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by Dwayne (Qbigman1920@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It's a dark stormy night in urban neighborhood, as violent
thunder clashes against the sky outside a young man's
bedroom window as he sleeps. His name is Nick and he is a
25-year-old Caucasian male of average height and weight and
sleek build. He is having what seems to be a very violent
dream when he is suddenly awakened by his phone. He looks at
it and the name Christee is on the screen.
Hey beautiful.
Hey, did I wake you?
Nope, I was already up. Whats
going on?
Couldn't sleep, I have some family
visiting right now and they're a
bit of a hand full, Plus the rain
has got it so humid and I'm kinda
Oh really, maybe I can come over
there and help you get to sleep.
I'd like that, But how about I
come over there?
Over here, I uuhh...don't know if
that's a good Idea.
What's the matter, you ashamed of
your place?
No it's not that, I just think
that it's getting late and you
shouldn't be out by yourself
especially in this rain.


Nick I'm a big girl, and I have an
Umbrella. I'll just hop in a cab
and be right over. It's no big
I guess it's okay, I'll text you
the address.
Alright, I'll see you later.
Don't take too long.
Oh I won't.
                                         DISSOLVE TO: BLACK
We cut to a couple months ago where Christee a slender
Caucasian female age 25 average height and weight and
average build is at a bar with some of her friends having a
fun time. They are doing tequila shots and beer chasers.
Alright one more, but this is the
last one I have to get up early
She takes one more drink and decides to leave early because
she has a get up in the morning, so she bids her friends a
good night and makes her way home. Christee pulls her keys
out of her purse only for them to fall onto the ground. As
she bends down to pick them up someone approaches her from
behind. A woman's voice is heard.
                       MYSTERY WOMAN
Excuse me miss, do you have a
No I'm sorry, I don't smoke.
                       MYSTERY WOMAN
Oh that's all right me neither, I
just needed a reason to come talk
to you Christee.


Ummm do we know each other?
                       MYSTERY WOMAN
Not yet but we will soon.
Screams are heard echoing through the night air, people from
blocks away can hear it. Back in front of Christee's
building her purse is seen lying on the floor and Christee
is nowhere to be found.
We cut back to couple months later where Nick sits by his
computer when he get's a knock at his door. Nick goes to
open the door and it's a attractive women in a business suit
and glasses. He has a confused look on his face.
May I help you?
Hello Nicholas.....my name is
I'm sorry but do I know you from
Well no, but I know more about you
than you realize.
Well thats nice, but I'm going to
bed so what ever your selling lady
I'm not buying. Have good evening.
Nick closes the door in Lilith's face and sits back at his
computer. Suddenly the door is explodes and Lilith come's
walking in Nick's apartment. Nick is thrown from his chair
by the explosion into the wall. He struggle's to his feet.
Who the hell are you, what do you
Let's just say you have something
I'm looking for. Something my boss
really wants to get his hands on.


A blinding light shines through Nick's window and then
disappears. Just then the window is blown out and shattered
glass falls towards the street below. In the hallway of
nicks apartment shows a black ooze seeping from under his
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It is a 3 days earlier, while Nick is waiting for the train
he notices an attractive women sitting on the bench a few
feet away. She looks familar so he decides to approach her.
Christee Shapero?
Nick Fuller. Hey longtime no see.
How've you been?
I'm good, I'm good...umm how have
you been? I heard your teacher
Yeah, I'm teaching freshman
English at our old high school.
What about you, are you still
writing short stories?
Naw not as much as I used to,
right now I'm doing security for
this community college at downtown
Well we all have to make a living.
Hey how's your mom doing? I heard
about the accident.
Well she's alive, that's a miracle
in itself but I know she would
rather be walking. Now all she
does is sit in her room watching


I'm sorry that happened to her, do
you think she would mined if I
stop by for a visit.
No, she would't mined at all. She
actually likes to have people come
vist her.
Great, you still live at the same
She does, I moved out.
Oh..well you know, You need your
I know it probably sounds like I
abandoned her, But she has live in
home health aid 4 days out of the
week and my sister stays there as
well. I stop by as often as I can,
but the truth is I can't live
there knowing that everytime I
look at her I feel like she blames
me for what happened.
Hey, I'm not judging. I know your
going through a lot.
I deal with it as it comes. So
what's it like teaching at our old
I won't lie it's pretty rough.
You gotta remember how we made our
teachers feel, It's like karma.
You mean how you and your friends
made our teachers feel, you guys
were a nightmare to every school
official in that place.


Yeah like you never caused any of
the teachers trouble.
I never did, I was our class
valedictorian remember.
Oh I remember, I also remember you
getting caught smoking in the
girls locker room. I was in the
office when they brought you in.
Yeah I tried to keep it quiet but,
you know high school gossip
travels faster than the speed of
It's time for me to come clean, I
was the one who told everyone
about you get sent to the
principles office.
You did that?
Yeah, I was just a stupid kid and
probably trying to make myself
feel important back then. I mean
who would believe Christee
Shapero, most likely to succeed
had wild side. I know it's couple
years to late but sorry for
trashing you rep, it was kind of a
rotten thing to do.
Don't worry about, it's not like I
was scarred by it or something. It
actually made me seem more cool.
Everyone thought I was goody two
Not me I knew you were a closeted
bad girl. So do you still keep in
touch with anybody from school?


Umm yeah, me and Cheryl Geller are
still friends, and I seen my
ex-boyfriend Brian Johnson about a
month ago.
Ah, Brian Johnson. That guy was a
walking cliche, and you two were
pretty hot and heavy in school.
Everybody thought you two were
going to get married after High
Yeah, he wanted to but I wanted
different things. I wanted go to
Europe for a year, then come back
go to college and get my teaching
Wow, looks like you did it.
Everything except go to Europe, my
parents wouldn't pay for that so I
went straight off to college.
You'll make it to Europe someday.
Thanks. I hope so.
The train started pulling into the station and as the people
boarded a old homeless guy made his way off the train and
bumped into nick. Nick apologized to the old man and got on
the train with Christee. The old man stared at the train as
it pulled out of the train station.
Nick and the other security guards are in the locker room
getting dress to start their shift and talking trash to each
other, When their shift supervisor walks in with a new
security guard.
So the other night I had this
spanish chick down on all fours
begging for it right. She was like
"come on papi, give it to me papi,


                       DELANY (cont'd)
please papi make it hurt." Son
that some sexy shit. When spanish
chicks start talking like that, my
dick be gettin ready for war.
Delany you is a lying ass nigga.
You know damn well that shit
didn't happen.
And how do you know that?
Because I know you, you're the
king of embellishment. Shit if we
looked lying motherfucker up in
the dictionary we'd see your
Man please I'm not lying. Yo Nick
you believe me right.
Sure Delany, I believe you, Just
not your bullshit story.
                       SHIFT SUPERVISOR
Alrightt ladies enough runnig your
mouths. This hear is Alvin, he's a
first time security guard and this
is his first detail. So show him
the ropes and make him feel
You got it boss.
Supervisor Exits the locker room.
You got it boss, Yo Larry how his
ass tastes.
Fuck you Delany.
Alvin? What are you like one of
the chipmunks?


Leave the new guy alone man, Hey
nice to meet you man. I'm Larry,
that's Nick over there, and don't
mind Delany he was drop on his
head when he was young, Repeatly.
Delany Makes a face at Larry to Mock him.
So what we do hear is pretty
standard, there's only two
entrances into the building the
front and the back entrance ways.
We check id's when students arrive
at either entrance, we also patrol
the hallways every couple hours,
watch for any signs of trouble.
Any questions?
No, I think I got it?
Alright, well if you have any
questions don't hesitate to ask.
Your gonna be working the front
entrance with Nick today. Nick I
got the back entrances today.
Alright no problem. I guess your
with me new guy. Like Larry said
we are just gonna be checking id's
today. We should have a nice quiet
day today, Nothing to out of the
Has anything out of the ordinary
happened before.
Some kid brought a gun into the
Did he hurt anybody?
It wasn't loaded thank god, but
the kid still had to be arrested.


It's a shame.
Yea, tell me about it.
Nick and Alvin are walking towards the entrance and they
pass this janitor in the hallway. As they are Alvin and the
Janitor are looking at each other very intensely unbeknownst
to Nick.
The bus pulls up to the bus stop and let's off a few
passengers and this really skinny asian kid gets off. He
looks like a average college student but he has a really
focused look on his face as he enters the school. He looks
directly at Alvin and then Nick while Approaching police
sirens can be heard in the distance.
Have your Id out before you get to
the front of the line.
The skinny kid reaches the front of the line.
Here you go.
Alright go ahead.
Nicholas, watch your back.
Excuse me.
Don't trust the police.
Keep it moving kid.
They're coming for you.
Alright kid that's enough with the
jokes, now move along your holding
up the line.


Listen to me you have to get out
of hear right now.
Hey, Nick listen I'll handle this
why don't you get a soda or
What are you talking about the
shift just started, and we got a
job to do. Look kid either you
move along or i'm gonna be forced
to detain you.
Listen to your partner Nick.
Alright, that's enough from you
put your hands behind your back.
Before Nick can handcuff the kid two police officers pulled
up in front of the school and got out the car. They walked
into the building and up to Nick and the kid.
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Nick Fuller?
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
We'd like you to come with us.
May I ask what this is about?
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
There is a warrent out for your
A warrant, what the hell are you
talking about. What warrant?
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Sir we don't have to explain
ourselves to you. We would just
like it if you came with us,


Before Nick could say anything the student punched him in
the face knocking him on the ground and he started attacking
the officers where they had to pen him down and restrain
him. Alvin helped Nick to his feet.
Officer arrest that young man, he
was in here earlier causing all
kinds of trouble.
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Oh we will, but we're taking him
Officer he needs medical
attention, now once we get him
checked out. I promise you I will
bring him to the precint
personally. You have my word.
Alvin gave the cops a ominous look and they gave him one
back, then they looked behind Alvin and caught a glimpse of
the janitor standing staring at them. Then the shift
supervisor runs through the door to find Nicks nose bleeding
and the cops standing there with the student in handcuffs.
                       SHIFT SUPERVISOR
Nick what hell happened out here?
This kid attack me.
                       SHIFT SUPERVISOR
Is that why the cops are here?
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Actually sir, the situation is
under control we're just heading
back to the station with this
little nuisance.
                       SHIFT SUPERVISOR
Well, do you need Nick to come
along to give a statement?
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Actually we're good. You gentlemen
have a nice day. You get that nose
checked out make sure it's not


Will do.
The cops put the student in the back of their car and drove
                       SHIFT SUPERVISOR
Alright folks let's get move on,
there's nothing to see here. Nick
go clean yourself up.
Yes Sir.
Nick goes to the rest room to clean the blood from his nose
when Alvin walks in.
You alright?
Yeah, I just wanna know what the
hell that was all about, and what
was up with those weird ass cops.
I'm sure it was nothing? Let's not
worry about it.
Didn't look like nothing. First
that psycho kid punches me and I'm
about to be arrested and then they
just leave like that, because you
asked them super nicely. What kind
of cops are those guys.
New Yorks finest just doing their
If they are doing their I should
be behind bars right now. How the
hell did you do that anyway, you
apart of the mob or something?
If I tell you then I'd have to
kill you.
Nick had a worried look on his face.


