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The Split
by Viktor T. & Anuar D. (viktor_teplukhin@mail.ru)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
Two Planes of existance... Two different societies... And only the mysterious crime will become a "bridge" between his past and future.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


MR. ATTWOOD sits at his desk. A holographic screen hovers in
front of him displaying 3D images of diagrams and tables.
He moves the images with hands, corrects numbers and changes

He sits back, takes a deep breath and looks at the clock -
23:15pm. But daylight fills the room. IT NEVER GETS DARK IN

With a single move of his hand, Mr. Attwood turns off the
screen. He gets up and leaves his office.
Attwood leaves the elevator. He comes to a screen saying
"Transport". He puts his wrist to the screen. His name
appears on it.
                       WOMAN’S VOICE
Good evening, Mr. Attwood. Where
would you like to to go?
                       MR. ATTWOOD
                       WOMAN’S VOICE
Your transport will arrive
shortly. Thank you.
Wide on hall – wall made of glass. Daylight comes in from
outside. Attwood waits under sign saying "Station".

A futuristic car pulls over to him. The door slides open,
Attwood enters.
                       WOMAN’S VOICE
We will be taking you home. Have a
pleasant journey.
Attwood closes his eyes and sits back. The lights dim and
the windows become darker.


The car moves away from the office building.

City panoramic view - futuristic architecture. Everything –
houses, roads, landscapes – looks bright, new and very
Comfy houses with grass, sidewalks and city view in the

Attwood's car drives up to his house.
                       WOMAN’S VOICE
We have reached the final
destination. 15 credits have been
taken from your account. Thank you
for using City Transfer. Have a…
Attwood exits the car and walks to the door of his house.
The door opens by itself.
Attwood takes off his jacket and walks to the kitchen.
                       MR. ATTWOOD
Screen switches on. News channel.
                       MR. ATTWOOD
Honey, I'm home!
No answer. Attwood opens fridge looking for food.
                       NEWS ANCHOR (VO)
This morning an unexpected crash
in the transport control system
caused gridlock in the center of
the city. The issue was rectified
after a few minutes. However the
cause of the malfunction is still
unknown and left motorists
concerned and confused.


Attwood looks at the screen and then turns back. He
twitches, unexpectedly, looks into camera.
                       MR. ATTWOOD
Who are you?
Alarm code "112" suddenly flares up on holographic screen
and shocks GIBBS and KELLY, officers on-duty. They stare at
the screen surprised.
Code 112. That's strange. You
think it's some kind of
malfunction or something?
Don't know. But we should check it
out. You know rules.
Birch and Otis look at each other, both are worried.
Patrol car of Security Department drives up. Gibbs and Kelly
get out and walk to the house. The front door opens by
Mr. Attwood! It's officer Gibbs
and officer Kelly! Security
Department! We got an alert from
your house.
Mr. Attwood, we're entering the
house! If you have a problem,
please give us a sign!
Slowly Gibbs steps into the hallway, Kelly follows him.
Gibbs and Kelly keep moving.
I'll check second floor.


Gibbs nods. Kelly cautiously climbs the stairs. Gibbs enters
the living room.
There is the sound of the television from the kitchen.
Mr. Attwood!
Gibbs slowly moves towards the kitchen. When he is almost
there he looks down – he stands in dark red liquid.
What the…?
Gibbs takes another step forward and sees Mr. Attwood's body
lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the kitchen.

Shocked, Gibbs tries to leave the kitchen, but in his haste
slips on the blood and falls down. He wants to vomit, but
holds his mouth with his hand and crawls away from the
Oh, God! Oh, my God!
He cowers behind the kitchen wall, horrified by the dead
body. He holds up his hands and looks at the blood, hardly
Jesus Christ, it's blood!
He holds his mouth again, trying not to vomit. Kelly walks
down the stairs, he leans on banister. He can barely stand.
Mrs. Attwood. She's upstairs.
Gibbs looks at Kelly. They are both in shock.
God! What happened here!
He breathes deeply, Kelly looks at him pale faced.
Mrs. Attwood. Upstairs…


Gibbs looks at him for some time, breathing heavily, and
starts to stand.
We need help. We have to call it
in. Oh, God!
He takes out his radio with his bloody hand, feeling sick at
the sight of the blood.
This is patrol 23. Code 112
confirmed. I repeat, this is
patrol 23, code 112 is confirmed!
We need everyone here!
DAVID LEE, early-30s, an ambitious detective with the City
Security Department, fit and good looking. He has the
brooding expression in his eyes.

David wakes up in his bed and switches off the alarm signal
on his futuristic pager, throwing his eye on the woman that
sleeps next to him on the bed.
David's car drives to the entrance, cordoned off by Security
Department officers.
David enters the living room and finds FELIX LEMAN, a
Security Department Chief, and the two officers that found
bodies there.
What happened?
Looks like homicide. Double.
David wonders at his words. He walks into the kitchen and
sees a body in a pool of blood, covered by a sheet. This
view doesn't shock him as well. He seems to be more
confident and calm then the others. He carefully lifts the


Felix stands behind him, turning his back away from the body
- he doesn't want to look at it.
John Attwood. 42 years old.
Municipal Service employee. His
wife – Rebecca. She's upstairs.
Same picture. No kids. Thank God!
David looks closely at the body.
When they told me, I couldn't
believe it, not until I saw it
with my own eyes.
Who could do this?
I don't know, Lee. It's beyond me.
David looks around the room. He noticed something in the far
corner. He puts on a glove and takes up a knife, covered in
blood, from the floor. It has strange mark (engraving) on
the handle. David shows it to the chief.
It's not just a knife, right?
I've never seen anything like this
A dozen officers, David and Felix take their places at the
long table. The Minister of Security, SIMON BERG, sits at
the head of it. Everyone looks troubled.
                       SIMON BERG
Well, gentlemen, I'll be straight
with you – this is a disaster!
Just think about it – a murder!
You might have forgotten what this
word means. Well, let me refresh
your memory!
He reads from a book:


                       SIMON BERG
The unlawful killing, with malice
aforethought, of another human
He raises his eyes to the room.
                       SIMON BERG
This concept cannot exist in our
society! When our citizens get
wind of it…
He pokes his finger in the book.
                       SIMON BERG
A murder! Do you realize what this
means? We'll all be crucified
gentlemen! Mr. Leman, as chief of
the department, you have to do
everything in your power and more
to solve this problem! However you
do it I need results. Understand?
Yes, minister.
                       SIMON BERG
What about the security system?
The Chip Control Department is
confused – the killer didn't have
a chip. The system didn't
recognize any person in crime
vicinity. It must have been a
shadow, sir.
                       SIMON BERG
Find him, you hear me? I don't
care how, just find him!
                       SIMON BERG
      (to Felix)
Who will lead the investigation?
Lieutenant David Lee, sir. He has


                       SIMON BERG
Good. Everyone is dismissed.
      (to David)
Lieutenant, in my office!
He stands up. Everybody stands up too. David and Felix
exchange glances.
There are the minister and David.
                       SIMON BERG
Have a seat.
He points to the chair and sits at his desk. David sits,
facing him.
                       SIMON BERG
You know what I'm going to ask,
David? How has this happened? I
don't understand and it worries
me. But what worries me more is
panic. People will go into one
when they know the truth. We must
give them a plausible explanation,
show them that we dealt with the
situation quickly and we'll never
let it happen again.
There is no place for crime in our
society! It's impossible!
He stares at David. David nods.
                       SIMON BERG
I need answers, David. Find it
The Minister takes a breath. He's looking thoughtfully at a
photo, taken of him as a young cop in a police uniform (just
like David now). Then he looks at David again.
                       SIMON BERG
You do understand where you have
to go, right?
Yes, sir.


                       SIMON BERG
I know is horrible, and it's hard
for you, but you're the only
person who can do it. Nobody else
has the experience.
I know, sir.
                       SIMON BERG
Good. We don't have much time. Go
get ready.
David salutes and leaves the office. The Minister's face
becomes tired and heavy right away. With his hand he starts
moving some files on his holographic screen, looks at old
files labeled "Top Secret" with the headline "Isaac Green.
Homicide". Investigation status – case closed, cause of
death - evidence absent.
CLOSE SHOT: David is staring at a statuette of an angel in
his hand. It's made of old dark metal. David's look is
vacant, like he's somewhere else.
                       ABIGAIL (OS)
David doesn't respond. He's still staring at the statuette.
                       ABIGAIL (OS)
David blinks and wakes from his thoughts. He puts the
statuette on a shelf. Camera moves back from CLOSE SHOT to
David is standing in the room he used sleep in when he was a
child. There is some old stuff – his old toys, a ball, some
music posters. David turns to ABIGAIL. She is young and
You were somewhere else again. I
don't like it when you're like
She walks closer to him.


I was just thinking…
He's looking at angel statuette again. Abigail puts her arms
around him and kisses him. She's looking at statuette too.
There's something wrong with this
thing (angel statuette). It's so
weird and creepy.
It's from my childhood.
I know. Let's go to the table,
everything is ready.
Abigail, David, his FATHER and MOTHER are sitting at the
table, they're having supper.
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
So, when's the date?!
We have to wait until David gets
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
You have to push him. Men are
always scared to make the most
important step in their life.
                       DAVID'S FATHER
What? I wasn't scared when we got
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
Don't be silly, you were nervous
all the time. Without me you can't
make any decisions, even now.
                       DAVID'S FATHER
All I had to do was say: «Marry
me»! The rest is the lady's
business – wedding, guests, dress
Ok, this is not a good time to
discuss it.


He continues eating. Abigail and David's mother look at each
other with a smile.
Listen, something has happened at
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
Yeah, yeah! I heard about
transport system accident! What a
No, mom. I'm not talking about
that. Something more serious has
Everyone looks at David.
I can't tell you what exactly,
but… I have to go down there.
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
What?! Again?!
Everybody stops eating, they look alarmed. David sips some
water from his glass.
I have to. It's important.
Why you? Why they can't send
someone else?
I've been there already. Only I
can stand it. I wouldn't do it if
it wasn't so important for
everyone, including you. I have to
do it. No one else can.
David's mother starts gathering plates.
                       DAVID'S MOTHER
What nonsense! There are so many
people in the Department and they
send you!
She walks away to the kitchen.


