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The Curse On Friday the 13th: Jason's Revenge
by Joel Collins (jigsawofsoul@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Jason is not the only family member that kills when his nephew, Len, figures out that he is related to Jason. Only Kane and his friends can stop Len from following in his uncle's foot steps.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jason's mask is shown with trickles of blood dripping from
the air openings. A voice speaks. As he speaks, flashbacks
are shown of the mask's history.
Remember this mask? This mask
represents fear to those of Camp
Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees
roamed these grounds for many
years until he was killed for the
final time. Though it may seem
that he was killed, but the
residents of Crystal Lake did not
know that Jason had a younger
sister. She was the main cause of
his death. Though she did not kill
him, it was her daughter, Jessica.
Jessica had two kids. One was
named Lennard. He seemed to be a
normal kid until he found out who
he really was...
... A killer
JESSICA WALKER, 38, Walks out of the house with her husband
STEVE WALKER, 40. She turns towards their house and sees
TERRA MCGILLIS, 16, holding Jessica's daughter in her arms.
Terra and the young one wave goodbye. LENNARD
WALKER/VOORHEES looks out the window watching his parents
walk away from the house. Jessica looks up at Len worrying
about him as Len turns away from the window and out of
sight. Jessica and Steve enter the SUV, and Steve tries to
start the SUV. The engine does not want to start right away.
Jessica looks at her husband.
This car is going to be the death
of me one day if you don't fix it
Oh hush it.
Steve drives them out of the driveway and towards their
destination. As they drive off, Jessica watches the house


until she cannot see the house anymore. She turns back to
her husband.
You think Len will be fine? You
know he hates it when we leave him
alone with Terra...
Oh he'll be fine. This isn't his
first rodeo with her.
You're right...
Terra shuts the door of the house and starts to head
upstairs. She puts the young one in her bed and tucks her in
for bed. Terra shuts her door and sees Len walking in the
hallway fixing to head downstairs.
Like remember you gotta go to bed
like at 9 mister.
      (Flips her off)
Shut up you high school whore.
Like what did you say you little
Oh shit...
Terra chases Len down the stairs and around the house until
Len gets to the study room and shuts and locks the door
behind him. Terra starts to punch and kick the door. While
she was kicking and punching the door, the bookshelf in the
study starts to shake and an object fell from the shelf to
the floor. Terra starts yelling at Len through the door.
Like when you get out from there
you little shithead, I'm like so
going to kick your ass and tell
your parents that you like fell
down the stairs!


Terra kicks the door one last time and walks away from the
door. Len sighs. Len notices something on the floor that
fell from Terra's kicking and punching. He starts walking
towards it until he hears, "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Len is
startled and looks around the room to try to figure out
where it was going from. He shakes his head and starts to
walk towards the object. He hears the sound again,
"ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Len looks around again and then back at
the object. He takes a step, "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". He takes
another step, "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". This continues until he
is right above the object. He picks up the object and it is
one of JASON VOORHEES' mask.
What the hell is this?
Len looks up and see the bookshelf. He tilts his head and
walks towards it. He touches it and it swings on its hinges.
He pulls on it and there was a small room behind the
bookshelf. He walks into the room and looks at a wall that
is covered in Jason newspapers and his history. Len drops
the mask and looks at all the newspapers and suddenly stops
on a family tree. He looks at the tree and slowly looks
towards that bottom. He notices that he is the first son
since Jason to be born. Len froze in his tracks.
I'm... I'm...
Related to...
Jason Voorhees...
Len stands there frozen until a machete falls down and
sticks to the floor. Len looks at it, "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma".
He keeps looking at it as the voice gets louder and louder.
Silence is heard when Len grabs the machete and looks
towards the camera as it gets closer and closer. Len's eyes
turns red and smiles.
                                         BLACK OUT
Jessica walks into the house looking around for her


Kids...? Terra...?
Okay now, no more hiding!
Jessica continues to look around the house. She goes into
Lennard's room and sees the corpse of her young daughter
slaughtered. Jessica screams. Steve, hears Jessica and
rushes to get upstairs. The door of Lennard's room creaks
close and Len stands there with a bloody machete in his
hands. Jessica turns around with tears pouring out and
shaking her head.
No! Not my baby! Why did you kill
her Len!?
Oh... I don't know... Maybe
because I wanted to... Or maybe a
voice told me to do so... I don't
Jessica? Hun?
Steve opens the door, and Lennard swings the machete with
brute force cutting off the head of his father with ease.
Damn... That was a
disappointment... I figured it
would take more than that to kill
him... Oh well! I bet my uncle
could've done better...
Len slices her throat before she could finish. Jessica hold
her throat. Len walks around her. He smiles at her as he


walks out of the room slamming the door shut. Jessica gets
up and almost opens the door until Len kicks it open, and
knocking her to the ground. Len looks at her.
Now, now... No running away from
the boogie boy.
      (Cuts her achilles
There we go!
Jessica tries to scream in pain but gargles up blood
instead, and Len leaves her alone once more. Jessica crawls
out of the room. She gets to the edge of the stairs and
tries to slowly crawl down but falls down half way down. She
crawls out of the house.
Jessica slowly crawls to her SUV and opens the door. She
climbs into her SUV and tries to start the engine until she
hears something. Len was walking up to her with a weedeater
with knives attached to it. Jessica frantically tries to
start the engine but with no luck. Len stands beside her.
Jessica tries to scream again but blood squirts out instead.
Len starts to maul Jessica with his modified weedeater.
After he was finished with her, he looks at his handy work
and smiles with him covered in his mother's blood. the
police pull up. The police gets out of their cruisers with
their weapons drawn towards him.
                       POLICE MAN #1
Len turns around and sees the cops. One of the cops vomits
in the sight of so much blood on the kid.
Aw.. The party poopers are here!
OFFICER JAY COLLINS, 29, pulls up on the scene. He gets out
of his cruiser.


                       OFFICER COLLINS
Shit.. I don't need this tonight!
It's another one of those damn
episodes of Camp Crystal Lake all
over again! It looks like a big
fan of his...
Officer Collins walks up to one of his colleagues.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
What's the situation?
                       POLICE MAN #1
A juvenile, sir. He's covered in
                       OFFICER COLLINS
No shit Sherlock! I can see that
from here! Everybody can see that
from across the street! Gimme
      (Grabs the
Son! Drop the weed whacker!
Make me!
      (Ramps up the
                       OFFICER COLLINS
                       POLICE MAN #1
Oh boy...
Officer Collins shoots Len in the knee cap. Len falls on it,
dropping the weedeater.
I can't believe you just shot me!
This is better than what my uncle
went through!
                       OFFICER COLLINS
Uncle? What the hell are you
talking about!?
                       POLICE MAN #1
Sir? Aren't you worried about the
wound you inflicted on a minor?


                       OFFICER COLLINS
      (Back hands the
Shut the hell up!
      (Turns back to Len)
Tell me!
My... Uncle...?
                       OFFICER COLLINS
No... You're damn cousin! Yes your
uncle, Lennard Walker!
Walker? WALKER!? I'm not appointed
with the weaklings that I killed!
My name is, Len... Lennard
                       OFFICER COLLINS
VOORHEES!? That means your uncle
Shit... JASON!
BINGO! Give the man a treat!
Len throws a rock at Officer Collins and laughs as it hits
him in the head. Officer Collins stomps up to Len in a blind
rage. Len unsheathes his machete and tries to stab Officer
Collins with it. Officer Collins grabs Len's hand and
squeezes it until Len lets go of it. Officer Collins then
beats Len unconscious. Len smiles and laughs with each hit
he got until he falls unconscious. Officer Collins cleans
himself off.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
Here's the deal. A serial killer
is on the loose, and Len here is
the only survivor. That way people
wouldn't suspect the kid killing
his own family.
                       POLICE MAN #1
What about the boy?


                       OFFICER COLLINS
      (Looks at Len)
He can burn in hell with his uncle
for all I care, but I guess we'll
have to turn him into an asylum
for now. Let's just hope this
didn't wake Jason up.
                       POLICE MAN #1
Would this really wake Jason up?
                       OFFICER COLLINS
I've heard many stories about
Jason when I was young. I don't
want an epidemic like that again!
Officer Collins grabs Len by his pants and walks to his
cruiser. He opens the door and throws him in it. Officer
Collins walks to Len's machete and picks it up. He looks at
his reflection. He suddenly sees JASON VOORHEES in it and
drops the machete. He hears Len's laugh echoing in his mind.
He shakes his head and carries the machete to his cruiser.
He sits in his cruiser and throws it beside him. Officer
Collins peels out and heads towards Happy Place Asylum.
It pours down rain as Officer Collins pulls up to the front
gates of the asylum. A Security Guard runs out to the
cruiser with an umbrella. HE knocks on the window. Officer
Collins rolls down his window.
                       SECURITY GUARD #1
What is your purpose here!?
Officer Collins grabs the Security Guard halfway into his
cruiser and forces the guard head turn towards Len. He
points at Len.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
You see that kid!?
That kid is the sole survivor of
the slaughter of his entire
                       SECURITY GUARD #1


                       OFFICER COLLINS
      (Pushes the guard
Open the damn gate so this kid can
get some fucking treatment!
The Security Guard runs to his station and opens the gate.
Officer Collins peels out towards the asylum. Officer
Collins slams on the brakes. DR. RENE YOUNG, 38, stands just
inside the asylum tapping her foot on the tile floor.
Officer Collins gets Len from his cruiser and the machete
from the front seat and enters the asylum.
Officer Collins drops Len when he enters the asylum and
slams the machete on the counter scaring the sleeping
security guard. Officer Collins turns back around to see Dr.
Young glaring at him.
                       DR. YOUNG
What the hell did you do this
                       OFFICER COLLINS
I did nothing wrong!
Dr. Young looks down at Len's damaged body and looks up at
Officer Collins while raising an eyebrow.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
He asked for it! He tried to sta-
He is the sole survivor of the
butchering of his family. They
were are killed by some...
Officer Collins looks at Len with disgust in his voice.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
... Psycho killer.
He needs the best treatment that
you can give him...
...He'll need it...
Dr. Young rolls her eyes and sighs in disgust. She calls
some of her workers to take Len to a padded room.


