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The Continental
by Pharaoh (info@continentalcomedy.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

Erotic series with stories of events that happen at and to the owner of the Continental Club.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Images of West Oakland are seen.
A car pulls up to the curb, and the driver side door opens.
We see the nice black dress shoes of the driver. The camera
slowly zooms out to reveal the main character, Desmond.
Desmond, wearing a pair of black slacks, and a black dress
shirt walks to the gate, and unlocks it. The camera follows
him inside, where he cuts on the lights in the bar, and
walks through the back room. He walks across the dance
floor, through the coat room, and into the ticket office
where he flips two switches.

The lights of the Continental Club light up. The Continental
Club sign in zoomed in and stays focused right there until
we cut the beginning of the show.
Desmond, wearing his slacks with a long sleeve dress shirt
with the sleeves rolled up is sitting on his chair behind
the bar, Jimmy wearing his slacks and wrinkled dress shirt
is sitting at the bar with a drink in his hand, and there is
a young lady wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and blue
t-shirt is on her computer, apparently consumed with
something on the computer.
Desmond is behind the bar wiping it down
Desmond pulls out the limes and lemons
Desmond walks from behind the bar to the door where he opens
the blinds.
Jimmy is standing at the door with his face pressed against
the window. This startles Desmond.
Dammit Jimmy, what the hell are
you doing?


Jimmy pulls his face away from the window, and takes a step
Waiting for you to let me in.
Shaking his head, Desmond opens the door and let's Jimmy in.
      (Walking back
       behind the bar)
What the hell is wrong with you?
Why would you have your face
against my window like that?
Jimmy takes a seat at the bar.
Do I ever think before I do
Nope, and that is why your ass
don't have a woman.
Desmond pours Jimmy his drink.
There is a knock at the door. Both men look over, and see a
beautiful, and apparently thick Black woman standing at the
door. Jimmy stands up.
Desmond gives Jimmy his drink.
      (Points at Jimmy's
Sit your Black ass down, I'll buzz
her in.
Desmond walks over, and hits the button to unlock the door.
The young lady walks in, and right up to the bar. Jimmy
stays put, so he can take her order.
      (With a smile)
How are you doing today Miss. What
can I get for you today?
      (extends hand)
Hi, my name is Josephine, and I'm
looking for Desmond.


      (takes her hand)
I'm Desmond. What can I do for
The two shake hands.
I heard you opened this place
again. My mother and grandmother
both worked here. I would like to
do the same.
Your hired!
Both Desmond and Josephine look at Jimmy.
Boy, shut up!
      (Pauses before
Sorry about that Ms. Josephine. Do
you have any experience?
I've bartended in three clubs over
the past six years.
Desmond walks to the other end of the bar. Grabs a piece of
paper, and walks back over to Josephine.
Fill-out this application, and I
will call if something comes up.
Josephine takes the application?
IS there a chance I can start
soon, I really could use the work?
I'll even work for tips to start.
Desomnd takes a step back and looks at Josephine.
I'll tell you what, fill-out the
application, and come back
tomorrow around this time. I'll
let you pour some drinks, and see


                       DESMOND (cont'd)
how you work out.
A big smile comes across Josephine's face.
Thank you so much. I promise, you
won't regret this.
Josephine starts to walk out. She stops when she hears
Desmond's voice.
By the way, who's your mom and
Josephine turns around
My mom is Deloris Thompkins, and
my grandmother is Gina Wells.
Jimmy straightens right up. Josephine walks out the door.
Jimmy looks at Desmond, and waves him towards him.
That girl comes from a good stock!
Desmond steps back.
Why are you whispering? We're the
only two people in here.
Boy, listen to me. I know your
some big playa, and had all these
beautiful women, but Deloris
Thompkins would have had you
acting a fool.
Desmond stands back and folds his arms.
Really, tell me about her.


The ballroom of the Continental Club is packed. People are
dressed in 1970's attire. The crowd is basically all-Black.
There is a band on-stage playing, but the room is absolutely
quiet. Jimmy is narrating the details.
A woman about between 5'7" and 5'9" walks into the room. She
has chocolate skin. She is wearing a black dress with a
large gold belt. the dress is short showing her strong and
beautiful legs. The belt shows she has large natural breast.
Man, Deloris walked into the room
wearing a short black dress with a
large gold belt. She had the legs
of a thoroughbred. So strong, and
so smooth. All the way up was
perfection. He had some of the
largest breast a brotha has ever
She walks slowly through the room. All the men stop dancing
and look at her. She walks straight to the back bar where
the bartender hands her a martini.
She had this walk, and when she
did, all the men stopped in their
place. Women would be pissed as
their man would just stop cold,
and you couldn't stop looking at
her. She walked right up to me at
the bar. I poured her a martini,
just because she looked like that
is what she would like.
Mne were flocking to the bar.
Men were all over her. Trying to
buy her another drink, trying to
get her to dance, and trying to
get her attention no matter what.
                                         GOES BACK TO THE BAR
Let me guess, she went home with
Jimmy looks up at Desmond, taps his glass.