I'm just kidding man, come on man
let's get back to work.
Alright, I'll be there in a
Later on that evening the police officer drive the student
to the docks. Everyone has gone home for the day so the
place is completely empty.
Where are we, what are we doing
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
Cut the shit Gabriel, you can't
have him.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
He belongs to the master.
What are you guys talking about?
Can't have who?
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
You wanna do it the hard way,
fine! You ready.
                       POLICE OFFICER 1
I'm ready, are you ready?
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Oh, I'm so ready!
Just then the police car blew sky high. There was debris
falling from the sky and the two police officers were
standing on the docks unscathed. As they turned to walk away
they hear movement among the flaming wreakage and turn to
see the student standing there also unharmed.
Where you guys going? I thought we
were going to do this the hard


                       POLICE OFFICER 1
I swear these things are like
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Why don't you show yourself so we
can stop fucking around.
The student transformed into a taller man with a sleaker
build and short black hair. He also had large white wings on
his back as well as katana in his right hand. He revealed
himself to be Gabriel the archangel. Then the cops
transformed into large hairless dog like animals with horns,
scaly slimy skin and spinal bone protrusions. They charged
at Gabriel and with on swift motion he cut both of they're
heads off killing them instantly. Gabriel sheathes his sword
and flies away and then Lilith shows up and looks at the
demonic bodies slaughtered. She then proceeds to make a
phone call to a unkown person.
They missed. Do you want me to go
after him?
                       UNKNOWN CALLER
No, he'll be getting off from work
in a hour. I'll go I could use the
Nick gets off from work and walks to the train station. He
rushes inside the train station only to miss the train as it
pulls away. He walks further up the platform and then he
suddenly hears a noise that sounded like empty soda cans. He
turns around and sees no one there, he shrugs it off as
nothing. He turns back around and bumps into a homeless guy,
It is actually the same homeless guy from this morning, but
Nick doesn't notice it. The homeless guy exits the train
Oh, I'm sorry sir I didn't see
you. Are you alright?
                       HOMELESS MAN
No worries young man I'm good.
Ok, Take care.


                       HOMELESS MAN
You too.
Nick walks away and sits on the bench to wait for the next
train. Then a beautiful women in a red dress walks up to
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Do you have the time?
It's uh....11:15pm
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
You mined if I sit down?
It's a free country.
The lady sits down and pulls out a cigarette.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Do you have a light?
Oh, I don't smoke?
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
That's good it's a nasty habit. I
really should quit myself, but you
know how it is. It's easier to do
something thats bad for you than
something thats good for you.
Well, it all comes down to will
power. What you would be willing
to give up for the greater good.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
That is to true. I told my brother
he same thing.
Really, what terrible thing is
your brother struggling with?
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN


What? Is he having a mid life
crisis or something.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Oh no, don't be silly. It's
nothing like that, he believes he
can save humanity from my father
Isaiah. As his brother I tell him
it is futile and he should join
me, but he refuses to listens and
continues on his pointless quest
to keep you all safe. Personally I
just don't get what he sees in you
OK, lady I think you need to speak
to someone professional about
this. Maybe they can help you
workout those issues.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Seriously though, think about it.
Human beings are the number one
cause of destruction and mayhem to
themselves and this planet. Don't
you think you should all be
Well, I'm gonna go now. You take
care of yourself and make it home
Nick stands to walk away believing that the woman is crazy
but before he can take another step she grabs him by his
shoulder and throws him half way down the platform in to a
beam. As he is sliding down the beam she grabs him by the
What the fuck?
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Nick come own now, don't be rude.
Besides your very special to me,
in fact your so special I like to
introduce you to some of my family
members. Let them meet the man who
has stolen my heart.


She points towards the stairwell and two people come walking
down the steps turning into demons. They are walking towards
the woman and Nick, as Nick begins screaming in fear.
What the fuck!? Get the fuck off
me. Somebody help, help me please!
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Ah, come on Nicholas. I don't to
hurt you. Not yet anyway you have
something I want.
I don't have anything, I swear.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
Trust me you do you just don't
know it yet.
Gabriel arrived behind the two demons in his student form.
he called out to them and the women.
Let the boy go Lu.
The women changes to into a man with blonde hair and a
muscular build. He also had large eagle like wings. Nick is
shocked, confused and terrified all at once.
Gabriel, how I missed you little
Let the boy go.
Where is Michael?
I'm the one you should be worried
You know, you can't take me on.
Now walk away, before I have to
put you over my knee.
Wel you know I've always been a
little thick headed.


I've always warned you, This time
it will cost you. Get'em boys!
Lucifer orders the demons to attack Gabriel only for him to
disspatch them with ease, Gabriel then charges at Lucifer.
Lucifer turns around an grabs Gabriel sword with his
barehand and punches him in his stomach. This alows Nick to
get free and run out of the train station. Gabriel is
buckled from the impact of punch he fell onto the ground as
Lucifer taunts him. He places his foot over Gabriels head
and is pressing down on it as if he is going to crush it.
Then the old homeless man shows up again.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Hey, leave that young fella alone.
Why don't you pick on somebody
your own size.
      (Says to Gabriel)
Be right back.
Lucifer flys towards the old man with incredible speed and
is about to attack him with his sword when bright light
surrounds the old man and stops Lucifers attack. The light
dissipates and the old man turned into a young man with long
black hair.
Hello Michael, I was wondering
when you were going to show up.
You Okay Gabriel?
Just peachy.
Follow the kid and keep him safe,
I've got this.
Gabriel Vanishes Into then air.
You've got nothing.
What are you dong Lucifer?


What do you think, I'm gonna set
him free.
I can't let you do that.
Michael,Michael,Michael. It is
good to see you, but you look like
shit. You really wanna do this?
You can't have him Lucifer, your
going to destroy everything our
father created.
me remember.
I do remember, and as I recall you
betrayed him first an then wanted
me to join you.
You were the only one of our
siblings I respected, More than
Puriel. I thought if anyone could
understand me it would be you, but
what a disappointment you were.
So glad I could disappoint you.
Yea,yea I'm wasting precious time
so what do you say we get on with
it sha'll we.
After you.
Michael and Lucifer start fighting, trading blow for blow as
the train passes. Michael knocked Lucifer on the train
tracks. Lucifer unsheathed his sword and Michael knew he was
ready to get serious.
Did you forget the level chaos
Isaiah caused. You really want to
set him free, he will turn on you


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
when you stop being useful.
What's your point, this going to
I will stop you, even if I have to
kill you.
I would love to see you try.
Michael took out his sword and started attacking Lucifer.
Their swords Locked for a brief moment giving lucifer a
chance to grab Michael's sword and flip him unto the
opposite tracks just as a train pulled into the station. He
then flew up tunnel. Michael went inatngible and flew
through the train up the tunnel after Lucifer. Michael is
able to see Lucifer flying ahead of him and Lucifer turns
back to see Michael gaining on him.
Nick frantically runs into to his apartment slamming and
locking the door behind him. Suddenly phone rings and he
pulls it out of his pocket to answer it.
Hey Nick?
Hey Christee, what's up.
I'm fine, are you okay you sound a
little out of breath.
Me naw I'm fine.
Ok, well I just called to see if
your not busy tonight maybe you
would like to hangout.


You know Christee its not really a
good time.
Oh ok well maybe some other time
You know what, sure why not. What
did you have in mind.
I'm having a party over at my
place you should come.
Alright cool, I'll be there.
Great I'll text you the address.
Back in the tunnel Lucifer and Michael were fighting each
other. Suddenly they saw a train heading towards them.
Lucifer grab Michaels arm and hurled him at the oncoming
locomotive. Michael turns intangible again and flies right
through the train and proceeds to catch back up Lucifer.
Lucifer boarded the train and killed the conducter. He set
the train to maximum speed and the destroy the control
panel. Michael is flying frantically behind the train trying
to catch up to it. Lucifer emerges from the rear and taunts
You can chase me if you want but
something tells me you have a
train to catch.
I'll be seeing you real soon
Lucifer vanish and leaves Michael to catch the runaway
locomotive. Michael speeds all the way through the train a
second time and trys to get enough distance ahead of it. He
comes to a stop and braces himself for the impact. The train
smash into Michael as he catches it head on. Michael is
having trouble bringing the train to an immediate stop. The
train begins to slow but is still going at a dangerous
speed. As Michael enters 42nd Street station he plants his


feet enough to stop the train but it begins to derail
because of its momentum. Michaels eyes start to glow blue
and a blue aura surrounds the train and begins to right
itself back on the tracks. All the doors open on the train
an the passengers and other pedestrians rush to the front of
the train to see what happened. The front of the train is
damaged badly and Michael is no where to be found.
Nick is at the party and him and Christee are catching up on
old times. The he begins to tell her about what happen to
him but doesn't because he fears what she may think of him.
She knows something is wrong with him.
You ok Nick, you seem distant.
Yea I'm good.
You sure?
Actually I had a pretty weird
What happened.
I just got into some beef with
this guy. It was nothing though.
Are you ok?
I'm fine, I just walked away from
You did the right thing. You
should feel bad.
Oh I don't feel bad that guy would
have kicked my ass.
I'm glad he didn't.


Yeah me too. Umm thanks for
inviting me.
Yeah no problem, I was actually
throwing this party for my one of
my co workers. It's her birthday.
That's nice of you.
Not really I just needed an excuse
to drink. Also I get to keep the
food no one eats, which means I
don't have to go shopping for the
next couple of days. So I win.
Alright Charlie Sheen, you slick.
I was valedictorian.
Umm, I really should get going. I
got to get up in the morning.
Ahh man you suck, at least stay
for the cake.
I would but if I'm late to work
tomorrow my boss will lose is
Alright well, call me tomorrow.
Knowing what happened Nick rushes back home to his apartment
and locks the door. Turns on the lamp on his nightstand, and
there's two men in his apartment waiting for him. Nick is
startled to see these two men that he goes to run out of his
apartment but before he touches the door he is
telekinetically thrown across the room into his chair.


Hello Nicholas.
Who are you and what are you doing
My name is Zachariel and this is
my brother Uriel. Don't worry were
not going to hurt you.
Ok, so why are you here.
Your kind of big deal kid, so were
hear to make sure nothing happens
to you.
Nick stares at them confusingly and disbelief.
Ok, Zachariel was it. Tell me
something how did I go flying back
to my chair like that? Did you do
Yes, I did. You see me and my
brothers are angels of the mighty
lord, Jehovah.
Jehovah, as in god?
Yes, the almighty himself.
Let me ask another question, what
happen to me in the subway station
did you know about that too?
We did.
And those guys were with you?


Yes they are. Well, except for the
one who attack you. He's the
reason why we are even down here.
What do you mean?
What do you think he means? We are
angels from heaven and we are here
to protect you.
Yea I got that part, but why do I
need protecting.
The lady that attack you is
Lucifer and he wants you.
But why?
You don't need to know right now
just let us do our job, and this
will all blow over.
You got to be shitting me. What
the hell don't you mean " I don't
need to know". I'm the one in
danger apparently and you two
assholes can't give me any answers
is that what your telling me.
Then I'm done with you, get the
hell out my apartment before I
call the cops.
We can't let you do that.
Oh yea, watch me.
Nick pulls out his cell phone and dials 911, the operator
piks up and it's Zachariel voice on the phone.


Hello 911.
Hang up the phone Nick, stop
making this hard.
Fine then I'm leaving.
How you gonna do that and you
can't move.
Nick is frozen in place unable to move. He can't believe
that this is real, so he tries to rationalize what's
happening on him to being drugged.
I must be dreaming, that's it. I
must be somewhere unconscious,
this all a dream. That asian kid
must have hit me harder than I
Actually Gabriel was holding back,
if he it you hard enough you
wouldn't have a head anymore.
You shut up, you guys aren't even
really here, this all just a
figment of my imagination.
Kid trust me, we are real,
everything that happend to you
today is real, Everythng you saw
is real.
Listen I don't know what I saw.
I'm pretty sure it was some sort
reaction from the blow to my head
that is causing these
You know it's quite funny how
humans react to things they don't


Isn't though.
Find so you don't believe us. I'll
show you.
Zachariel takes his coat off revealing two big wings on his
back. He walks over to Nick and hugs him tight, Nick closed
his eyes. When he opened them again he looks around to find
himself and Zachariel hovering next to the empire state
building. Zachariel then push Nick off him and Nick begins
to fall rapidly towards the ground. He's screaming at the
top of his lungs as he nears the ground, Zachariel is
laughing as he watches Nick fall. Nick his about to hit the
ground when he suddenly grab by Zachariel and teleported
back to his apartment. Nicks is shaking from the shock of
almost dying so Uriel makes him a cup of tea calm him down.
Hear you go, drink up.
So you really are angels, and this
is not a dream.
Right, and we're Archangels to be
Whats the difference?
We are far more powerful than the
rest of the Heavenly host, but
their are only seven of us. You'll
meet the rest shortly.
Why didn't they come with you
They are on patrol, gathering
intelligence from any sources they
can find.
Sources like who, who else knows
about you guys.