                       DR. YOUNG
I will not accept one of your
"patients" again, Jay...
Officer Collins laughs as he exits the asylum.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
It's your job, Rene... You don't
have a fucking choice!
Dr. Young groans in disgust as she stomps her foot on the
tile floor. She shakes her fist.
                       DR. YOUNG
Dammit, Jay! Why do you always get
to me!?
She sighs and shakes her head and heads towards Len's room.
She looks into his room and see him breathing normally. She
sighs in relief. Len suddenly wakes up and smiles his
diabolical smile. He then rushes up to the window in
blinding speed and hits the window scaring Dr. Young, and
she backs up. She then walks back up to the window and looks
into it again. Len was in the same spot as he was before.
Dr. Young scratches her head.
                       DR. YOUNG
... That was odd... I swore I saw
She walks off towards her office. Camera goes back to Len's
room and it zooms in on his face until only his eyes and
mouth is visible. He opens his dark eyes and smiles. He
                                         BLACK OUT
KANE McKENZIE, 17, walks through the empty halls looking
around. He stops at his locker and grabs his books and slams
his locker door. He suddenly hears a noise,
"ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Kane just looks in the general


direction of the noise and walks the opposite way from the
I've seen too many horror movies
to go towards the sound of a
Kane walks in the direction of his class with his head down
looking at the floor. He walks up to his door and hears,
"ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". The door rattles. He slowly looks up.
You've got to be kidding me...
The door flies open and knocks Kane on the floor. Kane looks
back up and sees a figure standing in the door frame. Only
the outline of the figure can be seen and nothing else.
Great... I walk away from the
noise, and IT appears anyways what
kind of fucked up dre-
You know...
Kane looks at Len. Len just stand there with a diabolical
It's not good to make my uncle
People seem to "disappear" when
they do that...
The figure unsheathed his machete and rests his hand with
the machete on his side. Kane suddenly panics and starts to
run away, "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Around every corner, Len
gives Kane advice and at the fifth corner, the figure grabs
Kane by the throat.
      (Corner #1)
It's not a good idea to run...
      (Corner #2)
... No one has ever got away from
my uncle...
      (Corner #3)
... He always gets his victim...


                       LEN (cont'd)
      (Corner #4)
They may get some distance between
them and my uncle but...
      (Corner #5)
... They always get caught.
Len looks at Kane with a diabolical smile. Kane, with fear
in his eyes, was lifted up by the figure. Kane looks into
the dark void in the figures eyes and was stabbed in his
Kane falls out of his desk in class. The other students
laugh at him as he gets back into his desk. The teach looks
at Kane with frustration. She continues her class, teaching.
Kane gets his food from the cafeteria and walks towards the
table he always sits in by himself. While he walks towards
his table, the students mock him and laugh at him. One of
the jocks steals his piece of cake and Kane did not even
bother to look at him. Kane sits by himself until REIN,
KENNEDY, 16, sits down across from him.
Hey dude! I'm Rein Kennedy! You
I know...
Here to make fun of me too?
Hell no, dude! You should know me
better than that! You should know
I only-
Rein runs up and tackles one of the jocks and takes his cake
back. Rein sits back down at the table where Kane was.
      (Mouth full)
Sorry about that dude!
I had to get my cake back.


That wasn't your cake though...
Sure it was! You should know that!
Some of the jocks walk up to Kane and stared him down. Kane
looks up at them.
                       JOCK #1
Hey man! Why the hell did you
tackle one of CLHS's best
I didn't...
      (Points at Rein)
He did...
The jocks look towards Rein and back at Kane.
                       JOCK #1
You're not fooling us!
      (Jumps up)
Well, he took my cake...
The jocks look at Rein's direction and look at each other
and mouths "What the fuck?" Rein continues.
... And another thing. If he was
the best quarterback, then why was
he so easily sacked by the likes
of me?
                       JOCK #2
      (Points at him)
You're going to die twig!
      (Pats his chest)
Come at me, bro!
The jock slaps another for him to attack Rein. The jock
starts to swing at Rein. Rein spots a quarter on the ground.
QUARTER! Free milk!
Rein bends down to pick up the quarter. The jock falls to
the ground by the brute force of his punch. Another jock


starts to attack Rein. Rein picks up the quarter and balls
his fist. He lifts up his fist and uppercuts the jock in the
jaw. The jock falls to the ground.
The jock that first attack Rein picks his friend up off the
ground and runs away. The others soon follow. Rein casually
walks up to the front and buys some skim milk. He then
returns to his table with the students watching his every
move. He slurps some milk and shrugs at them. The students
return to their normal routine.
How did you do that?
Do what?
Beat the shit out of those jocks.
I don't know.
The bell rings. Kane looks up at it and looks back to where
he thought Rein was, but he was no where to be found. Kane
shakes his head.
That's one weird kid...
Kane gets up and goes to his next class as slow as he can
without being late.
Kane staggeringly sits down in his desk. He looks to his
side and sees a newspaper.


The headline reads: "Insane Teenager Escapes Asylum!" There
is a photo of Len with his diabolical grin like if he was in
a mug shot and was "smiling" for the camera.
Kane shakes his head in disbelief.
Is this not old news? This
happened a month ago...
Kane interrupts himself and looks at the photo more closely
and remembers Len in his recent dream.His dream flashes
before his eyes like photos.
What the hell? This guy is real? I
though he was a figment of my own
The mug shot of Len winks at Kane. Kane drops the newspaper.
He holds his head and closes his eyes as he slowly rocks
I'm just hallucinating again...
Just like in the past. That
picture did not just winked at
you. You just want it to...
Kane slowly looks up to see BRITTANY CONNER, 17, walking
pass him. As she walks pass him, Kane shows his true feels
towards her.
Stupid bitch...
Brittany stops in her tracks and turns towards Kane in an
irritate manner.
What did you just call me!?
What? It was not loud enough for
you? Okay let me clarify it for
      (Clears throat)
You're a stupid little bitch,
whore that does not know how to
keep her legs closed when she sees


                       KANE (cont'd)
a guy!
That cut Brittany deep. She starts to tear up and yells at
Kane defending herself.
How long ago? Five guys ago?
You're just mad because you had
your chance with me but then you
broke up with me for that skank!
That "skank" and I never went out!
You were the one that jumped the
whole damn Grand Canyon to piece
together that blonde mind of yours
that I was cheating on you with
her when I told you plain as day
that I was being real good friends
with her. She had just lost her
mother, whom she was very close
to, die on her while she was
working at the mental hospital
when that crazy kid escaped! Do I
have to make things crystal clear
to you to understand it or do I
have to make it an elementary
level for you to finally get it!?
Kane looks at her with the coldest eyes as he catches his
breath. Brittany stand there dumbfounded. She almost could
not think of anything to say.
Wow... I never knew you were...
So... So...
So what? Huh? What?
Brittany runs out of the classroom crying. The other student
stares at Brittany and then at Kane. Kane looks at his hands
and ponders.
Dark? How am I dark?


PROFESSOR MICHAEL WILIKER, 28, walks into his classroom and
starts writing on the board not noticing the silent
commotion that was set place in his classroom.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Okay my future scientists! Now we
are going to talk about the
nuclear phys-
Professor Wiliker turns around and notices all the students
looking at Kane.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Woh... Did i miss something again?
Professor Wiliker puts his marker on his desk and sighs.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Okay... Kane. What happened?
Nothing of importance and non of
others' concern.
Kane looks at the other students. The other students slowly
turns towards the board. Professor Wiliker sighs.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Okay Kane if you say so...
STUDENTS! It's A-Bomb time!
The students groan in disinterest like they were in hell.
Kane still continues to wonder why Brittany thinks that he
was so dark.
Len sits in his room in a straight jacket just rocking
himself. The doctor looks through the hole and signals
security to let him in. Security Guards open the door for
him. He enters the same room as Len. The doctor slowly walks
towards Len. The doctor was no more than ten feet when Len
finally speaks.
What's wrong, doctor?
The doctor jumps in terror. Len continues to talk to him.


Is there something wrong with me,
The doctor looks back at the guards. The men just waved
their hand at him telling him to hurry up and check on Len.
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
There's nothing to fear! We
strapped him real good before we
let you in there.
The doctor swallows nervously as he continues his way
towards Len. The doctor finally walks up to Len. The doctor
does the normal checkouts but at a slow pace. One of the
guards rolls his eyes and slaps the other in the shoulder
and points at the doctor with his thumb.
                       SECURITY GUARD #3
Can you go any slower!?
                       SECURITY GUARD #2
After this, we can get lunch! Now
book it!
The doctor turns around towards them telling them that he
was almost done. When he turns around and for some reason,
Len was out of the straightjacket and holding a machete in
his hands. The doctor sits there as Len slices his head
clean off his shoulders. The guards sees the head of the
doctor rolling towards them, and they see Len free from his
restraints. One of the guards nervously opens the door and
they run after Len. Len smiles his demonic smile. As the
action is seen, only the shadows of Len and the guards are
seen. The guards gets closer to Len as Len suddenly attacks
the guards. The guards' bodies suddenly stop. Len sheaths
his machete in his belt as the red eyes of Len are seen on
one side. The bodies of the guards slowly starts to slice in
half and their entrails fall out on the floor.
... Let the fun begin!
                       SECURITY GUARD #4
Hey you! What are you doing out of
your damn cage!?


