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A Prince of Dragor
by Sandra Creamer (hamill99@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


NORA TAYLOR, a woman in her 20s and from Texas of Earth is
sitting behind the news table, with two other anchors, TOM
and PAUL in a small makeshift news room.

A monitor shows double doors closed tightly, with two armed
Hopian Guards standing to the side of it.
We are on Hopi, awaiting word, of
the ongoing Bargain between Jori
Dark, a member of the Morning Star
Band of Burrumy,and King Ramborli
of Morli.
This all began two days ago, when
Jori Dark captured Prince Gumborli
of Morli. What makes this meeting
difficult, is the fact that Jori
Dark, in the eyes of the Morlian
Government, is just a slave an
animal. One that escaped.
But very little is known about
this so called slave Jori Dark,
who considers himself a Prince.
So the big question remains, Will
a Bargain be signed?
JORI DARK, a man in his 20s sits on the side of a table.
SONNYHAYAN, a woman, in her 20s with dark brown completion,
deep sea green eyes and long black hair on his left. He
clutches her hand, under the table.

To the right of Jori sits, CHARLES TILKAN, a Texan of Earth
in his 30s. He is softly, in Morlian, reading a document
to Jori, and the man on his right, PRINCE LUMECK, a young
man in his 20s with brown skin.

ESTAN, an Arbortumian with green skin, pointed ears and
silver hair, stands behind the three men. He interprets
what Charles is reading to Deserian for Lumeck and



Jori, Lumeck, and Sonnyhayan, all wear a single star

On the other side of the table sits KING RAMBORLI, of Morli,
a man in his 40s, who is also reading a copy of the same
document, and his four advisors.

KING LYRONIAN, of Hopi a man in his 40s sits at the end of
the table, reading a copy of the document, with several
security personal standing around the table.
Jori, leaps to his feet, the chair sliding across the floor
behind him, as he leans on the table, his stern eyes on King
      (in Morlian)
Gum will stay in my custody, until
we, that means you and me, make a
Estan translates the different languages.

Sonnyhayan, grabs Jori's arm, as one of the guards, pushes
the chair back to Jori.

Ramborli, stands, staring at King Lyronian.
      (in Morlian)
See how it disrespects my son!
That is...
      (in Morlian)
I respect those who respects me!
Jori, gives the chair, a sharp glance, before sitting.
Ramborli still glancing at Lyronian as he points his finger
over at Jori.
      (in Morlian)
I Will Not Bargain with It!
Estan translates. Ramborli glancing at Lyronian.
      (pleading in
Send your troops now, and get me


                       RAMBORLI (cont'd)
my son!
Ramborli sits down as Lyronian stands up.
      (harsh tone in
Ramborli, Jori and the Morning
Star Band are under my protection.
Any acts committed by you or any
Morlian against him is an attack
against me and my kingdom.
      (softer tone in
The same applies to you Jori, and
your representatives, against the
Jori nods.
      (in Morlian)
I will not do this, even if it
means going to war with you,
Ramborli, storms toward the door. Lumeck doesn't wait for
Estan to translates as he jumps in front of the door,
blocking Ramborli from leaving.

Hopian Guards quickly move between Ramborli and Lumeck.
Lumeck goes to one knee, giving a courtly bow. The Hopian
Guards back away.
      (in Deserian)
Wait! Please, Noble King.
Lumeck waits for Estan to translate. Lumeck rises.
      (in Morlian)
Rise and speak.
      (in Deserian)
Would the Noble King Ramborli of
Morli, recognize me, Prince Lumeck
of the Morning Star Band, a man
worthy to bargain with?
Sonnyhayan grips Jori's hand holding it tight.


      (in Deserian)
That is if you do not object,
Ramborli hesitates. Lyronian stands and walks over to
Ramborli, placing his lips to his ear.
      (whispering in
Do you want your son released, or
do you really want war?
Ramborli grunts, and as Lyronian steps aside, Ramborli goes
back over to the table.
      (in Morlian)
I will recognize the Noble Prince
Lumeck of the Morning Star Band as
long as it is removed from this
Jori rises.
      (in Deserian)
Estan, do not translate. Lumeck,
My Prince, my life and the lives
of the Morning Star band are on
your shoulders. May fortune shine
Jori walks to the door.
      (in Morlian)
You should be taken away in
Jori stiffens.
I'm sure our galactic viewers are
wondering why the Hopian
Government is hosting this


Our sources tell us, that the
Hopian Government decided to
enforce a very old Bargain, that
was signed between the Hopian, and
Morlian governments, one that was
signed to bring peace to these
once waring planets, Protection
Due Peace Embargo For Bargain
Negotiations. Now what
Nora listens to the other casters, but her eyes are on the
monitor watching the council doors.
Galactic viewers, Prince Jori Dark
has just stormed out of the
Council Chamber alone. The Hopian
Security I've been told is
escorting him to his private
Nora throws her mike on the table and runs out of the room.
Jori paces, but stops when he hears a knock on the door. He
presses the button, and is startled when Nora walks in, the
door closing behind her.
You're giving up?
Jori walks over to the mini bar and pours two glasses of
water. He hands her a glass.
Lumeck Bargains for his people.
Nora guzzles her water and sets the empty glass on the bar.
And you're one of his people?
Jori turns his glass looking at the water and the way it
moves. He inhales deeply.
It's not about me anymore. It's
about Prince Lumeck and his


      (in Morlian)
Now that it is gone, maybe we can
proceed with this Bargain.
Estan translates.
      (in Morlian)
Very well. Page One, Paragraph
One: Will be changed to read:
Prince Lumeck of the Morning Star
Band is to release Prince Gumborli
of Morli, into the custody of the
Hopian Government. Can you both
agree to the change?
Estan translates.
      (in Deserian)
Shouldn't my name and title
replace Jori's name and title
appropriately in the entire
After hearing the translation, Ramborli grins. Lyronian
      (in Morlian)
Prince Lumeck, the document is
agreed to by its various
paragraphs and parts. Each piece
is first agreed to or contested.
After every piece of the entire
document is noted to this, then
the parts that are contested are
Lumeck, laughs lightly and nods.
      (in Deserian)
I understand. I really do
understand now.


No, Jori in the Morlian eyes it
will always be about you, and they
won't be satisfied until you are
their slave again.
Lumeck will do what is best for
his people.
He wouldn't. You didn't!
Jori keeps his back to her, and only nods, a still cold
silence fills the room.

Then Nora smiles, shaking her head in disbelief.
      (whispering to
Charles you devil.
She grabs Jori's arm and turns him around to face him.
You got to tell the galactic
viewers your story!
She tries to push him toward the door, but he stops.
My story?
Those galaxies that are watching
those people they know King
Ramborli and Prince Gumborli.
She grabs his arm again and tries to get him walking to the
But hardly any of these galaxies,
these people have heard of Jori of
the Morning Star Band, Prince of
Dragor. They need to see you,
feel what you felt, endured what
you had to endure. Live your life
through you.


She still tries to get him to move.
And not through the voice and eyes
of a newscaster!
      (in Morlian)
Now lets look at Page One,
Paragraph One Sub paragraph 1a.

Prince Gumborli will remain in
custody of the Hopian Government
for five years.

Any objections.
Estan translates. Both Ramborli and Lumeck shake their
heads no.
      (in Morlian)
Page One, Paragraph One Sub
paragraph 1b.

The conditions of the above Five
Year Custody Are: Number One: No
      (in Morlian)
I contest! My son deserves to
live the life he is accustom too.
      (in Morlian)
Prince Lumeck, do you wish to
compromise or stay firm?
Lumeck waits for the translation.
      (in Deserian)
No compromise.
There are two soft lush chairs, with ottomans, a table
between the two chairs, a pitcher of water and two glasses.


Jori stairs at the chair, then sighs and sits down. Nora
fills the glasses with water then she sits. They each take
a sip of water.
For our viewers across the
galaxies wide, I have with me in
the news room of our host the
Hopian Government, The Slave
Prince Jori Dark. Jori, how did
you become a slave on Morli?
I was on my quest to tame my
dragon, when...
Jori leans back in the chair and closes his eyes.
Jori, 15 years of age, glances up when he hears a strange
humming sound. He watches the space ship for a moment, then
continues to the rocky cliffs and hides behind a boulder as
the ship lands in the meadow.

Jori watches as it opens, and three men, SLI, TUR, and CHAD
walk out. Their clothing strange to him.

Sli holds a scanner in his hand and Jori freezes, when it
points in his direction. Tur holds a laser in his hand and
points it at the boulder, and the boulder vanishes.

Jori, stands motionless for a moment, but he begins to run
when he notices the three men running towards him.

Laser flashes exploded all around Jori as he continues to
run over the ruff rocky terrain, trying to reach the small
cave opening he sees.

He screams when he feels pain in his leg and stops only for
a moment. Grunting, as the pain and the swelling in his leg
intensifies as he hobbles toward the cave, the laser firing
all around him.

Jori, swallows hard, and stops to rest, glancing around at
not a cave, but just a small opening, going only two feet
back. He rubs his leg and notices the swelling and pain


As the three, men approach the cliff, Chad motions for Tur
to turn off the scanner, and to go up on top of the cliff.
He motions Sli to go to the other side.

Jori, turns around peeking out and listens, but hears and
sees nothing. Jori steps out to run, but he stares into the
eyes of Chad and feels Sli grabbing his arms. Jori, starts
to jerk loose, but Chad holds the laser to his head.
      (in Morlian)
Go ahead punk!
Jori remains silent, his eyes only on the laser. Sli places
the cuffs on his hands. Chad removes a healing instrument,
but quickly replaces it.
      (in Morlian)
Look at that Sli, the kid healed
his own leg.
Sli looks, and just shakes his head. He pushes Jori in the
direction of the ship.
      (in Dragor)
I'm Prince Jori Dark. Where are
you taking me?
Chad glances at Sli.
      (in Morlian)
It's talking, should I shut it up?
      (in Morlian)
Just ignore it. Anymore life
      (in Morlian)
Nope. Nothing. No signs of any
civilizations around here.
      (in Dragor)
What do you want with me? I am a
Prince, I have the right to know.
Chad adjusts an ear piece.


      (in Morlian)
Braud says the instruments are
working again. At least we got
one good one to sale from this pit
Young, apparently healthy, and
quick on his feet. Need to
practice more, Tur.
Never had any run on me before.
Jori stops walking as they reach the ramp, and stares at the
ship. He glances at Sli once more.
      (in Dragor)
Sli pushes him forward.
The cool morning breeze feels refreshing to Jori. He is
chained in a line by his ankle to others. He smiles but
only for a moment.

Several MERCHANTS, voices fill the air, as they all compete
to get the MORLIAN CITIZENS, passing buy interested in their
cargo of slaves, a mixture of men. women, boys and girls and
different races.

One citizen, forces a slave, to open its mouth, another
citizen forces a man to flex his arm muscle, and another
yanks the top off of a young women, and when she attempts to
keep her breast covered, the Merchant whistles and two
guards rush over.

Jori finds them disgusting and tenses when he sense a man,
KYLIC standing in front of him.
      (in Morlian)
Open your mouth show me your
      (in Dragor)
I'm Prince Jori Dark of Dragor.


Kylic growls, and turns to the ATTENDANT.
      (in Morlian)
Where does it come from?
The Attendant shuffles through some paper on a clip board.
      (in Morlian)
It says it's planet hasn't been
catalog, but it's paper work notes
that it's has some type of image
of an animal on it's upper right
arm. It also notes that it might
have some type of self healing.
      (in Morlian)
Language, what language?
      (in Morlian)
Apparently it doesn't speak any of
our known languages.
      (in Morlian)
Rip it's shirt off. I want to see
this image.
The Attendant removes a knife and moves toward Jori, Jori
steps back, the Attendant whistles and two guards approach
and grab Jori's arms.

Kylic smiles as Jori struggles slightly, as the Attendant
cuts Jori's shirt and then rips it off of him. Jori stops
struggling, the guards release him and Kylic looks at the

The baby dragon appears three dimensional and is curled up
sleeping, but it seems to actually be breathing.
      (in Morlian)
Any notes about intelligence?
The Attendant flips through some more paper work and then
starts laughing. Kylic looks at the Attendant with snarled


      (in Morlian)
Excuse me Sir. Yes it's noted
that it only had to be shown once
on how to operate the cell
equipment. And that it, seemed to
understand simple commands, during
its initial medical exam.
      (in Morlian)
I'll take it then.
Kylic walks away from Jori. The leg iron is unlocked and
Jori stars to walk away, when the guard grabs his arm. Jori
looks at him confused.
      (in Dragor)
I want to go back home.
The guard ignores Jori, and pushes him to a truck. Jori,
walks around the truck, looking under it and at the wheels,
then he tries to climb in the cab, but stops when he sees
SHAM, and the guard grabs him.
      (in Morlian)
Sorry, Sir. I think this one
needs watching. I think it's
Sham jumps out of the truck, and follows the guard and Jori
to the back. Sham watches Jori.

Jori climbs in the back of the truck and stands for a moment
but notices ISTAL, a man with green skin, silver hair and
pointed ears and dressed in a white tank top and brown
pants. Jori sits across from him.
      (in Morlian)
Na, it's just curious.
The guard leaves, and Sham walks back to the cab and climbs

There are couple of others dressed like Istal, but others
like Jori are dressed in the clothing they were captured in.
Istal watches Jori.


      (in Arbortumian)
I am Istal, Arbortumian of the
Sava Band of Ill Fate And Doom.
Jori glances at him and realizes he is speaking to him.
      (in Dragor)
I am Prince Jori Dark of Dragor.
Istal's ear twitch as Jori speaks. He stays silent for a
      (in Dragor)
I have heard of many planets but
never of Dragor.
      (in Dragor)
You understand me how?
      (in Dragor)
All Arbortumians have the gift of
As the truck starts up, Jori jumps up a little startled.
Feeling the wind on his face, Jori laughs as the truck
begins to pick up speed.

