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The Blackavellian Knights
by Leonard Anderson (lenny1908@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: **
The Blackavellian Knights is a play about Lenny B, a recovering addict seeking self redemption. He promised himself if he ever escaped his self imposed prison he'd do all he could to prevent others from going down the same path thus forming the vigilante group The Blackavellian Knights. Lenny B is attempting to bring down the Drug Starr Cartel, save his relationship with his soul mate and fight off his demons trying to lure him back to the dark side. His biggest battle is turning his will over to God which his promised on numerous occasions while in the midst of gun battles and trials and tribulations.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Police, fire fighters and other emergency responders arrive
within minutes of the explosion. A chopper circles above
providing additional lighting and to scan the area for the
possible perpetrators. Officers secure the crime scene and
request identification for those who want to enter or leave.
They question employees, guests, passer-byers and
neighboring store owners and anyone else who may have
noticed any strange behavior prior to the blast. The bomb
squad surveys the blast and search the area for other
explosive devices. Paramedics begin to take the injured to
neighboring hospitals while the coroner bags those not
fortunate to make it. News cameras arrive on the scene and
set up for live feeds. Lenny B observes from the other side
of the street.
LENNY B bows his head and silently thanks GOD for allowing
him to escape just one more time. He sees no sign of SO GOOD
and becomes very concerned. He begins to walk away so not to
be affiliated with the bombing.
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
This had to be a set up. Someone
had to be given inside information
that we would be here.
Lenny B continues walking down the street. His pace quickens
as his anxiety grows about So Good. He tries to reach him
via cellphone but no answer. He begins to panic
acknowledging So Good may have perished. He then thinks
about the innocent bystanders who lost their lives. He
begins talking to himself.
                       LENNY B
I wonder if any of our bullets
took the lives of the innocent?
Lenny B scratches his head. He dials cell phone again and
lets it ring five times before hanging up.


                       LENNY B
I wouldn't be able to live with
myself if it did. But we had to
defend ourselves.
Places cell phone and hands in pockets.
                       LENNY B
Is it worth it?
Kicks a can on the sidewalk
                       LENNY B
Is it time to walk away from this
bull shit?
He's gesturing with hands while he talks to himself.
Pedestrians observe and walk wide of him not sure of his
mental state.
                       LENNY B
Am I causing more harm than good
on my crusade? I don't want
anymore blood on my hands.
Lenny B hears moaning from the alleyway. He walks over to
investigate guns drawn.
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
There's a silhouette of a man in
the corner. He attempts to stand
then aggressively walks towards me
wincing in pain.
                       LENNY B
      (Twirling guns ala
       the Lone Ranger)
Shasta. What's happening baby boy?
You and your crew tried to set me
up again?
Git away from me Lenny B. I'm not
afraid of you. When I get the
chance I'm going to kill you
mother fucker.


                       LENNY B
Tell your boss his ass is mine for
all the pain and suffering he's
inflicted upon his own people.
Fuck you nigga. I'm not your
errand boy. Deliver your own damn
Grabs his penis then doubles over from the pain of the
bullet wounds.
                       LENNY B
On second thought, let me do the
world a favor and extinguish your
ass right now.
Empties an entire clip.
                       LENNY B
That'll help keep the prison
population down by one.
Lenny B continues his search for So Good and discovers him
wounded between parked cars. He gingerly assists him up and
they proceed to his vehicle parked down the block. So Good
can barely walk and leans on Lenny B for support.
                       LENNY B
So Good, if you get blood on my
new shoes it's on when you get
                       LENNY B
Fuck you and your shoes. I'm in
pain and it's unbearable.
                       LENNY B
Don't worry we're almost at the
                       SO GOOD
I can't believe they ruined my new
suit. I just got this bitch made.


Sticking finger through one of the holes.
                       LENNY B
We can always get you another suit
brother. The holes in your ass is
another story.
Lenny B chuckles.
                       SO GOOD
Well I'm damn sure going to take
it out on someone.
                       LENNY B
I wouldn't expect anything less.
Lenny B carefully sits So Good in the back seat of the car.
He creates a tourniquet from his tie to stop the bleeding.
He then gets behind the wheel, starts the car and pulls off
pulling out his cell phone to make a call. He hits the speed
dial button.
                       LENNY B
Pinky it's me. So Good's been
shot. Try to reach that shyster
doctor and meet me at Klub KASS.
I knew this was going to happen.
If So Good dies, so will you.
Pinky angrily hangs up the phone.
                       SO GOOD
      (Semi conscious)
Are we almost at the Klub? I need
a drink to kill the pain.
Someone's going to pay for fucking
up my new suit.
                       LENNY B
Will you get over that suit? You
need to be more concerned about
your leg.


McDonald's is filled to capacity with a line around the
corner. Passengers fill the bus terminal. A well dressed
gentleman picks a man's pockets while he argues with his
wife on the phone. A Septa police van pulls up and the
officers bail out and head underground. A homeless man begs
for money in the middle of the street. He becomes indignant
after a commuter only gives him fifty cents and throws it
back in his face. An ambulance approaches from the opposite
direction on its way to the ER at Albert Eisenstein
Hospital. The car crosses the intersection of Broad and
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
I can recall the Esquire Movie
Theater as if it were yesterday.
As young bucks we attempted to go
on a couple of occasions. The
residing gang would identify us
and try to inflict bodily harm.
We'd race back to our own
territory barely reaching the
borderline. Sometimes those
brothers had their minds made up
and ran us back five or six blocks
deep. They had much, much heart. I
have nothing but love and respect
for them now for we all are on the
same side fighting the same fights
of providing and protecting our
The remote control opens a door camouflaged as a wall with
graffiti on it. Once inside Lenny B pushes other button
which lowers the entire floor to another level. Lenny B
parks next to the loading dock. Pinky and DOC meet Lenny B
with a gurney and they transfer So Good cautiously trying
not to cause any further damage. They rush him to the
makeshift operating room. There's a table, cabinet, overhead
light, surgical tools and gloves. There's also a large
cooler with bags of blood and other liquids. A stove is used
to boil water to sterilize the equipment.


                       LENNY B
Doc, fix my boy. I don't want any
excuses. Are you drunk? Don't be
cutting on my boy if you're drunk.
Lenny B you're making Doc nervous.
You can't go the hospital so he's
our only hope. If So Good bleeds
to death it'll be your fault.
                       SO GOOD
Give me a drink. The hell with
that just give me the whole damn
So Good struggles to get up from the table.
      (Pissed off)
So Good, keep your ass still and
shut up. You wouldn't be in this
situation if you two weren't
running around town trying to save
the city.
Let him drink all that he wants.
It's probably better than the
anesthesia I got at the spur of
the moment. Maybe the combination
will knock him out long enough to
get through the procedure.
                       LENNY B
What the hell kind of doctor are
you instructing a patient to drink
while you're drugging them at the
same time?
Doc finishes his fourth cup of coffee. He wipes his lips
with his sleeve and pours another. He then stares at Lenny B
then verbally attacks him.
The kind you get when you can't go
to a hospital because of your


                       DOC (cont'd)
questionable activities. This is
how I lost my license in the first
fucking place by providing under
the table services.
Lights a cigarette.
So unless you can find a 'Doctors
R Us', I'd like to start the
procedure without any further
outbursts from you.
                       LENNY B
We're the good guys Doc and you
know this.
In the eyes of the public you are
but not by most of the media and
the police.
                       SO GOOD
Lenny B, how did we get caught up
like that? They were ready for
us. We were set up big time.
So Good passes out cold. Doc prepares to give Pinky
instructions but first takes another sip of coffee.
Pinky strap him down. No darling,
make them tighter. If he jumps
suddenly he'll lose a leg or bleed
to death.
Okay Doc.
Make sure that water comes to a
boil to sanitize the instruments
It has Doc.


Great now take them out of the pot
with the tongues.
Pinky places instruments on the table.
Anything else I can do for you?
Yes, you both can leave now. This
is going to get messy.
Can't I stay and hold his hand
No. You both had better leave and
close the door behind you.
Lenny B and Pinky exit the operating room. Pinky begins
crying uncontrollably. She suddenly turns and directs her
anger and frustration at Lenny B.
How long are you two going to do
this shit? Do you think you're
Batman and Robin? These escapades
broke us up. I'll never forgive
you if he dies.
                       LENNY B
Pinky, I'd give my life for So
Good's. We know when we go out
there's a chance we may not make
it back. But we can't sit by and
watch our race commit genocide.
But what about me and Renee? Do
you take our feelings into
consideration? Do you think about
how it'll affect us if you're


                       LENNY B
Yes we do baby and that's why we
take every precaution to stay
safe. Now give me a hug and say
you forgive me.
Well obviously you didn't take
enough or he wouldn't be on the
                       LENNY B
I know baby. You can't make me
feel any worse than I already do.
I'm going to hug and forgive you
but I'm still mad at you.
Pinky walks over to Lenny B and embraces him. She
impatiently waits for Doc to finish the procedure. She
sits, stands, sings, cries and laughs. She lights a
cigarette and coughs as she stopped smoking two months ago.
Doc comes to the door and wipes the sweat from his brow. He
removes his flask from his coat and takes a swig, then
another. Lenny B and Pinky quietly approach not wanting to
stir So Good. Pinky kisses So Good on the forehead and Lenny
B waits for Doc's assessment. Doc then lights a cigarette.
He'll be fine. He came through
with flying colors. I stitched him
up as best as I could. He needs
to rest and stay off his feet. He
damn sure won't be dancing for a
couple of weeks.
Lenny B hugs Doc and shakes his hand for a minute.
                       LENNY B
I owe you Doc. Is there anything
that I can do for you?
Well yes there. How about a couple
of bottles of champagne, a few
hundred dollars, and dinner at the


                       DOC (cont'd)
Klub for a week with a guest.
                       LENNY B
Anything else?
Would you consider allowing my
nephews to perform at Klub KASS.
They are very talented and can use
a break.
                       LENNY B
It is a small price to pay for the
service that you've provided. Doc,
How soon can we move So Good?
Let's move him now while he's out
cold. Just be extra careful so we
don't reopen the wounds.
Why don't we take one of the
delivery trucks so he won't have
to bend his leg?
                       LENNY B
That's a great idea Pinky.
They shift So Good from the table to the gurney then wheel
him to the truck. They construct a makeshift bed inside with
various materials. They ease So Good him up gently lay him
down. Pinky positions another pillow under his leg. They
close the door and prepare to leave.
                       LENNY B
Your nephews can audition tomorrow
night Doc. Thanks for everything.
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
The streets are empty and I catch
just about every light. There's
an open WaWa convenience store and
gas station whose employees are
changing shifts. A laundry mat
with three patrons in various
modes of the wash dry cycle is
next to it. We approach a
weathered looking gentleman trying


                       LENNY B/NARRATOR (cont'd)
to seduce an ATM machine. He pulls
out one card, then another, then
another. I don't think he's
trying to pay the electric bill. I
say a silent prayer for him as I
remember those days all too well.
The female beside him attempts to
light another cigarette but hands
are trembling uncontrollably. As I
look in the rear view mirror,
they're practically running to
their destination. They're going
to pay for some more frustration,
misery, agony, and possibly death.
I guess there were a few dollars
Lenny B places a hands free call to MR. WHITE to announce
their arrival. So Good has been resting comfortably the
entire trip. Pinky awakens as Lenny B begins to speak. She
stretches then yarns.
                       LENNY B
Mr. White it's Lenny B.
                       MR. WHITE
Good morning Mr. B. What can I do
for you this fine day?
                       LENNY B
So Good's been shot. I need to get
him into the building without
being seen. What entrance do you
                       MR. WHITE
I'd recommend going around back to
the service elevators. We can take
it to the first floor and transfer
to the Penthouse elevators.
                       LENNY B
Will you be there to assit me?
                       MR. WHITE
I'm on my way now sir.


