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Pirate screenplay

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Pirate Calico is taken captive on a slave ship and must free himself and the other slaves before its to late.

PIRATE CALICO CRISS is a fictitious pirate that sails the Cayman Islands. All characters appearing in my screenplays are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow the Disney character is purely coincidental PIRATE CALICO CRISS is better looking, stronger, younger and smarter, he also likes magic and wears calico skullcaps or calico bandannas at times more like the known real pirate Calico Jack. Then again their were many many pirates. My screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America, West as well as the U.S. Copyright office.


High seas rain and wind are what the "QUEENS ROSE" British
war ship is struggling thorough. Inside the Captain's
debate with REVEREND JOSEPH. Reverend Joseph has a large
wood cross tied with rope around his neck.
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
We just can't kill this prisoner
there are laws.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
I know of this man he's a devil.
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
We're only two weeks away from
Port Clay.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
Look even the seas have turned
against us since we brought him on
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
A fair naval trial for the man at
Port Clay.
                       LIEUTENANT NORTON
Sir stories are spreading. He has
nine lives and any ship he's on
goes down.
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
I can't let you do this there are
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
There are naval laws and laws of
the sea. I've made my decision.
Below deck its dark. Water is dripping in from above. A
single lantern is swinging from the waves. Three sailors sit
near an iron cage with pistols ready GUARD HARVY, GUARD


                       GUARD HARVY
He doesn't look that tough to me.
                       GUARD SIMSON
Oh he is.
                       GUARD TOMMY
He looks like a rat in a trap to
                       GUARD SIMSON
Don't be fooled. He's the most
treacherous pirate there is.
That's Pirate Calico Criss.
The men look at the cage as Calico's face comes out of the
dark up to the iron slats.
A clear day as the sailors line up on deck. A DRUM ROLL beat
is played by a sailor. Captain Quinter stands near Calico as
crewmen drape chains over both shoulders like suspenders and
around Calico's waist and between his legs. A vest and belt
of chains. A chained cannon ball is handed to Calico to

Another sailor puts Calico's sword in his belt. A sailor
puts a large lock on the chains fixing them all together
then hands Captain Quinter a skeleton key. Captain Quinter
puts the key in the lock and locks it. There is a barrel
near the plank and Captain Quinter places the key on it.
Reverend Joseph bible in hand is watching Calico.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
You Pirate Calico Criss have been
found guilty of piracy on the high
seas. Any last words sir?
I would have preferred the trial
in Port Clay.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
A pirates death for you to be
chained and walk the plank. Take
Sailors are moving Calico toward the plank. Lieutenant
Norton takes out his sword. Reverend Joseph steps between
the plank and Calico.


                       REVEREND JOSEPH
Sir I must give this man my
blessing before you send him off.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
Make it fast.
Reverend Joseph gets near Calico and whispers in his ear.
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
Break the cross.
Reverend Joseph takes his cross off and places it around
Calico's neck. He puts the cross in Calico's hand then steps
back. The sailors lift Calico up on the plank. Lieutenant
Norton follows poking Calico with his sword in the back.

Calico's feet slowly slide down the plank until his feet are
on the edge. Calico looks up to the heavens. Lieutenant
Norton looks back at Captain Quinter who nods his head.
Norton gives Calico one last poke in his back. Calico falls
through the air then hits the water with a splash. Everyone
on board watching.
Calico sinks down into the water. His eyes wide open as he
hits the bottom. He drops the cannon ball.
Everyone is looking at Calico's bandanna floating in the
water. The silence is broken when a pistol shot RINGS out
from up above in the crow's nest. Everyone looks up at
SAILOR WILSON in the crows nest.
                       SAILOR WILSON
A pirate ship off the port bow!
Sailor Wilson points to the pirate ship. Captain Quinter
quickly moves to the upper bridge deck. Reverend Joseph
rushes to go below deck.
                       CAPTAIN QUINTER
Battle stations!
Calico's holding his breath looking at the cross he starts
to crush it with his hands, the cross starts falling apart.


He's breaking it apart and sees the skeleton key in it. He
grabs the key. He puts the key in the lock and unlocks it.
He fights to free himself from the chains. He swims off
toward the surface.
On deck the crewmen are rushing to their battle stations.
Below deck Reverend Joseph is rushing towards the back of
the ship. Sailors are loading their cannons. The reverend
pushing sailors out of his way but also saying "Bless you my
Son" to sailors going the opposite way going up on deck.
Calico's head pops out of the water. He takes a big gasp of
air treading water for dear life. He sees the ship leaving.
Below deck Reverend Joseph makes it to the back of the stern
near the back door for supplies. He pulls open the door. He
grabs an empty barrel and shoves it out the back door. It
splashes into the water. He looks around and sees some rope.
He takes the rope and quickly wraps it around another barrel
tying it firmly.

He shoves that barrel out the back door. Looking around he
spots some wood planks and throws them out as well. Now out
of breath he looks out the back door. He grasps his hands
together looks up to the heavens then down to the barrels
floating in the ocean.
                       REVEREND JOSEPH
If this man is innocent let him
find his way.
Reverend Joseph closes the door.
It's a beautiful day. ANNE BONNEY, ZAK SLATER, CAPTAIN
MILLTON and MARY BROWN are on deck. Captain Millton is the
"DOVES" captain. Beautiful MARY BROWN who's father Lord
Brown is from a wealthy family. Mary has her hair up with a


red bow in it. They are eating some fruit and talking. Her
majesties war schooner the "QUEENS KNIGHT" is sailing near
the "Dove" Merchant ship protecting her.
                       MARY BROWN
Anne what are your thoughts of the
land my father is giving you?
Mary Brown shows Anne and Zak a small map of the new port
town. She points to a marked off area.
                       MARY BROWN
Right here. The best plot of land
I could find for my best friend.
It's near town. I can't wait to
show it off to you and Zak
                       ANNE BONNEY
Mary you and your father are far
too kind.
                       MARY BROWN
And Zak wait until you see the
merchant shop I have picked out
for you.
Zak gives her a smile.
                       ZAK SLATER
And how did your father arrange
this naval escort?
                       MARY BROWN
You know my father.
Crewmen of the "Queens Knight" yelling and pointing
starboard grab Zak's attention. Zak looks back and sees a
large ship barring down on them.
A kettledrum is THUMPING. A large pirate flag is waving in
the wind. The large man-of-war pirate ship the "VULTURE"
painted tar black is at top speed cutting through the water.
The sails are gray and there are skulls hanging by their
hair from the masts poles. One small mast has a flag with a
Vulture head on it.

The bow of the ship has extra iron plating on it for
ramming. On the stern below the beautiful stain glass
windows near the nameplate is a skeleton tied to the back of


the ship dressed in pirate rags. The crew on this ship is a
mean nasty lot. Everyone who knows of the "VULTURE" fears
it. Up in the crow's nest pirate PHILIP on lookout yells
down to his crewman.
                       PHILIP (yelling down)
Two ships off port bow!
Pirate Philip is making hand signs to the men below pointing
and showing two fingers.
                       PHILIP (yelling down)
One war ship British class! One
CAPTAIN LONG BEARD on the bridge is a NASTY looking man with
a very long gray beard. He is consumed by the curse that is
on him. He also knows half his crew is ready for a mutiny.
He takes his spyglass looking in the direction the crewman
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
After them! Full speed! Come up
from behind them. Load them cannon
you dogs!
A pirate on deck is POUNDING their war beat on the
kettledrum. The Vulture cuts through the sea heading for the
two ships.
The British sailor CREWMAN JAMES in the crows nest yells
                       CREWMAN JAMES
Large ship coming up fast
On deck the older and not so swift anymore CAPTAIN HOLLY
takes his spy glass and looks back at the approaching ship.
                       CAPTAIN HOLLY
Ready your battle stations.
A bell is RINGING as the ships crew is making ready for


Below deck the crews are loading their cannons. On deck
pirates are loading their pistols and muskets. Other pirates
are making ready their swords, knives and swivel guns. On
the side of the "Vulture" the cannon are starting to poke
through the side cannon port holes.

The "Vulture" is now right behind and to the left of the
"Dove". The "Vulture" starts to pass the "Dove". As it
passes Captain Long Bead looks down at Anne, Zak and Mary
who are looking up at him. Captain Long Bead tips his hat to
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (yelling down)
Prepare to be boarded!
Soldiers are lined up on deck with their muskets ready. A
young officer has his sword up in the air ready. As the
"Vulture" pulls aside the "Queens Knight" Captain Holly
looks up to see the pirate flag. Too little to late.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
The cannons on the "Vulture" all BLAST off BOOM BOOM BOOM in
a cloud of smoke. At the same moment the swivel guns on the
deck rails BLAST off BOOM BOOM BOOM. A line of pirates with
muskets and blunderbuss all fire their guns BOOM BOOM BOOM
spraying the British soldiers and deck with shot. Before the
young British officer can yell fire he is shot several times
and falls as do many of the soldiers.
Below deck sailors are at their cannon stations. A cannon
ball rips through and EXPLODES. The sailors that were
standing there fall dead and wounded from the blast. Water
is rushing in. On deck the British soldiers start shooting
back hitting a few pirates. Below deck fire and smoke there
are several large holes and water is pouring in.
Captain Long Bread is screaming orders to his crew.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Port side turn port side! Turn
into the wind! Reload men reload!
The "Vulture" is turning to make another pass. The pirate
SNAKE is walking down the deck yelling orders to the
pirates. He's a muscular young man with snake tattoos
covering his body Captain Long Beard's loyal enforcer.
Reload you dogs reload!
One more pass and she's done.
Below deck the pirates are reloading their cannons. On board
the "Queens Knight" panic is breaking out. Sailors are
taking up there sails trying to slow the ship down. The
soldiers are reloading their guns and look to see the
Vulture turning for another pass.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Steady men don't get to close.
This time we'll hit em long range.
Site your cannon!
Snake yells down a hatch to pirates below deck.
                       SNAKE (yelling below deck)
Ready your mark at this range!
Pirate WINSTON next to Captain Long Beard is looking through
his spyglass at the "Queens Knight".
Looks like they're dead in the
water Sir.
Captain Long Beard is pacing along the side rail looking at
the wounded "Queens Knight". A hatch opens on deck and
Pirate JONATHAN'S head pops out.
Captain the cannon and range are
Captain Long Beard takes a deep breath.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
All the cannon on the Vulture BLAST off BOOM BOOM BOOM with
a cloud of smoke. You can hear the shells WHISTLE through
the air then they crash into the "Queens Knight" ship and
her rigging. The British war ship is listing to one side.


Water is pouring in below deck. The British crew and
soldiers are taking off some of their clothing getting ready
to abandon ship. Some sailors are jumping off the ship.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
The cannon on the Vulture BLAST off again BOOM BOOM BOOM.
The shells are WHISTLING through the air and strike the
"Queens Knight" war ship. Captain Long Beard and his crew
are looking at the "Queens Knight" ship as she goes under.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Lets get the other one!
The crew all cheer.
The "Dove" merchant ship is being tied to the "Vulture" by
pirates. Pirates scramble onto the "Dove". Captain Millton
pulls out his pistol and takes a shot BOOM at Long Beard.
The shot misses. Long Beard Shoots back BOOM. Captain
Millton falls dead at the women's feet. Mary is holding onto
Anne. Anne is holding onto Zak.

They all know they're out numbered. A few pirates have
pistols trained on them. Zak looks at the "Vulture" marksmen
have their muskets pointed at them. Pirates are taking
supplies off the merchant ship onto the "Vulture". Captain
Long Beard looking down at the women. Mary looks up to see
Long Beard. Mary thinking she has clout.
                       MARY BROWN
Sir, My name is Mary Brown and my
father is Lord Brown.
Long Beard with a smirk tips his hat to her.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (forceful)
Missy my name is Captain Long
Beard and my father was hung by
your father.
Mary is set back.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Take the two women.


                       ZAK SLATER
Sir. If I may. The ladies
responsibility is mine for safe
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastically)
You're not doing a very good job
of it.
A pirate hits Zak on the head with his pistol, Zak falls to
the deck. Two pirates tie his hands and feet pick him up and
throw him overboard. Anne seeing this starts fighting like a
wild cat screaming.
                       ANNE BONNEY (frightfully)
The pirates wrestle with her. It takes three pirates to hold
her. One grabs her legs another her arms. They carry her
toward the "Vulture". She is still kicking and screaming.
Mary is led away by a pirate.
Zak now conscious looks at his tied hands. He bends over and
pulls a dagger from his boot. He cuts the ropes on his feet
then his hands. He swims away under the "Dove".
Pirates forcing Anne and Mary on board the "Vulture".
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Tie and gag them.
It's bad luck to bring them women
on board.
Long Beard grins at him.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Bad luck, I have a curse on me.
I'm bad luck.
Anne still struggling with the pirates as they tie and gag
her. She falls to the deck making it harder for them.
As Mary is being gagged she takes a quick glance back at the
Dove. She sees crewmen are helping Zak out of the water. The
pirate holding her turns her around. Pirates free the lines
from the "Dove". The two ships are drifting apart.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Set sail.
Crewmen from the "Dove" are helping sailors from the sunk
"Queens Knight" out of the water. Sails on the "Vulture" are
dropping as she moves away from the "Dove".
The "VICIOUS DOG" Merchant ship is anchored in a cove. Men
in longboats are headed towards the beach. A party of eight
men are walking across the narrow island toward the other
side. MR. SHARP the mapmaker is holding some maps and
charts. As they clear the jungle brush they notice a
flimsily made hut of palm leafs.
They see a man with his back towards them leaning over a
fire cooking a fish on a stick. He is surrounded by a pile
of smashed coconut husks. They approach him with Pistols
drawn. The man looks ragged and dirty.
                       CALICO (talking to himself)
How long have I been here? A few
weeks... A few months...? What
year is it? Not one ship passed
Calico takes a bite of the blackened fish.
                       MR. SHARP
Mate are you in need of
Calico startled turns around and seven sailors from the
"Vicious Dog" are standing there behind him pistols pointed
at him. Calico can't believe his good luck.
Sir, yes. I need assistance.
                       MR. SHARP
You're in luck today. Our ship is
on the other side of the island. I
just finished charting the island.
Would you care to set sail with
                       CALICO (half delirious)
Yes Sir I would. Yes yes to set
sail. Lets set sail together.
Calico stands up and the men walk away together.