                       DAVID'S FATHER
How long will you be there?
Until I find what I will have to
Why you can't tell us the reason –
why they are sending you there
I just can't. It's better for you,
trust me.
I don't know why they're sending
you, why you're risking your life.
No, how can this be better for me?
I'll be fine. Last time it was an
accident. This time – everything
is prepared. We have clear plan.
Everything will be alright.
They'll ensure everything to bring
me back, trust me.
I have to do it. It's my job. It's
my duty – to protect the peace.
Everyone looks at David silently. His mother continues
cleaning the table.
Look, any kid in our city can walk
the street anytime he wants in
complete safety. And I have to
keep it this way. This world
should be safe. You all should be
safe, and this is what I do – keep
you safe. Is it so hard to
When are you leaving?


He looks in her eyes.
Hey, everything will be alright, I
Everybody is silent.
David lies on the bed. His eyes are open. Abigail is
sleeping beside him. David is deep in thought.

He stands up carefully, trying not to wake up Abigail. He
opens wardrobe. Takes out a box and takes an old shabby
leather raincoat from it. He hangs it on the door and sits
in front of it on the edge of bed. David is looking at the
coat – he goes back to his thoughts.
David is in the room. He puts a jersey over a bullet-proof
vest and then puts on that shabby leather raincoat. He is
also wearing old threadbare jeans and worn boots. There is
another cop dressed in uniform, in the room. He's standing
at a table covered with various items.
      (to David)
You're looking stylish.
David sets his collar straight, looking at a mirror,
The cop bends over the table.
So, if you get into trouble, give
us the distress signal.
He holds a device out to David.
The device will show us your
location. Here's the button. Press
it and an armed team will move
out. Then just wait for our guys
to come down. All you have to do


                       COP (cont'd)
is stay alive until they come.
David puts the device into the pocket of his raincoat. The
cop takes a pistol from the table.
A pistol, standard, impulsive.
This will leave your enemy,
unconscious for over twenty-four
hours. It's light, quick-firing
and it doesn't take much space.
I know what it is.
He takes the holstered pistol and sets it in his belt.
Good. In case of emergency…
He shows David a compact first-aid kit.
Here's everything you'll need.
Analgesic, antiseptic, bandage…
David puts it in his pocket.
Night-vision goggles. Standard
ones. And a breathing mask. It
will protect you from that god
awful stink!
Jesus, how do they live there? In
that environment.
David takes the items.
Some die from all kinds of
diseases, not even reaching
thirty. Some get killed before
even then. And others live a
normal life… They adapt.
He bends over the table again.


A flashlight, usual,
battery-powered. Just in case.
David tries it, pressing a button.
Also we have money from when you
were last down there – it can
He holds out to David a bundle of old notes.
But as for me, I think all this
paper's good for is wiping your
They could kill you for the money.
The cop raises his eyebrows and shrugs his shoulders, as if
to tell David that he doesn't understand how it could be
possible. David puts the money into his pocket.
Well, I guess you have all the
necessary stuff. Sure I could send
an armored car with you, but… You
David smiles and looks in the mirror again. Suddenly the cop
grows serious. He sits down on a chair and thinks.
Yeh, it won't be a pleasant ride.
David turns to him.
Look, if I were in your place, I…
I dont know.
David's face starts looking thoughtful too. He takes on a
concerned look.
I've been trapped down there
They look at each other for a while.


David opens a box and takes out the knife that was found at
the scene of the crime. He takes it out of the plastic bag,
wraps it up in a handkerchief and puts into his pocket.
David walks through the long room full of cops. Some of them
are sitting at their desks, some are standing and somebody
is pouring a cup of coffee. It's an ordinary workplace, but
faces are strained and gloomy. Silence ensues. Everyone's
looking at David walking past, looking at his back. Only one
of them says awkwardly: «Good luck, Lee».
There are three huge elevators with heavy doors.

David walks over to them, accompanied by several armed
soldiers. They're armed with automatic impulsive guns and
they are wearing bulletproof suits, helmets, night-vision
goggles and breathing masks.

They approach the giant doors of one of the elevators. David
calls the elevator, using his hand with the special chip in
it. The doors open. The elevator from the inside: it has
armored walls and a sky-high ceiling. Several armored cars
could easily fit inside.

David and soldiers go in. A soldier presses the Down button.
There are only two buttons: "UP" and "DOWN".

The elevator starts traveling down with a hollow sound.
David's face is concentrated, eyes squinted a little. We can
see the soldiers behind him. They're talking.
                       SOLDIER #1
I hate going down there, can't get
used to the smell!
                       SOLDIER #2
Me too. I spend hours in the tub
after coming back.
                       SOLDIER #3
Doesn't make much of a difference


They start laughing. The sound of laughing is muffled
through their masks. Their laughter turns to silence. Only
the hollow grinding sound of the elevator can be heard.
                       SOLDIER #4
The smell is not the worst thing.
I hope there won't be an incident.
                       SOLDIER #1
Follow the instructions and
everything will be fine.
Everybody nods in agreement. They go silent again. And the
hollow grinding sound is audible again.
                       SOLDIER #2
Do you think he'll return?
They all shrug their shoulders, looking at David. Nobody
knows the answer. David's face is still concentrated; he
doesn't react to their talking. The elevator alerts them
that they are near the bottom.
                       SOLDIER #1
Ten seconds!
David puts on his night-vision goggles and a breathing mask.
                       SOLDIER #1
Raise your weapons!
Everybody turns on their night-vision goggles. Soldiers
raise their guns. David pulls his pistol out of a holster.
The elevator stops. Heavy doors open.
Soldiers go outside the elevator first. They're spreading
out, lighting the darkness with small flashlights, fixed on
their guns. They're taking up position, looking around.
                       SOLDIER #1
                       SOLDIER #2
David leaves the elevator, pistol out.
                       SOLDIER #3
Everything's clear!


David looks round. The Lower Plane is very dark. IT'S ALWAYS

Sun doesn't shine here. The sky is heavy with dark clouds
and a red hue emits from behind some of the clouds.
Everything is dark and musty here. Streets are full of trash
and rotten things. There's a disgusting smell in the air.
The lower city looks scary, disgusting and repulsive.

Soldiers are moving back to the elevator slowly, where David
is standing.
                       SOLDIER #1
Good luck, lieutenant!
                       SOLDIER #2
Take care!
They salute and go into the elevator. One of them presses
the Up button, nodding good-bye to David. The doors close,
taking the last patch of light with them.

David stands still for a while, alone, in the dark and in
silence. Everything is dead. There are only dripping sounds
coming from the distance. Everything is so neglected here.

Suddenly David takes off his breathing mask, breaking the
stillness with the rustling of his raincoat. He takes a deep
                       DAVID (VO)
The same air… The same smell…
He looks round.
                       DAVID (VO)
The first time I breathed it in, I
threw up.
David, dressed in soldiers uniform, with a group of soldiers
going down the dark street of the Lower Plane. They're
escorting a car.
It's clear! Keep moving! Don't
break the line! The test material
is right around the next turn.
We'll get a sample and go back


Suddenly someone starts shooting at them. Gun flashes are
lighting the darkness. These are usual, common guns, firing
with bullets.
An attack! Protect the transport!
Soldiers start shooting back with their impulsive automatic
guns. Blue stripes are lighting the darkness. As they hit
the enemy they are thrown back, unconscious.

People, attacking the soldiers, are dirty, dressed in old
shabby clothes. David is distracted from shooting; he's
radioing to the Upper Plane.
We're under attack! I repeat: We
are under attack! We have engaged
with the enemy!
Suddenly someone hits him on the helmet with an iron pipe.
David falls down. Several people attack him at once; they
knock away his gun and drag him somewhere, around a corner.
They take away his helmet, night-vision goggles and a
breathing mask. David throws up immediately.
David stands still in the same place. He takes a deep breath
                       DAVID (VO)
And now the stomach acid is moving
up my throat again, but I have to
control myself. Nobody wears
breathing masks here.
DAVID'S POV - street through his night-vision goggles.
Heaps of trash everywhere, some strange rotten things; walls
are stained with excrement. There are stains of dried blood
on the ground.
                       DAVID (VO)
After the incident I quit the
troops and became a cop.
He takes a few steps, looking around.


                       DAVID (VO)
Yes, everything is the same: the
stink, the dirt. But the worst is
the same despair, hanging in the
The filthiest things about human
beings: hatred, lust, violence –
everything is right here, marked
with fear. We cut all this off,
block it from above with the heavy
doors of the ten ton elevator.
All societies have issues with
crime. But our society came up
with a solution. That's when
everything started…
There are two men, standing at the platform, saying
something with excitement.
                       DAVID (VO)
Ethan and Jacob Marlow – here they
are, the founding fathers,
brilliant scientists, who believed
in the idea of a perfect society.
Becoming tired of increasing
crimes, they proposed the Society
Splitting Bill.
Ethan and Jacob continue talking. People in the room start
                       DAVID (VO)
Such a simple concept, good up
there, bad down here.
Armed soldiers escort a crowd of people to the elevators.
                       DAVID (VO)
All of them: murderers, rapists,
pimps, whores.
Some criminal is trying to run away, shoving everybody.
But one of the soldiers knocks him down with the butt of his
gun. The criminal falls down, laughing madly.


                       DAVID (VO)
But they also took ordinary
citizens, who challenged the
Splitting Bill.
Some scared people are in the crowd, somebody's crying.
                       DAVID (VO)
The decision was simple but cruel.
That's how we are – the
descendants of the righteous, law
abiding citizens – we eliminated
corruption, eliminated crime, but
at the same time we doomed
ordinary hard-working people, to a
life of suffering. But I guess
that's not the point…
                                         END FLASHBACK
David stands in the same place.
                       DAVID (VO)
The point is that the less you cut
your nails, the more dirt you'll
have under them. Over time the
people here got used to this way
of living and started thinking
about the future. That's how a new
society was formed. A society
without justice. A society where
anyone can take anything he wants,
where everyone sells themselves,
where murders are ritual. A
society with no laws, a rotten
hole, filled with lies and the
suffering of all who have been
buried in it.
As David is standing, contemplating, suddenly somebody
knocks him down from behind. David falls on the ground. The
attacker pounces on him knife in hand. David grabs the
attacker by the hand, pushing him away. The attacker punches
David in the face with another hand breaking his
night-vision goggles. David pushes him away with his legs.
Then he stands up and pulls his pistol out of the holster.


A few blue stripes light the darkness and hit the attacker.
He flies a few yards backward and falls on the muddy ground,
unconscious. David breathes deeply and puts his pistol back
in the holster.
                       DAVID (VO)
Damn it, I forgot that you have to
keep your eyes peeled here.
He throws away the broken goggles, takes the flashlight out
of his pocket and turns it on. He looks around again and
sets off in a random direction.
David knocks at a massive door with lots of locks. A woman's
voice comes from the other side.
Who the hell is there?
It's… David…
Everything behind the door becomes still for a while. David
listens to the silence. Then locks start clicking, the door
opens. The woman appears in the doorway. It's EVE (about 30
y.o.). She's very attractive, has straight red hair,
clear-cut face, beautiful eyes, bright red lips.

