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It'll Eat You Alive
by Daniel Balcombe (daniel.balcombe@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *1/2
A group of friends go away for a Summer Vacation break to a remote Cottage, only to be confronted by an unimaginable evil.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


PROFESSOR DODD (54) sits eye glued to a microscope. His bald
and has thick rimmed glasses on. A large beard covers his
Behind DODD are large glass containers holding Humanoid
Creatures. One Jar holds a creature with half a human face
which warps into a twisted mess. The head is connected to
two arms protruding from a twisted s-shaped torso with only
one leg. The other containers are various formations of the
creature. Heads missing or in different places of the body.
DODD clicks over on the microscope and stops. His eyes
widened then shut for a moment. DODD stands up and walks
over to a RED PHONE hanging off the wall. He picks it up and
waits a moment.
                       PROFESSOR DODD
Stage Four is complete. It's time
for Stage Five.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT IN:
We are now inside a motor home.

A small kitchen area sits opposite a eating booth.

JAY EDMONDS (21) smoking a joint, long hair, beanie on,
sitting in the booth in front of him is some chopped up weed
and some rolling papers.

He begins rolling a joint whilst blowing smoke out a opened

CAITLAN EDMONDS (21) a long blonde haired girl, twins with
Jay sitting with her arms around LAUCHLAN HALL (22) a strong
young man dressed in a Berrington High football jersey sits
reading a Book.
So what you reading there Lachlan?
To Kill A Mockingbird.


Oh no way man. I haven't read that
Of course you haven't Jay, too
many big words.
Coming from an intellect like you.
CAITLAN gives JAY the finger.
Just because your too stoned all
the time to find a girl willing to
let you touch her.
Hey, I've had my fair share of
girls. Just because I don't sleep
with anything that walks like you.
The way your going, your gunna be
pregnant in no time, maybe even
MTV can start a show about you and
your bastard children!
Screw you Jay, I've been with
Lauchlan for 6 months now!
      (to Lauchlan)
You should feel proud Lauchlan
that's the most she has ever been
with anyone!
I tamed the beast it seems.
Oh wow, thanks Lauchlan.
Come on babe, I'm just messing
with you!

They laugh together, JAY continues smoking.


So Jay, you seen the new Carrie
Oh God, was that the ChloŽ Grace
Moretz one?
Ye, we watched it couple nights
It scared the shit out of me.
Oh it was alright. I guess it
kinda wasn't scary cause you knew
what was going to be happening
from the original.
Ye I know man but I think it was
pretty good. Better then the other
hack jobs that people have been
doing with remakes lately.
Amen. That Friday the 13th remake
shat on anything good that series
had. It was like the biggest
Cliche' ever, but not a smart
Cliche' you know. Not the Kevin
Williamson, wink wink, nudge nudge
shit. Just stupid kids doing
stupid things for stupid reasons.
You just explained every slasher
movie since Scream.
Boom. I like this guy Caitlan. He
knows his shit.
What can I say man? I had three
older brothers who used to love
scaring the shit out of me when I
was a kid.
Sounds a lot like Jay.


A door opens and a huge guy steps out ABE EDWARDS (22) star
linebacker for his college team, wearing the same Jersey
LAUCHLAN is wearing.
      (in pain)
Damn those rest stop burritos.
ABE rubs his stomach.
I told you bro, no protein and
fibre in any of that stuff.
Jay said they were good.
Please you listened to Jay? His
too stoned to know the difference
between the taste of shit and
Wo, wo I disagree highly. I like
to think that when I am high my
taste buds are heightened
therefore the food flavor
You are so weird. I don't know how
we came from the same seed.
Hey the seed had to split from
your Evil ways I guess.
Caitlan gives Jay the finger again. Abe squeezes into the
booth next to Jay. Abe is huge, he squishes Jay.
Be nice guys, we got the whole
week up here.
Ye you two should be looking out
for each other, you know twins
should stick together right?
Please, the only thing Jay looks
out for is himself and his pot.


Better than looking out for every
available cock.
Jay drags on his joint and smiles.
                                         CUT TO:
JOHN XU (22) a young Asian guy, his athletic build wearing
reading glasses. He is sitting in the drivers seat. In the
passenger seat next to him is SARAH MCNAMARA(21) long brown
hair, feet up on the dash board.
It's going to be good to get away
from school for the Summer.
Ye I know, it was doing my head
How's it all going for you anyway?
Oh you know, the whole Asian
Stereotype parents is no longer a
stereotype for me! Just because
I'm Asian they assume I'm going to
be a Doctor.
No way, so you don't want to be a
Doctor, but you got a scholarship
and everything.
Ye I know, I worked my ass off for
that just to impress my parents,
when I got it, the only thing they
could do was tell me to work
harder since I have it and it was
their influence that actual got me
the scholarship.
I'm sorry John.
No need to be sorry. I'm just
going to work my ass off so I can
completely move out of home and
start my own life.


I think that is all of our dreams.
Ye it is. But enough about that,
we are here to have fun right? Not
to dwell on the shit we are
leaving behind for the summer.
Ye you're right!
Sarah smiles at John.
So you excited for this? Middle of
no where in the middle of winter.
Kinda creepy right?
What's the worse that can happen
Actually Jay might pass out and
burn it down.
                                         CUT TO:
The Motor Home is drive down a long snowed covered road.
Covering the side of the road is a thick forest covered in
white snow.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
                                         FADE IN:
JAY is standing up looking through a CUPBOARD.

CAITLAN, ABE and LACHLAN are still seated at the booth.
So Lach bro, when we going to be
I don't know man, everything looks
the same out here. I haven't been
here in a long time as well man.


                       LAUCHLAN (cont'd)
Yo John what's the GPS say?
      (searching through
       the cupboard)
Man is there any food left?
John looks at the GPS. It has completely stopped working. He
steps on the brakes.
The GPS is dead, must be no
reception out here.
Lauchlan walks over to the drivers compartment.
Ah man me no way, the damn trees
out here.
What are we going to do?
It's fine, we got a map in here
somewhere, I know my Dad keeps it
Lauchlan starts searching through some drawers and
Caitlan pulls out her mobile phone and checks it, no
Stuck in the middle of no where
without any reception what so
Straight out of a horror movie
Everyone checks their mobiles, Lauchlan notices Jay not
checking his.
Yo man any reception?


Oh God don't even ask him that,
his got this idea that mobile
phones are just a way for the
Government to keep tabs on you.
His stoner paranoia.
      (sitting back down
       in the booth)
O well sorry for not basing my
whole life on the need for
technology. In this world we are
not even human anymore.
Dude, what are you talking about?
Think about it. Instead of
speaking to someone we would
rather express our feelings on
some social networking site like
Facebook or twitter, whatever you
kids are using these days.
See Lauchlan, what did I say?
I guess you were right.
Lachlan starts to look through some drawers.
      (sudden relisation)
Yo guys, we are lost on a road in
the middle of no where in the
bush. What's the bet we are going
to get murdered by some cannibal
hillbillies? Anyone seen The Hills
Have Eyes? Wrong Turn? It all
add's up.
Oh ye I've seen that one man,
Eliza Dushku was so hot in Wrong
She was even more hot all bloody
and shit.


Didn't they make like another five
of them or something?
Too many man.
The curse of the sequel man.
In most cases man, you are right.
The sequel always sucks.
Sweet! I found it!
Lauchlan pulls out a map and goes and sits next to
John who looks over the map.
      (pointing at the
Got it, there it is. Looks like
the next right then we just follow
that into the bush for another
couple miles or something. I'll
keep this up here with me, Sarah
can guide me the rest of the way.
Sure thing!
Lauchlan heads back to the booth and sits back down.
How's it looking bro?
About another hour and we should
be there guys!
Well, if we are almost there...
Whose for beers!!!
John starts the engine and begins to drive again, he turns
down a old road.
                                         CUT TO:


The Motor Home pulls up in front of a large old Farmhouse.
They are surrounded by large open paddocks and snow covered
trees beyond them. The house is three stories. All the
windows are shut up and closed. The VAN pulls up to the
front of the house. The headlights shining over the front
LACHLAN with a big snow jacket on steps out of the VAN first
followed by ABE who is also in a big snow jacket. Both
showing the symbols of their high school football team.
Bro this is awesome!
Just as I remember it from when I
was a kid.
CAITLAN steps out of the VAN with a pink snow jacket on
followed by SARAH who has a black snow jacket on.
How come you have never taken me
here before?
Lauchlan grabs Caitlan by the waist and kisses her.
You're here now aren't you?
Jay stumbles out of the truck, with a unlit joint in his
mouth. He lights it as he looks at the house. His only
wearing a small jacket and instantly shivers. JOHN follows
him out in a snow jacket.
Wo dude, where is your Jacket?
Oh shit.
Jay walks back inside the motor home and comes out wearing a
bright orange ski jacket.
Oh awesome, anyone seen The Evil
I love that movie man


Looks like we are about to step
into the movie!
Oh dude, I don't want to have to
kill ya man but if you try and eat
me, I'm gunna have to!
Calm down big man!
Lauchlan and Abe grab some bags out of the Motor home. John
and Jay grabs some other bags out of a back compartment of
the motor home.
We got beers and food for the
whole week!
Jay pulls out a massive bag of weed.
And weed for the week!
Jay walks to the cabin, Abe walks over to John.
Jesus, you see the size of that
I take it you have never really
hung out with Jay before?
This is the first time I met him.
You will learn that he constantly
smokes weed, like constanly.
You'll see.
Abe looks at Jay, who is smiling with a joint in his mouth.
Lauchlan opens up the door to the House and disappears into
the darkness of the house.


