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The Reaper of Darkness
by Joel Collins (jigsawofsoul@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Asher was a normal worker until he was given the assignment of approving a special stack of projects that would create "super soldiers". He reviews them and finds out a major flow in all of them. He rejects them to only find out that his boss was the one who made the projects. He was locked in an underground lab until he was able to fix the formula. He was able to fix the formula, and the boss rewards him by turning him into one of the projects. He is now one of the super soldiers with memory loss. He regains his memories by a shady character named Naraku. Naraku gives him a mission to kill his old boss and regain his old life back.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It pours down rain as REAPER leans towards the edge of the
top of an apartment complex. He scans the streets from the
rooftops looking for "trouble". He hears a woman scream for
help. He looks in the direction of the scream and spots a
low life with a purse in his hands. He then sees the woman
screaming for help. Reaper times his jump and glides to the
low life with his cape. He tackles the low life in midair.
                       LOW LIFE
Hey, man! Fuck off! I stole this
fair and square go get your own-
The low life stops talking when Reaper stands up and looks
at him with his burning purple eyes. The low life is
petrified with fear. Reaper picks the low life up with one
hand and looks at him eye to eye. Reaper speaks in a deep,
dark voice that would seem inhuman.
You known what I like about people
like you?
The low life could hardly shake his head. Reaper points the
low life's chest.
Their hearts...
With Reaper's free hand, he forces his hand through the low
life's chest and rips out his heart. When the heart was
pulled out, the heart was surrounded by a black mist. Reaper
smells the heart.
Their hearts are full of darkness
that it has an aura of darkness. I
feed off of that darkness.
Reaper takes a big bite out of the heart. The low life
groans in pain before finally dying. The heart turns back to
normal as Reaper drops the heart. He wipes his mouth from
the blood as the woman catches up to him. Reaper throws the
purse at the woman. She catches it.
Thank you so much, sir!


Don't thank me yet...
Wait a minute...
...Aren't you...?
The woman runs away from Reaper but does not get far. Reaper
grabs her by the throat from a shadow and then steps out of
the shadow. He smells her. He gave her a disgusting look.
I thought I smelt the darkness in
No! Please, let me go! I'm
innocent I tell you! I've done
nothing wrong!
Reaper breaks open the purse and drugs and needles fall out
of it.
I was going to stop! I swear to
God I was!
Silence, Black Rose.
The woman changed her tone. She looks into his eyes as she
morphs into BLACK ROSE.
                       BLACK ROSE
Oh, what gave me away?
Reaper pulls out a black rose pin from her hair and shows
I never forget people who are
associated with a person who is
responsible in my transformation.
                       BLACK ROSE
Aw... That's so sad that I could
just cry for you boo hoo. Give me
a break! You got what you deserve
from master! Why are you
complaining!? You got his gift!
You and him are the same! You have


                       BLACK ROSE (cont'd)
his power!
Reaper's eyes starts to flare up as he tightens his grip on
her throat.
I wanted none of this! I don't
want this... This curse! I will
kill all of you who have turned my
life into a living hell! Starting
with you!
Reaper starts to squeeze the life out of Black Rose. She
then smiles and turns into some black rose petals. The
petals gets blown with the wind and escapes from Reaper.
Black Rose's voice echoes as she speaks to Reaper.
                       BLACK ROSE
Maybe next time, cowboy! Next time
just send me to Hell than monolog
the whole time! See you later,
Reaper slams his fists into the sidewalk making craters
below them.
Goddamn you Black Rose!
Reaper pulls his fist besides his body. Dark energy starts
to form around his fist. After a short charge, he throws his
fist in the air opening it. A powerful dark beam comes out
of his hand. Reaper looks up at the sky.
I can't stand that bitch! She's
always been a thorn in my side.
Reaper uses his dark powers to place himself back on top of
the rooftops to watch the city. As he watches the city, he
starts to think of what he had done wrong to deserve his
curse. He looks at his hand but then turns away in disgust.
He starts to narrate his life's story.
My life has never always been like
this. I used to have a job, a
mother and father, and someone
that I cared deeply for. That all
changed when Heart of Darkness
came into my life and forced his


                       REAPER (cont'd)
"gift" on me. It's been two months
since then. I remember it like it
was yesterday...
ASHER JACOBSON, 25, and ZAYNER CHOW, 25, exits Asher's car
and heads towards the building.
I'm telling you!
Doesn't mean that I got to agree
with you.
Angelina Jolie is a prettier woman
than Jessica Alba!
I don't believe in that horse shit
at all.
You're just saying that because
Jessica Alba is a blonde!
That's irrelevant! You don't even
have a shot with Jolie! She has
Pitt by her side!
She may have Brad but have you
noticed that the kids they adopt
are Asian?
And your point is?
She wants an Asian man!
You're so full of shit!
They enter the building.


As they enter, they go their separate ways. Asher takes the
elevator to his floor. He walks into his office and sits at
his desk. MAGAN JONES, 25, walks into his office while
knocking on his door.
Mr. Jacobson?
Asher turns his chair around and looks at Magan.
How many times do I have to tell
you, Magan? Don't call me "Mr.
Jacobson" just because I just got
promoted doesn't mean I'm still
not your friend. Hell we've worked
together for years before I got
this position!
Yeah I know, but you know I am
professional. So, you are out of
luck until we exit this facility
before I call you Asher again, Mr.
Fine, have it your way then. I
guess no more office-
Magan covers his mouth. She close the blinds of the office
and shuts the door.
Don't you speak of that while we
are here!
Why? You didn't enjoy it?
Of course I did but it's
So is office sex, but you did it
Magan's jaw drops as she realizes was Asher said was true.
Asher smiles because he had won the "battle".


I'm unprofessional...
I was messing with you, Magan.
Don't kill yourself over it. Now,
what did you want to ask of me?
Magan snaps out of it and hands Asher some papers. Asher
takes the papers.
What's this?
A new project that needs to be
looked over and needs your
approval before it is sent
Ah, one of those projects.
Magan turns around and to open the door and leave but Asher
stops her by asking her a question.
What do you think of it?
Magan turns around to look at Asher.
What do you mean by that, Mr.
I know that you have read this
No, I haven't...
Asher shows where some of the pages were creased and there
was a certain stain on one page.
Only one person in the department
eats a peach jelly biscuit to
Okay! I read the project!


Well? What do you think?
I don't think that it'll work.
How so?
I'm not going to give in that
easily! Just read it and we'll
talk it over at dinner at the
usual place.
Asher looks at Magan with a certain look.
You have a lot of "the usual
No, I don't.
You have Luigi's, Burger Palace,
La Cabana, Sweet Tooth, and Mama
Oh yeah, I forgot about the
others. I meant Luigi's.
Okay, I'll meet you there at
I meant 7:00pm.
That's much better. See you then,
Magan exits the office. Asher sticks his head out of the


Don't call me, cowboy!
All of the workers look at Asher. Asher looks back at them.
What the hell you looking at!? Get
back to work!
All the workers get back to work, and Asher shuts his door.
He sits at his desk and starts looking through the project.
He spots many errors in the project but nothing that he
thinks Magan would notice as a problem until he spots it.
Ah, there it is! That is a major
formula error. I'm surprised that
the engineer didn't catch this in
the blue print!
Asher goes through the project again and spots multiple
formula problems, and he writes notes on a separate piece of
This project would destroy the
reputation of the company if this
was to be accepted.
Asher looks at the clock to see what time it was. It was
lunch time. He gathers his things, and he heads towards the
break room. He heats up his food and sits at a table. Zayner
joins him at the table. Asher looks at Zayner.
What are you doing here?
I work here, remember?
I meant, why are you on this
floor? You're suppose to be five
levels below here in a lab doing
lab rat stuff.
Hey now! You use to do the same
thing before you got promoted, Mr.
Hot Shot.


Yeah, I know. I just like messing
with you about it.
Uh-huh. Well, I am here to ask you
what you thought about the new
project that is waiting to be
What project will that be?
It's the project that I will be
working on!
That doesn't answer my question of
what project you are going to be
working on.
Oh! It's the "Reaper" project.
Ah, that project.
So, you've heard about it!
Yeah, I have. I was put in charge
of approving it or not.
Well, what do you think!?
You know I can't talk about it to
Come on, man! Just a nibble pf
what you think about it?
If I gave you a nibble of what I
think, you would just want more.
You always loved to pick my brain
of things like this.


Because your brain is a
masterpiece! The way you process
things is amazing! I'm surprised
you're not VP of the company yet!
There you go with that VP bullshit
Well, if I was to see Mr. Calypso,
I would tell him myself!
Well, here's your chance to tell
Wait, what?
Zayner looks just outside the break room to see CALYPSO
HART, 46, walking down the hallway with his top men
surrounding him. Zayner just watches them walk by. He turns
back to Asher.
I'll tell him another day.
That's what you said yesterday!
And I'm saying it again today. Mr.
Calypso has this vibe that
something dark is in him and
that's what makes him
I think you're just making excuses
of not talking to Mr. Hart.
Zayner look at the clock.
Uh-oh! Time to get back to work!
Asher looks at the clock himself.
We still got ten-


Asher turns back around to see Zayner was not there. Asher
does a facepalm.
Every time he does that to avoid
Asher just grabs his stuff and heads back into his office.
He notices another project on his desk. He picks it up and
reads the title.
"Black Rose"? What are we making
here? Our very own superhero team?
Asher reads the project and notices the same formula error
and new errors as well. He writes down his own notes again
and puts the project to the side. He looks up at the clock
to see that it was time to clock out and go home. He gathers
his things and his project notes. He exits his office and
locks it. Magan walks pass him.
Don't forget about Luigi's,
Don't call me cowboy!
Magan giggles as she runs away. Asher just sighs and heads
for the elevator. He meets Zayner in the lobby. They exit
You haven't escaped the
conversation from today.
What conversation?
Asher gives Zayner a stern look as they get into his car.
What? I don't know what you are
talking about!
About why you are too chicken shit
to talk to Mr. Hart.


I am not!
Then prove it!
Asher starts the car and drives off.
I will! Tomorrow I will speak to
him on your behalf!
I will believe it when I see it!
Asher get to Zayner's apartment and drops him off. Asher
drives to his house and enters his house through the garage.
Asher grabs a beer from the refrigerator and sits down in
his chair. He kicks off his shoes and turns on the TV to a
baseball game. He looks at the clock: it reads 6:15pm.
Was there something that I was
suppose to do?
Time goes by, and Asher finishes his beer. He gets up to get
another one when he accidentally changes the to a cowboy
movie. He turns around to see what movie it was.
That's a good cowboy movie...
... Shit! Magan!
He looks at the clock to see it was 6:50pm. He rushes to put
his shoes on and runs out the door. He locks his door and
gets into his car. He peels out of his driveway and heads to
Magan looks at her watch to see that it was 6:55pm.
He forgot, again...
She hears tires squealing in the distance.


