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Run Like Hell, or Hell Will Catch You
by Matt (cavendma@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
A run-of the mill teen slasher film that follows a group of close friends as they are stalked and picked off one-by-one by a mysterious,eccentric masked man.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



AUTUMN (o.s.) places a flyer for a Dance onto a wall. AUTUMN
is approached by MARK.
Did you finish putting them up
down there?
      (Looks down at
      (Holds flyer up)
Do people still actually go to
Yeah, we do. And you are.
AUTUMN walks around the corner of the hall
      (Follows AUTUMN)
AUTUMN walks down the hall, randomly slapping flyers up.
MARK follows
Yeah, we all are.
Wait, wait, wait- who's we?
AUTUMN slaps up a flyer.
You and I are going together; I'm
not sure what Zack and Tyler are
doing yet, but they should both be
coming, Emily's asking Jake, and-
AUTUMN glances forward and stops talking. AUTUMN continues
to walk in silence.


TONY walks past them. Autumn glances back at TONY.
What was that?
Ugh, he's so creepy.
MARK glances back.
Oh, Tony?
Yeah, he's just... ugh
MARK gives her a confused look.
What, he's like obsessed with
Emily or something! How did you
not know that I mean- whatever.
Anyway, I think the dance will be
The dismissal bell rings
      (Looks up)
Welp, there's the bell.
Yep, let's go.
AUTUMN opens a random locker and dumps the rest of the
flyers into it. MARK gives her a strange look and they walk
back down the hallway together
TYLER walks up to his locker, next to ZACK, who is digging
through his.
      (Glances over)
Hey, do we have any homework?


      (laughs, shakes
Pfft, I don't know.
JAKE walks up.
Hey, see ya next week, guys.
What, you going out of town?
Emily wanted me to come with her
to her family's lake cabin this
Nice! Have fun with Emily dude.
Yeah, sweet.
Hey, yeah. But anyways, I gotta
go. See ya. Bye Zack.
Oh, see ya.
JAKE leaves
EMILY and AUTUMN are digging through their lockers. EMILY
turns towards AUTUMN
Hey, I'm going to miss you!
I'll miss you too! Tell your
grandpa I said hi!
Oh, I will. I can't wait to get to
the cabin though! It's gonna be so
much fun!


Oh, you guys are gonna have a
great time. I asked Jake to the
Dance and told him you'd probably
ask Jack so we could all go
together again.
      (Picking up bags)
Oh sure!I'll ask him on the way
there. But I better go now, we
have to leave soon.
      (Picks up bags)
Ok, see ya! I'll call you later.
ZACK watches as JAKE walks away. TYLER goes back to
searching through his locker.
He scares me sometimes
      (Glances over,
Really?! Jack?!
No, I mean like he's cool most of
the time but sometimes he's just
TYLER laughs harder. MARK and AUTUMN walk up. They stand in
the circle. MARK puts his arm around AUTUMN
Hey guys, we should all hang out
      (Turns around)
Yeah, let's go to the playground
by my house again.
Yeah, I'm fine with that.
Okay, sure; what time?


I dunno, let's say 3.
Sounds good. But hey, I gotta go
or I'll be late to practice, so
see ya.
AUTUMN "hugs" Jake goodbye. All say goodbyes to AUTUMN, who
AUTUMN sits at a desk doing homework. Music plays in the
EMILY tosses a bag onto the floor. EMILY pulls out her phone
and calls AUTUMN
AUTUMN'S phone rings. AUTUMN looks at it and answers.
Hey! How's it going?
Hey! It's fantastic! Jake's loving
it out here!
Aw that's great... Hey, did you
ask him about the dance?
He said yes!
Go figure. He didn't have much of
a choice since he was locked in
the car with you!
Oh shut up. You should try being
asked by Tony!


Yeah, he made this big heart cars
invitation thing, and he like put
it on my locker and it was so-
What did you do???
Well he was standing just a few
lockers away watching so I-
      (Very Anxious)
What did you say?!?
...Told him I'd think about it
OhMyGod, EMILY! What were you
I'm sorry, Autumn! What was I
supposed to say? He was right
Does he even know about about you
and Jake?
Well apparently NOT, since he
asked me to the dance.
Ugh, that's just so WEIRD. I was
talking about the dance with Mark
today and Tony gave us a weird
look too.
Oh wow, that's kinda creepy, I
mean- oh wow sorry, dinners ready.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Ok, bye! Have fun!


TYLER sits alone in a swing. He twirls a basketball on the
ground with his foot. ZACK enters.
      (Sits on swing)
Hey. Jake and Autumn should be
here soon.
Ok, cool. Oh dude, did you hear
about those crazy murders that
just happened over in Shannofer?
Yeah; with the box-cutters? Those
were horrible.
Yeah, I know! Thank God they
caught the guys though!
Yeah, totally
                       MARK (o.s.)
Hey Zack! Tyler!
ZACK and TYLER turn towards MARK and AUTUMN, who are walking
Hey! So what do you guys wanna do?
Well, Zack and I could sit here by
ourselves doing nothing for
another ten minutes
while you and Mark go and-
AUTUMN shoves TYLER off the swing.
ALL run around the playground chasing each other. They run
and jump on the equipment. ZACK trips and falls off the


