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by Sean Lovett (sean.lovett@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Michael and Gabrielle are laying in the grass, side-by-side,
talking and laughing, Michael is an average looking guy with
short brown hair and blue eyes. Gabrielle is a beautiful
woman with long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.
      (smiling while
       looking at
I love being here with you. I love
being anywhere with you.....I love
      (Smiling and
       looking lovingly
       at Mike)
I love you too. You're my
everything; my all I will ever
Mike and Gabby lean in towards each other. Gabby tenderly
strokes Mike's face. They kiss deeply, passionately, for a
few moments. All of the sudden the skies start to darken. A
storm appears off in the distance. Mike and Gabby get to
their feet. They look towards the storm and then at each
other. They look confused and afraid.
What is it?
I..I don't know. We should go,
Mike takes Gabby's hand and they run off, away from the
An older woman is outside tending to her garden
Mother! Mother look!


The storm is growing. The wind has picked up and is almost
howling. There is lightning in the distance. The older woman
looks up and sees Gabby and Mike running toward her. Gabby
reaches the older woman and collapses in her arms before
turning and pointing toweard the storm.
Mother, look, out there on the
horizon! What is it?!
                       OLDER WOMAN
Come on you two. We need to get
Mike and Gabby sit down at the table. There's a fire going
in the fireplace. It's warmth offers them a little comfort
and reassurance. The old woman goes to the stove to get them
some food. She pauses while pouring stew into a bowl to look
out the window at the storm. A look of concern and of hurt
comes across her face.
Mother, what is
that...that...thing?! What do we
The older woman sets the bowls of stew down in front of Mike
and Gabby and joins them at the table.
                       OLDER WOMAN
My dear child, there's no reason
to be afraid. This is actually a
good thing. This is meant for you.
How can this be a good thing when
we're so afraid?
                       OLDER WOMAN
Michael, it's normal for us to be
frightened by new things, by
things we don't understand.


      (confused and
What do you mean this is meant for
me?! What's going to happen?!
                       OLDER WOMAN
My dear, sweet, child I should
have told you this long ago. i
just didn't know how and I thought
I'd have more time...you're going
to be born.
Born? I've already been born. How
could I be sitting here right now
talking to you if I haven't been
                       OLDER WOMAN
No dear. You're going to be
born...on Earth.
Earth?! But that means..
                       OLDER WOMAN
Yes, she will be leaving here.
No! I can't! I won't leave
Michael! He's....he's everything
to me. I can't leave him!
                       OLDER WOMAN
You don't have a choice. You've
been chosen. This is going to
happen. You cannot stop it.
No! HE made us for each other!
We've been promised to each other!
HE wouldn't do this!


                       OLDER WOMAN
HE is doing it. It is not our
place to know his plan.
No! That tired excuse won't work
here; not for this!
The door of the cottage slams open. In the doorway is a
tall, muscular, figure with wings. He is an angel. His
features are covered by shadows
      (Deep commanding
It is time.
The angel holds out his hand. Gabby feels herself being
pulled towards him. She reaches out for Mike. They grab each
other. The pull of the angel is too strong. Gabby is pulled
from Mike's arms. They reach out for each other.
I love you! Now and forever!
I love you too! I will find you! I
promise you!
An intense white light fills the room. Michael and the older
woman shield their eyes with their hands. Almost as quick as
it came the white light has gone and with it the Angel and
Mike lunges towards the doorway as the older woman grabs him
to hold him back. Mike begins to sob uncontrollably. The
older woman holds him and attempts to comfort him.
                       OLDER WOMAN
Shhh. It's going to be ok.
      (Angry and sobbing)
No! No, it isn't going to be ok.
Everything that mattered just


                       MIKE (cont'd)
vanished before my eyes! My world,
my everything is gone!
The older woman pulls Mike closer attempting to comfort him.
                       OLDER WOMAN
It's HIS plan. You have to accept
it and know that HE has your best
interest in mind.
No, I don't and I'm not going to.
There must be a way to get back to
her. I need you to tell me
everything you know right now!
                       OLDER WOMAN
It won't do you any good. You
can't change anything!
I have to try! Now tell me what
you know!
                       OLDER WOMAN
She's a child on earth now. She
doesn't remember you, me, any of
this. She will grow and live her
life on Earth and, eventually, she
will die and return here.
Then I just need to wait. She'll
come back and we'll...
                       OLDER WOMAN
No dear. When she returns she
still won't remember any of us.
She will only know her life on
Earth. I'm sorry, but you two will
never be together again.
No! I can't accept that! I won't!
There must be some way, something


                       MIKE (cont'd)
I can do!
                       OLDER WOMAN
MIchael, even if you went to Earth
to find her it wouldn't make a
difference. You wouldn't know each
      (Thinking outloud)
Go to Earth?.... That's it! I'll
be born on Earth!
Mike jumps up excitedly and runs towards the door.
                       OLDER WOMAN
Did you not hear a single word I
just said? You'll go to Earth and
then what?
I don't know. I'll figure that out
later. Right now, I just need to
get there.
Mike runs out the door. The older woman turns and looks
toward the fire.
                       OLDER WOMAN
      (Quietly to
I hope you find a way
There are people scattered around the tavern talking,
laughing, and drinking. Mike is seated at the bar next to
his friend John. John is around the same age as Mike. He is
of average build and has reddish brown hair and green eyes.
They are leaning in close to each other and having a quiet
And just like that she was gone. I
have to fine her. I have to find
some way to get back to her.


Find her? She's gone. Don't you
know what happens when someone is
born? There's no coming back from
So, I've been told. Look, I need
to find a way down there. You know
more about this stuff than I do. I
need your help.
Help you? What exactly is it you
think I can do? There's only one
way down there for people like you
and me. You have to be born.
So, how do I...get born?
You have to be chosen. When it's
your time you're chosen and you
go. Look, I have a friend, Steven,
he's going to be born soon. Why
don't we go talk to him? Maybe he
can answer some questions for you.
Alright. Let's go.
John and Michael get up from their seats and exit the
tavern. The bartender watches them leave with a quizzical
The barn is lit by lanterns. There are a few horses in
stables and there is hay on the ground. Steven is near the
back of the barn. He is a short, chubby, man with blonde
hair and blue eyes. There are some bails of hay around where
he is standing


Steven, I'd like you to meet a
friend of mine. This is MIchael.
Michael, this is Steven
John and Mike approach Steven. Mike and Steven shake hands.
      (To Steven)
Michael here has some questions
about being born. I thought maybe
you could help him since you've
been doing some research seeing as
you're about to make the trip
All three of them sit down on the bails of hay
I'll give it a try. What do you
want to know?
I need to know how I can be
chosen. I need to get to Earth.
There's nothing you can do. You
just have to wait. Why are you in
such a hurry to get to Earth
Someone very special to him just
I see. That must have been the
storm I saw earlier. Angels,
always such drama queens....but
even if you were to go it wouldn't
matter because....