And there he is making a scene as
Asher speeds pass the restaurant and does a drifting
parallel park and rushes up to Luigi's. Magan looks at her
watch as Asher catches his breath. The watch reads 7:00pm.
See..? 7:00pm... I'm not late...!
You made it this time, cowboy.
Would you stop calling me cowboy!
They enter Luigi's.
They get seated at their usual spot. The waiter takes their
drink order. Magan looks at Asher impatiently.
"Well", what?
What did you find out about the
There was a formula problem in the
There was? I thought that one of
the pipe designs were off. That's
what I was talking about.
I noticed that as well but a
simple copper wall would fix that.
No, look at my notes.
Asher pulls out his notes and shows them to Magan.


The formula would have completely
destroy this company's reputation.
Its all wrong. It's unstable.
Yeah, I see what you mean. They
will need a stronger molecule than
what they have here. It's not
strong enough to support the
formula. Nice find!
Magan see another pile of notes. She grabs them.
What's this?
I found another project on my desk
after lunch and that's my notes on
it. It has a similar blue print as
the other but different equipment
with it.
Magan reads the name of the project. He dislikes the name of
"Black Rose"? What are they doing?
Making their own "Power Rangers"?
I was thinking in the line of
Of course you would think that.
The waiter comes back with their drinks. They order their
food and the waiter leaves them.
When are we going to get married?
Asher spits out his drink and coughs violently.
When are we going to get married?


We're not even going out. What
makes you think that we're going
to get married?
I mean, we have sex.
Yeah, because you wanted to.
Asher hushes her before she could argue with him.
I don't mean it as a bad thing.
I'm saying that you're the one
that just wanted sex and nothing
more, correct?
Yeah, that's what I said. I didn't
think that this would happen
I understand, Magan. I really do,
but lets just keep what we got
now, okay? I don't want to ruin a
friendship because we couldn't
work things out as a couple.
Understand, Magan?
Yeah... I understand...
Their food was brought to them. They eat their food. Magan
finishes first and places her plate to the side and smiles
at Asher. Asher stares her down. He knows what is going on.
Let me guess... I'm paying the
Aw, darling! You are the best! I
will see you tomorrow, cowboy!
Don't call me-
Asher was too late. She already left the building. The
waiter walks up to him and gives him the bill.


$152.52!? What the hell did she
The waiter clears his throat and points to the bottle of
wine. Asher grabs the bottle and looks at it.
Of course... She would order the
most expensive wine on the menu...
That's why she asked me that
question! She wanted to distract
me from realizing what wine she
ordered! That little tease!
Asher hands the bill back to the waiter with his card. The
waiter comes back to him and gives him the receipt. Asher
exits the restaurant.
Asher gets into his car and starts it up. He yawn as he
drives off. He makes a u-turn and heads home. He pulls into
his garage and enters his house.
Asher strips himself from his clothes and takes a shower. He
brushes his teeth and then he climbs into his bed only in
his boxers and falls asleep.
An alarm clock goes off. Asher tries to turn it off but with
no luck. He throws it at the wall, destroying it. Zayner
enters the room.
Not many people can afford doing
that every morning.
Zayner startles Asher. Asher falls out of the bed and covers
What the fuck, Zayner!?


Why are you covering yourself? It
isn't like I don't know what a
dick looks like!
No, what the fuck are you doing in
my house!?
You left the door unlocked, and I
took a cab here.
You took a cab here and not to
Hey, I'm saving you gas money. You
should be grateful and plus I
didn't have enough money to get to
work anyways.
Asher sighs. He points to the direction of the living room.
Go ahead and watch some TV. I'll
be out shortly.
Zayner salutes Asher and heads to the living room to watch
some TV. Asher Gets ready for work and walks in on Zayner
watching a porn movie.
What the hell!?
I know what you do alone at night!
Zayner laughs as Asher grabs the remote and turns the TV
off. Asher points at the door.
Time to go, now!
Okay, okay! Don't get your panties
in a wad. I'm coming!
Zayner laughs again when he realizes what he just said.
Asher rushes him out of his house. They enter his car, and
Asher drives off to work.


They exit the car, and Zayner argues with Asher, again.
I am telling you!
Doesn't mean that I have to agree
with you.
Still! Megan Fox is way hotter
than Mila Kunis!
I think you are on crack. Kunis
has her beat by a long shot.
They enter the lobby.
They go their separate ways, and Asher enters the elevator.
He gets off his floor and goes into his office. He unlocks
the door and enters it. He sees more projects as sits down
at his desk.
What the hell? More projects? They
seem to be making a superhero team
after all.
Asher notices the same formula error on all of the projects.
He rubs his eyes in frustration.
These guys don't know what the
hell they are doing...
Asher grabs his stamp and stamps "Rejected" on all of the
projects. He grabs the pile of projects and delivers them to
the head secretary. He places them on her desk.
Morning, Nancy.
Good morning, Asher. How can I
help you?


Just delivering some rejected
Nancy looks through them and looks up at Asher. She talks to
him in a concerning way.
You... You sure you want to reject
these plans?
Yes, I am sure. they are just
Wrong, Asher?
The main formula is just messed
up. It will never work.
Okay, I'll send these off.
Thanks, Nancy. You have a good
You too, Asher.
Asher turns around and heads back to his office. Nancy picks
up her phone and calls someone.
We have a winner...
Asher goes into his office and sits at his desk. He logs
into his computer and starts on his work. He focuses on his
work that he does not notice the commotion that is going on
outside of his office. Two men open Asher's door and enters
his office. Asher speak to them without looking up at them.
Sorry, guys. I am extremely busy
at the moment. I can't stop to
chit chat with you...
The two men look at each other.


Too busy to talk to the boss?
Asher looks towards the direction of the voice.
The two mean move out of the way, and Calypso enters from
behind them. Asher is dumbfounded.
Mr. Hart! I didn't know you were
stopping by today!
No one knows when I am going to
show up at their office. That's
the joys of being the boss.
Of course, sir! I apologize!
Calypso holds his hand out to hush Asher. Asher stops.
Calypso puts down the rejected project on Asher's desk.
May I ask why these projects were
Asher briefly looks at the project again.
Because the main formula is
incorrect, sir.
Can you tell me who drew up the
blue prints of these projects?
Asher looks at the projects one more time to see that
Calypso was the one who drew them up. Asher nervously looks
at Calypso.
I... I didn't know that it was you
who drew them up, Mr. Hart.
Please, call me Calypso. I was
very surprised when I saw that my
own projects were rejected.


                       CALYPSO (cont'd)
Everywhere I sent these projects,
they were accepted within the hour
of a manager reviewing the plans,
but not you. You took the time to
read them and understand them.
Well, not the last three projects,
but you even took notes on the
first two. That's amazing to me.
In fact, I received an anonymous
email today saying that you should
be Vice President of the company!
Asher does a facepalm from that comment.
I'm guessing with that facepalm
that you know who sent that email.
In short, I want you to know that
I like that you don't care who the
designer is. If you think that
there's an error in the project,
you wouldn't hesitate to reject
the idea and that is why I decided
to make you the lead of all these
Wait... What?
You heard right! You are going
back to the labs and going to work
on these projects! Now, get your
stuff and follow me!
Asher quickly grabs his gear and follows Calypso. They head
to the elevator and enter it. Calypso pushes the B2 button.
The elevator stops at that floor. The door shuts, and
Calypso the B2 button for a little while and then the
elevator starts moving again. The elevator stops again, and
they exit it. They come to a heavy security door. Calypso
does an eye, fingerprint, and voice scan before the door
opens. They enter the room. It was very spacious and all the
technology was advanced. Asher puts the projects on one of
the tables and walks around the room in awe. Calypso gives a
devilish smile. He shuts the inner security door. Asher runs
up to the door.
What the hell, Calypso!?


Be a good lab rat and build my
The formula is wrong! I can't
build something that's not strong
enough to handle the work load of
the project!
Then you better find one then!
Don't worry... You'll get the
nourishment at a set time and the
sleep needed to make sure you're
at your best. I've been waiting
for someone like you for a very
long time now. Don't disappoint
And if I refused to do as you say?
Then you won't get fed and both of
your friends, Magan and Zayner,
will die. It's easy for a guy like
me to make their deaths look
accidental. On the job deaths are
quite common in this lone of work.
Get the picture?
Yes, sir...
Look at that! Professional even in
a locked cage he's professional! I
like you, kid I really do. Even
though I'm treating you like a
prisoner, I like you; however, I
ALWAYS get what I want!
Calypso shuts the main security door. Asher hammer fists the
inner security door.
Dammit all!
Asher sighs and goes to the table where the project are on.
He looks at the "Reaper" project first.


So much of Zayner working on this
Asher rolls up his sleeves and starts to work on the
"Reaper" project. He tries many elements to the formula but
none of them were stable enough to work. He stops doing
equations and starts to work on the suit for the project.
After he finishes with the suit, he goes back to doing the
equations but still cannot find the right element. He stops
working on the project and starts on the "Black Rose"
Asher is shown on the computer talking to Calypso through
What do you mean, "not finished"?
As you can see, sir. I've tried
thousands of elements and fusions
to try to stable the energy source
of these projects but none have
come close to stabilizing them!
There's only one element that I
haven't tried yet.
Go on! Which one!?
It's Darkium. It's very rare and
very unstable. I don't have the
data on the computer to even
remotely theorize the formula to
see if it even works. There's
little to be known of this new
element, so I can't use it!
Calypso laughs when he hears the news. Asher looks confused.
Did I say something that was
Calypso takes control of Asher's computer and inputs a
password. Darkium's data was unlocked on the computer, and
Asher is able to use its data.


