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Alien Hostage/edited/Pilot
by teeto (seeker11_11@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A man on a weekend getaway surprises an Alien in a woodland cabin. Takes it hostage, and convinces it to reveal the mysteries of the Universe, the secret histories of the planet Earth, the possibilities of God, Ghosts, Human E.S.P, Crop Circles, other dimensions, Vampires, Werewolves, Alien alliances, advanced technologies, and much more...The lead character plans to cash in on the situation any and everyway he can. Little does he know it will take all his intellect and more to come out on top of this situation, because an Super Intelligence Being of this order is always working towards an agenda of it's own.------This was intended for a low budget film project or pilot. The series would be loosely based on billionaire aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, or can go in several other directions. As every subject the alien talks about has some basis in reality.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Huge Alien Mother Ship hiding(cloaked or behind one of the
outer planets of our solar system).
Alien computer shows the safe route to earth, the screen
shows what parts of space that's not being scanned. Some
alien scout ship's go to specific places being an x on the
map, while some go to area's on the map showing a circular
Lead is driving talking to mother.
Mom, don't worry I'll be fine. I
been up there a thousand times
with grandpa as a kid I remember
the way like the back of my hand.
The alien's ship CPU screen with alien symbols as it
descends to above tree line it's seemingly teleporting from
spot to spot in relatively small jumps scanning into the
Show school books, loan papers, picture of girl. Show high
marks on educational papers or other indicator of
intelligence. Show papers with court fines for fighting or
other indicator of violence.
...I just want to get away for a
while clear my head, plan my next
move and take some time to just
relax in nature ,that's all. Why
does something always have to be


Alien's ship CPU shows D.N.A. strands with something that
indicates negative. Alien fly over cabin scans it. Now a
beam appears from the ship close to cabin and alien appears
with hand held device near the cabin entrance.
.... If grandpa's there that would
be great. He use to always play
such great practical jokes on us,
i miss that old softie...
Small cabin with bar area to the immediate left of the
doorway. Spanning the length of the cabin. After bar area
and entrance the floors steps down 6 inches to the rest of
the one room cabin with a bathroom.
The Alien is scanning stuff with device in the cabin giving
off a slight glow through the window.
Lead notices glow in cabin and pulls car over to side of
...ok mom the service is getting
bad i'm going to lose the call.
I'm going to let you go call you
when i'm coming home....ok, bye i
love you too.
      (talking to cabin
       or self.)
Ok old man pay back for all those
finger pulls...
getting out of car the lead starts doing some type of
meditation, talking to self, repeating the same mantra. This
somehow makes the lead undetectable to the alien's senses.
Ok clear your mind take a deep
breath....Ninja style baby...I am
one with nothingness...I am one
with nothingness...I am one with


                       LEAD (cont'd)
The alien (a small grey) is scanning stuff in cabin.
The Lead sneaks up to the cabin in a type of trance (ninja
mode). The alien doesn't sense him.
The Alien is behind door of cabin and the lead is on other
side of door as he busts into the cabin he hits the alien in
the head with the door. The alien falls and drops the
HHD(Hand Held Device) where it can't be seen by lead. This
indicates alien being disconnect to some type of bio
      (scrambling around
Oh my god, grandpa I'm so sorry.
      (as he sees alien
       he start to freak
What da fuck..mumbles..Grandpa be
As the lead gets closer to have a look he notices the alien
blood coming through on bruise change colors from blue to
orange. Lead backs off and begins to pace.
Wait...What da fuck is that.....
what the fuck....what the
fuck.....what the fuck is this,
what da fuck is going on.
      (as he goes back
       in for second
Ok...ok, what am I looking at here


As the lead is having closer look the alien moves. This make
the lead jump away from alien and return to quickly pacing.
Holy shit....holy shit...holy
shit... holy shit.... Okay i have
to do something.
Aliens CPU screen loses contact with ship. showing that
ship, hand held device and alien are all bio-mechanically
The lead now has alien tied up in chair hands and feet
The alien is leaned over with it's eyes closed. The lead now
has shotgun. The alien is tied up to where it has a line of
site to it's hand held device and the lead can not see it.
Okay, this has to be some crazy
joke grandpa is playing on
trespassers to teach them a
      (stating to pace
       again slowly)
Yeah i bet you can buy a doll like
this online, like those creepy
realistic babies.
      (pacing faster)
God dam I almost crapped my pants.
      (pacing and
That..would..mean..Gramps.. has a
camera around here somewhere.
      (looking around
       room room waving
       hands at objects)
Hello...Real funny Grandpa... I
bet you peeing your pants right


                       LEAD (cont'd)
now,...serves your right old
      (stopping in
       middle of room)
Okay do have a microphone or
      (looking at alien)
Where the hell did you get this
As he yells the alien wakes up. This makes the lead jump
back away from the alien and retreat behind the bar.
Holy shit, what the fuck was that.
After a couple seconds everything comes in clear, back to
normal vision. The alien staying perfectly still and upright
has eyes open and spots the hand held device. Alien almost
makes no movement, so when he does those can be indicators
of interest. The lead does not sit still for more than a
couple minutes.
As the lead moves towards the alien he leaves the gun out of
site behind the bar.
What the fuck is going on here.
Who the fuck are you?
      (about 5 feet away)
Hey fuckhead you scared the shit
out of me. Now this is my cabin
and what fuck are you doing here?
The alien tries to use some sort of psychic power to
incapacitate the lead, but the bump on his head has
disconnected him from the mother ship, his scout ship, the
hand held device, and knocked out his psychic powers.
[CUT SCENE: Alien imagines what it would do to lead if it
had it's psychic powers.{budget dictates cut scenes}]


      (leaning over to
       get a better look)
Answer me!
As the alien sits still the lead bends down to look the
alien in the face and in the eyes, he notices orange blood
crusted on the bump on it's head. Looking at the alien a
drop of blue blood comes out of the crusted over orange
blood, as blue blood drys changes again to orange. The lead
jumps back.
God damm it. What the hell was
As the lead retreats back to where the gun is he stops to
think about weather to get the gun.
      (under his breath,
       shaking head)
That could be some sort of battery
juice.....god damm it
As the lead makes his decision he snaps into action Picking
up the gun and turning to the alien and very quickly has the
gun inches away from it's face.
Listen mutherfucker I want to know
what the fuck is going on right
now or I will blow your fucking
head off!!!
The alien does not move an inch. Now the alien is really
struggling to use it's psychic power. (show blurry outline
or etc.)After several moments the lead slowly moves the gun
barrel to the bruise on the alien's head.
      (saying right
       before hitting
       the alien bruise)
what the hell is this thing.
As he hits the alien bruise the alien flinches back in pain
and once again the lead makes a hasty retreat as the alien
There is no need for any violence.


