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A Letter to My Wife
by Nandia Clarke (clarke_ni@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
A woman loses the love of her life and abandons their daughter.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


With the lights out Sloane sits on the sofa waiting for
Allie to come back from the kitchen. When Allie comes back
out she walks over to Sloan and sits on her lap, facing her.
      (Slight Smile)
Um Allie what are you doing?
      (Bites her bottom
What does it look like I'm doing?
      (Takes a deep
You know that we can't do this
But I miss you so much. Why did
you come here and you know how I
feel about you?
I don't know, but it looks like I
made a mistake by doing so.
Allie puts her head down, then looks up and kisses Sloane.
At first Sloane tries to push her off, but she can't fight
it anymore and she gives in. Allie unbuttons Sloane's shirt
and takes it off, then Sloane removes Allie's shirt. Sloane
stands up holding onto Allie and lays her down on the sofa.
Just as she's about to kiss Allie again Sloane's phone
rings, and she answers.
      (Clears throat)
Hey Babe, what's up?
                       RAYNA (O.C)
Sloane I need you now, you have to
come home.
Babe, I'm working what's wrong?


                       RAYNA (O.C)
Please just come home Sloane.
Alright baby, I'll be right there,
I promise right there.
Sloane hangs up the phone, and puts her shirt back on.
Look I have to go home.
Wait Sloane please don't go.
Allie get off of me, my family
comes first.
Sloane yanks her arm away, walks out of the house and rushes
Sloane runs in the house and runs straight upstairs to the
bedroom and finds Rayna laying on the floor, she rushes over
to her in a panic.
      (Tears up)
Baby, oh my goodness.
Sloane wraps her arm around Rayna and helps her up. She puts
Rayna in the bed and helps her get comfortable.
Ray tell me what's wrong.
      (Exhales sharply)
The cancer is back, and it's worse
then before.
Sloane is fighting back her tears as she grabs Rayna's hand.
I'm not going to get treatment
this time, I can't put my body
through that again. I just want to
stay here with you and Aubrey.


      (Shakes her head)
No, no you have to fight this, you
beat it once you can do it again.
I can't it's too wide spread.
No please fight baby, I need you
to fight this. I can't lose you
      (Puts her head
I don't want to.
Hey look at me Sloane, look at me.
Sloane looks up at Rayne with tears in her eyes.
You will never lose me, because
I'll always be in your heart,
Sloane grabs her hand and kisses it, then she lays in
Rayna's lap and cries.
                                         FADES OUT:
The next day Rayna walks into the room slowly and in pain,
with Sloane holding her from behind. They walk over to the
bed, Sloane props the pillows up for Rayna and then helps
her in the bed.
Do you want some covers?
Yes and then I want you to get
into bed with me.


With pleasure sweetheart.
Sloane grabs the covers and puts them over Rayna, then she
climbs in the bed next to her.
I love you.
I know you do, and
I'm not going to break, you can
hold me.
I just don't want to hurt you.
You won't, so please hold me I
want to listen to your heart beat.
Sloane is hesitant at first but then she puts her arm around
Rayna and pulls her close. Rayna rest her head on Sloane's
chest and they fall asleep.
Rayna begins to stir and is awaken by the pain she is in,
she begins to cry silently so she doesn't disturb Sloane.
Slowly moving from out of Sloane's arms, she gets up and
tries to walk over to the dresser for her medicine, but is
crippled by the pain. She falls to the floor causing Sloane
to wake up in a panic, she gets out of the bed and runs over
to Rayna.
      (Kneels down)
Baby what are you doing? Why
didn't you wake me up?
You looked so peaceful I didn't
want to bother you.
Sloane picks Rayna up and puts her back into the bed.
      (Fighting back her
It's no bother baby, but even if
it was I don't care, bother me. Do


                       SLOANE (cont'd)
you hear me? Bother me, please.
I'm sorry.
Shh shh, don't be sorry, lay right
here. I'll get the medicine for
Sloane walks over to the dresser, grabs the medicine and the
water, then walks back over to Rayna.
Here babe.
Rayna grabs the pill, takes it, then she takes a deep breath
and relaxes her body.
Thank you, I don't know what I
would do without you.
Sloanes kneels down by the side of the bed and holds onto
Rayna's hand.
You'll never need to know, because
I'm not going anywhere.
      (Pauses, nervous)
Yeah babe?
How come you never told me it came
back? I mean not once did you
mention it. I would've been there
for you, I would've helped and I
wouldn't have-
You wouldn't have what Sloane? You
can say it.
Sloane stands up and walks over to the window, looks out and
then looks at Rayna.


