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winning to die(criminal minds:independent episode)
by victory patience (mpongemetuge@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
This script is based on the show 'CRIMINAL MINDS' which airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 9pm.I love the show very much and i am an avid fan. I have watched every episode of all 8 seasons and since i am an aspiring writer, i decided to write an independent episode of the show.It is not a continuation to any episode and stands on its own.I believe i have done my very best with it but i will appreciate constructive and honest criticism and thanks for taking the time to read.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Grace Logan hands a glass filled with wine( Dow Tawny port
which costs $155 reg.) to Jeff Donovan, who now appears
confused with a terrified look on his face.
                       GRACE (Grace Logan)
Jeff refuses the drink with a nod, and is squeezing his
stomach due to the griping pain.But Grace forces the drink
in his hand and kicks him in the abdomen as he falls to the
floor from the bed.
      (Making gestures
       with a knife)
Drink it up or i'll....
                       JEFF (Jeff Donovan)
what have you done to me?
Grace kicks him again and he starts drinking forcefully but
Good. just like all of them, you
too are obedient Sir
Jeff finishes the drink and Grace seizes the glass from him
why are you doing this and what
did you put in those drinks?
nothing you didn't like. well, its
time to go home.you're ready?
Jeff looks at her scornfully and says nothing. she kicks him
again and repeats.
i asked if you are ready to go


ye..yes...i am
Grace pulls him across the floor while he is pleading with
A few minutes later, Grace pulls up in front of Jeff's
house.She comes out and looks around to make sure nobody has
seen her and then, opens the back door and drags Jeff out of
the car, throwing him on ground directly in front of his
garage.Jeff is looking physical weak and has started
coughing blood while Grace drives away.
Jeff is propelling himself forward but slowly while still
coughing blood.Before he gets close to the garage,he gives
out and dies.
The team is seated at the round table and Garcia is about to
present the case when Hotch walks in.
Good morning Sir
      (picking up the
       case file in
       front of him)
Good morning everyone, so what do
we have here.
Garcia is using the remote to show images of the victims on
the screen.
This is Jeffrey Donovan.he was
found dead in front of his home in
Atlanta Ga yesterday evening.
In front of his home?
yep...the police report says his
house maid found him in front of
his house when she was signing off
for the day.



                       GARCIA (cont'd)
Apparently, Mr Jeffrey had left a
note saying he was going away but
showed up 2 days later dead in
front of his own home.
hmmm...that sounds fishy.
      (raising his
so what makes it a BAU case?
it turns out that our victim died
of natural causes but is the third
in similar deaths to have occurred

this is James Richardson who got
home just to die a few minutes
later and lastly, Scott Daniels
who also turned up dead in his
parking lot, all in GA.

All victims have been reported to
have died of natural causes but
the ATLPD thinks otherwise.Lead
detective Michael Williams also
invited us in because wait for it
Garcia appears a little excited while the others listen and
are waiting for her to finish her sentence
Jeffrey Donovan, the latest victim
and the first victim, Scott
Daniels were known figures in the
community and were respected
socialites. so the case has drawn
a lot of public attention and
people are demanding answers
wow...looks like somebody is on a
mission to eliminate the rich.
what was the time interval between
victims, Garcia?


a week?
which means the unsub is hunting.
      (standing up)
wheels up in 20, and Garcia.
Garcia turns in the direction of Hotch, looking a little
you are coming with us.
                       HOTCH (off sreen)
Money couldn't buy you friends but
you got a better class of
enemies-author Spike Milligan.
the team is on their way to GA in the jet and are discussing
the facts of the case thus far.
So what do we know?
it says in Jeffrey's file that he
suffered a liver failure but no
word on what might have cause it
i have James Richardson's file and
he died of a pretty normal heart
so did Scott Daniels and there is
no indication of any foul play.
if the death interval between them
is one week, we have to believe
that the their deaths are
connected and have been made to
look natural.
so why these victims?


the only apparent reason so far is
their wealth, prominent people in
the community with enemies they
are not aware of.
The unsub must be very organised
because there is no apparent MO or
signature screaming at you from
the scenes.....
      (interupting Emily)
Yet...that's what we are here to
find out.

