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Malevolance-Short Film
by Jack O'Grady (sirskopio@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Malevolence is a film prepared to make his mark on a city in chaos. Until one misstep leads the entire city to believe he's a hero! I plan to film this as the intro to a series so some feedback would be really great.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A black and white news reel rolls on tape, showing a happy
sky over a prosperous city. A fast moving dot can be seen
whizzing through the air.
                       NARRARATOR (V.O)
Look! Up in the air! It's...
The dot grows and lands on the ground, clearly Ultimate Man.
A cheesy super hero in the classic tights and cape combo. He
stands with his hands on his hips, smiling at the camera. A
crowd quickly gathers about him.
                       NARRARATOR (V.O)
Ultimate Man! The Hero of
      (Ultimate Man
       showcases his
       strength to the
He can lift cars! Buildings!
Nothing is to heavy for him!
      (He races around
       the city at light
       entertaining the
Faster than a bullet, he can
outrun any living thing on Earth!
      (Ultimate Man
       stands infront of
       an American Flag)
We're glad he's on our side. Ready
to lead America to victory, a real
American Hero...
      (a crowd of
       children say it
       with the
Thank you Ultimate Man!
The reel suddenly cuts out-
The anchorman is sitting at his desk looking at a screen
that just showed the reel we saw, he turns towards the
camera, dejected.


Sadly, we are not in such high
hopes today.
      (Pictures of
       Ultimate Man
       appear on screen)
For decades Ultimate Man has
served our people, led us through
times of war and disaster. But
where is he now. As of now, our
city's hero has been missing for
two weeks. And with each day,
crime grows. If you can hear me
Maximum Man, we need you.
The screen goes dark.
Malevolence is sitting on his couch, relaxed and content
with himself. He sighs a happy sigh and lays back.
      (To himself)
What a perfect day.
He walks towards the window, revealing a city in chaos.
Yep, can't get any better than
He walks to his weapons room and begins arming himself.
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
Ok, just in case you didn't know,
I'm a bad guy. Or at least I'm
supposed to be. I mean, having
spent several years of my life
training to spread chaos and
general discomfort you'd expect
people to have a problem with me.
He stops and looks at a family picture, showing him holding
his parents at gunpoint dressed as the Joker.
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
In fact, I've been waiting for
this moment ever since I was a
      (Sighs happily)
I had a messed up childhood.
      (Walking down the


                       MALEVOLANCE (cont'd)
Always cheering for the bad guy,
always the problem child, the one
who wasn't going anywhere. Well,
with big ol' Maximum Man out of
the picture I finally have my
chance to prove them all right.
He stops by a dart filled poster of Ultimate Man.
Thanks big guy.
He rushes towards the balcony and jumps off, cape billowing
behind his back.
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
Time to make my mark on this city.
Ordinary people stand in ordinary lines at the bank, looking
very bored. Outside Malevolence is perched on a gargoyle
with binoculars.
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
I've always hated people like
that, living by the rules. Just
letting themselves waste away.
Thinking it matters whats right
and wrong. Maybe I can change
their mind. Maybe they're finally
getting tired of Ultimate Man's do
the right thing crap.
      (Looks through the
And if not, I'll give them a damn
good story to tell their
Suddenly the doors the bust down and five armed men rush in.
The crowd immediately drops to the floor in a panic.
      (Forcing people
Everybody on the ground! Now!
      (Points gun at
       bank teller)


                       ROBBERS (cont'd)
Open the vault. Now!
Malevolence sees chaos in the bank.
What the hell is happening in
A man on the ground is "praying" to Ultimate Man to save
them. One of the robbers notices and walks over to him.
Yeah, no one to save you now. No
"Ultimate Man" to come and beat my
ass. Because he's gone.
      (Takes another
Some people get in a fight in line
or something.
Might as well take a look.
He shoots a harpoon into the bank wall.
      (Readying himself)
Alright, time to rob a bank.
He jumps and swings towards the bank.
      (Still talking)
He doesn't care about you no more.
He's found something better to do
with his time than sing the
national anthem to shitheads like
you! The age of heroes is over
ass-hole! It's our time now!
Malevolence crashes through the mirror, knocking over one of
the robbers. He gets his balance and looks around.


                       MALEVOLANCE (POV)
      (He sees all the
Wha-oh shit.
The robbers charge Malevolence, reacting on instinct he
engages them in a fight. As he continuously whoops them the
people slowly stand up and by the end are cheering wildly.
       dropping the last
       guy and notices
       the crowd)
Oh, alright. This is a robbery!
      (People start
       hugging him and
       thanking him and
       calling him a
No, no, I'm a bad guy! I swear I'm
evil! Stop thanking me!
The crowd parts and the manager of the bank comes forth and
shakes his hand.
Thank you so much. You have saved
a great deal of people a great
deal of money.
Actually I was planning on taking
that money.
You are a hero. Please tell us
your name.
The crowd goes silent.
Are you sure it's not, like,
Or Power Fist.