SILENCE as the rest of the guys stand on the front porch in
the cold. There is no sounds just darkness. Suddenly a loud
noise is heard, like an engine starting, a light flicks on
and Lauchlan appears in the doorway.
Girls and boys. Welcome to the
party house.
                                         CUT TO CREDITS:
The furniture is old but still fresh looking within the
first floor of the house. There is a sofa and two other
chairs in front of a large fireplace. There is a huge dining
room table with six chairs just in front of a kitchen area.
Pictures hang on the walls of Lauchlan and his family.

Caitlan looks at the photos hanging from the walls.
Look at that little spunk there.
Nothings changed right?
Only your not so little anymore.
Lauchlan kisses Caitlan and turns around to the other guys.
Jay is already sprawled out on the coach, Abe is stocking
the fridge with beers.
Alright guys listen up! A bit of a
layout of the house. We got the
first level which is where we are
know. The kitchen is just over
there where Abe is stocking the
fridge up. Upstairs is the
bedrooms. We've got five room.
I've got the master one with
Caitlan and the rest can spread
out between yourselves. The third
floor is the games room. We got a
billiard table, Playstation, table
hockey everything you need.


Oh shit bro, you got Fifa up
No, but I've got Madden.
Alright anyone got any questions?
No one answers.
No cool. Let's unpack and get into
it then shall we.
All the guys leave the lounge room.
                                         CUT TO:
Jay walks into a room, it's small just a bed, cupboard and a
lamp, he sets his bag down on the bed. He unzips it and
pulls out a couple of shirts and pants he then pulls out a
leather case. He sets it down and unbuckles it and opens it
up. There are some tubes in side. Jay pulls the pieces out
and puts it together to reveal a massive bong. He smiles.
There is a knock on his door, Sarah walks in.
Hey Jay
Yo Sarah what's up, hows your
Pretty small, much the same as
this one.
Ye kinda small place but we got
everything we need here.
is that a bong?


Wo, wo this is not just a bong.
It's a Sheldon Black bong. The
most classiest, bad-ass bong there
is in the world.
Well, that's impressive.
You know you can smoke it too if
you want. I know you're not one
for destroying brain cells but you
know, who needs em?
I don't know. So far in my life my
brain cells have done me quite
well so far.
Ye well, one day you might get to
see things my way.
I don't know what that would take.
Jay lifts the bong up to Sarah who laughs and shakes her

Lachlan walks into the room.
Trying to convert some more Jay?
Oh no not converting. Just
Do you guys mind coming
downstairs? We got a small
What did Jay do?
                                         CUT TO:


They all meet out in the lounge room. Abe still has his bags
on him with a confused look on his face.
Some how, we are missing some
stacks of the food that we came
down here with.
Missing food?
Ye. We were unpacking everything
and we are missing a heap of meat.
That's weird man.
Ye, but we got all the beer. Plus
some extras my Dad must have left
up here.
Lachlans Dad coming hooking us up
with the house and beer.
Not for me. I'm strictly vodka.
Beer does not sit well with me at
We got plenty of that.
What are we going to do about the
When it comes down to it, we can
always drive to the nearest town.
It's a couple hours away but if
need be we shall do it.
                                         CUT TO:


The master bedroom. It is a lot bigger then the previous
room. It has a bed with a massive window looking out into
the open paddock. Caitlan jumps on the bed and spreads out
over it, Lauchlan is carrying the bags and places them down
on a table.
Here we are finally!
It's worth the drive up here.
      (looking out the
Is it ever. Look at that view.
Ye it's a real Gem my dad has
You know Sarah has the hots for
John right.
What? Really? I thought Jay liked
Really Jay likes her?
I don't know, I just got that vibe
off him for her. They are always
Wait, you think Jay likes Sarah?
Sarah is way too good for Jay.
What do you have against Jay
anyway, you are always on his
case. He seem's like a cool guy.
Please, you haven't spent your
whole life with him! You've only
seen him like 10 times in total.
Today has been the most you have


                       CAITLAN (cont'd)
actually spent with him.
Well, we got a whole two weeks to
get along.
Oh God, don't remind me.
It can't be that bad?
Enough about my brother Lauch, I
wanna take whats mine.
They begin to make out on the bed.
                                         FADE OUT
Sarah stands in her room unpacking her suitcase.

It's small just with a bed and a dresser.

John knocks on the door and walks in.
Hey John.
How you feeling after the drive?
You know, it's good to finally
stop driving and settling in
How you settling in anyway? Got
all your stuff unpacked!
Ye you know, so far so good. Hows
your room?
Exactly the same as this one.


Ye I figured.
I'm glad we are all down here
Ye it's good to get away.
Tell me about it.
I've never really hung out with
you guys much before. Well not
recently anyway.
I guess we are all too busy with
school to worry about our social
Ye I guess so.
So what's your secret?
What do you mean?
I mean how have you managed to
stay single this whole time? Your
a good looking guy who is
incredibly intelligent and has a
bright future. All the girls talk
about you at school.
Really? That's new to me.
Come on, it can't be that much of
a surprise.
I guess it's not. I've always seen
girls interested in me, but to be
honest it's more my parents that
are cock blocking me.


Your parents cock blocking you?
I'm serious, every time I have
ever brought a girl home, they
have been scared off by my crazy
Really? Your parents sound like a
piece of work.
Oh Sarah, you have no idea. They
have set the ground rules as I
graduate, get a job and then I
worry about finding a girl.
That's pretty tough.
Ye I know, but what can you do!
Can't choose your parents.
That's true, I guess it's just
about balancing pleasing them and
pleasing yourself.
If only they saw it like that.
Sarah smiles at John, he smiles back. There is a tension in
the air between them that neither of them are willing to
You know what, if I brought
someone like you home I think they
would make an exception.
Oh I don't know about that John.
I think they would.


They smile at each other.
They are now partying in the lounge room, there is music
being played, beers and wine bottles lining the tables and
weed smoke in the air.

Abe, Lauchlan & Jay are all passing the bong from earlier
between themselves whilst sitting on a lounge.

Caitlan is dancing to some music and Sarah & John are
sitting on the chairs near the fire place.

Lauchlan gets up and goes to the kitchen grabbing some

He comes back out and passes them around.
Caitlan you have no idea about
good music, all you listen to is
beyonce' and lady gaga.
Just because I listen to music
that you can dance too and have
fun too does not make it shit.
Yes it does, music is meant to
invoke emotions and feelings, not
just a beat that you can move
sexually too.
Who would have thought you guys
are twins.
Unfortunately yes we are.
Unfortunately for who exactly?
Take one guess?
Have you guys actually ever seen
eye to eye? Like on anything at


Not that I can remember!
Jay takes another toke of the bong.
There was this one time, I think
we will like 15 or something and
our parents took us on this
holiday. Anyway there was this
massive beach party happening the
night we arrived. We were bored
out of our minds so we actually
worked together and devised a plan
to sneak out at night and go down
to this beach party. That's where
I smoked my first joint, I'm
pretty sure that's where Caitlan
gave her first blowjob.
All but Caitlan laugh.
Jesus Jay, for a second there I
thought you were actually being
Hey, I'm not lying!
Caitlan gives Jay the finger
Give it a rest tonight guys, we
are all here together!
Exactly! We are here to party!
Abe picks up a bottle of beer and downs it. Everyone laughs
and cheers.
Dude, you are a beast.
Abe is the number one linebacker
in the damn state!
Abe get's up and flexes! They all laugh again.


So Lauchlan man, how did your
parents get this place? Kinda
random in the middle of no where.
My Dad is big on properties and he
stumbled upon this through one of
his agent friends. It was heaps
cheap and falling apart when he
brought it. His worked on it over
the years and we used it as our
vacation home when we wanted some
piece and quite. Especially for
him being a lawyer and all it's
non stop.
It's amazing here, so quite and
So much better than school man.
Wish we never had to go back to
that hell man.
A sombre mood takes over the party. Jay stands up puffing
now on a joint.
Come on guys we are here to party
right? So why not party it up, who
wants to do some shots?
Dude where does all your energy
come from? Doesn't weed take it
out of you.
Weed gives me life man.
All I wanna do is sit down and eat
Me too. Speaking of anyone want
anymore chips.


There is a collective 'Yes'
I got a question, how come you
guys are smoking with me? Aren't
you all like fitness and shit
being on the football team.
Just because we are on the team
does not make us like those other
guys. Sure we love to work out and
stay fit but it's our summer
holiday man.
Right on. Fitness can wait to the
morning, for now we party.
Lauchlan gets up and goes to the kitchen.
Jay stands up and walks over to a table that has various
bottles of spirits on it, Jay pushes through some bottles,
What can we shot?
Jay picks up a bottle and looks at it. A smile comes across
his face.
ahh here we go, Vodka.
Lauchlan is searching through some drawers, he looks out a
large window that faces the bush, we see a slight figure, in
a black robe move past one of the entrance clearings to the
bush. Lauchlan takes another look, no more movement. He
walks back out to the lounge carrying a couple of bags of
Jay what's in that weed I'm seeing
shit outside.


Nothing but pure MJ bro what you
seeing out there!
Oh nothing must just be the wind
or something.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
                                         5 HOURS LATER
Jay & Sarah are sitting out on the lounge. Rubbish is
everywhere, everyone else has gone to bed. Jay is rolling a
joint and Sarah is sipping on a bottle of water.
So what do you think of Lauchlan?
What you think of me as the
jealous, over protective brother?
Lauchlan could kick the shit out
of me.
Trust me, I don't see you as that.
I was just wondering you know.
His a cool dude man. Usually those
Jock type football guys are
douchebags, but his pretty cool.
I mean he seems to treat Caitlan
right so that's all that matters.
Ye Caitlan is really hung up on
him, I've never seen her like that
and I've known her for a long
Ye no shit. Good for her though.
Lauchlan will take care of her, I
mean his the first football player
not to look down at me! I know
Caitlan and I are complete
opposites but I do want the best
for her, despite the fact that she
hates me.