Calico Criss is being helped on board by crewmen and
welcomed by CAPTAIN TIBITS a fancy dressed very pompous
man. He wears power make up and a light colored wig.
Everything appears to be fine. A merchant ship with crates
stacked and tied in the center deck.
                       MR. SHARP
Captain Tibits I would like you to
Meet Calico Criss. We found him on
the island.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Welcome aboard the "Vicious Dog"
Sir. Captain Tibits at your
Thank you Sir. I'm Calico Criss.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
And may I ask Sir. How did you end
up here?
My ship was sunk, I was the only
one to make it. A bad storm.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Men get Calico Criss some water
and freshen him up, some new
clothes. Please join us for dinner
tonight. Tonight we'll make you a
good meal and talk and drink all
The Captain's cabin door opens. Mr. Sharp and Calico enter.
Calico dressed in a clean outfit hes all smiles. He is ready
for his first good meal in awhile. Calico takes a look
around. At the table is Captain Tibits and FIRST MATE HAMMER
a ruff looking man who runs the day-to-day work on board
ship. Captain Tibits is a bit drunk.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Calico Criss please do come in.
Have a seat. Lets eat drink and
Calico and Mr. Sharp sit at the table.


                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Calico Criss I would like you to
meet first mate Hammer. He runs
the ship for me and of course you
know our navigator Mr. Sharp.
Tell us again Calico Criss how did
you find yourself way out here
I was running a small merchant
ship when a bad storm blew up. It
took us down. I was washed up and
have been here about four months.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Well good luck for you we came by
and I'm sure you would have done
the same for us.
Of course I would Sir. The name of
this ship "Vicious Dog" I was just
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Oh the name Sir. When I was a
child I was attacked by a large
dog. I still have dreams about it.
So the name. But I be a trader. I
trade in cloth, silk, spices,
tobacco, tools, muskets, swords,
grain, whale oil anything I can
make money with.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
More rum Sir?
Calico holds out his mug. Hammer pours him some rum. Calico
drinks it down. Hammer pours him some more, grinning at him.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (feeling him out)
Drink your fill CAPTAIN.
                       CALICO (startled)
Captain. How did you know I was a
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
A captain you say? Captain Calico
Criss? When? What ship?


Calico's mistake in saying captain has him choking for
                       CALICO (nervous)
Years ago. A small ship. A small
merchant ship. Nothing like this.
A small ship.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
And her name? Maybe I know of her.
Aye, the Dutch. The "Dutch Boy". A
small ship that sunk.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (curious)
The ship you were captain of went
Not my fault. Poor workmanship.
Sank yards from the harbor. Leaks
all about.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
And pirate stories. Pirates
everywhere. That's why were headed
back to England. We hear tale
about a Captain Long Beard and his
crew. Absolute savages. Have you
heard of him? Or his ship the
No Sir I have not.
A face appears at the cabin door window. A sailor is trying
to get the attention of first mate Hammer. First Mate Hammer
acknowledges him.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Excuse me gentleman I'm called on
First Mate Hammer walks out to the sailer. Captain Tibits
passes a bowl of chicken to Calico. The men start to eat.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
The Queens navy has to stop them.
How can you trade and make a
living when pirates are running
about loose. Killing everyone.


Calico half listening eating and drinking.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
I told you I was a trader. But
this is my final voyage. It's back
to England and sell this ship.
                       MR. SHARP
Here here I'll drink to that.
Mr. Sharp gives a toast. The men raise their mugs.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Did I tell you our Mr. Sharp also
makes maps for the Queen's navy.
He's the best they have. That's
why we stopped at this island. He
was charting it. And he draws and
is very good at it I may add. He
is the ships navigator as well.
Only "sharp" man I have.
                       MR. SHARP
And that was my last map. Get me
back to England.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
And believe this. He's the only
one on this ship who knows how to
navigate it. I don't. I have no
idea were we are. This is my first
and last voyage out here. I had to
do this just to get my ship back
Calico is eating and drinking voraciously.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
The crew can't. Why they can even
read or write. I own four ships
but from now on someone else will
sail them. Not me. I'm going to
sell them off. I'm with you Mr.
Sharp the sooner we get home the
The men raise their mugs. And toast.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Calico did I tell you pirates
killed one of my brothers four
years ago.


Calico looks at the window of the cabin door watching First
Mate Hammer and the sailer talking. He looks back at Tibits.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Captain Tibits pours Calico more rum.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
A toast to my brother John.
The men click mugs and drink. First Mate Hammer and two
other crewmen return into the cabin. Hammer goes over to
Captain Tibits the other two men get behind Calico. Hammer
whispers into Tibits ear and hands him something under the
table. Captain Tibits looking on his lap at what first mate
Hammer handed him. Calico reaches into a bowl for another
piece of chicken and starts to eat it. The two crewmen are
standing behind him. Captain Tibits quickly pulls out his
pistol and points it at Calico's face.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (forceful)
Take him!
The two crewmen grab hold of Calico and stand him up. Tibits
stands up.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (angry)
How dare you!... How dare you!
Calico is looking down the barrel of Captain Tibits pistol.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (angry)
You're a pirate. You ate my food.
Drank my rum and you're a pirate.
Pirates killed my brother!
Calico is looking worried. Tibits's hand with the pistol is
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Look at this!
The two crewmen holding hard on to Calico as Captain Tibits
holds up a WANTED POSTER of a likeness drawing of Calico
Criss. Captain Tibits reads it.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Calico Criss. 5000 pieces of
eight. That's you!
Calico looking guilty knows he was just caught.


                       CALICO (nervous)
I can explain.
Captain Tibits moves around to Calico and takes his sword.
Then gets in his face.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (angry)
The crewmen take Calico from the cabin.
On deck Calico is tied up standing on a barrel with a noose
around his neck. Captain Tibits is holding a sword to
Calico's neck striking a pose. The whole crew is watching.
Mr. Sharp is making a DRAWING of the hanging event.
                       MR. SHARP
You will be famous Sir. The man
who single handed captured the
notorious pirate Calico Criss and
hung him. The Queen will make you
a knight.
Captain Tibits striking his pose for the drawing.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
I'll be a hero.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (addressing First Mate Hammer)
Get the slaves up here to witness
this. They to will know who to
fear. This will teach them all a
Mr. Sharp is adding the final touches to the title of the
EDWARD TIBITS CAPTAIN". The ragged looking slaves are being
brought on deck by first mate Hammer and some crewmen. The
slaves are in shackles. Calico looks at them as they pass.

A international group of slaves. There are men and women
from Africa, one woman is KIAA. Three Japanese women. A big
muscular man GAMBA from Africa. Chinese men one is MING LEE.
SEADOG a blind older pirate with SCARS down his CLOSED eye
lids. Two large Japanese sumo wrestler type men. Three
Polynesian men and three Polynesian women one is beautiful
TIKA. None of them speak and are seated on the side to watch
the hanging.


                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Sir about that reward?
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Yes I know. You me and your man
split the reward when we get it.
And the glory?
First Mate Hammer grins.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Sir the glory is all yours.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Mr. Sharp is the drawing finished
                       MR. SHARP
Yes Sir its done.
Mr. Sharp holds up the drawing so Captain Tibits can see it.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Very well. Well done. I like it.
Captain Tibits addressing Calico.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
As Captain of the "Vicious Dog" I
sentence you to death by hanging
for piracy.
Calico looks worried as First Mate Hammer tightens the
noose. Mr. Sharp interrupts.
                       MR. SHARP
Sir if I may say. If we hang him
now. His body is going to stink
and were two months from England.
If you keep him tied with the
slaves you can take him back
Calico choking a bit from the tight noose.
                       MR. SHARP
The court in England would love to
have a real pirate to put on
trial. What do you think?
Captain Tibits is looking at Calico thinking about it.


                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
That may be a good idea. What do
you think Mr. Hammer?
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (cold hearted)
I say hang him now sir.
Calico's eyes roll a bit.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
But then again.If we could bring
him in alive. A real wanted pirate
to be put on display could be
worth a lot of money. And we have
never had a slave escape.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
I'll agree to putting him with the
slaves but only if you let me take
the wind out of his sails. I don't
trust no pirate.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Then its settled. Mr Hammer I
entrust him into your care. Do
what you have to do.
First Mate Hammer removes the noose from Calico's neck. The
crew helps take him down. Calico breaths a sigh of relief.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
We'll give him twenty lashes with
the cat o nine tails.
Calico's face tightens.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
I can't watch this.
As Captain Tibits and Mr. Sharp return to the Captain's
quarters Calico is being tied to a whipping grid station.
His shirt is ripped down from his back. First Mate Hammer
whispers into Calico's ear. Grinning at him.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (cocky)
You ain't no captain.. no more.
The slaves squatting around the deck are watching Calico
take his whipping. Their faces flinch each time the whip
stings Calico's back. When Hammer is done whipping him a
sailor hands him a RED-HOT branding iron. It has a "V" on


                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
This is going to hurt. Captain my.
He rams the branding iron into Calico's shoulder. Calico's
face tightens from the pain. They untie him and he falls to
the deck.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Take him below. Chain him. No
water no food until I say.
Hammer eyes the slaves they lower their heads.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
This should be a lesson for the
rest of you. Take them all down.
The crewmen drag Calico away as guards are taking the rest
of the slaves below deck.
CAPTAIN FLOWERS an older British naval officer in command of
the naval base and the ship the "QUEENS EAGLE". He sits at
his desk arranging documents waiting for his guests to
arrive. There is a knock on the door. The door opens.
LIEUTENANT FIST shows Zak Slater into his office. Zak and
Captain Flowers shake hands and introduce each other.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
What news do you bring me?
                       ZAK SLATER
Sir your ship the "Queens Knight"
was sunk. They took Anne Bonney my
bride to be and Mary Brown, Lord
Browns daughter hostage.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes Sir sailors reported this to
                       ZAK SLATER
The pirate ship was the "Vulture".
The captain introduced himself as
Captain Long Beard.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I know of him Sir and of his ship.
He is the Queens Navy's most hated
outlaw. A fleet from England is on
its way to take care of that pest.
They should be here in a month or


                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS (cont'd)
                       ZAK SLATER
A month or so. Sir did I not say
my Anne and Mary Brown, Lord
Browns daughter were taken by
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes. You did. But at this time
there is nothing I can do about
                       ZAK SLATER
Sir you have a war ship. I saw it.
The "Eagle". Sir send it after
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Son the "Eagle" is in need of
repair. And as you can see its the
only ship I have for the defense
of Port Clay.
                       ZAK SLATER
The "Dove" has gone back to get
Lord Brown. He'll be here in three
days. Is there noting we can do
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I shall hurry dispatch to all the
ships in the area. And get word to
the Admiralty.
                       ZAK SLATER
That's all! That's all you can do?
Send word!
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
At this time. Yes. Did you say
Lord Brown is coming to Port Clay?
                       ZAK SLATER
Yes the crew on the "Dove" are
going to get him as we speak.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Lord Brown. I hear he is very
wealthy. Is that still true?


                       ZAK SLATER
Yes he's wealthy and a man of
action. He'll do everything
necessary to rescue his daughter.
Even if he has to he'll buy a
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I'm very sorry for the loss of
your beloved Anne. I know you're
distraught. But Lord Brown ....buy
a war ship?
                       ZAK SLATER
Sorry for my loss?! And all your
willing to do is send word.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
If you will excuse me. I have work
to do. And I'll see you in a few
days with Lord Brown. That is all.
                       ZAK SLATER
That is all?
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes Sir. That is is all. If you
can please show yourself out. I'll
see you in a few days.
Zak gets up and stomps out of the office. Slamming the door
as he exits.
Outside on the dock Zak is passing by the ship the "Queens
Eagle". He pauses. He looks at it and guards around it then
continues on.
On the main bridge PAN a wise older sailor who is the
speaker for all the pirates on the ship. Mary and Anne are
tied to posts and gagged. They look exhausted. Pan is
finishing giving Mary a drink of water. Pirate guards are at
their stations. Pan puts Mary's gag back on. Long Beard and
Snake are looking at maps. Pan approaches them.
Sir. If I may. The crew dose not
like the way you're treating the
ladies. It's upsetting to a lot of


                       PAN (cont'd)
the men.
Long Beard gives him a what the heck are you talking about
Sir half the men think you should
drop them off. It's bad luck to
have them here.
Long Beard walks over to Anne intending to intimidate her.
He takes the gag from her mouth down.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Tell me my "Lady". Is it bad luck
having you here?
Anne spits in his face. Long Beard is outraged. He looks at
two near by guards. Screaming at them.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
Tie her to the rack! Where is my
Goon? I'll teach her to spit in my
face! Ten lashes for this!
The pirate guards take Anne to the front rails tying her up
for a whipping. The GOON a large pirate wearing a leather
mask walks up near her with his cat of nine tails whip.
Sir you don't have to do this. She
doesn't know what shes doing.
Word spreads fast among the crew as they begin gathering to
watch. Pan moves over to Anne.
Miss tell him you're sorry.
Anne jerking at the ropes trying to free herself. Shes
                       ANNE BONNEY (upset)
He killed my Zak! He killed him!
                       ANNE BONNEY (sobbing)
You didn't have to kill him. You
beat him, you didn't have to kill
Long Beard moves closer to her in a shouting match.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
There's the one to lay blame on!
Missy Mary Brown there. I don't
take prisoners or hostages. But
she had to open her trap. Boasting
of her father. Now shes the bait!
Her father killed my father.
What's a good son to do?
Long Beard regains his composure, tugs his criss-et down.
Mary is tugging at her ropes trying to free her hands. Upset
crewmen gather chanting.
                       THE CREW (chanting)
No.. no.. no.. no.
A young crewman pirate GEORGE runs up the stairs with his
pistol aimed at Long Beard.
Let her go!
He fires his pistol BANG. The bullet SCREAMS past Long
Beards face. Long Beard quickly pulls his pistol and shoots
BANG the young sailor. George falls dead down the stairs.
The crew quiets. A pirate guard quickly hands Long Beard
another loaded pistol. All the pirates start taking out
their pistols and swords.