Hell no, she didn't go home with
anybody. She did this every
Saturday for about 2 months.
Desmond pours Jimmy another drink.
The fellas didn't get frustrated
from all the dejection?
That's exactly what happened.
                                         BACK TO THE BALLROOM
Deloris is sitting at the ballroom bar. She is wearing a
short green dress, green boots, and white nylons.
Young Jimmy is standing behind the bar directly across from
her. Some Jimmy McCraklin songs are playing in the
So, are you relieved or
      (pulled back)
Excuse me.
      (moves in closer)
Are you relieved or disappointed
that you don't have all the men in
the club all over you?
Deloris clearly ponders the questions.
      (Leans in)
Neither. It was bound to happen,
and it finally has.
Can I ask you a question?


You've noticed men checking me
out, but you haven't said two
words to me until today, why?
Young Jimmy crosses his forearms on the table. He looks
right at Deloris.
If I had, I would have just been
another guy. No matter what, you
would have never seen me. If you
wanted me from the jump, you would
have made it known.
Deloris writes something down on a napkin.
I like your style bartender.
Deloris walks away, and out of the club.
Jimmy picks up the napkin, and it reads, "Use only if you
are serious about knowing me. 415-555-0898."
                                         BACK TO THE BAR
Wait, so the finest thing in the
world was into you?
Yeah, but she was no easy catch. I
had to prove myself to her.
Prove yourself? Do I even want to
know how?
Nothing crazy, she just wanted to
make sure I cared for her, and I
was genuine in my feelings. We
dated for what seemed like
forever, but one day, she finally
invited into her house.
Jimmy is narrating the initial part of the story.
Everything that Jimmy says happens


She opened the door, and walked
over the bed. She sat on the side,
and after waiting so long, I just
froze. I was just standing there
in the doorway.
Deloris does open the door, and walk into the bedroom, She
sits on the left side of the bed, and looks back at Jimmy,
who is frozen stiff. She strecthes out both her arms as an
She motioned for me to come to
her. I did, and that started the
most magical night of my life.
Jimmy no longer narrates, and there are some words heard,
but most passion is heard.
Jimmy walks over to Deloris, and takes a hand in each of his
hands. He bends down onto both knees. He pulls her close for
a romantic kiss.
After the kiss, he rises up, and sits next to her on the
bed. They exchange french kisses until they are both lying
on the bed, partially on their sides,and then Jimmy on top
of Deloris. They are still clothed at this time,
Jimmy finally takes his hand, and unbuttons her blouse. He
begins to kiss her neck, and moves from her neck, down to
her breast. Kissing softly each time. Her hands are rubbing
the back of his head, as she her breath becomes heavy.
After several moments kissing the neck and top portion of
her breast. He unclasp the bra, and she assist him in
removing the bra. He begins to kiss and suck on one nipple,
while playing with the other nipple with his fingers. Her
breath goes from heavy to including intermittent moans of
passion. He continues this for awhile.

As he goes to loosen her skirt, she pulls his hands away,
and rolls him over. She is now kissing him on his neck while
softly brushing her soft warms hands around his ear. His
head eyes close, and his drifts back and his breath becomes
She undoes his shirt, and takes off his undershirt. The
whole time while kissing softly around his chest and
abdomen. Her hands are also softly stroking the sides of his
torso with the tips of her fingernails.

One of his hands is gripping the linen on the bed, while the


other hand is on her upper back, squeezing gently but firm
as the pleasure increases. She unzips his pants, and now we
only see her from behind. She is clearly performing
fellatio. She isn't just focusing on his member, as you see
her go to the side of leg, This last a while until he

He immediately grabs her, stares at her for a second, and
kisses her with force. He then lays her on the bed, and
begins to kiss down her belly. He raises her skirt and
realizes she isn't wearing any panties. He looks up at her.
You were planning on this tonight?
I decided last night I was ready
to show you how much I loved you.
Jimmy Looks at her from head to toe, and slowly removes her
skirt. She is laying there nude, and Jimmy takes his hand,
and slowly runs it along her body. Back and forth with the
lightness of a pedal. Her arms sketch over her head, and she
breathes heavily again. He spreads her legs slightly, and
kisses in the vaginal area.

Immediately her body goes tense from the sensation. He
continues to perform cunalingus. His hands move from arouns
her breast, to her buttocks, stroking her legs, and more.
She is breathing heavy and moaning passionately over and
over again. After awhile of doing this, she has a very loud

As she lay there, sprawled out on the bed, He again just
stares at her laying there. He gently gets on top of her,
and kisses her gently, He raises one of her legs, and with
one hand grabs his penis, and inserts it (No actual sex,
just implied). He begins gyrating his hips as she is moaning
from the pleasure, and so is he.

They continue to have (implied) sex in the position, before
he rolls her over, and they do it in the doggystyle position
for a long time. Followed by a scene where she is on the
edge of the bed, and she is standing on the floor. With her
legs in the air, he continues to pump until she has an
orgasm at the same time as he does.

