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Wrong Way
by Yolanda Barrett (no1praiser@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A story about the trials, tragedies and triumphs of a group of friends when one suddenly finds out how quickly life could be over.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Yyyo….what up playa!! Naaa. Just
chillin. I was with him
yesterday; I left him at the card
table around 8…why?
      (After a short
       pause, he jumps
       to a sitting
shoot!!! ……..Yeah, what hospital?
Aight. I'll meet you there. One.
      (Hangs up & sits
       thinking for
       minute, then gets
       up and goes to
       the door)
What boy!!!? I'm trying to get
this house picked up before I have
to go back to work…
…Ma, listen, I just got off the
phone with Jerome, Derrick is at
Brady Hospital, in intensive care.
What!? Intensive care? Why, what
happened to him?
Rome said Derrick was hanging out
in the lot last night and got
jumped. They shot him.
Lord have mercy, well, why would
somebody to want jump him?
Ricky, Ya'll know that lot ain't
nothing but a watering hole for
thugs. I don't know why you kids
feel the need to spend all your
free time standing around doing
nothing instead of finding
something constructive to do with


                       CARLA (cont'd)
your time.
I got school ma…that's
constructive. Don't you want me to
Of course I want you to graduate,
But, what about the time when
you're not at school? Why don't
you volunteer at the community
center or at the church working
with the kids on homework, or
something like that?
Cuz ma, them kids at that center
is bad and those old people at
that church get on my nerves with
all that preaching. I'll take the
You know Ricky, one day you're
going to have to think about
somebody besides yourself.
I do think about somebody besides
myself ma; I think about Shaina.
Ricky, that's not what I'm talking
about, besides she hangs out right
down there with you so that don't
make it no better. I raised you
better than that.
Come on ma don't…
Derrick's mama must be going
through it. And she's going to
want some answers Ricky…I mean
what was he doing down there? Who
was he with? Did he make somebody
mad? Why did they do this to him?
Ma, I left Derrick around 8 last
night. I didn't talk to him after
that I just figured he went home
and went to bed. So…I don't know
what he was doing, I wasn't there
with him.
Watch your tone young man...you
could've been. You hang out with
him and you usually hang out
there. Ya'll like the three


                       CARLA (cont'd)
musketeers. You, Derrick and
Jerome; ain't been separated since
birth even though me and their
mama's didn't stay that close and…
Well, then I guess you need to be
happy I wasn't there last night,
because it could've been…me
      (Realization sets
No! What I need to do is find a
way for you to spend more time
here at home with me and not out
there in them streets.
Spend time at home with you…..?!
Come on ma, what you talking
about? Don't start….I'm too big….
Look boy, you ain't too big to get
knocked upside your head, I have
tried too hard to….
      (Throwing his
       hands up, overly
Aight ma, aight calm down. Dang,
why you gotta be so violent?
      (He goes over to
       her and gives her
       a hug)
I'm just messing with you
      (he releases her
       and crosses to
       the window)
You just be so busy all the time,
I be thinking you don't want to be
bothered. I be trying not to get
in your way,
      (Goes over and
       flops down on the
so I just go out and chill with my
boys that's all.
      (Sitting next to
Awww baby, I don't want you to
think like that.
      (In a lighter tone
       of voice)
Now if you wanna make time for a
brotha, that's all good.


Good, because every time I hear
about something happening to
someone's child, I get nervous and
glad all at the same time.
Why nervous AND glad?
Well, nervous because of the
reactions coming when someone's
family gets the bad news, and
      (Taking his face
       in her hands)
...because I'm so happy it ain't
      (As he gently
       pulls away,
Ok. Mama, I understand and like I
said, if you wanna make time…
I do baby and I will…
That's cool mama, but don't be
thinking you going to have me all
to yourself because I'm still
going to want to catch up with my
boys sometimes.
And that's fine, baby, I just want
you to be conscious about the
things that you're doing with your
life. I love you boys more than
life itself, and I guess I got so
wrapped up in trying to provide
for you that I forgot to be around
in case you needed me. But I'm
going to change some things so we
can spend more time together.
Wow, look at you, trying to show a
brotha you care.
Because I do care and I'm sorry if
it seems like I don't. I don't
ever want you to think that you
can't come to me and talk or just
      (she says this in
       a mocking way,
       nudging him and
I want you to feel like you can
come to me for anything, and I
want you to feel like you can tell


                       CARLA (cont'd)
me anything. I love you baby, and
I always want you around.
      (Rising from the
       bed and going
       over to her)
I love you too Ma. Now, chill with
all that mushy stuff before you
make a brotha lose his cool.
      (He goes back to
       the bed, sit's
       down and puts on
       his shoes)
What cool? Who told you you were
Shaina did. She tells me every day
just how cool I am…among other
      (He smiles and
       pops his collar)
...and some other women tell me
What other women?
Face it Ma, your son is a natural
born Mack. I'm the flyest brother
you know.
Whatever Ricky and you'd better be
careful messing with them other
women. Don't you know those women
don't have any respect for you or
your relationship with Shaina? If
they did they wouldn'tbe flirting
with you in the first place.
I don't know nothing about that; I
just know they all after me.
Yeah, but what are they after in
you? That's the question you need
to be asking yourself.
Naaa ma, the question I'm asking
myself is "Dan Rick, are you
really that fly?"


Ricky, you really n eed to tak
into more consideration, why these
women are chasing you like they
are. The other one is what do you
really want, because if Shaina
ain't it then you need to let her
go. Then you can be free to fly
with other women and she can find
a better man.
Better man....let her go?!!
Yes, let her go Ricky. She don't
need you in her life causeing her
no grief just because you don't
want to do right by her.
I'm doing right by her ma, I'm not
going to give her no grief. You
know I love Shaina and I'm going
to love her and be with her
forever if I can help it.
Please Ricky, how you gonna do
that if you out here chedking out
other women? You can't have your
cake and eat it too, Ricky.
I know that ma, I'm not trying to
do that, I'm just having a little
fun, that's all.
Fun huh? Do you have any idea what
you're getting yourself into son?
Ma, women play games all the time,
all I'm doing is playing along.
You better be careful with all
that "playing" you doing. You're
liable to get AIDS of some other
sexually transmitted disease.
Ain't no telling where they been
or who they been with.
That don't even matter Mama, the
only thing that matters right now
is they want me.
Son, you don't know how true and
untrue that is.


What it means is they want Shaina
to find out about them so she'll
break up with you and then they
can really have you all the
themselves. And believe it or not
son, it does matter. The untruth
is that they really don't know if
they want you, they are just
testing their skills at getting a
man to want them.
Oh, you think they trying to break
me and my boo up?
I don't think baby, believe me,
I'm a woman and I know.
That ain't gonna happen ma, I love
Shaina and ain't nothing in this
world that could ever pull us
I truly hope so baby.
Don't even worry about that Ma, we
good. Me and Shaina gonna get
married one day and have you some
grandkids. I'ma buy a house in a
nice suburban neighborhood like
You talking that talk, I hope you
can walk the walk.
I can Mama, Aye but look, you gona
have to drive across town to see
us, cause I don't think there's
any houses like the one I'm gonna
be buying on this side of town. We
might even have to move out of
That's nice baby.
As a matter of fact, Mama, I'm
gonna get a house big enough for
all of us. You can come and live
with us too. You'll be with your
grandkids all day every day.I know
how lonely you get when I'm not


Boy, who told you I get lonely?
And why you talking bout my
grandkids...Ricky, I hope you
ain't gone and got that girl
No Mama, chill out, I'm painting a
picture for you. Anyway, you can
even quit your job if you want to.
I'll take care of all of you.
That sounds great Ricky, and I
hope you can accomplish that one
day, but if you don't figure out
what you're doing with these women
in this world, you ain't gonna
live long enough to do any of it.
Aww, Mama, stop worrying bout them
women. I got this all under
Ricky, I'm gonna say this and I'm
gonna let it go.I'm a woman, and I
know how we operate. If a women
sets her eye on a man who's taken,
and she wants him bad enough,
she'll do whatever she has to in
order to make that man's woman let
him go.
How Mama?
By playing right into your head
with ego trips and lines about how
"fly" you are and so on and so
They're not going to do that Mama.
Hellloooo Rickyyy, they're doing
that nowwww! And Ricky, let me
tell you; if your woman thinks for
one moment that you're being
unfaithful, and she's got an ounce
of self esteem in her, she will
let you go and you need to figure
out if these women you're messing
with are really worth losing
Shaina over.
      (Moving to the
       bed, he puts on
       his shoes)
I'll be sure to figure that out


                       RICKY (cont'd)
Mama, although I ain't worried
about losing Shaina. She ain't
going nowhere because she knows I
make her happy. I hear what you
saying, but I got this Ma,
Ricky, for the last time I'm going
to ask you to please be careful
out there, with these women and
everything else. No matter what
you're doing in life, you have to
be careful for nothing, but in
Huh? What's that mean?
Baby, you have to be sure that
you're being careful in the way
you live so you don't make the
same mistakes others have made.
It's in the Bible in Philippians 4
I think. When you get some
time.....read it.
      (Going to the
       closet to get his
       coat, her returns
       to her and
       touches her
Aaiight ma, I hear you. Thanks for
sharing the wisdome of your years
with me, but I don't have time to
listen to the whole sermon, I
gotta get going.
Where are you going?
To the hospital to check on my
Alright, but be careful...and I
love you!!!
The last sound heard is the door slamming!
                                         END SCENE
Yo, D...hey man, you woke?


      (Quietly walks
       into the room
       behind him)
He should be awake any minute now,
although, he's unable to speak
clearly. He has a shattered
mandible so one side of his jaw
has been wired shut to give it
time to heal. We'll need to give
him some pain meds soon, so he
might get a little drowsy. Are you
a family member?
      (Slowly working
       his way around
       the bed.)
Oh, uh, no ma'am, I'm one of his
best friends. His other best
friend will be here later.
I'm sure he's glad you're here.
We've left messages for his family
at home, but o one has come to see
him yet. We were beginning to get
a little worried down at the
nurses' station that he didn't
have anyone. You are the first
visitor he's had since he came in
last night.
      (Sounding a little
Yeah, uh Miss? How am I supposed
totalk to him with his jaw all
locked up like that?
Well he's got a couple of options.
You can listen to him very
carefully or he can write down
what he wants to say to you on a
piece of paper. Let me get him a
pad and pen.
      (Going to the
If you need anything else, I'll be
right down the hall at the desk.
      (Pacing he asks
       half to himself,
       half to Derrick)
Why am I the first one to come see
you man? Where is you fam at?
I don't know man, but it ain't me,
it's them.


Oh! Hey man, I'm sorry, I didn't
know you could hear me.
It's cool man, but since you
asked, I just thought I'd answer
your question.
Yeah, well I was actually just
thinkin gout loud but, don't worry
about it man, it's cool, Rome is
on his way. We'll stay with you
till your fam shows up...how you
Ok, considering...
Yeah, I guess so...
      (suddenly more
...Man, what happened? Who did
this to you?
Aww, man, some of them kids from
over on 3rd
Do you know who; did you get a
good look at any of 'em?
No, I didn't really get to look at
anybody too closely, but I did get
to punchone of them in the
face....that's when I felt the
bullet. I don't remember what he
looked like. I don't even remember
hearing the shot. All I know is I
felt this hot, stinging sensation
in my side and then everything
went black.
Well, when the Dr.s get you fixed
up and out of here, we're going to
take a trip over to 3rd street and
see who's hanging around.
No, I don't want to do that.
What!!!? Why not man, you going to
let them cats get away with this?
I know but I just don't...


...don't what? Man what's gotten
into you? Since when do You not
want to get back what somebody
stole from you man?
Since I've been laying here in
this bed by myself...since nobody
came to see me last night or this
morning, until now.
      (Going to the
       chair and falling
       in it.)
Uh-oh...something's coming, I can
feel it.
I know you're used to getting your
revenge on people who do you or
any of us wrong...but...
Rick look, nobody came up here to
see me, not even my own mama. The
nurse said when they called her
she said that "She aint' got time
to be worrying about a knucklehad
child that don't want to stay at
home where he's safe"
Dang!!! Now that's some jacked up
mess for a mother to say about her
own son.
Right...hey, will you look in that
closet right there and see if
there's a bag of clothes in there.
Yeah man...especially when he's
laid up in the hospital all busted
I know, but dont you see? that's
the catch. I think God set this
whole thing up so that I'd have
some time to think.
God? See, I knew something was
coming...think about what man?
My life and where it's going. I
realize now, that I'm responsible
for me all by myself, and how my


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
life flows is up to me and God
alone. Not my mama, sisters,
aunts, or uncles.
Yo, your life could be going over
to 3rd and busting a cap in
somebody's....man look...please
get yourself together and stop
talking crazy!!!
I'm not crazy man. I'm just facing
reality. I could be dead right
now. This preacher named Bryan
Crute was on TV last night.
Who the heck is Bryan Crute...and
what about him?
He's a preacher, and he was
talking about how people plan
their life and no matter what
happens, they just keep going,
making adjustments as needed until
tragedy strikes and they have
nowhere else to turn. When people
know that the tragedy should have
crippled, or killed them, or
should have ended life as they
knew it and yet it didn't. By what
we call a "freak accident" or "a
mystery", the grace of God, we
All this came from watching a
preacher on TV last night?
Rick, when I can look at a
situation and know what could've
happened didnt't, it doesn't take
much to realize that it was no one
but God that brought me out. I
know God was trying to tell me
something last night...I need to
find out what?
Oh, really!
Look man, I've tried as hard as I
can to live a good life, stay out
of trouble. But after last night,
I realized that with all my
trying, I still couldn't do enough
to keep myself out of situations
like this.


You ain't got to bro, that's what
friends like me are for; to handle
ya business!
Right now, I think I want God
handling my business...so I said
the prayer that Pastor Crute led
to ask Jesus into my heart.
What?!? Come on man...stop
I'm serious Rick, I'm saved now
and I'm going to do the best I can
to live the rest of my life trying
to be what God wants because I
know He saved my life last night!
Well, let me see if I can help you
understand it.
Derrick, you killing me man. This
don't make no sense to me. One day
we chilling and the next you
      (Pulling up a
Yeah, please help me because I'm
gonna need all the help I can get
with all this stuff you talking
Ok, it's like this...when I got
jumped I could hear people
talking, screaming and shouting
and when they shot me, everybody
jetted. Peoplescattered in all
different directions, there wasn't
a sould left around. just me lying
in the parking lot, probably
bleeding to death. But I had this
feeling, like I wasn't by myself.
After...I don't know, if seemed
like about 15 min. I heard
somebody say "I'm here, you're not
alone". Then I felt really warm
like someone had wrapped their
arms around me. But I know there
wasn't anybody in that parking lot
with me; I know it, because I
didn't hear any movement, or
footsteps on the pavement right
before that happened.


"D", please tell me you're not
really expecting me to believe
Yes I am! Not just because I'm
telling you, because we supposed
to be boys and you know me well
enough to know I wouldn't play
around abou tsomething like this.
I'm telling you Ricky, God spared
my life for something and I'm
going to find out what.
Ok...let me get this straight. You
got jumped, you got shot, adn
everybody took off and left you
layig there. YOu lay there for a
min. and then you hear a
voice....telling you you ain't by
yourself. You THINK somebody was
holding you, so you get saved
cause you think God spared you...
Spared you for what?
Don't know yet...
So you just gon....
      (He stops talking
       when the nurse
       comes in.)
Mr. Cross, I have your Percotens
here. Are you in pain yet?
Yes ma'am.
Well then, I guess I timed that
just right. This'll have you fixed
up in no time at all.
      (She administers
       the meds)
Just push the button if you need
anything else and we'll be right
Yes ma'am, thank you.
      (waiting for her
       to leave)
Rick look, I know it's hard fro
you to understand but...