slide like a retard. AUTUMN is hit with the basketball. They
play basketball. MARK runs up and makes a basket. ZACK
attempts to make a free-throw but misses completely because
it's Zack. MARK passes to TYLER, who makes a basket. They
sit down on the equipment to rest.
TYLER is describing the Shannofer murders to AUTUMN, who is
horrified. ZACK and MARK are discussing whatever. MARK
glances over ZACK's shoulder and sees TONY behind a fence,
watching. MARK's eyes widen.
Guys, it's getting late. I think
we should get going.
ZACK notices MARK's mood change and glances over his
shoulder. ZACK sees TONY, who has gotten closer.
      (Rising, urgently)
Yeah let's go.
AUTUMN and TYLER are confused and protest but get up. MARK
and ZACK herd AUTUMN and TYLER to the railroad tracks.
AUTUMN notices the change in mood.
1. So are you guys ready to come
      (Leans in)
3. Wait, what?
      (To Zack)
1. What is it?
3. What?!
2. There was a dude back there
watching us behind the fence
AUTUMN and TYLER turn around to look. ZACK and MARK say not
AUTUMN and TYLER look back toward the playground, seeing
nothing. AUTUMN moves her hair out of her face.
I don't see anything...


      (With Mark)
Guys, come on, let's just go.
      (Grinning, Shouts)
Hey perv! I know you, like, want
"this" but come near us and I'll
stick this basketball up-
OTHERS grab TYLER and put a hand over his mouth, silencing
him. They tell TYLER to shut up and pull him away from the
playground. As they walk away, footsteps in the grass are
heard getting nearer, following them.
ALL run down stairs, entering the basement. They flop onto
the couches and watch a movie. MARK sniffs and coughs
violently. AUTUMN shifts away from him. The movie switches
to a checkers-playing scene.
So guys... what do you think Jake
and Emily are doing right now?
ALL laugh
They wouldn't do that.
Yeah, not like you and Autumn do.
TYLER and ZACK laugh. AUTUMN gives a shocked look. MARK hits
TYLER in the face with a pillow. TYLER'S MOM calls down.
                       TYLER'S MOM
TYLER! I'm going to pick up some
pizzas okay? I'll be back soon;
and Autumn! Your dad's here!
Hey, get some bread-sticks!
AUTUMN gets up off the couch. All say their good-byes.
AUTUMN and MARK do that hand thing people do. AUTUMN exits
the basement.


TYLER'S MOM grabs her purse and walks into the garage.
TYLER'S MOM backs out of the driveway. AUTUMN runs to her
dad's car and drives away. TONY walks into the shot and
stops, watching the house.
What should we do now?
TYLER stares straight ahead. TYLER begins to smile in a
creepy, suggestive manner. TYLER slowly turns towards ZACK.
TYLER holds a video game controller up to ZACK. Both laugh.
Mark, what do you wanna play?
      (Rubbing eyes)
*grunts* Guys, I'm actually not
feeling that good so-
For the love of God, Mark
MARK gives TYLER the death stare.
Dude, come on
MARK rubs his face and runs his fingers through his hair. He
stands up.
Yeah, I'm gonna walk home. I'll
talk to you tomorrow.
MARK grabs his bag and exits
Wow. He can't just wait for a ride
He only lives a couple blocks away
but yeah. Pfft.


MARK walks out of the front door. His face is illuminated by
the moon. He is sweating profusely. He crosses the driveway.
He walks along the curb to the large house. He crosses the
street to underneath a large oak tree. He turns left at the
street intersection. As he walks along a fence, a dog from
behind it barks, startling him. He walks forward, breathing
heavily. TONY comes up from behind and grabs MARK, wrapping
his arms around him. TONY stuffs a rag into his face. MARK
struggles but quickly slumps unconscious. He is dragged away
by his ankles. A car door is heard shutting and the car
drives away.
TYLER'S MOM reenters the house carrying pizzas.
                       TYLER'S MOM
Boys! Pizza's here!
TYLER and ZACK run upstairs into the kitchen.
                       TYLER'S MOM
Where's Mark?
He didn't feel good so he walked
                       TYLER'S MOM
      (Eating pizza)
He only lives like a block away!
                       TYLER'S MOM
I don't care Tyler! You know
better than that!
But you weren't even here to give
him a ride!
                       TYLER'S MOM
You could've made him wait.
Wait? No, mom, he just got up and


ZACK sits and watches, awkwardly.
                       TYLER'S MOM
I don't care. You're in trouble.
What? That's so stupid, how can
                       TYLER'S MOM
That's it. I'm done.
                       TYLER'S MOM
Zack, would you like some pizza?
ZACK and TYLER play video games and eventually fall asleep.
TYLER'S MOM is in the kitchen washing her hands. Her phone
rings. She dries her hands and answers it.
                       TYLER'S MOM
                       MARK'S MOM (v.o.)
Hi Marie, it's Kelly, Mark's mom.
Could you put him on the phone
please? He won't answer my calls
or texts and I need to talk to
him. It'll just be a sec.
                       TYLER'S MOM
Mark... wasn't feeling well last
night so he decided to walk home.
Did he not make it?!
                       MARK'S MOM (v.o.)
What? No! Oh my God..
                       TYLER'S MOM
TYLER and ZACK come up the stairs.


                       TYLER'S MOM
Did Mark walk home last night?
Huh? Yeah, why?
                       TYLER'S MOM
      (Angry, shouts)
Then why is his mother calling me
asking why he's not home?!
What? I don't know, did you try
calling him?
                       TYLER'S MOM
She tried that and he won't
answer. Get-out-there and look for
TYLER and ZACK run out the front door. They stop at the end
of the driveway and look left and right.
      (Motions to right)
He would've gone this way, right?
Yeah probably. Let's go.
ZACK and TYLER jog down the street. They stop at the
intersection and turn left. They walk down the sidewalk,
TYLER ahead of ZACK. TYLER steps on something and hears a
sound. He looks down. It is a cell phone. TYLER picks it up
and turns to ZACK.
      (Holding phone up.)
      (Looks up)
It's his phone.
It's all smashed...


