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Emmie and the Mustard Seed
by cherlyn Acasio (cherlynacasio@att.net)

Rated: G   Genre: Family   User Review: 0 stars
. Emmie looses her three best friends on a family vacation. Many miles seperate them, but with Emmies undieing faith and love for her three friends shows us how anything is possible if you only have the faith of a tiny mustard seed.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Day 1 of Emmie and Mustard Seed
We join her three friends somewhere in northern California.
They are coming back from a weeks vacation with their best
friend Emmie. She is 6 years old. Emmie's three friends are
Theodore, Chester and Maisie. They are talking about all the
fun things they got to do on their vacation to Disneyland.
It was so nice of their friend Emmie to take them along on
the trip. They got to sit right next to her when she drove a
car. It was terrific fun going on the roller coaster, flying
up and down. Then they went down a dark river. There were
lions and tigers peaking out of the bushes, and alligators
in the water. Emmie held them close so they would not fall
out; do not forget the best ride of all it was "It's a small
World after all" Emmie fit right in and so did her three
They had never been out of Oakville a small town in the
state of Washington let alone get to go on a vacation to
What was that?
Nothing just a little bump in the
There it goes again.
With that something breaks loose and the three friends go
flying. They went sailing through the air like one of those
guys in the circus, but instead of landing on a net they
were like baseball players sliding into third. At the same
time, Emmie wakes from her nap with a jolt.
What was that?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
It's OK honey, Dad just hit a
couple of bumps in the road.
Are you sure my three best friends
are safe where they're riding,


                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Yes sweetie, Daddy made sure that
your friends were snug and safe.
You can see them tonight when you
go to bed. Ok?
OK, Daddy.
Guys are you all, right? ight?
I think so.(as he looks down at
his body.) I was clean and white
now look at me. I have turned a
dingy gray.
I am a little messed up but not to
bad things could have been a lot
Maisie takes a look at her two best friends. Chester looks
no worse for wear besides the dirt. Then she takes a good
look at Theodore.
Theodore are you OK? Look, look at
your leg. I think you broke it.
What are we going to do?
O my, I didn't notice that at
first. I can't move it.
Try and slide over here where I
So Chester helps Theodore slide over to where Maisie is. All
three huddled together, sitting on the side of the road,
shivering, cold and dirty.
What will Emmie do when she realizes they are gone?
We better get some sleep, so we
can figure out how we can get


Yes, and we better figure out how
to fix this old leg of mine.
Emmy and her family should be half way home by now no idea
what precious cargo they have lost.
Emmie's Mom and Dad have driven to Medford. Ore. they stop
for the night and see some old friends. Six hours more
tomorrow and they will be home in Oakville, Washington.
Playing so hard Emmie falls fast asleep after dinner.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (talking to Dad)
Get the overnight bag out of the
car, please?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (returning from
       the car)
Honey, we have a problem.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
What is wrong?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
You know the clear bag that
Emmie's friends were in.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, the one you said you put on
top of the car with the suitcases.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well, the bag came loose, and it
is not there. What are we going to
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
What are WE going to do? You put
them in a safe place. YOU will
just have to tell her tomorrow
when she wakes up.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well lets get a good night sleep
and tomorrow will leave early.
Then we can tell her when we get


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
OK, but it is you that is going to
tell her what happen NOT WE.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Thanks for all the support.
Emmie's Mom and Dad go to bed and try to get a good night
sleep but are not looking forward to telling Emmie the
distressing news.
Fortunately for Emmie's Dad they leave extremely early, the
next morning. Only six more hour and they will be safely
Theodore, Maisie, Chester was able to sleep for part of the
night. The warm sun starts to rise, it lightens the dark
skies. The traffic starts slowly to whiz by them again. A
large Peter Built truck passes by them; the truck driver
honks his horn at the car in front of him, Maisie, Chester
and Theodore wake with a startling jolt. They thought they
were at home in their nice warm bed with Emmie, the loud
blast of the horn brought them back to reality. They were
still sitting on the side of the highway lost and alone.
      (As they all look
       up and down the
What are we going to do?
First we better see what we can do
about Theodore's leg.
Yes, I feel like I have sprung a
So Chester and Maisie try to stuff Theodore's stuffing back
into his leg, but it is impossible. The force that Theodore
hit the roadway with popped his leg like a cheap balloon.
What are we going to do? We cannot
fix your leg out here we need
Emmie's Mom. She knows how to
operate with a needle and thread


                       MAISIE (cont'd)
and make it all better.
Yes, and I need her hot bath tub
that spins around at the end so I
can get all clean again.
Just then a truck pulls off to the side of the road. An
older man gets out wearing an orange vest. He is picking up
cans and papers that people have thrown from their cars. As
he comes closer to Maisie, Chester and Theodore, they freeze
with fear. All they can remember is Emmie's Mom telling her
never to talk to strangers. As he came closer, he reached
out and picks up Chester.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (The cal trans
Well look at this, how did you get
out here?
Then he takes this gadget that looks like an extra arm and
picks up Maisie.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Who is your little friend here?
Looks like someone my grand
daughter would like.
Last but not least he picks up Theodore.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
You got the worst of it. No
problem I will take you all home
and have my Betsy take a look at
you. She will fix them up like
Bill lifts the lid on the box in the back of his truck and
drops all three friends inside. He closes it down and gets
back to work.
They feel the truck stop and go for a couple of more hours.
The man stops the truck and opens the lid and sticks his big
hand in and grabs his lunch pale. I t feels so good when the
sun pours into the box and warms their bodies.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (Bill sits down to
       have lunch with a
       couple of
Hi fellows, how did your morning


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA (cont'd)
                       MAN 1
O just fine, did you have a nice
weeks vacation.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Yes, the wife and I just got back
from visiting the Grand kids. They
are growing so fast. I wish we
could see them a lot more.
                       MAN 2
Bill, where do they live?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
They live in Salem, Oregon. Ever
been there, it's beautiful.
With that Maisie, Theodore and Chester perk up. SALEM,
Did you hear that?
Yes he said, Salem, Oregon.
Yes, we came through there on our
way down to Disneyland didn't we?
Maisie, Theodore and Chester listen closely, they don't want
to miss a word, maybe this is their way home.
Bill tells his coworker what he found today.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I told my Grand kids that when I
got home I would mail them
something special.
                       MAN 1
Well what are you going to send
Maisie, Theodore, and Chester hear someone coming near the
truck. Bill sticks his big hand in and pulls out all three
with just one grab.


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well until this morning I did not
know what I was going to send
them. I found something I think
they might like.
Bill hands his coworkers the three friends he found.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I found these three guys lying on
the side of the road this morning.
Some little child is going to be
terribly sad.
                       MAN 1
Are you going to send this beat up
toys to your Grand Kids?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
No, first I will take them home to
my Betsy and she will have them
looking brand new, then I will
send them. My grandkids love to
hear about all the treasures I
find along the road. I've sent
them a box of sea shells. I found
a little stuffed monkey. They
loved them all.
                       MAN 2
OK Bill, good luck treasure
                       MAN 1
OK Bill see you later, do not mind
him. He is just jealous that your
grand kids like your stories and
gifts. His grand kids live right
here and think he is a grumpy old
All three men laugh as they head for their trucks.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
That's OK I guess my time will be
coming too.
Bill puts his lunch pail and his three new friends back in
his truck and closes the lid down tight and back to work he


Maisie, Theodore, Chester wonder how long it will be until
they arrive at Bill's home. Will they like it there? Will
Betsy be nice? We will just have to wait and see.
Finally he makes his last turn into his driveway.
Wake up we arrived.
In a minute Bill opens the box on the back of his truck. He
grabs his lunch pale and sticks his new friends inside and
closes it and off they go into the house. As Bill enters the
front hallway the giant clock chimes 6 PM.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Are you home Betsy?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Yes, honey I am in the kitchen.
How was your day?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (as he puts his
       lunch pale on the
       counter in front
       of Betsy)
I have a surprise for you.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
What have you brought home for me
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (Bill take the
       three out of his
       lunch and hands
       them to Betsy)
Well it is not for you, but I
thought you could help me make
them ready for the Grand kids.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
O honey, where in the world did
you get them? They look as they
have been through a dust storm.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well you know how I go along the
roads and clean up.


                       BETSY/ GRANNY
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
These three guys were sitting up
against a bridge. They looked so
sad as they had lost their best
friend. So you know I thought we
could fix them up and send them to
the grand Kids. They would not
look so sad, and the grand kids
would be happy to get some mail.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (Betsy laughs and
       give her husband
       a big hug)
That is a terrific idea the kids
will love it.
So Betsy takes the three over to the rocking chair and wraps
them in a small blanket to keep her chair clean and sets
them aside until tomorrow.
      (As she stretches
       out her arms and
This is so nice, warm and dry.
Just like when we are in bed with
Emmie. I could get use to this.
      (with a big smile
       of contentment)
I feel like I am back home.
Do not get to comfortable we still
have long ways to go. Remember we
will not be there tonight when
Emmie goes to bed.
Emmie's family is now eating dinner and Dad is try to figure
out a way of telling Emmie of the loss.
I cannot wait till after dinner. I
am going to get my friends ready
for bed. They want to watch me
take a bath. So then I can tell


                       EMMIE (cont'd)
them how much I love and missed
Mom and Dad look at each other and figure now is the time.
No point in putting it off any longer.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Honey I have something terribly
important to tell you. I know you
are going to be upset but---
What Daddy, what do you want to
tell me?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well Emmie you know where I put
your three friends so they would
have a safe place to ride.
Yes, with the suitcases high on
top of the car.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well honey, I think it was not
such a safe place after all. When
I went to get Moms suitcase they
were missing.
Emmie looks at him and her eyes start to swell up. Soon big
droplets start to run down her face. She looks at her Dad
like he has committed the crime of the century.
Emmie jumps down from the table and runs out to the car to
see for herself but her friends are no where to be found.
Mom and Dad go running out after her. All three stand there
looking at the top of the car and wonder what happen.
You put them in a clear plastic
bag and tied it to the suitcase.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
I know honey, last night when we
stopped at our friends I looked
for them, they were gone.


You mean they got lost far away.
Emmie's Dad starts to say something, but Emmie's Mom gives
him the look. It is time for everyone to be quite and let
Emmie try and deal with this heartbreaking event.
So they all three sit on the curb and stare at the car.
Wonder what happen to Emmie best friends, Maisie, Chester,
Theodore. Hopefully Emmie will cry herself to sleep so they
can try and deal with this tomorrow.
It now is 7 AM the alarm clock goes off in Bill and Betsy's
bedroom. Maisie, Theodore, and Chester see Betsy come into
the kitchen, she is making a pot of coffee. They hear the
shower water going, so they know that Bill must be in the
I wonder what will happen today.
I sure hope she knows how to
operate like Emmie's Mom. I would
like to be able to stand up
without falling over.
Yes, and I hope she has one of
those baths that spin at the end
so I can get white again
Betsy makes Bill his breakfast and packs his lunch. She
writes him a sweet love note and drops it in his pail. They
sit down at the breakfast table and have their morning
coffee, eggs and toast. Before you know it, it is time for
Bill to leave for work. Betsy hands him his lunch and gives
him a big hug and a kiss goodbye. With true love no words
need to be spoken.
Betsy is now all alone, except for her new found friends and
the big day ahead of her.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (As she walks over
       to the three
       sitting on the
OK guys I am going to go and take


                       BETSY/ GRANNY (cont'd)
a quick shower then the rest of
the day will be all about you.
Hopefully I can make you feel
brand new.
They hear the shower in the bathroom go on, and in a short
time Betsy is back in the Kitchen. She goes into the closet
and bring out a box. It has buttons and needles and all
sorts of sewing things. Betsy comes over to the chair and
picks the three up and takes them to the kitchen table.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Well let me see, first lets give
puppy a bath.
Betsy gets up from the table and goes to the back porch
where the washer and dryer is and turns the washer on and
fill it with soap.
      (they have a clear
       view from the
       kitchen table.)
Look she haves one of those baths
like Emmie's Mom. I cannot wait to
be all clean again.
Betsy comes and gets Chester she also takes Maisie cloths
off and takes them to the washer. Chester is in heaven
swirling around in the warm bubbles that will soon make him
look like new. Toward the end, she put Maisie in too. Maisie
is trying to stay up with Chester as they spin around for
the last 5 min.
This is great I cannot wait to see
what we look like.
This is great I can't wait to see
what we look like when we are
Betsy takes Maisie and Chester out of the washer and puts
them in the dryer then goes back to the table to see what
she can do for Theodore
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Well you look the worst of all.
Let see what I can do for you.