Dave, handle the victimology and
geographic profiling, take Reid
with you.
Morgan and Prentiss, you two go to
the morgue. the medical examiner
is expecting you.
Garcia and i are going to the
ATLPD. lets meet there once you
Garcia and Hotch walk into the police station and are met by
Detective Michael Williams who introduces himself.
                       MIKE (Michael Williams)
You must be from the BAU?
Garcia nods and Mike reaches out to shake her hand.
am Micheal Williams. mike for
short. and the lead detective on
the case.
Am Penelope Garcia,the one you
spoke to on the phone and this is
SSA Aaron Hotchner.
Mike and Hotch shake hands and mike leads them into the


Thank you Detective for inviting
us.You will meet the rest of my
team later. they are already out
in the field.
wow...that was fast
excuse me, where can i set up?
mike points her to a desk.
we dont have that much space here.
hope you can manage that.
oh its fine.thanks
a detective walks in and interrupts Hotch and Mike.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
Mike you've gotta see this.
                       DETECTIVE JONES
the news.they are everywhere.
mike turns toward hotch and garcia
do you mind?
after you.
other detectives and police including Hotch, Garcia and Mike
are watching the news on CBS Atl, the local station.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
Jeffrey Donovan was found dead in
front of his Buckhead home
yesterday by his maid, who
reportedly found a note 2 days


                       NEWS ANCHOR (cont'd)
earlier.the community is crying
foul over his death as he is the
second socialite to have died in
two weeks. even though the
coroner's report says he died of
natural causes, the ATLPD believes
otherwise and the FBI is now
involved in the case too. Both the
police dep't and the FBI have not
given any comments as to why they
think otherwise. The community has
been in total chaos over the
recent death and are.....
wow....where do they get all that
information from?
trust me, you don't wanna know.
Garcia get ready, you are giving a
press conference in a few.
Grace Logan is in bed sleeping when she suddenly hears her
mother's voice speaking to her.
                       KATTY (O.S)
you are a true daughter of your
I couldn't have asked for a better
Mom.... is that you?
Grace wakes up and sits up in bed. She looks into the mirror
where she sees her mom standing at the head of her bed,
directly behind her.
yes it is.

i am proud of you, you know that
that's all i ever wanted... that
you be proud of me.


now you know...if only you had
done it sooner...
i know mom,and am sorry
      (waving her hand)
it's fine. you must rest now my

You still have work to do,
i do
Both mother and daughter smile together and looking at each
other in the mirror
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
He did die of liver failure but it
was acute.
acute enough not to be natural?
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
you see, liver failure occurs due
to damage to the liver which is
something that happens with
time.it can be caused by a huge
number of things such as another
disease like cancer, or viruses
and prescription medication to
name a few.
so what caused his?
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
like i said, he died of acute
liver failure which occurs
instantaneously and in his case,
it appears to have been
so you are saying...


                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
that he died from drug overdose
and excessive alcohol.

i found large doses of
acetaminophen in his system
coupled with large amounts of
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
Acetaminophen causes liver damage
by itself when taken in excess at
once or over a period of time. in
this case, he not only ODd on the
drug but he took it in combination
with lots of alcohol.which is very

that is a recipe for suicide.
only... our guy here had every
reason to live.
yeah...why would anyone do this?
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
you're saying it wasn't suicide?
Dereck and Prentiss start walikng out.
thanks man
Reid and Rossi are at Jeffrey's mansion to talk to his maid
and find out more about him. they are sitting on the couch
while Dana is sitted across from them.
Ms Dana we...
just Dana please.


Rossi looks at Reid who concurs.
thank you for seeing us Dana. am
agent Rossi and this is my
colleague Dr Reid.

we would like to ask you a few
questions about Jeffrey Donovan?
      (tearing up)
what do you want to know?
Dana can you tell us a little
about Jeffrey prior to his death?
any strange behavior or any thing
that was out of place?
he was the same nice man i had
known for five years. he had the
biggest and kindest heart of
anyone i ever met.

the two things he loved most like
he said always, were life and good
wine.and he took good care of
himself, you know? its sad that
anybody would do this to him.
we know that you gave the note you
found to the police but... did you
have any idea why he was happier
or where he was going and... was
it normal for him to leave like
i wish i knew why or where he was
going, i would have stopped him.

Jeffrey never left the city
without letting me know where he
was going or how long it was for.
for some reason, i didn't think
anything was wrong when...when i
found the note. i thought he was
in a haste and i dint even flinch
for a second.



                       DANA (cont'd)
Am a wreck, am so sorry.
It is ok.