She's dressed in some old and modest clothes, but it can't
hide her slim appealing body from us. David freezes, looking
at her.
A woman's hand touches David, he's lying on the ground,
beaten during the shooting and almost dead. Eve bends over
him, examines him. She feels his pulse and then takes him by
the elbow and starts to help him up slowly.
Eve gives David a long piercing look, in silence. But it's
hard to recognize any emotion in this look, neither good or
So, you leave without warning, and
you show up the same way.


She goes back in to her apartment without closing the door,
giving David the chance to decide what to do. He enters.
David locks the door and looks around. The room is spacious
but slightly empty of furniture. It's simple and modest. The
walls are shabby.
                       DAVID (VO)
Nothing has changed here.
He touches the wall dreamily, looks at the ceiling, there's
a simple lamp, lighting up the room with a dim orange light.
                       DAVID (VO)
Everything is like it was then.
He walks through the hallway slowly, looking around, and
enters another room. There's Eve, standing by the old wooden
table. She's putting some clothes and belongings in to a
bag. David leans against the wall by the door, looking at
It's been a long time.
Eve raises her head. Their eyes meet. She looks at him with
the same piercing look as he usually has.
Too long…
She continues putting things in the bag.
I was certain I'd never see you
She puts the bag down. There are several bags already on the
floor. She looks around, trying to figure out if she's
forgotten something. Then she looks at David again with
questioning eyes.
I've just arrived. The first thing
I thought of was you.
They look at each other in silence.


I don't know why you're here, but
you shouldn't have come down.
She leaves the room, brushing his shoulder. David nods,
pressing his lips together. He steps into the room.
                       EVE (OS)
I don't know why anyone would want
to come back here.
David looks at the bedside table. There are old cosmetics. A
powder, a small mirror, a lipstick.
                       DAVID (VO)
She always painted her lips bright
Eve comes back into the room with a pack of cigarettes in
her hand. She takes one and lights it, leaning against the
wall. David watches her silently. Eve blows out a stream of
smoke, David puckers his face.
Does it burn your eyes?
I'm not used to cigarette smoke
You're still giving people that
bullshit about a healthy
We consider smoking a sign of a
moral degradation. Same with
Eve smiles ironically, looking in to his eyes. They're
silent for some time.
Why are you here?
Just national security business…
Sounds serious.


They keep looking in to each other's eyes as if they were
talking without words.
So, how are you?
Trying to get by, as usual.
David looks at the bags full of worn clothes, near the
Things don't change here, you
David nods.
How is Eli?
Yeh, that's the main thing.
Their conversation is full of unspoken words. It seems they
have so much to talk about, but can't decide where to start.
He takes the knife, wrapped in the handkerchief, out of his
pocket, unwraps it and moves closer to Eve.
I need to know who this belongs
He shows her the knife. Eve looks at the knife, blowing out
cigarette smoke.
CLOSE UP: the mark at the knife handle.
Some gang's mark. I don't
understand their shit. Maybe Eli
They fall silent again. They give each other a piercing


David walks down the busy street, light by old lamps and
neon billboards, some with letters missing. There are
various bars, casinos and whorehouses – the very center of
lust. People are looking at David with spite and irritation;
they don't even try to hide their emotions. It seems anyone
here could attack you without reason.
David walks up to a bar, called the "Crack". He goes inside.
It's crowded and animated inside. Lots of voices are
blending with each other, so it's noisy. A dim brown light
shines all over. It's stifling, smoky and sweaty here.
Girls, almost nude, are dancing on the bar, or rather
they're just standing there, tired, and smiling stupidly.

David walks to the bar. Everyone he passes watches him with
suspicion. David sees ELI, busying himself behind the bar.
Eli is strong, formidable guy with a snake tattoo around his
neck. He's over thirty. His face is unshaved and scowling.

David comes up to the bar and slaps it with his hand. Eli
raises his eyes at him. He gives David a cold, indifferent
stare and carries on with what he is doing. David waits.
You must be out of your mind to
come back down here.
David watches him calmly.
People are dying here like dogs.
What do you think it is? A fucking
vacation or something? What the
fuck are you doing here?
I came to talk.
We have nothing to talk about.
Some hobo gives them a suspicious stare. Eli turns to him
with a threatening face. The hobo turns aside right away.
Eli continues polishing the bar.

He leans forward to David.


I don't care what you're doing
here. And I don't want any shit. I
just want to tap beer, get it?
David nods his agreement.
I get it.
He takes the knife out of his pocket, unwraps it and puts it
on the bar.
But you'll have to talk.
Eli freezes, looking at David, then sighs heavily.
Use the back door.
David gives him a smile. He takes the knife and goes out of
the bar.
David walks round the building. Some gangs block his way
Well, well, well, who have we got
They're grinning.
Your pockets, bitch!
He draws a knife. David's reaching for his holster, but Eli,
with a shotgun in his hands, comes out of the back door at
the same moment. He pulls back the slide. The gang bangers
turn round and see his scowling face. They disappear
quickly. David and Eli go back inside the "Crack".
Eli puts away his shotgun.
You didn't have to get involved, I
can handle myself.


David shows Eli his holster.
Are you fucking crazy? Put that
shit away! Do you have any idea
how much trouble we can get, if
somebody catches you with this!
You can't use it here. Give it
here, I'll put it out of the way!
David takes the holster from his belt and gives it to Eli.
Eli puts it in a closet.
You have to blend in, understand?
Be like everyone else down here.
He takes out a .45 caliber gun.
Now you can shoot.
David takes a gun. They're staring at each other in silence.
So how's it going?
It's ok.
Have you seen Eve?
She had to be surprised. Was she
You know Eve…
Hm, yeh… So, what you've got?
David takes the knife from his pocket and hands it to Eli.


I need to know, whose mark is it?
CLOSE UP: the mark at the handle.
The "Bikers" gang. Hey, what are
you up to?
I gotta meet them. Need to ask a
few questions.
Damn it! You can't just hang
around and act like a tough cop!
It's not your world! It's
different here. You go into the
dark, start poking around and
you're gone, don't you get it?
I get it. But I have to meet them.
Eli looks at him inquiringly.
Don't ask me why.
He turns away from David, looks at the wall.
I just wanna tap beer…
I know. But I'm here now, and I
can't go back.
David is resolute. Eli looks at him. They stare at each
other for some time. Then suddenly Eli turns completely
Go to the south of the city.
You'll find a whorehouse called
"Sweet Holes". There's a vacant
lot behind it. They street race
Be careful. And don't get me


                       ELI (cont'd)
He nods gratefully.
David walks down the street. Suddenly he sees a strange car,
loaded with people. All of them are wearing the same clothes
with a strange symbol on it. One of them has a megaphone:
                       STRANGE GUY
Brothers of mine! Sisters! Think
better of it! Open your eyes
before you're blinded by the evil
lies! All of us are fooled down
here! All of us are led to
perdition by people from above!
They hide in their comfy houses,
they spit on us! We have right to
go up there - to live in comfort
and light!
He stares madly as David passes. David looks at him with
suspicion till the car moves away and then he continues on.
It's getting darker by the moment and he turns on the
David keeps walking. Darkness surrounds him. He lights the
path with the flashlight. Suddenly he hears a girl's cry. He
stops and listens, the cry comes again.

He goes to check it and sees a rapist, flinging a girl on
the ground. She cries and tries to break away, but can't.
The rapist grips her, putting his hand between her legs.

David pulls out his gun and cocks the hammer. The rapist
turns at the sound of it, showing his yellow teeth.
Take your hands of her!
Hey! I'm…
I said take your hands of her!


The rapist stands up, zips his pants and vanishes. David
sticks the gun in his belt and offers a hand to the girl.
Fuck off, asshole!
She pushes his hand away. David steps back confused.
      (with irritation)
Now I'll have to find a new
She stands up and sets her bra straight.
                       DAVID (VO)
Damn it! This place will never
fail to surprise me!
He leaves.
It's party time. The vacant lot is located behind the
whorehouse, illuminated by lights. There are a lot of cars
and bikes, all old but working. The sound of engines can be
heard everywhere. Groups of "bikers" are hanging around,
talking and laughing. David takes a good look round and
comes up to one of the groups.
He takes of the knife out of his pocket.
Hey, guys, I found a knife, one of
you must have dropped it.
The "bikers" look at him threateningly, with suspicion, then
look at the knife, see the mark at its handle. David waits
Ask Eran.
He points to another group. David smiles at them. Then he
comes up to another group. The group is laughing at a story
one of them is telling. David interrupts them:
Hey, Eran, I bet you don't have
this one.


He shows the knife. The "bikers" fall silent. It turns out
that the storyteller is ERAN.
Shit! Where did you get it from?
He reaches out his hand for it. David jerks it away.
I found it. Wanna discuss?
He points to a side. They go aside. The other "bikers" look
at them with suspicion.
What the fuck?! This is my knife!
David restrains himself. So Eran could be a killer. David
moves his hand to his pistol slowly.
It was mine… I lost it in the
gambling house last week.
Who to?
Was kinda wasted. don't really
remember, what the fuck is it to
you anyway?
David is silent, considering. His brows draw together.
I want it back!
He stretches out his hand. David looks at him, then at
"bikers", standing several feet aside. All of them seem to
be really nervous.
                       DAVID (VO)
The knife is my only clue but… if
I don't give it, I will have to
fight them off. There are too
Eran is waiting for the knife.
                       DAVID (VO)
Damn it!
      (speaks out loud)
Listen, I'll give it to you, if


                       DAVID (cont'd)
you tell me: who you lost it to?
Why should I?
Hey, it's fair enough, isn't it?!
I give you the knife you give me
the name.
Eran thinks for a while.
I don't know his name. He had a
scar below his right eye. That's
all I remember. Now, give it back
before kick your ass!
David sighs, hands over the knife. Eran grabs it.
                       DAVID (VO)
Damned gorillas! Now I'll have to
find new leads.
David turns to go away, but notices a scuffle to one side.
Laughter and strange cries are coming from there. Curious,
David walks over.

There's a crowd. And in the center of it there's a guy,
roped between two bikes. He's young (about 20-23), lean, has
short hair and an earring in his ear.

