.
Jessame is driving to Evans place. He is waiting outside.
Jessame Pulls up and gets in.
      (leans in and
       kisses him)
you ready?


They pull up to warehouse and park.
      (little confused)
What is this place?
Its my best kept secret. This is
my soon to be art gallery.
      (very proud,
I couldn't keep it a secret
anymore and thought I'd show you.
OK sounds good. Let's go.
They get out of car and walk towards door.
So I bet you deal with different
types of art on a daily basis, but
what is your favorite?
uh, I would say probably dark
arts, but I'm going to involve
every form and shape of art in my
walk into warehouse. turns lights on. Evan looks around.
                       JESSAME (cont.)
Just so you know, it's not
It's really cool. I like the vibe
of place.
      (grabs Jessame,
       grabs ass, kisses
Dark, seductive....
      (both smiling,
       still walking
       while in arms)
(looks across) (chuckles) What's


                       EVAN (cont'd)
      (looks across,
Oh, I thought we'd continue our
drinks and a chat here. You like
the setup?
Yeah, I do.
Jessame and Evan sit down next to each other. They look at
each other.Evan rubs his hands against her face and slowly
works his way down.

She's enjoying it, getting turned on, but she pushes him
away a little. He goes in for a kiss, but she pulls back,he
takes her shirt off, then he takes his off and then goes in
for a kiss again.

They stop momentarily.
      (seductively, gets
I'll be right back OK? I'm going
to freshen up.
Try the wine, its suppose to be
really good.
Jessame heads to bathroom.

(Camera pans onto Evan.)
He grabs cup and pours wine. He drinks some, preps himself,
takes shoes and socks off.

(Camera goes back to Jessame in the bathroom)
She changes into lingerie, gets her syringe and drugs out of
travel kit and fills syringe up. Put in her robe's pocket.
Looks in mirror one last time, goes back to Evan.
      (sexy voice)
Evan turns around. Jessame walks towards him, stands in
front of him, disrobes and places robe over couch and
straddles him.


They start kissing, feeling on each other. Evans getting
excited. His hands go down and as he's feeling on her, she's
grabbing syringe from robe pocket.

She takes it out and sticks him on side of neck.
      (pushes her hard)
Ahh! What the fuck!?!?! what the
fuck did you just do?!?!
Jessame hits table then floor. Evan takes syringe out of
neck. Throws syringe on floor. Gets up. grabs keys and heads
for car as fast as he can.
      (winces, little
Calm down. It'll be over soon
She gets up to stop him from leaving.She grabs his arm. He
grabs her and pushes her again.
Hey! Where ya going?
Evan makes it outside, but starts to get groggy and tries to
run to car.

Jessame gets up runs towards Evan and jumps on him. They
wrestle for a little bit. Keys are dropped. Evan manages to
get on top and head butts her.
Ahh!!!! Fuck!!!
She is holding her head up and her nose while Evan is still
trying to head to car.
      (frustrated, wants
       to cry)
What did you...give...me...?
      (passes out)


Jessame gets up slowly, walks slowly towards Evan. Holds
nose, bleeding still.

She turns Evan around.
      (straddles him,
Fuck man!
      (punches him twice)
My fucking nose hurts!!!
      (stands up, kicks
       him, spits)
                       JESSAME (cont.)
      (leans over him,
You thought you were getting away
      (straightens up,
       looks at hand)
Jessame is looking at her hand which is all bloody and
shaking. She shakes off the jitters, grabs Evans feet and
drags him back inside.

Door Closes.
                                         END SCENE
Camera is in front of Jessame showing her sitting behind her
desk. Jessame's face all messed up from her nose being broke
from last nights "incident".

She looks like she has a massive hangover, but her nose is
pounding, she's tired and emotionally drained.

Lisa walks into her office.
      (knocks on door)
Knock knock...
      (look towards
ohhh...what the fuck happen to
your face?
      (loks at her like
       its a dumb


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
Broke my nose. I was fuckin
running and I tripped my fuckin
self and went face first.
Oh shit are you serious?
you would.
      (gets serious)
Well, I just wanted to tell you
that I gave corporate my two
weeks, so it's official (smiles)
      (in pain)
That's good. couple more weeks and
you'll be out of this hell hole
and start a new life. I'm happy
for you.
Oh! so... how'd the meeting go?
oh I didn't tell you? They didn't
want to go through with it, oh but
the advancement that was given to
me I can keep as a "donation".
I'm sorry Jess. I know this is
hard for you.
Everything that I had going for me
was riding on this gallery.
Everything for me to start over
fresh. I don't what I'm going to
      (walks towards
You'll be fine, you have this job.
Yeah, right. This job is a joke. I
have one for sure employee who
hates me and who knows how many
others she's turned against me
here and in corporate. It's only a


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
matter of time, I can feel it.
Calm down. You're overreacting.
Julie is not going to do anything.
She's all talk. She's just mad
because you got the position
before she did.

Don't let this one obstacle bring
you down. You're stronger than
that. So man up and lets go. We're
closed today (smiles)
I have some stuff I still gotta
finish up before deadline, so I'll
meet up with you later. ok?
      (gets up from
      (walks towars door
       and turns around)
Hey Jess...
      (looks up from
You've had a rough few weeks. Why
don't you take a few days off and
I'll cover for you. I'll tell
corporate you're sick or

Get some rest, you need it (closes
                                         END SCENE
Camera is facing Jessame while she is sleeping, her nose is
almost healed. She opens her eyes, turns over and there's
James next to her sleeping. She moves closer to him and lays
her head on his chest and he adjusts his body to be closer
to hers and wraps his arm around her. Camera still focuses
on Jessame.

You can see she is thinking about something and that its


bothering, but she says nothing.

Screen goes black.
A few days have past and Jessame's nose no longer looks
bruised or has a splint on it. She was moping around her
house the last few days and had James over a few times to
comfort her. She decides she wants to get some fresh air and
goes for a jog, but is still upset about the gallery and
Lisa leaving her.