      (Coming back to
       Derrick's bedside)
you doggon right it's hard for me
to understand. I been ya boy since
the sandbox man...I can't believe
you went out like that. Saved?!!!
so I guess now, you gonna be going
to church and bible study and all
that kinda junk right?
Believe that man! If that's what
God wants from my life...that's
what I'ma give him. Yo this was
real man. Real enough for me to
know what I should've died last
night....but I didn't.
Ain't this about a....
      (throwing his
       hands up in the
...there goes the crew.
Come on Ricky, it ain't that bad
What you mean it ain't that bad?
Ain't that bad for who? I'm losing
my best friend and you telling me
it ain't that bad?
       building in his
Rick, we still crew man; I'll just
have a different focus from now on
that's all.
What different focus...God!
Yeah. Look, my old focus was on me
and what I wanted but now I gotta
make sure God is always cool with
how I'm living.
Yeah, well maybe it ain't that vad
foryou. It's real bad for me. D,
you my man fifty grand but
yo...you laying here talkinga bout
all these changes you bout to
bemaking. I'm not gonna be sitting
up in no church with you dawg. I'm
not down with that. Don't preach
to me, asking me to go to no
church events or nothing, cause


                       RICKY (cont'd)
I'ma tell you now, it ain't gonna
happen kid.
So it's like that? You can cut me
off just like that? You know what
Ricky? You are so selfish
sometimes man, but you had some
key words in your statement. I'm
lying here ricky, not you. I know
what I'm saying because I could be
deasd right now. Or doesn't that
matter to you?
      (Mocking Ricky)
"I'm ya man fifty grand" seriously
Rick? Think about this, you could
be at my funeral right now. So
trust me when I tell you getting
saved ain't that bad...it ain't.
As a matter of fact it's the best
thing that's ever happened to me.
So if that ain't ok with you then
go ahead and step. It's all good
cause I'm straight.
      (After a moment of
Look, I'm sorry man. I'm not
trying to be selfish, but we been
best friends for too long and I
already know it ain't gonna be the
same. It ain't gonna be long
before ya "new focus" gonna be
taking you in another direction.
We are gonna be on two different
pages. You know we can't be cool
like that.
Why not Rick. We been cool since
our mama's was carrying us in
their bellies man. Why you
Cause I ain't stupid "D". I know
you can't keep hanging out with us
if you gonna be doing the God
thing man.
Alright, I'll admit we probably
won't be able to do all the same
stuff and we may not be able to
spend as much time together, but
we are still friends...right?
      (Flopping down in
       the chair)
Yeah, man but for how long? huh?


Forever man, cradle to the grave
remember? Don't worry about us, we
crew, forever, I promise you man,
we're going to be alright.
      (Getting up an
       pacing across the
"D" don't be making me no
promises, because you know that
the second your new life demands
it, you and all your attention is
gonna b out the door and if I
ain't down with God like you,
you'll leave me and the rest of
the crew in your dust.
I'm not going to do that Rick, I
promise. Look man, let's finish
this later. Not that you're going
to get me to change my mind or
nothing, but I want to try to help
you understand this. But right
now, these pills are kicking in on
me and I'm bout to pass out on
you. I need to sleep. Tell Rome
I'll catch him later.
Aight man, but we WILL finish this
later; you're gonna have to make
me understand it, cause as of
right now, I still don't.
I will help you man, because I
want us to stay connected. We been
together too long to let this ruin
our relationship
Aight, I'll catch up with Rome.
We'll probably be coming back to
see you later, so you can have
that hottie of a nurse call us if
you need anything man.
Oh, actually I do. I need you and
Rome to go by my house and get me
some clothes to wear home.
Aight we'll do that today before
we come back.
Oh, and one more thing...
Yeah, what's that?


Thanks and God Bless you man.
See, you starting already. Peace
out man. I'll be sure to let the
fella's know what's up.
      (Walks up just as
       Ricky is coming
       out of the room)
Yo, what's up? How's he doing?
      (Shaking his head)
He ain't man...he's done. He lost
more than some teeth and blood,
that fool done lost his mind.
What you talking about?
Ok, here it is. D told me that
he's alive cause God saved his
life last night and he gonna live
the rest of his live saved...
What?!!! Is he serious?
That's exactly what I asked him.
Come on man, please tell me he
ain't really tripping like that.
Oh yeah, he is tripping. Just like
that. Man I'm so mad I
could....can you believe this? I
wasn't done but the nurse gave him
some pain pills a few minutes ago
and they were making him tired.
He's said he'll catch you later.
aight man, calm down. I'ma go
holla at him for a minute...I'll
get up with you later.
Yeah, cause we gotta go by his
house and get his clothes! You
know his is all tore up!
Wait, yo, anybody in there?
Hell naw ain't nobody in there
man. Why else would we have to go
to his house to get clothes for


                       RICKY (cont'd)
Oh, aight. I'll hit you on your
cell when I get home....we'll hook
up and go do that.
Aight, peace! Yo!
Brace yaself man, because THAT is
definitely not the "D" we know.
      (quietly walking
       into the room)
Yo, "D", you sleep man?
Not yet. I will be in a few
though...just took some pain
pills. I'm headed for lala land.
Aight yo, I just wanted to let you
know I'm here. If it's aight with
you I'll chill with you till you
fall out.
Aight, I appreciate that. I've
just been laying here thinking
about how happy I am since I gave
my heart to Christ.
Yeah, Rick was just telling me
about that...what made you do it?
Knowing I almost died in that
parking lot last night. Nobody
even cared tnough to stay around
to see if I was ok. I'm guessing
one of them old people across the
streed called the police, but for
the first time in my life, I
realized I am truly on my own and
I couldn't help myself. That
brought it home for me man. I
didn't know it then but after
watching Pastor Crute on TV last
night, I knew it had to be God.
So you really believe that God is
the reason why you didn't die last
night huh?


Fo sho man...there ain't a doubt
in my mind and I don't need no
other evidence. I just need to
bless Him. I know that because He
was with me, the devil couldn't
touch me.
Wow, man. Honestly, I think this
is the first time I've heard you
talk about God.
I know, but He wasn't real to me
like He is now. I promise you man,
this has been a life changing
Well, you gonna have to tell me
about this experience, but I know
you tired so we'll talk about it
later. I know something is going
on. Ricky told me you changed, I
can actually see a difference in
you already.
I can feel him Rome, like he's on
the inside of me and the outside
of me at the same time. It's
almost like when you can sense
danger. You don't really know
what, when, where, who or how, you
just get the feeling something bad
is going to happen. It's like that
but it's a good feeling instead of
a bad feeling.
      (Laying a hand on
       his shoulder)
Wow, well I don't guess that
there's nothing wrong with this
change. Aight man, if you're sure
about this, I got ya back. You my
boy fa life...womb to tomb.
Boys fa life..Womb to tomb bro.
Well, all that matters to me is
that my boys are happy. …Or at
least in Rick's case, be content.
So, if this is what makes you
happy…then I got you.
It is man, especially now. Do me a
favor man. Talk to Ricky for me,
he wants to get revenge. I don't
want him to get hurt over this.


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
It's not worth it.
      (Nodding in
I hear you man, and he is really
upset. I'll holla at him later and
see if I can't calm him down. But
yo, I need to know something….why
did they do this to you?
Aww man, they said something about
me trying to holla at one of their
girls the other night or something
like that.
Is that all this was about?
Yeah, but look, that's not even
important now. What's important is
God forgave me for all my sins, so
I can forgive them for this. I've
got peace in my heart now. And you
know what?
What's that?
You could have the same peace. It
don't take more than a sincere
heart and a few spoken words of a
Uh, nah man I don't think I'm
quite ready for all that yet. But
I'm glad it works for you. I'm
going to let you get your sleep.
We going to go get you some more
clothes and we'll be back to see
you later.
Cool, thanks and God bless man.
You too man. Peace
      (He closes the
       door quietly
       behind him and
Man, I heard of people having them
near death experiences and getting
saved because they scared and
stuff but to just know that it's
God based on a feeling? That just
doesn't make sense to me. I don't
understand it yet; but I gotta
support him, no matter what he


                       JEROME (cont'd)
does but he's going to have to
explain this to me some more. (He
looks up) Well, God if you're
real, I gotta thank you too for
looking out for my boy.
      (He heads off down
       the hall.)
                                         END SCENE
      (Entering through
       the front door
       without knocking.)
Hey Girl! What you doing?
      (She flops down on
       the couch next to
What's up? Nothing, just sitting
here watching Will chasing after
some hoochie.
Did you hear what happened to
Yeah, Tarrin called me last night.
That's messed up what they did to
      (Getting up from
       the couch and
       moving to the
       chair to face
Ok, so did you hear what else
happened to him?
What you mean "What else happened
to him"? I thought he got shot.
He did, but later he got saved!
      (Sitting up
WHAT!!!? Girl, I know you
tweaking, no he didn't.
      (Sitting up.)
Definitely not tweaking...Ricky
told me this morning after he left


                       SHAINA (cont'd)
the hospital.
      (She falls back in
       the chair again.)
He said Derrick told him some
story about being by himself and
watching some preacher on T.V.
said he knew God saved his life
last night and he realized that
God wants to use him. So he got
      (She is laughing
       as she finishes
       her sentence.)
Wow, that's deep. You seen him
No, not yet, but you know I'm
gonna have to talk about him.
Now why you gotta talk about him?
What's wrong with him changing his
life for the better. Living for
God can't be a bad thing. It
probably won't faze him that much
      (She stretches out
       on the couch.)
My mama said when people get
saved, they still have fun. They
just don't do the same stuff for
fun. They get real serious about
doing right by God. Something
about feeling His presence through
the spirit so you know he's there.
She said it's the Holy Spirit.
Listen to you, you saved too?
I'm not, but I hear a lot of stuff
with my mama being a Minister and
all. She talks to me all the time.
So I know a little about it. I'm
gonna get saved one day, I guess.
Just not now.
      (Rising from the
       chair and doing a
       little hip
Yeah well, I ain't even trying to
go there until I've sown ALL my
wild oats
      (She giggles and
       flops down on the
       couch next to
Cause I've got a whole lotta


                       SHAINA (cont'd)
living left to do.
You hope. My mama said when your
time is up, it's up. Period. She
always telling me "Tomorrow ain't
promised to no man".
Well anyway, Ricky is talking
about going down there tomorrow or
the next day and getting revenge.
He said "Ain't nobody gonna try to
take my boy out like that and get
away with it."
Girl, what is wrong with your man?
Why he can't just leave stuff
alone...especially when it ain't
go nothing to do with him?
Uh, hellooooo...if it got
something to do with his boys,
then it got something to do with
That's just because he wnts to be
a hero. He really needs to stay
out of that and let it go.
Stop tripping, you know them boys
been like the three musketeers
since they was born and you know
they going to get each other's
backs even when they don't want
them to.
Well, I hope he don't get himself
hurt like Derrick did. If it's the
way you sayit is, I guess he
washurt bad enough to the point
where I know he ain't trying to go
through that mess again, which is
probably why he got saved.
I know that's right.
And I know he ain't trying to see
then go through nothing like what
he's dealing with right now. But
if they keep messing with boys
over there on 3rd....Hmmmph! They
are going to get just what they
looking for. just hope the devil's
imps ain't riding their shoulders
when they meet up with them boys
again. You know them fools don't


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
have no respect for human life!
Why else would they do this?
I don't know. Ricky said Rome told
him it had to do with some girl.
Are your serious?
Hey, that's just what he told me.
You see? That's what I'm talking
about. All that over a girl and
you can believe they would've
killed him if they'd had enough
time to finish the job. One of the
old people probably called the
cops when they heard the noise.
Girl I can't do nothing with
Ricky. He just don't know when to
quit. I've tried talking to him,
but you know he's stubborn.
Look, I know that's your man and
all, but girl, Ricky's getting out
of control and it's only a matter
of time before something else
happens. With all that back and
forth, you got me, I'm gonna get
you crap. You better keep tryint
to talk to him before he be laying
up there in Bray right next to his
boy or worse.
Don't talk like that K, you know
how it is, this is what you get
where you live in the hood and goa
a thug for a man.
No...I know that's what YOU get. I
ain't got none of that craziness
going on in my life. And ain't
having it.
Anyway, girl I am not in the mood
to be stressing about them. It's
Friday. What we doing tonight?
Whatever! Don't hate because I'm
free to be me and you so blind you
can't see.


See what?
That if you don't find a better
man, and soon, you're just going
to be old and miserable by the
time you're 30.
Girl, please believe, I ain't
about to be miserable in no way.
      (Krystal takes her
       plate into the
Okay, just be ready by 10 aight?
      (Rose walks in
       from work)
Hey Mrs. Bishop
Hello Shaina
      (Shaina leaves)
K...baby you home?
      (Coming in from
       the kitchen)
Hey mommy!
      (She kisses her on
       the cheek)
How was your day?
      (Falling on the
Long and tiring as usual...butyou
know your mama bby, I thank the
good Lord everyday for my
challenges because I know...
      (Rolling her eyes)
...yeah, I know mommy, the trying
of your faith works patience, you
told me already.
      (She falls doen on
       the couch next to
       her mother.)
      (Giving her the
Girl don't try to short talk me
when I'm quoting God's Word.
      (Falling over on
       her mother's
Ok ok, sorry mommy....I was just
helping you finish your sentence.