                       LEN (cont'd)
... The party pooper is here
The guard gets closer to Len and sees the dead bodies behind
                       SECURITY GUARD #4
Is it that "holy"? No wonder my
uncle is in Hell...
                       SECURITY GUARD #4
N-now s-son! Y-y-you need
t-t-t-t-to get b-b-b-back in that
What's the matter, boss?
Afraid of little ol'-
Len stops himself and suddenly appears in front of the
guard. The guard falls to the ground in terror.
You people are so predictable!
Well, easily scared that is!
The guard gets up and runs away from Len. Len shakes his
When will they ever learn, that
you can never run away from your
Len's laugh echos in the hallway as the guard continues to
run from room to room. The guard slams the door behind him
and locks it. Len's shadow stops at the door. His shadow
looks through the window and then leaves. The guard sighs in
relief. The guard looks through the window. The guard
suddenly gets stabbed through the glass with a machete. Len
lets go of the machete allowing the guard to fall to the
floor. Len reaches in and unlocks the door and opens it. He
then pulls out his machete from the dead body.


      (Shakes his head)
These people are complete idiots!
If you're going to hide, hide
somewhere that is not predicable!
Damn... These people are getting
way too easy to kill...
                       DR. YOUNG
Hello? What's going on in here?
Oh my God! Are you kidding me!?
Len disappears into the shadows as Dr. Young walks into the
room. She sees the dead guard. She runs up to check his
vital signs. Len talks to her in a soft voice but can still
be heard.
                       DR. YOUNG
Who's there!?
No answer. Dr. Young gets up and heads towards the security
cameras. When she gets there, the rest of the guards are
dead. She gasps as she sees the amount of blood that covered
the room. She checks all the patients' rooms. She sees that
Len was not in his room.
                       DR. YOUNG
She hears something behind her. She turns around and sees
nothing. She crosses her arms.
                       DR. YOUNG
Come on out Len...
... I know it's you out there...
No you don't...
                       DR. YOUNG
Then why did you answer me, when I
called your name?


                       DR. YOUNG
Why did you kill these people?
I have my reasons...
                       DR. YOUNG
Did they hurt you in any way?
                       DR. YOUNG
Then why?
Len appears from the deepest of the shadows with a
diabolical smile on his face with his eyes slightly glowing
For the appreciation of my uncle!
                       DR. YOUNG
You mean your Uncle Jason?
YES! JASON! He's my favorite
                       DR. YOUNG
Why? Why do you want his
Because! He never dies! I want the
same thing! No matter what, no one
can kill him! I want the same
                       DR. YOUNG
So you kill people for this
Oh no. I kill people to get his
attention and only he can give me
that "power" that I need to become
immortal! Even though I can die, I
can be resurrected!
                       DR. YOUNG
That's madness!


Did your glasses fog up? Because
last time I checked, we were in an
                       DR. YOUNG
Shut up you little-
Dr. Young was suddenly grabbed by the throat. Len starts to
choke her.
Now, unto business...
... Where's my uncle's body?
                       DR. YOUNG
How... Should... I... Know...?
Len loosens his grip on her throat letting her breathe a
little bit.
Because you were the last "doctor"
to examine him before they sent
him off. Now, where IS he!
                       DR. YOUNG
Go to Hell!
Len laughs as he tightens his grip on her throat.
Not yet, but sooner or later I
Len pulls out his machete and lays it on Dr. Young's leg. He
starts to rub it up and down her leg.
Now, we can do this the hard
way... Or we can do this the easy
way. What do you say, doctor?
                       DR. YOUNG
What are you going to do? Rape
That might not be such a bad idea!
I might just do that! but until


Len cuts her leg. Dr. Young screams in pain. Len licks the
blood off the machete.
Where is he?
                       DR. YOUNG
Bite me!
Don't test me, doctor!
                       DR. YOUNG
He's in a cemetery!
Len cuts her leg again. Dr. Young screams in pain again.
                       DR. YOUNG
I told you want you wanted to
Yes, I know that... But you didn't
tell me which one! There are at
least seven total in the county,
and I'm not going to spend my time
looking at all of them to find my
uncle! Also, I know he isn't in a
"normal" tombstone. He has a
special name on his tombstone.
Tell me what cemetery and what the
tombstone says!
                       DR. YOUNG
I'm not giving you that
Okay... You asked for it...
Len cuts her upper thigh. Blood squirts out. Dr. Young
groans in pain.
                       DR. YOUNG
Forever Lost Cemetery. He's in
Mickie Finley's grave. There I
told you! Now, let me go!
Mickie Finley? That's the name! I
know it was something like that in
the photo!
Oh, and I never said that I was


                       LEN (cont'd)
going to let you go!
                       DR. YOUNG
Len smiles and then backhands Dr. Young. He was going to
violate her. She looks at him in his dark eyes. She knew
what he was going to do next.
                       DR. YOUNG
Oh no you're not!
Oh yes I am! You're the one who
gave me the idea!
                       DR. YOUNG
Doesn't mean you have to go
through with it!
This will be a good way to lose
the virginity!
                       DR. YOUNG
I already have a kid!
Was I talking about you!? NO! I
was talking about myself!
Len rips off Dr. Young's shirt and bra reveling her breasts.
She covers them up. Len smiles and shakes his head. He slaps
her with the side of the machete. She falls unconscious on
the ground. He flips her over re-reveling her breasts to
him. He plays with them before he pulls off her skirt and
panties. He pulls down his pants and underwear and starts to
rape her. He does provocative things to her (off camera)
before he finishes off. He gets up and puts his clothes back
on and smiles at Dr. Young's unconscious body.
For already having a kid, she sure
did bleed. I must be too big for
Len leaves the body and exits the asylum.


Kane walks out of the high school's double doors and
breathes in the fresh air of freedom. He calmly walks to the
side of the doors and leans on the stair rails. The doors
suddenly bursts open with the anxious freshmen to get out.
He sighs and walks down the stairs. Be fore he could take
the last step down the stairs, Rein jumps in front of Kane.
You again?
Hey dude! What you doing?
I'm going home...
Home? Dude, come one! Let's hang
We hang out too much as of now...
... Plus I have stuff that I need
to get accomplished unlike someone
that I know...
Oh, come one dude! You need to
take a load off!
I don't have to take a load off. I
just got a lot on my mind, and I
don't have any of that time to
goof off with someone I don't care
You don't care for? You do-
Rein pauses for a moment to see Kane looking at him like he
was crazy.
-I've known you your whole life!


No you haven't...
...You just think you do in that
weird head of yours...
Oh I do! I do! I know your
cousin... Um... Toomy? Yeah Tommy!
He had a mental breakdown or
something and thought that he was
that serial killer Jason Voorhees
or something like that.
Kane grabs Rein and leans him over the high school's rails.
Who told you that!?
I heard it from you!
I haven't told you shit! No one in
my family has told anyone about
his story! That was suppose to
stay with us to the grave!
Well someone told me!
Kane releases Rein and walks away from him. Rein just stands
there and then waves at Kane.
Okay dude! See you tomorrow! Peace
      (Flips him off)
Kane walks in the direction of his house when WALTER
BUCKETT, 15, runs into him. Walter drops his bag. Kane
decides to help him out by picking some of his stuff up.
Kane notices a computer game with Jason's mask on it. Walter
grabs the game from Kane and puts it back in his bag.
What the hell was that?


It's a new mind blowing computer
entertainment that happens to be a
MMO survival game.
A what?
A MMO? It's a Massive Multiplayer
Online game.
Oh, one of those games...
... And what's so special about
this game?
It's a survival game about that
serial killer, Jason Voorhees. I
heard that you can create your
character and go online with it
and try to survive. I also heard
it had awesome reviews.
Who would want to play that game?
You would have to be a gamer to
appreciate these kind of games.
So I see... Well, have fun getting
killed then...
Only way to learn in games is by
dying over and over again. I'm
sorry man, but I gotta go play
this game! Goodbye!
Walter anxiously runs home to play his new game. Kane shakes
his head. Kane continues to walk to his house and enters the
front door.
Kane shuts the door and in out of habit, locks it behind
him. He takes a step on the stairs.


                       KANE'S MOTHER
      (Rolls eyes)
I'm not hungry...
                       KANE'S MOTHER
Don't you give me that! I've
slaved over this meal for this
Good! More for the WHOLE family!
Kane rushes upstairs and into his room. He lays down on his
bed and sighs.
God I hate this hell hole...
But... That game...
Kane continues to talk as Walter gets on his computer and
plays on his new found game.
... That game has some odd
features. Who the hell would want
to create a game about a serial
killer? Are they trying to make a
point? Do they want to help us
survive from an attack of a serial
killer? How can someone know how
to survive? Is it common sense? Or
did someone actually defeat Jason
at one time? It can't be Tommy...
He's dead... Jason killed him...
Walter finishes his creation and smiles.
Okay! I'm going cyber!
Walter puts on his headphones and logs on. The computer
screen says, "Mad_Man24 logged on" Walter smiles again. "4
people online" is shown on the message blog. Walter's
character finds the other players in a cabin. Walter chats
with the team.


Hey guys what's up?
Almost was killed by Jason, you?
Already? Is Jason an AI or a
The book says its an AI, but we
think its a player.
Why's that? What's your logic on
Either it is a player or the
programmers did an awesome job the
...Oh shit! Jason!
Walter's character turns around as the other players run.
Jason stands in front of Walter.
Fuck me...
Jason tilts his head and Walter's head clean off and then
chases after the rest of the players as the camera fellows
Jason around. Walter tries to talk to the other players but
an error screen pops up, "You cannot talk... You are dead.
You cannot log back on for at least 24 hours. Game Over."
The "Game Over" is made of blood and gore as it falls into
pieces. Walter just gazes at the screen.
This is the best game ever! YEAH!
WHAT!? Jason's death toll is 244!?
The game just came out today! Wow!
That is an awesome AI.. Wait.. Who
is Mask_of_Jason? He has the best
survival time. How many times has
he died?
That can't be! None!? The average
survival time id at least 2 hours!