So as she is jogging she happens to notice a lady running by
herself. Her hand balls up in a fist and contemplates
whether or not she should do something to let out her
frustration. She unfist her hand, sighs and runs past her.
      (runs past looks
       at her)
Jessame runs down path and camera focuses on runner that she
past. Then the Jogger hears a branch snap, she looks into
the woods. She doesn't hear. So she goes into the woods to
see if someone is in there. She walks into the dark and then
Jessame comes from behind and hits her with a rock knocking
her out.
                                         SCREEN BLACK
Camera pans to the jogger tied up and head bleeding from
being hit. She starts to come to. Jessame is sitting in
front of her from a distance just watching her. She has a
mask on to hide her face because she still isn't sure if she
wants to kill her or not.

Her anger is building up more and more every time she thinks
about what the investors say and hearing Lisa telling her
the news of her move. She stands up and walks up to the
jogger and sits on the floor in front of her not saying
anything. Just staring.

The jogger is crying. She notices knife in Jessame's hand.


Please...Don't kill me...I'll give
you what ever you
want....Just...Just don't kill me.
Jessame just stares at her and tilts her head.
You hear Jessame getting slapped and then you see David
Pushing her into the wall with anger and jealousy in his
eyes. Jessame is terrified and confused.
      (slams her head
       into wall)
      (crying, holding
      (choking her,
       points finger)
      (Terrified, angry)
      (lets her go)
Is that right?...
      (gestures head to
go in the room.
      (grabs arm real
I need to remind you that you're
mine (releases arm).


She sighs and puts head down. She slowly gets up, walk
behind the jogger. The jogger is watching her get up,
terrified of whats to come.
NO! PLEASE....DON'T!!!! (trying to
get out of chair) DON'T!!!!
Jessame pulls mask off and throws it on floor. Pulls joggers
hair hard and wraps it around her hand. and slowly sticks
knife into joggers throat. The blood spurts and oozes onto
Jessames hand.

She takes it out and then proceeds to slit her throat left
to right with strong force the blood pours out. She stands
in front of jogger, sits down and watches the blood pour out
of this woman and her life disappearing.

Once woman is completely dead, Jessame shrugs her shoulders,
sighs with boredom like it wasn't as fulfilling as she
thought it would be. She scratches her face and gets blood
on her face. Her nose itches so she scratches it. She gets
up and unties the jogger. She leaves for just a moment to go
grab the axe.

She pushes body onto ground, positions her and then raises
the axe to get ready to shop her up in pieces and clean up.
                                         END SCENE
Jessame walks into work and Lisa is in her office with Mr.
Bailey and Julie. Lisa sees her and walks up to her with
concern. Jessame is getting nervous.
      (stops Jessame)
Listen.. Listen, now whatever
happens in there, don't flip out
ok? Don't flip out.
Flip out about what? Why is she in
my office and who else is in


It's Mr. Bailey.
Jessame looks at Lisa and gets mad, she pushes her out of
the way and walks into her office and shuts the door.

Camera pans to Lisa who looks worried.

Moments later Jess opens the door and walks out.
Jess what's wrong, what happen?
      (keeps walking,
       looked pissed)
Get my stuff for me will ya.?
Lisa looks back at the office. Julie is standing in front of
the door smiling.
                                         CUE JESS AT HOME
Jessame takes joint out of her hand and passes it to James,
she blows out the smoke.
So you're off early.
Got fired.
Oh shit...Are you serious...what
      (looks at James)
I don't want to talk about it.
Change the subject.
OK, to what?
Anything, but the topic we just
had right now.


      (pauses and
       thinks, look at
What's with your scars?...I've
been wanting to ask for awhile
now, just never thought of good
      (looks at him like
       he's stupid)
And you're asking me now?
      (shakes head,
       takes deep breath)
some are from me...I use to cut
myself...and the others are from
someone who will never fuck with
me again.
anymore questions Sherlock?
No, sorry.
How bout we stop talking and just
enjoy this day relaxing and
      (closes eyes,
       tilts head back,
       deep sigh)
That's fine with me.
They continue to smoke. Jess gets up to get them some
drinks, she sits back down.
      (takes a sip,
       quite for a min
       then speaks)
You know Lisa is leaving me? After
all we've been through she's just
going to leave me.
You know the two of us were as
thick as thieves. Then everything
changed after...


after what?
      (shakes head)
nothing...things just changed. We
were never as close as before ever
again. I miss her even when she's
right in front of me.
      (in disbelief)
I need her more than ever and
she's just leaving me. I don't
have anyone else.
James moves closer to Jess to console her.
You have me, and if Lisa is
leaving without so much as
thinking about how much this means
to you, then fuck her. I know you
are strong enough to do whatever
you put your mind to.
I can't just be like "Fuck you",
she's my friend, she like my
sister more than anything.
Well sometimes, you have to
separate yourself from your family
in order to be on top. Even though
they mean well, they keep you from
doing what you really want to.
      (grabs her tighter)
Don't let her moving put a damper
in your life.
Camera pans on Jessame thinking. Calm, relax. Camera slowly
zooms out to fully show her and James on couch.
                                         END SCENE
Days have past and Jess takes the time to reflect and plan
on what she is going to do with her life. She walks
downtown, at the park, she jogs and every now and then Lisa
will call, but Jess never answers. Jess feels like she needs
to slowly shut Lisa out in order to move on and not feel the
hurt that she feels by this move and her losing her job.


(No talking just background music)

As Lisa is enjoying her night with a friend, she happens to
see James across the street with another girl. The camera
pans to James and the girl and they look like they are
flirting. A few moments pass and lisa hides her face a
little but still watching them.

James and the girl are by his car talking and James opens
the door for her and she gets in. He closes her door and
then he gets in the car as well and they drive off. Lisa
looks mad because she knew something was wrong about him the
day she met him, but she didn't want to upset Jessame. She
then tells friend that she is going to leave and will call
them. The camera follows Lisa to her car and she gets in and
drives off.
Camera is on Jessame and following her as she gets dressed.
Jessame is wearing just a bra and underwear and her hair is
in curlers. She's doing her makeup trying to hurry and
finish before James comes. She then stops doing her makeup
and puts on her pencil skirt. She then returns back to her
mirror and finishes her right eye and starts to take the
curlers out.