Two "bikers" are sitting on bikes and pulling the throttle,
laughing. And the guy cries out every time as he hears the
sound of the engines.
      (to one of them)
What did he do?
Son-of-a-bitch owes us!
He laughs. The guy tries to free himself from the rope,
crying out, choking with his own spit. Suddenly David feels
sorry for him.
Hey, listen! Stop! Stop it!
Everybody becomes silent, staring at him questioningly.
David shows them his money.


I'll pay it off! How much does he
owe you?
He smirks. David takes out twenty from his money.
He reaches it out to the "biker". The "biker" rips it from
his fingers, grins. The roped guy's gasping with tears.
O, come on, let him go!
"Bikers" untie the guy. He jumps up and hides himself behind
David's back.
So why do you care so much about
this cocksucker?
I didn't like his cries.
"Bikers" exchange glances with each other and begin to
laugh. Smiling, David moves backward slowly, the guy follows
him. "Bikers" grow serious.
You got more!
He points to David's money.
I'll spend it myself, okay…
The "biker" smirks, then he moves towards him. David draws
his gun.
Hey! Easy! Calm down! I don't want
any trouble. We're gonna leave
now! You guys can rob someone
And they run till they're out of sight of the other bikers.
                                         CUT TO:


They stop running, breathing heavily. David hides his gun.
They look at each other, waiting for their breathing to
slow. Then David walks away. But the guy follows him.
Thanks a lot, dude! We-eh! That
was real close! My name is Noah,
and you?
David keeps going.
O, man! Those fuckers almost
killed me! What's your name,
buddy? I've never seen you before.
Where are you from?
David stops walking.
Listen, back off. Nothing personal
but we are going different ways,
Noah. You've almost met your other
half. So thank God that you
didn't. You're on your own now,
He keeps going, leaving a stunned Noah behind him. And Noah
has no time to say more.
It says over the door: «Bet on it or die!». David goes in.
There are gambling tables all around, everybody is playing
for money, old valuables and all sorts of bric-a-bracs.
Everybody is smoking, drinking spirits and laughing. David
goes up to the bar; a kind of a manager is standing there.
He's a tall man with long greasy hair; he has a stiff
bristles and aquiline nose.
What's a minimum bet?
It's only for regulars.


David takes the money out of his pocket and places it before
him. Long-haired, without stopping to think, takes it.
What game are you interested in?
My own. I ask questions, you give
answers. Okay?
Long-haired screws up his eyes, but says nothing.
Look, I just want to find my old
buddy. I haven't seen him forever.
I don't even know how he looks
like now. You know how it is… He
has a scar below his right eye.
Can't help you.
David places more money.
You sure?
Long-haired takes it again.
Yes. I'm sure.
David looks at him disappointedly. Then he looks around.
There are lots of thugs. Some of them show their irritation.
Well…, I guess it's not gaming
He moves to the exit. Long-haired watches him walks out.
David leaves. Long-haired calls some guy over.
      (to the guy)
Tell Ezra some jerk wants him.
David stands in front of the building.


                       DAVID (VO)
See you later.
He glances at the door and then walks away. He walks down
the street and turns a corner. Suddenly somebody whips him
off his feet from behind. David falls to the ground and
turns over on to his back.

He sees the muzzle of a gun and freezes. The man with the
scar below his right eye is standing over him.
                       MAN WITH THE SCAR
Looking for me?
David looks at him bewildered.
                       MAN WITH THE SCAR
Not any more…
He shoots at David's chest three times and vanishes.
                                         FADE TO BLACK.
Blurred street. David tries to collect himself. Everything
swims round. He stands up slowly and pulls the bullet-proof
vest from under his jersey. He throws it away.

His shoulder is covered with blood. He uses his first-aid
kit, anesthetizes himself. Then walks away, staggering.
Knock on the door. "Who the hell is that?", - Eve asks
again. David answers. The door opens. Eve looks at his pale
face. His legs give way under him. And she catches him
before he falls down.
A bandaged up David lies on the bed. There are some bandages
and pills on the table. He opens his eyes, looks around the

Eve comes in. She's dressed in an old woolen pullover and
jeans. She looks at him strictly. Then she comes up and sits
on the edge of the bed.


      (forces a smile)
How many times do I have to save
your life?
He licks his dry lips.
As many as you would, I guess. How
am I?
It's your shoulder. Not the worst
wound, but you lost lot of blood.
And a doctor came.
He tries to move his shoulder, writhes with pain.
I can't remember.
You have a fever. Get some sleep.
She stands up.
No, wait… Stay a little with me.
She sits again and looks at him. David closes his eyes.
The guy, knocked out by David's impulsive gun earlier, comes
to and stands up, groaning. He walks away.
An old gothic building. It's shabby and dirty. Most of the
windows are broken. Some of the walls had fallen down.
The room is wide and lofty. The guy who attacked David by
the elevators is taken in to the room by two huge heavies.


We can see a thin man here also. He has on a deep blue
fitted suit with a silk cravat round his neck and polished
classic shoes. All the clothes are tired, but they look
quite unique and neat.

The room is decorated with lots of furniture, a carpet and a
large chandelier. All this seems luxurious, compared to the
other places of the Lower Plane.
      (to the thin man)
Mr. Coolidge, this asshole says
that he saw a man, who came down
in the elevator.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I told you not to swear!
The heavy drops down his eyes.
I'm sorry, Mr. Coolidge.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Don't you understand yet? We won't
be able to live well, if we're not
willing to strive for nothing… but
absolute values.
He looks at the heavies. They are silent and gloomy.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Let him go.
They do.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
      (to the guy)
I saw a man! By the elevator! He
came down from up there!
                       MR. COOLIDGE
How do you know that?
He had a gun. One of theirs. He
shot at me.


He touched his chest, writhes. Mr. Coolidge becomes
thoughtful. He thinks and wonders.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
      (to the heavies)
Find him.
Both of the heavies nod and leave, taking the guy with them.
Mr. Coolidge becomes thoughtful again.
Lying on the bed, David comes round and raises his head,
looking around. He figures out where he is. Then he puts his
head back on the pillow and closes his eyes, sighing. He has
on only jeans, his naked torso is bandaged. And now he has
visible stubble.

He moves his shoulder so as to establish whether it hurts
and writhes with pain. He opens his eyes. There is a note
from Eve on the table, David takes it. It says: «Hope you're
feeling better. If you're wondering I'll be at the old

He pushes himself off the bed slowly, stands up and looks
for his jersey. It is nowhere to be found. He opens the
wardrobe and sees a shirt, old and crumpled.
Eve helps wounded David to lie down on the bed. He wears the
shirt (he had it on under his armor suit).
David holds the shirt, smiling.
                       DAVID (VO)
You're so unpredictable…
It's too old and distressed to wear, so David hangs it back
in the wardrobe. David leaves the bedroom.
David finds his jersey in the bathroom. It's washed and
clean. He puts it on, smiling.
                       DAVID (VO)
It's strange… I feel at home.


David walks in, straightening his jersey, and opens the
fridge. He takes a fresh sandwich and a drink from it. Then
looks around the kitchen.

A small room with a table, an old sink and a cupboard. It's
very simple.

David walks to the window and looks out. All he sees is
darkness and massive iron railings.
                       DAVID (VO)
Everything can bite in this world,
even the darkness. That's way you
always have to keep your guard up.
He looks at the railings wistfully, chewing his sandwich.
                       DAVID (VO)
It's like a warning: "Always be on
watch! Keep going! Don't ever
linger!" Cause if you do, the
darkness will swallow you whole!
He sets his drink on the table, wipes his mouth on his arm.
                       DAVID (VO)
We don't have these problems in
our plane. But here…
It excites me. And I don't know
                                         CUT TO:
David puts on his shabby leather raincoat and leaves the
David sees a group of handmade sheds.

There are old people in them. Some are putting out some
clothes from the bags, brought by Eve. Others are just
walking around and talking.

David looks at all this quizzically, and then he sees Eli,
getting out a big box from his car. He gives David a nod.
David walks up to him.


Hey, what's going on here?
It's kind of a camp… For old men.
With the box in his hands he goes to a one of the sheds.
Food can be seen in the box. David follows him.
You help old people here or
You could say that.
He gives David a meaningful look, keeps going. David stops,
thinking about it. Some old man in a wheelchair runs into
David suddenly. The wooden box falls from old man's hands
and hits the ground.
                       OLD MAN
My angel!
He reaches out to the box. David picks it up and gives it to
the old man.
                       OLD MAN
      (to David)
Oh, it is you! You've finally
come! I've been waiting for so
He looks at David with admiration for a while. But then he
becomes thoughtful and turns away from David, hugging the
box with his lean arms. And then he's gone.

His old face is lined, his gray hair is brushing his
shoulders. His eyes are faded.

David crouches down in front of the old man.
What you got there?
He points to the box.
                       OLD MAN
      (livens up)
My angel!
He strokes the box.


Hm… an angel? Right there? Will
you show it to me?
We can see Eve speaking to Eli behind them. Eve notices

David and the old man stare at each other. And David tries
to understand what makes him so curious about this old face,
he examines it.

The old man holds out the box to him suddenly. David wants
to take it, but doesn't – Eve comes over to them and David
stands up.
      (to the old man)
Mr. Calhoun.
      (to David)
So you've met.
      (to mr. Calhoun)
Is everything all right? Go, take
a look at the clothes.
She pushes the wheelchair slightly. Mr. Calhoun moves away.
      (to David)
Could you help me with that shed?
She points to the shed and walks over. David follows her.
You didn't say that you help old
Why should I? What difference does
it make?
Well, it does to me. It just…
      (looking for a
       better word)
It says a lot, doesn't it?
Says what, David?
I don't know… that you're…


Kind of human beings?
I didn't mean that.
It's not about saying something,
it's about doing something. It's
the only way to survive here.
Yeh, I see, but… listen… you told
me things never change here,
right? But it's not true! You've
So what?
Hey, I'm just trying to say, that
I'm glad to know it. What's so
wrong with that?
He stops walking. Eve stops a few paces from him. She looks
at the ground.
Nothing, I just…
She sighs. David moves closer to her. She turns to him.
Look, when you came here the first
time, you showed me how different
the world can be. You were like a…
an inspiration to me you know.
And all those stories about your
life made me dream like crazy. All
those doors, opened for everyone,
those children, walking
everywhere, those happy families…
You gave me hope.
But I know it can never be like
that here. That's why there's
nothing to talk about, okay?