Demons, they are out interrogating
demons for information.
Oh, ok. Do the demons usually talk
to you guys.
Not usually, not until we apply a
little pressure. Even still it's
very rare for a demon speak
against their master. We get lucky
25% of the time.
And their master is Lucifer?
If they are so loyal to him, why
does he allow them to be tortured.
Not saying what you guys are doing
isn't for the greater good, but he
doesn't care about them.
Kid you're talking about the
devil, he cares for no one not
even himself. Besides he sees them
as expendable, his demon army is
around 10 billion.
How many angels are in heaven?
5 billion, each angel is about as
strong as a demon. Which is why we
try to do most of the dirty work.
An archangel can take out hundred
demons without breaking a sweat,
and we try not to call our
brothers unless Michael deems
reinforcements absolutely
Nick try and get some sleep we
will try and answer any questions
you may have tomorrow.


Wait, I got to go to work in the
morning. Are you guys going to
follow me there too.
Actually, called your boss a
little while ago and quit.
Uh, no I didn't.
No you didn't, I did.
What!? Why the hell would you do
that. I needed that job my rent is
due in two weeks.
Don't when this is all over we can
get you your job back, right now
it's not safe for you to be around
innocent people. You just have to
trust us.
Alright, I guess I could use a day
Lilith walks into the lot stands there. Lucifer shows up
behind her and she turns to converse with him.
How did it go.
My brothers aren't going to make
this easy.
I didn't expect they would but
they are still no match for you.
True, all of them will be dealt
with in time, although killing
Michael shall be quite difficult.


What will be our next move.
Go back under and await my orders.
Right now if I know my brothers
they will have the target guarded.
Getting to him will quite be a
task on it's own.
I'm not to worried about that, I
trust you can handle it. We have
to keep the pressure on so we can
find the key. We don't need to let
up for a moment.
Nick wakes up in his chair and automatically thinks he was
dreaming again. He looks around and doesn't see anyone and
leans back in relief and close his eyes.
Are you well rested?
Nick opens his eyes and see Uriel and Zachariel standing in
front of him holding a bag of food and coffee.
I thought I was probably dreaming
again. Where did you guys go?
We got bagels and coffee, thought
you might be hungry.
Yeah thanks. Do you guys want any?
Oh we don't eat.
Really? Not at all?


Really, we don't possess any
bodily functions or primal urges
you humans may take for granted.
So, what's on the agenda today.
We wait for Michael and the
Well when are they gonna get here
I'm tired of just sitting here.
Well, standup then.
Don't mind him, he just doesn't
like playing bodyguard.
I can relate, I remember when I
used to have a job in security. I
didn't like it but it pays the
Nick gets a call on his cell phone, it's Christee on the
Hey Christee whats up.
I was just calling to see if
you're not doing anything after
work, maybe you wanna hangout.
Yea sure, and actually I have the
week off.
Really, I thought you had to work.


I actually forgot that I had I was
on vacation, I been really
stressed out lately.
I knew something was wrong with
you last night. I'm on my lunch
break right now, but how about I
swing by so we can talk.
Before he can answer, Uriel shook his head no, Nick
begrudgingly excepts Uriel's decision.
I'm sorry Christee I gonna have to
take a rain check on that I'm
feeling a little under the
If your sick I could stop by and
bring you some soup.
Thanks but.....
Nick cell phone began to mess up, he was hearing static on
the phone and then it turned itself off.
Our brothers are here.
Where are they?
There is a knock at the door and Zachariel opens it to
reveal the college student who attack him, the homeless man
from this morning, a black janitor who works at the school,
and Alvin the new security guard. They all transformed to
reveal themselves as archangels. The college student is
Gabriel, The janitor is Raphael, Alvin is actually Azrael,
and the homeless man is Michael their leader.
It's good to formally meet you


My name is Michael, and you
already know Zachariel and Uriel.
Yea, Great Guys.
Allow me to introduce Gabriel the
one who saved you in the subway.
This Raphael and Azrael who you
may know as Alvin.
Why were you guys in disguise?
We had to get close to you without
drawing attention to ourselves,
Humans aren't ready to know about
the existence of celestial beings.
Oh, uh Gabriel was it.
Hi Gabriel, Nice to meet you. Let
me ask you a question, If you guys
are supposed to be protecting me
why did you punch me in the face?
What I did was to protect you,
those two cops who came to take
you away were demons. I made them
take away instead by attacking
them in public. They were also
keeping a low profile.
So what happen to them?
They were disposed of, but I would
like to apologize for striking
you. Had to make it look real.
Let's get down to it. Nick you are
being targeted.


Targeted? By who?
Lucifer, our fallen brother. Which
is why we are here, all of hell is
out to get you and they will stop
at nothing until they have. You
must be protected at all times.
What does Lucifer want with me?
I cannot say. All I can tell is he
hasn't set foot on earth in over
3000 years. Now he's not even
trying to hide his presence here,
so you can understand the amount
of danger you and everyone on this
planet is in.
I understand, but why can't you
say what it is?
I can't say because I do not yet
know if we can trust you, but we
have our orders so we have a job
to do.
How can i be important if you
don't trust me with the reason
Don't worry In time you may gain
my trust. See I have a great
respect for humans because are you
capable of anything.
Insurmountable evil or
Immeasurable compassion.
I feel like I'm on a merry go
round. Let's try this again, Why
do you you think that I'm


In time we will reveal the truth,
but until this all blows over I
need you to trust us. We'll keep
you safe.
You want me to trust you! How do
you want me to trust you when you
can't trust me.
We are Archangels, we are
absolute, we don't fear humans so
their is no need for us to be
untrustworthy. If we meant you any
harm we would have just told you,
and what could you do to stop us?
Your right I couldn't do anyhing
to stop you, but you haven't shown
me much. You haven't told me jack
shit and you send the goon squad
to keep me prisoner in my own
home, you were practically
stalking me without my knowledge.
And then you spew bullshit about
how archangels are not
untrustworthy. Your entire
operation is built on mistrust.
You want cooperation, you want
trust, then start by giving some.
Nick you are not a prisoner, you
can leave this apartment anytime
you want to. We will give space,
but like I said we have our
orders. So we will be around.
Why are you letting me go all of a
We are the good guys, besides it
will draw our enemies out of
hiding if they thought we backed
So now I'm bait.


Would rather us keep you in the
house at all times.
No, I'm good.
Nick leaves Is apartment to go see Christee at work.
It's around 3:30 In the afternoon and school is over. Nick
stands out front of the building to suprise Christee. She
exits with a co worker and they part as she walks towards
Excuse Ms Shapero, could you heip
me with my math homework.
I teach english.
Oh, well I speak english pretty
darn good if you ask me.
I'm sure you do, so I see your
feeling alot better.
Yeah it must have been one of the
those 24 hour bugs going around.
Anyway I just stop by to see if
you would like to get a cup of
coffee or something.
Um, sure I have time.
Great, is there something nearby?
I know a place.


So what's it like being a teacher?
You how you hear alot of people
say that it's one of the most
rewarding jobs to have.
Well it is pretty rewarding, to
have young people who look up to
you. I'm passing on all my
knowledge to the next generation.
As much as the semester will allow
So you really like it uh, That's
not suprising.
What do you mean.
Your back in your element, you
used to be the smartest girl in
school and now your dedicated
teacher. That's amazing
And rare I might add. It's just
nice to have something your
passionate about and then to be
able to share it with other
Honestly, I used to have a little
crush on you.
Well why didn't you ever say
anything to me.
What do you mean why, you were the
smartest most popular girl in
school. I was intimidated.


I guess I can understand that, I
am pretty spectacular.
Oh well, I don't know about all
that, naw I'm just kidding. You
were pretty great.
So I guess your feeling pretty
confident now uh.
Yea, you can say that. I had this
weird dream last night.
Really, what was it about?
I was being protected by the
archangel Michael because Lucifer
was after me and the scary part is
I didn't know why.
Wow, that's kind of weird dream. I
usually dream about the zombie
apocalypse or an alien invasion,
but that's because I'm really into
sci-fi and fantasy. Are you a
religious nut or something?
No of course not, are you?
My parents are, and they tried to
force me to be but I just had to
do my on thing.
Well, I'm not a religious nut.
Don't get me wrong I believe in a
higher power whether that be god,
budda, allah. It's just the dream
I had freaked me out that's all.
All the people I know who say they
believe in god also believe that
the devil is real and he does bad
things to good people or he makes


                       CHRISTEE (cont'd)
good people do bad things to other
people. I don't think that's true,
I think maybe the devil is just
misunderstood and he needs some
sort of guidance. He also probably
feels betray.
Now you sound like the religious
I know but ust think about your
dream for a second, you don't know
why Luicfer was chasing but you
assumed it was for something bad.
He could have been trying to save
you from Michael.
Wow, you almost sound like one
those satan worshippers. do you
really think the devil is actually
a good guy in disguise.
Of course not I'm simply saying to
think of all the angles, the
outcomes, all the theories. If
someone said you killed an old
woman and everyone believe it, it
doesn't make it true. It makes you
falsely accused. There is always
hundred theories on why something
is the way it is but people refuse
to look for them which is one of
the main reason why America is
last in education compared to the
rest of the world. We refuse to
ask questions simple as that.
I get what your saying, we
shouldn't just except what ever is
front of us as the truth but this
is the devil were talking about.
I know and he would probably
murder you, me, and both our
families all because he was bored,
and also he could be humanities
savior. You have to forgive me for


                       CHRISTEE (cont'd)
getting so intense I try to get my
students to be free thinkers and
to ask questions, I guess some of
that passion just spilled over
into our conversation
I wasn't trying upset you, I just
wanted to know what you thought.
What do think about what I
I think you have a lot of passion,
and I hink that's why our such a
great teacher. Even if your
students can't see it.
Thanks, I appreciate that.
What if I think angels are real
and not only are they real but
I've seen them.
Then I'd say to you Nicholas you
need to lay off the acid.
Oh that's rich, you should do
stand up your so funny.
Seriously, don't know about how
everyone else would react but I
would keep an open mind.
Nick considered telling Christee what happened to him but
after thinking about it he thought it would be best not to
say anything.
You know what, it was just a
dream. It didn't mean anything.


All dreams mean something, it's a
question of do you have the
courage to figure it out?
I guess your right.
Of course I'm right, I am the
teacher anyway. It's getting late
and I still have H.W to grade, I
better get out of here.
I'll walk you, if you don't mined.
That's sweet, but I'm a big girl
and besides I don't want you going
out of your way.
It's no trouble at all really, I
want to take you home.
Alright then, let's get outta
Cool, let me go pay the bill.
Across the diner at the counter the cashier stares at Nick
as he walks towards him. Nick pays the bill and then leaves
with Christee. The cashier watches them as they exit.
Later Nick and Christee show up to her apartment. She
Invites Nick upstairs,puts on some music, and fixes herself
and nick a drink.
Thought you had papers to grade.
I do but one drink won't hurt, I
need to unwind after a long day.
I can understand that.