You need to be thinking about what
you're going to wear to this bible
study you're going to with me
      (Eyes getting big)
Wow! Mommy, you know what? I
really wanna go, but I've already
made plans to hang out with Shaina
tonight...we're meeting up at....
Uh, you forget, I done been there
and done "all-a-dat"
      (Shrugs her off
       her shoulder)
as y'all say. I know that clubs
don't really start jumping til at
least 11. Bible study will be over
way before that....
      (Whining, she
       falls over to the
       opposite side.)
...come on mommy...
...so go on and get dressed...you
forget I was a sinner once too.
Mommy, can't I...
      (Getting up and
       turning to look
       at Krystal)
I'm not making a suggestion child;
I'm giving an order. Now go get
dressed while I find myself
something to eat.
      (She goes into the
      (Stomping offstage
       to her room)
      (Yelling from the
You need to call Shaina and
inviter her to go too since y'all
trying to hang out together
Fine Mommy!
      (Coming back into
       the living room
       and picking up


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
       the phone.)
Hey girl,
                       SHAINA (V.O.)
Hey, what's up?
The pause button is pressed and
the night is on hold, that's
what's up. My mama is making me go
to bible study with her...Please
don't make me go to church
bymyself tonight.
                       SHAINA (V.O.)
But you're not going by yourself,
you'll be going with your mother.
Haha, very funny. Come on
Shay...go with me and we can go to
the club after. Ok?
                       SHAINA (V.O.)
Girl, you know I can't stand to go
to church with your mama. She so
deep sometimes it makes me sick,
and she always finds something
deep to discuss with us on the way
home. I don't want to hear all
that tonight. She going to mess up
my high before I even get it.
I know girl, but I promise we'll
get out of there as fast as we
can. Please, I'll owe you girl.
Aight, aight. But you will owe me.
I'm almost home. I'll put on
something I can wear to church and
the club.
Oh, thank you so much. You are
truly my best friend.
Yeah whatever. It's what like 6
Yeah. We'll be there in about
45min. Peace!
      (Coming out of the
       kitchen eating a
Krystal, I done told you, I'm not
going to be sitting around here


                       ROSE (cont'd)
worrying about whether or not
you're doing right. Every chance I
have, you're going with me to
church so you can get some Word in
you like it or not.
Ok. I hear you mommy. I just
called Shaina and she's going too,
but I gotta get dressed.
      (she turns and
       runs out of the
      (To herself)
I tell you, parents just don't
exist amy more these days. Thes
kids is having babies and leaving
them to fend for themselves
without proper teaching and
guidance on living for God. I
guess that would be because most
of them isyoung mothers and after
they get the babe here, they
decide...or better yet...think
they have a right to want to get
their life back. They don't
realize they gave up their "life"
when they got pregnant. These boys
ain't old enough to have a sense
of responsibility so they don't
even have jobs to pay for food or
clothing. Let alone being able to
get an dkeep an apartment. Then
these girls want to move back home
with mama or grandma still
clinging to the raggedy excuse for
a man, who is really just a boy.
The proof being they don't know
how to keep their pants up. Next
thing you know, the grandparents
are raising baby #1 and baby #2 is
on the way. Lord, help m to teach
my child to be better than that. I
don't know why anything surprises
me anymore.
      (Coming back into
       the room)
Mama, stop it. You don't have to
go through all that just because
you don't trust me. I hear
everything you say to me...but I
have to learn from my own
I don't have a problem with you
learning from your own mistakes,
just not at the expense of my
emotions being unstable...and
that's exactly what will happen if


                       ROSE (cont'd)
I have to be concerned about what
you're doing wehn you are not in
this house. Just remember you'll
always be my baby. Now when you
move out on your own, then you can
do whatever you want. You'll be in
God's hands then.
I can't wait til I get old enough
to get out of this house...
Well you better try to wait. Life
ain't going to wait for you while
you learn from your mistakes.
When you make them, you're going
to have to deal with them right
then and there and face the
consequences right then and there.
That is probably why there are so
many people's kids in trouble
these days. These young parents
don't know what they're doing and
rather than ask someone with some
experience who could give them
some sound advice that would help
them, they'd just as soon ignore
that there's a problem with their
child at all. As a result, the
kids don't get any discipline and
they just keep going getting worse
and worse. Smacking their parents
in the face at 5 and the parents
looking at them laughing talking
bout "that's so cute." Before you
know it they're taking guns to
school to hurt or kill somebody
for stepping on their white
sneakers. Or, it'll be because
someone looked at someone else's
girlfriend. You catch my drift lil
      (Getting up and
       giving her mother
       a hug)
Well mama, you don't have to worry
about me doing any of that and you
don't have to worry about any of
my friends either.
      (Pushing her off
       and turing to
       face her)
Uh, excuse me...I remember one of
those friends laid up in the
hospital for something involving
someone's girlfriend. I also seem
to remember a certain bff's
boyfriend getting arrensted
because he douldn't control his


                       ROSE (cont'd)
temper in the park a few weeks ago
because he overheard someone
talking about his girlfriend.
      (Turning away)
Yeah, but that was only one time
mama...Ricky is...
      (Pulling her back)
...a ticking time bomb whose only
been arrested one time for his
actions. He has been gettin
ginvolved in conflicts for years
and just because he hasn't been
arrested more than once doesn't
change the fact that he's got a
hot temper and there is always
that one time that someone is
going to push th wrong button and
he's going to snap.
      (Turning away
       again and falling
       on the couch)
Mama...Ricky's a good guy, he's
not gonna...
      (Grabbing her hand
       and pulling her)
...not gonna what? How can you or
anyone else tell me what Ricky's
not going to do? I've heard enough
K, now come on here before you
make me late for church...
      (still holding her
       hand Rose pulls
       Krystal out the
       door as Krystal
       grabs the knob
       and closes it.)
      (They give each
       other dap)
Hey man, what's up with you?
Chillin, bout to go get up with
Krystal. She said she needed to
talk to me.
On the real man, I need to talk to
you too.


What about?
Really, about what's going on with
That's cool. I can catch up with
"K" later. I'll call her an dlet
her know I'm tied up.
      (He calls Krystal
       on his cel)
Hey Krystal, what's good girl? Ok
cool, I ran into Rome on my way to
you and he really needs to talk to
me, so can we hook up a little
later? Sunday afternoon, yeah,
that's cool, but it will have to
be after I get out of church. Ok,
see you then.
      (Hangs up and
       gives Jerome his
Ok, we got all the time you need,
Ok, so I know what you told me at
the hospital about why you got
saved, but I got some questions.
Aight...and maybe, and I do mean
maybe, I've got some answers.
      (He takes off his
       backpack and
       pulls out his
I usually go straight to the
concordance in the back when I
don't understand something.
      (Looking a little
Oh, wow, you got ya bible with
Fo show, don't leave home without
So, what's a concord... whatever
you said?
Well, the C-O-N-C-O-R-D-A-N-C-E,
is like a dictionary...
      (opening it and
       showing Jerome)
...back here that you can us to
look up words, scriptures and in


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
some bibles definitions to some
words, that help you find what you
are looking for or what you want
to know.
Oh, ok.
Yeah, I've been learning a lot at
Pastor Roy's church on Sundays and
during Bible Study on Wednesdays,
but I've learned mostly from
personal study and using this
Personal Study?
Yeah, it's when you study by
yourself expectig to receive what
you need to learn from God. You
know it's like when you study at
school for a test, only the
studying you do with your bible is
for this test called life.
Wow, I ain't never heard nothing
like that befor so what you need
to survive, so to speak is in that
Now you're gettin it. the answer
to any problem you could have in
lif is in the bible. It's just a
point of knowing what to look for
and where to look which is why you
want to use the concordance.
That's cool man. So let me ask you
this. What is the purpose of
getting saved? I mean like what do
you get out of it?
Well, the purpose is to obtain the
gift of eternal life and spend
eternity in heaven. Also to allow
God to use your life to minister
to others by telling them about
God. Having an understanding of
who God is in your life makes the
issues and the drama a lot easier
to deal with.
Why do you say "gift of eternal


Ok, it's like this. Everyone is
born into sin. Because we're all
sinners we are not in
rightstanding with God, so we are
born outside of a relationship
with Him.
And that's bad right?
Well, yeah, because if we're not
God's children, which is automatic
once you've given your heart to
Jesus, then we belong to the devil
which is automatic as a part of
being born into sin.
Whoa!! I haven't heard anything
like that before.
Yeah, well, not only do we belong
to satan but we are vulnerable and
left open to be tempted, tortured
and tried by him thoughout our
days. So, if we want to have that
gift of eternal life, we gotta do
what God requires.
Well, wait a minute now. I know a
couple of people that are saved
and their life ain't no bowl of
cherries. So what's up with that?
I mean if they're saved shouldn't
their life be easy?
Nope, I've also learned that we
have to suffer in life so that we
can learn to trust God; so God
knows that He can trust us and
that our hearts are for Him. If
our hearts are truly for God, then
He can count on us to share the
good news about Him with others
and some people may not receive it
right away and we may have to
continue to love people through
theprocess until they come the the
knowledge of Christ. So, it's good
that you've been paying attention
to they way your friends' lives
are going. What have you noticed
about them that's different than
those who aren't saved?


I don't know. They don't stress a
lot like most people do, even
though they do hav their share of
Right. But they deal withheir
trials differently. They handle
them better right?
Yeah, that's what I mean. When
they do have problems, they just
work thought them with a lot more
patience. Most people start
stressing walking around mad and
You know how they'r able to do
How? Because I know when somthing
ain't right in my lif, especially
when it involves my money....I'm
Yeah well, when you understand how
God operates, you know that He
only wants you to learn to trust
him. Having and understanding of
who God is in your life makes the
trials challenges a lot easier to
bare. Once we learn to trust him
we know that the trials we face
are only temporary.
What you mean temporary? I know
people that have been struggling
to get their situation right for
...and that may be the case and if
it is, it could be fore one of two
reasons: One; they haven't learned
to trust God or two; it's for
someone else to see the growth
process or the evidence of God in
that person's life.
So that people can know that God
is real or at least become curious
enough to ask about who He is.


Like I'm doing now...
Yep....see man, it's like this,
God is not the author of
confustion. It says so in the
bible....and right now is one of
those times I gotta go to the
So, you use that a lot huh?
No doubt man. I don't go nowhere
without this. It's my lifeline.
I'm finding out something new evry
day. This is one of those
sciptures that I've heard, but
haven't actually see it yet so
don't know exactly whre itis. But
what I'm...here is is in 1 Cor.
14:33. It says here that God is
not the author of confustion but
of peace as in all the churches of
the saints. So what that's saying
is if you go to someone to get
understanding of something like
you're doing now, you should come
away without any confusion. It's
also saying that when there's a
lot of drama going on, God is not
And how do I keep from being
You do what you're doing now, you
just keep asking questions and if
you're at church, then you take
notes whether it's mental or on
paper and when you get a chance,
you go back to the bible to check
for yourself what was said. What
you were told should match up with
what's in this Word. I don't care
if it's a preacher or a brother or
sister in Christ. You always go
back to get confirmation.
Ok, I hear you. Dang man, you
sound like you could be a preacher
Naaah man, I'm just really excited
about what God is doing in my


So you said something earlier
about knowing how God operates,
tell me how you know.
Ok, I can try to explain how you
know, but understand that no one
can ever truly know what God is
doing or is going to do at any
given moment. If we could know,
then there'd be no reason to seek
or serve Him. Now there are
scriptures in the bible that give
you the answers to everyday
Ok, so give me an example of that.
Ok, I don't kwo everything that's
written in here yet, but I will
soon if I can help it. Ok, look
here in Matthew 5:39. The
scripture says "But I tell you not
to resist and even person, but
whosoever slaps you on your right
cheek, turn the other to him
also." So let's say you're a
Christian and you get into and
arguement with someone who's more
aggressive than you.
Now suppose they hit you, whether
it's a punch or slap or whatever
As a Christian, it's our
responsibility to try to keep the
peace, which is what God wants.
You don't want tohit that person
back. It says here to turn the
other cheek. Now of course in the
new millenium, you wouldn't
literally turn around and wait for
them to hit you again, but you
would walk away if possible. You
do what you can to deescalate the
situation. If you understand wo
God is in your life, you can obey
without questioning Him. People
who don't trust God will usually
respond in the flesh by hitting
back and getting into a fight.
Or...they may walk away, but they
be holding on to anger about the


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
What?!? come on man, how did you
go from retaliating to turning the
other cheek? You know you was
always the first one talking about
getting somebody back as soon as
something happens to our crew.
I know. But you see man, that's
houw I know God is alive in me
now. I don't feel like that
anymore. The emotions that usually
fuel the desire for retaliation,
went away after I watched Pastor
Barrett that night on TV.
At all? Just like that, gone?
Gone, not another thought. I was
so happy to be alive an dso sure
that it was God.
So tell me this...what does your
day consist of that's different
from before? Because I know I
haven't seen you so something's
gotta be different.
Not a whole lot other than how I
start my day and how much time I
spend with God. Time is precious
and valuable and we really need to
be careful how we spend it. The
first thing I do when I wake up in
the morning is call my prayer
partner and we pray. This way, I
can connect to God as soon as I
wake up an dplace any concerns I
may have for my day in His hands.
Wow, so you pray with someone
every day, man that's
serious.....hold up, you're losing
me again. What do you mean place
concerns in His hands.
I mean, I can release any anxiety
about my day to God. That way, I
don't have to worry about it. I
just wait on God to tell me how to
deal with it. For instance, say
the hjitting incident we just
talked about happened for real
yesterday. Well, I don't want
every day after that to be filled


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
with anxiety wondering what's
going to happen if we cross paths
again. So I pray and leave the
whole situation in God's hands so
I can focus on hearing Him when he
tells me to do or say something
for or to someone today.
So how does God talk to you?
Mainly through His word, by
studying or at church. But He also
speaks to us through our dreams
and through our spirit.
Spirit? What spirit? Man, this is
too much for me. I don't know if
I'll ever understand this stuff.
You will understand it more in
time. I'm talking about the
spir4it of God. The Holy Spirit is
God's spirit that comes and dwells
in us when we givbe our hearts to
God. This is how God communicates
with us. If you listen carefully,
you can actually hear God speaking
to you. They call it "a still
small voice"
Wow, that's deep man.
Yeah, it is because I can also
hear from Him as to my walk for
the day. By that I mean what He
wants me to do. And you, no much
else is different other than how I
live. Now I'm more attentive and
sensitive to things afnd people
around me. I'm learning to respond
in love instaad of reacting in
anger or some other negative
emotion causing psycological,
emotional, physical, or even
spiritual harm.
Ok, now explain responding in love
to me.
Well, no I'm responsible as a
believer for helping to keep peace
int eh world and helping others
get to know God by showing and
sharing the love of God in a way
that will allow opportunities for
others to come to the knowledge of


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
Christ. I just have more
compassion for people's situations
And how does that work....coming
to the knowledge of Christ?
Like I said, by asking questions.
Most people will ask if they are
made to feel that it's ok to ask
adn know that they're not going to
be preached "at". The only think
that's really changed is my heart
towards God and people.
Ok, I'm starting to understand a
little more but look man, Ricky is
so scared that you're gonna be out
here preaching at us and trying to
change us. He ain't trying to be
down with the God thing right now
man. How you gonna deal with that?
I probably will try to encourage
you to change your lives too, but
that's just because I'm on the
other side now and I know it's
better then where I was in life
before this happened to me. I will
try because I want all of you to
know th epeace I have now. That's
because I love ya'll. If you don't
receive it, I'll still love you
and not to be mean, but I have to
protect my spirit from anything
and everything that goes against
God or God's will for my life.
And how do you to that?
By raising my standards. What I
expect from those who know me is
respect for my place in life.
And by that you mean being saved
and living for God.
Right. So I would like people who
know me to just make the effort to
not use fould language, or do
anything else that would offend me
inmy presence. just out of
respect. Now I know that's not
always going to happen, but I
appreciate the show of respect
when it happens because if there


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
is never any change in people's
behavior, I will have to begin to
separate myself from those people.
That's in the bible too.
      (Flipping through
       the pages again)
Yep, right here.
Man, I didn't know you were into
it like that.
I am man. It's serious for me. If
I could just take you back to that
night and make you feel what I
felt and see all the thoughts that
went thorugh my head. I thought I
was gonna die man....I knew I was
gonna die.
Well, I guess I understand where
you're at, but I might as well
warn you, Ricky ain't trying to go
there either...not even with you.
We boys for life but I don't know
if I'm ready for Godman. Even
worse, I don't know if God is
ready for me!
...And I'll still love you and
Ricky the same, just from a
distance. I have to guard my
spirit. If y'all really feel that
strongley about not bieng down
with God, I'm gonna keep right on
rolling. I'm tryin to go to heaven
man. If ya'll make it there with
me cool, but if not...
      (He hunches his
It's out of my control man.
Outta ya control? What's up with
Look man, I know your mama dont
told you so, you kno there's only
one other place to go if you ain't
going to Heaven and that's Hell.
I'm not trying to scare you,
that's just truth.
Aight man, I got you, but I ain't
totally against God or nithing
like that. I just don't want to be
like some of these so-called
Christians saying one thing and
doing another. They're hypocrites


                       JEROME (cont'd)
man. I'm not down with that
either. Look, all I'm saying is I
just don't know if I'm down with
getting saved right now, I'm
having too much fun.
Yeah, well, God can use you just
like he's using me. You will only
be a hypocrite if you don't commit
to the walk. Walk it out. When you
make mistakes, allow your weakness
to be seen but be strong in Christ
your redeemer. People need to see
that realness. Being able to
change a person's life is on of
the best feelings in the world.
Dont' let having fun be your only
reason for getting up in the
It's not my only reason for
getting up,just most of the
      (They shake hands
       and he starts to
       walk away)
I'll holla at you later man...
      (Stopping Jerome)
Hey, I know what you can do.
      (Turning and
       walking back)
What's up?
You and the fellas can come to
church with me on Suday. You can
bring the girls too.
Uh oh, it's starting
already...aight, I'll give you
this one just so I can see what
you so hyped about. But I don't
know if the rest of the crew is
going to want to go. I'll see if I
can talk them into it. Tell them
we're going to take the girls out
to eat after of something like
Aight man, if you think that will
get them to go, but look now, you
know I don't want you to tell a
lie just to get them to go. If you
say it, we gotta do it.