      (advancing toward
       alien pointing
       gun in it's face
I'll be the fucking judge of that
      (after thinking
       for short moment
       he puts down gun.)
Okay, okay, I just want to know
what the fuck is going on here?
The odds of what happen are
incalculable, it seems when you
burst into this...living domicile
the door hit me and knocked me
Listen guy, who the hell are you,
and what are you doing here?
Who are you?
After several moments of silence, as the alien sees the lead
tighten up on the gun it speaks.
I am a visitor here, What you
would call a scientist.
      (starting to pace
So, your a god dam alien?...Is
that right?
Enough games guy, what's going
here? Did my grandpa put you up to
this? I know he is involved
I assure you this is no joke. I am
an alien not from this planet, a
scientist here to collect samples
and help protect your people and


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
When the door bruised my head i
lost contact with ship, if i would
of been able to....
As the alien pauses when he talks, it day dreams of how he
should of sensed the lead coming and how he would of stopped
him. The lead takes notice of the pause.
....foresee any bipeds in the area
with my ship I would not have came
onto this planets crust. We are
here to take scientific readings
of this part of the planet. There
are very strict laws governing a
infant society on a perennate
class planet.
      (standing still)
You want me to believe your an
alien scientist here to save the
planet? Is that right?
      (lifting the gun
       and pointing at
I could blow your ass away right
now and I would be well with in my
legal rights....Now let's stop
dicking around.
This planet is highly researchable
from the dynamic of the
governments and the people to the
destruction and rehabilitation of
your environment. Its very rare to
find a society at this early level
of knowledge, let alone to be on a
planet with as fast as a cycle as
      (first time
       looking up at
Your planet is very small.


the lead starts to pace faster and faster talking to himself
incoherently, but getting increasingly agitated. Then he
rushes at the alien yelling as he cocks the shotgun.
      (by end of
       sentence gun
       makes contact
       with alien)
Listen you motherfucker I'm done
playing games with you, take off
that suit you fucking midget or
die now.
The lead looking at the alien intensely, as he keeps looking
at the bruised area on the head, he slowly bumps the bruise
on the alien again. Which makes the alien cry out and jerk
in it's chair emitting a non human sounding yelp.
      (by the end speech
       alien looks up at
Stop you must not do that. I can
prove to you what i say is the
truth. Even the smallest cranium
trauma can severely injure my
species, we are rarely surprised
by inf... unpredictable species.
It's also a high crime to
interfere or reveal off world
intelligent alien life on a
protect planet....
      (shaking gun at
Enough, what proof could you have
mr. alien.
Moving his head so its looking over left shoulder indicating
the lead where to look.
Get a mirror go outside around the
left corner of this domicile turn
around and look through the mirror
behind you. You will see my ship.
As lead looks around house for mirror, always keeping an eye
and the gun on the alien. As hey slowly goes outside the


alien turns its attention towards it HHD and it's psychic
powers trying to retrieve to the HHD. As the lead moves the
mirror around he sees something strange, then a space ship
comes into focus.
You see,I .......
      (raises gun and
       moves toward
       alien quickly)
If your a god dam alien. What the
fuck are you doing in my cabin? I
should just blow your ass away
right now and ask questions
      (moves head to
       meet leads gaze)
It would be very hard for you to
do that. As I said there are
strict laws for us and for you
let's say inhuman laws for you.
Your mind would be wiped and you
live your life as a what you call
a vegetable.
      (shaking gun at
I want to know what are you doing
here? Have you been following me?
Are you fucking trying to abduct
me you fucking asshole. I don't
know what your doing here, but you
better have one hell of a story.
      (more movement
       from alien)
I assure you i was not trying to
abduct you. That is one of the
highest crime one could commit on
an protected planet. My race is
committed to help and preserve
life at all costs, but that's not
true about all alien races. Other
races have devious motives and
cruel intentions. An alliance of
races guard the earth, many will
never be able to set foot on the
earth still they protect your race


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
and stop most from entering the
solar system without permission.
That still doesn't answer why you
are in my cabin?
Because of the first universal
And what da fuck is the first
universal truth?
Curiosity. Curiosity is something
that every intelligent being in
the universe has. The level of
curiosity given to your race
greatly effects the advancement of
intelligence and knowledge
capabilities of a race.
Yeah....Well on Earth curiosity
killed the cat, and well you kind
of look like a cat.
I scanned the area from my ship
and there were no bipeds in the
area. I seen the cabin empty and
got curious and came inside. I can
down from my ship to take sample
of the ground, area, plants. We
track pollution, this is a very
critical time for your planet.
yeah? Why is that?
      (looks at lead)
You live on a perennate class
What's that mean


That means your people live season
to season. If you lose or prolong
a season your whole civilization
as you know it could be destroyed.
Your food supplies would be wiped
out as your civilization is highly
dependent on the seasons for it's
food supply and on such a small
planet with such a fast rotation
it's quite incredible your race
has made it this long.
      (a little prideful)
Oh yeah why?
Many races are given large planets
with seasons that can last years
compare to this planet giving them
massive food stocks. Some races
consume minerals directly and with
the size of their planet they
would be long able to colonize
other planets before their own
planets resources are used up with
no chance of destroying their
      (as he moves
Well I guess that sucks for us,
huh...What did you mean given?
As the alien start to talk he feels his psychic powers
coming back and become perfectly still in the middle of
talking for a little bit. The alien tries to move his HHD
and succeeds. It's now closer to him, but still out of
Telling you even what I have is a
major violation of laws, I could
get into a lot of
trouble.......and you would be a
vegetable. Only a handful of
humans know what is going on out
there in space or even whats going
on right here on your own planet.
I could tell you about things that
would take your race ten of
thousands of years to comprehend.


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
I could tell you about your
Pacing the lead retreats to the bar and checks his phone, he
has no service. Then he set the phone to record video and
sets it up so the alien doesn't notice.
Or you could tell me a crock of
You must let me go before i'm
missed, and your mind is wiped. If
they find me like this it will be
very bad for you and me. Trust me
and I will tell you things no
other human has ever know and you
will live a happier, fuller life,
you will be able to prepare your
descendants for the stages all
race go through. You descendants,
your blood line could very well
rule the world if this knowledge
is applied properly, you just have
to let me get back to my
ship....There is no reason we can
not come to some kind of
The lead looks at alien for a few moments with a look like
he is thinking very hard. Then he just nods his head down
slowly one time to indicate he agrees to listen.
Ask me anything you want to know
about and I will answer truthful.
Why are there all these ufo's
flying around here?
Well just about all UFO's nowadays
are the US Government's. They have
had anti-gravity technology for
many years. It's actually very
simple concept, I will quickly
explain. All you need is a
electro-magnet, liquid metal, and
a ships hull that the liquid metal
can also go in.


Yea I can run down to the store
and buy all that.
May I go on? Put the
electro-magnet inside the saucer
shaped ship. put the liquid metal
in three tubes that are a rounded
triangled shape and can spin, also
spinning in the ships hull. while
the magnet spins, it will make the
metal in the tubes spin, the tubes
need to be on spinning platforms
so they spin, which will also make
the metal in the hull spin
creating anti-gravity. It looks
like a spinning carnival ride.
There is still evidence of this
hidden near the Wenceslaus mine
and close to the Czech border in
There are Aliens as you call them
all around the universe. There are
estimated more different species
in this universe than stars in
your sky, by far. That's including
what you would call
non-intelligent species and
undetected unknown species. I
think you want to know about
aliens that fly around from planet
to planet?
      (or some type of
       sarcastic remark.)
For an alien you sure are a
      (blinking eyes ,
       or indication
In this galaxy alone we believe
thousands of intelligent life
forms that can or will achieve
long range space travel. Most
civilizations and alien races fall
into 3 categories Infant, advanced
and highly advanced. Some races
like yours are in the infant stage


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
that can last up to fifty thousand
years. These races usually do not
have long range space travel
capabilities, can not colonize
other planets and have no real
contact with alien races. If the
alliance knows about them they
will protect them until they reach
advanced stage.
I take it we are protected by the
Then there are advanced races make
up most of the alliance. They have
mastered interplanetary and
interstellar travel, share
technologies with other races, and
usually reside on more than one
planet. They usually have large
fleet of ships that travel fairly
slow in the big picture. The last
category highly advanced mostly
keep to them self's but are there
to help keep malevolent races from
interfering with their development
or take all their resources.
And you're one of those highly
devloped races?
Yes, I am and we can travel close
to or pass the speed of light.
They mostly are never seen and do
what ever they do. My races
history goes back over two hundred
and fifty years. We have conquered
intergalactic travel. As we have
just became what is considered
highly advanced within the last
ten thousand years. There are many
races from all over the universe
that could descend on the earth at
any time if were not such a
special planet and race. First
contact could be last contact and
has been for many races.


