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Immortal Nite
by Desmond (dezz973@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Set in modern day, in beautiful New Jersey, an ancient evil threatens to break the 666 seal and unleash the King of Demons, which will plunge the world into darkness bringing hell onto earth literally. The key to humanity lies in the hands of a carefree, pot smoking retail store manager, Dante Damon who has just discovered pure vampire blood flows through his veins. After being attacked by a pack of devil hounds he is approached by a group of supernatural beings, the Immortal Knights. They have been protecting humans from the demons, keeping the existence of supernatural beings a secret from the human race. They tell Dante he is the key to saving humanity from an impending demon apocalypse or plunging the world in to darkness ending all human life. In disbelief, Dante runs off and attempts to return his normal life. He starts to notice major vampirism changes. Dante decides to reach out to and believe the Immortal Knights joining them leaving his carefree party boy lifestyle behind to learn to embrace the blood within him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A guy lies on the ground in the alley way in a pool of
blood, with a mysterious women with an all black sleeveless
hoodie, and a smoking gun standing over him. Rain starts to
pour down and a shadowy dog like figure run away. The lady
kneels down to the guy on the ground.
That guy there, yeah, that's would
be me. And that woman, she changes
my life forever. To think just a
week ago my life was just a
routine. Then I meet her and shit
just hit the fan. You are going to
die, and then your life will truly
begin. That's was the only thing
she said to me. And now here I am
bleeding my life away. What a
fucking beginning, perfect way to
start the summer
                                         CUT TO
The club is packed and the music is jumping. DANTE is
dancing drunk with two girls in the VIP section of the club.
EUGENE, MIKE, and GERY and at a table knocking back shots
and enjoying the night. Dante then leaves the girls and
stumble over to the table to his friends.
      (Drunk yelling
       over music)
Yooo! Why aren't you guys dancing
with all these girls? It's jumping
tonight get up and lets
They all turn to him and take a shot of vodka. Eugene stands
up and puts his arm around Dante.
Son, I am feeling good I aint
thinking about no bitches right
now. Come now have another shot,
then take ya ass over there and


                       GENE (cont'd)
you dance with these chicks they
are your type, drunk and slutty.
      (waves over bar
True, I will take a shot to that.
The barmaid brings them over shots of soco and lime. They
all stand up and grab a shot.
Wait, we have to toast to these.
To my b..b..boys who act like they
are scared of vagina, to our youth
and more drunken nights and drunk
They all knock back the shots and gasp because it went down
hard. Mike falls into the couch like he is passed and Eugene
waves for more shots. Gery points at Dante.
      (looks at a group
       of girls)
For the record bro, I ain't scared
of vagina, I eat it every night.
In fact I am going to set up
dinner right now.
He heads over to a crowd of girls sitting across from them.
The girls give him an odd look and get up and walk away. He
staggers after them. Mike hops up in his drunken stupor and
starts dancing wildly.
Yeah, go white boy, I'm the white
boy! Get me a beer to chug!
Mike does a 180 spin and falls to the floor flat on his
face, passed out. Gene jumps out his seat and points at
      (Shouting and
The was it, that was the Peter
Griffin moment, flat on his face!
Dante walks over to Mike and picks him and throws him over
his shoulder like he was light as a feather.


Dam son I can never get over how
freakishly strong you are. I
sometimes I swear you are not
human. You need help bro?
Naw, I got this, go grab Gery and
meet me at the car, time we head
out I'll drop you guys off, we
work tomorrow.
Gene grabs another shot and drinks it.
Eh, that dam job, ok I'll find him
and then we out.
                                         CUT TO
Dante leaves the club with Mike on his shoulders with Gery
and Gene right behind him stumbling and laughing. Dante
notices a dog like figure with blazing red eyes in the
shadows of an ally way; he closes his eyes and shakes his
head. When he opened his eye the figure was gone, and he
continued to the car.
                       NARRATOR (v.o)
My whole life I have always been a
bit stronger and faster than other
people, and my senses seem a
little more heighten. So to me it
was normal I never thought
anything of it. Maybe I should
have, maybe it would have prepared
me for what was to come. Being an
orphan, I gave up on knowing my
roots and parents.
                                         CUT TO
Dante staggers though his door and makes his way to his bed.
He falls face first into his pillow, then rolls off the bed.
He gets up and makes his way to the bathroom as he starts to
undress leaving a trail of clothes in his wake. He then


turns on the water and gets in the shower, he lean on the
wall under the cascading water. He starts thinking to
                       DANTE (v.o)
That was some freaky shit, I
wonder was it the alcohol, was I
seeing things? I feel like I have
seen those eyes before. Maybe I
should quit drinking.
He gets out the shower and dries off, then throws on his
robe. He leaves the bathroom and dives into the bed. He
turns over and grabs his remote and turn on the TV.
The news is on and it is showing scenes of a murder. Dante
turns it up.
                       NEWS CASTER (on tv)
Police have discovered two badly
mangled bodies earlier this
evning. The victims at this point
are unrecognizable. Officials say
that the marks and bites on the
body indicate wild animals'
possible wolves or dogs are on the
loose in the city. Police and
animal control will be searching
day and night to find the
Dante's eyes got big as he grabbed the remote and turned off
the TV.
I am thinking too much into this,
I must still be drunk. Time to
take it down, got this fucking job
He turns over and claps, the lights turns off and falls
asleep. A silhouette of a man appears in Dante's window in
front of his bed. Dante hops up and claps on the light. The
silhouette seemingly flies away as Dante looks at the
He lies back down and falls asleep. He began to dream and
see the face of a beautiful woman. He reaches out to her as
she turns dust and blows away. He wakes up to his alarm, its
day and he realized he was late to work. He gets up in a mad
                                         CUT TO


Dante rushes into the job late, fixing his clothes, tucking
in his shirt. He walks pass Gene at the cash register.
Stopped and turn back around and went to talk to Gene.
Some manager you are dude. What
kept you, a hangover?
Shut up al-key, how is store
traffic so far?
Gene looks around the store.
Um, look around cant you tell
Ha ha, don't be a smart ass, I
hired you I can fired you son.
Gene waves his hand in a care free manner.
Yeah, but you won't I am to
productive. So what's the plan
tonight, are we doing anything?
A woman walks into the store. Dante notices it is the woman
he seen in his dream, and it seems like time slowed down as
she walks pass him and they locked eyes. Dante puts up one
finger to Gene.
      (Walking away)
Hold on, I'll be right back.
She out of your league D, your
dick too small for a woman like
As Dante is walking towards the woman he picks up a pack of
batteries and throws it at Gene.
He catches up to the woman and puts his hand on her
shoulder. She turns around and notices the two cross shaped
slits that form a cross in the pupil of her eye.


Hi, I am Dante the manager can I
help you with anything?
The woman stares at him for a moment before smacking his
hand off her shoulder. She turns around and heads back
towards the entrance. As she exits, she taps the Bluetooth
in her ear.
Target confirmed, he is definitely
the one from my vision.
Dante walks back to Gene's register.
Total burn. Where is Mike and
Mike is in the break room,
hung-over as hell, and Gery doing
computer repairs in the stock
      (Walking away)
Tell him get on register, we're
taken an L break out back."
      (Looking Confused)
Um, ok but you just got here.
A pack of batteries flies past Gene's face.
                                         CUT TO
Smoke is going into the air from the blunt Dante and Gene
are smoking. Dante sit down onto a box, and Gene leans up
against the wall. Both of their eyes are slightly red.
      (Inhales Smoke)
Want to hear something weird son?


He exhaled blowing smoke into the air, and Gene shakes his
head yes.
The chick from earlier, I dreamed
about her last night bro, then she
shows up here that's crazy right.
He passes the blunt to Gene. Gene takes a pull and inhales.
      (Blows smoke in
       the air)
Dam, you are still having wet
dreams about bitches?
Dante glares at him.
Joking son relax. Did you hear
about the two people that got
killed by some animals that are
Dante jumps up from the box and points at Gene. The blunt
burns Gene's finger and he drops it.
Yo! I did, and you know what.
When we left the club last night I
swear I seen like a dog with like
red ass eyes.
As red as you eyes are now?
No asshole. Seriously, what if
that was it, we could have died
Oh shut up, that's the weed
talking. Besides with you freakish
strength and speed I am sure you
could have ripped a dogs head off.
They both start laugh and start to head back into the store.
Dante stops in the doorway.
Yeah sure, I figured we hit the
frats tonight and defend our


                       DANTE (cont'd)
championship in beer pong. It's
Friday so you know it will be
Bet, I am down.
                                         CUT TO
A ping pong ball flies into a cup like a basketball in a
net. The crowd watching gets quiet as they awaits Dante to
take his shot. The other team is sticking out their tongue
and shaking their head trying to distract them. Dante takes
the shot and the ball go into the same cup as the other ball
did, winning them the game. The girls in the crowd go crazy
and two girls run up to Dante and Gene.
So seriously does anyone else want
to get that ass beat? We can do
this all night!
GIRL #1 on Dante's arm gives him a kiss on the cheek.
                       GIRL #1
So how about we go to the dance
floor champ?
Hell yeah! I am feeling good and
you are looking good let's go!
They head over to the dance floor. She begins grinding on
him as he gets into it. He bends her over and he sees the
women from the store earlier by the door leading outside. He
pushes the girl he was dancing with to the side and rushes
across the room. He is bombarded by the drunken dancers on
the dance floor.
The woman disappears as he makes his way through the crowd.
He rushes out into the courtyard hoping to catch her.


He hastily looks around and she is nowhere around. He sees
Gery talking to a girl. The girl throws a drink in Gery's
face and storms. Mike walks to him.
Drink burn dude.
Dante put his hand on his hand confused to the woman's
whereabouts. The girl he was dancing with earlier runs and
jumps into his arms drunk off her ass.
                       GIRL #1
Ba..ba..baby where did you go I
missed you on the daaaance.
Sorry I thought I seen an old
friend. Now we were we huh? Going
back to your dorm room correct?
                       GIRL #1
Yea that is so right, let us go go
go to my room to be bad baby.
Dante puts his arm around the girl. They start to walk
toward the door going back inside. A muscular COCKY MAN
barges out the door and pushes Dante aggressively as he and
the girl enters.
                       COCKY MAN
Fuck you doing with my girl douche
bag! I'll break your face bro!
All the people outside gather around the three. Dante takes
his arm off the girl.
Look man, normally I would just
kick you in the nuts and walk
away, but I am sure do to the
steroids there is nothing down
there. No wonder your girl is on
my arm. Little dick syndrome must
be a bitch.
Everyone around starts to laugh hysterically. Gene, Mike,
and Gery break though the crowd looking likes they are ready
for a fight. Dante waves to them signaling them to stay


                       COCKY MAN
Oh, funny man huh? See how funny
you are when I fuck you up.
The cocky man swings a wild hook at Dante. Seemingly time
slows down as Dante step to the side separating from the
girl signifying how fast he moves.
He gets behind the cocky man and smacks him in the back of
the head making him stumble.
C'mon, let's not do this. How bout
we call her a hoe and call it
quit, cool?
The cocky man looks as if he was ready to walk away.
                       GIRL #1
What the fuck babe! That is all,
you going to let him call me a hoe
and walk away?
                       COCKY MAN
Hell no babe, I will kill him!
The cocky man starts to run at Dante cocking back a punch.
Before he gets a chance to extend his arm to throw the
punch, Dante charges forward, ducks and elbows the guy in
the stomach. The cocky man hears the sound of his ribs
He falls to the ground face first holding his stomach with
his ass in the air. The girl run over to him, falls and
crawling on the ground to him. Dante looks around at the
crowd as they get silent
      (To the crowd)
So who wants to challenge the
champs in some pong?
The crowd roars and begins to head back into the frat house

Mike walks over to the cocky man still on the ground
Dam, how that dirt taste? You fell
like BOOM, I was like DAM! You
fell like a squirrel does when it
get zapped on a power line.


Mike walks away shaking his head and laughing
Don't get caught with your ass in
the air.
                                         CUT TO
Smoke fills the air. Dante and Gene are at the table playing
cards and smoking a joint. Gery and Mike are on the couch
playing Call of Duty Block Ops 2.
      (Jumps up shouting)
What! That's some bullshit I shoot
him in the fucking head! What the
Look that ain't what the game
shows. Look like he shot you in
the head. Your brains are on the
wall son.
Dante throws down a card and exhaled smoke in the air.
      (Swipes the cards
       on the table)
My book brother. So remember that
women from the store the other
Dante passes the joint across the table to Gene. He takes a
pull and throws down a card.
The mean bitch you said was in
your dream? Yea, why you still
thinking about her?
      (Picks up cards)
Yea bro that one. I swear she was
at the frat the other night.
That's why I went rushing outside.


Where you cracked that guy's rib?
That was funny he fell over with
his ass in the air.
A playstation controller flies across the table
                       MIKE (o.s)
Fuck this dam game! It's so full
of shit I swear!
Dante picks up the controller and walk over to and opens the
refrigerator. He throws the controller to Mike.
      (Grabs a beer from
       the fridge)
You better take it easy boy before
you bust a dam blood vessel.
Dante cracks open the beer and drinks the whole thing.
Gery gets up and grabs a magazine then walks over to Dante.
      (Opens Magazine)
Check this guy Seth McGreed out.
He makes a million a month, and he
started as just a computer tech
like me. I will have his status
one day.
Dante looks at the magazine and quickly notices that the man
has the same eyes as the woman from the store.
So, is anyone as hungry as I am?
We can go catch happy hour at
Yea, I am, I got the munchies like
a mother fucker.
Shotgun, lets go.


