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American Scientific Adventures (Search for Mimi) {please leave ANY feedback}
by Daniel Schneider (aeonaero@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Mockumentary   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



While the HOST is droning on in typical "Host" fashion, on
screen we see pictures of earth, then of dinosaurs, then a
comet, then of devistation on a global scale.
                       HOST (vo)
Over 65 million years ago,
monsters ruled the earth until, it
is theorized, that an asteroid
impacted the earth, scattering
dust and debris in the atmosphere
causing an ice age. The impact and
subsequent ice age rendered these
creatures extinctÖ. Or so we are
told. Evidence today shows that
itís possible that not ALL of the
dinosaurs are gone.
Show pictures of lakes and waterways.
                       HOST (vo)
Itís possible that even today, in
vast lakes on this planet,
monsters still patrol the waters,
evading man, and living their
lives in seclusion without our
Show pictures of Loch Ness and Nessie
                       HOST (vo)
No dobt youíve heard of the famous
Loch Nes Monster. There are
countless others that you might
not have heard about.
Show various pictures of Lake monsters.
                       HOST (vo)
Sweden is host to one such
creature in the waters of Lake
Storsjoen. Others include Lake
Tianchi in China, Michigans Turtle
Lake, Lake Champlain in New
Hampshire, Lake Nordheim in
Newfoundland, Vermontís Lake


                       HOST (cont'd)
Mephremagog, and the list goes on
and on.
                       HOST (vo)
These creatures are given cute,
cuddly names like Nessie, Cressie,
and Champ, but their legends
invoke fear, excitement, wonder,
and curiosity. But are they real?
                       HOST (vo)
I'm your host, Regis Phillips and
in this story, we will chronicle
the search for an even more
elusive creature possibly living
in one of the most famous rivers
in America. The Mississippi River.
Play Intro Music and Title footage.
Show map of US and trace the Mississippi while injecting
interesting (although somewhat boring) and typical
documentary images.
                       HOST (vo)
The Mississippi river stretches
from Minnesota to the Gulf of
Mexico and is host to many forms
of life. One of which may be an
animal that is over 20 feet long
and living in your very back
                       HOST (vo)
The Mississippi River, 2,348 miles
long, is the second longest river,
after the Missouri, in the United
States. If you include all the
area in the country that drain
into it, It would cover about 40%
of the country and including all,
or part, of 31 states. That's
approximately 1.2 million square
                       HOST (vo)
The Mississippi flows south,
following the boundaries between
the states of Minnesota, Iowa,


                       HOST (cont'd)
Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana
on the west, and Wisconsin,
Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and
Mississippi on the east.
                       HOST (vo)
The Algonquian indians gave the
river the apropriate name of
"Father of Waters", and has long
been an important transportation
artery of North America.
                       HOST (vo)
The Missouri RIVER, draining the
Great Plains to the west, joins
the Mississippi at Saint Louis. At
Cairo, Illinois, the Mississippi
is joined from the east by the
Ohio River.
                       HOST (vo)
The river flows on from Cairo to
New Orleans. Major tributaries in
the lower section are the
Arkansas, Red, and White rivers,
all flowing from the west.
                       HOST (vo)
The Mississippi enters the Gulf of
Mexico about 100 miles downstream
from New Orleans, through a ten
thousand square mile delta.
Because almost 500 million tons of
sediment are deposited annually,
the delta extends about 300 feet
each year
                       HOST (vo)
Some researchers theorize that
before the dinosaurs died away, it
is very possible that a creature
may have swam up the newly formed
Missisippi and made a home
Show ADAMS in a boring office interview setting. ADAMS is a
typical young 40 something professor dressed in a casual
polo shirt. He has a red splotch on his forhead that is
barly noticable.


                       HOST (vo)
Dr. Edmund Adams is a leading
biologist who specializes in
aquatic river life. He speculates
as to the possibility of how the
monster nicknamed "Mimi" could
have wound up in the river.

