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by Curtis Harmon (curtisaharmon@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

‘COUP‘ (Synopsis) America comes to a stand still and the world is glued to the television as it reports that a group of armed men have seized the U.S. Capitol and are now holding the entire members of Congress hostage. The questions, how could this happen and what terrorist group is responsible fuel the media. Homeland Security, the FBI and the U.S. Capital police are coordinating a strategy to end this quickly. Their goal is simple. Save the hostages (Congress) and make a bold statement that will disillusion terrorists all over the world from ever trying this again. A seemingly well-orchestrated (they won’t know what hit them) plan is put into action. The commandos and snipers position themselves to raid the Capitol. As if the terrorist knew the game plan, a series of huge explosions take out the troops with precision as the world watches in horror. A deafening silence fills the air as a few things become very clear... these are not your regular band of thugs and without a doubt they have the upper hand. The commander put in a call to their security specialist, Alex Hunter. Alex is the genius designer of the security software/hardware for the U.S. Government. His company designed and updates the security systems for Congress. the national monuments and the White House. After a thorough search, Alex cannot be found…anywhere! Even after flashing his name and face on every news media in the world in hopes that someone will see it and get him to call in. The Commander begins to fear the worst. Alex has been compromised and was forced to give up secret codes. It is the only thing that can explain how these thugs were able to get guns inside of congress. He fears Alex is lying somewhere waiting for his body to be discovered. The terrorists are about to broadcast on C SPAN. We watch as a masked man addresses the nation and the world. He announces that our leaders have failed us and we the people no longer have a voice in our government. He details how Congress has sold out the very people they were sworn to protect and on this day, there will be a reckoning. He pulls off his mask and the world sees that it is Alex Hunter.. Alex takes America and the world on a roller coaster ride as he and his self proclaimed patriots put Congress on trial at gun point. Detailing what they did, who benefited and the effects it has had on America, all the while battling the military in a game of wits to keep a strategic hold on the capital. Using his brand of technology, Alex uncovers secret after secret, exposing the questionable legalities of government officials, giving America pause as to whose side they should really be on. It also becomes clear that not even Alex himself could have orchestrated this all on his own. It becomes a game of cat and mouse in figuring out who else is pulling the strings of what could only be describe as a “Coup”.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Typical Fall morning. The Grounds Supervisor and his
assistant are looking at two employees working on the lawn
from a distant.
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Why are they working over there?
This is the second time this week.
He get on the radio and calls them.
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
What are you guys doing way over
there? Stick to your assignment
dammit. (mumbling) That's what I
get for hiring white boys.
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Oh shut up. You know what I mean.
Pan over to where Congress, lobbyists and the staff are
entering. We follow them inside and we see four guards
scanning people and their bags as they go through the metal
                       SCANNING GUARD 1
      (Talking to
       another guard)
Something big is happening today.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
Why do you say that?
                       SCANNING GUARD 1
Look at all these lobbyists.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
The House and Senate are holding a
joint session. Today they can kill
two birds with one stone.


                       SCANNING GUARD 1
Maybe they'll finally get
something done.
The camera follows them into the building and several are
going into the men room.

Cut to an over head view into one stall. An unidentifiable
man is sitting there with a laptop computer. On the screen
we see a series of surveillance monitors and while he's
typing, one by one each monitor goes blank.
In the next two stalls, we see unidentifiable men assembling
components from their brief case and it becomes clear they
are assembling assault rifles. Cut to restroom after
restroom and we see men all over the building are doing the
Six guards are monitoring the security cameras when one by
one the screens go blank.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 1
Ah, guys...We got a problem.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 2
Get tech support in here now.
We see Surveillance Guard 3 reaching for the phone.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 2
I've been here for twenty-five
years and I've never seen anything
like this.
We see lobbyists coming out of the rest rooms all over the
building wearing long trench coats, hats and carrying
briefcases. The camera gets behind the man with the laptop
and we see him approach two other men. One is carrying two
laptop cases and he hands his laptop to the other man and
now he's carrying two. Because of the camera angle, we still
can not see their faces.


We see two men wearing Hunter Software Security uniforms
swipe their yellow cards and enter the room. They see a
Surveillance Guard under the counter messing with wires.
                       TECHNICIAN 1
Whoa guys, you don't wanna do
that. We got it from here.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 1
The screens started going blank,
so he's checking the power cords.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 2
This looks serious. I think we
should call the brass on this one.
                       TECHNICIAN 2
Let us have a look first...
The techs set their cases on the counter and open them.
Suddenly, they grab the guns from the holster of the two
guards seated in front of them and hold the guns to their
heads. Simultaneously they reach into their cases, pull out
a gun and each shoot one guard and point their guns at the
remaining two.
                       TECHNICIAN 2
Just want to make sure we have
your attention. If you're thinking
about being a hero...Don't.
                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 2
Idiot, this room is being
monitored. Any second the Capitol
Police is gonna come crashing
through that door.
                       TECHNICIAN 1
Shh...hush up.
He directs the four guards to a corner while the other tech
pulls out the large zip ties to use as handcuffs. In the
background we see the monitors coming back on.
Two Capitol Policemen are walking up the hall when they come
to a steel door being guarded by one officer sitting at a
desk. They pull out a yellow security card, swipe it and
walk in. Inside we see the lounging area of the Riot Police.


As the two walk towards the back we see about 20 officers
relaxing, watching TV, eating, playing games, napping, etc.

The camera follows the two as they heads towards the back
where there is one guard sitting in a small office right
beside a steel door labeled Riot Gear. One of them opens the
office door and quickly shoots the guard, while the other
swipes a yellow card and unlocks the door to the riot gear.
The inside looks like a military storage room. They bypass
all the guns and equipment and grab all the tear gas
canisters they can carry. They close the door and swiped it
with a blue card. They swiped it again with the yellow card,
and test the door handle making sure it doesn't work.

They set off canisters and quickly heads towards the front.
We hear someone yelling that there's smoke and he starts
calling for help. They each set off more canisters and were
spotted by a guard so they shoot him. They run towards the
front door dropping more canisters as they go. Smoke filled
the entire area and panic ensued.
Reaching the door, they swipe the yellow card, and prepare
to take out the guard on the outside. We can hear the Riot
Police running towards the front. They swing the door open
with their guns drawn and freeze when they see two of their
comrades standing there with the guard on the ground
unconscious. Just before the rest of the riot police reach
the door, they grab the unconscious guard, drag him inside,
set off the last canister, close the door and swipe the blue

From the outside, we hear people screaming obscenities,
coughing, beating on the door and jiggling the handle, then
falling down, choking from the smoke.
Medium shot of the monitors and they all look fine. We pan
over to a corner and we see all six of the guards tied
together with their mouths taped.
Leaving the riot room, the four men are now walking towards
Congress wearing riot helmets. From duffel bags, they begin
pulling out gadgets that look like smoke detectors and
placing them on the walls.

As they pass each hallway, they are joined by other comrades
carrying equipment and wearing riot helmets. Down each hall
we see the same gadgets on the walls. Staffers see the men


coming and quickly get out of the way. There are ten of them
now as they reach the last hallway that leads to Congress.
One of them takes off his helmet. He has a full beard and
mustache with a Middle Eastern look, and he takes off
running towards Congress. Another one pulls the fire alarm
and they chase after him.
We see four Congressional Guards standing at their post
outside the doors of Congress with a few members of Congress
lingering outside. They see a man running towards them being
chased by men dressed as the Riot Police.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
Get Congress inside and seal the
The riot police shoot the man in the back and he falls right
at the doorway. Two guards inside the chamber come out to
see what's going on as the other Guards usher the members of
Congress into the chamber and magnetically seal the room by
swiping a blue card.
The staff and lobbyists hear the fire alarm but seem
confused about what they should do. Show a sequence of
lobbyists in several offices pulling out assault rifles from
under their coats. The staff remains frozen in disbelief.
                       LOBBYIST WITH GUN
Everybody out except for the
lobbyists! (Pause) It's a fire
alarm! I have a gun...GET THE FUCK
Show other lobbyists/Terrorists with assault rifles getting
the staff out of the building but making the real lobbyists
stay. Show some lobbyists trying to escape but being knocked
to the floor and held at gun point.
Outside the door of Congress, all the officers have their
guns pointed at the bearded man on the ground.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
      (Talking to the
       Riot Police)
What's the fuck going on guys? Who


                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD (cont'd)
is this man? Tell me he doesn't
have a bomb...
Suddenly see people running and screaming from upstairs and
out of the building. In the chaos, the guards haven't notice
the man on the ground is now pointing two guns at the
Congressional Guards and so are the Riot Police/Terrorist.
The guards lower their weapons to the floor.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
What the hell is going on?
No one answers.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
You got no play. The chamber's
been magnetically sealed.
The Leader (man with the beard) motions, and four policemen
escort the six guards towards the front of the building.
The Scanning Guards are ushering people back outside when
suddenly people start pouring in from upstairs in a frenzy.
                       SCANNING GUARD 1
Calm down people it's just a fire
Staffers scream that there are men with guns upstairs.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
Carol, what's going on?
There's a man with a big gun in my
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
Bobby, call the riot room and see
what the hell is going on. Then
check in with surveillance.
They clear out the last staffer, lock the doors and the
alarm stops. Bobby looks at them shaking his head no.
I'm getting nothing guys.


                       SURVEILLANCE GUARD 1
What do you mean Bobby?!
      (pulling out his
It's ringing...nobody's answering.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
      (gun in hand)
Shit, we gotta' go check out the
They make their way past the scanning machine to go into the
building. They see the 6 Congressional Guards with their
hands up, being escorted out.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
What the FUCK is going on Manny?!
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
They're trying to get inside the
chamber, but it's been sealed.
The Terrorists keep walking, backing the Scanning Guards
back into the scanning room/lobby.
                       TERRORIST 2
Shut-up and listen. Put your guns
down, unlock the door and leave or
die right here, right now. You
The four Terrorists cock their weapons and the Scanning
Guards put their weapons down and unlock the door. Looking
into the yard we see a full arsenal of troops, medical
vehicles, and the media approaching. After the guards leave,
the Terrorists lock the doors and take cover.
In one office, we see a male lobbyists about to be gagged.
Wait a minute, what if we have to
go to the restroom?
                       TERRORIST 3
That's a small inconvenience
considering you get to live. And
trust me, it was a subject of


In another room, the female lobbyists are seated at a table
with their hands tied behind their chairs.
                       TERRORIST 4
Say one word and I will gag every
last one of you.
Inside the chamber it's very chaotic. The Senate Leader
quiets the room.
                       SENATE LEADER
Everybody settle down! Congressman
Bains saw the whole thing, so let
him tell us what happen.
                       CONGRESSMAN BAINS
Looks like some foreigner was
trying to get into Congress and
the Riot Police shot him. I think
he had a bomb.
                       SENATE LEADER
I'm sure they're on top of things
and this'll be over very shortly.
Cut to outside the chamber door. The Terrorist with the
laptop is by the door typing in codes. He finishes and hands
the Leader (without helmet) a blue card. He swipes the card,
the door unlocks and he walks in slowly. Inside the chamber
and we see the door opening with Congress watching. The
Leader slowly enters and is approached by the Senate Leader.
                       SENATE LEADER
Thank God, what is going on out
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I want everyone to remain calm,
have a seat and all your questions
will be answered soon.
Congress starts to get agitated.
                       SENATE LEADER
Young man you will address me as
Senator. Now answer my damn


                       CONGRESSMAN BAINS
John, that's the terrorist they
were chasing.
The chamber door opens wider and we see twenty armed men
wearing Capitol Police riot gear coming into the chamber
with their guns pointed at Congress. Everybody panics and
try to get out the side doors but their security cards do
not work. We now see ten more Terrorists enter the chamber
forcing Congress in their seats.
A couple watching C-SPAN in their living room.
                       BLACK ELDERLY WOMAN
      (Turning to her
God, don't let them be black.
Fifteen more armed men enter the chamber and real fear
begins to take hold. They help force members to cooperate.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I know this may all seem like a
dream, but I assure you it's
happening. Your obedience is
mandatory. Don't find out the hard
way that I am not to be trifled
The Terrorists pull out canvas bags.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Please put all electronic devises
in the canvas bags. And do it like
your life depends on it.
The Commander getting the facts.
Will somebody please make some
sense! Lobbyists with guns? My
Riot Police is holding Congress


                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD 2
No sir, they can't get into the
chamber. Before they got the drop
on us, we sealed the doors with
Congress inside. They're safe.
They had you at gun point and they
didn't take your security card?
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
No sir, they didn't.
Well ain't that something.
                       SCANNING GUARD 2
Sir, we got no response from the
riot room or the surveillance
center. It looks bad sir.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD
It's worst than that. On the way
out we saw devices on the walls.
They look like explosives.
So now we have bombs planted in
the building? (pause) Suit up,
we're going in. We got to get to
them before they figure out a way
to get inside the chamber.
The Captain (second in command) rushes out of his car with a
laptop and places it on the hood of the Commander's car.
Commander, I got C-SPAN on line.
We're too late.
Pull the camera back. We see an influx of news trucks coming
in while the police are trying to control the crowd.
Everyone stops eating to watch the news on the TV.
                       CNN ANCHOR
We are getting incredible reports
that gunmen...terrorists...have
seized the Capitol building and
are now holding both houses of


                       CNN ANCHOR (cont'd)
Congress hostage...
A man at the counter stares at a family from India sitting
at a table. The husband tells his family to get up and go.
                       MAN IN DINER
Yeah, I got yo jihad...
                       INDIAN FATHER
Sir, we're from India.
                       MAN IN DINER
Coming here taking all our jobs!
                       INDIAN FATHER
I'm a senior program annalist. My
wife is a doctor. Which one of us
has your job?
Traffic has stopped and everybody is watching the screen.
The Terrorist are still collecting Phones.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
C-SPAN crew! Cut the feed and set
up one camera down front.
Afterwards you're free to go!
He hands one of them an envelope.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
You guys are getting the day off.
Give this to the Capitol Police.
Just go out the front door. My men
are expecting you.
                       ABC NEWS ANCHOR
If you are just joining us, we've
started this morning with an
unprecedented event. A group of
terrorists, has seized the Capitol
and are now holding both houses of
Congress hostage.


The first question you have to ask
is how could this happen? Aren't
there security measures in place
to prevent something like this?
                       ABC NEWS ANCHOR
And the next question has to be,
is this ISIS? And if not, who?
Also, what are their demands and
what do they hope to accomplish?
People have gather around the televisions.
                       GYM RAT
Shoot, that's not ISIS. That's
somebody pissed off at Congress.
We have two men and two women sitting on a long sofa.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
We are receiving news that a group
of terrorists has seized the
Capitol and are holding both
houses of Congress hostage. This
is not a hoax.
We see the four of them grab each others hand.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
Our prayers go out to Congress,
their families, and to all those
involved, to find a peaceful
resolution to this crisis.
Pan through the reporters then focus on Ann Yazz.
From what we can tell, the Capitol
Police are not sure who the gunmen
are. This could be a terrorist
cell of a number of factions.
Quickly cut the camera away and focus on the Capitol Police.


