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Gore Orphange Road
by Tom Young (surfdirk@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
In the 1930's Gore Orphanage mysteriously burned down. Most say that it was done by the sadistic Headmaster of the orphanage. Years later the legend has grown, and most people avoid the lonely country road because as they say, "Bad things happen on Gore Orphanage road." A group of teens decide to take the "short-cut" down the road late one night as they head to a party.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A speeding car full of teens travels down a road. Music
plays through the open windows. The car slows down and turns
left onto an old country road. The camera tilts up to reveal
the road sign : Gore Orphange Road.
The driver of the car, BRAD, turns off the radio.
Shut-up you guys. We're taking the
shortcut, and I need to
concentrate on the road.
Wait! Why do we have to take this
creepy old road?
We'll save 15 minutes, plus
there's the speed trap Sheriff
Watkins has on Main that we can
totally avoid.
Hold on. Can we vote on this? I've
heard bad things about Gore
Orphanage Road.
Come on man, you don't believe all
that junk about this road. The
Sheriff would shut-down the road
if this road was dangerous.
Yeah butt...
      (twirling her hair)
Oh come on sugar. I want to get to
the party, so we can dance
together. Maybe even slow dance
Well, uh um. I mean that sounds
nice, but they say bad things
happen on Gore Orphanage road for
a reason.
Yeah, so you guys need to be quiet
so Brad can drive.


Nobody pays attention to Gil. Nobody ever pays him
But what about all those murders
that happened here?
I wouldn't call it "murder". Sure,
the orphanage burned down, and all
those kids burned to death, but
nobody said it was done on
The newspapers blamed the
orphanage's sadistic HEADMASTER
for the fire, but since he burned
up in the flames nobody will ever
really know what happened.
The HEADMASTER? I thought it was
clown or something.
The HEADMASTER wore a clowns mask
whenever he punished the kids. He
thought it would make the
punishment more bearable for them.
That's twisted.
Yeah. And according to records the
HEADMASTER punished the kids
often. In fact rumor has it that
he was fired for it. That's why he
burned down the Orphanage. He
blamed the children for telling.
Legend says the HEADMASTER roams
the road looking for more children
he can punish.
So okay. Everyone happy now. It's
just some stupid road with a local
legend. They're a dime a dozen.
Every county's probably got one.
Ours happens to be Gore Orphanage
Road. A dark, creepy old road
where a bunch of bad stuff
happened in the 30's. Don't be so
The car swerves suddenly to avoid a dark figure in the road.
Brad steers out of a fishtail, and hits his brakes hard. The
car comes to a stop in the tall weeds that line the road.


Way to drive Earnhardt.
Did you guys see that?
They all turn around and look out their windows trying to
pierce the darkness. They see nothing.
What did you see? What was it?
I don't know. It looked like a
person lying down in the road.
Let's just go. Let's get out of
We can't leave. What if it's
somebody and they need help.
It's not. It's probably just a
sack of grain that fell off a
truck or something. Just go Brad.
That doesn't seem right. I'll go
and check just to be sure.
Gil opens up his door and gets out. He cautiously walks back
towards the road.
Hey, hold on. We'll come with you.
The crap we will!
Not you girls. Stay in the car.
Chet, come on let's go.
What? I thought I'd stay and... uh
..you know ..protect the girls.
Come on Chet. Be a hero for me.
I'm sure it's nothing anyway.
Chet finds the courage to live up to Ronnie's expectations.
The two boys get out of the car and meet Gil near the trunk
of the car. They begin to step away...


Hold on. Wait.
Brad fondles his keys and opens the trunk revealing a
blanket. He moves the blanket and we see nestled over the
spare tire a SHOTGUN. Brad grabs it.
Does anybody know how to shoot?
What the stuff man? Why do you
have a shot-gun in your trunk?
It's my dad's. Hey, Chet. You're
in FFA right?
Then you probably have handled a
shotgun before. Take this.
Brad tosses the shot-gun into Chet's hands.
Wait...what? But I....
Dude! You've handled a gun before,
and we haven't. Your the safest
choice. You want us to be safe
      (from car)
Man up Chet! You gotta protect me.
Chet gulps. He holds the shot-gun with familiarity and walks
cautiously ahead. The rest of the boys follow a few feet
behind him. We see a mysterious mound lying near where the
car lost control. It begins to move.
The dark mound stretches out, and we see that it is a
person. He begins to rise. We don't know who or what he is.
Holy Crap what is that?
It's a man. We hit a man. Are you
okay sir?
Gil steps towards the man with arms wide open. The MAN
stands up, stretches his arms out, growls, and grabs Gil by
the throat. We now see he is the HEADMASTER. A cloaked
figure with a sickening clown's mask over his face.