Come on Jay, you know she doesn't
hate you. It's just you two are
completely different. I mean your
a relaxed stoner and she is an
energised cheer leader. You like
reggae she likes RnB.
I think maybe because we are twins
it's built into our system to be
complete opposites. Think about
it, when we were young we used to
do everything together. I mean
everything. Even out parents would
dress us up the same and shit,
people thought I was a chick
growing up.
Haha that's pretty funny.
Go on laugh it up, it scarred me
for life. I remember one time, Mrs
Sanderson, she was this little old
lady that lived next door, she
used to call me Jasmine. She
didn't even fucking know I had a
When did she finally relise?
I think I was Six and I whipped my
dick out in front of her.
They both laugh.
Jay licks the joint and seals it up he puts it into his
mouth and lights it.
You don't smoke do you?
Never tried it before.
You don't drink either ey?


Don't feel the need for it.
Well all the power to you.
Thanks. So how you feel about
being up here you know away from
school and everything.
It feels good man, like I can just
totally chill out.
Ye it feels good. Being out here
with people we like as well, no
clashes in personality, except for
you and Caitlan.
You talking about John ye?
Why do you say that?
Come on, I saw you up in the
passenger seat next to him talking
the whole way here. You were like
a school girl trying to get her
first kiss. Twirling your hair and
Was it that obvious?
Na I'm just playing. John is a
cool dude. I've known him for a
long time now. His parents are a
bunch of doucehbags though.
Ye he was saying something about
Ye, his cool though. Did you know
we used to smoke weed all the time
together. He was the funniest dude
and we were tight as but now he
doesn't. It kills me man, he


                       JAY (cont'd)
spends his time studying and
setting up a future for himself.
Doesn't sound that bad. I mean
setting up his future.
Ye that's all well and good. The
only thing I don't get is why he
stopped smoking.
Doesn't weed kinda make you I
don't know, slow and lazy for lack
of better words.
Jay looks at the joint.
No way man. That is the perception
of it all. In fact I believe, if
you can't smoke weed and have a
successful life, than that is on
you. Take me for an example, I
smoke weed daily, but yet I am at
college studying Botany.
Admittingly I am only studying it
so I can grow the ultimate
marijuana plant, but whatever I'm
still gunna graduate with a
I guess you do make a valid point.
Of course I do! It's all a
government conspiracy why
marijuana is illegal.
Government conspiracy?
Ye, I believe marijuana is only
illegal because the government has
not been able monopolise it.
Gosh Jay, you really are an
anarchist aren't you?


I don't know, maybe. I like to
think I am more of a realist than
anything. But seriously think
about it they distribute alcohol
and cigarettes to every place in
our country and they are known to
kill you slowly eat away at your
liver and lungs, give you cancer
and ruin your life you know why
they do that?
Cause they tax it and make
millions and millions every year?
Exactly and you know why weed
isn't going to be legal? It's
because guys like me already have
it, we grow it and smoke it
ourselves so why do we need to pay
tax on it when we can have it for
free? They will never gain enough
money out of it so they instill
fear into us instead for smoking
it when in reality the only side
effect of it is eating too much
and sitting around laughing.
Sarah chuckles.
You make a valid point, you ever
thought of getting into polictics?
Maybe this country needs someone
like you in there, shake things up
a bit.
Wo wo no way man. Politics are the
bain of my exsistance, followed by
Religion but hey that's a whole
different story.
Outside of the Cottage is still and quite moving towards the
tree line, past the motor home and a small opening in the
thickforest, it's too dark too see much. A rustle is heard
and a black figure shots across the opening


                                         CUT TO BLACK
The sun shines in through a window reflecting straight onto
Jays face. He squirms and sits up. He looks around and
notices no one is up. He stands up shirtless revealing a
tattoo across his chest reading 'Peace, Love, Happiness' and
grabs a pre rolled joint on the table and a lighter. He
walks to the front door we can see on his back is a huge
tattoo of Bob Marley, down his right arm is a sleeve of
tattoos . Jay walks outside.
Standing outside on a porch he lights the joint and puffs
away. He walks down and strolls around the property. He
notices a shed that is locked up. He shrugs his shoulders
and walks towards the tree line. He walks into the bush
slightly and leans up against a tree. He notices a marking
on the tree, it's a triangle within a square. It has been
carved into the tree. Jay rubs it, puffs on the joint and
walks back to the cabin. Outside now is John and Sarah
sipping on coffee.
Hey Jay you want some coffee?
Nah man, I've got my pick me up
right here.
Jay holds up the joint as he walks up onto the porch.
What a nice day it is today, we
should explore a bit later on
today see what is surrounding us.
                       LAUCHLAN (os)
That we will my friend
Lauchlan walks out holding a coffee cup.
Caitlan is puking, too many vodka
shots it seems.
Ah man she just needs a drag of
this and she will be fine.
Speaking of, how rude of me,


                       JAY (cont'd)
anyone want a hit?
They shake their heads.
Don't you guys smoke only after
4:20 or something?
Hey bro, it's 4:20 somewhere
I guess
Anyway I was thinking today we
could explore on the trail bikes
we have in the shed. There is a
clearing a couple of clicks from
here that I used to go to with my
brothers, all jumps and stuff.
It's pretty cool.
I can't ride a motor bike.
Ye Lauchlan, I can't say I ever
have either.
John man, it's just like a push
bike! Only you don't have to
pedal! Sarah you can jump on the
back with Abe! His a seasoned
Damn right I am.
Abe walks out shirtless. He is huge, full of muscle! Jay
stands next to him shirtless and looks at his body and then
at Abes.
Jesus dude, your putting me to
Haha nice tat's man!


I'm fucking serious. It's like I'm
standing next to the incredible
hulk or some shit! Except your not
green and angry.
It's all hard work dude.
No shit.
I'm still a bit suspect about
riding this bike.
Come on John you have ridden a
push bike before right?
Of course he has, his Asian.
They laugh.
Subtle Jay, Jesus
Same kind of philosophy behind it
though John, except for you don't
I don't know, I didn't plan on
dying on this trip.
Come on bro, why not live a little
bit. I've never driven a bike
before, but sure as hell I am
going to do it now, whilst smoking
a fat fucking J as well.
That's the spirit!
Lauchlan looks at his watch.


We will leave in two hours, I'm
gunna go and check on Caitlan,
make sure she hasn't died on us!
We are now in the bathroom. Caitlan is huddled up by the
toilet. Lauchlan walks in.
You ok babe?
I am getting there.
Everyone else is up, we are going
to leave in a couple of hours and
take the bikes out for a spin.
Riding on a bike doesn't sound the
most appealing to me right now.
Come on babe, you can ride with
me. I will make sure you are fine.
Caitlan gets up and washes her mouth. She hugs Lauchlan, he
hugs her back.
Do you want anything?
How about a magical hangover cure?
                       JAY (OS)
      (walking past the
       bathroom door)
Jay walks past the bathroom door holding a unlit joint.
That guy is one funny guy.
Please, don't encourage him.


We are now in the lounge room. Jay is sprawled out on the
coach watching the smoke he blows as it floats away. John
and Sarah are in the kitchen cooking some food.
John is chopping bacon up and Sarah is cracking some eggs
over a hot fry pan.
So how was your first sleep?
Was good, so quite out here during
the night time.
Ye it's weird not hearing the
sounds of civilisation all night.
What does that say about us?
Guess we don't go out into the
bush often enough.
Not quite the answer I was looking
Ye I know, I was just kidding.
So what do you think it really
says about us?
Oh, getting deep now ey?
Oh you know, just want to have an
insightful conversation.
Doesn't Jay give you that?


They look over at Jay who is doing a handstand up against
the wall with a joint in his mouth. Jay notices them
You may be thinking what is Jay
doing on his head smoking a joint.
To be honest.
I just wanted to see if I could do
it, I guess I could.
Jay falls down, John and Sarah laugh.
Not the insightful
conversationalist I am looking for
I guess.
I can see that.
So what do I think that tells us
about us?
I think it shows how suburban we
have become not only as a
generation but as a country. You
look at all the city kids, like us
and see how lost they are without
the basics in life. Without a
mobile phone, with out a Internet
connection - as a generation, we
are lost.
How's that for insight?
More like a slap in the face I
They both laugh
How's those eggs looking?
Sarah lifts up a lid of a pan and looks at it. We can see
John is cooking bacon and some toast.