BOTH look out and call Jake's name.
Let's go back and show my mom.
ZACK and TYLER reenter
Mom, we found his phone on the
sidewalk down the street.
                       TYLER'S MOM
      (Into phone)
Yes, I understand, but I wasn't
home then and-
      (Looks over)
Tyler just walked in and said he
found his phone down the street.
Yes. No, I don't have them right
TYLER'S MOM motions for ZACK and TYLER to exit. THEY go into
Tyler's room and sit down.
Oh my God, what's happening.
What are we going to tell Autumn?
Oh Crap, you're right. I'll tell
her to come over so we can talk.
TYLER pulls out his phone. He dials Autumn.
                       AUTUMN (v.o.)
Hey Autumn can you come over real
quick? We need to talk. Bye.


MARK lies on his side on a concrete floor asleep. His eyes
snap open and he gasps. He attempts to sit up. His hands are
tied behind his back and his mouth is gagged. He has a shock
collar around his neck. He looks around and takes in his
surroundings. He is in an old, run-down basement. Water is
heard trickling and the room is barely lit. he looks at the
other end of the room, which is dark. A loud BANG comes from
upstairs and footprints are heard coming down the stairs.
MARK lies down and forces his eyes shut, pretending to
sleep. TONY walks out of the stairwell into the room and
looks at him, noticing he's moved. MARK opens his eyes
slightly and looks up. TONY takes out a small remote control
and presses a button. MARK convulses violently, screaming in
pain while the figure laughs.
AUTUMN comes up to the front door and rings the doorbell.
                       TYLER (o.s.)
Come in!
AUTUMN lets herself in. TYLER and ZACK meet her. They go
into the living room.
Okay, now tell me what's wrong.
I uh...
Mark is missing.
Last night...
After you left, Mark said he
wasn't feeling good so he walked


And then this morning my mom got a
call from his mom asking where he
was... He never made it home.
AUTUMN begins to tear up.
Have they called the police?
Yeah. And this morning we went out
to look for him and found his
phone. Shattered.
      (Breaking down)
I can't believe we let him go.
It's all our fault. What if he's
      (Breaks down)
lying in a ditch, dead somewhere.
      (Looks up)
Don't say that. You don't even
know what happened.
How could we have let him leave.
It's Not you guys' fault. There's
nothing we can even do about it
right now, sitting around crying
won't help. Let's just go do
something to take our minds off
Okay sure. Why not.
Then let's go. My mom can take us
before work.
They all get up and wipe their eyes, etc.


TYLER'S MOM's car pulls up. TYLER, AUTUMN, and ZACK get out
and walk up to the mall. They walk up to the movie ticket
booth and look up at their choices. (Ad-lib at time) They
walk to the theater hallway and give their tickets to the
You'll be the third door on the
right, enjoy your show.
They enter the theater and sit down.
They walk out of the theater to the sidewalk, laughing and
AUTUMN checks her phone.
My sister's on her way to come get
me. My mom didn't want me driving
by myself after she heard what...
A somber mood comes over the group as they remember Mark.
Did you tell Emily yet?
No. I'll tell her tonight.
AUTUMN glances out into the parking lot.
She's here, see ya guys.
TYLER and ZACK say goodbye and walk away.
AUTUMN gets into the car. It begins to drive away.
                       AUTUMN'S SISTER
Did you have fun?


AUTUMN sighs and stares out the window. Something catches
her attention. She looks out and sees TONY standing under a
light post, staring right at her. AUTUMN becomes
increasingly agitated as the car approaches TONY. The car
turns and AUTUMN passes right by TONY. AUTUMN stares out at
TONY and sees him staring right back, his face obscured by a
blank white mask. AUTUMN's eyes widen. After a moment she
turns back around and sees nothing. She faces ahead again.
                       AUTUMN'S SISTER
      (Glances over)
What's the matter with you?
Nothing I just- Nevermind
                       AUTUMN'S SISTER
TONY watches through trees as the car drives off. He turns
and walks away.
                       ZACK (Text)
      (To Autumn)
Did you make it home okay?
                       AUTUMN (Text)
      (To Zack)
Yes. Are you good?
                       ZACK (Text)
      (To Autumn)
yeah. be safe. night.
                       AUTUMN (Text)
      (To Zack)
AUTUMN sighs and flops onto her back. She stares up at the
Lights flash on, stunning MARK. He is still on the floor.
TONY comes over and picks him up. MARK struggles. TONY slams
him down into a chair at a table. MARK looks around the
room, stunned. TONY sits down in a chair across the table.