Finally, he onto the bed, she rolls over ontop of him, and
rest her head on his chest. She gently rubs his face.
Thank you


Jimmy slowly raises his head, as he leans back on his stool.
Desmond pours him a new drink.
This one's on me for that story.
      (raises glass)
So, what happened after that?
I did that man thing. Once I had
her, I thought she was sprung, and
I could act a fool.
Fade out as Jimmy takes a drink.
Only seeing below the knee, a woman in black high heels and
black stockings is climbing a flight of stairs.
Young Jimmy's back is facing the door. He has a woman bent
over backwards and he is having sex with her in the doggy
style position.
The woman from the stairs opens a door into an apartment.
She walks, and although she hears the sounds of sex, she
quietly and softly puts down her keys, and lays her purse on
the dresser. She then heads for the door.
Young Jimmy is steady having sex with the woman in the doggy
style position. He grabs her hair as he begins to talk dirty
to her.
      (slaps her on the
Take this daddy dick!
The door slowly opens, and Deloris just stands in the
doorway. Jimmy doesn't even hear her come in. He just
continues to handle his business.

Jimmy comes to a climax, and the he hears the door creak
slightly. He turns around quickly to see Deloris just
standing there with her eyes swollen with tears.


We are in an old apartment.We see a pair of red heels on the
floor. Then we see a woman on a bed with her head in a man's
lap apparently performing felatio. The man still has on his
shoes, brown slacks, and a white shirt. His pants are barely
pulled down passed his waste.
      (holding the back
       of her head)
That's it, suck this dick.
The front door starts to open. Zoom in on the door. As it
slowly opens, Deloris walks in. She starts to put things
down, and looks at the door with a sort of scarred look on
her face.
Back in the bedroom, Jimmy is having sex with a women. She
is on her knees on the bed, dressed pulled up over her
waste. His pants are down below his waste. The door opens,
and Deloris is standing there.
What the hell are you doing?
Jimmy pulls out, looks at Deloris with shock. He pulls his
pants up. Meanwhile, the lady on the bed looks at the
Deloris and starts laughing.
      (Trying to sound
What are you doing here? Are you
suppose to be at work?
Jimmy is looking at the bottom of his glass. His hands shake
as the memory of losing Deloris haunts him. Desmond is just
standing there not knowing what to say. He knows there is
nothing he can say to comfort his friend.
I couldn't say a word. I just
grabbed my clothes, and walked out
of there. I didn't even check on
the woman I was with to see if she
made it out of there ok.
Jimmy, stands up from his chair. Desmond walks over to him.


Jimmy, there ain't nothing I can
say that will make make your pain
go away. However, have a seat, and
maybe some of my stories will make
you feel better.
Jimmy looks up at Desmond, and takes a seat.
      (short pause after
       the thanks)
Thanks, can I have another drink?
Sure you can.
Desmond grans the liquor, and brings it over to where Jimmy
is sitting.
On the house?
      (half laughing)
Not this one buddy.
Desmond pours them both a drink, and they toast and laugh.
Desmond opens the blinds, and unlocks the door. He sees
Jimmy standing there outside with Jackson. He opens the
door, and welcomes them in.
What's up fellas?
My brother, I need a shot of that
yack immediately.
Desmond walks behind the bar as the two gentleman take a
seat at the bar. Desmond grabs the Conjour and a buckets
glass as he talks to Jimmy.
How is it you always are here
after when I open the shades.


Just lucky I guess, but my mouth
starts watering about the same
time everyday.
Desmond hands Jackson his drink, and grabs a beer out of the
cooler, opens it, and hands it to Jimmy.
Give me a shot too.
Desmond grabs another glass, and the Conjour again. As he
pours the shot, the door opens. A young African-American
woman, tall, nice figure walks comes in. She is carrying a
laptop, and a briefcase.
      (Looking at
Do you have wi-fi in here?
Yeah, password is The Continental.
All one word, with the T and C
She sits down, plugs her computer into an outlet, and walks
over to the bar.
It's kind of cold outside. Do you
have anything hot that can warm me
Desmond immediately looks over at the fellas, and puts his
arm out to block any negative comment.
      (Looking at the
Jimmy, don't even say it. You too
      (Looking back at
If you like hot chocolate, I would
recommend a Continental Cocoa.
That sounds delicious. Can I have
one of those, please.


Rachel gives Desmond another smile and walks back over to
her table. She pulls out a book from her briefcase and
starts working on her computer while going over things in
her book. Desmond breaks out the milk, and starts making the
Continental Cocoa. He walks over to the guys with a strange
look on his face.
Definitely, and you can have a
seat while I make it. I'll bring
it over to you.
Rachel gives Desmond a smile before walking back to her
table. She starts working on her computer as she is looking
over some documents from her briefcase.

Desmond starts making the drink, and walks over to the guys
with a confused look on his face.
What's going on man? You look
dazed and confused.
      (Still looking
I was with that woman a couple of
years ago. Now, she has no clue
who I am.
The two guys look back at the woman sitting down, and then
look back at Desmond. The men then look at each other and
start to giggle and smirk.
Maybe you had an off-night.
Looks like the immortal D-Moore is
human after all.
      (Not happy)
Hey, she had a great time, and it
was no wham bam thank you ma'am
type of thing.
Desmond extends his arm and hand towards Rachel, and starts
going into the story. Nothing is really changed, but it is
the bar a couple of years earlier.