Pretty much done. Should start
getting the plates ready for
Sarah leans down to a cupboard to open it up, John leads
down at the same time and they bump heads. They laugh as
they both stand up rubbing their heads.
I'm sorry.
That's fine.
They stare at each other for a bit. Just as Jay walks in
with a half smoked joint in his mouth. He is sniffing the
air. He notices them staring at each other smiling.
You know what guys, I was walking
in here because of the delicious
smell of bacon in the air, but it
seems I was smelling love instead.
John and Sarah look at Jay and laugh awkwardly while Jay
picks up a bit of bacon and eats it. He stands there and
smiles at them both.
Please don't stop, I love seeing
young love bloosm.
Well breakfast is ready so get the
Oh I see, no worries. I will leave
you guys too it then.
Jay winks and leaves with a smile on his face. John and
Sarah start to get the food ready.
We come in on the large Steel Shed that is behind the house.
The group are outside of it. Lauchlan unlocks a lock on the
doors and swings them open. The doors creak as they are
opened. It is dark inside the shed. Lauchlan flicks a switch
and a light comes on. Inside we see 4 trail bikes, numerous
gardening tools and a wooden cabinet with hunting rifles in


it. The group walk in looking at all the stuff. Saws,
Hammers, toolboxes a chainsaw, everything you would imagine
in a shed.
Jesus, you have guns here?
Caitlan looks at the gun cabinet.
They are hunting rifles. My Dad
hunts up here when he comes!
What's he hunt?
Anything really, out here there
are all sorts of animals in the
The bush we are about to ride
Don't worry. We will be on a path
so it's all clear.
I guess I will take your word on
that Lauchlan.
Jay looks at all the tools on the walls.
Man you could start a mini army
with all of these tools.
My Dad does have a lot of shit.
Lauchlan pulls a sheet off of something to reveal 4 trail
bikes. Abe looks at the bikes and smiles.
Let's do this!!
We cut to trail bikes zooming across a trail through the
bush. Caitlan is riding with Lauchlan and Sarah is riding


with Abe. Jay is behind them, smoke trail flowing behind
him. We see John slowly making his way behind them all. None
are wearing helmets. They make their way into an opening
that is large and filled with small hills. They pull up
This is where I grew up guys,
riding around here with my
Bro I could barely ride this thing
here how am I going to go off
those jumps and shit.
You don't have to man, just do
what ever you please. Me and Abe
though we are gunna hit them up
I'm gunna smoke a joint.
We see Abe and Lauchlan now riding on their bikes, jumps and
all. Caitlan, John, Jay and Sarah are sitting down. Jay is
still smoking.
It's so peaceful out here.
I know, so much more quieter than
the city.
You know what? I think since we
are all here relaxing, you should
have a drag of this beautifully
fresh rolled joint.
Jay pulls out a joint and shows it to Sarah and John, they
look at it.
Fuck it, why not. No one here to
tell me otherwise!
Right on, how bout you Sarah?


No... it's fine you guys go ahead.
Here you go John, have a puff.
Just like the good old days.
I heard about that John. Would
have never of expected that from
It seem's like forever a go now!
It was the best time of our lives.
Jay and John passes the joint in between each other, we zoom
out from the opening and see the bush is thick around them,
thick for miles and miles.
We are back in the cabin, time has passed. Plates and
bottles of alcohol line the cabin much like the other night.
Jay is passed out on the lounge with a half lit joint slowly
burning in an ash tray. The room is dimly lit and quite.
Every one is asleep. We sense something is in the room with
Jay, not sure what. We move through the cabin showing
Caitlan & Lachlan asleep, Abe, Sarah & John all asleep. We
go back to Jay who moves in his sleep, he rolls over and we
see in the back ground by the door a black figure, standing
still. Cannot make out who or what it is, just a blackness.
Jay moves again in his sleep and opens his eyes, he is
facing the back rest of the lounge he is sleeping on, the
black figure is out of sight in the open doorway.
fuck me.
He rubs his eyes and rolls over and picks up the joint. He
examines it and lights it again. The figure is now directly
behind the coach. It comes more into focus, it is a black
robed figure, huge long knife like nails protruding the
open sleeves of the robe. Jay is completely oblivious to the
figure. Still smoking the figure is behind him, standing
over him, it is huge. We then hear a toilet flush and the


figure moves back quickly and disappears out the door
lighting fast. Sarah walks into the room.
Hey Jay, it's freezing in here why
is the door open?
Fuck me, didn't even relise it was
Sarah walks over and closes the door, we zoom out away from
the door and see the black figure standing on the other side
of the door, we continue to zoom out from the cabin moving
into the woods.
We move through the woods until we get to an opening. We
stop to see a number of the black robe figures standing
around numerous dead animals. They are eating the corpses.
Blood covers their huge nails, blackness covers their faces,
we cannot make out what they are, we just know they are
hungry and vicious killers.
It is now morning and Lachlan and Abe are outside just in
front of the house, going through their exercise routine,
push ups, sit ups, boxing etc: Jay and Sarah are sitting on
the front porch, Jay with a joint, Sarah with a coffee.
I don't get how these guys can be
doing all that on their holiday.
Same reason you smoke weed and I
drink coffee every morning, get's
us going.
Ye I guess so.
You want to go for a walk or
something? Just to see whats


Your not trying to lure me away to
fuck me are you? Or even kill me.
I'm cool with the fucking but not
the killing.
Oh I'm sorry Jay, no killing or
They both laugh and stand up. Sarah leaves her coffee on a
table and they begin to walk off.
Where you guys going?
Just going for a walk, seeing the
You guys can fuck in the cabin, no
need to be ashamed.
You got it all wrong man, I'm not
Sarah hits Jay. Jay laughs as John appears out of the cabin
half asleep.
Did someone say my name?
Nope. No one. Jay and I are just
going for a walk, be back soon.
Sarah pushes Jay into the bush. Jay, Abe and Lauchlan are
all laughing whilst John looks confused.
Sarah and Jay are walking along a small path surrounded by
trees. Jay is smoking.
Jesus Jay, John almost heard!
So what's wrong with that? You
like him


Oh come on me and him would never
Oh man don't turn this walk into a
fucking episode of The Bold and
The Beautiful
I'm just saying, we would never
Are you fishing for some
compliments here? Am I supposed to
say how beautiful you are to make
you feel better? Fucking girls man
always fishing for compliments.
No you idiot. As in from what I
hear about his parents, they would
never approve of me.
Well his parent's are douchebags.
But I'm sure you could work
something out. Don't worry, one
day John is going to tell them
both to fuck off.
Ye, hope so. Anyway how is it
sleeping out on the coach.
Pretty good, I mean I don't really
remember sleeping cause I just
pass out constanly.
You didn't have to give up your
room you know.
Na it's all good. I like sleeping
on the coach. Easy access to the
fridge and toilet area.
A stoners dream right?


That's it. Check this out, I saw
this earlier when I was going for
a little walk.
Jay shows Sarah the tree marking from earlier.
What do you think it is?
Sarah rubs her finger over the marking.
I honestly have no idea, looks
like a sign or something.
They continue to walk.
You know all through High School I
had a major crush on you.
Are you serious? Why?
What do you mean why? Your an
awesome chick.
No worries, don't take it the
wrong way or anything. I know
John's got his eyes on you and
Some time has now passed and we come in on Abe and Lauchlan
still doing exercise.
Do you think we are going to make
it out of the college league one


Just got to keep working hard man,
whose knows where it will take us.
I hear they got scouts coming out
to the opening game of next year.
Ye I heard that too, scouts from a
couple of Pro Teams.
I get butterflies even thinking
about them being at the game man.
Ye, no shit man.
Caitlan and Sarah are sitting on the front porch. We can see
John sitting down on the grass lying shirtless down in the
Who would have thought John Xu
would have such a good body
underneath those geeky clothes. I
can see why you want to fuck him
so much.
Jesus Sarah, how about some
What? Am I wrong?
It's not all about sleeping with
someone you know?
I know that, but why start a
relationship with someone if you
haven't at least slept with them
once or more ideally, twice.
What are you talking about
Think about it, it's common sense.


I'm thinking....
Ah, always so innocently minded!
If you start a relationship with
someone, what happens if you find
out they are a dead fuck.
A what?
A dead fuck.
Sarah looks confused.
A dead fuck - Someone who cannot
fuck to save their lives. That is
someone you do not want to get
into a serious relationship with.
Example. Jay is a dead fuck.
Jay is fine.
Are you takling from experience?
O God no, no I haven't. I love
Jay, but only as a friend.
Jay sits down next to them holding a unlit joint in his
mouth. He is still shirtless.
Now, isn't that a shame Sarah?
Oh God, your here.
It's a small place Caitlan, get
used to it.
Can't you like go for another walk
or something? Like just get out of


Why don't you go for a walk?
Cause I was here first relaxing.
                       JOHN (OS)
God guys, you two really need to
get over your little moods all the
John walks back over with his shirt off. We can see he is
ripped as well. Jay looks down at himself again and looks at
Dude, what the fuck is with all
you guys having six packs? What is
this shit man. Don't you guys get
sick of that shit.
A healthy body equals a healthy
mind Jay.
Abe and Lauchlan walk over.
His right Jay, you should go for a
run or something.
I only run if I'm getting chased
or if I am high as fuck.
I tell you what, you come for a
run with me today, I will smoke a
couple of joints with you later on
when we are done.
Your bribing him with weed.
What can I say, the man knows me
to well. Your on dude.
Good, we will leave in a couple of
hours, maybe you should stop
smoking until after you get back?


Jay pulls out another Joint and smiles.
We come in on John standing up stretching. We can see Abe
and Lauchlan are sitting on the coach with Sarah and Caitlan
sitting in seperate chairs. We hear a toilet flush and Jay
walk out with a singlet, shorts and runners on.
Now that beast has been released,
Lauchlan your shoes are too big
for me feet. Look at them.
We look down at Jay's feet and see he has these massive
joggers on.
I look like a fucking clown.
Even more so than usual.
You wanna do some stretching
before we leave?
I'm all stretched up man.
When was the last time you ran
Ye man, was probably a lifetime
ago right?
Two weeks ago, out ran a cop
whilst he was writing me up for
smoking a joint in public.
Are you serious?


I'm so telling Mum and Dad.
Jay gives Caitlan the finger.
Alright man, you ready?
As ready as I will ever be!
We come in now on John and Jay running. Jay is struggling,
John isn't.
Jay starts to fall behind and stops completely.
Stop, man... st stop. I can't
fucking breathe.
John stops and turns around. He looks at a watch on his
Man it's only been like 10
Fuck that, I'm done man.
Jay pulls out a joint and sticks it in his mouth.
Really? You think that is going to
help you?
Jay lights it, puffs it and exhales in relief.
Ah, now I can breathe again.
It's concerning that weed actually
makes you breathe easier.
There is a gust of wind Jay notices a smell, so does John.