                       WALTER (cont'd)
Man, he has to have some natural
talent for these kind of games or
something! Wow! I got to meet this
Kane walks into the classroom staggering. He falls into his
seat and rubs his eyes. He yawns and looks to his side and
sees Walter looking at him. Kane sighs.
Are you not curious about the
Not as much as you seemed to be...
Did you die within the minute?
I don't know about a minute... But
it seemed fast enough...
Survival horror games usually last
that long before the player dies.
I'm curious how you got your
Because my little brother plays
those games, and he got that game
of yours.
Oh!? What's his screen name?
I chatted with him!
Let me guess... Mad_Man24?


How did you-
-Your "logic". And I was the one
to tell you about the AI ordeal.
So, you were the brains in that!
How long did your brother last?
Without my help, 30 seconds.
Wow! And with your help?
About 2 1/2 hours...
Before Kane could answer, Professor Wiliker walks into the
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Okay my future biologists! We are
going to talk about the anatomy of
the plant!
The students groan in disinterest in the subject. Professor
Wiliker waves his hands to calm the students down.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
I know, I know you guys are so
eager to learn about the plants,
but I promise that there will not
be any homework to be done-
The students cheer but Professor Wiliker calms them down
once again.
                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
Calm down. But if the class
doesn't get a "B" average, I will
have to take drastic measures and
give you homework on the plants
and homework on the next subject.
After that, I will put both
subjects together and make it into
the midterm.


                       PROFESSOR WILIKER
I know, I know but if I do
something for you, I expect
something back...
...Now! Lets begin the class shall
Kane shakes his head. Professor Wiliker starts the class by
writing on the board with a picture of a flower on it.
Kane grabs something to eat and sits down at his usual
table. Rein sits right next to him.
What's up dude!?
Are you blind?
Not that I checked last time.
Walter sits across from Kane. Kane and Rein looks at Walter.
May we continue our conversation
from earlier?
And what was that about?
How you helped your brother
survive for 2 1/2 hours!?
If you can get the grasp of your
environment and have the replays
of the kills, you can survive a
long time. The thing is though,
Jason gets faster and smarter
every time you avoid him. So, you
can't do the same thing, because


                       KANE (cont'd)
Jason will catch on and will
finally kill you.
Why? Did he kill you?
Almost, but no. I was able to get
my brother away from him. After 2
1/2 hours of saving his ass, I got
bored and left him. He then got
killed after 30 seconds away from
my guidance.
Wow! You must have a natural
talent with games!
Or, I have a way of surviving
against all odds...
Are we talking about "Jason's
Walter shifted his eyes towards Rein with a confused look on
his face.
... The one and only! It's the
best game ever created!
      (Shakes his head)
Easy for you to say...
I got a dude on there!
Really!? What's your screen!?
I got two! Stalker and


Mask_of_Jason!? You have the
highest survival time ever! And
you never died!
It's called staying in one spot
the whole time!
Whats so fun of just standing
Because of the score, that's why I
got Stalker as a second player! He
is my adventurer! I go everywhere
with him! I found a way to revive
my dude after death!
Just type in "/breath_of_life" and
you'll jump right back up. You
have to type it without talking to
anyone as well.
Sweet! I got to try that!
Oh! And be sure to wait until
Jason leaves, or he will just turn
around and kill you again.
Okay! Got it! I can't wait to get
home now!
As soon as he says that, the bell rings.
Shit! I gotta go!
Walter jumps up and dashes out of the cafeteria. Rein laughs
and walks out in no hurry back to class. Kane sighs and
picks up his and Walter's trey. He dumps the contents of the
treys in the trash and puts them away. The jocks from before
walk up to Kane. Kane rubs his eyes in frustration.


                       JOCK #1
Hey loser! You got to pay for what
you did to us!
Why? I didn't do shit to you
                       JOCK #1
We... uh...
Another jock jabs the one talking in the ribs with his
elbow. the other flinches.
                       JOCK #2
Ow...! Oh, yeah you did! We all
saw you duck a punch and then
uppercut him!
I don't know what you're talking
about... Now, let me pass...
                       JOCK #1
we are the elite football players!
Wee will crash other who try to
get pass us!
I would like to see you try to
crash me...
                       JOCK #2
Crash him!
The jocks jump towards Kane. The jocks smile, but they move
out of the way to find out that Kane was not at the bottom
of the pile. The jocks stand around looking confused. Kane
taps one of the jocks on the shoulder. He turns around, and
Kane punches him. The jocks sees one of them fall to the
ground. They look at Kane and then attack him. Kane defeats
the jocks easily. The beaten jocks lie helplessly on the
ground groaning in pain. Kane walks off. A teacher walks in
just before Kane walks out of the cafeteria. The teacher
sees the injured jocks and turns around and yells Kane's
name. Kane ignores the teacher and continues to walk away
from the "battlefield".


Len pulls up in a beaten up car to the cemetery. Len kicks
the door open. He staggers out of it and falls to the
ground. He picks himself up off the ground.
Damn! That hurt like hell! I never
thought that driving would be so
fucking hard to do! Next time I'll
get a taxi!
Len limps into the cemetery. He goes up and down the
cemetery looking for the tombstone of "Mickie Finley". He
passes it a couple of times before he realizes that he has
been passing it the whole time. He face palms himself and
Damn! It was right under my nose.
Len finds a shovel near the grave, and he starts to dig. Len
digs at 6 foot and realizes that he has not found the coffin
yet. He kicks some of the dirt up in frustration. He
continues to dig until he finds the coffin at 20 foot. He
throws the shovel out of the hole.
I guess no one wants my uncle back
from the grave! They will be
surprised when they see him to his
old killing ways!
Len puts his ear to the coffin and then smiles. He knocks at
the coffin.
Uncle... Time to wake up! It's
time to give me your power! Share
your power with ME!
Len breaks open the coffin to see his uncle for the first
time. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma" He looks deeper in it and finds it
to be empty. Not even bones where in it to show someone was
in the coffin. Len's eyes glows red as he yells at the top
of his lungs. Len jumps out of the hole and lands in front
of the camera only his eyes are visible. He glares into the
camera with a bone chilling stare.
Those bastards are going to pay to
what they did to my uncle's grave!
I swear that they will all die for


                       LEN (cont'd)
desecrating my uncle's grave! I
will find a way to bring you back,
uncle! I swear on your grave I
will bring you back!
                                         FADE OUT
The freshman dash out of the school's double doors once
again. Kane stands there just outside of the doorway. He
shakes his head as he exits. Just before he takes that final
step, Rein jumps in front of him.
Hey dude!
Do you get tired of doing that?
... Nope!
Well, I do...
Kane pushes Rein out of the way with his shoulder. Rein
walks right beside Kane.
You wanna hang tonight?
Why not? You can show me your
skills on "Jason's Revenge".
I'll get enough of that when I get
home from my little brother...
Because your brother can't play it
well like I can?


... You're being full of
Why you say that?
Just listen to what you are
saying... You act like you're the
better than anyone else who played
the damn game when it just came
out yesterday...
And your point is?
I believe that you haven't found
yourself a worthy opponent...
Then prove me wrong! I chellege
you tonight to see who can survive
the longest in the game!
Will this shut you up?
Only if you can beat me!
Fine... No revivals... I would
know if you do revive yourself...
And how's that?
Your character glows a
I never noticed that... Okay! I
won't! Go online at 9:00pm and
look for Stalker! Just tell me
when you get on! Peace out!
Rein somewhat runs towards his house. Kane shakes his head
and sighs. He walks home and opens the door to his house.


Kane walks into the house and goes into the computer room.
Kane sits in the desk chair and rolls up to the computer
desk. Kane's brother walks into the room and is surprised to
see Kane booting up the computer. Kane looks up at his
brother. Kane sighs.
Some dude doesn't believe anyone
can beat him at this game and
challenged me to beat him when I
bruised his ego.
                       KANE'S BROTHER
This I gotta see!
Kane's brother grins and pulls up a chair to the computer to
watch his brother play. Kane shakes his head as he double
clicks on "Jason's Revenge". Kane takes his time and creates
his character with extreme detail. Kane finally finishes his
character. Kane types up his name to be, "Red_Payne". Kane's
brother smiles and nods at his brother's handiwork. Kane
logs into the game. Kane looks around the virtual Camp
Crystal Lake by moving the camera to look at his
environment. Kane see Jason walking around the lake. Kane
shakes his head in disbelief that he was spawned near Jason.
Kane circles around Jason to avoid him. Kane goes into the
forest heading towards the camp grounds. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma"
is played while Kane walks through the forest. Kane knows
that Jason had spotted him and is stalking him. Kane
continues to walk but suddenly drives and Jason misses Kane
with his machete. Kane starts to run away from Jason and
every now and then, Jason would reappear and attack Kane.
Kane would always find a way to escape Jason. Kane's brother
is on the edge of his seat by now. Kane finally gets to the
camp grounds. Stalker sees Kane and walks up to him.
Hey dude! I guess you didn't have
to find me! I picked out right out
of the crowd! You did an awesome
job of your characters
customization! I can totally see
your extreme features!
Yeah yeah... How are we going to
do this? Jason already tried to
kill I don't know how many


Kane's brother is somewhat confused. He taps his brother on
the shoulder. Kane looks at his brother.
                       KANE'S BROTHER
Who are you talking to?
The idiot that thinks he's a
                       KANE'S BROTHER
Ummm... Okay...
You done with the questions?
Kane's brother slowly nods his head. Kane continues playing
his game.
Really? I haven't seen him yet.
Well, he's in the woods now-
Kane gets interupted by a girl character's scream in the
... Was in the woods now here...
Jason passes Kane and Stalker. Kane turns around and walks
What the hell you doing? He'll get
You have a better chance if you
move a lot.
That's bullsh-
Jason stabs Stalker through the gut. Kane shakes his head.
Told you...
Stalker gets picked up and thrown across the camp and into a
tree. Kane waves at Jason and attempts to log off. An error
screen pops up and says, "Cannot log off while Jason is


around: you are too close to Jason. Seek safety!" Kane sighs
and turns around and runs. Kane goes into one of the cabins.
He tries to log off again but the same error screen pops up.
Kane shakes his head again. Jason bursts through the door.
Kane walks right up to Jason and stares him down. Jason
tilts his head. Kane just stands in the same spot as Jason
tilts his head a few more times until he leaves Kane alone.
Kane gets confused as he gets to log out. Kane's brother
jumps up.
                       KANE'S BROTHER
That was AWESOME!
      (Stands up)
I don't understand...
... Why didn't he kill me?
                       KANE'S BROTHER
Because you are awesome!
Shut up...
Kane goes up to his room and lays down on his bed, confused
still. He slowly falls asleep as he dreams what he dreamed
before once again.
A loud crash is heard throughout the manor. TRACY MORANE,
31, wakes up and stands up in his bed.
Tracy gets out of this bed and grabs his pistol and searches
the manor for an intruder. He notices that his front door
was completely smashed.
Tha mothafucka broke my damn door!
Tracy continues to search the manor. He then goes to the
basement. He searches the basement and then goes straight to
a heavy metal door. He looks through the window of the heavy
door but sees nothing out of place.
Tha mothafuckas betta not have
stolen any of my shit!


