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Last Words
by Megan Shellman (mshellman2@student.gsu.edu)

Rated: G   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

A short. Young lovers from years ago run into each-other after a number of years apart and no communication. The two talk and reminisce, but each are too scared to take the next step.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



ELIZABETH walks outside of building with briefcase in hands.
REVEAL Busy after-work crowd walking home.
ELIZABETH turns right to head home when ANDY rushes by her
and accidentally causes her to drop her briefcase, papers go
ANDY stops to help pick up the papers, seeing ELIZABETH'S
first name typed on a printed out email he catches in the
wind. Looking up, he sees ELIZABETH'S face for the first
Elizabeth? Elizabeth Reeds?
ELIZABETH responds without looking up.
Yes? How may I help you?
Elizabeth, it's Andy Young. From
high school, remember? Acting
classes with Mrs. Howard?
ELIZABETH stops picking up papers and looks up slowly.
A-Andy? How
How are you here? It's been years.
What brought you to Chicago?
Well, I
ELIZABETH cuts him off.
And what about Susan? Are you two
still together?
Well, we brok-


Ah, you know what, it isn't my
business anyways. An ex girlfriend
asking about your love life,
that's not right.
Elizabeth..you were always more
than just some girl I dated.
ELIZABETH shuffles her papers and places them in her
briefcase before responding.
Andy, don't start that. You and I
both know what happened. No need
to keep up those lies now.
Besides,I haven't thought about it
      (Thinking, pauses)
in a while. Let's not bring up
buried memories, yeah?
If that's what you want...
      (Changing subject)
Do you have any plans for tonight?
I would love to talk for a bit
      (Caught off guard)
I was actually just heading back
home for the night.
But that sounds nice, any
How does coffee sound? I know a
great place down the street.
I see you've kept up with that
coffee addiction.
ELIZABETH and ANDY begin walking off, talking.


ANDY and ELIZABETH enter a Coffee Shop. Heads turn as they
walk in, but quickly turn away uninterested. ANDY and
ELIZABETH walk to the counter to place their order.
      (To Elizabeth)
What do you usually order? What's
good here?
      (To Andy)
Anything really, I usually go for
the Cafe Mocha. I'll order two.
From what I remember, you have a
taste for chocolate.
ANDY remembers a past nickname of ELIZABETH from years ago.
Grandma remembers something? I'm
shocked.What happened to your
ELIZABETH blushes and quickly turn away toward the cashier.
      (To Andy)
Oh don't you start that Old Man.
      (To cashier)
Two Cafe Mochas. Whipped cream on
both please.
Those nicknames...
ELIZABETH hands the cashier a $20 and walks over to a table.
ANDY follows.
      (To Cashier)
Keep the change.
After choosing a table, the two old friends sit down.
Keep the change? From what I
remember, you weren't much of a
spender, what happened there?


College did wonders for me. Since
my first job, money has never been
a problem.
Wish I could say the same.
Did you ever end up going to
college? I know you talked about
it, but after three years, you
still hadn't gone. I was always on
you about that.
CASHIER calls out ELIZABETH'S name. ANDY gets up, motioning
that he will pick them up.
As ANDY walks away, ELIZABETH quickly pulls out a business
card from her wallet and scribbles down her personal number
on the back. When ANDY brings back the coffee, ELIZABETH
slides her card under the coffee cup now sitting on the
MONTAGE - ANDY and ELIZABETH talking, laughing, drinking
coffee. ELIZABETH glances down at the business card at
times, ANDY does not notice.
Looking at the time, ELIZABETH realizes they spent hours at
the coffee shop catching up. She realizes they must be
going, and gets up to say goodbye.
I can't believe it's ten already.
ELIZABETH grabs the business card before offering a hug.
It was wonderful running into you
again. I wish we could spend more
time together. It's been far too
Far, far too long.
The two embrace. ELISABETH kisses ANDY'S cheek as the
embrace comes to an end.
Doesn't that bring back memories.


Good ones I hope.
The best.
The two exit the coffee shop, ANDY holds the door open for
I'll miss you Andy, you really
were one in a million.
And you were my world.
The two embrace once more before departing.
As ANDY turns and walks away, ELIZABETH pulls the business
card out of her pocket. Looking at the card, she turns
around in hopes to catch ANDY, but he is gone.


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