Wake up everybody. The FBI, the
NSA, Home Land Security and the
Nation Guard. And no matter how
this ends, we're going to need a
holding site.
For the terrorists?
No, for Congress. At this point,
nobody can just walk out and
simply go home. An investigation
is eminent. And where the hell is
Alex? It was his security system
they got past. Send a black and
white to pick his ass up. We need
answers and he better have some.
Pan the camera to the Capitol Building. The doors open and
the C-SPAN crew runs out, hands raised, holding the letter.
The Capitol Police runs towards them yelling, get on the
ground. As they comply, they explain that they are the
C-SPAN camera crew and they have a letter. The police frisk
them, take the letter and usher them towards the Commander.
The Commander takes the letter and gives the crew a look
that says "explain yourselves."
                       CSPAN CREW
He let us go and told us to give
you that letter.
Tell me what's going on in there.
                       CSPAN CREW
There's about 40 or so men holding
Congress at gun point.
Who are they? What they look like?
                       C-SPAN CREW 2
They're all wearing those riot
helmets except for their leader.
He looks Middle Eastern but he
doesn't sound like it.
Go with these men. They're going
to take an official statement.


Two sergeants come and escort the crew away.
      (talking to the
Get me some real Intel...
As they take away the C-SPAN crew, the Commander begins
reading the letter out loud.
First of all be patient. All we're
asking for is time. This will be
over at some point today at which
time, all hostages shall be
released, and we will surrender to
authorities. We have NO intentions
of harming anyone but that will
change if you decide to breech
this building. The only request I
have, is for you to send in
cameras from the four major
networks. You shouldn't have any
trouble finding someone who wants
to help record history. In return
I will release the ten female
Suddenly, the Commander's cell phone rings. Everybody
freezes and stares at him. He answers it.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
      (voice on apeaker)
I know this may sound like a
negotiation but I want the cameras
in here in ten minutes. Your
hostages will be waiting for you.
So what do I call you?
The Terrorist does not answer.
Where are my officers?
                       TERRORIST LEADER
They can't come to the phone right
now, but if you'd like to leave a
message, you can do so by shutting
the fuck up and doing as you're
told. You don't worry about them.
If they're smart, they'll make it


                       TERRORIST LEADER (cont'd)
out of this alive.
We see smoke everywhere. The camera moves towards the back
and stops at the men room. Inside, we see everybody's
coughing and wetting their faces. Some lay on the floor
receiving mouth to mouth. Everyone is taking off their
shirts and insulating the door. The camera moves down the
hall towards another restroom. Inside we see the same.
We gotta do something. We can't
just sit here and wait.
If we go out there, we won't make
it back. So settle down. Right now
we need to think.
We see a policeman running up to the Commander.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Sir, Mr Hunter was not home. They
checked his offices and it seems
he hasn't been in all week. They
even knocked on his neighbors
doors and they haven't seem him.
Put an APB out on him. Find him,
we need him.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Yes sir.
      (instructing his
Go to your computer and pull up
Alex Hunter's profile. Get his
picture to the media and tell them
to broadcast it. Let them know
this man is the software designer
for our security system and we
need to find him, and get his ass
down here. Then get me my


Now Alex's gone missing. I'm
getting a bad feeling.
I have a feeling we're going to
find Alex in a shallow grave. I
think these rag heads grabbed him,
forced him to give up security
codes and God knows what else.
It's the only thing that explains
them getting past our security
system so easily. All they want is
time...time to do what?!
Four Terrorists are untying the female lobbyists. Terrorist
4 takes his rifle and moves the opening of one of the
lobbyist's blouse to one side. She swings at his face
knocking him and his helmet to the floor.
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
      (punching him)
You fucking pig!
The other women start to panic. Terrorist 3 picks up the
helmet and pulls the lobbyist off of him. He throws him his
helmet. He puts it on and start attacking the lobbyist.
                       TERRORIST 3
Stand down soldier!
Terrorist 3 turns and yell at the other two Terrorists.
                       TERRORIST 3
Get them outta' here!
Terrorist 3 pulls him off her and throws him to the floor.
                       TERRORIST 4
Dammit, she saw my face!
She regain her senses while they think about what to do.
                       TERRORIST 3
I'll tie her up in the Senator's
office. You pull your head out of
your ass and go help make the


We see the cameramen walking towards the Capitol with police
escorts. Cut to Ann Yazz and her Cameraman.
      (talking to Ann
       while filming)
Shit, that could have been me.
Opportunities like that comes once
in five life times.
Then who in-the-Hell is going to
film me? Huh? Think! I need you.
We're a team.
Cut to a view of the yard from the Capitol's front doors.
The camera crews are waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
Suddenly the women come running out. The police run up to
help gather them in, while the cameramen run inside.
The Terrorists are patting down the cameramen and checking
all of the equipment.
                       TERRORIST 4
You have one rule to remember. Do
NOT film the faces of my comrades.
If one of my brothers takes off
his helmet to wipe the sweat from
his brow, and find you filming his
face, he will shoot your ass dead.
Are we clear?!
The cameramen nod their heads with assurance.
Zoom in on the two Terrorists seated down front at a table
operating four laptops, alone with the Leader and another
Terrorist by his side. The phone rings and the Leader puts
it on speaker.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I thought I told you this was a
one way line.


      (voice on speaker)
What happened to that woman
Goddammit!? Is she alright?!
                       TERRORIST LEADER
She's fine, calm down.
Fuck that! 9 wasn't the deal.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
She decided to misbehave.
All the more reason to let her go!
                       TERRORIST LEADER
      (getting annoyed)
She saw the face of one of my men
and I'm not ready for that.
Suddenly the Terrorist standing next to the Leader, gives
him the signal to hang up the phone.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Don't fuckin' call me unless I
tell you to.
He hangs up the phone and the phone rings again. The other
Terrorist walks past the Leader, and hangs it up.
More people have gathered around watching CNN.
                       CNN ANCHOR
      (A picture of Alex
       has been insetted
       with a 1-800
Right now the authorities are
asking have you seen this man. His
name is Alex Hunter and he is the
chief software designer of the
security system used by the
Capitol, the National Monuments
and the White House.


A picture of Alex is in the corner of the screen.
                       FEMALE TALK SHOW HOST 2
What do they want him to do now?
Seems to me the damage is done.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
They need him to figure out how a
bunch of yahoos beat his system
and figure out how to regain
control of it.
                       TALK SHOW HOST 2
Guys, we are asking the wrong
questions. These punks just ran
through the security system of our
National Government and the chief
designer of security is missing.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
I'm being told we have some live
footage so let's go there now.
We see a Muslim Mosque being attacked by rioters.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
      (off camera)
I thought we were going to the
Capitol but I'm being told, this
is live footage from Chicago.
                       FEMALE TALK SHOW HOST
      (Off camera)
I want to be clear that we do not
know who these terrorists are.
                       TALK SHOW HOST 2
      (Off camera)
Everybody please, this is a time
for solidarity, not division.
Two men from the FBI, one from the N.S.A. and one from Home
Land Security has arrived. The Commander is showing them
previous footage of the Terrorists in the chamber.


      (talking too NSA)
I need intel on these guys. Who
are they and what's their end
game? Do what you do and do it
quick, cause right now, we got
                       NSA OFFICER
OK, I'm on it.
      (Talking to Home
       Land Sec.)
When this is finally over, we are
going to have ourselves a hell of
a time getting Congress to
cooperate with our investigation.
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
OK, what can I do?
Use that big budget. I'm setting
up a holding site and I want them
to feel pampered while we conduct
our investigation. Can you make
that happen?
He nods his head and leaves.
      (talking to the
Get the men ready, we're going in.
What? You sure about this?
Yes. They kept the woman because
she saw someone's face.
Why are they hiding their faces if
they plan on giving up at the end
of the day? Get the men ready.
The Captain twirls his finger towards his men and they start
to gear up. The FBI and HLS approach the Commander.


                       FBI 2
Sir, did you just give the order
to breech?
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
I don't think that's protocol
There's something going on here.
They have no demands, they just
want time...Time To Do What? They
say they'll give up at the end of
the day, yet they feel the need to
hide their identity. And ain't no
fuckin' way they breached our
security system without some
inside help. No fuckin' way!
Something ain't right about this.
And getting inside that building
is going to better our chances of
figuring out what it is. We need
real estate, cause right now,
sitting in the yard, we're not in
a position to demand a goddamn
The squad leaders approach the Commander waiting on orders.
      (Talking to squad
First we smoke out the lobby and
secure that. Once inside, we
secure one hallway at a time. We
secure a bomb depressor on those
devices they're telling us about
and make our way to the chamber
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
It's going to get ugly if you
breech the chamber!
We don't breech the chamber,
Chase. We cut the power making it
pitch black for three seconds. We
call and let their asses know we
are right outside the door with an
army that ain't leaving without
Congress. We'll be on top of them
instead of being in the goddamn
yard. That will give us the


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
leverage we need to negotiate. I
promise you, people don't act so
bold when the only thing standing
between them and the worlds finest
police force, is a goddamn
door...they will fold. Now get the
men into position.
The Terrorists behind cover looking out into the yard.
                       TERRORIST IN LOBBY
      (on the radio)
We got movement...something's
happening...I think they're going
to breech.
On the computer, we see soldiers approaching the building.
Show the Leader going to the phone and pressing speed dial.
The Commander looks at his phone and cancels the call.
The Terrorists put on their gas masks and take cover in the
The Capitol Police fire tear gas into the front lobby,
shattering the glass.
Cut to the lobby. The gas is filling up the room.
The Terrorist standing beside the Leader brushes him aside
and puts his hand on the shoulder of one of the men
monitoring the computers. The man looks up at him and he
gives him a nod. The man types in a code and holds his
finger on the enter key.


The Capitol Police put on their gas masks and charge the
building. Ten yards before they reach the steps...
They are watching the men approach on the computer. The
Terrorist with his hand on the shoulder of the Computer
Terrorist gives it nudge. The Computer Terrorist press the
enter key.
The camera is behind the police when suddenly there's a big
explosion. The sound had a sonic boom sound/feel to it. We
see the explosion lifting the men up and blowing them back
over the camera. The camera turns around and in the back
ground we see everyone watching in horror and taking cover.
We see the crowd having a horrific reaction.
They're on the edge of their seat, reacting to the events.
                       FEMALE TALK SHOW HOST 2
Oh, my, God! Oh my God, oh my God!
The Terrorist who gave the order, step pass the Leader and
approach the four cameramen who are now filming.
                       TERRORIST 1
Don't fuck with me! Right here
right now, I am in charge!
Congress is mine! And now let me
take away any reason to doubt my
He takes off his helmet and we see that it is Alex Hunter.


She turns to her husband and we see tears in her eyes.
                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
He just sat black people back
sixty years.
I know the question on everybody's
mind must be, "Why"? Well, allow
me. For too damn long, this
government has been a useless
embarrassment to the people
they're suppose to represent.
A huge crowd watching Alex on the big screen.
They've sold their loyalty to
international corporations that
run the world. Our country has
been taken from us...we are here
to take it back.
You forced me to do something I
had no desire to do. But you are
not going to breech this building
until I've had my say. All I'm
asking for is time. I will release
all hostages at the end of this
day. And at that time, I and my
men will surrender to authorities.
But until that time, you and the
world will hear what I have to
say. Until then, Congress is mine.
We see the Capitol Police laying on the ground. We see other
policemen slowly approaching them using metal detectors to
ensure there are no more explosives.


Cut to a closeup of the Commander. He seems distraught about
what just happened. The HLS officer walks up behind him.
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
Commander, I'm sorry but I think
it's time I take the lead on this.
I don't think so Chase. Now back
the hell up.
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
Goddammit Brian, you just lead
your men into an ambush.
You're on Capitol grounds Chase.
And on Capitol grounds I am in
command. The only people I answer
to are the Secretary of Defense,
the President and God...in that
Chaotic scene. Guys up front by the counter.
I'm telling you, that was a bomb.
No...it was something different.
It sounded sub-sonic.
Still can't be good.
The Lieutenant hops on the counter and starts unscrewing the
screws in the vent.
OK guys, I'm gonna send someone
through the vents. See if you can
find out what's going on. And I
want to make this perfectly clear.
Recon...go see and get your ass
back here and report what you saw.
As the vent opens the Lieutenant steps down and Sam hops up.


      (Looking at Sam)
Take two...
Jerry, Pete, lets go.
Everyone's huddled around the Commander looking for answers.
That's Alex Hunter in there.
There's no way he could have
pulled this off by himself...no
fucking way. He's had help dammit,
and lots of it. We've gotta move
this shit to a whole new level.
Who has the skill to help him plan
this, plant the bombs, and find
men that would storm the Capitol?
                       FBI 1
We should be asking are there
anymore bombs...and if so, where?
                       FBI 2
And who planted them, and when?
Everyone pauses to ponder that thought
      (turning to the
Get the Grounds Supervisor here
and tell them to hurry.
We see the Captain go and give instructions to the rest of
the team and they get on the radio.
OK Dammit, I need everybody on
their "A Game". The man we were
hoping to help solve this crisis
is the man that caused it. I need
ideas. We need a whole new game
plan and we needed it thirty
minutes ago. Alex Hunter is
literally holding our country
hostage! Let's show that arrogant


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
prick he just fucked up big time.
We see the Riot Policemen crawling in the vent. Oddly
enough, the vent is quite spacious.
We need to know what's happening
with Congress so let's get inside
the chamber. From there we'll
figure out what to do next.
Peter and Jerry nod in agreement.
The Capitol Police drives up with the Grounds Supervisor and
the Commander just stares at him.
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
      (looking puzzled)
Tell me something...
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
About what?
Explosives...on the grounds...your
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
You're blaming me for that?!
Are you in charge of the grounds
or not?! You better tell me
something Hector!
                       FBI 1
Sir, have there been any new
employees working on the grounds
in the past week or two?
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Yes. I hired two temps because two
of my men missed work last week.


                       FBI 2
They call in sick or are they just
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
They kinda' disappeared on me. I
haven't heard from them at all.
Have you witnessed any unusual
behavior from them?
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Not really...well, I catch them
working in areas that aren't
assigned to them.
Shit Hector!
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
That's not SO unusual, they are
Are they still on the grounds?!
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
No. I followed protocol and got
everyone off the grounds.
I want you to get on the computer
and pull up their files and give
them to the FBI. Then I want you
to get with my bomb squad and show
them where they were working.
Let's be sure we're not standing
in a goddamn land mine.
Congress is voicing their discontent and clearly agitated.
For over thirty years, this has
been a do-nothing Congress...
A Congressman off camera yells, "Most of us haven't been in
Congress for thirty years"! He gets laughter and applause.


      (Looking in his
So today, we are going to get some
work done. We are going to show
America and the world how
efficient government can be, and
how efficient government had
better be from now on.
A woman stands and yells out.
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
This is insane!
Everybody pause and look in her direction.
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
I can see where this is going, and
putting guns to our heads and
forcing us to pass laws that will
never be upheld by the court is a
waste of everybody's time
including yours!
Alex slowly walks in her direction.
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
You, your guns and the rest of
your terrorist thugs are going to
accomplish absolutely nothing
that's going to aid this country
in moving forward...This is just
People begin to rumble as Alex stands by her row.
Let me tell you what crazy is.
Crazy is having a Congress that is
so dysfunctional, it takes a gun
to the head, in order to get it
working again.
Alex walks away from her and continues to pace the floor.
And you better keep in mind that I
do have guns...and I WILL have
order in my house. Your temper
tantrums will not be tolerated.


