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The Outsider
by Rob Moss (rkmoss@cox.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Three individuals are locked together in a war between two immortal forces of good and evil.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A black screen flashes in silence with random seething
What the fuck!?Holy Shit! Holy
Shit!Where am I!? What the fuck!
(etc )
We see the Man in the middle of the desert tied up with a
bag over his head shouting profanities. He manages to untie
the ropes on his hands and take the bag off o his head. He
gets up, and is dressed in a dress shirt and dirty
underwear. He looks beaten badly.
      (Under his breath)
Where the hell am I?
Man observes the area around him and finds tire tracks on
the ground and decides to follow them. Very brief shots of
him walking and stumbling unto dead shot bodies, taking
their pants and checking their person to find anything
useful. Find nothing particularly special. Eventually comes
across the body of Dallas, at the base of a mountain. The
man sees something shining on top of the mountain, and he
climbs up to see what it is. On top he finds a knife, and
slits his wrists and dies while The Outsider watches.
                                         SCREEN FADES TO
                                         ALARM CLOCK IS HEARD
A hand reaches over and shuts off the alarm clock, reading
6:11 A.M. Tim reaches over and shuts off the clock and get
out of bed. He reaches behind his pillow and grabs a bag of
white powder, presumably cocaine. He snorts the powder in
the bathroom.
A knocking is heard at the door


      (Outside of
Hey babe? Can you hurry up in
their I gotta get ready for work.
      (Finishing the
       powder in the bag)
Yeah hun, just a second.
      (Flushes toilet,
       washes hands and
Alright babe, I'm coming
      (Exits and
       embraces women)
Tim is swimming laps in his pool in a bright red bathing
suit. He does a few laps until the woman walks out.
Get out of their Tim, its nearly
7! Their are eggs and waffles I
made for breakfast, so eat those
before you go to your interview.
And please, please try hard to get
the job. You know I had to pull a
lot of strings to get this for
you. So please, pretty please
don't mess up.
      (Almost oblivious
       to what she said)
Love you Jess. Bye.
Love you too.
Jess gets into her car and drives away, while Tim gets out
of the pool and gets ready for his interview.


Tim is driving and he searches his car. He finds a small bag
with a small amount of cocaine in it, and he manages to
snort it quickly, but he is looking sickly. He calls a
number on his phone.
      (On phone)
Hey, Dallas? Look man, I really
need a hit. Like right now. Where
are you?
      (Muffled talking
       over phone)
      (On phone)
I'll be there, soon I promise.
Please don't move. Ten minutes.
Tim does a U-turn.
Tim's car pulls up into a seedy and dirty alley, with a gang
on the opposite side. Tim gets out of the car, and is
approached by Dallas.
Hey Tim! What's good mutha'
fucka'!? So, I hear you want summa
dis shit?
      (Holds up bag of
      (Reaches out)
Yes thank y-
Dallas' gang members step in front of Tim before he can grab
the bag and hold him.
Stop. First, you gotta pay me
brudda. And I'm not just talkin'
about this shit ya digg? You still
gotta pay for the last two bags.
Now, I know you got a fine ass
girlfriend, and I know that she


                       DALLAS (cont'd)
can probly pay all thiz for you.
Am I right?
I-she-she doesn't know I'm still
using. But, I have an interview
for a job, I can get you your
money if you wait okay? I swear.
Oh well he swear's right?
Dallas punches Tim right in the gut and his gangsters laugh.
Well, I SWEAR, if you don't give
me my god damn money by god damn
tomorrow, I'll break both your god
damn kneecaps.
Tim is silent.
Naw shit man, I'm just fuckin with
you. That's fuckin illegal right?
Well, so is snorting cocaine and
shit, but who knows? Well, let me
show you my problems Timmy boy.
You see, illegal "activities" and
shit can get you in jail. Selling
cocaine just happens to be one of
these illegal "activities". Now
why would I risk going to fuckin
jail when I'm not even getting
paid for that shit!? You aiint
even goin to make it worth my
while. You see where my troubles
are Tim?
Tim nods.
And here is somethin else I know.
I know for a fact, you aint gonna


No I-
Tim gets slapped in the face.
Next time you interupt me, you god
damn scum sucking fuckhole, I will
take this knife,
      (Pulls out small
       swiss army knife)
and I will cut your fucking
eyeballs out. Now, where the fuck
was I before this cunt interrupted
You was sayin that you knew he
aint gonna pay nothin.
Good boy Danny. Right. So, how do
I knew you aint not gonna pay
nothin? Don't answer its a
hypothetic question. Its because
you are a mere insignificant
tweaker. I've dealt with your kind
before, so often in fact that I
think I've developed a sixth,
"spidey sense" about it. I get
shivers down my spine when I see
somebody like you, and I know they
got a debt to pay. And wanna know
some more shit? No insignificant
tweaker has ever, ever paid me
everything that they owed. Fuckin
ever. Not one single god damn
time. Do you know how that makes
me fuckin feel Tim?
Thank you for your imput Danny,
but the next time you cut me off
when I'm saying some
phillitocalsophol, I will bury you