Istal tries to grab on Jori's arm, to pull him back down,
but Jori jerks loose and makes his way to the front of the
truck, where he climbs on top of the cab.

He stands, his arms stretches out. He is engulfed by the
wind and the speed of the truck and closes his eyes.
The CHAUFFEUR of the car pushes the intercom to the back.
Sir, you have a crazy one.
Kylic pushes the button so that his window rolls down and he
sticks his head out.


He pushes a button and his window goes up. He presses
another button.
Slow my car down.
He pushes another button.
                       SHAM (VO)
Yes, Sir.
I want you to come to a hard stop.
                       SHAM (VO)
Yes, Sir.
Squealing can be heard as Sham presses his foot on the
brakes. Jori is thrown from the top of the truck, tumbling
and rolling on the road, as he hits it hard. He is
breathing hard and has a few scrapes on his chest the blood
oozing out blue.

He is still laying on the ground when Kylic walks over to
him and kicks him in his side. Jori groans and tries to
stand up.
      (in Morlian)
Get up!
Kylic kicks him again, Jori slowly pushes himself up and
stands. He glances around at his surroundings and seeing a
forest nearby, he turns and starts to run.

Sham jerks the door to the truck open shaking his head as he
grabs the laser and fires one shot in front of Jori.

Jori stops and turns around breathing heavy and glances at

Kylic points to the back of the truck.

Jori crosses his arms on his chest and shakes his head no,
then focuses stern eyes on Kylic.


      (in Dragor)
I am a Prince of Dragor, and
demand you treat me with respect.
I'm tired of these games.
Sham shakes his head, and aims the laser in front of Jori's
feet. Jori doesn't move, as the light sparks in front of
him, he keeps his stern eyes on Kylic.
      (in Morlian)
Boss, you sure you want this one?
      (in Morlian)
Green One, come here now!
Istal, stands, and leaps out of the truck, his every
movement graceful like a dancers, lands to his feet, leaping
to land on his knees to the side of Kylic.
      (in Morlian)
Yes Master.
      (in Morlian)
Explain to it.
      (in Dragor)
If you want to live you best climb
back in the self moving wagon.
      (in Dragor)
I'm a Prince, and I demand to be
treated as such.
      (in Dragor)
Not anymore. Here you are
nothing, and Lord Kylic, will kill
you if you keep refusing to obey.
Jori, sighs and walks over to the truck and climbs back in
and sits down. Kylic motions for Istal to do the same. Sham
climbs back in the cab and Kylic walks back to the limo.
In the back of the moving truck, Jori watches the landscape
go by. First lush forest of trees, then nothing but


Why did you do it?
Do what?
Ride on top.
I wanted to fly.
Istal laughs.
You are a funny one. Not even my
kind can do that.
Not literally, but experience a
dragon ride.
You can no longer do what you
wish, want to do or dream. You
must obey if you want to live.
To them, you are nothing, just an
I am no animal.
The truck stops on a dirt road. The slaves climb out and as
they do, Sham hands them a basket and points to a row.

Sham, whistles as he walks on the dirt road leading to a
white building, the Processing Plant and Security room,
glancing around making sure all the slaves are working.

A prison like fence encloses the farm field, with only one
gate. Mounted on the fence are cameras and laser guns. On
the other side of the fence a smooth paved road leads from
the dirt road and seems to go on forever.

A smooth white road tees from that one and leads to a large


white building complex. It has five stories, and comprises
of offices, labs, medicals rooms, and punishment rooms.

Several long rectangular barracks like buildings are to the
left of that building, these are the slave compounds.

Istal and Jori are at opposites sides of the row picking the
Pick only the dark berries, they
are the ones that are ripe and
sweet. Anything else and you will
be punished. Punishment is also
given if the basket is not at
least half full by the end of the
day, and if you eat any of them.
Why am I a prisoner?
Istal laughs.
You are not a prisoner, you will
work in the fields for the rest of
your life unless someone buys you
to make you their house pet, or
it's decided you have medical
value and they put you in the lab.
Istal body sways, his arms flowing, his fingers graceful as
he picks the berries. Jori watches, mesmerize by his dance
like movements for a moment.
I'll just demand to see the King
of this place, and have him send
my father a ransom note?
They don't care who your parents
are or where you came from.
Jori stops picking the berries.
All they care about while you are
here is that you work and they see


Jori, uses his arm to wipe the sweat dripping down from his
face. Istal struggles just to pick one berry, his
clothing soaked.
Istal stumbles, knocking over his basket, the berries
tumbling out. Istal trembling, quickly starts to put them
back in.

Jori rushes over to help, but Istal watching the cameras and
lasers on the fence, didn't notice Jori, until they had

None of the cameras or lasers move, and Istal sighs.
Never help again!
Jori, turns sharply and walks away. But stops.

In one of the other fields, Jori sees a man collapse. He
stares as no one goes to help, then jumps when the laser
guns point at him, and shoot him. He is still staring when
a truck picks the body up and hauls it off.
That is why you help no-one.
Jori, sighs and watches as Istal struggles to pick berries
and place them in the basket. Jori walks over to Istal, and
starts picking berries, and putting them in the basket.

Istal, starts watching the camera and guns, then nudges Jori
Stop, please stop.
Why, my basket is full.
Istal, picks up his basket, and motions for Jori, to get
Istal walks over to the Processing Plant, Jori follows.
Istal knocks three times on the door.


                       SHAM (V.O.)
      (in Morlian)
There is a converter belt that passes through a testing,
separating, cleaning, drying and vacuum packing stations. To
the right a door leading into another room.

Sham walks out from the room, and glances at the two slaves
noticing that Jori's basket is full. Sham laughs.
      (in Morlian)
That one thinks its something
else. First it thinks it can fly
and now it wants to be a supper
      (in Morlian)
Master, he does not know what the
meaning of slave is. There is no
word for it in his language.
      (in Morlian)
Tell it to dump it's basket on the
belt. We will find out just how
good a picker it is.
Jori empties the berries on the belt, and then watches as
the belt moves, as they go throw a beam of light no sound is

Sham shakes his head in disbelieve. He glances at Jori and
points to a corner in the office. Jori walks in the office.
Sham glances at Istal and points at the door. Istal takes
his basket and walks out.
Each screen on the wall, shows a section of the field, and
the slaves working, the sounds of the wind and the rustling
can be heard as well.

One chair sits in front of the console desk, with buttons of
different colors labeled in Morlian.


Sham, press a button, and music fills the room. Jori
glances around trying to find the source.

Sham ignores Jori, as he leans back in the chair, crossing
his ankles as he places them on the desk, his fingers
interlock, as he places them behind his head. He closes his
eyes, but opens them staring at Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Look, but don't touch.
Sham closes his eyes once more, and then starts to snore.

Jori stares at Sham. He steps closer to the console looking
at the buttons.

A finger starts to move toward one of the buttons, and he is
inches from touching it.

A buzzing sound, fills the room, and Jori leaps back, as
Sham shudders, and wipes his eyes, as his feet hits the
floor, and he presses the intercom button.

One of the monitors change, displaying Kylic's image.
                       KYLIC (VO)
      (in Morlian)
Sham, have that green one, escort
the one that has that image on his
arm to Doc. You know the one that
tried to fly.
      (in Morlian)
Sure boss.
Jori watches as Kylic's image disappears, and Sham pushes a
different button.
      (in Morlian)
Green one report to the processing
plant immediately.
Three knocks can be heard.
Istal awkwardly walks in and almost drops his basket.


      (in Morlian)
Yes Master.
      (in Morlian)
He nods and points at Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Take that one to Doc.
      (in Morlian)
Yes, Master.
      (in Dragor)
Come with me, Jori
Istal struggles to walk down the dirt road toward the gate.
Jori follows behind him, and is slightly surprised that the
gate opens. Istal watches him and twitch his ears.

After they walk out the gate closes, and Jori starts to run
toward the paved road leading away from all the buildings.
Istal finds a rock and throws the rock at the fence, Jori
watches as the fence sparks and he sees several of the guns
move to point in his direction.
Jori, please. Please don't make
things worse for you and me!
Jori turns around and walks back to Istal. And they continue
to walk toward the complex.
Don't you want to escape?
I am Istal of the Sava Band of Ill
Fate and Doom, and I tell you now
every fiber of my being, down to
my soul wants to go back home, but
it will never be for me.
Istal sighs and his ears twitch.


For you it may be different, but
now is not the time or place.
I don't understand. I don't want
to die like that other man.
That is why you, must watch,
learn, and be able to grasp the
things they use here. No one has
ever escaped.
As they reach the office building, Istal walks around to the
back side, and opens the back door.
Istal, walks in the first door on his left. DESOTA, a man
in his late 20s also dressed in the white tank top and brown
pants, glances at them as they walk in.
      (in Morlian)
I was told to bring Jori to you.
Desota, motions to the table. Jori glances at Istal. Istal
nods, so Jori climbs up on the table and sits. Desota then
looks at Jori, then Istal.
      (in Morlian)
So he thought he could fly?
      (in Morlian)
He was trying to mimic the ride of
a large animal.
Jori glances from one to the other. Desota then looks at
the image of the dragon.
      (in Morlian)
It's not a tattoo. But he has no
scraps or bruises on him from the
fall. Ask him if he hurts
anywhere, any soreness.
As Istal translates, Desota, starts using the various
equipment and makes notes of Jori's vitals on a chart.


Jori watches him curiously, but shakes his head no to the
question. Desota lays the chart on the table, next to Jori
and walks out.
      (in Dragor)
Can we go now.
      (in Dragor)
No. Lord Rystar will be in
shortly to take blood.
      (in Dragor)
Take Blood?
Hearing the boots on the floor, Istal quickly goes to the
corner of the room and stands quietly. He places his finger
to his lips.
RYSTAR, a man in his 40s walks into the room. He is dressed
in the typical doctor's clothing.
      (in Morlian)
You understand it's language
      (in Morlian)
Yes, Master Rystar.
      (in Morlian)
I don't want it freaking out on
me. Explain to it.
Rystar then places a small table across Jori's lap.
      (in Dragor)
Jori, put your arm on the table,
and then Lord Rystar is going to
tie a hose around your arm and
then stick a needle in one of
your veins, in the tubes will come
out your blood. Please Jori,
don't get scared. The needle
going in might hurt, but that's


      (in Dragor)
But but but.......
      (in Dragor)
Don't fight him either. Don't
look scared. Trust me Jori.
Jori nods. Rystar begins the procedure, and then Jori just
watches with amazement. Rystar shows a little curiosity as
the blood is blue.
      (in Morlian)
Where do they keep finding these
animals. I seen orange, green,
yellow, red, purple and now blue.
Rystar finishes and then removes the table and points to the
floor. Jori jumps off the table.
      (in Morlian)
Green one, take him to Master
Kylic's office.
      (in Morlian)
Yes, Master Rystar.
Istal grabs, Jori's hand. Istal out of the direct sun
light, appears to have some of his gracefulness as he walks.
Istal, my life is over isn't it?
Istal stops on the stairs and looks back at Jori.
Some like me feel that way, others
still cling to hope. How you wish
to feel, is for you to decide.
Istal walks up the stairs again. Jori follows.
We out number them, why don't we
fight back?
Istal stops on the stairs and clutches at Jori's shoulder.


If only it were just that simple.
They have the strange devices.
But, if they use all these things,
we can do the same.
Istal stops on the stairs once more.
Not, when too many fear... Fearing
death... More than a whip, or
tasteless food.
I see.
Come, if we tarry to long, we will
be punished.
Istal now begins to run up the stairs, and then stops and
opens the door.
Istal walks down the long wing, staying against the wall,
out of the path of the Nobility and guards walking about. He
turns left at the first junction. Walks over to the door on
his right and knocks three times.
                       KYLIC (VO)
      (in Morlian)
Istal, stands to the side, and out of the way of the TAILOR,
who was taking Jori's measurements, only translates for Jori
when necessary.

Kylic is behind his desk typing down the information the
Tailor gives him. When the Tailor, leaves Kylic stands up
from behind his desk and walks around Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Green-one tell it, it's name will
be Dragon-one.


Istal translates.
      (in Dragor)
But I...
Kylic raises his hand to slap Jori, but Jori catches his
hand. The two men stare into each other's eyes for a
moment. Kylic jerks his hand free of Jori's grip.
Kylic walks over to his desk and pushes a button. Two
guards enter.
Take the new slave, who's name is
Dragon-one, and give him fifty
lashes with the electric whip at
They take a struggling Jori out of the room. Kylic glances
at Istal.
Next time, I'll have you whipped.
Go wait at Doc's.
Yes Master Kylic.
Istal, sits in the corner, and Jori unconscious lays on his
stomach on the table. Desota, walks over to Istal, and
passes him a pill.
Things are getting heated.
Istal nods, as he quickly swallows the pill. Desota walks
over to Jori.
Istal, I don't believe this! Come
Istal stands up and glances at Jori's back. They both watch
as the wounds from the beating seems to be healing on their
Go get Master Kylic.


Istal, runs out the door, and then shortly returns with
Master Kylic. Desota and Istal wait against the wall, as
Kylic glances at Jori's back.
You disobeyed me!
No Master Kylic, I have not used
or even touch any instrument to
heal him.
Are you lying?
Master Kylic, he is not, I saw
with my eyes the wounds healing on
their own.
Jori moans slightly as he tries to move and sit up.
Kylic grabs Jori's hair and twist his head hard and bends
his head down and glares into his eyes.
      (in Morlian)
Explain how you do this?
Istal translates.
      (in Dragor)
My body just does it.
Istal translates.
      (in Morlian)
Green-one go to your cell. Doc,
take the Dragon-one to Master
Kylic doesn't wait for them to respond and just walks out
the door grumbling and mumbling. After he leaves both help
Jori down.
      (in Morlian)
Do you think Master Nordia will
keep him?


