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Untitled (Short)
by John Thomas (biggitybronson@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A night in the life of a small time cocaine dealer in Liverpool, taking place mainly from his car, we get a glimpse of his own life as well as his friends and customers as he contemplates his choice of life and way of making a living.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


"A good place to wash your hair, Liverpool - good, soft
George Harrison
Kevin is standing in the bathroom with his head in a sink
full of soapy water, there's silence as he stands still with
both hands clasped around the sea-shell shaped sink, holding
his breath under the water. His phone rings on the
window-sill, blurring "The A-team" ringtone. Kevin lifts his
head out of the sink and looks at himself in the mirror,
water dripping from his hair and face, he looks down at the
phone at the screen, he see's the name of the incoming
called and looks away, grabs a towel and starts to dry his
hair and face. The phone rings out and stops, leaving
silence again. Kevin picks up a bar of soap and starts to
wash his hands thoroughly with it, he turns on the hot tap
and lets the hot water pour onto his hands as he washes
them, digging his nails into the soap then washing them out.
He picks up a nail brush and begins to brush the soap into
his nails, fixating a concentrated stare onto his hands as
he cleanses them, brushing harder each time. The phone rings
again and Kevin cuts his finger nail from brushing too hard.
      (Looks at his hand)
Kevin uses the towel to wipe the blood from his finger and
dry his hands, he walks over and picks up the phone with it
still ringing, he looks at it in silence until it rings out
and stops again
Kevin is combing his hair in a mirror, when he finishes he
places the comb into a drawer then walks over to a mini
fridge by his bed, he kneels down and opens it, there is
nothing but about 9 cold bottles of mineral water in it, he
takes one out and is about to open it before his phone rings
once again
God's sake...
Kevin walks over to his phones and picks it up, this time
answering it


Hello?.....Alright, Carl?...Yeah I
know you called I've been
busy...well just busy mate its
still early you know......oh, you
okay?....Okay well look just calm
down it's alright I'll come round
soon....Well I don't know, soon.
Don't worry won't be long, I'll
phone you soon, okay....okay, bye
Kevin puts the phone in his pocket and walks over to his
wardrobe and opens it, looking at the large selection of
jackets, jeans and tops all of them seemingly new and
expensive, he picks out a hooded jacket and puts it on, then
he grabs a brand new pair of adidas trainers and slips into
them, spotting a slight mark on the suede of one of them, he
rubs it out with his thumb, checks it, rubs it again then
stands up. Walking out of the room he picks up his bottle of
water and proceeds downstairs.
Mum...I'm goin' out!
What? I'm goin' out...
I haven't seen you at all since
Thursday night! You're gonna have
to stop all this goin' out lark
you know Kevin you're never in!
I've made this tea for you here,
ham chips and beans
Mum I haven't ate that since I was
about 11
Yeah...I'm startin' to think that
was the last time you where
actually home for your tea


Funny...I'm takin' the car, I'll
get somehin' to eat while I'm out
Oh not again Kevin, that's our
car, not yours alone son
      (Looks up at the
Not this again, mum
You've had it nearly everyday this
You need it? You goin' anywhere?
Got somethin' to do have you?
Thought not, I've got me key...If
you need anything pickin' up or
anything let me know
Kevin gets in the car, he checks all of the mirrors before
taking a drink from his bottle of water, he screws the lid
on it then puts it in the holder then takes out his phone
and puts it to his ear
I'll be there in a few minutes
                                         A FEW MINUTES LATER
Kevin's car drives into a small car park just outside a
couple of towers of flats, he stops in a space and puts on
the handbrake. He scans the area around him looking about,
he takes out his phone, looks at it then puts it back in his
pocket, he takes another sip of water and then see's
someone, a tall, skinny, scruffy looking man wearing a dirty
brown blazer and a wool hat with white dog hairs on it. The
man lights a cigarette and picks up his walk to a light jog
up to the car, he looks around slightly nervously before
opening the door then sits in he back


Hello Kev lad, you alright, yeah?
Could you put that out, Carl?
      (Wafting by his
Smoke...Or open the window or
Oh yeah, yeah sure man sorry kidda
Carl stumps his cigarette with his yellowing finger and
thumb tip and puts it in the inside pocket of his blazer
Wa'gwanin man?
      (Fidgeting with
       the wool on the
       inside of his
What's goin' on kidda?
Nothin', I'm alright. You?
Look mate I know I've been on your
case lately man I knoooow I've
been hasslin' you kidda and I'm
sorry I really am sorry, but
seriously Kev I have been climbing
the fucking WALLS these days man,
the fucking walls
      (Gazing out the
Look it's oka...


How long do we go back man? How
I know, I know..
How long Kev?
Years mate
And...and, and have you ever seen
me like this kidda?
Heh, couple of times to be fair
Aw come on man I...
Heh, I know I'm messin' with you,
go on, what's up?
Oh where do I start lad, first off
I've just got out the house then
from me bird screamin' down me
fuckin' ear about me losin' me
job...lost me job 3 months ago but
she still fuckin' brings it up,
that cunts been givin' me shit all
week since the bailiffs where in
on monday, you know what I mean?
I'm back in court in a week but is
she arsed about that? Meanwhile
the baby can hear her screaming so
decides to join in! So, I've got
two uncontrollable screamin little
twats in there lad and you've been
in my flat you know how small it
is so there's nowhere I can get
away from the noiiiiise! Me ears
are ringin' as I speak Kev


      (Still staring out
       of the window)
      (Looks down)
You know what she told me last
night man?
Nah, what'd she say?
....We might have another one on
the way
Yeah? Like a baby?
A fuckin' baby
Oh...Oh well, you know,
What?! Congratula...what? You not
been listenin' me man?! That's the
last thing I need right now Kev,
no job, no money, I've got fat
fuckin' bailiffs knockin' every
other week, look at me! Literally
look at me I'm about 6 stone
soakin' wet I...I dunno...I'm
Why don't you calm down Carl?
I stink don't I?
What?...what's that mean?
What do you think it means man?
You can smell can't you? I fuckin'