They come up to the shed. In silence, David helps Eve fix it
using his good hand. Soon they're done with it.
She looks around, looks at old men.
So, we're trying to sew some seeds
here. These people won't live long
but still it's worth a try.
I knew it would be like that
You knew? What can you know about
this place?
He comes up and takes her hand in his, looking in her eyes.
Not much. But I know everyone has
hope inside. And nobody can get it
from us.
Eve thinks about his words.
We live in hope.
She takes her hand out and turns away. She drops the
How's your shoulder? You should
really rest a little longer.
I have some important things to
You know best.
She walks of:
What you gonna do?


Visit the bar on the south side.
Ask Eli, he'll take you there.
She turns her had for a moment, smiling. David stares after
Eli's car stops.
Eli and David are in here.
Hey, listen, those people with
megaphones, who are they? I saw
some downtown. Heard something
about the upper plane.
Those fanatics…
Stupid fuckups, they believe we
are all dying down here. Wanna
start a revolution or something.
Forget it.
Well, thanks for the ride.
Not a problem.
David leaves the car.
Hey, wait…
David bends forward to the car's window.
Just in case, if you get in
trouble with gangs, tell them I'm
your friend, ok? I'm well known in
these parts.
David nods gratefully and walks away.


Long-haired manager leaves the building, walks down the
street. Suddenly he's grabbed and smashed against the
building's wall by David. David draws out the pistol.
Well, hello there, asshole! You
sure don't wanna play my game?
Frightened, long-haired spreads his hands wide apart.
So what was that shit, damn it?
First you take my money, and then
you snitch me to your pal. So
that's how you treat me, ha?
He hits him against a wall roughly.
Don't kill me!
David hits him again.
Who was that guy?
That was Ezra! He's from the
"Crosses" gang. That's all I know.
I… I'm sorry!
David cocks the hammer.
I swear it's all I know! Please,
don't kill me!
He moans, breathing heavily. David looks at him with
disgust, hits him again.
Where can I find him?


All I know is that "Crosses" have
their own whorehouse. It's called
"Meathole"! I don't know Ezra
David looks down at long-haired's pants, they are wet.
Shame on you! You're a big boy,
aren't you?
David pushes him away. Long-haired runs like a crazy.
David looks at its signboard: it's a neon girl, with her
legs crossed. The door is closed. David knocks. A hatch in
the door opens.
I need to talk.
The guard gives David the once-over.
Ain't no forum here! Get the fuck
out of here!
The guard closes the hatch. David knocks again. The hatch
opens, the guard is staring angrily.
Listen, do me a favor and let me
He gets the money out of his pocket and shows it to a guard.
The hatch closes, the lock start clicking. David sighs,
checks his pistol.
They come in to a room. A guard has a shotgun.
Don't be stupid.


David looks round. A wide room, lots of half-dressed girls,
lots of armed gangs. The guard points at the man on the
other side of the room.
That's Zachariah. He's the boss
Zachariah notices them and comes over. Zachariah is a strong
threatening guy. He has a tattoo on his neck: it's a cross.
      (to David)
Who're you?
You're man Ezra, I want him.
Never heard of him.
He turns away.
Get him out.
He walks away. David's surrounded by gangs in a moment.
I know Eli!
Zachariah stops, turns around.
You know Eli?
Yeh, he's my best friend!
Zachariah thinks for a while, then smiles back.
Well, that changes everything!
He comes up to David again.
What do you wanna know, pal?
That guy Ezra. He's one of you,
right? I need him.


Not any more…
What do you mean?
He's not with us anymore. We
kicked him out.
      (with suspicion)
What can I say? We're all sinners
here, but we honour the law. And
that Ezra is a fucking moron!
Nothing is sacred to him. We don't
need that kind of shit here. It's
bad for our reputation.
David looks at him surprised.
                       DAVID (VO)
Didn't know they had rules here.
You can't function without any
rules, when there's chaos
everywhere. Yeh, we rob, we deal.
And well, that's life. But we have
some justice here you know.
I mean you can't just go around,
killing people. You have to pay
for everything. And people realize
that. At least those who know what
is what. I don't mean those
fuckers who don't give a damn
about anything. Ezra's that kind.
That's why we kicked him out.
David nods with approval.
Where can I find him?
I don't know for sure. People like
him can't stay still. You won't
find him here, you should try
other whorehouses.


Ok, thanks.
He holds out his hand to David.
Say hello to Eli!
David shakes his hand, smiling. He turns to leave, but
Hey, how come you know Eli?
Zachariah turns to him.
He's my brother.
Surprised David leaves the whorehouse.
David walks out. He hears some voices and laughter. Curious,
he turns a corner and sees a crowd. He walks over.

The crowd is gathered around a small table. There is Noah,
held by two big "crosses". His palm is on the table and two
fingers are stretched forward. Another "cross" aims a big
knife at it. Everybody laughs.
Do you think I can cut both off in
one stroke?
Noah cries, it sounds very familiar to David. Noah notices
David in the crowd.
O, shit! Thank God, man! Help me!
Hurry up!
Everybody turns to David. David turns and leaves, not
wanting any trouble.


Hey, wait! What the fuck, man?!
Help me!
David keeps going.
Hey! You can't leave me like this!
I'm in trouble! Can't you see?!
I've already saved your ass once.
Noah looks at David. It seems his only option is to leave
I know who you're looking for!
David stops, waits for a moment.
I know everyone here! I'll help
you to find him! Just help me,
man! Come on! Please!
He jerks. David turns back. The "crosses" look at him with a
puzzled look.
Why should I trust you?
Damn it, just trust me, man! They
wanna cut my fucking fingers off!
David thinks.
      (to the "crosses")
How much does he owe you?
David takes out his money, pays. They let Noah go. He hides
himself behind David's back. The "cross" points to David's


You got more.
David sighs, amazed by people's greed.
                                         CUT TO:
David and Noah stop running, breathing heavily. David hides
his gun. They look at each other, waiting for their
breathing to slow.
You owe the whole town or what?
Those were the last! I swear! Now
I'm free like a baby!
You said something about help.
Yeh, my buddy! He knows everyone
in this town! He'll help.
Take me to him.
                                         CUT TO:
David and Noah are moving in the dark. David has the
This way.
He shows the way. They pass by old ruined aircrafts in
You're kind of a strange person
you know…
David turns his head to him.
I am?


I mean… I don't know, not like
other people.
      (thinks over)
It's just, it's like you care. You
want to make a difference.
David's face turns thoughtful.
I mean… You know people here are
all sad and scared, without any
purpose, but you… You seem to be
determined, going somewhere. Sort
They keep going.
Ah, whatever! Listen, do you have
a girlfriend?
David turns his head to him again. Noah is smiling.
None of your damn business.
They approach an aircraft that seems to be intact more or
less. It lies on its belly and has an only one wing. A
ladder is raised to its entrance.
O, come on! What's the big deal?
Ask me and I'll tell you, that I
Noah slows down and then stops. He becomes slack suddenly.
David stops and turns back to him.
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing… I just love her so much.
                       DAVID (VO)
Look at this! Guess some flowers
of love suddenly bloomed in this
dirty hellhole.
We can see from his face that he doesn't take Noah's words


No, seriously! Did you ever love
someone so much that you feel like
your heart stops beating, when she
just touches you? That when you
think of her about a hundred times
a day and about hundred and one
you suddenly realize that you'll
die without her? My knees buckle
when she's close to me… Kisses me…
It's just like a… flash of bright
light, but it doesn't hurt your
eyes, you know?
David's mood changes, he realizes that Noah is serious and
becomes thoughtful. Noah hangs his head, he is still.
So what's the problem?
She's a whore. He owns her. He
won't let her go. She earns him
good money.
David is silent.
Well, I'm no angel, this life
makes me steel, but I belong to
nobody, but she… She wants out.
But he won't let her go.
Noah is crushed by his own words. There is the compassion on
David's face.
So who is he?
Noah wants to answer but a powerful searchlight turns on and
stops him. It shines from the aircraft with a ladder. David
and Noah squint at the bright light, shielding their eyes.
The aircraft's door is opened now and an elderly man steps
out of a doorway – it's MATTHIAS. A dogs barking is heard.
Matthias has a shotgun in one hand and a pitbull on a leash
in the other.
Freeze! Or I'll unleash the dog!
We're not moving…


Hey, Matthias! It's me! Don't
Matthias looks hard at them. The dog continues to bark.
Who's that with you?
My friend. He wants to talk.
Matthias thinks for a while and then goes back in to the
aircraft, dragging in the dog behind him. The searchlight
goes off. David breathes a sigh of relief. Matthias steps
out of the doorway again, without the dog now.
Come up here, let's have some tea.
David, Noah and Matthias sit at the small table. There is an
old, shabby teapot on the table; it is shabby but looks like
a really rare thing. Everybody has absurdly small cups in
their hands.

The dog is on a leash, looking at guests with interest.

The inside of the aircraft has been converted in to a
dwelling. Besides the table it has a mattress, a nightstand,
a handmade washbasin and a rug for the dog.

Everybody drinks tea in silence.
Matthias knows everyone here.
That's damned right.
We're old friends. We have, so to
say, lots of common interest.
      (to Noah)
Hey! When will you finally pay
your debts? Half the town's asking
for you.


David looks at Noah ironically.
Yeh… I know… mm… listen, um… could
you help us to find someone?
You wanna dupe someone again?
It's for me. I'll be grateful.
David shows his money.
He brushes it aside.
I don't need it. Have some more
He takes a teapot and pours tea for everybody. David and
Noah exchange glances.
Aquila is my friend.
The dog's curious snout.
But he can't drink tea you know!
And I love tea. There was a
tradition once – to treat your
guests to tea. We don't have good
tea in here, but I like the
David smiles.
So… Who are you looking for?
His name is Ezra.
That asshole! Yeh, I've heard of


Can you tell us where to find him?
I don't know where he lives,
sorry. But I know the guy who
could give you a tip. His name is
David nods and takes a sip of tea sagely.
David and Noah walk down the street. They approach a house.
Wait here.
David goes over to the house, tries to open the door, it's
locked. He looks through the window, can't see anything. He
notices some philosophical inscription on the wall, it says:
"Home is where the heart is". He thinks for a while and then
comes back to Noah.
We'll wait for him.
                                         CUT TO:
A lean, round-shouldered man comes to the door. He's over
thirty, has thin hair and hollow cheeks. He takes a key out
of his pocket.
                       DAVID (OS)
What's up, Rufus?
RUFUS turns round. David presses him to the wall, drawing
his pistol. Frightened Rufus looks at him, considering what
to do. David searches him for a gun.
Don't kill me.
I won't, if you tell me about your
What friend?