Did all his employees call him by
first name...Jeffrey...like you?
no..not everyone..he and i...he...

we used to sleep together
sometimes,even though i knew it
meant nothing to him, i loved him
anyways and he's gone before i got
the chance to tell him.
                                         CUT TO:
Standing around in a circle, the team members tell each
other about their findings
Jeffrey Donovan died of acute
liver failure
oh oh
why do i sense a but.
it was induced by drugs and
alcohol.the drug of choice,-
uhhh...Tylenol and booze?
Actually, it could be any OTC
medication containing
Acetaminophen or the drug itself.
Acetaminophen overdose is the
leading cause of liver failure in
the U.S and about 70,000 cases of
its toxicity are reported each

the difference between the


                       SPENCE (cont'd)
therapeutic dose and the toxic
dose is relatively small with the
safe dose beind 4g over a 24 hr
period and the toxic dose being

The drug itself, when od is a
potential damage to the liver and
so, when combined with alcohol,
increases the risk of sudden death
by way of liver failure.

it is not so much the alcohol as
it is the drug because.....
Reid, that's enough. we have been
schooled already.

both the drug and alcohol were in
excess in his system. all consumed
within a 24 hour period.
Dana..his maid, said he loved good
wine but was in fact,in good
we need to take a look at the
other victims to determine the
signature.I'll go ahead and
arrange that. Dave i will like you
to go with Prentiss to the medical

Garcia, you're ready?
let's do this.
Garcia is talking to the press while Morgan stands by her
we are sorry for your loss but we
assure you that we will give you
details of the case as soon as we
have them


                       NEWS ANCHOR
was Mr Jeffrey Donovan murdered
and how close is the FBI to
finding the suspect?
We have not established that yet
but we're not ruling it out
either. like i mentioned
earlier,we will keep you informed
as we progress but in the main
time, please be calm and let the
police do their job
Rossi and Prentiss are at the morgue, standing in front of
the corpses and listening to the M.E give them the results
of his examination.
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
You guys have kept me on my feet
all day...how many more of these
should i expect?
i wish we could answer that.
so what did you find?
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
well, they died of heart attacks
quite alright, but just like the
other victim, it was all
drug-related and alcohol-combined.
the same drug?
                       MEDICAL EXAMINER
this time, it was both Ibuprofen
and Oxycodone. both drugs were
found in excess in their systems
as much as alcohol.
it must be the same unsub.


Rossi calls Hotch on his cell to tell him about the results
of the autopsy. Hotch puts him on speaker, since he is with
the rest of the team
Dave, you're on speaker
Both James and Scott died of heart
attack and yep, you guessed it,
the drug of choice changed from
Acetaminophen to Ibuprofen and
Oxycodone with lots of alcohol.
what is the time frame of their
the medical examiner put it at a
24 hour period for both victims
i think it's the same unsub.
Morgan and Reid will go talk to
James Family while i go to
let's meet here in 60.
Morgan and Reid are waiting at the door of James' house
after knocking while chatting.
Oxycodone and Ibuprofen are
nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory
drugs(NSAIDs) used to relieve
acute pain and the former could
become very addictive.
Morgan looks at Reid, shakes his head and knocks at the door


both drugs are very dangerous if
OD and will cause stomach
bleeding. But when combined with
alcohol, it could be pretty...
Door opens as Reid finishes his sentence
                       AMY (Amy Richardson)
Can i help you?
Good day Ma'am.
Am Dereck Morgan and this is Dr
Spencer Reid, we're from the FBI.
Can we come in?
Morgan and Reid are sitting across from the Richardson's and
asking them questions.
We just found out that James died
of heart attack that was caused by
a massive overdose of drugs and
Both Amy and Megan react to it differently...Megan is in
shock and Amy in denial.
no..no way.
was he on any medication or
                       MEGAN (Megan Richardson)
am not sure about the medication
but he occasionally got drunk. you
know,once in a while.
so you don't know if he was taking
Ibuprofen or Oxycodone?


no...as far as i remember, no.
My daughter and i stayed with him
because i refused to give him a
i should say he wasn't really much
of a husband or father for the
past two years.
She pauses a little bit and then continues to speak.
The love of money is the root of
all evil.
She gets interrupted by Reid who finishes her sentence.
From the Bible,1Timothy 6:10
Every body in the room gives Reid a look, who looks a little
embarrassed then continues with the questions.
sorry Ma'am, we don't follow?
We used to be poor and like every
body,wished to get out of it.
Thankfully, God blessed us and my
Mom amd Dad played this lottery
that they won two years ago.
As soon as the money came, my dad