Thanks man
I'm bein' honest
I know kidda, I know, I smell it
meself sometimes, when I leave the
fuckin' house, soon as I smelled
the air freshener in this car I
knew I stunk...It's not always
been like this lad you know that
I read that, your nasal receptors
only really detect change...So
like, doesn't matter where you
are, how bad it is or anythin'
after a certain amount of time
you're gonna get used to it. It's
only when the environment changes
that you noticed anythin' you see?
So you could like, literally live
in shit and be happy
What? What does that even mean la?
Dunno, thought it was interestin'
Lad! I...
      (Interrupts and
       turns his head to
       face Carl in the
Look, you know what you need to do
to get back on track, get yourself
a job first off, that's first
I'm lookin' everywhere
You can give that shit a rest
aswell, I'm not your bird you


                       KEVIN (cont'd)
can't fob me off with that, you'll
be blaming the recession next,
it's simple Carl, work needs doin'
out there. Anywhere you look
there's something to be done for
everyone by fuckin' anyone, even
you mate. You just need to start
somewhere, I know you wanted to
find work with your degree and all
that but maybe that's not gonna
happen, you know
I hear you man...
That might not even be a bad
thing, maybe you'll find something
else you like doing, its unlikely
but maybe. Main thing is to find
something you can do you know? But
you've got to make that first
step, you, nobody else, clean
yourself up, change, be smart lad
your better than this, ok?
Yeah kid, your'e fuckin always
right you know, ALWAYS...thank you
      (Takes another sip
       of his water)
No worries..
Kevin and Carl sit in silence for a couple of seconds, Carl
looks at the floor nervously while Kevin adjusts his mirror
...So how many was it again?
What? Oh, three mate just the
three Kev
Kevin lifts his arse off the seat and puts one of his hands
down the side of his jeans, he ruffles about for a second
before producing 3 small bags of crack cocaine, sitting back
in his seat he reaches down and places the bags in Carl's
hand discreetly


      (Puts the bags
       into his inside
Nice one man
Don't smoke all that in half an
hour and start phonin' me again
lad because you know I don't do
much of that anymore...and I won't
do tick either
Come on lad it's sweet...Oh shit
yeah one more thing Kev
Go on
You got any other stuff on you?
Just normal lad, beak,
powder...It's only for the missus
kid, she doesn't want to be
smokin' in-case she actually is up
the duff like you know...
      (getting money out
       of his pocket)
Oh really? Oh yeah ok, sound no
worries mate
Kevin reaches back into his pants and produces one more bag,
this time of cocaine and passes it over to Carl, Carl then
passes money into the hand of Kevin, three notes and alot of
Aw, come on Carl what the fucks


      (Holding hand out)
What am I drivin' lad? A fuckin'
bus? This is mostly in coins!
All I've got you know mate, sorry
I saw another twenty in your hand
Aw, Kev you can't mate, im fuckin'
really REALLY sorry but that score
is for the baby for all of next
week, got to sort the little man
out get him fed, clothed you know
how it is man, please
No I don't know how it is lad, I
haven't got kids, that's why I'm
not in a fuckin' state, I can't
take all these slummy
Kev we go back mate, like BACK
lad! Come on kidda this is me boys
money, I'm fuck all if I spend
this you know you'll get the rest
lad I love yer' man
Don't say that...Yeah we're mates,
that's why you should treat me
better lad, this is your whole
fuckin' problem, that's also why
I'm not gonna kick you out the car
and send you up to Parly and see
what you get for this
shit...fuckin' hell
You know you'll get the rest man
you know it...thank you mate


      (reaches in his
       pocket and takes
       out the twenty
       pound, showing it
       to Kev)
Look I doubt I can even use it
meself! The little bastards gone
and drawn on the queens eyes on
it! Filled them in they're black,
haha. Little shit isn't he? Haha
aw, I love him though you know Kev
Kevin turns around and looks at the note, it's true, the
queens head on the note is defaced, both of her eyes filled
in with black ink, Kevin turns back around and starts up the
Yeah well I'm gonna shoot now I'm
busy, if you phone me again you
best have the lot for me, go on
      (Opens the door
       and sticks a leg
Your a fuckin' good man you lad,
one of the good ones
Carl gets out of the car and then jogs up to the entrance of
his building. Kevin looks down at the money that Carl placed
in his hand, he shakes his head and puts it in his pocket.
Kevin the looks at the radio and switches it on, it plays
"Go Now" by The Moody Blues as Kevin reverses out from where
was parking and drives out of the car park. The song plays
over as we see Kevin's car drive out onto the road and away,
then a montage of the city of Liverpool begins. Showing
popular sights like St. Georges Hall, Anfield and Goodison
Park, the Liver Buildings to lesser known and more run down
areas of the city, boozers in the city centre, gangs outside
of shops and betting offices, commuters going to and from
work, kids playing in the street. Spanning from Kensington,
Huyton, Toxteth, West Derby and more. We view this both from


Kevin's car and outside. The montage comes to an end as the
song fades out. Kevin's car is stopped in an entry
Well that's the thing you see son,
you where always a smart lad,
clever lad, you where just never
interested, I could see it in you,
always looked like you had
something better to do...
Kevin is sitting in the front seat of his car with another
man sitting in the back seat again, this time it's an older
looking, heavy set men in his 30's, dressed casually smart
with facial hair and a prematurely receding hairline
      (Counting money)
Yeah? I probably thought I did at
the time...
The man in the back seat looks around quick, then he lifts
his hand up to his face and snorts a mound of cocaine from
      (Wiping his face
       and sniffing)
You goin' out tonight then?
Oh, nah mate, nah. Just me and the
wife gonna' stay in and have a
couple of bevys, her ma's round
and she bores the friggin' life
out of me!
Fuckin' good stuff this Kevin
Ah, well. You know me by now, sir.