The bar is getting close to closing. Desmond is alone, and
watching some program on television. The door opens and in
walks a woman wearing business suit, and carrying some text
books. You can tell she is tall, and she is wearing heels.
      (Getting up)
Welcome to the Continental, if
there is anything I can do for
you, just ask.
Desmond walks behind the bar, and grabs a rag and a napkin.
The young lady sits down at the bar. She extends out her
Hi, I'm Rachel, and I was
wondering if I could sit here and
study. The library is too crowded.
      (Shakes her hand)
Sure thing. Can I get you a cup of
coffee or something?
      (Looks kind of
How much is a coffee?
Desmond looks at her books, and smiles.
What are you studying?
I'm an MBA student at state.
I'll tell you what. If you promise
to not tell my boss, and promise
to get good grades, the coffee is
on the house.
I promise, I won't tell a soul.
That is really nice though,


      (Let's out a laugh)
I'm kidding Ms. This is my place,
so I won't get in any trouble.
Don't worry, I'll put on a fresh
Oh, I don't want you to go through
any trouble.
No problem at all. We got to make
sure our young sisters trying to
get an education stay on top of
their game.
They smile at each other. Desmond starts the coffee, and
Rachel opens one of her books and starts taking notes.

Fast forward a short time. Rachel has coffee and is looking
back and forth at her book. Desmond notices, and gets up
from his stool to see if he can help her out.
You alright?
      (Turns to Desmond)
It's this stupid Black and Scholes
model. I don't get it.
Look, you just have to follow the
equation. Remember, you are
hedging your investments.
Grabs her pen, and starts writing on her paper. He is
showing her step the process.
      (writing while
Take this stock, and then you pull
up the formula, start here, then
you add the following, dividing
by.. and there you go.
Rachel is looking at him amazed.


You know the Black-Scholes model?
How in the world?
I have a degree in Marketing and
Finance from state. One of my
professors lived and died by the
Black-Scholes model so I had it
drilled into my head. I actually
use it when I play the stock
Can you show me again?
No problem
Desmond shows her again, and seems
to go really slow this time.
Why don't you try it yourself.
Rachel smiles, picks out a stock, and goes through the
process. She does it perfectly, jumps up,and hugs Desmond
      (While hugging
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You are a life saver. Can I study
here more often?
Anytime you like
Various nights are shows. Rachel is always sitting in the
same seat studying hard. Sometimes Desmond seems to always
have a watchful eye over her. Sometimes a guy will come in
and try and hit on her, and Desmond makes him leave her
alone. Finally, she comes in with no books, wearing a form
fitting black dress, heels, and stockings.
Wow, looks like somebody is in


      (Looking around)
The way your dressed, you are
either about to paint the town
red, or you have a hot date.
Either way, you are looking
Actually, the semester ended, and
I am actually graduated today. I
wanted to come and thank you for
all of your help. I thought I
could buy you a drink.
Desmond walks around the bar, and gives her a big hug.
Congratulations. I wish you would
have told me. I would have liked
to attended your graduation.

This does cause for a celebration
and toast. No way your buying me a
drink. Tonight, we toast to you,
and I got this.

Stay right here.
Desmond goes in the back to grab some champagne. When he
returns, there are about 10 new people in the bar. Different
ages and background. Desmond clears his throat.
Everybody welcome to the
Continental. You have perfect
timing because we are going to
toast the newly MBA graduate
Rachel for completing her Mater's
Degree today.
Everybody starts cheering, clapping, and yelling out
      (Filling glasses)
Everybody grab a glass.


Everybody start grabbing a glass. After everybody grabs one,
Desmond signals Rachel to come over. She does, and he holds
her hand as he gives a speech.
Today, this beautiful young woman
graduated from state post graduate
school. She did so with honors,
and she is not only beautiful and
smart, but she is also a wonderful
woman. Fellas, you be nice and
treat her right, ladies, be
jealous as you aspire to be like
her. In all seriousness, raise
your glasses and let's cheers to
Rachel.... To Rachel.
Everybody says in unison. To Rachel
Desmond and Rachel hug. People are talking and drinking.
More people are buying her drinks. As the night goes on,
more and more people leave. At the night comes to an end,
only Rachel is left. She is actually sitting at a back table
by herself. After Desmond notices that the bar is empty, he
starts his closing down process, not noticing that Rachel is
still there.
      (Sees Rachel)
Hey, I thought everybody had left.
      (Gets up)
They did, but I wanted to thank
Rachel walks over to Desmond. Desmond doesn't say a word and
just leans on a stool.
      (grabs his hands)
I hope you don't mind me still
being here.
Of course not. You know you are
always welcome.
      (Looking deep into
       his eyes)
You are such a nice man, and I
don't know what I would have done
without your help. I don't know