Betsy goes through all her scrap pieces of fabric and finds
a red plaid that is almost like Theodore's vest. So she cut
a small piece and gets some stuffing, brown thread and away
she goes.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
I know it is not brown fur, but we
can tell the kids you broke your
leg, and you have a cast on to
match your vest. Look pretty good.
Theodore is not dirty just needs a little fluffing up. So
Betsy throws him in the dryer with the other two.
Look at me, I have a new leg. Its
not brown like my other one but it
does the job.
Theodore, she did a fantastic job.
We are like new and you Chester
you are all curly and white again.
Betsy takes them out of the dryer she dresses Maisie and
brushes Chester's fur and reties Theodore's bow tie. She
sets them back in the rocker for Bill to see when he gets
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (Stands there
       looking at her
       finished job)
Well I think we did a pretty good
job. The kids are going to love
Betsy has spent most of the morning repairing their three
friends. The rest of the day she has to run some errands and
clean house.
It is about 5 in the afternoon, and Theodore, Chester, and
Maisie have been waiting patiently for Bill to come home and
see what is going to happen next.
Betsy sure does a lot of work
around here.
She likes to dance and listen to
the music while she does her house


She likes to dance and listen to
the music while she does her house
She likes to dance and listen to the music while she does
her house work.
In about an hour, they hear the truck pull into the
driveway. It must be Bill. Betsy runs to the door excited to
have him see what she has done today.
Betsy runs to the door she is excited for Bill to see what
she has done today.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (as he enters the
       front door)
Hi, honey, how was your day? Did
they get fixed up?
Betsy takes Bill lunch pale in one hand and lead Bill over
to the rocker with the other hand. They both stand in front
of the chair.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Honey, they look fabulous you
would never know that I found them
on the highway
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
You are right the grand kids are
going to love them.
Bill and Betsy go into the kitchen and sit down for dinner.
Betsy is telling Bill all about what she did today.
I cannot wait we are on our way
home tomorrow.
I miss home.
At least we will be more then half
way there.
They know that if they can get half way home maybe, just
maybe they can get back to Emmie.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie I made your favorite dinner
tonight. How is it?
It's ok
Emmie loves fried chicken and mash potatoes and gravy but it
doesn't look like it is doing the trick.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Honey, I love the biscuits you
made. Emmie did you help mommy
make them.
Dad is trying to make lite conversation with Emmie, he knows
bed time is coming up soon, and it will not be pretty.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
I even made an apple pie for
dessert. If you finish you dinner,
you can have a piece before you go
to bed.
I am too sad to eat anymore, I
just want to take a bath and go to
Emmie's Mom and Dad look at each other and just do not know
what they can do to make Emmie happy. Thank goodness Emmie
goes back to school tomorrow. Emmie heads up to take her
bath and get ready for bed.
I do not want to go to bed I
cannot sleep. The monster in the
closet is going to get me.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (sitting on Emmie
       bed with her.)
You wanted to go to bed just a
little while ago.
I know but Chester, Maisie and
Theodore would sing me to sleep.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well why don't your Dad and I sing
you a song.
I guess so, I miss them.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
I know Emmie and I am sorry.
Dad starts to say something and Mom wishes he would be
Emmie's Mom and Dad sit on her bed with the lights out and
softly sing her a song until she falls asleep.
Bill has finished his dinner and went out to the garage to
find a small box and some filler.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
OK, honey here is the box. It
looks about the right size don't
you think.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Yes,it is perfect.
Bill sits back down at the table with Betsy.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I will put some filler in the box
first so it will be really soft.
Betsy puts the three friends in the box.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
The grand kids are going to love
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
You can close the box up in the
morning and put it in the mail. It
has been a long day so I think I
am going to bed.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
OK honey, I will do the dishes and
be to bed in a little while. Love


It is 7 am at Emmie's house. Dad is in the shower Mom is
getting dressed. Emmie is just waking up. Today everyone
goes back to work and school. Maybe it will take Emmie's
mind off her loss.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
OK Emmie get dressed. We have to
be to school in 2 hours.
Emmie's Mom leaves the room and comes back with a little
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (handing Emmie the
Here is something that my mother
gave me; I want you to have it.
      (she opens the box
       to find a small
It is beautiful.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
This is something truly special,
and I think you are an old enough
girl to take care of it. There is
a small glass ball and inside the
ball is a mustard seed. There is a
saying that if one has the faith
of a tiny mustard seed they can
move mountains.
      (Mom puts the
       necklace on Emmie)
So if, I believe hard enough my
three friends will come home
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
I am sure Grandma would want you
to have it to remind you if you
are good anything is possible.


Thanks Mom, I cannot wait to get
to school and tell my teacher all
the things that have happen and
show her, my new necklace.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
That is an excellent idea, but you
know that your Dad is still
feeling guilty.
I know he did not mean to loose my
Emmie's Mom goes down stairs to fix breakfast.
Emmie goes to see her Dad in her parents room.
Daddy, I want you to know that I
love you. I know it was not your
fault that Chester, Maisie and
Theodore got lost.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Thank you Emmie, I love you too,
you are becoming such a caring
girl. What is that around you
      (Showing her Dad
       the necklace)
Mom gave it to me, she said, that
if I have the faith of this tiny
mustard seed my friends will come
Again Dad knows better then to say anything, and decide to
let Mom handle it.
Emmie's Dad picks her up and puts her on his shoulders and
down stairs they go to breakfast.
Bill has left for work Betsy is packing up the three


                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Well you all three fit perfectly
in the box. I am going to put this
letter inside for the Grand Kids
to read. They will know how much
Granny papa and I love them.
Betsy covers their three friends with tissue paper, tapes
the box closed and wrapped it in brown paper. She addresses
the box and sets it on the counter until she leaves for the
It says, Bobby and GG Busch
2344 Silver Rd.
Salem, Oregon
Maisie, Theodore, and Chester are all snug in their
traveling box and ready to go. They are looking forward to
the trip which will get them one state closer to home.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Give Dad a kiss, and I will take
you into the class.
      (she gave her Dad
       a kiss.)
I will see you after school Dad.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (He gives Emmie a
       hug goodbye)
Take real good care of your new
necklace, and I will see you soon.
Emmie and her Mom walk into class. Miss Carrie is there
waiting for her students.
                       MISS CARRIE
Hi Emmie, how are you? Enjoy
vacation with your Mom and Dad?
You look so pretty today.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, she has a lot to tell. Give
me a kiss Emmie, and tell Miss
Carrie all about it.


                       MISS CARRIE
Emmie let's get into class, and
then I am going to ask all the
kids about their week off.
OK Miss Carrie I will wait.
Carrie follows her teacher into class, and they shut the

Emmie's Mom and Dad have gone on to their Jobs, and Emmie is
finding her seat and showing her best friends her new
We look in on Betsy as she is about ready to leave the house
with her package to mail.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Honey just called to say hi, and I
will be back later. I am going to
take the package to the Post
office to mail to the kids.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Ok, see you tonight; drive
carefully. Ask them at the Post
office how many days it takes to
get there, I would like to know.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
I will check it out.
Betsy goes to her car and puts the package in the trunk and
heads out to the Post office. We hear Massie, Chester,
Theodore, talking the back of the car.
Well here we go guys, wonder if we
are going to go by truck or on an
airplane. I have never been on an
Who cares just as long as we are
closer to home and Emmie. Think
she has forgotten us already?


No way, we are her best friends.
Best friends do not get forgotten.
Betsy is now at the Post office. She goes in, has the man
weigh the package. He tells her to get there in three days
it will be $6.00. Betsy says that sounds perfect and pays
the money. Before the man take the package Betsy, gives it a
love tap on the top for a safe journey.
The mail clerk places the package in a big cart with lots of
other packages.
I wish their was a way we could
thank Bill and Betsy.
They will never know how much they
have done for us.
I heard them talking about how far
Salem is from here. It is nine and
half hour from here. That means to
get back to Emmie would only be
two and half hours more.
Maisie, Theodore, Chester, excited to be on their way. What
will happen? Will they make it home?
We are now in Emmie's class. Miss Carrie is asking each
child about their weeks vacation. It is now Emmie's turn.
                       MISS CARRIE
Emmie it is your turn. What happen
on your vacation?
Well my family went to Disneyland.
It was lots of fun, but on our
way home something terrible
                       MISS CARRIE
What was that Emmie, I hope no one
got hurt.


No, but my three friends that I
bring to school, Maisie, Theodore,
and Chester. My Dad put them way
up high with the suitcases. On the
way home, they fell off. We do not
know when or where.
Miss. Carrie can tell that Emmie is just about to cry, so
she jumps in with a great idea.
                       MISS CARRIE
Well Emmie that is just so sad but
I have an idea. The upper grades
are going to write a short story
about their vacation and enter it
into a contest. I think it would
be fun for us to try and do the
same thing. Each day, tell me
about your vacation, and I will
write it down, and you can draw
the pictures for it. Then we will
send ours in just like the big
kids. It will be good practice for
us. I will have an award for the
best story. Does that sound like
They could enter the contest like the big kids.

So Miss Carrie has them all start by drawing a picture.
Emmie draws a picture of Maisie, Theodore and Chester. She
also draws a picture of a sad little girl with a pretty
necklace. Looks like Emmie and her three friends
It is two o clock and Emmie's Mom is waiting outside Emmie's
door at school. The Bell rings and Emmie runs out and give
her Mom a hug.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well hello to you to. Did you
have a good day at school.
Yes, we get to do something that
is going to be really fun. I will
wait until dinner then I can tell
you and Dad.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Wondering what
       has made Emmie so
OK, I can't wait.
They leave school and go get some groceries for dinner. It
is now 5:30 pm and Emmie helps her Mom make dinner and sets
the table. they are waiting for Dad to come in.
You know Mom I have been thinking
about this mustard seed all day.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
What about it, honey
Well I believe in the mustard
seed, so I know that my friends
are comming back.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie that is not exactly what it
Emmie's Mom has a worried look on her face.
That sounds like Dad's truck. I am
going to go and meet him.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
OK Emmmie,just be careful.
Emmie runs out to the garage, meets her Dad and is talking a
mile a minute.
Dad, I have to tell you something.
We got to tell our teacher about
our vacation and I told her what
happen on mine and we get to---
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (look of surprise)
slow down- slow down. I don't
understand what you are saying.
OK, OK I will wait until we sit


Emmie's Dad comes in gives his wife a kiss, washes his hands
and sits down at the table for dinner. They all sit down
for dinner and can't wait to hear Emmie news.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
OK, now tell me again but this
time slow down.
      (Emmie takes a
       deep breath)
OK, well today at school we got to
tell what we did on our vacation.
I told about Disneyland and then I
told about loosing my three
friends. Then about Mom giving me
this necklace.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, then what happen.
Well then Miss Carrie came up with
a great idea. The bigger kids at
school are writing a short story
about their vacation and sending
it in to a contest for schools.
Miss Carrie thought it would be
good practice for us to do the
same. We will tell her our story,
she will write it down for us. We
draw a few pictures then she will
send them in to the contest. The
story they like Miss Carrie will
give us special awards just for
our class.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well honey, that sounds like a
great ides.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
I am sure Theodore, Maisie, and
Chester would be very honored to
have you write about them. But the
Emmie cuts her mom off and continues talking.
Thats what I thought, and now that
I have this mustard seed I will
surely win a price.


Tonight they have no problems getting Emmie to go to bed.
All she can think about is what story she is going to tell
about her three friends. Mom is still a little worried about
the necklace and need to talk with Emmie again but not
We find Theodore, Maisie and Chester in a big truck with
lots of other mail going up the highway. They should be at
the Post office in Salem, Org. by tonight; delivered
Think we are going to be there
I hope so fresh air would be nice.
Hope they like a Teddy Bear with
one good leg?
If they are like Bill and Betsy,
they are going to love us.
The Large Mail truck heads on down the road only a few more
hours and they will arrive.
This morning we look in on Bobby and Gena Bills Grand kids.
Heard from Granny and Granny Papa,
they said they were going to mail
us something.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Granny Papa called last night and
said there should be something in
the mail in the next couple of


O great I love to get mail, and
Granny and Granny Papa always send
us neat stuff.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Better hurry up or will be late
for the bus.
Bobby and Gena eat breakfast, and their Mom walks with them
down the driveway to where their bus picks them up for
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
We will meet right here after
school. Then we can check the mail
box after school to see if your
mail got here yet, ok.
The Bus comes in a few minutes, and the two kids jump on the
bus and wave goodbye to their Mom.
Emmie is sitting at her desk with a pretty picture of
Maisie, Chester, and Theodore that she had just finished
                       MISS CARRIE
      (Looking at
       Emmie's picture)
Is this picture from yesterday?
      (Holding her
       picture up for
       Miss Carrie to
Yes, does it look like Chester,
Theodore, and Massie.
                       MISS CARRIE
O yes, you did an excellent job.
So I think your story is going to
be about them.
Yes, I want everyone to know how
important they are to me and that
I miss them.


                       MISS CARRIE
      (Looking at the
       other picture)
This one is a picture of you. I
see the lovely necklace in it.
      (holding the
       picture up)
Yes, that is my grandma's
necklace. My Mom gave it to me.
She said if I believe in the
mustard seed that good things will
Miss Carrie had another teacher helping her, so she wanted
to explain to Emmie what the mustard seed meant, but she did
not have the time, She had to get all the kids stories.
                       MISS CARRIE
OK, Emmie let get started on your
story so I can get all of this
      (Thinking hard.)
On my 3rd Birthday, I got a
perfect gift. It was a small white
curly haired dog with a blue
collar, and a brown Teddy bear
with a plaid vest and black bow
tie. I got a little girl doll with
bright green overall and a green
plaid shirt she was beautiful.
They went to bed with me every
night. They would not let the
monster in the closet come out.
When I could not go to sleep, or I
was afraid of the dark they would
sing to me.
Miss Carrie new that Emmie's toys could not sing to her. She
knew it was a good imagination a writer has to have that to
write a good story.
                       MISS CARRIE
That sounds good, let's finish it
tomorrow. OK, that will give you a
little more time to think about
it. Tell your Mom and Dad you are
doing a terrific, and I love your


Emmie says thanks and begins to tell her more about the
mustard seed. Miss Carrie says will have to wait until
tomorrow because school is about to get out. The Bell rings
and it is two (O'clock). Emmie goes out the classroom door;
Mom and Dad wait.
The Bell rings and it is two (O'clock). Emmie goes out the
classroom door; Mom and Dad wait.
Daddy what are you doing here?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well I thought I would come to
school with Mommy and take my two
best girls to pizza this
That sounds perfect to me, what do
you think Mom?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Sounds good.
On the way to the pizza parlor, Emmie is telling her Mom and
Dad all about her day and how she had done half her story
and tomorrow she would finish it.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
What are you going to say
I want to tell Miss Carrie about
how my three friends got lost. Now
that I have this mustard seed and
say a prayer ever night I am sure
they will be coming home.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That sounds lovely Emmie, but God
can only do so much.
God knows where I live, and I have
this mustard seed so now I know he
will help them to find their way.
Emmie's Mom and Dad look at each other. They hope Emmie is
right because they do not know what to do. So they choose to
be like Emmie and leave it in Gods hands. Maybe Emmie is
starting to understand what the mustard seed means.