Hope they don't sing that annoying
as birthday song to nobody.
                                         CUT TO
The guys arrive at Applebee's and have been seated. WAITRESS
#1 comes over to the table.
                       WAITRESS #1
Hi, my name is Debbie and I will
be your server, can I get you guy
something to drink?
Um yea in fact I think we ready.
We will get our usual. Four
whatever the drink of the day is.
Four sizzling steaks with veggies
and loaded mash, and two orders of
boneless chicken wings with mild
sauce. Does that some it up guys?
The guys all shake their heads in agreement
                       WAITRESS #1
Ok gentlemen I will have that
right out to you guys.
The waitress goes to put in their order, and Gene takes off
after her.
Hey my friend over there, the one
that ordered it's his birthday
today. And I was hoping you guys
could sing him the birthday song.
                       WAITRESS #1
Sure no problem
Thanks you are a doll.
Gene heads back to the table with a maniacal smile in his


What's the smile about?
Oh, nothing i just got her number.
Did you tell her about the rashes
down there bro? I think she'd want
to know about that.
The other start to laugh at him.
Ohhh, yea like you tell bitches
your dick work like it's three
times older then you are. Shit
more limp then a wet noodle.
Girls at the table next to them start to giggle. Gery looks
embarrassed; he picks up the handkerchief on the table and
throws it at Gene.
What! No come back, he must be on
to something son.
Dam you guys are so embarrassing.
You started dude
A group of waiters and waitresses start to walk towards
their table clapping their hands, and one carrying a small
cake with a sparkler on it.
Dammit, can we ever come here
without it being someone's dam
The waiters and waitresses stop at Dante's table, and Gene
stands up and joins them in the clapping.
                       WAITRESS #1
They put the sparkling cake in front of Dante, he stands up


Gene you bastard, I am going to
kick your ass.
As they all start to sing the birthday songs, Dante sees
passed them and notices a woman that looks like the woman
from the store. He pushes the waiters and waitresses and
rushes to the door and follows the lady out.
      (Grabbing a
       ladie's shoulder)
Hey, can you stop running away for
a sec!
The lady turns around and he quickly noticed it wasn't who
he thought it was.
Oh fuck, i am sorry ma'me
The woman storms off with an attitude. Dante walks over to a
bench and sits down. He wipes his hand down his face and
bows his head.
Dam, what is it about this woman
that makes me keep thinking I see
her. Fuck am I going crazy, I know
I be seeing her. My food should be
ready, I should head in.
As Dante gets up he looks across the parking lot. He sees
the woman; he rubs his eyes thinking he is seeing things.
When he stops she is still there.

He starts to run over to her. A car passed by and the woman
Ahh, dam, dam, dam this is so


                       NARRATOR (v.o)
So that's pretty much how we spent
week. Same things every day, work,
smoke weed, drink, and party.
Nothing exciting or new, besides
meeting that mystery bitch.
Haven't seen her face since
Applebee's. I don't know what it
was about her, maybe it was those
eyes. Thought I would never see
her again, ha, what wishful
Music is booming from an iPod station. Dante, Gene, Mike,
and Gery clash cups in the like a toast. Alcohol splashes
out of the cups as they touch. They all start to drink as
they lean their heads back finishing the cup.
      (Slamming down his
       cup to table)
Ah, tonight is going to be a good
night. I will act a dam fool!
      (Putting empty cup
       in the air and
TONIGHT! We're getting fucked up!
      (Pouring a drink)
You always are getting fucked up
bro. You might have a problem.
Mike gives him the middle finger.
      (Lighting a blunt)
So says the man pouring another
cup of alcohol.
Hey, I been drinking longer then
all of you, it's no longer a
problem it's a habit.
All the guys break out laughing


Yea we know you old son, you
fucking fossil. Let me get that L
Gene passes the joint to Dante and then grabs the bottle of
alcohol and fills up his cup. Ash falls on Dante's lap.
      (Stands up and
       brushes off his
Shit, dam I didn't want to get
dirty. We better get ready to go;
it's free before 11, and its 10:30
now. One more cup then we out.
The guys around the table and fill up their cups. They once
again clash cups in the air.
To a good night, everyone better
get a number
They drink what is in their cups and all begin to slam them
down on the table.
                                         SMASH CUT
The guys slam down shot glasses on the bar.

The music is loud and the club is packed with beautiful
girls. There are two girls dancing on the bar. One of them
dances down the bar and stops in front of Dante. She bends
over and caresses his face with a smile. She stands back up
and dances away.
      (Shouting over
       music to Gery)
Yo, let's order a bottle and head
up to VIP.
Ok i got it son.
Gery calls over the bartender as the guys head over to the
VIP section.


A guy bumps into Dante really hard as he passed, then turns
                       COCKY MAN
What the fuck is your problem dude
you wanna to go?
Dante turns and locks eyes with him. The cocky guy quickly
notices it was Dante and face turns pale.
                       COCKY MAN
      (slowly walking
Um, hey pal, yea and um sorry
about that my man, hope I didn't
bother you.
He turns and quickly walks away with his hands on his ribs.
The guys continue and go into VIP and sit at their usual
leather couch. Gery comes up with two bottles and behind him
are two barmaids with pitchers of orange juice and cranberry
juice as well as cups.

They sit it all on the table in front of the couch the guys
are sitting at. Mike hops up and is the first to grab a cup.
The guys follow behind him and fill up their cups.
      (Puts his cup in
       the air)
Toast mother fuckers! To my boys,
to our youth and more drunken
nights and drunken bitches!
They all take their drinks to the head.
Ahhhhhhh! Ok I don't know about
you fags but I am going to the
dance floor to bag something!
Yea an std.


      (Sticking up
       middle finger
       walking away)
Fuck you pussies.
Dante walks over to the dance floor and it is crowded. He
notices in the middle of the dance is the woman from his

Time slows dance as his eyes get locked on her. Dante can no
longer hear the music as he watches the flow of her body.
                       DANTE (v.o)
Oh fuck it's really her this time.
Fuck this she is so mine tonight.
He starts to make his way through the crowd. As he makes his
way to her.

The song DJ Got Us Falling In Love by Usher starts to play.

He finally get through the crowd, he comes up behind her and
grabs her by the waist. They begin to grind to the beat of
the song. He turns her around and pulls her close to him.
They look intensely into each other's eyes. She turns back
around and bends over shaking her butt on Dante. She comes
back up and Dante turns her back towards him and they
continue to ride the beat.
                       NARRATOR (v.o)
It's funny, if I wasn't so caught
up in her eyes I may have realized
how ominous the song was. "Ain't I
seen you before I think I remember
those eyes. So dance like it's the
last night of your life." Dam you
Usher, putting my future in a
The woman leans in close, lips just about touching Dante's
You are going to die, only in
death will your true life begin.


The songs ends and she turns and starts to walk away. Dante
stands there in shock of what she said to him. He comes to
his senses and tries to follow her though the crowd but he
loses her.
      (Wipes sweat from
       his forhead)
Dam it how did I lose her again! I
hope she was talking bout some
kinky shit.
Dante walks back into the VIP section and the first thing he
sees is Mike dancing with two hot girls with drinks in both
of his hands. As he walks towards where the guys were
sitting he then notices a Gery with a girl on his lap making
out. He put his hand on his head in confusion as he sits
next to Gene.
What the fuck did I miss ?
      (Takes a shot)
I don't know I guess their balls
dropped. Where you been ?
Dancing with that woman.
woman? Not the one from the job,
dam son you still on that chick?
Gene stands up and waves over a waitress.
                       GENE (CONT'D)
      (Sits back down)
You need another drink my friend.
      (Leans back
Fuck you man, you think I am crazy
but I was just dancing with the
Mike comes staggering over sweaty and red in the face. He
dives face first into the couch.


      (Muffled with face
       in couch)
Are you guys ready to go?
Fuck you talking bout white boy?
Mike just lifts up his arm and points towards the exit.
I guess that mean he ready to head
out. I'll grab Gery and we can go.
Good luck with that, he finally
getting some action, you know he
is falling in love right now.
                                         CUT TO
The guys are walking down the street and Gery is hopping
around drunk and excited.
Dam, dam, dam, why we had to leave
shorty wanted my cock in and all
around her vagina.
I don't think you notice that big
ass herpes bump on her lips, and
you was all down her throat.
Ill, uck....
Mike begins to throw up right behind Gene. Gene hops forward
out of the way on the projectile vomit.
Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn, I thought that
shit only happens in movies.
As Mike is bent over vomiting Dante notices three pair of
red glowing eyes down the block looking like it is coming
towards them.


Please tell me you fuckers see
that shit.
Mike gets up as everyone turns and looks. Gene see the red
eyes and vaguely sees the shape of the creature.
What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is what? You guys
seeing things?
As the creatures slowly draw closer to them, flames burst
out from around the creatures necks like a lion's mane. The
dog like animals take off towards Dante and Gene
      (Starting to run)
Fuck run!
Gene and Dante start to run while Mike and Gery watch them
in confusion.
      (Wipes his mouth)
What's wrong with them?
The creatures run past them and give chase to Dante and
Dante runs across and intersection as a car is coming. The
driver slams the brakes and stops right in front of Dante.
Dante leaps over the roof of the car. Gene a few steps
behind him runs passed the front of the car.

Gene knocks down garbage cans in the way of the creatures.
They jump over it and seemingly picked up speed. Gene trips
and fall sliding and tumbling across the ground.
Dante starts to run back toward Gene but then the creatures
jumped over Gene and continued to pursue him.

He then turns back around running as fast as he can. Dante
runs up a set of stairs then jumps and grabs a fire escape
ladder; he swings off it landing behind a gate hitting the
ground rolling.


      (Out of breathe)
What the fuck! Dam, fuck whatever
you are!
As he started to feel a slight bit of relief, the three
creatures slowly phase though the gate as the flames on
their heads and paws grew brighter melting the gate.
Dante starts to run down into the alley with the creatures
biting at his heels. He runs to the end of the alley and
punches the wall with a tear in his eye. He turns around
quickly and places his back on the wall.
      (Gets in a
       fighting stance)
You hungry mother fucker? THEN
Two more creatures appear, and then one of them lunges
forward at Dante.

Dante delivers a spinning heel kick knocking the creature
into the side wall. Two more jumps forward and Dante punches
one into the ground. As he swung a punch at the other it
bites his wrist. Dante swings it off throwing it into the

Dante tries to run passed the last two creatures; he kicks
one into the air. And the other viscously dives into chest
forcing him back. Two of the creature behind him runs up
bites him on both wrist and drags him to this knees. Another
one jumps on him and bites him on the neck causing him to
fall on his back. All the creatures jump on him and start
ripping at him as he tries to fight back.
Ahhhhhhhh, fuck, ahhhhhhh!
The creature on Dante's chest opens his month. As Dante lays
there half dead and bloody, a blue mist starts to pour out
of his mouth into the creature's mouth.


The creature on Dante's chest turns to ash and the blue mist
goes back into his mouth. A shadowy figure holding a smoking
gun steps through the melted gate.


      (Tapping her gun
       on here forhead)
Hey now, sorry to interrupt but I
can't let you have this one's
soul. I kind of need it myself.
The creatures turn towards her and charges full force at
her. She lifts her leg into the air and brings in down
fiercely upon the head on the first on the creature to reach
her. Another jumps at her with it's mouth open. While still
in mid lunge, she shoves the barrel of her gun in it's
mouth, fires turning the creature to dust.

Two more lunge at her, she grabs one by the throat and
trumps the other one under her heel. She shoots the one
under her heel turning it to ash. And the breaks the neck of
the other, its flame goes out and it turns to bones as she
drops it.

Dante lies on the ground in the alley way in a pool of
blood; the woman walks to his body, and stands over him.
Rain starts to pour down and as the last creature runs away.
The woman kneels down to Dante on the ground just about

She points out her finger and her nail grew out to a point.
She cuts her wrist with her nail. As blood started to pour
from her wrist she lifts Dante's head up and starts to pour
the blood into his mouth.
It's time for your blood to
She taps the blue tooth in her ear.
                       ESSENCE (CONT'D)
I got him, heading back to HQ.
                                         FADE TO
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE (v.o)
Do you want to live boy?
                       DANTE (v.o)
What kind of question is that?
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE (v.o)
Answer me, do you wish to live?


                       DANTE (v.o)
Yes of course I want to live.
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE (v.o)
Then embraces our blood, your
blood. Become what you were born
to be.
A HOODED MAN dressed in rag enters the huge well lite
office. Pictures of Seth McGreed's accomplishments align the
walls. He reaches the desk and takes a seat.. The room grows
ominous as the lights go dim.
                       HOODED MAN
So Seth how goes the hunt? Will
the seal be broken as scheduled?
SETH stands up out of his office chair, and begins to look
out of the office window with a full view over looking the
Do you doubt me demon CAIUS?
Of course not, but your old
friends are highly active. Do you
think they have figured you out?
A dark purple aura starts emitting from Seth's body and
begins to shroud the room.
Drako, and all that follow him
will die in me new world.
Such confidence you have young
vampire, I would hate to think the
power we have giving is going to
Seth turns around violently and his eyes flashed red.

Caius disappears in a cloud a black smoke.


You have given me nothing you
fucking messenger!
He notices the black smoke where Caius was sitting,
realizing he is no longer there.
                                         CUT TO
Dante begins to open to open his eyes to blinding lights. He
slowly puts his hands in front of his face as he regains his

He hops up frantically from the bed in confusion and he
quickly checks out his surroundings, nothing but white walls
and a door. He notices he is dressed in all white and inside
a room with no windows and one door and the bed he's on.
      (Putting his back
       to the wall)
What the fuck is good, didn't I
die, is this heaven?
He gets off the bed and walks to the door and inspects it.
He tried to vigorously open the door but it's locked. He
tried to shoulder ram the door.

He stagger back.
      (Rubbing his
Oh dam! Fuck being discreet!
He takes a few steps back, then steps forward and front
kicks the door.

The door flies across the hall. Dante sticks his head out
and looks around. He begins to lightly run down the white
well lit corridor.

He gets to the end of the hall and places his back to the
wall. He peeks around the corner and doesn't see anyone. He
pushes off the wall and starts down the next hallway as he
tripped over his own feet.


He picks himself up and starts tip toeing. A hand strongly
grabs his shoulder
Who the hell are you?
Dante quickly dips down and elbows the guy in the stomach,
as the guy's bends down Dante wraps his arm around his neck
and throws him over his shoulder. Eric hits the floor and
slides down the hall.

Dante takes off in the opposite direction.
      (Getting up
       quickly from the
I like it rough, and I love a good
Eric takes off after him full speed. Eric DIVES headfirst
into the air with a sharp TEARING sound, shreds of cloth
blast into the air, fur burst from Eric's skin, he lands on
the ground a gigantic Black wolf.

He hits the ground running fast with his tongue out his
mouth. He hits the corner and slides into the wall. Dante
looks back, and his jaw drops to the ground.
Are you fucking serious right now?
Dante continues to run as fast as he can. He knocks down a
large stand that was on the wall, and it gets propped up
across the hall on the other wall.

Eric turns back into a nude human and slides between the gap
of the stand and the floor, then hops up and turns back into
a were wolf and continues the chase.
      (Still Running)
That isn't fucking real it can't
As Dante runs into door starts opening in his path. Dante
jump kicks the door closed and you can hear a girl's voice


He sees an open door at the end of the hall and guns it
toward it.


As he draws near Eric Wolf picks up extreme speed ripping up
the floor under his paws. He jumps on the wall digging his
claws into it and begins to wall run. He jumps off the wall
and lands between the doorway and Dante.

Dante baseball slides under the huge wolf into the room hits
a desk knocking down a chair, gets up rushes and slams the
door shut. He puts his back to the door and slides down and
starts to catch his breath.
The chair behinds the desk slowly turns around and an older
man with a bold head, goatee, shades and a serious look on
his face is in the chair.
Dante I assume? So you have
awakened rather quickly.
Dante starts to look up slowly.
Oh my god, can a nigga get a
break? Last thing I remember is
flame headed dog eating away at
me, then I wake up to a bright
white light. Then a man turns into
a mega wolf and chases me. Nothing
worse can happen I guess.
Dante stands up and picks up the chair he knocked over and
takes a seat with his head down looking tired.
Ok, so who are you, and why has
the world gone to shit?
My name is Drako Abbott, and I am
the leader of this division of
Immortal Knights.
Dante lifts his head up and looks at Drako.
And what is that sir?