      (in Morlian)
Master Nordia only borrows us from
time to time, for experimentation.
Desota, knocks on a door three times.
                       NORDIA (VO)
      (in Morlian)
Desota enters leading Jori in by his arm. Nordia turns and
glance at them. He walks around Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Doc, go.
Desota walks out the door, and shudders slightly as he close

Nordia points to a chair. Jori looks at the strange chair,
as it has straps all around it, and then a long arm table to
the side.

Jori hesitates. Nordia pushes a button, and shortly two
technicians walk in each grabbing one side of Jori and
dragging him to the chair and strap him in raising the arm
table and strapping his right arm to it, then leave.

Nordia walks over to his console and presses a button.
Kylic's image appears on the monitor.
Let me get this straight, you
don't think it can be branded?
                       KYLIC (VO)
Apparently it has some kind of
self healing ability. Don't know
how extensive.
It says in it's paper work, it was
captured on an uncharted planet.
Come on now did it really try to


                       KYLIC (VO)
That must be Sham trying to be
Both men laugh.
So if it can't be branded what are
you going to do with it?
                       KYLIC (VO)
I just need to know if it will
reject the tracker.
                       KYLIC (V.O.)
The Green-one can translate if you
want an interpreter.
You should really take him out of
the fields and let him be one.
                       KYLIC (V.O.)
Most of the animals I buy, know
the language.
Nordia, then presses another button, and the image vanishes.
He enters information to a file on the computer, then walks
over to Jori. Jori tenses up, but sternly stares at Nordia.

He notices the dragon image on his arm and examines it
finally realizing it is not a tattoo.
      (in Morlian)
      (in Dragor)
I am a Prince! I demand to speak
to your King.
On the table beside Nordia, is several different healing,
pain relief, and numbing ointments, and a gag.

Nordia picks up the gag, and shows it to Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Do you really want me to use this.


Jori shakes his head no, and sighs. Nordia sets the gag
back on the table. He picks up the numbing ointment and
rubs it on Jori's arm.

Jori looks surprise when he begins to loose all feeling in
the arm, and he watches Nordia curiously.
      (Soothingly, in
Relax kid, its not going to hurt.
You're not going to feel any pain
I promise.
Nordia, inhales, then grabs the laser pin, looks at the
paper work, then moves the pen to Jori's arm. The laser
burns deep into Jori's skin, but Jori's fear subsides as he
sees the lines being burnt into his skin, but feels no pain.

When he is done, he injects a microchip, just under the skin
of his arm.

Nordia uses his own hands, takes two finger and walks them
in his palm, then makes a circle around the room, then he
points at the next number on the clock, then back at the
      (in Morlian)
I will allow you to walk around in
the lab, but when I say it is time
you will get back in the chair.
Jori nods. Nordia undoes the restraints, and walks back
over to the computer. Jori, jumps down, and follows Nordia,
watching everything, looking at everything with amazement.
Nordia, glances at the clock, then at Jori, and points to
the chair. Jori walks over to the chair and sits in it.

Nordia, then holds Jori's arm and looks for the marks. The
skin is healed and no marks are seen. He runs an instrument
over his arm and smiles when he hears the alarm. He places
some kind of little device over the alarm and smiles again.
He rubs Jori's hair.
      (in Morlian)
Your going to be alright for now


He flips up a table for his left arm. Jori places his arm
with the fore arm up and watches as Nordia takes more blood.
The blue color having no effect on him.

He glances at the clock, and it reads 11:00 Pm. He looks
back over at Jori.
      (in Morlian)
Kylic is going to be in bed now.
The slave quarters is shut down
for the night.
He motions for Jori to follow. Jori follows. Nordia opens
another door, and empty cages are lined up against the wall.
Nordia goes to the largest one and opens it motioning Jori
to crawl in.

Jori inhales, and makes motions for something to drink and
eat. Nordia sighs and nods, but points to the cage. Jori
crawls in, Nordia closes and locks it, then walks out and
returning, with a bowl of water, and a bowl of food and an
empty bucket on a cart.

He unlocks the cage motioning for Jori to stay at the back.
Nordia place the bucket in the cage, then the bowls. He re
locks the cage and leaves.

Jori, lifts the bowl of water to his lips and drinks, then
looks at the brown paste of food in the bowl, he uses his
finger and tastes it, then sets it down, disgusted. He lays
on the floor and tries to sleep.
INT. COMPOUND - DAY -- Jori wears the tank top and brown
pants, Jori and the slaves are giving a chance to eat.

Ext. FIELD - Day - - Jori and the slaves work in the fields.
Istal becoming leaner and skinner by the day.

INT. LAB - Day -- Nordia takes x-rays, draws blood, takes
ultra sounds and other medical procedures on Jori.

INT. SHOWER HALL - DAY -- Every six months, Jori and the
slaves are allowed to shower and are given fresh clothing to

INT. GROOMING HALL - DAY -- Every six months groomers shave
the beards, and hair of Jori and the slaves. They clip
fingernails and toenails.

INT. COMPOUND - Night - - Jori and the slaves are allowed to


eat and rest.

INT. COMPOUND - Night -- Istal teaches Jori Morlian, and at
Jori's request Arbortumian.
Jori hesitates as he stands in the doorway, his body
pressing against the open door.

Two techs are placing scalpels and various other medical
tools on a steel table as well as ointments. Nordia sits on
a stool setting a folder, on the desk. Next to him stands
PRINCE GUMBORLI, a man in his 20s, dressed lavishly.
Is it going to run? A chase would
be so exciting.
I'll never give you such pleasure.
It's talking back to me! I want
it punished!
Nordia, glares at Jori and points at the table.
Take of your shirt and get on the
table now and lay on your back!
Jori, takes off his shirt, wads it up and throws it at
Gumborli. The shirt lands at Gumborli's feet.
That is twice now! Don't you
teach these field animals any
Nordia, turns around and sees the shirt.
Fold that shirt and put it in the
proper place. Then get on the
Jori stomps over to Gumborli and jerks his shirt off the
floor, then stomps over to a corner of the room and folds it
up leaving it in the corner. He glances at Nordia, and


inhales deeply as he lags toward the table, then finally
jumps on it.

Gumborli picks up a scalpel and grins watching Jori.
Let's get started.
Nordia is taking Jori's vital, when he hears his heart
racing, and his blood pressure increase.

Nordia, turns and grabs the scalpel away from Gumborli, and
passes it over to the tech.
Pardon me Prince, but this is my
field of expertise. This
procedure is under my control not
Jori looks at Nordia worried.
      (to Jori)
Lay back
Jori, lays back, inhales deeply, as the techs strap his arms
and legs down. Jori struggles when Gumborli picks up
another scalpel and makes cutting motions with it his eyes
staring at Jori's.
For now, Lord Nordia, but if I
want it, I will get it, and you
know it.
Nordia inhales and shakes his head.
Dragon-one, just listen to me.
It's going to be alright. Keep
your eyes on me and answer my
question. Understand.
Yes, Master Nordia.
Gumborli snarls his lips up and starts tapping his foot on
the floor as he crosses his arms impatiently.

Nordia grabs the ointment and rubs it on Jori's chest.


Why such an interest in it, My
I'm looking for a new toy.
Jori's lip slightly curls as he listens to Gumborli talk
about him.
Living things are not toys.
Better a toy then a lab rat. Can
we start now?
Nordia motions to the techs. They move so that each stands
to one side of Jori. The tech takes the scalpel away from

The tech places the scalpel, just under the rib cage and
slices down and deeply. Nordia keeps Jori focused on him.
Do you possess any medical
knowledge about your species?
No, Master Nordia
What planet are you from?
Dragor, Master Nordia
Your current age?
I was fifteen when taken away from
my home, Master Nordia.
The tech sets the scalpel down, and uses a tool to hold the
skin back. He steps to the side and back so that Gumborli
can look at the insides of Jori.

Gumborli, snaps up the scalpel, hiding it behind his back.
He watches Jori's heart beating, and his lungs rise and


Cut it's heart out, and let's see
if it will grow back.
Nordia, grumbles, as he shuffles through some paper work.
Jori, struggling with his restraints.
It is now sixteen Prince. And no
that is too risky.
Gumborli sneers at Nordia, and shoves the tech out of his
I don't want to watch! I want to
play with it.
Jori struggles with his restraints.

Nordia, jumps from his stool, grabbing Gumborli's hand,
preventing him from jabbing the scalpel into Jori's heart.

The tech releases Jori's skin and he begins to heal.
It is not yours to toy with!
Gumborli, drops the scalpel, and as Nordia releases his
grip, Gumborli glances at Jori, smiling sadistically.
It will be.
Gumborli, laughs as he strides out of the room. Nordia,
grumbles and then looks at Jori. Seeing that he healed, he
releases the straps and just points out the door.
Sweat drips from both Jori and Istal, as they plant seeds in
the ground scooting on hands and kneels.

Istal barely breaths, struggling to even move his bony shell
of a body.
      (in Arbortumian)
You need to see Desota.


      (in Arbortumian)
It is no good. Master Nordia can
no longer pass the pills to
Desota, that helps me. I also
hear he is loosing the fight to
keep you from Gumborli as well.
      (in Arbortumian)
And I'm suppose to be thankful.
Istal clutches Jori's shoulder his fingers almost bone. His
breath in gasps.
Please, Jori, I am Istal of the
Sava Band of Ill Fate and Doom.
Though I wish it not. This is my
fate, my doom.
But it doesn't have to be. Fate
isn't set, it forever changes.
Istal laughs lightly.
For your kind not mine.
I'll prove it to you.
Jori strides over to the Processing Plant.

Istal sits on the ground and watches.

Jori leans his ear to the door, and then smiles, hearing
Sham snoring. He places his hand to the door, slowly and
quietly turning the knob.

The door opens, and slowly Jori steps in.
Jori, stands, pressed against the wall, and slides along the
wall, listening to Sham snore.

He peeks around the doorway.

Sham, stirs in his sleep, and stops snoring.


Jori, holds his breath.

When Sham inhales again, and starts snoring, Jori sighs and
times his breathing with Sham's.

His finger is trembling as he pushes the button labeled
gate. He glances at the monitor and smiles when he sees the
gate open.

Sham mumbles incoherently, and Jori freezes for an instance.
Then sighs as Sham starts snoring again.

Cautiously, he walks back to the other room, and to the
door, closing the door, slowly and quietly as he opened it.
Istal just stares as he sees Jori running to him.
Now, come on, let's get you to
But how?
Jori helps Istal stand, but he slips, and collapses. Jori
picks him up and carries Istal, running as fast as he can to
the gate.
KING RAMBORLI, a man in his forties, stares firmly and
directly at Nordia.
The animal is more suitable for
medical research than as Prince
Gumborli's toy. But I do have a
Bargain, if you wish to look it
over, My King.
Before, I look over any Bargain, I
want to see this Dragon-one.
Kylic pushes the intercom.


Sham, rubs hie eyes and puts his feet down, as he presses
the button, the monitor of the open gate, being replaced
with Kylic's.
                       KYLIC (V.O.)
Send Dragon-one to my office.
Sure, boss.
Sham, doesn't bother looking at the monitor, as it displays
the open gate. He press the button for the P.A.
Dragon-One, report to Master
Kylic's Office.
He presses the button for the gate, not looking at the
monitor as he leans back in his chair.
                       SHAM (V.O.)
Dragon-one, report to Master
Kylic's office.
Jori, pauses, but only for a moment, as the gate begins to

He runs toward the gate.

The gate moving.

Jori takes one long last breath, shuffles Istal, and charges
toward the gate, running through it, just as it closed.
Jori, breathing heavy, gently lays Istal on the table.
Desota, at the sink was cleaning medical instruments,
Save him please Save him.
I can't.


Rystar steps into the office, and both shiver turning
You can't do what. Explain.
Master, Rystar, I was ordered to
bring the Green-One to Doc, for
him to heal. But Doc says that he
hasn't receive any information to
do so.
Jori, as he speaks backs away to the door. Then charges out
to the stairs.
Kylic, presses a button, as both King Ramborli and Nordia,
look at him annoyed.
                       RYSTAR (V.O.)
I thought you wanted that
worthless green animal dead.
Jori runs up the stairs two at a time, his breathing rapid
as he reaches the 5th floor.
I do.
Jori runs through the hall, knocking down several nobility.
He passes a couple of guards who began to chase him,
following him, as he rushes into Kylic office. They stop on
the inside of the door.
He only takes slight notice to Nordia, and King Ramborli
interrupting them, as he runs between them and turns Kylic's
chair as he slides to his knees and places his hands palms
together, fingers pointing up, his voice pleading as he


stares into Kylic's eyes, tears falling from his eyes and he
is breathing hard.
Please... Master... Kylic,...
don't... allow... the...
Green-one.. to.. die.
King Ramborli strides over to Jori, grips his hair, and
pulls Jori's head back and forces him to look at him.
Where is your etiquette animal!
Don't you know who I am?
Ramborli, tosses Jori into the side of the wall out of the
Don't even answer and don't move!
Ramborli glances back at Kylic.
Kill the green one the animal
whimpers about, and make it watch.
Then kill it, and make all the
field animals watch.
Jori clenches his fist and moves to stand, Nordia sees him
and quickly steps placing himself between Jori and Ramborli.
Alright, My King, Let's simplify
the bargain.
Nordia, takes the contract, tears it in half, then quarters
it and throws it in the trash. King Ramborli glares at
Allow the green one, to live, and
you take him into your house as an
interpreter. And I will give the
dragon-one to Prince Gumborli to
toy with for one year.
Ramborli raises an eyebrow, and waves his hand for Nordia to
step aside. Nordia side steps inhaling deeply. Jori stares
at the floor not moving, barely even breathing.


Get on your knees animal and tell
me your name.
Jori quickly obeys. Nordia holds his breath.
Dragon-one Master.
Ramborli glances at Nordia.
Clever, very clever. The Green
One will be placed in obedience
training before coming to my
house. And you, Nordia will
admit, to the minor infractions.
And if I agree?
You will be allowed to continue
your work, but under house arrest.
And if I do not?
Both animals will die. Charges of
Aiding animals to escape will be
filled against you.
My King, I agree. I consider
myself under house arrest.
And what do I get?
You get to keep your job for
another year!
Ramborli glances at the guards as he points his finger over
at Jori.
I want that one punished, see to


The suite is decorated for the style of a Prince. One large
open area, and then four doors. Three of the doors were of
the same size, the fourth door half the sizes as the others.
On the opposite, double doors leading out to the balcony.