Tracy walks back upstairs. The heavy door slowly creeks
open. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma".
Kane opens his eyes to see himself in Camp Crystal Lake. He
walks around the camp grounds. He hears a noise behind him.
"ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". He opens the door to one of the cabins
and enters it. He hears a couple of plates fall, but he
never flinches. He walks into the kitchen. He checks out the
broken plates. Len pops up upside-down looking at Kane.
You know...
... You are very hard to scare!
Len drops from the ceiling and lands on his feet.
If you had seen what I've seen,
you wouldn't be either...
Ah, you mean your dear old cousin!
Oh, what was his name?
Oh, that's right... It was Tommy!
Your cousin that went berserk
after the incident with my uncle.
How do you know about my cousin?
I'm well informed!
So I see...
The day will come when my uncle
will be revived!
I highly doubt that...
What you mean by that? You don't
believe that my uncle will come
back? He ALWAYS comes back!


Not so informed, eh?
They burnt his body a long time
ago. You know, cremated his
When did they do this!?
It was, I believe, about 5 years
Shit! I was still in this head...
But he will return, he will...
Kane opens his eyes having the awkward feeling that dream
was real. He gets up and looks out the window. Jason goes
through the window. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". He holds Kane down
as he hold up his machete and stabs towards Kane.

Kane opens his eyes. Kane shakes his head.
I hate those dreams...
Kane gets some stuff together and walks out of the house.
Kane walks down the steps of his house and onto the
sidewalk. He continues down the sidewalk with his hands in
his pockets when Officer Collins drives pass him. Officer
Collins slams on the brakes and drives towards Kane. Officer
Collins rolls down his window.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
What the FUCK are you doing out so
I felt like taking a walk...


                       OFFICER COLLINS
Like hell you are! Get into the
cruiser, NOW!
Fuck you...
                       OFFICER COLLINS
What did you just say?
                       OFFICER COLLINS
Alright you little bitch! You're
ass is going to get kicked in!
Come and get it then, pig...
Officer Collins gets out of his cruiser and slams his door
and stomps his way towards Kane. Kane stands there waiting
for him when he got an eery feeling that overwhelms him.
Kane looks around for the odd presence. Kane suddenly
tackles Officer Collins and the sound of metal slashing in
the air that barely misses the both of them. Officer Collins
shoves Kane off of him.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
Get off of me you fucking faggot!
What the hell has come over you!?
I was saving your bacon ass...
                       OFFICER COLLINS
What the hell are you yapping
You should thank him...
Officer Collins turns around and draws his weapon and fires
it at Len. Len deflects the bullet with his machete. Len
points his machete at Officer Collins as he speaks to him.
You need to cut that shit out!
Last time you did that you shot me
in the knee!


                       OFFICER COLLINS
Holy fuck... He's still
That I am!
      (Looks at Kane)
... Have we met?
Only in dreamland...
I knew it! I thought I recognized
that face of yours!
I think its weird that the
dreamworld is connected to this
Well, it doesn't bother me one
I bet...
                       OFFICER COLLINS
How the FUCK did you escape from
the hell hole that I sent you to!?
Easy! I am insane and you're not!
                       OFFICER COLLINS
That doesn't explain shit,
Okay damn! You know? I am sick of
your... Oh, what am I trying to
Len walks up to Officer Collins. As he wraps his arms around
Officer Collins. Kane shakes his head.
                       OFFICER COLLINS
Get your fucking hands off of me!


                       OFFICER COLLINS
Holy shit... It's Jason Fucking
Officer Collins shoves Len off of him. He takes a step back
and runs into something solid. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma" Officer
Collins turns around and sees Jason Voorhees standing there
looking at him. Jason tilts his head.
With a one handed swing of the machete, Officer Collins
falls in half showing the brute strength of Jason.
That was unexpected...
Yep! It took a lot of me just to
revive him!
Jason looks at Len and tilts his head at him. Len smiles and
walks over to Jason. Kane shakes his head and leaves
unnoticed, strangely. Len looks up at his uncle's tall
stature with his diabolical smile.
That's right! I revived you,
Jason flinched with Len calling him "uncle".
You heard right! I'm your nephew,
Uncle Jason!
Jason looks around and starts to head towards his last blood
relative's house. Len stops him by saying.
Don't worry, uncle...
... She's already dead...
Jason turns around slowly and starts to walk towards Len.
In return Uncle Jason...
Jason stops and tilts his head.


I WANT to have your power! I WANT
the heritage that imbeds your
body! I WANT your gift!
Jason stands tall over Len looking down on him.
Will you give it to me? Will you
grant me your gift?
Jason grabs Len by the shoulders. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Len
smiles as Jason looks into Len's eyes in deep darkness.
Len's smile turns into a frown.
Shit... This is going to hurt like
Jason throws Len into a sporting store.
Len falls unto some manikins and rolls a couple of feet.
Jason busts open the door looking for Len. Len has not
notice Jason yet.
Damn that hurt!
Jason grabs a baseball bat and looks over Len.
Shit... Here we go again...
Jason hits Len with the baseball bat. Len flies into the
hockey section. Jason goes after Len and sees a metal hockey
mask in a glass box display. Jason tilts his head as Len
stumbles to the back room. Len falls to the ground and grabs
his side in pain.
He's acting like he's trying to
kill me!
Oh, it isn't like I don't know
you're here uncle! Get it over


Jason comes from the shadows and grabs Len from the throat.
Jason slams his fist into some steam pipes. Hot steam rushes
out of the pipes. Len looks at the steam and then at Jason.
This is going to hurt like hell!
Jason grabs the pipe and points the blast of steam at Len's
face. Len screams as the steam starts to melt his face away.
Jason pins Len to the ground and pulls out the metal hockey
mask. Jason shoves the metal mask into the melting face of
Len. Len screams in pain as the mask gets welded into his
face. After Jason "welded" the mask onto Len, He stabs Len
in the heart with his machete. Len lays on the ground dead
as Jason get up and leaves Len's corpse.
Kane goes to the payphone and calls Brittany. Brittany
tosses and turns until she finally decides to answer her
Brittany stands up quickly and hugs her phone to her face.
Kane? What's wrong?
Call some friends up and meet me
at "Waffle Hotel"...
Tell me what's wrong.
I'll tell you when you get here
Kane hangs up. Kane calls one more person to join him.
Kane hangs up the phone and goes inside and sits at the
table that he always sits at.
I know who killed your mom... Meet
me at the usual spot...


Kane drinks some coffee as he waits for the others to meet
up with him. Brittany walks in with Terra and sits down at
the table.
So, what's wrong?
Jason Voorhees is back from the
Terra jumps up in disbelief.
That's like not true! He like died
and like they burned his body and
made him look like a really bad
tanning experience!
Kane looks at Brittany as he drinks some of his coffee. He
gave her one of the looks that he use to when they dated.
Did it have to be one of those
friends of yours?
Not important at the moment. I
know Jason is alive. I've seen him
with my own empty eyes.
      (In the background)
It's true...
They turns to see MICHELLE YOUNG, 16, walks into the
restaurant and walks to them.
About time you showed up...
Hello to you too, Kane.


Like how do you know he is like
out there?
Because Lennard, his nephew, was
looking for his body, and I think
he found it.
That's like the little brat that I
used to like babysit!
You babysat Len?
Like yeah. I just said that. Are
you like stupid or something?
Kane stares Terra down and balls his fist. Brittany sees the
danger that Terra put herself into.
Umm... Terra? I think that you
should sit down and be a good
Terra sits down and plays with her water. Walter rushes into
the restaurant.
Sorry that I am late! But you
gotta check this out!
Walter places his laptop on the table and double clicks on
"Jason's Revenge".
This is weird. I've been playing
for hours, and I haven't gotten
killed by Jason! I mean no one has
in hours!
I think we need to visit the
makers of this game and see if
it's a glitch or something else
because if I am correct... No one
has died in the last five hours...


Are you fucking psychic or
something!? That's exactly right!
Then my theory might be true
What theory is that?
I don't like to be wrong out loud.
I want to make sure before I tell
you, now come on...
They walk out of the restaurant and follow Kane to the
maker's house.
They stop at the gates of the manor
How did you know that they lived
A lot of time that was free and
long aimless walks...
I would've guessed Google.
Let's see if the bastard's here!
I don't think so...
Your analysis?
Jason's more active at
That's not like proven. Like how
do you know, Mr. Smarty Pants?