An organization compiled super
natural being that keeps the world
safe from demons, and to preserve
the secrecy of super natural
Demons and super naturals like
the shit that attacked me?
Yes, those were demon hounds, one
type of demon.
Demons huh? You can't be serious
right now. And if I did believe
you what does this have to do with
A woman walks into the room wearing a long black sleeveless
hoodie. Dante turns around and hops out his seat in shock.
Figures the bitch had something to
do with this.
You might want to watch your tongue, she is your awakener.
We call her Essence.
What does that mean?
      (Leans on the door)
If you listen and stop running
your mouth he will explain.
Dante sits back down and turns back around and contently
pulls up to the table.
Ok feed me the bullshit.
Demon, vampires, succubus,
zombies, witches, etc all exists
in this world. You seen a man turn
into a wolf and was attacked by
demon hounds so it shouldn't be
hard to believe.


Dante continues to look at Drako intensely.
So I see I got your attention. The
reason the world only believes
this to be folktale is because
five-hundred years ago Immortal
Knights was formed to suppress a
super natural outbreak. The man
known as Dracula was trying
unleash the demon king and was
slaughtering people for their
Dante takes a deep breath and puts his hand up to his
That's not telling me what that
has to do with me. Why am I here
and not dead?
Drako takes off his shades and cracks his neck.
Dante notices Drako eyes are like Essence's

Back to Scene
We believe that someone maybe
collecting souls in an attempt to
break a seal that was set in place
over two thousand years ago.
Essence had a vision of you being
the key to stop the return of the
demon king. So she watched over
you until it w.....
Sorry boss you are beating around
the bush. You are a vampire Dante,
a pure vampire. You did die that
night and you drank my blood,
which awaken the pure blood in
Dante gets up and pushes the chair he was in to the side and
walks up to Essence's face.


      (Serious look on
       his face)
Fuck you mean I am a vampire? And
what did you mean by visions?
She had a vision about you that's
her power; she is also a pure
vampire. So I sent her to watch
over you to the time was right. A
war is coming and her vision says
you are the key to save the world
from darkness.
Essence pushed Dante back towards the desk and opens the
      (Walking out the
This visions was a mistaken, this
guy is a clown.
She SLAMS the door shut as she departs.
      (To Drako)
Look man, I am no vampire and I am
no key to shit. I just want to get
the fuck home can we make that
happen please?
Drako comes from behind the desk syringe in his hand. Dante
turns his back to him and reaches for the door nob. Drako
comes up behind him and stabs Dante in the neck with the
      (Grabs his neck)
What are you doing!?
Dante begins to get dizzy and starts spinning and falls to
the floor.
When you are ready, seek her and
feel her out.
Dante slowly begins to lose consciousness.


Son. Son wake up. Come on I know
you not dead!
Dante wakes up violently as he opens his eyes, his eye sight
still blurry.
      (Grabbing and
Yo nigger, chill it's me son!
Dante comes to with his eyes wide open and sees Gene sitting
on the side of his bed. Dante grabs Gene and hugs him.
      (Let's Gene go)
No Homo bro, it just feels good to
be home.
Dante hops out of the bed and runs into the bathroom and
turns on the sink water.
Dante splashes water into his face. Gene can hear the water
running and splashing. Dante looks into the mirror and
notices his pupils are two cross shaped slits.
                       GENE (o.s)
People thought you were dead.
What? It's only been like a day or
two no?
                       GENE (o.s)
Try two weeks. You been gone since
those things attacked us.
Dante comes out of the bathroom wiping his face with a
towel. He walks and sits on the edge of his bed with a
confused look on his face.
No, are you serious, I been gone
for two weeks?
Gene's face becomes serious.
Where have you been son? You know
the hell we have been though
worrying and searching and


                       GENE (cont'd)
covering for your ass?!?!
Dante's head drops and he begins to stare at the floor with
a sad look on his face. The mood of the room shifts to grim.
I don't really know. That night,
those devil hounds got me and
pretty much killed me. I woke up
in some white room and was chased
by a man who turned into a wolf.
Gene burst out laughing
Get out of here, you bugging.
Seriously where you been man.
      (Stands up still
       looking down)
I am so serious! Look at my eyes.
(Lifts his head up and glares at
Gene) I don't even think I am
human no more.
They both stare at each other and the room fell silent.

Gene stands up and fixes his shirt.
All my life I've had these dreams
on and off. It's like visions of
demons and monsters. guess they
were really more then dreams.
That's kind of how I knew you were
here today, I dreamt it.
Once again they stand there in silence. Dante slightly grins
and turns towards the window.
To hell with all this crazy talk,
life moves on. So, do I still have
a job
Humph, more or less, I made some
bull shit story about a family
emergency in Alabama. Then brought


      (Starts changing
Better start making moves then, I
am sure shit has gone to hell
without me.
                                         CUT TO
Gene and Dante walks into the store looking like they don't
have a worry in the world.

As they walk though, heads begin to turn looking at them
                       EMPLOYEE #1
      (Whispering to
       employee #2)
This guys back, some manager he is
just up and leaving like that.
                       EMPLOYEE #2
I know right, I hope he don't just
come in here barking orders.
Dante glares at them and they put on fake smiles and waves.

Mike sees Dante from his cash register. He jumps over his
counter and runs over to him excited to see him.

He jumps towards Dante with his arms wide open. Dante steps
to the side behind Gene, Mike flies right passed them and
crashes into Gery who was trying to sneak up on Dante.
Nice to see you guys too.
They both jump up and dust themselves off.
Where the hell have you been D?
You just up and disappear for two
weeks and come back like nothing.


Yea, no text, no voicemail, no
email or IM no nothing dude. And
we had to hail a cab home. Do you
know how hard it is to hail a cab
Everyone except Mike begins to laugh.
Dudes I am dead serious, I was
like all in the middle of the
street looking dumb.
Look, I am sorry I didn't contact
anyone. I went through a lot and I
just and just want to go back to
the routine. Can we do that
They all turn to Dante and get quiet for a minute.
Well, I guess that means we are
hitting G Bar tonight.
Dante looks at Gery and his eyebrow rises. He slightly
smiles and starts to scratch his head.
I was thinking somewhere
different, like that new place in
Roselle,Club Pouya's.
Mike starts to moon walk backwards. They look at him
confused as he almost falls backwards.
      (Point his finger
       at the group)
I haven't been drunk since you
OH yea!
                                         CUT TO


Dante is looking out his window into the city as the sun
finally sets. He walks over to his bed and sits down.

He grabs his watch off of his night stand, puts it on and
looks at the time.
I better start getting ready, Imma
get drunk as hell tonight."
He hops up and walks into his bathroom.
He turns the water on and starts to rinse his hands.

He closes his eyes and splashes water into his face.

When he opens his eyes he begins to stare at the mirror,
looking at his cross shaped pupils. He started to feel
rumbling throughout his body.

He takes his shirts off quickly and starts looking at his
body in confusion. His skin on his abs and chest starts to
ripple and his bones CRACKLE. He drops to the floor hugging
himself in pain.
      (Rolling on the
Ah, whats the fuck is going on?
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
      (In Dante's head)
Just relax, it will end soon.
Dante stopped rolling around as the pain slowly subsides.
The ripples stop and Dante takes a deep breath.

He crawls over and leans up against his tub.
      (Breathing Heavily)
So much for normal. Fuck that I am
still going to this club.
                                         CUT TO


The guys are sitting at a table with four drunken women who
are dancing in their seats. The table is littered with empty
glasses and an ash tray with smoking cigarettes in them. The
dance floor is packed and girls are dancing wildly.

Mike is in dead stare at the his beer that is sitting on
the table in front of him.
      (Snapping his
Mike! Mikey,you ok son? Drink ya
beer man.
      (Turns to Gery)
why is it that beer foams like
that? I mean if it foams in my
body i might die right?
Everyone starts to laugh except Mike.
Shut your drunk ass up man and
drink your beer.
                       WOMAN #1
Oh leave him alone he's cute.
Yea, I am cute dude don't hate.
Gene grabs one of the lit cigarettes and puts it in the
mouth of the girl next to him then put his arm around her.

A waitress comes over and hand Dante a glass of cranberry
and vodka. Dante puts his cup into the air and points to it
with his other hand.
      (Points to Woman
       #3 across from
On this liquor oh so heavy, before
we fuck can you neck me. I love
that head and I am ready. I want
your mouth gimme that Becky.


Woman #3 starts to laugh.
                       WOMAN #3
Play your cards right and we will
see boo.
I got boo status already, girl I
am working with a royal flush.
Girl #2 is kissing on Gery's neck, she stops and pulls back.
                       WOMAN #2
      (To Gery)
So, Larry don't you want me to buy
me some drinks?
Bitch, if you don't get your money
hungry ass outta here. Didn't even
ask for one drink, you said some.
Woman #2 gets up frustrated and storms off.

Gery gets up and follows after her.
Hold on bitch come here.
Everyone looks at Gery as he chases after her. The song
Monster by Kanye West comes on. Dante hops up excited.
This is my shit!
Dante starts to head to the dance floor. A guy dressed like
a biker, with a short Mohawk, goatee, and black leather
jacket, bumps into him hard. Dante stops and turns and
glares at him. The guy turns around and smiles at Dante, he
turns back around as he and his crowd of biker dressed gang
of friends continued to the other side of the club.

Dante works his way his way through the crowd till he gets
to the middle of the dance floor. He sticks his elbows out
to the side aggressively. A pulse of energy shoots from his
body pushing back the crowd, forming a circle. Dante begins
to dance to the song.

Dante starts pop locking to the beat. A skinny Caucasian guy
makes his way through the crowd to the dance face and starts
dancing as if he is challenging Dante. The song changes to
"Gitty Up by the Brick Bandits."


Dante bobbing his head catching the beat of the music. The
other guy starts top rocker, then he starts to dance to the
beat. The beat shifts and Dante explodes onto the floor
doing the Gitty Up

His arm goes up crossing his face. As they come down
everything slows down, when his arm pass his eyes the other
guy notices that Dante's eyes have changed. Black sclera,
red iris, cross shaped pupil. Dante continues to dance as he
gets closer to the other guy.
                       THE DJ
Dam, looks like he killing you
brother whats up?
As the song stops, Dante stops abruptly in the guys face
feeling as he has won the dance battle. Fangs pop out his
mouth, and the guys jumps back.
                       DANCING GUY #1
What the fuck! It aint Halloween
Dante puts his hand to his mouth and feels the fangs. His
eyes get big in shock as he runs off the dance floor.
Dante rushes in the bathroom and straight to the sink. He
notices his eyes and fangs, he rubs his eyes harshly. He
opens his and stares in the mirror. The in his eyes begin to
peels back as they start to become normal again.
Yo, I am really a vampire! That
bitch really turned me into a
Dante leaves the bathroom, he finds Gene at the table they
were drinking at.
No, son I don't dance don't ask me
to man.
Bro I am heading out I got to go,
I'll catch up with ya'll later.


OK son just be safe.
Dante is rushing down the street heading to his car. A
strong wind gust passed him.
Hey, where you going in such a
rush amigo?
Dante turns around and looks back down the street and
notices the guy that bumped into him on the dance floor.
Dante begins to keeps walking, as he turns back around, a
man stands in front of him and Dante stops.
                       GANG MEMBER #1
      (Walks up to
       Dante's face)
When the Lost Fangs leader, X
talks to you, you stop and listen.
      (Looks him in the
You might want to move brother.
The guy opens his mouth and fangs pop out and the iris of
his eyes turn red. In a flash three more gang members appear
surrounding Dante.
                       GANG MEMBER #1
Is that so, brother?
X appears behind Dante, smelling him.
Mhmm, your blood smells good
Dante's eyes flash black and red, he punches the first guy
in front of him in the face knocking him 10 feet back.

He attempts to round house kick X behind him, but he dodges
with extreme speed. Dante gets punched fast from both side
and the other guys appear closer. X speed punches Dante in
the stomach making him fall to his knees.

X crouches down to Dante and grabs his face.


Look at your eyes, I've heard
about this. You are a new born
pure vampire aren't you? And your
awakener isn't around to protect
Dante's eyes change and he glares at X. He hops up breaking
X's hold on his face, and kicks him in the face. As he lands
on his feet, the other three gang members grab him by his
arms and force him to his knees.
                       GANG MEMBER #1
      (Speeds up to
You thought that shit was funny!
He looks at Dante then speed kicks him across the face.
Blood flies out of Dante's mouth. As the blood hits the
ground, all the gang member's fangs spring out and eyes turn
red. The cut on Dante's lips quickly heals.
I wonder if the tales are true. I
heard if an un-pure vampire drains
the blood of a pure, they can walk
in the sun again. Let found out,
cause I hate living in a sewer.
Dante tightly closes his eyes and bows his. X starts to
approach him with his fangs drawn.
                       DANTE (v.o)
Essence, if you are watching you
better not wait till the last
minute like before.
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
      (In Dante's head)
Be ready.

A bullet tears though Gang Member #1's chest through the
                       GANG MEMBER #1
Oh fuck me!
He turns to dust as the other members look on in shock.

Dante rips his arms away, gets up and kicks gang member #2
whose was holding his right arm, head though a nearby car


window and spinning elbows gang member #3 on the left. The
one behind him jumps on his back.


A bullet rips though his head, and he falls to the ground,
blood pouring from his wound.
                       ESSENCE (o.s)
Dante, Dante, Dante, you're
getting your ass kicked by un-pure
trash? I am ashamed to be your
X looks all around him confused.
Show yourself bitch, I will show
you trash!
The last gang members' bullet wound heals, and he tries to
attack Dante from behind. The attacker stops in mid air as
Dante turns. The shadows pull back and a hand is though the
guy's chest holding his heart suspended him up. Essence
walks up, and throw the body to X's feet. When it hit the
ground it instantly turned to ash.

Gang member #2 pulls his head out of the car window and
takes off like a flash.
      (To X)
So you are going to show me
Dante looks at her relieved, and X looks at her in shock.
You, you are one of the Immortal
Nites. Fuck you, you don't scare
Essence grabs her guns from her sides and points them at X.
Here is what is about to happen.
We are going to leave here, and
you are going to live if you stay
still. If you move, I'll rip your
head off before you draw breath.
X just stands there with a baffled look on his face.


La próxima vez que te veo perra yo
le cogida para arriba! Y confiar
en mí yo te veo!
Blah blah, Dante get out of here
Dante runs off, and then you hear a car take off.