Haha, sorry... Must be force of
habit that
Fucks sake lad, we know eachother
a bit better than that now don't
we? Last lesson I taught you was
about three years ago!
Haha, heard the old buildin' got
knocked down last week
Yeah, shame isn't it?
I'm not too bothered to be honest
with you Dave, only liked a few
lessons, P.E. and science, like
I don't hear you mentioning
Geography, you know, my class,
what's so special about P.E. and
chemistry anyway?
Well, chemistry for instance,
taught me a few things, heh. I've
been cookin' this stuff haven't I?
Cooking it?
Yeah, on me own, like rocks, you
know, crack. Know anyone who'd be
      (thinks for a
Yeah...Mrs Maynard your arl' maths
teacher, she needed a kick up the
arse from time to time!


      (Opening the door)
Seriously though son I don't know
anyone who's into that, I'll let
you know though if anythin' comes
up, thanks Kev
Okay mate see you later, bye
Dave gets out of the car and shuts the door with a thud,
leaving Kevin to ponder alone in the front of the car
Kevin drives up a long strip of road, every house on each
side is boarded up and graffiti'd. He spots a Macdonald's up
ahead and pulls into the drive through, he order's a chicken
sandwich and another bottle of water, he then drives into
the car park and parks up while he eats. Kevin hears a news
segment on the radio in the car which catches his attention,
he leans forward and listens intently as he hires the radio
      (From the radio)
"Areas of North Liverpool came to
a standstill today as the funeral
procession of 11 year old Samantha
Dean passed through the streets
before her burial, the child's
untimely death has been shrouded
in outrage and media coverage
after it was revealed she was the
accidental victim in a shooting
on the house in which her elder
brother, known criminal John Dean
resided with her and their mother.
John, the intended target, was
asleep upstairs when shots where
fired through the living room
window killing Samantha as she sat
watching television. The attack
was thought to be revenge against
John Dean after he was acquitted
in another high profile case last
year in which he was thought to
have been involved in the murder
Michael Price and his girlfriend


                       NEWSREADER (cont'd)
Stephanie Morris...
Kevin leans further forward to the radio and takes a sip
from his bottle of water
"...the couple where gunned down
in the early hours of November
20th last year as they headed home
from a night out in Southport, the
shooting was thought to be drug
and gang related, after a lengthy
trial John Dean was found not
guilty on a suspicious verdict of
lack of evidence, more to
Kevin turns the radio off and sits back on his seat, takes a
sip of his water and throws the remains of his chicken
sandwich out the window
Shot of the liverpool skyline, the sky is orange as the sun
is beginning to go down. Kevin is driving around Liverpool
from the view of inside the car. The view outside looks like
the day is getting later and Kevin isn't driving very fast
as the roads are alot busier due to people coming back from
                                         CUT TO
Kevin is stopped outside a house looking down at his phone,
texting, "Sure Of Love" by The Chantels plays from the
radio. An older man gets in the car aged around 50-60 he's
well built and has tattoo's on most visible parts of his
body, from his neck to his hands. He looks sad and slightly
angry as if to be hating himself for even being in this
situation. He looks down at the ground and frowns, then
takes money out of his pocket.
Kevin stops texting, turns around to look at the man and
puts his phone in his pocket.
Alright, Al?
What?...Yeah, here-y'are


The old man, Al, doesn't meet Kevins stare as he hands over
the money, his expression seems to be even more wounded when
the money changes hands
Nice one
Kevin hands Al the cocaine
Okay mate?
Al can't bring himself to lift his head up as he pockets the
...See you again soon aye?
Al gets out the car and shuts the door. Kevin looks down at
the money, as he does his phone rings, he answers.
Fuckin' hell lad, you got the
wrong number? Haha, haven't heard
from you in a while how are ya
mate?.....Oh yeah? Well look lad,
I'm not far from yours you
know....What?....Yeah okay I'll be
about five minutes
Kevin turns down a narrow street with houses bunched next to
each other on either side of the road he drives up the
street and see's a young man standing outside one of the
houses. Kevin beeps his horn at him and he turns around and
waves to Kevin. The car stops and the lad leans down to the
open window to speak to Kevin
Alright Mark lad, how you been
      (Grabs Kevins hand)
Jesus! Almost forgot what you
looked like you know!


All comin' back to me now though,
still unable to grow facial hair,
under-weight and a bit of a
Ay what the fuck happened to your
Grew it didn't I
You look Polish
The Mrs. likes it anyway so you
can say what you like
...Fair enough
You had the news on today? 'Bout
the funeral?
Heard a bit on the radio before
Supposed to be massive,
mate...He's gonna be fucked up at
the minute
      (Looks down at his
...I'd imagine so
You wanna come in lad? I'll make
you a brew come on
Err...I dunno
Come oooon. Get ya'self out of
that car for once in your life


      (Leans towards the
       door and
       contemplates it)
...Nah best not mate
Hang on there then!
Mark runs into the house, leaving Kevin in the car.
      (Head towards the
What is it lad? I'm a bit busy
Mark excitedly runs out of the house and upto the car again.
Speakin' of the Mrs. and all that
What is it?
Mark produces a small box and opens it to Kevin, its an
engagement ring
I'm gonna ask her to actually BE
"The Mrs." ya get me? Haha!
Fuckin' hell...Natalie?
Fuckin of course Natalie who else?
Hah! I won't say how much it cost
like, but it was 3 grand
It's proper...fuckin...
      (Looking down at
       the ring)
Yeah...I know what you're gonna
say, "It's early" but fuck it lad
when you know, you know


No...Nah, weren't gonna say that
Mark, I was on about the ring,
it's nice
Goin' to Venice in two weeks
aren't we? Gonna pop it then like.
Shittin' meself bro!
Sounds nice lad, your no slouch
I'll give you that like...heh
We'll have to keep in touch more
mate, we can't just keep runnin'
into eachother now and then with
news like this haha how far do we
go back like?
That's true, yeah
Booked the flights in...
Mark is interrupted by the sound of a police siren, Kevin
looks around and puts his hand on the gear stick and waits.
A police car turns down the road they are on, Kevin and Mark
stare nervously at the car, it drives past them and turns
off at the other end of the road.
Look I best get goin' mate, good
to see you again lad, great news
Say hello to Natalie for me yeah?
Probably tell her ya'self mate
she's out at a party now like,
she'll probably be givin' you a
ring haha
Oh yeah?...Oh, okay fair enough
Don't be such a stranger aye?


