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What are you doing?
by Zach Flemming (zach.flemming@hotmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A short skit about Hypocrisy in Christianity

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


I'm seriously so stressed with all
of this stupid homework! I would
be crying so much if it weren't
for him. Ben. Mitch. Seth has been
so helpful in getting me through
Yeah yeah Lindsay, we get it.
You're madly in love with a boy
you met a week ago. But hey! We
gotta get crackin'! With a couple
Facebook breaks, that is.
All three of them begin working. Ben goes on Facebook
immediately and Mitch is on twitter. The narrator comes up
behind Lindsay.
Lindsay is very passionate about
modesty. She says her life verse
is 1 Timothy 2:9, which is
"Likewise also that women should
adorn themselves in respectable
apparel, with modesty and
self-control, not with braided
hair and gold or pearls or costly
attire." This is why Lindsay
dislikes Kelly Anderson, who,
according to Lindsay, "dresses
like a skank."
Lindsay looks up and sees Kelly Anderson walking by wearing
inappropriate clothes. The looks in disgust, sighs, rolls
her eyes, and checks her phone.
Oh! New snap! (To herself) It's
from Seth! He's so great! I love
him! (She takes a picture of
herself, intentionally showing


Sneak peek winky face. (She smiles
and puts down her phone)
                       BEN AND MITCH
What are you doing?!
Narrator slowly moves behind Ben while the group continues
to work on homework.
What's on my mind? Why thank you
for asking! Facebook, you're so
Status update. 2:38 P.M. April 14,
2013. Ben Nelson posts: "Let no
corrupting talk come out of your
mouths, but only such as is good
for building up, as fits the
occasion, that it may give grace
to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29"
Ok guys, did you just see what
John just posted on Facebook? He's
so freakin' awkward! The guy will
just come up to you when you're
doing homework, sit down, and not
say a thing! Seriously dude! Buzz
off! And he says the dumbest
things! I swear the kid was raised
under a rock, because he can't
talk to anyone without creeping
them out! Gah!
                       MITCH AND LINDSAY
What are you doing?!
The Narrator slowly moves behind Mitch. The group is once
again hard at work.
New Tweet! 2:46 P.M. April 14,
2013. @m_key56 tweets: "James 3
really speaks to me! People really
need to learn to control what they
say! #TamingTheTongue


What the ****! Stupid mother
****ing computer! Guys! I
accidentally deleted my whole
paper! ****! God ****!
Dude, settle down! You've got all
week do get it done. Just start
over. It sucks, but it's happened
to all of us. At least you're not
Peter, whose computer (Puts hand
quotes up) crashes whenever her to
do a paper.
**** you Ben!
                       BEN AND LINDSAY
What are you doing?!
All of them get back to work, Mitch extremely frustrated,
Lindsay smiling at her computer, and Ben shaking his head
and whispering "so awkward" over and over again. Narrator
walks to the front of the table.
What are you doing?! (Slams hands
on table)
                       BEN, LINDSAY, AND MITCH


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