Highly advanced races rarely share
technology and knowledge even with
races of same intelligence. It's
kind of a pride thing. Most races
at that level have vastly
different technologies that
essentially do the same thing.
That doesn't mean it doesn't
happen. The alliance is held
together by ancient beings that
travel almost instantly from the
center of a galaxy and reach out
to all the races known to them to
see if they need help and let
alliance members less advanced
handle these invasions. Not much
is known about these beings as
they are amoung the most advanced
beings in this part of the
universe, to see one would be a
rare treat for a scientist like
So you want me to believe there
are aliens flying all around us
and your here to protect me from
other aliens?
No, I was taking samples like i
said, and this whole galaxy is off
limits, protected. There has been
a few alien incursions in the
past. Things have been made to
ensure no more interference
happens. There is a multitude of
ships surrounding the this galaxy.
What's so special and interesting
about humans?
Well, the governments and
corporations of this planet have
pushed the planet to the edge of
sustainability. The planet could
die, or fight back....if the
people of this world do not stop
and understand their role in the
universe. You could destroy


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
yourselves, or worse...
      (checking his
Or worse? what the hell does that
The rules of the universe are
anything but fair and life can be
very cruel. Your race could be
deemed unworthy of your planet and
have it taken away. well you ALL
would be taken away for food,
labor, slaves, energy, or
research. You race and planet
would be open for bidding. Several
alien races would love to research
humans as your possible
capabilities are off the charts.
There are alien races that would
protect you just as fast as they
would take your planet if deemed
unworthy. Interested parties would
argue for intervention before your
race would destroy this planet.
Alien mother ship's CPU screen is looking for the scout
ship. It also shows other scout ships on there mission still
Enough, I need to figure this out.
You sound like you are insane. Are
you an insane? Are you a midget in
a costume?
At this point the lead approaches the alien looking
intensely at it up and down trying to find any sign of a
suit. As he gets around the back of the alien, the alien
tries to concentrating on a safe path to get it's HHD.
Even this is too much for ole
gramps, i guess it felt real.


Everything I'm telling you is the
truth. I have reason to lie, i
want to get back to my ship
walking from around the alien,the lead checks to see if
phone is still recording.
Well i don't think you told me
much of anything. Your going to
have to do alot better than that.
Sorry, I have never done this
before my people know all these
things are facts to me from birth.
My people have given them selfs
the ability to inherit the
knowledge of their mothers and
fathers through our genetic
manipulation, and some can recall
their whole ancestors past for
two, three, and even four
generations back.
Wow that is very strange.
Not for us. But somethings that
are very meaningful and used
regularly, like research, or your
life's work can be passed down
forever as far as we know. As our
life span is shorter than yours.
We live about 40 years, and this
gives us very short adolescent
stage, to take full advantage of
life's time. And you happen to be
so lucky as to get one of the
Oh yeah? I'm so lucky?
Yes, you could of stumbled up on
another without even the knowledge
to communicate with you on a
sonic...speaking level. As my
ancestors are experts on life on
this planet and my knowledge goes


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
back ten of thousands of years. As
far as I know we have never came
in contact with your species in
this way.
       as he dreams of
       monetary gain.)
Oh yeah I think I'm real lucky.
Keep going.
Long ago before humans were
humans, there was another race
that ruled the planet. A
remarkable race like your own.
Your race was much like monkeys,
and not much is know of this other
race, but one day they got so
advanced they left this planet and
never came back, we yet to meet
them, [possibly added into back
story: but we know some of alien's
stayed be they left and their DNA
is mixed with some of our's]
alien pauses
As for humans there has been other
large civilization before yours on
earth. That history doesn't
Much bigger than Atlantis, and
very different from theirs and
your own. This civilization
greatest achievements were in the
field of sounds and sonics. They
had a great cities like yours now,
but raised right out of the earth
in mineral rich areas. Their
cities were like skyscraper,
Imagine three or four New York's
stacked one on top of the other.


That is pretty hard to imagine.
Like your civilization they showed
every chance of making it to a
highly advanced state of being.
They used sound in all aspects of
life from food to travel, beauty
to weapons. Weapons that
ultimately destroyed them. Sound
and sonics is a most interesting
research field. It can cure
disease and viruses, grow crops
and manipulate every living thing
on this planet. But at last your
ancient ancestors created a
modified sonic bomb way more
devastating that your races
current nuclear bombs.
Well, they don't sound to
different from our race.
As you know they did not make it
as your race still has a chance.
Little did they know it would only
take one bomb to create a wave so
deadly that it reduced the human
race by 99%. The people who didn't
get their lungs sucked out of the
throats, had them exploded when
the pressure reversed. Leaving
their cities pancaked and in
ruins, extincting thousands of
species, and almost wiping out
birds altogether. If took ten of
thousands of years to recover to
what you know now as Atlantis and
the civilization you know now. As
the Atlantians came to the same
fate by destroying themselfs.
Is that what we do keep doing
destroying ourselfs?
Human as a race though one of the
most capable for technical,
physical, and spiritual
advancement, has one critical


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
fault. What you call "drama",
these meaningless social
activities that have no bearing on
knowledge or advancement. Also
your races ease to look the other
way, it's willingness, it's at
most satisfaction to be content.
Many people believe all that is
what makes us human.
So they thought on Atlantis, and
it was on it's way to being a
great civilization, but social
conflict and war heeded their
advancement or they would of moved
from the lowest part of the world
when the this planet "flooded"
last, about fifteen thousand years
ago. Because of some unfounded
notion of the being close to the
earth's core was a good thing,
they built the city in the lowest
part of the Earth they could find.
Well that doesn't sound so smart.
It wasn't. If they had not spend
so much time on social actives
their civilization would have
survived. Those that did survive
were scattered and travel across
the earth spreading their
knowledge to many parts of the
world. That's why there are so
many giant pyramid structures in
your ancient cultures of your
The alien pauses. The lead pointing the shotgun at alien he
shrugs his shoulders and lifts his gun.
Go on.
This is about the time we first
gained intergalactic capabilities.
Luckily for humans as there was a


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
race of aliens interfering with
the development of your race. The
Race maybe known to you as the
Aryans, a weak pathetic race not
with the alliance, and this would
not be there last attempt to
And you are not interfering?
No we are not. They are one of the
reasons your planet is protected
as they have some illogical theory
that involves the human D.N.A. to
complete their destiny as well as
steal your resources. It did not
take them long to alter the
direction of the human race and
were expelled just as quickly.
I guess you want me to thank you?
Evidence of this is still on your
planet in places like Rajasthan,
India. As we could not leave any
evidence of advanced technologies
we predicted your use and
discovery of nuclear weapons and
used them. The battle was quick
and they have since then been
trying to interfere with your race
Why do they want to mess with
Your race.... Your race is... Has
one of the most potentially
capable minds of processing
information than other life forms.
Your D.N.A. is coded so
exquisitely, truly a god among
creators created your race. Even
though your race has reduced
itself to ash it endures, when
many would not of. Your race has
reached the first universal


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
What would that be?
The discovery of Electricity in
less than seventy five thousand
years from the start of modern
history. Truly remarkable, faster
than any other known race in the
universe. Making you "special" to
many races. At this rate your race
will be considered an highly
advanced race in seventy five
thousand years, almost ten times
faster than any other in the
alliance, and technology alone
would gain you an invitation to
the alliance.
What if we don't want to share our
Even so there are other way to
gain access into the alliance by
reaching certain milestones, such
as when a whole planet's
civilization reframes from killing
for the personal energy supply, or
when a whole planet can use a
renewable, clean energy source.
Even now your planet has a
incalculable chance at the
alliance with solar power. But as
many of your previous civilization
the chances of your civilization
destroying itself grow hour by
So solar power could no only give
you money and power but could make
you a lengend.
      (Shakes head)
Greed, personal gain, and
insatiable pursuit of monetary
gain and ill conceived notions of
the seasons and that blatant


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
disregard for nature is pushing
your planet to the edge. Strangely
that is part of the reason why
your race can be so smart, is your
whole race lives on the brink of
utter destruction, missing one
growing season on the earth could
wipe out the whole race, and
certainly destroy this
      (he start to speak
       as alien pauses)
well, I have to say good story but
there's one thing.
What is that?
Interrupting the alien, The lead though on edge, is thinking
about monetary gain which id given him a little glare in his
eyes as he thinks about money gains.
Your not telling me anything worth
anything. I don't care if your a
real alien, you think that story
is going to benifit me somehow?
Maybe I dont think you understand
what I'm telling you....
      (Getting agitated.)
Listen I don't think you
understand what I'm telling you. I
need something that is considered
proof. You said this would change
my life? Yeah when I sell my story
to Hollywood, WITH PROOF. Now if
you are an alien, maybe letting
you go would be a benefit for
      (interrupting the
yes it wo.....