Music is playing DYNANA, a woman in her 20s, and RAM, a man
in his 20s, were sitting on a sofa eloquently sipping on
wine. Jori keeping his eye lowered, wiggles his toes on the
lush carpet. He is dirty and still wearing the clothes of a
field slave.
Look! Look! My new pet is here.
He then walks over to Jori, who keeps his eye lowered.
Dynana, sniffs and wrinkles her nose as she glances over at
It stinks, and it's not even
properly dressed as a pet. I'm
afraid to even touch it.
Sis, that's because it's been
nothing but a field animal. I
mean look at it, it even hasn't
greeted it's new Master properly.
My name is Prince Jori Dark, and I
am not an animal!
Ram and Dynana laugh at the outburst. Gumborli sadistically
smiles still circling Jori.
I think its name is fitting. A
Prince the plaything of a prince
how often does that happen.
How could that ever be a Prince. I
think you should punish it for
Gumborli laughs.


Did you used to be a prince.
Yes Master.
They all laugh.
The response is yes Master Prince.
Yes Master Prince.
I don't know about this one My
Prince. I think you should send it
to obedience training. I sure
hope you plan on letting it clean
up before we toy with it.
Jori side steps Gumborli, runs over to the balcony doors,
and runs out to the balcony. Ram and Dynana laugh. Gumborli
just smiles.
We will toy with it after my
birthday party.
Is it true, that it bonded with
that green animal?
It's what I hear, but it was too
weak to survive the obedience
Dynana sips on her wine.
Are you really going...
Not another word! Leave me!
Both set their glasses down and stride out of the room.


                       GUMBORLI (VO)
Jori, come here!
Jori turns away from the stars, and walks back into the
suite, closing the doors behind him as he does. He walks
over to Gumborli keeping his eyes lowered.
Yes Master Prince
You sleep out here on the floor,
that room
He points to the smallest door.
Is the animals' bathroom. In it
you will find everything you need
to clean yourself, and the proper
attire. I expect you to be
cleaned and properly dressed in
the morning.
Yes Master Prince.
I shall not be disturbed, take a
message if anyone comes knocking.
Yes Master Prince.
Jori walks into the small bathroom. There was only a sink,
toilet, and small shower. He saw towels, but nothing to
shave or comb or brush his hair with. There are bars of
soap and shampoo.

He takes off his clothing and steps in turning the water on.
The water, he soon realized is adjustable. It felt
refreshing to take a hot shower.

The towel, was smooth and soft to the touch. He opens the
small closet and picks up a garment.

It is linen material with a hole in the middle that his head
went through, and then had tie on each side that tied around
his waist the fabric stops at his knees. He sighs and walks


out, he lays on the floor and tries to sleep, but tosses and
Jori is startled when the door opens, and the CHEF, walks in
followed by seven BALD HEADED SLAVES. He watches as the Chef
directs the bald head slaves on where to place each tray
they carry. He claps his hands and they stand by the tray
they place on the table. One stands slightly behind him.

Gumborli walks out of the bedchamber, dressed in a robe,
followed by TANA, a girl around seventeen years old. She
wears a garment similar to his only the fabric a little more
see through, and only falling to her mid thighs. Her
garment was also in two pieces that tied together at her
shoulders. It also ties around the waist.

Gumborli sits at the table, and Tana sits on the floor to
his right. Jori walks over and sits on the left side of

Gumborli smiles and pats Jori on the head.
Good boy.
Jori scoots away from him. Gumborli smiles and points to
the spot closer to him. Jori scoots back. Gumborli laughs
and rubs his hands together.
What is for breakfast today.
A Texas omelet, with hash browns,
and toast. Served with juice and
milk, followed by your favorite
fruits, My Lord Prince.
As he speaks each of the bald slave lifts the top off the
tray of the food he announces.
Do you have my pet's new bowl
ready and the special contents
that I asked for?
Jori's stomach's growls from the aroma of the food. Gumborli
glances at him.


Yes Prince, exactly to your
The chef motions for the slave behind him to place the
covered silver tray in front of Gumborli. When she steps
aside, the chef removes the top. On the tray is a bowl with
green paste, the same consistency as the food of the field

Gumborli laughs and nods at the chef. The chef departs with
the slaves. Gumborli lowers the bowl nudging Jori to take

Jori jerks it from him. Gumborli laughs and waits for Jori
to take one taste.

Jori sighs and takes his finger dips his finger in the green
paste and places the finger in his mouth licking it off.
How does your green friend taste?
Jori's lip curls up and he has the most utter disgusting
look on his face, as he tosses the bowl away from him. He
starts to get up and run, but Gumborli grabs his hair and
pulls his head back forcing him to look at his eyes.
Learn this lesson well. I can
have any animal killed, just
because I want it. If you have
any more field animals you care
about, then you will obey me.
He releases Jori's hair, and shrugs his shoulders.
But if you don't, and you still
disobey, I do have other
persuasive ways. And if you ever
decide to take your own life, know
that I will execute a hundred
animals. Now fetch your bowl and
bring it to me.
Jori bitterly gets up and gets the bowl and holds it up to
Gumborli as he kneels back beside him. Gumborli watches
Jori as he takes the bowl for Tana and places a a little of
all the food in it and then hands it to her.

She eagerly eats.


Gumborli takes Jori's bowl and scoops out the green paste
and wipes it clean. He then places a little of everything
in Jori's bowl and hands it to him.

He gets up and walks back into his bed chambers.

Jori gets up and slams the bowl on the table. Tana looks at
him and watches as he reaches for a piece of fruit on the
Don't, unless you want to be
Jori stops, and stomps to the balcony. He grips the rail
and looks down.

Tana gets up and places her bowl on the table, she goes to
the slave's bathroom and washes her hands, then was about to
run over to the balcony, when King Ramborli steps in.

She quickly crawls over to him and kisses his feet. He
glances at her, then notices Jori on the balcony.
Jori doesn't even notice him, as he leans on the rail
watching ships land and leave the spaceport in the distance.
Get your Master now.
Tana kisses his feet again, and scampers to her feet,
quickly running in the bed chambers.
Gumborli, partially dressed, walks over to his father. Tana
crawling back over to King Ramborli, kissing his feet, and
remained kneeling.
Father, I didn't expect you so
The next time it.
Points at Jori.
Is in my present, it better know
its animal etiquette, or I will
personally have it remove and
taken to obedience training.


Yes, father. The conditions of
the Bargain.
No conditions. In one year it
goes to Nordia.
He walks out. Gumborli walks back into his bedchamber.
After both are gone, Tana walks over to the balcony.
My name is Tana.
Jori turns his back to the rail as he stares at her. He
turns back around and watches the port again.
Where was your home?
Jori shrugs his shoulders.
What does it matter? I'll never
see it again.
Tana inhales deeply, and turns sharply her back to him as
she starts to walk back into the suite.
I was curious. For the last five
years all I've seen of any world
is what I can see from this suite.
Jori turns and watches as she walks back into the suite and
A knock is heard at the door, and Tana turns and looks at
Jori. Jori stares back at her. Then he rushes to open it.

The GROOMER, a man in his thirties, struts in and glances
around. He has a bag in his right hand and sets it on the
table. He stares at Jori, as he closes the door.
Is Prince Gumborli here, or am I
suppose to guess what he wants
done to you? Never mind I can
always start with you, Tana.


Tana, smiles slightly, and walks over to him, kneeling
kissing his fists. The Groomer laughs, and opens his hands,
reveling a piece of chocolate. Tana glances back up at him,
and he nods. She gently and delicately picks the chocolate
up with her lips, without touching his hand.

Gumborli walks out of his bedchamber, fully attired, and
laughs watching Tana take the chocolate. He walks over to
the second door and opens it. Inside is like a mini
barber/beauty parlor. There is one added addition. A table
with restraints.
Jori, take the bag and go sit in
the chair.
Jori grabs the bag and takes it in the room, and sets it
down on the floor as he jumps in the chair.
Five rows of twenty tables spread eight feet apart covers
the floor of the room. On each table five terminals, and a
MERCHANT, sitting behind each.

Two elaborate chairs, with a terminal on each set on the
floor, at one end of the room, a doorway behind them.

Screens cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Each screen
displaying a variety of pictures of food, clothing,
furniture, jewelry, animals, slaves, anything that anyone
would buy.

Everything for the Nobility and Wealthy Morlians is bought,
sold, traded and bargained for in this room.

The room is already crowed with Morlians shuffling from
table to table, the hum of many voices speaking at once
filling the room.

From the doorway behind the chairs, Ramborli, enters first,
then Gumborli, followed by Jori, only having one strip of
long hair running down the middle in a pony tail. His
fingernails and toenails trimmed and painted in a rainbow
color. He had no facial hair, underarm hair, or leg hair.

A moment of brief silence, fills the room as the King and
Prince enter. Ramborli takes his seat first, and when he
nods, the hustle and bustle continues.

As Ramborli sits, Jori immediately crawls over to him and
kisses his feet. Ramborli grins, reaches in his pocket, and


holds out a piece of hard candy.

Jori glances at Ramborli and when he nods, Jori takes the
candy gently, tenderly with his lips not touching his hand.
Ramborli, then points behind Gumborli's chair. Jori crawls
away, going behind Gumborli,s chair before standing back up.
It learns very fast.
I think my ways are much better
than any obedience training
Ramborli just nods, and starts typing on his terminal.
Gumborli grins and does the same. Jori stands and watch, but
only for a moment. Soon he is running back and forth,
carrying bargains to be signed, for both Ramborli and
On the floor are pairs of guards sword sparing with one
another, and a few of the nobility as well. The Captain
recognizing the Prince walks over to him.
My Prince, Lord Ram sends his
apologies, but he can't make it
Gumborli snarls. He then looks at Jori and laughs.
Then indulge me and spar with my
slave. It says it used to be a
The Captain motions to Jori. Then glances at Gumborli.
With wood swords, My Prince.
No! With real swords till first
blood is drawn.
Yes My Prince.
The Captain motions to the wall of swords.


Go pick your sword.
Jori walks over to the wall of swords, smiling. He picks
one test it, then puts it back to test another. He puts it
back and test a third. He likes the weight and fell of the
third he takes it and walks back over to the Captain.
You understand this is till first
Yes Master.
They face each other as a chair was brought in for Gumborli
to sit and watch. The other guards and nobility are also
curious, and stop to watch.

Jori lifts his sword up to his chest, then raises it up and
out, and takes the en guard position.

The Captain smiles and takes the en guard position as well.
They walk around sizing each other up, and then the swords

They block parry, and attack each other, the Captain
smirking admiring the boys abilities.

Gumborli yawns.
Enough of the toying, Captain.
Show it who's boss.
The Captain nods, keeping his balance, and then finally
flicks the sword from Jori's hand, and then holds his sword
at Jori's neck, moving his sword then and placing a small
nick on Jori's arm.

He then slightly nods at Jori. Jori smiles slightly.
It would do well, in your private
practices My Prince.
Jori, come.


Music is playing, the floor is filled with dancing couples,
and the room is decorate in grand style. Jori was a little
confused, but finally found his way to Ramborli's throne. He
crawls to the throne, kisses King Ramborli's feet, then
kneels waiting for Ramborli to notice him.
Ah, my son has arrived at last.
He pats Jori on the head, then holds a piece of chocolate in
his hand down to him. When Ramborli nods, Jori takes the
chocolate with his lips.
Go to your Master's suite.
Ramborli claps his hands and the music stops. Jori crawls
away from Ramborli and eventually gets to his feet and runs
out of the ball room.
Lords and Ladies, I am honored
that you have all chosen to gather
with me on this eve, to celebrate
my son's twenty first birthday.
As Gumborli walks by them, they gave a partial bow and
clapped. When Gumborli reaches his father he hugs him, then
turns to the nobility.
I too am honored that all of you
could join. On with the party.
The music plays again. Gumborli mingles with his guest, as
Ramborli sits back down in his throne.
The suite, is empty except for Tana, when Jori enters. He
walks over to the balcony doors, and was about to open them
and walk out, when the door to the suite opens.

Jori and Tana face it and kneel. Gumborli enters with
SCARKON, having a scar on the right side of his face,
running from under his eye to his chin.


Tana, close my bed chamber door
and remain waiting for me. Jori,
come here.
Tana goes to the bedchamber but she does not close the door
completely. She sits on the floor and peaks out. Jori
stands up keeping his eyes lowered.
So what do you think?
Scarkon stares at the image of the dragon on Jori's arm.
His kind is unique, My Prince.
Do you know where its planet is?
Have you seen its kind before?
I've heard rumors of his kind.
I place the task for you to find
its planet and bring me the
I will need time alone with him.
A knock is heard on the door, and Jori walks over to open
it. Dynana, and Ram enter. Jori closes the door.
Not, tonight, Scar, I have other
Shall I leave, My Prince.
No. Stay I might need your help.
My Prince, you invited another?
Jori, go to the grooming parlor,
remove your clothing and lay on
the table on your back.


Jori glances up in total disgust and hesitates.
See, Scar. I knew I would need
your help. Remove his clothing
and lay him on the table, and keep
him silent as well. I don't need
any guards disturbing us.
Jori glances over at Scarkon, in total shock now, as with
just a twitch, Jori's clothing vanishes, and then just as
quickly he feels himself being lifted up and his body floats
to the room, where he is then placed on the table. He
attempts to struggle but can not move, as the straps secure
him in place and a gag to his mouth.

Dynana and Ram are holding scalpels, Jori grimaces when the
first penetrates, but not even a moan was heard from him.
Gumborli laughs, but Scarkon watches breathing in and out
deeply, as they cut, and Jori heals himself.