Lenny B pulls up in the rear of the apartment complex. They
steady So Good and help him out of the truck. Mr. White
greets them with a wheelchair and pushes So Good up the
The elevator arrives at the first floor. Mr. white exits to
make sure that the coast is clear. They transfer to the
penthouse elevator and Mr. White returns to the front desk.
So Good begins to stir. The elevator door open and they
exit. Lenny B hits remote control to open the door.
So Good is taken to his room. They get him on the bed and
make him comfortable as possible with his clothing on. Pinky
kisses him on the cheek and pulls a blanket over him. She
leaves to get the Klub ready for business with tears in her
eyes. Lenny B attempts to comfort her but she pushes him
away. She then hugs him, kisses him on the cheek and
departs. Lenny B peers out of the windows for a few seconds
and then goes back to check on So Good attempting to sit on
the side of the bed.
                       SO GOOD
How you feeling brother?
                       SO GOOD
Like I've got a big ass vice grip
on my leg. Who patched me up ?
                       LENNY B
Doc patched you up.
So Good tries to stand but falls back on the bed in agony.
The pain shoots through his entire body.
                       SO GOOD
Oh shit that hurts.
                       LENNY B
Of course it does fool you've been


                       SO GOOD
You let that alcoholic operate on
me? I thought we was kool man.
                       LENNY B
He's the reason you're alive. What
happened anyway? Did you shoot
yourself in the leg?
                       SO GOOD
Shasta came from out of nowhere
and blasted me. I felt two
                       LENNY B
There were three. A centimeter to
the left and you'd be wearing
panties now.
                       SO GOOD
Fuck you man.
So good chuckles then winces. He inspects the bandages and
takes another drink.
                       LENNY B
Well my brother, you won't ever
have to worry about Shasta again.
The phone rings
                       LENNY B
                       MR. WHITE
Mr. Smith, there's a very vocal
and animated young lady here at
the desk claiming to be your
                       LENNY B
Have her step in front of the
camera so I can see her.
TISH is wearing a sun visor with blinking red and green
lights, Angela Davis Afro wig, Bootsy Collins sunglasses, a
mink coat and a six-inch marble cigarette holder puffing on
a Newport.
Mr. White begins coughing and fans the smoke away from face.


                       MR. WHITE
Miss, can you stand in front of
the camera? By the way, there's no
smoking in the lobby.
      (Hand on hip)
Is the Candid Camera?
                       MR. WHITE
No but Lenny B is observing you
right now.
      (Looking into
You Black Dog I don't need this
shit. You should have picked me up
anyway. And where is my Earth,
Wind, and Fire album I let you
hold back in 1978?
                       LENNY B
Yes Mr. White. She is definitely
my sister. You can send her on up.
Tish exits the elevator and walks into the living room. She
hangs her things in the closet. She walks over to the bar
and pours a drink and then takes off her shoes. Lenny B
walks over to great her.
Happy New Years. Come give me a
kiss. I brought some movies and
beef tripe with me. How is So
Good? Do you got any hot sauce?
                       SO GOOD
Lenny B. Is that my baby Tish out
Tish enters So Good's room and kisses him on the forehead.
Boy, don't you know you're
supposed shoot, duck, and roll?
Shoot! Duck! Roll
Fluffs So Good's pillow.


Now sit back and relax and I'll
prop your leg up properly.
                       SO GOOD
Tish, do you have any of your
special coffee with you?
Do you want the E & J or the Corn
                       SO GOOD
I'll take whatever you give me
baby. It's all good.
                       LENNY B
I'm heading for the Klub guys. Hit
me up if you need anything. I'll
talk to the both of you later.
RENEE lights the last of the passion fruit scented candles
placed throughout the house and around the Jacuzzi. She
closes her eyes, inhales then exhales. She pulls three
towels from the linen closet and places them on the towel
warmer. She turns off the lights and activates the CD player
to listen her favorite song and slowly begins to unwind. She
pulls her hair back, places it into a ponytail and then
covers it with a shower cap so not to ruin her $125.00
haircut. She disrobes in front of the mirror admiring her
firm breast and tight ass. She ponders if the weight loss is
from aerobics or depression. She's contemplating
permanently breaking up with Lenny B.
Renee places a toe in the Jacuzzi and wiggles it around to
make sure the temperature is just right. She steps in and
submerges slowly. She turns the jet streams on medium and
positions herself to enjoy the throbbing sensation as it
gently, yet accurately, pounds against her pleasure
principal. She closes her eyes and drifts away as the
melody and lyrics takes her to another place. She starts to
quiver as she's stimulated to the point of no returns then
releases. Her moment of ecstasy is replaced with anger and
she explodes screaming at Lenny B as if he's in the room.


You get on my fucking nerves Lenny
B. I've loved and waited for you
for a long time. And you've
waited for me too during our many,
many relationships.
Pounding the water as if she was exchanging blows with Ali
or Frazier, extinguishing several candles in the process.
But you still cant be what I need
you to be when I needed you to be
it. And now that I'm ready to
leave you try to get your shit
Renee momentarily stands up then sits on the edge of the
jacuzzi. She places her face in her hands.
Well it's too fucking late mother
Renee screams. She stands up again and addresses the ceiling
as if Lenny B's face is upon it. She points while speaking.
I'm leaving and that's that. This
is my life and I don't owe you any
fucking explanations for real, for
real. One day you'll blossom into
the man that I know you can be.
Begins to cry.
      (Regains composure)
We'll have this conversation
another time as I'm surely going
to fuck your ass tonight.
Renee gets out of the Jacuzzi and towels off. She takes off
the shower cap and puts on a red and white silk robe. She
walks into her bedroom and lights a cigarette filling her
lungs to capacity. She exhales, hits the rewind button on
the CD player and walks over to the door to gaze at the
glorious sunset.


Lenny B rings the door bell.
Come in.
Renee is sitting at the table wearing a red satin pajama top
breasts exposed. She's wearing red lipstick, red finger
nail polish and a dash of blush. She gestures with her
finger for Lenny B to come closer then sensually parts her
lips and begins to speak Marilyn Monroe tone of voice.
Dinner was at seven o'clock and
it's ten after. Your supper is
getting cold.
Opens and closes her legs.
Lenny B slowly walk towards the table never losing eye
contact with Renee's pretty brown eyes. Rose petals begin at
the table cloth which kisses the floor.Lenny B crawls under
to find Renee wearing red satin crotchless panties and pussy
covered with whipped cream. She's wearing red stockings,
garters, and red pumps. Her condiments of choice are
strawberries, ice cream and chocolate syrup.
Make sure you get it all. There
won't be any second helpings
Renee rests her legs on Lenny B's shoulders and leans back
on the chair.
Lenny B is in bed at home after his date with Renee. He's
tossing and turning in the bed. Finally, he falls to sleep.
When the smoke clears, I'm standing in the center of the
spinning room, petrified. My heart is firing like pistons
in the engine of a race car speeding around the track at the
Pocono 500. The lights appear to flicker on and off. My
hands are shaking terribly as I watch the match slowly
continue to burn as if it is the Olympic Torch. I feel the
heat upon my fingertips, but am still unable to let it go.
I'm in a daze momentarily, almost as if I'm between the


worlds of the living and the dead. As I become
semi-conscious and start to inhale and exhale rapidly, fear
takes hold of me as the same voices in my head that
encouraged me to partake just one more time now laugh and
torture me. I drop the makeshift stem smoldering from the
crack still within, and run toward the windows one by one,
to make sure for the one hundredth time the the windows are
secure and the blinds are closed. I run to the other side
of the room and put the chair and table in front of the
door. I knew the FBI and the CIA would be raiding the room
shortly to place me into custody. I turn off the lights and
lay on the floor so the sharp shooters can't pick me off
from the rooftops. I crawl to a corner and sit there
motionless. I hold myself as tightly as I can, rocking back
and forth and from side to side, and begin sobbing. I'm
moaning my favorite; self-composed blues song. It's the
same song that I sing every time I find myself in this
predicament. The lyrics are composed with self-pity, pain,
desperation, agony and the melody of crying and tears.
Why, oh why Lord, must I continue to go through this
torment, through this personal hell that you have assigned
to me? Why can't I break the grips of this monster forever?
If you can part the Red Sea I am sure you can deliver this
lowly addict, this scum of your Earth. Please help me to
understand, because I surely do not. Then a voice always
answers in the same tone, with the same response, "When you
worship me instead of your other gods I will lead you out of
your darkness".
                       LENNY B
Damn, they just seem so real.
Sits on the side of the bed for a moment. Lenny B lays down
and finally falls back to sleep.
The ceiling fans turn slowly. The chief members of Drug
Starr are seated and anxiously await for their meeting to
start. They talk amongst themselves trying figure out why
the meeting was called. Two armed bodyguards enter the room
and survey it carefully. They signal it's clear of danger
and ROYAM enters dressed in a white double breasted suit,
charcoal gray silk shirt, white silk tie and charcoal gray
snake skin shoes. He looks at the sky line and takes a deep
Our skyline is just as nice as
anyone else's. And look at that
blue vault of heaven.


Poyam places his pistols on the table.
Why are So Good and Lenny B still
alive? It was a perfect plan with
a glass revolving door. How could
you fuck that up?
Picks up gun and shoots flat screen television.
The last time the bomb didn't go
off under the car. The time
before the dynamite under the
building wouldn't ignite. You all
are worse than the Keystone Kops!
I need them dead ASAP.
                       STREET CAPTAIN
Do you know Lenny B shot Shasta in
the head while lying on the
It's a good thing he did because
it saves me the trouble of killing
him now. Is there anyone in this
organization competent enough to
do the job?
I'll do it.
Tobias stands up at the table.
He'll never suspect his own son.
He's wanted to start a father-son
relationship for many years now. I
hate him for deserting me and my
mother. It would be my pleasure.
      (Rubbing chin)
Do you think that you have the
balls to do it?


Royam, you've been like a father
to me. I would do anything for
you. I'd consider it an honor to
take him out.
                       LENNY B
Tobias, if you succeed, you'll
become second in command. If you
fail, I will demote you back to
the corners.
I accept the challenge.
                       LENNY B
Great, meeting's adjourned. I have
a drug empire to run and political
fundraisers to attend.
Royam exits the room.
Lenny B pulls up in his gray Jaguar with the CD player
blasting and head bobbing. He sits for a few more seconds to
hear the end of the song then exits giving the valet the
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
I check the marquee to make sure
tonight's entertainment, Anderson,
Jones, and Anderson's names are up
in lights. I look at my watch and
hope the brothers are on time and
as good as Doc claims. But as
always I have a back up plan in
KEITH greets Lenny B with a hand shake and a hug.
Thanks for visiting my mother and
picking up the tab. I'll always be
in debt to you.
                       LENNY B
You're not in debt to me. All I
want is your continued loyalty.
Did she get my flowers?