      (Snapping his
...Aaaahh yeah, I mean, I got you.
Naaah man, I wasn't gonna lie
      (Half Smirking)
See man, that's exactly why you
need to go to church...
      (Also laughing)
What? Ok, what do you want me to
tell them?
Let's be innovative, tell
them......the truth
      (He doubles over
       in laughter)
Seriously it's been working for
me. Aww man just tell them we were
talking and we decided that it
would be a good opportunity for
all of us to get a better
understanding of God together.
Man, what you talking about, you
got your understanding.
      (Holding up one
Some understandign bro. some. This
thing is an ongoing process. You
never stop learning from God and
you never stop growing in God.
What do you mean?
Aight. You grow by learning from
the situations in your life. God
uses the triumphs and tribulations
in your life to help you learn how
to respond the next time you face
a challenge and so you can use
your experience to address the
issues in other people's lives.
Oh ok. I think I get it. So that's
like when somebody already had
that issue and when they know
you're having the same issue. They
can help you through the process.
Right, if you're willing to
listen, which most of us aren't.


That's true. Most people don't
want nobody telling them nothing.
Correct. Believers are supposed to
be here to help others. Some
welcome the help others fight it.
That is expected because
unfortunately not everyone is
going to be saved and so not
everyone is going to make it to
Wow, that's heavy man.
...and Rome, I hate to break it to
you but probably not everyone in
our crew is going to be saved.
Dang! I hadn't even thought about
that. I was just trying to
understand it a little better, but
now you really got me thinking.
That's good man, and I'm going to
tell yo something else. If you're
thinking about it you probably
need to acknowledge that as God
trying to get to you and go ahead
and do it...now. The bible says
that there are "multitudes in the
valley of decision." Bascally
meaning that there are millions of
people all trying to decide,
whether or not to give their
hearts to the Lord. (Joel 3:14)
For some reason this phrase is
being thrown around a lot lately,
so I'm going to share it with you,
'Tomorrow ain't promised to
anyone'. We could get hit by a
stray bullet or a car standing
right here, die and both go to
hell all because you didn't say a
simple prayer. I've also heard
this a lot lately. I'd rather live
like there is a God and find out
there isn't than to live as if
there isn't and find out there is.
Awww man, that's it. You got me
convinced. I'm not taking any more
chances. I'm ready to do this
right now. Does it have to be a
preacher or something or can you
say this prayer with me.


Of course I can man. It only needs
to be someone who can lead you in
the prayer of salvation.
Can we do it now, right here or do
we have to do it at church?
Naaaah man,I got you, we can do it
right here. Bow your head and
repeat after me man.
      (Jerome bows his
       head and repeats
       the prayer)
Dear Heavenly Father, I come to
you now confessing I am a sinner,
but believe in my heart that you
are God, that Jesus is Your son
and Lord of all. I'm asking you to
come into my heart and give You my
life, use me to fulfill yoru
purpose. I admit I need you in my
life therefore I yield my whole
self over to you. Father change
me, correct me, fix me, anoint me
and use me for your glory. I
repent of my sins and I thank you
now for forgiving me. I thank you
new for saving me and making me
whole. Help me to live the rest of
my life in yoru will and for your
glory. Thank you Lord for saving
me, In Jesus' name, Amen.
      (Derrick hugs
You did it man. I'm so happy for
you. I'm proud of you dawg. Trust
me man. You could never have made
a better decision in your life.
Yeah man, that prayer was a little
more than somple too.
      (They laugh)
but believe it or not, I actually
feel a little differenly already.
I believe it man. He comes to you
immediate to let you know he's
real and how much he loves you for
making such a decision. That
feeling is the love of God pouring
into your heart. Now, we need to
get you a bible and a guide or two
to get you started. Make sure that
you tell as many people as you can
that you are saved now.
Let me ask you one more thing man.


Yeah, what's that man?
I don't know if I can say a prayer
like the one you just said. What
if somebody wants me to pray with
them or for them, hat if I don't
know how to pray right is God...
...I already know where you're
going and you don't have to pray
the way I did. If you hang with me
for a while you'll see that every
salvation prayer is different but
covers the same need. Just to God,
the same way you're talking to me.
As long as your heart is
sincere...He'll hear you.
Aight man, thanks.
Ok you do that, but look. Tell
everybody what you just did. You
gotta speak about it. The less you
talk about it, the less real is
feels to you and you will
eventually pull back. No one will
believe it if you don't start
living it. Don't let anybody tell
you that you made a mistake, or
that what you did doesn't matter.
God will prove to you that you
didn't and congratulations! You're
on the right track now man.
Yeah man, I feel like it.
I gotta call Krystal tosee if she
still wants to hook up and make a
quick stop. Then I'll catch up
with you and the fellas later. If
you need anything hit me on my
cell man.
Aight man, Peace...and
look....thanks man.
      (He walks away and
       begins to talk to
Lord, I know now, I know you're
real. But I need you to help me
and Derrick convince the rest of
the crew, especially Ricky. He's
going the wrong way God and I know
that things don't always stay the
same forever, but Ricky's going
the get hurt or worse out here if
he don't change. I don't want


                       JEROME (cont'd)
anything to happen to him yo. Help
us to help them Lord....
      (He startes to
       walk away again)
...oh yeah....Amen!
      (Coming in from
       the Hospital)
Ma, you home!
Yeah, I'll be right there.
      (Flopping down on
       the couch)
      (Comes in and
       notices his face)
What's wrong baby...
      (suddenly alarmed
       she sits next to
       him on the couch)
oh God, don't tell me Derrick
Nah ma, nothing like that. He's
jacked up pretty bad, but he'll
but guess what he told me while I
was there.
He got saved.
Really? Good for him. Who was the
I don't know Bryan something or
other...What you mean good for
Bryan Crute?


That's the one...but who cares
what preacher it is?
Because baby, I heard his ministry
is designed to reach the unsaved
and those that would otherwise be
lost, by minsistering in a fashion
that is more down to earth...
Young people and people who don't
know anything about God are
usually drawn to his church
because he ministers in a way they
can relate to....
Yo might even be able to enjoy
service at his...
Ma! Stop talking so fast cause
you're waisting ya breath. I don't
care what the name of the church
is cause I ain't going. I don't
care how he talks, cause I won't
be there to listen to him. I don't
care bout none of that. What I
care about right now is the fact
that Derrick done gone and got
saved, and I don't care what
anybody says that is not good.
Why not?
Because ma, I know he ain't gonna
be acting the same. He gonna be
walking around here trying to
preach to us now.
Ricky, is it really that bad? I
mean what's wrong with him
deciding that he wants to be more
sure of how his life will end up
and what's wrong with him wanting
to hav a life with God?
Nothing ma, as long as he keeps it
to himself, but I know that ain't
likely to happen. He was already
starting at the hospital. I just
ain't down with that ma.


Well, let me ask you this bab. Are
you just angry that Derrick go
tsaved and is probably going to
try to reach you or are you more
concerned that he may actually get
through to you.
You're right with the first one
ma; I know he going to be saying
it and I don't want to hear it.
Ok, tell me how you feel baby.
Tell mama why this had got you so
Cause ma, we supposed to be boys,
I can't hang out with hi and be
botherd with all that church stuff
he gon' be talking.
Ricky, it ain't that end of the
world you know. You talk like th
boy done jumped off a bridge or
something. Derrick giving his
heart to the Lord is a good thing.
I ain't trying to go to no church
and I don't want ot hear nothing
about it, which basically means
that I just lost my best friend.
Ricky don't be so hard. When did
you become so hateful toards
church and God. We used to go to
...The night dad walked out on us
and never bothered to look back.
Not once since he let this house
has he called or come by to say
hey, boo, kiss my...NOTHING!!!
I understand baby, but that's not
God's fault. You can't walk around
angry at God for your father
leaving. Think back to when your
father was here and how hard it
was for us to get along and be a
family because of us struggling to
pay bills, get you boys back and
forth to games and practices.
Remember how your father used to
get so frustrated trying to
remember what days he was supposed
to get you and take you to a game?


First of all, he ain't my father.
Second, what does that have to do
with him leaving and not coming
Nothing really Ricky, except that
your father was only a good
provider financially. He was never
really good at heart things.
What do you mean heart things?
I mean he just wasn't good at
doing family things, things that
mattered to a person's heart. I
had hoped that once we started
building a family together he'd be
more into it. Baby, some people
are just not good at parenting and
your father was one of those
people. I'll admit I don't like
the way he left either but if he
can be honest enough with himself
to leave so he doesn't ruin your
lives, then I'm glad he's gone.
Well, he could have left some
money or something...at least let
you know he was leaving. It ain't
right is all I'm saying.
Actually, he did call once at the
beginning not long after he first
left, but we both thought it best
to leave it where it was until you
were better able to cope with
knowing what happened. Sean just
found out a couple of years ago
Ma, look at me; do I look like I'm
coping with this sh....
      (tension is
       throughout his
       he turns and hits
       the wall)
never ther...
      (He begins to cry
       and falls to the
      (Going to him and
       taking him in her


                       CARLA (cont'd)
I know baby, I know.
Life's been too hard mama, and if
he wasn't such a punk, he'd be
here now. Him being happy ain't
got nothing to do with him
handling his responsibilities.
That's a lot easier said than done
Ricky. Sometimes it's not that
simple. People's mental and
emotionsl states come into play in
these situations. They make
decisions and not making them can
lead to that person to become
mentally and emotionally unstable.
Don't matter ma, it ain't right.
But I'll tell you this, I won't
ever do that to my kids, no matter
how unhappy I am. If I've got
children in the relationship, then
I'm gonna be there for them.
Well, when you're actually a
father, if you're ever in the same
situation, I hope you still fel
the same way. But your father did
what was best for him. It was
selfish, but God will have to deal
with him on that.
Whatever ma.
Since your dad left, haven't we
done ok? We haven't lost anything
except the car and that time the
lights got cut off wasn't bad, we
got them back on the next day. But
as far as hard times go, we
haven't really had any and we've
managed to stay together as a
family. I've always had a ride to
work; you had a roof over your
heads and plenty of food and
That's because you've been working
like dog to make ends meet. We've
been living almost from paycheck
to paycheck and then just like
dad, Sean takes offf and leaves us
high and dry too right after
graduation when he could've stayed
and helped out a little longer.


Don't do that Ricky. You know your
brother wanted to go to school to
better himself and he has his own
family to think about now. Maybe
he can help you understand the
level of responsibility that goes
along with being a dad since you
don't seem to get it.
Right Ma. We're his family too. He
don't even call. It's been at
least a year since he even came
over here. What's that all about?
You'll understand later in life
how important it is to be
responsible for your own family.
And baby, God feels just as
responsible for us which is why he
has been providing for us all this
Well, he ain't doing a whole lot
of providing for us right
now...you don't never have no
extra money when you get paid to
even buy yourself something nice.
I have what I need and I'm doing
the best I can Ricky...
...I know ma, but it's too much
for you to keep trying to do it on
your own. I'll be out of school
soon anyway so I think I'm going
to go ahead and get me a job
working like 3 nights a week. 3
nights won't keep me from getting
my school work done.
Ricky, you don't have to do that,
I told you, we'll be alright till
you finish with school. I want you
to at least get some skills under
your belt so you can find decent
work if you're not going to
Three days won't be hard ma, I can
do it.
No, Ricky. No I told you, God has
taken care of us this far and
he'll keep right on taking care of
us as long as we stay committed to


                       CARLA (cont'd)
His word and keep being obedient.
Ma, do you understand that I just
want to help out so you don't have
to do it all by yourself?
Yes, I do, but I don't want you to
be so angry at God ok. I know it's
hard to understand right now, but
you will later I promise.
      (She goes over to
       him and looks him
       in the eye)
Baby, God has been good to us,
even when w4 didn't know it was
Him. So don't e so hard on Derrick
and please give God a chance.
Being saved is one of te best
things for your life which is why
I tried to raise you boys in
church...it's up to you to make
the decision to serve him. The
bible says somewhere in Proverbs
Train up a child in the way that
he sould go and when he is old he
will not depart form it. That's
all I tried to do.
Come on Mama, you can't preach.
You don't even go to church that
I know but it's not like I don't
want to go, I work on Sundays.
I've always wanted you boys to get
comfortable with church so you
would make a conscious decision to
give your heart to the Lord one
day. I can't do that part for you.
You'll have to make that decision
on your own. ut you so buys
running round here with these
crazy little girls, and hanging
out with that wild bunch over
there in that lot, which, may I
remind you, almost cost your
friend his life.
Oh my God!!!
Don't take the Lord's name in vain
Ricky, now I'd say you need to
talk to and listen to Derrick and
find out what his motives are.
Because at the rate you're going,
youmight end up in the same
situation, only you may not be so


                       CARLA (cont'd)
aight ma, I heard you. Please can
we not do this right now?
Well, if not now, then when Ricky?
      (Falling on the
       couch exhausted)
I don't know ma, just later. I've
had enough drama for one day.
Fine Ricky, but you need to pay
attention to whta ai'm saying and
to what's going on around you, God
is trying to tell you something
      (Laying his head
       on the back of
       the couch yawning)
Ok ma, ok is there anything to
eat? I'm so hungry.
      (Going over and
       sitting next to
       himn rubbing his
Yeah, I'll get you something.
      (She hums a little
       of Prodigal Son
       by Fred Hammond
       as she starts
       towards the
       kitchen, she
       stops and turns
       to look back at
I'm sorry about your friend baby.
Thanks mama
      (Comes back to the
       room with a
       sandwich on a
       plate sits and
       pulls his head to
       her lap as he
       lets out a
       restful sigh)
One day God's gonna reach you son,
whether it'll be through me or
someone else, I don't know. But I
DO know that one day; God's going


                       CARLA (cont'd)
to reach you.
Yo, what up ya'll?
      (Respond with
       greetings and
No more than usual...you
know...Derrick and all this
getting saved stuff. What you
smiling so hard for?
Here we go. I'm smiling because I
feel really good right now, and
you need to give it a rest man.
Derrick did what he had to do .
ain't nothing wrong with it. I
mean it ain't lik he killed
himself or something.
Why does everybody keep saying
that? He may as well have, man. He
ain't gonna be the same.
And that's a bad thing? You know
what, don't even answer that. I
know it ain't a bad thing because
I just did it too and I can
already tell it's all good for
WHAT?!?!? Come on man! That's why
you feeling so good. I don't get
it. Why ya'll going to switch up
on a brother to do the church
thing man?
First of all Rick, I'm looking out
for me...
Yeah, Rick man, why you always
trying to find something to be
angry about?
Yeah man, don't you get tired of
being angry all the time?