No, it's Malevolence.
The crowd shrugs and starts cheering his name. As they cheer
Malevolence awkwardly begins edging away towards the broken
window, giving some your welcomes and glad to helps.
      (At the window)
Well, I've got more crime to
fight, I guess.
He quickly harpoons away. The crowd continues cheering his
      (Picures of
       Malevolence on
       the screen)
Malevolence. Yesterday our city
was introduced to a new hero,
though he has an, interesting
name. There is no doubt that he is
a substantial substitute for
Ultimate Man.
      (A screen shows up
       in the corner
       with a reporter)
Now, I can see he's gained quite a
public following. Let's go to
Janson to get the scoop.
It goes to the reporter standing in front of a large crowd
holding up signs glorifying Malevolence and wearing
Malevolence shirts.
Now I'm here with a large
gathering of Valley City residents
and I'm just going to ask them why
they're here, though it may be a
little obvious.
He turns his MIC to the crowd who all shout...


      (Turning back to
       the audience)
Yes, it seems that Valley City has
taken quit a liking to our new
hero. This edgy crime fighter is
in retrospect, a breath of fresh
air after all the camp and neon of
Ultimate Man. What can we expect
from this shadowy vigilante, no
one knows. But Malevolence is here
and he is here to stay!
The screen goes dark
Malevolence sits on the couch, horrified by what he just
saw. The phone rings and he cautiously picks it up.
      (Into the phone)
      (On the other line)
Dude! Explain to me what I just
      (Trying to explain
It's not my fault man. I was going
to rob the bank but there were
already some guys who had the same
idea and-
      (Cutting him off)
Wait, wait, wait. Let me just get
this straight. So you were gonna
rob a bank.
But there were other bank robbers
already there.


So you beat them up and now they
all think you're some kind of
That's pretty much it. So what do
I do, Shade?
You should know what to do ,it's
obvious, they're playing right
into your hands. Make them trust
you, then crush this city beneath
your feet. When you swore
allegiance to the Villain's
Society you promised us you could
give us our dream, a sanctuary for
evil. And now's your chance. And
if you don't take it, you'll just
be another pair of tights.
Shade hangs up leaving Malevolence in shock. Slowly he
stands up and walks to the balcony, overlooking the city.
Even from up there he can hear their cheers.
                       SHADE (V.O)
crush this city beneath your feet.
Just as Malevolence is about to leap off the balcony again
he;s interrupted.
                       ULTIMATE GIRL (O.S)
Malevolence nearly trips and falls but catches himself. When
he turns to see Ultimate Girl, perched on the building he
puts ona suave attitude.
Oh. Hey.
                       ULTIMATE GIRL
Watcha doing there?
Oh, just you know.
Crimefighting.Wait, are you
Ultimate Girl?


                       ULTIMATE GIRL
      (Nodds and steps
       onto balcony)
Who else would I be?
      (Backing up
       against railing)
Alright, so I'm gonna guess that
you are Ultimate Girl. Second
Question, why are you here?
                       ULTIMATE GIRL
I think you know why. Being the
new hero in town, don't tell me
you weren't expecting a visit from
the Super Squadron
Oh yeah, you're in that. So where
are the other members? Shouldn't
they be here too.
                       ULTIMATE GIRL
Well, for one thing Ultimate Man
is nowhere to be found. And the
others, they just didn't want to
      (Malevolence looks
To be truthful, no one at HQ
really appreciates what you're
doing here. Not only that but they
don't trust you.
Is it the name?
                       ULTIMATE GIRL
Well, it certainly doesn't help.
Now, we should get down to
      (she holds out a
Now, you may be rather unpopular
with the other heroes, but, as a
member of the Super Squadron. I am
obligated to offer you a
Malevolence takes the card and stares at it, contemplating.


      (looking up to
      (Ultimate Girl has
He walks in to his apartment, very distressed. With a sigh
he sits down across from his Ultimate Man poster.
      (To his poster)
I'm in too deep aren't I. No
turning back now. God, I don't
even know if I can go through with
this. I mean, just this morning I
was so confident, so sure of my
resolve. I was evil. But if all it
takes is one misstep to--no.
      (He stands up)
It was just can accident, it
didn't mean anything!
We zoom in slowly on his face.
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
I'm still evil. I'm still
                       MALEVOLANCE (V.O)
      (As he walks away
       from the poster)
It was just an accident, it didn't
mean anything. I'm still evil, I'm
still Malevolence.
Ultimate Man kneels on the ground on a distant planet,
looking up at the sky.
                       ULTIMATE MAN (V.O)
It's been nearly a month since
I've seen my city. But I can rest
knowing that when I return they
will welcome me with open arms. I
still have their loyalty, after
all these years.
      (He stands up)
My name is Maximum Man. I'm a hero
and I'm coming home.


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