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Sour Smarties
by emma and troop 1291 (emmamassick@me.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

elementary students learn how to beat stereotypes. conceptualized by girl scout troop 1291

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Betty is walking to school in the morning, singing a math
song quietly to herself
                       BETTY (Ashley T.)
nine times ten equals
ninety...ninety times ninety
equals eight thousand one hundred!
                       KATIE (Taylor)
      (running over to
       betty, waving)
Betty! are you practicing for the
"Extreme Math Team" tryouts?
      (stops singing,
       big smile on her
yeah! i really want to get in and
be on television! you should join
      (thinks about it,
       shakes her head)
nah, im already part of the "Alien
Space Science Club"
Girls reach school and enter the school hallway
Betty and Katie walk through the hallway, they see the
"Bully Brats" or Allie and Rachel
                       ALLIE (Claire M.)
      (walking over like
       she owns the
       whole school)
OMG Betty...are you doing math?
LAME. arent you a girl? youre
supposed to do girly things if
youre a girl...oops did i say that
out loud? heehee


                       RACHEL (Renee)
      (going along with
       what allie is
yeah like you totally like said
that out loud! math is so totally
for boys, right girls?
"girls" (group of bully brat friends around them) all nod
and say "yeahhh" in a really mean tone
      (rolling eyes)
ugh rachel be quiet, i was
insulting her here...
yeah thats right, be quiet
      (realizes that
       allie was talking
       to her, not betty)
tyler sees that there is some trouble going on and walks
over to help
                       TYLER (Marin)
      (coming over)
hey allie, stop being mean to
betty! shes my friend and shes
really good at math!
yeah allie, tyler is right. hes a
boy and he says that betty is good
at math!
      (doesnt know what
       to say)
yeah well......tylers a boy and
boys are just stupid so HAH!
yeah boys are stupid, like that
blonde girl zoe who just sleeps in
class all the time!
"bully brat group" all turn and walks away


i dont know what her problem is.
oh look its time for class! yay
math is first!
mrs. bubble stands in front of classroom, writing some
example on the board.
                       MRS. BUBBLE (Savannah)
      (turning toward
Good Morning boys and girls! today
we are going to learn fractions! I
know they might seem scary at
first, but they can be very fun!
camera view of class, bettys friends kids look interested,
bully brats look bored, one girl (zoe) is sleeping
                       MRS. BUBBLE
      (looking at class)
can anyone give me an example of a
Betty raises her hand
                       MRS. BUBBLE
Yes, betty?
      (with confidence)
                       MRS. BUBBLE
Very good! can anyone else give me
an example?
                       ZOE (Kelsey)
      (sleep talking)
the unicorns are going to eat
                       MRS. BUBBLE
      (waking up zoe)
zoe, class is not a time to sleep,
and dont worry, there are no
unicorns here.


the rest of the class giggles, but they stop when mrs bubble
gives them a stern look
                       MRS. BUBBLE
      (passing out
here is a fraction worksheet for
everyone to work on!
everyone works on their worksheets for a minute of two
                       MRS. BUBBLE
      (looking around
       the room)
okay is everyone done with their
                       MRS. BUBBLE
okay lets correct our papers. you
know what to do, everyone switch
everyone switches papers
                       MRS. BUBBLE
okay all switched? number one is 4
over 7, number two is 24 over 25,
number 3 is 83 over 100 and number
four is 2 over 4. does anyone have
any questions?
betty raises her hand
                       MRS. BUBBLE
yes betty?
      (not very
well...i got one half on number
four, not 2 over 4. what did i do
      (whispering to
haha see, betty is bad at math! i
even got that right


      (whispering back,
       a little louder)
yeah. betty is bad at math!
yeah duh! its cuz shes a girl!
                       MRS. BUBBLE
actually betty, you did nothing
wrong! you did something called
simplifying, which we are going to
be learning tomorrow!
      (looking very
wow! cool!
                       WILL (katrina)
      (sits next to
wow betty! youre so good at math.
im terrible at it!
from the other side of the room, rachel and allie look at
will with shocked looks on their faces
      (confused whisper
       to rachel)
i dont get it, wills a boy but he
says hes bad at math? is that
like, even possible?
      (whispering back,
       a little louder)
like i dont know. thats seriously
so wierd. like, so wierd.
well maybe he just forgot because
hes thinking about making a goal
in baseball or a slam dunk in
football or whatever boys think
oh yeah. that totally makes sense.