Hi Mom check the mail yet to see
if granny Papa package has come.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I waited until you came home.
Great let's go check it out.
The three of them walk back up the driveway to their home.
They are now sitting at the kitchen table with all their
books. Mom has all the notes that the teachers have sent
home, and she is now reading them.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As they start
       walking back to
       the house)
Well I think we will just have to
wait to see what Granny and Granny
papa send us tomorrow. Lets go
home, and I will help with your
Great Mom, I have some notes from
school; the teacher wants read.
Me to, Mom. We have to write a
story. I am not good at writing.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Let's sit down at home, and I will
read everything, and we will see
what we can do.
I am so glad that Granny and
Granny papa came for Thanksgiving
vacation. Think they will come for
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I am so glad that Granny and
Granny papa came for Thanksgiving
vacation. Think they will come for


Yes, it was so much fun listening
to Granny papa tell us all his
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
He is quite the story teller.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Enter a writing contest, anyone
interested in doing that. Want to
win a prize?
No, I don't like to write.
Maybe I can write about how he
finds us treasures and sends them
to us.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Good idea.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
That sounds good, lets talk about
it tomorrow.
Bobby and Gena are twins and are in 6th grade.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Anyone home?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Hi honey, I am in the kitchen,
made a terrific dinner.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Your favorite Pork chops, mash
potatoes, gravy and apple pie for
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Why do I deserve this, did I do
something special?


                       BETSY/ GRANNY
O I was just thinking how sweet,
finding those three stuffed toys
and thinking of the grand kids.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Betsy you just think I am sweet
because I belong to you.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Think about how sad the young
person will be who lost their
toys. You can make other children
happy by finding these toys a new
home. So cute, always thinking of
Bill and Betsy enjoy the wonderful dinner and talk about the
toys and the grand kids and the mail they will be getting.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Washing Emmies
How is your bath, had a big day
today? I loved the pizza we had.
Yes, that was nice of him to come
to school and surprise me.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Know what you are saying tomorrow?
Well I guess I will tell them what
happen on the way home. The
special necklace and that I say a
prayer every night that my friends
will come home.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
The story of the Mustard seed is
about God. It is not just the seed
but that we have faith. When
everyone else says that is
impossible we still believe that


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY) (cont'd)
good things can happen.
Well I believe, so I think we all
start saying a prayer.
Will Daddy say a prayer with us
before I go to bed?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
After your bath let's go and ask
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (drying Emmie off)
Does that feel good? you are snug
as a bug in this big old towel.
Mom stop tickling me. I look like
a big pink bunny all wrapped up.
(looking at herself in a big
OK, Mom let's go and ask Daddy if
he will say a prayer with us when
I go to bed.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
OK let go and see what he says.
Dad will you please come and say a
prayer with Mom and I so that God
and the mustard seed will help my
friends find their way home?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Mustard seed what are you talking


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (giving one of her
I am sure Dad would love to join
us and say a prayer. Wouldnt you
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (Dad gets up and
       picks up Emmie)
Yes, baby, I would love to say a
prayer with you and your Mom.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Who is going to say the prayer ?
Well I guess I should be since
they are my best friends. Then
maybe Dad could say something
because he lost them.
Dad is about to say something when Mom give him the elbow,
and he knows not open his mouth.
Please dear God bring home my
three best friends. Theodore, he
is a sweet teddy bear who always
loved me. Then there is Chester,
he is a good dog. He never fights
he loves to play with me. Then
Maisie, she is my Dolly with big
brown eyes. They all take care of
me. I miss them and hope you will
help them find their way home. I
believe in you and the mustard
OK Dad it is your turn.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (looking a little
Well OK Emmie here goes. Dear God,
please bring Emmie's friends back
to her. I know she believes in
you. I did not mean for them to
get lost on their way home with
us. They are very special to my


                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN) (cont'd)
little girl. Amen
They put Emmie in her bed and tuck her in, and both give her
a big hug and a kiss goodnight. Hope she understands it is
about God, not just the mustard seed.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
sweet dreams my little angel.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (as he closes her
If anyone can get Gods help it is
you sweetie.
Emmie smiles at him and rolls over.
It is 6 in the morning and Gena and Bobby are getting up for
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (She calls from
       her room)
OK, guys it is time to get up. I
am going to go downstairs and fix
the coffee. Jump in the shower and
I will make breakfast. Hurry up
now we do not want to be late for
the bus.
Bobby and Gena jump out of bed and head for the shower. One
is using Moms bathroom and the other the Guest bathroom.
Soon you see them coming downstairs and sitting at the table
for breakfast.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Breakfast is bacon, eggs and
orange juice this morning. How do
you want your eggs, scrambled?
I want scrambled.


I want mine like the sun, with the
yellow shinning up at me.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Coming right up. Start eating your
bacon and the eggs will be done in
a second.
Mom finishes the eggs and sits down with them and has her
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Had time to think about the
writing contest?
Yes, I have To many other things.
      (as she finishes
       her last bite of
Mom I am still thinking about it.
I will talk to my friends today
and see what they are writing
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK do not forget Granny papa's
mail will probably come to day.
When we get it can we call them
and let them know it came?
I forgot about that, wonder what
he mailed us?
Mom, maybe I will write about
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well let's wait and see what
surprise the mail will bring.
They are sitting at the breakfast table.


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well it should be long enough for
the kids to get their mail. I
wonder if they will like it.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
O honey, they like anything you
mail them. I put a lovely long
letter, telling them how you came
to find the three special friends.
I told them how bad we felt about
some little person losing their
best friends. Your hope was that
they would give them a loving
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
That sounds wonderful. I love
finding treasures along the road.
The guy I work with thinks it is
silly, but it is a special gift.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (giving him a kiss
       on the cheek)
That is why I married you Bill
Silva you have a wonderful heart.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (talking to Betsy)
The best cook, no wonder I am a
little over weight.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (cover her mouth
       to laugh)
No one said to eat every last
They both are laughing and teasing each other.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Hurry up Emmie we do not want to
be late for school.
      (looking at a
       dress and pants)
Should I wear a dress today or


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
It is up to you, come over here
and let me braid your hair.
      (as her Mother
       combs her hair.)
I just want to look nice when I
get to finish my story today. We
get to make a book out of it. It
will be in a folder. The first
page will be pictures then the
second will be our story. We get
to pick what color we want the
folder to be. I think I will pick
pink like the dress I am going to
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (comes in the room)
What are we all dressed up for
today? Look beautiful my little
      (running to Dad
       with a big kiss
       for him)
Oh, Dad I just want to look nice
when I get to finish my story
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (picking Emmie up
       and giving her a
       big hug.)
An A + in my book.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Enough of this Kissie, Kissie
stuff we have to get to school.
Emmie's family gets their coats, and head for the car,
school will start soon.
                       MISS CARRIE
Today the kids are going to finish
up their stories. They have such
great imagination. It is going to
be hard to pick just one. I am
glad the people running the


                       MISS CARRIE (cont'd)
contest agreed to pick the winner
for us. I think I will get ribbons
for all the rest of the kids. Then
we can hand out awards on all the
rest. He or she should get
something for their hard work.
Miss Carrie finishes her morning coffee and then heads to
her classroom.
Joe is talking with one of the other deliver men.
                       JOE MAIL MAN
Well what do we have here? Look
like Bobby and Gena got something
from their Grandparents. I got to
meet them a couple of weeks ago
when they were here on vacation.
                       MAIL DELIVER MAN
Where are they from?
                       JOE MAIL MAN
They live in Santa Rosa,
California. He works for the
highway Department. A nice guy, I
know he sure loves his grandkids.
He was telling me how he likes to
find things on the roadway and
send them to his Grandkids. He had
some fantastic stories.
                       MAIL DELIVER MAN
Well I better get going and
deliver the mail.
                       JOE MAIL MAN
I've got to finish up here and
then I will be off. See yah later.
Inside the box we hear our three friends giggling softly.
We're here we're here. In just one
day, we have made it from Santa
Rosa, California to Salem Oregon.


Think they will like us Bill and
Betsy's Grand children ?
I hope so. I use to be a pretty
cute teddy, but with my leg like
this I am not sure.
Betsy made your leg look great you
are the perfect dressed bear.
Think so, that makes me feel a
whole lot better.
Betsy did a fabulous job. She even
made me a new blue collar.
Quite, I hear the mailman coming
again, we are on our way.
With that the mailman picks up his bag and a tray with all
the packages he has to deliver., The mailman goes to his
truck and is off to his mail route.
                       MISS CARRIE
      (As she show them
Good morning boys and girls. I
just want to tell a little more
about the contest. They will
notify the school as to one winner
in each class. That student and
his family will go to Portland
Organ the weekend before Christmas
to receive their award. Each
student will get to read their
short story aloud in front of
their family or who ever has come
to see them. They have extended
the contest to include 1st graders


One of Emmie class mate is sitting in the back waving his
                       MISS CARRIE
Yes, what is it Chase?
We cannot read terribly well yet.
How are we going to read our
stories if one of us wins.
                       MISS CARRIE
Do not worry we will have plenty
of time to practice. I will be
there with my husband to help who
ever wins.
I am glad you will be there.
                       MISS CARRIE
I would not miss this for the
world. Now let's get started, I
will come around like yesterday,
and we will finish each one of
your stories. Take a book and
practice reading or draw another
picture for your story.
Emmie is so excited she can not wait until it is her turn.
It takes about a half hour for Emmie's teacher to get to
her. In that time, she has drawn another picture for her
story. This one is of Mom, Dad and her kneeling down by her
bed saying a prayer that somehow her three friends will find
their way home.
                       MISS CARRIE
OK Emmie it is your turn let me
read what you already have

"On my 3rd Birthday I got a lovely
gift. It was a small white curly
haired dog with a blue collar, and
a brown Teddy bear with a plaid
vest and black bow tie. I also got
a little girl doll with enormous
brown eyes, light green overall
and A green plaid shirt; loved all

They went to bed with me every
night. They would not let the
monster in the closet come out


                       MISS CARRIE (cont'd)
when I could not go to sleep, or I
was afraid of the dark they would
sing to me.

What is next?
OK put- Over thanksgiving I got to
go with my family to Disneyland in
California. My Mom and Dad let me
take my three special friends. We
had a wonderful time. We got to
ride on the roller coaster and
went on a boat ride down a dark
river with lions and tigers. I got
to drive a car all by my self. My
three best friends were sitting
right next to me. It was all
fantastic until we were on our way
home. My Dad put my three friends
way up high with the suit cases.
They were in a clear bag so they
could see everything. When we got
home, my Daddy went to get them
down, but they were not there. My
heart is broke. So my Mom gave me
this necklace, Its a mustard seed,
she said if I believe anything is
possible. My Mom and Dad feel
guilty, but they do not know what
to do. So I thought I would leave
it in Gods hand. I guess maybe
that why my Mom gave me the
Mustard seed, so I would learn a
lesson. So every night my Mom, Dad
and I kneel down by my bed. We say
a prayer that Maisie, Chester and
Theodore will find their way home.
                       MISS CARRIE
O Emmie that is such a touching
story and your right about the
mustard seed. If we have faith as
small as that mustard seed
anything is possible., I hope God
answers your prayers and helps
your friends find their way home.
Which two pictures do you want to


The one with my Mom and Dad. I
like that picture.
                       MISS CARRIE
That sounds lovely I will get all
the stories together and mail them
after school. Good Luck
                       MISS CARRIE
      (as she talks to
OK boys and girls it is now time
for recess. We will finish these
up today, and I will mail them off
      (Opening the door
       for his wife)
Hi honey, here let me take all
those things, had your hands full
                       MISS CARRIE
Thanks, honey those were heavy.
Can we please stop at the post
office on the way home? I have to
mail my kids folders. We entered a
contest with the big kids at
The one we talked about last
night. I better make sure I do not
have to work on that weekend. I
want to go and watch the kids. It
will be fun.
                       MISS CARRIE
Yes, I want to be there with the
Going to change your name to Mrs.
We married 4 months ago.