Now, you can have access to all
the Darkium you need!
How did you get this data!?
We supply this "Darkium". Did you
forget that I created Darkium?
I though t it was a scientist by
the name of "Derek Tidus" that
founded the element?
He was a colleague of mine that
together we introduced this
element to the world but with the
high demands of it and the
instability of it. We only sell
this stuff to the military. Now,
go do some lab rat stuff!
Calypso turns off his webcam. Asher sighs and gets on the
computer. Asher starts doing equations. The first one almost
works but still comes up unstable. He tries many more
equations with no luck at all. In frustration, he slams head
on the keyboard. He picks his head up and holds it with his
All these formulas and still no
luck? Looks like I'm living here
for the rest of my life!
As he says that, the computer makes a sound of success.
Asher slowly turns around and sees the blinking "success".
Asher rushes over to the computer. He cannot believe a
simple keyboard head-butt found an equation that works. He
tries an equation that was just below and above the equation
and both fail to stabilize. He smiles as he looks at the
I found my ticket out of here!
Asher tries to video chat with Calypso but could not contact
him. Calypso ignored the call. Asher sends Calypso an email
with the information about the formula being stable. Within
minutes, Calypso comes into the lab.


Well, go on kid! Show me!
Asher types in the formula, and the formula fuses together.
"Success" is shown on the computer screen. Calypso smiles at
the success of the formula.
Good job, kid! Good job. Now, you
may follow me out!
What about my work?
Don;t worry! We'll get the lesser
lab rats to do the dirty work now!
As for you, I have a special gift
for you...
Asher did not like the way Calypso said that, but he follows
him anyways. They go to the top floor and into Calypso's
office. Calypso pours himself a drink and offers some to
Asher. Asher declines the drink. Calypso sits at his desk.
I must apologize about my actions
the other day...
You mean your actions that took
place two weeks ago?
Has it been two weeks? I have lost
the time with all these orders
coming in from the military asking
me if the projects were ready
Now, you can tell them that they
are ready...
Not quite ready...
What do you mean by that? The
formula is corrected. You don't
need any more proof that it does.


Oh, they would still want proof
that it does work. They would want
"human" proof that it's safe...
They would want...
... "Human" proof? Who would sign
up for that? The element is too
dangerous for a human to handle!
That's when you find an "inhuman"
to do that!
Calypso slowly starts to transform into HEART OF DARKNESS.
Asher just stands there and watches the transformation in
shock. Heart of Darkness speaks in a dark, echoed voice.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You will be the first "human"
proof! Open your heart to the
darkness, my child!
Heart of Darkness hold Asher down with his shadow hands.
Another hand appears and goes through Asher's chest. Asher
screams in pain as Heart of Darkness uses another shadow
hand to touch Asher's heart. Asher's heart slowly turns from
red to black. Asher's veins from his body turns black as his
heart turns black as well. Asher's skin turns pale. Heart of
Darkness laughs as Asher loses consciousness.
REAPER slowly wakes up. He finds himself in an open desert
with a lot of military men looking at him. Calypso pops up
in front of him.
Time to wake up, Reaper! It's time
to show these fine men what you
can do!
Reaper? Is that my name?
Why... Why yes it is!
Calypso turns towards the military men.


I'm sorry gentlemen! The subject
sometimes experiences a slight
chance of amnesia but only
Calypso turns back towards Reaper
Come on, kid! These guys are
wanting a show! Now, show them
what you can do!
Yes, sir...
Always so professional! I knew I
would not regret you!
Calypso turns around towards the military men and puts his
hands together.
Now, gentlemen! Let me show you
what MY project can do!
Calypso pulls out a remote switch and turns it on. He
secretly snaps his finger and a HEARTLING appears. The
military men talk to each other about the creature.
Don't worry gentlemen! It's just
an animatronic! No need to fear!
It was not a machine. It was formed from Calypso. He turns
towards Reaper.
Now, Reaper! Go destroy that
For what purpose?
To show these fine gentlemen what
you can do! Now, attack!
I have no quarrel with that


Calypso is getting angry. He grits his teeth.
Okay... If you won't attack, then
it will attack you!
Calypso's eyes turns black for a second, and the creature
growls and bares its teeth at Reaper. It digs its claws into
the ground before charging at Reaper. Reaper just stares at
it as it rushes towards Reaper. Calypso and the military men
back away. The creature leaps at Reaper with its mouth open.
Reaper grabs the creature by the mouth and rips it in two.
He drops it as it denigrates. The military men clap. Reaper
starts to walk away when Calypso grabs his arm and tells him
while gritting his teeth.
I'll deal with you later!
Calypso then smiles and goes back to talk to the military
men. Reaper goes back into his pod. The pod closes and
releases a gas that puts him to sleep.
Reaper wakes up in Calypso's office. Calypso sits at his
desk and looks at Reaper. Calypso points at the chair in
front of his desk. Reaper walks up to the chair and sits
down in it. Calypso stands up and walks over to Reaper and
places his hands on Reaper's shoulders.
Reaper... Do you know what I hate
the most in my workers?
Reaper just looks at Calypso without saying a word. Calypso
gets annoyed.
I hate insubordination in my
workers. When I give an order, you
follow it, understand?
I'm glad that you do...
Calypso stops himself. He glares at Reaper with black eyes.


What do you mean "no"?
Don't have the heart to listen to
the likes of you.
Oh! You're a funny man, Mr.
Reaper tilts his head in confusion.
Mr... Jacobson?
Who's that? I said nothing like
The next time I order you to do
Calypso morphs into Heart of Darkness.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
... You do it!
Heart of Darkness slashes as Reaper. He makes a deep scar on
Reaper's left eye that penetrates his helmet to his face.
The scar glows a deep purple. Reaper glares at Heart of
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Now, are you going to listen to
listen to me?
Heart of Darkness' eyes burn a black fire.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
No...? NO!?
Heart of Darkness grabs hold of Reaper and grits his teeth.
He tightens his grip on Reaper.


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Listen here you piece of shit! I
created you, and I can UNcreate
you at any time! Now, listen to
your master!
Reaper closes closes his scared eye as it pulsates. He gives
a slight smirk.
I have no master...
Heart of Darkness yells in anger. He throws Reaper out of
the window. Heart of Darkness breaths deeply when he
realizes what he has done.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Reaper falls from the building. He covers his head with his
arms when he falls near the ground. Reaper goes into a
shadow. Reaper sticks his head out of the shadow and then
gets out of it. Reaper looks at the shadow. He jumps on the
shadow. Nothing happens. Reaper just walks off into an ally.
Some thugs sees Reaper and follows him. One of the thugs
walks up beside Reaper.
                       THUG #1
Hey, playa! What you doing up this
late at night?
Leave me alone...
The other thug walks in front of Reaper and points a pistol
at him.
                       THUG #2
Enough games! Give us the money!
Reaper looks up at the thug with his scared eye burning a
purple flame. The thug was suddenly lifts from the ground by
the throat by Reaper. The other thug runs away. Reaper
forces his hand into the thug's chest and pulls out his
heart. The heart was covered in a black fog. Reaper drops
the thug. He looks at the heart as a voice says "eat me".
Reaper takes a bite out of the heart and a surge of power
goes through him. Reaper drops the heart to look at his


This... This power... It comes
from eating the heart of others?
No... It comes from eating the
darkness of others... I need to
gain more power to kill Heart of
Reaper walks into the camera.
                                         BLACK OUT
Calypso slams his fist on his desk.
He was using my anger to escape
from me! He'll pay for what he
Shadow Blade!
                       SHADOW BLADE
Yes, master?
Calypso looks at the darkest corner to see a pair of red
I want you to hunt our newest
friend and bring him back alive so
I can deal with him personally.
SHADOW BLADE smiles and disappears.
You will return to me, Reaper. You
will obey your master. If not,
then you will suffer!
Reaper walks around the city avoiding the crowd. He starts
to breath heavily. He grabs onto the side of a building
while his heart beats slowly.


                       WOMAN #2
Someone help! Thief!
Reaper slowly looks up to see a guy running from the woman
with a purse in his hands. Reaper goes into the shadows.
Reaper grabs the guy by the throat and pulls him into the
The guy starts beating Reaper's arm.
                       THUG #1
Hey, man! Let me go!
Reaper recognizes his voice and looks at him.
Fate has brought us back together
I see..
The thug stops thrashing and looks at Reaper.
                       THUG #1
Oh, shit... Not you again!
Reaper grabs him with his hand and rips out his heart. He
drops the thug and takes a bite out of the heart. He is
refreshed from the darkness and grabs the purse. He wipes
his mouth and steps out of the shadows.
Reaper walks over to the woman.
This belongs to you.
The woman turns around and smiles.
                       WOMAN #2
Thank you so much!
She then looks up at Reaper. his eyes were glowing a purple
flame and so was his scar. She screams and snatches back her
purse. She runs away from Reaper into traffic and gets hit
by a vehicle.


                       SHADOW BLADE
That's gotta leave a mark.
Reaper turns around to see Shadow Blade in the shadows
leaning on a wall. He starts walking towards Reaper.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Most people would try to save her
when a woman runs for her life
like that.
I didn't have the heart to do
                       SHADOW BLADE
You are something else! I thought
you were the "hero" type!
Reaper forma a scythe in his hands and points it at Shadow
I know you didn't come here just
to chit chat with me. So, what the
hell do you want?
                       SHADOW BLADE
Oh? Touchy are we? I can see
you're getting stronger, but
haven't you been told not to point
a weapon at someone?
Shadow Blade's blade from his wrist comes out of his skin.
When they come completely out, they become serrated. He
licks one of the blades.
                       SHADOW BLADE
My mission is to bring you back to
master, so we can reunite as a
Reaper attacks Shadow Blade, and Shadow Blade blocks the
attack as sparks flies.
I have no master!
Shadow Blade pushes Reaper off balance and kicks him to the


                       SHADOW BLADE
Whether you like it or not, you're
a part of our "family".
Shadow Blade kicks the scythe away from Reaper and stabs him
in the shoulder.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Now, come back to master, and he
won't hurt you as bad!
Reaper smiles at Shadow Blade.
You haven't won the battle yet.
Reaper goes into a shadow. Shadow Blade's blade is stuck in
the cement, but he pulls it out. He looks around for Reaper.
Reaper's hand comes up from the ground and grabs his scythe
and pulls it into the shadow.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Where are you, you piece of shit!
Reaper jumps up from the shadow. The scythe straightens
itself out.
Right here.
Shadow Blade turns around. The scythe expands and pins
Shadow Blade to a building. Reaper walks up to him as the
scythe slowly retracts to itself with each step. Shadow
Blade coughs up blood.
Tell "master" that I'll be coming
for him soon.
Shadow Blade spits blood on Reaper's mask.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Why don't you tell him yourself!?
Reaper smirks as his scar glows purple.
I was hoping you say that.
                       SHADOW BLADE
What you... Ack!


