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by James G. Schroeder (james.schroeder@daemen.edu)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


we see BILLI SANGREAL in a cloak walking towards the old and
janky swing-set where a shadowy figure appears. The old
fence has fallen leaving rotten planks jutting out of the
earth like crooked black teeth. The animal rockers watch her
with hollow eyes and their old springs creak as they nodd
their heads in greeting. Billie continues walking as the
camera pans. She approaches ALEXANDER WEEKS, a boy about the
age of seven. He looks like a normal kid, wearing jeans a
tee shirt and Nike sneakers, except for the bruises on his
neck. His eyes are black and empty with no color in them.
      (Still walking)
Billi stops a few feet in front of Alex
      (looks up at Billi)
Have you come to play?
Alex gets off the swing, Billi steps back in an instinctual
manner. Billi pulls off her hood and squats down to Alex's
level. Billi's POV of Alex's eyes which look like empty
I'm so sorry, Alex. I've come to
take you back.
How do you know my name?
Alexander Weeks. Six years old.
No. 25 Bartholomew Street. Pupil
at. Christopher's primary School,
brother to Penny and the only son
of Jennifer and Paul Weeks.
Last seen in 1970


But I just got here. I want to see
my mommy!
I know you do. But you can't stay
here. You're just a kid!
      (Takes a step
Why?! It's not fair!
                       ARTHUR (OS)
I know son
ARTHUR SANGREAL, Billi's father, walks over to the broken
fence towards Billi and Alex. Arthur is wearing a dark blue
suit shiny and stretched to its limits from his muscular
frame. In his left hand the audience sees a scabbard and in
his right hand he's holding a sword gleaming in the
moonlight bearing the order's symbol. Billi shoots an angry
look at him.
      (Looks at Arthur)
Have you come to kill me too?
      (Stops and
       discards the
No, lad. You know I can't. You're
already dead
It's not fair!
The swings thrash and clang together and the merry-go-round
creaked to life, turning its rusty axle against a corroded
The man said I could feed the
birds! The main said-
He's been punished for what he


      (Looks up at
Is he in Hell?
      (clenching the
       sword tighter)
I promise you he is
I didn't want to die! Please let
me stay! It's dark and I'm all
alone. It's dark and I'm scared!
Alex steps closer to Billie realizing her weakness. Billi
kneels down and goes to hold Alex
He's just a little boy
No, Billi!
Series of shots

A.)Billi embraces Alex in her arms and pulled him close to
her heart.

B.)Alex being snatched by sweaty hands and crushing fingers

C.)Tears freeze on Billi's cheeks and she stares into Alex's

D.)A darkness starts consuming Billi. Deeper and deeper she
goes until she is pulled out by Arthur, slamming Billi and
causing her to tumble on the ground.

E.)Billi tries to stand up. POV of Billi, Arthur gets
knocked to the ground as the chains from the swing-set snap
apart and knock Arthur down and knocks the sword out of his
hand and lands in the dirt like a crucifix. Arthur then
starts getting choked by the chains. Alex is now a dark
shade of black with no eyes and makes a high pitched
unnatural shriek.
Let him go!
POV of the sword in between Billi and Alex


Please! Alex!
Series of shots

A.) Arthur's hand drops and goes limp from choking on the

B.)Billi charges, ripping the sword free in a shower of dirt
and insects. Alex turns and kicks him in the chest knocking
him over.

C.)Billi flips the sword grip around and she points it right
at Alex's chest.
      (whispering to
God forgive me
Billi thrusts the blade into Alex's chest. Black bile erupts
from his chest, saturating Billi's clothes and face. She
releases the sword pinned to his chest, and pulls out a
silver vile from her pocket.
Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus
immunde, in nomine Dei Patris
She opens the vile with her teeth and pins Alex's head down
with her left hand and marks a crucifix with the oily
substance from the vile.
      (thrashing about)
No! Billi! Please! I don't want to
go! Just let me stay for a little
bit longer!
Ego to linio oleo salutis in
Chirsto Jesu Domino nostro, ut
habeas vitam aeternam!