                       SENATE LEADER
Or what?! You're going to kill us
all?! We're not afraid of
terrorists. You brought guns into
the House of Congress. The sun
light you saw this morning is the
last ray of sunshine your asses
are ever going to see again. I
will personally see to it that...
Two Terrorists grab the Senator and physically drag him down
towards the front, hitting and kicking him while he screams.
As all of Congress react, the other gunmen surround them,
pointing their guns at them, yelling at them to sit down and
shut-up or catch a bullet. While the two men drag the
Senator down front, show Alex with his back to the scene not
wanting to watch.
We see them viewing the screen having a horrific reaction.
                       MAN IN TIMES SQUARE
      (tearing up)
We gotta get these sons of
Commander on his phone.
      (very angry)
You kill that man and I swear I'll
send in tanks to get your ass...He
die, you die!
      (voice on speaker)
Commander I have no desire to kill
anyone. But do not question my
resolve. And do not call me with
threats you can ill afford to
carry out. And everyone listening
to the sound of my voice: know
this and know it well. I will have
order in my house.


As Alex hangs up the phone and walks down front, take the
camera off of Alex and slowly zoom in to an opening in the
overhead vent. As we get closer, we see eyes looking out.
Inside the vent, we see the three Riot Policemen. Each has
an opening to look out of. Cut the camera to look out of the
vent showing their point of view. They can see most of room.
The Grounds Supervisor is showing the men with the
detectors, and the FBI, where the two men worked. The
Grounds Supervisor is now looking at the crowd and he seems
frozen in his tracks. We see the FBI staring at him.
                       FBI 2
What is it Hector?
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Don't look...the two new guys are
standing behind the barricade over
my right shoulder.
Both men raise their heads and look in that direction.
                       GROUNDS SUPERVISOR
Don't look...they're still wearing
their uniforms.
We can see the men dressed in their work clothes. FBI 1 gets
on the radio and call the Commander.
                       FBI 1
Commander, I think we might have
Talk to me.
Cut the camera to the two men standing with the crowd at the
barrier. Move the camera closer as we see policemen
approaching them from all sides. We see people starting to
get out of the way as the FBI approaches them directly from
behind. They turn around slowly and put their hands up as
the FBI grab them and put them on the ground and handcuff
them. We see the media cameras turn from the Capitol and
start filming the arrest.


We see one of the Computer Men standing up and calling for
Alex and the Leader. They hurry to the computer. We see the
two workers being taken inside a portable holding station.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
We can't sweat that. There's
nothing we can do to help them and
there's nothing they can do to
hurt us.
They can tell them where the rest
of the charges are.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Even if they re-gain control of
the yard, we still have Congress.
The two men are handcuffed to the arms and legs of their
chairs. The FBI is seated in front facing them. The door
opens and the Commander and the Captain walks in.
                       FBI 1
      (talking to the
I know something you don't. My
partner has intuitive powers that
are fucking unbelievable. And he
tells me you know what we wanna
                       FBI 2
You men are being held under the
Patriot Act. The charge is
terrorism against the United
States. That means you have no
Miranda rights, no rights to an
attorney, no rights to nothing.
And I have the right to extract
any information by any means
necessary, which will commence as
soon as I finish this next
sentence. Tell me where you
planted the explosives.


Outside, the portable station is being guarded by the
police. Reporters are there reporting what just happened.
      (Talking to camera)
The men were wearing the uniforms
of the grounds crew. So we are
assuming that they are employees.
They were in handcuffs and were
escorted inside this holding
station by the FBI with the help
of the local police. They must
have reasons to believe they are
connected to today's events.
The Reporter is on the big screen. Show the people watching
when a man's screams are heard coming from inside the
station. The reporter and everyone else turn towards the
vehicle then freeze in their tracks when they hear the
painful cries again.
They're sitting watching the monitor. He screams again.
                       TALK SHOW HOST 2
I think we are witnessing the
Patriot Act and the leeway it
gives to officers to combat
terrorism. But I'd like to remind
everyone that these extremes can
only be implemented towards those
committing crimes against the
United States such as terrorism.
It's just one of those necessary
evils that keeps us safe.
Alex and The Leader listening to the torture.
      (under his breath)
Barbaric Mother fuckers...


                       TERRORIST LEADER
      (Pulling Alex away)
We're starting to lose daylight.
Stay focus.
We see the three of them looking through the openings. Peter
pulls out his gun and points it at Alex. Cut to Peter's
point of view, looking down the barrel of his gun.
      (Speaking softly)
I can end this shit right now with
one shot.
You discharge that weapon and
we're gonna have a slew of bullets
flying into this vent.
Dammit Pete, stop fuckin' around.
      (putting the gun
Calm down, I ain't stupid...
We see the Captain, the Commander and the FBI coming out of
the station. Reporters are trying to get an interview but
the police are keeping them back. The Captain gives
directions to the bomb squad telling them where to look.
The door is covered, and people are trying to recovery from
being gassed. They don't have a vent opening.
                       RIOT COP 1
That gas isn't supposed to be
lethal. But anybody breathing it
for too long will die. I'm going
to check and make sure no one got
left behind.


                       RIOT COP 2
You open that door and the same
could happen to us.
                       RIOT COP 1
I know...So close it fast.
Wrapping his undershirt around his face
                       RIOT COP 1
Anybody else coming?
Two guys wet their shirts and wrap up their faces.
Just shut-up and listen. You've
tried it your way, now we'll try
mine. I want everyone to raise
your right hand.
Half of them raise their hands and half starts complaining.
Look goddammit, when I tell you to
do something, Do It! You best
believe you're going to earn your
money today. Now get em up!
We see everyone raising their hand.
OK...if you've been to the doctor
in the last two years, keep your
hand up.
No one puts their hand down.
Put your hand down IF your medical
bill was NOT paid for by the
United States Government.
Still no one puts their hand down.
So I understand that everyone of
you, have been to the doctor
within the last two years. If
you've paid one red cent out of
your own pocket, for any medical


                       ALEX (cont'd)
issue, put your hand down.
A woman close to Alex puts her hand down. Alex walk, up to
her, takes her hand and ask her to stand. Alex signals the
Computer Men and one looks up and then starts typing.
Senator, are you telling me a
system that pays 100% of your
medical bills, failed you in your
time of need?
                       COMPUTERMAN 1
While on vacation in Mexico,
Senator Barns twisted her ankle.
Because she was not on official
business, she was charged $123.
But she filed a report and was
reimbursed the full amount two
weeks later.
You weren't entirely truthful, now
were you?
We see the Senator and Alex on the TV screen.
                       SENATOR BARNS
I guess I misunderstood the
Alex flicks his middle finger across her knuckles hard.
You take the short bus to school?
                       SENATOR BARNS
      (Tearing up)
He flicks her knuckles again. Congress is starting to react
when Terrorists target them with their riffles.
      (In her face)
Are You Slow?!


                       SENATOR BARNS
No...I graduated from Georgetown
with honors.
Pan through the faces in the crowd and they are appalled.
      (off camera)
Then you know what I'm asking.
                       SENATOR BARNS
I just misunderstood the
      (talking to
Oh, I will be understood today.
You can bet your ass on that...
Alex steps away from the aisle, then he notice that the man
sitting on the end is mean mugging him.
      (in his face)
You eye ballin' me boy? You look
at me like that again and I'll go
"Django Unchained" up in this
bitch. Stand up!
Two Terrorists comes and surrounds them.
Yeah I know guys like you. Captain
of your football team, your
daddy's rich, got everybody
telling you how handsome you are.
Came to Congress to clean this
shit up. To stupid to realize that
shit smell is coming from the
bottom of your shoes. You're not
the solution junior, you're the
problem. Now sit your ass down!
Alex notices that everyone has put their hands down.
Get those hands back up! I told
you, you were going to work today.
(long pause, pacing the floor


                       ALEX (cont'd)
again) Put your hand down IF, you
are unhappy with your current
health care plan or have at any
time drafted a bill that will make
changes to the Congressional
Health Care System.
Cut to a broad shot and we see no one put their hand down.
So by this show of hands, one
could conclude that not only do
you have a great health care
system, but you wouldn't change it
if you could...OK put your hands
down. (pause) By a show of hands,
how many here feel that you are in
Congress to lead the people of
your district?
We see that about half the people raise their hands.
OK, so how many here feel that you
are here to serve the people of
your district?
We see everyone raising their hand.
So by your show of hands, it is
clear that you understand you are
here to serve the American
people... Put your hands down
please... Is there anyone here
that can name ONE example in all
of human history where servants
have a higher standard of living
than the people they serve?
Pausing to look around.
Come on, don't be shy. There is
only one example in the history of
humanity where servants are
treated better than the people
they serve. As Ross Perot would
say..."You People". The United
States Congress and governments
all over the world are the only
people in servitude who have a
higher standard of living than the


                       ALEX (cont'd)
people they serve.
We see them looking through the openings when Sam gestures
for everybody to back out.
OK we've seen enough of this shit.
Lets go see what's going on out
The crowd has gotten bigger as they watch the televisions.
Can someone explain to me why
Congress reaps the benefit of what
is CLEARLY, a socialized medical
program, then demonize that
program for its citizens. You tell
the people to stop looking for
government hand outs. You're quick
to label them a socialist, lazy, a
moocher, or a damn free loader!
We see the police have dug up the explosives on the grounds
and placed them into portable bomb shelters. They signal to
the Commander that the job is complete.
Pan the camera towards the reporters.
This is Ann Yazz with an update.
For our own safety, I could not
report this, but believe it or
not, the Bomb Squad just finished
digging up multiple bombs buried
beneath us. We were literally
standing in a mine field.
Alex is moderating an argument between members of Congress.


                       CONGRESSMAN 1
The truth is my committee has been
fighting for health care reform
but you sir, have blocked every
                       CONGRESSMAN 2
      (cutting him off)
How are we going to pay for it
Congressman? Answer me that? How
are we going to pay for it?
Down front we see one of the Computer Men stand and wave
Alex and the Leader over to the table. Alex hurries down
front but you can still hear the Congressmen along with
several others arguing off camera. He see the bomb squad
load up the explosives in a truck. Alex picks up the phone
and calls the Commander.
Bravo Commander, but it means
nothing. It's the equivalent of me
having guns pointed at your entire
family, and you manage to wrestle
away the one gun that was pointed
at you. I still have your family.
You push me and I'll demonstrate
what those gadgets on the walls
that I'm sure your men told you
about can do. All I'm asking for
is time. So behave.
We see the FBI approaching the Commander.
                       FBI 2
The background check on the
grounds crew came back. Ex
                       FBI 1
So it's not hard to fathom that
the men in the building are the
same. And if that's the case, Alex
isn't working alone.
                       FBI 2
It takes a lot of pull to get
those kind of men to pull this
off. Alex doesn't have military
affiliation. That means somebody


                       FBI 2 (cont'd)
else does.
Guys, we're on the same page. Were
those two able to shed any light
on who we should be looking for?
                       FBI 2
No, they say they only knew their
part. They're being transported to
base. If they know anything, they
will talk.
Jerry is reporting back to the Lieutenant and the team.
I'll be back in thirty and report
on what's going on out front.
He stops before climbing into the vent and looks back.
Hey Lieutenant, we could use
another guy...
We see Andre climbing on the counter to go with him.
Paula on her knees watching the news, and listening to the
out-going message on her husband's voice mail.
Hello this is Peter Sanchez. Sorry
I can't come to the phone right
now but leave a message and I will
return your call as soon as
                       PETER'S WIFE
Honey it's me. Please call me
baby...I'm watching the news and I
am freaking out. Call me and let
me know you're OK baby...


The Congressmen are still arguing and Alex, walking towards
them, raises his hands and gestures for them to be quiet.
      (talking to the
There is no mystery to why all the
prominent countries around the
world provide health care for its
citizens, except for the United
TO BE MADE! You see, in this
country we work hard all day which
causes stress. Because we are over
worked, we turn to drugs, sex, and
mindless entertainment, but mostly
we turn to food. This leads to
eating disorders, which leads to
disease and illnesses. We look for
medicine to cure our ills but it's
clear to any rational mind that it
doesn't work because if it did,
why would we need to keep taking
the medicine?! Pharmaceuticals
know there's no money to be made
in telling you the truth! Simply
alleviate stress and your body
will heal itself. The cause of
stress, is the fear of your needs
not being met. So to meet your
needs, you believe you must work
harder. It is this repetitive
cycle that ails thee.
Pan through the faces of everyone watching.
Now here is where your government
plays its part. With
pharmaceuticals making that much
money from your ailments, they
will do anything to keep this
gravy train rolling. And paying
millions to buy off Congress, is
more than worth the billions they
make in profit. Right now I have
about 50 lobbyist bound and gagged
upstairs. These are the same
assholes that bribe your


                       ALEX (cont'd)
government officials: disguised as
campaign contributions...to make
sure no laws are passed that will
hinder them from profiting from
your heart disease, your obesity,
your diabetes, your depression or
the arthritis you incur from being
over worked. Because they can't
sell you pain relief if you have
no pain!
Pan through the crowd watching on their monitors.
In all this time, the best they've
come up with is Obama care! Which
forces you to buy insurance from
the same corporations that the
assholes I have up stairs work
for! There is no mystery to why
U.S. citizens don't have a single
payer system. They're being paid
to NOT give it to us by all those
who profit from us being sick! Not
to mention, the HMO's that act
only as middle men between you and
your doctor, sucking up profits,
robbing a health care system that
is more concern with health care
PREVENTION. Because HMO's do
everything they can to PREVENT
paying for your health care.
What drives me crazy is how did
they convince three hundred
million people that Congress
should have socialized health
care, but not the rest of us?
Americans are going bankrupt
trying to keep up with the high
cost of meds, on this bullshit
system. But we are constantly
being told, "we have the greatest
health care system in the world."
And every time we say that shit,
some foreigner cringe, because


                       ALEX (cont'd)
they know it is either said out of
malice, ignorance or plain
stupidity. They've got us so
brainwashed, we think Hard Work is
a good thing...Well, hard work is
hard! You believe, only when you
work your ass off, do you deserve
more...Hell, only poor people
think like that. The rich have
known for quite some time that
hard work has nothing to do with
Alex pauses beside a Senator and puts his hand on his
You think Americans are stupid
don't you?
                       SENATOR 1
      (caught by
No sir I do not.
You think you can stick it to us
then scare us with words like
socialism, communists, government
handouts, or "what you got against
making money"?
All of Congress begin to murmur disagreement.
Yeah you think we're all stupid.
It's not that big of a jump. I
mean, how bright can you be,
seeing all of Congress and
everybody in the industrialized
world getting free health care
except for yourself and think, you
don't need the Government doing
anything for you. Not
understanding, that is the sole
purpose of government. THAT'S WHAT
government's job to do everything
they THINK they can do for the
citizens of this country that will
make our lives better. That is the
point of all this. You see I've
discovered something. Sometimes


                       ALEX (cont'd)
you actually have to drag people
towards prosperity...sometimes
kicking and screaming.
Cut to a distant shot of the chamber.
Who among you, by a show of hands
feel, that it would NOT improve
the lives of your fellow citizens
by having universal health care?
We see no one raising their hands.
By a show of hands are there any
amongst you, who do NOT have any
desire to improve the lives of
your fellow citizens?
Once again no one raise their hand.
Then I say Fuck Obama Care. Why
are we paying middle men to pay
our doctor bills? That's the
formula for the high cost of
anything... That's insane! I
propose we pass a bill that gives
every American citizen the same
health care that you yourselves
enjoy by simply expanding Medicare
to every American citizen!
We see the crowd cheering and applauding.
We see them applauding and giving high fives.
A Senator stands up.
                       SENATOR 2
I'm sorry sir but things are not
that simple. We have a system and
you are making a mockery of it and


                       SENATOR 2 (cont'd)
I will not be a part of it.
Congress becomes agitated. Someone tells him to please sit
down and we hear someone say, "oh my god are you kidding me"
and "let's get this shit over with so we can all go home",
and "that old fool's gonna get somebody killed.".
There's some truth in that, but
let me speak a greater truth. The
system is outdated. The system is
a failure to the citizens of this
great nation. But don't you worry
Senator, we're here to fix it.
We see Peter and Sam over looking the Scanning room. Through
the openings we can see the four Terrorists and the the
police stationed outside. Sam gestures to leave.
I got a plan...
Cut to Sam and Pete crawling through the vent. We see them
stop suddenly and their eyes get big with fright and then
they relax and smile. They see Jerry and Andre coming.
We have four Terrorists held up in
the scanning area. Guys, do you
believe in fate?
What do you mean?
There's four of them and four of
us and we have the element of
Whoa guys, the Lieutenant said
re-con only.
Look, right now we got dick. If we
can get control of the lobby, we
can get the squad in the building.