Ezra. Do you know the one?
He's not my friend! Mm… just a
guy! We work together sometimes.
How can I find him?
I… mm… can give an address. But I
don't know if he's there.
It would be better for you if he
David sets him free.
Spit it out!
The corner house on 5th street,
it's next to a deserted theater.
He sleeps off after business
David hides his gun.
He goes away.
Don't try to warn him about me!
I told you, he's not my friend…
David comes back to Noah.
Come on…
Noah follows him, glancing at Rufus.
Did he tell?


He did.
His face turned thoughtful. They keep going.
                       DAVID (VO)
That bastard is mine now.
He moves his wounded shoulder.
                       DAVID (VO)
I'll give him a warm welcome!
Noah looks at him anxiously.
                       DAVID (VO)
I'll get him eventually. But for
now I want to switch gears. In the
long run, there are lots of things
in this place that I'll never try
      (speaks out loud)
Where can we get a drink?
I know a good place near here.
They go into darkness.
David and Noah sit at the bar. There are lots of shot
glasses, full and empty. They both are drunk. David drinks
his shot and hits the bar counter with it.
This is damned good shit! I've
almost forgot how good it is.
Noah tries to figure out his words.
What do you mean "you forgot"? We
got bars everywhere.
Ignore me, I'm drunk!
Noah smiles.


Not just you…
Let's drink to this city! So
dirty, shitty, disgusting!
A barkeeper looks at him with displeasure.
And yet still… mm… unique!
He takes his shot glass, drinks, hits the counter with it.
Shit! It burns my throat!
He breathes out, shakes Noah's shoulder.
      (to barkeeper)
Give us another!
A barkeeper pours some alcohol.
Hey! Shouldn't we take a breather?
Man, it's been a while since I
drank this shit! Come on, I need
He drinks. And again Noah tries to figure out his words with
thoughtful look, but says nothing this time. Noah drinks,
screwing up his face.
                                         CUT TO:
David and Noah come up to the bar's door. David has an
unlight cigarette in his mouth.
Wait, I need to take a leak. I'll
catch up with you.
David leaves the bar.


Drunken David stays at the door, swaying and smiling. He
brings a match to the cigarette but freezes for a while,
A, whatever! There won't be
another chance.
He lights up a cigarette, inhales and begins to cough. At
the same moment a car drives up to the bar. Swaying, David
looks at two big heavies getting out of it. The guy, who
attacked David by the elevators, is staring at him from the
car's window. One of the heavies punches David under the jaw
and knocks him out. They grab him and push into the car
quickly. It starts and drives away.
Noah is watching what's happened through the bar's window.
He runs outside as quick as he can.
The car that took David is at the hotel's entrance.
David comes to in the wide, lofty room decorated with a
large chandelier. He finds himself being tied to a
high-backed chair. Mr. Coolidge is standing in front of him.
Two big heavies are behind him.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You were out for too long. It
seems my boys have overdone the
greeting. Please don't be
offended, they have bad manners.
David looks at him confused.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I apologize for this uncomfortable
He points at David's tied hands.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Standard precautions. My name is
mister Coolidge and yours?
Mister Lee.


                       MR. COOLIDGE
Please to meet you, mister Lee. I
would shake your hand, but you
So untie me.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Oh, no. That I can't do.
He examines David, smiling.
Why not?
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Because I like you, mister Lee,
even though you reek of alcohol.
My intuition tells me that you're
a good interlocutor. So we could
have a nice conversation. And
because you'll give me the
priceless information that I want
to know. So… I wouldn't like you
to get hurt, trying to escape from
me. And by the way, I took your
Children shouldn't play with fire.
That's very kind of you… So what
is this priceless information?
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You tell me. Don't you have some
good news from up there that you
wanna share with me?
What do you mean?
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I mean the upper plane, mister
Lee. You came down from there,
didn't you?
He stares at David.


That's ridiculous! Do I look like
Mr. Coolidge watches David very carefully, putting his long
and index fingers to his lips. He examines his clothes and
his stubbled face.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
No, you don't.
He thinks about something for a while, tapping his lips with
his fingers.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You know, mister Lee, I really
want to get up there. Because life
in this miserable rotten place is
below a person of such
intelligence as me! I hope you
But you're frustrating me, because
you're not telling me what I want
to hear. To be exact…
How… can I get… up there…?
So yes, mister Lee, you really
don't look like you came down…
externally at least. But he thinks
otherwise for some reason.
Coolidge motions for his heavies to bring someone in the
room. The guy, who attacked David by the elevators, is
brought in. He's scared and nervous.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Come and join us please.
He invites him to approach with a nod.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Is this the person?
He points at David.
Yes, that's him! He came down from
up there and shot at me with that


He touches his chest, writhes. Coolidge looks at David with
his eyes full of questions.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
That is so interesting!
      (to David)
Would you like to comment?
David is silent for a while.
Are you joking with me or what,
mister Coolidge? Because I don't
get it. You brought some ragged
guy here and made him point at me
for some reason I don't
understand. So what's that
supposed to lead to? Make me
nervous? Well, I'm not. Because
he's talking rubbish! So, if you
wanna accuse me of something,
you'd better find someone else.
Come on! Look at him! He's a
Coolidge frowns.
He's lying! It was him! I remember
Listen, who are you gonna believe?
The man you could have a nice
conversation with, as you said
before? Or the junkie who can't
put two words together? So what do
you think, which of us is used to
He looks at Coolidge. Coolidge considers it intently.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
We're gonna find out…
He comes up to one of his heavies and snatches his pistol
out. Then comes back to David and grabs him by the collar,
pressing the pistol to his forehead.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You both think you're smarter than
the rest of us? I've been ruling


                       MR. COOLIDGE (cont'd)
this city for years! And all here
will submit to my will, whether
they want to or not! You think I
can't recognize the truth?
David looks at his deranged face. Coolidge turns to the guy
fast. He releases David and grabs the guy now, begins to
shake him. The guy yells and his legs are buckling under
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You think you can put on a show,
you think I'll buy it? You both
take me for a fool, ha?
He looks at the guy madly. Tears are rolling down guy's
face. Coolidge pushes him away sharply. And the sobbing guy
crashes down to the floor.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I! Must! Get! Up there!
Breathing heavily, furious Coolidge looks at David and then
at the guy. Then he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes
suddenly, trying to calm down. He stands still for a while.
There is tension in the air. Only the guy's sobbing disturbs
the silence. David is silent.

Mr. Coolidge opens his eyes.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
So, would you both finally explain
to me what is going on?
I told you the truth! He came down
in the elevator. And he shot at
Mister Coolidge, I feel sorry for
this guy, but I have to tell it as
it is, because you'll kill me
otherwise. I did see him by the
elevators, but he was stoned. He
jumped me so I had to knock him
out. What else could I do? But I
didn't shot at him. That's how it


                       DAVID (cont'd)
And I got a witness – my buddy, he
was there with me, and you can
question him at any time you want.
Coolidge looks at David angrily, screwing up his eyes. He's
thinking. David tries to look natural.
                       DAVID (VO)
Shit, I'll be dead if he decides
to check it out.
Coolidge turns his attention to the guy. The guy opens his
mouth, but the words stick in his throat:
He's… he's lying…
Coolidge keeps thinking. He looks back and forth between
David and the guy. David seems to look tranquil, but the guy
is really nervous.

Coolidge looks confused but is uncomfortable about it, then
his face turns red and his lips begins to tremble. His face
becomes mad again. He raises his pistol and he fires at the
guy till it's empty.
                       DAVID (VO)
God! He's a complete psycho!
David looks at the dead body pityingly. He closes his eyes.
                       DAVID (VO)
I had to say that. He would kill
me otherwise.
A pool of dark blood forms around the body. Coolidge is
silent for a while, and then he turns to David.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I will be brief, mister Lee: let's
forget about this silly incident.
I've enjoyed the conversation so
He turns away from David and walks off, as if he were
leaving a stage. He stands by a window alone, looking out.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
      (to the heavies)
Untie him and let him go.


But what about the dead asshole?
The heavy looks at the body. Mr. Coolidge keeps looking out.
He sighs.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I told you not to swear!
I'm sorry, mister Coolidge.
He hangs his head guiltily.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Haven't you seen a dead body
before? Stop acting like children!
He's still muttering something to himself, but he's already
left us. He has his own world there, by the window. David
breathes a sigh of relief, squeezed his eyes shut. They
begin to untie him.
David leaves the hotel and walks down the street. Noah runs
up to him suddenly.
David! That's him! He's got my
girl! There, in the building! He
won't let her go!
Noah looks desperate. He's breathing heavily. David looks at
him, puzzled.
So what's the plan?
I… I don't know! Fuck! He's got
her, man! She's right there, in
the building! And I'm so close
here! So fucking close! O, fuck!
David thinks it over, frowning. Noah is twitching nervously.
What do you want me to do? Go back
in there?


No! I didn't mean that!
But should we give it a try? But
that doesn't make any sense,
right? O, man, I don't know! I
love her so much…
He is crushed.

David thinks it over, rubbing at his eyes. He looks back and
forth between the hotel and Noah's pale, unhappy face.

David feels sympathy for him.
Shit! Okay, maybe you're right. We
should give a try. What's her
Noah lifts his face. There is a flash of hope in his eyes.
He goes back to the hotel.
The same room. Coolidge moves toward David.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Mister Lee! You're the first
person who came back to my side of
your own free will. Did I impress
you so much?
I came with an offer.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Hmm… what's that?
That guy…
He looks at the pool of blood, the body's already gone.


There was some truth in his words.
Coolidge becomes tense in a moment. He looks spitefully at
I'm not from the upper plane,
really. But I know the guy who was
there recently.
Coolidge keeps staring at him.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Why is it that people around me
know what is going on?
He looks at the pool of blood, than at David again.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
And yet I don't. I find this
strange, mister Lee, don't you?
I can prove it! The guy will tell
you everything… in detail. I'm
serious, trust me. I'm not lying
to you. Or I wouldn't ask anything
in return, would I?
David looks at his reaction. Coolidge thinks over.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Let's suppose that. And what is it
you want in return?
One of your girls.
Coolidge is surprised.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
That's it?
Yes. It would cost you nothing to
exchange a whore for the priceless
information about the upper plane,
right? I know the address. I will
go there with you… personally. No


Coolidge thinks it over.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
So much concern over the upper
plane, but okay!
He claps his hands.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
It's only because we can have such
a pleasant conversation together.
I believe you.
He turns to the door.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
The heavy comes into the room.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Go along with mister Lee. He'll
tell you where.
      (to David)
Then you come back together. We'll
have a talk!
A mad smile on his face.
David, two heavies and DELILAH leave the hotel. Delilah runs
to Noah and gives him a hug. The heavies are waiting for
David to sit in the car. But he steps aside.
I'll be right back.
The heavies become tense instantly, stopping him.
Take it easy, guys! I just wanna
say something.
He goes up to Noah. Noah looks at him with thanks.
Go to the old cemetery. There's a
shelter for old people. Ask for
Eve. Help her and wait for me
there, I'll come back.