Yes. She was surprised you
remembered orchids are her
Lenny B straightens Keith's collar.
                       LENNY B
When are you going to give up this
door, man?
And do what?
                       LENNY B
Enroll into Community College and
take some business courses. You're
wasting your talents brother and
your potential.
If you have that much trust in me,
I'll do it.
                       LENNY B
No baby, you have to believe you
can do it.
Okay, I will.
                       LENNY B
Make it happen brother and report
to me in a week with the results.
DJ JUST RITE has the place rocking. He's testing his new
lighting system and video machine to make sure they're
functioning properly. Pinky is behind the bar making sure
the registers are operating properly. Lenny B checks the
place settings on the tables and then head to the kitchen to
speak with the Head Chef ANGELA.
                       LENNY B
Angela, is everything on the menu
in stock?
You ask me the same damn question
every night and the answer is
always yes. You hired me because


                       ANGELA (cont'd)
I'm one of the best. Now get out
of my kitchen.
Angela uses spatula as an extension of her middle finger.
Lenny B exits quickly.
                       LENNY B
Pinky, have you heard from Doc's
nephews? You know I don't usually
let anyone grace our stage without
hearing them first. But since Doc
saved So Good I've got to keep my
They should be here by now.
Doors open and the group enters.
What's up guys? Did you have
trouble finding the place?
Everybody knows about Klub KASS.
This is the first time I've been
on the inside though. I can
barely afford to look in the
Pinky, do you think we can get a
microphone check?
Sure. What are you singing
The first set will be 'Take a
Chance', 'Love Thing', and
'Candice'. We have a variety and I
guarantee the audience will be
more than satisfied.
Well I won't detain you any
further. The stage is that way.


The phone rings. Lenny B looks at the caller ID at it's
                       LENNY B
Hey baby.
Are you still coming over for
dinner tonight?
                       LENNY B
Yes I am. I'm just calculating
some figures. I'll be there
Don't have me waiting all night.
And speaking of waiting, I'm not
going to wait for you forever. I
want to retire then travel. I'd
like to spend it with you but if
not oh well.
                       LENNY B
Honey, I'm locking the office door
right now. We'll talk when I get
Renee hangs up. Three seconds later the phone rings again.
                       LENNY B
Renee darling, I told you that I'm
on my way.
That's great Dad but this is
                       LENNY B
What's up Tobias? This is a
pleasant surprise.
I want to talk to you about
getting together and rebuilding
our father and son relationship.


                       LENNY B
That would be great son.
Words can't describe what this
means to me Dad. I'm on my way out
of town now but will contact you
upon my return.
                       LENNY B
I can't wait son. I'll talk to you
The overhead streetlight has been purposely put out. The
drug activity increases and the residents head to their
respective dwellings. Customers pushing shopping carts to
the well to do driving Mercedes are trying to cop. Lookouts
direct traffic to merchants taking cash only and to
merchants willing to barter for goods.
Yo What up? You looking for dat?
You know we got the biggest rocks
in town.
Grabs his crotch.
Over here baby girl. Got some weed
too. Here you go baby.
Drug and cash exchange occurs. Jakkar grabs the girl's ass
with both hands. She attempts to resist but he pulls her
Remember that shit when you run
out of money tonight bitch. Git
the fuck away from me you're
Next person in line steps up.
Here goes my main man. What up Old
Head? You jus' gettin' off work?
Did you get another promotion or
somethin' cause that suit is phat.


No promotion brother. This is how
I dress everyday.
The customer is very anxious and jittery. Delvin purposely
delays the transaction to make the customer sweat. JAKKAR
answers his cell phone then walks away for a little privacy.
Delvin whispers in the customer's ear.
I saved you some of the biggest
ones. How many do you want
Pulls out a bag of rocks.
      (Shifting back and
Ten? Now you know you gonna get
home, taste it and be mad that you
didn't get more.
Naw, I'm cool with ten this time.
Old head you do this shit every
week. Oh, my bad. You trying to
get yourself together. You got
money orders to pay your bills so
you won't spend the cash, right?
Yes. And I'm working on my
No you not you stupid mother
Customer pays, grabs bundle and walks away quickly.
Yo homie. I'm sorry dude. I didn't
mean it.


The customer has broken into a trot and now rounding the
Oh yeah baby you're in control
Puffs on joint then passes.
He used to be thorough and I
looked up to him. He lost his
family, house, and car smoking
this shit.
I bet you a hunnit he's gonna blow
up the cell phone. He'll trade
four or five rocks for a five
hunnit dollar money order.
Yo, Did you get the package from
the man and hook it up?
Yes sir. We pay back two G's to
make six by repackaging into
smaller bags. We'll double the
price after midnight.
When we gotta have that cash for
Tobias? You know he don't like
nobody playin' with his cash.
It ain't his cash and he don't
really run the show. We've got to
get next to Royam. He's the real
shot caller. I'm tired of this low
level bullshit.
                       CRAIG LOVE
This is Craig Love of Action News
6. We interrupt your scheduled
broadcast to bring you a special
news bulletin. Here is Aleshia
Derson live at Johnson General


Camera pulls in for a close up. ALESHIA DERSON does a hair
flip and one last make up check with a hand held mirror.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
There have been at least 20 drug
overdoses resulting in fifteen
deaths in the past two hours.
Sources say the culprit appears to
be tainted batches of crack
Turns and faces left camera.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
911 operators are still being
bombarded with calls from victims.
The deceased all died from massive
heart attacks.
Stares directly into the camera.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
We're waiting for a hospital
spokesperson to give an official
Hospital doors open and COMMISSIONER SLATER exits followed
by some other official looking people. The media closes to
get an official comment from the head cop. Aleshia gets to
him first and thrusts her microphone into his face.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Commissioner Slater, what are you
doing about this drug war? Which
organization supplied the poison
which killed those people?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
We're not sure but will work
around the clock to find out.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
And what are your plan to deal
with them once you find out?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
We're having a meeting to address
this issue as soon as we leave the


                       ALESHIA DERSON
So you don't have a plan.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
I didn't say that Aleshia. It also
doesn't help having vigilantes
interfering with police
activities. They're hindering the
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Someone has do do something to
curb the tide of violence. The
police have been very ineffective.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
I disagree. But the Blackavellian
Knights involvement only increases
the body count at the morgue.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Yes but better the waring parties
than the innocent bystanders.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
That's all for tonight folks gotta
                       ALESHIA DERSON
This is Aleshia Derson signing
off. Back to you Craig.
                       CRAIG LOVE
Aleshia, your work is brilliant as
always . I taught her everything
that she knows.
Chuckles, turns and faces right camera
                       CRAIG LOVE
This is Craig Love returning you
back to your regularly scheduled
Royam is in his living room watch the broadcast. He shakes
his head in disbelief. He pours a shot of brandy and lights
a cigar. He makes a phone call. The phone on the other end


Yes boss.
Call an emergency meeting right
What's wrong boss.
At the board room ASAP
Consider it done.
The lights are dimmed and the patrons quite down and take
their seats. Waiters continue to clean tables and bring new
orders before the show begins. There's a slight dispute over
seating but it is resolved quickly and amicably. Pinky walks
out to center stage.
Our opening act hails right here
from Philly. I'm predicting
future Grammy winners. Ladies and
Gentlemen, welcome Anderson,
Jones, and Anderson.
The group walks out on stage and receives an unenthusiastic
welcome. Mike grabs the microphone and addresses the
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd first
like to thank Lenny B, Pinky, and
our Uncle Doc for this great
opportunity. It is the break we've
been waiting for.
They immediately go into a 3 song melody.
                       LENNY B
Pinky, as usual, you are right.
The guys are marvelous and the
audienc love them. See if we can
sign them to a contract.


Honey they are great but I have a
6:45 A.M. flight to Detroit. I'll
be gone for a couple of weeks.
Renee, be careful sweetie.
Renee and Pinky embrace each other.
                       LENNY B
Okay, I'll drop you off at your
place. Can I take you to the
airport in the morning?
You'll be taking me to the airport
but won't be dropping me off. So
handle your business and let's go.
                       LENNY B
Yes Miz Renee. Cause I don'ts want
no trouble.
Lenny B and Renee listen to the beginning of the next set.
He grabs Renee's hand and they exit the building.
The senior management is all present. Royam begins tossing
chairs and other items across the room. He reaches for his
gun but decides not to pull it out. He sticks his finger in
Kellen's face and speaks very slowly pronouncing every
What do you know about this
Kellen unfastens his collar button as he begins to sweat.
Royam retreats for a moment to regain his composure then
approaches again.
Tobias told me customers were
complaining about the size of the
bags and content in them. He's
narrowed it down Delvin and
Jakkar's shift.


What does he plan to do about it?
He just found out so hasn't had a
chance to act yet.
Royam is pacing back and forth. Stops in front of the mirror
and admires himself.
We're going to make examples of
those mother fuckers. Have those
bitches brought to the cemetery
tonight. Call an all employee and
everybody better be there. Now go
handle my business.
Royam and Kellen watch from the limousine as the crews enter
the cemetery. They form a circle around the mausoleum
enclosing the car delivering Jakkar and Delvin. They exit
leaving on the headlights. Kellen gets out, waves and the
guests of honor are brought front and center. Royam,wearing
a mask in the likeness of the devil, gets out of the car to
pass judgment. Only a trusted few know his true identity,
City Councilman Lee Covington. The blindfolds and gags are
Gentlemen, we have a couple of
mother fuckers selling bull shit
product resulting in the deaths of
some of our most loyal clients.
Lights a cigar
Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce
you to Delvin and Jakkar. Take a
bow gentlemen.
Smacks them both repeatedly in the back of the head. Delvin
and Jakkar are petrified. Jakkar begins to cry and Delvin
urinates forming a puddle around his new Air Jordan's.
Sir, can we please explain? Please


Shut the hell up. I pay you all he
best salary on any streets. I
give holiday, vacation, medical
and dental plans.
Please show mercy sir. It will
never happen again.
You two were tapping my bags? You
were selling sheet rock, powdered
milk, powder, flour, crushed
aspirin and other shit to my
But Sir, that wasn't us slingin'
the bad bags. We did tap the bags
to make extra money, but it was
our dumb ass friends sellin'
aspirin and shit.
Royam points to the car. Two other individuals are dragged
Oh, you mean these idiots? Well,
they'll be joining you gentlemen.
Signals to the car again. Henchmen brings six feet by three
feet clear ziplock bags.
Fill the bags half way with the
bull shit they sold my customers.
Henchmen follows Royam's orders.
Put those bitches in them and seal
the bags.
The victims struggle to get away but to no avail. They are
beaten into submission and placed in the bags. Royam lights
another cigar as he and his employees watch the perpetrators
struggle then die for lack of air.
If anyone of you try this bullshit
again you will experience my real
wrath. Now bury those bitches then


                       ROYAM (cont'd)
go back to work.
Royam and Kellen depart.
Honey, I'll call you as soon as I
land and from the hotel with the
room and phone number. Give me
Renee hugs Lenny B and plants multiple kisses on his face.
                       LENNY B
You know what baby. The plane
doesn't take off for another
hour.I saw a nice little spot
right by the...
No, your ass needs to wait. That
way you'll miss me and wish you'd
taken advantage of all the
opportunities you passed up
running the streets being a "Black
Super Hero".
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
Here we go again Renee. I thought
we settled that argument. I have
apologized to you over and over
again. I can understand some of
the anger but not from things that
happened, two, three years ago,
which you chose to, interpret how
you want. What else do you want
me to do? Kiss the ground you
walk on or your ass? I don't know
who you think you are but I don't
have to take this shit from you or
anybody else. I'm a grown ass
                       LENNY B
Yes dear. Have a safe trip.
Phone rings.