Essence takes off at the speed of sound passed X, causing a
strong wind to hits him.
                                         CUT TO
Dante is lying in his bed looking up at the ceiling
confused, he yawns.
Looks like my normal life is over,
I want to learn more about what I
have become. Gery, Gene, Mike,
those knuckle heads, I wonder what
they will do without me.
He closes his eyes tightly, takes a deep breath, and begins
to focus his mind.
                       DANTE (v.o)
So she can speak into my head,
maybe I can contact her the same
While his eyes remained closed he takes another a breathe.
                       DANTE (v.o)
Essence! Yo can you hear me?!
A moment of silence befalls the room while he awaits an
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
You don't have to think so loud
He sits up and his eyes pop open in shock.


                       DANTE (v.o)
Oh shit it worked! Wait, how are
we doing this?
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
My blood woke your dormant pure
blood, we are connected. If you
are in danger I will know, if I
need you I can reach you with a
thought and vice versa. It's a
vampire thing.
Dante extends his hands if front of him towards his window,
into the sunlight, and begins to examine them.
So why I am able to be in the sun
if I am a vampire?
Pure vampires only lose their
abilities in the day, pretty much
become human. And no we don't
fucking glitter so you can stop
looking at yourself. I guess this
is a Q and A call, keep it short
please, when you are ready.
Dante turns and sits on the side of his bed. He slowly
swipes his face, and then folds his arms as he is ready to
listen contently
                       DANTE (v.o)
I am ready; tell me everything,
starting with you.
A) Girl is thrown to ground by man

B) Man walks towards her un-doing his pants

C) Girl looks up at man from ground crying as her eyes
change and fangs come out

D) Man tries to run away with pants down girl jumps up on
mans shoulders and rips off head

E) Girl curled up on ground against wall

F)Shadowy Figure extends hand to girl


                       ESSENCE (v.o)
When I was eighteen a man tried to
rape me, and I tore his head.
Drako found me thereafter, sitting
in the rain fangs out and all. I
been with Immortal Knights every
since. That was almost two hundred
years ago. I don't remember
anything before that, not even my
real name.
Dante gets up and walks to his window and starts looking out
onto the city.
                       DANTE (v.o)
Wow, I wouldn't think you were a
day over twenty-one. Now what's up
with the Immortal Knights thing?
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
The Knights protect human from
supernaturals, and keep their
existence as nothing more than
science fiction. A were wolf
elder, a dark art user, and two
pure vampires, Drako being one of
them formed Immortal Knights to
suppress a crisis. Count Dracula,
a pure, went crazy and wanted to
change everyone into vampires.
Drako put him down his self. The
aftermath was that Transylvania
went to war on itself in fear of
the unknown.
Dante's face looks amazed and in slight disbelief of what he
just heard.
                       DANTE (v.o)
Oh wow so Dracula was real? Dam,
so how does this vampirism works?
Is everything people hear about
full of shit? How did we come to
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
There are two classes of vampires.
The pure, which are born vamps or
with vampire blood in them. And
the un-pure which are created by


                       ESSENCE (cont'd)
pure from humans. Two thousand
years ago the first vampire was
born dead at first, when he awake
his eyes were red and he had
fangs. He becomes the vampire king
Drake. Thereafter, were wolves
emerged, and some women began
being able to use dark and light
magic creating a village of
Dante sits in the window seal looking onto the city nodding
his head. He gets up and begins to get dressed.
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
Some think that it was evolution,
others think it was the influence
of demons.
                       DANTE (v.o)
I don't know what you think my
role is in all this, but I do know
I want to learn how to control
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
Fine, I will teach you, meet me
tonight at the park by your house.
                       DANTE (v.o)
      (Heading out his
       apt door)
                                         CUT TO
Dante blows smoke in the air and passes the joint to Gene
sitting on a box next to him. Gene puts it to his mouth and
So, I am going away for a while.

Gene starts choking on the smoke


Going to learn how to be a vampire
Dante turns to him with both his eyebrows raised. Gene
passes back the joint.
      (Takes a pull)
How did you know that?
The dreams bro, I am starting to
understand them.
Dante puts out the joint on the wall, and waves the smoke
out the air.
And I thought I was going to sound
crazy. I don't know when I will
see you guys again.
Gene gets up from the box.

They shake hands and give each other a brotherly hug.
      (Turn and starts
       to walk away)
You guys are the closest thing I
have had to family. Keep them out
of trouble. And I called
cooperate, you are going to be
manager in my place.
Gene slightly smiles.
Yo, don't die... again that is,
you better come back one day.
Dante waves as he walks away.
                                         CUT TO
Seth McGreed,is looking out his full sized window as the sun
starts to set.


                       RECEPTIONIST (o.s)
      (Through Intercom)
Mr. McGreed, Lewis Rodriguez is
here to see you sir.
X burst through the doors with an attitude.
What's so important boss you
couldn't contact me mentally?
Seth turns around and takes a seat at his desk.
Good timing demon.
X kind of jumps back as Caius walks passed him out of a
shroud of black smoke.
What the fuck are you?
      (Looks at X and
       eyes flash red)
Aren't you a smart piece of trash,
didn't he just call me a demon?
(To Seth) How goes the plan?
It's time to speed up the process.
The soul collecting is going to
Caius sits on Seth's deck. Dark smoke pours from him to the
So what is it you plan to do about
      (Points to X)
Give him power, he and his gang
can get souls faster than just
devil hounds. The fucking Knights
have been killing them off to
And what difference can this filth


       walking towards
I will fucking show yo.....
      (Interrupting X)
X stops in is track standing in Caius's face.
Fine I will share our power with
him. I mean we only have two
months till the planets align.
Caius takes his fingers and plucks X in the forehead.

X rubs his forehead.
What's suppose to hap.....
A dark smoke like substance starts to pour out of his
forehead. It starts to consume his body. X starts trying to
swing away the dark fog.
      (In Pain)
What the fuck is this.
                                         CUT TO
Dante is standing on the corner waiting for Essence. His
long leather coat blows in the wind.

A young couple walks pass him. He goes to nod his head at
them as his fangs popped out. They couple notices and runs
away. Dante covers his mouth in shock.

A black car pulls up in front of Dante with black rims and
black tints. The windows comes down.
Get in.
                                         CUT TO


A door slides up and a blinding light shines out. Essence
and Dante walks in, Dante is covering his eyes from the
brilliant illumination of the light.
Welcome to requiem, your new home.
As they walk though the corridor, a group of people are
testing weapons to the left on a dummy. A bullet hits the
chest of the dummy then it explodes. The dummy's head flies
passed Dante's face and he flinches.

Eric walks up to them with a cocky strut.
Hey so I see you brought back my
prey Essence. (To Dante)
So are you ready for another
Dante looks at him with a raised eyebrow.
I was in shock bro, but I won't be
running again.
Really is that so? Can't wait till
you train with me.
(Walks away)
They continue to walk again. Dante sees all kinds of weapons
on the walls of the corridor as well as various training
      (As they walk)
This is so unreal, and this shit
has been here for years huh?
Yup, protecting people from the
shadows. And it doubles as a safe
haven for young supernaturals to
learn how to embrace what they
A girl dressed in goth, purple and pink hair, and dark
make-up walks over to them as they reach the end of the


corridor. She gives Essence a big hug with a huge smile on
her face.
Hey bout time you came back. Is
this the new pure vampire you
awakened? He is kind of cute.
Yea he is a bit of a weakling.
Dante pays no mind to the comment and acts like he is
cleaning his ear with his finger. Ivy eyes get big as she
points at Dante.
Wait, aren't you the guys that
Eric chased through the halls when
you woke up?
Dante looks at her a bit annoyed.
Um yea, does everyone know about
Ivy slightly smiles and extends her arm for a hand shake.
Dante shakes her hand, she tightens her grip.
Nice to finally meet the jerk that
kicked a door into my face.
A cloud of smoke surrounds her while still holding his hand.
A dragon's head burst out of the smoke roaring in Dante's
face. Dante falls to the floor and starts sliding back.
She's a fucking dragon.
Smoke turns to falling purple shimmers and glitter with Ivy
standing in the middle of it. Essence is standing and
grinning at Dante.
Nope I am a user of the dark arts,
and I specialize in illusions,
among other things.
Dante gets up and dust himself off.


That's pretty cool.
Ivy smiles and starts to make her way down the corridor.
Dante nudges Essence.
You could warn a nigga, dam.
Ivy turns and starts walking backwards.
Oh E, Drako is expecting you.
Thanks Hun.
                                         CUT TO
Essence and Dante enters Drako's office. Drako is in his
chair with his arms folded and head down on his desk.
      (Slowly raising
       his head)
Glad to see you have come back.
Though I would love to engage in
leisure conversation, I just
received some pretty bad intel.
Dante, takes a sit in front of the desk, and Essence post up
on the wall.
Is it about the seal?
      (To Essence)
What seal?
The demon seal, otherwise known as
the 666 seal.
And this is what i am suppose to
be stopping?


Drako unfolds his arms and puts them on the table and takes
a deep breath.
Two thousand years ago, when all
supernatruals where still young,
Drake the first pure vampire and
Vampire King, joined with the
Demon King and waged war on the
world. In the belief that only
supernatural being should rule
over all. Drake created the first
un-pures which he used in the war.
The demon king shared his powers
with them, making them a powerful
Essence walks over to the desk and slams her hand down on it
with an attitude.
Get to the point Drako!
Drako looks at her seriously and continues on.
The wolf tribes and witches, along
with human joined together to
fight back but were losing. At the
cost of their whole clan, the
witches used all their powers to
end the war. As a result all pure
vampires were cursed with
mortality in the day, un-pures
became slaves to the darkness and
drinking blood. The wolves grew
more human like, stronger, and
began walking on their back leg
becoming Alpha Wolves. As for the
demons and the Demon King, they
were sealed away to the underworld
with the 666 seal.
Blah blah, over time weaker demon
have been able to slip though the
seal and feed on souls. (To Drako)
Is it Seth?
Drako once again folds his arms and bows his head.


That's what we believe. At night
scouts have been seeing hordes of
Devil Hounds leaving his building,
and I believe he is using them to
collect souls. He is the only one
outside of us that knows the
What is the legend?
Drako looks at Essence, she gives an approval nod.
The planets align,
                                         SMASH CUT
Seth is standing on the roof looking down on the city as
Devil Hounds appear from the darkness around him.
      (Continues fom
5,000 souls will break the seal.
The demon king will return
becoming the third anti-christ
which will plunge the world into
The Devil hounds jump off the roof and start running down
the side of the building. The flames around their paws and
manes reflect and illuminate off the windows of the
And I shall be the vessel becoming
the king myself.
Puts his hand to forehead and starts to laugh as he leans
                                         CUT TO


Sounds like something out of a
movie. And wait, are you talking
bout Seth McGreed the millionaire?
Drako stands up and puts on his shades.
Yes, he was once one of us. It's
time for you to start your
training. Astronomy says that the
planets align every one thousand
years, two months will mark the
thousandth year.
Dante stands up with a serious look on his face. He turns
his head to Essence and smirks
Well, shall we begin?
                                         CUT TO
Dante and Essence stand facing each other in the middle of a
huge well lite all white room with nothing but one sliding
It will be day soon, but we can at
lease work on you bearing fang,
and unleashing the vamp within.
Oh ok and how do I do that ?
First you have to understand its
part of who you are. When you
change, you full abilities come
out. It's all in your instinct.
Dante bows his and closes his eyes, then put his fist to his
palm and starts to take deep and study breaths like he is
about to meditate. The training room door opens and Eric
comes in. He walks over to Essence and nods his head
confused towards Dante. She shrugs her shoulders and moves
to the side. Eric takes a few steps back and smile. Eric
CRACKS his neck as his eyes transform, he lunges at Dante.


Eric Wolf's fur burst out, RIPPING off his clothes as he
transformed. Dante looks up and notices Eric Wolf's claw
right in front of his face he dodges to the left with
extreme impressive speed.
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
      (thinks to herself)
Oh shit he is fast!
Eric Wolf lands and slides on all paws across the floor as
he turns. Dante is looking at his hands in front of his face
in shock.

Eric wolf takes off at Dante at a high speed.
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
      (In Dante's head)
Pay attention before you die;
don't run this time fight him head
Dante snaps out his shock and runs toward Eric Wolf. Eric
Wolf jumps forward, as he and Dante collide, Dante catches
Eric's front paws out the air and grips them tight. Eric
wolf is snapping and biting at Dante's face furiously.
      (to Dante)
You better fight back; if he bites
your head off that's it, there is
no coming back from that one.
Dante's knees start to buckle under the weight and strength
of Eric Wolf. He falls down to his knees; Eric Wolf opens
his wide and around Dante's head.

Dante fangs fly out and his eyes change, he pulls his head
back as Eric's wolf mouth shuts centimeters from Dante's

Dante's grip tightens around Eric's paws as he forcefully
stands up. He spins Eric Wolf around fast and throws him
into the wall on the far side of the room.

As Eric Wolf comes off the wall he transforms back into his
human form, hitting the floor landing on all fours naked.
Dante's fangs reside in his mouth as his eyes turns back to
normal. Essence smiles and Eric gets up and starts to clap.
Welcome bro, seem likes you got
the goods.


Dante crouches over and puts his hands on his knees
breathing heavy.
Thanks you, so how bout you get
some clothes man.
Sorry, you will get use to it, no
      (Walking towards
We will take it down for now, I'll
show you to your room.
                                         CUT TO
Seth is standing on the edge of the rooftop with his arm
folded behind him. Caius appears from a dark cloud of smoke
on the side of him.
Why do you continue to inhabit a
bum's body?
It's less inconspicuous. Time
draws near are you ready?
Seth's eyes turn completely black and a dark aura emits from
his body.
I have always had a natural hatred
from mankind. They discarded me,
put me in a grave the moment I was
born. They think they are at
evolutions peak. They believe that
they are the world's superior
beings. It's not a question of me
being ready.
And if Drako comes to the front


The dark aura around Seth grows darker.
I'll rip his head off and drink
from his neck.
The sun begins to rise and the sky looks blood red. Caius
turns and starts to walk away and disappears into a cloud of
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Dante is down on one knee breathing heavy and sweating. His
clothes are torn, and cuts on his face and neck. The cuts
start to heal as he stands up. Essence stands a few steps
away from him calm with small drops of Dante's blood
dripping from her sharp claw like nails.

Dante puts his hand in front of his face and cracks his
knuckles as he makes a fist. He extends his fingers out and
his nails grow out to a point.
So you can fight, but do you have
any idea what your power is?
We been at this for a week, and I
have not the slightest clue.
He charges at her full speed.She quickly grabs his arm and
throws him over her shoulder in a blink of an eye. He hits
the ground and stumbles backwards. Essence takes off at him
and punches Dante before he catches his balance knocking him
backwards into the air. His eyes close tightly.
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE (v.o)
      (In Dante's head)
Telekinesis, here let me show you
Dante flips backwards and lands perfectly. His eyes are
different, his crossed shaped pupils now looks like an X.
Essence takes off at him again with the floor under her
every step cracking.