A note to our viewers. Dr. Adams
is aflicted with a condition
called narcolepcy and is prone to
falling asleep unexpectantly. His
condition does become evident in
this film, but we wanted to asure
the viewers that he is fine and
not be alarmed.
                       HOST (vo)
Dr. Edmund Adams is a leading
biologist who specializes in
aquatic river life. He speculates
as to the possibility of how the
monster nicknamed "Mimi" could
have wound up in the river.

A note to our viewers. Dr. Adams
is aflicted with a condition
called narcolepcy and is prone to
falling asleep unexpectantly. His
condition does become evident in
this film, but we wanted to asure
the viewers that he is fine and
not be alarmed.
                       DR. ADAMS
I suppose it's possible. During
the golden age of the dinosaurs,
the Mississippi river Delta
encompased a much larger area.
It's possible that if a several
plesiosaur were to swim up the
river and made a home, and if the
conditions were good enough, they
could have survived - SNORE
ADAMS falls asleep suddenly, bouncing his head on the
surface of the desk. Cut to Plesiasour pictures and the HOST
                       HOST (vo)
After Millions of years of
sediment extended the river to
itís current outlet to the Gulf of


                       HOST (cont'd)
Mexico, the creature could have
remained in itís original location
near what is currently Missouri
settled in. After millions of
years, the river would have
extended itself farther south to
where we know it today.
Cut to ADAMS as he wakes up. After only a moment of
disorientation, he seems to pick up right where he left off.
                       DR. ADAMS
      (waking up)
Huh? Oh. Well, It could have
adapted to the restricted waters
of the Mississippi and the
limmited food supply. It would
have been very difficult for the
plesiosaur, but it is possible.
                       HOST (vo)
Plesiosaurs were aquatic reptiles,
and were an important part of the
marine ecology from the end of the
Triassic period 220 million years
ago until the end of the
Cretaceous 65 million years ago.
Their remains have been found on
every continent.
                       HOST (vo)
A typical plesiosaur had a long
neck, a broad body, four large
flippers and a relatively short
tail. An apt description (of some
forms at least) is of "a snake
strung through a turtle".
Plesiosaurs were one of the first
kinds of extinct animal known to
science, and were described as
early as 1821.
                       HOST (vo)
The smallest were about 6 feet
long as adults, the largest were
enormous pliosaurs up to 60 feet
long, comparable in size or even
bigger than sperm whales. They
were possibly the biggest
predators of all time, though
remains of these giants are rare
and fragmentary, and much research
remains to be done.


                       HOST (vo)
They are a large and varied group
which have been broadly defined as
two distinct types, the
long-necked, small-headed
plesiosaurs and the short-necked,
large-headed pliosaurs.
                       DR. ADAMS
It's not unprecidented that a
species can survive that long.
Take for example the Coelacanth.
It was thought be be extinct 200
million years ago only to be found
in 1938 in Madagas... SNORE.
                       HOST (vo)
      (show sighting map)
The Coelacanth was discovered off
the coast of Madagascar in 1938.
Thought to be extinct, the fish
has also been discovered off the
coast of Kenya, Tanzania,
Mozambique, and East London South
Aftrica. Entire colonies have been
confirmed to be living near
Comoros and Sodwana.
                       ATHENA (vo)
      (Show Athena with
       title display)
The Coelacanth is a prime example
that nature alows some species to
live on. As far as Mimi is
concerned, we know for a fact that
she is in the river. We have
documented proof. Too many
photographs have been taken of her
to be just tricks of light on the
water. There have been way too
many witnesses from different
walks of life and different areas
to be a hoax.
Show BAMBI on street corner. She is dressed rather gaudishly
and is obviously a prostitute.
                       HOST (vo)
One such witness is Bambi Brooks.


Yeah. I saw it. It was pretty
cool. I was with a John, uh, I
mean I was a friend NAMED John
when we saw it.