                       RACHEL/RAQUEL (cont'd)
how you feel about me, but I would
really like to kiss you right now.
Desmond takes his hands, and wraps them around her waist He
looks deep into her eyes too.
I could never mind that.
Desmond pulls Rachel closer to him. His legs are open as she
is in between them. Desmond kisses Rachel softly, and then
rubs her back as he continues to kiss her. She rubs his legs
as the continue a long passionate kiss.
      (Let's out a deep
Wow, do you need a ride home?
Rachel doesn't say a word. She grabs his hands and leads him
to the couch on the other side. Desmond walks without
question. Once at the couch, they resume kissing. Desmond
takes the lead as he begins to kiss her neck and shoulders.
He kisses the back of her neck as he unties the dress. He
pulls down her dress some over her shoulders, and continues
to kiss her body and explore every inch of her skin. His
hands are gently rubbing over her body as his lips continue
to explore. He kisses her breast, and sucks on her nipples
with just a tug.

She takes over, and starts kissing him. She is kissing his
neck and chest. Her hands are roaming over his torso and
over his pants in the crotch region. She unzips his pants,
and (simulates) performing oral sex. Desmond heads goes
back, and his hands continue to roam over her head, back and
ass. After awhile of this, Desmond takes over again.

He goes back to kissing and exploring Rachel's body. She
let's out the occasional moan between hard breaths and she
is enjoying his mouth. Desmond (simulates) performing oral
sex, and her body begins to writhe as she has a strong

After she climaxes, she lays there for a second. Desmond
grabs a condom, and puts it on. He sits back down on the
couch, and she climbs on top of him. Looking at each other,
she slowly sits upon his manhood (simulated). She rides him
while kissing him and they are both breathing heavier. She
is slowly grinder her way to pleasure. After some time in
this position, they move to doggy style, missionary, and
other positions. Finally, Desmond climaxes with Rachel (Love
scene last about 15-20 minutes). After the climax, they look


at each other. Desmond kisses her, and she lays her head on
his chest.
Desmond is looking at Jimmy and Jackson. They are looking at
each other. Then they look at Rachel again. They look back
at Desmond.
Damn, all you had to say was you
hit that really good.
Maybe she got hit by a bus and got
Amnesia, I would could have
permanent brain damage and I would
remember that night. I got to
figure out what is going on.
Desmond takes another Continental Cocoa over to Rachel.
Here you go. This is one is on the
That is so nice. Is this your
Really, you don't remember me?
      (Looks confused)
I'm so sorry. I am really bad with
names sometimes.
Rachel, you spent nearly a whole
semester in here studying.
Raquel sits back and starts laughing. Desmond looks really
I'm sorry, you think I'm my
sister. We are twins, but I'm


Wow, ummm, I really don't know
what to say. It makes sense now.
Rachel shows him her computer screen. She is doing research
on a legal case.
No, Rachel is a financial manager
for a bank. She went to state a
couple of years ago. I'm a lawyer,
Are you kidding me?
Desmond eyes get really big.
      (Looks at Desmond
Are you Desmond by chance?
Oh wow, it is really great to meet
you. My sister thinks the world of
Well, she is a very nice person.
How is she doing?
Desmond sits down, and they start to speak. The fellas are
still at the bar looking at the two talk. They look at each
other and click glasses as Raquel and Desmond get
The camera walks into the ballroom of the Continental Club.
Women in dresses, and men in suits can immediately be seen
dancing at the large dance floor. The warm-up band is
playing some nice tunes. There are even more people sitting
around the dance floor, and at the bar ordering drinks. As
the band finished up the song, Desmond takes to the stage.
      (Addressing the
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a


                       DESMOND (cont'd)
very special guest here tonight.
She will be headlining here all
next weekend, but wanted to come
out and give you a sample of what
you get to hear. So please, put
your hands together for the
lovely, the amazing songbird,
Daisha Evergreen.
The audience begins clapping, and a beautiful, black woman
in black dress and high heels walks onstage and up to the
microphone. She looks back at the band, and smiles. They
begin to play, and she begins to sing a song. The audience
begins moving back and forth.

After she finishes the song, everybody is cheering, and
Desmond walks back onto the stage. He gives the singer a
hug, and takes the microphone from her. She elegantly leaves
the stage.
Wow, was she not great!
Audience cheers
Yes she was, and that's just a
sample. So make sure you tell your
friends, and get your tickets
early, because she is have this
stage on fire. Now, enjoy the rest
of the Backyard Band.
Desmond leaves the stage, and sees Daisha at the bar. He
quickly walks up next to her.
      (To the bartender)
That drink is on the house.
      (Turns towards
Thank you Mr. Moore.
Of course, and I can't wait until
next weekend. I think all but one
show have sold out.