The things money would do to
people.I didn't recognise him
again. he would throw parties
every now and then, attend
functions and then, he started
chasing young girls around. Young
enough to be my age mates.
So even when we found the note, it
wasn't strange because it had
become a part of him. So we can't
really give you any good
information because we didn't know


thank you.
Hotch and Detective Williams are standing in Mrs Laura's
house and talking about her dead husband.
we understand you were divorced
with Scott but can you tell us any
habits he had that could have
contributed to his death?
                       LAURA DANIELS
i say this in the nicest way, the
man got what he deserved.
Hotch and Mike look at each other
                       LAURA DANIELS
He had always been a drunk even
before the money, it only got
worse when he won the lottery over
a year ago.
i could take the drinking..you
know. because i met him like that
and i couldn't change him despite
several attempts.
But what i couldn't take where the
young girls he flaunted in and out
of our bedroom like it was some
i had to take my kids outta there.
so i filed for divorce.
Other than that, i can't tell you
anything else because i didn't see
or hear from him untill i heard
about his death.
the team are having a conference call and informing each
other about their findings. Dereck is driving with Reid in
the passenger seat,Hotch is driving too with Det Mike in the
passenger seat while Dave, Garcia and Emily are at the


other than being a
philanderer,James Richardson had
apparently won it big 2 years ago.
So did Scott Daniels, who was a
habitual drunk
that's a pointer.
Dave turning to talk to Garcia.
Garcia,look into the victims
medical records and their
finances,see if you could track
any activity on their credit

Also,look into Jeffrey's life and
find out how he got his wealth.we
might have just found the
anything else?
we're on our way to the precinct.
meet you guys there.
the team is gathered around Garcia who tells them what she
found on Mr Jeffrey
You were right Sir. Jeffrey
Donovan had won the megamillion
jackpot approximately 3 years ago
$157 millions.

But i didn't find any records of
the said drugs in the victims
files and they all were in good


so it is safe to say that the
unsub is attacking jackpot
but why? why the lottery winners?
Almost like winning the lottery is
to die
what about their cards? any
On the cards, no. On the accounts,
All three victims had withdrawn
huge sums of money from their
accounts prior to their
When i say huge, i mean at least a
million from each accounts and
after that, no activity which
makes it hard to track if they
were dealing with cash.
if the victims all went away
leaving notes, it means they must
have known the unsub to have
voluntarily left the way they did.
Guys, if the other two victims had
oxycodone in their systems without
any proof of it in their medical
records, then the unsub might have
been to the hospital recently.

i didnt think about it before but
oxycodone is a prescribed
medication. You can't get it OTC
and if none of the victims had it
prescribed to them, then the unsub
must have it. he will be suffering
from a severe pain or undergone
surgery recently to have it as a
pain reliever.


only i don't think our unsub is a
how do you mean?
think about it....
what is the one thing that will
cause a man to abandon everything
and elope leaving just scribbled
words on a paper?

Plus, all victims found are men so
far and following what their
families said about their
lifestyles, it fits.

they were enticed by a young and
attractive woman.
Garcia keep digging and let us
know if you find anything.

i think we're ready to give a
preliminary profile of the unsub.
the team is gathered in the lobby with the police working on
the case to brief them on the profile. Every member of the
team is standing including some police officers while a few
sit down.
the unsub we are looking for is a
white female in her late 20s to
early 30s and who appears to be
highly sophisticated.
The sophistication is a camouflage
because she wants to belong in
order to better get her victims
and not because she actually does.
if you searched in her background,
you will find that she might have
been homeless at some point in her
life or probably suffered some


                       EMILY (cont'd)
sort of abandonment.
when you find her, you will notice
that she is suffering from a
severe pain or has undergone
sugery recently, that gave her
access to the drug oxycodone,which
is not an OTC med.

Due to the amounts found in the
victims, she may appear physically
weak too,given that she is using
her medication as a weapon.
When you come across her, you will
not miss her because she is very
attractive and uses her beauty as
bait to capture her victims.
You would find also that the unsub
is a loner and hangs out only and
around her predators.
Characterized by borderline
personality disorder
All the victims have been lottery
winners so far,that could hint an
element of that in her life too
which could be a factor in her
She is very meticulous and highly
organized and yet extravagant at
the same time, having no sympathy
on her victims and taking the most
she can get.
Hotch looks at his team members to confirm that they covered
everything in the profile while Garcia comes up behind him
as he concludes the briefing.
we will let you know if we find
anything else, meanwhile , lookout
for any of these things we have
just talked about. thank you.


the group disperses as Garcia is now talking to the rest of
the team with Det. Williams.
i checked to see if there was
anything common to the victims and
i found out they belonged to this
club called 'the accomplished.".
they have parties every other
Fridays or Saturdays.