Hi Mark.
Mark looks at TONY, surprised.
MARK looks around some more. He struggles against the ropes.
Don't do that.
MARK stops and glares at TONY. TONY sits completely
motionless for a period of time. MARK grows increasingly
uncomfortable, glancing around. TONY jumps up and screams,
scaring him. TONY pulls out a small remote and points it at
MARK. TONY presses the remote and he screams and convulses
while TONY laughs maniacally. TONY runs up to MARK and slaps
his cheeks repeatedly, laughing. TONY lifts off his mask and
continues. TONY sits back down, still chuckling. MARK gasps
for breath, blinking and dazed.
TONY pulls out a sack of oranges and sets them on the table.
I bet you're hungry, huh? (beat)
TONY grabs the bag and rips it open with a knife. TONY pulls
an orange over and devours it. TONY looks up at MARK, who is
mortified. TONY does the sassy "what" gesture.
Ugh, fine, you can have one.
TONY stabs the knife into the orange and picks it up. He
flings it across the table towards MARK. The orange rolls
off the edge to the floor.
MARK looks down at the orange and attempts to lean down to
pick it up. TONY gets up and stabs the knife into the table.
MARK's eyes widen and he sits back down. TONY bursts out
Oh my God, you thought I was
serious?! Jeez, tai loco! I'm
almost never serious. Like I don't
even know why you would think that


                       TONY (cont'd)
about me, I-
(Too muffled to decipher)
TONY moves closer to MARK and puts his ear close to his
      (Eyes shut, slowly)
Why. Am I. Here.
Well because I need your help.
MARK gives TONY a puzzled look.
You're going to tell me everything
I need to know about your friends.
Starting with Zack. Okay?
TONY pulls out a small remote and holds it up. He smiles.
Mark... don't make it harder than
it needs to be.
TONY presses a button on the remote. MARK screams and
convulses from the shock. TONY releases the button.
Feeling helpful yet?
      (Muffled, hateful)
TONY slaps MARK across the face.
Wrong answer.


MARK is shocked again for a longer time. He screams in
agony, tears falling down his face.
Don't waste my time, Marcus.
      (Muffled, sobbing)
What. (beat) What do you want me
to tell you.
TONY scoots closer to Mark.
Oh, now we're talkin'
And you know, just the little
things like addresses, personal
activities, times they're home,
MARK begins to cry.
I mean, you know what I'm talkin'
about? Stuff only a friend would
Why do you want to know.
Why do YOU want to know? I do not
have the time for all these
queshons, okay? So if you stop
answering my queshon with a
queshon we'll be done a lot sooner
with all our body parts intact, I
      (Checks time)
Je-sus almighty, it's half past a
quarter, see? Anyway: Zack. Tell
me about him.
MARK shakes his head slowly, looking straight ahead.
TONY sighs in exasperation. He picks up the knife and starts
rubbing the tip across MARK's cheeks.


You know, oranges; I don't really
take the time to cut them nicely
because who cares? It's just an
orange peel. But human flesh?
Hmhmhmhmhm. So why don't you just
tell me about Zack, okay?
MARK slowly nods 'yes'.
Okay good! Now I'm just gonna take
this thing off so we can talk, and
when I do, no screaming, okay? You
can do that after I kill them.
ZACK lies asleep in his bed. An alarm goes off. ZACK wakes
up and looks around, confused. He puts on his glasses and
goes upstairs to see what the problem is. ZACK enters the
kitchen and sees that the home security system is going off.
He turns around to check the door and windows. He looks
through the window and sees TONY standing under a light pole
in the distance, staring right at him. ZACK slams the blinds
ZACK walks back down the stairs.
                       ZACK'S DAD (o.s.)
I checked all the windows,
everything's fine. Just go back to
bed and I'll call the company
tomorrow morning.
ZACK lies down in his bed and gets his phone out.
Be at my house tomorrow. We need
to talk again about whats
ZACK puts the phone down and pulls the covers up over his
                                         FADE OUT


ZACK, TYLER and AUTUMN sit on the couch talking.
...and the alarm was just going
off. So I came upstairs to see
what it was, and as I looked out
this window I see this man
standing out there under the
street light staring right at me-
So the alarm's going off like
someone tried to break in and
there's this dude out there
staring right at me. With all this
stuff that's going on you don't
find that weird?
TYLER shrugs. AUTUMN is interested.
So what happened next?
I slammed the blinds shut and
yelled for my dad. He checked and
all the windows and doors were
still locked.
But then this morning I checked my
window. (beat) There were
these...hand smudges. Like someone
tried to open the window from
Oh my God...
That's messed up. Are you sure?


Dude, yes. I told my dad but he
said it was probably just some kid
that was down there a while ago.
You don't think so...
ZACK shakes his head 'no'
That still doesn't explain the guy
watching me.
What'd he look like?
I dunno, he was tallish...big...he
had this really blank, pale white
face... I couldn't really see him
that well.
AUTUMN's eyes widen as ZACK describes TONY.
Zack... What was he wearing?
I dunno, some type of jacket. He
had the hood pulled up I think.
Oh my God...
Why? What happened?
After the movies last night when
we were driving out of the parking
lot, there was a guy
exactly-EXACTLY- like that just
watching me leave. We drove right
past him.
What, so you got to see his face,
right? Who was it?
AUTUMN shakes her head 'no'


      (On verge of tears)
It wasn't his face that was really
pale. It was a mask. I don't know
who it was, but it had to have
been the same guy.
Holy sh-
Are we being stalked?
Wait we? You two maybe, but I'm
not part of this.
But you've been with us. He would
at least know who you are, right?
He might..?
I'm not staying here to find out.
You're just scaring yourselves
because you're freaked out about
Mark. Nothing more.
TYLER gets up and walks out. ZACK and AUTUMN plead with him
to stay, but TYLER leaves.
Now what?
Just watch our backs. If you see
him again, call the cops right
away, okay?
Okay. I have to go to work now.
AUTUMN exits. ZACK hangs his head and rubs his face.
AUTUMN sits down on the couch after showering. She turns on
the TV.