Really, that's great. Why did you
tell people to buy their tickets
early though?
Just a little promotional secret.
Enjoy your drink, and if you need
anything, just let me know.
Desmond walks back to his office, and Daisha signs some
autographs and takes some pictures.
The bartenders are all cleaning up behind the bar, and
security is working on picking up the tables and chairs.
Desmond comes out, and gets a drink and sits at a table.
Daisha walks over to him.
      (Clears her throat)
Thank you for all your
My pleasure Ms, Evergreen.
I just wanted to let you know if
there is anything I can do to help
before the show, let me know.
Thank you, that is very kind. Just
do what you do on that stage next
week. The rest will take care of
Cam I ask you a quick question?
What's the promotional secret?
Well, all the shows are going to
sell out next week. If I can


                       DESMOND (cont'd)
continue to create a demand, when
I book you in a couple months from
now, I can charge even more, and
you will still sell-out. Everybody
makes a little more money, and the
people still get to have a great
That's smart. Well, have a good
Daisha starts to walk away.
      (Waves good-bye)
Drive safe Daisha.
Daisha waves good-bye and heads out the door. She smiles and
says good-bye to all the staff between her and the door.

Desmond goes back to his drink, and then slowly gets up, and
goes behind the bar.
Desmond is in the bar on a Saturday afternoon. There are
three men and two women sitting at the bar having drinks.
Everybody is watching college football, when there is a
light knock on the window.
Customer is at the door Dez.
      (Grabs the buzzer)
Yeah Jimmy, I can hear.
Desmond recognizes the woman on the other side of the door.
He pauses for a second, and smiles. The woman on the other
side also smiles. Desmond clicks the buzzer, and the woman
opens the door, and walks into the bar.

She sits at the bar, and smiles at Desmond again.
How are you doing stranger?


Wow, Nurse Melody Smith. I'm doing
great, and how are you?
I'm also doing well.
The two are kind of just staring and smiling at each other.
What brings you back to Oakland?
Came back home to see my family,
and to see how you are doing.
Desmond grabs a bottle of white wine, and pours a glass. He
sits it down in front of Melody.
On the house. It is wine before 9,
You remembered. Thank you very
      (Butting in)
Hold up, what is going on between
you two. Dez, who is this lady.
All the customers look over at Desmond.
Well, if you must know, this is
Ms. Melody Smith, and she is a
I don't care about her name or
occupation, I want to know why you
are looking at each other like
I can answer that.
Melody gets up from her chair with her drink in hand. She
walks over to Jimmy, and stands about a foot away from him.


We had a short, but very
passionate affair a few years ago.
I would tell you the story, but
there are too many people here.
                       LADY CUSTOMER #1
Tell the story lady. This game is
over anyways.
Should I tell the story, Desmond?
Everybody looks at Desmond.
      (Shrugs shoulders)
If everybody wants to hear it, and
if you want to.
The other people at the bar all chime in. Oh yeah, tell us
the story.
Ok, well it started when I was in
nursing school, and I saw this
young boy fall down, and cut
himself pretty bad.
Desmond is preparing to open the bar. He is cutting lemons
and limes when there is a loud knock on the window. He looks
up, and sees Melody there, nearly pounding on the window of
the door.
      (Walking around
Hold on lady. For Christ sakes,
relax on hitting my window.
      (Grabbing the keys
       from his pocket)
Hey, I'm not going to open this
door unless you stop pounding on
my door.
Melody stops pounding on the door.


There's a young boy out here
bleeding pretty badly. I need some
rags, and a first aid kit.
Desmond hears the whimpers, and looks down. Sure enough
there is a little kid, and a lot of blood. He opens the door
quickly, and picks the kid up. He sets the kid on one of his
Damn, what happened?
He was riding his bike, and he
fell off.
Are you ok little man?
The kid doesn't answer, he just continues to whimper.
Sir, can you wet a rag, or towel?
And do you have a first aid kit?
Desmond starts going back behind the bar, and grabs a clean
dish rag.
      (Wetting the rag)
I have a first aid kit in my
office. I'll get it.
Desmond hands Melody the rag, and goes to his office. He
returns quickly as the lady is covering the boys leg with
the rag, and trying to soothe him by telling him everything
will be alright.

Desmond returns, and hands Melody the first aid kit.
      (Grabs Desmond
Apply pressure right here. It
looks like he fell on some broken
glass, and it cut him pretty good.
Melody opens the first aid kit, and grabs some bandages,
tape, hydrogen peroxide, and a sewing needle and thread. She
sets the items down, and then opens the bottle of hydrogen


      (Pulling the rag
Ok, this is going to hurt, but
then it will feel better. Hold on.
She pours the hydrogen peroxide on his leg. The boy lets out
a small scream, and kicks with his other leg.
i know it hurts, but it will feel
better soon.
Melody looks at Desmond
He's cut pretty deep, so I'm gonna
stitch it up. I need some more
rags, and your gonna need to hold
him down, while I'll stitch him
Hey lady, I don't mean to be a
dick, but I'm not trying to get
sued. Can't we just take him to
the hospital, and let them take
care of it?
We will take him to the hospital
after I patch him up. He's going
to be waiting there for awhile,
and I don't want him bleeding out
more, or letting it get infected.