                       LENNY B
Hello Lenny B, I mean Dad. It's
me, Tobais.
                       LENNY B
Yo what's up? You're back
Yes, I'm so excited about getting
together I cut my trip short. When
would you like to get together?
                       LENNY B
Anytime is fine with me Tobias.
All right, let's meet at Penn's
Landing Sunday night and have
dinner on The Spirit of
                       LENNY B
Great. I'll see you then.
Phone rings again.
It's me Pinky. You have a 7 pm
with Anderson, Jones, and
Anderson. They tore up the second
set last night and received a
several standing ovations.
                       LENNY B
That's wonderful.
Are we going to manage them?
                       LENNY B
Let's have them perform as our
feature act for the next two weeks
and see how they do.
Sounds fantastic.


                       LENNY B
Give Doc a call and thank him for
recommending them. We'll have to
give him a finder's fee.
I haven't seen Doc since he
patched up So Good. He wasn't
even there to watch his nephews
perform after begging you to give
them a chance.
                       LENNY B
Speaking of So Good, have you
spoken to him lately?
No and if he wanted to talk to me
he would call me. There ain't
nothing wrong with his fingers
                       LENNY B
Well excuse me for asking. I'll
talk to you later.
Tish is laughing hysterically .
                       LENNY B
Tish, what's so funny?
I'm watching The Three Stooges.
Curly is my favorite.
                       LENNY B
Is So Good in his room or on the
He called another doctor who gave
him a few needles. The next thing
I knew he was dressed and heading
out the door.
                       LENNY B


I asked the doctor would that shit
work on breasts. I've got a few
friends who desperately need some
Distracted by TV.
That damn Curly is a mess I tell
                       LENNY B
Did he say where he was going?
He said he was going for a ride
because he needed some air. He'll
be back shortly.
Phone rings.
                       SO GOOD
Tish, it's me, So Good. Is Lenny B
Lenny B, So Good wants to speak
with you.
                       LENNY B
Yo, what are you doing on your
feet man? Doc told you to rest
for a few days. You can't do what
you want to do all the tim.
                       SO GOOD
You've got a lot of nerve you
stubborn mother fucker. I was
going stir crazy and had to get
                       LENNY B
Are you kool brother?
                       SO GOOD
I'm down on the West River Drive
feeding the ducks. It's beautiful
out here.


                       LENNY B
So Good, I want to talk to you
about retirement. I'm getting too
old for this shit and Renee is
getting impatient.
                       SO GOOD
We can do that brother. It's been
in the back of my mind also.
                       LENNY B
We'll discuss it the next time we
                       SO GOOD
Can't wait to hear the guys. Peace
                       LENNY B
So Good tosses the remaining bread crumbs onto the grass.
The ducks gobble up the food. So Good tosses a few rocks
into the river.
                       SO GOOD
All right my little duck homies.
That's all I have right now. I'll
be back tomorrow. Y'all stay safe
So Good waves at a couple of female joggers crossing his
path. He switches the car into convertible mode. He adjusts
the rear view mirror and turn on the CD player. He puts the
car in gear and heads towards Germantown and Erie Avenues.
                       SO GOOD
Boy those ribs sure smell good.
Exits car and inhales.
                       VENDOR MAN
Yo, what up OG?
VENDOR MAN has all types of merchandise on his table. He
accepts all forms of payment including Access cards.


                       SO GOOD
What up baby? How's your family?
                       VENDOR MAN
Everybody is fine. How's your
Vendor Man is acting unlike himself and So Good picks up on
                       SO GOOD
He's cool. But what's going on
with you? You seem a little bit
jumpy today.
Vendor Man pans everything in his sight to see if he's being
watched. He even looks under his table.
                       VENDOR MAN
I got some intell but I'm going to
need a little sumthin' sumthin if
you know what I mean. If word got
out I gave up tape a brother could
get maimed.
Vendor Man looks around again.
                       SO GOOD
Here's two hundred dollars. If the
information is on the money, I'll
give you another two hundred.
                       VENDOR MAN
Yo, your boy is being set up.
                       SO GOOD
What do you mean being set up?
                       VENDOR MAN
Somebody wants him dead like
yesterday. The word on the street
is that he's gonna be taken down
by the end of the week.
                       SO GOOD
Who told you this?
Grabs Vendor man by the collar then releases him.
                       SO GOOD
Don't play with me. You know
that's my boy.


                       VENDOR MAN
My man has a few ladies on the
street. One had a john stoned out
of his mind babbling about Lenny B
getting it by the end of the week.
That's all I know.
                       SO GOOD
Get me more information ASAP. Do
this for me and I'll get you off
the streets and working for Lenny
B and me.
Walks up to Mike, June and Eric hand extended.
Good evening Lenny B. How are you?
                       LENNY B
I'm doing fine. I love people who
are prompt. And how are you
gentlemen this wonderful evening?
We're here to sign with your
management company if you deem us
worthy. Everyone knows everything
you touch turns to gold.
                       LENNY B
Please give us this opportunity. I
guarantee you won't be sorry. We
do have a small following and it
will multiple by the time we're
                       LENNY B
The front doors aren't open so
we'll walk around and use my
private entrance.
They all walk around to the side entrance. Lenny B punches
in the security code to enter the building.


Lenny B, Mike, Eric and June take the elevator to Lenny B's
                       LENNY B
I want to sign you to a contract.
Have your laywers review it.
Passes contract to Mike who reviews it quickly. He then
passes to Eric.
                       LENNY B
I'd like you to do a two-week
stint at the Klub then open for
major acts around the country.
What do you say?
Excuse me Lenny B? Can I use the
men's room down the hall?
                       LENNY B
You can use the one right here in
my office.
Lenny B points to bathroom then tosses air freshener.
After what I had for breakfast it
would be a crime to use your
personal bathroom. I don't want
to do that to my new boss.
June smiles and leaves the room.
I like your African Art. Where did
you get your pieces.
Mike picks up a statue and gives it the once over. He pulls
a mask off the wall and places it on his face.
                       LENNY B
They are authentic pieces from
Africa via a small shop in New
York. Do you collect art?
I can't afford to yet. Where did
you get the picture of Langston


                       LENNY B
I bought it at an auction
I'm going to see if June's all
right. He's been gone for a while.
Eric exits and heads towards the bathroom.
June, are you kool man? You
ain't gonna back out are you?
                       LENNY B
I don't know about this man. We're
about to fuck up a chance of a
lifetime. I just hope we don't get
We've agreed to do this hit and
you got your $50,000.00. We get
the $800,000.00 balance and a
record label upon delivery.
I know man but...
Look, my lady's constantly
bitching about this being a
twenty-five year hobby with
nothing to show for it. I'm
beginning to believe her. Just
stick to the fucking plan.
Yeah, I remember the damn plan.
All right, I'm back so let's do
this mother fucker.
Phone rings repeatedly then finally answered.


                       SO GOOD
Damn, he'll be dead before someone
answers the phone. It's amazing we
do as well as we do if our
customers have to wait this long
for someone to pick up the damn
Euphoria Room, Angela speaking.
How may I help you?"
                       SO GOOD
It's me, So Good. What took you
so long to answer the damn phone?
What kind of fucking business are
we running when…
Excuse me, who the hell are you
talking to like that? You must be
tripping. I know you're one of the
owners but don't talk to me like
that ever again!
                       SO GOOD
Angela, please forgive me. I'm
just worried about Lenny B. Have
you seen him? Did he meet with
that group yet?


I haven't seen him but he could
have come in through the private
                       SO GOOD
I've just parked. His car is here
but no sign of him.
Runs over to the private entrance.
                       SO GOOD
The security alarm has been
deactivated. Grab your piece, cell
phone, and keep your eyes open. I
got a bad feeling about this.
What's going on?
                       SO GOOD
This may be a false alarm but one
of my contacts say there's a hit
out on Lenny B.
Who's your source?
                       SO GOOD
I'm glad we kept this extra
staircase when we remodeled. I'd
never thought we'd have to use it
for an emergency entrance. I'm
behind the wall of Lenny B's
Can you hear anything?
                       SO GOOD
I'm peering through the peep hole.
He's just sitting there talking to
some guy. Wait a minute, two guys
just burst through the doors.


Lenny B, we need your full
cooperation or we'll have to kill
you right here. Either way we're
going to get paid.
Mike pulls out a handgun and puts it to Lenny B's head.
                       LENNY B
What the fuck is this all about?
You punk asses are going to pull
this shit even after I gave you a
chance to get into the business?
We've made our own deal. We'll get
paid, a recording contract and our
own label. All we have to do is
get your ass to the car.
June makes a call on the cell phone.
This is June. Pull the car around
the back. We've got the package
and will be down shortly.
                       LENNY B
Do you think you'll get away with
this? Your uncle is going to be
very disappointed with you all.
He arranged it with Kellen. He
gets $250,000.00 of the million.
It'll keep him in cheap alcohol
and women for at least a year.
Now get up and let's go.
June slowly opens the door and looks up and down the hall to
make sure the coast is clear. He then walks to the elevator.
Stay in the office while I summon
the elevator. It's just leaving
the first floor. Okay, it's here.


June signals Mike and Eric who shove Lenny B out the office.
The elevator doors open and Angela shoots June in the head
three times. The doors close.
Oh shit, we're busted. Get back in
the office now.
Mike opens the door and So Good shoots him twice in the
heart. He falls lifelessly to the floor. Eric holds the
shotgun to Lenny B's head and exits the office as Angela and
Keith are getting off the elevator. They refuse to lower
their weapons and Eric heads to the other end of the hallway
wearing Lenny B like a bullet proof vest.
                       SO GOOD
Lenny B, he's a dead man walking.
I can do him right now. Just say
the word.
                       LENNY B
There's been enough killing for
today. If you want to live you
need to tell me where you were
taking me and how to find your
Look man, I don't know where my
uncle is or your destination. You
were being picked up outside of
the Klub.
                       LENNY B
Give me the gun.
Eric relectantly gives Lenny B the shotgun. He attempts to
light a cigarette but keeps breaking the stick matches. So
Good lights it for him.
                       LENNY B
Now come over to the window and
point out the car.
It's the black limousine parked
across the street.


                       LENNY B
This is your lucky day. I'm going
to let you leave. Now get the
fuck out of my sight before I have
second thoughts.
Thank you sir, I'll be on the next
plane out of the town.
                       LENNY B
Bitch, you need to go to Pluto or
Eric gathers himself and runs to the nearest stairwell not
chancing the elevator and a change of heart by Lenny B.
                       SO GOOD
Lenny B, you're not just going to
let him walk away from this shit.
Everyone will think we're soft.
                       LENNY B
I said I was going to let him
leave, not live. Keith, get the
grenade launcher. Once he makes it
over to the car, blow them all the
hell up.
                       SO GOOD
Now that's the Lenny B I know and
Royam is home sipping on some Chardonnay while watching "The
Migration of the Wildebeest" on PBS. The television is on
mute as he listens to the Smooth Jazz Station and talks to
the wildebeest.
Why y'all trying to cross in the
same damn spot? Didn't you just
see the crocodile eat your mamma?
Walk down that big ass bank some
and cross.
Lights cigar then sits on the edge of the sofa.
Damn,It seemed like a good idea at
the time. Just bum rush those
fuckin' crocodiles. We're getting


                       ROYAM (cont'd)
across now. Awww shit; here come
the lions.
Ring. Ring. Ring.
What up?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
It's Slater. A couple of your
boys were blown away last night at
an explosion near Klub KASS. Did
you send them after Lenny B?
I didn't authorize anything. I'll
call the crew. I need to find out
who thinks they have the power to
set up a hit.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Handle this Royam. We have too
much shit on the line right now
for this bull shit to be going
I said I'll handle it.
Royam makes phone call.
Rashan, get everybody over here
now. I don't give a damn if their
mother, child or dog died, I want
everyone here now.
Royam throws his phone across the room. The phone rings.
Royam searches for the phone.
It's me, Tobias. I've scheduled a
meeting with Lenny B on the Spirit
of Philadelphia Sunday night. I'll
take care of him then.
On a boat with witnesses?