Do you think I don't know? A wife
knows baby, a soul mate knows and
I knew from day one. I don't blame
you, I would pick fights with you,
I wouldn't sleep with you. I was
angry and I took it all out on
      (Wipes her tears)
But when I wanted to tell you, you
were never home, so you tell me
when did I have the chance?
You didn't.
Sloane looks back out the window, too ashamed to look at her
wife right now.
Sloane sits Rayna on the toilet while she gets the water
ready for her. Once it's ready Sloane helps her in the water
and then sits on the floor next to the tub, a single tear
falls from Rayna's eye.
Baby are you in pain? Do you want
me to go get your medicine?
No, I can wait.
I was just thinking about when we
first meet, we were so you
      (Chuckles, crying)
and you were so boney.
Sloane is struggling not to cry, but the Rayna touches her
face, and tears falls from her eyes.
Now you're all strong, picking me
up and taking care of me. Who
would've thought those two little
girls would become best friends
first and lovers second.
How did I get so lucky?


You, how did I get so lucky? I'm
so thankful for every moment that
we've spent together.
Rayna smiles, then they lean in and kiss each other. Sloane
wraps her arms around Rayna not caring that her clothes are
getting wet and she holds her close. Sloane begins to wash
her up, once she done, she stands Rayna up, wraps the towel
around her and helps her out of the tub. Then Sloane steps
back for a second and looks at Rayna.
What? Why are you looking at me
like that?
Sloane smiles, walks behind Rayna and then whispers in her
I'm just in awe that even in your
most vulnerable moments, in your
true self that you have never been
more beautiful.
Rayna smiles, and they walk out of the bathroom, into the
Lets lay you down and get you your
Sloane grabs a shirt out of the drawer for Rayna to put on,
then she grabs some water and her pain medicine. Rayna is
extremely tired, once she takes her medicine she falls right
to sleep.
                                         FADES OUT:


Sloane walks into the room from the bathroom, and sits on
the bed next to Rayna.
Baby are you okay?
Can you get me some water? My
mouth is really dry.
Of course I can, I'll be right
back okay.
Thank you.
Sloane stands up.
      (Tears up)
Sloane, I love you.
I love you too baby.
Sloane leans down and kisses Rayna.
I'll be quick.
Rayna smiles, and then Sloane walks out of the room. Rayna
folds her hands, places them in her lap and closes her eyes.
Moments later Sloane walks back into the room with a glass
of water.
Babe, I have your water, no ice
just like you like it.
Sloane places the glass on the night stand and attempts to
wake Rayna up.
Ray wake up, I brought your water.
Sloane's smile leaves her face and fear creeps over it. She
touches Rayna's hand but there is still no movement from
her. Then she notices that Rayna isn't breathing and that's


when she starts to panic. Tears begin to stream down
Sloane's face.
Oh no baby, not yet, I'm not ready
for you to go.
Sloane sits on the edge of the bed, grabs Rayna and gently
pulls her lifeless body towards her and holds it tight;
rocking back and forth as she cries.
I love you so much,
what am I going to do without you
Sloane lays Rayna's body down and then stands up, when she
looks at her wife's body laying in the bed motionless her
knees give out. She falls against the wall and slides down
to the floor. Aubrey could hear Sloane crying, walks into
the room and walks over to her.
Mom why are you crying?
Sloane looks up at Aubrey.
Come here.
Sloane grabs Aubrey and puts her in her lap.
Its mommy, she's going to be sleep
for a while. She's going to go
sleep with grandmom and grandpop.
      (Gets sad)
But why? I never see them, does
that mean I won't see mommy
anymore either?
Aubrey begins to tears up.
Yes baby, that's what that means.


Noooo, but I want to see her, I
don't want her to go. I don't want
my mommy to leave, she has to wake
I don't want her to leave either
but s-
Aubrey gets up, climbs on the bed, and begins to shake
Mommy wake up, wake up!
Aubrey begins to cry harder over Rayna's body, Sloane stands
up, trying to be strong. She walks over to Aubrey, and picks
her up. Aubrey wraps her arms tight around Sloane's neck and
Sloane walks out of the room closing the door behind them.
The funeral is over, all of the family is leaving. Dave is
carrying Aubrey when he looks back and sees Sloane still
sitting there. Dave stops walking, and grabs Anne's hand.
Yeah babe?
Look at your sister.
I'll go talk to her, and we'll see
you back at the house.
Alright, I'll take Aubrey.
Thanks babe.