Rick, I got a question. Why is it
always about you? What does
Derrick and Rome getting saved got
to do with you?
...and second if you would just
hear me out...
NO!!! I heard enough. I'm no down
with thie God thing now and I
ain't gonna be down with it later.
Look, if that's what you ant...fo
for it. Juse leave me out of it!
      (Holding his head
       as he watches
       Ricky walk away)
Man....that is now how I saw that
situation playing out in my head.
Nah? Well how did you imagine it
man? You figured that if there was
two of you preaching at us we'd
all just up and wanna get saved
too? Look! Ricky's right man, now
you and Derrick gonna be slanging
that bible at us all the time. I
don't want to have to hurt either
one of ya'll but I will if ya'll
come at me preaching that church
I hear that. I don't care about
you talking it, but when ya'll
start directing that stuff at me,
i'm going to hafta step, because
quite frankly I'm anjoying my
life. I'm happy and God anin't got
noting to do with it.
But you see that's the problemn'tr
know if God has anything to do
with it or not because you can't
see himod operates so how do you
know it isn't him who makes sure
you keep your job and makes sure
you have a roof over your family's
heads? i've been talking to
Derrick myself trying to
understand this thing, and I think
he and that pastor are on to
On to something? On to what?!?!


On to the fact that God's got a
bigger and better plan for all our
lives...bigger than just
working....better than us standing
on the street corner all day or in
that lot all night doing nothing.
Yo man, I take care of myself and
both my oparents with two jobs,
ain't that doing something?
Yeah man, but the way I undersand
it...thats something we should do
anyway. I mean our parents took
care of us and raised us so it's
only right that if they become
disabled, an invalid, or just get
tired...we should take care of
them. But that shouldn't be the
only thing we do with our life, it
should be in addition to our life.
Our lives are to be lived helping
others come to the knowledge of
Christ. Derrick and I have been
having some deep conversations
about god and what he wants, not
from us but for us.
For us?
Yes, for us. See that's the thing
that people keep getting hung up
on. they think God wants something
from them. What we have to
remember is that God crearted the
world in the first place.
Everything in it belongs to Him
including us. The thinkgs he asks
for are just a way for us to show
Him how much we love and trust
Look man; even if God was real he
ain't doing anything for you or us
so why don't you just give it up?
Because I know God is real...I
know he is...Ok, how about this
for proof, remember when Dana got
real sick adn you had to stay home
and take care of her and the house
and the kids? You didn't work that
week right?


Ok, so how did you and the kids
eat that week? I know for a fact
that you was living from paycheck
to paycheck trying to pay off the
credit cards and doctor bills from
the last hospital stay Dana had.
The neighbors knew Dana wa sick
adn brought us food so the kids
could eat and they brought soup
and sandwich stuff for us....but
that's the neighbors, that's not
Yeah man, but I remember that time
too and that ain't all they did. I
remember you being all happy that
you didn't have to try to figure
out how to do the laundry because
Dana always did it and your
neighbor had asked where she was
because she hadn't seen her ina
few days. After you told her Dana
was sick, she came over and looked
after Dana so you could get back
to work and she did the laundry
Right, I remember that.
I remember because we had a
conversation later about how you
didn't know nothing about cooking
or doing no laundry. You kept
saying you didn't know what you
were going to do and that's why
you was so happy because the next
day was when your neighbor stepped
Ok cool, now correct me if I'm
wrong, but aren't your neighbors
Yeah, so what?
So, how do you know that God,
didn't tell them to help your
family for that time?
Man, get out of here with that
crap. God told them to help us.
Whatever! Come on ya'll...
      (Motioning for the
       fellas to follow
       him, and as they


                       JAY (cont'd)
       begin to move,
       Derrick comes
       around the corner)
Dang! I knew I was going to get
caught in the middle of some
preachin, I just didn't think it
would be thsi soon.
Jay, calm down man it does kinda
make sense, I mean listen to what
he's saying.
No, you listen, I ain't trying to
hear it.
What up fellas?
      (Greet with head
       nods and
Yo man, I'm glad you're here. I've
been trying to tell these cats not
to knock you, well us now, for
changing our lives. Personally,
I'm thinking if it had beenme in
that situation, I might have done
the same thing. I've also told
them that I got savd too, and I'm
glad I did because after talking
to you earlier today i ain't
taking no chances. i ain't tryin
to risk not knowing how my life's
gonna end up. Derrick's been in it
ya'll and he knows what he's
talking about.
So, that don't mean nothing to me.
All I'm saying is don't knock it
till you try it. It ain't like
ya'll got a whole lot to lose.
Nothing....cause I ain't down.
It can only make lif better for
you man because then when you're
saved, even when everything around
you is going wrong, you know that
you don't have anything to worry
about as long as you live right.
God's got your back and you'll
make it in.


That's right ya'll, I'm telling
you, you don't know until
something happens to you.
Everybody has to make that
decision in their own moment. All
I know is God kept me alinve even
after I've lived my whole life
without even thinking about Him.
So, I know when Pastor Roy was
ministering that night, it was
like God was talking directly to
me saying "I made the last move
and the next move is on you". God
made a move that night and got my
behind out of some serious
trouble. So, when the opportunity
presented itself, I took it and
made the next move.
yeah, but why such a drastic move?
You could've just started going to
church eery other Sunday or
      (All the guys
Not make a complete 180 degree
man, I just knew that based on
past events and things that have
happened in my life, I know I
should be dead if not from this,
then from something else stupid
I've done in teh past, but I'm not
dead. I'm still here....no logical
      (hunching his
must be God. And there must be a
reason. It's up to me to find out
What past events are you talking
about man? You forget we've been
hanging out for years now, so I've
been through some stuff with you
and I can't think of any time that
you or I should've died.
Aight man how about this?
      (Chris sighs)
remember that time about 2 years
ago when we was coming our of
Brooklyn and it was like 3:30 in
the morning?
Nah, I don't remember that...


Yeah well I do, we was sitting at
the no turn on red light on the
155th street bridge waiting to get
on the highway...
...yep I remember it too, Jay
asked if we should go because the
light was taking so long to
...right and Chris was like Nah
man, the last thing we need to do
is get pulled over for running a
red light. We all twisted
too....man, you know...
We all going to jail...
...and then what happened?
      (snaps his fingers)
Car tires...
Screeching for.....like 5 whole
I couldn't see if it was a man or
women but whoever it was came
flying straight through that
intersection from off the left
right after the light changed adn
hit those two cars...
Yeah, and one of those cars spun
out and hit the car next to us.
      (Not really
       wanting to
       acknowledge that
       they had a point)
Ok, so you're telling me that if I
had said yeah that night, we would
have made that turn and got hit,
Or we would have been hit o the
way down the ramp. Either way we
wouldn've been hit and hurt. God
allowed that light to stay red
that long because he knew what was
coming. Even though we weren't
right with Him, he didn't want


                       JEROME (cont'd)
anything to happen to us.
Man, that's deep. I ain't never
thought about it like that.
I think he did it to protect us.
He was keeping us out of harm's
      (Snapping his
       finger and
Exactly!!! Now, think about it,
when that car came through that
intersectin, the two cars it hit
had just started to cross the
intersection so they only got
clipped. If there was enough speed
to cause one of those cars to spin
out and hit another car on a clip,
imagine the damage to our car and
even us, if we had made that turn
andif the light hadn't changed.
The intersection would have still
been clear, and with that there
would have been no interference to
slow that car down. We might not
be here today or we could be
mangled pretty badly!
      (Thinking as he
       steps away from
       the group in
Man, that is serious stuff.
All I'm saying is I've been
reading and the bible says "the
thief, meaning the devil, comes to
steal, kill and destroy." Now the
understanding I got from that was
steal our joy, peace, our hope;
kill us, our families and friends
and destroy every part of our
lives. Listen, when you life for
God, the problems in your life
don't seem nearly as big as you
make them out to be, because you
understand that it is all part of
the growth process that God is
using to get you to a place
spiritually, where he can work His
purpose in your life. In the endit
doesn't matter anyway, because as
long as we're living for God we're
gonna go to heaven.
      (Chris is
       beginning to
       accept what is


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
       being said)
The devil can't touch you when
God's got your back. Look man,
what is getting saved going to do
to you? It doesn't hurt.
I can testify to that.
The only bad thing that can happen
is you woun't try to live the way
God wants you to and in that case
you're no worse off than you are
now. But the best thing that could
happen, is you find ou that the
unfailing love of God is real and
it's the best thing you've ever
felt in your whole entire life.
You'll be so blessed by the love
that He instantly pours into your
heart that you won't want to fight
it and you'll want to tell the
world about it.
I can testify to that, too.
God is real ya'll. I've felt Him
move in me and I know. Just think
of how good life would be if we
were all on the same page with
this, man...
      (They are nodding
       their heads in
Ok man, so I hear what you're
saying, we don't really have to do
anything special other then say
this prayer right, then God will
step in and do the rest?
Well, now what do you mean by "do
the rest" There are some things
you're gonna have to do.
No, I know that, I mean like God's
gonna help me figure out what to
do or whatever right?
Oh yeah, no doubt. You'll begin to
feel the presenc of God come into
your heart and that's how you'll
know he'd real and you'll want to
"do God" instead of wanting to "do
you." Trust me on this man. The
one thing you gotta do is be sure
you're making this decision


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
becasue you want to do it, not
becasue you feel pressured to do
it, or any other reason.
So...KZ, you're gonna do this man?
Yeah man, I think so, I mean
thinking about all that and
everything else that's done
happened to us, when you look at
it like that, what I got to lose?
      (Throwing his
       hands up in the
Man your mind!!! I'm out! Ya'll
done gone pure crazy round here
with all this God stuff, talking
about getting saved and stuff.
      (He walks
       ranting and
      (Talking to Jay as
       he walks off)
Look Jay I understand we've all
been there man...
      (Yelling after
We'll keep praying for you man, I
know one day you'll come around
      (Yelling back at
      (Hanging his head
       for a few
       seconds, then
       looking to Chris
       and KZ)
Look guys, you have nothing to
lose man, and to prove it I
thought it would be a good idea if
we all went to church together on
Sunday so we can all be
enlightened about God together.
What do you say?
Aight, that's cool with me.
Me too man!


Think about it this way, we've
been hanging out doing the
negative stuff together so why not
try the positive stuff for a while
      (Giving Dap to
I'm cool as long as we still
Ok, well, ya'll ready for this
life changing experience.
Oh yeah!
I'm ready man, let's do it!!!
      (As the choir
       files out of the
       pulpit and he
       steps up to the
Praise the Lord Family
Family, I want you to know that
I'm happy to see you today. When
we come together on Sunday
mornings it's like a minis family
reunion. I love to come to the
house of God where I can see my
family again. I get such joy out
of spending time with my family.
How many of you truly love
spending time with your family?
You see when you're with your
family, you can let your hair down
and be yourself. You can "keep it
real" as the young people say. I
like that saying because it
represents a phrase that we all
know but don't like to use becase


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
it doesn't sound as cool or roll
of the tongue like "Keep it real"
and that phrase is "Tell the
truth". On thing I know is when
you're with family they will "Tell
the truth" with you and about you,
whether you want them to or not.
They'll get on the phone and call
everybody in the family and tell
them what happened won't they?
Now, so-called friends won't do
that, unless they know something
negative about you. In times like
those, they will definitely not
let you live it down; in those
instances they will "Keep it
real". That's the kind of stuff
they tell everybody, all the bad
stuff. the difference between
family and friends is that family
can and for the most part will
love you through the healing
process of any challenges that you
may face. Friends if they are not
true friends will leave you at the
drop of a hat. So, family, if you
will allow me to come to you as a
father, brother and a family
member in order to "Keep it real"
this morning, I want to talk to
you face on the road to heaven.
There are many things in this life
that can distract us, and draw our
attention away from God and his
will for our lives. Now, if we are
willing to "Keep it real" with
ourselves, we can acknowledge that
we allow a lot of things to
distract us. We're the ones who
allow the distractions in. A
distraction can be a person, place
or thing a thought an event, an
incident or just a simple feeling.
There's so much that can take our
focus or our attention off of God.
When your mind is not on the
things of God then it's on worldly
things. That scripture is found in
Romans 8:5-8. Allowing ourselves
to be distracted by worldly things
can ultimately lead to death. It
may not be a direct path but in
the end it can mean death and
going to hell rather then spending
eternity in Heaven with God. If we
are truthful with ourselves about
our walk we know when our mind is
not on God. When our focus has
changed, and we've become
distracted, we're ok with it until
things begin to go wrong in our
lives and we give the impression


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
that we don't know what's going
on; why our blessings have
suddenly stopped. But if we "Keep
it real" with ourselves, we know
when and why God would have reason
to be displeased with us based on
our behavior. God doesn't want us
to associate ourselves with people
whose focus is clouded or fuzzy.
If our focus is in any way clouded
or unclear then like a glass of
cloudy water, it is impure and
unclean. if the way isn't clear
due to cloudy or fuzzy vision,
then it can distract us and cause
us to lose focus, it can make us
tired, it can cause us to shift
our focus (walk) to something else
that has nothing to do with God.
Anybody here ever been distracted?
In Matthew 7:13 it says "Enter by
the narrow gate; for wide is the
gate and broad is the way that
leads to destruction and there are
many who go in by it "because
narrow is the gat and difficult is
the way which leads to live, and
there are few who find it". The
Word "find" is key in that
scripture becaues Jesus already
knows where we are and who we are.
It's our job in life to "find"
Him. Now as you tavel the roads,
there will come a time when you'll
know whre you're going in life.
You will have discovered which way
God wants you to go. But there are
going to be many distractions that
are designed by the enemy to cause
and can cause you to wreck if you
spend too much time focusing on
them and not on the road. There
are street signs and billboards
that take our attention off the
road we are traveling. Street
signs can be stress or debt;
billboards that take our attention
off the road we are traveling.
Street signs can be stress or
debt; billboards can be lust or
money. When we are looking and
traveling in one direction and our
focus shifts we usually coast and
begin to turn in that direction
causing us to have to go off the
road. We then have to navigate
through rough road or terrain,
turns, curves and hills that we
didn't expect. If we'd staqyed


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
focused and on the straight path,
we would probably be able to see
our destination in the distance
(and I don't mean literally, but I
mean you kow where you should be
when you're done traveling). But
since we've lost our focus, we're
completely lost becasue we didn't
pay attention to where we went off
the road in order to find our way
back to the origianal path. The
path that will leasd us to people
that need to and are ready to hear
the word of God; needing the love
of God in their lives. It's that
path that God wants all of us to
travel. The is the path that will
lead us to eternal life in heaven.
Now I want ou to turn with me to 2
Cor. 6:17-18 and it reads "Come
out from amonth them and be
separate, says the Lord, do not
tough what is unclean and I will
receive you, and you shall be my
sons and daughters says the Lord
Almighty". Here we learn that God
desires that we remove ourselves
physically and spiritually from
relationships with anyone who
represents impurity, to separate
ourselves from all things that are
I looked up the word "unclean" in
the dictionary and I came out with
3 definitions:
1. Foul or dirty
2. Morally defiled; unchaste
3. Ceremonially impure

So we take definition #2 because
that one best fits what I'm trying
to explain to you right now, and
from that we understand that to be
defiled is
      (He holds up one
Hold on a minute....got the
definition for that too:
1. To make filthy or dirty;
2. To debase the pureness or
excellence of; corrupt
3. To lower in character or
quality or value; degrade. So we


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
just really like #2's today. And
since that is the best one for
what I'm trying to say, we learn
from definition #2 tha tto be
morally corrupt is to be
challenged in our morals. It
doesn't mean we don't have any, it
means our morals have been tainted
or polluted and we all know what
something that has been polluted
looks like (remember the glass of
water earlier?) Pollutants in the
water usually causes it not to be
able to be used. And like the
water, pollutants in our morals
cause them to be no good to us,
they will hinder us more than help
us because little do we know, our
morals help us make a lot of the
decisions we make in life....
                                         FADE SOUND AND
      (Leading the way)
      (He hugs the girls
       and the other
       guys follow suit)
Hey yourself!
      (As the others
       begin to
I'm sorry about not gettin gwith
you earlier. I just felt like Rome
really needed me at that
moment...and he did, he got saved.
Wow! That's great....dang,
everybody is getting saved now.
Hey, I saw you over there getting
your dance on. You ain't all the
way saved yet.
      (AS the others
       start outside,
       Krystal holds
       Derrick back)
Girl, what you talking about? That
was my saved dance. The onlhy
dancing I'm doing now is for the
      (He playfully
       pokes at the


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
       place under her
But now, let's talk about you. I
do remember seeing a tear or two.
Yeah, sometimes THe Word gets to
me. Can I talk to you for a
Sure, what's up?
I don't come to church that often.
Mostly when my mother makes me,
but when I do come, it almost
always weems like God comes to
meet me here. When I go no matter
what church I go to , the preacher
always seems to be talking
directly to me.
      (REalizing she is
       vulnerable, he
       motions to a pew)
You know what? That's exactly what
happened. God met you here today
and all those others days because
He had something He wanted to
share wtih you and for whatever
reason, He hasn't been able to
reach you outside of church.
What do you mean?
Well, our lives get so busy
sometimes that church, no matter
what our motive for being there,
is the only time that God can talk
to us and we'll actually listen.
Do you remember God saying
anything special to you today?
WEll...yeah. He told me exactly
that. That I've got too much stuff
going on in my life which is why I
stay so distracted. It's true
because with work and trying to
help my mom and trying to be a
good friend for Shaina, I can't
focus on Him or hear from Him.
That MUST have been for you
because I definitely don't
remember hearing that part.