As she is taking the curlers out, there's a knock on the
door. Jessame jumps a little because she wasn't expecting
anyone right now. She assumes its James, so she freaks out a
little. There's another knock on the door. Jessame gets up
and opens door and sees its Lisa and has a relieved look on
her face.
      (opens door and
       she's Lisa,
You fuckin scared me I thought you
were James.
      (walks in house)
Why what happen? You ok?
Yeah I'm fine. We're suppose to go
out tonight and I'm not even close
to being ready yet.


Jessame heads back to her room to finish getting ready and
Lisa follows.
      (hesitant but
Oh (pauses. Hey...I have to tell
you something.
      (Taking curlers
       out her hair)
      (looks at lisa)
What's wrong?
Now I know you're probably going
to get mad at me, but I saw
something not too long ago and I
had to come over here and tell you
      (shaping hair)
Ok... what is it?
      (Takes deep
       breath, exhales)
I saw James downtown with another
woman tonight and they drove off
in his car.
      (looks at Jess)
Now I know you like him alot, but
I just thought you should know.
Jessame stops doing her hair. She's quiet and Lisa is quite,
but nervous because she thinks Jess is going to flip out on
her for accusing James for being with another woman.
You what?....Are you Sure?
Lisa Nods her head. The camera goes to Jessame who looks
bummed out, but tries not to show that she's hurt at the
fact that James might be cheating on her.
That sucks.


There's a knock on the door and Jessame gets up to open it.
Lisa follows her to the door. Jessame opens the door and
it's James. Jessame looks at James with hurt and anger. Lisa
looks at him in disgust and walks out.
I'll talk to you later.
James looks back at Lisa with a smile, but then a confused
look because he doesn't understand why they are both giving
him the mean looks. Lisa leaves and Jessame lets James
inside the house. She closes the door and James turns around
and looks at her and she stares him down.

She moves closer to him and crosses her arms and stares with
      (Straight to the
Are you cheating on me?
What? No.
Is that why you're mad at me?
Jessame puts head down and doesn't look at him. James grabs
her face gently and looks in her eyes.
      (pouting look)
Lisa said she saw with another
girl tonight, that you guys drove
off together.
And you believe her? You really
think I'm cheating on you?
Well now that I think about it,
you've never invited me to your
house. We're always here...You
hiding something from me?
Well, I might as well come
clean...I'm actually engaged to
someone else and we live with each


Jessame slaps him and holds back her tears. Right After she
slaps him, James grabs her arms real tight. Jess gets kind
of scared but tries to show not weak. James realizes that
he's grabbing her kid of hard and loosens his grip. He
brings her in closer.
      (softly grabs
       face, close to
       Jessame, about to
Listen and hear me, because I will
only say this once...I love you,
and I would never cheat on you.
      (kisses her)
James Passionately kisses Jessame. He pushes her up against
the wall and the start kissing again. Jessame takes her
skirt off and James takes his shirt off and they both head
to the bedroom. They close the door and the screen goes
                                         END SCENE
It's the next morning and James gets up out of Jessame's bed
and quietly gets dressed and leaves. Camera follows him into
his car and back to his place. He gets inside and puts his
keys on the table. He gets undressed and gets in the shower.
He cleans up, gets out and brushes teeth, does his hair and
gets dressed.

He then heads to the door, grabs his keys and heads out the
door. Camera follows him to car and follows him driving
around. He then finds a place to park and turns the car off.
He grabs his phone and calls Jessame. Camera is on James
throughout the whole conversation.

The phone rings.
      (O.S., answers
Hey...I missed you this morning.
I missed you too. I didn't want to
wake you. Had to take a shower and
So I was thinking that we go grab


                       JAMES (cont'd)
a bite to eat right now?
I'd like to say that Lisa beat you
to the punch. We're actually
eating right now at the new place
off sunset that I was telling you
      (more happy)
maybe tonight we can do something
Oh. Um yeah. yeah that will work.
So I'll see you tonight.
Ok. bye.
The both hang up and then James turns on his car back on and
drives off. Camera transitions into new scene with James
arriving to the restaurant that Jessame said they were at.
He just sits and waits. Moments pass and James finally sees
Lisa and Jessame coming out of the restaurant.

The camera follows Jessame to her car. Lisa gives Jess a hug
and heads to her car and Jess leaves the parking lot. The
camera pans back to James who is getting out of the car and
heading across the street to talk to Lisa. Camera pans back
to Lisa who is about to drive off.

James runs up to her car and taps window kind of hard.
Camera turns to Lisa. Lisa is startled and looks and notices
it James. She then rolls her window down and turns down the
Jesus James you scared me.
Sorry. Wasn't trying to.
What are you doing here? Jess left
Oh I know, I actually wanted to
see you. I need to talk to you
about something.


      (looks like she
       know wheres he
Look I know it wasn't any of
business last night, but Jess is
my friend and I'm always looking
out for her.
      (Hangs on car
And that's perfectly fine, if I
was doing something wrong, which I
      (reaches in car
       and grabs her
       wrist tight)
(threatening) Now, I don't have to
explain myself to you, but if you
must know, that girl I was with
yesterday was my sister.

She was visiting from out of town
and I took her to her favorite
spot here in LA.
Lisa tries to break free from his grip, but can't.
James let me go.
      (tightens grip,
       gets closer)
You of all people should be happy
for her. You're abandoning her,
and leaving her by herself and
here I am filling in your void.

I love Jess and I would never hurt
He lets go of Lisa's wrist and then Lisa grabs her wrist and
rubs it. She looks at James with anger and concern.
You're right. I'm not thinking
about how she's feeling right now
and I apologize for assuming you
were cheating on Jess...Now I have
to go.