Noah nods. David goes back and gets into the car. It drives
The car drives up to it.
It's a dirty and untidy apartment. It looks to dirty even
for the Lower Plane.
EZRA's asleep on the sofa, wearing boxers and a T-shirt. He
has the bottle of alcohol in his arm.
The door is knocked out with a crash. Coolidge's heavies
burst into the apartment. David comes in after them.
Ezra comes to his senses and jumps up, but the heavies are
already in the room. One of them punches him in the stomach
and he bends coughing. The heavies grab him under his arms
from both sides.

David comes into the room. Ezra is looking at him, sniffing
and coughing.
Got you!
      (to the heavies)
I think he won't say anything just
like that…
The heavies exchange glances with each other, nod to each
other. David leaves the living room, touching his wounded
shoulder. A satisfied smile comes to his face.
                                         CUT TO:
Ezra is still held by the heavies, his face is bloodied,
bruises everywhere; his T-shirt is stained with blood. It
seems he's been treated without mercy. David comes into the
room again.
      (to the heavies)
Guys, would you leave us alone?


They eye him with suspicion.
It would make it easier for me to
get the information out of him.
He points to Ezra. The heavies continue to eye him.
Hey, look, I can't run away from
I'll get the information and we'll
take it straight to your boss.
Again the heavies exchange glances. Then they release Ezra
and leave the living room.

David closes the door after them and notices the key in the
lock. Camera focuses on the key in the lock.
      (to Ezra)
You didn't expect me, right?
Ezra breathes heavily, holding his side. He looks at David
with anger. David comes up to him.
You know, it really hurts, when
somebody's shooting at you.
He punches Ezra in the stomach. Ezra bends again. David
grabs him around the neck.
I know everything you shit! You're
a goddamn murderer of peaceful
citizens! A loser, fucked by life!
People like you are always trying
to hurt others so as not to feel
your own weakness!
Who the fuck are you?!
You bastard! You went up there,
you killed two people! I know!
He punches him again.


What the fuck are you talking
He looks at David spitefully. David squeezes his neck hard.
Those guys with me, do you know
who they work for?
I guess.
Their boss is deranged, believe
me. And if you have a talk with
him, it will be a very, very
unpleasant one. I don't think he
will take this bullshit!
What bullshit? What is this all
David shakes him.
You got up there and killed two
people with the knife that you've
won from a biker in the gambling
He punches him again.
Stop it, you motherfucker! I
didn't go anywhere! Lay off me!
They found your knife beside the
bodies! You won it! And you shot
at me, when you knew that I was
looking for you!
Ezra spits with blood.


I shot at you because I thought
you belong to one of the gangs. I
thought you were going to waste
Bullshit! You won that knife and
killed two people! I know it!
Fuck you! I didn't kill anyone!
Then who did?!
I don't' know! Maybe… Rufus!
Rufus?! Your silly friend?
He's not my friend! Just a guy, we
work together sometimes.
You think I'm gonna believe that?
He asked me about that knife, I
remember him saying that he might
find a good use for it. And yes, I
won it, so what? I don't give a
shit about it! I don't even
remember what happened to it!
David thinks it over, holding Ezra's neck. He looks a little
                       DAVID (VO)
That skinny asshole? No way!
      (speaks out loud)
You're lying!
He swings his hand again. Ezra spits with blood:
I'm not ly-i-i-ing!!! Why the fuck
are you pushing me?! So, I shot at
you and I'm sorry! I thought you
were going to kill me! I didn't go


                       EZRA (cont'd)
anywhere, I told you! What the
fuck do you want from me?
He breathes heavily, looking at David's eyes. David watches
him, thinking it over.
                       DAVID (VO)
Damn, this bastard is telling the
He looks closely at his face.
                       DAVID (VO)
Mad, scared face, but it doesn't
look like he's lying. He didn't do
David releases him. Ezra falls on the sofa, coughing and
                       DAVID (VO)
Was it really Rufus? Damn it!
He examines the living room.
Do you have a gun?
Ezra breathes heavily:
In the hallway. In my jacket.
He picks up his bottle, but it's already empty. It throws on
the floor.
How stupid… You took a bottle, but
left your gun.
Ezra grins.
Be quiet!
He comes up to the door and opens it, taking the key out of
the lock, without being noticed. Coolidge's heavies enter
the room.
It's all right, guys. I've found
it all out. Mister Coolidge will
be pleased. Come on, take him, we


                       DAVID (cont'd)
gotta go.
They come up to Ezra and pick him up. David runs out of the
room fast and locks it. He throws the key away.

The heavies begin to hammer on the door.

David takes Ezra's gun and leaves the apartment fast.
David leaves the building and sees the car, left by
Coolidge's heavies.
Rufus comes up to the door and takes the key out of his
                       DAVID (OS)
It's been a while, Rufus.
Rufus turns round. Again David presses him to the wall,
drawing his pistol. And again frightened Rufus looks at him,
considering what is going on.
What do you want? I told you
David grabs him and turns his face to the door.
Open it.
Rufus is taking time.
Open it!
Rufus begins to open it.
Rufus is pushed into apartment. He falls down on the floor.

David comes in after him. Rufus rolls over on his back and
starts backing away. David follows him with his gun ready.


Don't… please…
Damn it, Rufus! You can't imagine
how tired I am of chasing you
bastards trying to figure out what
is going on!
Please, don't…
Why can't you bastards live
without harming other people? Why
are you doing this?
What have I done to you?
Not to me, Rufus. You know to
whom. I'm just trying to
understand "why"? So tell me why?
Tell you what?
How could you kill two people and
go on with your life, pretending
like nothing happened?
Rufus becomes still, looking at David, frightened.
That was you, right?
He raises his gun, aiming at Rufus.
You got up there and you killed
two people.
I'm not to blame!
Sure, you're not. You're just a
worthless murderer. You can't feel
any guilt, can you?


I just… took my chance! I didn't
want this to happen! I'm sorry!
That man… It was him! He asked me
and I just couldn't refuse!
David knits his brows.
You do know this place. Everything
is so bad here. And that man… He
promised to give me anything that
I want.
Who are you talking about?
The man, from up there, I don't
know his name.
What man? What the hell are you
talking about?!
He pounces on Rufus and pulls him roughly to his feet,
shakes him.
A man from up there asked you to
commit murder? Bullshit!
That's how it was! I swear!
David slaps his face. Rufus becomes silent, letting out a
sob. David looks at him with hate.
We're not like you, do you
understand? We don't kill people!
Not like us?
So you're from up there too?
David looks at him with pain on his face, with desperation.
He throws Rufus back to the floor.
Tell me the truth, Rufus!


It is truth, I swear! I'm telling
the truth! I can prove it!
He gets up. David raises his pistol again.
I'll prove it! Come on… Come on…
He points to the door of the room and walks over slowly.
David follows him, his gun aimed at Rufus.
I'll prove it!
They come into the room. There is a new and futuristic
stereo on the table. It's obvious that the stereo doesn't
belong to the Lower Plane.
Here! It's a stereo. He gave it to
David looks at it without a word. Shock, surprise and sudden
pain come over his face.
I just wanted to enjoy some music.
I've never heard music…
Where did you get that?!
That man gave me. He told that
he'll give me anything if I do as
he asked.
He pounces on Rufus again, takes him by the collar.
      (almost crying)
You're… lying…
He's breathing hard. His arms are weakening. Rufus falls to
the floor and crawls away. David's staring ahead with vacant


It can't be…
Rufus watches his confusion.
It's true. Where else could I get
He points to the stereo. David stares ahead.
I don't know how. But you must
have got up there and stolen it.
How could I do that? Think about
it. We don't have access to the
elevators. We can't go up there.
It's impossible!
He looks at David. David is drained. It seems like he's in a
You think it's only here that
people can commit crime?
He looks sideways. A pistol can be seen there, on the shelf.
I've been living for thirty years
and I've never met an innocent
With his eyes fixed on David, Rufus moves his hand to a
pistol carefully and slowly. David raises his gun quickly.
Rufus freezes.
And those who you've killed. What
about them?
Rufus is silent.
On your feet!
Rufus stands up slowly. David comes up to him and punches
him beneath the jaw knocking him out.


David drags Rufus to the car, taken from Coolidge's heavies.
He opens the trunk and pushes him into it. Then he gets into
the car and drives away.
The car stops by the sheds and David gets out. Everybody is
there: Eve, Eli, Noah and Delilah. Eli is getting out a big
box of food from his car, he gives David a nod. David walks
toward them.
David! God, it's good to see you,
man! Are you ok?
Damn, I'm so happy!
He kisses Delilah's cheek.
We are so thankful to you!
CLOSE SHOT: David's tired face.

He looks at Eve. She's standing not too far from them and
talking to an old mister Calhoun.
Are you sure you ok?
      (forcing a smile)
I'm glad you're all right.
He gives a nod to Delilah and shakes Noah's hand. He goes
over to Eve.
                       MR. CALHOUN
      (to David,
It's you! You've come back! I've
been waiting for so long!
David doesn't pay attention to him. He comes up to Eve.


It seems mister Calhoun is really
happy to see you.
She smiles. But the old man retires into himself suddenly,
he looks away. David looks straight at her eyes.
I came to say goodbye.
Eve becomes serious, purses her lips. She doesn't answer him
right away, thinking about something.
It's clear that she's upset, but she's trying to hide her
feelings and make no sign to David. They look at each other
in silence. David tries to say something:
Eve holds up her hand.
Do what you have to do.
I no longer know what I have to
They both are silent again. Eve forces a smile.
Do me one more favor. Bring mister
Calhoun to that shed.
She points to the shed then drops her eyes. David tries to
say something else, but can't. He takes the wheelchair and
moves it to the shed. But its wheels run over uneven ground
and Mister Calhoun drops his wooden box. It falls out from
his hands and hits the ground. And it opens. Some statuettes
fall from it on to the ground.
                       MR. CALHOUN
My angel!
David stops. He's going to pick it up, but freezes. His face
becomes surprised and terrified at the same time.