Tana curious, sneaks out of the bedroom, crawling over to
the parlor, and peeks in through the door. She stares awed
at first, then totally terrified. She quickly crawls back
to the bedchamber, sobbing once she gets back in and closing
the door.

Finally Jori passes out, under the intense cuts, stabbings
and punctures. Dynana notices that Jori isn't struggling
any more puts her scalpel away.
Wake him up! I want to cut his
balls and see if they grow back.
Gumborli burst out laughing, and quickly takes the scalpel
away from her.
For that Dynana, we will bargain.
But not now. It's getting late.
They leave. Gumborli then glances at Scarkon.
Release and dress him.
The straps release and Jori's clothing appears back on his


INT - GUMBORLII'S SUITE - DAY - - Jori picks at the mixture
of table scraps, in his bowl. The Groomer visits once a

INT - EXCHANGE HALL - DAY -- Jori listens and observes the
Morlian Bargaining System. Some are very short and simple,
others long and complex.

INT- SPARRING HALL - DAY -- Sometimes Jori watches Gumborli
and Ram Spar, other times Jori is forced to spar with other
slaves for the amusement of Gumborli and the Nobility.

INT - SCARKON SUITE -- NIGHT -- Jori, is strapped in a
chair, where, Scarkon invades Jori's mind.

INT - GUMBORLI'S SUITE - NIGHT -- Jori is tortured for
Gumborli's amusement.
Pounding on the door.
                       FEMALE VOICE (VO)
Hello? Hello? Anybody home?
A pale Jori stirs, shaking his head, rising up slowly.
More Pounding.
                       FEMALE VOICE (V.O.)
Hello? Hello?
Jori stumbles but gets to the door and opens it.

NORA TAYLOR, a woman in her late teens is at the door. She
wears a black tank top, and a pair of jeans. She is about
to knock again, as the door opens.
Oh! Hello! is this Gumborli's
suite? Yea of course it is, your
just new, new to me that is.
Yes Mistress.
Nora, glimpses at Jori, noticing his dull eyes, his bony
frame, and hearing the monotone of his voice, and sighs.


Oh, just Miss Nora. Don't worry
about Gum, he knows my rules. Tell
him to that Rylan is at Pier four
berth four and wants him to come
inspect the cargo, at his
convenience of course.
Yes Miss Nora.
He watches as she walks away, as he closes the door, Jori
almost jumps when Gumborli address him.
Who was that?
Jori walks over to Gumborli, and kneels kissing his feet.
Master Prince, Miss Nora informs
that Master Rylan is at pier four,
berth four and request that you
come and inspect the cargo at your
Jori, holds a small book in each hand, as they enter the
lounge. Gumborli smiles as he see RYLAN, a man in his mid
30s, and gives him a one arm hug. Then as Nora walks in his
smile widens and he walks over takes her hand and kisses it.
It's always a pleasure to see you.
And I brought with me a small
token of my appreciation.
Nora smiles as Jori hands Gumborli the books, and then
Gumborli hands one to Nora, and the other to Rylan.
Oh a cook book, how sweet of you
Gum. Hey speaking of which you
staying for dinner. I'm cooking
up your favorite genuine Texas


Love to my dear. Jori, go back to
my suite.
Oh no no no. If your staying for
dinner, he comes with me.
Before Jori or Gumborli could say anything she grabs his arm
and pulls him along with her to the kitchen.
Why do I even put up with her!
Because, you love her.
Nora waits by the door and when she hears them laugh, she
breaths a sigh of relief. In the kitchen over the speakers
in English a variety of country and western songs are
Go sit down at the table.
Miss Nora, I was ordered...
Don't worry, I can handle Gum. And
when just you and me, Nora is good
Nora laughs, and then takes Jori's arm and pushes him
towards a chair and pushes him in it. Immediately Jori,
jumps out of the chair. Nora then looks at the chair, and
rubs her hand on the seat.
It didn't bite you did it?
Jori, inhales deeply and then sits in the chair and closes
his eyes and waits. Nora stares at him, then shakes her
head. And walks over to the stove.


I pulled you away from Gum, so
that you could relax, be yourself.
Jori opens his eyes.
Nora stirs the baked beans she had already made, her body
swaying with the music and she sings along with the words,
then stirs the sauce. Opens the pit and checks on the meat.
So where you from?
She stops, and glances back over at him. He keeps his head
down and his eyes lowered. She goes back to the food.
Must be a gloomy place, I'll have
to make a note to stay away from
that planet. How did you end up on
It doesn't matter.
She stirs the sauce again then, takes another spoon, holds
it up and sniffs it, lets it cool off a little bit, then
Yea, I guess it doesn't. You know
you can talk about anything here.
He won't ever know.
Jori remains quite.
Alright. Suit your self. I'll
have my own conversation. Let's
see. Yes Jori would say, Miss
Nora, my home is like any other
world that's not advanced. What's
your world like?
Then she sits at the table across from him.


Then Nora, that's me, would say.
Not that much to talk about just
your average tech world, very
boring place.
Jori stares at her blankly. Nora stands up and inhales
deeply, going back over to the stove.
Then Jori might say, Miss Nora, I
was just minding my own business,
when, suddenly I was fired at, and
taken inside a ship, next thing I
know I'm here.
She opens the pit and checks on the meat once more.
Then Nora would say, Yea that kind
of sucks. But that doesn't mean
you should just give up on life.
You know on my world, there's been
a lot of persecution, enslavement,
even genocides, but these people
never gave up hope.
She turns and looks at Jori, but he just stares at her

As the next song plays, Nora starts singing along with it.
Jori watches her as she sways her body to the music. As it
is in English and she sings in English he doesn't understand
the words.
Nora places the sauce in three different serving containers,
one she sits on the table. Another she leaves on the long
serving table, and another she places on a cart.
Then Jori might say something like
this, Miss Nora, that's your
world. There's no escape, no hope
for me.
She does the same with the bread, the beans, and the potato
salad, that she removed from the fridge. She pulls the meat
from the oven places it on a cutting board, then divides it
up on the three areas. She presses a button, then sits at
the table with Jori.


Then Nora would say, Never give up
hope. The minute you give up
hope, that is when you truly die.
As she finished speaking, she passes Jori a plate, and Jori
sees men and women lining at the table, moving down it
filling their plates, commenting on the food as they do.
Eat, please Jori.
Jori stays in the chair. Nora reaches over the table, gets
Jori's plate and fills it with food and sets it back in
front of him.

Another crew member walks in over to the table.
                       CREW MAN
Hey Nora, the Captain and that
pompous Prince say they're ready
to eat.
I have their cart ready if you
would take it to them, and just
tell Gum I'm busy.
Jori still remains silent and only picks at the food, with
his fingers, not really eating.
                       CREW MAN
Alright, but I want double
servings next time.
He takes the cart and pushes it out. Nora laughs, and then
focuses her attention back on Jori.
I guess your the first person I've
come across that doesn't like my
Jori pushes the food away from him.
That bad.
Jori remains silent.
Not even a smile.


Gumborli walks in the kitchen.
That was really delicious, Nora.
Jori, hearing Gumborli immediately walks over and stands
behind him. Nora just watches him.
Want to take some home?
Just enough for my other pet, and
would you join me for dinner
tomorrow night.
Nora removes a divided paper plate, and places the food in
each divider, then places a cover on top of it.
You just don't give up do you.
She turns around and shoves the container in his hands. He
passes it to Jori, then takes Nora's hands forcing her to
face him.
Please, Nora, you know how I enjoy
your company.
Nora stiffens, as he kisses her on the cheek, and he
releases her hands.
Alright, but one condition.
Anything my dear.
After the dinner, Jori gets to
come back with me for a couple of
Gumborli glances over at Jori who has his eyes at the floor
and then back at Nora.
Did it misbehave?


No, Gum. In fact, he was so
quiet, I forgot he was here. I
just need some help with packing.
Tana is in the bedchamber, the door cracked, as she peeks
out watching.

Gumborli, walks over to the grooming room, and locks the

Jori, standing on the balcony, staring at the stars, sighs
when he hears the clicking of the door locking.

Scarkon, sits in a chair watching Jori.
Nora does not share your game?
No, and I'll never have a chance
to win her back if she learns.
Yet, you instruct it, to go to her
Gumborli glances over at Jori, and grins.
It knows not to speak about my
His mind is strong. But I have
star maps of his home planet now.
Hearing the knock on the door, Jori walks toward the door.
He opens it, steps out, and continues walking down the hall.
She watches him, but steps in the suite, as Gumborli takes
her hand and kisses it.
Come in. Come in, I have someone
I like you to meet.


Scarkon rises, and glides over the floor, he takes her hand
and kisses it as well.
Nice to meet you. Um Um pardon me
but our deal is still on isn't it
Yes, Nora. I sent it on a task,
and when it is done, it has orders
to go straight to your ship.
So we're not dinning alone?
We are. Scarkon was just leaving
as well.
Nora watches as Scarkon leaves.

Tana, eyes widen and she places her hand over her mouth, as
she sees Scarkon, standing behind Nora, but Nora does not.

Gumborli smiles as he walks over to the wine cooler, and
pours to glasses of wine. He sees Scarkon behind Nora.
I miss you Nora. Stay on Morli,
be my chef.
He hands her the wine, and she sips on it, turning to sit,
on the sofa. Scarkon glides and stays behind her.
Gum, I can't. Your father saw to
He sits down next to her.
But, my father will come around,
he will accept you, accept us, he
just needs time, and you staying
as my chef will give him the time.
You've changed.


And you haven't! Stop making
excuses and follow your heart for
She sets her wine down on the table, and starts pacing,
Scarkon staying behind her.
Really? What's your excuse then,
for your your your pets! You said
you wouldn't let your father
influence you!
Gumborli, stands up, and goes over to her pulls her close to
him and hugs her.
I failed, because you were out of
my life. But we can have what we
Gumborli, releases his hold, and guides her into his office
as he opens the door, and to his desk. Scarkon, following
behind her.
This room is just a typical office room, with windows, book
shelfs, computer, printer, and office desk. On the office
desk is a document.

Gumborli, guides Nora to the desk, and pulls the chair to
her and helps her sit.
We can sign a Bargain.
But I signed one with your father,
that on my eighteen birthday, I
would leave Morli.
And I found away to get around it
and make it so you can stay.


He flips through a few pages and points his finger.
See, I specified that you will
leave the city of Morli, taking
residents in my palace at Yuri
She pauses for a moment, then laughs lightly.
Alright, but what about your
slaves? Will you give them up?
Yes. Our Bargain, is like a game,
a dare.
He flips the document back to the first page.
You agree to be my Hunter/Tracker
in the Running of the Slaves
I hate that Festival. But I'm
But if your target is capture
before reaching the safety zone, I
loose and give up my pets.
Tempting, very tempting.
But if your target reaches the
safety zone, you loose and stay in
Yuri as my chef.
Nora, sighs, and starts to read the contract, but Gumborli
scoots it away, and sits on the desk.
You, don't need to read it all
now, most of it deals with
overriding your bargain with my
father. Just say yes and sign.
I can't.


She stands up, and clutches his hands
I know you want what we lost. I
fantasize about it too. I just
Scarkon places his hands on her head, but she doesn't feel
them. She closes her eyes for a moment, then opens them
back up.
Oh what the hell! I'll sign it.
What's life if you don't take a
dare once in awhile.
Jori remains standing as they enter the room. Nora motions
to one of the chairs for Jori to sit, Jori hesitates but
sits, as she goes over to a computer and sits in front of it
and stars typing. Her stomach growls.
Are you hungry? I shouldn't be,
after eating with Gum.
Jori sits in silence.
Thank you Nordia, thank you.
Jori shudders when he hears Nordia's name. She pushes some
buttons on the key board and then motions for Jori.
Jori, come here.
Reluctantly Jori gets up and walks over and stands by her.
He looks at the screen. On the screen is pictures of
planets taken from space. Jori looks confused.
Never seen your world from space.
Jori just shakes his head no.
Alright lets try something else.
She presses some more buttons, and the images changes and
now, on the screen, is the view as if some one is standing


on the planet looking at the sky.

She shows different angles of the night skies, from
different places on each planet, each time Jori just shakes
his head no.

Finally she turns the computer off and sighs.
I guess your home is truly
You just want to bring more of my
people here!
Before she could stop him, he runs out the door.
As he runs, tears pour from his eyes, and when he reaches
the end of the hallway, he starts to run down the stairs but
sees two crew members coming up.
Jori only paused for a moment, then continues down. The two
men part, and shrug their shoulders as Jori runs down past
them. They glance up as they see Nora running down the
stars as well.
                       CREW MAN
You need us to go get him for you
Miss Nora.
No! NO!.
                       CREW MAN
He looks really upset.
I know. He'll come back here or
go home.
                       CREW MAN
Alright I keep watch and wake you
if he comes back here.
She turns to walk back to her quarters.


                       CREW MAN
Oh! Miss Nora, I almost forgot.
One of the palace guards, said you
left this at that Prince's suite.
He hands her an envelope. She glances at it and sees her
name on it, and continues back to her room.
Jori continues to run down the road, the few citizens and
other slaves that were out, just ignored him.

Jori didn't even know which direction he ran.

He finally reaches the end of the pier, and sees the fence.
He knows not to touch it, but sees a tree growing on the
same side of the fence he is on. Tears of anger and hate
still flowing from his eyes as he sits with his back to the
tree, curling up his knees to his chest, and wrapping his
arms around them, burring his head in his knees.
He shivers slightly when he hears a loud horn on the water
then sees bright lights on the water as he lifts his head
up. He watches and through the light of the vessel he
notices that the fence ends in the water. He watches as the
ship slowly passes the fence. He notices too that the
electric fence stops at the edge of water, and it was wood,
that went into the water.
She toss the envelope on her desk, as she sits, and presses
a button. A visual of Nordia is seen rubbing his eyes.
Behind him two Morlian Guards.
You got friends.
                       NORDIA (VO)
Yes, the lesser of two evils.
We canceling the party?
I think it might be for the best.
She hears a low knock on her door.