I know...the whole not remembering
anything part, but I have to try.
I can't just sit here and do
You don't have a choice. Besides,
her life on Earth is already well
under way.
What do you mean?
Time on Earth isn't the same as
time here. How along ago did she
I'm not sure. Maybe 3 hours ago.
That means on Earth she would be
about 3 years old now
Mike and John, both with shocked and confused looks on their
faces, turn and look at each other
How?...I'm running out of time!
Or you could look at it as she'll
be back before you know it.
Yeah, and she won't remember me
She doesn't remember you now
There's still a chance that....
Mike is interrupted by 3 loud knocks spaced 1 second apart.
The knocks fill the barn and sound as if they are coming
from all directions. The men stand up and look around


confused and frightened, unable to tell where the knocks are
coming from.

The lanterns blow out simultaneously. The barn is completely
dark. A ball of fire appears above the men. It grows and
takes the shape of a man. It is an angel. The angel raises
his arm and reaches out for Steven
Told ya. Drama queens that love to
make grand entrances, all of them.
Steven is forcefully jerked towards the angel by an unseen
force. A white light slowly emanates from the angel as
Steven continues to be pulled towards him. Steven turns his
head to look back at Mike and John.
Bye guys! I'm on my way to Earth!
Mike and John look at each other and back to Steven. The
white light has almost filled the room now and they can
barely make out the shape of Steven's body.
I'm sorry!
Mike lunges towards Steven, hitting him and knocking him
aside. The white light has completely filled the room now.
There is a flash and the light is gone. The lanterns have
been relighted. Steven and John look around and then at each
other. They are frightened and confused at the realization
that Mike and the angel are both gone.
An intense white light fills the screen. There is a baby
crying in the background. The light slowly fades to reveal a
hospital room where a mother has just given birth. A doctor
hands the child to its mother.
Congratulations. You have a son.
                                         FADE OUT.


It is now 30 years later. Michael, now known as Shawn, is
sitting in bar with his friends. They're singing and
laughing. Shawn is drunk.
Shawn, dude! You're finally free!
Here, let's have a toast!
Paul, Shawn, and Mark raises their glasses.
What are we toasting to?
To quick divorces...and to freedom
Yeeeaaah, buddy!
They clink glasses and chug their beers.
Hey..hey guys. Check this out.
This...this is my new theme song.
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and
tricks. Lick on these nuts and
suck the dick. Get the fuck out
after you're done. Hahahaha!
Two women nearby overhear Shawn's song and shoot him
disgusted looks. Shawn sees them.
      (Yelling angrily)
Fuck you, bitches! I'm done taking
shit from you and your kind! If
you don't like it you can kiss my
whole asshole.
The two women, still disgusted, get up and move to the
opposite side of the room. The bartender has heard all of it
and approaches the men.
Alright guys. You've had enough.
It's time to go.


What?! Why, because of those two
The two women flip Shawn off
      (to the two women)
Ah, hey don't be like that. I'm
sorry. Look, I'll tell you a joke
to make it up to you. Ok, here
goes. What do you call that
useless piece of flesh around the
vagina?...The woman! Hahahahaa!
The women look shocked and angry.
Alright. It really is time to go.
Come one.
Mark and Paul help Shawn to his feet and out the door. They
get him a cab and they head home themselves
Shawn stumbles out of the cab and towards his front door.
      (Talking to
I'll tell you one thing, I'm never
going to trust a woman again in my
life. They're all liars. Every
last one of them. I love you, I
love you. Yeah, you love me, You
love me so much that's why you
left me. I kept my vows. I meant
every last one of them too. But,
apparently, they were just words
to you.
Shawn fishes for his keys before pulling them out. He
attempts and fails, a few times, to get the key in the lock.
He eventually manages to unlock the door and make his way
Shawn is greeted at the door by his dog Rhiannon. He calls
her Reyrey for short. Rhiannon is a blue nose pit bull. She


a grey coat with white chest and paws and piercing blue
eyes. Shawn fumbles around in the dark looking for the lamp.
He manages to find it and turn the light on. He reaches down
and pets Reyrey.
      (To Reyrey)
Hey girl. At least I know where
you stand. You're daddy's girl.
Shawn continues to talk to himself as he flops face down
onto his couch. Reyrey lays down beside him on the couch.
I'm not the one who didn't want to
make it work. I'm the one that
tried. I'm the one that suggested
counseling even as you were on
your back, legs in the air for
someone else. You...bitch
Shawn falls asleep while still mumbling to himself. He
begins to dream.
Shawn sees images of himself and a woman he doesn't know
flash before him. The woman is Gabrielle. They're in a
meadow walking, holding hands, and smiling. Gabrielle smiles
and tells Shawn she loves him. They kiss. All of a sudden
there's a storm on the horizon. The wind picks up. Gabrielle
is ripped from Shawn's arms. She screams.
Find me!
Gabby is sucked away by the storm and disappears.
Shawn begins to wake up. He slowly sits up. He looks
confused. He reaches for the tv remote and turns off the tv.
I've got to stop falling asleep
with the tv on...weird ass dreams
Shawn slowly gets up and heads to the bathroom


Shawn and Paul are sitting at a table having lunch and
discussing the events from the previous night
Oh man. You were so shit faced
last night! Do you even remember
pissing off those two skanks and
getting us kicked out of the bar?
Yeah, I remember. Whatever. Fuck
'em if they can't take a joke.
Dude, you need to lighten up.
You're not going to pick up girls
with a bad attitude like that.
Picking up girls, being in a
relationship, those are the
furthest things from my mind right
now. I think I just need to be
alone for awhile.
Man, what did your ex-wife do to
you? What, are you going to be
celibate now?
Maybe. Look, I just need some time
alone. I'm not looking to jump
into a relationship and I sure as
shit don't want to be out in the
dating scene. I'd rather castrate
myself with a rusty spoon.
Well, if that's what you want....
Yeah, it is. Besides, if there's
one thing I've learned so far in
this life it's that you can't
trust women. Each and every one of
them are liars and users. Just
waiting for something better to
come along before they kick you to


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
the curb.
Paul laughs to himself and slowly shakes his head back and
Shawn is in bed sleeping. He's lightly tossing and turning.
He is dreaming again
The storm is pulling Gabrielle away from Shawn. She is
screaming and crying. He's holding onto her arms with both
hands pulling against the storm. He is losing his grip.
Find Me!
She is ripped from Shawn's grasp and disappears into the
Shawn is startled awake by the dream. He sits up in bed and
puts his hand to his forehead
What the fuck?
Shawn is sitting in his cubicle. He's attempting to work,
but he can't stop thinking about the dream he's had 2 nights
in a row. He pulls up Google and searches the meaning of
dreams. He's about to click on a link when a coworker walks
up behind him. Shawn minimizes the window
Hey. Don't forget we have that
meeting in 5 minutes.
Yeah. Thanks.