Alright, now put the ring away
before you get robbed, see you
later lad
Kevin drives away from the house and out the opposite side
of the road that the police car went down.
Kevin is sitting in his car as usual, the car sits outside
some luxury apartments, Kevin looks over at them then takes
out his phone.
      (Phone to his head)
...Yeah, I'm outside
An attractive girl walks out of one of the apartments in a
red dress and high heel shoes, her dark hair and make up
done perfectly as if she is ready to go out for the night.
Kevin looks over to her and takes a drink of his water, she
opens the door and Kevin lets out a quiet sigh as she
chooses to sit in the front seat next to him rather than the
You ok?
Hello Mr. Freeman, you alright
      (Looks around and
       reaches into his
Kevin, seemingly rushing himself, takes out 3 bags of
cocaine and puts it in Natalies hand for her, he starts the
engine and waits for his money
Not bad, busy though
What's up Kevin? Hah, you look
like you've seen a ghost!


      (Shaking his head)
Nope...Just busy
Oh...Well sos about me, nearly
polished off a bottle o' wine
Ah well, it's Saturday isn't it,
have a good night anyway
Natalie slides her hands over Kevins groin and leans over to
kiss him
Where's the fire like? Come on,
how busy can you be...Make them
      (Pulls his face
Look did you tell Mark you see me?
      (Pulls her head
       back and frowns
       at Kevin)
See you? What you on about, see
Yeah, see me...As in when you're
out, he knows you've got my number
for charlie?
He fuckin gave me it! Not like I
did'nt have it already. He'll tell
anyone who listens that he can get
them some beak. Whats brought this
on Kevin?
I was with him just now, fuckin'
hell Nat
Well if I was gettin' it off every
other drug dealer in Liverpool
EXCEPT you then that would look a
little more suspect now wouldn't


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
it babe?
Pfft.."drug dealer"...
Relaaax Kevin he wouldn't click on
in a million years
Course not, I mean what kind of
cunts would even do this to him?
Are you callin me a cunt?
Just give me the money, Natalie
Fuckin' money...For that, I need
it this time
Oh this time yeah?! This time?!
Well why don't you tell me whats
changed "this time" then?
You really wanna know do ye?!
Yeah I fuckin' do
      (Looks Natalie in
       the eye, thinking
       about telling her
       of the proposal
...Nothin's changed...Fuck all
Look...It's fucking wrong, ok?
It's not right this and I've just
decided meself I don't wanna do it


                       KEVIN (cont'd)
Causin' a fuss over a lad I'll be
finished with when I'm back off
holiday with him
That lads me mate
You don't have mates, you've got
Knew him before all this shit
started now give me what you owe
me and I'll fuck off
Owe you?! What the fuck do you
think I am aye?! Some fuckin coke
whore you sucks a few cocks on the
weekend to save meself some
money?! You've got a fucking cheek
you, you're a nobody Kev, fuckin
nobody and you'll get found out
soon you fuckin' joke, fuck off!
      (Looks out the
Told you, give me my dough and I
...Well I'm gonna have to go in
and get it now aren't I?!
Fuckin' unbelievable...And make
sure you come back out or I'll
come in
Natalie gets out of the car and slams the door, making her
way to the apartment
Kevin waits in the car, he takes a big gulp of his bottle of
water finishing it, he throws it out of the window. He then
takes another unopened bottle and places it in the drink
Kev looks back up to see Natalie running from the apartment


to the car, mascara runs down her face as she must have been
She throws a handful of notes through the window at Kevin
Fuckin have it you twat, and we'll
see how good mates you and Mark
really are once we've had a nice
chat won't we?
Kevin bolts across to the window, Natalie jogs away slowly
to back to the apartment, Kevin sticks his head out of the
window and shouts over
If that lad finds fuckin' ANYTHING
out I'm gonna batter you! I SWEAR
DOWN I know where you are now and
I'll come in there and I'm gonna
batter you ya' cunt!
Kevin pulls his head back from the window and into the car,
he slides back over to the drivers seat, picks up the money
and puts it in his pocket. He lets out another big sigh and
looks deflated, he puts his head down and rests it on the
steering wheel.
"The A-Team" ringtone on his phone goes off again, he picks
it up.
Iya mate...Yeah, sound look I'm a
bit chocker at the minute but I'm
definately workin' like can I bell
you back in 20 minutes? Ok, nice
one mate
He puts the phone down, within seconds it rings again, he
picks it up again.
Oh hello lad, how are ya?
Heh...I'm not bad mate...Oh are
you yeah? Sound, I'll be about 15
minutes, that ok? Sound see you
soon then
Kevin puts the phone down again
Fuckin' hell...


Kevin, looks out the window and tries to regain his
composure, his phone rings for a third time, he looks at the
phone screen, it's another customer. Kevin looks out the
window at the sky, it's darkening, it's Saturday and Kevin
is about to be alot busier.
"Tracks Of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson plays on the radio
as Kevin drives through the busy town centre of Liverpool,
its a typical Saturday night. Gangs of lads and girls poured
onto the streets and crossing the roads at will. Couples
walk together looking as though they're guarding eachother
from the louder groups walking past. A tramp sitting on the
floor holding a cup looks up at the faces of the people
walking about having a good time and some not so much. Kevin
beeps as the car in front after it stops suddenly, he looks
to the side out of his window and see's a bouncer throw a
man out of a bar onto his back, the man gets up, fighting
the bouncer while other lads run up and start punching the
bouncer from behind. Kevin drives off and takes out his
Alright, I'm in town now
Kevin's car is parked down a road near a small pub on the
outskirts of town, sitting in the back seat is Ryan, he's a
slim, long haired, bearded man looking relaxed as he's
slouched onto the seat with his legs crossed and his eyes
So I'm checkin' meself out in the
mirror and what not, yeah? Givin'
me hair a little comb and all the
rest, yeah?
Anyway man, splash a bit of
aftershave on, bish, bash, bosh.
Time to go on the balcony for a
little smoke yeah?
So I'm...