You can help me unwind, If it's
not to much trouble
Not at all.
Nick and Christee started making out hot and heavy. They
then move into her bedroom where they finally have sex. A
few hours go by Nick gets out of her bed gets dress gives
her a kiss on her forehead and leaves her apartment quietly.
Nick leaves the Building and begans to walk down the street
and turns up and alley when the cashier from the diner shows
up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. When Nick turns
around the guy hit him with an uppercut that sent him flying
into a wall. The Cashier slowly approaches him as he
stumbles to his feet and he grabs Nick by the throat and
starts choking him.
      (Demonic Voice)
Where are is Michael and his bird
men now? Look at you weak, squirmy
things. Like roaches so easy to
Nick is frantically gasping for air until he finally passes
out. The demon starts laughing and then a there is a
snapping sound that can be heard as well as the demons
laughter being turn to painful screaming. Nick's hand is
gripping the demons wrist with immense force. Nick raises
his head and opens his eyes to reveal they are glowing red.
      (Loud Voice)
Release me stain.
What are you?
You don't have the right to know
Nick Breaks the demons arm off and disintegrates him with a
flashing light coming out of his palm.
      (Shouts in Loud


Nick then passes Out.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
About an hour Later He awakes in his bed and overhears
Michael and the other angels discussing him. He stands by
his bedroom door to eavesdrop on the conversation.
Nick's had an episode last night.
It's getting to dangerous to leave
him alone.
How can we guard him properly if
the human doesn't trust us.
Michael, we have to tell him what
he is. Maybe if he new he would be
more excepting of our help.
You know why we can't do that. If
he found out, he might turn on us
and we wouldn't stand a chance
against him, and with that
magnitude of power it would prove
to intoxicating for him. We can't
take that chance.
Michael is right. Lucifer
escalating his efforts, and with
that little stunt he pulled with
that demon he's more than certain
that Nick is the vessel. War is
coming and The human would be a
dangerous adversary should he turn
on us.
He could also prove to be a
powerful allie if given the
chance. We maybe able to finally
see our father, He could finally
put an end to Lucifer constant
attempts to bring about the


Gabriel, we must not be selfish.
Keeping Isaiah contained is more
important than what we want. We
have our orders and they must be
We all have to agree to Keep Nick
in the dark about what he is, at
least until I decide when it's
time for him to know.
Nick is shocked and confused about what he over heard that
he climbs out his window down the fire escape. He's going to
clear his head. He went to his old neighborhood to visit his
mother so he can confide in her.
Nick enters his mothers home and she is fast asleep. He goes
into the kitchen to get a drink of water. He turns on the
faucet and his mother screams out.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Who's in my kitchen? I have a gun
and I'm prepared to blow your
goddamn head if you don't get out
my house.
      (Shouts back)
Mom it's me Nick.


Nick's mother comes into kitchen in a wheelchair. She is
paralyzed from the waist down. Nick gives her a hug and a
kiss on the cheek.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Nicky it's 3:00 in the morning,
are you alright.
Yea, I'm okay ma. How you doin?
                       NICK'S MOTHER
I won't lie, I've been better. You
sure your alright, you look like
you seen a ghost.
Mom what if you heard that the
people who your supposed to trust
are keeping secrets from you. How
would you handle that?
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Who are these people Nicky, I hope
your not mixed up in something
illegal. I don't need anymore
stress than I already have.
Mom, I swear to you it's nothing
to be worried about, I just needed
a little advice.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
If it's nothing to be worried
about then what the hell are you
doing here At 3:00 in the morning,
this shit couldn't have waited
until later.
Mom, I have these friends and I
think they're into something and
they won't tell me what. Now I
maybe caught up in the middle of
it and i still don't know what's
going on.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
What's been happening to you
lately, is it serious, do you need
money? I swear Nick if you went
out and got yourself caught in
that drug nonsense you are on your


                       NICK'S MOTHER (cont'd)
Jeez mom, I said don't worry. You
really would leave me alone if I
was on drugs.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Boy, you been drinking again, you
damn right. I don't have time to
be paying people money you owe.
You know what nevermind, How are
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Other than the fact that I can't
walk, I'm good.
Yeah, I can tell your and absolute
ray of sunshine.
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Don't sass me, I'm still your
I'm just kidding, Hey mom for what
it's worth...
                       NICK'S MOTHER
Stop right there, I know what your
going to say and you don't have
to. I love you and this is not
your fault.
How can you be so upbeat after
what happen?
                       NICK'S MOTHER
I have faith in the lord,
everything happens for a reason.
This all part of gods plan.
God's plan, his plan is a little
jacked up if you ask me.


                       NICK'S MOTHER
Now I know you been drinking,
don't be speaking ill of the lord.
He is the only thing in this
universe that can be called
perfect. Come help me back in the
bed. You can go sleep on the couch
if you want to, just don't wake up
your brothers and sisters.
Thanks, but I better be going.
I'll see later mom and I love you.
Nick walks outside and begins quietly praying. When he
finishes he looks up toward the moon to see the silhouette
of a man with wings as he descends towards the ground in
front of nick. It is Michael Nick prayed to.
I would like to apologize to you,
I didn't take into account of how
overwhelming this whole ordeal
would be for you.
Enough okay, just cut the shit.
Until you tell me the truth stay
the hell away from me.
I cannot do that Nick.
Oh really and why's that?
Look behind you.
Nick turns around and see four old lady's walking on walkers
towards him and Michael.
So it's just some old lady's,
what's the big deal?
It's a little to late for them to
be out.


Maybe their going to church.
Look your in danger, so walk
slowly towards me away from your
families house?
Nick sees the look Michaels face so he and Michael start
walking up the block towards the corner. He turns back to
see the old women drop their walkers and start running
towards them on all fours like dogs.
Go! I'll hold them off.
What about you?
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine
Nick Takes off running and Michael is left to fight the four
demons alone. Nick runs around the corner and sees four more
demons standing there waiting for him. So he turns and runs
in the opposite direction but there are another pack of
demons coming towards him. He's being backed into the middle
of the intersection, so he decides to take off straight up
the block, but before he can make any distance a tall black
man is standing there with a dagger in his hand.
We've been looking for you. Do you
know how difficult you are to
What do you want with me?
My name is Baal, and I don't want
you my boss does. If it weren't
for him you would be spam right
now, but he has something special
in store for you.
Special? Like what?
Uh-uh Nicky boy, we wouldn't want
to ruin the suprise.


Look you clearly got the wrong
guy, I'm just a security guard who
used to have drinking problem.
My dear Nicholas your so much more
than that, You have something
that's precious to us and we just
want it back.
I don't know what you think I
might have, but i can assure you
that I don't have anything that
belongs to you or Lucifer.
Not anything you know about but
don't worry you'll find out soon
enough, Take him.
Baal commanded the demons to take Nick away, and as they
charged at him Raphael, Azrael, Gabriel appear to stop them.
Hello Baal. Looking a little pale.
Everyone's a comedian all of a
sudden. Gabriel I don't have time
for this, leave before we make you
Thirty more demons appear behind Baal and Michael shows up
behind Gabriel after finishing off the other demons.
Baal, long time.
Michael do you ever think you
would let your younger brothers
fend for themselves. Your like and
over protective mother deer. Time
to let little Bambi grow up.
Baal snaps his fingers and even more demons show up
surrounding Nick and the four angels. It looks close to 100
demons. Michael walks over to Nick and puts his hand on his


Actually I'm not staying, I'm a
little tired. Gabriel, you got
Sure Michael, see you later.
Michael vanishes with Nick as the other three angels prepare
to lay waist to the demons.
You got them?
Gabriel and Baal are in the air fighting as the hordes of
demons rain down on Azrael and Raphael. The demons are
formidable but the angels resolve is unwavering. The demons
numders dwindle rapidly as Baal is going blow for blow with
Gabriel. Azrael and Raphael pause in middle of the battle
asses the situation and have playful banter between
What's the number?
It's about 55 Left? I got 23 and
you got 22.
What are you talking about I got
the last one.
Nooo, I got the last one.
Tell you what, will start from
zero and finish up. Loser cleans
the winner's weapon after the
Bet, keep track of your own score.
Azrael and Raphael start fighting again, Baal knocks Gabriel
down to the ground and places his foot on his chest.


Come on Gabriel, I thought the
power of and Archangel was strong
enough to rival Lucifer's.
You're Mistaken, your thinking of
my brother Michael. While it is
true I'm weaker than him and
Lucifer, trust me I'm a hell of a
lot stronger than you.
Oh really, this was the most
pathetic battle I ever had. What
the hell have you been doing all
this time.
Stalling, Take Him
Azrael and Raphael appeared next to Baal and grab each of
his arms and disappeared. Gabriel disappeared seconds later,
Lilith showed up afterwards in the middle of a the street
filled with dead demons as they caught flames and melted
away to nothing. She pulls her cell phone out to make a
You're right, They took the bait.
We'll progress to the next phase.
Lilith Disappears.
Baal has been captured for interrogation and is being held
at a secret location. The other angels are their keeping and
eye on him until Michael gets there. Michael is at Nick's
apartment talking to Nick about the events from last night.
Baal knows where Lucifer is and
what he's planning and I'm going
to go find out what. I need you to
stay hear until I get back.
Michael, He said that I have
something precious of their's.
That I'm special, you got to tell
me what the hell is going on.


Stay here and I'll tell you
everything when I get back. I
What if they show up here?
They won't I put a cloaking spell
on your apartment so as long as
the doors and windows stay closed
you will remain hidden.
It almost sounds like you don't
want me to leave here either.
I don't want you wandering around.
Your to valuable and if they find
it may be the end of us all.
What about my mom or Christee they
are still in danger.
They're safe I sent Zachariel and
Uriel to secure them.
Do they know about what's going
on? About the demons or you guys.
No, I made sure to be discreet.
Your family and Christee are being
guard by the holy garrison. A
special group of angels who were
trained by me personally and who
were next in line to become the
next generation of archangels.
How is that discreet?
Your family thinks your cousins
came from the south and that
they'll be staying for a month.


What if this thing last longer
than a month?
Don't over think things we got
this under control.
Michael Left and it started thundering outside and then it
started raining. Nick has been in the house all day becoming
really anxious. He decides to go to bed. Nick begins having
really vivid dreams of him standing in a huge field watching
two men having a battle of epic proportions. The dreams
almost seem like memories. These men didn't look like angels
or demons, but they had a strong resemblence to one another.
One man had long white hair and a white elongated beard and
the other man's feature were exactly the same except the
hair color was black. It look like a classic battle of good
verse evil. Then the black hair man is attack by angel and
he grabs his sword pulls it from him and stabs the angel
with it. Then Nicks sees Gabriel and Michael rush to the
dying angels side to cradle him as he turns into a white
light that recedes into the sword that was sticking out of
him. Them Nick sees Michael and Lucifer fighting each other.
Nick calls out to Michael but his mouth cannot make a sound.
He then walks up a nearby hill a looks out over a lower
valley and he sees millions of angels fighting against other
angels. Nick realizes he is watching the war in heaven and
hears a loud ringing sound that jolts him awake. It's
Christee calling him.
Hey beautiful.
Hey, did I wake you?
Nope, I was already up. Whats
going on?
Couldn't sleep, I have some family
visiting right so they're a bit of
a hand full, Plus the rain has got
it so humid and I'm kinda sticky.
Oh really, maybe I can come over
there and help you get to sleep.


I'd like that, But how about I
come over there?
Over here, I uuhh...don't know if
that's a good Idea.
What's the matter, you ashamed of
your place?
No it's not that, I just think
that it's getting late and you
shouldn't be out by yourself
especially in this rain.
Nick I'm a big girl with a
Umbrella, I'll just hope in a cab
and be right over. It's no big
I guess it's okay, I'll text you
the address.
Alright, I'll see you later.
Don't take too long.
Oh I won't.
Michael arrives at the location where Baal is being held.
Azrael, Raphael, Uriel, Zachariel, are all outside of an
abandon building guard it. They are in the middle of nowhere
with no one around for miles so as to not draw attention to
their activities.
Where's Gabriel?
Inside with Baal.