                       MISS CARRIE
When they see us, I hear them say
that is Miss Carries husband, so
they know.
I do not mind being known as Miss
Carrie husband.
                       MISS CARRIE
We better get going so we have
time to stop at the post office. I
promise that next year I will
start out with Mrs. Tucker.
Everyone knows I am married to a
very remarkable man.
Ok I can live with that, let go.
We see Joe the mail man gets out of his truck and take a
hefty bundle of mail to the 20 mail boxes at the end of the
road. He sorts the mail into each box. Now it is time to get
the larger pieces of mail. He goes to his truck and gets the
box out addressed to Bobby and Gena. He puts it into the
large box for packages and leaves a note in the small mail
box. As he goes down the road we see the school bus pulling
up, and the kids Mom coming to meet it.
The school bus pulls up to its stop and the door swing open.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As the kids jump
       down the stairs
       to meet her.)
Hi guys, did you have a good day?
Yes it was a great day. Got to
play baseball at lunch.
All he ever thinks about is lunch
and playing.


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
You guys, don't start fighting
already. I just saw the mailman
leave. You want to go and see if
Granny papa's mail got here yet?
Bobby and Gena get all excited and start to run to where the
mail boxes are.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Slow down guy's you can't open the
box without the key.
All three stand in front of the mail boxes. Mom puts the
key in and opens the box.
      (As she grabs the
       mail and reads
Water Bill, gas bill, telephone
bill. There is nothing here
except bills.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (as she looks into
       the mailbox)
Wait, wait there is still
something in here.
Mom pulls out the small note and reads it. PACKAGE FOR
      (Jumping up and
O goody there is something for us.
Hurry up Mom I want to see.
The kids Mom is going through the keys on her key ring.
There is one key for their personal mail box and another for
the big box.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I am going as fast as I can. We do
not get that many large packages.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she puts the
       key in and opens
OK, Ok I got it.


As she opens it the box tumbles out and Bobby catches it.
Wow, look at this. I wonder what
Granny and Granny papa sent us.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Let's take it up to the house, and
we can open it there. I'm sure it
is something great, Granny papa
and his treasures.
Gena is so excited she can hardly wait. They head back up to
the house. Bobby caring the package. Mom holding his
backpack and Gena holding the mail and her books.
Bobby sets the box on the kitchen table. Gena and Bobby
hurry to put their books away and Mom is on the phone.
We go inside the box and see how Maisie, Chester, Theodore
have faired.
We go inside the box and see how
Maisie, Chester, Theodore have
I cannot wait to get out of this
box. It is getting stuffy in here,
and this cannot be good for my
beauty treatment Betsy gave me.
What if they don't like me?
O stop Theodore they will love you
just like Chester and I do, I
Just then Bobby and Gena come running into the kitchen. Mom
hangs up the phone.
OK, OK lets open it now. I can't
wait any longer.


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK let me get a knife. We don't
want to break anything.
Gena slowly uses the knife to cut the tape as she opens the
lid she see tissue paper covering the present.
Bobby cannot wait and grabs the tissue covering the three
friends, and there they are looking back at him.
What! Girl stuff, I thought it was
going to something good.
Bobby walks away disappointed and upset.
O Mommy they're beautiful.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (Mom look into the
Granny papa sure knows you. They
are perfect.
Gena take the three friends out, hugs them tight, sings and
dances around the kitchen. Maisie, Chester, Theodore think
they have gone to heaven. What could be better than another
little girl to love and take care of them?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (Mom goes to find
Hey what are you doing?
      (He is playing a
       video game.)
Nothing, just playing my game.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
What is the matter? Why are you
Granny and Granny Papa are always
sending stuff for Gena and not me.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well I do not think they planed it
that way. Remember these are
things that Granny Papa finds they
are not new things.


Yes, I know that.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well is there something you can do
to make this a good thing instead,
think about it?
      (He goes back to
       playing his game.)
I guess so.
Mom goes back into the kitchen where Gena is playing with
the toys.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well Gena it is 4:30 PM and Granny
Papa do not get home until 5. We
will wait a couple of hours and
call Granny and Granny Papa and
thank them for the lovely gift. Ok
OK, I am going to go and do my
homework now.
Gena's Mom picks up the box and notices there is a letter
inside. She reads it and then call the kids.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Bobby and Gena come here, read the
letter that came with it?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she hands the
       letter to Bobby)
Read the letter Bobby, It might
make you understand.
Dear, Bobby and Gena:

Granny Papa and I miss you
terribly. We are sending these
three friends that Granny Papa
found on the highway. A small
child did not have their favorite
toy he could not stand the idea.
It made him sad to think that
somewhere a child would be missing
their best friends. So he thought
of his kids. He thinks the sun
rises and sets on you two. So he


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
knew that you would take real good
care of these toys. There were a
way your Granny Papa would travel
miles to return these three
friends to the one who lost them.
We cannot do that, so the next
best thing is to give them to two
truly special kids. So make us
proud and maybe we can make it
back for Christmas.

Love, Granny and Granny Papa
Bobby hands back the letter to his Mom.
      (looking a little
Yes, I understand now.
Gena and Bobby head up stairs to do their homework without
saying a word. Gena takes the three new friends with her.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK do your homework, and I will
start dinner.
It is now 6:30 and Gena and her family have finished dinner.
Mom is dialing the phone to call Granny and Granny Papa.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Hello Dad, have a safe trip home?
The kids want to talk.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Yes, honey we had a lovely time.
The trip home was no problem. Did
the kids get their mail?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I'll let you talk to them.
Gena takes the phone first and then her brother.
Granny Papa, we received your mail
today. They are so cool I love
them. Where did you find them, at


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Yes, Granny fixed them right up. I
thought you might like them.
O, I do.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Let me talk to your brother now. I
am really glad you like them
OK, here is my brother. I love
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Love you to.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Bobby how are you doing? Did you
like the mail that we sent you?
Well yes it's was ok.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Just OK, you sound a little
Well--- they are kind of girl
Bobby's mom gives him a look, like go easy.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Right; I never thought about it. I
just saw these three little toy's
sitting on the side of the road. I
felt so sorry for them, and that a
little child was going to miss
It is ok Granny Papa. Mom say's to
figure something good out of it.
So I am going to have to think
about it, here is Mom.
Bobby hand the phone to his Mom and runs off to play.


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Jane, I am so sorry I did not
think about if it were a boy or
girl gift.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Dad do not worry about it. I told
him things are not always going to
be perfect. We have to make
something good come out of it.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well I am sorry. Mom wants to talk
so here she is.
Bill hands the phone to Betsy.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Hi, Mom how are you doing?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Hi, dear is everything alright?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Do not worry, Bobby was a little
upset because he thought it was
"girl stuff" that Dad had sent to
him. I told him to think about it
and maybe he could make something
good out of it. So we shall see.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Oh I hope he is not too upset. We
just wanted to send the kids a
little something. So they would
get some mail.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Mom don't worry about it. He will
get over it. You know kids one
day they're happy next day they're
mad. It's all about growing up. By
the way see if you and Dad can
come for Christmas. I know the
kids would love it.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
OK, I will talk to your father and
see if he can get the time off
again. Well good bye dear and I
love you.


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Bye Mom give Dad a kiss for me.
Bobby and Gena's Mom hangs up the phone and goes about doing
the dishes from dinner.
The family is talking about Emmie's school and all the
exciting things that are going on.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (He is reading the
       news paper)
Emmie tell me how school went
today, finish your story?
Yes, Daddy I did. I told them how
sad you and Mom were when they got
lost. I told Miss Carrie that we
were going to let God take care of
them, and maybe they would come
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
What did your teacher say?
She said it was the most touching
story she had ever heard, and how
nice it was for Mommy to give me a
necklace and tell me the story of
the Mustard seed.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well it sounds like she really
liked your story, honey.
It is about that time for little
girls to get ready for bed.
I just want to tell the rest. Then
I got to put both my pictures and
my story in the pink folder and
Miss Carrie took them all. After
school, she was going to mail them
to the contest. The most important
thing is that if I win we get to
go to Portland, Oregon with the
big kids. The whole family gets to


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
That sounds good to me. Emmie go
and take your bath and get ready
for bed. I will come in there so
we can all say your prayers
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That sounds good to me. Emmie go
and take your bath and get ready
for bed. I will come in there so
we can all say your prayers
      (As she runs over
       to him and give
       him a big kiss.)
Ok, Daddy.
Mom gives Dad a loving smile. Emmie and her Mom go off to
get Emmie ready for bed. When they are done Dad joins them
in Emmie bedroom for their nightly prayer.
      (As Dad and Mom
       kneel down next
       to Emmie.)
Dad I want you to say the prayer
tonight. I know you miss Chester,
Theodore and Massie to.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
OK honey, I would love to. Dear
God, please take care of my
daughters three friends. She is a
good little girl and tries to do
only good things. So if you can
see it in your heart to help them
find their way home, we would be
very thankful.
Also for helping me write my
story. Everyone say Amen.
Everyone says Amen and Emmie takes off her necklace and sets
it on the side table.
Emmie jumps into bed, thinking about the weekend. She gets
to go with Mom and Dad to the park. Cooper her dog will have
a great time running and playing with her.


Emmie Mom and Dad kiss and hug her goodnight.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (as she turns out
       the light.)
Love you. see you in the morning.
Love you too.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she walks into
       Gena room)
Get all your homework done?
Gena is sitting at her desk and has her three new friends
right there with her.
Yes, mom and I made a special
place here on my desk for my three
new friends to sit and watch me.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well that is nice, going to give
them names?
I will have to think about that. I
want to get to know them first
then I will name them.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I think that is a good idea. Well
it is time for bed. Jump in so I
can get a hug.
Bobby and Gena's Mom tucks Gena in and kisses her goodnight
and heads off to Bobby room.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she enters his
Ready for bed? Your PJs are on


      (As he closes his
Yes, for some reason I am tired
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Son I am sorry today did not go
better. I want you and your sister
to grow up and think about others
I know Mom. Some time growing up
is not the easiest thing. I try to
think about others, but I'm just a
Bobby, hop's into bed; they are both laughing.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
You are a silly boy that is why I
love you so much.
Bobby's Mom gives him a gigantic kiss and hug and tucks him
in she goes to the door turns out the light. As she closes
it, she says good night.
Good night Mom I love you to.
It is now 11 pm, and we hear Maisie, Theodore, and Chester
Well we are here. Gena is a nice
little girl I think she wants us.
Yes, she is nice her brother
scares me a little. I could tell
he did not like us.
Well let's give him a chance. I
think we are "girl stuff" as he
said. If we were trucks or cars he
would have been happier.,
      (stretching out
       her arms.)
I can understand his feeling. I am
so happy that we are half way


                       MAISIE (cont'd)
home. I miss Emmie and her family.
Gena wants to change our names; I
love my name just the way it is?
Maybe we will not be around that
long so do not worry.
All three friends get real cozy and fall fast asleep.
Just one more day until the weekend. Emmie is looking
forward to having two days off. Her Dad is going to take
them to the park and have a Picnic.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Making breakfast)
Hurry up guys breakfast is ready
and we do not want to be late.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (As he looks in on
All ready? Mom is calling we
better hurry.
      (As she puts on
       her sweater.)
Yes, Dad, hook my necklace I do
not want to forget it?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (as he hook her
       necklace for her.)
Lets make sure it is on right we
do not want to lose it.
      (grabbing her
OK I'am ready lets go.
Emmie's family enjoys a quick breakfast and off they go.


They are sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast.
Talking about the phone call with the grand kids.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I hope Bobby was not to hurt
yesterday. I did not think about
if the gift were for a boy or
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Do not worry if I know that boy he
will get over it fast. Give him a
day or two and like his Mom said,
He will find something good to
come out of it. That is just the
person he is. He reminds me a lot
of you.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
What do you mean by that?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
You both think with your hearts. I
find that appealing. That is why I
love you both so much.
Betsy and Bill finish their coffee.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (As he grabs his
       lunch pail and
       gives Betsy a
       kiss goodbye)
I will see you after work.
I will ask my boss if I can get
time off.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
That would be so wonderful if we
could go and see the kids again,
especially at Christmas. Tomorrow
is Saturday lets do a little
shopping and I will take you out
to lunch.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (As he heads out
       the door)
Sounds like a plan. See you this
afternoon. love ya.


Bill is off to work and Betsy gets busy cleaning up the
morning dishes.
Children I want to talk to you
about the writing contest.Over the
weekend I would like you to write
a short story. So that we can
send them to the contest next
Waving his hand around Bobby waits for the teacher to call
Yes, Bobby.
Do we all have to write something?
I thought it was only if we
Well I would like everyone to try
and write something. I will use it
as part of your English grade.
I do not know what to write about.
Make it fresh and different,
something that will capture the
attention of the reader. Think of
a story and then put a new twist
on it. Bobby, Gena and all the
kids in his class sit there
What will they come up with that is fresh and different?
Who ever wins the contest gets to
go to Portland with their family
and read their story. They will
receive their award that evening.
It will be the weekend before
Christmas. So I hope all do well.


Bobby has the rest of the day to figure out what he is going
to do.
We check in on our three friends and see how their day is
It sure is quiet here in the day
time when no one is home.
When we were with Emmie, she would
take us to school with her. I miss
Remember the time that Cooper got
hold of me and Emmie was chasing
him all around the house. I
thought I was a goner, but Emmie
saved me.
When Emmie saved Theodore he had Dog slobber all over him.
That was the first time he got to go in the big bath tub
that spins around at the end
That was funny. Emmie took good
care of us. I like my name the way
it is. I do not want a new name.
If Gena gives us new names, we
will never find our way home.
Well we have made it this far. I
have faith that someway, somehow
we are going to make it back to
Bobby and Gena's Mom are standing at the bus stop waiting
for the kids to get home. The bus pulls up.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Hi guys. Did you have a nice day?
Bobby and Gena are in a deep conversation, hardly noticing


      (as they walk up
       to the house.)
Hi, Mom
Hi, Mom.
Bobby and Gena's Mom is wondering what they are talking
Mom, Gena and I are going to sit
on the swing for a little while
and talk.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well don't forget your homework.
We won't this is about homework.
What are they talking about? When will they tell her what is
going on. Mom decides to start thinking about dinner.
      (She sits down at
       the table. She
       has her three new
       friends with her.)
Tonight I have guest for dinner,
OK Mom?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I guess so. What is going on?
I am sorry Mom. I wanted to check
with Gena first and see if what I
wanted to do was OK with her.
Gena has her three new friends sitting right in the middle
of the table so they can hear.