Because usually no one survives
the night with Jason so;
therefore, he isn't active at the
... Terra...
Let's go in!
Walter impatiently goes into the gate and up to the door.
The rest of them catches up with Walter. Walter rang the
doorbell. The doorbell had a creepy ring to it. A butler
opens the door.
I called yesterday and asked to
talk to the creators personally...
Please come in Master Kane and...
... Company. The Masters will be
with you shortly...
They enter the manor.
The butler leaves as they spread out to look at the house's
Oh my God! This is one of the very
first computer games ever created!
Which one?
Hated it...
How can you hate such an awesome


Because it is too easy and I
couldn't find a real opponent...
Then you wouldn't mind challenging
me then?
Tracy and his twin sister, Stacy, walks down the stairs.
Kane crosses his arms.
Let's go then...
They go into the Game Room. Tracy sets up the game to the
big screen and gives Kane a wireless controller. Kane looks
at Tracy and the controller. Kane sighs and grabs the
controller. There was no contest, Kane beat Tracy 10-0. Kane
lays the controller down.
Like I have said before...
... No good opponents...
Best two out of three?
Whatever... If I win, we get to
see how you made "Jason's
And if I win?
I will be your bitch for a whole
Kane does not turn around to talk to Brittany.
I know what I am doing...


I don't know... It's too risky...
Every point that you make...
That's how many weeks of being a
bitch for you even if you lose...
You got yourself a deal!
If you back out of this deal,
you'll regret it...
Tracy laughs at Kane but when he saw the serious look in
Kane's eyes. Tracy stops laughing. Tracy nods at Stacy. Kane
notices the nod.
If you cheat or even attempt to
cheat, I will win automatically
and you will be my bitch for a
year and give me the right to make
games no matter what...
This mothafucka's insane!
What makes you think that I would
do such a thing?
Kane stares Tracy down.
Okay... Fair game play... No
The second game started. Kane knew that Tracy was going to
cheat even though he said he was not going to. Kane started
to notice some lag in the response to his controller. Kane
looks over in Tracy's direction. After Kane scores a point,
Kane looks at Tracy in the corner of his sees Tracy pushing
a secret button on the side of the controller. Kane then
sees that his controller's response time has been slowed
again. After scoring again, Kane sees Tracy pushing the
button again. Kane drops the controller. Tracy looks at


I win...
No you haven't!
I gave you the chance to play
fair. You decided to play
childishly and cheat at this game.
Apparently you're a sore loser
that can't stand to lose. Now,
give us that tour...
You have no proof that I cheated!
Kane grabs Tracy's controller and points at the secret
button. He pushes the button a couple of times. He then
grabs his controller to show the response lag that he has.
Kane stares at Tracy.
There's your proof. Now, give us
that tour or I'll rip your balls
off and feed them to your dogs.
The tour... NOW.
Okay okay damn! I cheated, you
win! Come on, let's show you the
They follow Tracy and Stacy around. Brittany walks beside
Wondering why I called your
"Bunny", right?
How... Did you know?
We went out when we were fifteen
until two months ago...
I am sorry if I hurt you...


You just opened my eyes to what I
know now...
And that is?
Never show emotion... It only
brings pain...
I am done what I needed to say...
Kane walks a head of Brittany. Terra walks up to Stacy.
Like, why are you like so quiet?
Stacy turns to look at Terra. Tracy speaks for his twin
Because she's a mute.
Like, what's that?
She can't talk.
She was never taught how to talk?
Stacy looked at her twin brother. He only smiles at her.
Kane looks at Stacy. He knew what was wrong with her. They
continue the tour around the manor. Kane was not amused.
Stop with the bullshit and get
into the interesting stuff.


You don't like my manor?
Just show us where you made your
The game was created at Slasher
Game Studios; however, the best
shit is in my basement. Just don't
get your panties in a wad.
Tracy leads the group into the basement.
This is where I got the idea for
the game and started to brainstorm
Tracy leads them in front of a heavy metal door.
Behind this door is my darkest
secret of the game!
Tracy opens the door but it was empty. There was a machine
that had straps and some virtual goggles attached to it.
They all enter the room. Tracy sees that Jason was not in
the machine.
Oh shit!
Lost your treasure?
Wha... What "treasure"?
Jason Voorhees...
How the fuck did you figure out
that Jason was in that!?
He was too perfect in the game and
now he is on the loose killing
people. You want to tell us how
you got him in that thing?


Okay, okay. It's a long story but
I'll tell you. It started after I
figured out where Jason was
It pours down rain as Tracy and Stacy pull up to the
cemetery. Tracy smiles at his twin.
This is it, Stacy! After we get
him, we're going to be
Stacy slowly nods her head. Tracy slowly turns her head
towards his. He connects his head with hers.
Don't worry, Stacy. I got your
back. We're family...
... And family sticks together!
Stacy faintly smiles at Tracy. Tracy gets excited and gets
out of his car. He grabs his shovel. He walks to the front
of the car and points at his sister.
That's my girl!
Tracy walks around the cemetery looking for a "special"
grave. He unfolds a piece of paper of a map. there is an "X"
on "Mickie Finley's" grave and "20 feet" beside the grave as
well. Tracy refolds the map and puts it in his pocket. He
continues to walk towards the grave. He stops at a grave and
wipes away the moss covering the tombstone. Tracy smiles and
Yes! This is it! Here is my ticket
to be famous!
Tracy starts to dig the grave. He finally the coffin at 20
feet. He starts to move the dirt surrounding the coffin. He
smiles at the coffin.
There's my money maker!


Tracy pulls the coffin top off. "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma". Jason
Voorhees lays in the coffin. Tracy smiles and looks up.
Dammit! Forgot tha mothafuckin'
Tracy shoveled some more to make a slope out of the grave.
He then drags Jason's body out of the coffin and grave.
Tracy puts the coffin top back on. He gets out of the grave
and starts putting the dirt back into the grave. He then
starts to drag Jason's body to the car. Stacy watches her
twin brother drag the body to the trunk of the car. She
opens the trunk, and he lifts Jason's body and places him in
the trunk. Tracy rushes into the car.
We did it! We have our ticket now!
Tracy starts the car and the rain dies down. Tracy slams his
hands on the steering wheel.
You have got to be kidding me!
No matter... We got things to do
with good ol' Jason Mothafuckin'
Tracy laughs as Stacy nods her head. Tracy drives off. The
camera goes to the trunk and focuses on Jason's Mask.
Tracy walks into the room and talks to a Game Technician.
So? How's everything coming along?
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #1
So far so good! All the level
designs are completed!
Tracy walks up to another Game Technician expecting the same
good news.


And how's the "A.I."?
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #2
Not so good...
What do you mean, "not so good"!?
This game launches tomorrow!
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #2
I know, sir. But he's not
responding in the game. He's just
laying there doing nothing!
Did you remember to activate the
program, "wake up Jason"?
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #2
The what program?
I take that as a no...
Tracy goes around the room looking for the program. He
finally finds it under some papers that are suppose to be
shredded. He lifts up the CD with "Wake up Jason" on it in
the air.
You see this, people!? This is the
backbone of our "A.I.". If this
would have been destroyed, the
game would never sell. Understand?
                       GAME TECHNICIANS
Yes, sir!
Tracy opens the CD-Drive and places the CD into it and
closes it. A popup comes up and asks, "Wake up Jason?" Tracy
clicks on "Yes" and the program starts up.
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #2
I hope to God this doesn't
backfire on us...


Jason is seen motionless and strapped into a machine. Jason
flinches a little bit as the camera enters the virtual
reality goggles and into Jason's eyes.
Jason is shown sitting in the woods with his back to a tree.
Jason flinches as his mother speaks to him.
                       MRS. VOORHEES
... Jason...
... Jason my sweet boy. It's time
to get up! It's time to punish
those who have done you wrong!
That have done me wrong! Rise up
Jason and kill again!
Jason opens his dark eyes and stands up. He pulls his
machete out of the ground and starts walking around the
virtual Camp Crystal Lake.
He's alive!
Everyone cheers and celebrates. Tracy smiles and rubs his
hands together.
Now, lets see what this "A.I." can
Tracy looks at his twin sister, and she nods at him. She
logs on and starts to play the game. Within seconds, she was
killed by Jason. Everyone was dumbfounded.
Wow.. That's what I call an
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #1
It seems like it knew exactly
where she was... Should I lower
the A.I.'s level for fairness?


I mean no. This is a MMO. Lots of
players are going to play, and
they want a sense of challenge.
Later in the updates, the players
will get better equipment to
better defend themselves so the
current level his fine trust me...
Also, my sister never plays any
games so of course she dies so
quickly, but you are welcome to
test the game as much as you want.
Remember, the game launches
Tracy signals his twin sister to follow him, and she obeys.
The Test Players come into the room and start to test the
game. Some players die quickly whole others survive a long
time. Some love the game, others hate it.
                       GAME TECHNICIAN #2
The A.I. is way to smart for this
technology... It has to be a
player! I got to figure this out!
Game Technician #2 sneaks through a window and walks around
the manor looking for answers with no luck. He finds a
secret doorway to the basement and follows the stairs down.
He goes into each of the rooms looking through the
paperwork. He comes across a heavy metal door saying, "No
entry". He looks through the window but cannot see anything.
He hacks the number pad and enters the room. He could hear
something but was not sure what it was. He walks closer, and
Jason appears in a machine with some virtual goggles on him.
Game Technician #2 rushes back to the door but Tracy stands
in the way with a pistol in his hand and points it at the
Game Technician #2.
You dirty ass mothafucka! Did you
think that you can ride up in my
crib and go through my shit and
nottin' be dun about it!? Not in
my crib, mothafucka! Now, you DIE!


Tracy unloads the whole clip at the Game Technician #2. One
of the bullets goes through the Game Technician #2 and hits
one of the vital gears to Jason's machine but goes
unnoticed. Tracy blows the smoke from the gun barrel.
You're wasted, mothafucka!
Stacy walks pass Tracy with cleaning supplies. Tracy rushes
off. Stacy puts down the cleaning supplies. She looks at the
dead body and sheds a single tear.
      (Very Softly)
My lover...
Stacy starts to clean the dead body and the floor leaving
hardly any evidence.
So that's the story...
Yeah that's the story of Jason
alright; however...
Tracy quickly goes to the door and locks them inside of the
virtual room.
... I cannot let you walk out of
here knowing the complete truth
about my games secret!
Terra runs up the door's window and yells at Tracy.
Like, you can't do this to us!
I just did, sweetheart.
Just let him go. His just a sore
that he lost to his little game...