We were in a secluded area down by
the bridge when it happened. I was
pretty bored. (whisper - my
"friend" has never been very
exciting if you know what I mean)

I looked up and saw a somthing in
the water and it looked back at
me! I started screaming "OH GOD,
OH GOD!!". My friend didn't
understand what I was trying to
tell him so he just sat there and
with this silly grin on his face.

I started hitting him and screamed
at him to look at the water. He
had to squint since he wasn't
wearing his glasses at the time,
but he finally did and started
screaming like a little baby!

The whole thing lasted less then a
Just like John.
                       HOST (vo)
Bambi's reccolection of the event
remains clear in her head even to
this day. She goes on to describe
to us what Mimi looked like.
Well, it was long and thick and
kinda ugly.
      (breathing heavier
       with growing
It's body pulsated in the water as
it looked at me. I felt the heat
of it' stare run through me and I
felt an excitement that I've never
felt before.


                       BAMBI (cont'd)

It began to move faster and faster
in the water. Back and forth, and
back and forth, then with one
final thrust, it plunged back in
the water.
BAMBI's excitement seems to come to a peak and she settles
After I cought my breath, I had a
cigarette and told Arv... I mean
John to take me back.
Cut to ARVIN. ARVIN is a businessman who is looks nervous
during the interview.
                       HOST (vo)
Bambi wasn't the only person who
witnessed the sigting that night.
Arvin Phelps, local businessman,
also cought a glimps of Mimi.
      (Looking nervous)
Well, I, um, well, I was down by
the river, um, hanging out by the
bridge. You know just kinda
looking for something, um, I don't
remember what it was now, but um,
I was near the water anyway.

I was preocupied with um, well,
something pretty exciting
(grin)when Bam... I mean
"something" cought my eye. I
didn't get to see it too well. My
glasses were off at the time. I
mean they fell off because I had
dropped them or something.

Well, anyway, I saw a long dark
shape going through the water. It
looked at me then dove and swam


My wifes not going to see this is


                       HOST (vo)
Most witnesses describe the
creature almost the exact same way
with similar features that Bambi
and Arvin have described.
Cut to ACE in a workshop of sorts.
                       HOST (vo)
Ace Parnelli, local wildlife
adventurist and Austrailian
sportsman, comments on Mimi

Gooday mate. Most people who spot
Mimi are intellegent, responsible,
and honest people with nothing to
gain, and even more to loose by
reporting their sightings.

(Ace brings out a huge file folder
overflowing with paper)

I have litterally thousands of
reports from folks who
"unofficially" spot Mimi and are
too afraid to come forth to the
authorities or the media.
                       HOST (vo)
      (show Ace walking
       by the river with
       some kind of
       monitoring gear)

Ace has been hunting Mimi for more
then 14 years. He's come close to
bagging this elusive creature on
more then one occasion, but has
yet to show any diffinitive proof.
Oh, she's a wiley one alright.
I've gotten close, but everytime I
do, she slips away. Krikie She's a
smart one. But not smarter then
Ace Parnelli I'll tell you.



                       ACE (cont'd)
Here. Let me show you this...

(Ace brings out some weird looking

I invented my own monster hunting
device designed to track down, and
snare any unwhitting river
monsters that are unfortunate
enough to come near it.

I can't tell you too much about it
cause I am still waiting for
government aproval for some of the
stuff I used in it. You know how
that is. The government is alway
complaining that (in a mocking
tone) "This doohickie isn't safe,
it put's out too much radiation,
bla, bla, bla."

We'll see though. When I have
Mimi's head on hanging on my
Garage wall, who will be laughing
then eh mate?
                       HOST (vo)
Arvin and Bambi's sightings of
Mimi wren't the first to be
recorded. Infact, there have been
a steady stream of reports since
the early 1800's.

