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Love Bites
by Kassie Kim (kassie96@att.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

"Love Bites" is a modern revenge drama. It follows the life of Anna as she prepares to compete in her first ever Battle of the Bands competition.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Anna, Blake, AJ, Leia and John are practicing for Battle of
the Bands.
All right guys! Great practice!
Same time tomorrow.
Blake! Can you and me go over that
scale? The one in the bridge? I'm
having a bit of trouble hitting
that note.
Your doing great sweetie. Don't
worry. You'll get it.
Blake walks out of the garage, leaving Anna alone.
                                         FADE OUT
Anna is on the couch and is playing a game on her phone when
she gets a text from Blake asking her to meet him at their
favorite coffee shop. Anna gets up, heads to her car and
leaves to go to the coffee shop.
Anna parks her car and heads to the door. Anna looks and
sees something in the window, she ducks and observes. She
sees John get up. As John's back was turned Blake moved
closer to Leia. He put his arm around her and whispered
something into her ear and Leia turns red. Anna leaves
before she can see anything else.
      (In her car)
I can't believe him! My friend,
Anna grabs her phone and texts Leia.


                       ANNA (VO)
Meet me at the park. We need to
Anna leaves the parking lot and heads to the park to wait
for Leia.
Leia pulls into a parking spot and gets out of her car. Anna
is sitting on a bench, mad with anger in her eyes.
So what's up? You OK?
No, I'm NOT OK! I was just at the
coffee shop when I saw YOU and MY
BOYFRIEND canoodling while John,
YOUR BOYFRIEND, had his back
Whoa, wait a second! I was NOT
canoodling with Blake. He was
wanting to, but I didn't. Why
would I do that to John?
Still doesn't give me an answer.
(Sighs) OK. Ever since this band
thing started, he's been trying to
hit on me. Even though BOTH you
guys and John and I have been
dating the same amount of time.
How long exactly has this been
going on?
Since the beginning of summer.
Anna, I AM SO SORRY! I have been
trying to avoid him, but he keeps
coming onto me.


Look, it's not your fault he's a
selfish jerk. He's always been
like that.
So, are we good?
Yeah. We're good. I gotta go.
Anna gives Leia a hug and heads to he car. Anna pulls away.
Anna approaches the door to AJ's house. She knocks. AJ opens
the door and Anna storms in, upset and holding back tears.
Anna? What's wrong? You ok?
No, I'm not.
Hey, tell me. What's wrong?
Blake. He's been hitting on Leia
since the beginning of the summer.
What?! And what about Leia?
I talked to her. She's in love
with John. It's obvious. She's
been rejecting him every time he
tries to make a move.
So, what's the plan? What are you
going to do?
I don't know.


Well, we do have practice in a
few. How about we wait till then
to decide.
      (Wiping her eyes)
AJ hugs Anna.
Garage door is open. Anna and AJ arrive. They look into the
garage and see Blake close to abusing Leia.
BLAKE, STOP! Your hurting me!
Anna rushes in. She starts to punch and kick Blake, trying
to get him to let go of Leia. Blake turns his attention to
Anna long enough for Leia to deliver a low blow.
      (In pain)
(Gasps for breath as he falls to
the ground)
      (Rushing in)
What the hell happened here? Blake
are you OK?
He better not be OK! If he is,
I'll beat him down even more!
Anna, Leia, what happened?
      (Holding her arm)
Blake was hurting me and Anna
saved me. John, Blake has been
hitting on me for a few months


      (Shocked and
Blake? Is this true?
      (Still on the
Bull crap Blake! I saw you at the
coffee shop today! You were trying
to snuggle up to her while John's
back was turned!
      (Getting Angry)
Anna, you saw this?
BLAKE! Why would you do that?!?
You KNOW she's MY GIRL!
I didn't!
Anna, AJ and Leia look at each other, look at John and then
back at Blake. All three girls approach Blake, whose still
on the ground in pain.
      (Leans down)
Blake. I am tired of your crap.
This is the last time you will see
me. We are through. And so is this
band. Leia, AJ and myself will
compete against you and whoever is
stupid enough to play with you.
Blake. Conceder me gone too. Anna,
if you need a bass player, I'm
right here.
Thanks John. (Looks at Blake) Bye
Blake. Thanks for nothing.
Anna stands up. Leia, John, AJ and Anna start to leave. Anna
decides to stay behind for a moment. Anna turns around as
Blake is starting to get up and gives him a hard slap and
knocks him back down. Anna leaves as Blake is tending his


Anna, AJ, Leia nad John are in his garage. They pick up
their instruments and start to play.

Blake holds auditions for his new guitarist, pianist,drummer
and bass player.

Anna is singing her heart out, determined to beat Blake.

Blake puts his head down as he is listening to the

John and AJ work on the beat as Anna and Leia work on the
vocal scale.

Blake finds his new players and tries to start practice.
None of them are as good as he wanted. The new players give
Blake a hard time.

Anna, AJ, John and Leia finish their song and stay in their
ending pose until Anna turns around with a huge grin on her

Blake is frustrated with his new players, but it's too late
to withdraw from the competition. Blake kicks the new
players out of his garage.
Anna is backstage warming up her vocals. Blake approaches
Hey, Anna listen...
No Blake, you listen. Why? Why did
you do that? You knew what you
were doing, but you didn't even
think about me? Why?
I'm sorry, Anna. I don't know what
came over me. But these last few
weeks without you have been like
torture. Please, Anna! I miss you!