We get the squad inside, then we
take back one area at a time.
We're taking a big chance guys.
We might not get an opportunity
like this again.
There's a bathroom vent on this
level that we can fit
through...and it's right down the
We're doing this?
Hell yeah...
We see the last one climbing out of the bathroom vent. They
grab their guns and quickly heads towards the lobby.
The Computer Men watching the screen. One of the monitors
picks up the Riot Police running towards the lobby.
                       COMPUTERMAN 1
Alex! We got trouble!
We see Alex and the Leader running down front.
We see the Riot Police stop at the entrance to the lobby.
Suddenly we see each Terrorists has a gun to their head.
Please do something stupid...


Drop your weapons, put your hands
on top of your heads and stand up
real slow.
We see Alex watching the monitor. As Alex picks up the radio
we see the Leader hold up his hand signaling five, five and
runs out the door being followed by a squad of ten men.
The Riot Police is standing behind their man, looking out
into the yard and pointing their guns. Suddenly they hear
Alex on the radio of the Terrorist being held by Sam.
Because I know you don't know
what's at stake, I'm going to
offer you leniency. Let my men go,
walk out the front door and live.
To help motivate you towards the
right decision, just picture your
children growing up fatherless.
Sam reaches for the radio.
And gentlemen, you have only this
moment called "right the fuck now"
to decide.
Sam is about to respond but Peter's cell phone rings.
Everything stops and everybody stares at Peter.
      (he answers)
Hey honey
Peter's wife sitting on the sofa watching TV.
                       PETER'S WIFE
Thank God you're OK. Where are


      (voice over the
Honey, I gotta put you on hold.
Everyone is staring at Peter as if to say, "REALLY?" He puts
his phone back in his front pocket.
      (talking on the
       radio looking up
       at the camera)
Hearing your voice made me realize
who you are... Do we look like
we're in a position to be
threatened. How the fuck do you
think this is going to end Alex?!
      (voice over the
Unfortunately we both know the
answer to that. But right now you
should be more concerned about
what's going to happen in the mean
time. I want you to look out into
the yard. There's something I want
to show you.
Alex presses the enter key on the computer.
A close-up of Sam and his Terrorist. We hear a loud sonic
boom and in slow motion Sam's mouth drops open and he drops
the radio. We now see the Riot Police looking out into the
yard and freaking out, throwing their hostages to the floor.

Cut to a medium shot showing outside. We can clearly see the
shadow of the Washington Monument and it seems like it's
exploding. We see the reaction of the people on the lawn and
they are freaking out and taking cover.


A broad view from behind the crowd showing everyone reacting
in horror, screaming and taking cover as they watch the
Washington Monument exploding as half of it is falling to
the ground. All of this is happening in slow motion.
The Riot Police have their men on the ground yelling at them
to stay down. Through all the commotion, we suddenly hear
footsteps racing down the hall. We see the radio on the
floor by the head of one of the Terrorist.
      (voice over the
Shit just got real didn't it? Now
let my people go!
Shit! Fall back!
We see the Riot Police running back into the building. The
Terrorists scramble to get their guns and start to give

Cut to the Terrorist Leader and his squad of ten reaching
the entrance of the lobby just as the Terrorists were about
to pursue the Riot Police. Each group paused at the
entrance. The Terrorists points in the direction that the
Riot Police ran and the squad of ten take off after them.
The Leader gives the four of them a bone chilling look,
points towards the scanning area indicating for them to
cover their damn position then takes off after the ten.
She's on her knees by the television holding the phone
crying. We can hear that Peter never hung up because on the
phone we hear running and scuffling and Sam intensely saying
go, go, go. Also in the background, we see and can hear the
news reporting that the Washington Monument just exploded
and collapsed.
The Commander picking up the phone calling Alex.


What the fuck Alex?! What The
fuck, you insane fuck?!
      (voice over the
Calm down, that wasn't about you.
I had some house cleaning to do.
Apparently some of your men are
making a nuisance of themselves. I
just needed to get their attention
that's all.
You just destroyed a national
monument you crazy fuck!
There's no need to take that tone
Commander. It's just bricks and
mortar and we both know it can and
will be replaced. What can not be
replaced, is the well being of the
American people, and people all
over the world. That's what this
is all about...NOT BUILDINGS!
We see the leg of the last man as he climbs into the vent
and closes it behind him. The bathroom door opens slowly
with a rifle leading the way. We see that's it's the Leader.
He comes in and pauses, scans the room with his eyes and
backs out.
Shot of everyone surrounding the Commander.
                       FBI 2
You know, protocol dictates that
all of the monuments were
evacuated hours ago.
Yeah I know, but this means we
have to check everything. He could
have booby trapped the goddamn
White House for all we know.


Show verybody giving that some thought.
      (talking to the
Get the National Guard over there.
Have them do a sweep of all
National Monuments, the White
House and the grounds. I can not
believe this shit just got worse.
We see the Leader walking in and pulling Alex aside.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
We got a problem... Those were
Riot Policemen and they escaped
the riot room using the vents.
I need you to neutralize them.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Yes but need I remind you of one
suddenly not so small factor... We
have rubber bullets.
Cut to a close-up of Alex looking confused.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
They are using the vents to
mobilize... The vents are made of
metal, and we have rubber bullets!
Alex steps away to think as the realization hits him.
I need you to handle this. And I
know this is asking a lot, but try
not to kill anybody. Just
neutralize 'em.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
This is insane. Look, I'll do what
I can to, as you say, minimize
casualties. But the lives of my
men comes first.


We see the four Riot Policemen quietly heading back to the
riot restroom then they stop.
Look, they're going to figure out
where we are.
You don't know that.
These guys are professionals so
let's not under estimate them. We
can go back and report that we
fucked up, or we can fix this.
We gotta report in.
Yeah, but if we go back with this
story we're fucked. We don't have
to lie, we're just NOT going to
tell them everything. So let's get
our story straight...Agreed?
Everybody shake their heads in compliance.
      (holding up papers)
I've been brushing up on the rules
and regulations for sending a bill
to the floor, and it's time to
clean house! These rules were
conjured up for the sole purpose
of prohibiting you from being too
efficient at doing your job. They
need you hobbled so that the
powers of industry can remain ten
steps ahead of you.
Alex throws the papers up in the air.
We're making new rules. Rules that
will streamline Congress which
will in turn, streamline America!
New rule number one...You will
never add pork to another bill for


                       ALEX (cont'd)
as long as you live....NEVER! To
add a provision to a bill that has
absolutely nothing to do with the
original bill is- pardon my
French- FUCKING STUPID! And we
don't do stupid...not anymore.
We see the Leader walking down the hall. We see his men
checking rooms, looking for the Riot Police.
                       TERRORIST 2
Sir we can't find them...
                       TERRORIST LEADER
They're using the vents. And the
only places big enough to exit the
vents are these restrooms.
Pulling out building blue print
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I want a two man team stationed
outside each of these restrooms.
Check in with each other in five
minute intervals. Check in with me
every thirty.
We see the last of them climbing out of the vent as everyone
stands around waiting to hear the latest.
It's bad sir. They're not only
holding Congress hostage, but they
have explosives everywhere.
Sir, they blew up the Washington
Who the fuck are these guys?!
It's Alex sir...Alex Hunter.


What the fuck you mean? Alex?! The
designer of our security
Yes sir. Him and about fifty armed
Why is he doing this? What does he
He's making Congress pass laws to
get the country on it's feet.
Sir, they may have heard us in the
vents but we can't be sure.
But even if they did, they'll have
to come through the vent to get
us. That's a trap they don't wanna
get caught in.
They could shoot you through the
vent Pete! If they catch you,
you'll be sitting ducks.
We've talked it over. We're
willing to risk it.
I don't think so. Alex knows this
building like the back of his
It may get us the intel that could
turn this thing around.
We swore an oath to protect
Congress sir...


      (long pause)
OK, get intel and report back
every half hour.
Sir we can use four more guys. We
can split up and cover more
ground, and report back without
missing a beat.
Now how simple is that? We just
cut the process of getting a bill
passed by seventy-five percent.
Congress is holding a remote control device.
What use to take hours, with this
device, only takes seconds. I got
the idea from watching 'Who Wants
to be a Millionaire.' You simply
vote yes or no and the results
will be tallied up immediately on
the computer. And with your
encrypted key, not only are you
the only one who can access
it...it can be used anywhere in
the world. Dammit, welcome to the
twenty-first century. So nice of
you to join us. (pause) I think
it's time for a test run. What's
the first order of business should
we address?
Someone yells out, "A new health care bill?"
That's goddamn right.
The Speaker of the House stands to get Alex's attention.
                       SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
Sir...all bills must be drafted
and submitted to Congress in
written form. Do you know how long
that will take?
Alex snaps his fingers.


I know exactly how long it takes.
One of the Computer Men runs and hand Alex some papers.
I wrote it myself... Because I am
not a member of Congress, I cannot
submit this document so...Speaker
Mahr, would you like to be the
first man in Congress to submit a
bill that will guarantee health
care for every citizen of the
United States?
                       SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
No sir I would not. There's simply
no way to pay for it.
You're going to tell America, that
you refuse to offer them the peace
of mind that wellness bring? The
same wellness that you, your
family, Congress, and citizens all
over the world have the luxury of
enjoying? You do know the health
of our citizens rank behind
Cuba...right? CUBA! (pause) Could
you a least tell us why?
                       SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
Because I'm not taking part in
this farce. And even if I did, you
have no idea how much money it
would cost tax payers.
Or, or, could it be because you
sir, have received $756,000 in
campaign contributions, slash
bribes, from various HMO's,
pharmaceuticals and insurance
companies? Was it not you who lead
the charge in deregulating the
industry, that has allowed our
premiums to increase annually for
the last fifteen years or more?
Alex getting in the Speaker's face.


I hear the legislation to
DE-regulate the insurance
companies wasn't even written by
you, but by one of the goddamn
lobbyists I've got hog-tied
upstairs! Is that all it takes?
Not even a cool mill' for you to
sell us out to corporate greed? Of
course you can't introduce this
bill! Your vote has already been
bought and paid for!
Alex pacing the floor, raising his hand.
Is there anybody here who has NOT
been paid off by a HMO under the
guise of campaign contributions?
Pan the room. No one raises their hand.
      (off screen)
Oh my God... Are you telling me
the health care industry has
bought and paid for every member
of the United States legislature?!
Cut to a broad shot.
Has anyone received less than
$500,000 in bribes...I'm sorry, I
mean campaign contributions?
We see lots of people raising their hand.
What about $100,000?
We see very few people raising their hand.
      (walking over to a
How much have you received?
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
Sir, we don't keep those figures
at the top of our heads.


Cognitive dissonance huh?
Close-up of the Congresswoman staring at Alex not knowing
how to respond.
And the money just keeps on coming
doesn't it?
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
Yes it does...
Broad shot of a cigar and pipe smoke filled board room. Four
tycoons are sitting at an oval table watching the news.
                       TYCOON 1
You get in touch with the
                       TYCOON 2
He's in Egypt...he's on his way
back as we speak.
                       TYCOON 3
Bill, you sound worried...
                       TYCOON 1
This is not good news, gentleman.
It doesn't take a genius to see
where this is going.
                       TYCOON 4
Damn Bill, it's not like he can
actually change the law.
                       TYCOON 1
He's not trying to change the law.
He's trying to change minds...he's
stirring the hornet's nest.
                       TYCOON 3
Minds that we control and will
continue to control. We don't own
the media to make money.
                       TYCOON 1
Next he's going to attack the
military, and the defense budget,
and then he's going after the


                       TYCOON 1 (cont'd)
banking system, and wall
street...our money!
                       TYCOON 4
Hell Bill, if he say ANYTHING
negative about our troops, we'll
have the American public storming
the Capitol themselves to drag his
ass outta' there.
                       TYCOON 1
He's not going to attack the
troops. He's gonna praise them and
attack the mission.
                       TYCOON 2
This will all be over with
tonight. Then we'll spend the rest
of his life making him the most
hated man in America.
Tycoon 2 pulls out the chair for Bill to sit down and relax.
                       TYCOON 2
If we play this right, we can make
sure no one ever brings up health
care reform again. All we'd have
to do is call 'em Alex Hunter.
Tycoon 1 reaches for the phone.
                       TYCOON 1
Margaret honey...connect me with
the Secretary of Defense please.
The Riot Police have found an isolated area to talk.
Set your watch to the top of the
hour. Each team will send a man
back to this spot every thirty
minutes to give updates. Then one
man will go update the Lieutenant.
You know what to do...be careful
and be quiet.


Two of the ten guarding a restroom.
                       TERRORIST 4
I'm gonna go check up on that
female lobbyist.
                       TERRORIST 3
You behave yourself dammit.
Follow him down the hall. He stops at the Senate Leader's
door, swipes his card and enters. As the door close, he
stands there and look at the big leather chair that is
turned around facing the other direction. Slowly pan the
camera above his head to the vent. As it gets closer we see
a pair of eyes looking out. The Terrorist puts his rifle
down, then reaches for the chair and spends it around to
face him. The female lobbyist is sitting in it, but she's
not tied up at all.
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
                       TERRORIST 4
Just checking in...
She swings the chair back around and continues to type on
the Senator's computer.
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
Well you've checked in, now check
                       TERRORIST 4
What he got you doing?
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
What anyone would do if they got
their hands on the Senate Leader's
computer...I'm hacking it.
                       TERRORIST 4
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
      (looking at him
       like he's crazy)
So we'll know his dirty little


                       TERRORIST 4
Well, you have about two more
hours…we're pretty much on
                       FEMALE LOBBYIST
Then I have work to do...Bye
The Commander arguing with the Homeland Security Officer.
Chase, I don't have time for this.
                       HOME LAND SEC. OFFICER
      (handing him his
Brian...it's the Secretary of
The Commander takes the phone.
This is Commander Brian Wielder.
Staring at Chase listening to the Secretary.
Sir, with all due respect, I'm not
overly concerned about looking
bad. My only concern is getting
Congress out alive.
Pausing to let the Secretary respond. Now he's very upset.
You've seen what this man is
capable of! I'm not sending my men
on a suicide mission that would
blatantly endanger the entire
Congressional body!
An older white male talking on a land line phone.