In the early days of river travel,
boats meandered up and down the
river. Because of it's vast
expanse, sightings were almost
non-existance. In the population
and economic boom of the 1800's,
river traffic increased
This is when we see the real start
of Mimi sightings. Some River
barge sailors would see her so
frequently, that they began to see
her more as a mascot, or even a
pet then of a dreaded river


                       HOST (vo)
Though most people would be
hard-pressed to describe a 20 plus
foot plesiasaur as a pet, the
rivermen wrote reverently about
the creature in their letters and

On May 24th, 1857 in a letter to
his wife, Boatswains mate James
Vandergeizer on board the
riverboat "Belle St. Bell",
described his experience with Mimi
in his own words.
                       LETTER-WRITER (vo)
      (show antique
It's been a wonderful day my love.
The weather has been one woven of
the sweetest dreams. To make this
most perfect day even more
      (Show antique
       picture of sailor)
...I was the first of the crew to
spot the creature today. We were
just south of St. Louis by only 20
minutes when from my watch post, I
spyed her.
      (Show old pictures
       of sea monsters)
Her long dark head broached the
water with grace. First looking to
her left then to her right, her
eyes met mine. I senced that she
smiled, but it was impossible to
tell by her face. She dissapeared
below the waters surface and I
knew it was a good omen and will
bring us luck on our voyage. Love,
                       HOST (vo)
James's letter was never sent. It
was found several days later on
the river's edge. His boat had
been lost and presumably sank on
the Mississippi with all hands.
Perhaps the work of Mimi? We may
never know.


                       DR. ADAMS
It's dobtful that even IF a
plesiasaur exsisted in the river,
that it would try to attack a
riverboat. A large wooden ship
with a paddlewheel hardly looks
like supper. Are you seriously
going to sit there and tell me
                       HOST (vo)
      (show Ace)
Mr. Parnelli begs to differ.
Yeah. Mimi is a ferocious beast
and will eat anything she can.
It's a well known fact that
vintage riverboats at full steam
looked curiously like a school of
mating river otters. A very
tempting treat if I do say so

One bite of the boats wooden hull
and she would be angered at a
dissapointing meal and would seek

I know I would.
Really. All this talk about
dynosaurs living in the river to
this day is rediculous. I won't
even sink to the level of other so
called "experts" that go along
with that theory. It's been my
belief all along that Mimi is no

It's pretty obvious to the
blindest of researchers that she's
simply one of the desendants of

When their continent sank into the
sea tens of thousands of years
ago, they had to adapt to their
new envirnment to survive.


                       ATHENA (cont'd)

Evolution provides us with the
tools we need to adapt to almost
any situation... even life in the
sea. We're already half way there
by learning how to swim.
                       HOST (vo)
The lost continent of Atlantis is
steeped in mystery. The
philosopher Plato wrote of his
visit to this paradise. He spoke
of an advanced civilization
unrivaled in history.
Atlantians weren't dummies. They
were very advanced. They were
actually taught technology by an
alien race that includes gene
manipulation. Our current level of
technology can't even start to
compare to what the folk in
Atlantis know about the genome.

For them, helping evolution along
by adapting the human body to life
in the water was a snap.
                       DR. ADAMS
      (Shaking his head
       in discust)
Oh Jeez.
                       HOST (vo)
      (Show rev Chuck)
Atlantian or not, Reverend Charles
Derrick of the United Church of
the Unified Holy Cross's life was
profoundly changed one day by his
experience with Mimi.
                       REV CHUCK
Is this thing on?
      (tapping on
Oh. Ok. Well dude, I was down by
the river communing with God...


                       REV CHUCK (vo)
      (Show the Rev
       toking on a joint
       getting high next
       to river)

...when I like heard this noise in
the water. I'm thinking "Man! I'm
getting busted! Then I realized
that it wasn't the cops and that
the noise was coming from the
water. I couldn't see it too
clearly cause I couldn't open my
eyes all the way (snicker).
      (cut back to Rev
       Chuck int.)
After a few seconds, could see a
little more clearly and Holy
(BLEEP)! There was the biggest
fish-snake-animal-demon thing I've
ever seen (and I've seen a lot of
um!). It saw me and roared so loud
I thought that my head would

I took off running like a
blue-hair to a bingo. I heard it
running after me so I kept runnin.