Billi leaps away as Alex's body spasms. Bile pours out of
his eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth and great jets of bubbling
fluid shoot out.
      (In a demonic
What have you done?!
Deus vult.
Alex gives a final scream, then the last of Alex fades away.
A pale outline lingers for a moment then dissapears. Billi
stares at the empty spot for a long time. Arthur crashes to
the ground of the now lifeless chains that were choking him.
He shakes with a dry rasping cough and rises to his feet. He
stumbles over towards Billi and looks at the spot where
she's staring.
Well done. A clean kill.
POV Arthur looking directly at Billi, who is still staring
at the ground. He notices the black bile covering most if
not all her clothes and most of her face.
Figuratively speaking
Arthur nods his head in approval, cleans the sword with a
rag and checks for nicks or cracks and retrieves the
scabbard and the sword and sheathes both.
So, how was school?
School. You did go, didn't you?
      (Turns to Arthur)
School!? How can you talk about
school after what I've just done!?


Done?! What you've done is free a
tortured soul. Whatever it looked
like,, whatever it said, that was
not Alex. It was a spirit of pain
feeding on the agonies this place
has absorbed. NOthing more than a
corrupt after image of that poor
boy's last moments.
Arthur tuns to look at the spot Alex was slain
The dead should not linger
How do you feel?
I feel...
Billi's body buckles over and she pukes black ectoplasm.
Yep, it was the same for me the
first time
      (Lights a
Welcome to the Knights Templar
                                         CUT TO
Billi crashed down onto the backseat of Arthur's gray
Jaguar. Billi's POV laying down in the backseat looking at
Arthur, then everything goes black.

Arthur pulls Billi out of the car and starts carrying her in
the house, they are greeted by PERCIVAL.
They're waiting for you Art.
Arthur sets Billi on a leather couch in the living room and
heads out into the dining room. Billi waits a couple minutes
and then gets up to see what's going on in the dining room.


Billi sits in a good hiding spot in perfect view of the
dining room at the top of the stairs. There are bloodied
bandages in the fireplace and a package of something on the
table in the middle of everyone. Arthur is sitting at the
head of the table, Percival on his right, and GWAINE on his
left. Sitting next to Gwaine is FATHER BALIN.
If the boy is right, we've got no
A girl? In the Order? That's not
foolishness, that's heresy!
Art, give her a few more years of
freedom. She's only ten!
Billi slowly creeps down the stairs and sets herself up in a
new hiding place
                       FATHER BALIN
You know what the Jesuits say,
give me a boy of seven and I'll
give you a man
We're not bloody Jesuits. We're-
Enough. I've made my decision.
Everyone shuts up as if they're afraid of Arthur.
Do you think I'm happy with this?
With what she'll have to go
Billi's POV Percival moves his chair just enough to block
the vision of Billi.
Just because you're Master doesn't
give you the right to make
decisions like that, Art.


      (Leans back)
Actually Gwaine, being Master
gives me exactly that right.
      (Jerking forward)
For that list nine hundred years
the Order has followed the Templar
Rules, ever since Bernard de
Clairvaux. You can't just discard
them and make up your own!
I can and I have
      (Points at Balin)
Balin, she'll study Latin, Ancient
Greek, and occult lore with you.
                       FATHER BALIN
And religious duties of course?
      (pauses then nods)
Of course
Arthur slaps Percival on his shoulder
Percival, weapons training
Of course. Any preferences?
Swords, daggers, quarterstaff?
Everything, I'll teach her unarmed
Arthur I'm begging you. Please
reconsider. Remember what happened
to Jamalia.
The whole room is silent and staring at Arthur. Arthur with
pain across his face jabs his finger at Gwaine.
History and Arabic.


      (leaps to his feet)
Your arrogance killed your wife
and will kill your daughter too!
Billi screams as Arthur punches Gwaine straight in the jaw
hurling him off his stool and smashing into Father Balin and
sending the tray of mugs into the air and down onto the
floor. Everyone ignores the mugs and stares at Billi
Billi, here, now
Gwaine struggles to stand with Percival helping him up.
Little sneak! How long has she
been spying?
Shut it Gwaine
Billi walks slowly across the room, making eye contact with
an angry Gwaine and a stone faced Percival. She then looks
at her father.
      (flat and quiet)
Why were you spying?
I...just wanted to know
Everything, where you go, what you
Arthur stares at Billi for a brief moment. He gives a nod
Then look at what I do.
Sitting in the middle of the table is a gigantic sword as
tall as Billi and wider than her hand. Next to the sword is
a long barreled revolver. Three silver bullets are lined up
next to it.
You're not...bank robbers are you?