Shut up Blake! You really don't
mean that. If you did, then you
wouldn't of done that to me!
Anna turns around ans starts to walk off. She stops
mid-stride and turns around.
You know Blake, these past few
weeks without you. For me, they
were like heaven on earth! I don't
need you. I don't want you. And
sure as hell, I do NOT love you.
Anna turns and walks off, leaving Blake alone.
Anna, AJ, Leia and John are ready to go onstage. Anna
suddenly gets nervous and walks away. AJ follows her.
Hey Anna! What's up?
I'm just nervous. I saw Blake
front row and center. Like right
in front of where I will stand. I
was ready, then I saw him earlier.
I told him off, but seeing him
right THERE just threw me off.
Anna, this was your idea to
compete in the first place. You
know Blake never wanted to. But as
soon as he saw that passion, it
became his dream to win. Now,
since he doesn't have you anymore
he has nothing. He is nothing, YOU
are a superstar! This is your
moment to come out of his shadow
and create a name for yourself.
Leia, John and I are here with
you. Always and forever Anna.
Thanks. (Takes deep breath) OK.
Let's do this.
Anna and AJ join John and Leia.


Alright! Next up we have...
Lights dim. They take the stage. The first note plays and
the lights come up slowly. Spotlight on Anna until the drums
hit. They play as Anna sings her heart out. Blake looks up
at Anna. Anna looks past him to the crowd. As Anna sings the
last line, she stares down Blake until the last note plays.
Crowd cheers loudly, but Anna doesn't hear them. She
continues to stare at Blake. She finally breaks the gaze as
AJ and Leia grab her arm. John joins them and they all take
a bow.
YEAH!!! Alright that was EverStar!
Y'all liked them didn't ya? Haha!
OK, we have one more band before
the judges decide who wins.
They exit the stage as the announcer welcomes the next band.
Blake managed to find his way backstage again.
Hey Anna!
WHAT! Blake I am getting sick and
tired of hearing your crap and
your voice. I don't care anymore.
You are nothing to me now. Time
for you to move on. I have. (Turns
to the others) Give me a sec ok
AJ and Leia nod. Leia drags John away as AJ leads them to
the green room.
I saw you look at me. You lied.
You still love me, don't you.
Admit it!
      (Glares at Blake)
I will admit it. I admit that when
i stared you right in the eye, I
saw something. You wanna know what
I saw? I saw the guy I fell in
love with freshmen year, dead. The
Blake I knew back then is no


                       ANNA (cont'd)
longer with us. He's been replaced
with you. When I stared you dead
in the eyes, I saw no remorse
whatsoever. My Blake, the one I
loved, would never of betrayed me.
You destroyed yourself when you
lost sight of yourself. I'm so
sorry Blake, but there's no longer
any room in my life for you.
Anna, please!
Your right. I'm not the same guy.
But your not the same girl. We've
grown up. The both of us have
grown up, but together! I don't
know who I am without you! Please
Anna, I'm begging you! Please
forgive me!
Blake, you don't understand. I
have forgiven you. But, I haven't
forgotten. Nor will I ever forget
what you did to me. You hurt me,
Blake. Badly. It's something that
I can't let go. There are
somethings a girl never forgets.
Just remember that the next time
you even think of doing something
like this to any other girl. Ever.
Good bye Blake.
Anna walks off towards the green room.
Anna, please! ANNA!
MC heads on stage accompanied by Eliza, who is holding the
envelope with the winning bands name.
All right! All the acts have
performed. Tonight has been
incredible! So much talent! And
let me just say, this has been the
BEST Battle of the Bands
competition I've ever seen!
Alright, can I have the envelope?
Thank you Eliza.


                       MC (cont'd)
OK, the moment we've all been
waiting for. Drum roll please!
And the winner of this years
Battle of the Bands, and $25,000
richer, is...
(Opens envelope)
Anna, AJ and Leia are shocked. John grabs Leia by the arm
and she grabs AJ who grabs Anna as John heads towards the
Congrats Everstar! You four are
now $25,000 richer.
Before I let you go and have the
multiple photo ops, I must ask.
Where did the name Everstar come
AJ and Leia push Anna towards the MC and she hesitantly
starts to answer.
Well, at first we had another
member in this band. But we all
left him, for reasons that the
band only knows. He put us in the
Battle of the Bands competition
after I suggested it. I've always
wanted to be a star, and he took
that dream and made it his. So
when we left, they let me name the
band. I thought of how I wanted to
be a star one day, and once your a
star, your a star forever. Thats
when I thought of EverStar. They
liked it, and it had a ring to it
we all liked. So we all agreed.
Amazing! So, tell us your names.
I'm Anna, the lead singer and
I'm AJ, the drummer and heartbeat
of the band.


I'm Leia, the keyboardist and
I'm John, the bass player.
Good to meet you all! Since you,
Anna,are the lead singer of this
group then it's my pleasure to
present you with this. A check for
The MC hands Anna a big check as the crowd roars. She smiles
and holds it in the middle. AJ, Leia and John crowd around
behind the check as their picture is taken. Everyone is
beaming, but none more than Anna. Her smile is the biggest
of all.
                                         FADE OUT


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