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The Martyr
by Nicholas Alexander Guerrero (nicholasg@freestyle.mvla.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

An action short about two brothers and lots of twists

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

                                         PAN DOWN FROM SKY->
Two men, are walking down a path towards an apartment
complex. Turning the corner and walking up a flight of
stairs one of the men is supporting the other who is
apparently drunk. Offering words of encouragement, the one
supporting the other coaxes his brother into the apartment,
to his brothers insistant rants about the party the night
Once through the threshold the brothers stand straighter,
and continue into the apartment, the apparent "drunk" went
off into the fridge and grabbed a beer.
Hey, Will, I'm grabbing a beer,
you want one?
Will is over by a desk examining a computer screen, while
simultaneously dismantling a pistol.
...um yea! It better not be
another damn moonshine of yours
Alex chuckles as he joins Will by the computer screen.
Relax, I only make wine, beside
this is German. It's good stuff.
Ya, you got that right. I just
don't want to wake up tomorrow
from another one of your 'special'


Ah you like it, I know you wont
say it but you privately hail me
as an alcoholic's god!
Alex hands will the drink, and with a toast the two return
their attention to the monitor.
So, we have a new job?
Yea, I didn't expect one so fast,
we only just completed Richter
last night.
Ah, he was a bastard, so many
guards. All to protect his big fat
arse.Lot of good that did him,
Will nods and gestures towards the computer. Onscreen reads:
To the Brook Brothers.
It seems that we are in need of your assistance...
                                         INTERCUTTING BETWEEN
(Cut between generic B-roll and message at intervals)
... It seems a traitor has been discovered selling secrets
to a competitor of mine. Naturally, I can not tolerate such
vile swine. You are to take care of the traitor. It does not
matter how. Preferably with a bullet through his head. I
wish for you two to personally handle this assignment. Your
payment will be delivered by me upon completion. You wont
have to look very far.
Sincerely, Mr. White
A Colombian man dressed in an oxford suit accompanies a more
relaxed figure. As the brothers remain int the shadows


tracking the two across the garage. The Oxford man and their
target pass by a man who appears asleep.
After a certain point they draw pistols and attempt to fire
on their target and his guard but are soon suppressed by the
guards. A firefight erupts as one of the guards goes down.
After a few seconds, the remaining guard flanks the brothers
and is about to finish them off when he is shot from behind,
by the "hobo". Outnumbered the brothers and their ally,flank
their target but before they can take him out sniper fire
erupts from a nearby rooftop. Killing Jack and severely
injuring a brother. Suddenly the butler Comes from behind
and forces Alex's surrender.
You think you had me? Didn't you.
Well, you forget that I have
friends still. I AM STILL IN
Mr.White begins pacing infront of his captives, inspecting
them pistol in hand.
      (In a russian
Well, I guess its time for you to
go now.
Mr. White executes Will. "to put him out of his misery" he
explains his reasoning, and is about to put a bullet into
Alex's head when the butler turns on him and fires.
What the hell?!
      (Calm, and
       inspecting his
He, had become more than a
liability to my employers. He had
become a low life. A sellout.
Understandably he had to go.
      (Confused and
Why didn't you save my brother?!


I saw no need to since I am going
to kill you anyways. Loose ends
you understand. But rest assured I
will get the real Mr. White.
Alex kicks the gun away from Jeff and jumps up. Throwing a
punch, Jeff parry's the blow and attempts to follow up, Alex
dodges and tackles Jeff to the ground. after a few
successive hits, Jeff throws him behind him, Alex recovers
quickly, jumping on Jeff again and seizing his tie, wrapping
it around his neck, and strangling him. When He stops moving
Alex drops the body, and retrieves his gun before walking
As the sniper sets up, he looks through his scope at Mr.
White. He smirks as hes about to take the shot, when
suddenly his throat is slit from behind by a shadowy figure.
Mr. White exits the Office, and is walking to his car when
suddenly he notices Alex, who is smoking a cigarette.
Holding a (insert gun type) and looking dead at him.
Oh shit! Fuck!
Mr. White runs over to his car and tries to start it to know
avail. Alex slowly walks over to the car and drags him out,
to the middle of the construction site. Mr. White is sobbing
and begging for his life. Alex Lights another cigarette and
after taking a lighter from Mr.White, he walks behind him.
Lights it and walks away, Mr.White confused begins to thank
him until Alex flicks his cigarette away, onto a gas trail
starting from his car and ending in a pool where Mr.White


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