Listen here mothafucka! I let you
win that mothafuckin' game!
Burn in hell, mothafucka!
Tracy stomps away from them and leaving them behind in the
See you there, cowboy...
How can you be so calm at a time
like this!?
We dated for two years... You can
figure it out...
What we do!? What we do!?
Calm down, or your asthma is going
to kick in...
How...? How did you know about
I have a gift...
Oh my God! You can be like a
I rather not...
Like, why not?
Because I might purposely let
someone die if they piss me off...


What do you advice us to do?
We wait until help arrives...
And when you expect that, oh
fearless leader?
Soon... Real soon...
A guy and girl run upstairs and go into the guy's room. He
slams the girl to the wall, and they start to strip each
other. They make it to the bed. They heat things up as the
dog enters the room. The dog watches them at the foot of the
bed and starts to growl at the two.
What's that?
It's the dog. He growls when he
likes what he sees.
Oh, okay...
They continue what they were doing. The dog rushes out of
the room when it hears something. They continue doing their
business until they hear the dog yipe.
What was that!?
The dog might have...
Before he could finish his sentence, a tall dark figure
appears behind the guy. The girl almost screams but her
mouth was plugged by a baseball bat. The guy gets up and
turns around.
Holy shit! Fuck! I didn't get the
chance to finish!


The guy's penis gets ripped off with the sack and then after
a couple of seconds, his head gets ripped off. The figure
pats the guy on the shoulder. The figure's face enters the
light to show Len's new look. He speaks in a new deep,
darker voice.
Guess who's back! Now better than
Len looks at the girl in a disturbing way.
Damn! She was hot too! Oh well, I
would've tapped that!
Now, where's that asshole of an
uncle of mine!? I told him to give
me power not death! Good thing the
males of the family have a history
of raising from the grave!
But first... Where's Kane? I got
to "thank" him!
Len laughs as he exits the house. As he leaves the house, he
pets the gutted dog on the head.
Good boy!
Kane looks up knowing that "help" had arrived. He finally
speaks to the rest of the group.
He's coming... Now...
Who's coming?
The help...
I hope he comes real soon or my
claustrophobia is going to kick
Like, I have that too!


You... Do?
Yeah! I like don't have enough
closet space for like my clothes
Claustrophobia is the fear of
small spaces. It has nothing to do
with closet space... genius...
You're just jealous because you
can't have me and like my beauty.
You ain't pretty...
What did you like say to me?
You heard what I said... Brittany
is way prettier than you by a long
Terra looks at Brittany who is now blushing. Terra to a
shattered piece of glass and looks at it. She looks at
Brittany and gets angry.
I am like twenty times hotter than
Brittany, and you know it!
I know that she better than your
preppy ass...
Terra walks over to the locked door and raises her voice.
I like rather die than to hear
that I am not hotter than her
skanky bitch ass!
A voice in the background spoke.
My pleasure!


Terra turns around towards the door. Len's hand punches
through the small glass window. He grabs Terra and forces
her through the small opening, shredding her into pieces.
Blood splatters on everyone and they all flinch except for
Kane. Len rips the door of its hinges. Len's voice echos as
he leaves them unnoticed.
I was going to kill you, Kane. But
my babysitter will do just fine. I
always hated her!
      (Laughs as his
       voice fades)
      (Tears up)
Is he really going to kill you?
Don't get your hopes up... he's
not going to get the chance to...
      (Sighs in relief)
Thank God...
They leave the room and sees what was left of Terra. She was
only a pile of blood and gore now. They look at it in
You think she felt that?
I hope so... She deserved it...
Why are you so dark Kane? What
happen to the Kane that I once
He left when you left me...
Where's Michelle? Wasn't she with
us at Waffle Hotel?
She saw Jason and went after
him... She thinks that he did it,
but Len is the one who did it...


Did what?
Kill her mom... So we got to get
to her fast, and I know just the
place to look...
Not that place...
What place?
                       KANE & WALTER
Camp Crystal Lake
Don't EVER do that again...
Kane walks off leaving the two behind.
What did I do?
He doesn't like to be mimicked...
Oh... My bad.
Michelle wonders around the camp grounds looking for Jason.
She sees a couple making out. They rush towards the lake,
and Michelle follows them. The couple strip off their
clothes and jumps into the lake. Michelle watches closely as
the couple make out in the water. Michelle was not happy.
She gets up from a kneeling position and turns around to see
Jason right there in front of her. Jason picks her up by the
throat and was about to stab her with his machete until he
sees the couple in the water. He drops Michelle and walks
towards the couple. Michelle coughs from the non-human
strength of Jason. The couple hear the couch and rushes out
of the water. They grab their clothes but the guy wants one
more kiss before they head out. The girl gives in and kisses
him. They suddenly get skewered by Jason's machete. Jason
walks up to them, picks up his machete wit the couple still
on it, and throws them out deep into Crystal Lake. Michelle
saw the whole thing.


Holy shit!
Jason turns around to Michelle still standing there where he
left her. Michelle turns around and runs away from Jason.
She runs into Kane and screams.
Shut up! It's just us...
Oh... Sorry...
It's alright... Now come on... We
need to find Len...
Who's Len?
He's your mother's real killer...
Not Jason...
Len... Killed my mother?
He is Jason's nephew...
Nephew!? That psycho son of a
bitch has a nephew!?
They hear movement in the woods behind them.
Oh yeah... Jason was chasing me.
Then lets move our asses then!
Walter started to go in one direction. Kane grabs him and
shakes his head.
Not that way...
Why not?
Trust me...


We need to warn the others about
They were doomed by coming here...
You saying that we are too!?
No, I am not... Now lets move
before Jason gets an easy
They start moving away from the woods and towards the camp
site. They go into one of the cabins.
When they entered the cabin, they scare the people inside of
the cabin.
                       COUNSELOR #1
Who the fuck are you!?
Nothing to be alarmed...
We just came here to warn you guys
about Jason Voorhees! He's here to
kill all of you if you all don't
leave immediately!
The pot heads just laugh at Brittany.
                       POT HEAD #1
Hey man, there's no Jason
Voorhees! He was smoked a long
time ago!
                       POT HEAD #2
I would smoke her!
                       POT HEAD #1
Hey man, I was thinking the same


                       POT HEAD #1 & 2
They butt heads and lounge on the couch to continue smoking
                       COUNSELOR #2
Don't mind them... They're
I already know... They're dead
idiots of you ask me...
                       POT HEAD #1
Hey man, what do you mean by that?
As soon as he finishes his sentence, Jason comes out of the
wall and grabs the pot head and pulls him through the broken
wall. The other pot head just sits there while the rest of
them tremble except for Kane.
                       POT HEAD #2
The pot head gets up and looks into the wall yelling at
                       POT HEAD #2
Come on, dude! Come out of there,
Jason jumps through the floor. The pot head turns around and
sees Jason standing there staring him down. the others run
away while Kane shakes his head and walks away.
Doomed to begin with.
Jason grabs the pot head and throws him hard through a
window. the pot head goes through the window and hits a tree
breaking both spine and neck at the same time.
                       COUNSELOR #1
Was that Jason Fucking Voorhees
that took out "Beavis and


We actually have a genius in the
                       COUNSELOR #1
Shut the fuck up!
                       COUNSELOR #2
Calm down, hun.
                       COUNSELOR #1
No I will not! Come on! We're
I wouldn't advice going that
                       COUNSELOR #1
Shut the fuck up! We can go any
where we want to go!
                       COUNSELOR #2
But hun!
                       COUNSELOR #1
Don't you fucking "hun" me! Last
time I listened to you, two people
You will see two more in a
Kane McKenzie!
                       COUNSELOR #1
McKenzie!? Your cousin went psycho
years ago about some serial
killer!? So, that was YOUR
You better go before I kill you...
                       COUNSELOR #1
What's wrong? Touchy on the
Told you...


                       COUNSELOR #1
Told me what!?
Seeing another dead body...
                       COUNSELOR #1
What the fuck?
He turns around and the head of his lover falls into his
hands. He tears up. The others retreat.
                       COUNSELOR #1
Boo Boo?
He kisses the lips of the head, and he falls to his knees.
                       COUNSELOR #1
Don't worry, Boo Boo... We'll be
together real soon...
Jason forces his hand through the guy. The guy dies with the
head st in his hands. Jason's hand gets stuck. He jerks the
body around having no luck the body off his hand. Jason
finally slices the body in two but accidentally wedges his
machete on his hand. He pulls out the machete out of his
hand and blood squirts out. The rest of the group goes into
another cabin.
Kane shakes his head upon entering the cabin.
Why don't you all just leave?
Look who's talking!? Why don't you
just leave!?
Somebody has to babysit you all...
Foot steps are heard outside of the cabin. All but Kane
starts to back away from the door to get further away from
it as possible. Kane shakes his head. The door gets kicked
open and the girls scream. Tracy jumps in as Stacy casually
enters the cabin.
Alright! Where's that serial


Stay here and he'll come...
You trying to be funny again,
From all the noise you just
made... There will be no doubt
that he'll come...
Tracy turns around towards the woods and pulls out his
pistol and yells out.
Come on mothafucka! I'm going to
kill your ass tonight, mothafucka!
Len appears in front of Tracy upside down.
Are you really?
Tracy falls down and scoots backwards.
Holy shit! Who the fuck is this
Len jumps down from his position.
The new and improved Lennard
Tracy looks at Kane in confusion.
Tha mothafucka had a son!?
No worse... A spoiled nephew...
I'm not fucking spoiled! My uncle
killed me! Now, I am going to kill
Wasn't it obvious that he was
going to kill you?