                       SECRETARY OF DEFENCE
You WILL proceed with this. I want
a viable plan implemented in the
next thirty minutes.
The Commander puts the phone on speaker.
                       SECRETARY OF DEFENCE
As Secretary of Defense, I'm
making the call. And we need this
to end now...Do it!
We hear the Secretary hang up the phone. The Commander
passes the phone back while everyone stares in disbelief.
He wants us to end this now. We
need a plan in thirty minutes.
Do you see how easy that was. Both
houses passed the bill with
seventy-five percent of the vote
or more. No more filibuster!
Anybody reading the phone book to
stop a bill from getting voted on
should be shot on sight! And no
more pork! It's insane to have a
great idea, bring it to Congress
for a vote and have some knuckle
head threaten to sabotage it
unless they get something out of
the deal! That shit ends today.
                       SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE
We still have to pay for it.
In the background, we hear mumbles, "What the fuck is he
doing? Just vote so we can get the fuck outta' here.
OK, I was going to get to that
later but no, let's do it now.
It's time everybody knew how the
money system works in this world.


Pan through each television screen showing Alex pacing.
In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson
signed over America's rights to
print its own currency, and sold
those rights to private bankers.
They formed the Federal Reserve
Banking System. Now for those who
are having trouble grasping what
that means, let me say this: to
give away your country's right to
print, that also means to control,
your own money is tantamount to
treason. It was the biggest coup
this country has ever faced, and
to this day, nobody has gone to
Show the faces of the people watching at the gym.
      (Off camera)
It has been said, that the Federal
Reserve Bank owes no more
allegiance to our government than
Federal Express! Not only are they
NOT under any authority of any
branch of government, to the
contrary, they actually dictate
what our government does. You see
they own all the money and they
control the gold. And we all know
the golden rule...He who has the
gold... Now if you can believe
it, the story gets worse. Cause
where do you think our government
go, when it needs more money?
That's right, to the Federal
Reserve Bank, where they borrow
money with interest! And when the
Fed tells our government that it's
time to pay it back, where do you
think they get that money from?
That's right, they borrow THAT
from the Federal Reserve! Leaving
our country in a cycle of debt,
that by design, can never be paid.
WHY? Why would a bank make a loan
they know can't ever be repaid?
Because bankers know if you owe
them they own you...And still the


                       ALEX (cont'd)
story gets worse.
All your life you've heard talk
about the national debt and how we
have to pay it down. Have you ever
asked yourself, where do the Fed,
these private bankers, get so much
money that they can lend it to the
richest and most powerful nation
the world has ever known? IT'S
still, this story gets worse.
We see the police mobilizing. Pan the camera to everyone
else on the lawn. They are watching their monitors, lap tops
and streaming on their phones as they listen to Alex.
      (Seen on monitors)
You see, in this new age they
don't even print up the money
anymore. They just move it around
with computers. So it doesn't
actually exist! Now the money that
we all pay back to the Fed in
taxes aren't real either. But the
dedication, the work, the sweat
and the time and energy we put
into making that money is very
real. If everyone in this country
suddenly went to the bank to with
draw their money, the banks could
only produce enough cash to cover
three percent of all the money
they claim to possess. You don't
even have to be good at math to
realize that ninety seven percent
of the money they claim to have,
does not exist. Ladies and
gentlemen, if we once again, cut
out the middle man, and go back to
printing and controlling our own
currency, we would again find
ourselves, the richest and truly
the most powerful country the


                       ALEX (cont'd)
world has ever known. And we would
never have to worry about paying
for anything ever again.
We see the Tycoons sitting at the table, on the phones.
                       TYCOON 1
Mr Secretary, I'm gon' need you to
speed this thing up. (Pause) The
time is now goddammit!
                       TYCOON 2
Do you work for me? DO YOU WORK
FOR ME?! What do you mean you
can't cut the feed.
We hear a loud female voice coming over the phone.
                       FEMALE VOICE
The biggest story in broadcast
history and you want me to cut the
feed? You can fire me but I won't
turn my career into a joke!
Tycoon 2 gets up and throws the phone across the room.
Chase hands the Commander his phone again.
It is clear this has become
political. Somebody wants to
silence this guy, come hell or
high water.
He pause to listen almost rolling his eyes.
I have a plan, but in a situation
like this there are no guarantees.
And another thing: when we get
inside, the only tactic we can use
is to let him know that there are
two hundred officers waiting for
him on the other side of the door.
Knowing that may be enough to make
him stand down. And sir, let's be


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
clear: I will not breech the
chamber with fifty guns pointed at
Congress. That would be a cluster
fuck we wouldn't recover from.
He pause to listen with a stern face.
Yes sir, Mr. Secretary.
The Commander hangs up and pull out his two way radio.
OK, guys it's a go.
We hear a voice saying, "Roger that".
      (talking to
There are no cameras on the roof
pointing straight up, so he won't
see this coming. I need you guys
to cover every reporter and every
cameraman on this yard. Tell them
to once again, turn off the
cameras, and do not report
this...it's a matter of national
security and make them do so at
gunpoint if you have to.
What many people don't know is how
these bankers came to power. In
1907, international bankers began
to orchestrate a run on the local
banks. JP Morgan casually
mentioned in a newspaper that he
felt the local banks were no
longer safe, which made people by
the thousands, withdraw their
funds. Because of this, the local
banks was forced to call in the
loans they had outstanding,
forcing those who could not pay
into bankruptcy. It caused a minor
depression! Then the bankers
started an ad campaign saying give
them the power, and they'll fix
this so it never happens again.


                       ALEX (cont'd)
That's how it's done people! It is
the classic scheme of a power
grab. They cause a problem, blame
it on someone else- in this case
the local banks -and then convince
you that they can fix the problem
if you just give them the power to
do so. In the end, they'll have
you thanking them for saving you
from a problem they themselves
Show the faces in the crowd, transfixed by Alex's message.
      (Off camera)
But people have short memories,
cause soon after came the great
depression. Once again, Big Banks
orchestrated a run on the local
banks for the sole purpose of
buying them up for pennies on the
dollar. The Fed stood by and
watched Americans living out of
cardboard boxes and still refused
to put money into circulation. The
depression could have ended with a
stroke of a pen! It's no
coincidence that the Fed came to
power in 1913 and we entered World
War I a year later? Or that big
banks directly caused the Great
Depression and marched us right
into World War II. Do you think
these things just happen? These
events are connected people! Study
your history so you can control
your future!
Cut to the big screen. Close-up shot of Alex speaking.
And guess what...the story
continues to get worse. Let me
tell you how fucked up this story
gets! Let me just, 'bottom line'
this shit for you. In 1933 The Fed
convinced Congress that in order
to have a lasting effect, in
fixing the economy, they must


                       ALEX (cont'd)
seize all the gold held by every
citizen in the United States...
And Congress said YES! It's called
the 1933 Gold Seizure...LOOK IT
UP! Failure to turn over your gold
was punishable by ten years in
prison. It was the second greatest
heist in American History at that
time. Now I want to be sure you
heard what I said. The government
literally came into Americans'
homes and took their gold, gave
them worthless paper and then gave
that gold to private bankers...
I'm telling you this cause I want
you to know the truth about how
fucked you are. Cause guess what,
I lied...the story still gets
The reporters are looking towards the Capitol. The police
are standing in front of them making sure they are not
filming. Suddenly a huge helicopter vertically descends and
hover above the roof of the Capitol. We hear the crowd's
reaction and we hear the police repeating, "Do not turn on
your cameras."
We see some camera men raise their camera and the police
point their guns at them in warning. We here them complain
about the freedom of the press. Cut to the Commander.
      (on the radio)
Go, go, go, go
Suddenly four men from each sides of the helicopter descend
from cables, land on the roof and then go over the sides and
prepare to burst through the upper floor windows.
Cut back to the reporters. Suddenly the police turn around
to watch the event as the men from the helicopter crash
through a window. With the police turned around, Ann Yazz
switch on her camera man's camera, gets in front of it and
start reporting.


      (talking fast)
I'm bringing you an exclusive of
what's happening in real time at
the Capitol...
The soldier disconnect himself from his harness and make his
way to the door only to find it locked. In another office,
the soldier decides to shoot around the door handle.
We hear Alex in the background. We see on the computer
screen, what's taking place in the offices upstairs.
                       COMPUTERMAN 1
      (standing up)
                       COMPUTERMAN 1
Get down here!
Alex runs towards the front. We see on several monitors that
the police have men in each room trying to break down the
doors. Alex picks up the phone to call the Commander then
changes his mind. He pushes the Computer Man out of the way,
sits at the computer and start typing furiously.
We see the reporter filming and then other follow suit
because the police are watching the Capitol. We see another
team of eight men starting to descend from the helicopter.
Suddenly we see white smoke coming out of the windows.
Focus on a device that's on the wall emitting lots of gas.
The Commander sees the smoke and picks up the radio.


Abort mission! Abort!
Pan through the rooms upstairs. We hear the device in each
room starting to count down from ten. The police frantically
reconnect to their harnesses trying to escape.
Congress is trying to figure out what's going on and we see
the Terrorist forcing them to keep quiet and to stay seated.
We see all of the reporters reporting on the smoke, the men
coming back out of the windows and being lifted back into
the helicopter. We see everyone on the lawn starting to take
cover for the explosion that's bound to come.
Pan through the smoke-filled rooms. We hear the device
saying, "four, three, two," and it stops on one. The device
stops emitting the smoke and the rooms begins to clear.
We see Alex sitting still. The computer show the rooms are
clearing. The phone rings and Alex hits the speaker button.
Alex...listen to me. I got roped
into that shit but I give you my
word it won't happen again. Don't
retaliate and I promise to give
you your time. (long pause) Alex
say something, please. (lowers his
voice) Listen, you've won. But you
gotta' do the right thing now. And
I promise no one is going...
Alex hangs up the phone and gets up slowly and walks back
towards Congress. A Congresswoman stands up.


                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
Can you tell us what just
He does not answer.
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
What the hell is going on?!
Do I really have to explain this?
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
It would be appreciated...
They'd rather risk the lives of
the entire Congressional body,
rather than have me explain how we
are all nothing more than modern
day slaves, for international
bankers. You heard what the
Commander said. That order to
breech came in way over his head.
And I promise you he was not
talking about the President!
                       CONGRESSWOMAN 2
Were they just going to break down
the doors and have a shoot out
with all of us sitting here?!
My dear, there are things going on
here bigger than you. And keeping
Americans ignorant to how the
world really works is one of them.
Right now a group of powerful men
are trying to take us off the air!
The biggest news story since 9/11
and they will take us off air, and
sight technical difficulties. The
only reason they haven't, is
because station managers are
refusing to be that idiot who
trashed perhaps, the biggest news
story of all time. So lets make it
worth their while.
We see Sam and Peter are in position above the chamber.


I wasn't going to say anything
until I was sure, but look at
those rifles. They're design for
rubber bullets. No way a rubber
bullet is going to penetrate these
thick ass vents.
It's Congress we need to worry
about. And rubber bullets can
Yeah, but knowing that might
become useful.
Time will tell...
I've already told you that the two
biggest crimes international
bankers have ever pulled are the
passing of the Federal Reserve Act
and the 1933 gold seizure. But
they were just getting started.
Central Banks, funding every war
in the modern era, use to be their
biggest money maker. Remember, he
who control your country's money,
controls your country. So any
country at war must find a way to
pay for it. So for bankers, war is
good. They love 'em so much we got
two of 'em going. And don't kid
yourself because they tell you
major combat has ended...we're
still at war!
We see Alex on the screen talking to the camera.
But that wasn't enough for these
greedy bastards. They found a way
to up the ante to what is clearly
the biggest heist of all time: the
Wall Street bailouts. The bailouts


                       ALEX (cont'd)
showed Congress just how little
power they have in running this
country. Bankers orchestrated a
crisis that forced our government
to borrow an ungodly amount of
money from the Central Banks that
must be paid back with interest.
When the bailout was requested,
Congress actually came to you, the
people, and asked, "What would you
prefer we do?" And the people
said, "Screw em!" So that's what
Congress did. They voted against
it! For once they actually did
their job. They voted against it
and went home for the weekend.
Pan through the faces of the crowd listening intently.
      (Off camera)
They brought their asses back to
work Monday morning and it was
like the plague up in this bitch.
There were overwhelming pressure
to change that vote. They were
given doomsday scenarios, jobs
were threatened, deals were made,
and the bailout bullied its way
onto the floor of Congress once
again. Of course, they told
everyone that it had to be done in
order to save the nation and
world's economy. Only to find out
later, all it did was save the
wealth of the rich, and left the
rest of you holding the bag.
Honest hard working Americans lost
their homes, their pensions and
their jobs. While we watched Wall
Street get bonus after bonus after
bonus. We all know this story. I'm
just saying this was no happen
stance. It was all done on
How hard is it to fathom that
something that began and ended
extremely well for the rich, was
planned all along.


The part your government played
was to allow ongoing deregulations
in the banking industry for the
last thirty years or more.
Regulations are simply the rules
of the game. The rules are put in
place, so that the system works
for the good of us all. To
deregulate simply means to take
away the rules. Now think of any
game that you play… now take away
the rules... how can chaos not
follow? If the rules were
discarded on purpose, why wouldn't
the end result be that purpose?!
The rich got richer! It would be
foolish to NOT assume, that was
the original plan.
We still hear Alex in the background but barely. Suddenly,
Peter's cell phone rings. The two men look at each other as
Peter quickly reach to turn it off. They freeze and stare at
each other.
We see members of Congress looking up towards the vent then
look to see if anyone else heard it. We see two guards in
that area doing the same then walk towards one another.
Sam mouth the word "MOVE" and they crawl out of there.
One of the two guards walks towards Alex and the Leader.
                       TERRORIST 5
I know this sounds crazy but we
both heard a cell phone ringing
coming from the vent over head.


      (Looking at the
I thought you were going to take
care of that.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
They know we heard it...They'll be
gone by the time we get in there.
We can not have anyone spying on
us if this thing is going to work.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
We'll go in and flush them out...
but I can't promise no casualties.
Do what you gotta. Just handle it.
She has now been joined by both hers and Pete's parents.
Everyone is watching the television and consoling Pete's
wife when her phone chimes letting her know she got a text.
                       PETER'S WIFE
      (Reading the text)
Babe, please stop calling. I can't
talk right now. I'm OK.
The family starts jumping for joy and cheering.
Pan to the five restrooms that were being guarded. We see
each team of two opening the vents preparing to go in.
                       TERRORIST 3
This is bullshit.
                       TERRORIST 4
More like suicide.
Suddenly the Leader's voice comes over the radio.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
We don't know what we're dealing
with so don't get trigger happy.