Arthur ignores the comment and unwraps the black package
which contains a severed limb of a wolf
You killed a dog?
A wolf. Show her Balin.
Father Balin lifts the silver crucifix off his neck with his
right hand and touches the paw with his left
                       FATHER BALIN
Exorcizo te
The paw curls. The nails retreat into the flesh and the gray
hairs sink into the skin. The limb twists and mutates. The
paw changes to a hand and the limb is now the forearm of a
Touch it.
Touch it.
Billi stretches out her hand and rests it on the arm
Fear makes the wolf seem bigger
It is dawn as Billi and Arthur exit his gray Jaguar. Arthur
pops the trunk where the sword is.
We're home, grab some breakfast,
it'll be matins in an hour.
Can't I get a special distension
for passing my ordeal?
Arthur unsheathes half the blade and re-sheathes it after he
takes it out of the trunk and shuts it.


All the more reason you should be
giving thanks at prayer.
Billi shivers from the cold wind coming across her body
      (looks at Billi)
Stop that. A Templar does not
                                         CUT TO
Billi is crossing the cobbled courtyard of a slightly shanty
house. The paint is peeling on the window frames, the
brickwork needs re-pointing and the roof tiles are uneven
and patchy. Arthur unlocks the door and they both walk in
What, no balloons?
                       ARTHUR (OS)
      (Still walking)
You want balloons? Join the
Series of shots

A.) Billie walks into her room and finds a picture of KAY on
the mirror. The scene flashes back to a nervous young Kay
helping a young Billi with her homework

B.) Billi finds a box of chocolates on her bed and reads
"Congrats on surviving your Ordeal and not being dead"
present She snickers

C.) Billie looking in the bathroom mirror. She looks at her
cut knee. Flashback to a couple days ago of a training scene
when Percival cuts open her kneecap with a short sword.

D.) Cuts back again to Billi looking at her face in the
mirror where we see a giant bruise then looking at a bruise
on her ribs.

E.) Flashes back to earlier that day of Percival hitting
Billie with a quarterstaff.
      (touching her face)
Crap! The school welfare officer's
gonna be pissed!


                                         CUT TO
The sound of a school bell is heard. Billi is walking in a
cafeteria line full of disgusting foods and smells. She
picks up a shrink wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwich
and a couple pieces of fruit and proceeds to the cashier
where she hands her free lunch voucher. She proceeds to find
an empty chair where she is confronted by JANE MULVILLE and
her hench bitches KATE SMITH and MICHELLE DURANT.
                       JANE (OS)
Oh look, it's the free-meal freak.
      (rolls her eyes)
Lovely to see you too, Jane.
      (looks at the
I see you've got your
hench-bitches with you today.
Didn't realize the zoo had a day
Jeez, what happened to your face?
It's her dad I bet.
He's way mental.
      (trying to get
Do you mind?
Yeah, we mind a lot, SanGreal. Why
they haven't expelled you by now.
Doesn't say much for the standards
in this school that they let the
likes of you in. I mean, even the
other weirdoes here don't want
anything to do with you.


Have you met her dad? Not
surprising she's turned out this
Is it true, SanGreal? That your
dad killed your mom? That's what
they all say isn't-
Billi's tray clatteres on the hard wooden floor of the
hallway, the sharp noise instantly silencing all the
background hubbub. Billi gets stern as her fists clench
What did you say?
      (pronouncing every
Sorry Jane, I didn't quite catch
Billi stares down Jane deciding where to strike first. Kate
and Michelle back away sensing violence in the air. The
hallway is silent when KAY hug tackles her.
Billi pushes Kay away to recognize the unknown person.
Miss me?
      (Butting in)
Look who it is, the Thin White
Kay turns around to acknowledge Jane.


Jane, what an unpleasant surprise.
      (to Jane)
You put on weight?
Jane backs up pale as a ghost and insulted. Kay looks her
square in the eye and Jane shuts up. Kay's frown twists into
a cruel smile.
A few pregnancy pounds around the
Jane backs away and groped her belly. Katie and Michelle
lean closer as well as do the SIX OTHER STUDENTS around the
nearest table.
It's Dave Fletcher, isn't it?
Jane backs away, knocking over the plate of beans and mashed
potatoes that Michelle was holding. The slimy orange sauce
covered her skirt and slid slowly down her black tights,
smearing them in grease. Kay holds out his hand.
Congratulations. You'll make a
beautiful couple!
Jane screams and runs. Katie and Michelle stare open
mouthed, then turn and run after her. There is a long
silence then the hall erupts with laughter. Kay bends down
to retrieve Billi's sandwiches.
She's really going to have a kid?
      (handing over
In a few months. Care to join me?
                                         CUT TO