When we went to school today,
teacher said we had to write a
short story and enter the contest.
It is going to be part of our
English grade. She wanted us to
try and do something different. I
was thinking all day and came up
with this idea.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
What idea? Tell me, I have been
waiting and wonder what was going
Teacher said to write something
with a twist, so since we are
twins we thought we would write
something together, a detective
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
A detective story about what?
About my sister's three new
friends. We have decided to write
a story about them and maybe find
their real owner.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I think that sounds great. But how
are you going to find their real
Just like a real detective, there
are always clues. Have to find the
clues and put them together.
We get to go to Portland with our
family for the weekend if our
story wins. We get to read our
story and get our award. Maybe
with a lot of people there,
someone will know whom these three
friends belong to.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (as they finish
       eating dinner.)
Your idea sounds fantastic, but I


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM (cont'd)
do not want you to be disappointed
if you do not win. Just thinking
of this idea was great Bobby. I
knew you would make something good
come out of this.
The first thing we have to do is
call Granny Papa and ask if there
were any clues.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (clearing the
Let me wash the dishes, and then
we can call. Please get a paper
and pencil so you can write down
the clues.
We can listen in on our three friends and see what they
think of Bobby' idea.,
Did you hear that they are going
to try and help us find our way
I knew I liked that boy.
That's not what you said
yesterday. Do you know that if we
make it to Portland, Oreg. it is
only 2 hours to get home.
Do not get to excited. He still
has to write his story. Then it
has to get sent to the contest and
be chosen for us to get that far.
Let take one step at a time.
They hear the kids running down the stairs. Mom soon gets
off the telephone.
They all sit down at the table and Bobby and Gena's Mom
calls Granny Papa.


Bill and Betsy are watching TV after dinner with the phone
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (As she pick up
       the phone)
Hi Granny, this is Bobby. May I
speak to Granny Papa. It is very
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Sure Bobby just a minute.
Betsy hands Bill the phone.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (as he takes the
       phone from Betsy)
Hello. O hello Bobby, how are you?
Is everything ok.
Yes, Granny Papa, I have some
wonderful news. Well it could be
if you help me and Gena.
Bobby goes on to explain about the contest and what he and
his sister would like to do. He tells Granny papa that if
they win he wants them to make sure that they are there in
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well Granny and I wouldn't miss
that for the world. But how can I
help you.
Well they say that there are alway
clues left around. So if you can
think back and tell me what else
did you pick up that day besides
the three friends you sent us.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Let me see here. My mind is not as
good as it was. It was in the
morning when I found them. There
was a clear plastic bag with


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA (cont'd)
handles. One broke handle.
Anything written on the bag?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
No, there was nothing on the bag.
      (He tell Gena to
       write down, 1
       plastic clear
Is there more clues than that?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I have had my truck in the shop
for a few day. When I found the
three friends, I put the garbage
bag in the tool box on the back of
my truck. There was not much in
the bag, so I saved it.
O that is great. When are you
going to get your truck back?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I pick it up tomorrow morning. How
about I call in in the afternoon
around 1. Then we can go over
anything that is in the bag.
Ok, I will wait for your call.
Bobby tells his Granny Papa thank you and hangs up. He tells
his sister and Mom what is going to happen.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Well what was that all about?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well the grandkids are entering a
contest and need to write a story.
They want to try and find a way
home, for the three friends we
sent them.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
I told you that boy is just like
his grandfather. Always thinking
with his heart. I hope he can


                       BETSY/ GRANNY (cont'd)
make it happen.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I have to call him tomorrow after
I pick up my truck. I left a black
garbage bag in my tool box from
that day. I hope there is
something in it that will help.
In another State a little girl will soon be kneeling down to
say her nightly prayer. We know with faith like hers
anything impossible can become possible.
Emmie is running into Mom and Dads room. Jumping into their
      (Cooper join in
       the fun)
Mom and Dad wake up Cooper, and I
are ready to go.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie it is only 7:30 in the
morning. Let Dad and I sleep in
for a little bit.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Emmie you know that dog is not
allowed out of the family room.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Why don't you go and feed the dog?
Get yourself a bowl of cereal.
Then the two of you can watch
cartoons. We will be up in a
little while.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That sounds like a great idea.
      (Emmie and Cooper
       jump off the bed.)
OK. Cooper likes the chipmunks.
Alvin, Theodore and I cannot
remember the other guy. He likes
to lick the TV.


                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Great then you go do that. Try and
keep the dog off the TV.
      (as her and dog
       head out the
Mom and Dad look at each other and laugh. That explains a
lot every Saturday the Dogs bed would be out in the middle
of the room, and there was cereal all over the floor.
It is now around 1:30 in the afternoon. Bill and Betsy have
just walked into the house. Bill has a black garbage bag in
his hand.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Let me lay this old newspaper on
the table then you can see what is
in the bag.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Good idea, I do not want to get
the table dirty. I am glad I kept
the bag.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Me to, well let's see what is in
They both sit down at the table, and Bill opens the bag.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
There is one clear plastic bag,
with a broken handle.
Betsy can see papers inside the bag. Betsy takes the bag
from Bill and dumps it all out on the table.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Let me help I cannot wait.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
A Disneyland brochure. Three
ticket stub to Disneyland. Two
adults and one child. Look honey,
a picture of a little girl. She is
standing in front of the Space
Needle in Portland, Oreg. Do you
think this is the little girl that


                       BETSY/ GRANNY (cont'd)
owned our three friends?
Betsy hands Bill the picture. As he look, he wonders, is
this her? ( the picture is of a little girl about 5. Her
blond hair is very long and curly. It must of been a windy
day making her hair float in the air. She has a beautiful
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I cannot imagine getting home and
having to tell my daughter that
her friends got lost. It would
break my heart.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Then it is a good thing our Grand
children have decided to be
detectives. Maybe they can find
this little girl and return her
three friends just like you
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
You are totally right Betsy. Let's
call them and give them the news.
The sooner they have all the clues
the sooner they can write their
Mom it is almost two o, clock. Do
you think Granny Papa forgot to
call me?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Give him a little more time. He
was to pick up his truck at 1:30.
Granny had to take him there in
her car. She drives a lot slower
the Granny Papa does. Maybe they
had to stop at the store on the
way home.
Just then the phone rings. Bobby jumps up and grabs it.


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Hello Bobby, how are you? Well
Granny and I got your clues for
Granny Papa, you did. Are they
good ones.
Did he find some? What are they?
Bobby tells his sister to be quite.
You tell me what they are and I
will tell Gena and she will write
them down. ok
Bobby repeats what Granny Papa says. Gena writes them down.
(All clues found in the bag) 1. clear plastic bag with a
broken handle. 2. Disneyland brochure 3. Three ticket stubs
to Disneyland. 2 adults, 1 child.(dated The Thanksgiving
week). 4. A picture of a little blond haired girl, in front
of Space needle.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
That is it. I hope it helps I do
not know if they all go together.
Was there anything else around
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
No, I would of picked it up.
Could you please mail those clues
to me over night? We have to have
our story done by Monday. My
teacher is mailing them on
Wednesday. That should be long
enough for clues to get here.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
OK, Granny and I will go and mail
them. I love you, and I hope your
idea works. It would be so
incredible to be able to return
the three friends to their
rightful owner. I am extremely
proud of you and your sister.


I love you to Granny Papa. I will
have Mom make a copy of our story,
and we will mail it to you.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Granny and I will be looking
forward to that.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Emmie run down there with Cooper,
and I will throw the ball.
Emmies Dad throws the ball. Cooper runs faster then Emmie
and of course gets the ball before her.
Dad, Cooper always get it.
Emmie walks back she is upset that she can not get the ball
before the dog.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (As he runs and
       picks up Emmie.)
Get rid of that grumpy face.
They both fall on the grass laughing
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (sitting at a
       picnic table)
OK you two, come over here and
let's eat.
Emmie and her Dad come running. Cooper hears her voice and
comes running.
Mom has made a beautiful table full of good things to eat.
Potato salad, Hot dogs, baked beans and a cake for dessert,
Mom even made a special plate for Cooper. He usually eats
dog food, but today Mom gave him his own hot dog and bun.
This is nice Mom. I just wish that
Maisie, Theodore, Chester was


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Sitting down next
       to Emmie.)
I know you do honey. Why don't we
say a prayer before we eat. We can
pray that where ever they are that
they are safe and warm.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That sounds like a great idea. you
want to start it Emmie.
OK, Dear God I hope you can hear
me. I miss my three friends badly,
would you please take care of
them, so they are safe and warm. I
have been wearing this necklace
every day to show you that I
believe in you, so please show
them their way back home.
Emmie's Mom and Dad look at each other and wink. They know
to a little girl a week seem like a long time.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Amen, Well lets eat now and then
we can play somemore later.
Emmie and her Dad say OK and dig in.
      (Sitting right
       next to clock
It says it is 3 o clock, and I had
hoped that Granny Papa called by
I think I heard the phone ring one
time. Maybe that was him. I hope
he found some good clues.
I want to go home. It is lovely
here, but it is not Emmie. I miss
us all sitting in Coopers bed
watching cartoons. Cooper would
lick my face. It was messy, but


                       THEODORE (cont'd)
now I truly miss him.
We hear the phone downstairs ring three times.
      (Gena run in from
Hello, Hi Granny Papa.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Granny knows how to send you
copies of the clues over the
computer. Fax machine still
Let me get Mom and ask her.
Bobby and his Mom come in from outside.
Mom it is Granny Papa. He says
Granny can send the clues over the
computer. He wants to know if your
fax machine is still working.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she takes
       phone from Gena.)
Hello Dad. Yes, my fax is still
working. That would be perfect.
Then Bobby and Gena can get
started on their story.
What is going on?
Gena explains to Bobby what is going on. they both squeal
with excitement.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK Dad love you. Thanks for doing
all this. I know the kids really
appreciates it. Goodbye
Goodbye Bobby and Gena Mom hang up the phone. They all run
upstairs to Gena room. They watch the computer waiting for
it to pick up. Maisie, Theodore, and Chester wonder what is
about to happen. Then the phone rings, once, twice, three


From where Maisie and Chester and Theodore are sitting on
the desk they have a clear view of what is coming out of the
fax machine.
      (As he take the
       first clue out.)
It is a brochure to Disneyland.
      (She get the
       second clue.)
Look it is passports to
Disneyland. One child and two
adults. Dated, Thanksgiving week.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (She gets the
A picture of a sweet little girl.
This must be a picture of the
little girl who lost her three
They lay all three clues down on the desk next to Theodore,
Maisie and Chester. As Maisie, Theodore and Chester see the
picture of their best friend a wave of sadness sweeps over
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well let's go down stairs and have
an early dinner, then you two can
start your story.
They go out and close the door. We can hear Maisie, Chester
and Theodore talking if we listen closely.
After seeing Emmie's picture, I
know I will never be happy unless
we are back with her.
I didn't realize how much I missed
her until I saw her sweet face.
I hope Bobby and his sister can
make this happen. I know they will
do their best.
They are so happy to be able to see a picture of Emmie. They
all say a prayer and leave it up to God, Bobby, and Gena.


Well how should we start our
How about you put Bobby and Gena
Detective Agency.
      (As he types)
Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency
We are using our detective skills
to locate one little girl. Three
of her closest friends hired us.
We do not have a name to go with
our picture. We are asking you the
public to help us.
How does that sound so far.
Great, next we should put the
clues. Let me type that part.
      (She switches
       places with her
Here are the clue. The little girl
we are looking for may live in the
State of Washington near the Space
needle. The little girl has long,
blond,curly hair, and blue eyes.
Her age is between 4 and 6. She
and her family may have been in
Disneyland over Thanksgiving
Vacation. We believe the
separation took place at that
time. If you have any information
leading to the identity of this
person, please notify us at:

Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency
2344 Silver Rd.

Salem, Oregon


That sounds great. Do you have a
nice folder we can use.
What color do you want. How about
a nice blue?
Gena goes and gets her brother a blue folder. He puts the
story in and glues the picture of the little girl to the
other side. The story is done.
Well how does it look?
I think it looks neat. Let's have
Mom read it and see what she
Bobby and Gena call Mom both at the same time. She comes up
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
What do you guy want? No need to
yell like that.
They hand her story with the picture of the little girl, and
she starts to read: Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency We are
using our detective skills to locate a little girl. We were
hired by three of her closest friends. We do not have a
name. That is why we are asking you the public to help us in
our search. Here are the clue : Possibly Lives in the State
of Washington near Space Needle. Age is between 4-6. She has
long, blond, curly hair, and blue eyes. She and her family
were in Disneyland over Thanksgiving Vacation. We believe
the separation took place on their way home. If you have any
information leading to the identity of this person, please
notify us at once:
Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency 2344 Silver Rd.