Just a ploy to lure him down.
Why are you just returning my
phone call? I had Kellen call you
yesterday. Or was it the day
I didn't get any call from Kellen.
As soon as I landed I contacted
Lenny B and set up the meeting.
I've been at the crib ever since.
So you don't know about the limo
being bombed in front of Klub
This is the first I've heard about
it. You specifically told me not
to handle it in that manner.
If it wasn't you, it can only be
Kellen. That slick ass fucking
Kellen. I can feel it in my
You know he's a wildcard, sir.
You know Tobias; maybe we should
wait to make the move on Lenny B.
He'll probably be on his guard
I told you I could do this. With
your permission, the hit is still
That was a test and you passed.


So Good hits the hands free device to answer the ringing
                       SO GOOD
This is So Good. Talk to me.
                       VENDOR MAN
It's Vendor Man. We've tracked
down Doc. Do you want the address?
                       SO GOOD
I want you to handle this. Get him
talking and leave your cell phone
on so I can hear the conversation.
I'll instruct you from there.
                       VENDOR MAN
I got you So Good.
                       SO GOOD
Are you sure? There's no turning
back if you do this.
                       VENDOR MAN
I'm wit it. Besides, Sir is
backing my play.
                       SO GOOD
Then make it happen.


Vendor Man gently knocks on the door.
Who is it?
                       VENDOR MAN
Doc, So Good's looking for you.
Your little hooker friend gave you
up for a rock.
Did you know you spent $3000.00 on
a drag queen. And an ugly one at
                       VENDOR MAN
So Good is trying to intercede
since you saved his life. But you
got to come clean. If Lenny B gets
to you first you're dead.
Doc slowly staggers towards the door. He removes the
barricade then unlatches the two dead bolt locks. He opens
the door and a massive cloud of smoke greets Vendor Man and
Sir. They enter and find the trashcan filled with cocaine
caps and bags, wine bottles, and syringes. The window
shades are pulled down as far as they could go. The water in
the toilet flows continuously. Roaches dance parallel to
the baseboard as if they were in the Mummer's Parade.
I heard about my nephews. Their
deaths are on my hands.
Trips over his own feet and tries to catch his balance.
You'll talk to Lenny B for me? He
said he'd do anything for me for
patching up So Good. I'm calling
in the marker.
                       SO GOOD
True dat. But he wasn't expecting
ypu to try to kill him.


                       VENDOR MAN
Brother that's a deal breaker
anywhere in the univerise.
Doc gazes into the liquor bottle as if it was a crystal
ball. He guzzles until its contents are empty. He throws
the bottle shattering both it and the mirror. He vomits,
urinates then passes out on the bed. Vendor Man and Sir exit
the room.
                       VENDOR MAN
What do you want me to do? He's
unconscious at the moment.
                       SO GOOD
Kill him.
Sir places a pillow over Doc's head and Vendor Man shoots
him five times. Sir leaves a message on the mirror written
in red lipstick which reads, "To Kellen with Love." They
call crew to come destroy the building and depart.
Pinky is reviewing last night's receipts. She takes a sip of
water, stretches and returns back to work. The phone rings.
Klub KASS, Pinky speaking. How can
I help you?
                       SO GOOD
Hey love. I'm calling to see if I
can steal you away for a couple of
hours. Come out and play with me.
I have to handle Klub business
while you two are on your
escapades. I also need an act for
next week since the other one
didn't quite work out.
Pinky gets up and walks to the shredder to destroy some
documents. She walks back to the chair and sits.
                       SO GOOD
We are going to get Mikestro for
week 1 and Culter for week 2.


That's wonderful...would have been
nice if someone told me. Have you
heard from Doc?
                       SO GOOD
No one has heard from Doc.
Holds head down in shame as he lies to Pinky.
That's very unusual.
                       SO GOOD
Let Angela and Keith run the Klub.
We can even go to the museum if
you'd like. It's one of your
favorite places.
Well, I could use a break. But you
actually have to go inside and not
pull that I'm on the steps" crap.
                       SO GOOD
I'm with it baby.
It's too nice to be confined.
Let's go to Chestnut Hill and
dine. We can burn off the
calories by going shopping
                       SO GOOD
Your chariot awaits.
                       CRAIG LOVE
This is Craig Love bringing you
the latest breaking news here in
the City of Brotherly love. We're
going live to Aleshia Derson in
North Philadelphia. Aleshia.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
This is Aleshia Derson in North
Philadelphia. Fire has just
engulfed an entire complex in this
quiet neighborhood. The families


                       ALESHIA DERSON (cont'd)
lost all their belongings and are
being offered services from the
Red Cross as I speak.
Cameras pan the scene recording the reactions of people
who've just lost everything and those offering comfort. Pans
back to Aleshia.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Police Commissioner Slater is
arriving on the scene. I'll
attempt to get a word from him.
The Police Commissioner is being briefed by his staff and
the Fire Commissioner. He walks over to a makeshift podium
to address the reporters. Aleshia is waving both hands and
jumping up and down to get his attention.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Go ahead Aleshia.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Sir, can you give any details as
to how the fire was started?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
It was definitely arson Aleshia.
We found a body burnt beyond
recognition. The fire was an
attempt to cover up a murder.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
How did you arrive at that
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
The victim had several gun shot
wounds to the head. That's all I
can give you now. The Fire
Commissioner will be out shortly.
Please be mindful this is an
active crime scene.
Commissioner Slater walks away as cameras continue to flash.
Camera pans back to Aleshia.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
There you have it folks. We'll be
here on the scene and will
continue to update you as we
receive additional information.
This is Aleshia Derson, Action


                       ALESHIA DERSON (cont'd)
News Six.
                       CRAIG LOVE
We now return you to your
scheduled program. This is Craig
Is everyone present and accounted
Everyone is here.
First I'd like to welcome Tobias
back from his very brief vacation.
Did you bring us all a souvenir?
I apologize sir. I wasn't
Just fucking with you Tobias. I've
called this because someone
attempted a hit without my
The members at the table mumble amongst each other. They
appear baffled and confused except Kellen who has his head
Royam circles the table.
If you recall, I told Tobias if he
didn't succeed he would suffer the
repercussions of failure. So
whoever pulled this stunt must
suffer the same fate.
Everyone is speechless and preparing for Royam's wrath.
Circles counter clockwise.
So no one's going to own man?


Royam pulls out a gun and loads a fresh clip.
You got my man Commissioner Slater
hot and bothered. Somebody better
tell me something or I'm going to
start randomly shooting mother
Phone rings and Royam answers.
Talk to me.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
This is Slater. Someone else was
murdred last night. There was a
note left on the mirror reading
'To Kellen with Love.'
You're fucking kidding me.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Shit's getting out of hand. You
gotta get control of your crew or
our deal will be off with the big
Are you threatening me
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Of course not Royam. I'm just
speaking as a concerned
businessman watching a lucrative
arrangement go down the drain.
Slate, please except my apology.
These assholes have me so
frustrated that I'm starting to
lose my cool. Let me handle this
and I'll call you back.
Royam walks around the table several times humming a
classical tune and using an invisible baton to conduct his
imaginary orchestra. He sits at the head of the table and
searches for the investment section in the Philadelphia
Inquirer. Kellen's perspiring and his palms are sweating.
He's not sure what Royam knows after the phone call from


Commissioner Slater. He can't stand the pressure anymore
and finally cracks.
It was me. I thought I'd be
helping by getting rid of Lenny B
and the hit backfired. But I don't
know anything about Doc getting
Doc's killing was in retaliation
for the attempted hit on Lenny B.
But you challenged my authority
and your action is unforgivable.
What will stop you from turning on
I'd never turn on you Royam. I
should've been given the
assignment in the first place. I
should be next in line for second
in command.
Too much ambition can be deadly,
son. Remember that shit and you'll
live longer.
I let my jealousy get the best of
me. Please don't kill me.
What I admire most about Tobias is
he's loyal. He follows my orders
to the letter. That's how you get
I'm sorry sir. Pleas forgive me.
It'll never happen again.
I'm tired of this bullshit. I'm
going down to the Freedom Theater
to see a play called 'One More
Chance Lord.' Tobias, you do
whatever you want with Kellen.
                       LENNY B
Royam exits the room.


Tobias gets out of the chair and begins to walk around the
table, mimicking Royam. Kellen is very nervous and doesn't
say a word. His life is in Tobias's hands. Tobias pours a
glass of water for Kellen. Tobias picks up the water pitcher
and smashes it on the table. Everyone runs for cover. Tobias
smiles, dusts himself off, and addresses the crew.
Kellen, my homie, my dog. I
thought we were cool and you've
just been waiting for an
opportunity to set me up.
Tobias gets nose to nose with Kellen.
I was going to share the power
with you anyway. You'd take the
North Side and I'd take the South
Side of Market Street or vice
versa. So now what do I do?
Tobias attaches the silencer to his gun. Everyone moves away
from the table. He aims at Kellen.
Tobias, can I speak?
Tobias lowers his weapon.
I hope you don't make me regret
giving you this opportunity to
continue breathing.
May I please speak.
We don't have anything to say.
Thank you brother, thank you.
Royam's anger will pass in time.
Then again, he could kill both of
us for my decision. You're back to
being a botton rung Negro slinging
on the corner.


Tobias leaves the room with two his captains. The other
members aren't sure how to react or what to do. Kellen
stands and addresses the table knowing they all fear him.
I'm going to work with you Smooth.
You got a problem with that,
It's all good, Kellen. I'll see
you when you get there.
I'm going home to change into the
proper gear.
                       SO GOOD
Pinky, let's go darling.
They walk towards the exit and So Good opens the door. The
valet opens the passenger door for Pinky. She sits, adjusts
the seat, and then secures her seat belt. So Good starts
the engine, tips the valet twenty dollars, and they take
                       SO GOOD
We're going down to Valley Green
Park to get some air and enjoy
nature at its best in the city.
It's a good idea. All I do is
breathe pollutants on my way to
and from work.
So Good stops at the red light and glances at Pinky's legs.
                       SO GOOD
I've always admired your long,
lovely legs.
So Good attempts to squeeze Pinky's leg but she slaps it
Keep your eyes on the road and
your hands on the steering wheel.
And don't worry, my breasts and
pussy still feel the same way too.