It was when the Pastor referenced
Romans 8:5. At least that's what I
got out of that particular
That's a sure sign that word was
meant for you and the good this is
that you recognized it.
Well, I recognized it
because....well, you know how the
preacher will sometimes tell you
"If you can't say amen...
.....just say ouch!!!
Wow, God really is trying to get
at you girl. That's a good thing
I kinda knew it all along. I've
never told anyone this, but God
talks to me all the time. He's
been trying to get to me fo the
longest and I've just been runing
because nobody else seemed to care
about God or church or anything
like that. I didn't want to be the
only one doing the God thing, you
know, odd man out.
Well, now you don't have to be the
only one, me, Rome, Chris and KZ
are doing it with you. We'll all
be different together. Hey, In our
crew, we'll be the majority
      (he smiles and
       then notices her
What's wrong K? You look like you
want to cry.
I don't know, I mean I feel lika
boulder has just been lifte off of
my chest. It's such a relief to be
able to tell someone and with it
being you, it's even better. I
thought I was gonna have to try to
tell one of the other guys first
or leae the crew all together. i
could never tell Shaina. she just
wouldn't understand. I do know
that I'm different. I've always
felt like some kind of freak or
weirdo trying not to stand our too


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
I kinda had that idea about you.
Nothing negative mind you, just
felt you were diferent. I'ev been
meaning to talk with you but you
know a lot has been going on in my
I know...I haven't seen you since
before that night and I didn't
know what to think. I didn't come
to the hospital because I didn't
want to see you hurt and I was
afraid I wouldn't know what to
say, bu tot see you now like this,
to know that you're ok and you're
saved too is so good for me,
becasue I won't worry about you
any more. I don't know why
Derrick, but I've always felt
closest to you out of all the
guys. And right now, I feel so
free because I have someone to
share this with. I love Shaina to
death, but I could never tell her
anything about God talking to me.
She'd think I was crazy!
Well, I do understand and here's
the good thing for us...we can
grow together with God.
I'll tell you something else I
haven't told anyone.
What's that?
I'm a PK
What?! Stop playing! You are not
no PK.
I'm not playing. I'm serious. My
mother's been ordained for about
10 years now.
See....I knew there was something
different about you.


      (Moving a little
       closer to him)
Tell me what made you think I was
You alwasy seemed to be more
mellow and quieter than Shaina.
You have a softer side to your
personality that we don't get to
see with Shaina. She's so rough.
She's almost like a brother.
Well, Shaina has been through a
lot. Her dad left when she was
really young.
Yeah, I think that's something
that most of our crew have in
I know but her mom keeps hooking
up wit these no good men. Guys
that tell her they love her and
then commence to beating her
upside her head or knocking her
into a wall.
Wow, I din't know that's how she
was living!
It is and to make matters worse.
When she gets hooked up with
someone, Shaina gets pushed to the
back burner. That's why she's like
that. Not too many people have
really tried to get to know or
understand her. That's why she
doesn't have a lot of friends. Her
life has made her very angry.
Well, I can see why that would be
the case. My parents have done
some really stupid stuff in the
past too, but I don't remember
anything that drastic.
So, that's why I stay close to
her. I want her to know that she's
got a friend and that she's loved.
I definitely don't want her
feeling like she's got to deal
with this on her own.


That's cool. You're a good friend
K. You're a good person actually.
I would hate for you to leave us
just being a good person because,
as you know, you won't get into
heaven just by being a good
I know Derrick, my Mother's been
telling me the same thing for the
longest time.
Well, I'll tell you what..if you
want, I can help you get started o
the path to doing God's will in
your life. From what you're
telling me it sounds like God
really wants to use you. You can
allow Him to do that by simply
givin your life to him.
      (Krystal draws
Hold on girl, where you going?
Wait a minute Derrick, I don't
know. Thre's still so much I don't
know about this whole God thing. I
mean my Mother is always preaching
at me and telling me stuff about
God and what He wants from me, but
she's never really sat down with
me and helped me understand what
thiswhole thing is about. I just
don't know. It's all so hard to
undersand. What if I never
understand it?
I didn't understand it all whenI
first got saved either. Trust me,
you'll learn a lot in a little
time because you'e got other
believers around you that can help
you. I didnt know how many peope I
had that I could talk to until I
got saved and started going to
church.I've got brothers that I
can turn to whenever I have a
question about anythig and when
they can't help me, I turn to the
leadership at the church.
So will I have that too?
Yes you will, you're going to get
connected to other women who are
saved. you'll be able to trust
them and they'll help you grow.
When you have questions about your


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
walk you can call on them to help
you understand a little better,
although you don't want to rely
completely on other people to
teach you. You really should pray
before you start reading your
bible and studying. Ask God to
help you gain understanding and
then if you've got questions you
can get some info from the other
women, but make sure they use that
bible when they help you.
And how do I get connected to
these people?
I won't be hard once you get
saved, you will find that people
generally gravitate to you becaseu
they want to help you. One other
thing that you need to do is get
whats called an accountability
parner as soon as possible.
      (Seeing the
       questioning look
       in her eyes)
An accountability partner is
someone you can call when you have
challenges in your walk and get
true encouragement. Someone who
will help keep you built up so you
don't stray. You need someone who
will pray with you rather than
give you their opinion on the
situations in your life. That's
very important; to have a person
who's got your back when you get
into trouble. Kinda like you do
for Shaina.
Trouble? Oh man, see I'm starting
to get nervous already.
I don't mean trouble like you're
thinking. I'm just speaking in a
sense of needing help with your
thoughs or things that are taking
place in your life that would
cause you to stray from your walk
with God.
Yeah, I needed to kow that because
I don't want to be a hypocrite. I
know people who claim to be a
Christian and don't life right. I
don't want to make the change and
then mess up or something. I mean,
I do want to make some changes in
my life, but how can I be sure


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
this is the change I need to make?
What if God doesn't want me?
What!!? Girl stop tripping. God
always wants you and He's always
waiting for you to come to Him.
You just honor your part and
strive to live according to God's
law. You'll ever have to worry
about God not wanting you. He
always wants you; even when you
don't want Him. That's the good
thing about having Christ in your
life, no matter how bad it gets no
matter what you do wrong, you cna
always go to God and repent.
I don't know if you know this
about me, but I'm terrified of
failure. I had to take pills to
sleep when I did bad on my tests
in school. My mother used to have
to sit up with me until I wnwt to
sleep on those nights.
And yet, God saw you through all
of that, right?
      (Beginning to get
Yo know, my mother keeps telling
me I should get saved. She keeps
saying time and death ain't
waiting for me to figure life out.
But don't I need to know a little
something about life before God
can use me? and what about me? I
don't really know what I want.
Don't I need to know what I want
in order to live for God?
      (Grabbing her and
       trying to calm
       her back down)
Whoa....K...relax, Good Lord girl.
To answer your question, no, it's
not aboutwhat you want. It's
always about what God wants.,
That's the key to the whole walk
with Christ. It's about allowing
God into your heart and your whole
life and letting him use you to
let others know about Him and His
love. That's wha life is about
when you're saved. You don't feel
it until you actually give your
heart to God, but once you're
walking with God, you want to make


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
sure everyone has the same
expereience of goodness and
assurance in their life.
wow, so if I get saved, than it's
kind of like my life isn't even my
life anymore.
Well, you're right, but that's
what I'm saying, When you get
saved, you really just can't help
but want others to enjoy the same
peace and joy you have, knowing
you'll gain the gift of eternal
life and living for God really is
kind of automatic once you gife
you heart to Him.
But, I'm not that outgoing, I
dont' know if I can just start
teling people about God like that.
don't worry, it will come with the
commitment to Christ. Look, I know
this all sounds really heavy.
      (Krystal is
       nodding her head)
Well, don't go in to panic mode on
me. REally all you're doing is
acknowledging Jesus, shich is
confessing; speaking out loud,
what you know to be true in your
heart; which is that Jesus is Lord
and He gave his life for us so
that we might have eternal life in
him and believing which is
sincerely trusting that God raised
Jesus from the dead and now Jesus
is sitting at the right hand of
the Father making intercession for
us. Just ask Jesus to come in to
your heart and God will take it
from there.
So God just mysteriously shows up
out of nowhere and starts helping
Kinda...look K, all these
questions can be ansered with a
prayer of salvation. Living for
God can't be rationalized. I
promise you so much of what you
don't understand will come along
with the new life you'll have in
Christ. Once you starte reading
your bible and praying and hearing
from God, all your questions about


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
how to do it will be answered.
Come on K, what do you say?
      (She starts to get
I just don't think I'm ready yet.
Can I think about it some more and
let you know?
      (Taking hold of
       her arm)
Sure you can think about it...for
as long as God allows you to, but
remember this, tomorrow isn't
promised to anyone.
      (She freezes)
Play Rose's Voiceover
Better yet, since you've already
got a communication line open with
God why don't you pray about it
and let God help you figure out
what to do.
      (He pulls out a
       notepad and pen
       and begins to
Here's my number again, just in
case you've lost it or something,
which is what I'm guessing
happened since I ain't hearf from
you in a minute. Anyway, you can
call me anytime day or night. I'm
available for you when you need
me. Even though you didn't call me
when I got jacked and left for
      (He nudges her
Derrick, I told you I didn't wanna
...I'm all laid up in the hospital
all alone with no friends to come
see me...well...with the exception
of my boys...
      (He gets in her
       face and realizes
       she's upset)
Hey, hey, what's wrong...
      (He pulls her into
       a hug as she
       begins to cry)
It's ok, I'm just messing with
you. It's all good. I understand


                       DERRICK (cont'd)
about you not wanting to see me
all busted up like that, but I
meant what I said. I'm here for
you. I'll do what I can to help
you, I can even get you connected
to some of the women at the church
if you need me to. I would never
hook you up with anyone who would
take advantage of you.
      (wiping her eyes)
Thanks D, that means a lot and I
promise I'll use this if I need
      (Waving the paper
       as she stands to
...yeah, andnow I get it when
people always say, get your house
in order. Because I mean, we got
to look out for ourselves first.
That's right.
I don't think that's quite what it
Fool! What do you mean "look out
for ourselves first"? The preacher
just got through saying that we
have t love our neighbors as
...and that one I've heard three
different places already. It
requires thinking about someone
other than yourself sometimes.
How you figure? My mama don't care
nothing about me she ain't
thinking about nobody but herself
and trying to get her a man. And
you best believe that I sure ain't
about to stop thinking about
myself and start thinking about
nobody else. I'll be walking
around here looking crazy taking
care of somebody else's mess when
I got my own mess to worry about.
Well I'm sorry about you and your
mama's situation, but I figure
because it's in the bible silly.


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
But I guess you'd actually have to
pick one up, open it, and ready it
to know that wouldn't you.
Shut up Chris....I got a bible.
Maybe, but do you actually read
it...better yet, CAN you read it?
Okay, both of y'all shut up, I
didn't mean it like that, I mean
because if we ain't down with God,
how can we tell anybody else about
That makes sense.
Yeah, that makes a whole lot
better sense than that mess you
was talking about.
Getting your house in order just
means working on your relationship
with God so that when you die you
can go to heaven, it means making
sure that you're where you're
supposed to be with God.
Wow, looks like we got out here
just in time. Me and Krystal were
just talking about that. I'll
share something with you that I
learned at church.
Watch out y'all Bishop bout to
start preaching. Come on Bishop
bring the Word.
Basically it's lik this...Isa. 38
V 1 which is where that scripture
is found, takes place during a
time when Hezekia was king of
Judah and he was sick, I mean like
he was almost dead. WEll, Isa.
came to Hez with a word from the
Lord saying "Set your house in
order...for you shall die and not


Oh man, so that really came
straight out of the bible. I
though that people were just
making that stuff up.
Me too.
Yeah, but God didn't give him a
day or date so you see he had to
say prepared for it. He has to
make sure he is always in right
standing with God. He's gotta be
ready to go at any time.
      (Knodding his head)
Right, right.
Actually, what happened was even
though God had told Hez that he
was going to die. Hez didn't just
leave it at that. Hez could've
given up and quit serving God
altogether, knowing he was going
to die. But ...like I said he
didn't know when so what he did
instead was prayed and asked God
to heal him. He could've got mad
at God and just waited on death,
but he didn't he cried out to God
and God heard his prayer and
blessed him with fifteen more
years of life.
Yo, I probably would've just been
like whatever...I would've went to
the store and got me some Ciroc or
something. I would've got drunk
every night till I died. That way
I could die happy.
Me too. I would've been
like...somebody come take me out
to the club or something.
Whatever man. Anyway from tha
tportion of scripture some
preacher or teacher somewhere got
a revelation about what God was
saying, that Hez might not
liveeven to see tomorrow so they
added to the scripture the
      (turning to look
       at Krystal)
"Tomorrow is not promised to any


Oh ok, you sound like you know a
little something something, like
you know what you're talking
about. I was going to talk about
you but, I can't even say nothing
      (Giving her a push)
Good, then don't unless you ready
to join me in this walk with
      (Looking around at
       his friends)
Any takers?
Nope, still having way too much
Uh...I've got the number, I'll get
back to you on that.
      (snapping his
I almost forgot ladies...Chris and
KZ are saved now too. Guys did you
forget to tell the girls the good
Oh yeah, my bad ya'll, I just got
so wrapped up in the...
      (Looking at Chris
...conversation, yeah, sorry
Um, we saved ya'll.
      (stepping closer
Um, Shaina you know what? You need
to get yourself together too,
because don't get me wrong. I love
him to death, but Ricky....going
to mess around and get you killed
behind his foolishness.
Please believe, Ricky ain't doing
nothing that bad; he be with me
most of the time.