They are actually having one
You have an address?
Its at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in
i can take you there when your
ready. its just 20 minutes from
You three go there, talk to the
people and see what you can find.

Dave and i will go through the
profile and the files again, see
what we might have missed.

And Garcia,keep digging.
Inside the party,club members and guest are partying hard
amidst the death of two of their members.some are standing
in groups and chatting while sipping on their drinks, others
are dancing,others are seated in the VIP lounge. Prentiss
and Det.Williams are together while Morgan and Reid go
you ever think of what you will do
if you won the lottery or the
i don't play.


good for you.
i am not done planning what i will
do if i won and am starting to
dread what winning will mean for
me and my family.
it's not that bad...she might have
been using it to stall or we won't
really know her reasons for
picking out winners until we find
They stop by a group to ask an attendee a few questions
while pulling out their IDs.
Excuse me sir,
the man turns in their direction and mockingly throws his
hands in the air upon seeing their IDs.
                       ATTENDEE 1
uuuhhh..am scared.
Anything for the pretty lady?
i'd like to know if you noticed
any girl around recently who is
not a usual?
                       ATTENDEE 1
They are always here.Different
faces for different parties.just a
few a regulars
She would have been very beautiful
and a head-turner on arrival.
Attendee 1 gesturing toward Emily.
                       ATTENDEE 1
there's quite a handful of them,
just like you,... and i wouldn't
know their names.
thank you for your time


She starts walking away only to turn back when the man
starts talking again.
                       ATTENDEE 1
You are too beautiful for the FBI
you know.You should be here with
the movers and shakers of the
let me show you heaven, what do
you say?
Thanks but no thanks.
Emily is smiling as they walk away.
Dave and Hotch are in the ATLPD going over the case and
chatting about other stuff.
do you play?
What?....The lottery?
Gives Dave a funny look and Dave nods.
No. Do you?
I used to when i was younger.
I got sick of playing everyday
without winning, so i stopped.
They smile at each other and talk about the case.
We've been through every thing
already but i still think we're
missing something...
we have established already the
Lottery winners.


The signature...
Alcohol and drugs.
Her MO...
Seducing and deceiving her victims
while luring them away.
We also established her background
and her characteristics but what
if she just used the lottery as
her medium?
What are you driving at?
What if she is building up to
something? We said she might have
suffered from abandonment.
What if the abandonment was
because of the lottery and she is
building up a revenge on that
You're right. Hopefully Morgan and
the rest can find something for us
to use, like a list...it could
help us know her next target.
Reid and Morgan are chatting as they walk in the crowd.
Can you believe these folks
partying this hard even in the
middle of a death investigation
concerning one of their own?
you know... people grief
differently. There are 3 types of
griefs namely chronic,common and
absent or resilient grief.
People with chronic grief show


                       SPENCE (cont'd)
dramatic and high level of
depression after a loss and may
not recover for many years while
those with common grief show
elevated symptoms of
depression,distress and difficulty
concentrating for a year or two
let me guess,those with absent or
resilient grief can't show any of
those,characteristic of psychos.
Actually, they are pretty normal
and healthy people who will feel
sad and miss the lost one but
still go about their normal
functions and half the people will
show this kind of grief.
Now why would you know that?
i was fascinated at how people
greived differently and read on
it.Studies were established using
FMRI and based on the
blood-oxygen-level dependent
signals in the brain. The study
showed that...
Morgan slams his right hand on Reid's chest to signal him
to stop talking as he stops by a crowd.
The man turns toward Morgan and Reid.
Sir, am sorry to bother you but
i'd like to know if you belong to
this club?
Reid is looking surprised as he doesn't know the purpose of
Morgan's question.
                       ATTENDEE 2
Yes,i am.Is anything wrong?


Morgan and Reid bring out their IDs to show him while
answering his question.
We are carrying out an
investigation and,will like to
know who the president is?
                       ATTENDEE 2
It's about Jeffrey i guess. well,
Karl..Karl Chestnut is the
president and he is seated over
there in the VIP lounge.
thank you.
Morgan and Reid head to the VIP lounge were they meet people
sitting in groups and laughing,chatting,smoking and
Karl Chestnut?
Karl stands up upon seeing their IDs and holding a glass of
wine,joins them and they move away from the crowd.
We're sorry for intruding on you
like this but would like to ask
you a few questions related to our
We know that your parties are
usually opened to the public..
'The accomplished" people.
ok...would like to know if you
noticed a very beautiful and
attractive woman?
Precisely in her early twenties to
thirties and many men would have
wanted to ask her out or talk to


