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The Rock In The Road
by Bryce Macedo (macedobryce@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Family   User Review: **
My screen play is about an 18 year old boy named stan tewwerts who is trying to make it big in the music industry.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



(The opening credits roll with Sage playing their music in
the background).
Alright guys, that was pretty
good. but it's six o'clock so i
got to be heading back home for
dinner and homework.
okay, you coming back tomorrow at
four to rehearse?
yeah, but i got to be home by five
thirty for homework... sorry guys.
come on man, when are you going to
graduate high school?
Sorry guys, i only have until June
first. its may third now so, i
only have a month left to go...see
yeah guys later then.
(Stan is asleep at his desk. He is dreaming about being a
rock star).
hem-hem mr. tewwerts you might
want to pay attention if you wish
to graduate.
(stan jerks awake with a start).
sorry Mr. Ducksworth i didn't get
good sleep last night.


you might want to pay more
attention to school than
pretending to be a rock star.
(quack, quack Mr.Ducksworth. stan says under his breath.)
(Stan walks through garage door and throws his stuff on the
floor, he immediately grabs his guitar and starts warming up
without a word).
hey man... you cool... you seem a
little aggravated.
yeah, just had a little bit of an
issue with Mr.Ducksworth... no big
alright man. lets play "ready or
not". are you ready to start?
Yeah... lets go.
(They start playing the song and after the riff. Stan
excuses himself and goes home.he starts to wonder if he is
just being stupid about becoming a rock star).
(The telephone rings in stans bedroom. he picks up and
Yes, hello... is this Stan
Tewwerts that i am speaking to?
Yeah, that's me... may i ask who
is calling?


Sure thing kid... my name is Chuck
Demble and i own tower records in
Hollywood.now i am calling to ask
if you would be willing to play in
your local town hall where i will
be attending to check out your
band. i think you might have some
potential there kid.
(Stan is slow to speak with excitement).
um... um... Yeah sure thing
Mr.Demble what time should we be
You should be there at three
o'clock tomorrow. is that a good
time for you?
Of course Mr.Demble i cant wait to
meet you.
Alrighty kid... i will be seeing
you tomorrow.
(the phone call ends, and even though Mr.Demble has hung
up... Stan says goodbye in a faint whisper. he picks up the
phone and calls Andrew).
Hey... AXL.
Hey Stan how are you, are you
okay? you left in a real hurry.
Yeah sure i am fine, what ever,
but that's beside the point. guess
who just called me?
(There is a slight pause before Andrew answers).


Mr.Demble of tower records... he
wants us to play a Gig at the town
hall tomorrow at three. he said
that he wants to check us out.
seriously? your not playing with
me are you?
I would never fool around with
something this big AXL.
Oh my god Stan. WOW! how did he
even find out about us? YOUTUBE?
I guess so... hey...tell the
others, i got to tell my parents
about this. see ya tomorrow.
(Stan hurriedly slams phone down and runs down stairs to
confront his parents).
MOM!... DAD!... Guess what just
(Both parents look at Stan with blank expressions).
What is it Honey?
Chuck Demble the CEO of tower
records called and said that he
was interested in us and wanted to
hear us play at the town hall
tomorrow at three!
That's great honey!
atta' boy!
yeah... its pretty incredible.


Just make sure that you don't do
drugs, watch out for the girls and
try to stay out of trouble.but
otherwise, just have fun and enjoy
the music.
thanks dad... thanks mom. i am
going to go upstairs and try to
sleep. i have a big day tomorrow.
Good night honey!
(Stan goes upstairs and lays in bed. but he appears too
excited to sleep).
Shoudn't he be here by now!?
Dont worry man, it's only 3:02
Yeah dude, didn't you know that
they are almost always late for
pretty much everything?
okay but if he isn't here by 3:15
then i am going to call and find
out where he is.
Whatever dude.
(Stan looks over at the door and see's Chuck Demble, he gets
Wait, guys look at the door. is
that him?
I think... so...
(The band start walking over to Chuck nonchalantly).


Um.. excuse me, are you Mr.Demble?
Indeed i am, but just call me
chuck okay?
Sure thing... Chuck.
(Chuck looks at floor awkwardly for a moment).
Alright, lets see what you guys
can do.
Sure thing Chuck. alright guys
lets do this thing.
(a series of shots: Sage playing their gig. they are playing
good and having a good time).
Sage thank the crowd, bow, and head out to meet Chuck at the
bottom of the stairs.
So? how did we do?
i will call Each of you and tell
you what i think.
oh... okay, thank you for the
opportunity Mr. Demble.
Sure thing.
(The band members leave and chuck asks for a drink at the
drink stand).
(Stan is lying in bed listening to music air drumming to the
beat when the phone rings).