Usually I would welcome a gush of
wind right now, but fuck me can
you smell that?
Ye what is that?
It smells like fucking shit. It's
coming from this way, let's check
it out.
Really? Check it out?
A little adventure never hurt
Have you never watched a horror
movie, number one mistake is to
follow the fowl smell in the
      (walking away into
       the woods)
Ye your probably right, but no fun
story ever started with someone
eating a salad right?
You really gotta cut down on the
weed man.
Jay moves through some thick bush John follows unwillingly,
pressing towards the smell, Jay is leading the way. They
clear out to an opening, from the night before. There are
bones lining the floor some stripped completely others still
with minimal flesh on them.
What the fuck is this.
Holy shit.
They walk forward covering their noses. Jay kicks some
bones, John looks disgusted.


It's dead animals or something, it
looks like a fucking feeding
It's dead something. What kind of
animal would do this. Look at how
many there are.
I do not fucking know, and I don't
really want too.
We should tell the others about
Ye I think that is a great idea.
Let's go.
Jay and John turn and start to head back into the bush.
Lauchlan, Abe, Caitlan and Sarah are all inside. Abe and
Lauchlan are drinking protein shakes, Caitlan has a glass of
wine and Sarah is sipping on a water.
I wonder how John and Jay are
getting along.
Jay is probably dead.
Poor dudes lungs probably don't
even know what fresh air is!
Guys, I was thinking tonight we
can cook a barbecue. We can build
up an awesome bomb fire after we
finish cooking.
Fuck ye man.


We just need to gather up some
Jay and John come through the door.
Wow, Jay your alive still.
we found some fucked up feeding
ground out there.
Like some crazy shit man.
Like what?
There was a clearing filled with
blood & bones. Completely stripped
of flesh.
Relax guys it's fucking bears.
Bears? Relax? Are you kidding me?
Ye bears. My Dad used to hunt them
when he was up here.


I don't know man.
Ye, these corpses were really torn
We will be ok. The Bears out here
don't come this far over. If they
do we got it covered.
Lauchlan walks over and opens up a chest. Inside are two
hunting rifles. He takes one out.
Jesus more guns?
It's fine babe, these ones are
also for hunting, like I said my
Dad is big on hunting besides if a
bear does venture too close this
will more then scare them off.
It was a mess out there dude,
there must be at least 20 fucking
They are starting to panic a bit, Lauchlan notices this.
Come on guys. We are here to have
fun, let's not worry about some
Bears. We are humans, the leader
of the food chain.
Right on, any bear comes up here
we got it covered!
That is fucking creepy.
Come on babe it's alright, we have
nothing to worry about!
Anyway we gotta go and gather up
some wood for the Barbecue
tonight. Abe you and me will go


                       LAUCHLAN (cont'd)
out and grab it. You others, just
relax and enjoy yourselves.
Lauchlan passes the other rifle to Abe. They head over to
the front door. Lauchlan turns back around.
Remember guys, just relax there is
nothing to worry about.
Lauchlan and Abe disappear holding a rifle each and a bag
Jay and Sarah sit down, Jay lights up another joint, John
and Caitlan sit down with them.
What was this thing you guys saw?
I don't know, it was weird.
Ye like a feeding fucking ground.
But more like a frenzy. Like the
bones were ripped to shreds.
Jesus Christ. I am not going into
the bush again, I'm more than
happy to drink the week away
inside this cottage.
Finally we agree on something.
Lauchlan and Abe are walking together, both holding the
rifles over their shoulders and also a bag.
So bears ey?
Ye I remember them from when I was
younger here. Never came up to the
Cottage though.


Let's hope it stays that way.
I'm sure it will man.
I hope so. I don't know if I will
be able to shot a bear, let alone
You never fired a gun before?
Man why would I ever need to? I'm
always too busy practicing on the
track and in the gym then to worry
about the great outdoors man.
Ye fair enough.
I never knew you used to come out
here and hunt man, I wish I could
have done stuff like that with my
seems like a long time ago now
I wish I could have done that.
Done what?
Stuff with my Dad.
Oh ye, of course man. I'm sorry.
Nah man, it's all good. You know I
guess it's the main thing I missed
growing up. You know throwing a
ball around and stuff. All that
cliche' stuff.


That's the price you pay for your
Dad being a hero right?
How come you never you know,
followed in his footsteps.
I guess I just never wanted to
leave young kids and a wife behind
if anything ever happened like Dad
did, plus my Dad always wanted me
to play football. He always said I
was big enough, just gotta work
hard enough at it.
They come to a section where the path leads two seperate
Well your Dad was right about
football, so maybe firefighting
really isn't your thing.
Anyway man, we are here let's
split you go that way and I go
this way, grab as much wood as you
can and then make your way back to
the cottage. Don't stray off this
path though too much, don't want
you lost out here!
Alright man, see you on the flip
They both split up. We follow Lauchlan first. He veers off
the path pushing through some bush. He comes to a small
opening and starts picking up some sticks and filling the
bag he is holding. We now cut to Abe who is in the large
opening with all the bones.
      (to himself)
Jesus, I guess this is what Jay
and John were talking about, it
fucking stinks.
He kicks a casket as it rolls over all maggots and flies
fall out.


      (to himself)
Ew. That is fucking gross.
He continues to walk forward looking at the bones and flesh.
Behind him we see a black robed figure standing just at the
entrance to the clearance. Abe has no idea it is there.
      (to himself)
Fucking bears.
Abe walks forward, as he does the robed figure also moves
forward, we focus on it. Out of the sleeves comes the giant
finger nails. The face is covered in blackness. Abe keeps
walking. The figure steps on a bone and it cracks. Abe turns
around and see's the figure. He stands there looking at it.
Um, Hi. Who are you?
The figure shoots forward as Abe swings his rifle, he is too
late the figure slices straight through Abe's arm, it goes
flying in the air. Abe yells and falls to the ground
grasping at his wound. Blood gushers everywhere. The figure
walks over and picks up the arm and pulls back it's robe
hood to reveal razor sharp teeth pretruding from blood
drenched lips, we can now see that the figure is a Werewolf
creature. The Wolf now howls and bites into the arm and
completely strips all the flesh off it in a second. Abe is
shitting himself crawling on the ground, over bones and
dried blood. He is making his way to the rifle which flew as
his arm was ripped off. The wold throws the arm bone onto
the ground and looks at Abe. Abe is reaching for the gun.
Like lighting the Wolf jumps on top of Abe and stabs one
hands fingernails straight through the stomach of Abe. He
gruggles blood. Whincing, crying. The Wolf strikes with it's
other hand and cuts Abe's head clear off. Blood flies
everywhere, now there is silence. The Wolf get's off Abe and
let's out a deafening howl!
In the distance Lauchlan hears this, we see him look around.
We cut back to the opening. We see a number of werewolves,
half robed come out of the bush into the opening. They start
tearing Abe apart. Blood and guts fly everywhere. It is a
feeding frenzy.


We are now back inside the cabin. The empty alcohol bottles
and smoke haze has returned. Jay, Caitlan, John and Sarah
are sitting down drinking and talking.
I remember then man, we were in
the bathroom smoking and the
principal fucking came in to pee.
So anyway John and I were hiding
in a stall standing on a toilet
trying to keep the smoke in our
mouths. But this douchebag
      (point's at John)
Coughs and we piss ourselves
laughing. That is how we got
expelled and Johns parents put him
under the iron sword for the rest
of his schooling life.
Hey man don't blame me. It was
your idea to smoke in the
That's when his parents banned us
from being Firends!
How old were you guys.
I don't know like 14 or 15 or
Young and dumb more than anything.
Hey man, those were the best days
of our lives!
They certainly were something man.
Where were you through all this


Oh you know, probably off
      (cutting off Jay)
Practicing cheerleading.
Lauchlan walks in carrying a bag full of wood.
Hey guys! I got the wood.
He places the bag down. Caitlan gets up and hugs him.
Nice man. I am starving.
Is Abe back?
Wasn't he with you man?
Na we split up. His not back yet?
You split up out there?
His a big guy I'm sure he can
handle himself
Maybe he is lost or something.
Oh my God, what if something is
wrong? What if a bear got him?
Come on let's not get too far a
head of ourselves.
Ye, Caitlan stop being so damn


                       JAY (cont'd)
I would say he is probably just
lost or something.
Jay is right, the bush does get
pretty thick, I fucking told him
not to leave the path!
Should we go and look?
No point us all going out there
for more of us to get lost. I will
go and have a look.
I don't know babe.
Ye man, you sure you want to be
runnning around out in the bush?
Ye it's fine, I know these woods
better than anyone else here. I
will be back with Abe in no time.
John looks out a window, the sun is slowly fading.
It's getting dark out there man.
Shit, no time to waste then.
Lauchlan grabs a flash light off the top of a table and the
rifle and heads for the door.
You know what, you guys go a head
and start up the barbecue? Food is
in the fridge, I'm sure we will be
back just in time to eat.
Are you sure about this?
Lauchlan kisses Caitlan goodbye.