Yes, i do remember.there was this
particular girl who came in
once.she was blonde and very
seductive and attractive. Never
got to talk to her and she didn't
come back again.
So she showed up just once to the
Yes. i remember seeing her talk
with both Scott Daniels and
Jeffrey Donovan.
Do you remember if she left with
any of them and did you see her
speak to James Richardson too?
She didn't leave with any of them
to the best of my knowledge and i
don't know who James Richardson
He was the second victim to die in
a similar manner.Wasn't he part of
this club?
Am afraid not.
Thank you for your time.
Your welcome.let me know if i can
be of any further help.
Morgan and Reid agree and they turn and walk away when
Morgan stops abruptly.
Reid.If James wasn't a member of
this club then the unsub must have
found her victims through another


yeah...but how?
Morgan brings out his phone to call Garcia.
Hey pumpkin!i need a favor.
awwh...i love that.
So what can i do for you pumpkin.
i need you to find out if there's
a database anywhere listing
lottery winner?
piece of cake.Coming at you.
thanks. We're heading back to the
see ya.
Grace and Thomas are driving to her cottage and making out
in the car. She is all over him.
Oh Tom,this is going to be the
best weekend of your life.
                       TOM (Thomas Logan)
Oh yeah..
So what's the plan?
It's too early to let the cat
outta the bag, don't you think?
She is caressing his face with her right hand and he kisses
the back of her hand as soon as it nears his mouth and
then,holds her hand.


If you say so.
I can hardly wait.
So,did you leave Cathy the note
like we said you should?
Of course i did.
She gives him a glaring look which he does not notice since
he is driving.
You must have an affinity for the
name Cathy.
You can say that again.
I've had my share of Cathys, some
of which i can hardly remember.
They laugh together and she is showing more scorn in her
The team is gathered around Garcia to fill them in on her
latest findings and they are frustrated about not been able
to have a lead.
So what did you guys find?
Apparently,different women walk
into the club at different parties
and every one is blind to notice
anything,since they are focusing
more on their beauty.
We did talk to the president of
the club. He said he noticed a
girl come in one night and many
men trying to talk to her.
He saw her speak to both Jeffrey
and Scott but not to James.He
doesn't recall seeing any of the
victims leave with the girl and


                       SPENCE (cont'd)
James was never a member of the
So i thought if James was never a
member of the club, then the unsub
must have another medium through
which she got her victims and i
asked Garcia to look it up.
Which i did and yes,there is a
She points to her screen to show them what she found.
Here,it shows pictures of winners
in all states and cities in which
they won,including their
Are these people even aware that
they are on the internet?
Even if they do, there's not much
they can do about it because the
winners have to be made public,in
order to encourage more people to
Isolate the GA winners Garcia and
place them in the order that they
won.We need to be sure that she is
using this list.
Oh..the list goes as far back as
1990.Does that help?
Jeffrey Donovan was the 3rd victim
and 3 years ago puts him at 2009.
Yes.Scott and James are before
himm in that order.


Get to the phones. we need to call
every one else on that list after
Jeffrey and alert them.
Thomas is sitting in the living room and already looking
confused as he starts to unbutton his shirt,while Grace is
at the bar with a bottle of wine that she opened,and pouring
powdered Acetaminophen in the wine.
did you find anymore wine honey?
Sure. i'll be right out with it.
She puts in the last pint of the drug in the wine and
hurry's out.
Found a Porto Rocha Colheita.
My favorite.So you were saving the
best for last.
She pours some in a glass and hands it to him.
You know me,drink cuz there's more
where that came from.
The anger in her is becoming more visible on her face as she
watches him engulf the drink.
The team is done calling every one on the list and converge
to inform each other.
Did we get to every body on the
Morgan and Rossi nod while Reid and Emily answer
                       EMILY (Emily & Reid)


So what do we do now?
I don't know.This case is wearing
me out.One minute,we have a lead
and the next minute,we're
Every one is looking frustrated and Morgan grabs a sit at
the nearby table.
What if she didn't start out in
You think she was an offender in
another state before Georgia?
It's possible,don't you think.
Garcia has looked up medical
records on her and checked for
previous offenses here but
nothing.If we actually got
everybody on that list and we said
she is building up to something,
then she must have a record in
another state.
ok.let's have Garcia look into
They walk over to Garcia's desk and ask her to look into
similar cases nearby.
Garcia see if you can find any
similar deaths around Georgia.
You mean other states around
Dave gives her an awkward nod.
That's a lot of people we are
talking about. How does that help?