Dante point his finger in the direction she is in. She
freezes in mid air, and starts to struggle to move. Dante
smirks and then flicks his wrist, Essence flies backwards
and hits the wall on the other side of the room in reaction


to his movement.

Dante falls to his knees and hands, closes his eyes and
shakes his head. When his eyes open his pupils are back to
being crossed shaped. Essence gets up and starts clapping.
      (Walking towards
Telekinesis huh? Nice haven't been
one of you in a very long time.
He looks up at Essence standing in front of him. Dante sits
down in Indian style.
Are you the only person who can
contact me mentally?
Yea, as well anyone you share your
blood with temperately, and anyone
you change, which you will never
Dante stands up and is face to face with Essence.
What makes you think I won't?
She grabs him up by his collar and pulls him close.
I'd kill you myself if you tried.
Besides we stay away from drinking
blood. For us pure it's taboo.
You are so sexy when you threaten
me. But why don't we drink blood?
Essence releases him and speed runs backwards and gets in a
fighting pose.
Because human blood to pure
vampires is like crack to humans,
it makes us savages, no better
than animals. Now shall we


      (Cracks his neck)
Why of course we can.
They take off at each other breaking the floor beneath them,
then their fist clash.
                                         SMASH CUT
Gene wakes up violently in a cold sweat breathing heavily.
Holy fuck! These dreams are
getting more intense. Something
big is about to happen. (Takes a
deep breath) I hope Dante is ok.
He falls back down into his pillow and closes his eyes.
                                         CUT TO
Eric walks into Dante's room with a tall beautiful woman
with smooth brown skin and long dark hair, and wearing a bad
attitude on her face.

Dante hops up out his bed and walks towards the woman.
What's up bro, this is.....
Dante interrupts and grabs the woman's hand from her side.
Hi, the name is Dante, the new
vamp on the block.
She snatches her hand from him and crosses her arms.
Are we smoking or not?
This is Shannon, she is from my
sister pack of wolves. So yea I
wanted to know if you smoke.


Dante's eyes pop out and his jaw drops.
You don't mean bud do you?
No I mean tree leaves, duh bro I
mean bud. What did you think we
have no lives outside of this?
Dante smiles really big and starts to shakes like he can
barely contain himself.
Wait, I don't think I can get high
anymore. I remember I couldn't get
drunk after my transformation.
It's was night time I bet. During
the day you are pretty much human
therefore you can get high and
drunk or whatever. At night when
you are a vamp your body rapidly
heals or something like that. Us
were wolves can do this anytime.
Can we go please?
Dante jumps in excitement.
Let's fucking go!
Dante quickly runs normally out of the room blowing passed
Eric and Shannon.
Dante blows smoke into the air and passes the joint to
Shannon as they sit on the cliff side. The sky is beautiful
as the sun slowly starts set. Eric kneels next to Shannon.
      (Blows smoke in
       the air)
Sorry if I came off as a bitch. I
just am a defensive person.


And an emotional high person.
Shannon punches Eric in the arm then passes him the joint.
I thought I would never be able to
be high again. So what's up with
you guys, shouldn't you be with
like a pack or something.
      (Inhales Smoke)
Yea, but my pack was slathered by
my brother. (Exhales and blows out
smoke) He became corrupt and was
mad he couldn't lead the pack. I
ended up killing him. (Passes the
joint to Dante)
Shannon stands up and folds her arms.
Dante takes a pull off the joint and starts to cough, then
passes it to Shannon.
      (To Eric)
So from movies and books, I
thought werewolves were vicious
and full of anger. You guys seem
pretty civil.
Eric and Shannon look at each other and start to laugh.
Shannon pass the joint to Eric.
      (Takes a pull)
Well, the truth is that's one of
the reasons we run in packs and
stay together. As a young wolf
it's up to the previous generation
to teach them to control that
rage, that animal instinct.But
even so,the best of us can still
regress under a full moon.
He then passes the point to Dante. Dante waves his letting
Eric know his was done so Shannon grabs it from Eric and
starts to smoke.
So what brought you to the Knights


      (Blows smoke in
       the air)
A demon calling himself Caius
killed our pack elder, my
grandfather. Eric and I chased him
off, that's when we ran into
Essence and Drako. He said he can
help us find him. The rest is
She flicks the butt of the joint. She stands up, and Dante
does the same. He stretches his legs and cracks his neck.
Eric walks over to him and places his hand on his shoulder.
      (To Dante)
So Essence says you are pretty
fast, faster than most pure. How
about we put it to the test?
Sounds like fun. When and where?
Eric looks out towards the city passed the cliff. He point
to a large skyscraper.
The roof of that building there,
the sun is just about set. You
game bro?
Dante turns and stands side by side with Eric. He cracks his
knuckles in front of him.
Soon as the sun passes the horizon
we start.
      (Pushing her way
       between them)
Finally a little bit of fun. Hope
you didn't expect to do this
without me.
They stand side by side looking at the setting sun. They get
down into I three point stance, Eric licks his lips and
Shannon kicks up dirt with her foot. The sun disappears
behind the horizon. They start running towards the cliff, as
they approach they leap off head first simultaneously.


Dante's eyes change and his fangs come out as he dives
towards the ground. Eric does a front flip as his clothes
begin to rip off and his black fur explodes out as he
becomes the were wolf.

Shannon puts one hand in front of her as her nails grow long
and her hand starts to turn into a paw. Brown fur explodes
out ripping through her clothes, her blonde mane blows in
the wind as she barrel to the ground fully transformed.

They hit the ground and take off full speed ripping up the
ground under them. Leaving craters in their wake as they
race at amazing speeds to the city.
                                         CUT TO
Dante hit the city first speeding through the busy streets.
Shannon Wolf and Eric Wolf are right behind him dipping
through the cars causing them to shake as they pass.

Dante approaches a grid locked intersection. A car stops
right in his path, he dives through the open back windows of
the car blowing the drivers hat off with the force of his
speed. He hit the ground on the other side tucks and rolls
as the Wolves jump over the car and passing him.
He takes off once again at full speed. Dante hits the side
walk; he runs passed a line of women with dresses on that
blows upward simultaneously as Dante passes.

Eric Wolf is running towards a group of people. He starts to
pick up speed and jumps over the group and continues
running, the aftershock hits the crowd knocking them down.

Shannon Wolf runs through and intersection causing a car to
swerve. She jumps over a truck onto the sidewalk and blows
between two men.
                       ROBERT PATTINSON
Whoa, was that a freaking were
                       TAYLOR LUTHNER
      (Pats him on the
Dude you know there is no such
thing right?


                       ROBERT PATTINSON
Yea, right, to many movies.
Shannon Wolf catches up to Eric Wolf and they begin weaving
through grid locked traffic. Dante jumps high into the air
and lands on top of a tour bus.

He launches forward in the direction of the wolves causing
the top of the bus to sink inward under his feet. He lands
in front of the wolves and speeds down the street breaking
the windows of every car in his path. Dante gets to the
building and stops where the finish line is. He looks up at
the tall skyscraper.
Shit how am I gonna get up there.
Shannon and Eric Wolf wiz passed Dante plowing his claws
into the building and begin to scale up it causing debris to
shower down on Dante.
Dante crouches down. He thrust his hands down towards the
ground. A burst of telekinetic energy explodes from his
palms, he flies upwards leaving his hand prints in the
concrete. He sores passed the wolves at high speed. He over
shoots the rooftop.
                                         CUT TO
      (In the air)
Holy shit! Oh nice view
He begins to plummets down to the roof. The wolves reach the
rooftop and change back into human form standing there naked
in the wind as Dante crashes into the roof. Debris and dust
shoot into the air and Dante starts to COUGH as he gets up.
Dam, no one said you could fly
dude, you need to work on the
landing part.


      (Waving dust out
       his face)
I can't fly.
Dante looks Eric up and down.
      (To Eric)
Cold bro?
Not really, us wolves are usually
warm...wait was that a penis joke?
Shannon sticks her nose into air and starts to sniff. She
walks over to the edge of the building and looks down.
Yea yea, that's why I won asshole.
Your feet never touched the top.
Oh you are full of shit I'm
definitely faster....
Shannon growls and waves for their attention.
      (To Eric)
Don't you smell that? Filth.
They all look down to the streets.They notice a young man
and woman are running in fear. The woman starts to scream,
they both run into an alleyway. Two figures appear in a
flash in front of the alleyway entrance. They slowly start
to walk in the direction of the fleeing couple.
Looks like we got action people.
Dante runs and leaps off the roof in the direction of the
Dante is diving down from the skyscraper, he front flips and
lands kneeling on top of a car. The roof of the car sinks
inwards from the force of Dante's landing.


The un-pure vampire turns in shock looking at Dante.
Hey, losers.
                       GANG MEMBER #3
      (Walking towards
Who the fuck are you?
Gang member #2 walks out from the shadows.
                       GANG MEMBER #2
Ha, look at this clown. This is
the clown X was bout to put down
till that bitch showed up. Looks
like he alone now.
Gang member #3 puts his hand in the air and snaps his
fingers. Flames appear from the shadows as hell hounds step
out snarling. Three hell hounds runs into the alleyway
towards the couple.

Two hound lung at Dante on top on the car. Eric Wolf crashes
down from the sky on the heads of the two hounds snuffing
out their flames. They turn to bones and Eric Wolf walking
up fiercely snarling at the gang members.

The gang member turns and starts to walk off in the
alleyway. Sounds of RIPPING and HOWLING comes from the ally
way and a woman's scream come from the alleyway as a hell
hound's body flies out from the shadows with no head
turning into bone in mid air. Shannon Wolf's eyes and mane
shines in the shines from the shadows in the moon light as
she walks towards the un-pure gang members.
      (Stands up)
Now whoever said I was alone.
                       GANG MEMBER #3
Fuck these souls, I am out.
Gang Member #3 speeds off quickly. Gang member #2 starts to
try and run off. Dante extends his arm in his direction with
his palm open. The gang member begins to levitate. Dante
clinches his fist and pulls it towards himself. Gang Member
flies to him and stops right in front of his face.
Who's the clown now?


Eric turns back into a human.
Time for your first kill. Let's
finish this and get back to
Naw, why kill him, he ain't
Before he was done with his sentence, Shannon Wolf mouth
surrounds Gang Member #2"s head. It shuts close like a bear
trap, blood spatters over Dante's face. As her jaw draws
back blood shoots up from the neck of the headless corpse.

Dante releases his hold on the body and it flops to the
ground, then turns to dust. Dante drops to his knees on
still on top of the car with his eyes wide open in shock.
Shannon Wolf walks off.
Come on man, it has to be done.
You will get over it, we got to go
kid come on, you have to whip
those guys minds.
Dante shakes his head and wipes the blood off his face and
hops off the car with an emotionless face. Him and Eric goes
downs the alleyway to the couple. The lady screams and the
man steps behind her hiding, slightly pushing her towards
How do I do this?
Oh dam, she hasn't told you. Ah,
ok I heard Drako say this before.
Gaze into their eyes. And um, like
connect with their hearts. I guess
you can feel it. And then speak
into their minds and say what you
want them to them to feel and do.
Ha, try that.
The couple coward with their backs against the wall as Dante
approaches them.
      (Gazing into the
       couple's eyes)
You didn't see anything. You are
just a horny freaky couple who


                       DANTE (cont'd)
wanted to get it on in an
alleyway. Sorry I walked in on you
guys, I'll just be on my way....
(Turns and walk away)
The couple turns to each and stare into each others eyes
deeply. They start to kiss passionately and ripping off each
other clothes.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Dante sits on his bed with and emotionless look on his face
bouncing a ball off his door. The door opens as he throws
the ball at it, Essence enter and catches the ball as it is
about to hit her in the face. She drops the ball on the
floor and the door slides closes behind her.
You been in here for two weeks,
what's your problem?
Dante glares at her and drops his head then starts to stare
at the floor.
What, you get a little blood in
your face and you bitch up?
Dante continues to look at the floor.
What did you think, we just talk
to them and let them go so they
can try to kill us again, or go on
another rampage?
      (Looking at the
I am not a murderer, I could never
kill any one or anything.
So what now, you want to run away,
you scared? They will find you,
and kill everyone you know. They
have no regard for life. Remember
X who wanted to kill you? Or the


                       ESSENCE (cont'd)
hell hounds that did kill you, if
I didn't show up they would have
went back and ripped your fucking
friends to pieces.
Dante looks up at her and a pulse of telekinetic energy hits
Essence and presses her against the door as Dante speeds up
to her face.
WHAT DO YOU KNOW! You were always
alone till Drako found you, you
have never had an appreciation for
life! No ties to people in your
human life.
Dante rolls over and turns his back to her and she comes off
the door. She cracks her neck then grabs Dante on the
shoulder and turns him around forcefully.
You don't know shit! I am more
then two hundred years old, I have
seen so many people come and go.
In my human life I don't remember
much, but as a vampire I've had
bonds and out lived them. Being
immortal isn't as fun as it seems.
I don't know how to feel human
anymore, I barely feel like a
woman at times.
A dark red bloody tear drops from Essence's eye while they
stand there in a moment of silence. Dante wipes the tear
away and they start to look into each others eyes.

Dante tilts his head slightly, they quickly lean in and
start to kiss wildly. Essence pushes Dante back a bit, her
nails grow out and she rips his shirt off. She pushes Dante
onto his bed, he looks at her and and squints his eyes. He
then quickly snaps his head to the left using his
telekinesis to rip off her cloths off. She speeds over to
Dante and gets on top of him.

Dante speeds and turns Essence laying her on the bed on her
back. He takes his pants off and gets between her legs. They
start kissing again, he begins to slowly hump her and she
digs her claws into his back. Essence's fangs grow out and
she bits Dante on his lower neck.


      (Fangs come out)
Dante and Essence lay in the bed facing the ceiling under
the covers. Dante has a look of astonishment on his face and
turns to Essence.
Dam, is vampire sex always this
No it's just me.
Essence gets up with the covers, speed and spins wrapping
herself in the covers.
Get up, get dressed. We got to get
back to work.
Dante's room door opens and Essence speeds out.
                                         CUT TO
Essence and Dante walk into a room with guns, swords, and
other types of weapons all along the wall. A man is at a
table who appears to be working on something hammering
downwards onto his work station.

*Clack Clack*
They slowly walk up and approach him.
This is Shane, the man behind all
the tech and weaponry we have, the
only un-pure we have on deck.
Dante looks around in amazement of the weaponry on the walls
all around the room. Swords, guns, grenades, and demonic
looking weapons are everywhere.