It looks like a civil war is about to break out. Guards on
the bridge move to the front pointing their guns at the
crewmen on the main deck. Crewmen on the deck pointing their
guns back at the guards. Crewmen split between loyal Long
Beard followers and Pan's men fed up with Long Beard. Long
Beard addresses the goon.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What are you waiting for? Rip her
shirt down and take the flesh off
her back!
                       THE CREW (chanting)
No.. no.. no no.
The Goon just looks back at Long Beard. Long Beard aims his
pistol at him.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I said ten lashes.


A rope drops down from the rigging not far from Long Beard.
Followed by SPIDER sliding down the rope. A handsome younger
pirate covered in spider tattoos in charge of the sails his
Sir I'll take her beating.
Long Beard looking around realizes the situation is way out
of control and full scale mutiny could start.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Chivalry is alive! Cut her down!
Put Spider in her place.
The Goon cuts Anne down. Spider moves over to take her
place. Anne notices a near by half asleep guard pirate
without his hand on his sword. She makes her move, pulling
the sword from the pirate's sword belt. Long Beard pulls his
sword out to hold her back. A few pirates including Snake
are ready to pounce on her. Long Beard is staring her down.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Hold on men...Miss what do you
think your going to do with that?
                       ANNE BONNEY (angry)
You killed my Zak and I'm going to
kill you.
Long Beard busts out laughing. Then the pirates.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You are? Your going to kill me?
                       ANNE BONNEY (voice shaking)
Long Beard laughs again. Then looks stern.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Little girl you should never take
a pirates sword. Put the sword
down now. I'll not ask you twice.
The sword in her hand is trebling she looks scared.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Captain Long Beard looking around for a moment thinking. The
other pirates on deck can't believe she doing this. Long
Beard looking for help.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Pan, make her drop it.
Miss please drop it. He'll kill
Anne holds fast. A few pirates move near her. She waves them
back with her sword.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Missy can you use that?
                       ANNE BONNEY
Yes I can.
Long Beard laughs again. Wipes his nose, then shoots her the
stink eye.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Tell you what Miss. We'll have
this duel if you wish. Just you
and me. Winner take all. If you
win and kill me the crew and ship
are yours. You're free. What say?
Her sword still shaking, still looking nervous. A little
sweat on her brow. She shakes her head yes.
                       ANNE BONNEY
The ship and crew would be mine?
We can go free?
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You heard right. Men did you hear
The men acknowledge they heard him.
Fight on deck! For the ship and
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
If anyone can't stomach this go
below. I won't back down from a
The men start passing word of the fight. Men from the
riggings are sliding down ropes for a better view. Men
coming up from below to the main deck.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Last chance, I'll give no quarter.
She doesn't waiver but steps back a little in a ready
stance. Long Beard touches the tip of his sword to hers.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
On guard.
He backs up then lunges at her. She moves out of the swords
way and the fight is on. He being a good swordsman puts her
on the defensive. Driving her back down the stairs to the
main deck. The crew is cheering. He is overpowering, backing
her up. Crewmen yelling out to them. Pirate HOPPER yells.
If she kills him she's our new
The men cheer, as Long Beard is backing her down the deck
side. Crewmen are still coming from below. Crewmen still
coming off the riggings. Half the men are cheering for her
half for him. She backs into pirate CHARLES on the side
Kill him Miss.
She spins off him to dodge a thrush by Long Beard's sword.
It lunges into pirate Charles gut. Long beard puts his
boot on his chest and pulls the sword out. Charles falls
dead to the deck. The crowd cheers as Long Beard stalks her.
Pirate CHASE yells.
Kill her Captain! We'll put her
pretty little head on the main
They have worked their way to the bow and are now fighting
down the other side of the ship. The men love it. Cheering
them both on. Pirate THOMAS yells.
Kill him Missy! We would love you
to be our new captain!
The men cheer. Then with a hard blow Captain Long Beard
knocks the sword from her hand. It flies into the air and
lands on the deck a few feet from her. The crowd is
silenced. You can hear a pin drop. Captain Long Beard gleams
at her. Pirate COTTON near her hands her his sword.


Take this Miss. Kill him!
The crew goes wild. Long Beard stabs at her cutting a small
piece of her dress off. Holding the cloth on the tip of his
sword he flips its up into the air. She's exhausted but is
determined to put one last rally together. As the Captain is
backing up a bit he stumbles and she seizes the opportunity.
Quickly she runs her sword into the Captain's heart clear to
the handle. She lets go of the sword.
He stager's back and falls landing on some crates his head
down his sword still in hand. Everyone is stunned and
silent. Pirate Cotton lifts Long Beard's head up, looks at
him lets go of his head and it drops.
She's killed the Captain!
A loud cheer goes up. Even Anne is surprised. Without notice
like a JACK IN THE BOX the Captain springs to his feet and
puts his sword tip to the base of her neck.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Not so fast Miss. You lose.
The men cheer. Anne is scared stiff with the site of Captain
Long Beard with the sword still sicking from his chest.
The crew is stunned as well. The Captain slowly turns around
to display the sword stuck in his chest.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Look here men. She broke my heart!
The men laugh and cheer as the Captain walks slowly past
them making his way to the top bridge. Anne is dragged
behind him by a couple of pirates. The captain stops at the
top of the stares. Yelling back to the crew.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
She can sure use this sword. But
can she cook?
The crew laugh and cheer.The Captain moves near the ships
wheel. Mary Brown at last frees her hands and removes the
gag. Mary runs to Anne almost tackling her. The two women
fall to the deck. Mary on top of her trying to protect her.
Long Beard showing off the sword stuck in himself to Snake.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Now how does this look?
Snake is looking at the wound and the sword stuck in him.


Sir. It looks good. It looks good.
Should I pull it out Sir?
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
No I think I'll leave it in for a
time. To remind me what a beauty
can do to a pirate.
                       MARY BROWN (whispers to Anne)
Zak is alive. Listen to me Anne!
Zak is alive. I saw him.
                       ANNE BONNEY (whispering back)
What are you talking about?
                       MARY BROWN (whispering)
When this ship moved away from the
"Dove" I saw crewmen pulling Zak
out of the water. He's alive.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Are you sure?
                       MARY BROWN
Yes I swear.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Who's sword did she take?
Long Beard looking around at the crew their. He notices
three pirate guards standing together near by a deck rail.
Pirate PETER is missing his sword from his sword belt.
It's me sir. She took my sword.
The Captain grabs a blunderbuss from a guard. He levels it
at Peter's chest and fires BOOM. Pirate Peter is hit in the
chest and is hurled over the railing overboard. Part of the
ships rails fly apart.

The pirates on ether side of him are also wounded by stray
shot in the arms and sides. They go down screaming in pain
from their wounds. This silences everyone. Anne and Mary
still whispering to each other lying on the deck.
                       ANNE BONNEY (whispering)
Mary he can't hurt your father.
Your father is not here. We can
outsmart him. Follow me.


Anne and Mary half crawling move over to Pan. Anne grabs
hold of him.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Sir please stop him. Make a truce
with him. A deal.
The women get behind Pan. He's not sure what to do.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Captain Long Beard please. Please
stop. Hear me out... please.
Long Beard approaches them.
                       ANNE BONNEY
We don't have to kill each other.
My Zak's alive and Mary's father
is in England. You have no reason
to fear us.
Long Beard busts out laughing.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
No reason to fear us. Pan what is
she talking about? Fear her I was
going to have their heads cut off
and put up there.
He looks up in the rigging. Skull heads sway in the breeze.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (curious)
Did any one else see that man get
out of the water?
About five men in the riggings raise their hands. Long Beard
points at Pirate GILBERT.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You there. What did you see?
Sir I saw the man we tied get out
of the water near the Dove. Their
crewmen pulled him up.
Anne gives a sigh of relief. Mary is hugging her.
What they mean Sir is. We strike a
deal. They behave themselves. And
you treat them better.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You want me to strike a deal with
my hostages? She spit in my face
and look at this. She stabbed me.
He shows off the sword stuck in his chest.
Sir any other man would be
dead...You're not.
Long Beard thinking about his near mutiny. The whole crew
really paying attention, staring at him.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What are the terms?
The whole crew cheers. Pan starts winging this.
First no man on this ship will lay
a hand on them. They in turn will
not harm this ship or anyone on
board. They will not be tied up
and can freely walk the ship.
The crew cheers.
They shall sleep in you quarters
Sir. They can't sleep out here
with the men.
The crew boos.
They shall eat what you eat in
your cabin. This way you can keep
a eye on them.
                       SNAKE (nasty)
Just throw them overboard.
Long Beard grabs Snake and whispers in his ear.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
We can do that anytime. Stand
Pan doesn't want to push his luck.
That's it Sir, that's it.


Long Beard looking to his crew, then to the ladies.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
The crew cheers. Long Beard takes off his hat and bows to
the ladies.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
And no hard feelings about the
past ladies. Welcome aboard the
The crew cheers as the "Vulture" sails away.
Captain Flowers sits at his desk arranging documents waiting
for his guests to arrive. Their is a knock on his door. The
door opens.
                       LIEUTENANT FIST (O.S.)
In here gentlemen.
Zak and LORD BROWN a rich older well dressed man. He is Mary
Browns father. They enter the room. Captain Flowers stands
and greets the men. Lord Brown is carrying a good size pouch
of coins and a bottle of brandy.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Gentlemen come in please. Please
sit. We have much to discuss.
Lord Brown places the money stack and brandy on the desk.
Flowers offers his hand across the desk. The men shake
                       LORD BROWN
Thank you Sir.
Zak nods his head.
                       ZAK SLATER
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Lord Brown I've heard so many good
things about you. And all the good
work you are doing in the region.


                       LORD BROWN
Thank you Sir. But to get to the
meat. We are here for the matter
of my daughter being taken by
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes. Yes of course Zak filled me
in on the details. The Vulture,
Captain Long Beard. Sir I'm sorry
for you loss.
                       ZAK SLATER (angry)
Have you done anything!
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Well yes of course I have. My
troops are alerted. I have sent
dispatch to the admiralty. And
dispatch to all the Queens ships
in the area.
In anger Zak slaps his hand on the desk.
                       ZAK SLATER
You have a war ship righ there.
The "Eagle" and you do nothing!
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Gentlemen the "Queens Eagle" is in
for repairs.
Zak stands up.
                       ZAK SLATER (angry)
I think you're a coward!
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Sir, with that remark and that
tone I can very well have the two
of you thrown out of here. Or
arrested for insulting a British
Lord Brown stands to calm Zak down. He then sits Zak back
down. He reaches in his coat and hands Captain Flowers a
document. Captain Flowers unfolds and reads it.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
What is this?


                       LORD BROWN
That Sir is a deed to one hundred
acres of land in England. And what
I need from you is a war ship. A
crew, arms, and for you to make
Zak captain of that ship.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS (interested in)
I see.
                       LORD BROWN
If you can't do it I'll pay
someone who can. The Spanish the
French. I don't care if I have to
pay pirates to do it.
Lord Brown opens the brandy and pours the men drinks.
                       LORD BROWN
The land will be yours. Our little
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I have to make sure we do it
within the law. But yes I can do
this. We'll go over my plan.
The men make a toast with their glasses.
The slaves in shackles are up on deck. Women on one side men
on the other. A slave is walking down the line handing each
one a hard tack biscuit. Another slave follows him giving
each one a cup of water under the watchful eyes of guards.
The night shift guards are coming out from below. Guard
HENRY carrying a blaine pin as a club. He approaches First
Mate Hammer.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Have the slaves sleep on deck
tonight. It stinks below. Take two
men below to clean that mess.
Those two.
Hammer points to Calico and Gamba who are shackled together.
Calico is dressed in slave rags not looking well. Hunger
gnaws at him.


You two, come with me.
Calico and Gamba stand and follow Henry. They start to head
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Henry make sure you work them all
night. I have to get some sleep.
Hammer makes his way to his hammock. Calico and Gamba are
led below. The slaves on deck lay down to sleep.
Below deck in the slave quarters Calico and Gamba are
washing the floor. Guard Henry disgusted with the filth and
smell shuts the door. Calico looks farther down the ship
into the dark and sees sets of eyes looking back at him.
There are more slaves below deck.
The blind man Seadog tells us if
anyone can free us its you.
Calico looks at him. He does not respond.
When you make a plan you can count
on me.
Calico looks at him. He does not respond. Gamba reaches into
his pocket and hands Calico a half eaten apple. Calico wolfs
it down. They hear Henry coming back in and start washing
again. Gamba looking at Calico not sure he's "the one".
The "Vicious Dog" sails away.
Tied to the dock is a badly beat up pirate schooner. A few
cannon ball holes through her side. A few of the masts are
missing, no sails, deck rails missing, no cannon and it
could use a paint job. It needs a lot of work. Captain
Flowers, Zak and Lord Brown are walking on deck inspecting
it. The men are disappointed with the ship.
                       ZAK SLATER
She looks on the poor side.