Narrow it down to lottery winners
around Georgia who died a
seemingly natural death but with
huge money involved withdrawn
before or after their deaths.
That helps.
A woman comes running into the precinct with a note in her
hand and crying profusely
                       CATHY (Catherine Logan)
She took him...somebody please
help me...she took him..she
Morgan and Emily rush toward the woman and tries to calm her
Ma'am,please calm down and talk to
Who took who?
She took him. She took my husband.
Who took your husband?
Dave,Hotch and Reid join Morgan and Prentiss to console and
listen to the lady.
The suspect...the one mentioned on
the news.
How do you know that?
I watched the news.They mentioned
a note and i found this when i got
home this morning.
Hotch takes a look at the note,and looking frustrated, he
passes the note to Reid.
It's definitely the unsub.


You need to sit down Ma'am and
tell us everything you can on your
He guides the woman to a sit nearby and they all surround
Thomas Logan appears to be in serious pain and pleading with
Grace for his life.
I don't feel good Ella
Lesson 1: My name is not Ella
What are you talking about?
I said am not Ella. My name is
Grace. Grace Logan and i believe
you know Katty Grant..Don't you?
She pours more wine into the glass and hands him the glass.
She forces him to drink while pointing a knife at him.
Who is Katty Grant and what did
you put in the drinks?
Don't you act like you don't
remember me Tom.
Grace points in her mother's direction to show Tom her mom
and he looks as though he has not seen her.
She is my mother moron.You left us
as soon as you got the huge
Did you think i would never find


Grace is becoming increasingly hostile towards Tom who is
growing weaker.
Stand up.we are taking our own
little joy ride.
Please don't do this Grace...am
sorry..am so sorry
It's too late for that,don't you
Grace pulls him across the floor as he keeps pleading with
her. She is very aggressive and crying at the same time as
she drags him out,while her mother just stands by and watch.
The team is still gathered around the woman who now appears
calmer and questioning her.
When last did you see your
Yesterday afternoon.
I had a one day retreat at work at
the Residence Inn Hotel.I was
going to spend the night there.I
didn't want to be driving home
late since we were going to finish
Cathy starts sobbing really hard and Emily offers her a box
of kleenex.
So i left home at midday and he
was home.I kissed him goodbye and
he knew i would be coming back
this morning.
Did he have any appointments this


Not that i know of.
I tried calling him and that's
when i found the note.
It was right beside his cell.
And you are sure he never left
notes like this?
Was your husband cheating on you
She looks up at David with a shocking look in her eyes and
the rest of the team looks at David and are surprised at the
way he asked the question.She hesitates for a few minutes
before answering the question.
He has but it was never
serious.They were more like
flings, though it was with younger
The team members look at each other, confirming that it is
their unsub.Garcia calls out to them that she found
Agent Rossi, i think i found
They all turn towards Garcia,including the lady.
Paul Mattew died two months ago in
Birmingham,AL.Report says he died
of a heart attack.I found that
there were huge withdrawals from
his account before his death
Lottery winner?
You bet.$309 million.
Was the COD mentioned?


It was natural.
This must have been her first
Do you have an address?
4275 Jefferson Street
35201. It's 2 hrs from here
Someone needs to go talk to the
family. Rossi and Reid take the
Call us as soon as you find
Rossi and Reid are standing opposite Mrs Mattew in her
living room and inquiring on her husband's death. Both Rossi
and Reid show her their IDs upon introducing themselves.
Thank you for seeing us on such a
short notice.
Agent Rossi and this is Dr Spencer
What did the report say was the
cause of your husband's death?
                       SUSAN (Susan Mattew)
I don't understand. They said he
died of a heart attack.Wasn't that
I don't mean to be insensitive but
did your husband cheat on you
while he was alive?
Excuse me?
Again Ma'am,we are sorry for
sounding insensitive but we are
investigating into a case,and


                       SPENCE (cont'd)
these questions will give us a
clue as to whether your husband
was murdered or not.
No.We were both faithful to our
marriage until Grace showed up.
Who is...Grace?
She is the girl Paul hired as
accountant to manage his winnings.
At first,she was good.Gave him
good advice and after a while,she
just changed.
How do you mean changed?
Paul started sleeping with her and
all she cared about was herself.I
looked at the account statements
one day just to find that money
had been disappearing.
Paul had been giving her huge
amounts of money and as if that
wasn't enough,he included her in
the will.
This Grace,were is she now and
what is her full name?
It was Grace... Grace Logan.
I don't know were she is. She
disappeared as soon as she got her
share of the will.
Dave moves away to call Hotch and inform him of their
Yea Dave
We have a name. Grace Logan