I am not to be disturbed. If
anybody comes along get rid of
Yes Michael.
Get in to character.
Michael enters the building and the rest of the angels
transform into Homeless people to look more inconspicuous.
Michael goes down some steps into the basement to the
backroom of the basement and sees Baal sitting tied to a
chair. Gabriel is in a chair by the door wacthing him
                                         BASEMENT IN BUILDING
Has he said anything?
Not a word.
I expected as much, he has trained
himself to withstand a great deal
of pain and torture. He is
fiercely loyal Lucifer so we may
not get anything from him, but it
never hurts to try.
Why can't I break out of these
Because we are in the basement of
a church. All your demonic powers
are being stifled. Now do you have
any information for me?
Let me think, how about you go
fuck yourselves.
Michael stands in front of Baal and holds his hand up until
it starts glowing he then leans forward placing his hand on
Baal's shoulder. A sizzling sound can be heard from
Michael's palm and Baal starts to scream in agony. Michael
is burning Baal and his screams are being muffled by


Gabriels hand over his mouth. Michael stops and continues to
question him.
What is Lucifer Planning? Has he
found the key?
Go to hell, and ask him when you
get their.
Michael touches him again and Baal shouts out again, Gabriel
once again muffles his mouth. Michael let's him go once more
to question him.
Has he found the key?
Eat shit bird boy.
Michael places both of his hands on Both of Baal shoulders
and continues to burn him. He's repeat shout the question
"Has he found the key". Baal isn't breakng and Gabriel
notices that Michael will eventually kill him. Gabriel tries
to pull Michael off of Baal before he kills him.
Michael that's enough. That's
enough you're going to kill him.
Good, at least I'll be satisfied.
What will your satisfaction
accomplish? We still need to find
out where Lucifer is and what he's
Let talk to you.
Michael and Gabriel walk over to corner of the room to
confer with each other.
I don't think Lucifer has the key
Michael I don't even think he
knows it's location.


How can you be so sure of that?
Think about if he had it he would
have destroyed you already,
instead it seems as if he is
dragging this conflict out. What I
don't understand is why?
Baal Starts laughing at Michael and Gabriel's efforts and
proceeds to mock.
That was pathetic! Is that all you
winged fairies got, because if it
is you better pack it up go home.
Keep talking, I've got all night.
Sure you do, I'm actually hoping
you boys come back over because I
got this terrible itch on my back
that I need you to scratch.
You think this is game, Lucifer
doesn't give damn about you. As
soon as he's done with you he will
toss you aside like a used
Yea maybe, but I don't care what
happens to me. As long as my boss
get what he wants i can die with
smile on my face. Besides I from
the ninth circle of hell and they
breed us big and nasty down there,
but you'll get see that in bit.
What are you talking about?
I hope you didn't think that I
would let you kidnap willing
without some back up.
He has reinforcements coming.


They're already here.
Michael and Gabriel hear their Brothers outside fighting
Let's go.
What about him?
He's not going anywhere.
Michael runs out the door first and Gabriel goes to exit the
room but the door close in his face. Baal breaks out of the
ropes and stands up.
Where the fuck do you think your
going? We got unfinished business.
I was just thinking the same
Michael Comes outside to find his brothers fighting a swarm
of Demons. Raphael sees Michael and shouts at him.
It's an ambush.
Michael goes to help his brothers but before he could
Lucifer appears and punches him in face the knocking him
into a tree cause it to fall over. The building explodes and
Gabriel is thrown from the wreakage by Baal. Michael looks
over at Gabriel and to see him on the ground and then he
yells at him.
Gabriel! Get up and fight!
You should worry about yourself,
Never took you for the one to give
out Cheap shots, But then again
you always did disappoint me.


I'm so glad to disappoint you
always thought you were better
than me anyway.
Really, you were the one who was
always so full of himself.
Lucifer ran up and punches Michael in the gut which made him
drop to his knees. Michael then counters with an uppercut to
Lucifer's which knocks in the air. Two other high level
demons show up to the fight to help take on the angels.
After the angels wipe out most of the demon horde the other
two demons start fighting them and they prove to be more
formidable opponents than the average demons. They each pick
one of the angels they want to fight.
Raphael, It's really great to see
Raum Last time I saw you were
rotting away in the ninth circle.
Looks like Lucifer must be pretty
desperate enlist the help of
bottom feeders like you and your
Whatever our father wants our
father gets, but you haven't
change a bit. Your still one of
Michael's little bitches.
Following his every command and
for what. In the end you have to
know we will be the ones coming
out on top. Enough talkng for now
let's get to it sha'll we.
Raum and Raphael are fighting while, Gabriel and Azrael are
fighting Asmodeus and Baal. Uriel and Zachariel are fighting
the fighting demon horde. Michael and Lucifer are still
fighting each other.
I always new you were all brawn
and no brains, but this is
ridiculous. I'm always one step
ahead of you Michael so this whole
resistance is pointless. Join me
at Isaiah side and we will rule


                       LUCIFER (cont'd)
over all of Heaven and Hell.
Join you! I'm not like you
Lucifer, I'm not going to turn my
back on my family no matter what.
Funny how you think I turn my back
on my family, Because as i recall
it Jehovah turned his back on us.
How we were forced to worship the
humans, they were the first
mistake in a long list of mistakes
that Jehovah has made that I can
never forgive. We are perfect in
everyway and yet we were cast
aside like we didn't even matter
to him.
So you decided to betray your
father and join Isaiah. Did you
care about us at all, did you care
about what he did to Puriel.
You can't make and omelet without
breaking a few eggs. I went to
Puriel and asked him to join me as
well, he also refused but now I
but you he wish he hadn't. Did I
care of course I cared but I gave
him a way out and he didn't take
it, that's no ones fault except
his own.
I feel sorry for you brother, We
all loved you. You were our family
once and look how far you have
fallen from our father's grace.
the vessel my father sha'll be
free to rule and we will rain down
destruction on everything Jehovah
holds dear.


Keep living this fantasy, you will
never have the vessel.
Don't be so sure about that,
remember I've always have a trick
or two up my sleeve.
Lilith is standing in Nick's living room talking to him
about what she came for.
Let's just say you have something
I'm looking for. Something my boss
really wants to get his hands on.
Who's your boss lady?
You know tall, blonde hair, wings,
carries around a sword.
Bingo, you get a gold star.
You work for Lucifer?
Right again?
How the fuck did you find me?
Believe me it wasn't and easy
task. We all had our part to play
even you.
What do you mean even me.
I almost feel sorry for your
species, but you all are actually
pretty stupid. Especially the


                       LILITH (cont'd)
human male who always thinks with
his dick instead of his brain.
Nick realizing she is talking about Christee assess that
they have her.
Where is she?
Don't worry about Christee you
should be worried about yourself.
You better have not laid a finger
on her.
You know I think Christee would
love to say hi. Christee Shapero
"Come on Down".
Lilith transforms into Christee and Nick is devastated to
find out that the woman he loved is a demon. Lilith starts
to make fun of him.
      (As Christee)
Ahh you look so sad, why is that?
I thought we had some fun, I mean
it wasn't all bad was it.
You wanted to get me alone all
this time, that's why you called
me asking to come over.
Pretty good bright boy.
What happen to the angels that
were supposed to be guarding you.
Those archangel rejects couldn't
hold a candle to me. At least they
did give me a good workout before
I finished them.
You're a sick bitch.


No, what was sick is what I did to
your mother.
No, you didn't.
I did, and I'll admit it was a fun
visit especially the part when we
disemboweled your little sisters
in front of their own mother. She
was so destroyed by what she had
just witnessed, but in the end
your mothers screams were like
hearing Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
As a matter of fact I think I have
my ipod if you wanna give it a
quick listen.
You sadistic demon bitch, I will
fucking kill. If it takes my very
last breath I will fucking end
Yeah Yeah, no need to get so
emotional. Your mother hated being
in that chair, I just did her a
Why didn't you take me before, we
were alone at your apartment you
could have taken me then. You
didn't have to murder my family.
      (As Christee)
I know sweety, of course I didn't
have. I wanted to, as for why I
didn't take you earlier the truth
is that I couldn't. Michael was
constantly watching your back, but
thanks to you being such a horny
little devil you jump at the
chance to come back to my place.
The cashier demon that attack me
was with you?


And we were all ready to go until
I saw Michael coming to the
rescue, So I hid. Then you
vaporized my partner before
Michael can have chance to do his
thing. I'm actually grateful that
he wasn't taken out by pigeon boy,
so thanks for that.
I vaporized him, How could that be
I was Unconscious. I don't
remember what happened after he
knocked me out. Besides how would
I even be capable of something
like that.
This isn't twenty questions and
your not on trial so don't worry
about it, It's water under the
bridge. Besides I can't wait to
see your face when Lucifer gets to
Why is he so certain I'm the one
he wants. How can I have something
that belongs to him if I don't
know what it is
Silly boy, you really don't know
do you?
No, nobody has told me a thing.
Wow those angels really have some
trust issues don't they?
What does that mean?.
It means they are scared of you
finding out about what's inside of
you, well inside your soul


My soul, what's inside my soul.
Power beyond your wildest
imagination. Think about it, with
all this fighting going on around
you and the existence of every
living creature on this planet
hanging in the balance. Where do
you think god is in all of this?
What are you talking about? Isn't
he heaven commanding the angel
You sure about that?
I'm not sure about anything, but
where else would he be?
I think you know.
Nick gets sense of realization and look of disbelief on his
That's right, The almighty himself
is trap inside of your soul. Don't
worry how we will get into details
later, because we really should be
going. Lucifer is gonna be
finishing up some business soon
and I really would love to have
his prize waiting for him when he
gets back.
Get away from me you evil bitch.
Now now, no need to act like that.
I'm the only one who was honest
with you about what's going on
around here. It was Michael and
the rest of those disloyal winged
freaks who lied to you. They are


                       LILITH (cont'd)
afraid of you and if they didn't
trust you enough to tell you the
truth. What does that say about
how they feel about you? Your like
an atomic bomb waiting to go off.
Get the hell away from me. I
rather die before I go anywhere
with you.
I'm not gonna kill you, But that
doesn't mean I won't make it hurt
a little.
Lilith snaps her fingers and two large demons in the form a
huge moving men come through his door and begin ruffing him
up. They pummel Nick until he pass out again. As the demons
pick him up Nicks is once again under some sort of
possession, but this time is eyes are glowing white. Lilith
notices this and informs her demon henchman to drop him.
Possessed Nick stands up as the demons are trying to escape,
Lilith gets away but the two low level demons aren't as
fast. Nick put his door back together and stood in front of
it blocking there escape. He forces them to revert back to
there demonic forms, then he puts his hands on their heads
and crushed them under an extreme invisible force which was
strong enough to blow out his windows. Their blood went
seeping everywhere, then possessed Nick snapped his fingers
and everything was magically fixed. After looking around at
what he has done he disappeared.
Possessed Nick appeared in the middle of the fight between
the angels and Lucifer and his horde of demons. Nick saw the
angels being overwhelmed by Lucifer's forces and he let out
loud yell which exploded all the low level demons and made
Lucifer and his high level demons cry in agony. Nick stop
screaming and Lucifer Looked at him.
My Son.


Lucifer and Baal Panicked and retreated out of fear of being
destroyed. After he healed the angel's the entity possessing
Nick faded and he passed out unconscious again. The angels
recovered his body and flew away.
Lucifer and the others return to hell and Lilith is there to
greet them. Lucifer is indifferent about how things are
going with their attempts to capture Nick. He then calls
Lilith over to him.
What Happened?
I did as you ask and all of a
sudden the power of Jehovah took
control of him. I fled before he
could kill me.
I expected my brothers wouldn't
make easy on us, but now this is
getting a little annoying. No
matter, we are going to focus our
efforts on finding the key. Did
you get what I need?
Lucifer grabs Lilith's hand and she collapsed to her knees
as if he absorb something from her.
It's time to move forward with our
plans. Baal I need you and the
other nine circle demons to
continue the assaults against my
It would be my pleasure.
Lilith your in charge while I'm
Thank you father, I won't let you


I know you won't, now I need you
to do one more thing for me.
Right away my lord, what is it?
Lucifer turns to her smiles.
Nick wakes up in a dressing room of sorts and sees fancy
robes as if he were in a church. He steps out into the main
and it is reveal to him he is in a church and the angels are
downstairs in the cafeteria. He remembers everything Lilith
told him goes to Michael to get answers.
I see your finally awake, it must
have took a lot out of you.
What must have took a lot out of
You don't remember anything?
I remember what Christee or Lilith
or whatever that demon bitch's
name was, I remember what she said
to me.
May I ask what she told you?
Let me answer that with another
question, Is god inside of me?
Stop, I've had enough of your
bullshit sand bagging, you said
you would tell me everything now
spill it.