Lisa rolls up her window and James backs up and lets Lisa
drive off. Camera shows lisa driving off and James watching
her go.

Black Screen.
                                         END SCENE
Camera shows Jess laying on the couch and watching tv.
Moments pass as Jess reacts to the stuff happening on the

There's a knock on the door.
Jess gets up and runs to the door and opens it. It's Lisa.
Jess lets her in they both head to the couch.
What are you watching?
I dunno. Some show. What's up?
      (Turns body
       towards Jess)
Hey I need to talk to you about
Jess sees that Lisa is serious and something is bothing her
so she turns the tv off and faces her.
What's wrong? Are you ok?
      (Straight to the
I don't think you should see James
anymore Jess.
      (smiles and
What are you talking about? James
is perfect.


He's not a good person, I can feel
You can feel it? Are you serious.
The one good thing I have in my
life that isn't fucked up right
now and you want me to end it?
Are you insane? You're leaving me
and you basically tell me to be
here by myself...Right. (points at
her) What the fuck is wrong with
      (in a pleading
       way, grabs Jess
I'm not saying be by yourself. I'm
saying break up with James before
he breaks your heart....I feel...I
feel like this us ten years ago
And I don't want that.
Well it's not going to happen. Not
once has he laid a hand on me.
When I need him, he's there. So be
happy for me. For once, just be
      (turns body back
       to face tv, turns
       tv back on)
I think you should go now.
Jessame doesn't look at Lisa. Lisa gets up and walks towards
the door. Just before she leaves she turns around and looks
at Jess like she's going to say something, but just closes
the door and leaves.
                                         END SCENE


A week goes by and Jessame is at home spending time alone
with herself. She hears a knock on the door.
      (turns down tv)
Who is it.
It's me Lisa.
Jessame gets up to open door.
Hey...you ok? I've been trying to
contact you for days now. I was a
little worried. Everything
      (in between door,
       not letting Lisa
yeah just been busy figuring
things out, getting my head
Hey, I just wanted to apologize.
For what?
For not telling you about my
apprenticeship til the last minute
and that whole thing with James.
It's ok. I understand why you
waited to tell me and as far as
James you were just protecting me.
You're my best friend and its
going to take more than an
apprenticeship and a guy to ruin
I'm so glad you're ok with this,
because I would have never forgave


                       LISA (cont'd)
      (changes subject)
So anyway, I came by to check on
you and to see if you wanted to go
jogging. It's really nice out.
No, i'm ok. I'm a little drained
from all this action happening
this past week. Maybe next time
      (kind of sad)
OK. you swear you're not mad?
Yes, now stop asking me and go
Jog. Call me tomorrow if you want.
Lisa nods her head and right before Jessame gets ready to
shut her door she stops her.
Hey... I love you, you know that
Jessame nods her head and shuts the door. Camera pans to
Lisa and follows her to car and is inside watching her drive
to Jogging spot. Lisa arrives, gets out of car and
stretches. She then begins to Jog.

Lisa is almost done with her Jog and headed by to her car
when she hears a branch break in the woods. She stops to see
if she can hear the sound again. Silence...then another
crack, Lisa starts to run fast to her car. She doesn't look
back. She struggles to get her keys out.

She finds the key, puts in the door and then someone comes
from behind and hits her across the head. She falls, she
screams, but no one is around to hear or help. He turns her
over, hits her over and over and over. Lisa is screaming for
help, calling for Jess.

The man stops hitting her and watches her crawl, she turns
around and sees the man, but can't see his face, she starts
to cry realizing that the man is guy from the news.
Terrified, she tries with all her might to get away, she
stands up, but he kicks her back down. He hits a few more


He grabs her head. Camera pans onto Lisa's face all bloody
and beaten. She looks at the killer.
      (Spits in his
       face, sobs)
The killer snaps her neck and lets go of her. He looks at
her and then looks around for a moment. Camera is fixed on
where killer was standing. Killer steps out of camera view
for a moment and comes back with a rock in his hand and
proceeds to bash her head in.

After he is finished he leans in and grabs the necklace that
is around her neck and puts it in his pocket. He then
proceeds to drag her in the woods (camera is back and forth
with the killer and Lisa's body as he drags her), and they
fade away into the dark.
                                         END SCENE
A couple of days past and Jessame is sleeping. Today is the
day before Lisa's departure.

There's a knock on the door kind of frantic, Jess slightly
moves. The knock gets louder and more frantic.
Alright!!! HOLD ON!
      (slowly gets out
       of bed,wipes face)
fuck man, can't ever get any type
of sleep when I want it.
Jessame walks to the door and opens it.
Why the fuck are you banging on my
door so fucking hard. Are you
fuckin retarded?


Victor looks at her with concern and wondering how he's
going to tell Jess the bad news. Jess stares back at him,
seeing its hard for him to say what he has to say and is
getting worried.
      (nervous chuckle)
what's wrong?
      (kiddingly, smiles)
you look like someone died.
Camera pans to Victor. Victor puts his head down.
      (serious, slowly
       lefts head up)
Jess, I don't know how to say this
they found Lisa's body in the
woods last night....They said
she's been there for a few days.
Jessame is in shock and doesn't speak. She just listens as
if she's spaced out.
They said that she's another
victim of all the murders that
have been happening lately... I'm
sorry Jess..she
      (cuts him off,
       tries to hold
       back tears)
How'd she die?
I don't think you want to-
      (STERN, looks at
       him seriously)
HOW VICTOR (still holding back
They said he snapped her neck and
then bashed her head in with a


Jessame's sadness, quickly fills with anger.
Why didn't anyone call me! what
the fuck!
      (grabs head)
What the fuck is going on right
They did. Even I did, but you
never answered. They called me
after they tried to call you.
Check your voicemail. They left
messages as did I.
Jessame can't accept the fact the Lisa's dead. As she she
leans on the door. She feels her world crumbling and fading.
Her life has exploded and she feels there's nothing more for
her. Her mind is racing and heart is beating fast not able
to handle the terrible news. The horrible end to a life that
had more potential than hers.
      (looks at Victor,
       disgusted with
Bye, Victor (Closes door).
                                         END SCENE
A week goes by and Jessame's hope has went away ever since
the death of Lisa. She sees her life as a punishment now for
all the shit she's done. She takes drugs more often and
always seems to be high.