Salem, Oregon
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (closing the
I think you guys did a fantastic
job. Granny Papa would be
extremely proud of you. All we can
do now is wait and see what
happens. I will get a copy of this
and send it to Granny and Granny


We will take this in on Monday and
see what my teacher says, hope she
like it.
Why don't I draw a picture of our
three special friends and we can
paste it to the other side of the
folder. Then we will have a
picture of the little girl and her
three special friends.
That will be perfect. Then anyone
who looks at it will see the
little girl and her three friends.
Bobby and Gena decide to go outside and play a little then
work on the picture. They leave our three friends on the
Think his story could win?
Wouldn't it be terrific if because
of their story we found our way
I can feel Emmie giving me a
gigantic hug right now and never
letting us out of her site again.
Well let's not get to excited, we
still have a long way to go.
Maisie, Theodore, Chester keep on talking about all the
exciting things that could happen.
Emmies family is back home from their day at the park.
Everyone is tired from all the fun.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Ok, guys it is almost dinner time.
Emmie I want you to put Cooper in
the back yard. Then go in the
house, ask Dad to turn the bath
water on for you. I will start


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY) (cont'd)
dinner then come up and check on
you while you take your bath.
OK Mom. Are we going to church
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, why do you want to know?
Well I was thinking, you know how
our family says a prayer for my
three friends to come home ever
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, Emmie.
If the whole church said a prayer
for my three friends, we would
know for sure that God heard us. I
want to make sure because he could
be hard of hearing like Aunt
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Trying not to
       laugh out loud.)
Well you may be right. You will
see Morgan your school friends
before church starts tomorrow. You
can ask her to talk to her Dad. He
helps the minister with the
Emmie and Mom walk into the house. Dad is in the kitchen
putting things away from their trip to the park.
Dad would you come up stairs and
start my bath water. I have to be
real clean for tomorrow so God
will hear me.
Emmie runs up stairs. Dad looks at Mom with a puzzled look.
Mom breaks out in a big smile.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
What is that all about?


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie wants to make sure that God
isn't hard of hearing like your
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
What? My sister, what are you
talking about?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Sorry, honey you are just going to
have to wait until tomorrow.
Emmies Dad just shakes his head. He turns and heads up
stairs to help Emmie.
Emmie and her Mom and Dad pull up to the Church. Emmie sees
her friends Morgan standing out in front with her Mom and
      (She is ready to
       jump out of the
Hurry, hurry I do not want to miss
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Wait Emmie, wait till I turn off
the engine. Ok jump out.
Emmie goes running off ( her necklace bouncing along as she
runs) to talk to her friend Morgan.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
What is she so excited about?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Remember I told you last night
that Emmie worried that God was
not hearing our prayers. She has a
way to make sure he is listening.
They are watching Emmie as she talks to her friend Morgan
and then to Morgan's Dad.
Emmie hears the bells ringing and knows it is time to go in.
Emmie goes and gets her Mom and Dad and they walk in hand
in hand.


      (Whispering and
       pulling her
       parents along)
Hurry up I want to get a good
seat. I see my best friend Gianna,
let's sit by her.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Do we have to sit up so close to
the front.
Yes, I want to make sure God can
hear me.
Poor Dad is confused again. He looks at Mom who is grinning
ear to ear.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (She whisper to
It's OK honey, you will find out
real soon.
They sit down next to Gianna's family and nod hello. Soon
Morgans father starts to talk.
                       MORGANS DAD
We have a unusual request this
morning. One of our little ones
worried that God may be hard of
hearing like her Aunt. She has ask
that we all stand and pray in our
loudest voices that God would help
her find some special friends that
she has lost. I told her that I
was sure God could hear her
prayer. It would not hurt if we
all stood and said a prayer
Please stand up: repeat after me.
We know that you hear all our
prayers, God.

Please help Emmie to see her
friends again. We love and honor
you, through your son Christ
Jesus. AMEN
Dad looks at Mom and his face is turning bright red. Mom is
trying very hard to hold herself together. She looks at


and smiles and winks at her. Emmie looks up at Dad and give
him a big smile. Somehow his embarrassment melts away and
he leans over and give Emmie a big hug.
Next Morgan's Dad announces the talk the Pastor will be
                       MORGANS DAD
I think this talk that the Pastor
is going to give us fits right in
with Emmies Prayer.
Pastor Mitch gets up and gives his talk Emmie's family look
at each other with pleasant surprise. Bet you cannot guess
what he talked about, your right the parable about the
Mustard Seed. It was as God was telling Emmie that he heard
her ever word.
Before long the church service was over. Everyone was coming
up to Emmie and telling her that they would say a special
prayer to God every night.
      (Talking to her
       Mom and Dad)
Can you believe that all those
people are going to say a prayer
ever night for my friends to come
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That is great honey, with that
many people saying a prayer you
can't go wrong.
This has been an exciting day for Emmie and her family. Now
that Emmie is sure God can hear her prayer only good thing
can happen
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK you two get up and take a
shower. Todays the day you hand in
your story. I will send a copy to
Granny papa today. When Granny
sees the story she will be so
proud of you two. If you find this
little girl, you should let Granny
Papa give her three friends back
to her.


OK Mom, I am going to use your
That sounds good, can we talk
about this later I am still half a
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK, I am going down stairs and
start breakfast, better hurry, so
you are not late for the bus.
The kids are now sitting at the table eating their
While I was taking a shower, I was
thinking about what you said Mom.
You are right Granny Papa would
love to give the little girl back
her three friends. That will be
the plan Granny Papa said he would
travel anywhere to make that
little girl happy.
First we have to hope we win so
our story will get out their.
Mom hears the Bus honk and the kids grab their backpack and
lunches and run out the door. Today is the day. Will Bobby
and Gena's teacher like their story. We will just have to
wait and see.
Please pull out your stories, I
wish you all well. Take out the
book you are reading for English
and if I am not with you, please
It takes a little while for Billy's teacher to get to him.
But the time has finally come.
Well how was it, you didn't seem
to happy on Friday?


Well I thought about what you
said, to try and do something
So my sister and I came up with an
OK, well let's take a look at it.
Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency
we are using our detective skills
to locate a little girl. We do not
have a name. That is why we are
asking you the public to help us
in our search. Here are the clue :
Possibly Lives in the State of

Washington near Space Needle. Age
is between 4-6. She has long
blonde,curly hair and blue eyes.

She and her family were in
Disneyland over Thanksgiving
Vacation. We believe the
separation took place on their way
home. If you have any information
leading to the identity of this
person, please notify us at once:

Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency
2344 Silver Rd.

Salem, Oregon
Wow, this is great. Is this a true
story or fiction.
This is a true story. My Granny
Papa works in Santa Rosa, Ca. for
the Highway department. He found
these three stuffed toys and sent
them to us. He said he wished he
could return them to their right

owner, but he did not know whom
that was, so he gave them to us.
So my sister and I thought it
would be fun to try and find her.


Your pictures are terrific. Is
this the little girl and her three
Yes, my Granny Papa found her
Well the only thing I can suggest
is on the front of your folder.
people will know that you want
their help. Sounds good, do that
and then put it on my desk so I
can mail it this afternoon. You
and your sister did a fantastic
Bobby and Gena's teacher put everyone's stories in the mail.
They would hear in a few weeks as to who the winners are
                                         ONE WEEK GOES BY.
The phone rings, Bobby is upstairs and come running down. He
is expecting his friend Andrew to call.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Hey buddy, this is Granny Papa,
how are you doing, heard anything
about your story yet?
No, not yet did you like the
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Yes, we loved it. If anyone can
find this little girl, I am sure
it is you and your sister. Let us
know when you hear something.
Ok, tell Granny I love her.


                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Give everyone a kiss for us.
Emmie and her Mom and Dad are eating dinner and talking
about their day.
      (As she eats her
This is good, Mom.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
I am glad you like it, honey. How
was school today, anything
exciting happen?
My friend April told me I was dumb
for believing that my friends
would find their way home.
She also said my necklace was
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Do not let her bother you. Your
grandma gave me that necklace and
she is very smart lady she knows
that if we believe hard enough,
good things will happen.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Anything new about your story, it
seems like it has been a while.
Miss Carrie says that we should
hear in the next week or so
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Do you get to go and read your
I am not sure. I know Miss Carrie
was going to give us awards. I
know the older kids get to go. I
guess we will just have to wait
and see.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well what ever happen, this will
be good practice.
I need my story to get out there
for more people to hear so I can
find my three friends. I know they
are counting on me.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
We know that you are doing all you
can, even have everyone at church
saying prayers for you. I think
you have done a great job.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Dad and I are extremely proud; we
know that you put a lot of love
into your story. So we will just
have to wait and see what happens.
Good morning class, we have been
waiting to see who wins the
writing contest and gets to go on
the trip. I have a letter in my
hand from the contest. Let's read
it and see what it says.

Dear Teachers:

We have read all the entries from
your school. It will take us one
more week to decide who the
winners are.

The next letter you receive from
us will have all the winners
listed, and we hope to see you in


Mrs. H. Eastridge

Contest Director
All the students clap with excitement. Billy and Gena cannot
wait to get home and tell their Mom. Then if, they win next


week, they can call Granny and Granny Papa and tell them to
come up and meet them in Portland.
                       MISS CARRIE
Boy and girls I saved this letter
until after lunch. The letter is
from the story Committee. It says
Dear Boys and girls: We have read
all your beautiful stories and we
are in the process of picking one
child from each class. We have
decided to allow even the little
ones to come to Portland with
their families to read their
stories. Next week we will send
out the letter letting each school

know which students have been


Mrs. Heather Eastridge Contest
                       MISS CARRIE
I have talk to the principal, and
he is going to have an assembly of

all the classes on Friday. We will

announce the winner on that day;
good luck to all.
Emmie is so excited and tells her friend soon we will all
know who won.
                                         THE BELL RINGS FOR
Emmie grabs her stuff and rushes out the door. She knows Mom

will be waiting for her, and she cannot wait to tell her the

good new.
Mom, Mom we only have one more
week, and we will know who won the



                       EMMIE (cont'd)
writing contest
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Calm down and talk slower. Say it
Next week we will know who won.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
That sound great Emmie, I know
that you have been waiting a long
time for this. What will Dad say
when you tell him the good news?
I do not know, but I am sure he
be happy just like us. Can we
make him a special dinner and then

tell him?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Thinking what
       would be the best
       thing to do.)
How about this, we call him and
tell him to meet us for pizza this
evening and we can tell him

Then if you win next week I will
make a really special dinner and
we can ask Grandma and Grandpa
over for dinner too. We can tell
them all at the same time. What
about that?
That sounds good, if I win I will
call you at lunch time and then we

can surprise everyone. Ok thanks
Mom, you have such good idea. Well
let's call Dad.
Mom gets her cell phone out and make the call to Dad.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Hi honey, Emmie, and I would like
to take you for pizza this
afternoon can you get away from


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY) (cont'd)
work. Emmie needs to tell us some
good news.
Emmie's Mom hands Emmie the phone
Daddy come and have pizza
with us, I want to tell you
something that happen today at
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well honey, I guess I can get away

early today. What is this all
Ok, it is just some good news I
want to share with you and Mom.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Is it something about your story,
find out who won?
I will tell you when I see you.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
OK, we will meet at Round Table
Pizza in about an hour. Tell Mom
to please pick up my dry cleaning
before they close. I will see you
      (Emmie hands the
       phone to her Mon.)
Dad will meet us in about an hour.

He said, do not forget to pick up
his dry cleaning.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
OK, we will pick up Dads cleaning
and then it should be just about
the right time
Emmie and her Mon head off to the car. They will pick up dry

cleaning and then meet Dad at Round Table Pizza. As they
pull up Dad is waiting for them in the Parking Lot.


Hurry Mom, Dad is waiting for us.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (She turn off the
OK hope out but be careful in the
parking lot.
Emmie runs up to her Dad and jumps into his arms.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Well I am glad to see that you are
happy. What is going on?
Emmie gets down and takes Mom and Dad hands, and they go
into the parlor, Dad orders and they sit down at a
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
OK, what is the exciting news?
Well by next Friday we will know
who won the writing contest.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
That will be great, But remember
even if you do not win Mom and Dad
are immensely proud of you and
your story.
The week goes by slowly and finally the big day is here.
Friday, All students will know if they made it to Portland
to read their stories.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well I wish the best, I will be
waiting by the phone for your
call. You both did a fantastic
Gena runs up the stairs to get her backpack and to say
goodbye to her three friends.
      (She is in her
       room talking to
       her three
Today is the day we will see if we


                       GENA (cont'd)
win the writing contest. I will
put you in this lovely box and
you with us if we win. Then if
someone knows your owner you
will get to go home.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (She is
Hurry up Gena you are going to be
late for the bus.
Gena runs upstairs, says goodbye to her three friends and
grabs her backpack.
      (Jumping up and
Today is the day today is the day.
I cannot believe it we may just
make it back home.
What if Emmie has new best friends
and does not want us anymore?
      (hits Chester in
       the arm.)
Stop that, Emmie cannot forget us
we slept in bed with her every
night. We sang her to sleep you do
not forget friends like that.
Right how silly of me, lets dance.
I cannot wait.
All three grab hands and dance around the desk, this is the
happiest they have been since getting lost from their best
friend Emmie.
Granny and Granny papa know that this is the day. They will
sit by their phone tonight waiting to hear. Emmie's Mom and
Dad know today is special too, so they started Emmie's
morning out right.