Don't stress, I will be back in no
Lauchlan leaves The Cottage.
I hope Abe is alright.
I hope a bear didn't get him.
Come on Caitlan, you seen the size
of that guy?
Ye, Jay is right. Abe is a bear
We might as well get the
barbecuing going right?
The sun is going down rapidly. Lauchlan is walking down a
path. He is carrying the rifle, armed pointing forward with
the flash light in his pocket. The bush is thick. He notices
a smell.
Lauchlan heads off the path towards the smell.
Lauchlan approaches the opening but hears a noise. He ducks
down as a robbed figure walks past the opening. Lauchlan
peers through a gap between some trees, he can see some of
the figures unrobed. They are giant wolfs, blood stained
fur, giant razor teeth. There is a snap behind Lauchlan, We
see him slowly turn around and we cut to black.
The group is outside now. Jay and John are standing over the
Barbecue cooking some meat, drinking some beers and sharing
a joint. Sarah and Caitlan are sitting on some fold out
chairs. They have some lights on that light up just the
barbecue area and the entrance to the cottage.


I wonder how much longer Lauchlan
and Abe are going to be.
I'm a bit worried about them. It's
dark out there, I am guessing even
darker in those woods.
They got rifles man, plus Lauchlan
said he knows these woods so I am
sure they will be fine. Plus, both
guys aren't small guys.
Still man, his been gone for about
an hour now.
Come on man, your not turning into
Caitlan now are you?
I'm just saying man, they may be
big guys, but if they cross a
bear, I think that's a losing
We cut over to Caitlan and Sarah. Caitlan is sipping a glass
of wine.
I'm really worried about Lauchlan
and Abe, it's really dark out
I am sure they are fine. They will
be back soon and we will be
partying again like nothing ever
happened, I'm sure of it.
I hope your right, I was having so
much fun.
Ye me to.
Oh ye? So what's happening with
you and John?


What do you mean what's happening?
Have you fucked him yet?
No, Jesus Caitlan!
Oh God Sarah stop being such a
A what?
A prude, someone who is too
fucking fridgid for her own good.
Gee thanks Caitlan, always with
the compliments.
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be
mean I'm just saying.
Sarah stares at John as he is laughing and smoking a joint
with Jay. We go over to them.
Dude it's totally sick, Ozzy you
know he is a bit sus now, all the
coke and shit but Tony, Geezer and
Bill man they still bring it.
No way, so Ozzy isn't good?
Man, Ozzy is God. Just his old
vocals aren't what they used to be
They finish the joint. Jay pulls out another one.
Wo man, I think we should slow
down a bit.


Hey, we had a deal. I ran with
you, plus it's not like anyone is
going to catch you out here, we
don't need to drive anywhere and
your parents aren't going to pop
up out of the bush going
      (Asian voice)
John you bad boy, you bad boy.
Jesus ok you raciest man.
HEY! I'm not raciest, I love
everyone the same.
We cut back over to Caitlan and Sarah.
Can I tell you something?
It's me, you can tell me anything.
Lauchlan and I are getting engaged
when we get back to the city.
Oh my God are you serious?
Ye, he asked me last night and I
said yes. The ring is back in the
city though being made specially,
I guess he just couldn't wait till
we got home.
That is the best news, I am so
happy for you.
They both hug as we cut back over to Jay and John smoking a
joint each. They are looking at the girls jumping around
laughing and clapping.
What do you think is up with them?


I don't know man, probably some
girl shit, you know what they are
They both turn back to the barbecue as we cut too.
A POV shot of someone running through the woods, we can hear
breathing and trees snapping as we move through the trees.
We can see a light in the distance. The person gets closer
to the light. They break through the bush to
The Cottage clearing, we come out of the POV shot and reveal
Lauchlan stumbling to the barbecue. He is bloody, cut's and
scraps all over him. A large gash across his chest, he is
still holding the rifle. He falls to the ground.
Caitlan runs towards Lauchlan and grabs him. Jay, John and
Sarah rush over.
What the fuck!
Lauchlan! What happened!
They, they came out of everywhere.
Lauchlan coughs up blood. Everyone is panicking.
What the fuck!!
Oh my God.
Fuck, John man, what do we do?
We need to get him inside now. I
need to stop the bleeding. Jay
help me now. Girls go inside and


                       JOHN (cont'd)
grab anything you can. Towels
anything we can use to stop this
Sarah and Caitlan run inside.
Fuck me Lauchlan! What happened.
Come on, help me pick him up.
Jay and John pick Lauchlan up they struggle a bit.
Fucking guy weighs a tonne.
They carry him towards the Cottage.
We are now inside John and Jay put Lauchlan on the coach.
The girls come back with towels and a first aid kit. John
hit's all the bottles and everything off the dining table
and pours open a first aid kit. He grabs antiseptic and
Jay I need your help. I need you
to apply pressure to that gash on
his chest. Push down fucking hard.
Jay does as his told. Lauchlan screams in pain. Blood is
everywhere. Jay and John are both covered in it.
Fuck me I am hurting him.
Just keep the pressure on him.
Caitlan I need you to get me some
water and give it to him, he is
Caitlan is hysterical and runs to the kitchen.


Caitlan is in the kitchen. She grabs a glass and starts to
fill it with water. She looks out the huge window that faces
the bush. The glass is almost full. Caitlan looks out the
window again just as a black robed wolf comes smashing
through the window grabbing for Caitlan. She screams.
Jay runs into the kitchen but stops dead in his tracks as he
is confronted by the robbed wolf. It's nails shoot out of
the sleeves of the robe, we cannot make out it's face again,
just darkness under the hood.
What the fuck!
The wolf jumps forward at Jay. Jay moves to the side and the
wolf goes flying into the lounge room. Caitlan is in a ball
in the corner, crying and screaming.
The wolf smashes into a wall. John and Sarah shit themselves
at the sight of it and huddle down behind the coach
screaming. The wolf jumps at Jay again. Jay rolls on the
ground underneath a table, the wolf jumps on the table and
lets out a loud howl.
The legs on the table give way and the table crashes down
onto Jay. Jay keeps it off him by holding the table up. The
wolf slams it's nails through the table narrowly missing
Jays face.
Fuck me. Someone shot this Mother
John scrambles and grabs the rifle that Lauchlan had, he
points it at the wolf and shoots. The bullet flies into the
shoulder of the wolf. It screams, turns and charges at John.
John jumps back. The wolf flies in the air over the coach
swinging it's nails at John. It narrowly misses his face.
Jay is now up. He picks up the leg of the table that broke
and throws it at the Wolf. It hits it in the back of the
head. The wolf turns around as the robe comes off revealing
it's Large, Strong muscular hair covered, blood stained


Is that a fucking werewolf.
Sarah is now in the kitchen with Caitlan in a ball in the
Jay quick!
Sarah slides a number of knifes across to Jay. He picks them
up and starts to throw them at The Wolf. A couple hit the
Wolf and stick into it. Some go flying across the room into
the wall. The Wolf howls again and jumps forward at Jay. Jay
turns and the wolf sticks it's nails straight through his
right bicep.
      (yelling in pain)
The wolf, opens it's jaw. The Jaw is massive, giant teeth,
blood covered gums. Droll drips from the tips of the razor
sharp teeth. The Wolf is about to bite down on Jay's head We
hear another gun shot as The Wolfs head explodes. We see
blood fly all over Jay as The Wolf falls on top of Jay. The
Wolf's face is pressed up against Jay dripping blood onto
Jay's face.We see John standing there panting holding the
smoking rifle.
John is standing there with the rifle pointed forward,
looking at the Wolf as it lays on top of Jay. We can hear
Caitlan crying and Sarah trying to comfrot her. Jay tries to
push the Wolf off of him. It's too heavy.
This thing fucking stinks will
someone help me get this fucking
thing off of me!
John snaps out of it and runs over and helps lift The Wolf.
They struggle to get it off Jay. They do and the body makes
a loud thud when it hits the ground.
What the fuck is that thing?
Jay stands up sitting shit out of his mouth and wiping
himself down.


Fucking gross shit.
Looks like a mother fucking
A werewolf?
You know, like in Dog Soldiers,
The Wolfman, A Werewolf in Paris.
A fucking werewolf.
Werewolves don't exsit Jay.
Oh ye, then what the fuck is that
Sarah and Caitlin joins them in the lounge room, they are
both shaken and crying.
What do we do?
We need to get the fuck out of
Just then another Wolf burst through the front door. The
group scream and jump back. The Wolf jumps forward John
shots the rifle again, it hit's The Wolf in the groin and it
screeches in pain and falls to the ground.
They stand there looking at it as it howls and rolls on the
Shoot that mother fucker.
John walks up and fires straight into the head of the wolf.
Blood flies everywhere.
Motor home.
Shit, let's go now.


As they run for the door Jay grabs the keys from a hook near
the front door.
The group are now outside they are running towards the Motor
Home. John and Jay are covered in blood, John still has the
rifle. They get to the Motor Home, Jay unlocks the door and
Caitlan and Sarah jump in. John and Jay stand there and look
Fucking werewolves ey?
John looks at Jay and they both jump into the Motor Home.
Caitlan and Sarah are sitting at the booth. John walks to
the drivers compartment, he flicks the head lights on to
reveal a group of wolves, unrobed staring at them. We can
see blood dripping from their mouths, they are eyeing off
the motor home.
Ah guys, we may have a problem
Jay walks up the drivers compartment and looks out the
Holy shit.
What do we do?
Jay pulls out a joint and lights it as the wolves start to
circle the motor home. We can see them drenched in blood.
How many bullets you got left?
John checks the rifle.