TYLER is shooting hoops. TYLER'S MOM sticks her head out the
                       TYLER'S MOM
TYLER! Can you please take this to
the dumpster!
TYLER'S MOM drops a trash-bag onto the floor. She starts to
go in but sticks her head back out.
                       TYLER'S MOM
Now please!
TYLER walks over and picks up the bag. A few items spill
out. TYLER bends down and picks them up and stuffs them into
the bag. TYLER ties the bag shut. He walks around the house
to the trash cans and tosses the bag into one. He glances
around the neighborhood nervously. He dribbles the ball as
he walks back to the driveway. He throws it towards the
basket. TONY lunges at TYLER from behind. TYLER screams and
is heard being stabbed. The basketball rolls slowly down the
driveway to the curb.
                       TYLER'S MOM (o.s.)
Tyler? Tyler?! *Scream*
AUTUMN is still watching TV while eating popcorn. A news
flash comes on and she rolls her eyes and goes to change the
                       NEWS REPORTER
Attention viewers, your program
will return shortly. We have just
received news of the murder of a
local boy that took place sometime
in the past half-hour at 45
Lampkin Lane. With the murderer
still at large, police advise
citizens to stay inside and lock
all doors and windows, and report
any suspicious activity. Thank
AUTUMN puts the remote and stares wide-eyed at the TV.


AUTUMN digs out her phone and calls ZACK.
What? What's wrong?
Do you have the TV on?
No, why? What's happening?
There was just a news flash about
a murder that they said happened
at Tyler's address.
Was it the same guy that was after
I don't know... Zack: They said
the killer is still at large.
Oh God... Autumn, Tyler
does-didn't live very far away. HE
knows that too.
Well is your dad home?
No, he just left to go to the
store... Oh my God...
Listen, just stay inside and be
careful. They said to lock all
your doors and windows.
One sec.


ZACK puts the phone downand runs upstairs. He locks the
front door and shuts the blinds on the backdoor and runs
back downstairs.
AUTUMN screams for ZACK when he doesn't respond.
Ugh! I thought something happened
to you!
Autumn, I'm fine I- hold on.
What now?!
The doorknob of Zack's front door is heard being shaken. It
becomes louder.
Someone's trying to get in.
What? Run! Hide!
ZACK begins to run to the bedroom when the door opens.
ZACK'S DAD walks in upstairs.
                       ZACK'S DAD (v.o.)
Oh my God, it was just my dad.
                       ZACK'S DAD (v.o.)
Are you okay?
ZACK yells up to his dad.
Yeah, I'm fine.


                       ZACK'S DAD (v.o.)
I heard the...news on the radio
and came back. Good job with the
uh, doors.
      (Tearing up)
                       ZACK'S DAD (v.o.)
I'm sorry about, uh...
Me too...
Tears begin to stream down ZACK's cheeks.
      (To Autumn)
ZACK hangs up the phone.
TONY comes down the stairs into the basement, carrying a
torn basketball, smiling. TONY tosses the ball to MARK on
the ground. He looks at it in confusion. The ball stops
rolling and shows "RITTER" written on it in sloppy
handwriting. MARK recoils in terror.
I thought you'd like that. It's
your new toy. He wanted you to
have it.
MARK looks between TONY and the ball, horrified.
The look on the little face is
just 'mmm mmm mmm'. You know,
thank you: you've made this all
really worthwhile.
      (Muffled, hateful)
What's the matter with you?
      (Angry, ranting)
What's the matter with YOU?!
You're the one tied up like some
kind of bilateral ding-a-ling


                       TONY (cont'd)
morphodite in a nuthouse, so don't
be tryin' to tell me I have a
PROBLEM, because- You know what?
TONY digs in his pocket and pulls out the shock remote. He
fumbles with it and drops it to the ground.
Well F me.
TONY bends down to pick it up but MARK kicks it away. TONY
leans back up and stares at him.
MARK tries to look defiant but is clearly terrified of what
he just did. TONY smiles down at him. TONY pulls a rake from
the wall and bashes MARK across the head with it.
ZACK is at his locker pulling books out and into his
backpack. NOAH comes up to him.
Hey, so were you there when it
No. Dude.
Who do you think did it?
ZACK slams his bag on top of his locker.
Just. Stop.
Jeez, fine. Don't have to be a...
NOAH walks away. Becomes quiet and ZACK gets a few looks. He
looks around self-consciously. ZACK sits down against the
wall and pulls out his phone. He has a text from AUTUMN.
Come to the bleachers in the gym.


      (Over intercom)
Can I have your attention for one
quick announcement: due to the
recent events the school will be
on partial lock-down for the
entire day. Thank you.
ZACK looks around, confused. He gets up and walks into the
dark gym. AUTUMN is up at the top of the bleachers.
Psst! Zack! Up here!
ZACK walks up to the top corner of the gym above the HS
girl's locker room to meet AUTUMN. ZACK sits down on a
bleacher next to her.
Hey... So what did you want me to
come up for
I just wanted to talk to you in
private. I called Emily last night
to tell her all the stuff that's
She told Jake and now he's- he's
coming back. He said he was going
to get back at whoever killed
Tyler. He left before she could
stop him.
You know how he can be. What if he
does something stupid and gets


Autumn, what WE get hurt? Or
worse? It's obvious that
somebody's after us, we need to
tell someone.
What proof do we have? We don't
even really know what he looks
I know, but still. We have to-
The tardy bell sounds.
Ugh, we're gonna be late again.
They get up and walk back down the bleachers.
Wonder what you two were up to up
They scoff and shake their heads in disgust. They walk into
the now-empty hallway to their lockers. ZACK goes up to his
and finds a dirty envelope taped to it. He looks down at
Autumn, who is holding a similar note. ZACK opens it with
trembling hands and pulls out a paper.
2 down, 4 to go. :)
ZACK looks back at AUTUMN. They both look terrified. ZACK
and AUTUMN run to the office. They run into the principal as
she is coming out the door.
Mrs. Anderson-Mrs. Anderson, we
just found these on our lockers,
and someones after us, and-
AUTUMN stops to catch her breath. PRINCIPAL/ MRS. ANDERSON
looks at the notes quizzically.