Reaper stabs his chest and pulls out his heart, but it was
still connected to Shadow Blade. Reaper takes a bite of the
heart and starts to absorb the darkness. As he is absorbing
the darkness, a dark cape starts to form. Shadow Blade's
retract back into his skin. Reaper pulls his scythe out of
Shadow Blade letting him fall to the ground. Reaper walks
away from Shadow Blade. Reaper goes into an alleyway. A
figure comes out of the shadows and follows Reaper. Reaper
forms his scythe in his hands. He turns around and slashes
at the figure. The scythe cuts through the figure, but it
turns into a cloud of smoke and disappears.
Usually people try to run when
someone is following them.
I'm not like most people.
I can see that.
NARAKU comes out of the shadows to meet Reaper face to face.
I am Naraku.
Are you Japanese or something?
You're a fast one to catch on, but
no I'm not. I go by many names,
and I change my name every century
to keep people guessing who I am.
Reaper puts away his scythe and crosses his arms.
What do you want from me, "hell"?
Ah! You know your Japanese!
Anyways I got a proposition for-
Reaper starts to walk away and interrupts him.
Not interested.


Reaper continues to walk the opposite direction from Naraku.
Naraku appears in front of Reaper in a black flame.
So, you don't want your old life
I had no other life. I was
Were you now? Are you sure that
you were or did someone tell you?
Calypso told me...
Well, he's half correct.
Reaper crosses his arms and stares at Naraku.
oh, nothing to say? Well, he did
"create" you but didn't "create"
you. You were once called "Asher
Reaper uncrosses his arms and was in shock when he heard his
real name. His memories flashes before his eyes. He regains
his memory. He looks at his hands and body. He feels his
mask and scar. He looks at Naraku.
I see that you remember.
What did I become?
A minion of the darkness, but I
see that it was a mistake in
telling you who you really are.
What I see now, you wouldn't be
useful to be. So, I'm going to
suppress your memories again.
No! Don't!


Naraku grabs Reaper's head. His hand burns a black flame as
Reaper's memories gets suppressed. Reaper kicks Naraku away
from him after his memories were suppressed.
Don't do that again...
Now, there's a tiny favor I need
of you.
Fine... What is it?
Naraku rubs his hands together. He creates a black crystal
ball. It portraits what he tells Reaper.
You see, your "creator" was
suppose to do me a small favor and
in return he would be given power
as Heart of Darkness.
And he decided not to listen to
I'm getting to that. So, he
decided to go rogue on me so I
cannot get to him.
He's always at his building.
Location isn't but is a problem.
He created this barrier that
repels me. I guess you can call it
a "holy barrier".
And you want me to drag his ass
out of the tower?
Nah, just nearly kill him, and
he'll be weak enough for me to get
to him. So, do we have a deal?
Naraku stretches out his hand. Reaper looks at the hand.


The deal is one sided. there's no
benefit for me.
I'll give you your memories back.
Wasn't that what want? Freedom
from this curse upon you?
No... I want you to kill my old
self. I never want to be him
      (Smiles Evilly)
Reaper shakes Naraku's hand. Naraku bursts into a black
flame and disappears while laughing. Reaper wipes the char
off his hand and covers himself with his cape. He jumps on
top of a building and looks up at Calypso's building. His
eyes burn a purple flame as his scar glows purple as well.
Calypso... Your days are numbered.
You will die soon, very soon...
On fade out, his eyes are still burning with his scar and
finally fade out as well.
                                         FADE OUT
Reaper stands up straight from a leaning position.
That's my story but that story is
about to start anew with the death
of Calypso Hart!
Reaper jumps off a building and into a shadow. Civilians
gather around the shadow. One person steps into the shadow
but nothing happens.
I smell the darkness in you!
The guy looks down at the shadow as Reaper's hand comes out
of the shadow and grabs him by the head. Reaper pulls the


guy into the shadow. More people gather around the shadow.
Reaper jumps out of the shadow. The people run in terror.
Reaper wipes the blood off his mouth. A police car pulls up
and two cops comes out of it with their weapons drawn.
                       POLICE MAN #1
Reaper just glares at the police and starts to walk away
from them. One of the shoots near Reaper on the ground.
                       POLICE MAN #2
He said "freeze", motherfucker.
The other cop looks at the shooter.
                       POLICE MAN #1
You need to stop doing that. I
don't want to get investigated
                       POLICE MAN #2
Yeah, so what? You aren't going
Reaper grabs the cop by the throat and lifts him in the air.
There's a darkness in you... I
most have it!
Reaper rips out the cops heart and takes a bite to absorb
the darkness. The other cop shoots Reaper. Reaper grabs his
throat. Reaper looks into his eyes.
... There's no darkness in you.
Reaper lets him go and walks away. The cop calls for back
up. Reaper goes into the shadows undetected.
Calypso is seen meditating. Calypso opens his eyes. they
were black, and he smiles.
There you are...
... Dark Storm!


The sound of electricity is heard as it gets louder until it
reaches Calypso. Thunder is heard as DARK STORM shows up in
a lightning bolt but kneeling.
                       DARK STORM
Yes, master?
I found your "friend", Reaper.
Dark Storm looks up as red lightning covers his eyes as he
clinches his fist.
                       DARK STORM
Don't you dare call him my
Calypso gets up and looks at Dark Storm evilly.
Or what? You going to abandon your
master like you close "friend"?
                       DARK STORM
No, master... I didn't mean...
Mean to what!? Question me!? Defy
me!? Or...
Calypso morphs into Heart of Darkness.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
... Challenge me!?
                       DARK STORM
No, master! Nothing like that! I
would never do such a thing!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You better not... Anyways, I found
Reaper. Go and get him. And don't
fail me like Shadow Blade.
                       DARK STORM
In a flash of light, Dark Storm vanishes. Heart of Darkness
looks out his window. Without turning around he says.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What have I told you about sitting
at my desk?


The figure turns the chair around.
                       BLACK ROSE
You know that you love it when a
woman sits at your desk.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Not when it's MY desk!
                       BLACK ROSE
Babe, you are no fun at all.
Black Rose walks up to Heart of Darkness.
                       BLACK ROSE
Why don't you let me kill Reaper?
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Because I don't want him dead. I
want him reprogrammed. He's the
key to my success!
                       BLACK ROSE
What are you planning, big boy?
She starts rubbing Heart of Darkness' cloak trying to seduce
him. He pushes her away. He smiles at her.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I will never kiss and tell.
Black Rose goes up to Heart of Darkness and almost kisses
him and seductively says.
                       BLACK ROSE
You sure about that?
Heart of Darkness kicks her away and laughs at her.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, I am very sure! I cannot be
seduced by a succubus like...
                       BLACK ROSE
Don't you dare!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh? Someone a little touchy on the
Black Rose tears up.


                       BLACK ROSE
Shut up!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
It's not my fault what happened. I
mean, it was a freak "accident".
                       BLACK ROSE
I said SHUT UP!!!
Black Rose screams as she turns into black rose petals and
flies away. Heart of Darkness chuckles.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Women... They are so easy to
Reaper leans on the edge of a building looking at the city.
He looks up when he hears thunder. He looks at the clear
He continues to look up at the sky trying to locate a dark
cloud. He looks back at the city. He hears the thunder
again. He looks back up again.
Come on out! I know that's not
There was no response.
Come on, coward! Show yourself!
a red lightning bolt strikes Reaper.
                       DARK STORM
No one calls ME that!
Was that suppose to hurt?
Reaper turns around to see Dark Storm clinching his fist in


                       DARK STORM
Don't you underestimate me!
Dark Storm forms a tomahawk in his hand and starts throwing
them at Reaper. Reaper deflects them with his scythe. Out of
anger, Dark Storm starts throwing powerful lightning orbs at
Reaper. He deflects them as well but has a harder time doing
so. Red lightning bolts starts to come out of Dark Storm's
eyes as he shoots a very powerful lightning bolt out of his
hands. Reaper could not deflect the bolt as he gets shot
back into an abandoned warehouse.
Reaper goes through the window and slams into an old piece
of machinery. Dark Storm comes through the same window and
walks up to Reaper.
                       DARK STORM
I told you to never underestimate
Doesn't mean I have to agree with
Dark Storm stops for a second and then rushes at Reaper. He
grabs him by the collar of his cape.
                       DARK STORM
What did you just say!?
You heard me...
                       DARK STORM
Reaper headbutts Dark Storm and jumps into a shadow. Dark
Storm yells and shoots random lightning bolts which causes
the building to collapse. Dark Storm shoots one last bolt to
escape from the building's rubble. His eyes glows red as he
makes his way towards Calypso's building.
                       DARK STORM
Me and Calypso has date night,


Reaper crawls out of the shadow in pain. He groans as he
turns to lay on his back. He looks at the sky seeing that
morning was almost here. He slowly crawls back into the
Reaper enters the Shadow Realm. It's morning but it's always
night in the Shadow Realm. Reaper collapses and his cape
wraps him up like a cocoon as he slowly recovers from his
Reaper's cape opens up and he slowly gets up off the ground.
He stretches and enters the real world again.
Reaper comes out of a shadow and jumps on top of a building.
He jumps from building to building until he gets to his
usual spot and leans on its edge watching the city.
Calypso is shown at his desk drinking some scotch as Dark
Storm bolts through the door.
                       DARK STORM
Why didn't you tell me that Asher
was alive!?
Calypso points at the broken door.
You know that's coming out of your
                       DARK STORM
I don't fucking care!
Black Rose walks pass the door and looks at the door. She
starts walking away until she hears Dark Storm say.


                       DARK STORM
Answer me! Why didn't you tell me
that Asher was still alive!?
Black Rose stops suddenly.
                       BLACK ROSE
She slowly walks back to the door and leans on the wall by
the door and listens to the conversation.
Because that wasn't important for
you to know. All you needed to
know is that he did "die" it's
just that he was reborn that's
                       DARK STORM
I'm going to kill him...
No, you're going to bring him back
to me.
                       DARK STORM
I'm going to kill him...
I'm going to kill him...
I'm going to kill HIM!
Dark storm bolts out of the room and flies pass Black Rose.
Oh, dear. Looks like i broke him.
Make sure that he doesn't do
anything irrational.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Yes, master.
Black Rose covers her mouth and tears runs down her face.
She rushes into the records department and gets on the
computer. She searches "Reaper" and the "Reaper Project"
comes up.