Cut to the Leader walking towards one of the restrooms.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I want you to corner them without
becoming a target.
                       TERRORIST 4
      (Over the radio)
How do you suppose we do that sir?
                       TERRORIST LEADER
By letting them come to you. Keep
your cover and let them become
exposed. We know they're there.
They don't know we're coming.
                       TERRORIST 4
Copy that.
      (holding up
My plan was to get this country
moving in the right direction by
getting these bills passed through
Congress, but I can't battle the
police AND fix this damn country.
Can I assume that getting this
country back on it's feet, is the
desire of everyone in this room?
Some of Congress agree and others remain silent.
Do we all agree Goddammit?!
We see the majority of Congress raising their hands in
acknowledgment and voicing their agreement.
Then the next bill we need to
address, is the reversal of the
Federal Reserve Act. For those who
don't know their history, the bill
was passed on a Friday when most
of Congress was traveling back
home. They came back to work to
find that the bill was passed by
the few remaining members of
Congress and signed by the
President. Which of course, is


                       ALEX (cont'd)
illegal! It was the first coup in
American History. Take back this
country's ability to print and
govern its own money, and we'll
never have to worry about paying
for anything ever again. I know
that sounds too simplistic for
some people…but actually yes, it
is that simple. We will return the
power of the purse to the people,
we will confiscate all the gold
that was stolen, and for their
complete cooperation, we will not
send their asses to JAIL! This
will kick start a chain reaction
with other countries all over the
world. Because we are pressed for
time, there are many documentaries
that will explain to you just how
truly Fucked Up your monetary
system is! Get out a pencil and
paper and write this shit down if
you are tired of being played for
a fool. The first must-see film is
"Wake Up Call", the second is
"Inside Job" and the third is
"Capitalism: A Love Story". I want
every American citizen who loves
this country to give up watching
"Dancing With The Stars", "Keeping
Up With The Kardashians", and
"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", and
watch these documentaries with
your family. Then I want you to
watch the greatest documentary
ever made called "Zeitgeist". It
will change your life...I promise.
The Riot Police are meeting back at the rendezvous with both
Pete and Sam already there. We see Andre and Mark coming
from different directions.
What 'cha know guys?
Yeah, we might need to get out of
here. I think we've been


My phone went off and I'm pretty
sure somebody heard it.
We need to go get the others and
move to a fall back position where
we're not sitting ducks.
Zoom the camera to the next section of the vent, showing the
Terrorists who has positioned themselves around the corner.
                       TERRORIST 2
I'm afraid it's too late for that.
Cut back to the Riot Police. In total shock Peter fires two
shots in the direction of the voices. Sam grabs him and
ushers everyone to one corner for protection.
Cut the camera to an outside view using x-ray vision to see
everyone in the vents. As Sam and the others scramble for
cover, we see the Terrorists at the next corners have them
pinned in. Suddenly Riot Police 3 and 4 come around the
corner and start shooting, forcing the Terrorists to take
                       RIOT COP 3
Sam, we got you covered! We got
those fuckers pinned down!
Now we see four more Terrorists cover the corners that now
pin down Riot cop 3 and 4.
                       TERRORIST 3
You guys might want to re-think
that. Your cover just got covered.
Cut to close up of Riot cop 3 and 4 hearing that, screaming
"shit" and scrambling for cover.
Alex holding up a bill standing by a Senator.
This is the Federal Reserve
Reversal Act. This is the single
most important legislation our


                       ALEX (cont'd)
government will ever pass. It's so
important, we will not be voting
on it today. It's too big for us.
It needs you. I'm giving this bill
to Senator Hemsly to hold onto.
When the country has done it's
homework, and realize the hold
that Central Banks have on their
lives, they will come to you and
demand this law be enacted. Only
then can something this big be
challenged and defeated. For you
will have just started a fight
with the most powerful
organization the world has ever
known. These bankers feel they own
the world and everything in
it...including you. You are
nothing more to them than an a
modern day slave which is the
worst kind of slave. A slave with
a false illusion of freedom. No
one fights for a freedom he thinks
he already has. Let me tell you
this one last thing, and I hope it
makes you angry. Every time you
get your paycheck, look at the
amount FICA takes from your
earnings. At some point, this
money makes its way back to the
Fed, to pay back the money they
created out of thin air and loaned
to the government. Many of you
will find it to be about 25% of
your yearly income. That means
three months out of the year,
you're working for the Fed. You
are a slave, and we've trying to
set you free.
Alex handing the Fed. Res. Rev. Act to Hemsley and walking
towards the front holding up another piece of legislation.
There's a few more things we need
to talk about. And one is the
social issues of our time.


With x-ray vision looking into the vents, we see what seems
to be a Mexican stand off. We see the last two members of
the Riot Police coming into the area about to get the drop
on the Terrorists.
                       TERRORIST 2
We got ALL you guys pinned. Why
don't you make this easy on
everyone and just give up!
                       RIOT COP 3
And we got your ass pinned
Goddammit! Sam, don't you sweat
that shit!
                       TERRORIST 3
      (Yelling at Riot
       Police 3)
Mother fuckah, you think this is a
game?! We have these vents secure
and the only way out is to be
escorted out or carried out.
We see Andre and Mark (Riot Police) coming into the area.
They know they have the drop on the Terrorists and
contemplate their next move.
      (talking to Mark)
What do you think?
Well we're not leaving them!
On Three?
1, 2, 3
Just as they take off, gunshots are fired above their heads
and and they scramble back to cover.
We see the last of the ten who have now entered the vents
and holds the last spot of advantage. After firing the
shots, they allow the Riot Police to take cover.
                       TERRORIST 4
      (off camera)
Don't think I'm a bad shot. If I
wanted you dead you would be.


You don't believe in
abortion…DON'T HAVE ONE! You feel
that gay marriage is an
abomination…THEN DUDE, DON'T MARRY
A DUDE! You think birth control is
frowned upon in the eyes of the
Lord…DON'T USE EM! The fact that
there is a separation of church
and state in this country seems to
have slipped your fucking minds.
The only reason these issues are
being debated is because somebody
thinks they have the right to tell
the rest of us, what God wants us
to do! We have some rogue
Christians that have totally gone
off the reservation!
      (on screen)
What if the Jews started
legislating their spiritual
beliefs as laws for all to be
governed by? What if spiritual
gurus and the Muslims did the
same? You all would be fit to be
tied. Many Christians feel that
following the laws of THEIR God
would make this a stronger country
AND a stronger world. But how can
you be so blind to not see that's
how every religion feels? To force
your religious beliefs on everyone
else is just your ego displaying
your arrogance, which shows how
ungodly you truly are. But now the
politicians have bought into the
game. They patronize you and your
beliefs in order to get your vote.
Well, their job is to govern this
great nation of ours...not its
citizens' morality. That's the
responsibility of each citizen and
theirs alone. That my friends is
the truth essence of freedom.
Cut the camera showing the faces in the crowd.


So, who's right when it comes to
pro choice or pro life? Who's
right when it comes to gay
marriage or your right to smoke
weed or any other drug for that
matter? I'm going to let you in on
a secret. Who is right, is not
EVEN the right question. The real
question is, "who the hell are
you?" Who the hell are you to even
think you should have the right,
the authority, the balls to tell
me or any one else what to do? Who
the hell are you to tell me I
can't smoke weed? Who the hell are
you to tell me who I can and can
not fall in love with and marry?
Who the hell do you think you are
to even think you should have the
right or the authority or the
power to have a say in what goes
on between me and my doctor? How,
in the land of the free, did we
allow these…assholes into our
doctor's offices, our homes, our
bedrooms and our bodies?
This Bill is called the New Civil
Liberties Act. In short, it states
that Congress shall pass No Laws
governing our personal lives. The
government will run the
government. In our personal lives
the government shall have no
domain. This bill not only makes
sure government stays out of our
bedrooms, our love lives and
doctor offices, it ends the war on
drugs as we know it. No man, has a
right to have the power, to tell
another man what to do with his
own body, if he is not harming
anyone else. You've worked hard to
put a system in place that allows
you to lock men up for smoking
weed. Then after a hard days work,
of locking them up, you go home
and smoke weed. Negro Please! How
idiotic is that?! This bill we


                       ALEX (cont'd)
will vote on today, and dammit, it
had better pass.
Show the people as they erupt in cheers. We see a black and
a white woman looking at each other in total shock.
                       WHITE WOMAN
Oh my God! I can't believe he said
                       BLACK WOMAN
It could have been worse.
We see everyone yelling at each other to give up.
Fuck you! We got an army waiting
on your ass. So we're the last
thing you need to worry about.
                       TERRORIST 2
Do I sound worried to you? Right
now, all that army can do is wait.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
      (voice over the
Everybody shut up and listen!
Everyone suddenly pauses when the voice came over the radio.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Turn up the volume so everyone can
Cut to a close up of just the Leader and the radio.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
It looks like we have ourselves a
Mexican stand off.
Cut back to a close up of Sam and his men.
Yeah, I guess you can say that.


Cut to Terrorist 2 holding up his radio so they can talk.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
That's just an illusion. We have
the only way out covered and we
have more men and more guns. So
think again.
Cut back to Sam and the men. Sam is about to speak.
      (interrupting Sam)
I'll tell you what we know. You
fuckers have rubber bullets and
we're spitting lead. So bring it!
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Inside this metal casing, do
rubber bullets flying at your ass
bring you more comfort...or less?
Cut to a close up of Andre and Mark pinned down.
If you think we're going to stand
by and watch you destroy the
government, you're bat shit crazy.
Cut back to a close up of the Leader.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
We didn't come here to destroy the
government, we came to fix it.
Pan to the Riot Police as they listen to the Leader.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
You know, there is a solution to
our dilemma.
Yeah, I'm afraid I don't see it.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Like the wise man once said, "I
don't wanna kill you and you don't
wanna be dead". So what I'm going
to do is pull my men from these
vents for the next thirty minutes.
You use that time to get back to
the riot room. In thirty minutes
my men will comb through these
vents and they will shoot anything


                       TERRORIST LEADER (cont'd)
or anyone that don't look
How do we know you won't just
shoot us in the back?
                       TERRORIST LEADER
If we wanted you dead, you'd be
dead already. It would have been
just as easy to set off explosives
as it was smoke bombs. You and
your men are alive because that
was the original plan...don't
force me to change it.
OK, we can except those
terms...but don't think this shit
is over.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
It is for me. You just bought
yourself thirty minutes. Use it
wisely. Comrades, fall back.
We see the FBI talking on their phone at their car.
                       FBI SUPERVISOR
      (voice on speaker)
I'm going to give you guys the
green light on this one. But you
get a very short leash.
                       FBI 1
Yes sir we understand...
                       FBI SUPERVISOR
Be damn sure that you do. This is
the kind of investigation that can
send powerful people to jail or
have others coming up missing. I
want you reporting to me only. And
I want to know what you know as
soon as you know it. Got it?!
                       FBI 1
Yes sir we got it.


                       FBI SUPERVISOR
Good. We just got a call that I
want you to check out. If there's
some next level shit going on,
this might be a good place to
When ever something happens in our
world, and it enables the rich to
make lots of money, would it wise
to speculate, that it might have
been done on purpose? I want you
to think about war in it's true
essence. There was a time when
people would send their men off to
war, and if they were killed in
battle, there would be two things
to deal with. One would be the
pain of losing a loved one and the
other would be the fear that those
who killed their loved one, would
soon come after them. This is the
real essence of war.
Looking into the camera, talking to America.
But in our life time, no such
threat has ever existed. Has it
ever dawned on anyone that
whenever our country is at war and
if we lost that war, like Vietnam,
or if we won that war, like
Kuwait, or if it ended in a
stalemate, like Korea, it would
have no effect on most American
lives…NONE! Win, lose or draw, you
would simply go about your normal
day. Begs the question, why are we
at war? You are sold that same old
story by the media and these
politicians that our troops are
fighting for our freedom. But how
many of us truly feel that our
freedom would be in jeopardy if
their mission was unsuccessful?
A Congressman suddenly stands up.


                       CONGRESSMAN WASHINGTON
What about 9/11 damn it!? Did you
feel the threat then? Don't bring
your ass in here and belittle our
troops, I won't stand for it.
      (grabbing a rifle)
Sit your ass down!
                       CONGRESSMAN WASHINGTON
I've had enough! You've gone too
far. I'm not going to let you
belittle our troops with your
innuendos, your lies and your
brain dead conspiracies. Some of
us have children over there right
now fighting for your freedom and
you are not going to dishonor them
with your vile rhetoric!
I find it appalling that I have to
explain to government officials
how this shit works. Just like
those soldiers, you are a pawn.
They're grunts and you're middle
fucking management. All being
controlled by a greater force with
an agenda that's above your pay
grade. The only freedom we've lost
has been taken from us by this
goddamn Congress, disguised as the
Patriot Act and the modern day
Gestapo known as Homeland
Alex takes the rifle and slowly pushes him back in his seat.
Now sit your black ass down.
Alex pace the floor again, looking into the cameras.
I know no one wants to hear this
shit! You've lost sons and
daughters. You've got loved ones
coming home physically and
mentally wounded. And all you get
to comfort you is the belief that
they sacrificed all that for the
good of the country. Hearing what


                       ALEX (cont'd)
I have to say has to be painful.
Alex stops pacing and looks back at the Congressman.
And Congressman, I would never
belittle anyone who would risk
their life fighting for their
country. I'm standing here with a
gun in the Halls of Congress. If I
live to see tomorrow, it will be
by the grace of God. That's the
price I'm willing to pay. But this
really isn't about me. So let's
get to it. Let's talk about the
soldiers who have figured it out,
like many of us have, that this,
"fighting for our freedom", is all
bullshit. For what it must be like
for them to one day wake up in a
foreign land and suddenly realize
that the United States armed
forces are the modern day Red
Coats. I understand that they
swallow that pill and they follow
orders because it's the only thing
that's going to get them, their
brothers, and their sisters back
home safe. Yes, they are heroes to
all the friends and families, of
the lives they've saved. But who
are they to the friends and
families of the lives they've
taken? That's a tough question no
one wants to ask...and damn sure
no one wants to answer, especially
up in this bitch. And even more
important, who are they to the
ones who fabricated these wars and
sent our brothers and sisters into
combat, through lies and deceit?
They are pawns, Congressman. Pawns
to be sacrificed for the good of
the King. And the King has shown
us time and time again, that he
don't give a shit about nothing
and nobody if it ain't making him


Show the faces of the media as they watch the monitors.
      (off camera)
Our soldiers get over there and
they don't FEEL like they're
fighting for freedom. Those with
their eyes open see it clearly
that yes, it IS about the oil. So
they come home to cheers and
applause, knowing no one really
wants to hear the truth. I'm sure
they can imagine the backlash they
would get for speaking out. Plus
being labeled a hero kinda eases
the pain I would guess. But
someone needs to speak up! Our
soldiers fight for the interest of
corporations. Corporations that
have bought and paid for the very
Congress that you see before you.
Corporations who have an
international charter. That means
they have no allegiance to this
country, this government or the
American people. Their only
allegiance is to the 'All Mighty
Alex holding up a bill looking at Congress.
This is called the Never Again
Act. It simply states that
Congress will never again send our
sons and daughters as combatants
into a foreign land to secure
resources for corporate greed. You
want to support the troops…BRING
THEM HOME SAFE, and right the fuck
They are staring at the screen and some are cheering and
some are booing. Zoom the camera to a woman watching the
screen with tears in her eyes.


The two FBI agents approach the manager who is watching the
over head television while tending bar.
                       FBI 1
Are you Amanda?
Wow, you guys got here fast.
                       FBI 1
Amanda I'm Agent Jonny Rain and
this is Agent Joseph Polly. I
understand you have some
information for us.
Ever get that feeling when you're
about to do something and you know
it's the right thing to do, yet
you feel you're going to regret it
for the rest of your life?
The two agents look at each other, smile, then take a seat.
I'm going to tell you a story. If
you tell me to shut up and never
mention it again, I won't.
                       FBI 2
Perhaps if you just tell us, we'd
have a better understanding.
Well, like everybody else I've
been glued to the television. When
they flashed Alex Hunter's face on
the screen saying they were
looking for him, I was like, "Oh
my God, that's one of the guys
that used to come here all the
time with his friends." Now mind
you, that was like, 15 years ago.
                       FBI 1
How can you remember a customer
from 15 years ago?
Cause they were VERY good looking,
and you could just tell they were
going places. And they always left


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
a big tip. Kinda hard to forget.
                       FBI 1
Ma'am, we have a complete profile
on Alex Hunter so this information
isn't going to be that helpful.
      (looking at the TV)
Then we find out he's behind the
whole thing and I'm thinking, no
freaking way he's a terrorist. I
use to listen to their
conversations and I'm telling you
all four bleed God and country.
(pause) Then I saw the Commander.
She points to the screen just as they show the Commander.
I'm thinking no way this is a
coincidence. I'm like, Holy Shit!
That's one of his friends that use
to come in with him. They were
like best friends fifteen years
ago and now they're on opposite
sides of this major conflict.
                       FBI 2
Say what?
I'm telling you those two were The
BEST of friends, with two other
guys. Then one day they just stop
coming and I never saw any of them
again…until today. That's more
than a coincidence. And guys, I
know how this looks. If I need to
shut up, just tell me and I'll
never mention this again. I live
in Washington. I can not afford to
have powerful enemies. I'm just
trying to do what's right.
                       FBI 1
You know ma'am, this may not mean
anything. They've both worked in
that building for years.