Kay and Billi are at a table facing each other
But now I'm back!
Didn't anyone ever tell you it's
rude to peek?
You never answered my question.
What question?
Did you miss me?
A year, Kay. And you didn't even
try to get in touch.
Billi, you know why Arthur sent me
to Jerusalem,
      (his lips tighten)
I had to learn how to control my
And it took every waking minute?
Why? Were you in the slow class?
No. I haven't missed you. You
might actually be surprised, but
the world doesn't actually revolve
around you
      (taking a bite)
when did you get back?
Few days ago
And you didn't bother to tell me
I had work to do. For Arthur.


Once, Kay, you and I being friends
was more important than you and I
being Templars.
      (Standing up)
Same old Billi
                                         CUT TO
Billi is seen walking up the steps to Father Balin's house.
A Georgian building with whitewashed walls, guarded by a
tall iron fence. The door opens and Father Balin smiles as
he greets Billi.
Italian tonight? What's the
special occasion?
                       FATHER BALIN
Miss SanGreal. I'd been wondering
when you'd show up. Kay's here
      (rolls her eyes)
I know
                       FATHER BALIN
Thought you'd be more pleased than
that, Bilqis.
                                         CUT TO
Billi takes a seat next to Percival who walks in the dining
room with a pot full of pasta. He sees Billi and smiles and
winks at her.
                                         CUT TO
Everyone is finished with their meal and the table is
cleared, it is time for the Templar business and discussion
What have you got Art?
Arthur hands over some photos with a girl with bite marks on
her neck.


Our Hospitaller brothers took
this. A girl fainted outside the
Auto de Fe nightclub last night.
Thought it might interest us.
I thought Hospitallers weren't
fighters anymore?
They aren't. But we still have
contacts, they just have sworn to
a path of healing rather than
This girl is still alive?
Yes, Just...Let's nip this one in
the bud.
The pictures get passed over to Gwaine
We could use some help, I've got
men who'd be ideal-
The two men stare at each other as Gwaine grabs a bread
knife from Arthur's response
Care to add anything else Gwaine?
Gwaine shakes his head abruptly
Any idea where he'd be laired Art?
      (shaking his head)
No but I want you and Gwaine to
find him tonight.
      (Turns to Billi)
Now that Kay's back we'll begin
you're psychic defense training.
      (Turns to Kay)
How does tomorrow sound?


Ideal sir.
Good, Eight o'clock at Finsbury
Park. You know where to take her
But Dad, we agreed I'd have the
next three nights downtime after
my Ordeal. To catch up on homeowrk
Not important, you train with Kay.
      (looks around the
Any other business to attend to?
Percival stands up
Just two things, Art.
      (He raises his mug
First, welcome home, young Kay.
Life's been exceedingly boring
without you. I'm looking forward
to hearing all about Jerusalem
Percival smiles and winks at Billi
And I'd like to propose a toast to
the newest member of the Order.
Only fifteen and, if you;ll excuse
the vervacular, totally badass.
Won't be long before we're calling
you Master.
      (Raises his mug
To biliqis SanGreal
      (Raises mugs)
To Billi!
Arthur shuts his laptop and puts a folder on top of it
Well, if that's all, I'll leave
you to your duties.


Arthur tucks his laptop and folders under his arm and walks
out. Everyone else is cleaning up what's left from the
                                         CUT TO
Cold rain falls and puddles are on the roads of Finsburry
Park Station. Billi approaches Kay and flicks off her hood.
You're late
Detention. Again. But didn't you
get my message
      (she taps her head)
I thought it really hard. 'Kay
I'll be late. Kay I'll be late-'
Do you think this is a game?
      (he stands up and
       turns the collar
       of his coat)
let's get a move on. I've wasted
enough time here already
They walk down the street lined with shops hidden behind
metal grates and graffiti shutters until they reached
"Elane's Bazaar" lit by a single streetlight. Kay knocks on
the door. And ELANE sticks her head out the window above.
Piss off!
      (looking up)
Elane! it's me! Kay!
      (Jaw drops)
Kay! I'll be right down!
Elane comes to the front door, unlocks the door and the gate
and lets Billi and Kay inside.