                       BLACK ROSE
Please, let it be you...
An error pops up, "Classified".
                       BLACK ROSE
"Classified" my ass!
She hacks into the file and reads it through. No name is
mentioned who Reaper is.
                       BLACK ROSE
No name? So, Storm was wrong? That
She tears up again and walks out of the room. Calypso logs
off his computer and smiles.
Wasn't that a close one. She
almost found out.
Calypso laughs as he finishes his glass of scotch.
Reaper hears thunder, and he rolls his eyes.
Not this asshole again.
Reaper back flips and a red lightning bolt hits where he was
at. Dark Storm was at that spot. He turns around and points
at Reaper.
                       DARK STORM
Why aren't you dead!?
Because you didn't kill me.
                       DARK STORM
I'm not going to kill you if you
don't answer my question, Asher!
A dark figure tackles Dark Storm. Dark Storm pushes the
figure off of him.
                       DARK STORM
Get the hell off of me! Why the
hell you here anyways!?


                       SHADOW BLADE
Saving your ass.
Reaper looks over to see Shadow Blade.
The prodigal son has returned.
Aren't you suppose to be dead?
Shadow Blade realizes that Reaper was there.
                       SHADOW BLADE
No, you left a small amount of
darkness in me. So, you're fucked
now. If I get seriously injured in
a battle and live, I come back
stronger than ever!
                       SHADOW BLADE
Because you were a pussy last time
we fought.
                       SHADOW BLADE
You heard me.
Shadow Blade's weapons comes out of his skin. This time, the
weapons look deadlier. He charges after Reaper. Reaper takes
out his own weapon and blocks Shadow Blade's attack. Dark
Storm sits down and somehow has a bowl of popcorn and eats
it as Reaper and Shadow Blade fight each other. Shadow Blade
is faster than before but Reaper can still keep up. They
block each others attack and push away from each other.
So, you did get stronger.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Oh, you haven't seen anything yet!
Shadow Blade plants his feet and starts to focus his energy.
His muscles start to grow as his blades get deadlier. Reaper


Finally, a good challenge.
                       SHADOW BLADE
A challenge? A challenge!? I'll
show you a challenge!
Shadow Blade disappears as reappears behind Reaper and stabs
him in the back. Shadow Blade smiles. He starts twisting the
                       SHADOW BLADE
Is this a good challenge for you!?
Shadow Blade gets stabbed himself in the back.
Not quite yet.
                       SHADOW BLADE
WHAT!? I got you!
Look again...
Shadow Blade looks at "Reaper" to see him turn into smoke
and disappear.
                       DARK STORM
Ha! He got you good Blade!
                       SHADOW BLADE
S-Shut up!
I'll make sure this time to drain
you completely of your darkness!
                       SHADOW BLADE
Not today!
Spikes comes out of his body and penetrates Reaper.
                       SHADOW BLADE
How about that!?
Reaper chuckles at Shadow Blade.
                       SHADOW BLADE
What's so funny!?
You just made my job easier.


                       SHADOW BLADE
Reaper pulls back his hand and almost attacks Shadow Blade
until they were both shot with a lightning bolt. Reaper and
Shadow Blade separate by the attack.
                       SHADOW BLADE
What the hell was that for!?
                       DARK STORM
I was saving YOUR ass.
                       SHADOW BLADE
I had him!
                       DARK STORM
Sure thing Shadow Blade. I got
bored watching you getting your
ass handed to you.
                       SHADOW BLADE
I was handing his ass to him, Dark
                       DARK STORM
As if!
As the two continue to argue, Reaper slowly gets up and his
wounds were completely healed. Reaper coughs up the bullet
from the other night and throws it away. He cracks his neck
and picks up his scythe.
You ladies done with the cat
The both of them look at Reaper. They forgot about him. Dark
Storm charges at Reaper but gets stabbed by Shadow Blade.
                       SHADOW BLADE
Who said that my fight with him
was over!?
Dark Storm says without turning around.
                       DARK STORM
I did!
                       SHADOW BLADE
Like hell you-


Shadow Blade gets electrocuted through his blade. His blade
retracts into his skin as he falls unconscious. Dark Storm
coughs up blood. He send electricity through his body and
burns his wounds shut. He stands up straight and forms an
orb of lightning in both hands.
                       DARK STORM
Now, where were we?
The part where I kick your ass.
                       DARK STORM
Ha! You're a funny man, Asher! And
I thought I was the funny one!
I don't know you...
                       DARK STORM
Oh, yes you do Ashy Boy!
Ashy... Boy...?
                       DARK STORM
Or should I say...
... Cowboy?
"Cowboy" echoes in Reaper's mind as he remembers one of his
memories. His scar pulsates as he is remembering. He looks
up at Dark Storm. Dark Storm takes off his mask reveling
himself as Zayner.
                       DARK STORM
About time you remember who I am.
Dark Storm puts his mask back on.
                       DARK STORM
But it's not Zayner anymore! It's
Dark Storm!
Dark Storm throws the orbs at Reaper. Reaper gets hit by
them as Dark Storm continues to throw the orbs at Reaper.
Dark Storm smiles as he walks closer to Reaper.
                       DARK STORM
Your ass is mine!


When Dark Storm gets to Reaper, Reaper grabs him by the
throat and lifts him up in the air. Dark Storm sends
electricity through his body.
                       DARK STORM
You will never defeat me, Asher.
Today, I will!
Reaper forces his hand through Dark Storm's chest. Dark
Storm stops sending electricity through his body. Reaper
pulls out his heart, but it was still connected to the body.
Reaper starts to drain the darkness from it with a bite.
After Reaper was finished, he places Dark Storm's body on
the ground.
                       DARK STORM
I have something to ask...
And what is that?
                       DARK STORM
Miley Cyrus or Emma Watson...?
                       DARK STORM
For once...
... I agree with you...
Dark Storm slowly closes his eyes. Reaper picks up the body.
He looks and sees that Shadow Blade was gone. Reaper goes to
the hospital. He puts Zayner into a wheelchair and softly
kicks him through the door and leaves the area.
Heart of Darkness slams his fists on his desk, breaking it.
He then shoves it out of the way as he yells.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I cannot believe that both of my
super soldiers failed me! Looks
like I got to get my hands dirty!
No, wait...


                       HEART OF DARKNESS (cont'd)
... I cannot leave this tower...
He'll be sure to get me! My power
grows weak everyday because Reaper
drains the darkness. I need to
send out more Darkium in the drugs
so I can get powerful again. Yes!
I need to do that! No! Stupid! I
cannot be careless! Too much will
kill the "customers", dammit!
                       BLACK ROSE
What's wrong, master? Is Reaper
messing up your plans?
Heart of Darkness looks up to see Black Rose entering his
office. Black Rose walks up to him and rubs on his cloak in
a seductive way.
                       BLACK ROSE
Why don't you let me handle him
for you?
Heart of Darkness slaps her hand away from him.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Like how you did last time?
                       BLACK ROSE
That was a little test to see if
he had a weakness.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Well then, what makes you think
you can do better?
                       BLACK ROSE
Oh, I have my ways...
She turns into black rose petals and flies away. Heart of
Darkness snaps his fingers and his desk was restored. He
sits at it with his fingers laced together.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
We will see if you can get the job
done, Black Rose. We will see...


Reaper walks from alleyway to alleyway avoiding to be seen.
He thought he hears a giggle but continues to walk. He sees
a little homeless girl crying. She sees him walking.
Hey mister... Do you have any
food? I'm starving...
I don't eat the food you eat.
What food do you eat mister? I'll
eat whatever you have. I promise.
No, it will destroy you.
Reaper walks away from the girl. The girl stands up.
Hey! I'm still talking to you!
Reaper ignores her and continues to walk away. The girl
pulls out a black rose and does a whipping motion and the
rose turns into a whip with thorns on it. She whips it at
Reaper. He turns around and puts his arm up as it wraps
around his arm. The girl smiles.
What gave me away this time?
She walks through a shadow and comes out as Black Rose.
Reaper points at a spot on his chest.
There was a small picture of a
rose on her dress. That's what
gave you away.
                       BLACK ROSE
I can't help it if I loves roses.
Obviously, if you have a whip of a
                       BLACK ROSE
You mean "Rose Whip".


I don't give a damn what you call
it. A rose is a rose.
                       BLACK ROSE
Yes, you are right but this "rose"
is deadly!
The thorns expand, penetrating Reaper's arm. She whips her
whip back. Reaper forms his scythe in his hand and takes a
step towards Black Rose. He stops and puts a hand on his
head as he becomes delusional. Black Rose smiles at him.
                       BLACK ROSE
What's wrong, darlin'? Is my whip
too much for you? I have no idea
why Shadow Blade and Dark Storm
had such a hard time with you.
                       BLACK ROSE
Dark Storm...
... No more...
... Zayner...
Reaper loses consciousness. Black Rose is puzzled.
                       BLACK ROSE
I thought that Calypso... I mean
master said that he transferred to
a different company when Asher
She looks at Reaper. She bends down to take off his mask
until Naraku shows up.
Don't do that, yet.
Black Rose is startled as she looks at Naraku. She pulls her
whip back.
Why the violence? Just take a seat
will you?


Naraku snaps his finger and a chair comes up from the
ground, and Black Rose was forced to sit in it.
I don't want for you to know him
just yet.
                       BLACK ROSE
And why not?
Why are you humans always
impatient? I was getting to that.
You see, he's on a mission for me.
I need him to get into Calypso's
building for me.
                       BLACK ROSE
Why don't you do it, Mr. Macho?
Naraku waves his finger at her.
Tsk tsk. Because I've struck a
deal with him, and I want him to
succeed in his mission.
                       BLACK ROSE
Sounds like bullshit to me.
That's why I love you! You're so
feisty! Anyways, just take him
back to Calypso so he can do what
I have ask of him to do and trust
me... You won't regret it...
Naraku disappears in a black flame. Her chair disappears,
and she hits the ground. She gets up and looks at Reaper.
                       BLACK ROSE
Won't regret it, huh?
She lifts his body up and heads towards Calypso's building.
                       BLACK ROSE
I hope you are correct.


Black Rose throws Reaper's body in a chair and straps him to
it. She makes sure that he was strapped in good before she
left the body. She heads towards Calypso's office. She lets
herself into his office. Heart of Darkness throws dark
matter at her. She moves out of the way which it destroys
most of the wall.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
How dare you show yourself so soon
when you have failed me! You
stupid bitch!
                       BLACK ROSE
Well, this "stupid bitch" got him
strapped in a chair.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You what!? How!?
                       BLACK ROSE
I have my ways, but he may have
woken up now so you might want to
check up on him.
Heart of Darkness flies pass Black Rose and towards where
Reaper is. She shakes her head.
                       BLACK ROSE
Like a kid in a candy shop.
She makes her way to Reaper as well. She goes into a room
where a two way mirror is and watches the two of them.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Looks like you made your way back
Home? More like hell to me.
Heart of Darkness laughs but then punches Reaper. He then
digs his finger into Reaper's scar.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Don't make me put another goddamn
scar on you like last time!
Makes no difference to me.