Children! Dirty squealing little
Children must be punished.
Gil's body goes limp as the HEADMASTER lets go of his
victim. Chet falls backwards onto the ground. Brad crouches
behind him. The girls scream. The HEADMASTER turns his
attention towards CHET.
Shoot Him! Kill that S.O.B.
CHET fumbles with the SHOT-GUN. He squeezes off two rounds
that hits the HEADMASTER in the chest. The Headmaster goes
down. The two boys stand-up.
I shot him. I shot him dead.
      (to the Headmaster)
How you like that you pile of
BRAD steps over the HEADMASTER to see if GIL is alive. As he
does the HEADMASTER stands up, grabs BRAD, snaps his neck,
and throws him to the ground! The girls scream.
That's impossible! You're ..you're
dead... you died... you can't
You can't kill me! I'm already
The HEADMASTER tears away his mask and reveals his true face
- burned and decayed. He laughs as Chet drops the shot-gun.
Urine flows down his pants. CHET collapses in a heap and
begins to cry. The HEADMASTER makes threats as Chet pleads
for his life.
Please don't kill me! I don't
wanna die. Please sir.. please
spare me.
Dirty squealer child. You must be
The HEADMASTER laughs an evil laugh that gradually becomes
comical. Other laughter is heard. Chet looks up and see Brad
and Gil on their knees smiling. They look at Chet and burst
into laughter.
O snap he wet his pants!
Dumbfounded, Chet spins around and sees Raven holding a
video recording device. Raven wears a satisfied look upon
her face.


What? Wait..what is going on? Were
there blanks in the gun?
Well duh! You just got pwned!
The HEADMASTER grabs a rag from his pocket and wipes off the
burn make-up from his face. He removes his fright wig and
reveals that he is Brad's right-hand man CORD.
What a fool! Tell me you got the
shot of him messing his pants?
I got it! I just uploaded it to
Wait! What? Why would you do that?
Because we can!
      (to Ronnie)
Did you know they were doing this?
Did she know? She's the bait dude!
We know you have a secret crush on
her, so it was easy to get you to
come to some fake party with a
promise of a slow dance.
      (to Chet)
I'm sorry. They ... I mean it's
not like..I mean...uhm
Ha. Like my sister would go out
with a loser like you.
Maybe next time you'll think twice
about running for SGA against one
of our boys.
That's what this is about? The SGA
election next week? You'd scare me
to death and humiliate me just to
win an election?
Well, yeah. Obviously.


No one is gonna vote for a
pee-pants wuss wimp. Once they see
your performance tonight you'll be
lucky if your own mom would vote
for you.
Brad slaps his friends on the back while they all head back
to the car. Chet follows behind.
      (to Chet)
Hold on. Where do you think you're
going? You ain't getting into my
car in those pants.
How am I going to get home?
Not my problem man. Call your
momma and tell her to pick you up,
and bring her little baby a change
of pants!
They all laugh as they hop into the car and speed away. Chet
is stunned. He grabs for his phone. He begins to walk back
home. He stops and listens to the noises growing louder from
the nearby woods. He shakes his phone in frustration.
Come on stupid phone! Get a
Chet hears a noise coming from the brush. He stops and turns
Who's there? (beat) I know it's
you guys! What's your problem?
Didn't get enough video of me
crying for my life? Huh? Is that
the problem? Didn't get enough
close-ups of my tears?
Chet spins around and peers into the darkness of the road.
More noises are heard.
Aw come on you idiots! Why don't
you show yourself? This time
though I ain't gonna shrink in
terror. I gonna punch you right
the face! You hear that pretty
boy? Right in your stupid mot-
Chet spins around and comes face to face with the real
HEADASTER. This variation is taller and much more
frighteningly decorated.
Cord? Uhm.. is that you? You look


Chet grows more confident. He straightens out his body and
steps towards the HEADMASTER.
Why don't you take off that stupid
mask, so I can punch you in your
stupid face?
The HEADMASTER rips off his mask to reveal a face full of
decay, maggots, and charred flesh. This is not a cheap
face-paint job like Cord's. This is real! The Headmaster
swings his hands in the air. His eyes glow red as he strikes
down upon CHET.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Brad, Cord, and Gil walk down the hallway as if they own the
place. Students consciously avoid them. They walk up to
Scott Speedman who is busy switching his books out in his
Well lookity lookity fellas. If it
isn't Scott Speedy Speedman.
What do you want Brad?
Nothing bud. I just wanna say
congrats on your win the other
day. It looks like the baseball
team is going on to the district
championship thanks to your arm.
Yeah Speedy, Congrats.
Hey Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher -
They all look at Gil. Brad slaps the back of Gil's head.
You idiot, It's "Hey Batter Batter
Batter Swing"!
Brad looks back at Scott. He slaps Scott on the back.
Us jocks gotta look out for one
other right? I mean baseball is
not nearly as cool as football,
but a jock is a jock nonetheless.