      (As Emmie get out
       of bed)
Why are we going out to breakfast?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
This is a special day so Dad, and
I want to start it off right, now
hurry up. Dad and I will have a
cup of coffee while you get ready.
OK I will be right down.
Emmies Mom and Dad are down stairs talking while Emmie gets
dressed. They want to take Emmie out for breakfast to wish
her good luck and tell her even if she does not win they are
very proud of her.
In a few hour, all the kids will be at their own schools.
What will happen, do their stories get picked? Does Emmie
get reunited with her three best friends? I guess we will
just have to wait and see.
Bobby and Gina's school, everyone is in the gym
OK students I have the names of
the winners in our writing
contest. #1 Chase Smith, #2 Kelly
Opermen, #3 Paul Stone,
you hear the principal in the back ground announcing the
      (Bobby is
       whispering to his
I don't think we are going to win.
Quite I cannot hear what he is
The principal has named all 8 grades, Gena and Bobby are
disappointed they think they have failed.
The last one is a unusual one. It
is Bobby and Gena Busch, the
twins. The committee said Bobby
and Gena have a message to get


                       PRINCIPAL (cont'd)
out, so they wanted to help.
Bobby and Gena look at each other not believing what they
just heard. They made it, they really made it. They both get
up and walk up on stage with the other winners.
We now visit Emmie's school to see which children have been
selected to read their special stories in Portland.
                       MISS CARRIE
      (Standing by the
       classroom door)
OK children let all get into a
line and follow me. I want you to
all walk into the gym and sit down
where I tell you. Then Mr.Shaffer,
will announce the winner for the
writing contest.
      (Standing next to
       her best friend
I can't wait to see what happens.
All the first graders follow Miss Carrie and sit down in the
gym. Mr Shaffer come on the stage and all the students
                       MR. SCHAFFER
Hello, boy and girls, today is the
day. I have a letter from Mrs.
Eastridge. As I call your name,
Please come up here and stand next
to me. First is 8th grade, Gerry
Gomez, 7th grade, John Bear,
6th grade, Carol Smith, 5th grade,
Laura Dove.
The student that have been picked are walking up to the
stage and the rest of the students are clapping their
                       MR. SCHAFFER
4th grade, Gary Coal, 3 grade, Kim
Ching, 2 grade, Lynn Corey and
finally 1 grade
Emmie and her best friend hold hands and cross their
fingers. There can only be one winner. Who will it be???


                       MR. SCHAFFER
And our firt grader is Bella Hart.
Emmie is happy that her friend has won but you can tell from
the disappointment on her face that she was hoping this
would be her way to find her three best friends.
All the winning students are standing on the stage, Mr.
Shaffer interrupt the clapping.
                       MR. SCHAFFER
Wait, wait, we have one more
winner. The Judges have decided to
give one more person the
opportunity to go to Portland.
They said there was something
compelling in her story, and they
want to help her on her search.
The student is a first grader,
Emmie Busch.
Emmie slowly gets up she cannot believe it she walks to the
stage grabs her friend Bella. Bella and Emmie give each
other enormous hug.
                       MR. SCHAFFER
Give all our writer a round of
applause. We shell see you all in
Portland. It is time for lunch now
so if you will listen to your
teacher we will go out into the
                       MISS CARRIE
OK boys and girls lets walk nicely
back to our room to get our
lunches and balls then we can go
out and eat. The children that
won may stay in my class and use
my cell phone and call their
parents with the good news.
      (after waiting in
       line it is
       Emmie's turn for
       the phone)
Hello, Mom this is Emmie, I am
just calling you to make sure you
have Grand Ma and Grand Pa over
for dinner tonight.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie does that mean that you won
the writing contest. OK dinner at
6, you can tell everyone. I love
Emmie hangs up the phone and gives it back to Miss Carrie.
Emmie is so happy she gives Miss Carrie a big hug. Miss
Carrie hugs her back and tells her she better hurry up so
she does not miss her lunch period, and out Emmie goes.
We now listen in on the phone conversation that Bobby and
Gena have with their Mom at lunch.
      (Gena and Bobby
       have there ear to
       the phone)
Hey Mom, this is Bobby guess what
Gena and I get to go to Portland.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
What, you mean your short story
got chosen, this is so exciting.
We will have to call Granny and
Granny papa after dinner tonight.
I told you I would make a pizza
for dinner if you won.Where is
Gena, is she excited to?
I hear you Mom. Yes I can not wait
to get home and tell my three
friends. We are on our way to
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I am so happy for you both, I will
see you at the bus stop when you
get home. I can not wait until we
call Granny and Granny Papa they
will be so proud of you both.
Gena and Bobby hang up the phone and go out to lunch.
We now go to Bobby and Gena's house and look in on our three
friends, it's about 2 in the afternoon.
      (sitting on desk
       in Gena room.)
What is going on, Gena's Mom seems
awfully happy today. Did you see
her dancing around, she came up


                       MAISIE (cont'd)
here and got a nice table cloth,
some party streamers?
Maybe it's the twins birthday.
No, silly today is THE DAY.
What day?
Remember today is the day the
stories get chosen. The twins must
of won, I heard the phone ring.
Just then the twins Mom comes in the room and grabs all
three of them up, takes them downstairs to the kitchen and
puts them in the middle of the table. There are blue and
white streamers hanging from the ceiling and fresh flowers
on the table.
Maisie, Theodore, and Chester look at each other and just
want to bust out singing, but the twins Mom is right there.
They have to wait until the coast is clear.
We hear the school bells ringing, It is time for everyone to
go home, The twins are off to catch the bus home and Emmie
is leaving her classroom to meet her Mom.
As Emmie turns the corner to meet her Mom, she see her Nana
and grand Pop. She is so excited she runs to give them a
big hug.
Hay Nana, what are you doing here?
      (As she give Emmie
       a big hug.)
Well Mom said we are all going out
to dinner. You know Grand pa, and
I would not miss that.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well tonight is your night, I know

I said I would cook dinner but
Daddy wanted to take us all out
for dinner, and he wants you to
choose the place.


      (Thinking hard)
Well how about we go out and have
Italian, I love French bread and
all that good stuff.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
That sounds great, lets go home,
and change then we will meet Dad,
and Grand pa for dinner.
The twins bus is slowing down to stop and let the twins off.
      (as he jumps off
       the stairs.)
Hi Mom, well we did it. We are all
going to go to Portland.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (beaming with
       pride as they
       walk up the
I am so proud of both of you, this
is going to be a celebration
      (as they reach the
       front door)
What are we going to do Mom?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well, go on in and you will see.
Bobby and Gena go on in, first they smell the hot pizza,
then as they turn the corner to the kitchen they see all the

bright streamer hanging from the ceiling. There are pretty
plates and fancy candles and in the middle are our three
friends sitting proudly.
      (looking surprised
       and happy that
       mom made this so
       nice for them.)
This is beautiful Mom. This is
one of the best days of my life.


      (looking at the
       candles shimmer)
It is wonderful, I wish Granny and
Granny papa could be here and
share this with us.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
I know I wish they lived closer,
but lets put our stuff away then
we can eat. We will call them with
the great news; hopefully they can
come to Portland with us.
The kids run upstairs with their backpacks and Mom is
getting the pizza out of the oven.
      (whispering softly)
See I told you, they won, can you
believe it, we are getting closer
and closer to home.
We have made two very special
friends in Bobby and Gena, I will
never forget them.
Me to.
Bobby and Gena run back just as Mom is bringing the pizza to
the table, they are in for a great dinner.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (Handing Bobby a
       copy of the
       finished story)
Before we eat, Bobby read the
finished story then after dinner
Gena you can call Granny and
Granny with, OK.
      (He takes the
       story from his
Bobby Gena's Detective Agency

We are using detective skills
to locate a little girl. We were
hired by three of her closest
friends. We do not have a name
that is why we are asking the


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
public to help us in our search.
Here are the clues: Possibly lives

in or near Portland Oregon.
The girls age is 5 to 6 years old,
She has
long, curly, blonde hair and blue
eyes. She and her family were in
Disneyland over Thanksgiving
Vacation. We believe the
separation took place on their way

home. Our grandfather who works
for the highway Department found
the three friends sitting on the
side of the roadway. He wishes to
return them to their rightful
owner. My sister and I decided to
make this our special project and
help our three new friends find
their way home It is a special
season and everyone should be with
one's they love.

Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency
2344 Silver Rd., Salem Or.
Then I am going to say: Take a
look at the pictures we are
passing around, one is of the
little girl standing in front of
the Space Needle and the other
picture is that of her three
friends that are anxious to get
back home. If you have any
information, please let us know.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (tears start to
       come down her
O my that is so good I am so, so
proud of you. Maybe someone there
knows this little girl, I can not
wait. I better stop blubbering so
we can eat this great pizza.
They all laugh and start eating the homemade pizza Mom made
especially for them.


We drop in on Granny and Granny papa as they finish their
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well, that was a fabulous dinner,
I am going to have to loosen my
belt if you keep feeding me like
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (As she start to
       clear the table)
Honey, no one said you had to eat
it all.
Just then the phone rings and Bill goes over to pick it up.
Hi Granny papa we have some great
new for you. Bobby and I won the
contest, so we get to go to
Portland. We want to make sure
that you and Granny will be there.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Outstanding I am so proud of you
both. Let me put the phone on
speaker so Granny can hear. OK she
can hear you now.
We won Granny, we won. We get to
go to Portland.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
I am so happy for you, I guess
Papa better ask for some more time
off, there is no way we would miss
Granny papa and Granny can hear Mom and Bobby in the
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Sounds like a party there.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
That is right Dad we Just finished
my homemade pizza that you love so


                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Good thing he's not there, he
would eat all your pizza plus the
dinner he just finished.
They all laugh and Papa saids he will call his Boss as soon
as they get off the line.
OK, love you, talk to you soon.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
OK goodnight Mom and Dad I will
call with all the details
Gena says I love you and hangs up the phone.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (talking to Granny)
Well I better find Jeff's number
so I can call him, hopefully he
will say yes to the time off.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
      (handing him the
Here is the number I am sure he
will, you are almost ready to
Granny papa takes the phone and dials the number.
      (answers phone)
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Hi Jeff, this is Bill, how is it
Hey Bill, what can I do for you?
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well I am calling to ask for
another week off. The grand kids
won a writing contest and Betsy,
and I want to be there to see them
read their story.


I know you have plenty of sick
leave and things are pretty slow
this time of the year, so I do not
see a problem. That is great that
you want to be there for your
Grandkids I wish my Mom and Dad
would take more of an interest in
my kids. Let me know tomorrow when
you will be gone.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Thanks so much, Goodbye
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (taking to Betsy)
OK honey we are all set.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
I am happy this is going to be
fun. We get to see the kids; we
get to be there for something so
important in there lives.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Now all we have to do is find out
when and where and then start
All our families have had a truly exciting day and evening;
our friends Maisie, Theodore, Chester are one more step
closer to getting home to Emmie.
The next day everyone finds out all the information about
the trip and the next time we see everyone will be in
Portland, Org.
Granny papa and Granny are pulling into the parking lot of
the Crown Plaza Hotel in Portland, Or.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well here we are after a 10 Hour
drive. What time is it honey?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
It is about 6p.m. Jane should be
here soon with the kids. It will
be nice to have them spend the


                       BETSY/ GRANNY (cont'd)
night with us. Then tomorrow is
the big day.
Bill gets out of the car and goes into the hotel. Their room
number is 30. He asked them to, please tell his daughter
what room they are in when she arrives.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Well, we have room 30 Betsy. Here
are the brochures, they have a
beautiful pool. When the kids get
here, they can go swimming.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
That sounds like fun, maybe we can
get a quick dinner and the whole
family can go for a swim, we have
not done that for a while.
They arrive at their room.
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
This room is beautiful, two big
King size beds. There is plenty of
room for all of us. I bet Gena
will want to sleep with us then
Bobby can sleep with his Mom.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
Yes this is perfect for all of us.
They unpack and soon they hear a knock at the door.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (He open the door.)
Jane how was the drive?
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (As she hugs her
       Dad and Mom)
It was great, a lot shorter then
yours. What time did you have to
leave this morning?
                       BETSY/ GRANNY
Well I think it was about 5 this
      (as she jumps on
       the bed)
Can I sleep with you, Granny and
Granny papa? It was great when you


                       GENA (cont'd)
visited last time I got to sleep
with you every night.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
It is up to your Mom. Are you guys
all ready for tomorrow? Who's
going to read the story?
Yes, we are ready, I am going to
read the story and Gena will show
the pictures. We put our three
friends in a nice box, with
wrapping paper and a nice bow. We
want you to hold onto it tomorrow
so in case we find someone who
knows this little girl you can
return them, ok.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
I would be honored, but do not be
disappointed if you do not find
her. What are you going to do if
you do not find her?
Well, they will still sit on my
desk and I will talk to them when
I am doing my homework, just like
I do now.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Well, if you do not find her maybe
we can get a list of all the
schools that have come to this
writing contest. When we get home,
we can write each school a letter.

What do you think?
Bobby and Gena think that is a great idea.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (picking up both
       his grandkids.)
Well, I think we should go and
have dinner downstairs and then
lets all go for a swim. Did you
bring your suits?