                       MRS. BUBBLE
okay class, it is almost time for
recess! remember, when you come
back from your recess, we will
have the tryouts for the "Extreme
Math Team" and the winning team
will have a chance to be on TV!
have a good recess everyone!
bell rings for recess. everyone goes outside
kids are on the playground playing. betty and katie waiting
in line to play handball, allie and rachel are trying to
suntan on the ground "being cool"
that was really cool how you got
the answer right in class betty!
thanks! and the funny thing is, i
didnt even know i got it right at
are you excited to try out for the
extreme math team? its so cool
that the members are featured on
im so excited but kind of nervous
too, i mean, ive never been on TV
before, i wonder what it would be
youll have to tell me when you go
on it. i know youll be part of
that math team
i sure hope so!
cautiously, zoe walks up to the girls. she looks really
      (to betty, very
hi betty um... it was really smart


                       ZOE (cont'd)
of you to get that answer in
class, you did a good job. i bet
you have really good grades
yeah i do. i always study hard and
find something cool about it no
matter what subject it is, even if
i dont like it that much!
      (still a little
thats cool! listen, i was
wondering if you could maybe help
me learn how to study a little
better? i dont get very good
of course! id be happy to help
you! are you free after school
today? you can come over to
katie's house with me and ill show
you all my best study methods!
cool thanks!
zoe skips away, happy that she might finally have a chance
to earn a good grade on something, and happy that she has
made a friend who doesnt ignore her
a few boys come up to the girls who are in line for handball
                       BOY 1
hey what are you doing here?
what does it look like? we are
waiting to play handball!
                       BOY 2
but you are girls! girls dont play


                       BOY 3
yeah! dont you know that sports
are only for guys!
                       BOY 1
yeah why dont you go do girly
things and suntan or something
like those girls over there
(pointing to allie and rachel)
what? girls can play sports just
as well as boys!
yeah! i bet if betty and i played
you in a tournement we would
totally win!
                       BOY 1
      (and boy 2 and 3)
youre on!!!
they play in a handball tournement and the girls win
                       BOY 3
wow! good game!
                       BOY 2
yeah i guess we were wrong! you
girls can really play!
its cool. you guys make a really
good team! lets play again
                       BOY 1
yeah for sure!
bell rings to go back to class, students go inside
                       MRS. BUBBLE
      (with a stack of
       papers in front
       of her)
alright class! its almost time to
see who is going to be on our
Extreme Math Team! if you would
like a chance to be on the team,
please take a paper and fill out


                       MRS. BUBBLE (cont'd)
all of the questions on it! you
will have ten minutes! good luck!
most of the kids come up and take the papers, allie, rachel,
will, katie and a few other kids do not
why didnt you take a paper allie?
because math is for boys! duh! why
didnt you take one?
because like, you didnt! duh!
we are like, so cool! (secret
      (as betty takes a
good luck betty! i know you are
going to make it!
time goes by and all the students turn in their papers one
by one
                       MRS. BUBBLE
okay class, i will grade your
papers and i will let you know the
results after lunch!
bell rings for lunch
everyone is eating and talking
                                         TO BETTY AND KATIES
im so nervous! i think i messed up
one or two questions!


im sure you did fine! who knows?
maybe you simplified more things
on accident because you are such a
math genius!
i guess we will just have to see!
                                         TOWARDS THE BULLY
rachel is sitting alone, (allie is getting her lunch) and
she looks kind of sad. katie gets up and goes over to talk
to her
whats wrong rachel?
oh i dunno, why do you care?
well you looked sad, so i figured
i would ask you. are you sure you
dont want to tell me?
well... i guess i can tell you,
um, i kinda wanted to see if i
could be in that math club thing,
but i didnt take a paper.
thats okay, you can always try
next time. why didnt you take a
well, dont tell allie, but i kind
of like math. she always talks
about how its only for boys and
that girls are always supposed to
be girly, so i just agree with her
because i want her to be my friend
wow that stinks! i think that you
should go for it next time, and
not care what allie thinks! do
what you want to do!


okay i will! thanks for talking to
me! you made me feel better. im
sorry i was so mean to you and
betty before!
no problem! ill see you in class!
katie walks away, back to betty
allie is walking over and sees rachel talking to katie. she
glares at them and walks over faster
      (walking up to the
why were you talking to HER?!
oh just some math thing....shes
actually kind of nice!
      (annoyed, makes
       *hmph* sound)
whatever. that lunch line was
soooo long i cant believe it! look
lunch is almost over!
bell rings and they go back into the classroom
                       MRS. BUBBLE
welcome back class, how was your
                       MRS. BUBBLE
are you ready to hear the results
for the "Extreme Math Team"?
      (really excited)


                       MRS. BUBBLE
Okay, this month's "Extreme Math
Team" members will be: Mary,
Betty, Tyler, Nathan, Lizzie,
Crystal, Bryce, John, Dorothy, and
Nick! Congratgulations to this
month's Extreme Math Team!
class cheers and high fives the winners
                       MRS. BUBBLE
alright alright, settle down.
remember, if you didnt make it
this month, you can still try next
Katie catches Rachels eye and they smile at each other
bell rings, students go out of the classroom
Katie, Betty and Zoe are sitting together waiting to be
picked up. Rachel and Allie are waiting nearby, Allie's mom
comes to pick her up, so now rachel is alone
yay betty i knew you would get in!
yeah betty you are so good at
math, i knew you would too! i cant
wait to get good grades like you!
maybe i can get on the extreme
math team next time!
thanks girls! im so happy! i cant
wait to be on TV!
katie sees rachel sitting alone
      (calling to rachel)
hey rachel! do you wanna come over
to my house with betty and zoe to
      (looks up and
wow sure! you guys are so nice!


Rachel walks over and sits with them


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