I ran into the church, slammed the
door, and hid under the alter for
the next 4 hours.

It changed me man. I mean right
down to the core. God saw me doin
those evil drugs and put a call
into Satan to send a demon after

I haven't touched the stuff since
that day and have turned my life

Since then, I have founded the
Reverend Charles Derrick Home for
attractive 18-24 year old wayward

My constant work with them is
tiring, but VERY rewarding!


                       HOST (vo)
      (show Rev Chuck
       being led away in
       handcuffs by two
Since the filming of this
interview, Reverend Derrick has
been detained by local authorities
for reasons yet to be given. Could
government officials be trying to
supress evidence of Mimi's
                       HOST (vo)
Witnesses are not the only forms
of evidence that exists for Mimi.
There have been many photographs
taken of the creatures.
                       HOST (vo)
This one was taken in 1964 by
Ralph Martinson and clearly shows
something odd in the water.
Computer enhancement is unable to
reveal any other details.This picture taken by a
barge-worker that shows what could
be Mimi's head and part of her
                       DR. ADAMS
      (Looking at
Well, these "could" be of a
plesiasour, but their way too
grainy or bad to be sure. I just
can't accept these as proof.
      (looking at
If they aren't of Mimi, then they
are surely submarines from
Atlantis poking their periscopes
up to see what we've done with the
world since they went into


                       HOST (vo)
More compelling then the
photographs is some actual movie
footage of Mimi.

In 1907, Victor Schumacker shot
this amazing footage of Mimi
following a riverboat. The image
isn't very clear, but Mimi can be
seen on the right side of the
                       HOST (vo)
More compelling then the
photographs is some actual movie
footage of Mimi.

In 1907, Victor Schumacker shot
this amazing footage of Mimi
following a riverboat. The image
isn't very clear, but Mimi can be
seen on the right side of the
Show faked 1907 footage.
                       HOST (vo)
Photographic evidence isn't
limmited the past. Just recently
satelite imagry has revieled a
somewhat familiar shape in the
waters of the Mississippi. This
picture is a thermal infra-red
picture of downtown St. Louis.

Upon closer inspection, a shape
that is curiously Plesiasour-like
can be seen.


                       HOST (vo)
      (Show Athena,
       Ace,and Adams at
       rivers edge)

Since the historical records
produce more questions then they
do answers, American Scientific
Adventures has funded an
expedition to gather proof of the
monsters existance or to possible
even catch it.
                       HOST (vo)
      (Show Adams
       setting up

Dr. Adams will be manning the
photgraphic equipment in hopes to
catch definitive, photgraphic
proof of Mimi's existance.
                       HOST (vo)
      (looking in the
       mud at the river

Ms. Atherton will be scouring the
rivers edge for physical evidence.
Bones, imprints, even fecal matter
can prove she's real.
                       HOST (vo)
      (Show Ace
       preparing weird
       fishing gear)

Ace Parnelli will spearheading the
capture portion of the expedition.
His advanced scientific equipment
will hopefully locate, and capture
Mimi for further study.
Hey Ace, Have you ever thought
about using envirenmentally
friendly methods of looking for



                       ATHENA (cont'd)
I mean you are poisening the
water, destroying wildlife that
flourishes in this area, and even
though you are one sexy hunk of
man, your methods are repulsive
and offensive.
Krikie. You sure talk alot.. even
for a shiela. Hand me that flame
                       DR. ADAMS
      (Sitting in lawn
       chair next to his
       camera talking to
       the camer)