Oh... Well that's not very nice,
is it?
Excuse me?
This wasn't very nice of someone
to put these up on your lockers.
      (Shaking head)
This wasn't a prank. Can you
please just check the cameras?
ZACK nods in agreement.
Alright, we'll check. You two need
to get to class.
ZACK and AUTUMN walk back down the hall to retrieve their
It has to be him...
He wouldn't... Not at school.
AUTUMN and ZACK turn the corner and see TONY, in mask,
standing at the end of the hall watching them. He starts to
walk toward them. They stand motionless.
TONY continues toward them, gaining speed. He charges toward
them. ZACK and AUTUMN scream and run out of the building.
ZACK and AUTUMN run away from the school across a soccer


ZACK! My house!
ZACK glances back. He sees TONY charging after them.
They run across a street and down a small side street. They
stop to catch their breath.
Zack, come on. We need to lose
      (Out of breath)
I know, I just- *cough*
A white truck drives by and squeals to a stop. JAKE calls
out from inside it.
HEY! So where's Tyler, huh?
AUTUMN and ZACK turn, confused. JAKE gets out of the truck
and walks towards them.
      (To herself)
He's dead. You knew that. And we
need to go or we'll be too.
He's after us. The same guy.


JAKE gets a fiery look in his eyes and looks down the
We don't know. But he's after us
Yeah, which is why we need to go
NOW, okay?!
MARK hesitates and stares down the street.
Fine. Get in.
They hop into the truck and drive away.
AUTUMN,ZACK, and MARK walk into Autumn's house.
AUTUMN shuts the front door and locks it. She goes into the
living room and shuts the blinds. She looks at ZACK and
      (Staring out
Go turn on the news.
For what?
In case they have anything new on
the guy
They turn on the TV to the news channel.
                       NEWS REPORTER
-and we've just received some
additional information on the
incident at Sacred Heart, we're
being told that an armed man was
seen in security camera footage
placing threatening letters on


                       NEWS REPORTER (cont'd)
students' lockers. Here is a photo
of the man. The school is on full
lock-down and will be closed early
for a police investigation. We
will continue to keep you updated
as more information is given.
AUTUMN shakes her head as she listens. ZACK switches off the
TV. JAKE becomes visible angry and fumes.
      (Clenched teeth)
ZACK backs away from MARK. AUTUMN puts her hand on MARK's
Mark, it's okay. They're gonna
find him.
MARK looks at AUTUMN wrathfully.
Autumn: that son of a-
THAT SON OF A BITCH, killed two of
my best friends. I am going to
kill him.
MARK storms out of the house. AUTUMN and ZACK stare at each
other. AUTUMN gets up and chases after MARK. She opens the
front door and sees his truck driving away.
JAKE drives up to his house and pulls into the garage. He
opens the door and gets out. TONY creeps along behind the
shelving, coming towards him. A metal can rattles. JAKE
glances up quizzically. His eyes widen and he turns around.
TONY slams his head against the car door twice. JAKE
staggers and slumps to the ground.


AUTUMN is sitting on the couch with her face in her hands.
She lifts her head up and looks at Zack, who is looking out
the window.
He should be home by now. I'm
calling him.
AUTUMN pulls out her phone and calls JAKE. No Answer. She
tries again. Someone picks up.
Mark! Listen to me! You can't just
go off and- Jake?
Heavy breathing comes from the other line. No answer. TONY
is holding the phone against his face. He begins to slowly
laugh. AUTUMN slowly pulls the phone away from her face and
stares at it. She looks at ZACK, eyes wide.
We have to get out of here. Now.
Where can we go?
I don't know, do you know
My family has farmland not too far
outside of town. There's a house
there we can hide at.
Okay, let's hurry.
They bike away down the street and into the wilderness.
Lights flash on. MARK looks defeated and tired. TONY runs
down the wall and smacks each support beam with a metal
spoon. He is very excited. MARK watches, bored.


Mark! I have another surprise for
you! But you can actually play
with this one!
TONY runs off-screen to the stairwell. He is heard talking
to someone, telling them to get up and come on, etc. He
walks back out with JAKE, tied up, gagged, partially
unconscious. MARK's eyes bug out when he sees JAKE. TONY
smiles hugely and motions to JAKE.
See? Don't you love it!?
TONY lets go of JAKE, who begins to slump to the ground.
TONY grabs him before he collapses.
Whoops, you'll have to excuse us,
he's still a bit tipsy here. Now:
TONY pushes JAKE through the beams to MARK. JAKE falls to
the ground near him. MARK gets up and goes over to him.
JAKE's eyes are partially shut, dazed.
I have another present here
TONY rummages around and pulls out a sledgehammer. He takes
it over to MARK and tosses it to him. It bounces off the
beams. He is kneeling by JAKE, glaring at TONY.
What? *LAUGH* Come here Marcus.
MARK does not move
I said come here.
TONY pulls out the remote. MARK immediately comes up to
Now I'm gonna untie you, and then
the real fun will begin. But I got
this remote on full power, so
don't try nothin.
TONY unties MARK with one hand, holding the remote in the
other. The ropes fall off and MARK is free.