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, it does... You are my pride
and joy. I used a lot of my power
to create you... You were once so
loyal to me. What happen to my
loyal servant?
He's dead... You killed him when
you "created" me.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
That's right! I created you so I
am your master, and you need to
obey ME!
I have no master.
Heart of Darkness' eyes turned black as he yells.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Heart of Darkness punches Reaper again. Reaper's mask comes
off. Reaper lifts his head to reveal himself to Black Rose.
Black Rose gasps and covers her mouth with her hands as she
tears up.
                       BLACK ROSE
Reaper spits blood on the floor and smiles at Heart of
Is that the best you can do? Black
Rose can hit harder than you.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, the night isn't over yet my
pawn. Unlike you, I don't need to
hide myself from the night to heal
my wounds or even go into the
Shadow Realm.
But you hide from someone... Don't


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I hide from no one!
What about your "master"?
Reaper struck Heart of Darkness nerve but he does not
flinch. He just laughs.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
The only one that has a master in
this room is you!
Heart of Darkness leaves the room. Black Rose enters the
room moments later and walks up to Reaper. Reaper glares at
her. He makes an effort to get loose but with no luck. He
spits on the ground.
What the hell do you want?
She picks up his mask and rubs it. She runs her finger down
the mask where the scar is located. She looks at Reaper and
sits in his lap in a seductive way. He continues to glare at
What the fu-
She interrupts him with a passionate kiss. His scar pulsates
he remembers one of his memories. After she finishes, he
looks at her.
... Magan?
She takes off her mask and smiles at Reaper. She starts to
cry as she wraps her arms around him.
                       BLACK ROSE
You remembered! You remembered me!
What the hell you think you are
                       BLACK ROSE
What do you mean by that!?
You! You being the Black Rose!
That's what!


                       BLACK ROSE
Well, I was told that you died and
that a "rogue" super soldier,
that's you by the way, killed you!
Apparently, I didn't kill myself
because I'm sitting right here!
She gets off of him.
                       BLACK ROSE
Well, sorry for caring for you
enough to try to kill... Your
You don't care for me! Never did!
All you fucking cared about was
sex! You were always a fucking
tease! You succubus!
Black Rose was cut deep with that statement. She tears back
                       BLACK ROSE
A succubus! Asher I love you! I
always have! I've been in love
with you since we started working
together for the past five years!
And you're just telling me now?
                       BLACK ROSE
Because you never showed me any
I have. I've taken you on dates,
bought you gifts, and even
proposed to you!
                       BLACK ROSE
You were drunk when you did!
No, I wasn't Not at the fair I
                       BLACK ROSE
That was three years ago! I wasn't
ready to get married!


Well, that's when I realized that
I wasn't going to marry you. I
thought that all you thought I was
a friend with benefits.
                       BLACK ROSE
Wow... Why didn't you tell me
Never saw a point in doing so. You
always teased me. So, I never took
you serious enough.
                       BLACK ROSE
I wish I knew sooner, or I
would've never said no.
Well, That ship has sailed. You
lost your chance. Asher will be
dead when I finish this mission.
                       BLACK ROSE
You're going to kill yourself!?
No, my reward for completing this
mission is killing the Asher in me
and be reborn as Reaper. That life
is over, and I have a new life in
the darkness.
Black Rose tears up and slaps Reaper. She walks outside of
the room and turns around.
                       BLACK ROSE
By the way asshole, you have a
daughter named, "Jessica"!
She slams the door. Reaper stares off into the distance.
... I have a Jesse?


Sunlight shines through a window. The light wakes Reaper up,
and it starts to burn him. He backs the chair up into a
Hurts don't it?
Calypso walks into the room with a smile.
Don't worry, it look me awhile to
get used to it. Oh wait... I don't
have to! When I am in this form,
the sun doesn't bother me.
Reaper struggles in his chair. Calypso shakes his head.
My dear, Reaper. You cannot enter
the Shadow Realm in my building. I
am the only one who can since its
my force field that I use on this
Reaper looks at Calypso.
Yeah because you're a coward.
You're afraid that Naraku will get
I don't know anyone by that name
and no its called keeping the
pests away from my building. There
are too many government spies
trying to steal my life's work for
their benefits.
Like that formula that I fixed for
Calypso turns towards Reaper. He was amazed.
Oh! Looks like you got your
memories back. Amazing that you
did. Usually my memory suppressing
always works.


Your formula was wrong again?
Calypso morphs into Heart of Darkness but turns back because
the sun was burning him. He recovers himself.
What's that matter? Can't do a
magic show because the sun's out?
Calypso glares at Reaper but keeps his cool. He walks over
to Reaper.
No matter. I can still block your
memories and reprogram you in this
Calypso grabs Reaper's head and tries to block his memories
but with no luck. Calypso gets confused.
Huh. It usually isn't this hard to
do this. I've done it plenty of
Calypso goes deeper into Reaper's mind to block his memories
but could not do so. Suddenly, Calypso see Naraku in
Reaper's mind. He waves his finger at Calypso and laughs.
Tsk tsk. Your magic won't work
here anymore! I'm coming for you
Calypso. Get ready!
Calypso yells and lets go of Reaper's head.
Calypso rushes out of the room.
Looks like he saw the Boogie Man.
Calypso rushes into his office and shuts the door. He goes
to his desk and sits at it.
It's him! It's him...! Shit! Is he
here!? No, if he was, he would've
already came for me. He doesn't
come out during the day because
he's not strong out during the


                       CALYPSO (cont'd)
day. I need a leverage but what?
wait... What's this?
Calypso sees a DVD on his desk that says, "Play Me". Calypso
inserts the disk into his computer and watching it. It was
the security video of Reaper. He watches himself attack
Reaper. He smiles.
This is some good stuff here!
Calypso sees Black Rose into the picture. He sees her sit
and kiss him.
Well, looks like the cat's out of
the bag, She knows that he's still
He hears them arguing and learns about Jessica.
He has a daughter!? Wait a
Calypso searches Magan's employee records to see that she
was on leave. He smiles.
Oh, this is going to be fun!
Black Rose enters Reaper's room. He glares at her.
Now, what the hell do you want!?
Black Rose stops and glares back at him.
                       BLACK ROSE
I've come to check up on you.
Why? So you can collect child
support that I owe!?
                       BLACK ROSE
No! I've come to tell you that
Calypso is up to something, and
you need to do whatever you need
to do to complete your mission!


I cannot do anything while the
sun's out.
                       BLACK ROSE
Drain my darkness. then the sun
won't bother you. I've only
accepted the darkness because I
wanted to avenge your death.
Please, I don't want this
I can;t do that...
                       BLACK ROSE
What the hell not!? I'm trying to
help you! Are you that stubborn to
not accept it!?
I can't drain it because I'm
strapped to a fucking chair!
                       BLACK ROSE
Black Rose walks over to Reaper and frees him from the
                       BLACK ROSE
I'm sorry...
Don't be sorry...
                       BLACK ROSE
Reaper forces his hand through her chest. He pulls out her
heart but was still connected to her. He drains all of the
darkness from her. He lays her down on the ground and heals
her wounds. He wipes the blood off his mouth. He kisses her
gently. He steps into the sun. The sun no longer burns him.
He smirks.
Well, Calypso is going to get a
kick out of this.
Reaper goes into Calypso's office by blasting the door open.
He walks in and sees that Calypso was not there. Reaper
looks around.


Where the hell is he!?
JESSICA JONES, 5, is shown playing with some toys as Calypso
enters the daycare. He walks up to Jessica.
Hi, Jessica.
She looks up at Calypso. His eyes were black. Jessica
screams as Calypso lunges at the camera.
                                         BLACK OUT
Calypso rushes into his office and reaches for the door that
was not there.
Huh. I guess I forgot to fix the
He snaps his finger, and the door was restores itself. When
he turns around, Reaper's eyes burns a purple flame as so
was his scar. Calypso does not turn around.
It took you long enough to escape
from that chair.
I've been waiting for you...
I know you have been.
I thought you never leave the
Oh, I had to pick someone up
that's all.
Someone of importance to you?


No and yes but not important right
Calypso pours himself a glass of scotch and offers it to
Reaper. Reaper stares at him.
Worth a shot.
Calypso drinks the scotch. Reaper cracks his neck and takes
a step towards Calypso. Calypso holds a finger up to tell
him to hold on.
Don't be in such a rush! Tell me,
where is Black Rose? I haven't
seen her today.
Magan is free from your influence.
Is that right? That would explain
why I cannot feel her, but oh
well. She did her job. She bought
me you and that's all that matters
to me.
Always thinking about yourself.
Magan suddenly rushes into the office. She stomps her way to
Calypso so as he says to her.
Speaking of the devil! There she
is! How are you today, my dear!
What a lovely night that we're
having aren't we!?
Magan grabs him by the collar of his shirt.
Where the hell is she!?
What are you talking about?


The daycare said that a man with
eyes as black as night took her!
Does my eyes look black to you?
Quit beating around the bush! I
know you took Jessica!
Magan turns around and lets go of Calypso. She walks up to
Reaper with tears in her eyes.
Please, Asher! Please save
Calypso morphs into Heart of Darkness and opens up a portal.
Jessica is heard crying in the portal.
Mommy! Mommy! I'm scared!
Magan turns and runs towards the portal. Heart of Darkness
closes the portal just before she could get to it. Heart of
Darkness smiles.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh! So close but no cigar! Better
luck next time!
You son of a bitch! Let her go!
She charges at Heart of Darkness, but he disappears. He
laughs and opens another portal. He taunts Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Come and save your little Jesse if
you dare, Reaper! Oh, and if Magan
tries to enter the portal, she
will die since she gave up her
Reaper looks at Magan. Her eyes were full of tears and
running down her face.


Please, be safe, Asher.
Reaper jumps into the portal.
Reaper lands on the ground ad then stands up. He looks up at
Calypso's building. It's distorted and a black fire circles
at the top of the building. He walks towards the building. A
projection pops up on the side of the building, and Heart of
Darkness is seen in it.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Welcome to my humble home, Reaper!
I hope you like the view! I
created it just like I created
You're still not my master.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What the hell is wrong with you!?
You used to be so loyal to me! You
would do anything for the company!
I guess my "heart" isn't in it
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh! Another heart joke! So
Mommy! Mommy!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Shut up, you brat! God, I hate
Anyways, if you want to save your
Reaper jumps up and uses his powers to reach the top of the
building. He goes through the window of Heart of Darkness'
office. Heart of Darkness turns around and sees Reaper.