....Shut up. But a live alien. Now
that will be worth millions,
billions even. I would go down in
history forever....
....That forever would be very
short. Your government would take
me from as they have been dying to
get a hold of any piece of alien
technology for years. Even if you
did happen to get me on live
television the alliance would not
Shut the fuck up, you think you so
fucking smart, I'll take your ass
down to the Walmart and you will
be live all over the world faster
than a kardashina sex tape. Now
you start telling me something
that's going to make me money and
let maybe you will get to go home
Everything I'm telling you could
us both turned into vegetables.
Telling you so much as to change
the world or give you advanced
technology is something I'm sworn
against and can be highly
detrimental to your race. I'm only
doing this because it seems there
is no other way.
Alien is sending one of the other scout ships to see what
happen to the alien.
Let me explain, the last time the
Aryans had a major influence on
your race is during what you know
as world war two. The Aryans who
seen a prime chance to interfere


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
your D.N.A. on a grand scale. When
Hitler decided to pursue the field
of eugenics, they gave Hitler and
the Nazi's the most destructive
power of what you call television
and the power of the invisible
It also seemed weird how Germany
was so advanced in so many fields.
They showed Hitler and the Nazis
how to use the waves to for their
devious plans. Television is
basically a mind control device or
brainwashing tool. This technology
is usually not discovered to long
after a civilization would have
the sense to unleash a device like
this unto it's people before they
are ready.
Everyone already knows T.V. is a
mind control device one way or
another. Keep going.
So it happens that some of your
civilization's people are actually
reversing their intelligence and
the intelligence capabilities of
their off spring in some places,
by what you call entertainment.
Something also never seen before
in the alliance.
Yeah us humans are good for things
like that.
Continuing on. Once the alliance
seen that the Aryans had given
Hitler these technologies. They
were hunted down and removed them
from the planet, but there is a
place, a place closed off and
never found that can give you
proof of aliens and proof of the
many technologies given to Hitler.


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
If he would of heeded the advice
of the Aryans and not gambled with
the Universe he would not have
lost the war, and television would
have been used for educational
purposes for the good of the
      (not getting to
Fuck Hitler, that fuck was pure
Your wrong there Hitler was no
more evil as you or me...
      (disgusting look)
maybe you...
He had people he loved, a mother,
friends, a dog. What he did for
what he believed was right for the
world. Even though he did try to
eliminate a race from your gene
pool which would be impossible.
Never the less your race would of
surely bypassed all previously
perceived achievements. The mind
is its own place, and in itself
can make good out of evil, a evil
out of good.
The alien pauses as realizes that his psychic powers have
come back enough to get HHD. At this point the lead looks
out the window with the mirror and sees the other alien ship
searching for the ship.
The lead turns around and runs and knocks the alien to the
floor which knocks out his psychic powers, not before the
alien moved the HHD closer to him.
What's going on?
      (laying on floor)
Shut up and don't move. I am one
with nothingness...I am one with
nothingness...I am one with


                       LEAD (cont'd)
As they lay there the lead uses his meditation to calm
himself, but it also hides himself from the scan as the
alien ship scans the house.
The aliens cpu screen flashes various wildlife in the area
that could of killed the alien. Bear, wolf, snake, etc...
Then ship goes to other ship, scans it and start off to the
mother ship.
a few moments the lead rises to his knees.
      (crawling to
       window to look
       for ship)
Well it looks your alien buddies
are looking for you.
You should release me before they
come back with more aliens to
      (beginning to look
       out window with
Crawling back toward alien slowly getting up to his feet,
the lead lifts the alien upright in chair. when the alien
gets put upright his psychic power comes back but not as
strong as before. Then the alien gets a flash that the
scout ship is leaving.
Looks like you butt probing
buddies left, and you know
something I don't there coming
back,...I don't think they are
coming back for you, and even if
they did, what are they going to
do? huh? I think your abducting
days area over.


The lead comes up to alien and pulls up chair a and sits on
it backwards, pointing gun in aliens face.
I'm tired of your stories, your
going to answer some of my
questions. Now don't try and lie
cause you don't want my friend
here to start asking questions. Do
you know where there are any
ancient undiscovered treasure or
unknown ruins?
Ah never the less i'm revealing
the secrets of the universe to you
and all you simple mind can think
about is monetary gain....
      (interrupting the
....Listen smart guy. I'm the guy
with the weapon, so I'll be the
only smart guy around here. We
have a saying here on earth, the
one with the gun makes the rules.
That means you tell me what I want
to know and I'll leave you under
your ship tied up nice and neat so
your comrades will find you. I'm
pretty sure they are coming back
for that ship at least. So you
better answered my questions or
this will be your new home at the
least. So why didn't that scan
detect you or me?
The alien pauses. The lead Shakes the gun and stares down
the alien in a serious face. The alien is trying to use it's
psychic powers on the lead. It succeed slight.
The alien's psychic power will make the lead fall in to a
hypnotic state, where he still sees himself talking to
alien. but it only last a few seconds and the lead in back
to full consciousness. Blood oozes from the Alien bruise.


Don't try stall, if you lie to me
it won't be good for you.
Because I'm injured and dying, if
i don't get back to my ship soon,
i will die. My race no longer has
the ability to heal our bodies
naturally. D.N.A. manipulation has
some unpredictable side effects,
just like a side effect of taming
certain animals they loose their
color and turn white. Certain
improvements in intelligence have
negative effects on aging and
healing oneself. I'm not sure why
you were not detected.
The lead is still at window and now turns back into the
cabin, he insults alien under his breath, as he head to the
bar and makes a drink.
Ok, Ok, that's why your skin is
grey, and all rubbery, AND you
know you kind of smell bad too.
Anyways, looks like your friends
are gone. So tell me what you know
about Flying Saucer Nests?
Flying Saucer Nest? Ah yes, a
troubling trend among alliance
adolescence, criminal factions,
and lawbreakers in general. The
depressed circles in human
agricultural fields are nothing
more than graffiti. Some are gangs
leaving their mark after
committing some type of crime,
some equate to nothing more than a
love symbolized in a tree craving.
Kids will be kids, even alien
kids. huh.
It seems that way. See even though
the alliance monitors the earth it
can't watch every bit of space out
there, it is possible for small