The coworker walks away and Shawn brings the search window
back up. He stares blankly at the screen for a moment before
closing the window. He locks his computer and walks away
from his desk.
Paul, Mark, and Shawn are sitting in the bar drinking and
Do you guys know anything about
Yeah, they happen when you sleep.
      (To Paul)
Why? What's up?
I've had the same dream two nights
in a row. It's weird. I can't make
sense of it
So, what happens in the dream?
I'm in this field with this girl.
She's beautiful, I mean amazingly
beautiful. I...I've never seen a
girl as beautiful as her.
And then?
Well, if you can manage to shut
your cocksucker I might be able to
finish my story.
Mark almost spits his beer out


      (To Paul)
Ha! Bitch, you just got told!
The smile quickly disappears from Paul's face. He tilts his
head down and looks at his beer.
Fuck you guys
Shawn looks at Paul and then back to Mark
Yeah..Anyway, I'm in this field
with this beautiful girl and we're
kissing. I get this intense
feeling of being in love, more
than I've ever felt with anyone.
All of the sudden these storm
clouds come rolling in with strong
wind gusts and she's literally
yanked out of my arms and sucked
away by the storm. As she is being
sucked away she screams "Find
me!". And that's it. Then I wake
Hmm. Interesting.
Maybe it's your subconscious
telling you to get over your
divorce and to stop hating women.
Shawn grabs his chest and begins to sway back and forth
Oh shit! Someone catch me. I think
I'm going to faint. Did you just
contribute to the conversation and
not just be an asshole?!?
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I think Paul might be right.
Paul and Shawn look at Mark with shocked looks


Ok. Well, let's get something
straight. I don't hate women. I
just don't trust any of the lying
And there it is.
Paul and Mark laugh at Shawn
                                         CUT TO
Shawn is in bed asleep. He is dreaming again.
                                         CUT TO
Gabrielle is being lifted into the air and sucked away from
Find me!
                                         CUT TO
Shawn sees a bright white light slowly encompass the room.
He watches himself run and jump into the light, knocking
someone (Steven) to the ground.
                                         CUT TO
Shawn bolts upright in bed. He is sweating, breathing heavy,
and looks confused.


Shawn walks down the street drinking a coffee. He stops in
front of a sign that reads "Palms Read. Fortunes Told. Dream
Meanings Revealed". Shawn looks from the sign to the store
front window. A neon sign of a crystal ball flashes on and
Fuck it.
Shawn walks into the store. A bell above the door rings out.
The room is dimly lit with candles. A round table sits in
the middle of the room. On top is a crystal ball with a deck
of tarot cards laying next to it.
      (To himself)
This was a mistake
Shawn turns to leave. From behind him he hears a voice
                       OLD WOMAN
Sit. Down.
Shawn turns and sees the old woman
Shawn sits down at the table. The old woman sits down across
the table from Shawn.
                       OLD WOMAN
Give me your hand.
Shawn looks down at his hand and back to the old woman. He
reluctantly gives his hand to her
Just so you know, I don't believe
in any of th-
                       OLD WOMAN
The old woman studies Shawn's hand for a moment before
letting go and looking into her crystal ball.


                       OLD WOMAN
So, it appears you are here about
a dream.
How could you possibly know
                       OLD WOMAN
Oh, but you are not ready for
this. Now is not the time for this
to be revealed.
What are you talking about?
                       OLD WOMAN
These dreams, you are not ready
for them yet.
But what do they mean? Why am I
having them?
                       OLD WOMAN
You will have the answers in due
time. But, for now it is best to
The old woman gets up from the table and walks to a shelf.
She picks up various bottles and walks to a counter.
Not ready? Best to forget? I just
want to know what they mean and
why I am having them. Why would I
not be ready for that?
The old woman walks toward Shawn with a cup. She hands it to
him and sits back down across from him.
                       OLD WOMAN
Here. Drink this.
Look lady, I don't know you and
I'm sure as shit not going to
drink something you just concocted
behind the counter.


                       OLD WOMAN
Drink it!
She scowls at Shawn. He nervously raises the cup to his lips
and drinks.
                       OLD WOMAN
Now, when the dreams return you
will be ready. Come back and see
me then and you will have your
I don't understand. What just
                       OLD WOMAN
That will be 25 dollars, please.
Shawn, still looking confused, reaches into his pocket for
his wallet. He pulls out the money and pays the old woman.
                       OLD WOMAN
Thank you. Now, you must be going.
I am very busy and need to get
back to work.
Shawn and the old woman stand up from the table. The old
woman comes around the table and walks Shawn to the door and
shows him out. She hands him a business card.
                       OLD WOMAN
Remember when the dreams return to
come and see me again.
She closes the door. Shawn stands there for a moment looking
confused. He looks at the card and back up at the store
front. He puts the card in his pocket and slowly walks away.
Two years have now passed. Shawn is driving and talking to
Mark through the bluetooth link in his car
Dude, look, you ain't got shit
else to do. Why not just come out
with us? Maybe you'll meet
someone. Would that be so bad?


I keep telling you guys I'm not
trying to meet someone. I'm just
doing my own thing right now.
Shawn, you've been doing your own
thing for 2 years now. What, are
you going to become a priest or a
monk? What are you doing?
Ill tell you what I'm not doing.
I'm not chasing after some
bullshit. I'm just living my life.
Whatever happens.... happens.
Oh Jesus. Alright I'm going to go
before you pull out some new age
crystals and start rubbing them on
your junk. But, I really do think
you should come out with us. At
least then I'll have someone to
laugh at Paul with when he crashes
and burns on his pussy hunt.
Alright, fine. I'll go. When and
Yes! This Saturday, noon, at the
Ok. See you then. Later
A car cuts in front of Shawn
      (To himself)
Oh, look at this sorry bitch. It's
a called a turn signal, you
Shawn blares his horn for a couple of seconds


Shawn, Paul, and Mark walk towards a gated area.
So, what exactly is this?
It's the Highland games. It's
basically the Scottish olympics
So, it's drunk olympics.
No, I said Scottish, not Irish
      (To Paul)
You're a real dick, you know that?
Look, it's a celebration of
Scottish culture. I know your into
shit like that. Besides, isn't
your heritage Scottish?
Yeah, I guess. I don't really
Look, there's beer in there and
interesting shit to look at.
That's all that matters.
Yeah, I guess you're right
They approach the gate and one by one give money to the
person waiting at the gate and are given wristbands in
return. They enter through the gate and into the stadium.
      (Looking around
Gentlemen, let the Horny Games
Shawn and Mark look at each other and back to Paul.