Whoa, wicked shit.
Essence places her hand on Shane's shoulder, he slightly
turns and looks up at her with his vampiric eyes then slowly
stands up. Dante looks at Shane's as he stands shocked at
his staggering height.
      (Crack a huge
Hey Essence what's going on, is
this the pure you awakened ?
She nods her head in agreement.Shane turns to Dante and
extends his hand to him, they shake hands and Shane pulls
him in hugs him and pats him on the back.
Welcome brother glad to have you.
So Essence I guess it's time to
get this man a a weapon?
Yea, we don't have a lot of time
to get him formilar with one.
      (To Dante)
So what do you prefer? Are you a
swordsman, gunman, mix, stealth
type ? What's up?
Dante looks around the room thinking.
Two swords and a big ass handgun.
One normal size Broad sword, a
short sword, and a desert eagle.
Can you do a custom design ?
Of course, I love a challenge.
What do you have in mind?
Dante leans over and grabs a piece of paper off Shane's work
station and a pen and begins sketching on it.

He picks and and hands the paper to Shane.
      (Analyzing paper)
Mhmm, interesting design. Give me
a few days to bust this out for


                       SHANE (cont'd)
Shane grabs a glass container from his workstation and hands
it to Dante. Dante looks at it confused.
I need some of your blood to mix
in with the metals of the weapons,
to make it completely yours. And
no it's not for me.
Dante looks at Essence, she nods her head in agreement.
Dante's claws extends out and he cuts the palm of his hand
and lets the blood drip into the container.

He hands Shane the container. Shane pulls up a chair to his
workstation and gets to work.
So what can we use for training in
the meantime ?
Shane points to the left to a wall full of weapons. Dante
and Essence look at the wall and Dante's eyes light up and
he smiles.
                                         CUT TO
Dante has two swords twirling them like he knows what he is
doing. While Essence pulls a curvy dagger from her side.
So you like swords huh? Hope you
are good with them.
      (Gets into a
Well how hard can it.......
Essence seemingly disappears and reappears behind Dante with
blood dripping from the tip of the dagger. Blood shoots out
from Dante's side and he drops to his knees and holds the


Pathetic! You have no skill, we
have a little over a month to stop
Seth and this is all you can
Dante's wounds starts to heal, he looks back over his
shoulder as his eyes begin to change. Dante disappears, and
strands of Essence's hair flies into the air and a scar
shows up across her cheek and blood drips down. Dante
appears behind her and cracks his neck.
I just wasn't ready that's all.
She spins and strikes at him, he speeds away and turns
toward her. Her eyes change and fangs come out.
You need to be ready at all times,
always. We are targeted by the
evils of the world we try to
hide.They know who we are and will
try to kill us at every chance
they gets. That's why we mostly
stay in during the day.
So lets get to it then!
                                         CUT TO
Eric enters the office to Drako sitting behind his desk with
his arms crossed. Eric posts up against the door and nods
his head at Drako.
What's the news boss?
What do you think about Dante, is
he strong ?
Eric stands straight up and lightly shrugs his shoulders.
Eh, he's doesn't seem to take this
serious and doesn't seem focused.
He's strong but........


But you wouldn't trust the fate of
the world to him.
I mean visions have been wrong
before, maybe he isn't the key.
Not hers, in all my years with her
when she has em, they are always
on point.
Eric walks over to the desk and places his hand down.
So what are you thinking?
Drako looks Eric directly into Eric eyes intensely.
What, are you going to try and
stop him ya self ?
Drako stands up from his desk.
Maybe I can talk him out of this.
I am sure a demon is trying to....
Dam it Drako, why are you trying
to be a father to him? From my
understanding he's abandoned you
and the Knights long ago! Why
don't we just kill him now before
anything happens!
      (Yells Louder)
Eric's eyes get slight wider in shock. They stand silent for
a moment.
Sorry, but.... if it was that
simple, I would have done it you
know. He's strong, maybe even
stronger them myself now if he
embraced the demonic powers.


Drako drops his head in doubt.
If you are going, i am coming to.
      (Shaking his head)
No, you can't.
Why the fuck not ? You can't go
alone, he will try to take your
head off you know.
Drako drops down into his chair then cracks his neck.
You know, I found him two-hundred
and fifty years ago, when he was
about ten. He was on a killing
spree in Ireland covered in dirt.
Locals said he crawled out a
Eric looks at him with his eye brow raised looking a bit
Ok and ?
When I finally got to him, he
attacked me.I used my telepathic
suggestion to calm him down. One
hundred fifty years later he went
on his way. So that's maybe why I
act like a father to him, I did
name him after all and raise him.
So why didn't you use your powers
to stop him from leaving? I know
you had to feel his evil intent.
      (Shaking his head)
I couldn't. Besides, God gave man
free will who am I to take it
      (Walking to the
You are the man God gave the power


                       ERIC (cont'd)
to correct that mistake,ha, but I
understand. Do what you have to.
Eric walks and the door and Drako takes a deep breath as he
leans back in his chair.
                                         CUT TO
Dante and Essence charge at each other full speed as Ivy
watches from the side. Their blades clash hard in the center
of the room causing a pulse of energy to explode outward
from them knocking Ivy on her ass.
Dante's blade shatters under the pressure and a piece of the
blade flies across his face cutting him under his eye.
Essence takes advantage taking another swing at him. He
quickly ducks and drops his other sword and skillfully
punches her in the stomach with both hands one over the
other knocking her far across the room. Ivy still on her ass
is looking in amazement.
      (Gets up from the
Good, you are getting serious.
Been serious!
Dante opens his hand at his side and his sword starts to
shake and floats up to his hand, he takes off running at
her. Essence reaches behind her back pulling out ninja star
like objects and begins to throws the at Dante with high
Dante starts to swing his sword deflecting the projectiles.
One of them lands next to Ivy's hand while still on the
floor by Ivys, she jumps up in shock. Another one slices
through Dante's arm, he extends his palm out and releases a
burst of physic energy blowing all the projectiles away and
knocking Essence off balance.
An opening !!


Dante speeds off and appears right in front of Essence and
back hand swings his swords at her.Blood starts to drip to
the floor. Dante looks shocked as he notice the blood is
dripping from her hand as she has caught his blade. She
glares at him fiercely, then punches him in face smashing
his head to the floor with her fist crating a crater.
She stands up and looks down at Dante, then cracks her neck
and grins bearing her fangs.
You need to learn to control your
powers, and not just release burst
of energy. It's reckless and
inefficient. Learn to aim it and
define it so u can hit and move
the biggest and smallest of
things. Learn finesse.
Dante slowly picks his head up out of the crater in the
floor and shakes off the rubble from his head.He seemingly
struggles getting up so he sits on the floor and cracks his
Easy for you to say, i am still
new to this, I don't even
understand how i do it in the
first place.
      (Walks away
       towards Ivy)
Ivy gets off the floor as Essence approaches her. She looks
at her with bright eye and huge smile.
You are so amazing big sis!
Stop gushing it makes you look
weak. Now what is it you want to
show me?
Well look.
Ivy takes a really deep breath and closes her eyes. She then
starts to wave her hands in front sides to side like she's
building energy. A shiny purple mist begins to emit from her
hands. She raises one hand in the air and fiercely brings


her hand down in front of her and the purple mist turns into
a mystic sword.
So you are starting to master
weapons magic? You are the closet
thing to a real witch I have ever
seen, nice let's test it.
Dante finally gets up to on his feet and dust himself off.
Yea, you guys get to that I am
going to my room.
                                         CUT TO
Mike, Gene and Gery are sitting on the sofa watching TV with
the table in front of them littered with empty beer cans and
pizza boxes.
Eh, this drinking shit ain't as
fun with out Dante. I miss my
black brother.
Gery slams a beer down on the table and looks a Mike.
Fuck him man, he abandoned us. No
words at all just gone. And to
think i was planning to name my
first born after him when i had a
Ye.... yea like some one would
have a kid with you.
Gene stands up with a blunt in his hand and blows smoke in
the air.
He didn't abandon any one. He went
away protect us so be grateful.
Beside we will see him again soon.
Gery just waves his hand in disgust. Mike hops up excited
then falls back to the sofa.


Really, how do you know ?
Just then a breaking news update occurs from on the TV and
catches the attention of the guys.
                       NEWS CASTER (On TV)
This just in! A series of
mysterious disappearances have
been occurring throughout the New
York area. Police are on the scene
and say that it maybe a string of
kidnappings and people should try
to stay indoors. Furthermore
doctors are baffled by people
being brought into the hospital
seeming to be alive but brain
A gut feeling.
                                         CUT TO
Dante with a blunt in hand, lays on his bed facing the
ceiling blowing smoke into the air with music playing in the
I wonder how the guys are doing.
HA, I bet they are having a hard
time without me.
He takes a pull from his blunt. COUGH COUGH as he chokes on
the smoke. He fans smoke out of the air.
And I am suppose to be the key to
saving the world.
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE (v.o)
How do you know you are the key ?
How do you know it's not just this
Dante hops up out the bed looking around.
Yea this must be some good weed.


The room becomes engulfed in darkness surrounding Dante.
Dante stands up in shock looking around confused. A muscular
silhouette appears before him.
                       MYSTERIOUS MALE VOICE
The girl that woke you, her vision
was of your physical body, your
vessel being the key. Who's to say
if another soul posses that vessel
Who the fuck are you? Where are
we? And why do shit just keep
getting weirder?
Two glowing red eyes appear a few feet in front of Dante.
The shadows peel back reveling a muscular black man with an
x shaped scar across his left eye.
                       KING DRAKE
Me, I am just the soul of the
vampire king. And you will be my
new vessel and I will be the key.
The vampire king ? King Drake? How
the fuck are you here, in my head
King Drake disappears and reappears right in front of Dante.
Dante falls to the darkened floor in shock.
                       KING DRAKE
If you are referring to the war
two thousand years ago, it wasn't
me. You people got the fucking
story twisted.
      (Slowly crawling
So what really happened, king?
Drake glares down at Dante watching him crawl backwards. He
                       KING DRAKE
Simply put, he the Demon King
wanted me to join him, I refused,
we fought, I lost and snatched my
soul out of my body and took
control of it. The rest is


                       KING DRAKE (cont'd)
So still how the fuck are you in
my head?
Drake speeds over to to Dante and pins him down with his
foot in Dante's chest looking him in the face.
                       KING DRAKE
Over the many years I try to bind
my soul to the bodies of other
pures, but it never holds and the
body rejects me. Yours is the only
one to hold this long, and I have
even taken control of you before.
Dante bears his fangs, speeds directly up to Drake. They
stand face to face.
So what the fuck, you think you
are going to take my body?
The shadows slowly start to reseed inwards towards King
Drake reveling Dante's room
                       KING DRAKE
You maybe riding this horse now,
but I swear the moment you show
any weakness, I will knock you off
that horse and take full control.
The king will return.
The shadows quickly reseeds inwards under Drake's feet. Both
he and the shadows disappears. Dante is standing back in his
room, he swaps his hand down his face.
How much more fucked up can things
get. I guess I will never show
weakness. Time to hard.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon and Eric walks into the training room where Essence
is posted against the walk talking to Ivy. They all greet
each other.


      (To Essence)
So what's the deal calling us
here? We usually take our run
around this time.
Not sure, Dante just told me to
get yall here. He just said he's
ready to be serious.
The training doors slide open and Dante slowly walks in with
his head down and a sword in each hand.Everyone takes notice
and looks in his direction. He just stands there for a sec.
Speak of the devil.
      (To Dante)
So are you going to tell us what
we are here for?
      (Lifts His Head Up)
This is the training room right ?
No shit.
So what do you think?
Dante speeds off towards the group faster then normal. He
appears crouched down in the middle all of them. They all
look down at him amazed as he tightly grips his sword to
                       ERIC (v.o)
What the fuck!
Dante swings up and strikes horizontally at the four of
them. Essence speeds out of the way, Eric dodges backwards.
Shannon back flips and transforms into wolf form, Ivy falls
on her ass and barely avoids the blow.
What are doing Dante?
Wolf Shannon glares and growls at him, while the other look
confused at his actions as the now stand around him.


I wasted a lot of everyone's time,
but I get it now. This isn't me
living out some childhood fantasy
of becoming a hero, but this is
real, and the world is really in
danger.I am ready to train hard,
day and night. I will be strong,
the strongest in fact, and I need
all of you to do so. We still have
time, I will play my part.
Everyone then relaxes their guard, Essence slightly smirks.
Well now bout time.
Eric walks up to Dante and puts him in a head lock.
Now the fun can start.
      (Stands up)
I want to train to and work on my
weapons magic, but remember I
don't heal like you guys I am only
human and haven't master healing
Dante smiles and his fangs come out and eyes change.
Then lets get it started.

-In the training room, Dante starts to runs at Ivy with one
sword in hand as she magically manifest a sword in her hand.
They clash and her magic sword breaks and she falls to the

-Dante and Eric square off hand to hand in the day outside
at the Mountain Cliff. Eric hits Dante with a flurry of
punches and knocks hit to the floor hard.

-Shannon runs across the training room. She dives into the
air towards Dante, her clothes begin to tear as she
transforms into wolf form. She barrel rolls into Dante's
chest and knocks him across the room into a wall. She then
charges at him and plows her wolf head into his chest
slamming him back into the wall.


-Essence and Dante stand across from each other in their
fighting stance. They both transform and speed at each
other, they clash and lock hands in to middle of the
training room. She firmly grabs him by the wrist and slams
him into the floor

-Dante, Eric, and Shannon sit cliff side smoking a blunt.
Dante passes the blunt to Eric, Essence speeds and appears
behind Dante. He doesn't notice her as she kicks him off the

-Back in the training room, Essence is firing a barrage of
bullets at Dante from two guns with Ivy crouched in front of
her.Dante is using his swords to deflect the bullets. Ivy
takes off running Dante through the bullets,she forms two
sword with her magic. She slides behind him hops up and
strikes downwards with both swords at Dante. He blocks the
blow with the sword in his left hand still looking at
Essence, he thrust his right hand forwards stopping all the
bullets in mid air. He flicks his wrist sending them back at
Essence. As the bullets plow into her, the force knocks her
into the wall. Dante speeds and turns around and kicks Ivy
out of the air.

-Dante stands atop the Mountain Cliff with two wolf like
figures running quickly around him. One figure lunges from
the front hitting Dante as it speed passed and the other
attacked from the back. The moon light peels back the
darkness revealing Shannon and Eric Wolf snarling and
walking towards Dante from oppisite directions. They jump at
him biting him on each arm bringing him to the ground, they
drag him and toss him. He gets up from the ground and the
Wolves quickly surrounds him. They charge in, Dante extends
his arms out towards both of them, they stop in mid air with
their claws close to Dante's face. He crosses his arms and
thrust them back out at them sending them flying.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Seth stands on the edge of his rooftop looking down with his
arms behind his back while hell hounds pour down the side of
his building.
The time draws near, I will get my
revenge on the human race. Shroud
this world in darkness and they
will simply be a food source.