This is a waste of time. We're not
going to find anything, The only
reason I agreed to do this if that
fat check the ASA is cutting me
for being part of (snore)
Athena and Ace both turn to look at Adams, then look at
eachother, then shake their heads and continue what they
were doing.
                       HOST (vo)
While filming the expedition,
local resident Frank Mathews
aproached us to tell his amazing
Hey. Whatchyall doin here?
We're hunting the elusive River
Monster Mimi.
Really? Yall ain't gonna believe
this, but saw it. More then saw
it. I almost got ate up by it.
                       FRANK (vo)
      (Show Frank and
       his dog.)
I was fishin by the bank with my


                       FRANK (cont'd)
dog Wilber, when I sat down for a
second. Wilber was sniffing at
sumpin by the water when all of a
sudden I heard all this
catterwallin. Wilber let out a
yelp and when I look up, he was
gone! The water was all movin like
sumpin big has just jumped in.

That's when the aliens came and
scooped me up.
Show Ace and Athena. They look at eachother then back to
What happened then? Did they say
anything about Atlantis?
Adams buries his head in his hands shaking his head.
Hell no. But they did... (pause
with a worries look on his face)
... do "things" to me.
Like what mate?
You know. "Things!".
What are you talking about?
They (pause, then mumbles) analy
probed me.
Analy probed me.
Sorry mate, but we just don't
understand what your saying.
      (Yelling clearly)


Ace and Athena are shocked.
Yeah. They probed me in the
back-woods. That wasn't the bad
part though.
What do you mean?
      (starting to
Never mind.
Awe come on mate.
I...I...(sigh) I kinda liked it
(smiling shyly at Ace).
Ok! I gotta go mate... I mean...
NOT "mate"!!! I mean "friend! I
gotta run
Ace dissapears. Athena silently and awkwardly shrugs.
                       HOST (vo)
      (show Athena and
In the hopes that physical
evidence can be found, we brought
Arvin Phelps back to the scene of
his encounter.
Well, we... I mean "I" was parked
right about here.
Where did you see Mimi?
      (pointing into the
Right over there.
A commotion is heard off camera along with a womans voice.
Arvin looks scared.


                       MRS. PHELPS
      (From off camera)
Where is he? Where is that
low-life slob?
      (camera swings to
       see her walking
       briskly toward
       Arvin holding a
       manilla envelope)
There you are you son-of-a...
                       MRS. PHELPS
I know all about your "adventures"
with that tramp. I've suspected
for a while and so I hired a
private investigator to follow

He took these pictures of you
right here that night!
She shoves the envelope with the pictures into his chest
very forcefully.
Honey! I can explain!
                       MRS. PHELPS
Explain it to my divorce attorny.
Your butt is mine.. along with the
kids, the house, the cars, and
anything else you might want to
try to keep.
She stomps off set triumphantly.
Uh...um...eh... Turn the camera
off. The interview is over! Turn
the (bleep) camera off!!!
He puts his hand over the camera lens.
                       HOST (vo)
It seems as though Mimi has
claimed yet another victom. Will
the carnage left in Mimi's wake
ever stop?

However, it seems that Arvin


                       HOST (cont'd)
Phelps's bad luck is our good
luck. In the pictures taken by the
private investigator the river is
clearly seen, and in the water,
something that could possible be
Mimi is visible.
                       HOST (vo)
      (Show the experts
       drinking coffee
       and playing cards)
After a night of dilligent
searching, our stallward
researchers continue their search
the following morning.
Noticing the camera, they scramble and pretend that they
were doing something important.
                       DR. ADAMS
      (Playing with
       video camera)
I'm just checking the infra-red
video footage from last night. I
didn't see anything, but the
camera might have.

I did see Ace take off up river in
the boat yesterday afternoon, but
I haven't seen him since though.