Now turn around. You know what a
pinata is? Well this is the same
basic concept, so here's this:
TONY hands MARK the hammer. MARK stares straight at him,
confused. TONY motions towards JAKE, on the floor. MARK
drops the hammer on the floor. TONY becomes very angry and
shocks MARK. He drops to the floor screaming in agony.
      (Angry, shocking)
I bring you all these fine fancy
presents and this is how you treat
me?! You pick that up and go kill
that boy right now or so God help
me I'll use it on bof a you, and
Autumn and Zack too!
MARK's eyes widen. He looks at TONY and shakes his head no.
Well then get to it boy!
MARK slowly, painfully, leans down to pick up the
sledgehammer. He is hyperventilating and tears stream down
his cheeks. TONY eggs him on. MARK painfully walks over to
JAKE. He falls on his knees by him and grabs his shoulders
He and JAKE stare at each other. MARK sobs. He slowly turns
JAKE over onto his stomach. JAKE starts to shake. MARK
stands up and picks up the hammer. He is shaking
uncontrollably. He lifts the hammer above his head, TONY
watches excitedly. He swings the hammer down. TONY laughs.
AUTUMN and ZACK come up to a grassy field and stop.
Just a little farther! Cut through
They hop off their bikes and begin to run through the field,
heading towards the treeline.
TONY walks out the door of a house. The door slams shut
behind him. He cocks his head as if he is listening to
something. ZACK and AUTUMN are seen running through a field


in the distance. TONY chuckles and starts walking quickly in
their direction, putting on his mask. He walks away from the
large, isolated house.
AUTUMN and ZACK reach the treeline and stop to catch their
How- How much farther.
Just past (beat) the hill up
there. Maybe a mile.
*Groan* I need to rest.
We have to get out of here first.
He could be anywhere.
AUTUMN looks around and sees a large shed in the distance.
She points to it.
AUTUMN and ZACK jog down a narrow path through the trees.
They go underneath low-hanging branches and pass a pond.
AUTUMN turns around and sees TONY in the distance, crashing
through the brush. She screams. AUTUMN and ZACK run through
a junk path, past broken cars and machines. They come up to
a pile of logs and scramble over the top. The shed is close,
just over the top of a hill. They run up a dirt path to the
Autumn and ZACK come up to the shed door. ZACK carefully
opens it. AUTUMN steps in and ZACK follows. He grabs a
flashlight off a toolbox and pulls the door shut. They
slowly look around the shed with the flashlight. AUTUMN
steps on a rake, causing it to raise up and bang on a stand.
Both jump and are startled. It becomes quiet.
I think we're safe for now. Are
you good?


I guess
TONY walks past a rusty saw blade machine.
Is this the place you meant?
No. But at least we're safe for
TONY walks up to the side door of the garage. His footsteps
crunch in the gravel.
TONY tries to open the side door but it is locked. The
footsteps come around the shed while a knife scratches and
taps on the metal siding. They stop at the garage door.
Silence. TONY SLAMS against the door with all his weight.
AUTUMN and ZACK cower under the table. The door slides open,
revealing TONY at the entrance. TONY slowly walks into the
shed, looking back and forth.
He's inside...
AUTUMN hyperventilates. ZACK picks up a washer and chucks it
at the other side of the shed. TONY snaps his head around to
the noise. He stalks over to the corner. AUTUMN and ZACK
start crawling towards the open door. AUTUMN glances back at
TONY, who is looking around elsewhere.
ZACK makes a noise somehow. TONY turns around and walks
toward them. AUTUMN and ZACK stop moving. AUTUMN hides under
a desk and ZACK presses up against a toolbox. AUTUMN glances
at ZACK. ZACK motions for her to leave. AUTUMN shakes her
head no. TONY stands at the end of the "hallway" and laughs,
seeing them.


AUTUMN and ZACK get out of their hiding spots and run for
the side door.
ZACK! Come on!
ZACK crawls out of his spot and staggers to the door. TONY
grabs his feet, causing ZACK to fall. ZACK pulls TONY to the
ground with him. ZACK turns around and KICKS TONY in the
face, causing the mask to come off. ZACK's eyes widen in
recognition. AUTUMN turns back to ZACK and sees TONY. She
stares, dumbfounded.
ZACK pulls free and runs to Autumn in the door. He grabs her
and pushes her out.
Autumn, come on! Go!
      (To herself)
It was him this whole time and we
didn't know it.. We-
TONY picks up a nearby hammer, mumbling to himself and comes
around the corner of the shed.
AUTUMN sprints away, ZACK behind her. TONY looks at them
running towards a house. He smiles. ZACK suddenly falls to
the ground. AUTUMN turns around to him.
Zack, come on! Get up!
But ZACK can't get up. His ankle is bloody, a hammer on the
ground next to it. ZACK tries to get up but collapses again.
      (Clenched teeth)
No! I'm not leaving! Get up!