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
ships to dart in and out and as
long as they don't cause too much
trouble before the alliance
detects them. The alliance has a
network of sensors hidden on
moons, planets, and other various
space objects, along with alliance
ships to deter invasions.
So it's not some ancient knowledge
buried in the ground trying to be
given to us. These...Crop circles
are just a bunch of god dam love
struck aliens, and punk ass kids
getting a thrill?
Bigelow checks recording and it all looks fine.
Yes, it's like if you would
graffiti a police station, you
would be in way more trouble that
if you did it somewhere else, and
gain way more status or rank for
doing so. There are many mysteries
to be discovered exclusive to this
planet. These nest are just not
one of them.
      (Ok nodding)
Ok, I want to know if there is
real magic?
Magic ahhh an interesting subject.
Magic is in the eye of the
beholder. Sometimes it is advanced
science to one species, Magic to
another. Magic therefore is just a
name for the unknown.
So E.S.P. is advanced science?
Yes and no. Some people on your
planet think there are what you
would call physic healers and
there are a very few. Most people
that are healed by so called


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
psychic healers, special water, or
some special location, have just
convinced themselves that these
people or things have the power to
heal when it really the person
healing themselves, with what you
call ESP.
All these hooky poky psychics
could be real?
Some possibly even now humans have
the ability to use some psychic
abilities, but your belief's as a
society don't allow you to believe
so. For example when a human
sometimes has a head injury and
will suddenly be able to speak a
different language or play a
musical instrument. Many abilities
humans have not taped.
I have heard about stuff like that
in the news.
That is not a special case all
humans can do that. Your scientist
should understand "The Exception
to the Rule is the Rule". As for
the magic is uses objects,
ceremonies, and power of the
cosmos. In the sense it allows a
humans subconscious to allow the
human to believe or answer why the
"magic" is happening. Almost no
humans alive have a understanding
of their full consciousness or
awareness of their whole self's.
I'm not sure I understand what you
mean, our whole self?
To make it simple let's say
there's the you that thinks and
you have access to and there is
your subconsciousness. As humans
your subconsciousness has recorded


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
every moment that you ever lived
and more. That can be accessed but
not at this time because of your
societies belief's. One day you
will evolve to have access to all
your subconsciousness on a
consciousness level.
Sounds like a big headache to me.
I have a hard enough time with
what is going on in there right
As far as understanding those
ancient civilizations such as the
ancient Greeks and Egyptians had a
crude understanding of the power
of belief. which made it possible
from them to create the pyramids.
Sadly they never thought to write
down this knowledge as they
thought this knowledge would
always be known as it came from
inside of humans.
The alien gets a flash that the mother ship is getting
prepared to sent a unmanned probe to retrieve ship, leaving
him stranded.
Show scouts ships on alien's mother ship CPU, where the
majority of the ships are back or on way back.
Alright what about time travel?
It is impossible to time travel to
the past. Time travel to the
future is a possibility, but what
you will find out is that the
universe has ways to protect
itself, so to say. So if you were
to travel to the future there
would be no one there, a
completely empty future world.


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
There's no buildings, just dirt
where they should be.
Just an empty planet of rock and
No, There is plant life is there
and those seem to change when they
are disturbed, or come into
contact by human or animals in the
past or present. You have to wait
as long as you traveled in the
future to come back to your own
time line.
So if you traveled a thousand
years in the future you would have
to wait a thousand years for time
to catch up to you?
Yes, to rejoin the normal time
stream, and a added bonus you
don't age. Seems like some kinda
bad joke. So while time travel is
a reality it has very limited
OK some of this stuff your talking
about might be true but I need
more. What about things like
vampires, ghosts and evil spirits
are they real?
Vampires and zombies are not real
by any stretch. Evil spirits and
ghost are not what humans believe.
What humans think of as evil
spirits are usually alien beings
bleeding through from a different
plane of existence. It seems they
feed off or absorb the emotions of
humans, and usually turn up in
highly emotional area, like where
a murder happen or where someone
won a jackpot and stay longer
where negative emotions occur.


So good luck and bad luck could
just be some alien?
It's not as simple as that. The
alien permanentes an area or the
area an object occupies with
negative or positive energies.
Like a lucky rabbits foot, horse
shoe, or evil "object". With what
can be best described to you as
Luck. The beings seem to be
equivalent to something like a sea
sponge, they are neither good or
evil and will dissipate if the
emotions are not reinforced.
So ghost are not real then?
Ghost are best described as an
echo's of highly emotional human
usually left there in a desperate
attempt tell how or why they died.
Many ghost share some common
factors. One is that they were
killed unjustly or no one knows
how they died.
Yeah we pretty much figured that
out by ourselves.
Then this will be a little review
for you. When people die and an
explosion of feelings that they
shouldn't be dying and no one
knows what happened to them is
released into this world, it
creates a ghost. It is not always
an easy task for the ghost to
communicating on different planes
of existence. This can make the
ghost echo quite angry in a short
amount of time. Sometimes very
rarely these alien beings that
people think are evil spirits will
bleed through where a ghost is
active, and this can have dire


That sounds semi reasonable...
What about things like Bigfoot and
The lead goes to look at phone recording and it's about to
end, at the same time the alien has moved the HHD closer to
him one or two more moves and it will be to him (to contact
mother ship)
I think you should let me go now,
I have told you way more than I
ever should of.....
The lead gets infuriated by the alien, and quickly positions
himself in front of the alien and points the gun in the
aliens face. As the lead talks he circles the alien.
God dammit listen I'm the one in
charge here, you going to do what
the fuck I say, and answer my
questions got it?
      (shoving the alien
       with the gun)
You want to know why?...You want
to know why?
The lead now walks back to where the phone is hidden to
retrieve it.
Because a dead alien is just as
good as a live alien if not
better. I could sell pieces of you
to scientist all over the world.
[POSSIBLE CUT SCENE]The alien gets very mad and we see how
the alien would skin the lead exposing all his muscle and
nerves strain by strain separating from his body and
floating the air, just spine, head, nerves, and muscles like
giant spider webs. Show the alien having the strands
electrocuted and tortured. Then he put into a see through
worm/slug like body and torture can be involved.
The lead removes the phone from the hiding spot and puts it
where the alien could see it.


So you better make this good, so
far so good, If I believe you. The
jury is still out on that my
little alien friend.
You can not sell this information
to anyone the alliance would find
      (interrupting the
....Did I say I was going to sell
this? Now who's the one that is
thinking in monetary value? How do
you think I'm suppose to pass all
this down to my family? I don't
have special memory like you. Ya
know I thought alien's are suppose
to be smart? How do you think I
could remember all this? You just
keep answering questions, do what
I say and these recordings will
only be seen by me, they'll be
like an insurance policy, if
anything happens to me and these
get out I'm sure the this alliance
won't be to happy with you.
The lead focuses the camera on the alien.
So you make sure I get rich and,
I'll leave you by your ship, burn
this cabin down and disappear to
make my fortune and no one will
ever know till I die and pass it
down, I will keep this a family
secret. Us humans aren't so dumb
after all.
The lead turns around and looks at the alien.
So lets get going, because you
know something else Mr. Alien? I
don't think your buddies are back
coming for you. The ship yea, you
no. They would of already been
here already, right? Now where
were we? Oh yea what about
Bigfoot, and Werewolfs are they


                       LEAD (cont'd)
Werewolf's and Bigfoots are for
better words the same animal and
quite real. There are many humans
that like to fake Bigfoots sights,
foot prints, and other such
evidence. While there are no
Werewolfs there are people that
turn into what you know as
      (saying under his
       breath with a
       smirk of interest)
no fucking way..
See there are humans that have a
mutated gene that makes the person
transform into a Bigfoot similar
to a werewolf but it takes longer,
and the full moon doesn't matter.
Bigfoots prefer turning when there
is no moon for the darkness. Think
of it something like a feral hog
but the transformation happens
within a couple of days. The human
will usually go out to an isolated
area and live out their Bigfoot
Like what running in and out of
blurry photos?
They are very elusive, and much
more intelligent than an ape but
not as smart as a human. They
retain some knowledge of their
human self's because of their
level of secretly, and
invasiveness. They seem to know if
they get caught it would be very
bad for them. The D.N.A. of these
humans is quite remarkable. one
reason is when they transform they
actually creating a whole new self
each time they change.