At night she cries and cuts herself, watching the blood
slowly drip from her. Leaving her body. Leaving her. Red
adding color to her world. The feeling that never could
escape her. That feeling of fulfillment only satisfied
momentarily with a cut along her skin, watching this pain
and hurt leave her.

But only for a moment.
Jessame is sitting on her couch enjoying her high and then
theres a knock on the door.


Who is it?
      (sympathetic voice)
It's Julie. I just wanted to say
that I'm sorry for your loss. Lisa
was a great person and I know you
guys were really close.
Jess starts to get mad, but calms herself down. She gets up
and goes to open door.
um.. thanks.
well, thats what I came hear to
say. I'll just leave-
      (looks depressed)
Do you wanna come in? I kinda
don't have anyone to talk to.
      (kind of hesistant)
Uh...sure. I'll come in.
Jessame lets her in and closes and locks the door.
You want a drink.?
Yes please.
Go ahead and have a seat.
Julie sits down and Jessame makes Julie a drink. She
finishes and hands it to her. Jess watches her drink it,
once she takes the first sip, she drinks hers.

A few drinks later...

Jessame makes one more drink for Julie and watches her drink
it. Julie is drunk and wants to confess to Jess about
Jess, I'm really sorry. I really
wish I didn't say what I said to


                       JULIE (cont'd)
make you lose your job.
      (drinks some more)
I was pissed and I was angry that
you got the position over me. I
had been there longer than you ya
Jessame just looks at her and then smiles.
It's ok, I understand. Its
happened, what's done is done and
that's that.
So don't worry about it.
I know, but I just....
      (starting to pass
feel...(feels head) bad....
      (pretending to be
Are you ok?
      (slowly losing
Julie passes out and Jessame smiles and looks at her. She
then drags her outside and puts her in the trunk. She gets
her stuff and gets into car and goes to the gallery.

Jessame finally arrives, looks around for people and then
gets Julie out of trunk. Julie is still unconscious. Jessame
gets her out and takes her inside. Jessame ties her up and
tapes her mouth and waits.
Julie starts to come to and adjusts eyes so she can see.She
notices someone sitting in front of her with a bloody white
mask. She then notices she is tied up and tries to get out,
nothing work so she starts to panic. Struggling, becoming
more frantic.

Jessame gets up and takes mask off. Julie is terrified.


      (leans in)
You scream, I fucking cut your
tongue out. Understand?
Julie nods her head in agreement and Jessame pulls off tape
and stares at her with rage.
go ahead and ask me...
      (trying not to
       cry, scared to
ask what?....
      (yells with anger
       and irritation)
I know you want to ask me
(emphasis) the question.
Are...are you going to kill me?
      (take deep breath
       and closes eyes)
(smirks and then opens her eyes
and leans in) Of course not...at
least not yet.
      (backs up, turns
I'm going to torture you first and
then I'm going to kill you
As Jessame is talking she goes and retrieves her "tools" she
picked out for this special occasion. She walks back and
lays them on a portable table she has placed nearby in view
for Julie to see.

She opens up the bag and grabs the rose trimmers from the
bag. She walks up to Julie.
Now Julie, I don't know if you
realized it or not
      (grabs face)
but I'm not the person you want to


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
fuck with. (lets go with force)
I'm sorry Jess. I'm so sorry.
Please Just don't Kill me. Please!
      (shushes Julie)
Now...I just want you to know that
I forgive you, but what's done is
      (looks at hand and
       picks a finger)
Now this might hurt a little.
(smirks and cuts her finger off)
Julie screams in pain begging for her to stop. Jessame cuts
off another finger and watched the blood pour out of them.
She cups her hand and catches the blood falling and switches
the blood from left to right letting a little fall to the
ground each time. She feels the blood on her hands. Smooth,
warm and looks beautiful, calm.

She then looks at Julie and snaps back into her rage.Julie
is in tremendous pain, crying, pleading. Jessame looks at
the trimmers and looks at her and sighs with disappointment.
      (talks to self)
This isn't fuckin working.
(getting frustrated)
Jessame remembers she forgot something in her car, so she
goes to get it.
      (crying, tilts
       head back)
Where are you going?...come
back!...please...let me go...
Jessame comes back, camera pans low to ground. Your hear
nothing but the scraping of metal and the footsteps of
Jessame coming closer and closer. You can hear Julie's
breathing becoming deeper and deeper each time becoming more
faster. Jessame can feel her fear, she can smell it. Jess
becomes excited and finally makes it to the chair. She
stands in front of Julie.


      (notices axe,
       sighs deep and
Ah no...Please...Please don't do
please...I'm sorry...
And I told you I forgive you, but
this..this feeling I have, this
rage...for you..
      (closes eyes,
       tilts head back,
       deep sigh)
I..I can't ignore it.
      (opens eyes)
If I did, then that would be
unacceptable. THAT.. would drive
me crazy.
Now...Which one?
      (crying softly)
what do you mean?
      (sighs deep,
Alright, I'll choose.
Jessame pulls axe back and cuts right into her right leg,
under the knee. Julie screams in agony. Then Jess does the
other leg. She drops axe and quickly takes her shoes off and
rubs her feet in Julies blood. She watches Julie scream in
agony and watches her slowly dying from all the blood she's

Then Jessame grabs a knife from the table and grabs Julies
hair and wraps it around her hand. She then pushes the knife
slowly in her face and pushes deeper and deeper cutting
around her face. Julie screams as she is cutting in her
face. Jessame stops and starts to peel her face off. Julie
screams even more and then silence.

Jessame still continues to peel skin off slowly and finally
finishes. She walks in front of Julie's body holding her
face and she puts it on rubbing it on her face and then she
stops and lets the face hit the ground. She looks at the
mess she's made, but feels relieved. She looks around and
thinking about how she's going to clean the mess.