Got to go.
She terminates the screen, then faces the door.
Come in.
Jori, slowly walks in. His eyes were dry, but red and
swollen. Jori just stares at the floor.
Please, Nora may I return to my
Master's suite.
Nora walks over to him, she hugs him tightly, and softly
kisses his forehead.
Ramborli sits behind a table, Nora, Gumborli, Scarkon, and
Dynana stands in front of it. Ramborli seems to be reading
through the contract glancing up at Nora from time to time,
then over at his son. He finally puts the paper down.
Miss Nora, even though I don't
agree with this Bargain, you did
sign it? It is your signature on
it is it not.
Yes your Majesty, but we only
talked about it nothing was ever
agreed to or signed.
The three of you witnessed her
signing and her verbal agreement.
They all nod.
Miss Nora, there are wittiness
that say you signed it.
He rolls it up and hands it back to her. He stands up.
Now the contract does state that
if you decline to be a
hunter/tracker, you can remain and
be in Prince Gumborli's services


                       RAMBORLI (cont'd)
as his chef for one year.
He presses a button, and two guards enter and approach Nora,
standing to either side of her.
But... But... But I was tricked...
Miss Nora, So was I. You and I
had the understanding that Morli,
referred to the planet and not the
Isn't there anything that you can
You are not a Morlian citizen, so
you can refuse.
Wouldn't I be arrested for Breech
of Bargain.
Normally, but since, I disagree
with part of the Bargain, I will
have my personal guards escort you
to your Milkyway Embassy, with the
understand that if you ever return
to Morli anywhere on the planet or
in the city, you will be arrested
and charges filled.
I see. Thank you for personally
reviewing my case your Majesty. I
will honor the contract.
Ramborli nods, and the guards leave the room.
You may all go, except you my son.
Nora walks out of the room, followed by Dynana. Scarkon
however does not leave, but neither woman seemed to notice.


A loud boom is heard and the gate lifts up, Jori and the
other slaves began to run.

Jori runs not looking behind him, but he seems to run with a
purpose. He runs down the street, turning right on a cross
street, and running now back the way he came.

He turns left, on the next street and smiles when he finds
himself on the Pier Road.
He runs down the long road until he reaches the fence. He
runs along the fence and begins to wade in the water, and
then swimming until he swims out until the fence ends and
then he swims across the fence and back to the shore.

Once he reaches the shore, he stops running, breathing heavy
though he continues to walk fast toward the forest and over
growth. He stays just on the inside of the growth but
follows the river to the wilderness of Morli.
CHARLES TILKAN, a man in his mid thirties, is on a creeper
with a cart of tools next to him under his space ship,
attempting to make repairs. The door to the ship is open
and Charles is mumbling rather irately and loud.
      (in English)
Damn Morlian idiots, what part of
emergency landing don't they
You have to wait. There is no
traffic incoming or outgoing. It's
the big festival the Running of
the slaves.
Jori watches him, and while Charles is under the ship
tinkering, Jori runs, stops at the entrance and glances
around, as he hears, Nora's and Gumborli's voices in the
Charles lays his tool down, and slides out from under the
ship just in time to see Jori run in his ship.
      (in Morlian)
Hey! Stop!


Charles runs after him, but stops, when Jori holds a laser
at him. In the distance the voice of Nora and Prince
Gumborli can be heard.

Jori's eyes seem to be a fire with hope.
      (in Morlian)
Wow! Now don't get hasty. I'm not
acquainted with their rules, but I
can guess that those voices are
looking for you.
Take me home!
You can demand all you want, but
I'm sorry kid this ship isn't
going anywhere.
Jori's gleam dissipates, and he sighs and just lays the
laser back on the table, and starts to walk out the ship.
Charles looks totally dumbfounded.

The voices a little closer.
Where you going?
To die.
Charles grabs his arm, and turns Jori around to look at him.
I never say I wouldn't help.
I don't want to cause problems for
The voices louder.
If you mean with the Morlians,
I've already got problems with
them and you're not the cause. Now
do you really want to go home or
are you just wasting my time.


I want to go home.
Alright, but you're going to have
to do exactly as I say.
Jori nods. Charles runs to another room and quickly returns
with a round instrument in his hand and a piece of cloth. He
grabs Jori's arm, and as he places the instrument in his
I'm sorry about any pain.
Jori just grimaces not making a sound, as Charles pushes the
instrument deeper and harder. Finally he hears a clicking
sound and pulls the microchip out. He throws it in the
woods as far as he can. He goes to wrap the cloth around
Jori's arm but stares in amazement as the arm already began
to heal.

He pulls Jori to another room.
Charles presses a hook, on the wall, and a panel opens. He
pushes Jori inside.
                       GUMBORLI (V.O.)
Why is this ship here?
What ever you do no matter how
scared you get, don't make a
Charles pulls on the hook and the panel closes. He runs
back to the bridge.
He sees the footprints, and quickly takes the rag and
swishes the dirt around. Then he grabs the medical
instrument and throws it and the rag in the tool tray, and
he grabs the handle and walks out the ramp.
Oh! Excuse me. How may I help
Gumborli, steps in front of Nora, shoving her slightly
behind him.


I am Prince Gumborli. You are not
authorized to be here.
Really Prince. Alright next time,
I have a malfunction, I"ll just
let the ship crash in you city,
maybe hitting your palace .....
      (in English)
Please, Sir. Just calm down.
Charles quirks an eyebrow at her, but his attention is drawn
back to Gumborli.
Let me see your manifest. What are
you delivering.
Charles walks back up the ramp followed by Nora and
Gumborli. Charles sits the tray of tools down and picks up
the manifest and hands it to Gumborli.
Medical supplies for Lord Nordia.
Gumborli looks around then at the manifest. Nora shakes her
head, and pulls out the tracker and turns it on. She taps
Gumborli on the shoulder and he looks at her as it beeps.
He's not in here Gum. Come on.
Nora walks out, and turns the tracker back off and puts it
in her pocket once again. Once off the ramp she starts
walking in the direction of the sound of the beeper.
Gumborli walks behind her smiling.

Charles watches and when they are gone and out of sight. He
closes the ramp.
He pulls the hook, and the panel slides up. Jori steps out.
He motions for Jori to follow him.


In the cargo hold, behind a solid enclosed cage is a bazrad,
a large ugly hair four legged smelly rodent like creature.
It appears to be dead.
We passed phase one. Now you can
turn yourself in.
Jori shakes his head. Charles opens the door to the cage,
and walks over to the animal. The animal doesn't move, and
Charles reaches into the pouch of the animals belly, and
pulls out a pink, skinless baby out. He glances at Jori and
motions him to climb in.
Jori hesitates looking at Charles in disbelief. Charles
pats Jori on the back.
Look, they're going to find that
device. When they don't find you,
I'm going to be on their radar.
Jori shakes his head. Charles sighs.
It means they're going to inspect
this ship with everything they
got. Hell I'm not sure this will
even work. But its the only way I
can think off on short notice.
This isn't a trick, part of the
Charles shakes his head in utter disgust.
Now why, never mind? Just climb,
so we can get phase two started,
and hope they don't physically
inspect the beast.
Yes but.......
There ain't time for 20 questions,
get in now.
Jori tries not to breath, as he climbs in the pouch. Charles
walks out of the cage, closes and locks the door. He


glances back, nods, as the beast looks natural. He takes
the baby he has been holding and carries it with him over to
the garbage disposal and throws it in grinding it all up.
Charles stands between two Morlian guards watching as others
go in and out of ship caring the boxes to a truck and Nordia
going through every thing checking it off the list. Then
they are repacked and taken to another truck. Nordia
finally finishes.

He glances at Charles, then at the last box, then back at
his paper work, and glances at the CAPTAIN that had been
looking over his shoulder the entire time. Nordia points at
an instrument that fell to the ground.

The Captain standing over his shoulder bends down and picks
it up and Nordia quickly makes two more check marks on the
paper and hands it to him.
See for yourself everything is
accounted for.
Alright he's clear.
Charles breaths a sigh of relief. As he hears the orders,
and the guards walk away. Charles was about to re-enter his
ship when the Captains yells at him
Sir, your still not free to leave.
It seems Prince Gumborli request
that you join him for dinner. I've
been asked to take you personally.
Now ain't that something a nobody
like me gets invited to eat with a
Nora is setting the table, mumbling to herself. Gumborli is
watching her every movement, Tana is kneeling by Gumborli. A
knock is heard on the door.


The door opens and Charles enters the room.
Real home Texas cooking. I know
that smell anywhere.
Gumborli laughs and walks over to Charles.
Mister Charles, nice to see you
Please Sir Prince, just Charles.
You may call me Gumborli. And our
lovely chef, who will also be
joining us is Nora.
Not just a hunter/tracker, but a
Chef too.
He smiles at Tana, who has not moved.
And who is this lovely young lady?
Gumborli glances over at Tana, then points to his
bedchamber. Tana gets up walks over to the chamber door and
closes it.
It is no concern.
She's not joining?
      (in English)
She's a slave, Charles.
Charles, sits at the table and inhales deeply.
Forgive me, this whole slave thing
its new to me. This is my first
time to make a delivery to your
wonderful planet.


Apology accepted, but speaking of
He sits and motions for Nora to do the same.
We held one of our annual events.
The Running of the Slaves. Because
of this event no landings were
authorized. It seems though that
one of the slaves vanished in thin
air near your ship.
Really, so is this some nice way
of interrogating me?
Gumborli laughs and starts passing the food around.
No No No. Let's call it more of a
informal inquiry. As we dine,
your ship is being searched.
Charles cuts a piece of the steak and nods as he chews and
listens to Gumborli.
I've got nothing to hide. You
could've just asked me.
You are aware, that your
government, allows our government
to arrest, prosecute and punish
slave runners.
Nora eats in silence, not really enjoying the meal or the
conversation, she seems worried though.
Am I being charged?
A knock is heard at the door.
The Captain enters and stands at attention.


Prince Gumborli, The bazrad and
its babies are the only living
things on the ship. The paper work
is proper, and the contact
verified all the information.
Very well. Release the ship.
The Captain, turns sharply and departs.
I apologize for any inconvenience
or misunderstands.
Accepted. Now I would like to be
on my way.
Charles walks out the room. Nora looks at Gumborli and
starts to stack the dishes up, then puts them down.
Gum, I haven't finished getting
all my stuff off the ship and I
left something very important and
precious to me on it. I'll be
back in a few.
Before he has time to say anything or do anything she runs
out the door.
Nora runs up behind Charles, as he enters his ship.
Look I need a ride, hope you don't
Charles shrugs his shoulders.
Why should I mine. It's not like
your a slave are you?


Charles busies himself with launch procedures, the engines
start to hum. Then he straps himself in a chair and motions
for Nora to do the same.
No No nothing like that, just an
Earther like you.
The ship blast through space, the stars seem to moving fast.
Charles goes to the holding cell, unlocks the door and opens
it. Nora is behind him watching.
Okay kid, you can come out your
safe now.
Nola starts laughing as Jori climbs out of the pouch.
      (in English)
How? Nordia was under surveillance
and you were in the middle of
nowhere? And... And... The whole
operation had been canceled.
      (in English)
What are you talking about?
      (in Morlian)
This way kid.
They walk back toward the bridge but stop at a room.
      (in English)
Your not Nordia's contact?
      (in English)
I'm not anyone's contact. Hell, I
hate Morli.


      (in Morlian)
Kid, go take a shower and get
cleaned up. There's clothing in
the closet and just come up to the
bridge when your done, and I'll
see about getting you something to
Charles walks out the room, followed by Nora.
      (in English)
So why you do it?
      (mockingly in
But your the only pilot,
here, that knows Morlian.
I'm talking about helping Jori!
      (in English)
One second he seemed so alive,
filled with hope, then the next...
Well it just seemed like his very
soul was just sucked right out
Charles sits in his chair at the computer console, and
pushes buttons bring up star charts.
      (in English)
So what are you going to do with
      (in English)
That's kinda up to him don't you
Jori stands in the entryway, listening to them talk in the
strange language.


      (in English)
So you want me to drop you off on
      (in English)
Yea, but you know you can't take
Jori there, they just send him
back to Morli.
A loud grumbling sound is heard and both Nora and Charles
look back and notice Jori. Jori wears a white silk long
sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue jeans.
      (in Morlian)
You look like a real human being
So your name's Jori. I'm Charles,
and I guess you know Nora already.
Am I really free?
As free as anyone can be.
It's like this, anywhere you go
you risk being recaptured.
Have you heard of a race called
Charles types in Arbortumian. Shortly information about
them is displayed on the Screen.
It says they are from the planet
I want to go to Burrumy.
But Jori, that is one of the most
heavily trafficked slave harvester
planets. Apparently these these
Arbortumians are really hard to


                       NORA (cont'd)
Charles hits some buttons on his console, and the images
changes to facts about the planet.
I can drop him off in the deserts.
It states the dessert dwellers
are hostile and too fast and just
seem to disappear. It's like they
got something that blocks the
scanners in the rocks and cliffs.

It's still risky kid, but if that
is where you want to go, then that
is where I will take you.
It's where I want to go.
Charles presses some buttons.
Course laid in.
Have you ever lived in a desert?
Alright I'm going to get you a
care package to take with you.
Charles, pushes some buttons on his console then stands up
from the chair and motions Jori to come sit. Jori
Something wrong with the chair?
Jori shakes his head no, and sits. Charles places the
headset on his ears, then points at the screen for Jori to
Jori wears the white silk shirt, and jeans, a sword in a
sheath belted around his waist. A bow and catch of arrows
over his left shoulder. His right boot a sheath on the


inside for a dagger.

Also tied to the belt are three canteens of water, a pouch
of food, and a pouch containing medical ointments.