What like cloning?
You are on the right track. Every
cell in their body is not only
reverted back to before they
transformed all their injuries and
sickness are completely healed
each time. Changing completely
into two different D.N.A.
structures. As we have only found
one before we understood all it's
wonder. So Bigfoots don't need
permanent homes, or have Bigfoot
families and children. They don't
leave bones when they die, as they
revert back to human form at death
and they leave no traces as a
Bigfoot when they are human.
So that's why no one can find a
bigfoot that makes sense.
The transformation usually doesn't
start until people are in their
30's. It seems they can predict
when the urges start and how long
it will last from one night up to
4 weeks, and make sure to take the
necessary actions to be alone.
Bigfoots sense's are heighten and
even elude our senor technologies.
These reasons are why it's so hard
to identify a Bigfoot. Some kind
of bad inside joke.
Are werewovles and Bigfoot the
same thing?
If you seen a bigfoot up close you
would see the have long teeth and
long sharp nails. Bigfoots must
have not been so intent on hiding
their identities in the past. Now
they would be captured and
experimented on forever. People of
past may have witnessed a
transformation and heard a wolf
call around the same time, found


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
some dead wolfs around, and there
you go Werewolfs. Surprisingly
your people have never put two and
two together..
Well lets go out there....What
about Loch Ness Monster, dragons,
or giants? any truth to them?
The loch Ness Monster was a
prehistoric leftover from another
age dead now, there are no more
left of the species in the lake.
As it got trapped in the fresh
water the full supply finally
collapsed and it died off. There
are a few of its cousins left in
the deeps of the oceans.
      (being rude)
As for dragons, giants, trolls,
elfs, orcs and monsters in
general. No...no they are not real
and never have been.
Well I want to know if people
psychic? you know read minds, move
things around?
Ahhhh humans and psychic
abilities. Things get so
misunderstood at this stage of
human understanding. All humans
have psychic abilities, and so do
almost all other intelligent life
forms. That's not special by
itself almost all races have
telekinesis, it's like a gift from
your creator to speed up life, so
you have more time for knowledge
then mundane tasks.
I think us humans would use it
mostly for a T.V. remote control.


At this point you are probably not
wrong. But when your race reaches
a certain level of intelligence
some of these abilities will be
accessible as a race. What is very
special about humans is they have
so many psychic abilities, more
than any other life form recorded.
There is quite the speculation on
the role of humans in the grand
cosmic plan of things.
That's if us stupid humans don't
blow ourselfs up, right?
At this point your abilities are
in a state of suspension. They
were on once before when humans
had no civilizations and ran wild
like animals these senses gave you
the edge to survive. At this point
it's not needed, but sometimes
they leak through, or people seek
them out, but for the most part it
will be long time before the human
race has their psychic abilities
"turned on" as a race and that
being normal.
So they can do magic? So there are
real psychics and if someone seeks
out psychic abilities they can
learn them?
Magic and psychics may seem the
same but are not. Magic uses
energies from the earth, or the
cosmos, and can involve many
people. It taps into the energy
that makes up the fabric of
reality and, is more powerful and
can create greater wonders that a
humans psychic abilities alone.
Psychic abilities are more about
making nature bend to your will.
Magic works with nature in a kind
of harmony.


So If I wanted I could access my
psychic powers?
The easiest way for a human to
experience their psychic ability
is for two people to sit across
from each other with there eye's
closed or looking intently into
each others eye's and for one
person to complete the last word
in a sentence of one another in a
progressive manner. The more and
more sentences the person
finishes. The more and more they
will be able to finish the
sentence before the last word.
Soon the person will only have to
say one word and the person will
be able to complete the sentence
the other was thinking of.
Then..., Then their minds will be
synchronized and be able to
communicate with each other minds
directly in a form of telepathy.
Alright, yeah, well that sounds
easy enough, but now tell me what
you know about Jesus, and my God.
As you seem to know a lot more
than me about him.
Alien mother ship ia sending probe to get ship.
The knowledge I'm about to tell
you is millennia away for your
race. While we don't know if the
person you call Jesus was in
contact with your god or not, What
we can say about Jesus is a noble
spirit embiggens the smallest man.
Although it's not outside your
creator's capabilities, at that
time in a civilization progress a
creator will still show their
creations if they are pleased or
angered with them and steer them
in what direction they have planed


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
for them.
Humans must be way past that
There comes a time when a race
will ask scientific questions or
proof from a God or nature and it
seems that's when they will leave
their people to use their free
will and what is perceived to be
So you are one of them God has a
plan aliens?
Your creator is now much like a
ghost echo at the moment, while
he's away doing other god things.
while creator's from time to time
answer do prays, cause a floods or
droughts. They mostly worry about
the big picture of things at this
point in human history.
The lead moves to check the camera.
Keep talking.
The power of a creator is immense.
Let me try and give you an idea.
They say god can see everything
and he can but there is science
involved that is beyond this
universe, technology you would
call magic or a miracle.
Science to knowing everything? I
have to hear this.
As we have come to know that
light, light itself is a type of
recording device, and your god can
access the sun's light and sees
everything that happen in the


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
light, everything that happens in
room that has light for as long as
there is light in there. It's like
a recording, as energy is not
destroyed all light energy has the
same properties, meaning that a
tree grows from light energy, when
you burn wood for light, yes, god
sees you.
Not sure If I wanted to know that.
Kinda creepy.
For some reason the gods do not
see in one hundred percent pitch
black, which is on a unknown
spectrum to the human race. In the
blackness sometimes things come
from not of this universe, maybe
from the plane were the creator's
Well, at least you can hide
We think this is where the concept
of evil came from. That things in
the dark are trying to hide from
god and do something god can not
see for a reasons he does like.
The reason why black is associated
bad and evil. While white is
associated with good and god.
It that's true. It seems to make
sense. You may just make it out of
Every planet or solar system has a
creator or god. There are several
ways to gain insight of a races
creator. The size of the planet is
one, and your planet is not only
one of the smallest that has
intelligent life but your race
lives season to season. which is
highly remarkable to make it as


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
far as you have. Creator's work in
calculations, coincidence, and
Not sure if I follow you.
You really think it's a
coincidence that the Sun happens
to be four hundred times the
Moon's diameter, and four hundred
times as far away. That
coincidence means the Sun and Moon
appear to be the same size when
viewed from Earth. Look at
identical twins separated at birth
these are special people in the
sense that the creator created two
of them for something like an
insurance policy.
Twins are a insurance policey?
Why do you think separated twins
will shop at same stores, marry
people with same names, give birth
to same amount children, in boy
girl order, name their kids the
same names, have scars in same
places from similar accidents?
From hundreds of thousands of
years of research we have
concluded that twins are a key
factor in a string of
Maybe you guys have had a little
more time to study than we have.
When you have millions upon
millions of twins life's to work
with, and thousands and thousands
of years of research you can find
the meaningful coincidence in
their life span and get an insight
into the will of god. God is very
much real and IS a part of this


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
WORLD just like you and me. What
do you think god does not like to
have FUN?
Well, honestly I never taught
about it. I really can't see God
having fun.
Don't be ignorant. God's love to
have fun as much as any human. You
think fun was created without it
being known? Humans you take life
way to serious sometimes. It seems
creators love to do things like
that. They are masters of what you
can call super science. It took
every planet, moon, comet,
asteroid, in a symphony of
inconceivably immense calculations
to make it possible for there to
be life on this little blue
Man you are ugly, but do have a
way of putting things.
Each planet, moon, asteroid had to
be in exact place in order for
there to be life on earth, just
fabulous. The most famous string
of coincidences is the ten plagues
of the bible. With the skills of
what you would consider an
Einstein of god's. Your creator
had the Egyptians release a whole
race of people from slavery by
just changing the temperature
three degrees to set off the most
elaborate chain of coincidence
known in this galaxy.
The lead gets up and moves by the camera to see if it still
Please don't stop. Go on.


