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First Impressions (3-minute short)
by Siobhan Tebbs (siobhantebbs@gmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **
You know how you sometimes imagine a lifetime with someone within only a few moments of meeting them?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Sal arrives at the open door. A male friend walks up to her
to greet her.
Hey! I've been looking for you.
There's someone I want to
introduce you to. It's my new
He takes her through the room until they reach May, and
introduces them. As we see May approaching and hear the
introduction in the background, it is in slow motion - she
appears almost angelic to Sal. Having made the introduction,
the friend walks off.
      (holding out her
Suddenly, we are in Sal's imagination. There is a flash of
the two kissing just outside the party room.
Hi! How'd you like the flat?
It's great. I love the balcony.
Again, we are in Sal's imagination. This time, the two are
kissing on the balcony.
And my room's great too.
This time, they are making love on May's bed.
But I think I'm going to paint the
walls. I'd like them yellow.
In the vision of them making love on the bed, the walls
become yellow.


Sounds great. So, how come you're
in London? Are you staying for a
long time?
I'm a photographer. I've been in
Berlin for the past couple of
years, and I thought it was time
for a change.
In Sal's imagination, the two are on a romantic walk in the
woods, and May is taking photographs.
Great. What kind of things do you
City life, mostly.
The landscape in the daydream changes to the city.
The idiosyncrasies of people who
born and raised in a city just
fascinate me… And I do the odd
wedding. It helps with cash flow!
In Sal's imagination, the two are getting married,
surrounded by happy family and friends.
What do you do?
Temp work. Mostly secretarial.
We see Sal at a breakfast table dressed in a suit with a
coffee and a newspaper, and May in a silk night dress
bringing her some toast.
Oh. Cool. So...what do you do on
the weekends?
      (trying to sound
       active and
All sorts, you know. Art
galleries, museums, cinema, walks
in the park...and I love going to


                       SAL (cont'd)
gigs. I saw Temper Trap last
weekend. They were AWESOME.
As Sal talks, a family photo appears, in which Sal and May
are the heads of the family, and children keep appearing on
the photograph, one after the other, until the two are
almost obscured by the children. This continues until...
I must admit I haven't heard of
them. Actually, do you know what?
It's a bit strange, I know, but
I'm not really that into music…
Sal's imagined world comes to an abrupt stop and the
photograph fades away. We see Sal's face, trying to nod and
smile, but looking rather disappointed.
You know? It's just never really
got me that excited.
This time, in Sal's imagination, the two are crying and
parting ways.
So whereabouts are you living at
the moment?
We see Sal's face with a disappointed fake smile.


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From Nandia Clarke Date 9/16/2013 **
I was just a bit confused also about that part.

From gary wright Date 9/7/2013 **
I was confused, Sal seems like a guy and the dreams sound like man and woman, but you introduce sal as a girl.

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