Okay, but what I'm going to tell
you may be hard for you to hear.
Fine talk.
Are you familiar with the Book of
It mentions the War in heaven but
I can assure you it was more
horrifying than your bible let's
Yeah Lucifer and a bunch of
renegade angels rebelled against
God. God gets pissed at Lucifer
and you sent him to hell. That
doesn't explain how and why god
himself is inside of me.
That's partially true, Lucifer was
part of the rebellion but he
wasn't responsible for it. He did
betray our father because he
didn't agree with the fact that
humanity held god's favor. There
was another who was pulling his
strings, someone who could rival
Jehovah and if left unchecked
would one day become powerful
enough to over throw him.
Yeah, who was it?
Who the hell is Isaiah?
Pure Destruction, see Jehovah had
lost control of his wrathful side,
It began to manifest itself and


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
started to over come him.
Wrathful, like fire and brimstone,
that sort of thing.
He was becoming increasingly more
aggressive to the point where he
completely lost control of his
rage. He became worried of what
would happend if he was left
unchecked. So he did something
drastic, he cast out all that evil
from his being. It worked for a
time, he got better and became
more gentle and compassionate.
What drove him to the point of
being so angry?
You, humanity. The decadent,
lustful, greedy, murderous way you
were all living your lives. To
make matters worse your faith in
god was dwindling. He thought you
would eventually see the error of
your ways but you all refused to
repent. Then he burned sodom and
gomorrah from the face of the
earth and you still turned from
So humanity drove god to this.
He wasn't always like that which
is why I guess he couldn't control
his rage. It was then expelled
from his being thus purging him of
all rage.
Anyway Jehovah's Destructive side
began to take shape and manifested
into a being of pure evil. He came
to be know as Isaiah. Opposite to
Jehovah in everyway and just as
powerful. All of Jehovah's anger
for humanity became Isaiah's main


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
focus. He would have stopped at
nothing to bring about humanity's
destruction. Naturally Jehovah
wouldn't allow this. Which lead to
and all out war to prevent the
God fought for us?
Of course, we all did. We know you
have your individual flaws but
humanity as whole his capable
great things if givin a chance.
Isaiah was relentless in his
campaign. He created his army to
rival Jehovah's. Our eldest
brother Puriel was the original
general of the host of heaven
before me. He was also the first
to fall at the hands of Isaiah.
Isaiah killed your brother.
With his own weapon.
Lucifer went to Puriel and asked
him to join him in betraying
Jehovah and to join Isaiah's
cause. Puriel turned his back on
Lucifer and attack Isaiah by
himself. Puriel didn't stand a
chance. You see Luicfer always
hated humanity just as much as
Isaiah did but wouldn't dare
challenge our father because it
would be the end of him. He just
seized his opportunity when Isaiah
came into the picture.
Lucifer was our fathers favorite
son and he threw it all away
because he was spoiled. He
couldn't take it that god love you
all so much more than he.


Why didn't Jehovah just destroy
Isaiah From start.
He did but it was no use they were
to equal in strengh. full release
of their power on each other would
result in a cataclysmic event of
immense proportions.
Think about what would happen if
you combined matter and
anti-matter the size of a grain of
They react violently destroying
each other.
Also wiping out the eastern
seaboard. Now imagine if those
grains of rice were a 1000 times
bigger than the sun.
Instead of continuing the fighting
he decided to lockup Isaiah and
throw away the key, literally.
Where did he trap Isaiah?
Isaiah is lock away inside of you.
Inside of me, Let me get this
straight. God and his evil twin
are both locked inside of me.
Okay why?
Jehovah locked himself inside of
you to keep your soul from
becoming tainted by Isaiah's evil.
If Isaiah was left unchecked


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
inside of your body, you would
begin to become increasingly more
aggressive until Isaiah totally
takes control of you. He would
still be trapped but you would be
his puppet more powerful than all
of us combined. At least this way
his powers could lay dorment.
Why me, why did he choose me.
He didn't choose you he chose your
blood line. He chose a human whose
faith in him was undaunted. No
matter what happened he to him or
his family he believed in gods
love. It was this attribute which
mad him the perfect vessel to hold
the prison soul. As time went on
the soul was passed down through
the generations to carry Jehovah
and Isaiah as they layed dorment,
Until now that is. Look we realize
that this is an unfair burden to
put on anyone, but we had no other
choice it was either this or total
As a reward for their service to
heaven all vessels have a
guaranteed place in paradise for
all eternity once they pass on.
You guys are unbelieveble, but
it's one thing I don't understand
why did they wait until now to
make their move against me.
Anyone who the soul inhabited
would be cloaked. It's sort of
like the spell I put on your
apartment to keep ou safe and
undetected. We had know idea where
you were. Until the night of your
car accident.


What does that have to do with
Nick you never asked yourself how
can a minivan t-bone you on the
driver side door and you walk away
without scratch while your mother
was left paralyzed from the waist
I remember that night we were
driving home and turned down this
street as a shortcut. As soon as
the light turned green I was
blindsided. I never even saw the
driver. Me and my mother woke up
in the hospital. The police said
that I was lucky cause the door
flew off and I must have been
thrown from the car, but that's
all I remember.
You wouldn't remember because your
episodes only occur when physical
trauma renders you unconscious.
Allow me to show you.
Michael places his hand on Nicks head and shows him a vision
of the night of the car accident. Him and his mother are
driving home and Nick turns down a deserted street and stops
at a stop light as soon as the light turns green he is hit
by a minivan going full speed on the driver side door.
Michael then show him that the person who hit him was demon.
Lucifer didn't know where the
vessel was so he planted thousands
upon thousands of demons on earth
to search for you and for a
thousand years they've had no
luck. Until one demon decides he
wants to have a little fun on that
paticular night.
Then Michael shows Nick and his mother laying past out in
the wreck as the demon walk towards the car. As soon as the
demon is next to the car the door comes flying of knocking
the demon in back into a wall. Nick then emerges from the
car while being controlled by Jehovah. He then walks to the


opposite side of the car and reachs through the broken
window and touches his mothers forehead. They then disappear
and then reappear at the emergency room entrance of the
nearest hospital. Jehovah's power subsides and Nicks body
collapses just as a security guard exits the building to
find him and his mother laying there. The demon finds Nicks
wallet by the car then retreats from the scene of the
accident to report his findings to Lucifer.
It was just by happenstance that
the demon decided you be the one
he would try to kill that night.
It could have been anyone else but
it was you. From then on your
cover was blown, it was just a
matter of time before Lucifer made
his move. So we had to act fast.
That's when Raphael took the form
of the janitor at the school where
you worked and Gabriel went under
cover as the student. They kept
watch over you while searching for
any thing out of the ordinary.
So you guys have been were looking
out for me this whole time without
me knowing about it.
Yes, we would reveal ourselves to
you when the time was right.
It's all my fault, she said she
had a bad feeling and I just
ignored her.
You mean your mother.
If would have just listened when
she said go in the other direction
instead of trying to take a short
cut, we wouldn't even be in this
mess and my family would still be
We all have lost something to
Lucifer. Don't beat yourself up,
there is no way you could have


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
possibly know what was going to
happen to you let alone have
prevented it.
My mother didn't even blame me she
wasn't even mad at me. When she
woke up she was so worried that I
was hurt. She didn't even care
that she was injured as long as I
was okay. Now she's dead and I'm
all alone now.
Your not alone not as long as were
around. The best thing we could do
now is try to keep you safe. While
figuring out what Lucifer next
move is.
Even if Lucifer were to capture me
how can he set Isaiah free.
Think about it Nick, what opens a
A key, there is a key to set
Isaiah free.
Yes, and the key is actually a
sword that used to belong to the
strongest angel in all existence.
Puriel, Puriels's sword is the
Yes it is, if you were to be stab
with sword Jehovah and Isaiah
would be set free and the fighting
would start all over again. The
sword is also more than just a key
to the prison.
Puriels sword is the deadliest
weapon any angel or demon can
wield. Who ever holds the sword


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
will be endowed with all of
Puriels powers combining with
their own power making them the
strongest celestial being only
being outmatched by the gods
Does Lucifer know about this
Of course he knows about it and my
guess is he has been looking for
it which why he has been attacking
us head on. He's trying to keep us
of track.
If you know that then why aren't
we looking for it?
We have know idea where it is. the
only person who knows is Jehovah
and he currently unavailable.
Maybe there is away we can ask
How would we do that?
Let's knock me out.
It wouldn't work.
Why Not?
If we were to knock you out it be
no telling who would emerge. It's
a equal chance that Isaiah would
show up and we would have a hell
of a fight on our hands.


We have to try something, we can't
just sit around and do nothing
because of what might happen.
He's right we have to figure
something out because if we keep
going back and forth with Lucifer
innocent people will eventually
get caught in the cross fire.
What if we try meditation or
hypnosis would that be possible.
It may be worth a shot but we
still won't know who we are
dealing with until it's to late.
Do we have any other options?
We could interrogate one of
Lucifers many demons walking
around. Find out what he knows.
He would expect that. Chances are
he kept his minons in the dark.
I'm sure only he and his top guys
know and they have all gone into
hiding for the time being. Nick's
idea is the best way.
It's settled then but if we are
going to do this we are going to
this our way. So no one gets hurt.
Don't worry I'll be fine.
I wasn't talking about you. Okay
let's get started.
How are we going to do this?


I'm going to put you in a deep
trance, hopefully sense there is
not physical stimuli it will not
trigger a violent response. Once
your under I will be able to
navigate my way through mind to
access your soul. That is the
theory anyway. Just lay back and
take a deep breath. Relax and
listen to the calming sound of my
voice and count backward from 10.

Nicks asleep and Gabriel begins probing his mnd for answers.
Goodluck Gabriel.
What is Gabriel doing?
He's gonna attempt to navigate to
the depths of his soul to speak
with Jehovah. We have to remain on
alert. Right now Gabriel is at his
most vunerable and could be lost
forever if he isn't careful.
Michael and the other angels watch over Gabriel as he
circumvents Nick's soul. We see Gabriel inside Nick's soul
which is a void of floating mirrors and each mirror projects
a images of his memories, desires, ideas, even his fears. At
the center of this void is a floating piece of land with a
huge maze on it. Gabriel sets down in front of the maze an
notices how massive it is. The walls tower over him at least
100 stories. Gabriel goes to fly over the wall but he can't
because his wngs are gone and the rest of his angelic powers
are gone as well.
Aw well, looks like I'm gonna have
to do this the old fashion way.