Pinky fondles her breasts then palms her vagina.
You have to earn those privileges
again. I need to know that you're
not just experiencing an emotional
flair up and want a shot for old
times' sake.
                       SO GOOD
I understand. I was just giving
you a compliment. But one day,
one day we'll get there. I'm
willing to put in the time.
So Good parks the car, gets out and opens the passenger door
for Pinky. They walk down the path towards the small
waterway that runs through the park. A carriage being pulled
by two white horses arrives. Beside the driver is a
musician playing the violin.
                       SO GOOD
Our ride is here. Let's get on
You did all of this for me?
                       SO GOOD
I would do anything, just for a
moment with you. Driver, once
around the park, very slowly.
Dad, I'm over here.
Tobias and Lenny B walk towards each other and exchange hand
                       LENNY B
You know I've wanting to do this
for some time.
Yeah, we definitely have some
unfinished business. The Spirit of
Philadelphia is booked so I
chartered a boat.


                       LENNY B
You're certainly doing well to
charter a boat. What do you do
for a living?
They board the vessel.
Let's just say that you are not
the only entrepreneur in the
family. James, you and Cheeves can
serve dinner now.
Tobias pours to glasses of champagne.
Did you know she wasn't able to
break her habit? Oh, that's
right. You weren't around to know
that, were you?
                       LENNY B
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about my fucking
mother. She stayed strung out
while you got your shit together.
                       LENNY B
Son, we both went to many rehab
facilities . But for some reason
it stuck with me on the last
attempt. I don't know why.
She lived her hell right here on
earth you sorry mother fucker.
                       LENNY B
You need to chill son.
She asked me to forgive you but I
can't. You abandoned us both. Did
you think I was going to give you
a fucking award? Did you think
we're going to be a happy family?


                       LENNY B
Yo man, I was upset when I heard
your mother passed. A part of me
died with her. It's no reason to
be coming at me like this.
Tobias pulls a gun and places the muzzle on Lenny B's
James, tie the gag with his mouth
open so that he can breathe.
Gags Lenny B then ties his hands and feet to the chair.
Royam needed someone to get close
to that you wouldn't suspect. So
when he gave the order I jumped at
the opportunity.
Fumbles with his chin then continues speaking.
I can kill you and get a promotion
at the same time. You're finally
good for something after all.
                       LENNY B
You hate me that much Tobias?
Bring me the crack pipe. His worst
nightmare is about to come true.
We'll let him trip for a while
then kill him and give Royam his
Kellen emerges from below deck guns drawn.
You know you've always talked too
much, Tobias. If you're going to
shoot someone just do it. Drop
the gun.
I should have killed you when I
had the chance.
That's the difference between you
and me. I would have killed you
without blinking an eye. By the


                       KELLEN (cont'd)
way, your boys are dead.
Alright, so now you owe me.
Any last words or requests? Never
mind. Bye, Bye....
Unloads a full clip into Tobias who falls overboard. Walks
towards Lenny B and removes blindfold.
I'm Kellen. I've tried to kill you
on several occasions but saved
your life today.
                       LENNY B
And what army is going to stop me
from killing you? And what do you
want from me?
I've fallen from grace with Royam
and you want to bring down Drug
Starr, correct.
                       LENNY B
I'm listening.
We can help each other. I know
all the players in Drug Starr.
Just think about it. In the
meantime, we've got to sink this
                       LENNY B
How do I know you won't turn on me
and take me to Royam?
Because I would have to answer to
So Good, that's why.


Television programming is interrupted for a special news
                       CRAIG LOVE
This is Craig Love from Action
News 6. There's a great deal of
activity on the Delaware River.
From all accounts it appears to be
foul play. Let's go live on the
scene with Aleshia Derson.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Good morning, family. Three hours
into the new day and death has
reared its ugly head. Authorities
responded to 911 calls and found a
burning craft on the water. It was
put out in an hour.
Police activity in the back ground. Nearby residents and
passersby s attempt to get a closer look at the crime scene.
Other TV crews interview them to get their accounts.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
The Fire Commissioner is walking
over to address us now.
Fire Commissioner Wilson walks over to address the camera
                       COMMISSIONER WILSON
Good morning people. This was an
execution which they attempted to
cover up with the fire. Both
victims were shot in the back of
the head.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Can you give us any additional
information Commissioner?
                       COMMISSIONER WILSON
The boat was chartered by a Tobias
Smith but he's not one of the
victims. We'll address the press
again after we complete our
The commissioner walks away from the reporters towards he
vehicle. He departs.


                       ALESHIA DERSON
There you have it. The body count
climbs as the drug families fight
for ownership of the streets. Will
this madness ever end? This is
Aleshia Dersion Acton News 6.
Has anyone heard from Lenny B?
It's almost 4:00 a.m. He can't be
still out.
                       SO GOOD
He's not answering his cell phone.
I'm sure everything is fine. I'll
see him when I get to the
I can't believe everything is
ginger peachy with Tobias after
ignoring Lenny B's phone calls for
So Good grabs Pinky by the shoulders.
                       SO GOOD
Baby, I'm sure everything is fine.
The phone rings.
I hope that's him now.
Pinky, it's Renee. Where is Lenny
B? Have you seen the news? Is
Tobias is dead. I hope they didn't
kill my baby.
What do you mean Tobias is dead?
It's on the news. He was so
looking forward to mending the
bridges between he and Tobias.
So Good hurries over to the TV and turns it on.


                       SO GOOD
Let me have the phone Pinky.
Renee, what are you talking about?
They just repeated Tobias's name.
They also said two bodies washed
up on the shore, and another two
found on the boat.
                       SO GOOD
I've been calling him but he
hasn't picked up. Let me dial the
Happy New Year, who's calling?
                       SO GOOD
Tish, it's me. Is Lenny B there?
No, he's not here. I was waiting
for one of you to call. Have you
seen or heard the news about
                       SO GOOD
We just heard about it. If Lenny
B shows up, ask him to call Renee,
Pinky and myself. We are all
worried about him. I'm on my way
Hangs up phone.
Dear Lord I hope he's okay.
                       SO GOOD
Baby, you know I've got to go.
I've got to find my boy. I love
I understand baby.
Pinky begins to cry as she realizes her Uncle could be dead.
Penthouse door opens and Lenny B and Kellen enters


Lenny B, where have you been?
Everyone's looking for you. Folk
called to see if you were dead.
Who is this?
                       LENNY B
He saved my life and I owe him.
Show Kellen to the guest room.
I've got to make some calls to
Pulls out cell phone to make call. Opens refrigerator to
find a bite to eat..
                       LENNY B
Hey baby. How are you doing
How am I doing? I was watching the
news when they said the body of
Tobias Smith washed ashore. And
they found four more dead bodies.
I thought you were dead.
                       LENNY B
Tobias was going to kill me. He
was executing a hit for Drug Starr
which he is a member.
Renee sobbing hysterically.
You've got to get out of this game
before you and So Good get killed.
                       LENNY B
Baby, we've got to keep up the
You're totally consumed with
taking down Drug Starr as you were
with drugs. They have become your
new addiction. I can't take this
shit anymore.
Renee hangs up the phone. Falls on the bed and cries into
the pillow. The Penthouse door opens and So Good enters.
                       SO GOOD
Lenny B, Lenny B, you here?


Lenny B walks out his room to greet him. So Good runs over
and embraces him with a bear hug.
                       SO GOOD
I'm so-, I thought you-, is
Tobias-, what the hell happened?
And why didn't you call me?
                       LENNY B
Tobias tried to kill me. Remember
when the word on the street was
that it would be someone close to
me? I never dreamed it would be
Tobias. I would be dead if...
So Good pulls guns and prepares to fire.
                       SO GOOD
Kellen from Drug Starr in a robe?
What the hell is going on? This
man has tried to kill us on more
than one occasion and now he's in
our home?
                       LENNY B
He's the reason I'm standing here.
He's also going to help us bring
down Drug Starr. I owe him my
                       SO GOOD
I need to shoot his ass right now.
I don't usually question your
judgment. I don't feel you on
this brother. How do you know he's
not trying to set you up?
                       LENNY B
He could've shot me after he
killed Tobias or let me drown when
we swam to shore. But he didn't.
                       SO GOOD
He killed Tobias and still alive?
I'm convinced.
A car driving recklessly misses the limousine by
centimeters. Royam's bodyguards throw him to the ground and
cover him while others draw their weapons and prepare to
fire. The driver of the vehicle lowers his window.


                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Don't shoot it's me, Slater. The
gas pedal got stuck and I couldn't
stop the vehicle. Do you have bad
nerves or a guilty conscience?
Chuckles but no one finds it amusing. Royam gets up and
dusts himself off. Henchmen secure their weapons.
One can't be too careful these
days Slater. What brings you
here? I thought we'd be meeting at
the play?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Smoke canceled our business
meeting. He feels you're losing
control and definitely in the news
too much.
I'm disappointed Slater yet
understand. Everything started
snowballing after Shasta blew the
hit. Lenny B has got to go.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Lenny B should be your second
concern. No one can locate Kellen.
I've put out an all points
bulletin and a hit on him. He can
do much more harm with all he
He'll surface. With Tobias dead,
he'll want his position and a
raise. He'll take it trust me on
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
I don't think he's that foolish
but if you say so.
That's enough about business
Slater. It's time to get my Mack
on on at the ball. I'll easily
become governor and we'll be a
coast-to-coast operation with or
without Smoke.


                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
I begging you to reconsider this
Royam. We need Smoke's blessing.
Fuck Smoke. By the way, you'll be
receiving a call about an
explosion at the morgue. Can I
borrow your cigarette lighter
Commissioner Slater hands Royam his cigarette lighter then
places hands over face. Royam lights up then blows a smoke
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Royam, please tell me you're not
going to blow up Tobias's corpse?
I'm not personally going to do it
but it's a done deal.
Royam gets inside his limo then pours himself a drink, no
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
This is what I'm talking about
Royam. That's the craziest shit
I've heard out of you thus far.
It is the pièce de résistance of
my career.
Commissioner Slater bangs his head on the steering wheel.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
That's why the big boys aren't
coming to the table. You create
too much unnecessary drama.
It's a message to our troops and
to Kellen. I'll come after you in
this life or the next if you fail
or betray me.


                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
What about Lenny B? You're not
going to give him a chance to
properly bury his son?
Fuck him and his bastard son.
Royam signals his driver to pull off.
Commissioner Slater begins to address the crowd.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
The body of Tobias Smith was blown
up today at the Medical Examiner's
Office. His body was specifically
targeted and no innocent people
were hurt in this senseless act.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
What would be the point if he's
already dead Commissioner Slater?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
We believe it was meant to send a
message to the criminal
                       ALESHIA DERSON
And what message would that be?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
That you can't escape the Cartel
even in death.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Are you sure it was Drug Starr or
could it be a rival group?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
We're not sure but we discovered
that Tobias Smith was the kingpin
of the notorious Drug Starr
Grumbling amongst the crowd of reporters.


                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
During an investigation of the
decease's home, detectives
discovered a ledger with various
illegal activites.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Can you give us any details?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
It listed cocaine and munition
warehouses, millions of dollars in
domestic and over seas accounts,
the organization hierarchy chart
and orders for hits past and
present with photographs.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
But is that enough information to
conclude he's the king pin. What
if he was being set up?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
The evidence points to him as the
king pin. However, it's still an
ongoing investigation.
                       ALESHIA DERSON
Do you expect any retaliation from
the Drug Starr Organization? And
what can you do to prevent a full
scale war?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
There could be a war but it could
also be an inside job. Gotta go
Walks away from podium and back into the morgue.
Kellen admires the scenery surrounding the complex. He puts
out his cigarette then calls Slater who answers after the
third ring.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
This is Slater.