      (To Paul)
Do you not see all this scattered
snatch around here?
Oh, good lord. I need a beer.
Yeah...me too
Happy hunting, gentlemen
Get fucked
That's the plan
Not what I meant
I know. Love you too.
Paul blows a kiss to Mark and Shawn before turning and
walking away
      (To Mark)
You know, I really hate him
Yeah, you're not alone. Come on,
lets go get that beer
Mark and Shawn walk off in the opposite direction of Paul.
They approach a white tent and purchase their beers. They
walk around and look at the different activities going on.
So, how do you do it, man?
Do what?
Stay single for so long.


What? Dude, you're single too.
Yeah, but at least I've gotten my
dick wet quite a bit in the last 2
Good lord. What is it with you and
Paul? You know, there's more
things than just sex out there.
Ok, one, don't compare me to Paul.
Two, I'm well aware there's more
things than just sex out there,
but two years, man. Don't you get
lonely, horny, something?
Yeah, I just beat my dick like it
owes me money.
Look, from the time I was 16 until
I was 30 I was always with
someone. I'd break up and then a
week or two later I'd be with
someone else. In fourteen years
I've spent of maybe 2 or 3 months
alone. I don't know who I am. I
don't have my own identity. For
fourteen years it was always Shawn
and someone else. That Shawn liked
things and did things to make
someone else happy. Now, it's time
for me to find my identity, to
figure out who I really am and
that's exactly what I'm doing.
I can understand that. We're just
worried about you. We want you to
be happy.
People seem to think you have to
be in a relationship to be happy.
I'm telling you that's wrong.


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
Maybe some people need to be with
someone to be happy, but I don't,
not anymore.
It's not about a relationship.
It's about human contact
I understand, but I'm telling you
I'm fine. I'm just living life and
letting whatever happen
Alright then. I'll shut up about
Mark and Shawn walk on and continue to drink their beers.
They come across Paul who is standing at one of the vendor
tents flipping through the pages of a large book on a table.
Guys, check this out. You can look
up your name in here and find out
what clan you belong to.
Yeah, I think it helps if you have
Scottish heritage
Then look up your name. Find out
where you come from.
Shawn walks up to the book and flips through the pages. Mark
approaches Paul.
So, no luck on the hunt, huh?
On the contrary
Paul reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone.
He holds it to show Mark.
Three new contacts? If there
really are three women in the ssme
place at the same time that are
dumb enough to fall for your
bullshit then I don't want to live


                       MARK (cont'd)
on this planet anymore.
Paul begins to rub his chest and stomach
Oh yes! Let your jealously pour
out over me. Let me bathe in it.
It feels so good.
You know you look like an asshole,
Yeah, well, it's one of my many
Mark rolls his eyes and slowly shakes his head
Found it.
Mark and Paul turn back towards Shawn and lean over his
Clan...Fraser. Hmm.
                       VENDOR LADY
Oh! That's quite the clan. Do you
know anything about the Frasers?
No, I don't
The vendor lady bends over and begins rummaging around
underneath the table.
                       VENDOR LADY
Ah, yes. Here it is.
She stands back up and hands a piece of paper to Shawn
                       VENDOR LADY
This is just a summary of the
history of the clan. You should
definitely do some research on


Shawn looks up from the paper to the vendor lady
Yeah, I think I will. Thank you.
Mark, Paul, and Shawn walk away from the vendor table. Shawn
glances at the paper for a moment before folding it up and
putting it in his pocket.
Shawn is sitting on his couch drinking a beer and watching
tv. He leans forward to pick up the remote and hears a
crinkling in his pocket. He pulls out the folder up paper he
received from the vendor lady. He unfolds it and begins to
read it to himself. He sets the paper down on the coffee
table and stares off into space for a moment.
Why not?
Shawn gets up and walks over to his computer. He sits down
and begins typing. He is Googling the words Clan Fraser
History. He clicks on the first link that the search
returns. He briefly reads the page before clicking the back
button. He clicks another link.
The Highlanders, seriously? I
thought there could be only one.
Shawn laughs to himself
      (To himself)
And there's a membership required
too? Fuck. What's one more
password, right?
Shawn creates an account, logs in, and begins creating his
profile. Within a few minutes he receives a couple of
messages in his profile's inbox.
The standard automated welcome
message. Yep, not reading that.
Shawn deletes the message.
And what's this? Another
message...from someone named
Michelle. Wonder what this bitch


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
Shawn opens the message and reads it. It isn't a canned
response like the other. It is a message from an actual
member welcoming him to the site. Shawn replies and thanks
her. Within a few moments she replies back. They continue
this way for a few minutes and then move over to instant
messaging where they talk for hours. Neither one can believe
how much they have in common. The experiences they've had in
life seem so similar.
      (Instant Message)
Well, dsrlin', it's in the wee
hours of the morning here and I
need to get some sleep.
      (Instant Message)
Yeah, I probably should too.
Before you go, can you send me a
pic? I just want to know what the
person I'm talking to looks like.
      (Instant Message)
Only if you send me one.
They exchange pictures. Shawn can't believe how beautiful
she is. Also, he has a weird feeling, like he's met her
      (Looking at the
Holy shit. She's fucking hot!
      (Instant Message)
Cute pic. Ok, I gotta go. Let's
talk again tomorrow.
      (Instant Message)
Yeah, you too. Sure, I'll be
around tomorrow
      (Instant Message)
Goodnight, Sean


      (Instant Message)
Goodnight, Michelle
Shawn signs off of messenger. He continues to look at
Michelle's picture for a moment. He is overcome by how
beautiful she is, but also by a strange feeling that he's
met her before. He does not yet know that Michelle is
Gabrielle on Earth. Shawn looks down at Rhiannon who is
looking up at him.
What do you think Reyrey?
The dog looks up at him, tilts its head, and whines.
Yeah, I don't know either. Come
on. Let's go to bed.
Shawn shuts down his computer, stands up, and walks
upstairs. The dog follows.
                                         CUT TO
A montage showing Shawn and Michelle talking to each other
over instant message, on cam, and over the phone for many
days and nights. Months go by. Shawn realizes his feelings
for Michelle are starting to grow. One night, while drunk,
Shawn gets up the courage to tell her.
Shawn is standing at a bar with Paul and Mark. He looks
annoyed. He checks his phone for messages every couple of
minutes. He doesn't want to be there. He would rather be at
home talking to Michelle
I'm glad you decided to come out
with us tonight, man. You spend
too much time alone at home.
Getting out does you some good.
He's right. Getting out every once
in awhile is good for you.
Yeah, I guess


Shawn looks down at his phone. No messages
Dude, you've had your face in your
phone all night. You expecting
some important message?
Nah, I've just been talking with
this girl online and sometimes she
sends me texts.
Oh really?
So, you found someone to cyber
with, huh?
No, it' not like that. We're just
good friends.
Are you guys going to meet?
I doubt it. She lives in Canada
and I don't have a passport.
Besides, we're just friends
The way you keep looking at that
phone says you want to be more
than friends.
I don't know, maybe. But I just
don't see how that would even be
possible. I'm not going to quit my
job and move to some other country
for a woman. Plus, I don't even
know if she's feeling the same
Dude, it's Canada. They're not a
real country.
Shawn and Mark shoot Paul annoyed looks and go back to their