Gabriel proceeds forth into maze and the entrance closes
behind him. He walks further and sees dark angels
materialize out of walls.
Looks like father installed a few
suprises. Without my powers this
is gonna be tuff.
The makeshift angels charge in to attack Gabriel and even
though he is without his powers his superior fighting
ability proves quite effective. He's able to dispatch them
with ease and proceeds through the labyrinth. Back in the
real world Hours have past and Gabriel and Nick are still in
he same spot.
It's been six hours what's taking
him so long?
We have to patient, Gabriel will
find out what we need to know.
Back in Nicks soul we see Gabriel fighting a horde of demons
and angels together. He's struggling to keep them off of him
as he frantically makes his way through the passsage way. As
he's running he notices a large canyon in the middle of the
corridor. Just as he is about to hit the edge he grabs onto
one the angels leg as they fly over the canyon and the
demons fall into it. He and the angel are tussling in the
air as he gets a glimpse of a large door in the center of
the maze. As the angel fly over the center Gabriel draws his
dagger and cuts the angel's wings off. They are plummeting
to the ground still fighting and the angel gets Gabriel in
chokehold. They are about to impact the ground when Gabriel
head butts the angel, stabs him in the side and manages to
turn him around in time to recieve the impact of the fall as
Gabriel lands on top of him. The fall caused a shockwave
that rang out in all directions. In the real world Nick and
Gabriel's body were both shaking and Gabriel started
bleeding from his ear.
Michael, look at his ears.
He will be alright, Gabriel has
never let us down.
Back in Nick's soul Gabriel finally stands up and after
being rendered unconscious. Looks at the huge door in front
of him and stumbles toward it. He places his hand on the


door and it starts to light up. The light surrounds Gabriel
and in the real world his eyes open up and begin glowing
white. Nicks eyes open and also glow white. Back inside
Nick's soul Gabriel can see images the door is projecting
into his own head. Images of his father and Isaiah fighting
each other. Jehovah notices his son watching him and he
begins speaking to him telepathically.
Gabriel my son it's good to see
Father it's good to see you as
well, but how is this possible?
Ivam projecting my thoughts
directly to you, so as long as
your touching the door we can
Will Isaiah be able to listen in
on us?
Since the moment we seperated I
could not access his thoughts and
he could not access mine.
I suppose you know why I'm hear.
Yes, Puriel's sword. Lucifer is
trying to find it to free Isaiah.
We are trying to keep Lucifer from
taking the vessel, but I feel this
may be a ploy to distract us from
searching for the sword. If we
find it first we could free you
No, Gabriel you know what would
happen if Isaiah and I were
released. The level of destruction
we could cause would be
catastrophic. I couldn't let that
happen, could you?


No father, I couldn't. We can
still keep it away from Lucifer.
The sword isn't on earth, it isn't
in heaven, it isn't even in hell.
Where is it?
I banished the sword to The Nexus.
The Nexus, what is that?
The Nexus is where the beginning
and the end of all existence
converge into a singularity. It is
in the center of the world between
Purgatory, there's no way for us
to get there. You made so that
it's off limits to ethereal
It is true only human souls may
enter purgatory. The solution to
your problem is clear.
Yes, I understand father. Thank
Be well my son and Good Luck on
your endeavors.
Uh, one last thing father I lost
my powers and may be trapped on in
the maze forever. How will I get
out of here?
Do not worry my son. I will
restore you to your former glory.
Jehovah levitated Gabriel in the air and infused him with
the light surrounding his body. His wings along with his
other angelic powers return. Gabriel takes off back into the
void, he then passes a window and sees a memory of Nick


sleeping with Christee who turned out to be Lilith in
disguise. He immediately knows whats going on and
frantically flys away.
Back in the real world Gabriel and Nick awaken. Gabriel is
gasping for air as he tries to speak about what he saw.
Gabriel breath, Just breath. Your
back now.
Michael we have to hurry, Lilith's
know about the sword and where it
How is that possible that she
knows about the sword.
Lilith can take the thoughts or
memories from anybody she lays
with. Anything she sees as
valuable or she can use to her
advantage she will take.
Lilith is a succubus who
specializes in tricking her
victims into giving her what she
And I fell right for her trap.
Wait, I don't know where the sword
is how could she?
Your right you don't know, but
Jehovah does.
How could she get Jehovah's
As long as Jehovah and Isaiah are
inside of Nick, They are apart of
him. If she stole Nick's memories
she more than likely as stolen


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
Jehovah's memories.
Wouldn't Jehovah be aware of that?
As long as he is trap inside Nick
he is vunerable to certain
Fine, what's done is done no
changing that now all we can do is
find it before Lucifer. Where is
it Gabriel?
It's inside the Nexus, In the
middle of purgatory.
What the hell is the Nexus?
He said it was the beginning and
the end of all existence.
But purgatory, even if we knew
exactly where the nexus was we
have no way of making it to
Why not?
Purgatory is mankinds final test
of righteousness. Before they can
gain access into heaven. There
they must be cleansed.
Atoning for any sins they couldn't
repent for while they had a
chance. Celestial beings are not
allowed there because we would be
viewed as transitional
interference. God anyone tipping
the scale in their favor, which is


                       AZRAEL (cont'd)
why only human souls are allowed
in there. We can't go there
because we are not human.
No where not human, but we can
become human.
How can you do that?
Transubstantiation, By removing
our wings we can assume human
form. Then we will be able to
enter purgatory.
But I thought only human souls can
go into purgatory.
Precisely, which means one of us
has to die, but we have to hurry.
Lucifer probably already has a
head start on us.
I'll go into purgatory to retrieve
the sword, and I am going in
You can't go by yourself there is
no telling how many of Lucifers
followers are with him, you may
need back up.
No, I won't be needing any backup.
Lucifer will be also be making
this trip alone.
How can you be so sure?
His demons are incapable of
transubstantiation, they are
unable to follow. As for Lucifer
his hubris is greatest weakness he
would have gone alone to insure he
will be victorious. I will be


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
there to stop him, you stay safe
and out of harms way.
Looks like you and Lucifer suffer
from the same weakness.
I guess we do.
Michael be careful in there, I
don't know what your going to see
just stay on course and try not to
brake anything.
Ha ha, I won't little brother.
Alright I'm ready.
Michael kneels down and extends his wings, Gabriel then
draws his sword and swings at the base of Michaels back
cutting his wings off. Michael Lets out a loud yell as his
angelic light disappeared. In hell Lucifer is also having
his wings cut off by Lilith, then on his command she cuts
his head off. Gabriel also cuts Michaels head off killing
him in the process. He and Lucifer are both dead and on
there way to purgatory.
Good Luck.
It's one thing I don't understand,
If Michael succeeds how do we get
him back.
We worry about that later, right
What do you me worry about that
later? You know how to get him
back, right?
Like I said we'll worry about that


How is Michael supposed to come
back Gabriel?
Nick we have to trust Michael.
You don't know do you? You sent
your brother off to and endless
void with no possible way to get
him back.
Finding a way back wasn't a
priority getting the sword was.
Besides the process for a human
soul is usually 1 year earth time
in purgatory then they will be
able to enter heaven.
How long is that in purgatory
10 Years
So Michael is trap in purgatory
for 10 years and we have to wait 1
year just to know if he succeeded
or not.
Maybe not.
What do you mean?
Gabriel think about it if Michael
was to get to sword and touch it
what would happen?
Well, Puriel's energy resonates
with the sword. If Michael were to
to touch it would replenish his
own powers as well as make him


And if he becomes and angel again
while in purgatory, what would
happen then?
He would be ejected from
So there's way for him to make it
back. We have to have faith in
Michael and hope he makes it to
the sword in time.
What do we do in the meantime?
Protect you. Lucifer will keep the
pressure on us for as long as he
can until he returns. We have to
hold down the fort. We must be
ready when our enemies arrive.
Gabriel are you alright?
I never had to be incharge before,
it feels funny.
Your nervous, you don't want to
let Michael down.
He has put his faith in me, last
time he did that to anyone Lucifer
stab him in the back. I just don't
won't to disappoint him.
You won't.
Back in hell Lilith and her brother demons from the ninth
circle are preparing an assault on the angels.
What's the next move?


We do as Lucifer says and keep
those rats with wings off balance.
I want to play with Azrael again,
he was alot of fun.
Yea I'm eager finish what Raphael
and I started as well.
Brothers if you get a chance to
take out one of those winged
freaks you better take it.
What about the vessel, capturing
him will be little more difficult.
His episodes are becoming more and
more frequent.
That's why we have to move fast.
As time passes chances are he's
becoming more and more unstable.
We will never capture the boy with
a full frontal assault.
Really Baal give me a little
credit. You should no I always
have a plan up my sleeve. Bring me
the girl.
Baal goes to a cage and pulls out a human female with a hood
on her head an forces her on her knees in front off Lilth.
Lilith removes her hood and it is revealed to be the real
Christee. The flash backs show months ago she was kidnapped
by Lilith and held hostage.Then Lilith turns into Christee
to get close to Nick. Christee is frantically screaming and
SSSHHH, come on sweetie. No one
can hear you down here. Now, let
me ask you a question. Do you want
to go home?


Ok, and you shall be returned
home. We just have to run a few
errands first.
Lilith caresses Christee's face.
She is so fucking pretty, I may
just eat her up.
Not if I get her first.
She his pretty isn't she, but
sorry fellas this is off limts for
Please don't hurt me.
Oh sweetie I won't, I could see
why he fell for you almost
You'll see soon enough.
Lilith punched her in the face knocking her out.
We found them, time to move.
Raum grab the girl, she's coming
with us.
What for?


Michael wakes up and he is falling from the sky into what it
looks to be the middle of the ocean. He emerges from under
the water and looks around to see a island. He starts
towards it and comes on shore he see a man with a head full
of grey hair, grey beard, a red robe and a staff. He helps
Michael to his feet and Michael seems suprise to the man.
Welcome to Purgatory Michael.
Moses, how have you been?
I've been well, but may I ask what
are you doing here?
I need to get to the Nexus.
You know when God made me overseer
he assured me that Purgatory would
be strickly for the cleansing of
human souls. Now how you got here
is pretty obvious, but why do you
want to get to the Nexus.
I'am in search of a weapon that is
located there.
Puriel's sword.
You know about the sword, how is
that possible?
Yes, Sometime after I was task
with overseeing purgatory a bright
object emerged from out of the
clouds. I thought it be a shooting
star but then I knew that couldn't
be the case since there are no
stars in purgatory. I happened
upon it at the Nexus when I
finished a cleansing journey with
a group of souls. It started
glowing as I got closer to it as
if it was trying to communicate


                       MOSES (cont'd)
with me. Thats when I felt a
unsettling energy that I haven't
felt since the first born of eygpt
was wipeout. From then on I knew
that was Puriel's sword.
I have to get to it before Lucifer
does or all of this will be
I don't understand why would
Lucifer want Puriel's sword didn't
Puriel send you to retrieve it.
You don't know what's going on do
I haven't been aware of anything
going on in heaven since the last
time I was there. Now I just do
the job i was tasked with no
It is of the utmost importance
that I get that sword so please
help me and I will fill you in
along the way.
I am at your service, there are
many paths to go down but only the
right path leads you to the Nexus
so as long as you stick close to
me we will make it there in no
Michael and Moses proceed into the island meanwhile in
another part of purgatory Lucifer washed up on shore. He
gets to his feet and he also sees a man who has been driven
insane for being in purgatory for so long. He is muttering
to himself and pacing back and forth as Lucifer walks
towards him. The man turned and looked at Lucifer then
immediately dropped to his knees and started praying.
Lucifer kneels down and grabs him by the chin gently lifting
his head.


Hello Judas.
My lord, you look well.
Thank you, you look like a pile of
pig excrement. Seriously the years
have not been kind to you, and I
can only imagine what kind of
mental state your in. I guess
spending a millennium in purgatory
will do that.
It was torture, all because I did
what you ask. I was punished by
god himself to wander purgatory
for all of eternity never being
allowed entry into heaven.
You should be grateful. This place
is paradise considering the
alternative is so much worse, but
don't worry I never forget those
who were loyal to me. I will
personally get you out of
purgatory if you help me find a
certain item.
Might I ask what is the item that
you seek.
A sword, located somewhere near
the Nexus it belonged to my
brother Puriel. I just want to get
it back, It has sentimental value.
If I help you, I need you to
promise to get me out of here.
I Lucifer hereby promise to get
you Judas out of purgatory in
return for your services.