Wait...I think I know what's gonna
happen 'ere. You set you beard on
fire didn't you? With the
      (Feeling his beard)
Nooo, this happened TONIGHT. Look
at my beard, that shit look singed
man? Perfect this
Fair enough
Anyway where was I? Oh aye, the
balcony, so I'm smoking on the
balcony, which I like to do even
though its only me in the flat but
its nice to keep things nice and
that includes smelling nice, yeah?
Kevin just nods
And where my balcony is it's like
near the middle, sort of top
middle yeah? So I've got a good
view lookin down so I'm just
waitin' for the lads to turn up in
the van so we can hurry up and
play this gig tonight yeah?
You see somethin'?
Well that's the thing man. I think
I can see the van over in the
distance like, so I take a quick
drag of my ciggy and lean forward
to see...next minute...fuckin'
"WOOMF!!" Somethin' flies down
past me man! Misses me fuckin'
head by about 3 inches, force of
the thing pulled the ciggie out
from my lips!
Fuckin' ell. What was it? Dog?
From one of the above flats like?


I wish Kev la...Hear a slam after
that don't I?
Ryan smacks his hands together hard
Like that!...Only actually nothin'
like that, more like...more like,
say if you dropped one of them old
blackboards from school, from a
great height onto a big bag of
I dunno. Anyway I look down, I
look down and there it is Kev, the
thing me stomach knew it was a
split second before I saw it.
Fella's body spread out on the
ground, fuckin' lyin' there with
my ciggy next to his flattened
grey head, man
I know you're a fuckin' musician
lad but do you have to be so
descriptive? Grey head? He old,
From what I hear, old-ish. Don't
really speak to the neighbours
they hate me 'cos of the noise and
what not, but I heard he had
cancer apparently, inoperable
like. Hear the name Mick flyin
about the buildin' so that might
be the guys name
Still...Bit extreme that isn't it?
I can sort of understand it man, I
dig that like


32 mate...
32 what?
I've been a musician for like 13
years now, I'm 29...If I haven't
made some serious money or seen
anythin' back off this by 32,
thats it for me, I'm endin' it
hah...I'm serious, I can't keep
livin' like this Kev
Do you have to be such an obvious
dramatic frontman like?
Hah, you think I'm playin' man I'm
tellin you! Spent all mine and my
families money on this studio
we're setting up so alot of it's
hangin' on that...All or nothin'
for me, always been the way, yeah?
Yeah well at least have the
courtesy to let someone finish
smokin' on their balcony before
you take a swan-dive on your 32nd
      (Sniffs coke off
       his hand)
Nah...I couldn't do it that
way...Couldn't hang either, aye
could you get me a gun? That's the
easiest supposedly
No, I can't get you a gun...Why'd
you ask me that?
Heh, no reason man chill
Kevin turns the engine on


Got it now mate, I could call
you...Overdose, I'd enjoy it AND
its rock'n roll yeah?
      (Takes a drink of
You couldn't afford it
I'd pay you back when I got the
Heh, of course you would
                                         CUT TO
Kevin's car is parked in a busier part of town this time.
His engine is still running. A man jogs and stumbles up to
the car and gets in the back seat, he shuts the door after
him and sits down. Kevin turns around with two bags in his
hand towards the man. The man's sitting in the back seat
hyper-ventilating, his chest swelling up with every big gulp
of air he sucks through his mouth. He's got a small but deep
cut in the side of his head and dry blood is spilt all down
that side of his brilliant white polo shirt down to his
light jeans, one of his eyes is wide open with adrenaline
while the other is closed, fat and swollen shut. Kevin looks
up at his face, weary.
The man says nothing, or maybe just can't speak due to
breathing so hard. He takes the bags of coke from Kevin and
hands over two blood speckled notes clutched in a swollen
bleeding hand that looks as though it's been punching gravel
for hours. Kevin takes his time looking at the money and
making sure he doesnt touch any of the blood on it, he pulls
it from his hand. After Kevin has took the money the man
darts out the other side of the car and Kevin watches as the
man looks behind and all around him before running off into
the crowd and the darkness. He then turns his attention to
the money, not happy with the state of it he takes the top
off one of his bottles of water and gently soaks the notes,
then he takes out a hand tissue and wipes them clean. Kevin
the reaches over to the glove compartment and takes out some
hand wash and begins to wash his hands.
                                         CUT TO


Kevin is driving slowly through narrow roads in the city
centre, he has a woman in the back of the car who looks to
be in her mid to late 30's but hasn't aged well, she has
dirty blonde hair and looks worn out, bags under her eye's
and her clothes are in bad condition. She has cocaine on her
nostril and top lip as she speaks to Kevin who's driving.
I mean what kind of a father, no,
no, what kind of a MAN, doesn't
let his son see his mother on his
birthday of all days?!
I know, yeah
He used to love bein' with me on
his birthday Kev, he loved the
Safari Park for whatever reason!
He wanted to go every week...Now
every time I get to see him, you
know, The rare occasions, its like
he doesn't recognise me. Be him,
that...feedin' his head with his
Well you know Kath whenever I saw
youse together I always thought,
you know, you where great with
uhhh, Oscar?
Oliver it is Kev
      (turning his
       indicator on)
That's the one sorry, yeah
He's slippin' away
      (Slows the car
I'm gonna have to let you out here
Kath, main roads up next and I
don't wanna get a tug you see


Oh? Oh okay son, no, sorry about
me rabbiting on, like an arl women
before me time aren't I? Listen
Kev tell your mother I said hello
aswell and she'll have to stop by
for a cuppa!
Kevin pulls over and stops the car
But oh, don't say you saw me here,
god's sake! Hah!
Yeah this won't be comin' up in
conversation Kath don't worry
about that like, take care aye?
                                         CUT TO
Half empty bottle of vodka on the
floor, right next to me jeans, me
bills wrapped round me ankles,
iPod playin Dr. Hook, cock in
hand, porno on the telly, top off
'cos I get roastin' and the phone
pressed against me face
Kevin is laughing slightly as Connor, a fairly heavy set lad
with a skin head sits in the back, high, telling his story
enthusiastically and frustratingly.
So the bird comes through on the
blower, and Kev, she sounds
fucking FIT lad! I mean, proper my
type like
Heh, your type? She could have
been anyone...
Lad the voice though, she could
have had no arms and I wouldn't
have been arsed
Think she'd need arms to hold the