I just caught your act on the
news. Your right side is truly
your better side.
Shocked to hear Kellen's voice. Attempts to act like it
doesn't phase him.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Up jumps the devil. I thought I'd
have heard from you sooner.
You've got a hit on me brother.
I'm also enjoying watching your
empire crumble. Royam is totally
out of control.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Tell me something I don't know.
You don't need this kind of drama
from a leader Slater.
Trying to keep Kellen on the phone to trace the call.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
What do you want Kellen? You're
not calling me because you miss my
pretty smile.
Royam needs to be eliminated.
Don't tell me it hasn't crossed
your mind.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Where did you get a crazy ideal
like that from?
You just need a couple more years
to retire from the force and Drug
Starr. You can walk away from all
this bullshit a very rich man.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Let's say I've entertained the
thought. How does it concern you?


I want to run Drug Starr. You know
I'm the man for the job.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Says who?
Says me.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
And how will you bring about his
I've brokered a deal with Lenny B
and So Good to kill Royam.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
Why would they listen to you?
You've tried to kill them on
several occasions.
I recently saved his life twice. I
had to kill his son on one of
those occasions.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
And you're still alive?
That's what So Good said.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
How do I know you won't betray me?
I know you'll do me if I do. I
have something else for you too.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
And what's that?
A list of your officers who are
back stabbing you and taking
direct orders from Royam.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
They'll be dead before nightfall.


So is it a deal?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
It's a deal. Better yet, I'll have
these pussies assigned to Royam's
security detail. Take everyone out
including Royam.
We will brother.
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
You'd better because he'll know
I'm involved. If you don't you'll
die before he gets to me.
Where can I find him?
                       COMMISSIONER SLATER
He'll be attending a black tie
affair at the Art Museum tomorrow
afternoon. Take him out and you'll
become the kingpin of Drug Starr.
Renee has been waiting impatiently for her flight which is 5
hours late. She huffs and puffs then finally walks over to
the air line agent. There are 2 people in front of her. She
peers at her watch then looks out the window to see if her
flight is approaching. She overheard the agent speaking to
the previous passenger and is ready to chew her head off.
She places her hands on her hips.
My flight's canceled? I've been at
this airport for 6 fucking hours
and you now tell me the flight has
been canceled?
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
Miss, security stopped a man
carrying concealed liquid
explosives in his shoe. The FBI
and Homeland Security are on the
premises and the entire airport is
locked down.


So the flight has been rerouted?
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
Yes, that's correct.
What the fuck?
Roles her eyes at the attendant then walks back over to her
Shit, I'd better let my people's
know I can't fly out until
tomorrow. Those terrorist attacks
have changed our whole way of
                       ELDERLY SOUTHERN PASENGER
In all the years I've been flying,
I've never experienced such delays
and closings like we have now. I
just hope we take care of them
people this time.
What do you mean them people? It
could be a home grown militant
group right here in the States.
                       ELDERLY SOUTHERN PASENGER
I didn't mean any harm miss.
Then shut the fuck up old man.
Nobody was speaking to you anyway.
Renee leaves gate with bags to find a cab.
Continuous traffic of all modes pass by the terminal. Two
people, both in a hurry, fight over a cab. Double parked
cars prevent vehicles who dropped passengers off moments
early can't depart. The police step in to quell the
combatants and give out tickets. Renee walks over to the
attendant for assistance.


                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
What can I do for you miss?
Renee looks the gentleman up and down. After repositioning
some items in her purse and checking her cell phone she
addresses him without looking up.
Can you get me a flight to Philly?
Finally looks up.
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
No, I can't.
Then you're of know use to me. So
get me a cab before this place
becomes a nightmare.
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
I know you're extremely frustrated
That's putting it mildly my
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
He could have made it through
security and been on your flight.
You'd could've been facing death.
Think of the folks that didn't get
that chance.
Renee pauses for a moment then lowers her head.
You're absolutely right. I'm sorry
for the attitude.
                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
No apology necessary.
Renee sheds a tear.
It's just a lot going on at home
and I need to be there.


                       AIRPORT PERSONNEL
And you'll get another chance to
go handle your business.
Smiles at the attendant.
You make a bundle in tips don't
Attendant flags cab then opens door for Renee. She hugs him
and give him a twenty dollar bill.
Kellen is bobbing his head to the music. Lenny B enters the
living room. He paces back and forth then turns the CD
player off. He takes a seat and scratches his head. So Good
enters from the balcony gun in waistband. Lenny B jumps up
and approaches Kellen.
                       LENNY B
Kellen, who is Royam?
Without hesitation.
Royam is Councilman Lee Covington
in the flesh.
Kellen begins playing air drums at his favorite part of the
song. Lenny B sits back down in disbelief. Kellen is caught
off guard by his reaction unaware of the personal history.
Does it matter who it is? I
thought you'd be happy to know his
Kellen walks over to the bar and pours a drink. So Good
joins him.
                       SO GOOD
Hit me up too brother no ice.
Lenny B?


                       LENNY B
I'm good dawg. I don't believe
this shit. We went to school with
So Good toast glasses with Kellen.
                       SO GOOD
Lee was a goody two shoes growing
                       LENNY B
And I support and agree with his
political agenda.
                       SO GOOD
He's done a great deal for the
community too.
                       LENNY B
And we just had a fund raiser for
that bitch at the Klub for his
quest to become governor..
I hate to disappoint you be they
are one in the same person.
                       SO GOOD
No fucking way he's the king pin
of Drug Starr.
Lenny B places hands over face in disbelief.
                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
This was the ultimate act of
betrayal. The man visited me in
rehab. He sat next to me in
meetings me like a sponsor. I've
spoken to him about my innermost
desires and dreams after drugs
including making things right with
Tobias. I told him about starting
the Blackavellian Knights too . I
confessed everything to someone I
thought was a friend and
confidant. They say everybody
plays the fool, but damn.
Walks over to the window and stares into space.


                       LENNY B/NARRATOR
Royam will surely die. And if I
must die let it be with my hands
around his neck choking the life
out of him. That's a fair trade
for both of our souls.
                       SO GOOD
You allright brother?
                       LENNY B
No, I'm not.
                       SO GOOD
We still gonna handle this mother
fucker right?
                       LENNY B
Absolutely. A cancer is a cancer
and must be removed. It just made
it more personel that's all.
Kellen and Lenny B occupy the front seats of Lenny B's car
and So Good the rear. Their destination is the Art Museum
via the Kelly Drive. The convertible top is down and radio
station locked on Smooth Jazz. Lenny B recklessly weaves
through the traffic. Kellen barks at a few ladies as they
pass them by.
Fella's, I've made some
arrangements with Slater on our
                       SO GOOD
Pussy you can't speak for us. Can
I just shoot his ass right now?
Please brother, just one bullet.
                       LENNY B
We're trying to form an alliance
                       SO GOOD
Consider it an early X'mas
present. I can just wing him.
So Good places gun muzzle to the back of Kellen's head then
pulls it away. Lenny B observes in the rear view mirror.


                       LENNY B
Stop fucking with him So Good.
                       SO GOOD
You're a real killjoy brother.
So Good holsters gun.
                       LENNY B
If we don't like it we're going to
toss your ass on the Kelly Drive
at a very high rate of speed.
                       SO GOOD
Even the crows won't want to scrap
your ass off the streets.
Slater wants to make a pact.
                       SO GOOD
Fuck that..What's in it for you?
                       LENNY B
We're listening....
The deal is we kill Royam, I
become the new king pin, your
slates are wiped clean and
Commissioner Slater gets to retire
without looking over his shoulder
for the rest of his life.
                       LENNY B
Go on....
I'm the one with the most to lose.
If we don't get Royam I'll be
dead by morning. So what do you
                       SO GOOD
Could you say the part where
you'll be dead if we don't get
that son of a bitch? It has a nice
ring to it.
Lenny B navigates the curves on the Drive.
                       LENNY B
Stop fucking with him So Good.


                       SO GOOD
What guarantee do we have they'll
keep their word? We could just
kill him now and deal with Royam
and Slater later.
                       LENNY B
What's with this eagerness to
                       SO GOOD
It's been a few days since I've
shot somebody.
I just want to get paid. I love
the life and the power and respect
that comes with it.
                       SO GOOD
That's probably the first honest
thing you said since I've meet
Knocking off a couple of old heads
is not on my things to do list.
                       LENNY B
No drugs near schools, access to
your houses for people looking for
love ones, and stay off blocks
heavily populated with elderly and
The last request would put a
slight dent in sales.
                       LENNY B
Addicts will go wherever they need
to go to get a hit. Those are my
I need to run it past Slater.
                       SO GOOD
Make an executive decision right
now. You can stop anything on the
streets you want.


You've got a deal. What about you
So Good? What do you want from
this arrangement.
                       SO GOOD
I just want you to honor my man's
wishes and I'm in.
Lenny B's troops circle the Parkway. All are in contact via
a high tech walkie talkie system. Seven marked police cars
surround Royam's parked limousine. People are sitting on
benches eating, conversing, and or reading a good book.
Joggers, cyclists, skate boarders and roller skaters are all
vying for position along the pathways while the pedestrians
try not to get knocked down during their leisurely stroll.
Some couples stretch out on blankets soaking up the last
rays of sunshine.
                       VENDOR MAN
Lenny B, where are you? People are
leaving the Art Museum and I
haven't seen any sign of
Councilman Covington yet.
                       LENNY B
We're a couple of minutes away. Is
Sir with you?
You know I'm here baby. What do
you want us to do?
                       LENNY B
Look for the longest limousine.
One thing is for sure. He's not
leaving any money behind.
Sir checks out the area with binoculars.
He's next to the super stretch
limousine. He's loading up now and
has a seven-car escort. What do
you want us to do?
One other thing I forgot to tell


                       SO GOOD
I knew it. How about just a bullet
in the thigh.
                       LENNY B
What is it?
Calm down brother. The entire
police detail is marked for death
for betraying Commissioner Slater.
                       LENNY B
We can make that happen. Sir, take
out the patrol cars. There are to
be no survivors.
                       VENDOR MAN
Two just pulled off with the limo.
We'll get the remaining ones.
The limousines pull up next to the patrol cars and fire a
hail of bullets killing the occupants in the cars. The
drivers abandon the limos. Sir hits a detonator and they
Royam, hears the blast and asks his chauffeur to stop. He
gets out of the car and shakes his head in utter disbelief.
Damn, that's a shame. I wonder if
that was meant for me?
Phone rings
Yeah, I heard the explosion. Did
we get all the checks out of the
building?.... Good. Deposit them
                       POLICE OFFICE
Royam, we've tried to radio the
other officers on the but there's
no response.