                       DALLAS (cont'd)
      (Turns to Tim)
I like burying men alive, it turns
me on. Gives me a ragin hard on to
know that some faggot is six feet
under, alive, and is beggin Jesus
to let him die quick. Now back to
my monologue. I-um. Fuck. It makes
me feel bad. God damn it I do feel
bad now
      (Points to other
Marco, Ryan, take Danny inside and
cut off his fuckin hands. Then
shoot him in the dick.
Wait what the fuck!?
Two men grab Danny and drag him into a nearby building while
he shouts and struggles.
I feel bad. I, um, shit. I really
had a good fuckin mood going on.
Fuck. Lost my train of thought.
Well okay, I'll skip to the good-
Danny's screaming can be heard in the background, and then a
hahhaha part. Ok so either you
bring me my money here early
tomorrow, or I take your pretty
little girl back home and take the
money from her. I promise if that
happens she will be dead.
      (Pulls out his
Now, you said somethin about an
The gangsters throw Tim on the ground and beat him.
Tim is sitting across from a well dressed business man. Tim
looks beaten up, sweaty, and is in horrible condition. The
business man looks disappointing.


                       THE BOSS
So...You want to be one of my
Yes sir. I'm very eager to work,
and I think I'm qualified for the
                       THE BOSS
That's true, you are qualified.
You are definitely over qualified
actually. But the honest truth
here is that you look honest to
God awful. You smell bad. Your tie
is ripped. You have dirt on your
face. You are sweating like a pig.
Now, I figure you've probably had
a rough day. It happens to us all.
That is not what the problem is.
The problem is that I try and run
a good, honest, business here. But
you, you look like you just came
from a fight club. And I cannot
allow that in my workplace. Now, I
like to consider myself an honest,
humble, helpful employer. But how
on Earth am I supposed to employ
someone who quite honestly smells
like dog urine? You can empathize
with me I hope? I mean, have at
least a little respect for
yourself. I mean for Christ's
sake, you have a bloody nose! Did
you just get lynched or something?
But that's not even the worst
part. What really bothers me here
are your shoes.
Cut to Tim's shoes, which are white Nike tennis shoes.
                       THE BOSS
I can understand the comfort in
them, but tennis shoes? Really?
Its like you don't even want the
job I'm offering. Honestly you
would have had a better chance at
getting this job if you called and
said you couldn't make it because
you were locked in the backroom of
a Vietnamese strip club. Now
pardon my language, but I'd kindly
like you too get the fuck out of
my office before I have an asthma


                       THE BOSS (cont'd)
attack from the sheer reek of your
odor. When was the last time you
showered boy?
Tim is silent in the shower, and he cleans himself up the
best he can. He throws his ripped clothes out, and prepares
some soup for him and Jess. Brief flashes of his day appear
to him as he interacts with things, causing him to wince
      (Sits across from
       him and eats)
So!? How did the interview go? A
real knockout I bet?
Flash of Tim being beaten by the gang.
Yeah, it uh, went smashing.
I knew you could get it if you
Flash to Dallas face close up.
Haha yeah.
Jess grabs out a knife to spread some butter, and Tim
flashes to the knife Dallas was holding. He then imagines
Dallas holding the knife up to Jess' throat.
Thanks for dinner babe. I love
You too.
Jess gets up and moves over to Tim and sits on his lap and
starts getting sensual with him.


I knew you could change. I knew
you weren't just some homeless
drug addict. I'm so glad you got a
      (Looks up,
       genuinely happy)
Me too.
They embrace and get sensual, moving to the bedroom.

                                         FADE TO BLACK DURING
Clock beeps at 6:11 A.M. and Tim turns it off. He gets out
of bed and sees Jess lying covered in blood. Emotionless, he
goes outside and starts swimming in red shorts. He starts
swimming laps, and looks up out of the water to see the
Outsider. After a few seconds, Tim sinks into the water. He
does not leave the water, and an overhead shot shoes the
pool empty of him and any signs of either character.
Five men sit around a poker table, including Dallas, Danny,
Pete, Marco, and Ryan (Or Patrick). Dallas has most of the
chips, and it seems like the other players are letting him
win. Pete is not even paying attention to the match, and is
drawing 3 dolphins on a piece of paper. He has an eye patch.
      (His hand has
So, what do you guys think you got
Dallas bets a good amount of chips. Everyone else has decent
hands, but they all fold except Pete, who isn't even looking
at his cards.
I call.
The cards are revealed and Pete wins the chips.