Anyway...I just enjoy talking to
her. She makes me happy. She makes
me feel good. I'm afraid if I tell
how I'm feeling and she doesn't
feel the same way then I'll lose
her as a friend.
You gotta take chances. You might
surprise yourself sometimes.
Shawn looks down at his phone
Yeah. Maybe
Shawn is just getting home from the club. He stumbles to his
front door. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his
Take a chance, huh? Alright. Fuck
Shawn types out the following message to Mechelle "I think
I'm falling for you, babygirl."
Shawn presses the send button.
There. I did it.
He walks inside.
Shawn wakes up and gets out of bed. He goes to his phone and
checks for messages. There is one new text message. He opens
the message. It is from Michelle. It reads "I've fallen for
you too. I think we should meet." Shawn drops the phone. He
stands motionless in shock for a couple of seconds. He
quickly reaches down and picks up the phone. He dials


Pick up the phone! Come on, dude!
Pick it up!
      (Over the phone)
Oh my god! She has feelings for me
too! I didn't think she did, but I
took a chance like you said and
now she wants to meet and I'm
freaking out! I don't know what to
      (Over the phone)
Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Start from
the beginning and tell me what
      (Breathing heavy)
Ok....So, last night...when I got
home..I took your advice and took
a chance. I sent her a message
telling her I have feelings for
her. This morning, I wake up and
there's a message from her. She
says she has feelings for me too
and that she wants to meet. Dude.
I don't know what to do. I didn't
expect this.
Dude, calm down. You actually
managed to get a girl to like you.
That's a good thing, you idiot.
I'm going to have to take her out.
Dude, I don't do dates. I don't
know how any of that works.
Jesus, you sound like you've never
been with a woman before.


It's been awhile, as you're well
You'll be fine
Yeah. Thanks.
Shawn hangs up with Mark. He sits down on his bed and stares
at the text message on his phone. He dials the phone
      (On the phone)
Michelle? I want to meet you too.
Shawn pulls into a parking garage and parks his car. He gets
out and walks toward the terminals
Shawn stops and checks the arrivals board. He finds the
baggage claim for Michelle's flight. He proceeds to the
baggage claim. He and Michelle see each other. They
nervously hug and Shawn kisses her on the cheek.
I'm glad you made it. It's nice to
meet you in person.
You too.
Shawn stares at her for a moment. He can't believe how
beautiful she is. He realizes he's staring and becomes
I'm sorry. I'm just a little
nervous. This is all s new for me.
That's ok. Me too
Michelle sees her bag and reaches for it. Shawn grabs it for
her. He grabs her by the hand and they walk out of the
airport together. Shawn has a strange feeling when holding


Michelle's hand. It's almost like deja vu. It feels
familiar, it feels right.
Shawn walks Michelle to his car where he opens the trunk and
places her bags inside. He closes and trunk and walks around
to the passenger's side and opens the door for Michelle. She
is pleasantly surprised. She isn't used to be treated like
this. Something so small means so much to her.
Shawn parks near the front doors of the hotel. He gets out
and goes around the car to let Michelle out. Once Michelle
is out of the car he goes to the trunk and pulls out her
luggage. He comes back around and takes Michelle's hand. He
walks her and her luggage into the hotel.
Shawn and Michelle approach the front desk. Michelle checks
in. They walk to Michelle's room. Shawn stops outside her
I'll wait here while you go in and
get ready or unpack or whatever.
Michelle thinks Shawn's nervousness is cute. She smiles at
It's ok. I'm just dropping off my
Michelle opens the door and takes her luggage from Shawn.
She puts the bags just inside the room and closes the door.
Ok, Come on, let's go!
Shawn smiles at Michelle and takes her by the hand.
                                         CUT TO
A montage of Shawn driving Michelle around Portland during
the day. They are looking at all the sights. They're smiling


and laughing and at times Michelle looks in awe of the
things she is seeing.
                                         CUT TO
Shawn and Michelle are having dinner and talking. They're
eating with one hand while their other hands are holding
each others. The continue to smile at each other
I had no idea how amazing Oregon
is. It's so beautiful here.
I love it here. We have
everything. You want to go to the
mountains? We got it. The beach,
the forest, the desert? We got you
covered. Oh, and we haven't even
scratched the surface yet. There's
so many more things I want to show
you while you're here.
Michelle's eyes light up and she smiles larger than before.
Shawn continues to stare at her. He can't believe how
beautiful she is.
Shawn walks Michelle to her room.
Well, I guess this is good night.
I had such a wonderful time with
you today. I'm so glad you wanted
to meet and came here to vis...
Michelle raises a finger and puts it to Shawn's lips
Shhhhh. I don't want you to leave.
I've had such an amazing time with
you today and every time I look
into your eyes ad hold your hand I
feel...I don't really know what I
feel, but everything feels so
right. Everything makes sense. I
love you, Shawn and that's why I
came here; to find out if it was


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
I know exactly what you mean.
Every time I look at you or touch
you everything just feels so
right. Like it's supposed to be.
I've never felt that before. I
love you too
Mchelle grabs Shawn, pulls him in close and they kiss softly
at first and then more intensely. Michelle reaches behind
her to open the door. Shawn follows her lead and they slowly
walk into the room, still kissing. They begin to undress
each other and they get into bed. They make passionate love
to each other. At the end of it Michelle begins to cry.
I know I'm out of practice, but I
don't think I was that bad, was I?
Michelle gives a small chuckle through the tears
No, you were amazing. It's just
that no one has ever made love to
me before. It's only ever been
just sex or fucking; not love.
You...you didn't just have sex
with me. You touched my soul.
I felt it too. I've never
experienced anything like this.
I...I don't....is this meant to
Michelle smiles and looks into Shawn's eyes
I think so.
Michelle kisses Shawn. She lays her head on his chest and
wraps her arm around him. They fall asleep
Shawn and Michelle are walking down the street hand in hand
and talking.


I can't believe it's been a month
already and you're leaving
tomorrow. I want you to stay.
I have a surprise for you. I've
decided to stay longer. Well, I
mean if it's ok with you because
I'd have to check out of the hotel
and stay with you.
Are you kidding?! Of course it's
ok with me!
Shawn wraps his arms around Michelle, picks her up off the
ground, and kisses her.
So, how much longer are we
5...5 months.
Michelle looks to Shawn somewhat afraid of what his reaction
will be. She waits nervously for his response.
5 months? Huh...well, I guess we
better make the most of it!
A huge smile spreads across Shawn's face. He takes
Michelle's face into both of his hands. He leans in and
kisses her.
I love you.
Michelle, feeling relieved and happy, smiles back at Shawn.
I love you too
Shawn parks his car in the driveway. He and Michelle look at
each other and smile.