                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Not really. She has solid oak
timbers and what you see is solid
as a rock.
The men walk down the plank, leaving the ship.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I have listed the correct
materials and your line of
credit... Well Sir. I took the
liberty to talk to local
merchants. You have a free hand to
sign notes of payment. I bet in
two weeks with my help of course.
We could have her seaworthy.
Zak and Lord Brown look in agreement with Captain Flowers.
                       ZAK SLATER
I have a question. What about the
man power to do all this work and
a crew?
Captain Flowers puts his hand to his ear "A signal" As if to
be listening to something. His head turning left and right.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Do you hear that?
Everyone stops talking and starts listening. Silence.
                       ZAK SLATER
I don't hear anything.
Captain Flowers still acting to be listening.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
There. There it is. The sound of
troops marching.
Everyone looking around confused. Then the silence is
broken. The voice of Guard Sailor NATHANIEL counting out
                       NATHANIEL (O.S.)
Hep. Two three. Hep two three.
Hep. Hep.
Then everyone see them. Sailor guards with muskets. Marching
around the corner of the building. A long line of rag tag
pirate prisoners. Around two hundred men are following the


head guards. Zak is wide eyed at the site. The guard sailors
and prisoners march right up near the ship.
Halt! You men sit here on the
ground in rows.
The guard sailors point to an area of ground and the
prisoners hustle to sit in rows. The other naval guards take
their guarding positions around them. Nathaniel addresses
Captain Flowers and salutes.
                       ZAK SLATER (disappointed)
These aren't sailors. These are
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I thought pirates were good
                       ZAK SLATER
These men are cut throats and
Zak is looking at the rag tag pirates that are sitting.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
No their not. We hung all the cut
throats and murders.
Captain Flowers has a document he holds up to read out loud
for everyone in the area to hear.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
By order of the Queen. It is
hereby proclaimed that any
convicted pirate serving a
sentence of less than ten years.
Who swears loyalty to the Queen
and country can serve three years
on a Queens vessel for small wage.
After time is paid said pirate
will be granted full pardon.
He takes a deep breath. The rag tag prisoners cheer.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Records of said pirate's name
dates and time served will be
kept. The Queens naval base
commander shall have full passage


                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS (cont'd)
on these proceedings. In best
interest of Queen and country.
Signed Duke of Longsworth
Lexington England.
The rag tag prisoners cheer.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Zak here are your privateer papers
making you a captain in her
majesty's privateer navy.
Captain Flowers hands Zak the privateer document. Zak looks
at it.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
You're a Captain now. My guards
will make sure these men are up to
the task at hand.
                       LORD BROWN
Thank you Sir.
The men shake hands. Captain Flowers bids farewell to all.
Tips his hat and with a little bow walks away from the work
Anne, Mary, Captain Long Beard, Snake and the upper crew are
on the main bridge. They are watching two British schooners
following them. The schooners are picking up speed and
moving closer to the "Vulture".
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
They want a fight do they. Snake
ready the men. Battle stations!
                       SNAKE (yells to the crew)
Battle stations!
Pirates move quickly to their battle stations. The pirate on
the kettledrum drum starts POUNDING their battle beat.
Snake moves to the rail and yells down to GUNNIE. He's in
charge of the gun crews below. A crazed pirate with
concussion symptoms from working with cannons his whole


Gunnie! Port side on the ready
aim. You call the mark.
                       GUNNIE (O.S.)
Yes sir.
Captain Long Beard now behind the wheel spins it towards the
schooner. Anne and Mary Brown are standing at the foot of
the bridge on the deck near the stairwell leading below
deck. The British schooners one on each side rapidly
approach the "Vulture". The British ships are in range and
ready to fire.
CAPTAIN SALTER is watching the "Vulture" from the bridge.
Captain Salter addressing his bridge staff.
                       CAPTAIN SALTER
We'll go after their rudder. Then
move away. We don't want their
full side cannon baring down on
us. On my command quickly. Man
your stations men.
The men quickly disperse to their battle stations. As the
"Princess Ann" cuts through the waves she's at the tail end
side of the "Vulture".
                       CAPTAIN SALTER
From the "Princess Ann" the three front cannon shoot off
with loud EXPLODING sounds and smoke. Swivel cannon on both
ships BLAST shot at each other.
Captain Long Beard and the crew brace themselves for the in
coming cannon balls. One cannon ball SCREAMS past the center
of the ship a near miss. The second hits the top bridge near
the top of the staircase and EXPLODES. Parts of the bridge
fly apart.

Anne and Mary are barley missed by flying wood. They duck to
get out of the way of flying timbers. Pirate GEORGE near
them grabs Anne's arm. He leads them to the stairway below
then guides them down below deck.


You'll be safer down below Miss.
Below deck in the loud smoke filled world of cannons. Power
soot coverer's the cannon gunner crews. Mary shaken is
hanging on to Anne. The two ladies huddle together. One of
the gunner crewmen motion to the women to cover their ears.
Gunnie is looking out the porthole near gun crew number
forty. He stands up.
Cannons thirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty all shoot off.
Three loud EXPLOSIONS. Pirate George yells down the
stairwell to Gunnie.
                       GEORGE (O.S.)
Gunnie the other one is coming on
the starboard side. Get ready!
Gunnie moves to the starboard side port hole and is watching
the other British schooner coming in to attack. Everyone
below deck hears the first cannon shot THUMP from the second
schooner. They hear the cannon ball SCREAM in. It EXPLODES
above deck almost were the first one hit.

Two dead pirates tumble down the stairwell forcing the women
to move farther in to the main walkway. A few more pirates
are coming down the stairwell onto the main walkway they
move the women farther down near Gunnie who is now at gun
crew four.
One , two, three ready! Ladies
cover you ears... Fire!
The ladies just get their hands to their ears when three
BLASTS go off from cannons one, two and three. A smoked
filled area forces the women farther down the walkway. The
smoke is so thick they can barely see or breathe. Some
crewmen coughing are fanning the smoke with rags. The smoke
is forcing the ladies even farther down the walkway. The
distant THUMP of the schooners cannon's blast followed by
sharp WHISTLE sound of a cannon ball.

Anne watching as "time slows down". It EXPLODES on gun crew
number two sending the gun crew and cannon flying apart. The
wood from the siding is flying like missiles everywhere. The
men of gun crew three are sprayed with timber pieces the
impact knocks the men down. Instinctively the women try to
move but the impact lifts them off their feet and tosses
them into the men of gun crew five.


The area is covered in thick smoke. Pirates are moaning in
pain and asking for help. Anne dazed and soot covered is
slowly getting to her feet helped by the men around her.
Anne looks at the gapping hole and the damage down around
gun crew two's area.

Mary dazed and soot covered. Her wild hair is smoking as she
is being helped up. Wounded pirates are staggering around.
Everyone is dazed from the blast. Pirate PARKER shows Anne a
timber piece stuck in his side. This snaps her out of it.
                       PARKER (pleading)
Miss. Can you pull this out?
She looks at the man's wound. She grasps the wood piece and
with shaking hands pulls it out of his side.
Thank you Miss.
Another limping wounded pirate GILBERT takes hold of Mary.
Miss. Can you help me to the
The whole group of wounded pirates moves farther down the
walkway toward the galley. The women are swept away with
them. Snake makes it down the stairs into the walkway. He
looks at the hole in the ship and sees Gunning getting to
his feet. Gunnie is looking at small fragments of wood stuck
in his leg. He's wounded but ok.
Gunnie we on fire?
No. Its that no good power the
Captain got us from that German
trader. Its half smoke.
Snake turns around and heads back up the stairs. Gunnie
starts down the walkway to the galley. Gun crews are
Reload men! Reload!
Up on the bridge deck Captain Long Beard is watching as the
two schooners getting ready to turn back and pass again.
Down in the galley wounded pirates are helping each other.
Anne sees a nice dagger on one of the pirate's belts and


takes it. The pirate looks at her and nods his head. Mary in
shock sits on the floor. Anne lifts up Mary's dress and cuts
a strip of her petticoat. She hands the dagger to Mary.
                       ANNE BONNEY (shaken)
Cut some strips from your
Mary looks at the dagger then at Anne with a terrified look
on her face. A wounded pirate with a cut on his hand holds
it out to Anne. She wraps the wound for the man. Pirate
JOSEPH carries a very badly hurt young man with red hair in.
He sets him down across Mary's lap.
Miss. He's hit bad. Real bad.
Can you just hold the young lad so
he don't die alone.
Pirate Joseph walks away. Mary is frozen. Tears roll down
her soot covered face. The young man is looking up at her.
She drops the dagger and slowly cradles his head and holds
him tight. Gunnie is limping into the galley holding his
leg. He's watching Anne patch up some men but then he is
interrupted by Pirate BENJAMIN who runs in.
The Captain sent me to tell you.
Their turning at us to make
another broadside. Get your guns
ready. Fire at your command. Sir.
Gunnie looks angry, he limps over to Anne.
                       GUNNIE (firmly)
Miss. You have to help me now! You
have good legs. Come on.
He takes her by the arm. They hurry out of the galley back
into the walkway. Gunnie points to some cloth covered cannon
powder bags with French markings on them.
Take one of those Miss. The one
with the French mark on it. Now
hurry with me. Please hurry.
She grabs a powder sack and follows him. As they approach
the next gun crew he stops her.
I can't do this I'm to weak. So
you have to do it for me. Listen
to me good. Real good. Tell each


                       GUNNIE (cont'd)
of the crews reload with the bags
with the French marks. And fire at
your command. All our lives depend
on it Miss.
                       ANNE BONNEY (confused)
I'm not going to help you.
Well Miss you have a choice here.
Help me do this and maybe live to
see the sun rise tomorrow. Or
drown down here with the rest of
us rats. Those schooner will be
here real soon trying to kill all
of us. Take your pick.
She thinks for a second.
                       ANNE BONNEY (dazed and confused)
Reload with this good French stuff
and fire at my command?
That's it Missy. Here. This crew
first then the next on each side
hurry do it.
Anne goes over to the cannon crew.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Gunnie says reload with the French
marked bags. Do it now. And fire
at my command.
The men look at Gunnie. He nods his head "yes". She moves
down to the next gun crew. Gunnie gets a crazed look on his
Do it! Do as she says boys and
fire on her command! We are the
best gun crews in the world!
The gun crews cheer. Gunie yells to Anne.
Don't forget cover your ears!
Gunnie is handing out a few short fuses to the crews.


Use the short fuse on the next
one. Pass the word down. Reload
with the French marked bags. Use
the quick fuse. And we fire on her
command. Make sure she didn't miss
He walks down the line following Anne making sure his gun
crews understand the orders. Above deck Captain Long Beard
and Snake are watching the schooners turning about ahead of
them getting into position. Below deck Gunnie has positioned
himself and Anne about midway in the alleyway.

He moves over to one of the port holds where the crew backed
up the cannon so he can see out. He sticks his head out to
look for the incoming schooners. He sees them getting much
closer. He walks back to the center aisle and yells to the
gun crews.
Boys! Here they come! Get ready!
He whispers to Anne.
Here's how this works. When you
hear me yell port side. You
quickly yell fire. Then I yell
starboard side you yell fire.
You have to say it twice today.
Don't forget yell it as loud as
you can. Two times. Get ready
He walks back over to the porthole and looks out it. The
schooner is ready to pass. The crew rolls the cannon back in
place. Gunnie is hugging it looking out the porthole.
They can see the schooner next to them. Gunnie moves away
from the cannon. He yells and points to Anne.
Port side!
                       ANNE BONNEY


All the port side cannons fire. The loud RUMBLE blast sound
and flash then the smoke. Gunnie scrambles to the starboard
side. He kneels by porthole. Turns and points to Anne.
Starboard side!
                       ANNE BONNEY
The starboard side cannons all fire. The loud RUMBLE blast
sound and flash then the smoke. The crew on the port side
are cheering. Gunnie moves quickly back to the port side.
Looking out the port hole he sees the schooner smoking with
a large hole in its side. Its turning away. He walks over to
Anne. She looks distraught thinking about what she just did.
Miss you did just fine.
                       ANNE BONNEY (saddened)
Did I help kill those sailers?
No Miss you didn't kill anyone. We
just put a small hole in her.
That's all Miss. That's all.
                       ANNE BONNEY (saddened then angry)
I'll not do that again. You just
used me. You were walking and
yelling just fine.
Miss don't hate me. There's a
reason. You don't know it yet but
there's a reason. I'm sorry Miss.
Anne slaps Gunnie in the face and walks away down the aisle.
Two women slaves are washing clothes in a wooded tub. Two
men slaves are on their hands and knees scrubbing the deck.
Hammer is walking toward them. A pistol in one hand a cup in
the other. Another slave is behind him carrying a bucket of
water. Hammer stops by the two slave men. They crawl over to
him on their knees. They have their mouths open like baby
birds waiting for a drink.

Hammer dips the cup into the bucket of water then pours the
water into the mouths of the two men. He continues towards


the stern of the ship where Gamba and Calico are polishing
brass fittings on a large WHALE GUN. A guard is watching
them. Calico looks terrible. He's dehydrated and his lips
are cracked.
Calico and Gamba get their knees with mouths open. Hammer
approaches them. Hammer dips the cup in the water and pours
the water into Gamba's mouth. Calico waiting for his drink
but Hammer drops the cup in the bucket. The slave with the
bucket hands Hammer a rag that he dips into the water.
Hammer puts his boot on Calico's leg and hands him the wet
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Clean my boots.
Calico takes the rag and wipes down the boot. Hammer puts
his other boot on him. Calico wipes it down. Hammer takes
his foot off Calico and looks down at him.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Your drink is in the rag.
Calico can only look up at Hammer as he walks away. Calico
takes the rag and squeezes the last drops out of it into his
On horseback Captain Flowers is making his way down the path
to the ship being worked on. He's leading six wagons with
covered goods. On and near the repaired ship the new pirate
crewmen are working. Captain Zak Slater, Lord Brown, and the
Lieutenants are watching the progress being made. As Flowers
reaches the site he dismounts and greets everyone.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
She looks good. She looks very
good indeed.
                       ZAK SLATER
I give the men credit. They have
been working day and night.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Good good. And look what I have
for you Captain Slater.
Captain Flowers walks to the back of the first wagon and
pulls off the canvas. Under it is a new looking refitted
cannon on wheels.


                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
What say now.
The men walk around the wagon inspecting the new cannon.
                       ZAK SLATER
You did it Sir. You did it.
                       LORD BROWN (happy)
Captain Flowers you delivered
again. Five weeks, thank you Sir.
Thank you.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Lieutenant Howard help me with
this please.
He reaches into the side of the wagon with LIEUTENANT HOWARD
helping him. They pull out the nameplate for the ship. The
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Seeing you will be tracking down
the "Vulture" Sir.
                       LORD BROWN
Sir you have earned your salt.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Lieutenant Fist how is the
                       LIEUTENANT FIST
Good Sir very good. With the
cannon in place a day or two at
most. She's ready to sail.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
At first light two more wagons
with the powder and cannon balls
will be here. And that should do
Captain Flowers mounts his horse.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Gentlemen carry on.
Captain Flowers slowly rides off.