The Shed, it has more weapons.
Fuck that man, just drive.
You sure?
Of course not, it's fucking
werewolves, but unless you have
some fucking silver bullets or a
fucking bomb, I suggest you drive,
John starts the ignition. The motor home starts and he
floors the pedal. They go screeching into a couple of the
wolves. The wolves launch themselves onto the motor home,
smashing their nails through the roof and the windshield of
the motor home. John spins the wheel and the motor home
flips over smashing onto it's side, it manages to fall on a
couple of the wolves, with their blood and guts flying
everywhere. The motor home comtinues to slide and halts to a
stop just outside the shed.
Inside the motor home John and Jay are flung around. Caitlan
and Sarah hold onto the eating booth as the motor home comes
to a stop. Jay rises up and helps John to his feet. He looks
around and sees Caitlan and Sarah struggling and standing
up. The Wolves continue to pound at the side of the Motor
home, their nails pierce the walls.
We need to get to that fucking
shed. It's got weapons and it's
fucking steel. It's got to hold
these things off long enough for
us to shoot every last one of
How the fuck are we going to do
John has a cut above his eye, blood pours from it. Caitlan
and Sarah are both bruised. Jays arm is pouring out blood,
none of them seem to notice their injuries though.
We gotta run, run like fucking
hell and get to that shed.


These things are fucking quick.
No time for debate, we gotta go
now. You guys ready.
Not really.
Jay leads the way he kicks out the front window and jumps
out. He is instantly followed by Caitlan and Sarah and then
John. John starts to shoot at the Wolves whilst running. Jay
slams into the shed door and flicks through the keys, trying
to find the right one. John fires again and then click
click. He is empty. The Wolves are approaching them, slowly
this time, menacing almost playing with their food.
Jay finds the key and swings the door open, they all run
inside and Jay slams the door shut locking just as one of
the wolves launches forward at them slamming into the closed
door. The Wolf swings it's nails into the shed but it snaps
them and the wolf shrieks in pain.
Caitlan and Sarah are sitting down on the floor of the shed.
It is quite, Caitlan is shaking and Sarah is comforting her.
Jay and John are standing next to the rifle cabinet trying
to open it.
Jay's hands are shaking as he is fumbling the keys. John
notices this.
You did well out there man.
Lauchlan & Abe are dead man. This
is fucked up.
You couldn't do anything to help
them, not even I could and it's
what I've devoted my life too.
How's the arm?
We can see Jay's arm is bleeding a lot.


I'm sure I will live.
How's the eye?
We can see John's right eye is completely closed up.
Can't see shit man.
I don't know how the fuck we are
going to get out of here.
Jay finally opens the cabinet.
Thank God, bullets seem to work
well enough.
They pull out the rifles 5 of them and boxes of ammo, they
set them down on a table and begin to load each rifle.
I never thought I would be
preparing to battle some fucking
wolves whilst we were out here.
You and me both man. The girls are
pretty shaken up.
Do you blame them, this is fucking
crazy man. Where the fuck did
those things come from, seriously.
I don't know man, but I will tell
you they are not fucking bears.
Ye you are not wrong.
They have finished loading the rifles. Jay pulls out a joint
from his pocket and lights it. He passes it to John who
puffs it too. Jay relises the trail bikes.
The fucking trail bikes, they are
our way out of here.


Those things are quick.
We need a fucking distraction,
like bait or something to get
these things away from here so we
can ride out of here.
What can we use?
We follow Sarah who is looking through the Shed, Sarah hits
her foot on something. She bends over and looks, it is a
door in the floor.
Guys look at this, there is a door
in the floor over here.
Jay and John walk over, they look at the door.
What the fuck is that?
Help us lift it Jay.
Jay and John lift up the door, it reveals a dark staircase,
we cannot see where it leads.
So, I guess someones gotta go down
there and check it out.
Jay looks at John. Jay grabs a rifle and a flash light.
You guys wait here, I will check
it out, for all that we know this
leads right the fuck outta here.
You sure man?
Jay takes a long drag of his joint.
Fuck man, what's the worst that
can happen we're surrounded by
fucking werewolves.


Don't be too long man, I won't
lie, I am fucking terrified.
Just keep those doors locked and
those rifles full, you will be
fine. I will be right back...
Jay starts to descend down the dark staircase.
      (to himself)
Why did I say that? You always die
when you say you will be right
back. Fuck me.
Jay descends down the stair case, he turns the flash light
on and disappears into the darkness. We are down there, only
can see what his flash light shows, we can see some old
furniture and a hallway, the floor is dirty and cob webs
line the walls and ceilings.
      (to himself)
Jesus Jay what the fuck are you
doing down here.
Jay continues to search in the dark. He starts to walk down
the hallway. We cut back to
John is looking down the staircase, he cannot see anything
he turns back around and leans against a bench. Sarah walks
over to him, Caitlan is still in a ball crying sitting on
the floor.
What are we going to do?
I have no idea. I guess we wait
till Jay get's back and go from


What do you reckon is down there?
I am hoping a path that leads the
fuck out of here, or at least a
shit load of weapons.
This is insane, do you really
think they are werewovles?
I don't know, I mean what else can
they be?
This is unbelieveable.
Tell me about it.
There is a loud bang on the Shed door. Caitlan screams, John
and Sarah run over and grab a rifle each. The Shed walls
start to shake viscously.
Oh my God they are getting in.
They can't get in here, the walls
are too fucking strong otherwise
they would have by now!
The shed stops shaking, they are all terrified, now there is
silence, nothing at all.
Fuck, I hope Jay finds a way out
down there.
We are now back with Jay, he is moving down the hallway,
there is nothing here he gets to a door at the end of the
hallway, his flash light the only light still. He reaches
out and turns the door knob, it opens, his flashlight scans
the room, it is full with old furniture, nothing else. Jay
walks in and looks around, old tables, chairs, cabinets,
nothing useful his flashlight moves over a mark on the wall.


No way.
He examines the mark, it is the same mark he saw on the tree
earlier, he takes a step back and feels something under his
foot, he moves the flashlight down to reveal the same symbol
scratched into the ground surrounded by bones and blood.
Jay appears back up the staircase, he looks deeply confused.
Something is not right here.
Why what's down there?
Old shit, but there is a symbol
down there.
A what?
A Symbol, Sarah you know the one I
showed you on the tree outside?
It's carved into the walls and the
ground down there surrounded by
blood and fucking bones, something
is not right.
The one you showed me on the tree
Ye the fucking triangle and square
What the fuck man? A Symbol what
is it?
It's like a triangle within a
square or something, I don't know
                       SARAH (OS)
Holy shit.


Sarah is standing on the other side of the Shed, she is
peering out a small window.
What's wrong?
Jay and John run over, Caitlan jumps up and runs to them
also, we see out the window, Lauchlan walking towards the
shed he is wearing the same robe that the wolves are. We can
see some wolves walking next to him.
What the fuck?
LAUCHLAN!! His alive.
Wait, look.
Lauchlan has a smile on his face, the wolves are not trying
to hurt him, yet following him. Lauchlan is carrying a set
of keys.
What the fuck is he doing?
Lauchlan puts his hand up and the wolves stop walking.
Lauchlan walks right up to the window and looks in.
What the fuck is going on dude.
Your all a part of the sacrifice,
so I need you all to cooporate.
Oh Caitlan, sweet little slut
Caitlan, you were too easy to rope
along bringing your friends to the


Jay, you think I would ever like
some no life slacker like you!
Sarah oh innocent Sarah, always
falling behind Caitlan in ever
aspect of life and John, good boy
John. I have nothing against you
really, I just needed numbers.
Who are you?
I am Lauchlan, your best friends
boyfriend. The lovely all star
quater back who accepts everyone.
Lauchlan holds the keys he is holding up to the window.
I am going to open the doors now,
and they are going to kill you, it
needs to be done.
You touch that fucking door and I
will blow your fucking face off.
Jay, for a stoner you are so very
Hostile, you want to see fucking
Jay pulls a rifle up to the window and fires the glass
shatters, Lauchlan ducks and backs onto the wall of the
Do you think you have enough
bullets to stop them all Jay.
As long as I have enough for you I
don't fucking care.
Why are you doing this?


                       LAUCHLAN (OS)
Poor little Caitlan, was so
excited to go back home after the
Summer break to get a little ring
on her finger, Poof little
Caitlan. You were the easiest to
rope in, I knew you would drag
Sarah along with you, who would in
turn bring John, Jay was just a
bonus a added meal I guess. You
see, the reason you have never
been here before Caitlan is, well
my family and I are a long living
werewolf family who have hunted
and cleaned out all the animals in
these woods. That's why my father
brought this place, it was
isolated and it was surround by
hot blooded animals, animals for
us too feed on. But what happens
when those animals run out? We
need the next best thing, human
flesh. Let me tell you, you guys
taste amazing, just like chicken,
only more meaty.
You are fucking insane.
Insanity is more of a term for
someone more human than I am.
Werewolves don't exist Lauchlan.
What the fuck is this.
Lauchlan points behind himself at the Werewolves standing
Then what the fuck are them?
John turns to Sarah and Caitlan.
Sarah take Caitlan and go down
into the basement, take this.


Sarah grabs Caitlan and she leads her to the staircase. John
walks over to the rifles and picks up a couple he throws
another to Jay, Jay slings it around his shoulder.
John gives Sarah a rifle and a flash light.
Your coming with us?
We are going to stop them up here,
I need you to stay down there with
Sarah please, we have no time to
debate about this.
Sarah grabs John and kisses him. Jay looks over and smiles
      (to himself)
You better stay alive.
Just get down there and don't open
it unless we say so ok.
Sarah leads Caitlan down the stairs into the darkness, Sarah
has one last look up at John and Jay as they shut the door.
John and Jay run over to the front door. John looks at the
gun cabinet.
Help us with this.
John grabs the gun cabinet and Jay helps him, they tip it
over so it covers up the door.
You ready for this?
Jay pulls out another joint and lights it, he passes it to
John who puffs on it also.