So, I've told you that I have a
dog and I know you said you're
fine with that because you love
dogs, but there's something else I
probably should have told you.
Um...ok?...What's that?
She's a pit bull.
Michelle's eyes get large and her mouth drops open
I'm sorry. She's a....she's a
A pit bull
Shawn and Michelle sit in silence staring at each other for
a moment. Michelle continues to look afraid and confused.
Look, I understand the
apprehension. I really do. I was
the same way. I was like most
people and only knew the bad
things that the media shows about
this animal. But then I got her,
my little girl. She changed my
mind and got me into doing
research on the breed. I found
that for every 1 bad story that
the news shows there are hundreds
of good stories that go
unreported. I guess there's no
money in reporting good stories
and those bad stories you hear,
it's because of bad owners who
didn't properly care for the
animal or just didn't care at all.
I promise you, in the right hands
these animals are the best you
will ever find.


Come on. Let me introduce you. The
only thing you have to worry about
is her trying to lick you to
They get out of the car and go inside.
Shawn opens the front door. Reyrey is sitting a few feet
away. As soon as she sees him she starts to wag her tail so
hard that her butt moves side to side. She stands up and
moves toward Shawn, tail still wagging. She jumps up and
tries to lick him all over. Shawn manages to get her to sit
and invites Michelle in. Reyrey sees Michelle and gets
excited again. Michelle grabs Shawn's arm and moves herself
between him and the wall.
I promise you, it's going to be
Shawn turns and moves Michelle out from behind him. She is
now standing directly in front of Reyrey. Reyrey sits down
and begins to whine
Why is she doing that?
She wants some love
Shawn reaches down and pats Reyrey on the head.
See? That's all she wants
Michelle slowly ad reluctantly reaches down and touches
Reyrey on the head and quickly pulls her hand back. Reyrey
looks to Shawn and back to Michelle and begins to whine
Uh oh
Michelle grabs Shawn's arm.
What do you mean uh oh?!?


You're not going to get away that
easily. She wants more.
      (confused and
What else could she possibly want?
A hug.
A hug? Are you serious?
Shawn smiles and nods his head
Look. Put your hands to your chest
and say puppy hugs.
Puppy hugs... Have you lost your
damn min-
Reyrey stands on her hind legs and wraps her front legs
around Michelle's waist. She buries the side of her face
into Michelle's stomach.
Oh my god. I can't believe she's
actually hugging me!
Yep. Hug her back. Put your arms
around her and give her a squeeze.
Michelle hugs Reyrey and pets her head. Reyrey turns her
head and looks uo at Michelle. Her mouth is closed, but she
is showing her teeth.
Oh my god! Is she smiling?!
Yeah, that's a smile.
Holy Shit, that' so cute!


Shhh. Csreful. She's knows she's
cute and once she knows that you
know she will use it against you
and you'll never be able to tell
her anything.
Michelle laughs and kneels down. She continues to hug
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.
She's trilingual.
Michelle looks up at Shawn with a confused look.
Yeah. She speaks English and dog
and I've started to teach her
Michelle continues to look at Shawn as if he's lost his mind
Ok. So you've probably heard of
spanglish, where you mix spanish
and english together. We'll I'm
teaching her doglish.
Michelle continues to look at Shawn as if he's lost his mind
Yeah. So, like, in Spanish if you
want to say Hey, what's up you'd
said Hola, que paso? In Doglish,
you'd say Hola, que bark ruff
Michelle erupts into laughter.
Que...que bark ruff? Oh my god!
Yeah, I know I'm retarded. But,
look at you. You're on your knees


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
laughing and smiling while you hug
and kiss a pit bull. You're not
worried, not afraid. You're just
loving her and letting her love
you. Did you ever think in your
life that you'd be doing that?
Michelle stops smiling and laughing. She realizes Shawn is
right. She's hugging and kissing this dog that she was
terrified of only a few minutes ago.
No, I never thought something like
this would happen
Well, if me being retarded gets
results as good as this then I'll
continue to be retarded.
Shawn smiles lovingly at Michelle. She returns the smile
before giving Reyrey a kiss on the cheek
Shawn pulls into the driveway
Michelle is in the kitchen making dinner, Reyrey is looking
out the window. Shawn walks through the door.
Where my girls at? From the front
to back. Say is you feeling that?
Tryin to take my man, See I don[t
need that. Uh!
Reyrey jumps up excitedly and tries to lick Shawn all over.
Michelle smiles at the two of them. Shawn looks up and sees
Michelle watching them. He smiles at her.
Hi babe! The place looks great and
it smells great in here too!
Thanks Hun. How was work?


Shawn put his arms around Michelle and gives her a kiss
Oh, you know, work was work. How
about you? How was your day?
Oh it was great. Let's see, first
your daughter decided to scare the
shit out of me by challenging the
vacuum to fight while I was trying
to clean. Then, we were having
some quiet time watching tv when
she decided to jump up and tap
dance in the front window with a
mohawk from her eyeballs to her
asshole all because a cat decided
to walk past. Oh, and I've saved
the best for last. She tried to
eat a Mexican
I'm sorry. She tried to eat what?
A Mexican. She tried to eat a
goddamn Mexican.
How does that even...
The yard guy. He showed up and he
didn't start in the front like he
usually does. He just went
straight into the backyard and I
had the backdoor open. So, your
daughter takes off out the
backdoor and starts barking her
ass off. I go running after her
and see the guy in the yard just
standing there frozen, looking
like he just shit himself.
What did you do?
I grabbed her, went back in the
house, and closed the door. I felt
so bad for thst guy. I told him I


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
was sorry and that she wouldn't
hurt him, but I have no idea if he
understood or not.
She was protecting you. Dude
should have stuck to his routine.
Ah babe.
Shawn hugs Michelle and kisses her on the forehead.
I have to finish dinner.
Michelle walks back into the kitchen. Shawn walks over to
his computer. He turns on some music. Etta James At Last
begins to play. Shawn walks into the kitchen. He hugs her
from behind and kisses her on the neck before slowly turning
her around. They begin to slow dance.
      (With tears in her
I love you so much
I love you too, babygirl
Michelle smiles and kisses Shawn.
I'm going to get you out of the
house this weekend. We'll have a
great day.
Everyday with you is a great day
Shawn kisses Michelle
Shawn is standing on his front steps. The front door is
open. Reyrey is standing in the doorway. Shawn calls out to


Babe, you're going to want to
bring a coat. Oh, and don't forget
your camera.
Shawn looks down at Reyrey and pats her on the head
      (To Reyrey)
Alright booboo, we're going to be
gone for a little while so you're
going to have to watch over the
house and make sure everything is
Michelle comes down the stairs with her coat in one hand and
her camera in the other. She stop at the door and bends down
to talk to Reyrey.
You be a good girl for mommy, ok?
Michelle gives Reyrey a kiss on the nose. Shawn smiles and
laughs at the two of them.
You kissing a pit bull. Who would
have ever thought?
She's mommy's girl.
She is now. Come on. Let's go
They're driving away from the city. Soon the grade of the
road becomes steeper. Michelle is amazed by the trees that
line both sides of the road and how tall they are. They come
around a bend in the road and Shawn points to the mountain
in the distance.
See that mountain?
You mean Mt. Hood?