In the captain's quarters Captain Long Beard and the ladies
are finishing up dinner. The women look frazzled and hardly
touched a thing to eat. They are exhausted from this
afternoons battle. The mood is somber.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Not eating much Missy.
                       MARY BROWN (depressed)
No Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Your first high seas battle. After
about twenty, you'll get used to
The captain laughs. There's a knock at the cabin door and
Snake enters.
Sir the men are ready for reward.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Rewards for my crew. Lets go
ladies. Take your place on deck.
They all get up from the table and exit the room.
As Mary, Anne, Snake and Long Beard move onto the main
bridge the site is beautiful. A nice star lit night. The
crew sitting below them on the main deck. Lanterns and
candles light the area. The crew is quite as the Long Beard
approaches the main staircase to address the men for battle
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Men we had a battle today. Two
British schooners. The best they
have. We got pushed around. But in
the end we beat the snot out of
The crew cheers then quites down. Long Beard has a few small
coin pouches in his hand.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Mr. Smith your crews on the main
deck. Who gets the pouch?


                       CREW LEADER SMITH
Sir Mr. Hanson did a fine job on
his swivel cannon.
All the crewmen chanting HERE! HERE! HERE! Mr. Hanson waving
his arm. Long Beard spots him and throws him a coin pouch.
Hanson catches the pouch and proudly holds it up in the air
to show the crew as they cheer.
Captain Long Beard looks up in the riggings and spots
Spider. He points to Spider.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Spider who in your web was a brave
man today?
Well sir today young Thomas. The
short jib sail up front was hit.
Hanging from a line while under
fire. He tied it back in place.
Young Thomas in the rigging waves his arm to the Long Beard.
Long Beard tosses him a coin pouch. The men cheer and then
quite down. Captain Long Beard addressing the crew again.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
As we all know boys most of the
bitter fighting took place below
with the big guns. Where is my old
friend Gunnie?
Gunnie makes his way to an open spot at the bottom of the
stairwell below Long Beard.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Gunnie your crews below deck. What
man gets the pouch of gold coins?
Gunnie looks up at Long Beard.
Well sir today I believe this
person saved the ship.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Oh Sir do tell. What brave man
saved the ship. The rest of us up
here on deck must have missed it.
Cause we were fighting for our


The crew laughs then quites down. Captain Long Beard with
his hand is playing with the coin pouch.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Come on. Please tell us what brave
man saved the ship.
Well Sir. It be no man. It was
Gunnie points up to Anne. Everyone looks at her. Captain
Long Beard stunned at first then starts to laugh. The crew
joins in laughing. Pirates confused looking at each other.
They all quite down.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Gunnie I think you had to much
thick smoke today.
The crew chuckles. Gunnie looks at the captain in all
No Sir all the gun crews voted for
her. She got all the votes below
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (startled)
You're serious?
Yes Sir.
Everyone is silent on the deck.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
So you're telling me our lady
prisoner saved the ship?
Yes Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Well then why don't you tell us
how she saved the day.
Its a long story Captain.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
That's ok. We have all night.
Speak loud and clear so all can
Yes Sir. As all you men know we
had a lot of smoke below. We had
just fired a volley when I stepped
through the smoke there they were.
Both ladies. I don't know how they
got below deck. But there they
were standing by gun crew three.
The next thing I see is a British
cannon ball explodes killing all
three men.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
But the women were not?
Well no. Our cannon was destroyed
and timbers flew in all directions
like arrows. That's when I saw it.
The two ladies went floating
through the air. The blast must
have hit them.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (inquisitive)
So Gunnie how far did you see them
flying through the air?
Well sir gun crew two is about
Gunnie points to a spot on the deck.
And they floated through the air
like angles down to about there.
Gunnie points to a spot farther down the deck.
There where gun crew twelve is.
All the men saw it Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Like angles you say. That's a long
way to float in the air... Please


Yes Sir. Well then they landed.
And started to help the wounded
men. It was a site to see. Them
pulling timber from the lads arms
and sides and backs and helping to
patch the boys with cuts using
pieces of their dresses for cloth.
A site to see.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
So Gunnie how many would you say
she helped?
Around a hundred or so. Maybe
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Snake how many wounded and dead
Sixteen dead. Thirty five wounded.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Well. Well. That was quite brave
of them.
The crew chanting HERE! HERE! HERE! Gunnie waving his arms
to quite everyone.
Sir that's not the end of the
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (suprise)
Its not?
No Sir the best part is yet to
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Sir. Please do.... Were all ears.
So Sir the women are down at the
galley helping the wounded.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (disbelief)
Stop. Your telling me our lady
prisoners started here at the foot
of the steps and now have made


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (cont'd)
their way down their to our
Yes Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Cooker! Where is Cooker?
COOKER the galley head cook steps forward in the crowd.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Cooker did you see any of this?
Yes Sir the two ladies were in my
galley patching up the wounded. I
saw it with my own two eyes Sir.
All the men below saw it.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Gunnie please do continue.
This part of the story is hard to
tell. I get choked up just
thinking about it.
Gunnie is choked up and emotional telling this part.
You men all remember the young lad
with the red hair. He runs powder
for us below. A good mate. He's
wounded bad. Real bad. With some
iron in his side. The cuts are
bad. All of us know he won't make
it. Then I saw the most beautiful
death a man could ever want. That
Gunnie points to Mary Brown.
Her. Mary Brown takes the dying
lad in her soft arms. Helps him
down. The poor boy is dying. And
shes holding him in her lap. Has
her beautiful hand on his face. He
looked up at her angel face. And
then he passes.


Everyone is staring at Mary. Big tears are rolling down her
face. The crew starts to chant HERE! HERE! HERE! Cooker
wipes tears from his face. Long Beard puts his hand up to
quite the men.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Missy I must tip my hat to you.
Long Beard removes his hat and gives her a bow. The crew all
start to cheer. Gunnie is waving his arms quite the men.
Sir that's not the end yet.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Its not?
Everyone on the ship is quite to hear the rest of this
No Sir. Then what happened next
is. I lost my voice from yelling
orders all day. And my leg real
bad was hurt from the explosion
see. I know were all in real
trouble cause of the bad powder in
our gun sacks. Then I see her
Anne. I call her over to me. I say
Miss you have to help us. I say
Miss you have to run these powder
sacks. The ones with the French
marks down to our boys at each
cannon station. She says to me I'm
not going to help you. So then I
look her in the eyes.
Gunnie pauses for affect to make sure everyone is listening
to him. He looks around at the crewmen then back to Long
I say to her. Miss the two British
schooners are making their turn.
There coming back at us and there
going to try to sink us. Then I
say to her Miss you have two
choices. You can run these powder
sacks up to the boys or you can
stand here with me and drown with
the rest of the rats.


Gunnie pauses to look the crew over. Long Beard rubbing his
hand on his face in disbelieve, slightly shaking his head
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Then what?
Well she ran like a rabbit with a
wolf chasing her. She took the
bags of powder. Telling them to
reload with the good French powder
and gave each crew short quick
fuses. And told them to stand
Gunnie pauses again to hold the crews attention. Long Beard
has both hands on his head rubbing his temples as if he has
a bad headache.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Then what?
Then she looks out the port side
hole sees the schooner barring
down on us. She runs to the
starboard side sees the other
schooner. She's in the main aisle
and yells fire! All the cannon
fire off in a blaze. Anne timed it
just right. She caught the
schooner right on the high wave
and we put a hole at her
waterline. It was a site to see
The crew cheering HERE! HERE! HERE! Captain Long Beard
quites the crew.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Armstrong! Where is Armstrong?
Pirate Armstrong makes his way threw the crew and steps
Here Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Armstrong I've sailed with you for
over ten years. Is what Gunnie
telling us true?


Yes Sir. The last part of his
story I saw. She ran us the powder
bags and quick fuses. And yes she
gave the fire command.
Long Beard shaking his head and getting angry.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I just find it quite odd that a
prisoner on our ship. A hostage. A
woman would give the fire command.
Pitt! Where is Pitt?
Pirate Pitt steps forward.
Here Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Pitt I've known you over six years
now. Is that what you saw as well.
Or is this a tall tail?
We all saw it Sir. We all voted
for her.
Captain Long Beard turns and looks at Anne.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (Sarcastically)
Miss do you think you can catch
He tosses her a coin pouch. She catches it. The crew goes
wild cheering her. When they settle down he looks at Mary.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Missy can you catch this.
The captain gently tosses her a coin pouch. Once again the
crew cheer.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
All salute!
The captain and all the crew tip their hats to the ladies
and bow.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Cooker! An extra mug of rum for
each man!


The crew cheer.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I want all my crew leaders in my
cabin now!
The captain is walking back to his cabin as he passes the
ladies he stops in front of Anne.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (Sarcastically)
Miss. Thank you once again for
saving my ship.
She nods her head. He steps over to Mary.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
And you Missy. I can only pray to
die in your arms.
On deck guards are watching over the slaves. The female
slaves are cooking stew. Some of the slaves are unshackled
except for Calico and Gamba who are shackled together
scrubbing the deck. They are suffering from exhaustion and

One of the male slaves grabs a knife from a guard and is
struggling with him. He breaks free and runs near the
captain's quarters pressed up against the closed door. First
mate Hammer has his pistol trained on the slave.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Steady. Drop the knife.
The slave holds the knife in a stabbing position ready to
fight. He says a few words in his native tongue. Hammer
doesn't understand what is being said.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Drop the knife.
The door starts to push open from behind the slave. The
slave is startled. He lunges toward Hammer. Hammer's pistol
goes off BANG. The shot misses the slave but goes through
the center of the cabin door. Hammer wrestles the slave to
the ground.

Other crewmen help hold the slave down. Hammer looks up to
see the cabin door slowly open. Mr. Sharp is standing there
with a blank look on his face. He falls dead to the deck
with a wound to the stomach.


In Captain Tibits quarters.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
What the hell happened out there!
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Sir the slave was trying to escape
fighting us with a knife. The
pistol went off. It was an
accident Sir.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
I want that slave hanged. Mr.
Sharp was a fine man. But more
than that he was our navigator.
Can you get us back to England?
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
No Sir.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Do you know where we are?
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
No Sir.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Neither do I. We know the waters
aroung England but not this far
Tibits moves to the table with maps on it. He picks up a map
and looks at it. He sets the map back down.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
I have an idea... bring up Calico.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (worried)
Sir, If I may say that doesn't
sound good.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Hammer never question me. You work
for me remember.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
Yes sir.
Hammer leaves the Captain's quarter's.


On deck Hammer sees Calico and Gamba scrubbing the deck.
Pointing at them.
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER
You two come with me.
As Hammer is taking the two men into the Captain's quarter's
he grabs SEAMAN JOHNSON by the arm. Johnson is armed with a
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (forceful)
You stand guard by this door.
                       SEAMAN JOHNSON
Aye Sir.
Hammer leads Calico and Gamba into the Captain's quarter's
where Captain Tibits is standing.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Calico Criss I have a deal for
you. As you saw our navigator
Mr.Sharp is dead. So if you help
us navigate to a friendly port
I'll double your rations all the
way back to England. You have my
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (upset)
Sir I'm sure we can find a port.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Hammer don't speak again and lower
that pistol. Calico Criss does
that sound fair?
Calico nods his head yes.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Good. Very good. Can you tell us
were we are?
Do you know what direction were
headed? How many knots were going?


                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Yes that we do know. Were not sure
of some of these small islands.
I'll have to wait until tonight so
I can get our bearings from the
stars. Let me see these maps.
Calico is looking at the maps and instruments on the
Captain's table.
Do we have star maps here?
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
I'm not sure. These are Mr. Sharps
maps look through them.
Calico is looking through the maps. He flips one on top.
Can I use that compass?
Calico holds up his hands showing Captain Tibits his hands
are shackled.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS (pompous)
Mr. Hammer remove his cuffs.
Hammer reluctantly removes Calico's cuffs. Calico rubs his
wrists. Acting to read the maps he is moving his finger
across the map.
We're in this area.
Captain Tibits and First Mate Hammer bend over the table to
get a better look. Hammer puts his pistol on the table but
leaves his hand resting on it. Then puts his other hand palm
down on the table. Calico picks up the SHARP pointed CALIPER
MEASURING TOOL. He looks at it. Then quickly stabs Hammer's
hand to the table with it. Hammer lets out a yelp. In the
same quick move Calico grabs Hammer's pistol and cracks
Hammer in the head with it. Hammer falls to the floor.

Calico quickly spins the pistol around. Tibits struggling to
get his pistol out. Calico bashes Tibits in the face with
his pistol. Tibits falls to the floor. Calico moves around
the table dragging Gamba with him over to Hammer. Calico
finds the key on Hammer's belt and unlocks his leg shackles.
Calico unlocks Gamba's shackles.