Shit Pete, you didn't even look at
your cars! I didn't know you had
gigantic testicles in those tiny
pants you wear haha.
Gang laughs with him.
I'll tell you how I got such a
good hand.
      (He puts down his
       drawing and
       points to his eye
Its this eye that I got. Remember
when I was stabbed in the face by
that gypsy woman? And I got out
but the doctors said I'd never see
again? Well some crazy shit
happened after I left.
      (A flashback scene
       of the events he
Once I exited the building,
somebody caught my eye. The
remaining one. So I went to see
who it was. It was some guy,
wearing all blue. He called
himself the Outsider, and he said
that he came to make the decisions
that mortals couldn't. Well, he
told me that I wasn't too bad a
guy, and we talked a bit. But then
he asked me what happened to my
eye. Well, I told him some crazy
gypsy woman stabbed me. He told me
about how much he hated gypsies,
and asked me if I wanted an extra
eyeball. I asked him how that was
possible, and he told me not to
worry about it, and then like
that, he was gone. And guess what?
      (Return to
       present, Pete
       lifts his eye
       patch to reveal
       just a regular
       old eye.)
He put a new eye in me! After
that, I could sometimes see into
the future. And that sir, is how I


                       PETE (cont'd)
knew that i would win that hand.
Everyone is silent for a second.
Shit Pete, you've been drinkin a
bit too fucking much. Was that the
same gypsy witch who hung out with
that leprechaun? You poked
yourself in the eye with a pool
stick playing at a bar drunk.
They all laugh at Pete, and then Dallas' phone and Ryan's
phone rings. They split off in separate directions. Dallas
being called by Tim, and Ryan being called by The Chief.
      (On phone)
Oh hey, Tim, whats goin on? I'm by
the club now...
His voice trails off and we follow Ryan and his phone call,
which is him and The Chief.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
      (Hushed, on phone)
Hey be quiet, you don't want me to
get caught do ya?
                       THE CHIEF
Sorry, sorry Patrick.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Call me Ryan. I need them to
believe that's who I am.
                       THE CHIEF
Well, that's got to do with what
I'm calling to say. You know, I've
always loved you like a son. I
raised you, I taught you
everything that I knew about being
a policeman. I'd never try and get
you hurt, and I'd never try and
stop you from your job. But the
thing is, your cover will be blown
soon. They captured a bunch of our
guys, and we think they know your


                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Ah Jesus Christ Chief. When did
this happen?
                       THE CHIEF
It, uh, a few days ago.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
And you didn't think to fuckin
tell me until now? God dammit dad.
                       THE CHIEF
It's alright Pat- er Ryan. Just
get out of there now. It'll be-
Ryan hangs up on The Chief. He looks over at the poker
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
      (To himself)
You gotta risk it to get the
Ryan walks over to the poker table, where the game has
disintegrated to the gangsters making out with their
prostitutes and doing drugs. Ryan happily joins in.
Three men are tied up in their underwear. The middle tied
man is the one from the first scene. They all have bags over
their heads, and Dallas, Marco, Pete, and Ryan are watching.
Danny is missing.
Now I know one of you knows
fucking something. I wouldn't risk
my sexy ass like this if I wasn't
sure it would pay off. I know that
there is a rat in my gang. I can
smell him. I have a sixth fucking
sense for this shit. You don't
think i got guys in your unit? I
don't but I'm not fuckin retarded.
Half my deals have gone to shit
cuz of those fucking ape shit cop
faggots. So here is what I am
going to do to solve this fucking
problem. We are going to play a
game. Its called uh, shit. Ryan?


                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Yes, yes yes. It comes back to me.
Okay, this is how we play. Step 1.
I ask you a question, my question
bein this: Who is the police
informant in my gang?
Silence from the tied up men.
Okay unto step 2. Step 2 is where
I hammer your dick until its like
ground beef.
Dallas grabs a hammer and slams it unto the man's crotch,
and repeats hitting him for a minute, until the man stops
screaming and whimpering. Dallas kicks the chair over, and
the man is covered in blood. The other two tied up men are
      (Moves unto the
       second man)
Alright, whose next?
Wait, don't ask him.
      (Turns, suprised)
Why the fuck not Pete? Is this guy
a unicorn or some shit?
No, but, he's peed his pants.
He'll tell you anything to get you
to spare him. The final guy
probably knows more.
Dallas looks to the middle man, and sees he has peed
himself. Dallas laughs, and then walks over to the final
man. He doesn't even ask the last man about the rat and
immediately beats his dick.
      (Turns to middle
Shit. Did I forget the most
important rule? If you answer my
question in step 1, you get a


