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The Interview (Short)
by Jeremy

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ****
A short film idea I had about a year ago. I never did anything with it and thought I would post the script for feedback. Please leave comments good or bad. I don't like anything sugar coated.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A man dressed in a suit is sitting at a table. An empty
chair is sitting across from him. The door to the room opens
slowly and a well dressed man walks through it. He is
wearing sunglasses and proceeds to sit in the empty chair
across from the man.
Hello Mr. President.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Hello. How are you today?
I'm doing well, thank you. I must
assume that your people have told
you why you are here?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
They told me it was a requirement
that I see you before I took
office. Other than that I don;t
know much.
Well, hopefully, we will be able
to clear up any questions that you
may have.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Let's get started then.
I like that. A man who is ready to
get things done! Let's start with
the obvious question. Why did you
want to be President?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I wanted to help the country. I
believe our country has been going
in the wrong...
No, not the standard bull shit
political answer. Why did you
really want to become President?
The man seems a bit uncomfortable to answer.


                       INTERVIEWER (Cont.)
Ok, for example, when Richard
Nixon sat in that same chair that
you are now, he said he wanted
power. And as much as he could
get. So, I ask you again sir. Why
did you want to be President?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I guess...
Don't guess! Know! It is a simple
The man is uncomfortable at this point.
                       INTERVIEWER (Cont.)
Ok, let's start with something
easier. Ask me anything. Any
questions about the country you
have, any conspiracy theories that
you want to know the truth about.
Anything at all.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Ok, who really killed JFK?
Jesus Christ! Is that all you
people really want to know! Who
killed Kennedy?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
You said I could ask anything.
The interviewer rolls his eyes.
Your next question better be a
hell of a lot better than that
one! Who killed Jack Kennedy.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Was it the CIA?
No.You people watch too many
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Ok, then who?


Are you married, Mr. President?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Yes, you should know that.
How would I know that? I don't
watch television.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
It was in the paper, on the radio!
Mr. President, have I given you
some kind of indication that I
live in the United States?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I assumed.
You see. That is the biggest
problem with your government. You
assume everything.
The man is now very confused.
                       INTERVIEWER (Cont.)
Have you ever pissed off your
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Who hasn't pissed off their wife?
Then you know that certain things
will make your wife very upset.
There are also things that will
make her very pissed off. And most
importantly, there are things that
will make her kill.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Where is this going?
You asked who killed Jack Kennedy.
Jackie did it!
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
You're telling me Jackie O. had
her husband killed?


Is it really so hard to believe?
He was nailing everything across
the country to include one of the
world's biggest actresses. The
wife got mad. Didn't appreciate
it. So, she had him assassinated.
Quite genius when you think about
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Yes, what better way to convince
the nation you had nothing to do
with it then be beside him while
he gets the top of his head blown
off. Her grabbing his head to keep
his brains from falling out was a
nice touch too.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Who are you?
Who I am is not of concern. Next
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Ok, Did OJ do it?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Are you kidding? OJ didn't do it!?
Not kidding.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I am kidding. OJ did it.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
For a second I doubted everything
in the world.
The interviewer begins to smile.


Don't lose that idea yet.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Did Iraq really have weapons of
mass destruction?
Excellent question. Yes, there
were weapons of mass destruction.
But, they were moved long before
it became a big topic in the
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
How do you know they were moved?
Because the United States moved
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Are you implying the U.S. planned
the whole 9/11 attacks?
Not at all. I am simply saying
don't believe everything you see
on television.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Did we plan the 9/11 attacks?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Did we have anything to do with
Of course. The United States plays
a very big role in all incidents
in the world.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I see.
You don't see anything yet. Back
to my question. Why did you want
to become President?


                       PRESIDENT ELECT
I wanted to be written about in
Why is that important?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Because history makes you
And who do you think makes
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Daily events?
WE make history.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Who's we?
The people who decided your
election. The ones who make all
the decisions. The organization I
am apart of.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
What organization is that?
I can tell you that if this
interview is successful.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
What makes this interview
The answers to my next two
questions. Certain countries in
the world are looking to get back
into the gold standard. The
problem is gold has been quite
difficult to obtain. The citizens
of the world bought most of it and
want to keep it. How do you obtain
something people don't want to
give up?


                       PRESIDENT ELECT
You offer an incentive.
What kind of incentive?
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
More money then the market price.
We did that. After the economy
went south we set up thousands of
cash for gold shops. It wasn't a
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Then, I don't know.
I do. You take it.
The President Elect is very uncomfortable with the response.
He begins to look around the room.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
When I take office you want to
know if I will do what I am told.
You've caught on quicker then the
last four I interviewed. I'm
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
You said I could ask anything I
wanted. How long has this been
going on?
Longer then we have been around.
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
Has anyone refused?
Yes, you could probably guess who.
I will just say the computer chip
we placed in his brain weakened
his ability to speak in complete
                       PRESIDENT ELECT
What was your last question?


You answered it for me. (while
reaching in his pocket)
The Interviewer has pulled out what looks like a gun. He
shoots the President Elect in the chest. It is a
tranquilizer gun.The President Elect falls to the floor.
                       INTERVIEWER (cont.)
(pulling a phone from his other
pocket, pushing a button and
placing it to his ear.) Let's get
him prepped. (closes the phone and
places it back in his pocket)
The door swings open and two men walk through it dressed
like secret servicemen. They pick up the president elect and
take him to another room.
The interviewer is standing in the room reflecting on the
situation. We can hear the footsteps of someone entering the
room. They cannot be seen.
Are we good?
Yes Director, we are more then


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From TARIK.H Date 3/21/2016 ****
I've very much liked your script.. Well, may I have your email address?

From Peter van Muyen Date 1/9/2014 ***1/2
It's great, I really enjoyed it. Love the dialogue. It was however, very short, but maybe that was the whole point. I liked the flow, good tempo. Well done.

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