Keep an eye on him.
Calico moves over to Tibits who is still dazed and helps
stand him up. He takes Tibits sword and pistol from his
belt. He pushes Captain Tibits to the wall and puts his
sword tip to his neck. Hammer in pain starts to get up.
Gamba hits him in the head with his shackles. Hammer falls
to the floor. Calico flicks his sword tip in Captain Tibits
                       CALICO (very serious)
Tibits now turning quite the coward.
Shackle Hammer.
Gamba is cuffing Hammer. Gamba stands and spots a tin cup of
water. He drinks some water and hands the cup to Calico.
Calico quickly drinks it. Calico with pistol ready grabs
Tibits by the arm moving him toward the door with the pistol
at Tibits head. Calico talks into Captain Tibits ear.
Ask the guard to come in here. And
don't do anything stupid.
Tibits is slowly opening the door.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Seaman Johnson inside here please.
                       SEAMAN JOHNSON (O.S.)
Yes Sir.
As seaman Johnson comes through the door he is greeted by
Criss's pistol to his head. Gamba forces him to the floor
disarming him. He shackles him to First Mate Hammer who is
just waking up to find he's shackled on the floor. The
caliper still stuck through his hand. Gamba points a pistol
at two men on the floor. Calico is looking through the
window in the door spots another crewman near by.
Call him in.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Seaman Klick can I see you a


                       SEAMAN KLICK (O.S.)
Aye sir.
As seaman Klick enters Calico's pistol is aimed at him as
Gamba takes Klick to the floor disarming him.
Gamba take the keys and free some
good men and bring them up here.
Gamba takes the keys and leaves the Captain's quarter's.
Captain Tibits and his crew shackled together are standing
on the deserted island beach watching the "Vicious Dog" sail
away. Tibits with tears in his eye's.
                       CAPTAIN TIBITS
Don't leave us here!... He took my
                       FIRST MATE HAMMER (angry)
If its the last thing I do Calico.
I'll find you. I'll find you.
Behind Tibits and his men at the jungles edge a MOSQUITO on
a leaf is looking at the men. Behind the mosquito is a large
marsh with thousands of hungry mosquitoes BUZZING and old
pirate skeletons lying about.
Calico is at the wheel of the ship drenched in sweat. He
looks ready to pass out. Calico shows Gamba there heading
North. He ties the wheel into a fixed position. The slaves
are all sitting on the deck waiting for a ships meeting with
                       CALICO (weak)
Gamba this will be a long hall.
The next few days going North
North East. Gamba try to translate
for me if you can.
Calico and Gamba move over to the slaves.
Men and ladies as of now you are
free. Free men and women.


In African Gamba translates.
The ex slaves are overjoyed. They cheer and hug each other
and are all smiles with their new found freedom.
As most of you know by now I'm a
In African Gamba translates.
At any port we stop in. You can go
as free men.
In African Gamba translates.
                       CALICO (weak)
And if you have nowhere to go you
can stay with me as part of my
crew. Gamba is my new First Mate
and what he says goes.
In African Gamba translates.
Calico is looking dizzy then grabs Gamba's arm. He slides
down Gamba's side to the deck unconscious. Gamba and a few
men pick him up and carry him to the Captain's quarters.
Kiaa come and help.
The new crew of ex slaves are upset at what they just saw.
In the Captain's quarter's Gamba, Kiaa and a few men clear
the table and lay Calico down.
Turn him over.
Kiaa has a knife and tears open the back of his shirt.
Gamba we must find medicine. We
have to heal this. Its infected
from the whipping.
They start looking through the captain's quarter's. Gamba
leaves and shuts the door.


On deck Gamba trying to calm everyone down.
The captain is a little sick. Some
of you come below with me. We will
bring up some food and water for
In African Gamba translates.
Aye, Gamba we have to slow this
ship down. I will show some of the
men how to take the sails up.
Yes. You tell them to do what you
think is best.
Aye, I'll handle it.
Gamba and few men go below deck as Seadog is gathering a few
men to help him.
If any of you men understand
English come over here.
The new crew looks eager to learn everything Seadog has to
teach them.
The Captain's is quarter's dimly lit with candles. Kiaa and
Tika are putting a nightshirt on an unconscious Calico. He
is covered in sweat.
Tika lay up here with the Captain
so he don't fall off the table or
get hurt or in case he wakes up.
Yes Ma'am
We have to get some sleep.


Tika lays next to Calico putting one arm around him. Tika
closes her eyes.
In the Captain's quarter's Long Beard, Snake, Anne and Mary
are finishing dinner. Long Beard retrieves the "PUZZLE MAP".
A twelve inch by twelve inch piece of leather with random
letters and numbers burned into it. It has blue fringe
around it. He places it in front of Anne.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I have a deal for you two. If you
can figure out this puzzle map.
Anne picks the map up and looks at it. It has random letters
and numbers on it.

                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I'll set you both free and my word
I won't harm Lord Brown.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Why do you call it a map? Its not
a map.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
The old lady that gave it to me
called it a map.
Mary moves over to look at it. There's a knock at the door.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
The door opens and Pirate PARA enters carrying a beautiful
tea set on a silver platter. Four other pirates bring
in buckets of hot water and clean cloths. Para places the
tea set in front of the ladies. The other four put down the
buckets and leave.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What's this?
Sir Cooker thought the ladies
would like some hot tea and some
clean hot water to clean up with


                       PARA (cont'd)
Pirate Para pours the ladies tea. Long Beard picks up a
teacup and examines it.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastic)
Snake did you know we had little
tea cups on board?
No Sir.
Long Beard looks disgusted with it.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Little tea cups on my pirate ship.
Long Beard sets the cup back down.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
We'll let you ladies study the
map, drink tea, and clean up if
you wish, I'll sleep outside with
the men tonight.
The men leave the room and shut the door. Anne and Mary
start studying the map. Off near the corner of the room
there is a trunk. The trunk has an eye peephole in its side
covered from the inside with a piece of cloth. The cloth
moves aside and an eyeball is watching the ladies.
Below a few men have are opening a crate. Inside it are new
pistols. Gamba hands Seadog one of the pistols. Seadog runs
his hands over it. He puts it to the side of his ear and
cocks the gun. He smells it and smells down the barrel.
Aye, good. Good this is a new
French Pistol. Solid and good
We have four crates of these.
Good. Good I'll fit every man
woman and child with one. I'll
teach them how to load and shoot


Gamba hands Seadog a small opened powder bag. Seadog pours a
little of the powder into his hand and smells it.
Aye, this is good quality gun
powder. Keep it dry at all times.
From a sack Gamba hands Seadog a lead shot ball.
Seadog rolls the lead shot in is hand. Then he bites it.
And good solid lead shot. Did you
know I was born on a pirate ship?
Gamba slowly shakes his head "no". Other men are opening a
crate with a new swivel cannon in it. Gamba hands Seadog a
Many kegs of black power. Here
take this gun. You know a lot
about guns.
Seadog runs his hands over the blunderbuss.
Yes I know guns. A new
blunderbuss. Very good quality.
This is good how many?
About twenty. Here look at this
Did you know I was raised by
Gamba slowly shakes his head "no". Gamba hands him a musket.
Seadog feels the musket from top to bottom. He puts his ear
near it and cocks the musket.
This is a English military musket.
Not the best. But new and it will
do the job. How many?
Eight crates.
I'll teach every man woman and
child how to use these. We need to
teach some of the folks how to


                       SEADOG (cont'd)
speak English.
A parrot make a SQUAWKING sound.
Is that those parrots?
Yes their are ten cages with them.
We'll take them top side. Their
good luck on a pirate ship. What
else is down here.
Gamba takes Seadog by the arm. They go over to some crates.
All kinds of goods in boxes and
crates. Different cloth and silk.
Dresses and britches. Rum and wine
and fine leather boots. Twenty
swivle cannon.
Aye, we'll fit all twenty swivel
cannon top side. We have to start
making this look like a pirate
ship. Let's get to work.
In the Captain's quarter's, Tika is lying next to Calico
patting his brow with a damp cloth. Kiaa lays down on the
floor then blows out the candle.
In the Captain's quarter's Anne and Mary are studying the
puzzle map. The tea pot is steaming over a small coal
                       ANNE BONNEY (flustered)
This puzzle map is wearing me
                       MARY BROWN
I don't understand it. I bet this
is what is driving Long Beard mad.


                       ANNE BONNEY
The other half has to hold the key
to this. I think we have been here
ten weeks.
There's a knock at the door Anne gets up and opens it.
Pirate COSBY in the doorway hands Anne something wrapped in
a cloth pouch.
Its from the men below deck.
Pirate Cosby quickly walks away. Anne shuts the door and
returns to the table where Mary is. She opens the pouch and
to their delight there's a hairbrush, mirror, some ribbon,
and a small bottle of perfume in it.
                       ANNE BONNEY
I think a lot of the men on board
like us. Were going to have to use
that to our advantage.... Did you
hear that?
Anne perks up. She and Mary look around the room. Anne spots
the piece of cloth shut over the peephole on the trunk in
the corner. She takes the hot tea pot and moves over to the
trunk where she notices the air holes in the top of it. She
sits on the trunk and starts pouring the hot tea into an air
hole. Someone inside the trunk starts yelling and shaking
the trunk trying to get out. Mary screams. Captain Long
Beard opens the door and enters.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What is going on in here?
                       ANNE BONNEY (angry)
You tell us.
Anne gets off the trunk. A little pirate hops out of the
trunk, he's upset and burned. He's hopping around the room
and quickly makes his way toward the door.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Oh look. One of your little spy's.
As the little pirate passes Long Beard on his way out, Long
Beard slaps him on the head.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Must be a stowaway. I'll take care
of it.


Long Beard closes the door as Anne and Mary just look at
each other.
As the "Tracker" starts on her maiden voyage. Captain Zak
Slater is at the wheel. The sails are coming down. The crew
is doing their work. The ship is moving out of Port Clay. On
the dock Captain Flowers, Lord Brown, and two Lieutenants
are watching her pull away.
                       LORD BROWN
A grand site to see Sir. A grand
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
We wish them the best. Lord Brown
if you will excuse us.
Captain Flowers and the Lieutenants walk away from Lord
Brown. Lord Brown still watching the ship moveing away. When
Captain Flowers and the Lieutenants are farther away from
Lord Brown they stop and look back at the ship.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
I can't believe we pulled it off.
                       LIEUTENANT FIST
Pulled off what Sir?
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
How we got rid of two hundred
filthy prisoners. And turned a
good profit for the Queen's Navy.
                       LIEUTENANT FIST
Sir that was your plan all along?
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes it was. Wave farewell to them
The three officers wave goodbye to the ship.
                       LIEUTENANT FIST
That was brilliant Sir.
                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS
Yes it was. And with any luck they
will track down the "Vulture". And
the "Vulture" will send two
hundred filthy pirates to the


                       CAPTAIN FLOWERS (cont'd)
The officers watch the "Tracker" sail away.
Captain Long Beard, Snake and the ladies are finishing up
dinner. The cabin door is closed when they hear a low chant
coming from the crew outside on the main deck. The crews
chant is getting louder "vote" "vote" vote".
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Do you hear what I hear?
Yes Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Do you have any idea what this is
No Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
A vote. The men want a vote. Don't
they know there is no vote on this
Sir with all due respect. Pirates
can vote on things.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Sir It's in the pirates act of
1700. Pirates can get a vote.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (menacing)
Who asked you?
Then he directs a question to Mary.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (sarcastically)
And you Missy. Can pirates vote?
She starts to cry a little. She's scared of him.
                       MARY BROWN (sobbing)
I don't know Sir. I just don't
know. I really don't.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
Oh Missy by the way there's a rule
on this ship. No crying! So stop
it now!
He slams his fist on the table.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
And this is not a common pirate
ship. With a Captain walking
around with a sword stuck in his
chest. Is it Snake?
No Sir.
Captain Long Beard is thinking about the pirates vote. The
crew outside chanting "vote" "vote" "vote".
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
So then what would my merry crew
want? More wage. More food. More
rum. Or maybe some time with our
lady guests.
I don't know Sir.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Lets go find out. I tell you this
heads are going to roll. Ladies
after you. You know where to
A beautiful site all the crewmen on the main deck. Candles
and torches light the rails and the rigging. Captain Long
Beard, Snake and the ladies appear on the main deck. The
captain approaches the main rail to address the crew.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
So ye want a vote. Vote for what?
Who's your talker?
Pan steps out of the crowd.
I'am sir.


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Out with it man. What do the crew
want vote on.
Sir. We vote to make the two women
Captain Long Beard breaks into a wild laugh. Slapping his
leg. When he stops laughing all is silent.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You be pulling my leg.
He laughs again. The crew is silent. He looks over the crew.
He is angry now, screaming at them.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
Don't you men see what is going on
here! They are a witches and we
should burn the two of them at the
The crew is silent.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You men have gone sick! The sun
has baked your brains!
The crew silent looking at him.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
How many ears have they cut off?
How many noses?
The crew silent looking at him. He jesters to the sword
stuck in his chest.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What about this. She tried to kill
me. They're our prisoners you
The crew just staring at him.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You men are fools. I'm on a ship
with fools.
He walks over and grabs Anne by the arm taking her to the
top of the stair case. Front and center he pulls out his
sword and puts the tip of it to her neck. He screams to the


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I can end this right now!
The crew silent still watching his every move.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Pan are all the men still loyal to
Yes Sir. The men will fight and
die for you.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Pan I have to ask. Why? Why would
the crew want to make the hostages
pirate. I don't understand.
Well Sir the crew has taken a
liking to the both of them. And
the men would like it if they
could walk free around the ship.
Still your rule no man shall touch
Captain Long Beard gives the crew the evil eye.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
So you men wish the two witches be
pirate. You men know she can't
hurt me. They can't hurt me!
He takes hold of the sword in his chest and slowly starts
pulling it out. He's making a bone chilling WOLF CRY as it
comes out. Just then a huge summer heat lighting bolt
flashes and CRACKS in the night sky above the ship as the
thunder RUMBLES. Everyone on board is awe struck by the
site. The wind blows out the candles. Captain Long Beard
with a sword in each hand screams.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Ladies for my crew! I make thy
pirate! The pirate curse is on
Another lighting bolt CRACKS above the ship with a soft low
RUMBLE of thunder. The crew goes wild cheering. After a
moment Captain Long Beard quiets them down.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
And seeing I'm so generous
tonight. I bestow on both of them
the rank of Captain. Now the two