Nah they wear headsets. Anyway I'm
gettin' fuckin' into it lad right?
Then, like...I decide to look down
for some reason, and I catch a
glimpse of me fuckin stomach.
Connor lifts his shirt up and grabs his fat stomach and
starts shaking it, looking at Kevin
This fuckin' thing, I mean what
the FUCK is that? And I won't show
you but one of my nipples is
fatter than the fuckin' other one,
it's like my torso's got a black
What's the point, Connor?
Me point is it's a sobering fuckin
thing to see, all of sudden I'm
having phone sex on a comedown!
The vodka wears off I'm sledgin'
off the coke on the verge of tears
at what I've fuckin' become...Then
while I'm this depressed, still
lookin down at meself and it's all
gettin' on top me of...I fart.
I just fart lad...Not because I
particularly needed to or
anything, just because god hates
me, so I just had to put the phone
down on her la
Need to stop puttin' yourself down
all the time mate
How did it get to this so quickly
though lad? She only left me like
a year ago and look at me, I'm a
fuckin slob, joke. And she looks
ten times better than she did when
we where together, now she's with
some footy player, why couldn't it


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
work the other way like? Hah
You want a footy player?
Haha, aye ever thought about a
career in comedy rather than in
selling shit beak?
Hah, I'd take offence to that if
you didn't say it with your jaw
swingin' everywhere
But I was thinkin like all jokin'
aside, you could maybe sort me out
with like a little program, little
regime to lose weight? I mean I
know you look after yourself lad
you're in good nick and that, just
need to be slimming down can't go
on like this it's gettin' me
depressed la. Reckon you could do
that for us?
Well I don't really know what it
is you want lad. Or what it is you
could even do really, you know
what I mean? You might just be
unfit Connor
Unfit? Fuckin' hell lad how'd you
think I got fat? Playin' tennis?
Of course I'm unfit, need to get
fit and lose weight is what I'm
I'm not really a fitness freak
like, I just...You know, watch
what I do
It's like I get by thinkin' "It's
ok, you can do this and do that
and do what you want" because I'm
always thinkin' there are worse
people off in the world you know
what I mean? Worse people off in


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
my fuckin' street never mind the
world, I see people worse off all
the time, sure you do to
But fuck that way of thinkin' la
because, you know...I don't wanna
just be cushioned by the fact
people are having a shittier time
than me round ere. I wanna be
better than I AM! Right now, ya
get me? Get a better bird, better
job be around people and feel
better you know? Better meself
Hmmm...I don't know, most of the
time I think I have a better time
when I'm alone
      (Making a wanking
       motion with his
Yeah, I bet you do!
Hah, walked into that one. Anyway
go and better yourself outside my
fuckin' car, I'm chocker tonight
The car is parked near the Albert Dock area of town. Kevin
is in his car seat, its been reclined back and he's sleeping
with his head pointed up and his mouth open, snoring. He's
sleeping for a few seconds when his phone rings. He jolts up
and looks confused, still half asleep he rummages around his
pockets. Groggily he pulls his phone from his pants pocket
and looks at it, we see the caller ID as only "###" and then
phone number below, Kevin looks at this with dread in his
Ughh, fuck.
The phone keeps ringing


Kevin puts the phone down on the passenger seat next to him
and looks out his window, as if refusing to answer it, but
it keeps ringing for several more seconds so he reluctantly
Hello, yeah?...Aright mate...yeah
no, I'm fine, yeah I'm awake,
course...No problem, yeah I will,
be there soon as, yeah nice one
Kevin puts the phone down and puts it in his pocket
      (Under his breath)
Here we go
Kevin starts the car engine whilst shaking his head
Kevin's driving along a road beside a row of houses when he
comes across one that stands out from the rest, it seems
twice as big as the rest of the council houses its built
alongside, with a large gravelled front garden which two
cars are parked inside, a BMW and an Audi. Outside the front
garden there are more cars parked, some just as expensive
looking and some not so, it seems as if a gathering is
taking place at this house in the early hours. Kevin attemps
to pull up and stop the car by the front gates when he see's
two middle aged men talking by it, both of the dressed in
black suits accompanied by one middled aged women in a black
dress. The women spots Kevins car and waves to him, he puts
his hand up and waves back and nods, one of the men then
see's Kevin and gestures for him to not to stop, and waves
him round the back of the house. Kevin obliges and drives
on, turning down a road that leads to the back end of the
houses. Kevin waits when he's there, engine still running,
he checks his rear view mirror and in it he spots John, he's
a big, tall young man in his mid 20's with broad shoulders,
dark complexion, black hair and a slight beard which is a
bit longer than the shaved hair on his head. He's also
dressed in a black suit and slightly stumbling as he walks
nearer to the car, holding a half empty bottle of Jack
Daniels. This is John Dean, the man mentioned on the radio
earlier who's sister was killed accidently in a shooting
meant for him and today was her funeral. Kevin exhales fully
as John gets nearer the passenger door and climbs in the


car. The car rocks from side to side as John slumps down in
the passenger seat next to Kevin. The two sit in silence for
some seconds without even greeting one another, Kevin
looking cautiously at John while John stares at the floor
clutching his bottle.
      (Swigs back on his
       bottle of whiskey)
John tilts his head up after taking a drink and stares at
the car roof
      (staring at John)
Don't ask if I'm okay
I wouldn't...
And don't ask how it went...It
went like an 11 year old girls
funeral, that's how it went
I'm not gonna act like I know what
you're goin' through
Give me a bag
Kevin passes over to John 3 bags of coke. John takes one
out, opens it and empties it all out on his hand, he then
stick his nose in it and snorts all of the contents in one.
He jolts his head back and begins coughing, he then washes
the cocaine down with more whiskey, almost finishing the
      (Breathing heavy)
You ever tried to mourn when
people won't take their fuckin'
eye off you lad?