The desert was full of sounds, sounds of life, and though
some sounded menacing at times, it made Jori feel alive. The
moon and stars his light, as he whistles a tune from Dragor,
stepping in time toward an oasis.
The Crescent Moon band also traveled toward the oasis.
Sonnyhayan, now 18 and the oldest, leads the small group.
Behind her, the two twins SARA and TARA.

After them, the two MOTHERS, with their INFANTS, and fifteen
CHILDREN between the ages of three and nine, a mixture of
boys and girls. Behind them TAL, and two other men pulling
gurneys filled with all the possession of the band.

All the women and female members of the band wore a necklace
with a Crescent Moon attached.
Jori sits with his back to the tree. He eats some of the
food, and drinks some of the water from his canteens, and
then places everything down beside him.

He stands up pulling out the sword. He admires the beauty,
and the steal of the blade. He begins to practice movements
blocks and parry, and laughs at himself when he stumbles in
the sand.

He continues to practice realizing now as he began to sweat
how hot the sun was getting. He takes off the shirt and
lays it down with the rest of his possessions and continues
to practice.
Yes Master Prince Understood
Master Prince
He laughs some more, as he continues to practice and work
out with the sword.


Sonnyhayan hearing the laughing, and the strange language of
the male voice, raises her hand motioning for the band to
stop. She motions for Sara and Tara to follow her.

The band remains behind, as the three woman go down to their
bellies and start to creep up on the oasis slowly. They
see and watch Jori.
Is he crazy?
He wears no band makings. His
skin is very pale, and his
clothing is strange.
He is not of the desert, and
awkward with the blade. We will
take him.
The three woman stand up and walk toward Jori their swords
raised, but they walk quietly and silently. Jori busy with
his mocking doesn't see them until they have him surrounded,
and he is slightly startled when Sonnyhayan speaks.
      (in Deserian)
Do you wish to fight or surrender!
Jori stares at her for a moment, with his sword tip down
now. He notices the other two, but keeps his eyes on
Sonnyhayan. He didn't understand what she asked.
      (in Morlian)
I'm Prince Jori Dark of Dragor.
Who are you?
Sonnyhayan, gives a quick glance to Sara and Tara.
      (in Deserian)
Do you fight or surrender.
Jori lifts his sword up, brings it up to his chest, then
takes the en guard position.


Sonnyhayan smiles and lifts her sword as well.
      (in Deserian)
He fights. Just him and me.
Sara and Tara nod and re-sheath their swords. Jori breaths
a slight sigh of relief as he notices their actions as he
and Sonnyhayan now circle sizing each other up.

Then Sonnyhayan moves in and their swords clash in the dry
hot desert air. They parry and strike, for several minutes,
but Jori was sweating, and his grip on the sword was
becoming slippery, and he kept tripping in the loose sand.
He was breathing heavy, while Sonnyhayan used to the
conditions seemed ever graceful as if she was one with her

Then it happen so fast Jori didn't even realize it, she
nicks his hand, he trips and falls on his back, his sword
goes flying, he feels the tip of her sword at his neck, and
watches as she catches the hilt of his sword with her other

He closed his eyes and swallows hard and then opens them
again. Sonnyhayan bends down to him and stares deep into
his eyes. She sees no fear.
      (in Morlian)
At least I die a free man.
      (in Deserian)
He yields. Sara, bind his hands.
      (in Deserian)
But he fought, he is a warrior,
you need to kill him.
Bind him. He does not know our
Sara pulls out some rope, as Sonnyhayan removes her sword,
motioning Jori to stand. Her sword still pointing at him.

As Sara binds his hands, Jori inhales deeply. Sonnyhayan
sheaths her sword, and then unfastens Jori's sheath and
sheath his sword. She motions Sara to tie Jori's tether
around a tree.


Tara go get the rest.
She leaves. Sonnyhayan, and Sara start to go through the
rest of Jori's meager possessions. Sonnyhayan picks up the
bow. Then the canteens of water, and looks through the odd
assortment of food. There is a bag, that has other supplies
in them that she isn't sure what they are for. There was
also the instrument that Charles used to remove the tracking
chip. Then she picks up the silk shirt and hands it to
Sara was surprised by the way it felt. Sonnyhayan walks
places Jori's sheath with the other items.

She smiles, when she sees the rest of the band coming.
Tal, put these things on your
gurney, then see to the needs of
TAL, approaches Sonnyhayan setting the gurney down, and
places the items on it.
Yes, Mistress.
Jori watches and listens to the language they are speaking
attempting to get a grasp. Tal, takes the tether rope and
then ties it to one of the handles on the gurney.

They walk toward the water hole, and Jori watches as the
young girls were allowed to drink first, then the young

He watches Sonnyhayan, Sara, and Tara, keep watch. When all
the children have quince their thirst, Sara, Tara, and
Sonnyhayan drank one at time.

It was not until after they drank, that, Tal, and the other
two men drank. Tal cupped his hands and offered the water
to Jori drank.

Tal and the other two men then sit down. Jori sits down as
well, thought trying to watch everything about these new

Food he noticed was passed around in the same order as they
drank. Then he noticed that Tara begins to walk slowly in a


circle around the entire band, and Sara laid on the ground
to sleep.

Sonnyhayan walks in their direction, Tal notices and stands
up. Jori stands up as well.
Orders Mistress.
Sonnyhayan smiles at him and kisses him on the check.
Sit with me father.
She sits in the sand, and then Tal sits beside her, Jori
watches and sits back down as well.
What do you make of him?
He is young, but does not look
She looks away from her father, and at the rest of the band.
She smiles as she watches the children play. Then she
glances back at her father.
Should I leave him?
Jori inhales deeply moves slightly to get comfortable, but
remains silent.
He is not of the desert. Perhaps
if he will eat, he might, make a
fair gift.
He carried food and water. Keep
him bound, help him with his
She glances over at Jori, then at the others.
You wish me to go tell them a
Yes, I think that would be
comforting to them.


Tal nods, and gets up and walks over to the younger women
and children. They laugh and clap their hands when he
approaches them.

Jori, was about to stand as Tal stood, but Sonnyhayan grabs
the tether and he stays seated. He looks at her slightly
confused. She points at herself.
      (in Deserian)
Mistress Sonnyhayan
      (in Dragor)
Prince Jori Dark of Dragor
She scoops up some sand then tilts her hand slightly as the
sand trickles back down.
      (in Deserian)
Then points at herself.
      (in Deserian)
Mistress Sonnyhayan
Jori points his bound hands toward her.
      (in Deserian)
Mistress Sonnyhayan
Then he places them on the sand.
      (in Deserian)
Then at himself.
Sonnyhayan smiles at and points at him.


He smiles also. She watches as the children have quited,
and notices that most are asleep. Tal walks back toward
them and Sonnyhayan stands.
You always seem to be able to put
them at ease. His name is Jori.
Yes. Mistress.
They both watch as she walks away. Jori inhales deeply. Tal
smiles at him and then lays in the sand, and motions for
Jori to do the same. Jori lays and closes his eyes.

As the hot desert sun moves across the sky, and as Jori
slept, his exposed skin begins to burn.
Tal, sits up feeling the cool breeze, he notices that Jori
still slept, and puts his arm on his shoulder to gently
shake him and wake him up.

Jori, jumps and screams, when he felt the hand on him, he
attempts to open his eyes and focus, and stays on his knees
with his head bowed. He grimaces in pain, believing himself
to being on Morli and being tortured.

Tal, watches him, confused but notices his skin was no
longer pale, but burnt. He was about to get Sonnyhayan but
realized Jori's scream had already got her attention.
Mistress, his skin burnt, but he
still sleeps.
Sonnyhayan walks around him. She watches him rock on his
knees, but no longer making any noise, just the most intense
pain, on his face she has ever seen.
Jori, Jori, Jori.
Jori stops, and tries to rub his eyes, but the movement
hurt, and as he regains his sense he opens his eyes and
stands up. He looks confused. Then he smiles at
Sonnyhayan, and then laughs softly.
      (in Deserian)
Mistress Sonnyhayan
      (then he continues


                       JORI (cont'd)
       in Morlian)
Not on Morli
Sonnyhayan looks at him confused, then turns to Tal.
Tal, see that he eats and drinks,
while we travel.
Yes Mistress.
Jori watches as she leaves, and as Tal leads him to the
gurney, Jori tries to look through it. When he finds the
ointment, he picks up the tube, holding it between his hands
and holds it to Tal.
Mistress Sonnyhayan, I think Jori
wants me to put this on him.
Make it fast, Tal. We need to
start moving.
Yes Mistress.
Tal, opens the tube and starts to put the ointment on Jori's
back, arms and chest. He closes the tube, and gets a skin
of water, and hands it to Jori, to drink, as Tal grabs the
handles of the gurney and starts to walk as the band had
began to move.

Jori watches as Sonnyhayan takes the lead, and the other two
girls Sara and Tara behind her. The young women and
children behind them and Tal, him and the other two men

They walk only with the light of the moon guiding them in
complete silence. Their feet nor the wheels of the gurney
make any sound.

Tal, offers Jori food and water, but Jori refuses to eat or
drink. Tal hooks the food and water pouch on the gurney. He
walks a few more steps. Jori jerks on the gurney.
Tal, stops and looks at Jori. Jori lifts his bound hands to
him, then on his manhood. Tal, nods. Tal moves his hands


to unzip Jori's pants, but Jori jerks away. Jori raises his
hands up to Tal once more.

The rest of the band is almost out of sight. Tal points to
the ground, then makes a running motion with two fingers.
You stay, not run.
Stay. No run.
Tal loosens the bounds, but holds on to the tether as he
turns his back to Jori.

When done, Jori tugs on the tether, and holds his hands to
Tal. Tal tightens the bounds once more and picks up the
gurney, tying the tether to it once again, and slightly runs
to catch up with the others.
Sonnyhayan, raises her arm, and the band stops. Tal, and
the other two men, pass first the water skins to the women,
then the female children, then the male children.

Jori drinks very little. Tal, as the other two men drink.
Food is passed in the same manor. Jori eats very little.

Sara takes first watch, and Tara lays down to sleep. The
children laugh and play while the other men and women talk

Sonnyhayan walks over to Jori, and Tal, she sits with them,
teaching Jori more of the language.
Sonnyhayan patrols. Tara and Sara sleep. Jori and Tal sit,
Jori watches Sonnyhayan for a moment.
      (in Deserian)
Jori, sleep.
Jori glances back at Tal.
      (in Deserian)


We search for sister band.
Tal, takes his finger and draws in the sand. He draws an
oasis, then around it, he draws, farms, a town, tents,

Then he draws, ships in the sky, coming toward the city, and
rays hitting the city. He then takes his hand and destroys
the scene.

He points to himself, then the members of the band.
All left.
Jori, points to himself then to Sonnyhayan, then at the
Food, water please.
Sonnyhayan, sniffs the air again. Tara and Sara, sniff as
Something else.
Sonnyhayan motions Tal. He walks toward her, pulling on the
tether, for Jori to follow.
Yes, Mistress.


What do you smell, besides the
He only points, as they hear the sound of horses snorting.
Sonnyhayan draws her sword as do Sara and Tara.

Tal runs, pulling on Jori, toward the group. The two women,
handing their infants over to the two men, and drawing
swords as well.

Sonnyhayan, Sara, Tara, and the two women form a circle
around the men and children.

The riders charging towards them with swords drawn.

Sonnyhayan glances at her small band.
She glances at the riders.
She glances at her father.
She glances at the riders.
Surrender! Surrender!
Immediately she kneels, laying her sword in front of her,
keeping her head bowed. Sara, Tara, and the other two women
do the same.

TURMECK, a man in his 50's riding on the lead horse, pulls
on the reins to slow his horse to a walk, and motions, the
other riders to halt.

He glances over at LUMECK, a man in his 20's and motions him
to come.

Jori stands by Tal in total confusing. He nudges Tal, and
notices tears coming from his eyes.
      (in Deserian)
My daughter dies today.
Jori, jerks the tether loose from Tal, using his mouth
loosens the bounds, and then rummages through the gurney,
pulling his sword from the sheath, gripping it with both
hands, and runs to Sonnyhayan.

He stands between her, and Turmeck. Turmeck moves to walk
around Jori, but Jori keeps himself between them.


Lumeck grins and walks behind Jori, picks up the tether, and
pulls on it. The jerk, causes Jori to loose his balance
and the loose grip on his sword.

Lumeck, places his foot, on Jori's stomach, before he could
stand, his sword at his neck.
Don't move.
Turmeck, watches the scuffle between Jori and Lumeck. He
smirks when Lumeck gains control. Then he approaches
Who is the leader of cowards.
Sonnyhayan stands up and shouts.
I am no leader of cowards.
You? Is there not one older!
Sonnyhayan shakes her head no, and goes back to her knees.
Turmeck re sheaths his sword. Then one by one he walks
around the other four women, pulling them by the hair,
lifting their heads to look in their faces, and eyes.
Only children.
Lumeck re sheaths his sword, then offers his hand to Jori to
help him stand. Jori takes his hand, and as he stands,
Lumeck tightens the bounds once more, and pulls on the
tether and walks over to Sonnyhayan. Turmeck walks back to
her, and takes the tether from Lumeck.
Take them to the oasis.
There is no honor in killing a
leader of babies.
Lumeck, picks up the women's swords and ties them to his
horse. He motions for all in the small band to follow him.
Who is the boy?
My name is Jori.


Turmeck, glances over at Jori.
You are a Warrior, enslaved by her
Jori glances at Sonnyhayan confused.
Master, Jori is still learning our
language and our ways.
A warrior.
He has some skill.
Why is he determined to protect
I don't know, my sisters think he
is crazy.
Go get his sword.
Sonnyhayan stands up and runs in the direction of Jori's

Jori starts to follow her, but Turmeck grabs the tether rope
and pulls him back.
You wait.
Jori stops, and glances at Turmeck, then lowers his eyes.
Turmeck removes a dagger and cuts Jori's bonds.
Jori starts to run in Sonnyhayan's direction again.
Jori stops again. But now he sees Sonnyhayan returning
carrying his sword. She kneels and holds it up for Turmeck.
This is his sword.