Thank you my lord. I have been to
the Nexus a few times during my
exile. I know exactly where it is.
Stay close to me it's easy to get
lost here.
Judas starts into the island with Lucifer close behind.
Purgatory is made up of different
terrains and enviorments all on
one giant island. There's a beach,
jungle, desert, mountain paths.
The Nexus is at the top of the
largest mountain at the center of
the island. It's about two days
time to the mountain and one days
climb to the top.
Is that all?
Once we get there, there will be a
giant that stands guard over the
Nexus to make sure no one disrupts
it. We'll have to get passed him
That shouldn't be a problem. I
could use a little fun anyway.
The angels sit and wait patiently for Michaels return. They
are standing guard waiting for the Lilith and Baal to make
their move against them. Lilith show's up as expected with
Christee with her. She tells Christee to call for Nick and
ask him to come out or she will kill her.
Nick, this is Christee. Please
come out to them. Please Nick,
they are going to kill me.
Nicholas, come out from under your
bodyguards, your girlfriend would
love to see you.


Gabriel they're here, a they have
the girl with them.
Zachariel stay here with Nick, the
rest of you come with me.
No, they have Christee. I have to
go out there before they hurt her.
I'm sorry Nick, But your our
priority, She isn't.
What the hell are you talking
about. You can't just let her die.
We have to. What if they already
have the sword, and if they
capture you now it could be the
end of us all. I won't allow that
to happen.
Gabriel I know you gotta do what's
best for me, and you don't want to
fail Michael but she is innocent.
She shouldn't be involved at all
and it's my fault that she is.
Please let me make it right I owe
that much.
What's best for you, I'm thinking
about the greater good. I'm
thinking about What's best for
everyone and everything in
existence. We angels have to make
hard choices like these all the
time now it's your turn.
Nicholas you have the until the
count of ten to come out alone, or
I'll feed this lovely young lady
to my hounds. Maybe I'll just give
her to my brothers here.


She looks so sweet and innocent. I
wonder what her insides look like.
Yeah, I bet she taste great.
Gabriel please.
Nick I'm sorry.
Yeah me to.
As Gabriel turns to walk away from Nick he grabs him on the
shoulder, turns him around and punches him in the face
knocking him out. All the other angels stand there lookng as
Nick lifts his head. It looks like the spirit of Jehovah has
taking over again but Nick seems to be in control somehow.
The angels try to restrain him but he lands a knockout punch
to each one of them rendering them unconscious. His godlike
power subsides and he returns to his normal state as he
exits the church.
I'm coming out, Just don't hurt
Smart boy, where are your little
They won't be a problem. You can
take me, just let Christee go. She
has nothing to do with this.
Nah, I think I'll keep her.
That's not part of the deal.
I don't recall making any deals.
Now this is what's gonna happen,
I'm gonna keep a hold on to your
lady her and your gonna keep your
anger problem in check. If I see
you throw so much as a temper
tantrum, I will fucking end her.


Alright, alright I'll be cool, I
Good boy. Now Baal retrieve the
package please.
I was kinda hoping your guys would
put up a fight. Oh well, I guess
Gabriel finally realized he just
doesn't measure up after all.
Baal ties Nick up and hands him over to Lilith. Lilith and
Baal then vanish with Christee and Nick while their brothers
stayed behind with a large number demons. Lower demons creep
into the church to take out the angels only to find the
church empty, So they think. They hear a noise on the
balcony and make their way up there and find nothing.
There's another noise coming from behind the curtain on the
stage, so they proceed to the stage and again find nothing.
As all the demons enter the main hall of the Church the
entrances are slammed shut and Locked. The demons look
behind them and find Gabriel standing there with his sword
in hand.
Fellas, looks like we have some
uninvited guess.
They should have called ahead
maybe could better accommodate
Oh well, I guess it's time to
clean house.
The demons attacked the angels starting free for all. The
demons fell to the angels one by until they were all
That seemed, easy.
It was, to easy.
The doors burst open and more demons began pouring into the
church this time from every entrance. They were even
dropping from the roof into the main hall.


Spoke to soon.
Doesn't matter this should be a
good warm up for the main battle.
You'll get plenty warmed up.
Let's go!!
The angel once again start fighting off hoards of demons.
The outside of the church is surround by what looks like to
be a million demons. Raum, Asmodeus, Moloch, are standing
outside as they watch the demon army fill the Church.
We may be here awhile.
Yeah, you not kidding.
Lilith and Baal arrive back in hell and put Nick in a cage
and Lilith keeps Christee close to her. The two demons go to
the mountain cliff where Lucifer head and body lies.
What to we do now?
We wait until Lucifer gets back we
have the vessel and Jehovah's
spawn currently have there hands
full. So were in the clear for the
time being.
I want to go have some fun? I
think I'm going to go back and
check on our little friends.
I think you should stay put until
Lucifer comes back.
Lucifer won't be back anytime soon
and besides we have our brothers
back their what if they need back


                       BAAL (cont'd)
I think they will be able to take
care of themselves, you shouldn't
worry about them.
I'm only worried that they are not
going to leave enough for me.
Another Ninth circle demon comes walking up on to the cliff
where they are, they show him respect as if he were Luicfer
himself. His name is Samael and he is the strongest ninth
circle demon hell as got, he is second to Lucifer and
stronger than his siblings.
Come on little sister, let him go
and have some fun. Whats the worst
that can happen after all, he
kills of few angels.
Fine, do what you want. Just don't
die before I have chance to kill
you myself.
Yeah Yeah, I'll be fine. When I
get back we will see who is the
better worry.
Baal left to go back to the church to join his other
brothers in the fight against the angels.
Samael where have you been?
I was task by Lucifer to find
something very important. That's
all that I required to share with
you right now. So fill me in on
what's been going on.
Sorry, I don't give something for
nothing. You taught me that big


Samael then grabs Lilith by the throat and starts choking
Careful little sister, you did
indeed learm many things from me,
but disrespect was not one of
them. So unless you want me to
snap you like a twig I ask you
again. What has been going on?
Samael let's Lilith go and she begins to fill him in on
everthing that has been happening since his absences.
Back at the church the archangels have been going through
wave upon wave of demons with no signs of slowing down. Then
Gabriel starts powering up and focuses the energy into his
hand. He yells for his brother angels to take cover as he
slams his fist in the ground. This cause a shockwave to
level the church and the demons inside plus those
surrounding the outside of the church. The ninth circle
demons see the blast wave coming and jump in the air to
avoid it. The angels climb up from under the rubble and look
around. Suddenly there's a loud laughter coming from above
them. It's Baal with his brothers and another group of
demons and hellhounds.
Bravo Gabriel, that was quite a
show. I wonder what other suprises
you've got.
I'll show you.
Gabriel we don't have time for
this. We have to find Nick,
Lucifer may already have the sword
and could be releasing Isaiah at
any moment.
I don't think Lucifer has found
the sword yet.
How can you be so sure?


Because Michael wouldn't allow
that to happen and I believe in
Michael. Right now we have to
focus on the situation at hand if
we're going to survive this.
Kinda figured they wouldn't make
it easy on us.
Come on Azrael would you really
want them to.
Guess not, I can't let myself go
soft like you.
Hey ladies, you skirts gonna talk
or you gonna fight.
Gabriel charges at Baal as the other demons fight his
brothers. Baal is toying with Gabriel at first because he
still hasn't fully recover from that last attack. Baal is
dodging all Gabriel's attack and then goes on the offensive
and starts pounding on Gabriel relentlessly. His brothers
try to help him but they can't get to him. They have their
hands full with Baal's brothers and the rest of the demon
Come on Gabby you can do better
than that. All that bark and no
bite to back it up.
Raphael, Azrael we have end this
quickly. Gabriel won't last long
in current condition.
If I were you Zacky boy I'd worry
about myself instead.
Moloch knocked Zachariel into a pile of rubble and starts
stomping him in the stomach. The angels tried to finish off
their enemies as quickly as possible so they can lend
Gabriel a hand, but baal and his brothers are more
formidable than they expected. The angels went blow for blow
with their adversaries and it look like there was no end in


sight for them. Meanwhile Gabriel was being taunted and
humiliated by Baal.
You know I have to give you credit
Gabriel, you are a resilient one.
I admire resilience, always
fighting when the outcome is
You'll lose. Your all gonna lose
at this pointless campaign of
See that's what I'm talking about.
That fire that no one else can
see, the thing that makes a great
leader and an even better
conqueror. It's ust a shame that
all the time you spend following
behind Michael like a good little
soldier, trying to make him proud,
trying to measure up to his
standards, he will never see you
as more than just a subordinate.
Now that fires about to be
extinguished and all you will be
known as is Michael's little
As Baal drops Gabriel on the ground and places one foot on
his chest he removes a footlong dagger from his waist drives
it towards Gabriels head. Gabriel grabs the dagger abruptly
clinching it tight enough to cause blood to leak from his
palm. Gabriel pushes Baal off of him as he powers up his
strengh for what it looks like a final assault.
Atta boy, that's what I'm talking
about. Now it's about to heat up,
come on let's see what your made
Pay attention, you just might miss
Gabriel pulls is sword and in the blink of an eye charged at
Baal and then ended up behind him. The other angels and
demons ceased fighting and seen Gabriel standing behind Baal
and holding his sword as if he had already swung it. Baal


stood there frozen until his top half fell off of his bottom
half. Gabriel bisected him then he turned to ash. Gabriel
disappeared and reappeared where his brothers were standing.
The angels looked around at the other demons as they all
fell to pieces, apparently Gabriel power up his speed to
take out Baal and his brothers as well as the remaining
demons. He then collapsed from overexerting himself and fell
into a coma like state to regain his strengh. Zachariel
catches him and holds him in his arms.
Take it easy, I got you buddy.
He did it?
I guess Baal pushed him to far.
Right now he needs to rest and we
have to wait for Michael to
return. They will have Nick well
guarded and we are in no shape to
take on all of hell.
We should call for reinforcements.
No, you know the rules the host
stays in heavn until deemed
absolutely necessary.
Gabriel is unconscious, Michael
may be trap in purgatory and
Lucifer may or may not be
releasing the greatest threat that
any of us has ever seen. I think
this qualify has necessary.
Come Azrael, we lived through
worse than this besides if Lucifer
had the sword to release Isaiah he
would have been here to take us
out instead of Baal.
Your rigth but regardless we have
to find away to get Nick back.


The angels help Gabriel up and hand him his sword. He is
weak and using his sword as a cane to keep himself up.
Gabriel, you have to take it easy.
You haven't fully recoverd from
the last attack.
What the hell where you thinking.
You know you can't take in that
much energy and expel all at once,
and you did it twice. You almost
killed yourself.
You should see the other guy.
We're serious, we were about to
make a move. What were you
I was thinking that this guy was
about to kill me. I had to act
You were thinking you had
something to prove. That's why you
didn't think about
You know what he said isn't true.
Know one believes that, Michael
doesn't believe it. You can't
believe it, because once you do
you start to get reckless and your
much smarter than that.
I know and your right. I'm sorry
that I let him get to me. Raphael
is right we have to take a moment
to regroup and regain our strengh.
We are in no shape to go charging
into hell in our current


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
conditions. Beside's that's what
Lucifer expects.
What do you mean Gabriel?
It took me awhile to figure out
why Lucifer was attacking us head
on when he knew we weren't going
to be defeated that easy. Then it
became clear that it was not only
to distract us from him as he
searched for the sword but also to
leave us weak enough to be killed
by even his lesser demons. They
took Nick because the want us to
follow. They are hoping we come
right after them, and if we do we
would be walking right into a
ambush. Then they could focus
their attentions on Michael, and
once he's out of the picture their
would be no one else to stop them
from releasing Isaiah.
Okay, so why don't we call upon
the host for reinforcements. We
could launch a full scale assault
against hell.
What your talkng about is starting
an apocalypse. That would be
catastrophic, earth would be
caught in the fallout. There would
be nothing left.
If Isaiah is released there will
be nothing left for sure.