Sittin' in that car goin' the
church, everyone silent, grieving,
except for the fuckin' police
helicopter hovering above us,
fuckin' unmarked cars followin'
the hearse, vans placed all over
the route, even people in the
street takin' pictures, I'll
remember them
John hols up his bottle to Kevin, offering him a drink,
Kevin puts his hand out and declines
Didn't fuckin' stop there though,
get in to the service and all the
family are staring at me, they're
still starin at me in the house
now, stupid looks on they're faces
They're probably all goin' through
Quick to judge is what they are,
'bout me. Never got those looks
when I was doin' them favours did
I? Big grins on their face back
then...fuckin BING! Big fuck off
smiles, now they all wanna shake
their heads at me. Cunts, I've
shit them anyway...Didn't see none
of them spot how the funeral
parlour fucked our Samantha's hair
...What you mean John?
She used to like it...Combed down,
they had the casket open today in
the house and they had it all
fucked up, her hair, so I got her
old comb from her room and spent
the hour doin' her hair for her,
like she liked it, you know?
That's nice, mate


Why weren't you there today?
I, fuckin' erm...To be honest John
I've been busy lately, especially
tonight really
Busy yeah?
John holds his open hand out to Kevin
Oh..yeah, here y'ar lad
Kevin puts a wad of money in John's hand, who pockets it
straight away.
You any closer to findin' out
who...you know, who it was?
I'm pretty sure now, the lads in
Well I was gonna say, if you need
any help with anythin' like
What, you? Heh, I don't think
you'd be much use for anything
like that, don't worry about it.
Appreciate the offer...I mean most
of the lads have offered really.
Most of you say you will, but I
know you won't. I'm doin' most of
this alone, don't mind though,
prefer it if anythin'. You stay in
that seat aye? Don't worry about
this side of things...It wouldn't
concern you. I've got two lads
sittin' outside his mum's house
right now anyway
What happens now then?


You interested are ya? You sound
No, was just wonderin', I...I
don't know I'm tired
His auntie died last year, I've
got two smack-heads digging her up
right now ready to drive to his
mums house and put her in the
front garden. That's before I even
find this lad...You still
interested? 'Cos I could use
another digger or a driver
      (Puts his head
Stop fuckin' askin' then, stick to
your end
Kevin can't think of anything to say as he stares at John
      (Stares back at
Nothin. It's been on the radio all
day, you know? The funeral and
Yeah, well keep ya' radio on
there's gonna be more to come
Well...They keep mentioning the
other thing aswell
What other thing?
The court case...The case last
year you got off with, you know?


Oh...Yeah? Should let sleeping
dogs lie, I'm goin' anyway, look
after yourself
John opens the passenger door to exit the car
Did you do it?
John stops, puts his leg back in the car and slams the door
shut, he slowly turns his head back around to me Kevin's
stare, his glazed, bagged eyes looking into his.
What? Do what?
Look...I've just had a bit of a
busy day, been a bit hectic, and
you've never spoke about it and
I've known you for a few years now
so, I just wanted to know if you
did do it
Do what? If you're gonna have the
balls to ask me, tonight, of all
nights, then have the balls to ask
me properly...What did I do?
What they said you did, the
lad...and his girl...
Well did you...Did you shoot them?
Kill them?
You know what? You know if I
hadn't been drinkin' since 10 in
the morning, I'd be a bit nervous
about you askin' all these
questions tonight you know?
Kevin doesn't say anything, he just stares at John wide
eyed, waiting for a response of any kind to his question.
John stares back at Kevin just as seriously, he then changes


his facial expression to more relaxed and almost cracks as
smirk a he gives his answer to Kevin
...Not Guilty
Kevin's face doesn't change as he keeps staring at John, not
too impressed with the answer
Anythin' else I can do for you
while I'm here? Put your mind to
rest about anythin' else? The
boogie man's not real either by
the way
I just...
You fuckin' just? Let's say things
went the other way Kevin, let's
just say I left both that fat bald
prick and his slag bird lyin' in
the pissin' down rain on their
stupid fuckin faces last
year...What's your stance then?
"Bit out of order that John" Would
you think? Heh, or would you stop
workin' for me would you? Take a
proper stance?
Kevin nods slightly as John stares at him
      (Looks back at
...I reckon I would, yeah
Suppose we'll never know...Now,
you want anythin' else?


      (CLimbing out the
You should have been there today
John slams Kevin's door and marches back towards the front
entrance to his house
Kevin is parked in the same spot as he was when he met Carl,
his first customer, earlier in the day. He looks out of his
window and spots Carl, dressed in the same clothes as he was
in their first meeting, only this time he looks different,
he can be seen from far away stumbling and laughing to
himself, he's really high, he shuffles over to the car like
a zombie. He struggles to get the back door open on the car
and Kevin looks around nervously, finally, running out of
patience Kevin opens the door for Carl and guides him in by
his jacket
Fucks sake Carl
Kevin looks at Carl in the back seat, he's completely gone,
he's rubbing the back seat of the car with his head and his
eyes are rolling back into his head. Kevin looks both
saddened and disgusted as he covers his nose with one hand
and looks down to Carl's arm which has a rubber band wrapped
around it and blood running from it, stained on his blazer.
Carl lifts his head up, looking like he is trying to balance
it on his neck unsuccessfully, he widens his eyes and locks
on to Kevin.
Ann....Fughh...AN WHAT?! An
Think, you're the only one? Ughh,
the only...


Lad I don't know what you're
fuckin sayin, you're fucked
Heeh...Night of me life!...Ughh
kid, night of my...
Kevin turns facing foward and shakes his head
Kev...two, Kev I need it
lad...Need two more, y...you know
...You're done for the night, I
don't need this
Nnno! No...no no, no...No, here
I've got you're dough, I want the
two, j...just twooo
Kevin looks up in anger, he then looks down at the notes
Carl has out, he swipes them off him and inspects them.
      (Looking down)
Fucks this...
Kevin inspects the two notes, one a torn, scrunched up five
pound note with blood on it. He then checks the other, it's
a twenty pound note, he flips it over to look at the other
side and see's that the queens face on the note has both of
its eyes filled in black. It's the note which was meant to
feed and clothe Carl's child, from their first meeting,
Kevin frowns as he looks at it, he takes a look in the back
seat to see Carl writhing around waiting for him to hand
over the crack.
      (Looks back down
       at the note
...Fuckin' scumbag, you fuckin
Night o' me fuhh...fuckin'
liiiife. An wha?