Then she moves away from him and kneels once more in the

Turmeck examines it. He admires the beauty and the skill it
which it hand been forged. The lightness of the metal.
He hands the sword to Jori.
We duel until first blood.
Jori points at Sonnyhayan.
For life?
Turmeck, glances at Sonnyhayan, then back at Jori. He
laughs lightly.
For her life.
Jori swings the sword around for a few minutes testing it
and getting used to it once again.

When he stops he faces Turmeck and once again places the
sword up to his chest, holding it up then taking the en
guard position.

Tal stands on the hillside watching. Lumeck stands beside
him watching as well. He places his hand on Tal's shoulder.
The woman, she is your daughter.
Tal nods.
Be at peace. She displayed her
bravery. Turmeck will let her
live. What do you know of the
Jori and Turmeck circle each other sizing each other up,
then their swords clash.

They strike parry and defend, neither placing a mark on the
His name is Jori. He comes from a
place he calls Dragor. The animal
on his arm he calls a dragon, and
that he has been a slave for the


                       TAL (cont'd)
past two years of his life.
They watch them fight.
He has skills, but none have ever
defeated my father.
Jori, begins to sweat, and breath heavy in the hot dessert
air. His gripe on his sword was becoming loose and hard to
hold once more.

But he concentrates on the fight, and this time he watches
as Turmeck maneuvers the sword, to knock Jori's from him.
This time though Jori anticipating the maneuver
intentionally lets his sword fly before Turmeck's even hits
his hand, then Jori ducks, moves his leg out to trip
Turmeck, then Jori rolls out of the path, reaching in his
boot, removing his dagger, he turns just as Turmeck regains
his balance and turns, both men cutting the other at the
same time.

Turmeck stands amazed though, never seeing blue blood
before, then watches as suddenly the cut on Jori is gone.

Turmeck sheaths his sword, breathing heavily. Jori replaces
his dagger. Turmeck smiles and walks behind Jori, and pats
him on the back.
Well done.
Jori, starts to walk in the direction of his sword.
No. Not yet.
Turmeck points at Jori's boot, then holds out his hand.
Dagger, now.
Jori reluctantly removes his dagger, and hands it to Turmeck
hilt first. Turmeck takes it and motions Jori to the
others. Turmeck stops at Sonnyhayan as does Jori.

He doesn't look at Sonnyhayan.
Go get your Master's sword and
bring it to me.


Sonnyhayan quickly obeys. She hands the sword to Turmeck.
Teach him well.
Turmeck then begins to walk away, Jori starts to follow him,
but Sonnyhayan grabs his arm, and motions towards the oasis.
There were trees, grass, and farm fields and water. He
started to run to the water, but Sonnyhayan grab his arm and
stopped him.

Jori walks toward the oasis with Sonnyhayan, as Turmeck left
and walked toward the city that can be seen in the distances

Close to the oasis is a pasture for the horse. But
Sonnyhayan leads Jori to the others that were of her band.
Tal seeing her stands up runs over to her and hugs her. She
hugs him, then he sits back down with the other two men.

Jori notices that the order has changed slightly. The young
woman and children sat first, then the three men. Behind
them sat Sara and Tara.

Sonnyhayan takes Jori's hand and they sit away from the
band, but to the side of it.
Sleep, rest, now Master.
Jori glances at her slightly confused.
Mistress Sonnyhayan, water?
No Mistress. Just Sonnyhayan. No
water till night. Master Jori.
Sleep now.
Jori watches her lay in the sand. But he continues to
observe. He see men and women with the star around their
necks walking the perimeter of the oasis. But they don't
seem to be paying any attention to them.

He sees a few others tending to the needs of the horses. He
hears excitement in the voices carried in the wind. He sees
others working in the fields.

Finally he lays down and closes his eyes and sleeps.


Hearing the buzzing of many voices in the wind Jori wakes
up. He notices that Sonnyhayan still slept.

Jori watches as more and more people come from the distance
city and gather around them, leaving a path from the city,
and then one from them to the oasis. Curious he gently
nudges Sonnyhayan.

She stirs and rubs her eyes, and sits up.
Sonnyhayan looks around her, and breaths in the warm breeze
of the night air.
Ceremony, my band my people live
with Morning Star band now.
You will be accepted as a Warrior,
and I will be your slave.
Jori was about to say something, but turned when all became
quite and he saw Turmeck dressed in more elaborate clothing.
Lumeck dressed the same follows behind him carrying a bag.
He approaches the children.

They stand and the young woman remove the necklace of the
Crescent Moon laying them at Turmeck's feet. Helping the
ones to young to remove them.

The boys approach Turmeck, and he reaches in the bag,
removing a necklace of the Morning Star and placing it
around them. He then places a necklace on each of the

He steps aside. Motions to water.
Go drink and be welcomed into your
new band, the Band of Morning
Star. May fortune shine away.
As the children walk to the oasis, others of the band walk
with them. After they drink they are divided and separate.


Next Turmeck walks to the three men. He speaks with each
      (whispering to
The children have been adopted and
taken to their new homes. The
men, slaves in my band, are being
asked what skills they have. The
Leader, wishes to find a place for
each of them in the band.
Turmeck, places a necklace around each of the three men.

Turmeck, then takes the infants, from each of the women, and
hands each one to the two men. He motions the two woman to
go stand with Sara and Tara.
      (to the men)
Go drink, and welcome to the Band
of Morning Star.
Turmeck, now approaches Sara and Tara and the two women.
Sonnyhayan watches with intense interest now.
They will either be accepted as
warriors or slaves.
Will you give the oath of
Allegiance to the Band of Morning
All glance at Sonnyhayan for a moment. She gives a slight
Live free my sisters.
Turmeck notices the nod, but looks at the women as each
break the necklace they wear, and throws them into the sand
as far as they can.

All kneel placing their right fist on their hearts.
                       SARAH, TARA, AND TWO WOMEN
I now and forever disown my
loyalties to the Band of Crescent
Moon , and willing give my


                       SARAH, TARA, AND TWO WOMEN (cont'd)
loyalties to the Band of Morning
All stand and hold their right palm toward Turmeck.

Turmeck removes a dagger places a cut in their hand and then
his. Their bloods are mixed. Turmeck then removes a
necklace from the bag and places one on each of them. The
two men give the infants back to their mother.

They drink, and as each walk through the line of their new
band they are given gifts.
Go now young warriors and drink.
Turmeck walks over to Jori and Sonnyhayan. Jori stands, but
Sonnyhayan remains on her knees. Everyone is staring at
This warrior, is a stranger to our
ways. He knows some of our words.
I have given him the woman, as my
gift of acceptance.
He removes a necklace and places it around Jori's neck. Then
he lays Jori's sword and his dagger in front of Sonnyhayan.
Place the weapons on your Master.
Sonnyhayan picks up the dagger, and places it in Jori's
boot. She then picks up the sheath and bucks the sword
around him.

Turmeck then lifts Jori's arm in the air.
Jori, a stranger, now warrior of
the Band of Morning Star, may
fortune shine away with gifts.
He steps aside, releasing his arm and then motions toward
the oasis. Jori goes to the oasis and at last quenches his
thirst. Sonnyhayan walks behind him, and when Jori has
finished drinking, she drinks. He sees the gurney with all
his original possessions on it.

He turns around, but Turmeck is gone, but many warriors are
still lined up on either side. Jori glances at Sonnyhayan.


They wish to make you welcome, by
giving you gifts. Gifts you need
to start your life among them as a
Sonnyhayan goes to the gurney and takes the handles. She
nods with her head for Jori to start walk through the path.
As they walk, they place items on the gurney, and greet Jori
who greets them back.

One places a tent, another a large bowl anther a stand,
smaller utensils, another clothing, another bow, and arrows,
another a spear, and so forth.

At the end of the line the gurney is pack. Lumeck, with his
slave, GUY, stand. Guy holds the rains of a black horse in
his hands, solid black except for a white patch on the
forehead that looks like a star. Lumeck takes the rains
from his slave, and places the rains in Jori's hand.
His tent is to be set up there.
He points to the row of other tents, and behind them the
city can be seen. Jori and Sonnyhayan glance in the
Guy will take the horse to the
stables, while you set his tent
and his house in order.
Lumeck then turns to leave, Guy, then reaches for the reins,
Jori allows him to take them, and watches him for a moment.
He watches as Sonnyhayan pulls the gurney over to the other
tents, and begins to unpack it to get to the tent.

He goes over to her and begins to help.
Jori directs Sonnyhayan to help him set up 15 metal wire
traps, he instructed Alondra to make. They are small traps,
to catch hares.

He shows Sonnyhayan how to bait them and set them up and
then conceal and place a maker to find them.


Master, why are we doing this?
Jori, call me Jori when it is just
you and me, please....Because I
need to go on one of the hunts.
But you have not earned anything.
And to wager something that was
given to me is going to insult the
giver. Yes I know all that.
Hunting is done on horse back.
And when I come to collect, I will
be on horseback.... Sonny, I don't
want to be seen as an outsider for
the rest of my life.
But you are a warrior, of the
Morning Star Band. You have been
welcomed into the band.
Yes, accepted, but I hear things,
so I'm going to prove myself.
Watch, and learn, for I am a man
of three worlds.
They sit the last trap. Jori climbs on the horse,
Sonnyhayan walks behind them down the path of the cliff.
Jori walks to the Market Circle. He stops at the ring and
motions Sonnyhayan to enter. She glances at him.
Don't do this, please don't do


Quite before I gag you. Now
Others have started to gather around. FELI, a woman, the
best sword maker, ERISA, a woman and the best hunter,
ALONDRA, a woman and the best metal worker, LORICK, a man,
the best bow and arrow maker, and KYLY, a man the best twine
maker. Reluctantly Sonnyhayan walks in the circle and
crosses her arms over her chest. Jori climbs up on the
circle wall.
Attention all.
Lumeck having entered the town center, looks up and over
when he sees Jori.
I will give my slave to anyone,
that hunts the most hares in
tonight's hunt.
Lumeck, whispers to a guard, the guard then rushes to the
We know she can cook.
And we now she can clean.
And she's good at taking care of
your horse.
But how good is she in bed.
Jori, turns around and glances at Sonnyhayan as he blushes
and he sees her blush. Then he glances back at Lumeck,
hearing other shouts. Lumeck offers Jori his hand. Jori
takes it and jumps off the ring gives a quick bow and
Win the hunt, My Prince, and then
you will know.
Lumeck, smirks, then turns to the crowd.


He doesn't know, because he hasn't
bedded her.
Everyone laughs, and Jori blushes. The laughs grow low and
to silence, as Turmeck walks toward Jori. Like the other as
he walks by, Jori kneels. Lumeck is the only one that does
not kneel.
Everyone rises.
Do you not understand what your
are doing? Has she taught you
My King, she has taught me, and
taught me well. But I wish to
Bargain with you, and you my
Yes my King. The hunt is open to
all. My King, My Prince, join my
Low murmurs and whispers can be heard from the crowd.
The Bargain conditions are:
Number One: The bargain is
between, me, and My King and
Prince, and they do not need to
wager anything.

Number Two: I Jori must catch
more hares then My King and My
Prince combined.

Number Three: If I Jori succeed,
My King will forgive my insult to

Number Four: If I Jori looses,
then I will accept any Punishment
my King demands for my insult to


                       JORI (cont'd)
How is the hunt open to all if, I
agree to this?
The Bargain is between you and
myself, My King. Any Warrior who
wishes to wager, must make an
offer, and who ever joins in the
hunt and catches the most hares
still wins all the prizes.
You believe that I or my son is
not skilled in the hunt?
No, my King. I'm hoping that your
skills are equal to mine, and
though I might loose my most
prized possession, I'm hoping in
the long run to redeem myself in
the eyes of my King and Prince.
Let's have a hunt.
Feli, places her, sword, followed, by Lorick placing his
best arrows. Kyly places his white stallion. Erisa, walks
into the circle and places her best bow.

As the wagers seems final, Turmeck glances at all of them.
The contest ends at dawn. Good
hunting and may fortune shine
Feli, Lorick, and Kyly hunt the hares using bows and arrows
in this field.
Erisa, Turmeck, and Lumeck , flush the hares out of the
crops, by running their horses through the paths, hunting
with bow and arrows.


Jori, guides his horse up the cliff path, then takes his
long spear, and one by one lifts each cage. Ten of the
fifteen cages, had a hair.

He removes the empty cages and ties all them with a rope
together and too his horse. The full cages he leaves on his
spear, and rides back down the cliff.

He reaches the stalls, leaving his horse in the care of one
of the stable hands, and carries the hares in the cages on
his spear to the Market Circle.
Jori sits, at the circle, with his prize and one by one each
return as dawn approaches.

Feli, with three hares, Lorick with two, Kyly with four,
Erisa with nine, Turmeck, with five, and Lumeck with four.

Jori, kneels as Turmeck and Lumeck approach him.
Rise and explain yourself.
Jori rises.
My King, I am a man of three
worlds. On my world we did a lot
of trapping, instead of hunting.
On Morli, I learned their art of
Bargains. On your world, My King,
I have learned that you and your
great people have customs, deeply
rooted in your society. Sometimes,
seeing things a little different
can be beneficial. Again I will
accept your decision.
You, could have hidden the truth.
In our Bargain as it was stated, I
declare you the winner.
He turns to the others.
Jori will keep his slave. But
each of you will decide if Jori
earned your wager, of if you wish


                       TURMECK (cont'd)
to cancel and take your wager with
He earned mine.
And mine, he is learning fast.
I have a good teacher.
He can keep mine only if he shows
me how to set and bait these
Mine as well.
Every one begins to walk away. Sonnyhayan begins to gather
the gifts.
My King, please wait.
Turmeck, stops and Jori walks up to him.
Please, I wish for Sonnyhayan to
be free and accepted as a warrior.
For that to happen, you must fine
five Warriors, excluding those of
her original band, willing to
accept her.
Is that all?