My sweet angel! C'mere and give me
a kiss!
She throws her bony arms around him and plants a fat wet one
on his cheek.
Hi Elane
As handsome as ever; the girls
must be dropping at your feet.
Yeah. Dropping dead.
                                         CUT TO
Kay and Billi walk downstairs into the chamber.
This chamber is psychically
sealed. It prevents anything in
this room from being detected. It
also dampens any super natural or
psychic powers. Gives you a bit
more of a chance.
Kay throws a deck of cards at Billi who catches it.
      (starts shuffling
       the cards)
I didn't know we were here to
practice your magic tricks.
No tricks,
      (rubs the sweat
       off his palms)
No. Shuffle them properly, use the
What exactly is the point of this?


Various types of the Unholy have
the power to...influence thoughts.
They can take command of our
senses, our memories. Remember
what happened with you and the
ghost of Alex Weeks?
How do you know about that?
I'm an Oracle, remember?
I guess nothing in my life is
private anymore
I'll teach you to strengthen your
mind against undesired intrusion
Like yours?
      (he sighs)
Just pick a card. Hold it in front
of you but try not to think about
what it is. Think about anything
else. Try to prevent me from
seeing the card through your mind.
      (picks up card)
Alright, tell me whe-
Three of clubs. Next.
I wasn't ready!
Billi throws the three on the floor she takes the next card
and holds it in front of her
Five of diamonds. Next.


Four of diamonds. You did shuffle
them properly, like I told you?
Billi shuffles them again.
Queen of hearts. Next.
You're not giving me a chance!
Why should I? This isn't a game
Billi! If we were in a fight would
you hold back? Take it easy? No,
you'd go for the kill.
      (looks into
       Billi's eyes)
Of course you would. Start again.
Billi throws the cards and they scatter all across the room.
I'm not playing this game.
Billie zips up her jacket
You are such a child. you don't
like it so you're going to leave,
is that it?
Kay puts his hand on Billi's arm, Billi stepped away.
Do that again and I'll break it.
While you've been off on vacation
do you know what I've been doing?
getting bruised and battered all
for the glory of the Order. He
wants me to be just like him, he
chose this life for me.
She starts to leave
I'm sure he had his reasons. Where
are you going?
You're the psychic, can't you


      (slams the door
Stop! What is it that you want
from me?
What makes you think I need
anything? I already passed the
Ordeal have you?
You know Oracles don't have to
pass the Ordeal. We're too-
The word you're looking for is
I'm not afraid.
I said I'm not afraid!
The table flipped over and smashed itself against the wall.
You don't know what I can do.
      (he grabs a small
You think swinging a bit of steel
around and beating people up is
all that matters. You have no idea
                                         CUT TO
Kay opens the chest containing the cursed mirror


Billi is sitting in a subway going home, clearly angry at
Kay, she plugs in her iPod headphones into her ipod and
starts cranking up "The man who sold the world" by Nirvana.
She starts relaxing on the train when all of a sudden she
notices 3 guys come through the interconnecting carriage
door. Two guys sit next to her and one opposite her with his
legs as wide as his smile.
                       THUG 1
What you listening to?
Billi flinches as the thug reaches for her iPod
Come on guys it's late. I just
want to get home.
                       THUG 2
Sure you do, just after you give
us you 'pod.
Series of shots

A.)The thug on the left attempts to grab Billi's iPod, Billi
twisted her wrist and drives her right palm heel into his
face, smashing his nose.

B.) The thug opposite gets up with Billi only to have his
stomach kicked in by her, he winces in pain and buckles over
in agony.

C.) She spins but the third thug was faster and tackled her
to the ground and punches her. POV of Billi watching the
thug open a switch blade.

D.)Everything goes black, Billi wakes up with the thug off
of her and the thug attempting to drive the blade in a new
combatant. He twists the blade out of his hand and kicked
the attacker's feet from under him.

E.) MICHAEL walks over towards Billi and lends out a hand.
Let me help you up
      (rejecting the
I'm fine


Billi gets up and inspects the thug victims on the floor,
then turns back to Mike, a tall muscular guy with unkept
black hair. He has raptor's eyes and he was tattooed with
spiky vines climbing from his right hand to his throat.
I've never seen anyone move so
You're not too bad yourself
                                         A BEAT
      (breaking the
Shall we call the police?
      (breaks her stare)
Not worth it, and anyway, I think
you've shown them the error of
their ways.
Can't take all the credit Ms...?
      (holds out her
Mike gazed at it for a while, then reached out and wrapped
his fingers around her hand
                                         END OF ACT I


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