Don't you ever call me Royam while
I'm in my political attire. I've
killed people for making that
Lenny B drives across the sidewalks dodging pedestrians and
vendors. He's attempting to cut off the limousine while
still parked. He slows down enough for Kellen to jump out
and run up beside the two patrol cars. He shots the officers
then commandeers a vehicle . Royam's limo driver sees the
commotion in the rear view mirror and alerts Royam. He puts
the car in reverse, rams Lenny B's vehicle and heads down
the Parkway. So Good and Lenny B Royam pursue them at high
rates of speed taking out benches, trash cans and bus stop
stands. The driver leaves the Parkway, makes a right on
19th Street and a left on Market Street. Lenny B and So
Good weave through the traffic in hot pursuit. They prepare
to loop around City Hall. The limo driver slows down enough
for Royam to bail out then accelerates again. Royam goes
underground via the crowded subway entrance near the statue
of the clothespin and the limo continues up 15th street.
Lenny B bails out to pursue Royam while So Good jumps in the
driver's seat.
                       LENNY B
You go after the limo and I'll
hunt down Royam.
                       SO GOOD
You ain't saying nothing but a
word, boss.
Lenny B and Royam knock over commuters during the pursuit.
Royam fires at Lenny B who doesn't return fire in fear of
hitting an innocent bystander. Royam makes his way to the
trains at Penn Station. The police are in pursuit and
passengers run for cover. Royam hops onto the track to
escape to the other side with Lenny B right behind him.
Royam makes his way court yard subway exit and heads to the
Lenny B follows Royam across Market Street through the court
yard and over to City Hall. After watching the elevator
stop, Lenny B catches the next one to William Penn's
Observation Deck. Lenny B discovers a door left ajar
exposing a concealed flight of stairs. The stairs leads to


Drug Starr's main lab in Philadelphia. Lenny B carefully
walks the hallway to see where it leads.
Lights please.
Th entire room is illuminated.
Drop your gun and have a seat.
Place the holstered one on the
floor too.
Lenny B follows Royam's directions while panning the room
for an escape route. He's bound by two goons. Royam signals
them to leave.
I know you've got a lot questions
but I can only answer two then
I've got to blow. I just crack
myself up. Get it?
Laughs for a couple of seconds.
                       LENNY B
Why have you caused all this pain
in my life? I haven't seen you
since high school until you showed
up offering to help me with my
I've hated you since then for
various reasons. The therapist
says you've got to go back to the
source of your problems and deal
with them head on so I did.
                       LENNY B
So how do you think I felt when I
found out you were really Royam?
Well I'm hoping like a complete
and utter idiot. Was I right?
Chuckles and lets out a sigh.


                       LENNY B
What did I do to you?
Trying to free his bound wrists but to no avail.
I'm not going to rehash that
bullshit. I've invested too much
time into getting over it.
                       LENNY B
How are you over it if you're
going to kill me?
Details. Details. It was a bonus
that you were strung out. It was
one of the best days of my life.
                       LENNY B
You're a sick mother fucker.
That's what my therapist said.
                       LENNY B
So you hate your therapist too?
She's dead now bless her heart.
Her ashes rest on my mantle piece
in case I need an emergency
                       LENNY B
But what did hating me have to do
with Tobias and his mother? She
was innocent.
I hated anything associated with
you. I didn't give a fuck about
that bitch or your babstard son.
Lenny B tries to get up from the chair.
                       LENNY B
You're lucky I can't get to your
punk ass.


The drugs gave me the power to
manipulate her. It was easy to get
Tobias to hate you.
                       LENNY B
So what's your plan? You were
always over the top.
I'm going to frame you as the real
king pin of Drug Starr via suicide
                       LENNY B
You're on the Concourse cameras
shooting at the police, passengers
and me. How will you explain that
to your public and fellow
politicians? How will you explain
the drug lab?
The drug lab is being disassembled
and relocated. The freight
elevator goes down to an abandoned
line that runs under the 8th and
Market Street train. We can move
to various locations in the city
very quickly.
                       LENNY B
And what's going to prevent me
from telling them the truth?
You'll be dead.
Royam exits the room.
Henchmen begin to beat Lenny B relentlessly. Lenny B begins
spitting up blood and calling out to God to help him once
again. Kellen sneaks into the room.
Would you gentlemen please back
up? I don't want to kill you
because we go way back but I will.
Henchmen obeys order.


Now help him up then back far, far
away. Leave your side arms with
                       HENCHMAN 1
Yo Kellen, we don't have no beef
with you man. But you know Royam
will kill us if we don't do this
Lenny B dusts himself off and gathers himself. He picks up
the guns and points them in the direction of the henchmen.
                       LENNY B
Kellen, this is the third time
that you've saved my life. I'm
once again grateful.
Yeah, I'm starting to feel like
your guardian angel.
Addresses the henchmen now fearing for their lives. They've
gone out on missions with Kellen so know there will be
percussions for their act.
You guts were always good
soldiers. You all can work for me
or die.
                       HENCHMAN 2
We're down with you Kellen.
                       LENNY B
Where did Royam go?
                       HENCHMAN 1
He's on his way to the elevator to
relocate the lab. But I can shut
the power off from the main
electrical box.
Let's go. If he escapes we are
all dead.
They run to the main switch box. Lenny shoot the locks off
and the henchman shuts off the power. A backup generator
kicks in, supplying power for a limited time. Lenny B runs
to the elevator in pursuit of Royam.


All right, close it up and let's
get this baby moving. I said,
let's get this baby moving.
The elevator doesn't move. Royam panics as this has never
happened before.
                       HENCHMAN 3
There is no power. Someone has
shut off the power.
Every man for himself.
Lenny B, we've got to stop him. If
he escapes, we will be framed for
                       LENNY B
I'll go after Royam and you get
your merchandise out of here. The
police can't be too far behind.
How does Slater fair in all of
He has two speeches prepared. One
reads, we have caught and killed
the two ring leaders of Drug Starr
meaning us.
                       LENNY B
And the other?
It is my solemn duty to inform you
our beloved Councilman Covington
is the true ruthless leader of the
notorious Drug Starr Cartel.
                       LENNY B
He's always prepared isn't he?
We're in control of our destinies
baby. Now go get that bitch.


Lenny B pursues Royam up the steps and onto the top of
William Penn's hat. Royam is in a one-man helicopter about
to take off. The craft lifts off and hovers above Lenny B.
Royam dives like an eagle after some prey almost
decapitating Lenny B. Lenny B hits the deck. Royam activates
a speaker system to converse with Lenny B.
Lenny B, you're a persistent son
of a bitch. There's a mob of
reporters and cameras waiting for
                       LENNY B
You're going straight to hell
                       LENNY B
Once governor, I'll use my
political and street connections
to create a transcontinental drug
Swoops down at Lenny B.
                       LENNY B
Not if I can help it you psycho
son of a bitch.
I'll become President and declare
an entire state unfit for human
habitation because of toxic
Swoops again at Lenny B.
We'll be growing hybrid cocaine
plants shaped like corn across the
entire state. The kernels will be
rocks and the cob grounded into
                       LENNY B
You're insane.


I'm a fucking genius.
                       LENNY B
Bitch, you gonna get yours.
Royam begins his decent to the courtyard. Lenny B races to
the steps to begin his journey to ground level while also
trying to avoid the police. His life flashes before his
eyes. An explosion occurs and rocks the building. Lenny B
reaches the first floor. He peers out a door and discovers
the helicopter exploded. Pandemonium sets in as people
scurry back and forth. Several people were injured and a few
killed. Major news stations, on hand for another event,
capture the entire event as it unfolds. Lenny B tries to
find remnants of Royam's corpse but can't see anything
through the thick black smoke and twisted metal.
Firefighters arrive and begin putting out the blazes. Police
establish a perimeter while dissuading spectators from
coming closer. Several ambulances and other emergency
personnel also arrive on the scene.
Lenny B takes the bus from City Hall to Klub KASS. He
observes the many different dialects and ethnic group which
make up Philadelphia as they get on and off the bus. He
falls asleep and has another drug dream. He awakens and
prepares to exit the bus. He hurries over to the Klub
greeting patrons along the way.
Lenny B enters the Klub. He walks through giving high fives
to the staff and hand shakes and hugs to patrons. He signals
a bartender who brings a champagne flute with apple juice,
strawberries and blueberries. He grabs an appetizer from the
tray of the waiter serving samples to the customers. He
enters the VIP section and is pleasantly surprised and
                       LENNY B
So Good, my main man, you are
still with me.
Hugs So Good.
                       SO GOOD
It's you and me until the end


                       LENNY B
Sir, I can never
thank you enough. Vendor Man,
you're family now.
They all embrace Lenny B separately.
                       LENNY B
It's a miracle we're all sitting
here together celebrating this
evening. I was sure that Royam
would escape and I'd be
incarcerated or dead by now.
Oh ye of little faith. Royam was
shot down with a hand held missile
launcher by Commissioner Slater.
We all had too much too lose on
this one.
                       LENNY B
Does anyone know why there's a
patrol car in front of the klub?
They're waiting for me. I've got
a meeting with Slater to crown me
the kingpin of Drug Star.
                       LENNY B
Be careful out there brother.
                       SO GOOD
That goes double fo me.
Not you So Good. What happened?
                       SO GOOD
Ain't nothing like a gun battle to
bring brothers closer together.
Just be safe brother.
You got it. Gentlemen, I'm out.
It's been real. If I ever need
the Calvary, I know who to call.
                       SO GOOD
Awww hell. I'm deleting your
number right now


Kellen shakes everyone's hand.
                       LENNY B
Gentlemen, I'm going up to the
office to change. It's been a
long fucking day.
Lenny B enters his office and pulls the mask out of his
pocket. He places it on the table with the African Art.
Walks over to review messages on the machine.
Hey baby, I'm just calling to tell
you I won't be coming back this
way again.
Lenny B heart skips a beat.
I've been thinking about leaving
for quite some time now. It
doesn't have anything to do with
you but with me. I need to go on
with my life.
Lenny B eyes begin to swell.
I love you but can't take all of
the drama anymore.
Lenny B begins to cry.
The the damage to our relationship
is beyond repair. You weren't
there when I needed you
Lenny B begins to hyperventilate.
I'll always love you but hope you
can let me go and keep a special
place in your heart for me.
Lenny B places face in his hands.


Bye baby.
Renee hangs up phone.
Lenny B enters the bathroom and takes a shower. He backs
into the corner and slides down the wall to the floor. He
tries to fight back the tears but is unsuccessful. He tries
to wash away the pain and agony, the fear of being alone,
the rejection of being abandoned, and the apprehension of
starting all over again. He turns off the water, towels off
and prepares to exit the bathroom. There many so many voices
speaking in his head he can't identify his own. He peers
over at the monitor and see Cutler and his Trio taking the
stage. He puts on a trench coat, sits and lights a
cigarette. He gazes at the phone hoping his telepathic
message will reach Renee and she'll call. Cutler goes right
into his song directly behind the bass's introduction.
Cutler briefly addresses the audience and breaks into a
I can't love anymore,
Since you walked right out and closed the door,
Threw away that magic key,
That reaches inside of me,
I can't pretend that I don't feel the pain,
People say that things change,
I can't love anymore,

Break my heart again,
You told me that I was your only man,
You'd stick with me through thick and thin and then,
It suddenly ended,
Like rain from the sky I started to cry,
Tears of pain, girl I'll never be the same,
I can't love anymore,

I thought we'd be together,
Through any kind of weather, whether and
No one could break our bond,
But when I turned you stuck your knife in me,
I bleed with pain and jealously, I
Don't know how I survived,

Break my heart again,
You told me that I was your only man,
When you needed care I was always there,
Now you push me aside,
And all I have to confide in are these memories


Of how we used to be,
I can't love anymore,
I can't love anymore
No, No, No, No
I can't love anymore,
Won't let you break my heart again, baby
I can't love anymore………….


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From Gregory G. Sarno Date 11/5/2013 *
Lots of energy, undermined by unprofessional screenplay format. Missed opportunity for evocative FADE IN, by launching script shortly after -- rather than seconds before -- the EXPLOSION (easily remedied flaw).

From KIMBERLY MURKLEDOVE Date 7/14/2013 ***

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