She then looks at Julie's body again, walks up to her
lifeless body and gets close to her face. Camera pans in on
Julie's ear and Jessame's lips.
I forgive you.
Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE
A few days go by and Jessame goes on a killing spree.
There's a killing montage of the 4 people she killed after
Julie's death. The montage shows how she catches each one
and how she tortures and kills them (Just intense scary
background music and screaming from the victims is going on
in montage)
A day goes by since Julie's death and the phone rings.
Jessame is startled, but reaches for the phone. She answers
Hey it's me. Did I wake you?
      (rubbing eyes)
No, I needed to get up anyways.
what's wrong?
Nothing ,I just wanted to make
sure you were ok since you weren't
answering your calls.
Yeah I'm fine. Is that all you
No, I want to take you out
tonight. I know its been hard on
you with you losing your job and


                       JAMES (cont'd)
What I'm saying is, these past few
months have been really shitty for
you and I want to take you out and
have a good night... Like before
all this shit happened.
OK. I'll pick you up later.
Jessame hangs up the phone and turns over to the other side
of the bed and pulls covers over her head.
Camera is focused on Jessame sleeping. You can't see her,
she is under the covers. You hear a loud banging on the
door,"boom boom boom". There's a pause and then another loud
bang, "boom boom boom". Jessame rolls on her back and takes
covers off of her.

Banging continues.
Jessame gets out of bed and heads to the door and opens it.
      (looks pissed and
What...the fuck.
Have you seen Julie? She hasn't
been at work and hasn't been
answering her phone.
      (gets more mad)
Why the fuck would I know where
she's at? Does it look like I'm


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
fuckin best friends with Julie or
      (calms down)
Last time I talked to her was like
a week or something to tell me how
sorry she was about Lisa. After
that I erased her from my memory.
Jessame gets ready to slam door in his face, but Victor
stops her.
      (puts foot in
She told me she was headed to your
house and she would call me when
she left, but she never called.
      (opens door a
       little, looks
So what are you trying to say?...
      (Stutters a little)
I'm..I'm just saying that, she
said she would call and she
didn't...that's all.
Well what the fuck does that have
to do with me?
      (raises voice)
THAT WAS IT. So why the fuck would
you think she came over here? She
fucked me over, so I think she
knows better.
      (stares him down)
So, is there anything else I can
do for you?
Jessame gets ready to close the door, but before she does
she tells Victor something.


Why don't you call the cops, thats
their job.
      (shuts door)
fuckin asshole...
                                         END SCENE
It's the day after Victor comes by Jess's house. Jess is
sleeping. She turns over and stretches. She then begins to
wake up. She gets out of the bed and puts her pants and
shirt on. She then goes to the kitchen and makes herself a
bowl of cereal. She sits down on the couch and turns the tv

Camera is focused on Jessame eating her cereal when there's
a knock on the door. Jessame is annoyed that she is being
interrupted eating her cereal, but gets up with the bowl in
her hand and opens the door. It's Victor and a detective.
Are you Jessame Smith?
Yes...what can I do for you?
      (looks at victor
       with confusion)
Victor...what are you doing here?
Victor looks at her like she's a piece of work and slightly
nods head.
      (with anger)
You know why.
I hate to disturb you this
morning, but it was brought to my
attention that there's a woman by
the name of Julie Delgado missing
and I'd like to ask you a few
Jess looks shocked and shakes head.
What?...oh my god, yeah yes
whatever you need. I don't know if
I'll know much, but I'll


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
try...please come in.
Jess steps back and opens door more for cops and victor to
come in detective comes in and then Victor comes in. As
Victor comes in he stares Jessame down with a clever smirk
as if he has got her. Jess stares back with an angry smirk
trying to hide the rage she has for him.

The detective turns around and Jess changes her facial
expression to be as pleasant and calm as she can. She looks
at the detective.
Could I get you something to
drink? Water, soda, juice, coffee?
Yes. I'll take some coffee.
      (with an attitude,
       anger in eyes)
Victor...you want anything?
      (with an
No. I'm good.
      (looks at
Well, you can sit in the foyer and
I will be right back (smiles).
The detective and Victor go sit on the couch and Jessame
goes into the kitchen. As she walks in she queitly flips out
in anger. Quietly screaming and throwing her arms in
punching motions and then she begins punching herself in the
face. Her rage consumes her. After her fit she collect
herself, pours the detective a cup of coffee, takes a deep
breath and walks back to the foyer.
      (hands detective
Here you go.


Jessame sits down on another couch and faces them.
      (takes sip of
So Ms. Smith, there are a few
questions I wanted to ask about
the disappearance of Julie Delgado
and they are your typical standard
questions we have to ask. Is that
Yeah, like I said I will help as
best I can, but I doubt I know
      (takes notepad
       out, starts
       writing jess's
       answers down)
Where were you two days ago?
Here at my house, minding my own
Can anyone confirm this?
yeah, my boyfriend.
      (looks at Victor,
       evil smirk)
He was with me all night.
And his name?
James Sutter.
Ok...did you know Julie well?
Would she just disappear without
telling anyone?
I only worked with her. I never
hung out with her outside of work
so I wouldn't know.


Did she ever mention going
anywhere? Maybe through a casual
I never talked to her on a casual
type situation. It was all
      (getting upset,
       butts in)
Did you know that Julie got her
fired and took her job? Remember
that Jess?
      (looks interested)
Did she now? How did that make you
Like any normal person, upset.
      (starts to get mad)
I don't understand what this has
to do with anything. Besides, I'm
opening up my own gallery in a few
months, so I was going to quit
The detective closes his notepad and stands up. Jess and
Victor also stand up.
Well...Thanks for answering my
questions and if I have anything
else I'll give you a call.
What?...That's it? You're not
going to arrest her? She did
something to Julie, I know it!
      (Stern, direct)
Mr. Jimenez you need to calm down.
Now it seems like you're harassing
this lady and from what it looks
like you seem to have some sort of
grudge against her.