      (Raising his voice
Carl, go on you're gonna have to
go now mate
Kevin leans over to Carl in the back seat and stuffs the
money back in his blazer pocket
You're gonna have to go lad,
because I can't do this anymore, I
can't. Go on now...
Wha?! Nooooo! I've got yer' money,
I've got it
Nah, listen mate you've just got
to get out the car now, don't
phone me back either lad, this
phones off from now on, it's off.
Go on, out now mate, get out
Laa, just the fuckin'...
Look, get the fuck out!
Kevin swings the door open, grabs Carl by his arms and
lunges him out of his seat and crumbling onto the floor like
a rag doll, he winds his window down and pops his head out
to check if Carl is ok. Carl his crawling around on the
floor bewildered. Kevin winds his window back up and speeds
off, leaving Carl in his dust.
Kevin has his elbows balanced on his steering wheel and his
head in his hands, he looks exhausted by this point as the
sky is beginning to lighten, the night is almost over. He
takes his hands from his head to get a drink of water, as he
puts it back he looks at his phone which is on the passenger
seat. Kevin flips the phone over and takes the back off,
intending to remove the battery, he tried to get it out but
it seems stuck, he puts the phone down to look for something


in the glove compartment which might be able to pry it off.
As he does this the phone begins to ring.
      (Rummaging in the
       glove compartment)
Fuck off, Carl
The phone continues to ring in that familiar A-Team theme
ring tone. Kevin slowly stops rummaging, he looks down and
flips the phone over to check the caller ID, although we do
not see it, Kevin picks the phone up and answers it.
Ah. Hello, again...Sorry bout' the
wait thought it might have been
someone else...You ok?...Erm,
look...been a bit of a long day
and to be honest I'm ready to pack
it in so, yano...Well wasn't that
last lot I enough for ya?...Heh
no?...Well look, like I said I've
got a few bits left like but I'm
ready to call it a night, I don't
think I could make it back there
anyway you still in the same
Kevin Takes another drink of water
Oh, can you get nearer to us can
ye...? Where
about...?...Errrm...yeah, yeah ok
then I can make it down there like
but then that's it alright? I'm
done...Give me 20 minutes...
Kevin puts the phone down
Kevin's car pulls into a small alley lined with garages, he
drives up the road a little looking to each side as he goes
forward. He stops somewhere in the middle of the wide
alleyway, puts the hand-brake on but leaves the engine and
the lights on. He then takes one last swig of his bottle of
water before lowering his window and throwing the bottle out
of the car, the clunk of the bottle echoes around the dark
empty alleyway.
Kevin can't see anything beyond his headlights as he leans
forward trying to, he looks to either side but all that can


be seen left and right are garage shutter doors both with
"NO PARKING" sprayed on them in white. Kevin hires the radio
up a little bit.
      (Anxiously tapping
       his leg looking
Come ooon....
Kevin looks side to side again but see's nothing. He takes
his phone out and sends a quick text. Kevin turns his body
around to check the rear window and see's nothing but a
cat's eyes, they're staring directly through the window at
Kevin, he cracks a grin as he meets the cats stare. The cat
begins to walk slowly towards the car, then the cat darts
off in a flash. Kevin's door is pulled violently open and
before he can look at who has opened it he's punched square
in the face, breaking his nose. Blood splats down all over
his hoody, he puts his head down onto his knees as more
blows rain down on his head. We take the view from the back
seat, looking forward, the shot never changing as Kevin is
      (Gaurding his head)
Ahhh! Fffuck!
Kevin looks up at his attacker who is tall and dressed in
all black with a large black coat with the hood pulled over
his head and a plain, black mask on
Who the fu...!
Kevin takes two more heavy punches to the side of the head
almost knocking him out. He reaches under his driver's seat
and pulls out a lead pipe, raises it above his head then
brings it crashing down on the attackers arm, he backs off
                       MASKED MAN
Are you fuckin' stupid lad?! ARE
YOU FUCKIN' STUPID!?! Get out the
car NOW!
Kevin swings the pipe keeping the man at bay, as he does
this he reaches to the handbrake, he turns to it, trying to
take it off. The man bolts into side of the car again,
beating Kevin up. Kevin turns back to his attacker and
begins to fight him, but as he does the passenger door opens
and another, almost identically dressed man bursts through
and grabs both Kevin's arms from behind


The man starts to choke Kevin out from behind and takes his
pipe from him, the attacker from the drivers side leans
forward and leans one more clean punch right into Kevin's
unguarded face, Kevins body goes slightly limp as he's
dragged out of the car from the passanger's seat
                       MASKED MAN
Get him up out the car! Keep him
down! Fuckin' keep him down I'm
comin'! Little CUNT!!
As the attack exits the car, we do not. We stay in the same
back seat of the car we have been in all the journey,
nothing but the faint sound of "Sweet Soul Music" on the
radio and the rustling of feet, thuds of kicks and punches,
and the occasional grunt and shout can be heard from outside
the car.
We see the fight shift from one side of the car to the other
as the headlights give of the image of Kevin trying to
escape as one lad pulls him down by his hood while the other
one beats him over the head with his own lead pipe. The car
then begins to rock from the left side as a body is being
slammed into it. The ruck-us seems to die down, the frantic
sound of fighting and scrambling about is reduced to a few
hard thuds, spaced apart, then silence.
The car door opens from the drivers side and stays open for
a few seconds, someone can be heard breathing heavily. Then
one of the masked men climbs in and turns the radio off. We
see the other masked man run across the headlights to the
other side of the car as he climbs in the passenger seat
                       MASKED MAN #2
Go! Go!
                       MASKED MAN
The phone, dya get the phone
The second masked man nods his head. We stay in the car with
the two as they start the engine and begin to drive off. The
man in the passanger seat, breathing heavy, notices the door
has not been shut properly on his side, he opens it up while
the car is in motion and slams it shut again. As soon he
slams the door shut the screen goes to black


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