Sir, I hear what you're saying but
I listen to my gut. And right now
it's screaming that there is
something going on.
                       FBI 2
You said four friends, who else
was there?
Well, there were two other guys
but I haven't seen them since.
                       FBI 2
If I brought some pictures by, do
you think it might help?
Well, we can give it a shot.
The camera slowly zooms in on the TV and we see Alex in the
chamber. As the camera gets closer, we suddenly are
transported through the TV and we are now in the chamber.
This is the last bill...
Congress starts cheering and clapping exuberantly.
Shut up...I want to say something
before I introduce it. This bill
is the reason we are all here. I
want to talk about 9/11. That
event said more about us than we
could ever imagine.
The agents are trying to leave but they're glued to the TV.
                       FBI 2
Amanda, you did say fifteen years
ago right?


Yes sir. Actually, it was right
after Bush got elected.
                       FBI 1
You've got to tell me how you can
possibly remember that.
I remember cause the same weekend
the Bush VS Gore decision came in
was the weekend I was going to ask
one of them out. But I never saw
any of them again…until today.
                       FBI 2
Well thank you for your time.
We'll be it touch.
I'll be here...
We see the two of them come out and get in their car.
                       FBI 1
What 'cha thinkin'?
                       FBI 2
I got a gut feeling about this.
                       FBI 1
You two keep talking about your
gut and neither of you have one.
You think she's on to something?
                       FBI 2
Yes I do...we need to get to
FBI 2 pulls up the news on the computer. We see Alex pacing.
                       FBI 1
OK, humor me...
                       FBI 2
Notice how he keeps repeating how
these events are planned. What if
he…they, have been planning this
for fifteen years. Listen to him.
He's telling us 9/11 sparked this.


                       FBI 1
I'm going over all the things the
Commander has done to combat this.
There's no way he's in on it.
                       FBI 2
But it sure would answer a lot of
questions. And the fact that he's
gone beyond the call of duty,
gives a suspicious mind even more
reason to be suspicious.
                       FBI 1
Yes it does...
                       FBI 2
I don't think it started with
9/11. It upset a WHOLE lot of
people when the Supreme Court
appointed Bush as President.
Remember, some called it a coup,
which is another word he keeps
repeating. I'll bet that's when
the seed was planted. And when
9/11 happened less than a year
later, that seed sprouted into a
full blown plan.
                       FBI 1
Why would 9/11 make him pissed off
at Congress?
                       FBI 2
Can't you see it? He's a 9/11
truther. Probably pissed as hell
at the 9/11 commission. What if
they've been working themselves
into position to carry this out
for the last fifteen years, and
they knew being seen together was
not an option.
                       FBI 1
You know there's a better chance
of finding Hoffa, than proving
this theory...OK, what's next?
                       FBI 2
We find the other two. If we can
connect them in any way, whether
we can prove it or not, we'll at
lease know we're on to something.


                       FBI 1
What if we're wrong?
                       FBI 2
But what if we're right?
                       FBI 1
Then God help us...
I'm not here to argue with you
about this shit! This ain't no
damn debate! Don't fucking
interrupt me.
Pan the camera. We see Congress settling down.
You guys act like you don't
remember this shit! Before 9/11,
he was considered an illegitimate
president with that 'hanging chad'
bullshit. During his inauguration,
they were throwing eggs at his
limo. That's unheard of for a
newly elected President! After
9/11, what happened? (pause) WHAT
HAPPENED PEOPLE?! He became King
George! 9/11, made him the most
powerful president EVER.
Cut back to a medium shot of Alex pacing the aisle.
Remember the rule people! Anything
that is done that enables the rich
and powerful to further their
That's how these people roll. For
the administration, 9/11 was
either grand luck born from
disaster, or it was an
orchestrated plan. And when you
know how these people operate,
this shit becomes a no brainer.
Cut to a broad shot showing the entire Congress


People who know real history are
very familiar with governments
attacking themselves, so they can
create public support against an
enemy. It's called a false flag
operation. And the first thing the
Bush administration did was take
us to war. It was the most ill
contrived invasion in military
history. We invaded Afghanistan
when Bin Ladin and the hijackers,
were from Saudi Arabia!
                       CONGRESSMAN WASHINGTON
      (standing up)
Because we weren't attacked by the
Saudis, and Afghanistan was where
Bin Ladin was!
Mr. Washington, we weren't
attacked by Afghanistan either. We
invaded an entire country just to
get one man and his minions. You
people act like you don't remember
this shit. Afghan officials
offered to give us Bin Ladin, on a
silver platter and we turned them
down. Now either the Bush
administration were the dumbest
people on the planet or they had a
hidden agenda. Doesn't take a
genius to figure out which. I find
it hilarious that too this day,
people say he was the dumbest
President this nation has ever
had. He didn't get his way with
Social Security, but other than
that, the unspoken truth is that
he as President, accomplished
everything he ever dreamed of.
Remember what he use to say,
"history will judge him well."
Cause he knows the long term
Congress starts to get restless again from the rhetoric and
Alex picks up a rifle and cocks it to silence the crowd.


Someone hands the Commander the phone.
                       GENERAL JAMES
      (voice over the
Hello Commander this is General
James of the National Guard.
Thought I'd give you an update.
General Edwards and his convoy, leaving the Lincoln
Memorial. He gets into a Hummer on the passenger side.
                       GENERAL JAMES
We found explosives at the Lincoln
Memorial and let me tell you this
fucker came to play. We comb
through the Washington Monument,
and what was there had already
been detonated. Now he ain't as
crazy as he seems because he
didn't fuck with the White House.
I got your processing site all set
up and the buses are on the way.
And one last thing Commander, if
you need help collaring this son
of a bitch, don't hesitate to
As a country, how did we get to
this place? So engrossed in our
video games, Monday Night Football
and our reality shows. The Romans
knew all to well; give them circus
and bread, and they will applaud
us. We say government for the
people and by the people when we
know that's no longer true, and
yet we are silent. We say one man
one vote when we know that's not
true, and still we are silent. We
say justice and liberty for all
when we know that has never been
the case and still we go on
pretending. Here in the land of
the free, we have come to fear our


                       ALEX (cont'd)
government. The American dream has
become our hellish nightmare and
still we refuse to wake up.
Alex on multiple screens pacing the floor.
Mankind has a tendency to not push
back until they are standing on
the edge of the cliff about to
fall off. 9/11 should have been
that edge, 9/11 was that cliff.
But we have become so much like
sheep, not even being pushed
towards the edge can awaken us
from this nightmare.
We see the Twin towers come down, we see building number
seven collapse, We see the wreckage in the field and the
wreckage at the Pentagon while Alex is speaking.
      (off camera)
We all saw those buildings come
down in controlled demolition
fashion and we bought that
preposterous conclusion that it
was the jet fuel. What but
explosives can turn iron and
concrete to dust? You don't have
to be an engineer to figure this
out. And it should have been clear
when later that day, building
number seven came down in exactly
the same fashion. AND IT WAS NEVER
HIT BY A PLANE! You ask most
people what they think happened
with building number seven, and
they ask, "what's building number
seven?!" There were three
buildings that fell in demolition
fashion that day.


It was a text book false flag
operation and you bought that shit
hook, line and sinker. To believe
that something that elaborate was
orchestrated by a man living in
the mountains half a world away is
insane. Bin Ladin would have to
gain control of NORAD in order to
pull that shit off! NORAD'S job is
to intercept hijacked planes and
shoot them down if they pose a
that day. Four planes and they
missed each one! Now either they
are the sorriest sons of bitches
on the government payroll or
things went according to plan! Who
at NORAD got fired? Who in this
room investigated NORAD in order
to fix the gaping hole in its
operating system? 3000 of our
brothers and sisters fell to their
death and to this DAY no one has
been fired or even questioned
about the security failure of
NORAD or any of these other
agencies. Now don't get me
wrong...I'm not blaming NORAD.
They were simply following orders.
When your orders are designed for
you to fuck up...then a fuck-up is
what you're going to get.
People that were in the building are talking about all the
explosions going off in the buildings that morning.
      (off camera)
And what about the explosions
going off in the towers and
building number seven. If you go
back and look at the old news
reels, that's all everybody was
talking about that day. You watch
the news a few days later and they
never mention them again. Then it
started to dawn on me. "How could
the American people fall asleep at


                       ALEX (cont'd)
the wheel like that?" It's
because, if you started listening
to that voice in the back of your
head whispering, "something isn't
right about this."
Cut to news reels of the plane crash in the field and the
Pentagon. In the background we hear the reporters say how it
doesn't look like a plane crashed down.
      (off camera)
Planes crashing in fields and
there's not a single piece of
evidence of a plane crash. Never
in the history of the world has
there been a plane crash and no
one has found pieces of the plane.
A plane hit the pentagon and yet
again, no evidence of a plane
crash. No engine, no wings no
nothing...not to mention bodies.
Once again, never in the history
of a plane crash where there were
passengers, have they not found
body parts! NEVER...EVER...Look it
up! The one plane they say was
targeted for the White House is
the one and only plane that didn't
reach it's target. How odd-and
perfectly convenient- is that?
Now after all these years, THIS
administration wants us to believe
they've found and killed Osama Bin
Ladin. No pictures, no video, no
body, no nothing. They didn't give
us a single shred of evidence that
the most wanted terrorist of all
time is dead. We were told they
threw what is clearly this
administration's biggest trophy
into the Pacific Ocean. There are
millions of people who doubted
that Bin Ladin was still alive,
and you threw that proof in the
Pacific Ocean?! Sighting, we did
not want to upset the Muslim
world. (PAUSE) You see that's when


                       ALEX (cont'd)
it hit me. If you didn't drink the
government's Koolaid and believed
the shit they tell you, that would
force you to wake up. It would
bring you face to face with your
greatest fear: your Government.
You would actually have to put
down the remote and get involved.
Cut to a broad shot of the chamber. Pan through the crowd.
      (off camera)
You do realize that Government
isn't really real. You can't touch
it. No one can bring it to you and
place it at your feet. It's just a
concept. It has no texture, it has
no smell, you can't point to it
and say there it is. So why be
afraid? It's just people, and
buildings and documents. People
should never be afraid of their
Government, the Government should
be afraid of the people! People
are tangible, people have real
power. As individuals you are more
powerful than you could ever
imagine. As a collective, you are
all powerful. This is the truth
that has been hidden from you
through out millennia. And
governments all over the world
simply need to know, if they start
under minding the will of the
people, they will have to answer
to us all.
We see the Director sitting behind his desk looking over
documents. There's a knock at the door and the two agents
walk in and take a seat.
                       FBI 1
You wanted to see us Sir?
The Director puts the report in front of the two men.


                       FBI 1
      (picking up the
What's this, sir?
Arron Afalo, a Dessert Storm
Marine veteran, the suspect you
aggressively interrogated this
morning, is dead...
                       FBI 2
WHAT?! How?
                       FBI 1
Sir, we extracted information from
a terrorist that saved every life
on that courtyard.
                       FBI 2
Including our own.
It's not what you did, it's where.
The audio was recorded by media
outlets all over the world. When
the press finds out this man is
dead, they're going compare it to
an internet beheading!
                       FBI 1
Sir, let me know if I'm out of
line, but didn't we just prove
that extracting information from a
terrorist...by any means
You see, that's the shit storm I'm
trying to avoid. You are never to
say that out loud again. People
like that we make this country
safe, they do not on the other
hand, want to witness how we do
it. You made the country look bad.
That makes the President look bad.
You see where I'm going with this?
                       FBI 2
Sir, are you firing us?


No... No I am not. But you are
going to disappear for a while.
I'm putting you on leave until we
get a handle on this. There's
going to be a serious back lash
and you two mooks get to go on
vacation. Get out of town, I don't
want you in front of a camera, and
I mean leave town tonight.
                       FBI 1
Sir, these guys planted explosives
on the grounds of Congress. Played
an active part in holding Congress
hostage and we don't know how many
soldiers they've killed. Nobody's
going to mourn his loss. I don't
care if he's an ex-president.
      (handing them
       another report)
Broken bones, concussions and
respiratory problems. Not a single
man died in that explosion.
                       FBI 2
That's impossible.
They call it a sonic bomb. It's
like getting hit with a beach ball
coming at you 100 miles per hour.
Right now as we know, nobody has
died in this whole incident except
the man you interrogated. And that
man was a decorated war veteran.
                       FBI 2
He was alive when we left him.
Damn it, all the public sees is
that he was in the custody of the
FBI and you two mooks were the
agents on the scene! I can't paint
this picture any clearer!
                       FBI 2
Sir, you're making it sound like
we're the bad guys.


You better look and see where this
is heading. At the end of the day,
Alex may simply be viewed as the
one guy who had the guts to force
Congress to do their damn job. Do
you know how many people wish they
could do the same?
                       FBI 1
I'm not believing this.
Well you better believe it. I want
you back here in 4 weeks where you
will be re-assigned. I'm going to
try to make this as unpleasant as
I can, but for right now, go clear
out your desks.
                       FBI 2
Sir, we are in the middle of a
very sensitive investigation.
And we are in the middle of a
crisis, goddamn it! Sometime today
it's going to be reported that the
FBI tortured and killed an
American citizen. Who was a
goddamn war veteran! Right now,
I'm trying to save your jobs. Can
I get some help?!
We see the Ten coming out of the vents and the Leader.
                       TERRORIST 2
Sir, the vents are clear. How do
you want to proceed?
                       TERRORIST LEADER
I gave them a thirty minute
window. In about 15 minutes,
they're going to try that shit
again, so we're gonna make sure
they don't.
                       TERRORIST 2
How do we do that sir?