You ain't going to kill him! I am!
You ain't got tha balls like me to
take him out! You still got a baby
dick and peanut balls. I got
cantaloupe balls and an anaconda
as a dick! You're a dumbass who
Len gets annoyed by Tracy talking to him. Len grabs an
umbrella and stabs it into Tracy's large mouth and
forcefully open it. Tracy's head "explodes" from Len forcing
the umbrella open. Kane shakes his head.
He never knew when to stop...
Ah, finally! Silence!
Stacy kneels down to her twin brother's corpse.
      (Very Softly)
My lover...
Stacy grabs Tracy's pistol and points it at Len's back.
      (Very Softly)
Die... Mothafucka...!
Len heard her and suddenly appears behind her.
You people are stupid! Shoot
first, then talk!
Holy shit! How did he do that!?
Len slices her body in half. He looks down at her corpse
when it fell to the ground. He laughs
I can see side boob from here!
You're a freak!
Len looks at Michelle and tilts his head.


Hey... Didn't I rape you at the
You... WHAT!? Let me at him! I'm
going to kill that son of a bitch!
Walter grabs her trying to contain her but Kane had to help
him in the process. Len laughs once again. Len looks at her
in the eyes.
You're as feisty as your-
A gun shot is heard, and Len falls as he says.
That hurt like hell...
When Len falls, Dr. Young stands there with a pistol in her
hands. Michelle runs to her mother.
                       DR. YOUNG
Hey, sweetheart...
They hug each other. Kane shrugs.
I can be wrong for once...
                       DR. YOUNG
What do you mean by-
Oh, hi Kane... How are you?
Shut up...
What does she mean by that?
Nothing... Drop it...
                       DR. YOUNG
I'm Kane's psychiatrist. He has
another personality than this one.
Brittany looks at Kane in confusion.


Is this true?
It sure is!
Shut up, Rein...
                       BRITTANY, MICHELLE, & WALTER
Yepper! That's me!
Would you shut the fuck up
That voice...
... It sounds like the Kane I once
Yeah... It kinda does...
I wouldn't know. I just met him
the other day... Wait... Yeah!
That's the voice that gave me
those cheats! I thought that Kane
was just playing around but now it
makes sense!
You guys shut up and move. We
don't want to wake up sleeping
beauty here...
He isn't dead!?
He's like his uncle now... He'll
get right back up over and over
again... Now, let's go...
They start to walk out of the cabin As soon as they do that,
Jason stands there looking at them. The girls scream.


Holy shit!
Looks like a family reunion...
Wat do you mean?
Len jumps up to his feet and stands there with a smile on
his face.
Hello... Uncle Jason!
Jason tilts his head. Kane points the others to leave the
two alone. Len cracks his neck and smiles again at Jason.
Let's boogie...
Jason charges after Len. They fight each other land blows to
each other. Jason kicks Len to the door. Jason rushes to Len
trying to finish him off. Len blocks Jason's attack and
uppercuts him. Jason falls through the hole in the floor.
Len paces around the hole looking down that hole and shakes
his head.
I'm not that stupid, uncle! I know
that you're just waiting for me to
come down there!
Jason's hand comes through the floor and grabs Len's foot.
Aww... Shit...
Jason drags Len through the floor to the basement. Len falls
into a pile of dusty boxes.
That hurt like hell...
Kane, Brittany, Walter, Michelle, and Dr. Young stop running
to catch their breath.
You think that they're dead?


Kane answers her with no hesitation.
No... They're still alive...
How can you tell?
Jason flies pass them hitting a tree next to them. Len comes
out of the shadows.
That's what you get for dragging
me into that dusty basement!
That's how I know...
Len looks to his side and notices Kane stand there.
Ah! My prey is amongst us!
Walter jumps in front of Kane spreading his arms out trying
to protect him.
All of you, go!
You're being an idiot...
Well, this "idiot" is saving your
ass! Run!
They started to walk away until Michelle stops and goes over
to Walter and kisses him on the cheek.
Thank you, Walter.
You're welcome!
They run away from the serial killers. Walter stares Len
down. Len stabs his machete in the ground and crosses his


You Shall Not Pass!
Jason stands behind Walter. Jason slices Walter in half by
the waist and the upper half slams into a tree.
That's gotta hurt like hell...
I guess it did!
Len laughs and tries to pull his machete from the ground but
it was stuck in a tree root.
Why does this shit always happen
to me!?
Jason stands in front of Len. Len just looks at him.
This is going to hurt like hell!
Jason uppercuts Len. Len flies into the air and breaks
halfway into a hollow tree.
That hurt like hell! Now, how the
fuck do I get down?
Jason stands under the tree looking for Len. Len hears Jason
walking around.
Jason looks up to see Len stuck in a tree. Jason starts to
shake the tree until the tree finally falls over. Len grunts
as the tree hits the ground and breaks apart.
That hurt like hell!
Jason walks up to Len. Len looks up a Jason.


The hell you looking at, ugly!?
Jason tilts his head and grabs Len by the throat. Jason
picks Len up and dangles him in midair.
Brittany, Michelle, and Dr. Young stop and turn around just
before they were out of Camp Crystal Lake.
                       DR. YOUNG
We're almost there! Come on, kids!
Thank God!
                       DR. YOUNG
What is it?
Brittany looks around for Kane but cannot find him anywhere.
Where's Kane?
Yeah, where is Kane? He was with
us just a second ago.
Brittany looks back towards where the battle is taking
That stupid idiot went back! We
have to go back for him!
                       DR. YOUNG
No! We have to keep going!
Fuck you bitch! I am going back!
Now, let me go!
Brittany snatches away from Dr. Young and runs back to find
Kane. Michelle chases after her.


                       DR. YOUNG
MICHELLE! Kids these days!
Dr. Young chases after her child. A hand grabs Len's
machete, pushes it forward, and releases it from its resting
place. Len closes one of his eyes as he struggles for air.
Jason's grip tightens on Len's throat. Len's machete flies
through the air and stabs through Jason's head. Jason feels
the machete in his head and lets Len go as he falls to the
ground. Len coughs as Brittany appears from the shadows.
Michelle and Dr. Young finds Brittany in the process one
before the other.
Where the fuck is my man!?
Your... "Man"...?
Brittany picks Len up by the collar of his ripped up shirt.
Don't play dumb with me! Where's
How should I know...?
... I haven't seen him...
Brittany drops Len. Len falls hard onto the ground.
... Not here?
Michelle runs up to Brittany and checks up on her.
You okay, Brittany?
                       DR. YOUNG


Over here, mother!
She seems fine!
He's not here...
... Where did he go?
Dr. Young runs up to the girls and kneels with them.
                       DR. YOUNG
You sure she's okay?
She looks pale...
I think so...
... you okay, Brittany?
...Where are you?
Len gets up and pulls out the machete out of Jason's head.
He looks at them while a smile and blood coming out of his
Your ass belongs to me now!
                       DR. YOUNG
Not that I have to do with it!
Dr. Young reaches for the pistol but she cannot find it.
                       DR. YOUNG
Where's the gun!?
What do you mean, "where's the
gun"!? You had it last!
                       DR. YOUNG
I had it in the holster!
... Where are you?


Forget about him now!
Len slowly raises his machete with a diabolical smile on his
Ain't no lie...
... Bye, bye, bye!
They hear a gun shot and half of Len's head explodes. His
arm lowers, and he falls to the ground. Kane walks up to the
corpse and stares it down. He walks over to the girls and
crosses his arms.
Did someone call my name?
When Kane finishes his sentence, Brittany jumps on Kane
making him fall backwards.
Brittany sobs on Kane. Kane looks around confused. Michelle
and Dr. Young smile at the two. Kane finally wraps his arms
around Brittany.
Come on... Did you honestly think
that I was dead?
Uh... Huh...
I can't die...
Brittany looks up at Kane with tears still in her eyes.
... Why?


... I haven't stopped loving
... But what about that time in
class when-
Just shut up and kiss me...
Kane and Brittany kiss each other. Michelle and Dr. Young
smile at each other. Jason suddenly springs up and and stabs
Michelle in the gut with his machete. Dr. Young grabs Len's
machete and lefts it up.
                       DR. YOUNG
Don;t you EVER hurt my baby!
Dr. Young slices Jason's head clean off his shoulders. She
breaths deeply and drops the machete and went to her
daughter's aide. She applies pressure on her wound.
                       DR. YOUNG
Don't you die on me!
I'm not, mama...
Kane and Dr. Young grab Michelle walks out of Camp Crystal
Lake. A Policeman was outside of the camp looking around. He
sees them and calls for an ambulance. The ambulance shows
up, and they load up Michelle. Kane, Brittany, and Dr. Young
enters the ambulance. Brittany leans her head on Kane's
You think that it's over?
                       DR. YOUNG
I hope so...
No, it's just begun...


A young buy cries and it gets FREDDY KRUEGER'S attention. He
smiles as he walks towards the boy.
Ah, fresh meat!
Freddy walks over to the boy and spins him around.
Welcome to my world, bitch!
Freddy raises his razor glove. The boy laughs at Freddy.
What the!?
Hello, Freddy!
The boy morphs into Len's mask first and then the rest of
the body.
You think Jason was bad? meet the
Freddy just stands there dumbfounded.
Welcome to MY world, BITCH!
Len laughs at BLACK OUT
                                         BLACK OUT
After the credits rolls, Dr. Young is working in her office.
She then grabs her stomach. the camera goes into her stomach
and there is a fetus. the camera focuses on one side of the
fetus and then turns to the front where both sides are seen.
Half of Len's mask is visible on the fetus. The fetus opens
his eyes to show two different shades of eye color. It
smiles and says in an echo like he's talking in his mind.
There's never a happy ending!
Len laughs and then silence at BLACK OUT.


                                         BLACK OUT


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