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Desperate Measures
by Nicole M

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ***
Teen looking to go to college gets into trouble when he can't afford to pay for it.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Kurt, a senior in High School, lives lower class with his
mother. He is smart and has applied to go to Brown
University. Kurt walks into the guidance office and his
guidance counsler greets him with a hug and a congrats.
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
Congratulations Kurt! You've
worked so hard for this throughout
all your years here!
Uh... thanks, but what happened?
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
You got into Brown!
Oh my gosh! Wow, did I also get
the scholarship?!
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
      (sighs, and
       motions for Kurt
       to sit down)
I'm sorry, but Brown gave out all
their scholarships. You are going
to have to talk to your mom about
what you will have to do
financially. But I am still proud
of you!
Kurt murmurs something not understandable and then gets up
to leave. When he is in the hallway he pulls out his phone,
sinks to the ground and starts to dial a number. The phone
call is one way and you can only hear Kurt talking.
Hi mom, I got into Brown... but I
didn't get the scholarship.
      (listens for a
Yeah, that's what I figured. Okay


Afraid he would hear the news that his mom can't afford it,
he hangs up the phone frustrated and walks away.
Kurt's friend Lewis spots Kurt walking towards his bus
      (running towards
Yo, Kurt! Whats up? Did you hear
back from Brown?
Not now Lewis,I've had a really
bad day
You didn't get in? Aw man I'm
sorry I was rooting for you
No, I got in...
that's grea-
... but i didn't get the
scholarship. So i can't go. My mom
can't afford it
      (sighs, but than
       looks up as if he
       has an idea,
       quickly glances
       around and than
Look, I wasn't going to tell you
about this because I didn't think
you'd be into it, but now that you
need the money...
What? I'll do anything to go to
Brown at this point
Okay so at least 4 people have
already asked me and the word is
spreading around so more and more
people will buy from us. I'm


                       LEWIS (cont'd)
planning to steal the S.A.T.
answers tonight.
      (contemplates for
       a few seconds but
       then decides to
       do it)
Alright I'm in.
Seriously? Sweet alright we'll
meet here tonight around 2:00 a.m.
See you later
Kurt knows that he's doing the wrong thing but has no other
option at this point. He murmurs goodbye to Lewis and then
walks away.
It's 2:00 a.m. and Kurt and Lewis walk together and open the
door to the office. They both look around suspiciously.
Yo, I'll be on look out
Okay, I'll be right back
Kurt stands there and looks around. Lewis goes and steals
the answers.
Did you hear that?
No. But lets get out of here
Kurt and Lewis run out of the school and hear footsteps
coming from behind them. They get freaked out and then look
both ways before they leave.
It's parallel action scene between Kurt in the guidance
office and Lewis putting the test answers in Kurt's locker,
setting him up. The camera starts on Lewis who is
mysteriously opening a locker. He walks over to it and looks


around. Seeing that nobody is there, he opens the locker and
places the test answers inside of the locker.
      (On the phone)
I have some interesting
information for you...
Cut to Kurt knocking on the guidance office door.
Hello? Mrs. Smith?
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
      (opening the door)
Oh Kurt! Well this is a
surprise... come in, come in!
Walks in and pulls up a chair to sit down. Kurt pulls out
his notes about Brown and has an excited look on his face.
I just wanted to let you know that
I found some extra money! I'm so
excited because I didn't think I'd
be able to go to Brown, but now I
Cut to Lewis, pacing up and down the hallway on the phone.
...yeah it was brought to my
attention that the S.A.T. answers
were stolen last night. I just
wanted to inform you that I think
I know who did it.
Can only hear murmurs coming from the phone.
Yes, I take these things very
seriously and wanted to inform the
school of this illegal activity.
Cut to Kurt in the guidance office. Mrs. Smith jumps up and
down a few times, excited from the news, and then goes over
to hug Kurt.
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
Wow! Kurt that's amazing! I'm so
happy for you. I felt so bad
yesterday when I told you that you
didn't get the scholarship... I


                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER (cont'd)
only hoped that you'd figure out a
way to still achieve your dream!
      (looking down at
       the ground,
       feeling a little
Yeah I'm so excit-
Kurt gets cut off by the interruption of the door opening.
The principal enters with a policeman.
Hi, sorry to interrupt but Kurt,
we need you to come with us.
Kurt nervously gets up and is freaking out. (background
music gets louder or footsteps are really loud like his
heartbeat) The group leaves the room and the camera cuts to
Kurt, the principal, policeman, and guidance counsler
walking down the hallway of the locker.
      (trying to play it
What is this about?
Well, it was brought to my
attention that the S.A.T. answers
were stolen last night...
Well, it was brought to my
attention that the S.A.T. answers
were stolen last night...
The policeman walks up to locker 57.
Young man, is this your locker?
The Policeman starts putting in the combination and the
principal continues...
As I was saying... an anonymous
source has linked this to you.


The locker opens and the policeman pulls out the S.A.T.
answers. Kurt is shocked and tries to protest.
I was set up! No this isn't fair!
                       GUIDANCE COUNSLER
Kurt, I'm extremely disappointed.
I'm going to contact Brown and
there's no way your getting in
after this.
      (talking to the
Kurt, never in the history of our
school has this happened... (long
pause)... He's 18, so you can take
him back to the station.
No! This isn't fair!
The policeman puts handcuffs on Kurt and he is taken down
the hallway. In the corner of the screen, the camera pans to
Lewis, lurking in the distance counting his money.


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From Chelsea Miller Date 5/10/2013 ***
Continue it

From maddy Date 5/2/2013 ***1/2
i liked it but i think it could use more it would be intresting if it you were to counitued it

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