The Leader pulls out smoke bombs and hands them to the men.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
When they see these, they'll turn
their asses around.
                       TERRORIST 3
And if they don't?
                       TERRORIST LEADER
Well, they've been warned.
      (holding up a bill)
This is called the 9/11 Truth Act.
It simply states that we will have
an outside investigation of the
events of 9/11. But we will NOT be
sending this bill to the floor
today. This is everybody's fight.
And if you're unwilling to do your
part, well that's OK. But you WILL
sit your ass on the sideline while
the rest of us do what we need to
do to get to the bottom of this
farce. If we let three thousand
people plunge to their death just
so they can push an agenda through
well…that's a world I don't want
to live in. And neither should
                       CONGRESSMAN WASHINGTON
I beg your pardon SIR! (pause)
PUSH WHAT AGENDA?! 9/11 was a
terrorist act, and to think the
government was behind it is idiot
speak! (pause) WHAT AGENDA
      (surprisingly calm)
It's called the New World Order
Congressman. That's code for One
World Government. The masses of
the world being ruled by the elite
few. You see, they know they
cannot usher in a One World
Government with a strong America.
So their aim is to weaken the
economy to the point, that they


                       ALEX (cont'd)
have us begging them to do
something. They'll convince us to
give up our outdated constitution
and join this New World Order of
living. And the "they" I speak of
are the international bankers that
now control the entire planet. But
fear them not, they bleed just
like the rest of us.
We see the crowd watching the screen, listening intently.
What made all the jobs suddenly
disappear? Happen stance? Some CEO
found a clever way to increase
profits by out sourcing the jobs
and the rest of the industries
followed suit? No, it's the New
World Order's agenda set in
motion. To weaken America, you
must first weaken the middle
class...Check. You accomplish this
by taking away the jobs...check.
You accomplish that by weakening
the unions...Check. This was all
made possible because Congress
relaxed regulations so they can
send jobs overseas. Now we have no
good jobs. No good jobs, no
future, no future, no hope, no
Washington, the agenda is world
domination. Now Congressman, I can
really break this down so that
everyone can understand, but it
might take the rest of the
day...You got time?
We see the two agents standing at their desks packing.
Suddenly FBI 2 sits at his computer and begins to type.
                       FBI 1
What cha' doin'?


                       FBI 2
                       FBI 1
No really, what are you doing?
                       FBI 2
I'm running a cross reference on
Alex. I'm just curious too what
pops up. Wanna know something?
                       FBI 1
No I Do Not...
                       FBI 2
It says Alex Hunter is worth
approximately 65 million dollars.
You can buy a whole lot of
soldiers with that kind of money.
I bet if we checked into it we'll
find he liquidated his assets
weeks ago. Hell, he could afford
to pay those guys a million
dollars apiece. (Pause) They have
to know they'll never get to spend
it though...ain't NO coming out of
that building...makes you wonder,
doesn't it?
                       FBI 1
You don't know when to quit do
                       FBI 2
Now check this out. Alex is deep
into spirituality. We're talking
deep, deep. Doesn't believe in
death, life is eternal...shit,
dying to him is an opportunity to
meet God.
                       FBI 1
I don't care Joseph, we're done!
                       FBI 2
You don't care? We get what could
have been the biggest case of our
career and suddenly we get shit
canned? And you don't care?
                       FBI 1
We're not fired Joseph. And I
recognize when somebody's throwing
me a rope. I'm not going to take


                       FBI 1 (cont'd)
that rope and hang myself with it.
So get off the fucking computer.
You're not bringing me down with
Alex reaches for the phone on the table and hits speed dial.
It's time.
So how are we doing this?
I'm going to unlock the doors and
they are going to walk out in a
calm and orderly fashion.
I mean, how do you wish for you
and your men to surrender?
It's so nice of you to ask. I do
have one last request and before
you say no, do remember that even
without Congress, I still have 50
or so lobbyists as well as a
building full of explosives.
Just tell me what you want Alex.
I'm going to let Congress and the
media go, but afterwards, I want
ten minutes of air time on C-SPAN.
For those ten minutes I will
release the lobbyists. After I've
said my piece, you will find the
doors unlocked, our weapons on the
front table, and you will get no
resistance from me or my men. As
soon as we are in custody, I will
give you the codes to the building
and to the explosive devices. Do
we have a deal?


      (hanging up the
Ladies and gentlemen, will you
please, in an orderly fashion,
head towards the front doors and
exit the building through the main
lobby. Please do not dilly dally
or go to your offices. Remember,
armed men will be coming in pretty
soon looking for reasons to kill
us and I don't want you caught in
the crossfire. Will all media
personnel please turn off your
cameras and quietly exit with
Congress. Thank you very much for
your services.
They see the first bomb up ahead and they start to panic.
Sam calms them down and motions to Peter to go check it out.
Don't touch it damn it...
I'm not, chill out. (long pause)
It's controlled by radio signal.
You say it like that's good.
It kinda is. We can't trip it,
only they can turn it on.
Yeah, I don't see how that's good.
They'll only turn it on if they
think we're in the vents.
They're gonna hit a button if they
even think we're in these vents.


I'm not running with my tail
between my legs. Sam?
Lets nut up. We'll cover the
chamber, you two cover the front.
We see Congress coming out and officers running up to assist
them onto the buses. Everyone start to cheer. We see the
police holding back the press as they shout out questions to
Congress. Ann Yazz breaks free and start asking questions.
      (shouting to
Are there any casualties? Do any
of you plan to uphold any of the
laws that were passed today? Would
you like to see Alex Hunter get
the death penalty?
Two policemen force her back behind the barrier.
Everyone is cheering but they are starting to settle down.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
This is the first time, we've
stayed with you all day to bring
you coverage of this tragic event.
It does appear that the worst is
over. Congress has been released
and are now boarding multiple
buses. We have not been told where
they are going. Hold on... We've
just received more good news. All
of the soldiers involved in the
blast this morning, survived that
On the monitor we see the earlier explosion in slow motion.
                       TALK SHOW HOST
We're being told that it was some
kind of sonic bomb.


                       FEMALE TALK SHOW HOST
Oh my God...how is that possible?
                       TALK SHOW HOST
      (holding his ear)
We have more breaking news...it's
been reported that one of the
suspects that was taken into FBI
custody this morning has died.
We see the FBI taking the two men into the portable station.
                       FEMALE TALK SHOW HOST 2
      (off camera)
If you were watching earlier, the
FBI brought two men into custody
who were obviously interrogated. I
should warn you these images and
sounds might be disturbing.
We see them fast forward the tape. It stops right at the
point of the screams and we see the shocked reactions of
everyone standing outside.
On the screen we see Alex standing at the podium giving his
speech. The C-SPAN logo is in the corner.
I've mentioned many times how the
story gets worse but right now I
want to tell you that it DOES get
better…there is hope. I want you
to know that my plan was to avoid
any loss of life. If I failed,
there are no words that will
convey my sorrow. And after
holding Congress at gunpoint, I
know I've lost all moral authority
to tell you what I'm about to say,
but I'm going to say it anyway.
But first let me say that The New
World Order IS coming and there's
nothing you or I can do about it.
It's our evolutionary destiny. We
will at some point have, One World
Government. What we fail to
realize is that, it's actually a
good thing. The only issue with
having one world government, is
who is going to be in charge? Most
people think it will be either


                       ALEX (cont'd)
greedy Multinational Corporations
or the people will regain control
of their government. But it is an
illusion, if you think this battle
is between the people verses
corporate greed. The only battle
there is rages inside each of us
to have the will to do what we
know in our hearts, is right. Just
like governments, there's no such
thing as corporations, therefore,
no such thing as corporate greed.
Everything simply boils down to
what lies in the heart of
Show the lobbyists getting on the bus. We can hear Alex's
speech as though it was being broadcast over loud speakers.
      (off camera)
All of our problems have been
created by people. And it's all
because of our distorted view of
God. You can't possibly have peace
on Earth and end all wars if you
believe God himself waged the
first war in heaven. To worship a
jealousy God who wants to be
feared, is what makes it possible
for man to justify his own
jealousy, and his own fears and
his need to be feared. How can we
alleviate racism when we believe
that God himself has a race of
people that he has chosen above
all others. How can we ever
change, heal or fix any of the
world's problems if we teach and
believe that God himself laid the
foundation for all the ills that
plague mankind? The answer is
simple: we've been lied to about
God and that is why man thinks and
acts the way he does. And if it is
true, that what we've been taught
about God is a lie, with God being
at the top of the pyramid, then
everything that follows must also
be a lie. We've been told that we


                       ALEX (cont'd)
were made in God's image, when the
truth is, we made him in ours. Who
but man shows jealousy, the need
for revenge, take pride in war,
and has the need to be feared?
Through religion, we have been
indoctrinated with this poisonous
mind-set since the beginning and
we've been falling for it every
since, and it's all one big lie.
We still hear Alex speaking as the camera slowly zooms in
towards the vent above the chamber. We see the eyes of Sam
staring out in horror. Cut to the inside of the vent and we
see Sam and Peter hurrying to get out of there.
      (off camera)
God is love. You claim to know
this but you believe he waged war
in heaven when we know all too
well the horrors of war. How is
this love? We've been taught that
God ushered in the great flood,
killing everything and everyone on
the planet save but a few. Is this
an act of a loving God? And I know
many of you are screaming, "who
are you to question God?" I'm not
questioning God...I'm questioning
you! And the question is: Why do
you believe God is responsible for
all these atrocities, just because
someone told you? None of what
you've been told, even makes
sense. And yet you follow like
sheep. Religion teaches us that
this so-called God of Love will
cast non-believers into a lake of
fire, to suffer and burn for all
We see the faces of the people listening intently.


      (off camera)
Is it more likely that this
burning lake of fire was conceived
by a God of love, or is this a
cruel and merciless concoction of
man, so that he might gain control
over his brothers and sisters
through fear. Can't you see that
when you allow someone to tell you
what God commands of you, you're
actually allowing them to have
command over you? (pause) God is
spirit. You claim to know this but
you continue to produce pictures
of him as a man and you worship
the man in the picture. You go so
far as to give God a name as
though you could point God out in
a crowd...I know what I am saying
is very disturbing to many of you,
but it's the truth and you simply
need to hear it.
We still hear Alex's speech as we see Jerry and Andre
looking through the vents and seeing the Capitol Police
starting to enter the building. They signal to each other to
be quiet and they head back to the riot room.
Just as they turn the corner, Sam and Peter appear.
He's fooled everybody. We have to
get back to the team and get out
of the riot room.
Why don't we just get out through
the bathroom?
You're just dying to get shot
aren't you?
As Alex speaks, show the Capitol Police making their way to
Congress, drilling metal casings over the bombs.


      (off camera)
Because the truth is, a historical
figure named Jesus never walked
the Earth. He was written
metaphorically by the Gnostics,
who were the original Christians.
And in their stories, Jesus was a
man who became enlightened and
tried to teach everyone that God
is Love. Later, the Roman emperor
Constantine, in a successful
attempt to solidify his kingdom
under one religion, simply stole
this allegory and along with his
scholars at the Council of Nicea,
made him real...LOOK IT UP! Today,
in the 21st century, mankind
actually worships a man as God.
God is love. Love doesn't demand
obedience, Love is not something
you fear, and please understand,
Love does not need to be
worshiped. Love is truly all you
need to heal all ailments. By
simply loving yourselves and
loving each other, the New World
Order, corporate greed, crime,
starvation, racism and the Devil
that doesn't exist, will take care
of themselves. If everybody showed
everybody love, how could they
The woman gets up and turns off the television.
                       BLACK ELDERLY WOMAN
Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus, please
have mercy on his soul.
Show faces in the crowd listening intently.
      (off camera)
You start by taking personal
responsibility for your own
actions and letting your actions
be guided by love. This leads to


                       ALEX (cont'd)
never hearing yourself say, I was
just doing my job, it's the law,
that's what everybody does or I
was just following orders. Only
then will you see there is no such
thing as corporate greed, just
people choosing to be greedy.
Don't wait for the world to show
you love. Be the love that you
want to see in the world and watch
the magic happen.
We see the Capitol Police getting closer to the chamber. We
still hear Alex speaking.
      (off camera)
I want to end this by asking a
question. Let the answer break
down any barrier that prevents you
from taking responsibility in
making the world a better place.
The question is, "How many people
did Hitler kill?" Now don't spend
time trying to Google it, just say
the number you think you know.
(pause) Well the answer is ZERO.
That's right zero. Go check it
out. Hitler is known for killing
six million Jews, but Hitler has
never taken the life of another
human except for his own. Yet he
goes down in history as one of the
biggest mass murderers of all
time. Why is that?
We see the faces in the crowd.
      (off camera)
Because he convinced others to do
it. They were simply following
orders. That's how atrocities get
carried out. That's why it's
important to take responsibility
for what you think and do. That is
also how love will change the


                       ALEX (cont'd)
world. Seeing one man saying "no,
I will not do that", because he
chooses to act in a loving way
gives others the courage to do the
same. And in case you're having
trouble tying it together, that
last analogy was for our soldiers
in foreign lands, killing
foreigners, for reasons that's
foreign to us all. Be the change.
It starts with you. An unbiased
eye can clearly see that America's
armed forces have become the
bully, and not so much the
protector of the world. That will
all change when a few good men say
it does. So from this day forth,
'I was just following orders',
will no longer be an acceptable
excuse for doing what you know in
your heart is wrong. You and you
alone, must be accountable for
your actions.
The Capital Police are at the chamber door and it's slightly
ajar. We still hear Alex's speech as they slowly enter.
      (off camera)
Well, my time is up. I want to
apologize to anyone I may have
harmed and also ask for your
forgiveness. I know I went to
extreme measures to get your
attention but you should know
everything I said was the absolute
truth… except for one thing. I did
tell one lie. I hope you can
forgive me, but it is in man's
nature to survive.
We see the four of them climbing out of the vent in a hurry.
It's a trick! They've tricked


What do you mean?!
The Capitol Police enters the Chamber. They raise their
visors and they each have a look of surprised. Slowly turn
the camera around and we see that the entire room is empty.
They begin a detailed search, checking down the aisles.
      (on the radio)
Sir, there's no one here...
      (voice over the
What do you mean there's no one
Sir, the chamber is empty!
What are you talking about?! I'm
looking at him on my monitor right
now. He just finished his speech
for Christ's sake.
Suddenly we hear..."I've mentioned many times how the story
gets worse or just how deep this thing really goes. Right
now I want to tell you that it can get better…that there is

The speech continues and we see a computer on the table.
They're sitting there listening as the speech and the video
of Alex starts to repeat itself.
                       TALK SHOW HOST 2
What the hell is going on...
The crowd gasp as they figure out what is going on.


Surrounding the computer, they know they've been had when
they realize that it's hooked up to the C-SPAN camera.
Angrily, the Captain rips out the cord from the computer.
They can't be far! Find them!
      (on radio)
I'm coming in...
And find out what happened to the
goddamn Riot Police and the rest
of the guards!
The Captain looks on the table next to the computer and see
a yellow and a blue swipe card.
The police suddenly break thru the door and they freeze. One
of them gets on the radio.
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD 2
Captain, you better get up here...
Cut to the Captain running down the hall with two men and
entering the room. We see the police untying a bunch of men.
Who are they?!
                       CONGRESSIONAL GUARD 2
      (untying the men)
They say they're lobbyists sir...
Holy Shit...
He gets on the radio.
Commander, we just found the
lobbyists...We needs to get eyes
on that last bus!


We see the bus pulled over to the side with about fifty cars
parked in the area. As the camera moves closer to the back
of the bus, the front and back doors suddenly open and the
Terrorists come running out dressed as lobbyists carrying a
side arm, heading towards the cars and popping the trunks.

As the bus empties, the camera goes through the back door.
In the back area, we see two guards bound and blindfolded,
struggling to get free. As the camera moves towards the
front, we see three medical technicians bound and
blindfolded along with the military bus driver. The camera
exit the bus through the front door and we see the
Terrorists changing into new clothes. The camera moves to
the trunks of their cars and we see a suit case and a brief
case. Several of them pop open their briefcases and we see
that it is full of money and traveling visas.
Cut the camera to Alex getting in his car and the Leader
walks up to him. He is not wearing his mustache and beard.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
That shit was perfect. You said it
man. Take our country back and
make a million dollars doing it.
      (starting the
They'll never stop looking for us,
so there ain't no coming back. I
hope they understand.
                       TERRORIST LEADER
They know what they're doing.
(pause)You know, it's not to late
for you to come wi