I've been doing a lot of research
on things to see in Oregon. I
definitely want to go to Mt Hood
before I leave
Well, you're in luck because
that's where we're going.
Michelle's eyes light up. A big smile spreads across her
face. SHe leans over and kisses Shawn on the cheek
Shawn parks the car. Michelle is can barely contain her
excitement. She hops out of the car and begins taking
pictures at what seems like everything. Shawn stands back
and watches her with a smile on his face
Your camera got enough space for
all those pics?
Michelle turns her head toward Shawn. She looks as if she's
been pulled out of a trance
Huh? Oh yeah, there's plenty of
room on my camera.
Then tear it up, babe. Go get your
pics. This is all for you.
Michelle runs over to Shawn, kisses him on the cheek, and
then turns and runs off while snapping photos
Shawn and Michelle are having lunch and talking about all
the pictures she has taken so far
When you go home you can tell
everyone you stood on a volcano.


I know! I'm going to get some
rocks to take with me too!
Shawn smiles and laughs
I love seeing you like this
You make me like this. You keep
showing me things that either
never knew existed, never thought
I'd get to see, or always hoped I
would get to see. I love you so
I love you too babe. That's why I
do this. I want to see that
excitement, that happiness, awe
and wonderment on your face. It
makes me feel so good. You make me
feel so good
Michelle smiles at Shawn and places her hand on his cheek
Aw, my man, Mr. Sappy.
Michelle leans across the table and kisses Shawn.
Come on! We've got more pictures
to take!
Michelle grabs her camera and gets up for the table. Shawn
follows after her.
Shawn is driving home from the mountain. Michelle is fast
asleep in the seat next to him. He looks lovingly at her for
a moment before looking back at the road.
God, thank you so much for her.


Shawn softly reaches over and picks up Michelle's hand. He
kisses it softly before laying it back in her lap. A smile
comes across Michelle's face.
                                         CUT TO
A montage of Shawn and Michelle walking hand in hand along
the beach. They're laughing, talking, and kissing. Day turns
to evening.
                                         CUT TO
A montage of Shawn and Michelle walking the trails.
Michelle's face lights up at all the sigts and she's taking
pictures left and right. Shawn and Micelle are talking and
laughing. Michelle continues to run on and off the trail
finding new things to tak pictures of. Shawn stands back
smiling and watching lovingly as Michelle clambers through
the woods with her camera. day turns to evening
                                         CUT TO
A montage of Michelle and shawn touring the inside and
looking at the incredible view. Shawn stands back and
watches Michelle. He feels so honored to be in her presence
and so special that he is the one that could give her this
experience. Day turns to evening
                                         CUT TO
Shawn walks Michelle towards the falls. He smiles at the
look of wonderment on her face. He'll never get tired of it.
They go up the trail to the the first bridge in front of the
falls. They stop on the bridge so Michelle an get some
pictures. While Michelle is looking away Shawn reaches into
his pocket and goes down on one knee. Michelle turns and
sees him. A look of shock comes over her face
Michelle, these past few months
have been the happiest of my life.
I've never loved someone like I


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
love you and I've never known a
love like you've shown me. I don't
want or need anything else. You're
my world, my everything. Would you
please make me the happiest man on
earth and marry me?
Michelle begins to weep
Yes. Oh god, yes! I love you so
I love you too!
Shawn reaches for Michelle's hand. She extends it towards
him. She is trembling. Shawn, also trembling, manages to
place a ring on her finger. Shawn stands. He and Michelle
hug and kiss passionately.
Michelle stands at the dresser. She is packing her clothes.
She sits on the bed with his back to her. He is slumped over
and staring at the floor
I can't believe it's been 5 months
Michelle turns toward Shawn. She's crying.
I don't want to go. I have a bad
feeling about this.
Shawn gets up from the bed and goes to Michelle
I don't want you to go either, but
it's going to be ok. you'll only
be gone for a little while. We'll
get you back here as soon as we
can and then we'll get married and
everything will be ok.
Michelle buries her head in Shawn's chest and begins to sob.
Shawn wraps his arms around her and begins to cry himself


Michelle and Shawn are standing at the security check point.
Michelle crying. Shawn is trying to comfort her.
I don't want to go. I don't have a
good feeling about this.
It's going to be ok. It's only for
a little while. I'll get you back
here before you know it and we'll
get married. Everything is going
to be ok.
Michelle stares into Shawn's eyes as the tears stream down
her face. Shawn fights back his own tears as he wipes hers
away. He hugs her tightly
I love you. We're going to get
through this.
Michelle kisses him passionately while still crying. She
Turns and goes through the checkpoint. Shawn watched her
until she is all the way out of sight. As Shawn turns to
leave a black shadow quickly passes behind him.
One month has passed since Michelle left. Shawn is sitting
in a bar with Paul and Mark. They're talking and drinking
So, how's Michelle doing?
She's doing ok.
So, you're really doing this, huh?
Long distance relationship...not
good man, not good.
She's going to be back soon and
when she does we'll get married.
Then she can stay.


You know it's not that easy,
Yes, I'm aware. I was just giving
you the condensed version. Anyway,
the point is she'll be back soon.
And how can you be so sure about
Because I bought her a plane
ticket for Christmas.
Yeah. I got to get back her soon.
I can't stand not having her
This is quite the change from who
you were a couple of years ago. I
like it. I'm glad to see you alive
I just need the right woman and I
was lucky enough to have found
Well then congratulations on the
Here! Here!
The three of them raise their glasses to toast
To true love.
Stop man. You're going to make me


Shut up and drink.
Shawn is sitting in his living room. He's on cam with
Michelle. they are spending Christmas day together online.
Merry Christmas, babygirl. have
you opened your gift yet?
No, I was waiting until we got on
cam so you could watch me open it.
Shawn smiles at her
Ok. Well, go ahead, I can't wait
to see the look on your face
Michelle picks up the gift and begins to unwrap it. Almost
immediately she realizes it's a plane ticket and begins to
I love you.
I thought you'd like that. Did you
see the date?
Michelle examines the plane ticket and looks up excitedly at
It's for tomorrow! Oh, honey,
You're the best! I love you so
I love you too, babe.
I've got so much to do! I've got
to pack! I've got to find a way to
the airport! I've got to let my


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
family know.
Calm down, babe. You'll get it
I've got to go so I can get it all
done. Oh my god, you're the most
wonderful man! I love you so much.
I'll talk to you later tonight!
Ok, babe. I love you too.
Michelle is making her way through the line for customers.
She is overjoyed to be heading back to Shawn. All of the
sudden she feels a cold chill down her back as a black
shadow quickly moves past her from behind. She turns to
look, but sees nothing. The black shadow quickly moves
undetected to the front where it finds an unsuspecting
customs officer. The shadow enters the custom's officer
body. The officer's eyes and facial expression change. He
gives a slightly evil grin as Michelle approaches him
                       CUSTOMS OFFICER
Reason for your visit?
Michelle hands the officer her passport.
I'm going on vacation. I'm going
to visit my fiance.
                       CUSTOMS OFFICER
It looks like you only have a one
way ticket.
Correct. I buy a ticket for one
way and then, when it's time for
me to return I by the other
ticket. It's cheaper that way.
I've done that before and not had
a problem.