                       DETECTIVE (cont'd)
Now I can arrest you for
harassment and conspiracy to frame
someone. If don't want any of
those charges, I suggest you leave
now and never mention Ms. Smith's
name again on this case.
Victor looks at Jess with anger and Jess looks back at him
with a devilish grin.
Victor leaves and the detective heads towards the door with
Sorry about all this. If he comes
back over here, you give me a call
      (hands business
       card to Jessj)
I understand he's upset, but
accusing people without any hard
proof, really gets under my skin.
It's ok. He's worried about Julie.
He's a good friend.
Well, you have a good rest of your
You too.
The detective leaves and Jessame closes the door.Camera
focuses on Jess. She turns around and puts her body against
the door. She tilts her head back and takes a deep breath,
thinking about what just happened and what she's going to
have to do to correct the problem (Victor). She pushes off
the door and heads to the kitchen.

The screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE
A few weeks go by and Jess has been spying on Victor ever
since he brought the detective over. She starts to get
frustrated as there is never a good time for her to make her


move on killing him. One night she happens to remember about
the exhibition that they throw every year and that would be
the perfect time to grab him.

The night of the exhibition comes and Victor is mingling
with the clients and doing his job. Once the exhibition is
over, Victor leaves and heads for his car. Victor gets in
and puts the key in the ignition, Jessame peeks from behind
the driver seat and Victor sees her in mirror and gets ready
to turn, but she gets him with a cloth and puts it over his
nose and he passes out.

Jess gets out of the back seat and opens the driver door.
She then pulls him out and puts him in the backseat, closes
the door and she gets in the driver seat, closes her door
and drives off.
After arriving to her kill spot, Jess gets out of the car
and pulls Victor out (who is still unconscious). Shem drags
him inside and ties him up to a pulley and lifts him so he
is hanging form his hands.

She patiently waits for him to wake up.

Finally Victor comes to and he starts to panic.
      (trying to break
      (Trying to shake
Jess walks closer to him and he notices she has a bat in her
hand. She just looks at him and smiles. She steps back a
little bit and swings the bat right into his stomach. Victor
coughs and yells in pain. She does it again, but harder this
time. Then again.
      (coughing, crying)
please stop. please. im sorry. im
sorry (puts head down).
      (lifts Victor's
       head up)
But I haven't even started the
best part yet.


                       JESSAME (cont'd)
awww poor baby...Not so tough now
are ya?
Jessame drops the bat and goes and finds her tools. As she
does this the camera is focused on Victor who is still
trying to get free despite the pain he is in. She comes back
and has a small knife in her hand and a stool. She props the
stool next to him and grabs his face hard. He tries to fight
her, but she stabs him 3 quick times and re-grips his face.
      (forces mouth open)
Now open up....
She digs the small knife in his teeth and starts to pop them
out one by one as hard and painful as possible. Victor is
screaming in agony and shaking, wishing for it to stop.
After 6 teeth being taken out, she steps down off stool and
cuts rope so he falls down.

She looks at him, watching him squirm, watching him suffer.
She kicks him a few times. Victor curdles up in pain
bleeding bad from his stomach and mouth. Jess walks away and
comes back with the sledgehammer. She squats down and looks
at him.
You know, you were right. Julie
did come to my house that night
and you know what? I had a little
fun with her too. Skinned her face
and chopped her up into pieces.
Jess wipes the spit off her face. She becomes enraged.
She stands up and lifts the sledgehammer up and goes for his
legs. She hits his feet first. Victor screams in agony. Then
she goes for the kneecaps. Victor can't take the pain and
starts to pass out. Jess drops the sledgehammer and slaps
Victor's face.
Oh don't fall asleep on me now.
I'm just getting warmed up.


She grabs sledgehammer again and goes for his stomach and
repeatedly smashes his body. She then goes for his face and
repeatedly smashes his face. The blood is flowing from his
body making a pool around her and his lifeless body. She's
cussing and talking shit to him the whole time she is
destroying his body.

She lifts the sledgehammer up and accidentally slips in the
blood and gets covered in it. She gets really pissed and
gets up and starts at it again. She finally can't lift the
sledgehammer up anymore and stops.

She breathes heavy, but feels relieved. She wipes her face
even though blood is all over her hands. She looks at
Victor's body and kicks it a few times and then spits on it
and walks away.

Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE
A couple of days past and Jessame has never felt better
about herself since everything started going south. She'e
lying bed enjoying her relaxation day when the phone rings.
      (picks up)
                       JAMES (OS)
good morning beautiful.
Hey handsome, what are you up to?
                       JAMES (OS)
Nothing just thinking about you. I
wanted to tell you not to plan
anything, because I'm taking you
somewhere special tonight and I
have a surprise for you.
oooo. really? Where? and what did
you get me?


                       JAMES (OS)
It's a surprise. you'll like it I
promise. So I'll come get you
around 9 ok?
ok. see you later. Love you.
                       JAMES (OS)
love you too.
They hang up and Jess is excited and gets up and jumps on
bed for a minute and then gets back under covers and squeals
with excitement.
Jessame is getting ready for her date with James, She's
almost ready until she hears a knock on the door.
Hold on, be there in a minute.
She opens the door and it's James.
Hey, sorry I'm a little early. I
brought you some flowers.
      (shows flowers)
Hope you like them.
Jessame takes the flowers and smells them and let James in
and shuts the door.
These are beautiful. Thank you.
She sets them down on the table.
I'm going to get finished up ok?
      (walks closer to
       Jess, Kisses her)
James sits down and takes a box out of his pocket and waits
for Jess to come back so they can leave.