Now, go and get me some more wet
rags, and then hold him still.
Desmond walks behind the bar, and grabs a few more rags. He
wets them, and returns quickly.
Ok, this is going to hurt some
more, but I need to do this.
Melody pulls back the rag again. She pours peroxide all
around and on the wound again. The boy screams more, and
Desmond is doing his best to hold the kid still.

Melody then takes out the thread and needle, and begins
sewing the wound shut. When she gets done, she places some
bandages over the wound, and tapes the bandages in place.


You were very brave. Now, I'm
going to take you to the hospital
so a doctor can check you out, and
prescribe you something.
Desmond picks the boy up, and walks out the door with the
girl following behind him.
Desmond is closing down the bar, and there is a light tap on
the bar's door. Desmond looks up, and sees Melody. He walks
over to the door.
Sorry Miss, we are closed for the
I just came to thank you.
      (Raises his hand)
Your welcome.
Desmond gets ready to walk away, but she taps the window
Sir, please can I come in. I won't
take much of your time, I promise.
Desmond looks at her, and quickly ponders whether to let her
in or not. He decides to let her in, and walks over and
unlocks the door.
      (After he opens
       the door)
Thank you.
      (Locks the door
       behind her)
I have to lock you in. I'm not
allow to have customers after
Desmond also closes the blinds so nobody can see inside.


I kind of thought this was your
It is, but the people in after
hours is a liquor license thing.
Melody sits down and Desmond walks behind the bar.
Well, I wanted to thank you for
helping Taylor. He lives next door
to my parents.
It's not a problem. I just hope
there is no permanent problems.
Oh no, besides a scar, he is going
to be just fine.
That is good to know. Also, now I
know who I helped. Of course, I
still have no idea who you are.
Desmond takes a drink of his cognac.
I am so sorry, my name is Melody.
My dad lives up the street with
his wife.
Well, it'a nice to meet you
officially Melanie.
Not Melanie, it's Melody. Like in
a song.
Sorry, Melody. Well, it's been a
long day for all of us. If you
want, I'll pour you a shot.
That would be nice, but I don't
want to get you in trouble.


You won't. I'll say your my new
server if ABC knocks on my door.
Desmond pours her a drink, and another shot for himself. He
hands her a drink, and they cheers each other.
How did you know how to stitch
that boy up?
I'm in nursing school right now.
Really? That's cool.
Desmond finishes his drink, and finishes up behind the bar.
Well, I gotta bounce. Let me walk
you to your car.
Oh, I live just up the street. I
didn't drive here.
Ok, well then I'll walk you home.
You don't have to do that. It's
just up the block.
Yeah, I would feel better. It's
late at night, your a very
attractive woman, and I would feel
bad if allowed you to walk home at
this hour.
Thank you, and I would like that.
Desmond grabs his keys. He shuts off the lights, and the two
walk out together.
Desmond and Melody are walking (slowly) side by side down a
street in West Oakland.


So, how come I have never seen you
I went to private school most of
my life. Now, I'm busy with school
and my internship. So, I don't
ever come out.
I have to say, it's nice to see a
sista so dedicated to her future.
Well, it's nice to see a Brotha
being a gentleman and chivalrous.
She bumps him slightly after giving him the compliment.
And your pretty cute too.
Careful now, boyfriends get
jealous very easily.
I don't have a boyfriend, or
anybody to be jealous about what I
That is just a damn shame. As
pretty and smart as you are.
Something has to be wrong.
Well, you still haven't ask me
out, or even for my number.
I don't go out too much. I'm
always at the club, but we have a
show tomorrow night. If you want
to be my guess, you would be more
than welcome.
That sounds great. Well, this is
where I live.
She quickly turns, and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.


Good night Mr. Desmond.
Good night nurse Melody.
The bar is empty, and the two are just sitting down. Melody
is wearing brown and tan fitted dress with heels. Desmond is
wearing a white suit with yellow shirt. She moves her chair
closer to him.
That show was so funny. I didn't
even know you had plays here.
I don't a lot, but when a local
troop wants to do a play by a
local playwright, I kind of feel
like I have an obligation.
Are you real?
Of course. Why would you ask that?
Your this nice, smart,
good-looking guy that has treats
women with respect, and you care
about the community too. That's
pretty rare.
Thank you for the compliment, but
I have my flaws too.
      (Grabs his hand)
I'm sure you do, but I bet they
are barely noticeable.
She leans over, and kisses Desmond. They begin to kiss with
a little more passion.
      (Pulls back a
I'd rather not do this here. I
live a few blocks away, we can sit


                       DESMOND (cont'd)
down there for awhile if you like.
As long as you promise not to be a
perfect gentleman.
I can only promise to be me.
Desmond stands up, and takes Melody's hand. She stands up,
and he kisses her gently on the lips.
Come on
Desmond shuts off the lights, and they walk out together
hand in hand.
They are on the couch, and the TV is on. She is laying
across his chest. Desmond's arm is holding her.
Are you comfortable?
More than I have ever been before
in my life.
Desmond turns her slightly to kiss her. They begin kissing
very passionately. She is sitting up a little more, and they
are exchanging long wet kisses. Desmond'a hand is at the
nape of the back of her neck. He kisses her neck gently, and
slowly glides his other hand up her leg. She let's a slight
moan, and her breathing is becoming heavier. Her hands are
gently stroking the outside of his ears.

