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Super Warriors - Yeo crt Saga
by Michael Williams (jedite1000@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Animation   User Review:

Short story only

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Ahmet and Michael used to be friends until Ahmet became
corrupted. No one knows why (actually the truth is i cannot
remember what happened before this scene since it was in a
dream a long time ago)
Michael and Ahmet are having a stare off, no one is talking
What is wrong with you?
I am sick of you
Ahmet looks at a kennel that is next to him..a low growl
echos inside the Kennel, then Ahmet looks back at Michael
You Better Run
I don't run away from anything
Suit yourself, you will get mauled
to pieces with my dog
A dog comes out of the Kennel
Why hide behind your dog, wont
don't you fight me yourself
Michael Transforms into a Super Being
      (Ahmet rolls his
Oh please, i seen you transform
before, i know all your tricks
Ahmet and Michael looks up in the sky and spots Kennedy
flying down and land next to Michael
Kennedy what are you doing here?


C'mon I'm not going to let you
have all the fun
Kennedy Transforms into Super Being
HA! pitiful
Out of scene we here a voice from a distance
Don't forget about us
Danny and Horak?
We cant miss out on something like
Both Horak and Danny transforms into Super Beings
      (Ahmet eyes the
So...the gang is all here
This is my chance to test out my
Ahmet's dog roars and grows bigger and transforms into a
wolf beast
Everyone is shocked on what they just saw
How can you do that to your own
I just can....Now ATTACK!!!
Wolf beast lets out a roar and vanishes then reappears onto
Kennedy and knocks him down, while ripping his clothes to
While down Kennedy blasts the wolf beast off of him with an
energy blast then he stands up
My pet isn't down just yet


      (Ahmet orders the
       wolf beast)
What are you waiting for..finish
The Gang and the wolf beast stares off
What are we going to do?, we cant
defeat that thing, it's power
level is huge
Michael thinks for a bit
That thing cant fly, so it will
give us some time to think of a
way to beat it
That is where you are wrong
The wolf beast roars and stands on all four to sprout wings
from its back and then flies up into the sky
Looks like i have no choice
Michael Transforms into Super being level 2
Ha ha what a waste, your power
level is still weaker than my pet
      (Ahmet commands
       the beast)
What are you waiting for..Destroy
Then lets double the power
Kennedy transforms into a Super being level 2
What you can transform to a level
2 as well?


      (Kennedy forms an
       energy in his
Kennedy and Michael fires their energy beams which forms
together to form a bigger beam at the wolf beast destroying
You...You killed it
You turned it into that monster we
had no choice
You will pay for that
Ahmet transforms into a super being
Wow he is even stronger than me
and Danny put together
Don't worry together we will be
able to beat him
Don't worry Horak, my brother will
take care of you
Sox appears and transforms into a super being
Oh my god, how many super beings
are there?
We can take this guy
Sox flies up to meet Danny and Horak
Now it is just me and you two
Ahmet flies up to confront Kennedy and Michael, but gets
beaten up by them badly


You think i am finished?...think
Ahmet looks over to the fight of Sox,Horak and Danny and
starts absorbing Horak and Danny's energy reverting them
back to their normal state
What just happened to us?
Wow his power just skyrocketed,
hes power level is stronger then
mine now
Don't worry, My power level is
still higher
ill hold him off while you get
your energy back
Kennedy is beating Ahmet up while Sox is beating Horak and
Ahmet then uses a sneak attack blasts Kennedy out of the sky
and crash into the ground
      (Ahmet looking
       down at the
       beaten Kennedy)
Now to drain your energy and
finish you off
Not so fast!!
Ahmet looks up at Michael
Aren't you forgetting someone?
Michael Transforms into super being 3
Ooh i cant wait to steal that
Michael beats up Ahmet and moves too fast to be detected


      (Ahmet thinks to
This is impossible i need more
Ahmet looks over to the beaten Horak and Danny and sox flies
down ready to finish them off
      (Ahmet thinks to
Ahmet drains Sox's energy reverting him back to normal
Ahmet what are you doing?
You coward
How could you do that to me?
Horak and Danny stands up
What, how can you both still be
We been saving energy
Horak and Danny transforms again
That's not possible, i defeated
you both
Horak and Danny both blast energy at Sox killing him
What have you done?...you both
will die
Ahmet blasts Horak and Danny with an energy wave but Michael
intercepts the blast and blocks it
Ahmet does it again but with more power but Kennedy
teleports to the blast and blocks it


Nobody does a sneak attack on me
and gets away with it
Kennedy transforms through his stages and then into super
being 3
Wow when did this happen?
Now lets finish him off
Both Kennedy and Michael fires a massive energy beam at
Ahmet but Ahmet absorbs it
No way?!!
While Kennedy and Michael are off guard Ahmet uses the
opportunity to absorbs their energy, reverting them back to
with all that energy absorbed Ahmet transformed into super
being 3
His power level is over 94,000
How do we beat him if he keeps
absorbing our energy?
You cant HA HA HA HA
Ahmet flies up into the air and generates a massive ball of
This is it, you guys wont be able
to block or escape from this...its
Looks like this is the end
Not yet i have a plan, if we focus
our energy at the same time we
will be able to fuse together to


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
form a stronger being
How do we do that?
Focus your energy to the point of
your right hand and raise it up,
then together we say fusion unite
Sounds easy enough
Michael and Kennedy raises one arm together focusing their
Whatever you are doing it wont
Fusion unite!!!!
Michael and Kennedy fuses together to form a single being
(Catchphrase pending)
who the hell are you, where did
the other two go?
No matter your power level is only
Ahmet finished powering up his energy ball and throws it
directly at Mattel
Now you...die!!!!
Just call me Mattel
Mattel transforms into a super being as the energy ball
lands onto Mattel but Mattel deflects it back onto Ahmet
This cannot be....NOOOOOOO!!!
Ahmet tries to block the energy ball


Oh no you dont
Mattel increases the balls power and it is too much for
Ahmet and disintegrates him
Mattel defuses and reverted back to 2 beings
Horak and Danny meets up with Kennedy and Michael
We did it, we won
Michael looks at the others and then looks directly into the


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