      (yells from room)
OK, I'm ready.
She walks out and James Stands up looking at her.
You look beautiful.
      (shows Jess box)
I got you something.
Jessame smiles and takes the box and opens it. She stops
smiling. Looks at James.
Where'd you get this?
At the jewelry store.
She takes the necklace out of the box. She holds it up.
      (serious, getting
Is this a fuckin joke? Are you
fucking with me? Why do you have
Lisa's necklace I gave her?
      (nervous chuckle)
What?.. Take it easy, what are you
talking about? I bought that at
the jewelry store downtown off
      (Pissed and starts
       to take off shoes)
No, you fucking didn't.
      (walks towards
       kitchen slowly)
I got that specially made for her.
There's not another one around.
James throws his hands up and sighs.
      (walks towards
I don't know what to tell you?...I
saw how upset and angry you were
and I couldn't let her do that to


                       JAMES (cont'd)
      (stops by fridge)
don't you understand, I did it for
you...I love you. I don't want
anyone hurting you.
Jessame's heart drops and hatred fills her. She grabs the
knife out of the butcher block.
Don't you fucking touch me.
Jessame feels the tingling and the rage flowing inside of
her. She then comes to realize that this wasn't his first
time and gets a little excited, but can't get past him
killing her best friend.
      (holding back
       tears, furious)
You're that fucking guy killing
the girls in the woods huh?
James says nothing. Doesn't denying it either. Just shrugs
shoulders and grins. He walks up closer to her, Jess Lifts
up knife and James raises his hands. He then lunges for the
knife and grabs Jess and puts one of her hands behind her
back and puts knife to her throat.
Now we have a problem. I don't
want to hurt you Jess, I know
you're like me. I can feel it. I
can feel your rage Jess.
Fuck off!
      (head butts him
       with back of head)
(gets cut a little on throat, you
touch throat) I'm going to kill
Jessame goes for him, but he moves and slams her head on the
counter. He then throws her on the ground and she hits her
head against wall hard. She grabs her head and tries to get
up before James comes closer, but she can't he lifts her up
and punches her over and over.

Jess laughs and spits in his face. He wipes off her spit and
smiles. He kisses her and she bites his lip not letting go.
He screams in agony. He hits her in the head but she bites


down harder. Blood is dripping from his mouth and then
suddenly Jess lets go and spits out a piece of his lip. She
laughs with blood coming out of her mouth.

James grabs his lip.
      (upset, mad, in
You fucking asshole. I love you,
don't you get that! We can do this
You killed my best friend, there's
no negotiating.
Jess swings at him, but misses. James returns the swing and
connects. She falls down. James grabs her hair and drags her
in the living room. He starts to kick her. She moans in pain
with every kick. He finally stops and goes back to get the
knife. Jess is still struggling to catch her breath. He
comes back turns her over and stabs her once and knocks her

Camera is on floor watching Jess getting dragged to his car
and puts her in the trunk.
                                         END SCENE
Camera pans on James' car and shows him pulling up into
jogging parking lot. The location is closed due to the
killings and no one is around. He opens up trunk and gets
her out. He drags her the whole time. Camera pans on
Jessame's face and shows her coming to. She's finally
coherent and she starts kicking her legs. She gets free and
get sup, but for get she got stabbed, so the pain kicks in
when she starts to move. James grabs her hair and pulls her
down and punches her in the stomach. He then takes out his
knife and cuts her over and over.

Jess has no more energy to fight. She just gives in. She
sighs and lets off a chuckle. Jessame's face is bruised and
bloody, shes bleeding from her stomach and mouth and its
clear her fate has be chosen. James steps in front of her.
Since you've made it clear that
you want nothing to do with me and
share a life that would've been
great for us...I thought it would


                       JAMES (cont'd)
be fitting if you died where your
best friend did.
      (sits on her and
       holds arms down)
I do want you to know that she
went out like trooper though, she
called out for you too. (smiles)
But you weren't around.
A couple of tears come out of Jessames eyes and down her
face. She turns her head.
      (coughs up blood)
Just do it already.
      (Grabs her face
       and turns towards
I did love you though.
      (cries a little)
I know.
James tilts her head and slits her throat watching the blood
leave from her. He then drags her to his other dump site.
While this is happening camera is focused on Jessame's face
even though she's dead (sad dark music in background).

James then pushes down a hill and once she hits the bottom,
you see over 10 dead female bodies, cut up and bloody.
Camera pans back to Jessame and zooms in on her face and
then her eye.

Screen goes black.
                                         END SCENE
                                         CUE MOVIE TITLE
                                         CUE CREDITS/THE END


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From Nick Hanks Date 1/28/2013 *
I can't give you good marks for this but a good effort, contrary to what the guy before me told you about camera direction, don't include it at all, just action and dialogue, you are not the director, that's his job, yours is to tell a visual story with mostly action and as little dialogue as possible, so ommit anything but. If I were you I'd start from the inside out, write out cue cards with several different scenes that comprise all three acts, then from there, when you have the scenes in the order that works, write a treatment of each act explaining what's going on in every sense of the story and characters. Moods, emotions, hidden emotions, desires, etc. No dialogue whatsoever, this will help you to really know your characters and how they react to what's going on, then start the actual first draft script and allow your characters to speak for the first time, but still keep the dialogue tight and sparse, general rule of thumb, dialogue only as needed to push the story forward. This is called working from the inside out

From John Bradley Date 11/24/2012 **
Hi, so I'm just throwing some friendly feedback on the technical stuff. When you do camera direction, always cqapitalize it. ex "CAMERA PANS OUT" Also capitalize all off screen sounds. ex "KNOCKS AT DOOR" Do whatever you can to eliminate the words "starts" "is" and "begins" from your direction. Those are generally frowned upon. Instead of saying "a pause" say "a beat" is the film term for that. Also there are spelling, capitalization and grammer errors that need fixing. Try and make your description more decriptive. Instead of "The apartment is full of weed smoke" put "A thick cloud of marijuana smoke hovers in the air." or find an even better version than that. Whenever possible try and not use the same word in a single paragraph of direction. I see many paragraphs where the words "gets" and "walks" are used multiple times. A helpful thing for me is I use a thesaurus. Also at the end you don't need to put "cue movie title" or "cue credits", that is already implied by the "Fade Out" at the end. Anyway hope some of that was helpful.

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