Yeah, Shaina, but what about when
he's not with you? Do you really
know what he's doing the whole
time ya'll are apart.
Duh!!! No but he calls me all the
time to tell me where he is and
All the time?
      (A little hesitant)
Maybe not all the time but he be
with me most of the time. Why
ya'll trying to scare me, telling
me I'm gonna get killed an stuff.
Ricky is good to me ok? I ain't
worried about getting into nothing
with Ricky so stop sweating me.
Shaina, don't start trying to be
all strong now, You kow you've
come to me lot's of times talking
about how Ricky ain't doing this
and won't be that. You have to
start setting a standard for
yourself and Ricky. You're not
totally happy and you should be.
Especially with your situation
with your mother, that, you can't
do nothing about. But you can make
Ricky start behaving in a more
respectable manner if he wants to
be with you.
      (Taking her hand)
Yo, Shaina, I was just trying to
talk some sense into that big head
of yours.
      (Rubbing the top
       of her head)
Just because Ricky makes you feel
good doesn't mean he's the right
man for you. He should have more
respect for you than he does. But
if you don't want to listen,
that's all good. Do you giri.
He's right Shaina. If you really
want to know how much he loves you
or if he really loves you, cut him
off for a little while and see if
he's willing to get himself
together so you two can be
together and happy, without the
drama and fear.


Yeah, Shaina. I'm sorry if your
feelings were hurt by anything I
said, I just don'twant to see
anything happen to you. We all
crew and we gotta stick together
and look o9ur for each orhter an
dthat means telling each other the
truth, even if it hurts. Ricky
don't be with us all the time and
you really don't know what he's
doing when he ain't with you. He
ain't saved, and ain't trying to
be, he's also living a dangerous
lifestyle that could bet you hurt;
what's to guarantee your safety?
He's right Sha, the people he's
hanging around with probably know
you're his girl; and if he gets
into something and they can't get
to him, they might come after you
just to get back at him. ARe you
ready to be a victim of Ricky's
      (Looking quite
Why don't you mind your business
KZ! I ain't gonna be no vic...
      (Moving in to
       comfort her
Yo!!! Ya'll chill!!! Ya'll scaring
her. All of Ya'll done made
mistakes in your lives . Just
cause ya'll are saved now don't
give you a right to make Shaina
feel bad. Ain't non of ya'll
perfect either so leave her alone.
Let's just go eat, ok?
Yeah, we'll talk about this later.
WE just got all that good Word and
we don't want to ruin it with
confusion, which we kow doesn't
come from God. Right?
      (as they start to
       walk away)
      (motioning for
       Derrick to lag
So, yo Derrick, Man I need to ask
you something and since we're all
getting understanding


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
together....I keep hearing "My
people perish for lack of
knowledge" What does that mean
Well it's not that deep, it's
simply saying that you could die
and go to hell because you don't
know Jesus or have a true
relationship with Him. It also
means you could die and go to Hell
for not living right due to not
having an understanding of how to
live a life that's pleasing to
God. You see, it's like
this....when a person gets
That was good. I wonder what else
they did different. You think they
started going to church and all
that stuff too?
Girl...who knows? It's a movie.
They probably lived happily ever
You know, that's how all them
stories be ending. They don't have
endings like we know. Anyway,
where's your mama at tonight?
It's Wednesday, you already know
where she is.
Yep. She at church doing her bible
study thang hung? Your mama don't
be playing when it comes to
church. She be up in there so much
she should be the pastor by now.
She is a Pastor. Well, not really,
she's a minister there and you're
right, she don't be playing. She
don't let me play either. she be
dragging me with her every chance
she gets. You remember how she did
us that night we was getting ready
to go to the club.
Yeah, I remember that night.


Well, I was sleep when she come
home today. I think that's why she
left me here.
Quit lying "Shady Grady" or hsould
I call you "Shady Grace" you was
faking so you wouldn't have to go
with her.
Nah Aanh girl, I probably
wouldn've went with her, but she
was gone when I woke up. I'm
surprised she didn't come and wake
me up. I'm was still thinking
about going before you showed up.
Stop playing girl, you konw you
ain't trying to go to no church.
Well, actually I am. I've talked
to Derrick after church on Sunday
and I think I'm going to start
going to church more and find out
more about who God is and what he
wants to use me for You know? Find
out what His purpose is for my
I knew you took too long to come
out of church the other day. Why
you wanna let Derrick brainwash
I'm not brainwashed, I'm not ok
with living a mediocre life. I'm
in what my mama calls the "Valley
of Decision". I feel like I'm at a
place in my life...where I'm
realizing that I'm not like other
people. I don't fit in; iven now.
I'm not ok with just hanging out.
I need more in my life to be
Come on K don't do this to me. You
my girl, who am I going to hang
with if you dessert me now?
Shaina, cut it out. I'm not
desserting you. I'm just tryingto
ad some substance to my life. I'm
tired of living every day with no
real purpose or goals. It's the
same stuff every day, week after
week, month by month. Before we
kow it, another years is gone and


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
we aint' got nothing to show for
What are you talking about? We be
hanging out, girl, chilling, you
know how we do. We got all those
memories to show for it. What else
do you need?
It's not how we do that bothers me
Shaina, it's WHAT we do or better
yet, DON'T do that bothers me. Our
lives are going nowhere fast
Shaina!!! Don't you want more out
of life?
What more is there K?
I don't know, just more. There's
got to be more. There a whole
world out there. Don't you want to
see it?
Why? It probably ain't no
different than here. Everybody
that 's living here been here and
gonna be here.....forever.
Well, I'm not, not if I can help
it. I want to get as far away from
here as I can.
Whatever girl, you ain't doing
nothing but talking. You ain't got
nowhere to go. When next year roll
around, you going to be right here
with me and our memories.
I hope not Maybe I can get
financial aid and go to college.
What? College? Where?
I don't know where, maybe here,
maybe somewhere else. I hope I can
meet a really nice guy and fall in
love, got married and move away.
What, you mean move away? You
would leave me here by myself? K,
you know me and my mama don't get
along. You're my outlet when I'm
having a bad day with her. Who am


                       SHAINA (cont'd)
I supposed to go to if I can't
come to you?
I'll still be here for ou and you
got Ricky and the rest of the
fellas. I don't really know how
it's going to happen, but I just
know I don't want this to be the
end of the road for Krystal
K don't get me wrong. I'm not
saying I don't want you to have a
better life if that's what you
want. I mean that all sounds good,
but who you ever see graduate from
a college around here? I mean
really, what are the chances that
any of that's going to happen for
you K?
I don't know and I don't care
Shaina, but I'm not going to give
up. I'm going to make something of
myself. I can be more than I am. I
know I can do it with God's help.
You know, you could use a change
in your life too. Come on and go
to church with me.
Church!?! Awww man, how long we
going to be there?
I don't know girl, just come on.
We'll be together.
Yeah, but evidently, not for long.
With all these "all of a sudden"
changes you talking about making
in your life.
Well, they are changes tha tare
neccessary for me to be happy. So
as my best friend I think you
should be ok with whatever I do
with my life as long as I'm not
destroying myself.
I am, it's just that I know things
are going to be different with us.
Look K you, Ricky and the crew,
that's all I got. My mama don't
care about nothing but getting
high and her man.


That's a reason right there to
change your life too.
And what about when you do finally
pack up and move away? Where am I
going to be then? Ricky might not
even be here if he keeps going the
way he's going. Then what? Come on
K, don't change now.
Well, you might want to start
thinking like me. ou might want to
think about changing your life
too, becaue rif you keep hangin
around Ricky, he's liable to get
you hurt or worse.
I never really even thought abou
tit being me because I'm with him
until the other day at church. I'm
always thinking about what kind of
trouble he's going to get into.
Shaina, you really need to
consider what I'm saying. Come on
and go to church with me. Maybe by
the time I'm ready to move on, you
will be too. OR at least you'll be
in the vally of decision and
getting ready for change in your
own life. Shaina look, I'm not
sure myself, what I'm doing or
going to do yet. I just know that
I don't want to spend the rest of
my life here doing nothing. I want
to be somebody. I want to make a
difference in this world.
"K", you are somebody, you're my
best friend.
That's sweet, but it's not enough
Sha. When I die, I wan tot know
I'm made a difference in
somebody's life.
Well, it's enough for me. Don't
you get it "K", you've made a
difference in my life. I don't
need you to be anything more than
what you are right now, and that's
the best friend a girl oculd have.
Shaina, that's cool if that's what
works for you, but it doesn't work
for me. I need to open your eyes


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
to one small fact...you and I
aren't the only people in the
world. I wnat to make a difference
in the live of more the just one
person. There's tons of people in
the world, who are needing more.
Like me. When I talked to Derrick
after church the other day, he
helped me realize that I could
help someone else to change their
life fo the better before they end
up hurt like he did or worse.
It that why he been running around
here preaching and making all that
noise about getting saved.
Yes it is and I'm beginning to
understand something...
I keep telling people this, and I
guess it's because my mama is
always telliung it to me,
"tomorrow is not promised to
anyone" Shaina I don't want to be
someone who doesn't get to see
tomorrow and ends up in hell. I
don't want to die and not leave my
mark on this world.
But K, doesn't it count that
you've made a difference in my
It does, but I kow it's not all
God has for me. He wants more out
of my life. I can feel it.
Did Derrick tell you that?
No Shaina...................God
What you mean God did?
I told Derrick ad now that our
conversation hasd come to this, I
might as well tell you too.
Tell me what "K"?


God has been telling me that I ned
to clean my life up so I can focus
on Him.
He said He wants to use me, and He
can't right now because I've got
too many people and things
distracting me.
      (Rose Bishop comes
       in the front door
       from work)
Oh, now I'm a distraction?
Shaina, that's not what I'm saying
      (Giving Krystal a
Hey baby! What's going on? You
girls alright in here?
Hey, mama. We're fine, we're just
      (A little huffy)
Hi Ms. Bishop!
"K" you missed church. You were
sleeping so soundly, I figured you
were really tired, so I left you
sleeping. It was good tonight.
I know mama, I was going to come
when I woke up, but Shaina came by
an then we watched this movie and
then got to talking afterwards.
Well, anyway, I brought ou a copy
of service. Pastor was talking
about how God has a purpose for
our lives and it's up to us to go
to God to find out what it is.
      (Both girls look
       at each other in
Oh my God!!!


Oh my God is right. Mama we were
just sitting here talking about
the same thing.
You two were? Is that why you
didn't make it to church? "K" you
know I've always told you that
even when you can't see Him God is
there. Even thoubht you didn't
make it to church, He came to you,
through that movie I imagine.
Isn't that how your conversation
Yes ma'am. I've been telling
Shaina about how my heart is
starting to change. You remember I
told you about talking to Derrick
the other day. I'm trying to
position myself so I can get where
God wants me to be.
Yeah baby, I remember and I'm
proud of you.
See I don't understand all this
talk about getting where God wants
me to be. Why would God want to
use me?
He doesn't really want to use you
as the world considers using baby,
He wants to use your life as a
testimony to others.
Hunh! God can't use my life for
nothing. Because I ain't got
nothing for myself let alone to
give nobody else.
Yes you do baby. Don't ever thing
that your life is worthless. Every
situation in your life can be used
by God to bless someone else.
Yeah Shaina, like the fact that
you're dating Ricky and you don't
feel like he's got a good future,
or your mother being on drugs. You
don't have to end up in the gutter
just because they in it. You can
use those situations to help


I can use me dating Ricky to help
somebody? How?
Well, you can use that part of
your life to encourage other girls
not to get involved with guys like
Ricky. Encourage them to set some
standards for their life for the
guys they are considering so they
won't allow guys to treat them bad
or neglect them.
I still don't get it. If I'm in
the same situation, how am I gonna
tell somebody else not to do it?
That makes me a hypocrite.
By making the necessary changes in
your life so that you can leand
them in the right direction by
being the example.
Shaina, I'm not trying to be in
your business, I just want to help
you understand. Are you and Ricky
having sex?
      (Looking at
       Krystal, who
       moves to sit
       beside her, and
       then bowing her
       head in shame she
       slowly nods)
Well, are you protecting yourself
from diseases or pregnancy?
      (Mumbles a barely
No ma'am
      (Then she quicly
       goes into defense
But that's because we been
together for a long time and he
loves me. We love each other.
      (Rose and Krystal
       exchange glances)
Well, how do you know he loves you


I just do. He treats me good and
buys me stuff. He takes me out to
eat whenever I want...
That's good Shaina, he seems to
have your desires and your best
interest at heart....but let me
ask you something. What do you
think he love is based on?
What you mean?
Well, I wonder if you cut off the
sex in your relationship, would he
still love you as much and
continue to do all those things
for you.
Why would I do that?
To see how far his love goes
Shaina sweetheart, you've been
taught to believe that having sex
makes a relationship work. And
that as long as you do it and he
gives you things that it's ok. But
that's really not what God
designed relationships to be. When
you have more time I'll explain it
a little better.
But what am I supposed to do now
Ms. Rose? I know Ricky loves me
and I love him.
Well, you can try this....tell
Ricky that you won't have sex with
him anymore until he marries you.
If he loves you and plans to keep
you, then marriage would be the
next step to making a full
commitment. See what happens after
you tell him that.
But Ms. Rose, I don't want to do
that. What if he leaves me, then I
won't have nobody.
Don't you understand Sha, if he
leaves you, then he never really
loved you in the first place.


                       KRYSTAL (cont'd)
Don't you want to know?
What I see is ya'll really don't
want me to have nobody.
      (Going to her and
       wrapping her arms
       around her)
That's not it at all baby, you
don't need to hang on to negative
people just to have someone in
your lifeand you'll always have
      (Pulling away from
Not with the way Krystal is
talking Ms. Rose. she wants to
move away, go to college and all
kinds of other stuff.
Mama, I've told her it's what I
need to be happy. I been trying to
tell her that she can do it too.
K, I'm not like you. Let's face
it....I ain't never gonna be like
you. I'm not smart enough to go to
college. That's how I know you're
gonna leave me.
Shaina, who told you you're not
smart enough to go to college?
I bet I know that answer to that
Shut up Krystal!
Shaina, did Ricky tall you that?
Yes, ma'am, but that's just
because he knows how I've had to
struggle to get through school. I
didn't always have good enough
grades to pass my classes.
But baby, that's not the kind of
love you need in your life.
Ricky's love effects limited
growth potential, for himself, for
you and your relationship. There's
no future in limited love baby.