This Chain of events been one of
the greatest tools on the insights
on how gods work used by most
advanced races. The calculations
were of the highest order, the
planning, the timing, so many
things had to made just perfect
for this domino effect to happen
and no other event has been more
awe inspiring than the 10 plagues
of Terra, Sol as it known.
So the ten plagues is a teaching
tool. Why would God do that?
Just as you can please your god,
you can drop out of favor and have
your god abandon your race
altogether. Things are more
complicated than you would like to
know and reality is much much
bigger than you can ever imagine.
[can add speech about the ten plagues and the science behind
them add one to two pages.]
Show alien probe getting to earth atmosphere.
So the Christian god is the real
god of this planet?
Yes and no. There is only one god,
it doesn't matter which god you
pray to it all goes to the same
god. To think that god is not
capable of being all god's on your
planet, is well...human. Your
god's true message for his people
at this point is repeated in
almost every religion on your
planet, it's what you call the
golden rule. Most planet's races
are all one color or all the same
creed, but not this planet. You
race is the first to have so many
different creeds, colors, and
races. Your god created these
different types of humans for
reasons unknown to us and also
created different religions for


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
different races as there is
different DNA even between humans.
How do you know all this stuff
about god or god's or whatever
your talking about.
Our race's history and knowledge
can be traced thousands upon
thousands of years. We have met
many race's and discovered many
mysteries and with certain
discoveries or when certain
milestones your god will reveal
himself to your people one way or
another. ours was a knowledge
revealed through our travel
capabilities, it was kind of a
knowledge we always knew but now
understood as we mastered
intergalactic travel.
The lead pauses and ponders with a glary eyed stare.
Intergalatic travel.....
Excuse me, when you have a history
of thousands of years then your
race can look back upon it's past
and get insight to god's desires.
Some gods are creators that
respect war or thievery and their
life forms will reflect that in
their DNA, their form and the way
they gather knowledge. The
universe is a much stranger place
than what humans know or could
So why are we here? what's the
meaning of all this? what happens
when we die?
Ah the universal questions. The
meaning of life, and what happens
after death. Well, the meaning of
life, although it's ever changing


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
the answer is always the same,
life. The meaning of life is life,
so live it. Simple. Now what
happens after a life forms death?
That question has still be
unanswered by any known race. No
known life form has ever returned
from the dead with any meaningful
answers. Most advanced races have
taken to the idea that is a
question that will never be
answered and is linked to all life
forms inherant curiosity.
At this point the leads is coming close the HHD as he walks
around he walks around the cabin.
The meaning of life is life? the
meaning of life is life, so live
it? Sounds like sports moto......
I have told more than enough so
that you and your family can be
the most influential family in the
history of the human race. You
need to let me go for both are
safety. I told you where to gain
unequal wealth. If the alliance
found out, we would both be
vegetables. I'm just trying to
help you out of this mess....
No, you just been trying to help
yourself, I'm not some dumb little
human like you think. You know
what I think? I think you were
here to abduct me, and I got the
drop on you, and know you will say
anything for me to let you go. So
what you can do experiments on me?
I don't so.
We do not abduct humans, from time
to time we study humans which is
strictly regulated by the
alliance, and all human must be
returned within several hours
safely. You are referring to the
Aryans they are always a threat to


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
The Aryans are an old race similar
to yours and ours, but unlike us
their race is convinced the human
D.N.A. will "reset" their own
D.N.A. So they abduct humans to
never return them home as they
have manipulated their DNA beyond
repair, before they understood
secrets of the universe and The
truth about the creators. Their
DNA manipulation left them out of
favor with their creator. So much
so that their god abandoned their
race in favor of another. How were
they to know that changing their
DNA was put their race on a path
that their god had no interest in?
The Aryans, are the one's that
abduct humans, The Aryans have no
concept of good or evil. The
At this point the lead gets mad and points gun in aliens
      (saying calmly)
I think your full of shit, and I
may just find out if thats true.
      (getting angry)
Because your story doesn't make
any sense.
alien is silent
You been going on and on and on,
saying certain things that make no
sense, letting things slip. I mean
come on, your suppose to be this
super intelligent alien, above
good and evil, flying around
space. Sticking things up people's
butts. You know how fucked up that
The lead start pacing as he talks. The alien is powering up
his psychic powers to get his HHD, but the lead keeps
walking right in the path the HHD has to take to the alien.


I mean come on really Hitler
wasn't evil? Are kidding me,
that's when I knew you were a god
dammed anal probing alien bastard.
All humans aren't mindless, mtv
watching, kardasina loving, fist
pumping idiots. Your a small race,
and like you said small race means
small planet, which means limited
resources. Because if there is an
alliance I don't your race is part
of them. I don't think your
suppose to be on this planet at
all, and that ship.
Let me expl...
      (shaking gun at
Shut up. That ship was your only
search party. So this taking plant
samples, recording pollution data
for the alliance is bullshit.
Sounds like your planet is out of
resources. You know we have a
thing called the world wide web. I
had my alien phase years ago, and
all the reports always talk about
you little grey bastards sticking
your noise in world events. I
think this alliance is protecting
us from your race... your the
Aryans aren't you?
Alien gets flash of probe getting to earth crust/ground/tree
      (In the aliens
       face, being nice.)
listen I didn't want any of this
to happen, I just wanted to my
cabin, relax, clear my mind, and
specially not think. You told me
enough to have thousand people
thinking forever. So instead of me
trying to figure this all out.
Just tell me what you are really
doing here. I have to be able to
trust you if you want any chance
of me letting you go. I already


                       LEAD (cont'd)
know you been holding back. I can
be a reasonable human.
looks around in aliens face
      (Interrupting the
OK, OK. The alliance does not
understand, the few highly
advanced races in the alliance
merely up hold so called laws of
the lower advanced life forms.
They do not understand what we are
trying to do. Why we needed to
study humans DNA. Your race is
very much like our own. We didn't
need to abduct to humans
permanently. That is the alliances
Of course it is never anyones
Not this time. When we first
encountered your species it was
quite a surprise, soon after we
met the alliance, and for a short
period we considered joining the
alliance. Already your race was
deemed too fragile for research
and the planet to fragile for the
gathering of resources, as we had
been a race that had taken to the
stars and left our planet to seek
the knowledge of the universe.
So you do want to take are
We only needed a small amount of
resources to replenish or stocks.
The alliance did not see favorably
to our cause. The infernal
alliance is controlled by inapt
races that fight amongst them


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
selfs and only care for
meaningless technologies that have
no use in the bigger picture.
Sounds like a lot of governments
on are planet right now.
When we disregarded the alliances
threats they moved to remove us
from the planet ignoring our
claims to be here. The Aryans were
appointed planet guardians because
of their similar look. A race not
quite up to the task. Thats when
we had to take humans and keep
them for as long as we could at
least to when the planets defenses
were loosened, with the advances
in radars and satellites.
Sneaky. Is that why you gave the
Nazi's the power of the invisible
wave? So you guys could sneak
around the earth? God Dam It.
That is not hardly the reason, we
could of gave that technology to
humans long before. No with the
Nazi's we seen that we could
greatly influence the direction of
their eugenics research. By most
calculations Nazi's would of won
the war and ultimately ruled the
Ha there, You guys are not so
smart if you guys thought Germany
would win the war.
We calculated they would win so
giving the Nazi's a little
technology to speed up the war
isn't that unreasonable. Ah, but
Hitler turned out to be completely
inapt, moron to say the least. At
being a leader, ignoring all the
technology we gave them means he