                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (cont'd)
of them both out rank you fools!
Snake in my brown trunk. Find them
both captain hats. Captain's
swords, pistols and what ever else
you can find on this ship to make
them look dandy.
He drops the sword that was stuck in his chest.
Mary moves over to Long Beard.
                       MARY BROWN (sobbing)
But I don't want to be a pirate.
Long Beard wiping tears from under her eye.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
To late Missy, you should have
spoken up a ltttle sooner.
He gives her a evil grin. Anne and Mary both have a strange
look about them. Their eyes, its a lot darker around their
eyes and their lips are darker. Another lighting bolt CRACKS
above the ship with RUMBLING thunder.
SEAMATE KELLY and FIRST MATE BELL approach Captain Zak
Slater who is behind the wheel.
                       FIRST MATE BELL
Sir may we have a word with you.
                       ZAK SLATER
Of course. you two can anytime
                       FIRST MATE BELL
Well Sir its a matter of trust. We
trust your sir. And we pray you
trust us.
                       ZAK SLATER
We have to trust each other. I'm
depending on you two men with my
life. Lets be frank here. You both
know I must have your help. I'm
new at this captain's business.
                       FIRST MATE BELL
Yes sir. Thank you Sir. Its a
matter of the papers you have.
Those so called documents that
Captain Flowers gave you. Three


                       FIRST MATE BELL (cont'd)
months ago before we were sent
here. Kelly and I were prisoners
at Fort Thomas. And the Major at
the base there had two young
privateers hung. He read us all
the same documents like Captain
Flowers had.
                       SEAMATE KELLY
He said they had new orders from
the Queen. That there be no more
privateers and anyone caught be
hung. And no more pardon of pirate
prisoners. That's the truth Sir.
                       ZAK SLATER
Are you sure of this?
                       SEAMATE KELLY (worried)
Yes sir. We heard it and we
watched them hang those two young
so called privateers as pirates
                       FIRST MATE BELL
We had to tell you Sir. We are
pirates on a pirate ship and so
are you.
Zak is taken back by what he just heard.
                       ZAK SLATER
All I care about is getting Anne
and Mary back.
Zak has a stern look on his face as the "Tracker" sails
On deck Seadog though blind is showing the men and women how
to load and shoot a pistol. Men in the rigging are helping
the Chinese men working with the sails. Some of the women
are sewing others cooking.
The Captain's cabin is dark with a few candles still
burning. Curtains cover the windows. Tika sleeping is half
on top of Calico. His eyes open and he slowly moves Tika's


long hair from his face. His eyes move slowly back and forth
looking around not sure where he is. He takes her arm off
his chest and moves it to her side. He slowly tries to slide
out from under her. She awakens.
                       TIKA (suprise)
She startles him. Gamba and Kiaa on the floor get up
quickly. They go over to Calico and help him stand up.
Captain, sir are you ok?
Captain. My Captain. Your alive!
Calico is still weak and confused.
Here Captain sit on this bench.
They help Calico sit on the bench. Tika grabs a mug of water
and hands it to Calico. He takes a drink then spits it out.
Any rum?
Gamba pours some rum in Calico's mug. He drinks it down.
That's better.
Calico looks at the three of them.
It's Gamba correct?
Yes Sir Your first mate Sir.
May I ask you who these lovely
ladies are?
Yes Sir. This is Kiaa she tended
the wounds on your back with
infection and this is Tika she
slept with you each night to help
break the fever. I mean stayed by
you so you would not fall off the
table. Both are part of your crew.


My crew?
Sir remember you took over the
"Vicious Dog" with Captain Tibits?
Yes... we have to rename this
ship. How long was I out?
Five days and five nights.
I'll get you something to eat.
Kiaa leaves the cabin as she does she moves back a set of
curtains that were hung to block out the daylight. As she
opens the door bright rays of light come in. As she shuts
the door we can hear her yelling "the captains alive, the
captains alive". Calico in his nightshirt smells his
Gamba why do I smell so good?
Sir Tika gave you sponge baths to
keep you cool and clean. And Sir
before you go on deck let me get
the crew ready for your
inspection. I'll tell Seadog.
Who's Seadog?
I made Seadog our Sergeant at
Arms. He was born on a pirate
Was he. I don't recall him.
The blind slave with the scars
down his face. The pirate man.
Calico nods his head yes. Kiaa returns with the food, Calico
starts to eat.


Kiaa, Tika get ready for
inspection. Kiaa tell Seadog to
get everyone ready.
I will.
Kiaa and Tika leave the cabin.
                       CALICO (confused)
So my Sergeant of Arms is blind?
Yes sir. He taught the crew how to
shoot and dress as pirates. He is
teaching us the pirate way. He was
raised by pirates.
A bell rings outside and they can hear Seadog barking orders
to the crew.
                       SEADOG (O.S.)
All hands on deck. Attention
Captain Calico is alive and will
be coming out here in a few
minutes. Everyone get ready. To
your battle stations in full
He said battle stations?
Yes sir. He makes us drill six
times a day. The men do not mind
much. The women do not like it so
So let me get this straight. The
blind man. He was born on a pirate
ship and was raised by pirates?
Yes Sir.
Calico is eating and drinking. He gets up and moves to his
Captain's desk and sits down. Gamba retrieves two sacks of
coins and puts them in front of him.
Pirate bootie we found Sir.


Calico looks into the sacks of coins.
This is good.
Gamba moves to a bench near the desk where clothes are laid
out and with his arms outstretched.
Sir can I help you get dressed?
Here are your new clothes.
Calico gets up and starts looking at the new clothes. There
are silk blouses, new trousers, a silk sword belt, a leather
hat, a ivory handled sword, new pistols with ivory grips and
leather boots. He holds up a puffy silk blouse.
I'm not wearing this. Where are my
old clothes?
Tika had to throw them overboard
sir they were rags. They were
soiled and stunk. Sir she hand
picked and fitted these for you.
When you were sick with fever.
Every day she dressed you as you
were sleeping.
Do we have anything else? Why
aren't you dress like this?
I have new clothes too. I'm going
to change. The whole crew wanted
to wait for you to come alive
again. Before we started our new
lives as pirates with you. And Sir
You would break Tika's heart if
you didn't wear the outfit she
picked for you. She picked only
the best for you Sir.
Calico looking down at the different clothes to choose from.
The Captain's door opens and out walks the WICKED looking
Captain Anne. Her eyes are dark and she's dressed in her new
Captain's outfit. She taps her hand on her new pistol and


the sword in her belt. She then grins. Captain Mary walks
out. Her long hair now braided pirate style. Her are eyes
dark. She as well wearing a new Captain's outfit with
pistols and sword.

Crewmen in the area stop in their tracks to look at the
women. Captain Long Beard walks out. His beard has been
braided and has small bows in it made from pieces of Mary's
red bow. He stands near the ladies to show he's with them.
The ladies grin at each other and walk away to take a stroll
around the ship. As the ladies walk past pirates on deck
they say "Miss" and give the pirate salute in respect. As
they pass one pirate who is about to take a bite from his
apple Mary grabs it and starts eating it as they continue

The ladies approach two pirates PIRATE RED who wears a red
skullcap and PIRATE BLACK who wears a black skull cap. The
men say "Miss" and salute. The women just pass them when
Anne darts back to them.
                       ANNE BONNEY (forceful)
Stand tall.
The men stand at attention. Anne slowly circles them
sniffing the air. On the bridge Long Beard and Snake are
                       ANNE BONNEY
I smell treasure.
Anne is eying both men from head to toe.
                       PIRATE RED
We have nothing Miss. No treasure.
Anne and Mary turn to walk away when Anne quickly turns back
and grabs hold of a thin leather necklace on Pirate Red's
                       ANNE BONNEY
What's this?
Anne pulls up the necklace and on the end of it is a silver
skull and crossbones ring. She rips it off his neck holding
the ring. She looks at it with a grin on her face.
                       PIRATE RED
That is a gift from my woman.
                       ANNE BONNEY
It's mine now.


Anne and Mary turn away as Anne slides the ring on her
finger. Anne grins as she is admiring her new ring then
takes a step. Pirate Red reaches behind his belt and pulls
out a dagger. His arm rises to throw it into Anne's back.
Mary quickly turns back at him. Pistol in hand, she fires
the gun BANG. Pirate Red is frozen as the shot hits him in
the chest. His arm still up with the dagger in hand. He
falls backwards dead. Anne and Mary grin at each other.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Nice shot princess.
Mary hands her still smoking pistol to Pirate Black.
                       MARY BROWN
Reload this.
Pirate Black takes her pistol and hands her his loaded one.
The women continue their walk. Anne holding her hand up
admiring the ring. Crewmen moving out of their way saluting
them. Snake and Long Beard are keeping an eye on the changed
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I can't believe our little Miss
Mary just shot that man. Our
hostages are killing our crew.
Long Beard and Snake see Spider slide down a line from the
rigging near Mary and Anne and starts talking to them.
I don't like the look of that.
Long Beard laughs.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You can thank your crew mates for
I should throw them both
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (aggravating)
Now now don't forget they both out
rank you boy.
Snakes EYES are fixed on the ladies.


On deck in the bright daylight the Captain's doors open.
Gamba appears first looking good in his fancy new bright
pirate outfit. Then Calico looking dashing like he just
walked out of a pirates catalog comes out. The men stand
there letting their eyes adjust to the bright light. As
Calico looks around the ship he sees his new international
crew in different places on the ship all dressed up in their
new COLORFUL pirate outfits.
All the new pirates are over armed. Many carry as many as
four pistols. Two in their belts and two on a leather cord
draped over their necks. Swords and knives in their sword
belts. Long skinny different colored silk dandy flags are
waving in the breeze. Bright colored parrots about the deck.
Seadog is also dressed to the hilt. He walks over to the
Sir Sergeant Of Arms at your
service Sir. The crew is ready for
your inspection. May I walk the
deck with you?
Please do.
Seadog takes Criss's arm, Gamba follows as they walk. They
stop at a line of fancy pirates with muskets ready.
They're eager to display their firing ability.
Sir if I may.
Please do.
At the ready!
The pirates ready their muskets.
Aim! Over the side.
The men point the guns overboard.
The guns all fire.


The men start to reload there guns.
Very good Sergeant.
Thank you Sir. We work on shooting
day and night.
Moving down the deck they approach pirate NOTA pulling up
the rope with knots in it.
Sir this is Nota I taught him how
to measure our speed and read the
Nota stands and salutes the Captain.
Sir speed five knots North
Seadog pointing up into the rigging and high mast.
Sir if I may. Ming Lee!
Calico looking up at the crow's nest sees the Chinese pirate
Ming Lee. He is smiling waving down at them. As he looks
lower down the rigging the other two Chinese pirates are up
on the top rigging smiling down and waving as well. They
have put Chinese lettering on their shirts. They speak a few
words in Chinese to each other.
Sir I had to teach Ming Lee hand
singles to report to us for now.
Those three are just learning
English. But they are the only
ones willing to go up that high
and stay in the riggings. They're
the best three pirates we have.
And might I add very good
fishermen as well Sir.
So my three best pirates are
Chinese and they don't speak


Aye, Sir.
They walk a little farther and approach Tika who is dressed
in a matching outfit as Calicos. Her sword and ivory handled
pistol match as well.
Sir you have to tell me. How does
she look Sir?
She looks good.
The ship and the crew. I worked
hard on them. To make it right.
Oh, the ship. It looks grand. Just
That's what I wanted for you Sir.
That's good news. I wish I could
see it.
They walk by the Japanese pirates who bow as they pass. They
have put dragon artwork on the back of their shirts. They
speak a few words in Japanese to each other.
But I have to ask you. Why do
these people think they be pirate?
Their not pirates. Their ex
Well they are Sir. Pirates.. and
your crew sir.
Seadog you know the pirates act of
1700. Only a Captain can make one
a pirate.
True Sir true. So I did it for
                       CALICO (confused)
You did what? You're not a


Aye, Sir I was for five days when
you were down. I took over the
ship. Pirates act of 1700 states.
Calico interrupts.
I know. I know.
So with the Captain's powers I
had. I swore them all in. They all
took the blood oath. Each and
every one. Then they each took
oath to be loyal to you or in your
passing... me.
Gamba hands Calico a silver flask of rum. Calico takes a
drink and puts it in Seadogs hand.
And Sir you know I can't see. But
I can still draw. So I drew
drawings. Drawings of how the ship
should look and how they should
dress like pirates.
That explains a lot.
Sir. See the new jolly roger.
Gamba points up to the flag. Calico looks up. Its a
beautiful silk jolly roger but the skull head is leaning to
one side, the bones are crossed off center and the skull's
eyes are off center.
Seadog drew them the jolly roger
to make that.
Calico grins and shakes his head.
The Japanese women added the tiger
to the jib sail.
Calico looks over to the front jib sail and sees the
beautiful silk image of a TIGER on it.


I told the crew its all how you
look in battle. Sometimes you can
scare the enemy. You know to break
their will to fight.
I'm scared just thinking about it.
Sir I took it upon myself when I
was captain. I renamed her. The
ships new name. "THE FREEMAN". The
"Freeman" I hope you like it Sir.
That's a fine name.
I armed everyone to the teeth.
They'll die fighting, never to be
made slaves again.
Seadog showed us where to mount
the swivel cannons and how to use
them. Sir did you know Seadog's
father was a cannon?
I did not know that.
It's true sir. When I was born, a
new born baby, the first thing I
saw in life was my beautiful
mother looking down at me.
The second thing I saw was a
cannon next to her. Born on a
pirate ship. That's way they call
me a "son of a gun".
Seadog starts laughing. With her new name plate the
"Freeman" sails away.
The pirate ship the "DEMON" is at anchor in the cove. The
sun is just rising.


All seems very peaceful. Crewmen are sleeping on deck. They
hear the distance BOOM sound of a few cannon going off. Then
the WHISTLE of incoming cannon balls. They EXPLODE in front
and behind the ship as warning shots. The men jump up as

To his horror he sees the "Vulture" positioned to nail them.
They hear the THUMPING sound of the kettledrum beating out
their war beat from the "Vulture".
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
Men they have us. That is the
Vulture. Captain Long Beard will
show no mercy. We drop sail and
they sink us right here. We have
treasure to hand over. He may not
kill you men. But my head will be
on his mast.
The "Demon" is tied to the "Vulture" stern to bow. Captain
Samuel is being escorted across a plank. He is holding his
sword. As he arrives at the Captain's quarter's he sees
Captain Anne and Captain Mary. He offers his sword to them.
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
Captain's my sword of surrender.
Captain Long Beard at his door clears his throat.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (disqusted)
In here.
Captain Samuel enters the Captain's quarter's followed by
the ladies. Snake is in the room.
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
Captain my sword of surrender.
Captain Samuel hands Captain Long Beard his sword. He takes
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
John, John, John, my old friend
Captain John Samuel.