ok.I'll have Garcia run it in the
The team and some members of the police just arrived at the
cottage at dawn.They are standing in front of her door armed
and aiming at her door.
Hotch looks at the rest of the team at the door to concur
that they ready to go in. They all nod in unison.
Morgan who was standing by door breaks the door open with
his leg.
Once inside, they go separate ways looking for Grace.
Emily walks over to the living room area where she picks up
a glass of leftover wine and smells it.
Hotch is looking round the room he's in for any clues.
Morgan is in Grace's room and looking around too. He notices
a bottle of wine atop a fridge by the bedside.He picks up
the bottle and looks at the label,then,opens the fridge and
is surprised to see that it is filled with wine bottles.


Morgan turns and look through to the window and sees a cabin
cruiser.He notices movement inside and calls out to the
Hotch,Prentiss come over here.
Hotch and Prentiss come running in and see a figure pacing.
That must be the unsub.Let's move.
Morgan and Prentiss are inside the cabin.They are aiming
their guns towards Grace who has a knife under Tom's neck.He
is looking worn out and has knife marks on his left jaw and
chest.Morgan and Prentiss try to talk her down.
Grace.... drop the knife.
Grace looks at her and is indifferent.
Grace, i said drop the knife.
No,my mother will be mad if i
do.This is the last one.
He abandoned my mom and i, i have
to do this.
Listen to me Grace,your mother is
dead.she died of liver failure
Grace gets infuriated at Derek's words and screams at the
top of her voice.
No,that's not true
Don't listen to them.You know how
proud i am of you and remember how
he left us with nothing?,It's
because of him am here.you have to
do it now..Do it.


She's not dead,she's right here
actually and i owe her this last
one.I promised.
Dereck and Prentiss realize that Grace is having an illusion
about her mother being real and telling her to do what she
Grace you don't want to do this
Grace,that is not your mother.
Your mother died two months ago
from liver failure.
Am really sorry for your loss but
you can't do this Grace.
She won't be proud of me if i
She's the reason why am here.
Grace,am gonna put my gun away and
i am coming to you.
Emily stashes her gun away and is moving towards Grace
gently while Dereck is nervously pointing his gun at her.
See, no gun.

Grace,i want you to look around
this room,it's just me and you and
my partner here.Your mom....she's
not real.
Grace is panting and shaking and then, she looks round the
room and sees that Emily is right. She breaks down and
throws the knife.
Oh my god.what have i done?Am so
sorry mom,am so sorry.
Emily reaches to her and hugs her.She shares a gloomy look
with Dereck who shakes his head as she rubs Grace back.


                       HOTCH (O.S)
Samuel Butler once wrote,"It has
been said that the love of money
is the root of all evil.The want
of money is so quite as truly."
The team is looking on as Thomas Logan is being hauled into
the ambulance and his wife is by his side with him.Grace is
been driven away in a police car looking through the window.
Hotch and Detective Mike say goodbye and the team gets ready
to leave.
Thank you for coming out on a
It was worth it.Your gut told you
so and you trusted and now,we were
able to save a life.Good work i
must say.
Thank you.get home safe.
Mike and Hotch shake hands and part ways.Hotch joins the
rest of his team.
Great job everyone.Really thank
you all
After this, no more lottery for
What are the odds of winning such
a huge jackpot anyways?
They all look at Reid to answer the question who immediately
starts talking and they all burst out laughing while
entering the SUVs.


The lotto is designed in a way
that you always almost win nothing
or $3 or so.It is even easier to
win a state lottery than a
national one and the odds of
hitting a jackpot are the same no
matter how high or low the amount
is.The odds for winning mega
millions from 1 ticket is
176million which.......
Thanks Reid,another reason not to
They all laugh as they drive off.


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From John Bradley Date 11/30/2012 *1/2
Keep editting!!! The grammer, spelling and punctuation mistakes are very distracting. Television format is slightly different than film, so I could not give you an educated critique of that since I'm working on film. Go through and try to make each sentence more descriptive and elligant. The description is very plain and dry. Writers are artists, paint a picture for us. But really, the grammer and spelling needs hours of work.

From tina kenney Date 11/11/2012 ****
and I also forgot ... very much "on the nose".

From tina kenney Date 11/11/2012 ****
Right out of the gate are many mistakes with your punctuation. Your character introductions are not all capitalized upon first appearance. I can't say anything good about this "episode" other than it begins just like alot of CM episodes. Its like you used the same basic format and just filled in the blanks with your story. Very amateurish.

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