TONY is closing in fast, just a few feet away. AUTUMN looks
at him and Zack, him and Zack. She turns and runs away while
ZACK screams loudly one last time. Then silence.
AUTUMN runs up to the front door of the house and bangs on
Help! Somebody help me please!
Somebody help! Oh God help me!
Please! Please help me! HELP! Oh
God, HELP ME! HELLO?! Help me!
PLEASE! Can't you hear me?! Oh
AUTUMN runs around to the back of the house and opens the
back door. She goes into the house, slams the door shut, and
locks it. She slams her weight against it and closes her
eyes. She takes deep gulping breaths. Her phone rings and
her eyes open. It's EMILY calling.
Emily! Thank God!I need your help!
Listen I-
Hey! Autumn, what's up? I- What's
Emily: It's Tony.
The guy that's been after us!
Tony! From school!
EMILY is silent.
Emily, he's right outside this
house right now trying to kill
us-ME. Call the police! I'm out
north of town with Zack, but Tony


                       AUTUMN (cont'd)
got him, I-
EMILY has hung up.
AUTUMN looks around for a phone. She hears TONY trying to
open the door. AUTUMN opens a door that leads to a basement.
TONY opens the front door and AUTUMN hurries down. MARK,
free from his collar and restraints, jumps out from around
the corner screaming, and smacks AUTUMN in the head with the
blade of the shovel. AUTUMN crumples to the ground
instantly, bleeding. MARK stands looking at AUTUMN
      (Tearing up)
MARK reaches down and holds her bloody head in his hands.
Autumn. AUTUMN!
MARK shakes AUTUMN, trying to wake her up. Her head turns
and rests against the floor, her eyes glazed over. Tears
stream down MARK's cheeks. TONY begins to come down the
stairs. MARK backs away, into the corner, trying to hide.
TONY enters the room and looks down at AUTUMN's body and the
bloody shovel. He chuckles.
Thank you Marcus! But I'm still
going to kill you! Now come out
MARK backs away from TONY and trips backwards over an item.
Huehhuehhuehhueh there's my little
magpie. Come here.
MARK tries to maneuver around TONY. TONY gets frustrated and
grabs a broom off the wall. He shoves MARK in the chest and
he falls down. He tries to get up again, but TONY pushes him
down again, toying with him. MARK tries to dart around him.
Hey! Now you stop it!


He whirls around like a sassy Mexican helicopter and strikes
MARK in the neck with the broom. He falls backwards,
coughing. MARK rolls over onto his stomach to get up back
TONY runs up and STOMPS repeatedly on one of MARK's legs.
CRACK. MARK's leg is shattered. MARK SCREAMS in agony. He
tries to crawl away using his hands but can hardly move.
TONY puts his foot on JAKE's back. JAKE sobs and scratches
at the floor trying to get away. TONY leans down and puts a
noose around MARK's neck. He begins to pull tighter and
tighter. MARK claws at the rope, coughing and sputtering.
TONY lifts the rope up and down repeatedly, slamming MARK's
face into the ground. TONY puts his foot at the base of
MARK's neck and YANKS on the rope. Silence. TONY smiles
EMILY is sitting a car. her eyes are red from crying. She
stares out the window because she's all deep like that right
now and it's sad and stuff 'cause her friends are dead and
it's like omg boo hoo. The car pulls up to the police
                       EMILY'S PARENT (v.o.)
Are you sure you still want to go
in today? We can wait a few days
if your not ready.
I'm fine. They need to know what
happened so they can catch him.
                       EMILY'S PARENT (v.o.)
Do you want me to go in with you?
No. I can do it myself.
She unbuckles and starts to get out.
                       EMILY'S PARENT (v.o.)
Okay, I love you. Call me when
you're ready.
K. Bye.


EMILY enters a small office. Police Detective ALAN MALCOLM
sits at his desk. He looks up and sees Emily. He stands up
and offers his hand.
Hello, ma'am. Detective Malcolm.
You must be Emily that called in
last night. I'm very sorry.
They shake hands and EMILY sits down across from him.
Now. Why don't you go ahead and
tell me everything you know about
what happened. Take as long as you
need and leave nothing out, no
matter how unimportant it seems.
MALCOLM pulls out a box of TISSUES and a recording device.
He nods to her, signaling to begin. Emily takes a deep
Last night, I got a phone call
from my friend Autumn. She said
she was being attacked and she
knew who the killer was.
      (Tearing up)
She said it was Mark.
M- Mark? She said Mark?
Yes, why?
      (Shuffling papers)
Is he not the boy you know who
went missing last...(X)?
      (Wiping eyes)
That's what they told me... I was
out of town the whole time. I
don't even know what to think


EMILY puts her face in her hands and sobs. MALCOLM
sympathetically hands her the box of tissues.
Hey. You're doing just fine. What
else did she tell you?
Well, she- she said that she was
out out north of town and that
Jake was chasing her with a gun.
Was your friend... Autumn, was
Autumn by herself when she called
She said she was out in the
country with Zack when Mark
started chasing her trying to
shoot her.
Do you know why she was out in the
country with Zack?
I have no idea...
EMILY walks out of the station to a car. She gets into a car
at the front of the parking lot. TONY is in the driver seat.
He slowly turns toward EMILY smiling creepily. She laughs.
TONY pulls a mask on and drives off.


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From Phil C Date 7/2/2013 **1/2
Hi Matt. A little bit of constructive feedback for you: 1. Currently your script is too short. At a mere 47 pages it is not long enough to be considered as a feature screenplay. 2. There are too many typos, grammatical errors and formatting issues for me to recommend it for submission to the powers that be. 3. I wouldn't describe your own story in the synopsis as "run of the mill" as this connotes a lack of distinction. It's like saying your script is just like every other slasher flick. Not a good selling point! If you would like further feedback on your current draft, by all means get in touch. Regards, P

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