                       ROSE (cont'd)
      (She sits beside
       her on the couch)
Even though you've had a hard time
in school, you need a college
education to live a decent life.
If Ricky loves you, he should be
encouraging you to try harder to
better yourself as a person, not
discouraging you from trying.
Baby, God has so much more in
store for you. Your life in Him
was all laid out before you were
even born.
I don't understand.
IF you give your heart to the
Lord, He will help you understand
and help you become everything He
created you to be. You can go to
college if you want to, because
believe it or not, you are smart.
If you weren't you wouldn't have
made it this far.
Oh, Ms. Rose, I don't know, if I'm
ready for that yet, but I do feel
a little better.
Well, it's not my job to pressure
you. What I want you to know is
that no matter what you decide to
do, Krystal and Rose Bishop are
your family and we will always be
here for you.
      (Hugging her)
Thanks so much Mama Rose. Can I
call you Mama Rose?
      (Rose Nods her
to tell you the truth, I do feel
like Krystal in one way....
      (Going to Krystal
       and hugging her)
I want to help other young girls
like me. I want to be a role model
for them one day. I want to make a
difference in their lives.
That's good, but you can't lead
them in the right direction until
you're going in the right
direction yourself. Won't you give
our heart to Jesus and let God use
you? God has a purpose for each
one of us. IF you give Him your
heart, He'll show you what He has


                       ROSE (cont'd)
for you to do.
Mama Rose, I don't know if I can
do that, I don't know nothing
about God. What if someone asks me
a question about he bible or
Well, all the answers you need
will come in time. But for now the
only answers you'll need is what
God has done for you. If you give
Him your heart, He'll give you
everything else you need in time.
But Mama Rose, don't I have to
know something about God if I'm
gonna live for Him?
Well, yes but like I said all the
answers you need will come. All
you need right now is a sincere
heart. You will learn all about
God and how to live for Him once
you've begun to read your bible
every day. Look in John Chapter 7,
it talks about anyone who thirsts,
let him or her in our case, come
to me and drink. If also says if
you believe in Him our of your
heart will flow rivers of living
What does "Rivers of Living Water"
It means as you read the bible the
Word will take root in your heart
and you'll pull from it to share
with others.
I don't know. I'll think about it.
Thanks for sharing all that with
If you're sure, you're not ready
yet, I'll leave you girls
alone.But I'm here whenever you're
ready or whenever you need me.
Ok Mama Rose. Good night.
      (They hug)


Come on girl, I'll walk you
      (They walk out the
       door, Krystal
       comes back a
       couple of minutes
Thank you Mama.
      (Has already
       returned to the
       Living Room and
       is sitting on the
Sit down here for a minute baby.
      (Going over and
       falling on the
       couch beside her
I love you so much. You treat my
friends so good and she really
needs that.
Baby, I'm glad you're happy about
how I treat your friend, and I'm
glad that you're so concerned
about her. "K", I'm your Mother
and I love you so I'm gonna tell
you this because you need to hear
What's wrong Mama?
I hope you were paying attention
to Me and Shaina's conversation.
Baby, Don't take too long in that
process you're working through
getting where you think God needs
you to be before He can use you.
I won't Mama, I was listening and
I hear you. I love you!
      (She embraces her
       mom for a moment
       and then kisses
       her on the cheek
       and heads off to
Good night Mama!
I love you too. Good night baby!
      (She takes some
       trash off the
       table into the
       kitchen and comes
       back and picks up


                       ROSE (cont'd)
       her bible. She
       sits, bows her
       head and says a
       she hears a light
       tap on the door)
Lord, who can that be?
      (Standing there
       with tears
Mama Rose, can I talk to you for a
Sure baby, come on in.....
      (She gives Shaina
       some Kleenex)
...what's going on?
I got a problem...
Ok, well let's talk about it and
maybe I can help you with it.
I been having this real ugly
feeling in me all week, and it
won't go away. My friends keep
talking about ricky; how he ain't
living right. REally how
dangerously he's living and how
he's gonna get me hurt or killed.
It's really starting to scar me.
I don't know what to think. Id
ont' know what to do...and just
now when I got ready to step out
of your yard to go home. I got
this feeling like I wasn't alone
out there, like somebody was
watching me...waiting for
me...Mama Rose it scared me so
bad, I couldn't move.
Well Shaina, normally I would say
you shouldn't worry about what
your friends say, but you should
listen to them this time because
they sound like they know what
they're talking about....sometimes
God will use those closes to you
to open your eyes to a situation.
How do I know that? How do I know
they not just jealous and trying
to break us up?


Because they know Ricky. They see
him and they see what he's doing
every day. You may not want to
acknowledge the fact that his
lifestyle could cause you harm
because you're blinded by teh love
you feel for him and that's ok.
Just as long as you trust and hear
your friends when they try to tell
you something that is for your
benefit. I believe that's why God
puts our friends in our lives. If
they were simply trying to break
you and Ricky up, they'd just fill
your head with lies. They wouldn't
be telling you what's good for
you. They wouldn't be concerned
about your well-being.
I don't feel right Mama Rose,
something is not right....I ain't
never felt nothing like this
before. I don't know what to do
Mama Rose...I'm scared, I'm so
      (She falls into
       Rose's arms)
I sensed something was going on
with you tonight...I've never seen
you like this before, but I know
that fear doesn't come from God,
because he has not given us the
spirit of fear, but love, power
and a sound mind.
Mama Rose, can you pray for me?
Of course I can baby! I'm so glad
you had the sense to come back
right when you got that feeling.
Most people don't pay attention to
those feelings and by the time
they realize they should've, it's
too late. Shaina, I believe that
feeling you got was a sign that
something happening right now or
something's coming. God gives some
of us a very sensitive spirit that
allows us to pick up on things
that are going on in our lives
that will affect us.
Is that why I feel like this now?
      (She guides her
       out of the room)
I believe it is baby. You're


                       ROSE (cont'd)
spirit is being opened up by all
the word you've been hearing about
God. So, come on, let's go down to
the basement and pray...this way
we don't disturb K.
      (He kisser her)
Sorry I'm late babe. I had to
handle some business.
What kind of business you got to
handle Ricky? You don't work.
Just some business...why you
trying to get brand new on a
brother; trying to act like you
don't know I got business girl.
...because Ricky, like I said, you
don't work. You ain't got no job.
You running all day from 9-5 like
you working and you don't never
file no tax returns. What are you
doing with you life Ricky, what
are you doing with our lives?
Making moves baby, I'm making it
happen that's what.
Ok, so what you moving? What's
happening, because from where I'm
sitting, it don't look like
nothing that's gonna bring in no
real money.
      (Grabbing her and
       pulling her to
What you worry about baby, you
know I'm gonna teke care of you.
      (Pulling away)
How you gonna do that Ricky? What
are you going to take care of me
with? You ain't taking care of


How you figure that?
Your mama is still taking care of
you. Ain't you still living under
her roof? Whe we don't eat there
we eat our an dyou always buying
stuff with whatever money you do
have. You don't save nothing. What
you gonna have for later!
You know you ain't got no problem
with how I'm living. Quit tweaking
girl, you loving every minute of
all this attention you getting.
Yeah, Ricky I do but that's not
going to give us a good future.
That's only part of it. Ricky, you
gotta have a way to maintain us
that's not so sketchy.
Girl, come here and stop
      (He pulls her to
       him and kisser
       her but she pulls
I know, but it's not just that
I know, but it's not just that
Then what is it?
There's gotta be more to us
What more Sha?.....More than what?
More like in our future!
What are you talking about Shaina?
Baby, you know i go tit poppin out
here every day. You know I'm gonna
look out for my boo. We going all
the way baby!
All the way where Ricky? I don't
wan tot keep going on the same
path we on right now. I feel like
we're going the wrong way.


all the way to the top girl. Why
you tripping? I got you baby.
Don't you know I love you?
Yeah I know but...
But what girl? Stop acting like we
got problems. You acting like we
ain't gonna be together forever.
How you know it's gonna be forever
Ricky? You spend all your time our
here running the streets, every
free minute of your day you our
here doing God only knows what.
Shaina, stop talking like that,
you know that's not true.
What's true Ricky is that you
spend more time out here in these
streets than you do with me.
Baby I told you that's because I'm
trying to get this money. Haven't
I given you everything you've
asked for?
Yeah Ricky....but....
...and don't we eat out every day!
Yeah but....
...but what Sha? Why are you
giving me such a hard time today?
Stop acting crazy. What is up with
you today boo?
I don't know Ricky, I just...
...just what? You don't think I
can take care of you, you don't
believe I love you? Sha....you do
know I love you right baby?
      (steppiing in and
       pulling her to
You need some tender loving care
baby, I'll give you some...


      (Gives him a blank
       stare but doens't
      (Stepping back to
       get a good look
       at her face)
Shaina, you do know I love you
I seriously hope you do
What you mean you "hope" I do?
What's wrong with you girl, why
you snapping on me like that; Oh,
I know, you on your cycle right?
      (Looking down)
Well actually I'm not....yet
Girl, what the hell is "well
actually" supposed to mean?
It means I'm not on ly perioud
Shaina, don't play with me, you
seriously ain't go it yet?
No, Ricky I ain't, it should've
started a month ago.
Shaina, you missed your pill?
Only twice, but I don't think it
nakes a big difference. It will
just make me late, that's why it
ain't started yet.
Awww man, Shaina I hope you ain't
pregnant. We ain't in no kind of
position to be having no kid right
Really Ricky, wasn't you just
talking about going all the way?
"I got you" what happened to that


Shut up Sha. I do got you but I
can't act like I don't know a baby
is going to cost more grip than
I'm able to get right now.
Shut up....so you "do" have a grip
on reality.
You got jokes and this ain't no
kinf of laughing matter girl, you
know we ain't ready for this.
Duh Ricky!!! You think I'm too
stupid to know that.
I know you know girl, I'm just
Good, You better know it, because
if you've got a problem with me
you should let me know way before
Shaina, quit trying to act like
you ain't scared. You act like you
done had a baby before, like
you're ready for this. You ain't
ready for no kid either. What you
gonna do if you're pregnant?
I don't know, I guess I'm gonna
have to get a better job. The one
I got ain't gonna take care of me
and a baby.
I know.
Well, you need to know, because
you ain't even got a job!
      (BEcoming Angry)
So what you saying, don't I keep
you straight? Don't you have all
the nice stuff you want? I ain't
heard you complaining about
nothing I done bought you. So you
need to leave me alone for you
piss me off Shaina.
      (There's a glimpse
       of fear in her
Why you want to get mad baby? I'm


                       SHAINA (cont'd)
just playing with you I dont' like
it when you get mad;
      (taking his hand
       and leading him
       to the bench to
cause we spend the whole night
fighting when we could be hanging
out and having fun.
Good, now quit tripping an dget
over here and give me some love.
      (He pulls her to
       her feet, and
       kisses her)
      (Pulling away from
See that's how we got into this
panic mode we're in now.
Who in panic mode girl? Not me.
I'm good. I got this. Don't forget
I'm the man.
Yeah, we'll see how much of a man
you are if I'm pregnant.
Why you gotta say it like that?
You don't think I'm man enough to
handle my business? You see I'm
out here handling business every
Puh-lease, um Ricky? Hate to bust
ya bubble but that ain't man
business, that's boy business. All
you do is run these streets
playing hustlas and gangstas with
your friends and enemies. But them
real guns ya'll playing with gonna
get all of ya'll killed. And that
ain't being a man to me, that's
just being stupid!
So what you trying to say Shaina?
What do you want from me, huh?
What you wnat me to do, get a job?
Go work at McDonald's or
something? I ain't gonna get no
good job right now, cause I'm
still in school. But I do know how
to hustle. That's how I get's my


Yeah, well getting a job would be
nice for starters. Act like you
want something out of life Ricky.
Act like you don't want to go to
jail and leave me and this baby on
our own. Then act like I, well we,
mean enough to you for you to want
to get a good job so we can be
together and do things together. I
ain't talking about no McDonalds.
Then what you talking about?
Well, with you taking that class
at the college; can't you find
something that's like entry-level
No Shaina, I can't, I have to
finish school first.
I don't know Ricky, but you need
to do something.
I will Sha, just stop stressing me
about it and let me figure it out
for myself.
Just hurry up and finish so you
can get something you can make
into a career.
A career?
Yeah Ricky something that's going
to last. You talking about being
together forever. We getting older
every day Ricky, every year and
pretty soon all this hanging out
and chilling is gonna get played
out real soon.
We ain't doing that bad girl. What
you trying to say?
I want us to be able to get
together with friends and have
dinner at nice restaurants and
stuff. we never go anywhere. We
always hanging out here in the
streets with "your" friends.
"My" friends.


Yes Ricky, your friends. I ain't
got no friends left except for
"K". You done ran everybody else
off. My "used to be" friends are
scared to come around me anymore
because they know you'll be
somewhere around with your
attitude and craziness.
So they can't stand to be in my
company, that's their loss.
No, Ricky, it's my loss too. They
were my friends. That's not cool.
I want more out of life and you
should too.
I do want something out of life.
      (He pulls a wad of
       money out of his
Money, Chi Ching!!! That's what I
want out of life.
That's real cute, but where do I,
or even our kids fit in. We ain't
money and I can't tell that you
want anything, and neither can
anyone else with the way you act
and how you're living.
Ok, what should I want Shaina?
Have you looked around her lately.
We ain't exactly sitting in the
lap of luxury. There ain't much to
get around here. You know people
around here just go to work and
come home. they know better than
to want anything else, because
they know there ain't nothing
That's their choice Ricky. They
could have left here and tried to
get more, the didn't wan tit bad
enough to leave. You gotta start
somewhere Ricky. I talked to "K"
the other day and she's talking
about getting saved like Derrick
and the rest of the crew did. She
wants to go to college and move
Oh boy.......I knew it was coming.


Ricky, I can't be stuck here
without my best friend and without
my man.
Why you going to be without me?
I'm right here baby.
Yeah but for how long Ricky?
...and don't start crap with me
about getting saved, and don't
tell me "K" is on that same trip.
I've heard enough of that from "D"
and Rome.
Ricky at the rate you're going,
you'll be dead by the end of the
year. I will be without you and
"K". I love y'all both, and I
don't want to lose Y'all.
And where is she going? She ain't
got no money.
I don't know Ricky, and neither
does she. But if she goes to
college and gets a really good job
she can move to wherever she wants
to. What she does know is that she
doesn't want to stay here for the
rest of her life and struggle to
get through everyday for nothing
and now that I've heard her talk
about it, I don't either.
Awwwwww man, Shaina don't start
this mess with me now. We already
going to have to step it up in
case your're pregnant. I'm going
to school, even though I don't see
why. Now you talking about getting
money to move? Shaina, we ain't
got no money for all these changes
you talking about.
I know a baby's and moving is
gonna cost money, Ricky, and
your're going to school to get
some skills. You can take that and
get a good job.


and go to work every day for
nothing, like you and "K" trying
to do.
Like I said, you gotta start
somewhere. I'll tell you this, I'm
not going to stay here and watch
you run your life in the ground.
And I'm definitely not going to
let you run me or our baby's life
in the ground either. I love you
too much for that Ricky, I'll
leave you first.
Come on girl! All this money...
      (He whips out a
       knot of money()
You going to tell me you would
leave all this? You betta stop
tripping girl. You ain't "K"
Shaina. You can't do everything
she do. You ain't got her brains,
looks or style and you definitely
ain't got the discipline she got.
      (Obviously hurt
       she is silent for
       a minute)
Wow, I'm glad to know how you
really feel. So you basically just
told me that you don't believe in
That ain't what I'm saying Shaina.
Yeah well, that's how it sounded.
"K" believes in me Ricky. You know
what else?
      (She walks up to
       him face to face)
You just gave me the strength to
believe in myself. I don't have to
live up under you and let you drag
me down...
....drag you down? Girl....
...and I don't have to allow my
past and present life to keep me
from trying to have a better
Oh boy, you are really feeling
strong today ain't you girl?


Exactly and from now on. I'm only
going to hang out with strong
people who are headed somewhere in
life, people that can give me a
strong example to follow so I can
make something of myself too.
      (She starts to
       walk away)
Awww, come on.....where you going
      (Shrugs her
I'm just going....away.....from
Come on girl, don't leave. Where
you going to go? What you going to
I don't know, but I'm going to
figure it out. With God's and
"K"'s help I will figure it out,
and when I do that's the direction
I'll be heading in until I get
where I want to be. Better yet,
until I get where God wants me to
Don't take what I said seriously,
I was just playing Sha.
Too late, I took what you said
straight to heart and I'm going to
do something about how it made me
Aaay! You know you ain't gonna
make it without me.
Wanna bet? I'm done Ricky, I'm
What you mean done?
      (As she begins to
       walk away)
Exactly what it sounds like, I'm
through letting you tell mewho I
am or who I'm not. I can be
anything I want to as long as I
put my mind to it. You'll see just
what kind of discipline I got. I


                       SHAINA (cont'd)
bet I got enough discipline to
stay away from you.
      (Walking and
       yelling after
Please, I'm going places. I'm
going straight to the top of the
world, then you'll be looking for
me to take you back. I'll be here
and I'll take you back ok? That's
alright, it's just temporary.
You'll be back. I ain't worried
about that, you'll be back!