                       LEAD (cont'd)
was nothing less than a fool, and
sealed the fate of what could of
been a great civilization with the
help of us.
During the war the Aryans sought
us out and made it impossible for
us to help, although we were not
to blame for the atrocities
committed by the Japanese or
Nazi's. The alliance does not
understand. We are not trying to
harm humans, we don't want your
planet, we only needed a small
amount resources that would have
no effect on your civilization.
Everything else I told you was the
truth. You have the location of
the of the Nazi mine and proof of
alien life forms without me, I'm
telling you there is a gold
deposit the size of France, 33
miles north and fifty thousand
feet underground from this cabin,
yu will have riches beyond belief.
I have told you of knowledge,
technology and history that will
make you rich and nothing to worry
about from me or the alliance. I
just want to get back to my ship.
Let me go to my race. I have no
reason to harm you we have been
traveling the stars for two
hundred thousand years in peace.
Alien gets a flash of probe just coming in site of the ship.
The alien is now getting worried, and is really straining at
getting his psychic power powered up.
Now we see the world out in the forest from the third
character and it seems he takes notice of the alien psychic


      (starting to pace
       faster and faster)
Your story sounds good but
somethings just not right. Let me
think for a minute...
As the lead is pacing back and forth the alien is timing his
pace to get his HHD. [show blood changing colors to indicate
psychic powers or similar]
Wait.... two hundred thousand
years you been traveling in space?
That was how long ago you said
another race left for the stars
two hunderd thousand years ago
from here, Earth.....
Alien probe is about to arrive at the ship.
There is someone in the woods.
Alien is just about to attempt on getting the HHD.
      (starting to pace
       faster and faster)
Holy Shit you were here first. I
can't believe this. You little
bastards have been from earth the
whole time, and if your race is
that advanced for being over two
hundred thousand years old...Wait
that means should.....
As the lead is pacing as he walks by the HHD. The alien
attempts to retrieve it and at this moment the lead breaks
pace and turns around to speak and steps on the HHD.
      (lead looks down)
You have.....What the fuck is


lead bends down and picks up the HHD.
That is my hand held device, if
you give it to me I can contact my
ship and leave this planet. You
were right no one is coming for
me, I have to contact the ship now
there is little time before they
retrieve it and leave.
As the lead bends down and picks up the HHD he notices that
that the HHD starts working it compares his DNA with DNA on
the screen and indicates that it's 90% match. The lead goes
into rage.
The alien probe makes it to the alien ship.
What the fuck is this you
motherfucker I knew your were
trying to abduct me.
      (Slow motion)
....Fuck You....
As the lead says Fuck you, the film goes to slow motion. The
lead drops the HHD and starts to turn towards the alien. As
the lead pumps the shotgun. we see the shotgun shell fly
The alien is now visibly powering up his psychic energies.
Just as the lead is lined up the gun with the alien. we see
him pull the trigger, see the recoil, and hear the blast. we
follow the shotgun balls then we see a psychic blast from
the alien coming from opposite direction and follow that.
Everything in the house gets enveloped in this blasts. The
blast is like a half bubble that the alien is at the apex as
the bubble blast hits something it gets knocked back. Then
frozen in the air 1-2 feet. Now we see the lead held up in
the air by the alien's psychic powers.
The shotgun balls and gun are floating in front of the lead.
Also everything else in the cabin is moved 1-2 feet and also
frozen on the air. The alien is already up out of the chair.


the alien motions and the balls drop, motions again and the
gun drops.
The bubble starts to collapse just from top as it folds down
from the middle to the ground about 3 foot of the bubble is
still visible, it blasts off in every direction. The blast
throws everything around the room.
The phone lands safely on the floor, the HHD gets broke. The
blast wave travels outside the house.
The blast alerts the person in the woods and now they rush
towards the direction of the blast.
We see lead still frozen in the air. Also blood dripping
from alien bruise. [CUT SCENE: when alien is talking about
meeting other races and lifeforms cuts to/ scenes of
lifeforms abducted and experimented on.]
You ignorant, insignificant,
little human. I was never here to
abduct YOU. You think you could
judge me, judge my race. You can't
understand what it means to loose
the connection to your creator.
Your race would do anything to get
that back. We were here first, We
were created First, We could have
been more than humans and still
can. We left this planet some two
hunderd thousand years ago, and as
with most races have to disregard
the belief in god's in the quest
for knowledge and answers to the
mysteries of life itself. We
seemed to be build for space. We
need little food, a leaf will
sustain us for months. Our
knowledge of how to exploit
resources is beyond comparison in
the universe. We could take one
molecule of your gasoline and fuel
one of your automobile for years.
With this knowledge we left this
planet and traveled to stars
discovered wonders never seen
before and never to be seen again.


                       ALIEN (cont'd)
We met other races and life forms
that are incomprehensible to
humans. The more DNA from life
forms we studied. the more we
thought we understood what we were
doing. We were sure of it and we
manipulated our DNA till what we
started with was nothing like what
we ended with. Now looking back
it's so clear, but at that time we
didn't understand,...these
coincidences, these message's from
the creator. And then it happens,
as it will with all races the
coincidence that you can not
ignore, the coincidence that
proves you have a creator, and to
our horror we then understood that
we had manipulated our DNA so much
that the reason god had made us
could no longer be realized in
this state. The only thing we
could think of to do was come
home. To our surprise you, you
humans were here, and so was this
interloping alliance. If not for
them we could of searched for our
answers unimpeded and now that we
found the key to saving our race.
God won't need you anymore, the
alliance will not stop us, and you
will not ever get to tell this
story. Your race is like a baby
you have no right to question us.
      (getting mad and
We have a right to be here. We
have a right to a destiny.
The alien struggles to get a flash of what the probe is
doing, doing so makes the alien's power holding up the lead
The leads drops a little as the alien focuses on his ship.
Then the alien uses his power to retrieve the HHD. The alien
sees it's broke as he can't connect to it as he should. He
turns the lead around so they look at each other face to
face the lead being upside looking as if he just did a swan


Humans have such potential,
potential for pain, and for you
being such an inquisitive and
insolent host. There are things
much, much, worse than death,
secrets that I'm going to share
with you millineas after I'm gone.
The alien starts to walk to the doorway, the lead is still
in frozen state following behind him in the air.
      (walking to the
and I had such high hopes for this
mission. The chances of a human
having this DNA are one in a
billion, and the chance of finding
one are......
From inside looking out of cabin. As the alien steps out of
the door he is grabbed by a hand with viscous looking claws.
As he is grabbed he drops the HHD and compares DNA's and
indicates 100% match flashing green symbol. We hear some
thuds, yelps, and see alien blood.
The lead runs to the door to see what is happening.
We see a Bigfoot smashing the alien [similar to the hulk in
the avengers] with last swing the alien head pops and
colorful goo comes out.
      (in low voice)
holy shit
The Bigfoot heres this and immediately rushes towards the
lead. As the Bigfoot is about to smash him he looks in the
Bigfoot's eye's and they have a moment. the lead sees a
colored rubber bracelet stretched out the Bigfoot's arm. the
lead raise his arms also with same colored bracelet.
The Bigfoot's seem to know this a second before the lead and
was already backing away slowly still very aggressively
breaking tree's, pounding the ground, and throwing things,
but in such a matter as to believe he was just doing for


show always looking at the lead in his eyes his stare
unbreakable. Then slowly the bigfoot makes it way into the
The alien probe leaves with the alien scout ship straight
The lead falls to his knees hunched over he looks up and
lets out a roar of relief and shots the shotgun several
times before he starts crying as he leans back.
CAMERA moves back threw doorway of cabin backwards. We see
that the phone had still been recording from the blast and
were it fell it had a view out the doorway.
[Show flashes of the future when the lead gains power from
alien knowledge, bigfoot sitings]


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