      (giving Granny
       papa a hug)
Yes we did,that sounds perfect,
let go eat I am hungry.
I'm starving.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (as they all leave
       the room)
You guys are always hungry.
The room is quite now as we focus in on the pretty box with
the bow sitting on the middle of the bed. Inside you can
hear Chester, Theodore and Maisie talking.
Can you believe it we are so close
to Emmie. I can almost feel her.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we
were back at home by tomorrow.
I want to be back in her warm bed
with her safe and sound. I guess
we will just have to wait.
We now go to Emmie's house, they are eating their dinner.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Well, honey tomorrow is the big
day, hurry up and eat. We need to
get to bed early tonight.
Yes, Mom I am done, I do not want
to eat anymore.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
You did not eat very much are you
nervous about tomorrow?
No, not at all, I just want to
take a bath and go to bed so
tomorrow will get here sooner.


Emmie and her family are all fast asleep, when we hear Emmie
call for her mother in the middle of the night.
Mommy, Mommy, I feel sick.
Emmie's Mom and Dad go running to her room they hear her
starting to throw up. Dad turns on the light and Mom grabs
the garbage can just before Emmie gets sick.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (putting his arm
       around her.)
Honey,you are all sweaty, I think
you have a fever.
Emmie's Mom runs to the bathroom and grabs the thermometer.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (as she takes her
Stick this under your tongue and
wait for it to beep.
When the thermometer beeps Mom looks at it and Emmie has a
temperature of 103.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (sits down and
       hugs Emmie)
Honey, we will have to wait and
see how you are in the morning. I
don't know about tomorrow.
      (Emmie starts to
You mean I can't go tomorrow?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Do not worry we will just have to
wait and see how you feel. You
will not feel like going if you
have a temperature that is high
and you are throwing up.
Emmie's Mom gets her some medicine to bring her temperature
down and then crawls in bed with her. Dad dims the lights
and goes back to bed. Will she feel better by morning? Will
she get to go? We will just have to wait and see. While Mom
holds Emmie she takes the Mustard Seed necklace off the
nightstand and just stares at it., What else could go wrong
for poor Emmie? All this time Emmie has never given up.


It is now 5 in the am, and Emmie is suppose to leave, but
Emmie's Mom has been up with her all night. Emmie has been
throwing up, and she still has a mild temperature.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (waking her
Honey, wake up, we are not going
to be able to go today. Emmie
finally fell asleep. She has been
getting sick on, and off all
night, her temperature is down a
little. What are we going to do?
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (getting dressed
       really quickly)
Well the next best thing I can
think of is to run over to
Bella's. I will ask her to read
Emmie's story for her. I will be
right back.
Bella lives right around the corner. So Emmie's Dad throws
on a jacket grabs Emmies story and runs out the door, he
does not want to call because he know Bella's little brother

has been sick. In about 15 min, he is back.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
OK it is all taken care of; Bella
will read Emmie's story for her.
Let's let Emmie sleep as long as
she needs and then we will tell
her that her story is still going
to get out there, and we even said

a prayer to help.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (Giving Emmie's
       Dad a big hug.)
Now I know why I love you so much.
You are a great Dad.
They both crawl back into bed to get a little extra sleep.
Hopefully Emmie is feeling better when she wakes up.


Bobby and Gena and the whole family getting ready for the
big day.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (laying out their
OK, I want you to take a shower
and get dressed. Granny and Granny

papa are downstairs having
coffee. We are going to meet them
downstairs for a good breakfast
then get going to the Convention
Center. It is going to be a long
day, so I want to make sure we eat
a good breakfast.
Gena jumps in first, and while Bobby takes a shower Gena
gets dressed and has her Mom French braid her hair.
Gena is talking to her Mom about the day while her Mom is
braiding her hair.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Did they tell you where you are
suppose to go when we get to the
Convention hall?
      (She shows her Mom
       a map.)
Yes, they gave us this map so that
when we go in will know what room
to go.
                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
It looks like there are three
different rooms. How are you going
to show everyone the picture of a
little girl?
My teacher already thought of
that, she enlarged the image and
is going to have it in the entry
way. We are supposed to read our
story around 11 A.M. today.
So she is putting a note on there
"If you know this girl, please
come to room B at 11 am.


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
Sounds like you have it all
covered. Let's hurry up and go eat
Gena, Bobby, Mom head downstairs and meet Granny and Granny
Quick look in on Emmie's family, 10 am. Emmies Mom is in the
kitchen still in her PJ's. She is making a big pot of coffee
to makeup for the lack of sleep.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
      (just entering
How are you doing? did you get any
sleep last night? I feel so bad
for Emmie this was to be her big
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
I'M doing OK, coffee will help. I
just hope that Emmie is doing
better when she wakes up.
Just then we hear Emmie calling to her Mom and Dad. They
both rush to her room.
I feel better now can we go and
read my story.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (sits down on
       Emmies bed.)
Honey I wish we could but it is
too far away and you were pretty
sick last night.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
It's OK, your story will still get

read. I took it down to Bella's
early this morning. She will read
it for you.
      (starting to cry.)
Well I guess that's OK. I really
wanted to go.


                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
      (giving Emmie a
I know you wanted to go honey, but
you do not want to go and get
everyone sick. What if you went
and starting throwing up.
I guess you are right, but I won't
know what happens when they read
my story.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Bella's Dad said he will take
movies, you will see what happens.
I guess that will be OK. I am a
little bit hungry can I get
something to eat.
Emmie's Mom and Dad are happy to hear that she is hungry. so
they all go downstairs to get Emmie some breakfast.
Back to the Convention Center around 10 am in the morning.
Bobby and Gena enter the Convention Center with their
family. The place is large with lots of people. They see the
picture of a little girl in the center of the Hall. It says
if you know her come to room three at 11 am.
Look there is a picture. This is
going to be a great day I can feel
it in my bones.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (talking to the
       box as they enter)
I know this is going to be a
special day.
They enter the room Gena, and Bobby go to find their teacher

backstage. Bobby and Gena's Mom and Grandparents go to find
a good seat in the middle of the auditorium. Fourth row back
right in the middle.
It will be starting in 10 more Minutes.


                       BOBBY AND GENA'S MOM
      (Whispers to her
       Mom and Dad.)
I am so glad that you could make
it for this very special day.
Listening to all the stories, time is flying by soon it will
be Bobby and Gena's turn.
It is now 10 to 11, and the back door opens up and people
start coming in, people are whispering. Bobby and Gena's Mom
wonder what is going on.
      (Everyone is
Thank you, thank you, we have one
more story before lunch, this one
is a little bit different. We have

Twins in our class and they
decided to write a story together.

May I introduce Bobby and Gena
Bobby comes out to read the story. Gena walks to the back of
the room to hand out the pictures. The room has gotten so
full that there is only standing room.
Thank you so much for coming,
before I start I want to tell you
that this is a true story. Please
look at the photos my sister will
be passing out. The story is

Bobby and Gena's Detective Agency

We are using detective skills to
locate a little girl, by three of
her closest friends. We do not
have a name, are asking the public
to help us. Here are the clues:
Possibly lives in the State of
Washington near the Space Needle,
age 5-6. She has long blonde,
curly hair and blue eyes. She and
her family were in Disneyland over

Thanksgiving Vacation. We believe
the separation took place on their
way home. Our Grand father who


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
works for the Highway Department
found the three friends sitting on
the side of the roadway. He wishes
to return them to their rightful
owner, so my sister and I decided
to make this a unique project and
help three new friends find their
way home. Granny Papa says always
be with the one you love, so we
hope we can make that happen.
      (As she stand next
       to her brother)
Please take a look at the pictures

I passed around, one is of the
little girl standing in front of
the Space Needle, and the other
picture is that of her three
friends that are anxious to get
home. Any information, please let
us know at lunch. Thank you for
your time.
It sounds like a bunch of bees. Bobby looks at his sister
and wonders what is going on. Bobby and Gena start to get a
little scared, their Teacher comes out to stand by them (she
has a worried look on her face). Just then a Man starts
walking from the back, It is Bella's father, he walks up to
the teacher and ask if he can say something. The teacher
hands him the microphone.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
      (He puts his hand
       on Bobby shoulder)
Bobby and Gena's you are probably
wondering what all the whispering
is about. We want you to know
that you have made a special
little girls dreams come true
today. That picture you have been
showing is of Emmie. She was
supposed to be here today, but she
came down with the flu. Her story
was very similar to yours only she

was looking for her three best
friends. (as he points to the
picture) There names are Theodore
(the Teddy bear), Chester (the
white stuffed dog) and Maisie her


                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH (cont'd)
favorite baby doll.
Just then Bobby and Gena's Mom and the Grand parents come
walking up on stage. Granny Papa has the beautiful box in
his hands with a big bow on top.
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
      (he has his wife
       hold the box and
       takes the top
Could these possible be Theodore,
Chester and Massie.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
We can now go home and tell Emmie
that we know for sure that God is
not deaf like her Aunt.He was
listening all the time.
Everyone in the room starts clapping and some of the ladies
start to cry. Who would believe that one little girl's faith
and prayer could do so much. So it must be true if having
the faith of a Mustard Seed anything is possible.
The teacher tells everyone how incredible this was and that
we are going to take lunch in the cafeteria. She hopes that
we will get together and get Theodore, Maisie and Chester
back home where they belong.
Bella's Dad make arrangements with Bobby and Gena's family
to go and sit down and have lunch and plan their next move.
When they reach the cafeteria Bella's Dad arranges two to
three large table. There are so many people that want to
hear whats going to happen next. He tells everyone, when he
makes the phone call he will put it on the speaker.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
      (shaking Bill
Well what do you think of all
                       BILL/GRANNY PAPA
This is unbelievable I am so happy
the kids are happy. I can not
believe this all worked out.


Well it sounds like Emmie had
enough faith for all of us. Can
we call now, please and eat lunch
The two families are all talking and are so excited that
soon, very soon Emmie will have her wish.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
      (he is standing by
       the microphone)
OK everyone, please can I have
your attention. Can we be a little
quite and I will make the phone
Bella's Dad dials the number, one ring, 2 rings,3 rings, he
is about to hang up when Emmies Mom answers the phone.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
Kelly Hi, what is going on. This
is Bella's Dad I thought I would
call and see how Emmie is.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
How is it going Mitch ? Did Bella
read Emmies story? What is all
that noise in the background?
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
      (he is telling
       everyone to quite
Well no not yet, something happen.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
What do you mean you did not,
Emmie will be crushed if her story
does not get read.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
You miss understood, her story
will get read, but I have a
surprise for Emmie will she be
better by tomorrow?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Yes, I think so.


                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
OK at 11 a.m. park by our house.
You know the one where the girls
use to meet and play.
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Ok, yes but what for?
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
Do not ask so many question, I can
promise you this will be one of
the best days of your life and
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
Emmie's Mom hangs up the phone with a confused look on her
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Honey, who was that? What did they
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
that was Bella's dad he said we
have to wait until tomorrow.
                       EMMIE'S DAD (DAN)
Wait for what? What are you
talking about?
                       EMMIE'S MOTHER (KELLY)
11 am tomorrow, something about
the biggest day of our life.
Emmie's Mom walks off and again poor Dad is left standing
there wondering what in the world is going on. We will just
have to wait until tomorrow.
After Bella's Dad gets off the phone, everyone stated
clapping and chanting Emmie's story, Emmie's Story. So
Bella stood up by the microphone and read Emmie's Story.
"On my 3rd Birthday I got a great
gift. It was a small white curly
haired dog with a blue collar, and
a brown Teddy bear with a plaid
vest and black bow tie. If that
wasn't enough I got a little girl
doll with big brown eyes, light
green overall and
a green plaid shirt. All three


                       BELLA (cont'd)
were beautiful.
They went to bed with me every
night. They wouldn't let the
monster in the closet come out.
and when I couldn't go to sleep or
I was afraid of the dark they
would sing to me." Over
thanksgiving I got to
go with my family to Disneyland in
California. My Mom and Dad let me
take my three special friends. We
had a wonderful time. We got to
ride on the roller coaster and
went on a boat ride down a dark
river with lions and tigers. I
got to drive a car all by my self.
My three best friends were
sitting right next to me. It was
all wonderful until we were on our
way home. My Dad put my three
friends way up high with the suit
cases. They were in a clear bag
so they could see all the
wonderful things on our way home.
When we got home my Daddy went to
get them down but they weren't
there. My heart was broken. So my
Mom gave me this necklace,Its a
mustard seed, she said if I
believe anything is possible. My
Mom and Dad felt really bad but
they didn't know what to do. So I
thought I would leave it in Gods
hand. I guess maybe that why my
Mom gave me the Mustard seed, so I
would learn a lesson. So every
night my Mom, Dad and I knelt down
by my bed. We said a prayer that
Maisie, Chester and Theodore would
find their way home. Amem
The room broke into applause, people were crying. Bobby and
Gena and their Mom, Granny and Granny Papa were all so happy
that everything has turned out just like they had hoped.
Mitch tells everyone Please meet us at the park at 10:30
tomorrow. They will have a two hour drive home tonight, so
get a good night sleep and we shall see you there.
He tells Granny papa that they are all welcome to stay at
his house tonight. Granny papa thanks him and look forward
to the big moment tomorrow.


It is about 9:30 in the morning and everyone at Mitch's
house is getting ready. There in the corner is the large box
with the big big bow and our three friends are quietly
Can you believe it, in a short
time we will be back with Emmie.
Did you hear the story she wrote
about us. She never forgot us.
Tomorrow morning we will wake up
back in Emmie's bed right where we
Granny papa and Granny went out and got some donuts and
coffee for everyone. They set them on the kitchen table.
                       BELLA'S DAD MITCH
You didn't have to do that, I was
just about to put the coffee on.</