Now I am.
They move quickly, grabbing anything they can to block the
Shed door, they pile up shelves and cabinets. Jay grabs a
chainsaw and starts it. It revs and the blades spin rapidly.
He sets it down next to him and loads up three rifles, he
slings two over his shoulder and holds one in his hands,
John also has three rifles.
We are now outside Lauchlan walks over to the Shed door, the
Wolves are still standing waiting for Lauchlans signal.
It's time to meet you makers
mother fuckers.
Happy feeding.
Lauchlan unlocks the shed door and pushes it, he cannot open
them. The door is blocked shut.
Smart move.
Well, you guys are making this a
bit more interesting aren't you.
We are now back inside with John and Jay as they are huddled
down with their rifles aimed at the door.
It's fucking working John
Don't count your luck too soon
man, look.
John and Jay get up and have a look out the window. We can
see the Werewolves and Lauclan are now in a huddle.


Are they working out a plan? They
look like they are in a fucking
football huddle.
I do not, like the look of this.
We cut back outside and the huddle has now broken up.
Lauchlan walks back up to the door.
Why are you guys just prolonging
the inevitable. Me and my family
just want to say hi.
John and Jay are looking at each other.
This is fucking ridiculous,
seriously what the fuck is going
on. Shit like this just doesn't
fucking happen.
Fucking Werewolves man.
Exactly, my point.
We cut back to the outside.
Alright, enough chit chat. I'm
fucking hungry.
Lauchlan signals to The Werewolves, they move forward and
slam into the shed doors.
The doors move, the barricade also shifts. John and Jay move
back away from the doors pointing their rifles forward.


I don't think it's going to hold
for much longer man.
Ye, it's buckling.
Fuck man, are you ready for this
No, but I don't see a choice.
The barricade shifts again, some falls to the floor. A
Werewolf pokes it's head through, Jay shoots and the
Werewolves head, it explodes.
Wo, nice shot man.
Don't ask me how the fuck I did
The Barricade moves again and a werewolf bursts through
launching at Jay and John, they fire shots, they tear into
the Werewolf, it falls to the ground, two more Werewolves
burst through. John and Jay fire, blood flies, shells fall
to the ground. It's a war zone. John runs back behind the
fallen gun cabinet and swings another rifle from his
shoulder and continues to fire. A Werewolf jumps onto Jay
and slams it's nails down. It narrowly misses his face. Jay
fires straight up into the Werewolf blood flies all over Jay
and The Werewolf goes limp. One last Werewolf charges at
John. John fires but misses. The Werewolf stabs it's nails
straight through Johns right shoulder. He screams and drops
his rifle. Jay runs to his aid firing at the Werewolf. He
shoots the werewolve multiply time and then in the head as
it drops to the floor in front of John. John winches in pain
as Jay helps him up.
You alright man.
That was fucking close.
Thanks for saving my ass man.


How many bullets you got left?
They both check their rifles.
Ye, me to man.
Lauchlan now walks into the Shed, two giant werewolves stand
behind him, They are bigger more menacing then the other
werewolves. Jay and John drop their rifles on the ground.
They stand there injured, covered in blood. There is now a
stand off.
Meet, Mum and Dad.
We examine the huge Werewolves, their razor sharp toenails
leading up to their Giant legs. They are blood stained and
their mouths have chunks of flesh dripping from them. Their
teeth are huge, jagged with a sharp pointy ends.
Hey would you look at that, your
mum is a bitch.
Oh Jay, your so funny aren't you?
Seriously Lauchlan, why would you
do this to us, your friends.
Please, what's more important.
Friendship or Food. Friendship
doesn't keep you alive, food does.
It's a simple game of survival of
the fittest. You John should under
stand that, being the nerdy guy
you are.
You got some serious issues man.
Ye, some real fucking issues.


Enough of this shit.
Wait, wait hold on a sec.
Jay reaches into his pocket and pulls out two joints.
Hey, guess it's my lucky day. One
for now, one for later.
Jay notices the chainsaw is only about a meter away from
him. He put's one joint back into his pocket and puts the
other joint in his mouth and lights it exhaling the smoke.
John, you want a puff man?
Sure, why not?
Jay pushes John and John falls back down behind the
discarded cabinets, Jay jumps over to the chainsaw and
quickly starts it. One of the werewolves goes after Jay. Jay
swings the chainsaw hitting the werewolves out stretched
hand. The chainsaw sticks into the wrist of the wolf, Jay
revs it as he saw's through the hand of the wolf. We see the
other werewolf jump on top of John as he rolls underneath a
cabinet. He can see a hacksaw on the ground. John reaches
for it and grabs it. The werewolf slams it's nails into the
ground. They go straight into the concrete. The werewolf
cannot move it's hand. John starts sawing at the hand, blood
flies all over John and the ground. We cut back over to Jay
who is swinging the chainsaw rapidly slicing the werewolf.
The werewolf is howling in pain. Jay is slicing it all over
the place. We cut back to John who is hacking away at the
neck of the Werewolf as it howls on the ground in pain. We
cut back to Jay cutting the neck of the Werewolf,
simultaneously both of the Werewolves heads go flying off
their bodies. Lauchlan stands in disbelief.
Jay and John stand up, covered in blood, injured, puffing.
Jay holding the bloody chainsaw and John holding the bloody
You just killed my whole family.
Let's finish it off then shall we?


Lauchlan takes off his robe, he is shirtless. He starts to
convulse. He starts to shake as his feet starts to morph
into a werewolf feet. We see him starting to transform. John
and Jay step back looking at the transformation. We see hair
coming out of his body as his face changes. His eyes go
bright red and his teeth change. We come in on a fully
formed huge muscular werewolf. John and Jay stand there
looking at him.
Fuck me.
Lauchlan charges at John and Jay, Jay swings the chainsaw
but is too slow, Lauchlan strikes withs his nails and hits
Jay across the chest, blood flies from Jay and he goes
flying back smashing into a metal wall and falls to the
ground, he doesn't move as a blood puddle forms underneath
him. John runs behind some cabinets as Lauchlan trashes
through them. John keeps running around as Lauchlan chases
him. John jumps for the chainsaw on the ground and picks it
up, He tries to start it. It spins but shuts off. He tries
again, the same thing happens. Again he tries, the chainsaw
doesn't start. We see Lauchlan standing in front of John.
Lauchlan towers over John. John looks up at Lauchlan.
You ugly mother fuck..
Lauchlan bites down straight on John's head. Blood flies
everywhere, we hear the bones crash as John's body falls to
the floor. Lauchlan strips John's head completely and drops
the skull to the ground.
We come in on Sarah and Caitlan huddled together in a corner
with a flashlight on their faces. We can see they are both
scared and crying. He see Sarah is holding the rifle out in
front of her. We hear a banging on the door leading out of
the basement. Caitlan screams.
The door buckles again. Sarah and Caitlan both scream. The
door get's hit again and flies open. Light shines down, as
we see Lauchlan in werewolf form start to descend the
staircase. Caitlin and Sarah scream and get up and run down
the hallway, the shaky flash light is the only light. They


get to a door and open it up. They run into the dark room
and close the door behind them. We can hear them panting in
the darkness. The door starts to move. Sarah shines the
light on the door. It is quite. Too quite. For a moment they
stand there. The flashlight on the door, we can see the
nozzle of the rifle pointing in the light of the torch.
Suddenly the door explodes and Lauchlan charges through.
Sarah fires, continues to fire as the flash light falls to
the ground. In darkness we hear the gun shots, screams,
growls and then silence.
We are now in the shed. We can see blood is everywhere,
there are body parts of the Werewolves strewn everywhere. We
can see John's headless body on the ground near a blood
stained skull.
From the staricase comes Sarah holding the rifle still and
Caitlan. They are covered in blood, injured and crying.
They see John's body. Sarah drops her rifle and runs over
and cries at the sight of it, she turns away. Caitlan and
Sarah hold each other crying.
We hear a rustle in the back of the shed, we hear glass
Sarah and Caitlan scream.
                       JAY (OS)
Ah what the fuck!
We see Jay lift his head up, his long hair drenched in
blood. We see him sit up against a wall. Blood stained
clothes, cuts all over him. We can see three scratch marks
across his chest and his right bicep is bleeding. Sarah and
Caitlan run over to him and kneel next to him hugging him.
Is it over?
I think so.
So you guys made it.


He didn't make it.
Hold on.
Jay reaches into his pocket and pulls out a joint. He wipes
a bit of blood off it and sticks it in his mouth. He pulls
out a blood covered lighter and lights the joint and puffs
it out. Jay passes it to Sarah who has a puff and then she
passes it to Caitlan who also has a puff.
What do we do now?
Jay has a long drag of the joint and blows the smoke out.
How about we get out of here?
Finally, we agree on something.
Jay and Caitlan smile at each other.
                                         CUT TO CREDITS


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From Glenn Griffiths Date 8/26/2013 *
Hey Daniel. Congratulations on your first draft. 1. As above poster has stated, way too much swearing.You do not have to have all your characters swearing. Cut back on some of the profainty. 2. Spelling and grammer need alot of work. Good thing is that is what the next draft you will be focusing on. 3. Make the reader and maybe viewer want to care about the characters. They wlodenooden and uncareable. Put more emotion into them.

From Phil C Date 7/2/2013 **
Hi Daniel. Congrats on this draft of the script. A couple of points I think are worth raising: 1. I would cut down the amount of swearing in your script. Profanity is fine if it serves your character and therefore your story but currently it's unnecessary. Also, reducing the profanity will enable you to reduce the rating an therefore more people would be able to see your film. 2. There are a number of typos and grammatical issues that need clearing up. If you wish for me to help you with these let me know. 3. There are a few formatting concerns, too. These should be corrected before submitting to any agents, competitions or production companies as they'll only get your script rejected for the wrong reason. If you'd like further feedback by all means get in touch.

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