Sure. Thanks.
Gee Brad, that sure seems like a
chilly reception.
It sure does Cord. Your attitude
doesn't display a whole lot of
gratitude there Scott.
I don't mean nothing by it, but
you guys have been bad mouthing me
for the last month ever since you
heard my name being tossed around
for Prom King.
And may the best man win Scotty.
In fact to show you we got no hard
feelings we wanted to invite you
out with us Friday night to a
little party.
yeah, I don't think...
My sister will be there, and she's
been asking around about you.
Ronnie's been asking around about
me? Hmm. Well, tell me where the
party's at and I'll meet you
Oh we can't have that. What say me
and Gil pick you up. You and
Ronnie can sit in the backseat.
Well. I suppose. I mean if its all
right with Ronnie.
Oh it'll be alright with her.
BRAD's car speeds along the road. We hear a similar
conversation about the HEADMASTER and Gore Orphanage Road.
And they say the HEADMASTER is
still for looking children to


Ok, so let's not all freak out
about some stupid local legend.
It's the only way we can get to
the party on time.
I don't really wanna be doing
What? Sure you do --- don't you
Hey if Ronnie's not feeling up to
it then we can turn around.
Scott turns to Ronnie and looks into her sad eyes.
If you don't want to go that's
fine. Maybe we can hang out
another time.
I'd like that.
You know what you'd like Ronnie.
You'd like to slow dance with
Scott tonight! Wouldn't you?
Yeah she would!
Yes, Ronnie. I know that's what
your friends are counting on.
Are you sure? If your not...
Scott's words are abruptly cut short due to Brad's wild
turn in the road. The car shutters to stop.
Way to drive Earnhardt.
There was something in the road
back there.
Brad turns the key to the car. It wont start.
I'll go back and check out what it
was in the road.


We'll all go.
The crap we will!
Not the girls. You...
You girls stay in the car where
its safe. We'll go and check it
The three boys get out of the car and start to walk back to
towards the figure in the road. Brad opens the trunk of the
car. He grabs the shot-gun and tosses it to Scott.
Do you know how to shoot a gun?
Just in case it gets ugly.
The figure begins to move.
Hey it's a person. Are you okay
The figure stands up. Cord's voice is heard coming through
the cheap clown mask.
Squealing little children must be
Cord grabs Gil as before and pretends to choke him. He
throws Gil's body to the ground. He steps towards Scott who
has not even flinched.
What the?
Shoot Him! It's the Headmaster!
Shoot him.
I got a gun here buddy! Step back!
He killed Gil! What are you
waiting for. We're all gonna die!
Shoot him!
Scott gathers his thoughts and raises the shot-gun.
CORD/HEADMASTER keeps coming.


This is your last warning fella!
Stop or I will shoot you.
Shoot him you idiot!
Scott pulls the trigger. BLAM. Cord is thrown 4 feet back
and grabs his chest as he falls to the ground. Brad steps
over to Gil.
      (to Cord)
How you like that you pile of
Brad waits for Cord to stand up and grab him as he has done
before. Cord lies motionless. Brad is confused. He walks
closer towards Cord.
      (to Cord)
Hey. You hear that you sack of
filth. Hey. Come on man.
Brad bends down to flip Cords body around. He realizes that
something is wrong.
Hey. Hey. Cord? What's wrong with
you man, You ruined it. Hey. Are
you okay?
Brad opens up the cape of the Headmaster outfit. Cord is
dead. Blood oozes out of the gaping shot-gun wounds. Brad
jumps back in terror.
He's dead.
Yeah! You shot the bad guy Scott!
No. He's dead. Cord's dead. He's
been shot.
The girl's run out from the car. Raven runs to Brad. Ronnie
runs to her dead brother. She takes his mask off and reveals
Cord's eyes are lifeless. Gil gets up.
Nooo... It 'cant be.
No way man. No way.
I loaded the blanks myself. This
aint happening.
Everybody is shocked. Scott takes out his phone and dials


Hello. We need an ambulance.
Someone's been shot. We're out on
Gore Orphanage Road.
      (to Scott)
What are you doing?
We gotta call the police. Maybe
there's still a chance for your
Maybe there's still a chance? He's
dead man! You shot him!
Ronnie stand up. She passes both Raven and Gil who are
stunned by the events. She rushes up to Brad and begins
pounding him on the chest.
What did you do? I told you I
didn't want to do this anymore.
Bad things happen on Gore
Orphanage road!
I loaded the blanks myself.
There's no way somebody switched
guns. No way.
Tell that to my brother!
The camera pulls away as we see police cars and an Ambulance
race towards the teens. We see the medics covering Cord's
body shaking their heads. The camera shows the night sky
then slowly lowers down miles away as we hear sirens in the
background. The camera pulls into an upstairs window.
We see outside of an upstairs window. The camera pulls back
to reveal a bedroom. A desk comes into view. A box of Red
Shot-gun shells are in the corner. A Hand comes into view
and rolls out two Blue Shot-gun shells. The camera tilts up
to reveal Chet.
Filthy little children need to be
The camera focuses on Chets face. His eyes begin to glow
red. The screen goes black. The Headmaster's laugh can be
heard as the credits start.


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From Batman Date 2/3/2015 ****
Great Screenplay.

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