Desmond picks Melody up, and carries her to the bedroom.
They are kissing, and she is rubbing his head with her
fingertips. Once they arrive at the room, he gently lowers
her to the bed.

He lays next to her, kissing her neck, and making her moan
and breathe becomes heavier. He unzips her dress, but
doesn't remove it. He continues to kiss her neck, and then
moves down to the breast. He pulls the dress down just
enough to uncover her breasts. He is licking and sucking on
one breast, while rubbing and pinching the other nipple. He
kisses under the breast, while licking and pinching the
other breast.


He rolls her over onto her stomach, and begins kissing the
back of her neck. Her hands grasps the edge of the bed as
her breathe has become erratic. His hands run up her arm as
his kisses go from the back of her neck to the middle of her
back. He pulls down the dress a little more exposing the
small of her back, as his mouth continues down to the small
of her back.

He rolls her over again. This time, his mouth starts at her
breasts, and one of his hands is on stroking her leg, while
the other is grasping her ass. Her hands are on the back of
his neck and head. Slightly scratching as she archs her back
as his mouth explores her stomach, and pulls the dress all
the way down.

As he pulls the dress off, he is continuing to kiss and lick
her legs. He opens her legs, has her breasts in his hands,
and begins kissing her inner thigh. She let's out a moan,
and a "Oh God." He removes her underwear, while his tongue
is flickering against her warm, wet, clit (simulated). Her
back arcs, her moans become louder. and her hands are firmly
holding his head. Se screams as she has a massive orgasm.
      (Stands Up)
I hope your going to respect me in
the morning.
Desmond takes off his shirt, and pants, and lays next to
her. He gently kisses her, and she kisses him back. This
time, she begins to kiss him on his neck. Her hands are
gently scratching his arms as she kisses his chest. When she
moves down to his abdomen, her gentle scratches are on his
chest. She continues to scratch the side of buttocks as she
takes his manhood into her mouth (simulated).

Desmond's breathes are now heavy and erratic. His hands are
on her shoulders, and back of her head. She continues, and
he lays all the back, breathing hard, and his eyes closed.

He reaches back and grabs a condom. He pulls her up as he
slides the condom on. He lays her on her back, and kisses
her neck, while gently rubbing her clit. He then enters her,
and she let's out another loud moan. They begin slowly
moving in unison. Her moans are steady and their bodies are
moving in perfect sync.

Desmond moves her, she has two hands on the bed as well as
both her knees. He takes her from behind. Now, they are both
breathing heavy, as he pumps her, with his hands on her


      (She looks back)
Slap my ass
Desmond smiles, and does as she wishes. He smacks her ass
with his right hand. She squeals. He continues to pump. He
slaps her ass with his left hand. She squeals again, and he
continues to pump. He grabs that back of her hair, and
smacks her ass with his right hand. She is enjoying it, and
has another orgasm.

They switch positions again. This time, they are both on
their side, with his front to her back. They are both
breathing heavy. Moans can be heard. His hands are now on
her breast. One of her hands is on his ass, the other on the
bed. They do this position for awhile.

Finally, they go back to missionary style. Their bodies,
once again in motion. As she has her third orgasm, Desmond
hides his face in the pillow, and his body convulses with
the pleasure of an intense orgasm.
Desmond and Melody are seen doing various activities
together. From her showing him her books, and what she is
studying to long walks at Jack London Square. In between
these scenes, we see them having passionate sex, in various
positions and in various places. From the pool table at the
club to hot tub in a bath house.
Everybody's faces at the bar are stunned.
Unfortunately, I was offered a
position back East, and Mr.
Desmond here never stopped me from
going. In fact, he encouraged me
to leave.
Everybody stares at Desmond.
Boy, are you crazy?


Look, she worked really hard to
get that job. She needed a chance
to fulfill her dream. I couldn't
stand in her way.
                       LADY CUSTOMER #1
Do you regret letting her leave?
More than she'll ever know.
So, are you back here to get your
Jimmy, look at her hand. The woman
is married.
      (Holds up finger
       with ring)
He's right. I've been married for
three months. I did want to some
in and say hi while I was in town
I'm glad you did. It was great
seeing you again.
Can I at least get a hug?
Of course.
Desmond walks around the bar, and gives her a big hug.
I will always love you
I will always love you too.
Melody walks out the door, and Desmond returns behind the


                       LADY CUSTOMER #1
Now that she's gone, and that
story got me all wet, you gonna
take care of me Dez?
      (Yells for Jimmy)
Of course I will. Jimmy, come give
this lady some lovin'
                       LADY CUSTOMER #1
You ain't funny, and Jimmy, stay
the fuck away from me.
Everybody starts laughing, and Desmond pours drinks.
Standing there in front of a brick wall is Tiki Maxwell.
Dressed in all Black, riot/SWAT type gear. She adds black
camo paint to her face. Then you hear the talk show host.


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