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Well, I so didn't see this
Where's the girl!?
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Now, hold on! You didn't follow
the rules of the game!
I'm not here to play games. I'm
here to kick your ass!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Nope! You have to climb the
building before you can fight your
Reaper looks at the window and back at Heart of Darkness.
I just did...
Heart of Darkness glares at Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Touche, Mr. Jacobson; however, you
have to climb the building the
right way this time.
Like hell I will!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, you will.
Heart of Darkness snaps his finger, and Reaper gets
teleported just outside of the building. Another projection
pops up.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Now, be a good minion and climb
the building properly and pass the
tests and then you can "kick my
Reaper jumps up but then gets slammed to the ground.


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
This is my world! You will obey my
rules! Now, climb the goddamn
Reaper gets up and dusts himself off. Reaper creates a large
lightning orb. He throws it at the front door and destroys
the door and most of the lobby.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
So violent! I love it! That's why
I like this guy!
Reaper enters the building and looks around the lobby. He
walks over to the elevator and pushes the button. The
elevator opens up, and he enters it. The elevator goes up
one floor and opens up. It was a dry land. Reaper shakes his
head and pushes the elevator button but nothing happens.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Remember, you got to play the game
to get to me.
So, you expect me to climb a
hundred story building with rooms
like this? You know it'll take me
a year to do so and do you really
want Jesse with you that long?
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Good point...
The elevator starts back, and it stops on a floor.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
But you will have to fight my
generals before me though!
It'll be a good warm up before I
kick you ass.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Whatever floats your boat.


Reaper steps out of the elevator into an urban area. Reaper
walks around the area.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Once you defeat them, well if you
do, just go to my my building. I
will be waiting for you.
Fair enough.
Reaper continues to walk as three figures watches him from
afar. Reaper knows they are there but acts like he does not
know. One of them attacks from behind, but Reaper blocks the
attach with his scythe. It was Shadow Blade. A very
distorted Shadow Blade. Shadow Blade growls at Reaper.
Reaper shoves him off and deflects a lightning orb. He looks
up to see a distorted Dark Storm and Black Rose.
Oh, this is going to be fun.
All three attack Reaper. Reaper attacks as well in a smooth
flowing matter blocking and dodging the attacks. Reaper
defeats Black Rose first. He taunts the other two to attack
him. They attack him but they were no match. Reaper slices
Dark Storm in half vertically, and Dark Storm turns into
ash. Reaper looks at Shadow Blade. Shadow Blade turns and
runs away. Reaper shakes his head. He goes into a shadow and
appears in front of Shadow Blade. He turns around to run
away again, but Reaper cuts his head off. Reaper puts away
his scythe and walks towards Calypso's building. Six figures
stand in the way of Reaper. there was two of Dark Storm,
Black Rose, and Black Rose. Reaper looks up at the building.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You didn't think it was that easy,
did you?
Reaper suddenly attacks the all and kills them gracefully.
In fact, I do think it is easy.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Devour! Attack!


Reaper hears a deep growl. He turns his head towards the
growl and sees a pair of purple glowing eyes. DEVOUR lunges
after Reaper, and Reaper slams it to the ground. It gets up
and shakes off the slam. Reaper smiles at Devour.
You're stronger than you look,
Devour growls and bares its teeth at Reaper. Reaper form a
dark lightning orbs and starts throwing them at Devour.
Devour dodges the orbs thrown at it and pounces on Reaper.
Reaper hold Devour at bay and keeps it from biting him.
Reaper flips Devour off of him and forms his scythe in his
hands. Devour lunges after Reaper again, and Reaper stabs it
in midair and slams it to the ground. Reaper's scythe
disappears, and he looks up at the building.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Worthless animal!
Reaper starts to walk away but stops himself. He turns
towards Devour as it barely moves and breaths. Reaper looks
at the tower. He groans as he walks to Devour. Devour barely
growls at Reaper.
Shut the hell up if you want to
Devour falls silent as it pulls its ears back. Reaper heals
Devour's wounds. Reaper stands up when he finishes healing
Devour. Devour slowly gets up and looks at Reaper. Devour
growls at Reaper and runs off into a dark alley.
Yeah, you're welcome! Crazy
Reaper arrives at the building and looks up at it and back
down at the front door. Reaper enters the building. Reaper
finds himself in his own home. He looks around and sees in
the mirror that he was his old self.
What the hell?
Magan walks into the room and sees Reaper. She rushes
towards him and kisses him.
Welcome home, honey!


Yes, silly! There's someone that's
been waiting for you all day!
Jessica peeks around the corner. Reaper cannot help but to
smile. He kneels and opens his arms to her. She rushes to
him and hugs him.
Yeah, poor little Jamie's been
waiting for you this whole time!
Yes, Jamie. You know, your
Reaper stands up and looks at "Jamie" and then at Magan. His
voice turns back into Reaper's. His eyes turn into a purple
flame and his scar forms back on his face. Magan grabs
"Jamie" and hides her face.
Stop, Asher! You're scaring Jamie!
I don't have a daughter named,
Jamie. My daughter's name is...
As Reaper yells, the whole house shakes and eventually falls
apart. Reaper breaths deeply as Magan and "Jamie" disappear.
Heart of Darkness appears.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Shit, I knew that didn't sound
right, but oh well.
Reaper suddenly grabs Heart of Darkness' throat. Heart of
Darkness looks at Reaper as his eyes burn a purple flame and
his scar glowing. Reaper squeezes tighter on Heart of
Darkness' throat.
Playing with my emotions!?


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
It's all part of the game!
I'm done playing your games!
Reaper pulls back his arm and stabs his hand into Heart of
Darkness' chest. Heart of Darkness acts in pain but then
smiles at Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What's the matter? Can;t find
Heart of Darkness disappears. Reaper looks at his hand.
... No heart?
Heart of Darkness reappears and floats in front of Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
That's right! I gave up that old
thing a long time ago! You see,
for me to have all this power. I
needed to get rid of the only
thing that would hold me back...
Your heart?
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
That's right! Smart lad!
Then why you call yourself "Heart
of Darkness" if you don't have a
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I do, but I don't! I have a heart
but it's the darkness that's my
heart. That's what I wanted from
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Not important... Now, I have all
this power! That's why I was able
to create this tower and you!


                       HEART OF DARKNESS (cont'd)
Plus, the generals that I made as
well. And all I needed was that
smart brain of yours to fix my
formula to create my super
soldiers! That's why I gave you
most of my powers because of your
And your plan is going to backfire
on you!
Reaper forms his scythe and attacks Heart of Darkness. Heart
of Darkness dodges his attacks. Reaper cannot land a hit on
Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness laughs at Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What makes you think that you can
defeat me in MY world!?
Reaper slashes at Heart of Darkness, but it only goes right
through him.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I'm god here! You can't touch me!
You're a part of me! You can't do
You're right...
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I know that I'm right!
You're right about me being part
of you, and you're right about
this being your world.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Yes, I am!
And since I'm a part of you, that
means that this is my world as
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Yes! Wait... Shit! Don't you dare!


Oh, I do dare...
Reaper's eyes burst into purple flames as the world around
them starts to change its form.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Reaper continues to alter the world into his favor. Heart of
Darkness tries to stop Reaper but a bright light hits Heart
of Darkness, and he cowards into the shadows.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I'm going to kill you!
What are you waiting for? I'm
right here.
Heart of Darkness charges after Reaper into the light. By
the time Heart of Darkness gets to Reaper, he reverts back
to Calypso. Calypso punches Reaper. Reaper turns his head
back to Calypso. Calypso realizes that he has turned back
into his "human" form and looks up at Reaper.
Oh, shit...
Reaper smirks at Calypso.
"Oh, shit" is the correct words
right now.
Reaper cracks his neck as he starts to punch and kick
Calypso. Reaper head butts him to the ground and kicks him
back up. Reaper picks him up and slams him to the ground
creating a crater in the process. Reaper picks him back up
and punches him.
Where is she!?
Go fuck yourself!
Reaper knees him in the gut.
Where's my Jesse!?


Calypso spits blood on Reaper's mask.
I'll never tell!
Reaper glares at Calypso. Calypso rolls his eyes.
I fucking hate kids...
Reaper drops Calypso. Calypso falls to the ground. Reaper
rushes to where he hears Jessica's crying. Reaper opens up a
room, and Jessica is in a dark corner crying. Reaper slowly
walks to Jessica carefully. Jessica hides her face and
whimpers as Reaper gets to her.
It's okay. I won't hurt you,
Jesse. I promise.
No! You're scary like the bad man
with black eyes! Go away!
Reaper looks at his hands and feels his mask. He takes off
his mask. Jessica looks up at Reaper. She cannot see him
well. Reaper sees her squint at him. He realizes that it is
too dark so he snaps his finger and a light comes on. She
covers her eyes until she could see Reaper. She recognizes
Reaper smiles at her.
So, you know me, eh?
She grabs him and cries on his shoulder.
Mommy shows me pictures of you
She does, huh?


Okay, well lets get back to mommy.
Reaper picks her up and walks out of the room while putting
his mask back on. Calypso tries to ambush Reaper, but Reaper
was ready. Reaper punches him in midair and slams him to the
ground with one hand. Reaper heads towards the portal and
goes halfway into it. Magan sees the two and rushes over to
Reaper gives her to Magan. Magan cries and looks at Reaper.
Thank you, Asher!
Hold that thought. I still got to
deal with a "god".
A... "God"?
Reaper goes back into the Shadow Realm and sees Calypso
breathing heavily with his eyes black as ever.
What's wrong, Calypso? Pissed off
because things didn't go as
I've had enough! No more games! I
will control this world and the
real world!
Calypso morphs into a more powerful form of Heart of
Darkness. Reaper just stands there and watches the
I guess the light isn't an issue


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
No... But this world is in my
control now!!!
Heart of Darkness turns the Shadow Realm back to what it was
before Reaper changed it. Heart of Darkness smiles at his
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Ah! Much better! Now, where were
The part where I still kick your
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Ha! Then go ahead and try to do
so, minion!
The both of them attack each other. They exchange blow after
blow but none of them shows fatigue. After a constant
battle, they stop to catch their breath.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
This isn't working at all!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
But I know how to fix it.
Heart of Darkness drop kicks Reaper through the portal.
Reaper slams into the wall as Magan and Jessica scream.
Reaper looks at the two of them.
Go! Now!
Magan and Jessica run out of the room as Reaper gets up.
Heart of Darkness gracefully exits the portal and closes it.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
That was such a bothersome!
What was?