                       DRAKO (O.S.)
Fucking with the demons now huh
Seth, I thought you would know
Drako slowly descends from the sky down to the rooftop. Seth
turns to the sound of the voice.
Didn't expect to see you this
Drako lands softly and the two begin to stare down each
other in a moment of silence.
I am waiting for you to tell me I
am wrong.
What bring you here?
As if you don't know already. We
know what you are doing. What I
want to know is why. You fought on
my side for years, I would never
had guess you would help demons.
Seth smiles and begins to laugh.
Simple, they gave me a choice. A
choice you took from me when you
manipulated my emotion so long
Drako's eyes grew wide.
                       SETH (cont'd)
Did you think I didn't know? Did
you think I didn't realize you
used your ability to make me join
you? The better question is, why
do you fight for the humans?
You know the answer to that, to
preserve our existence. And in
doing so we have to protect them
from demon and evil super


Seth begins to shake his head in disagreement of what he
just heard as his smile fades. A dark essence slowly starts
to emerge from the ground under him.
You are still as naive as ever.
You want to protect ones who fear
us, they ones who will never
understand us, the ones who once
formed a group to eradicate us.
Why shouldn't the strong rule over
the weak? Why must the strong hide
That is as God intended, for the
strong to protect weak without the
need for glory.
Seth speed over to Drako grabbing him by the throat and
slams him into the rooftop door still tightly gripping
Drako's throat as blood drip from the neck under Seth's
fingers. He looks Drako's dead in the eye as a dark essence
surrounds them both. Seth's eyes become completely black.
Are you fucking serious. God! You
mean to tell me you don't know the
Drako pulls a gun from behind him and puts it to Seth's head
and fire. Seth swiftly speeds away and drops Drako to his
feet. He stands firm and licks the Drako's blood dripping
from his fingers.
Why would God want us to protect
them, when we were born of the
blood of the devil. And humans
were crated by God. The humans you
love fear what they don't
understand. For them to be a
creations of such a loving God
they are sure evil and
destructive. What gives them the
right to run the world freely
while we hide?
The wounds on Drako's neck heal. He speeds behind Seth,
pulls out a dagger and plunges it into the back of Seth's
neck and Seth falls to the floor on his hands and knees.


Seth coughs up black blood from his mouth. Drako raises his
fist high up into the moonlight over Seth.
I wish it didn't have to come to
this, but take comfort that it is
I who will be ripping your heart
and no one lesser then.
As Drako starts to strike down his fist into the back of
Seth's chest, black blood starts to come out of the dagger
wound in Seth's neck. Drako notices and stop mid strike in
NO! You didn't!
A barrage of black spikes shoot out from Seth's back,
piercing Drako in the shoulder, stomach, and thigh forcing
him to take a few steps back.
A strong dark aura pours out from under Seth and lifts him
slightly into the air and surrounds him. The force from it
blows passed Drako who thens falls to a knee holding his
wounds which seems to be healing a lot slower then normal.
Hahahaha! You are terrified huh?
You can't deny it, I can feel it,
it's making me so strong. I'm
getting a we bit hungry.
The aura starts to subside and Seth begins to descend back
down on the rooftop. As the tips of his toes touch down, a
shadowy path shoots across the ground straight towards
Drako. The shadow goes up Drako's body and wraps him tightly
making him spit up blood. Seth bears four fangs, two more
then normal and noticeably longer, with his eyes still pitch
You let them corrupt your soul.
Seth speeds over to Drako and looks him in the eyes.
I let them free me. I will be the
arbiter of a new world. When we
break the seal all of the demon
king's power will be mine. The war


                       SETH (cont'd)
against God's creations, and the
Devil's creation will occur and
you will die here, alone, and
Seth opens his mouth extremely wide and plants his four
fangs into Drako's neck.

A puff of black smoke appears and a hand comes out from it
and grabs Seth on the shoulder.
      (Steps out from
Feed on him if you want, but don't
kill him. The soul of a super
natural is the last piece of the
puzzle. And a five hundred year
old pure will do perfect.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Dante stands in the middle if the training room with his arm
at his sides, no weapons in hand, focused and calm. Essence,
Eric, Shannon, and Ivy surround them from all four sides.
Eric is the first to take off running towards Dante, he
transforms into a were wolf and starts to grow and runs on
his hind legs, standing about nine feet tall, shoulders grow
extremely broad turning into Alpha Wolf form. Shannon
transforms and starts her charge, next was Ivy who forms two
swords in each hand.
Someone looks a bit cocky.
Essence pulls out her dagger and speeds at Dante. With his
eyes still closed Dante smirks and cracks his neck. Everyone
starts to close in with a look of intention to kill on their
eyes. As they get within a few inches of Dante, he opens his
eyes wide and they all stop in mid air instantly.
                       ESSENCE (V.O)
Shit, he doesn't even need his
hands anymore. When did he get so


Dante takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He quickly
exhales and Ivy, Essence, Wolf Shannon, and Alpha Wolf Eric
drops to the floor. The wolves change back, Essence dropped
her dagger and Ivy weapon puffs away. Dante opens his eyes
and looks around.
Sooo, we been training all day and
night for like a month, I don't
think we can get much stronger in
the time we have left. So I say we
should take now and smoke all day
Dante raised his hand and everyone floats up to their feet.
Eric walks over to Dante with his hand out looking to for
Dante's hand shake. Dante turns away with his nose in the
Sounds like a plan son.
      (Looking Away from
Come on man you are still naked.
Eric puts Dante in a head lock.
Aw dude come on you not used to
this yet? Get over it.
Dante breaks out the head lock.
I will never be used to being in
close quarters with a naked man,
but Shannon is looking good. Nice
ass gir.........
Essence punches Dante in the face knocking him on his ass.
He hits the floor holding his face as Essence starts to walk
away. Everyone starts to laugh.
                                         CUT TO


The group stands in a circle by the mountain cliffs with
ominous winds blowing through the trees. The sun is just
starting to set as Eric blows smoke into the air and flicks
the roach of the blunt away.
Anyone down for a run through the
As the sun sets beyond the horizon, the team lines up facing
the edge of the cliff, all except for Ivy.
You guys have fun now.
As they get into there running stance a black cloud of aura
appear out of thin air on the cliff in front of the team.
The silhouette of two men can be seen. They all stop in
shocked as they take notice.
What the fuck?
      (To Shannon)
You smell it ?
The black aura dissipates and X and Caius are standing
there. Shannon's eyes flares yellow and she starts to snarl.
Eric puts his arm across the front of her. Essence takes a
few steps forward and starts to laugh.
      (To Dante)
Hey look Dante, it's that punk
vampire street thug from before.
Yea, he tried to kill me.
Caius begins to slowly walk forward standing upright and
looking more buff then normal.


So this is the best of the
Immortal Knights huh? I think
that's a really stupid name you
Shannon breaks passed Eric, she rips out her clothes as she
lunges forward at Caius and transforms. In wolf form Shannon
extends her claw outward with mouth open wide showing all
her wolf teeth. Just as she reaches Caius, a dark aura
spurs from Caius and wraps around Shannon Wolf's neck and
suspense her in the air. The others look in aw.
Hey I remember you, I made your
clan kill themselves. Are you
still mad about that ?
The dark aura throws Shannon Wolf back at the group. She
hits the ground hard sliding and stopping at Eric's feet.
Dark aura violently begins to pour out of X's body as he
starts to sluggishly walk forward.
I...... I want to...... want to
kill. Want to feast on their
blood, on their souls.
Caius turns his back to them and walks towards X.
Sure you can have them all, there
is no fear for me to feed on here
A dark aura surrounds Caius, he looks back at the group as
Shannon Wolf gets up.
                       CAIUS (cont'd)
      (Fading Away)
The seal will be opened sooner
then you think, like tomorrow
sooner. You guys probably didn't
calculate leap years and stuff.
And one more thing, Drako's soul
will be used to open the gate.
The aura fades away along with Caius. X continues to slowly
walk forwards. His head snaps back and his fang pops outs.


Fuck, did you hear that? We have
to save Drako, and it goes down
Eric's head slowly drops. Essence takes notices and speeds
in front of him.
What do you know Eric?
That Drako was going to see Seth.
Essence shoves Eric in frustration.
Why didn't you say anything? Why
did you let him go alone?
X screams and the dark aura flares upwards then dissipates.
Dante steps forwards.
To hell with all of that. The
mission is clear and we don't have
time. I will end this quick, I owe
him one.
Dante speeds to X and punches him in the gut. As X couch
forward Dante grabs his head and knees him in the face. X
staggers backwards the throws a sluggish punch forward.
Dante speeds to the side dodging the punch. Dante then hits
X with a hard right hook knocking him to the ground.
Dante walks over to him and steps on his neck. He reaches
out to a tree and a big branch breaks off into a stake and
flies to Dante's hand. He stabs X through the heart with the
branch and walks away to the rest of the group.
Now let's go find and save the
boss and stop bitching with each
It's not over.
The body is still there.
Dante looks back in X's body direction


What did I miss the heart, he is
an un-pure right?
A dark aura surround the floor under X. His bones begin to
CRACKLE as he starts getting up. His skin begins to ripple
and bubble. On his hands and knees he looks up at Dante and
his neck slightly extends, his eyes turn completely black
and his mouth and jaw splits into four and teeth become
extremely serrated.
Short curvy horns shoot out from both temples of his head. X
stands up his chest, shoulder, and upper arms grow big. His
forearms, hands and fingers grow long with long sharp nails.
His legs get bigger and thicker, ripping his jeans, his feet
breaks through his sneakers with three huge toes.
      (In Shock)
What is this ?
He has given his soul to the
demons, and no longer a vampire.
Demon X raises his hand up and points his claw at the group.
His claws stretches out at them fast. They all dodge and the
claws hit the ground leaving a small crater.
      (To Essence)
How do we kill it?
I know one sure way, to rip it's
head off.
Eric run off at Demon X and pulls out a small dagger from
his belt. Demon X swiftly smacks him away knocking him into
a tree. Ivy forms a sword and start running at Demon X,
Shannon Wolf speeds off and races passed Ivy. She attempts
to head butt Demon X but as she got close a dark aura burst
out from Demon X and knocks her away.
Ivy continues forward, Demon X starts to slams his hand down
on her. She stabs him in the hand and slides the blade up
his arm. When she got close the dark aura shoots out and
wraps around her tightly and the blade trail heals almost
instantly. Essence speeds off and uses her claws to rip
through the dark aura freeing Ivy. The dark aura wraps


around Essence's neck and lifts her up. Dante appears above
and behind Demon X reaching for his head. A dark aura spikes
out and pierces Dante in the stomach, he drops to the
      (Spitting up blood)
Fuck, this is insane.
Eric Wolf lunges out from the trees and bites through the
aura holding up Essence. Dante begins to crawl backwards as
he notices his wound healing slowly.
Don't let him pierce you!
Demon X turns to Dante and tries to impale him with his
claws, Dante speeds away. The team regroups, and Demon X's
hand gets stuck in the ground.
Dammit, we can't get close without
that aura lashing out at us. How
do we get to his head?
      (Puts his hand
       over his wound)
Give me a minute to heal I have an
Essence places her hand on his shoulder and tries to look at
the wound.
After he pierced me, my healing
slowed down, so be careful.
Dante stands straight up as the wound finally heals. Demon X
struggles to free himself. Everyone gathers around him.
So I think we can beat the dark
aura with speed. So listen here is
what I am thinking.
Dante begins to explain his plan while Demon X still tries
to pull his hand out of the ground. A moment later Demon X
pulls his arm out severing his hand from his wrist. The hand
blows away as black dust as a new hand spouts out from the
wrist and he wiggles the fingers.


Dante and the team speeds in front of Demon X almost on the
edge of the cliff with Ivy on Shannon Wolfs back, Ivy hops
down and starts walking forward waving hand in the air.
Vesto Serpentous!
A glittery fog surrounds Demon X shortly before
disappearing, then a giant cobra curls and wraps tightly
around Demon X. He ROARS loudly ripping out of the snakes
grip turning it into a glittery dust. Dante and Essence
appear in front of Demon X looking as they are bout to
strike. The aura lashes out at them, they speed away, Dante
is back by the cliff's edge between the wolves. A sparkly
mist surrounds Ivy's hands.
Ivy begins to throw ninja star like projectiles at Demon X,
but he remains un phased. Essence appears above Demon X and
strikes downwards at him. Her claws almost touch him before
the dark aura spikes out at her from Demon X's body. She
speeds away barely avoiding the blow. She lands on his side
a few feet away.
                       ESSENCE (v.o)
He was right it was slower this
Dante and the wolves crouch down and speed off full speed
leaving craters in their wake. They lunge into the air,
Dante stretches his arms out at the wolves. He uses the
momentum of their speed and uses his telekinesis and
launches the wolves like torpedoes. They practically
disappear in blinding speed, appearing as they bit into
Demon X's arms dragging him to the ground, through dirt and
into a large stomp. Essence speeds on top of the stomp
standing over Demon X and grabs him with both hands by his
She proceeds to pulls his head upward and his neck begins to
rip. Dark aura spikes up threw her shoulder from Demon X's
body as she rips the head off, falling backwards off the
stomp. Black blood shoots out from the severed neck a small
amount splashing the wolves. As it stops the body turns into
a black smog and blows away with the wind. Dante speeds
over, the wolves turn back human and sit on the ground as
Ivy runs over.


We need to go recover and prepare
for tomorrow.
                                         CUT TO
The doors of the armory open as the team walks in hastily,
Shane hard at work hammering down on something. Eric and
Shannon walk over to a wall with a variety daggers and start
loading up. Ivy post up on a wall and Dante and Essence
proceeds to Shane's workstation.
      (To Shane)
Hey, are the weapons ready ?
Shane spins around in his chair, lifts up his goggles and
looks at Dante.
You know you really put me to work
with this one, you have a vivid
imagination. It's all done
He gets up out his chair and walks over to a locker and
opens it. He grabs two sheaths one long and one short, two
boxes one bigger then the other. He brings them over to his
work station and first passes the short sheath with the name
Jeanette engraved on it. Dante unsheathes it and lifts it in
the air. A gladius with a gold colored blade, the hilt
shaped the phoenix wings with phoenix body, head starting
from the base of the sword down to the end of the handle
with such detail to the design of the phoenix.
Jeanette, she's beautiful!
Dante re-sheathes that blade and grabs the longer sheath
with the name Phyllis engraved on it. He holds it out in
front of him slowly pulls it half way out of the sheath. The
lights shine brilliantly off the black blade, with the hilt
shaped as dragon wings, and a dragon's neck wrapped around
the base of the sword to it head, as well as a dragon's tail
wrapped going down the handle. The detail in the scales of
the dragon amazes Dante. He slides it back in the sheath
with a huge smile on his face.