Anne kisses Dave and then walks over to Sloane.
Sloane doesn't answer her, so Anne sits down and holds her
Sloane sweetie.
      (Wipes her tear)
Let me take you home.
No, I'd rather walk. I need you to
do a favor for me.
Anything, what is it?
I need you to keep Aubrey for me,
she reminds me so much of Ray and
I just can't right now. Please do
this for me.
Sure, how long?
I don't know, but she has Micky
and Anna to play with, she'll be
Sloane you know she's going to
need you.
Thank you.
Sloane stands up and walks away, she walks all the way home.
It's been almost three months since Rayna has passed and
Sloane has not purchased a new mattress. She sleeps on the
floor, on Rayna's side. In those months Sloane has not seen
Aubrey, only talked to her over the phone a few times. She's


hasn't gone to work and she spends her days staring at the
bed or crying downstairs in the living room.
Finally Anne has had enough and she stops by the house.
Sloane is sitting against the wall staring at the bed when
she hears the doorbell ring, she gets up and slowly walks
When she gets to the door she looks out the peephole and
sees Anne standing there. Anne rings the bell again, but
Sloane doesn't answer. Instead she sits by the door, and
begins to break down again.
                       ANNE (O.C)
Sloane I know you are there, open
this door.
You can't keep doing this, it's
not fair, Aubrey misses you. It's
been three months since she has
seen you. You are being so selfish
right now.
      (Bangs on the door)
Sloane open this door right now.
You need to pull yourself
Fine you leave me know choice,
this is for you.
Anne slides a letter under the door.
                                         -- CUTS TO ANNE
Rayna asked me to give this to you
if you went down this road. She
was hoping that I wouldn't have
to. But like I said you leave me
no choice, you read that. Then you
come get you daughter. I love you
sis, and I miss you too.
Oh and you are lucky that we own
that business or you would so be
fired. I'll see you later.
                                         -- CUTS TO SLOANE


Sloane looks down at the floor and grabs the letter. She
stands up and walks upstairs to her room.
Sloane walks into the room and sits down in her usual spot.
At first she is hesitant to open the envelope, but then
something inside her tells her to. She pulls out the letter
and it reads:
                       RAYNA (V.O)
A Letter to my Wife,

If you are reading this then
that means you didn't keep your
promise to me and you went to a
place that I feared you would go
in my passing. I love you, I
always have and I know that you
love me. I want to apologize to
you because I haven't always been
the best wife. It was unfair for
me to keep this from you and I'm
sorry, I don't want you to blame
yourself for not being around
because I don't blame you. I don't
blame you for the affair with
Allie or any of this I blame
myself. I pushed you away, when I
should've just let you hold me
close. I hope that you can forgive
me, as I have forgiven you.
I can't change the past and I
can't fix the future, but you can.
Now I need you to pick yourself up
and be strong for me, be strong
for Aubrey. Our daughter needs you
now more than ever, I know you
left her with the one person that
you trust most in this world but
you need to go get her. She can't
lose both of her mommies, go get
my baby and bring her home, you
need each other.
Sloane one more thing, and I
know that this is the last thing
you want to read from me, but I
want you to do this. I want you to
love another the way that you have
loved me, just always be faithful.
When you find that person make
sure she's worthy of your love and


                       RAYNA (cont'd)

I love you always,
Your Wife Rayna.
Sloane couldn't stop the tears from falling from her eyes.
She stands up, slowly walks over to her bed, grabs Rayna's
pillow. Sloane cries herself to sleep.
Anne is on her way to the kitchen, when the doorbell rings.
She walks over to the door and opens it.
I knew you would come, come on in.
Sloane walks into the house, and they hug.
I've missed you little sis.
I missed you too, where's my baby
girl? I need her.
I know you do, she's in the living
Sloane smiles, walks into the living room, and she sees
Aubrey playing.
Sloane can't help but to smile at her beautiful little girl.
Hey princess.
Aubrey looks up and sees Sloane, she gets up and runs to
her. Sloane kneels down and hugs Aubrey tight.
Mommy, you came back for me, I
missed you.


I missed you too baby girl, I'll
never leave you again.
You promise?
I promise.
They pull away and Aubrey touches Sloane's face.
Mommy you look bad.
Sloane and Anne laugh, Anne walks in and sits on the sofa.
I know, mommy hasn't been
Let's go home so you can get some
rest and I can take good care of
you like you did mommy Ray.
Anne looked at Sloane, and Sloane just smiles at Aubrey so
she doesn't see her weak.
How about we both go get some
rest, and I'll take care of you?
Does that sound good to you?
      (Nods her head)
Okay, give Auntie a hug.
Aubrey walks over and hugs Anne, then Anne stands up so that
she can hug Sloane again.
Thank you so much, I love you sis.
I love you more, now get out of


Sloane chuckles and then grabs Aubrey's hand and they walk
out of the house to the car. Anne stands at the door and
watches Sloane strap Aubrey in, then gets in herself. Sloane
drives off and Anne closes the door.


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From Siobhan Tebbs Date 10/31/2013 **1/2
Liked it - neat story. Could there be some more visual elements to make it more resolutely filmic? A motif, for example. But I think it works as a short film.

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