(yelling to Athena)

Have you seen Ace?
      (looking slightly
Um. No. Gotta go.
                       DR. ADAMS
We'll give him till later today
before we start getting worried.
I sure hope Mimi didn't get him.
                       HOST (vo)
So far, nothing of any importance
has been found, but today Athena


                       HOST (cont'd)
Atherton makes a remarkable
      (Pointing to the
Here we have proof of Mimi's
existance. This is an imprint of a
plesiasour flipper.
                       DR. ADAMS
Are you joking? It's just mud you
pushed away with your shoe.
No it's not. It's clearly from a
pleseasour. If you look closely
you can even see the pectoral
muscle imprints along it's length.
                       DR. ADAMS
      (as he walks off)
I give up.
My best estimation is that Mimi
came ashore here within the last
day or so. She must have been
hunting or even possibly laying
      (pointing to
       another spot
Look! HERE!
A pile of dog poop is seen on the ground.
Plesiasour fecal matter.
                       DR. ADAMS
      (from off camera)
It's just dog poop you
And here!!!
On the ground are seen 12 eggs placed not-so-randomly on the
ground. Almost like they were still in the carton.


This is why we came here!
plesiasour eggs!
                       DR. ADAMS
      (from off camera)
      (walks back into
       the scene)
These? OK, now I know your a kook.
What do you mean?
                       DR. ADAMS
These are regular old, grade A
large eggs from the grocery store!
      (looking around)
Look! Heres the carton they came
in... and even the bag... and the
Thats rediculous.
                       DR. ADAMS
The reciept shows yesterdays date.
Uh. You don't think that "I" had
anything to do with it did you?
                       DR. ADAMS
No. I'm just saying... Wait a
second. Why are you acting so
squirly? Did you put them here??
No. I would never do that! I mean
not on purpose! I mean I probably
did buy them for the expedidtions
breakfast, and then Mimi must have
snuck into our camp and stole them
while we were sleeping!


                       DR. ADAMS
You mean to tell me that a
ficticous, 20 foot, aquatic
plesiasour snuck into your tent
last night, stole a carton of
eggs, and without breaking a
single one, pulled them out of the
bag, and out of the carton and put
them neatly on the ground?
      (Looking very
Uh. Yes!?!
                       DR. ADAMS
When the ASA hears what you've
done here, they'll (snore)
Adams falls asleep. Athena looks up at the camera and takes
off running.
      (show mug shots of
Warrents have been placed for one
Elisabeth Oliander... AKA Athena
Atherton. It has been alegged that
Ms. Oliander has been making the
documentary circuit, posing as an
expert in various fields to scam
money from film makers.

When aprehended, American
Scientific Adventures will
prosicute to the fullest extent of
the law.
                       DR. ADAMS
I knew she wasn't right in the
head. I thought she was just some
run-of-the-mill whack-job though.
I had no idea.
                       HOST (vo)
The question still remains however
concerning the whereabouts of Ace
Parnelli. He dissapeared yesterday
and has not been seen since.
                       HOST (vo)
      (Show Adams and
       Frank looking for


                       HOST (cont'd)
A manhunt was started to search
for Ace... or even his remains. He
was found several miles away in an
abandoned hut. He was naked and
tied to a post.
Cut to Ace wrapped up in a blanket drinking some coffee
looking glad to be rescued.
That goofey Sheila hit me in the
head, dragged me here, and...
and... Awe, I just don't to think
about it anymore.

She kept saying she loved me and
wanted me... how do you yanks say
it... to "rock her world".

I think I'm going to be sick.
Show scenic river shot
                       HOST (vo)
It seams that many things were
discovered during the filming of
this program, except the truth
about Mimi.

Is she real? Has she been
patrolling the waters of the
Mississippi for centuries? We may
never know.

But we here at American Scientific
Adventures will keep a watchfull
eye out for her.
Credits start to roll, then Adams walks through the scene
with Frank right behind him. Adams stops, turns around and
says to Frank...
                       DR. ADAMS
He walks hurridly off screne and is followed by Frank. Off
scene you hear and exchange between them while the credits
still roll.
                       DR. ADAMS
I said leave me alone!


Come on.
                       DR. ADAMS
                       DR. ADAMS
For the last time, I'm not gonna
"probe" you, you freak!
Oh come on sweet cheeks.
                       DR. ADAMS
Don't touch me.


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