Way better then I drew them, such
What did you expect from the best?
Dante then opens the smaller box on the table and picks up
the two desert eagles. One black and gold with the name
Willie E. engraved on the slide, and the other titanium and
with a six shooter barrel and DE. slide with Bessie engraved
on it. He puts the back in the box, and picks up the bigger
box and walks to Essence.
You are like a child, don't you
have enough shit?
      (Hands her the box)
This isn't for me, it's for you
something I think you can
She looks a bit surprised as she opens the box. Her eyes
grow big as she lays eyes on a beautiful gun sword. The gun
half is a six shooter revolver black rosary going around the
gun and extended handle. The blade the length on Essence's
dagger curves outwards from under the barrel forming a
stylish blade. She picks it up dropping the box.
Wow, nasty!
I know right.
Eric, Ivy, and Shannon walks over to them loaded up and
ready to go.
We got our toys we need to get
going, time isn't on our side you.
Shane sits down at his workstation and turns his chair
around to the group.
Does any of you even have a plan?
Wouldn't want ya'll to go and die,
and the world ends, that would


The plan is simply this. Ivy will
cast a fog spell over as much of
the city as possible. We storm
Seth's building killing anything
in our way. The wolves know
Drako's scent, we use that to
locate him, save him, kill Seth.
My type of plan, lets move.
They all start to make their way out the armory as Shane
goes back to work. Just as Dante and Essence are about to
exit the door, Dante grabs her by the hand and stop her.
What? Please don't get emotional.
A little while ago I had an
episode in my room. Maybe I was
really high but long story short.
I spoke to the first vampire Drake
and apparently his soul is in my
body and wants control.
She looks at him like he is crazy and laughs. She attempts
to continue her exit as his grip tightens stopping her
I am serious, when I used my
ability for the first time it
wasn't me. What I am trying to say
is, at anytime I don't seem like
myself, you might want to kill me.
They momentarily stare at each other in seriousness but she
snatches her arm away from him and they make their exit.
                                         CUT TO
A group of Hooded Men surround the the edges of the the
rooftop chanting. Dracko hangs from a cross that on the edge
facing the city, with chains of silver wrapped tightly
around his wrist, ankles, and neck. Seth and Caius stands in
the middle of the rooftop. The city begins to fill with a
thickening fog.


Finally, the night is here. The
night I gain the power of the
demon king himself. A pure with
limitless power. This world is
Yes, it's here, but this fog is un
natural. Bet the knights are
Let them come, if they make it
passed my men they can witness me
become king.
Seth begins to laugh as a huge, bright red glyph with 666 in
the middle appears above Seth's building.
                                         CUT TO
Fog fills the streets as police instruct people to get off
the streets throughout the city. People are leaving their
car behind as they make their way in a small panic. Three
motorcycles comes flying through the streets swiftly
maneuvering passed all obstacles. Two shadowy figures are
running fast along the rooftops keeping up along side the
      (On Motorcycle)
Yo, am I coming in clear? Are
these helmet radios on ?
Shannon pulls up on his right, and Ivy on his left. They nod
their heads at him.

Is looking at the HUD in the visor of his helmet in night
visor seeing clearly through the fog. It displays directions
like a gps.

Notices a bright red light in the sky.



Essence, Dante, see that light up
there, I bet that's Seth's place,
so need for the HUD.
Dante and Essence stop on the rooftop and notices the light.
      (Into ear piece)
Yes, we see it, get there fast.
Dante and Essence speed off along the rooftop towards the
bright red light.
                                         CUT TO
The roof becomes flooded with devil hounds surrounding Caius
and Seth. The hounds tilt their heads opening their mouths
wide. A blue mist like substance begins to stream up towards
the glyph above the building from their mouths, the sound of
SCREAMING voices comes from it, as vague images of faces
flow upwards inside the stream.
                                         CUT TO
Dante and Essence land in of the building on one knee. They
stand up looking at the entrance, Essence eyes roll behind
her head and she tilts her head back. Dante looks at her
      (To Essence)
Hey girl are you ok? Oh wait are
you having a vision? Illll you
make the ugly face when you have
With her head still tilted back she punches Dante in the
arm. Eric and the others pull up on their motorcycles, stop
and hop off removing their helmets and walk over to Dante.
Essence shakes her head as her eyes roll back into place.


      (To Essence)
Vision? What did you see?
The lobby beyond this door is full
of armed men with silver bullets,
ready the moment we walk in.
So we can't just burst in huh?
They stand quiet for a short moment, Dante snaps his
      (To Essence)
I got an idea. Listen up, bout to
get a little creative. Did you get
a good look at what they are
wearing and their positions?
Essence shakes her head yes.
                                         CUT TO
Heavily armed men with machine guns and body armor and
helmets with visors on surrounds the lobby, waiting and
ready to fire. The doors fly open and the armed men get
tense. A small metal orb resembling a small grenade float
into the door. The armed men looks around confused. Smoke
pour out from the orb quickly fills the lobby. A gust of
wind comes in through the doorway and a human silhouette
appears in the middle of the lobby.
                       ARMED MAN #1
There in the middle, FIRE!
All the armed men pours a barrage of silver bullets into the
cloud of smoke. They stop firing and allow the smoke to
clear. Dante stands firmly in the middle of the lobby, eyes
closed, with all the bullets surrounding him in a perfect
round barrier. He slowly opens his eyes.
                       ARMED MAN #1
Fire a.......


A bullet flies from Dante's barrier through the middle of
the visor, hitting Armed Man #1 between the eyes knocking
him back, dead. Dante's eyes flash vampire as the bullets
turns and rips through the armed men, each of them taken a
bullet through the middle of their visor, killing them all.
He falls to one knee, and the other walks in, Eric walks up
and puts his hand on his shoulder.
You good bro?
Yea I let all that silver get to
close, I know better now.
Doors around the lobby opens and a horde of un pure vampires
dressed in biker clothes speed into the lobby already
bearing their fangs.
                       FEMALE GANG MEMBER #1
You will die for killing X, and we
will drain you dry.
My type of party, looks like we
got a bit of a fight on our hands.
Eric and Shannon both pull glove like gauntlets, with metal
claws for finger tips resembling werewolf claws. Eric's blue
and titanium colored, Shannon's red and black. Essence pulls
her normal dagger out from behind her and Ivy makes a sword
with her magic.
I finally get to try two of my
ladies at last.
Dante pulls the Desert eagle named Bessie from his holster,
and slides his gladius named Jeanette from it's sheath
across his lower back.
Game time!
The horde of un pure charge at the team, and they charge
right back at the horde.
                                         CUT TO


The devil hound continues to release souls from their mouths
into the glyph as the hooded men continue to chant. Seth
walks up to the cross Drako is hanging on, smug with his
arms behind his back.
      (To Drako)
How does it feel knowing your soul
will open the gate that will undo
all the Knights had worked for?
Drako struggles to pick his head up and tries to spit in
Seth's face but falls short. Seth suddenly speeds forward
and stabs Drako in the stomach with his right hand.
Seth pulls it out and watches the blood flow with a smile on
his face. The hooded men begin emit a blue like aura from
their bodies. A blue aura silhouette of themselves leave
their bodies and fly into the glyph causing it to crack
slightly. The bodies of the hooded men fall to the ground.
Seth licks the blood off his finger tips and his eyes
flashes black. He turns and walks away.
My time is near, the world will be
reborn, with my as king.
A blue aura starts to slowly leave Drako's body, flowing
towards the glyph.
                                         CUT TO
Eric is holding up a male gang member by the face and stabs
him in the heart and drops him. Shannon dodges a punch from
a female gang member and stabs her in the heart then kicks
her to the ground. Essence shots another a member in the
face and round house kicked him turning him around Ivy stabs
him through the heart. Her sword puffs away and the member
drops to the floor. One of the gang member tries to speed
Dante points his gladius at the lobby doorway. As the gang
member reaches the doorway, Dante fires the gladius using


telekinesis. It pierces right through the back of the heart
and through vampire. The gang member drops and the gladius
flies back to Dante's hand and he sheaths it. The flesh of
all the dead un pure gang member melt off into a pool of
blood. The skeletons turn black then into dust and blow
We need to move, let's go.
They all start to walk towards the elevators when Shannon
and Eric stop and starts sniffing in the air. They turn
around swiftly looking at the lobby doorway.
A dark aura forms in the doorway and Caius slowly walks out
standing fully upright, looking strong and muscular.
Go save Drako, we will handle him.
The elevator doors open and Ivy, Dante, and Essence get on
No dying allowed.
The elevator doors close and it goes up, Eric, and Shannon
turn their complete focus to Caius.
I will enjoy ripping you limb from
Not as much as I enjoyed feeding
on the fear of your tribe as they
murdered each other. Oh or as much
as I enjoyed watching that other
wolf kill his whole tribe after I
gave him a little taste of power.
Eric's eyes transform and his clothes seemingly flare up.


Eric's clothes burst off him as he transforms directly to
Alpha Wolf. His claws explode through his gauntlets, he
snarls and charges swiftly at Caius. Caius sticks out his
arm and uses his hand to wave over Eric, taunting him.
Come lil wolf join your brother.
As Caius finishes his sentence, he spins 180 degrees as if
he was turned by force. Eric Alpha Wolf appears in front of
him with a severed arm in is paw, he throws it at Caius and
it disappears into black dust as it hits Caius in the chest.
Caius notices his arm is missing, then a dark aura pours out
from Caius's wound, he uses the aura like a whip and smacks
Eric Alpha Wolf with enough force to bring him to a knees.
Son of bitch.
Shannon leaps into the air and transforms. She makes a b
line to Caius and grabs him by his remaining arm with her
teeth, spins him ripping off his other arm. With his back
towards them he staggers further into the lobby. Shannon
Wolf runs and head butts Caius in the back bringing him to
his knees. Her jaws wrap Caius's head, as they close, dark
aura spikes shoot out his back tearing passed Shannon Wolf,
Shannon Wolf swiftly moves out the way before getting
I'm not just a small imp demon
anymore. I feed on so much fear, I
don't have to sneak around
anymore. I will prove my strength
to myself by killing you to with
my own hands.
Caius gets up slowly from his knees, his skin RIPPLING, his
bones CRACKLING. His shirt tears off him, and his skin turn
greenish grey, eyes turn completely red horns spike out from
his shoulders. The aura coming from severed arms form into
new arms, nails long and black, his ears get longer the top
of it coming to a point. A single horn come out the middle
of his head his head and he grows a long green bushy tail.
                                         CUT TO


The door to the roof flies open and Dante and Essence speeds
in through it looking around to see Drako. Essence comes in
after them. Essence sees him tied to the cross with his soul
slowly leaving his body, struggling to stay in Drako.
Oh my god!
Essence speeds toward Drako.
SETH speeds over cutting off Essence, grabbing her by the
throat, lifts her in the air and throws her back at towards
Dante. She hits the ground hard but rolls and gets right up.
This is the man that is going to
destroy the world? He don't look
like much.
Dante pull Phyllis, his sword from it's sheath. He goes full
speed at Seth raising the ground under his feet. Seth's eyes
flash black as well as his entire right arm down to his
sharp nails turn hard and black. Dante appears in front of
Seth and takes a fierce strike at him. Seth blocks the blade
with the hand that turned black,it seems to be hard as steel
as they clash and lock in place.
                       DANTE (V.O.)
      (to Essence)
Get Drako!
Essence once again speed towards Drako, the devil hounds
finish releasing souls into the glyph and quickly race after
Essence. She reaches him and notices the silver on Drako and
hesitates. In that moment two devil hounds come out from
the ground and bites her by the arms and drag her back a bit
before releasing her.
Oh no, Essence.
Ivy forms a sword in hand and charges to help Essence. Seth
and Dante still in a deadlock. Dante uses a telekinetic
pulse to break from Seth.
      (to Dante)
So you are the new guy, my
replacement at last I guess.


I don't know about a replacement,
but I will be the man that kills
you to say the least.
Cocky are we ? Well, before we
continue, I'll ask you this, why
should we live in a world where
the strong have to hide from the
weak? Why should we, the creations
a the devil, defend the the
creations of god?
Dante looks him in the eyes in a short moment of silence.
I lived my whole life as a human,
and I always defended people
weaker then me without question.
The weak give the strong the
support they need to be strong,
that's why. As for this creation
shit you speak of, it's not
relevant to me.
Ivy reaches Essence as she stands to her feet. The devil
hounds ban close together blocking them off from Drako. A
huge flame engulfs the devil hounds as they HOWL. The girls
try to cover their faces from the heat of the flames. The
devil hound merge together inside the huge ball of flames
and HOWLS fill the air as the fire explodes outwards and
fans out, the devil hounds have become a huge Cerberus.
So have you ever seen anything
like this before?
I never seen one, but I have heard
of it. It's a Cerberus, class c
three headed dog demon.
The flames around the middle head of the Cerberus flares up
and it's mouth opens. It shoots a fireball at Essence and
Ivy, they both dodge.
                                         CUT TO


Demon Caius stands up firmly and looks at his hands, amazed
at himself. He turns to the Wolves, with a smug smile on his
face. He explodes in laughter,.
Hahahaha! Who would had thought I
would be so strong. I will show
both the fear your tribesmen felt
in their last moments.
The Wolves race to Demon Caius aggressively. When they
attempt to pounce on him, he disappears in a cloud of smoke
and they miss him. A puff of smoke appears closely behind
Shannon Wolf and Demon Caius's arm come out of it grabbing
Shannon Wolf by her hind leg and tosses her into a wall,
then side kicks Eric Alpha Wolf in his ribs sending him
flying into a wall as he steps out.
The fun just begins.
Demon Caius slowly starts to walk in Eric Alpha Wolf's
direction. He poofs into a dark smoke and poofs out in front
of Eric Alpha Wolf and kicks him in the middle of his chest
hard, pressing him against the wall behind him creating a
crater in it. He poofs away again, this time back handing
Shannon Wolf bouncing her off the wall behind her. She lets
a painful HOWL. Eric Alpha Wolf Speeds off the wall to help
Shannon Wolf, as he hits center room, Demon Caius begins
poofing in and out dark smoke striking Eric Alpha Wolf's
every time he comes out the smoke knocking him around. The
beating stops and Eric Alpha Wolf falls to his knees.
                       CAIUS (O.S.)
Hahahaha, I will kill you now and
eat your soul.
Demon Caius poofs in front of Eric Alpha Wolf couched down.
He grabs him by the throat and squeezes tightly. He stands
up slowly lifting Eric Alpha Wolf to his feet as he fully
extends his arms. He takes his hand and spikes his fingers
into Eric Alpha Wolf's stomach.
You don't even know what you
fighting to prevent do you? This
shit goes so much deeper then just
releasing my king. He will will
need an army. If the seal so much


                       CAIUS (cont'd)
as crack, it will recreate the
event that gave birth to