Anne is moving around Samuel sniffing the air.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
John I'm sorry it's you. Truly
sorry. But I did catch you today
with your britches down. Now
didn't I.
                       ANNE BONNEY
I smell treasure.
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
We have a small treasure on board
the Demon Miss.
                       ANNE BONNEY
No I smell treasure on you.
Mary takes out her pistol aims it at Samuel's head and cocks
it. Anne grins at Samuel then runs her hands down his chest
searching him. Anne drops down and reaches into Samuel's
boot pulling out a rolled up leather PUZZLE MAP. It has the
same blue fringe as Long Beard's other map.
                       ANNE BONNEY
Oh my. What's this?
Anne unrolls it. It has square holes cut in it. Anne is
examining it. Long Beard retrieves his part of the map and
places it on the table. Anne takes her part and places it on
top of the map he had. Through the holes it reveals the
correct letters and numbers. She reads it out loud slowly.
                       ANNE BONNEY
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
North cove. Parrot Island, flat
rock. twenty paces. round rock. X.
So that's it. That's where the
treasure is buried. Snake show me
Parrot Island on the map.
Snake grabs some maps and puts them on the table. While the
men are looking at the maps Anne and Mary slip out of the
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Snake grab those the maps. Where
is Parrot Island? John have you
heard of it?


                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
Let me see a map. I may know. Its
very small, hard to find.
Snake puts a stack of maps on the table. All three men are
studying the maps looking for Parrot Island.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
So John tell me how did you come
upon this piece of the map?
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL
In Jamaica. An old Jamaican vodoo
woman gave it to me. Said another
captain would track me down for
it. Said he would pay greatly for
it. I didn't know it was you. And
if I didn't do it she was to curse
me. I just took it and left.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
I know the woman you speak of.
The men are looking at maps when pistol shots RING out. They
perk up. Then a few more shots RING out. Long Beard
walks toward the door. Many more shots are firing.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
What is going on out there?
As Captain Long Beard and Snake step on to the main bridge.
A battle has broken out. Some of his crew is firing at some
of his now ex crew on the "Demon". MUTINY. There are crewmen
on the "Demon" dropping sails. She's moving away from the

He looks over at the "Demon" and sees Anne at the wheel
turning it. Long Beard pulls out his pistol taking aim at
her when out of the corner of his eye he sees Gunnie on the
"Demon" ready to fire a swivel cannon at him. Long Beard
dives for cover.
On the "Demon" the swivel cannon fires BOOM. The shot rips
the siding off the bridge and railing. Captain Long Beard
tumbles down the stairs from the impact of the BLAST. Snake
on the bridge looks over at the "Demon" and sees Spider up
in the riggings with his crew letting more sails down. As
the "Demon" is pulling farther away from the "Vulture".

Mary on the "Demon" has a pistol in each hand. She fires


both guns BOOM BOOM. Two pirates on the "Vulture" fall into
the water. The fighting between the two crews is raging. A
pirate starts to beat the kettledrum. Snake draws his custom
pistol with a nice snake design going down the barrel. He
sees Spider in the rigging and aims it at him.
Spider sees Snake about to fire. He grabs a line and as
Snake fires, Spider drops down the line. The shot misses.
Gunnie who has now moved to a different swivel cannon and is
about to light the wick looks over to Snake. He aims the
Gunnie fires the cannon BOOM. Snake dives and tumbles down
the stairs as the cannon BLAST hits the area. Snake falls
right on top of Captain Long Beard who was just trying to
get to his feet. Other cannon BLASTS are going off from both

A nice breeze kicks up and the "Demon's" sails fill with air
as the "Demon" pulls away from the "Vulture". Captain Long
Beard and Snake get to their feet and fire their pistols at
the "Demon" ship. They watch as the "Demon" pulls away. Long
Beard addressing PIRATE RICHARD who just fired a round at
the "Demon".
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Did you see what happened?
                       PIRATE RICHARD
Yes sir. We were bringing the crew
from the "Demon" over here. When I
noticed a lot of our crew was
going over there. I saw your two
lady Captains board the "Demon".
Next thing I know the shooting
Captain Long Beard is visibly angry.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD (angry)
They took my ship! Snake find out
how many of my men. Did do mutiny!
                       PIRATE RICHARD
Sir, it looked to me a lot.
Half...Half our crew boarded the


Long Beard walks over to the "Demon" crew prisoners guarded
by his men.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
You men swear loyalty to me and
this ship. You're part of my crew.
Snake if they don't throw them
Captain Long Beard looks at the stern of the "Demon" as it
is picking up speed moving away.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Drop sail! Lets catch them. They
can't out run us.
Up in the riggings Pirate Armstrong and others release lines
on the main sail. As they do the large sail FALLS to the
deck below hitting some pirates on deck.
Stop! Stop! Someone has cut lines
on the sails!
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Stop! stop! Men get up there and
check all the lines and get this
main sail backup there.
Below deck a power fuse is SIZZLING making its way to a
power keg. The keg EXPLODES. On the rear deck the explosion
sends part of the decking and pirates flying into the air.
The blast rocks the ship.
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL (smiling at Long Beard)
Those two little girls are "your
Their our hostages.
                       CAPTAIN SAMUEL (smiling)
A fine pirates tail that.....
Before Captain Samuel gets the words out Captain Long Beard
hits him on the head with his pistol. Captain Samuel falls
to the deck knocked out.
                       CAPTAIN LONG BEARD
Snake have the men work on
repairs. Have crews find timbers
on this island. Let me know the
damages. Put those fires out!


Smoke is coming out of the hole blown in the "Vulture's"
rear deck as pirates with wood buckets try to put out the
On deck Calico is training some crewmen the fine art of
sword fighting. Tika dressed in the same matching colors as
Calico is walking toward the men practicing. She gets in
with the group watching. Calico is finishing off training
the pirate he's working with and puts his sword tip on the
mans chest.
That's how it's done. Who's next?
Tika steps forward.
Me Sir.
Calico welcomes her with a bow. A crewman hands her a sword.
They tip swords. They go at it fencing and Calico being an
excellent swordsman quickly backs her up. Calico gives her
another try. Again he quickly backs her up. Tika looks
flustered. Calico and Tika start fencing again. Their swords
lock and handles meet they are face to face.
You're not a pirate.
Yes I'am.
They break and fence some more. Once again they lock swords
at the handle face to face. Calico with his other hand puts
a dagger up to her neck. She looks at the dagger.
You're not a pirate.
Yes I'am.
They break and fence some more. Calico pours it on forcing
Tika to backup as she does she slips and falls to the deck.
Calico standing above her with his sword tip on her.
You're not a pirate.


She looks up at him. Tears in her eyes then she turns her
back to him and starts to pull up the back of her blouse to
reveal whip scars. She pulls down her blouse at the her
shoulder revealing the "V" brand from the "Vicious Dog".
Just like you.
Calico's eyes ZOOM IN on her "V" scar.
Calico's eyes are still focused on the "V" scar. Only this
time its not Tika's scar, it's Seadog's. Both men have been
drinking too much rum and are drunk.
See Sir we all have them. The "V"
scar from that rat Tibits. We
should have hanged him.
I'm sure they're having a good
time on Mosquito Island.
Hey. They tell me you're a
handsome devil. Is that true? Let
me see.
Seadog takes his hands and runs them over Calico's face.
See they were correct.
I can't tell from doing this. I
just like doing it.
Seadog chuckles.
Well then let me do it to you.
Calico runs his hands over Seadog's face. He is most
interested in the scars over Seadog's eyes. He runs his
fingers over them.
                       CALICO (interested)
These scars on your eyes?


Aye Sir. About ten years ago two
young British sailors did that to
me. With a hot dagger. Burned my
eyes. I had it coming. I didn't
know she was their mother.
Seadog chuckles.
It just seems to me there is an
eyeball under there.
Seadog feeling the scars over his eyes.
There is something under there.
Ouch! Yep its an eyeball.
Calico pours them more rum.
Well if it were me.
Calico starts drinking.
If it were me. What Sir?
Calico brushes him off.
Never mind.
If it were me what. What Sir? Tell
Well if it were me. I'd have a
doctor or good friend cut it.
Calico runs his finger across the scar of one of Seadog's
eyes in a cutting motion.
Right there. But that's just me.
That's what I would do.
So your saying if I have it cut
open a good eyeball is going to
jump out?


Maybe. Maybe not. How should I
know. I'm not a doctor. No one
Both men take drinks of rum.
Sir. You have to do it. Cut it
open Sir.
I'm not doing it.
You have to Sir. You're the only
one I trust in the pirate ways.
Seadog pulls out a sharp dagger and hands it to Calico.
                       SEADOG (pleading)
You have to do it Sir. I'm begging
you. Please Sir open it up. Please
Seadog puts his head in Calico's lap.
This is going to hurt.
I can take the pain Sir. Do it
please. For me Sir. Do it Sir.
Calico looks at the dagger. Holds Seadog's head with the
other hand.
Don't move.
Calico's hand moves down to do the surgery. Seadog lets out
a blood curling SCREAM. Below deck everyone hears the
On deck Zak, Seaman Kelly and First Mate Bell are looking at
the compass. Bell is holding a map.
                       ZAK SLATER
I knew this wasn't working.


Zak taps the compass. It spins and sticks. Zak taps it again
it spins and sticks.
                       FIRST MATE BELL
On this map were one day out. Port
Faircloth. We can see if they have
Bell hands the map to Zak. He looks at it.
                       FIRST MATE BELL
We can get fresh water and find
out if anyone has seen the
Zak looks disgusted.
                       ZAK SLATER
Get us to Port Faircloth.
The "Tracker" sails on.
Port Faircloth a nice trading port town busy with business.
Tika and a few women are on shore buying a few goods at a
merchant shop. They leave the shop they notice ten young
sailors following them. The ladies are nervous and make
their way to the town pub.
The pub is crowded. Calico is sitting at a table facing the
door TRADER SLIM is sitting next to him. Gamba is on
Calico's other side. Seadog is across the table. He has a
large BANDAGE around his head covering the eye surgery. Tika
and the women hurry into the pub. Tika goes up to Calico's
table and sits at the end. Seadog and Gamba are eating some
                       TRADER SLIM
The cannon and balls are all
loaded on your ship.
Calico puts a money pouch on the table. Trader Slim looks in
the pouch.
We made a good deal.
Calico takes a drink of rum.


Aye we'll have the cannons fitted
by tomorrow sir.
Calico looks at Seadog's plate and sees two WEEVIL WORMS
crawling on it next to a biscuit.
Gamba see those two worms on
Seadog's plate?
Seadog's hand makes a fist and he smashes it into the plate.
Stew goes flying into the air.
Never mind. I was going to tell
Gamba a story about two weevils.
Calico looks at the door to see the ten young sailors strut
into the pub. The sailors look around and spot Tika at
Calico's table. They make their way over to it. Sailor HENRY
LAD he gets behind Seadog. SAILOR LOUIS gets next to Calico.
Calico's one hand drops below the table. He gives Seadog the
pirate tip off word.
                       SAILOR LOUIS
You the trader? From the "Freeman"
Yes I'm Calico Criss at your
                       SAILOR LOUIS
I have a trade for you.
Sailor Louis puts a small coin on the table in front of
                       SAILOR LOUIS
This for her. That tart.
He looks at Tika.
She's not for sale.


                       SAILOR LOUIS
And why is that?
Well Sir. She's my beautiful wife.
Sailor Louis pulls out his pistol and aims it at Calico. The
other young sailors pull out their guns as well. Henry Lad
pulls out his pistol holds Seadog's head and puts the barrel
on his temple. Trader Slim and Gamba have their hands up.
                       SAILOR LOUIS
Sir I just called your so called
wife a tart. Are you not to defend
her honor sir?
A tart you say....no. Sometimes
she does act like a tart.
The young sailor not amused by Calico.
                       SAILOR LOUIS
Well then Sir. What about scum?
Tika pulls out her ivory handled pistol aims it at sailor
Louis and cocks it.
Scum. I don't think I would call
her scum. She might blow you head
Seadog plays stupid. He turns around in his seat and grabs
Henry Lad's belt and trousers with one hand then shoves his
pistol into his belly with his other. Henry looks down at it
and freezes.
                       SEADOG (dead serious)
Don't move son or it will go off
and rip a hole in your guts. I
can't see. I can't see. What is
going on Calico?
The young lad there has a pistol
to your head.
Seadog tugs Henry Lad's belt.


See here. Calico see here I have
my pistol in his belly. Calico you
know what this is called?
Calico thinking about it.
A caribbean standoff?
No. No. No. This is called dead
man's thumb. He shoots me in the
head my thumb slides off the
hammer. I shoot him in the guts
and were both dead. See how my
thumb is on the hammer? My other
hand holds his belt my finger and
thumb on the barrel so if he pulls
back it pulls the gun away from my
thumb and I shoot him.
Sailor Louis even leans over to take a peek. A pistol COCKS.
Calico was that your pistol I just
heard cock under the table?
Yes it was.
Where is your pistol aimed?
Calico with one hand under the table.
Right here aimed at this young
man's crouch.
Calico looking at sailor Louis.
You would shoot his little thing
Right now it's the only shot I
Aye. Gamba where is you gun?


Mine is still on the floor.
Gamba if you're going to be a
pirate you always have to be on
guard. Did I just say pirate?
Oh good. Now the cat's out of the
                       SAILOR LOUIS (authoritative)
So you are pirates.
Yes we are.
Sailor Louis and everyone else hear about thirty pistols
COCKING behind them.
And so are they.
Sailor Louis and his boys slowly turn their heads to see all
of Calico's crew behind them with their pistols aimed at
them. Seadog starts his diversion.
I want everyone here to look at
Ming Lee. Ming Lee where are you!
Ming Lee in the crowd his hands shaking. He holds a loaded