CLOSE SHOT: things from the box.

There are statuettes, made of black old metal, looking very
much like the angel statuette that we've seen at the house
of David's parents in the Upper Plane. David picks one up
off the ground – it's an angel figure, the same as he has.
He turns to the old man. The old man groans, holding his
hands out.
      (with emotion)
Where did you get this?
He shows the old man the statuette.
                       MR. CALHOUN
My angel! My angel!
David squats before him and snatches the wheelchair. The old
man turns his head away, clutching his chest. He's
Hey! I said where did you get
The old man keeps looking away. David starts to shake the
wheelchair. The old man begins to cry.
                       MR. CALHOUN
My angel! Give it to me!
Eve notices what's going on.
      (in trance)
Where is it from?! Who gave it to
The old man's crying loudly. Eve runs up to them and shoves
David away.
What are you doing?
      (to Mr. Calhoun)
Who gave it to you?!
Eve pushes him in the chest.
What the fuck is wrong with you?


David turns his mad face to her. Eli, Noah and Delilah
approaches them, they're all alarmed.
      (to Eve)
Where did he get these statuettes?
These are his statuettes! He used
to make them himself. When he
could still make things.
Tears are welling up in David's eyes. He stares ahead, his
lips are trembling. Everybody, alarmed, watches him.
What's the matter?! Tell me!
These statuettes…
He puts his hands to his eyes. A tear is rolling down his
No answer.
David, what's going on?!
At this moment we can hear the sound of an engine and
squealing tires. There are two cars, crammed with Coolidge's
heavies, moving toward the sheds.

Everybody but David turns round.
Some of the heavies lean out and start shooting at the

A panic ensues.

Noah and Delilah bend down. Old men begin to fuss. Eli runs
toward his car. Eve, scared, starts shaking David.
David! David!


David comes to his senses, looks around. There are more
gunshots. David takes Eve's hand and they run to his car.
Noah and Delilah follow them. They hide behind the car.
                                         CUT TO:
Eli gets out a big, large-caliber gun from his car and
starts shooting back. He destroys one of the cars and kills
everyone inside. Several heavies climb out of another car,
David's car.
Get inside! Quick!
Everybody gets inside, David starts the car.
                                         CUT TO:
Eli still shooting back. He wrecks the second car. He's out
of ammo. David drives up to him at this moment.
Get in! Hurry!
Eli gets in. The car pulls away. Two more cars appear in the
There is Mister Coolidge with an angry and crazy face.
Everybody is in a panic.
Where did they come from?
      (to Noah)
Did anyone follow you?
I don't know! I didn't see anyone!
He looks at the mirror. Coolidge's cars are approaching


David takes out the distress device of his pocket and pushes
the button.
What's that?
A distress signal.
One of Coolidge's heavies leans out and starts shooting.
Everybody in David's car bends down.
Damn it!
David gives him his pistol. Eli starts shooting back through
the window.
We won't last long this way! We're
running out of ammo!
We gotta hole up. At least for
some time. The backup is coming!
I know some abandoned warehouses
in this area.
Take a right!
David makes an abrupt right turn. Coolidge's cars miss the
turn and break.
Coolidge is getting really nervous:
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Hurry! Hurry up, you morons, God
damn you!
The cars make a U-turn.


Noah points to a building.
Over here! Over here!
The car stops. Everybody gets out and runs into the
David locks the door. Everybody breathes heavily in silence.
The cars are screeching outside. Headlamps are hitting
through windows. The doors of the cars are slamming.
Mister Coolidge gets out of the car gracefully,
straightening his blue suit. Then he spits on the ground
contemptuously and looks around.
Everyone sits in silence, listening.
                       MR. COOLIDGE (OS)
Mister Lee!
Everyone exchanges glances.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Mister Lee! You have disappointed
me! I thought our collaboration
would produce some results, damn
it! You're a fucking dead man Mr.
Lee! No one can stand me up like
He snatches a pistol out of a heavie's hand and starts
waving it.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Do you know, what will I do, when
I get you all out of there? I'll
break your legs and make you all
dance, writhing with pain. And
I'll enjoy the show, you fucking


He's a psycho…
I know.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
You played me like a fool! Right
under my nose! Keeping me from
getting up, you bastard? Well, I'm
gonna tear your hand with that
chip off and it will be my pass to
a new life. You got that?
What chip? What is he talking
David, Eve and Eli look at him in silence.
      (to David)
You're from up there?
Everybody keeps silent.
Fuck me! So that's way you're not
like others.
There isn't time to explain.
      (to Eli)
How much ammo do we got?
Not enough.
They don't know about it, right?
Eli frowns confusedly.
We gotta pretend we can shoot


But they're not shooting.
They will. But we must make them
think they won't take us that
Eli nods, goes over to a window and breaks it. He makes a
few shots.
The heavies and Coolidge crouch down and start shooting
back, spitting out fire at the building.
Everybody falls to the floor.

Shots are smashing windows and hitting walls. It stops after
a while.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Are you still alive, pig?! Or did
my boys already send you skywards?
He laughs.
                       DAVID (OS)
No chance, you fucking psycho!
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Wow, I see your manners are far
from ideal, mister Lee! And I was
almost thinking you people up
there are true gentlemen!
Fucking psycho! He's crazy.
      (to David, scared)
What should we do?
We have to play for time.


He looks around, thinking it through. But there's nothing
A couple more shots. Then they'll
realize that we are empty.
David keeps thinking it through.
This psycho loves to talk. We can
use this.
He moves closer to the window.
What are you doing?
It's okay.
Coolidge waits.
                       DAVID (OS)
Hey, Coolidge!
                       MR. COOLIDGE
I'm listening, asshole!
                       DAVID (OS)
You said this place is below a
person like you. But I disagree.
Coolidge knits his brows.
                       DAVID (OS)
Do you really think you can go up
there and live like other people?
Come on! You'll never be a part of
that society! You're a murderer,
Coolidge! And you'll never reform.
This is where you belong, in mess
and darkness!
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Don't you dare to talk to me like
that, rat!
He starts shooting at the building.


Everybody ducks again.
      (to David)
That was a bad idea.
He was more polite before.
Coolidge stops shooting.
                       DAVID (OS)
You wanna shoot, go on. But that's
not the way to do business.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
That's exactly the way it is done,
don't you get it yet, you mommy's
boy? Are all people up there like
you? Maybe I should shoot all of
you when I get there? What do you
                       DAVID (OS)
It won't happen, Coolidge. You
know that.
Coolidge is silent for a while, and then he makes a gesture
with his hands, calling his heavies to attack. They start
spitting out fire at the building again. Some of them start
moving closer to it. And Eli shoots one through the window.
Everybody is lying on the floor. Eli falls to the floor by
the window.
I'm empty!
Shots keep hitting walls. There is an appalling noise.
A dazzling light explodes the darkness suddenly. An armored
car is driving up. Confused, Coolidge's heavies start
shooting at it, squinting against the glare.

Soldiers, armed with impulsive guns, are climbing out of the


car. They all have helmets and powerful bullet-proof vests.
They start shooting.
David stands up.
They are here.
He looks out the window. The battle is under way. David runs
up to the door and unlocks it.
What you gonna do?
Finish this conversation!
      (to Eli)
Everyone is to stay here.
Eli nods. David runs outside.
David runs crouching to one of Coolidge's cars and hides
himself behind it. He looks round. The battle is in

The bullets hit the soldiers vests but don't harm them. But
Coolidge's heavies are falling to the ground, unconscious,
one by one. David runs to the armored car.
      (on the run)
Lieutenant David Lee. Don't shoot!
The soldier lowers his gun. David squats beside him. The
soldier salutes:
Glad to see you. You're just in
time. I need a gun!
The soldier pulls an impulsive pistol out of his holster.
David takes it and crouches behind the armored car.

The last of Coolidge's heavies hits the ground, unconscious.
Coolidge moves cautiously somewhere behind the cars. He
finds a shotgun and bends down to take it. But David treads


down on it before he can pick it up. Coolidge raises his
head and sees the barrel of the impulsive pistol.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Mister Lee! Have you changed your
mind? Are you taking me with you?
It won't happen, I told you.
                       MR. COOLIDGE
Oh, fuck you! I'll get up there
anyway! If not now, later!
No, you won't.
He shoots at Coolidge's chest, crushing him to the car's
door. Then he looks round.

Nobody is shooting now. Everything is still.
                       SOLDIER (OS)
Lieutenant Lee!
David lifts his hand.
I'm here!
He comes out with his hand up.
My friends are in the building! Do
not shoot!
Eli, Eve, Noah and Delilah are leaving the building. David
goes toward them.
Lieutenant, we gotta leave! Hurry!
The man, who committed the double
homicide, is in the trunk. Get him
out of there and take him with us.
The keys are in the car… I'll be
right back.


He points to the car, taken from Coolidge's heavies. Some of
the soldiers run to it.

David comes up to Eve. They look in to each other's eyes.
And again he tries to say something but stops short.
I know.
I just want you to know. Of all
the best moments in my life, you
Eve puts her finger to his lips.
David, you can't just divide
everything between good and bad.
Between up and down. Wherever we
She looks at his eyes.
We are still human beings.
David, silently, looks in to her eyes. He kisses her. They
melt in each other's kiss.

One of the soldiers pulls David's hand.
Lieutenant! We really have to go.
We're aliens here.
David follows the soldier, turning his had to Eve. Eve, Eli,
Noah and Delilah are watching him leave. Two soldiers push
Rufus into the armored car. David gets into it after them.
The car starts.
David looks at Eve through a small window.
No, we're not.


CLOSE SHOT: Eve's sad face.
                       ELI (OS)
      (to Eve)
We should go.
He lays his hand on her shoulder.
Come on. He'll be all right.
They go to one of the cars.
                                         FADE TO BLACK.
David lies in a bed. He opens his eyes. Chief Felix Leman
sits on the edge of the bed. David examines him silently.
The contrast is everywhere. The room is bright, clean and
comfortable. All items are modern and futuristic.
Glad to see you, Lee.
Me too. How am I?
The boys said you were tough till
the end. But after getting here
you passed out.
David thinks back, remembers.
The doctor said you were
completely exhausted.
He bows his head suddenly and becomes gloomy.
And… the wound on your shoulder…
It's getting better, but… Lee, If
I only knew that would happen…


Hey, it's okay. I'm here.
Felix sighs painfully. Then he nods and rises from the bed.
David sits up.
I did it, Felix. I found him.
Yes, you did well, Lee.
Where is he now?
In a cell. He's been questioned