                       DALLAS (cont'd)
bypass to step 3, which is letting
you free! So, am I going to have
to bust your dick in half piss
NO! No no, I'll talk! I'll talk!
Don't believe him, he's probably
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
I agree with Pete, he's gonna lie.
I say go ahead.
Fuck when did we become a
democracy? Spill your guts piss
Alright, I don't know much, but I
know his name starts with a P.
Pedro, or Paul or something.
That's all! I swear I managed the
other undercover agents!
      (Turns to Pete)
Pete, your name starts with a P.
And you've been pretty suspicious
lately. Calling piss pants a liar
over there. I think we've found
our traitor. Grab him boys, we are
headin to the desert for a good
old fashioned burial.
Marco and Ryan grab a screaming Pete and Dallas hits him
with the hammer to knock him out.
The gangsters are driving in a car with two prisoners in the
back, one being piss pants and the other being Pete. They


both have bags over their heads. They are driving on a
highway by the desert.
Shit Ryan you went the wrong way.
We're fucking lost.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
I know where I'm going. I've done
this before.
I think we're lost.
See! Marco agrees with me. We're
lost on this shit highway.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Marco has down syndrome. You can't
trust him.
He speaks true.
Alright well that's good to know.
I still think we are headin the
fuckin wrong way.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Why does it fucking matter where
we bury them?
Because it fucking does? Are you
retarded or do you want me to
fucking bury your bitch ass too?
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
Fuck you.
Calm down guys.


Are you talking back to me? To
fucking me!?
Dallas pulls out his gun and points it at Ryan's head, hand
on trigger.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
I'm done.
Ryan slams on the breaks and Dallas hits his head on the
dashboard, dropping his gun. Ryan shoots him through his
jacket, and then turns around gun pointed at Marco. Marco
gets shot but manages to open a door and jump out. The other
bodies tumble out into the desert.
                       RYAN (PATRICK)
      (Drives on)
I'm a real hero.
A gunshot rings out, and Ryan looks to see that Dallas
wasn't dead, and managed to pick up his gun and shoot him.
Ryan shoots Dallas a few more times, and then kicks him out
of the car and drives away.
This is fucking bullshit, this
can't happen to me.
Suddenly, the Outsider is standing next to Dallas, watching
him intently, smiling.
You can't take me! You can't
fuckin take me! I'll fuckin escape
I swear I will! Fuck you! Fuck you
all! FUCK
Ryan drives to a calm area, and then takes off his bloody
shirt. He has a bullet wound on his stomach, and when he
touches it he winces. He looks into his rear view window and
sees The Outsider, and suddenly Ryan becomes calm. He picks
up his phone and calls The Chief.
                       THE CHIEF
      (Answering machine)
Hello, you've reached the office
of Mr. Patrick Lawrence, senior.
I'm currently unavailable at the
moment, but I can return your call
when I get back to it. If this is


                       THE CHIEF (cont'd)
a call meant for a police
emergency, then please dial 911.
Have a good day and thank you.
Ryan crying looks to the seat next to him and sees The
Observer, and when the camera returns to Ryan he is gone. A
front view of the car is shown, and nobody is inside.
                                         FADE OUT.
No noise, no music. A mallet is stuck and The Outsider is
seen sitting at a podium. Dallas is at a desk covered in
      (Voice is
Your time has come evildoer. I
have captured you, and the trial
will now begin. Will you speak?
Dallas tries to cry out and plead innocent, but instead he
just knocks the table over and makes absolutely no noise,
unable to realize he is quiet. Everything he knocks over is
immediately back to where it was, due to his surprise.
      (Strikes mallet,
       voice is the same)
Nothing you could do would change
you fate.
The Outsider turns to the left and holds his thumb out to
the side, like in gladiator matches. A close up of one hand,
which is Tim's, giving a thumbs down. The second close up is
another thumbs down, by Ryan. Finally, the last thumb turned
down is the Man from the first scene.
      (Turns to Dallas)
Your fate has been decided. You
will now die.
Dallas screams and disappears and the screen turns red and
quick flashes of evil things he had done pan the screen.
Afterwards the screen returns to normal and a fire is
burning form his chair. The Outsider hits his mallet on a
table and the scene changes.


Tim is seen swimming in the pool. The Man and Ryan watch on
beach chairs, and after a brief look between the two, they
jump in. They are all wearing red shorts. The credits roll
as they swim.


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