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
In the Shadow Realm, we kept on
healing from the blows that we
were doing that it was a stalemate
in there!
Reaper smirks at Heart of Darkness.
I don't know...
... It looked like I was kicking
your ass.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Heart of Darkness sends a shock wave that causes Reaper to
fly back into a wall. Heart of Darkness walks up to Reaper
and picks him up by the throat and squeezes.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, how the mighty hero has
Reaper tries to talk but could not. Heart of Darkness
loosens his grip on him.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I'm sorry, what did you say?
Reaper coughs before answering.
Guess again!
Heart of Darkness hears a growl. He drops Reaper and turns
around to see Devour staring him down.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
How did you survive!?
Devour attacks with lightning speed and bites Heart of
Darkness on the neck. Heart of Darkness throws Devour down
and grabs his throat.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What the fuck!?
Yeah, I saved his life when you
gave up on him.


Reaper tries to pet Devour, but it snaps at him.
Okay, never mind...
... I also gave him some of my
power in which gave him Black
Rose's ability to poison her
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You son of a bitch!
Reaper kicks Heart of Darkness in the ribs.
I don't think so.
Reaper turns around and starts to walk away. He turns around
and sees Devour urinating on Heart of Darkness. Reaper
laughs at Heart of Darkness.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Stupid fucking animal!
Reaper and Devour walk out of the room and eventually out of
the building.
Magan and Jessica rushes to Reaper and hug him.
Is he dead?
Not yet, but Devour poisoned him.
Who's D-
Magan screams as she sees Devour. Devour growls at Magan.
Jessica runs up to Devour and hugs it.
Devour just rolls its eyes and sighs. Reaper glares at


Really? You let her hug you, but
you won't let me pet you?
Devour growls at Reaper. Jessica slaps Devour.
Bad doggie!
Devour does a quiet yipe. Reaper laughs.
Looks like she knows how to tame
an animal.
Just like her mother.
Like her mother?
Magan almost kisses Reaper until a figure crashes near them.
You two, stay here... Devour,
protect the ladies.
Devour snorts at Reaper's orders. Reaper walks over to the
crater. He looks in it but suddenly gets grabbed by the
throat. Heart of Darkness comes out of the crater. Devour
charges after Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness slams
Devour to the ground. Jessica screams. She goes to Devour
and lays on it. She starts to cry.
Puppy, don't die!
Heart of Darkness laughs at her.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Poor little baby! Did the Boogie
Man hurt your precious "puppy"?
Heart of Darkness laughs again but when he stops, he can
hear someone else laughing. Reaper was laughing.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
What the hell you laughing for!? I
should only be the one laughing!
Do you know where you are?


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Yes! I am at my building! So, what
about it!?
Look around you.
Heart of Darkness looks around him but does not see what
Reaper sees. Heart of Darkness gets annoyed.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
I'm fucking out...
... I'm out...
Heart of Darkness turns pale as he realizes that he was
outside of his building at night. He drops Reaper.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, shit...
Heart of Darkness rushes towards his building, but a black
flame blocks the entrance suddenly.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Oh, yes.
Heart of Darkness slowly turns around to see Naraku sitting
on a bench. Naraku makes eye contact with Heart of Darkness.
What happen with the brunch twenty
years ago? Hm? I thought we had
that set into stone?
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Was it twenty years ago? I thought
you meant it was suppose to be
tomorrow! Let's do that tomorrow.
Okay, Salem?
It's Naraku, now.
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
It means "hell" in Japanese.


                       HEART OF DARKNESS
You're that Naraku!? Naraku and
Salem are the same!?
Yes, and your time is up! It's
time to go to your new home!
                       HEART OF DARKNESS
Heart of Darkness turns around and runs away. Naraku laughs
at Heart of Darkness. He turns to Reaper and smiles.
Isn't it cute that he thinks he
can just run from his problems?
Naraku's eyes burn a black flame as he holds out his hand
and clinches the air. A skeleton hand comes from the ground
and grabs Heart of Darkness who reverts back into Calypso
when grabbed. He struggles and screams as he gets dragged
into Hell.
Naraku cracks his neck and fingers as he turns his attention
towards Reaper.
Okay, now for my part of the deal.
Reaper holds out his hand to Naraku.
Naraku sighs and rubs his eyes.
Oh, I just love it when they
change their minds, yes?
I want to revise my deal.
Sure, why not? What you want?


Reaper looks at Magan and Jessica. He quickly turns to
Naraku and grins evilly and says demonically.
Kill them!
With pleasure!
Magan and Jessica go up in a black flame as they scream in
pain. Reaper shakes his head and looks at Naraku. Naraku
shrugs at Reaper.
Hell, it was worth the shot.
What does he mean by that?
Reaper look back at Magan and Jessica.
Nothing, Magan...
Naraku taps his foot and starts to get impatient.
Come on, Asher! I got a new toy to
play with at home!
Reaper looks back at Naraku.
I want you to give me my old life
back to the way it was before I
was Reaper...
So, you want to give up your
powers to become human again?
Okay, if you say so; however, that
scar is permanent.
Just do it.


Okay, goddammit!
Thunder is heard, and Naraku looks up at the sky.
Okay, now I don't want you
crawling back to me asking for
your powers back!
I won't...
Okay, here we go!
Naraku lifts his hands up in the air, and Reaper starts to
float in the air.
You might feel a slight pinch. All
that darkness is going to come out
and your body has to detox from
it. It's a fast detox, but a
painful one!
Reaper screams in pain as his heart is seen turning back
into its normal color. After Reaper detoxes, he turns back
into Asher. Naraku floats him back to the ground. Magan and
Jessica goes to Asher. Naraku turns around and starts to
walk away.
Naraku sighs and walks to Asher.
What did I say about what is
waiting for me at home?
Can you do me a tiny favor?
Now, I know what it means when
they say it sounds sarcastic.
Sure, why not!
... Goddamn...


Thunder is heard again, and Naraku looks back up.
Asher points to Devour. Naraku looks at it and back at
Asher. Naraku points at Devour.
You want me to bring back a
helldog back to life, and you keep
... Yes...
Naraku laughs at the sound of Asher's request.
Oh, man. I am really going to miss
you, Asher! You're one fucked up
Naraku snaps his finger, and Devour slowly gets up. Jessica
rushes to Devour and hugs him.
Yeah, a puppy alright...
... See ya!
Naraku burns a black flame as he yells.
Naraku quickly calms down.
Oh, okay you're welcome.
Naraku disappears in a gulf of black flame.


A nurse walks into a room and opens the curtains. Zayner
covers his eyes and groans.
Haven't I told you that I'm NOT a
morning person!?
Sorry, Mr. Chow, but you have a
Zayner turns away from her and pouts about it.
I told you guys that I don't want
a roomie!
Not even with a colleague?
Zayner recognizes the voice and quickly turns around towards
the voice.
The one and only...
I see that you're back...
... Holy shit that's a huge scar!
Yeah, that's the only thing that
stayed with me...
You know what I just realized?
What's that?


We're jobless.
Asher looks at the ceiling and laughs.
You're right... We are...
Damn... We need to update our
Yeah! You're my ride to work! So,
we need to find the same job!
Who said that I want to work with
you again?
Zayner had a shocking look to his face. Asher laughs at
I'm joking, Zayner!
Zayner throws a pillow at Asher.
You're NOT fucking funny!
I got a question...
What is it?
Jennifer Aniston, or Kate Hudson?
That's not a choice!
Oh, I'm not am I?
Zayner looks over to see Magan walking in with Jessica.


Is that what you two talk about is
Asher points at Zayner to rat him out.
He starts it.
Horn dog!
Jessica tags on Magan's shirt.
Mommy, what's a horn dog?
Magan glares at Asher. Asher just shrugs.
It's just a mean name that you
shouldn't say to people.
Oh, okay...
Jessica turns towards Zayner. Zayner looks at her.
Horn dog!
Asher laughs but covers his mouth when Magan turns towards
You two sound like an old married
Don't talk bad about my daddy!


Zayner looks at Jessica.
Zayner looks at Asher and Magan.
Yeah, just found out a couple of
days ago...
DAYMN! I didn't know you guys had
Yeah, I tend to keep my sexual
experiences to myself unlike
someone I know...
I can't help it!
Asher turns towards Magan.
Hey, Magan?
Yes, Asher?
Asher pulls out a ring and shows Magan. Magan starts to tear
Sorry that I can't get on one
Is that... Is that the same ring?
Yes, from the carnival... I know
it's old but-
Yes! I'll marry you!
Magan hugs and kisses Asher.


Oh, hell no!
I better be in it! I don't care
I'm the Best Man, hell I'll wear a
dress and be the Maid of Honor!
Don't worry... You can be the Best
But Asher...
Yes, Zayner?
Answer my question!
Asher looks at Magan and then back at Zayner.
I'm not at liberty to answer.
No, answer the Best Man.
Asher knew it was a trap. Jessica tugs on Asher's sheets.
Asher looks at Jessica. Jessica pulls on his shirt and
whispers in his ear. He looks at her.
You sure about that?
Yes, daddy...
Okay, that was my answer anyways.
Asher looks at Zayner.


Do what!? Kate has her beat!
I disagree...
But I am telling you!
Doesn't mean that I have to agree
with you.
Their voices fade away as the camera pans upward.
The camera pans up as Asher and Magan's wedding takes place.
Jessica is the flower girl, and Asher and Zayner wait for
the bride. The bride comes in and the wedding continues.
After the wedding, the reception starts. Everyone enjoys
themselves, and Jessica sleeps in Asher's arms. Zayner is
shown flirting with the girls and gets slapped. She walks
away, and Zayner chases after her. Asher laughs at Zayner as
the camera zooms in on Asher. The camera stops on Asher's
eyes and his scar glows purple.
                                         BLACK OUT
After the credits roll, Naraku is shown talking to a person
sitting at a desk. The person has the chair facing away from
the camera. Naraku smiles at the person.
Are you sure you want to make a
deal with the likes of me?
Yes, do it! I want revenge!
Okay, just remember. If you don't
keep your part of the deal, I will
come for you even if it takes me
twenty years.
Don't worry about me...


He turns towards the camera. It is Shadow Blade.
                       SHADOW BLADE
I'll get you your army!
Shadow Blade laughs and his laugh gets cut off at BLACK OUT.
                                         BLACK OUT