Hey Stan... how are you?
Good how are you?
I am okay. i came to tell you i am
interested in signing you.
(stan is almost too shocked to answer but does).
Wow! Thanks Chuck!
Thank Me? No, thank you, you are
the talent.
oh okay. so what should i do
now?do i have to sign anything.
Yes of course.i will come to your
house whenever you are available
and negotiate a contract.
oh okay... would now be a good
(Chuck is caught a little off guard).
yeah, now will work. i guess i
will see you there in a few
minutes then.
Okay then see you in a few.
(Chuck knocks on the door, and stan opens it very quickly).
Hello Mr.Demble.
Hello Stan.


oh um... please take a seat Mr.
(They both sit down and there is a little silence for a few
Alright stan first let me tell you
you that i am very interested in
your guitar playing. but for the
others... i dont know if they have
what it takes to sell platinum.
oh... okay... i understand.
And next, let me ask you if you
are willing to leave your band and
become the new lead guitarist for
the new sage.
I have to discuss this with the
guys but other wise i would be
Okay good. i will contact you
tomorrow to see if you made the
decision yet...next on the agenda.
how much money are you looking
How much money is normal?
I would say three to four million
dollars to record an album.
wow... thats quite a bit of money
Mr.Demble, i will take what ever
you offer.
Well then, if you say so, how
about 2,750,000?


That would be great Mr.Demble,
thank you so much for this
Alright i will check up on you
tomorrow Stan. good night.
(Stan walks Chuck to the door and says good night to him.
Stan goes upstairs and sleeps).
Hey guys, i have something to tell
you, Mr.Demble told me he would
like to sign me for 2,750,000!
Thats great Stan!... but how come
you were called and we weren't?
Oh um... i need to tell you guys
something.... Mr.Demble said he
didn't want to sign you guys
because he doesn't think that you
have what it takes to make it.
Thats okay stan, you should
totally take the Gig. we want you
to have this opportunity. don't
let us ruin it for you. we can
just try and find a new guitar
Are you guys sure? we have been a
band for three years now.
I want you to become famous...
just don't forget us man.what do
you guys think?
(Andrew looks at tom and john for an answer).


I think you should totally do it
bro. this is what you have wanted
since you were thirteen.
Yeah man, go for it. it's like, a
really good Gig.
Thanks you guys.i really
appreciate your cooperation. i
will call you guys when i get the
Bye Stan!
(Stan picks up the phone to call Mr.Demble for the
Hello this is tower records in
hollywood, how may i be of
Yeah hi, um... i am calling for
Mr.Demble, i want to sign the
contract he offered me.
Are you Mr.Tewwerts?
Yes that is me.
Okay Mr.Tewwerts, i will see you
at 11:00 A.M. is that okay?
Yes that is Great i will see you
at eleven then. thank you!
Your very welcome.


(In a series of shots: Stan is getting ready to meet Mr.
Demble at tower records at 11:00. it is currently 9:45).
(Stan enters tower ecords somewhat starstruck. he takes in
his surroundings and then slowly walks over to the
secretary's desk).
Hi i am Stan Tewwerts and i am
here to see Mr. Demble for my
contract Signing.
Nice to meet you in person
Mr.Tewwerts, Chuck will be with
you in a couple of minutes.
Okay, thanks.
(Stan sits down in a near by chair and flips through a
couple of magazines... Mr.Demble approaches Stan).
Hello Stan! so glad you made your
decision to sign with me.if you
would follow me into my office.
(Stan and Chuck walks towards Chucks office. Stan and chuck
sit down).
Alright stan, so you talked to
your friends about your decision?
Yes sir, i did. and they agreed to
let me go.
Perfect, if you are sure just sign
this contract for joining the new
band SAGE for 2,750,000.
(Stan signs his name on the contract and smiles. Chuck
smiles and shakes Stans hands).


Would you like to meet your new
band and the producer who will be
recording you?
(Stan smiles).
(Stan and chuck walk to the recording room where the band
and the producer are waiting for him to arrive.)
(They enter the recording room where the band members are
fooling around and goofing off. The producer looks like this
is old news and is listening to music. The band realizes
there is company and immediately straighten up.)
Hello fella's. this is Stan
Tewwerts. the one i have been
telling you about.
(They have no expressions on their faces for a few seconds
but then the one in the back smiles and steps forward.)
Hallo. my name is Zakk. this is
Tim,Joe and Sam. it is a pleasure
to finally meet you.
(Zakk said this in a german accent. he seemed to be the
leader of the band.)
(The rest of the band nod there heads in a silent welcoming
Hello. i am Stan Tewwerts and i
quess i am the new singer for the
new Sage.
Alright Stan. Mr.Demble has told
me good things about you and i
have heard what you sound like on
tape... but i want to hear you
live. lets hear what you
Yup, everything is set up and
ready to go. Stan, you will be
singing to one of your own songs


                       PORTER (cont'd)
(Stan looks a little nervous).
(Stan walks into the sound proof room and puts on the head
phones. he takes a deep breath and prepares for his
(The old bands music plays in the background and stan starts
to sing. he sings great and the producer does very little to
alter his voice and everyone seems impressed.)
(the song ends and everyone takes glances at one another and
I think we have something special
here stan. Is it okay if we use
your old bans material for your
debut album for the new Sage?
I suppose. i am sure they wont
Okay then. we will start recording
at 9:00 tomorrow morning, alright
lads. i will see you tomorrow.
(As Porter walks out he pulls out a pack of Cigarettes and
smokes one on the way out the door.)


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From male ibrahim Date 4/4/2013 ****
great script.does it continue.is it a serie?

From Dizzle Date 4/3/2013 0 stars
Wow. Okay you've got a TON of issues. Your character names are screwed up so bad I couldn't get past the first page, they're all in the same dialog section. You've got parenthesis on action beats. You've gotta study script format, read some scripts, and practice using the SB software so the format matches real scripts. Good luck.

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