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Volvo Commercial
by Toni Lane Casserly (tonilanecasserly@gmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***
Commerical for Volvo.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Colors: Desaturated yet intense. Blues and greys. Steel
colors and white heels.
A pair of white heels walks up a flight of concrete stairs
with speed and a delicate flair. The woman is either briskly
running from something or hustling to her auto to get home.
"I'm Happy, She Said" by M83 plays in the background. We
hear wind, ambient sound and the pounding of heels. Suspense
builds. The feet twist and turn around stairs until they
reach the floor of a parking garage where a Volvo is
located. Pace quickens, yet again.
Volvo XC60 is visible in the background, although slightly
Slight motion from around the Volvo. Enough to catch the eye
but not enough to alert the viewer.
Zoom in:
Wheels of the Volvo. Feet are clearly visible on the other
side of the car. They appear to be male, implying a mugger
may be waiting for her.
Cut to face of Female Volvo Driver. Cut to key in her
freshly manicured hand.
FVD pulls her key and presses a button to illuminate the
interior of the auto and roll the windows down.
Once the lights are on in the car and the windows remove the
veil, we see the feet belong to a police officer.
FPO walks around the front of the car to meet FVD as she
begins to get into her auto.
      (Female Police
Hello! Shift ended 30 minutes ago
but I saw your car in the parking
lot. Wanted to make sure whoever
drove this beauty got home safe
and sound.
Camera cuts to the perspective of the police officer to
swing around the driver as she opens her door and begins to
get into her car.
      (Female Volvo
You are too sweet. Thank you for


                       FVD (cont'd)
looking out for me!
FVD shuts her car door and speaks the last line from the
inside of her car. Camera shows the vehicle from above the
door handle with the FPO's upper body left and out of focus.
      (Female Volvo
You have the most wonderful
FVD smiles and the two wave to each other as if to part
FPO walks away, approaching her car and lingering. After a
moment, the Volvo has not moved. The windows are rolled up,
the lights are off and the FPO begins to worry. An odd noise
echoes and the FPO begins to approach the car, this time,
with hand on her holster.
FPO warily knocks on the window of the FVD's car.
      (Female Police
... Everything alright, Miss?
      (Female Volvo
Absolutely. Just watching to make
sure you got to your car. I wanted
to return the favor by protecting
you too.

Be safe.
      (Female Police
You too, Miss.
They share a knowing smile and nod.


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From Ricky Nations Date 12/25/2013 ***
I like it.

From steve kincaid Date 12/3/2013 ***
Made me want to buy a Volvo... but I got a new Cherokee instead. It wasn't your copy. The flow was great, liked the heals and the noise... Could see it, could hear it. Good job. Aloha. Hawaiian Crush.

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