                       CUSTOMS OFFICER
Well, I'm afraid you're going to
have a problem today. You have a
one way ticket and cannot provide
me with any proof that you have
any intention of returning.
      (Confused and
No proof of returning?!? Look at
my passport. I've made this trip
before and I came back when I was
supposed to!
                       CUSTOMS OFFICER
I don't care! You're not getting
into MY country and as of now your
passport has been flagged so if
you try to get in at any other
border crossing you will be denied
there too!
Michelle begins to sob.
Why are you doing this?! I've done
nothing wrong!
                       CUSTOMS OFFICER
Ma'am you need to step out of line
so others can get through. We're
finished here.
Michelle continues to stand motionless. She is confused,
frightened, and sad. She doesn't know what to do. The
customs officer signals for another officer to come and move
her from the line. The second officer comes and escorts
Michelle from the line to a bench nearby. Michelle is crying
so hard she can barely breathe.
                       2ND OFFICER
Listen, I'm sorry about my
colleague. But, this isn't the end
for you. You can fix this. You
just need to go through the
immigration services to get
yourself a fiance visa. It's going
to take awhile, but once you get
it you'll be allowed back in and
you and you're fiance can be
together and get married.


I don't understand. I did nothing
wrong. I've made this trip before
with no problems. Why is he doing
this to me?
                       2ND OFFICER
I don't know where you've crossed
the border before, but apparently
you dealt with some pretty lenient
officers. In order to cross you
have to have a round trip ticket
and proof that you intend to
return, such as bills like rent or
electric or anything that you have
to pay every month. Look, follow
my advice. The sooner you get
started, the sooner you will be
back together.
The 2nd officer leaves Michelle sitting on the bench and
still crying. The black shadow exits the customs officer's
body. The customs officer appears to be somewhat dazed, but
shakes it off and continues with his work.
Shawn is getting dressed. He is very happy and has a huge
smile on his face. He stops to pet the dog.
Hey Reyrey. Guess what. I'm about
to go pick up mommy from the
airport. That's right! Mommy's
coming home!
The dog begins to wag its tail excitedly. Shawn walks away
to another room. The phone rings. Shawn answers it.
      (Over the phone)
Hey babe. I was just about to head
to the airport. Did your flight
get in early?


Shawn. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Michelle bursts into tears
Michelle, what's wrong? What's
going on?
I'm not coming. They won't let me
into the country.
What? Why not? What happened?
They said that because I only had
a one way ticket and no proof that
I would return so they denied me
But, you've entered with a one way
ticket before. It wasn't a problem
I know. I told them, but they
refused. They said if I ever want
to come back I'd have to get a
fiance visa to prove that you and
I are going to get married.
We'll get this taken care of,
Michelle. I promise you. We'll fix
I love you, Shawn
I love you too, Michelle
Shawn slumps to floor. He lays the phone down beside him and
begins to cry. The black shadow moves past Shawn in the
                                         CUT TO


A montage of Shawn doing research in front of a computer at
home and at work and making phone calls. He continues to
talk to 's Michelle on cam and keeps her up to date on any
progress he's made. Shawn's drinking increases. The black
shadow is always there in the background.
Shawn, Paul, and Mark sit around drinking and discussing
Shawn's situation
Dude, I'm not trying to be a dick,
but seriously you should consider
cutting your loses. Do you really
want to just sit around waiting
for your life to start for who
knows how long?
Have you ever loved someone? I
mean really love someone. So much
that you care more about them than
you do yourself.
No, you haven't. So, you wouldn't
Shawn, we're just looking out for
you. We don't want to see you get
Get hurt? Look at me. Don't you
remember who I was two years ago?
I hated life. I thought all women
were lying whores and that true
love was bullshit.
I remember.
Then she came into my life. She
saved me. She made me happy again.
She made me love again. She made
me want to live and to care again.


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
I found my true love. Do you
honestly expect me to walk away
from that just because it's going
to take a little time and be a
little difficult for us to be
together? No way! I'm holding on
tight with both hands!
Well, I hope this works out for
Yeah, man. I wish you the best of
Thanks guys.
                                         CUT TO
A montage of Shawn and Michelle talking on the phone and
over cam. Months go by. They celebrate holidays over cam and
by mailing gifts to each other. Shawn is drinking more and
more to numb the pain of Gabrielle not being there. The
black shadow is in the background getting closer and closer
to Shawn until it is directly behind him. Slowly, the talks
over cam become fewer and fewer until they completely stop.
It is now 1 year later. Shawn is on the phone with Michelle.
His townhouse is littered with beer cans everywhere. Shawn
looks like a complete mess. He hasn't been taking care of
himself. He has gained weight.
Honey, I really want to see you.
Will you please go on cam?
Shawn looks around at the scattered beer cans. The tv is
turned off and Shawn catches a reflection of himself in the
screen. He hates what he sees.
Ah babe, it's such a hassle to set
that thing up and then half the
time it doesn't work right. We're
good on the phone.


I just miss seeing you. You're my
handsome man and I like looking at
Handsome man? You must have me
confused with someone else.
Shawn, I wish you wouldn't talk
like that. You are a handsome man
and sexy too. I wish you could see
yourself through my eyes.
Shawn is becoming annoyed. He doesn't like discussing his
appearance since it reminds him of how much he has grown to
hate himself.
Babe, I'm going to get off of
here. I've got some things I need
to get done. Ok?
Ok. I love you, Shawn. So so much
I love you to, babe.
Shawn hang up the phone. He has a look of anger and sadness
on his face. He open another beer and begins to drink. The
black shadow is right behind him, standing over his shoulder
                       BLACK SHADOW
      (Hissing whisper)
Yessss. Drink. Drink to numb the
Shawn chugs his beer as tears start to roll down his cheeks
Shawn, Mark, and Paul are having lunch and catching up with
one another.
So, any update on when Michelle
will get back here?


The application has been approved.
Now we're just waiting on he
embassy there to send her some
paperwork and then schedule an
How long has it been?
Over a year now.
How long do you think this next
part will take? What's the
earliest she could be back here?
Hopefully, sometime this fall.
That will have been 2 years since
you two have been together.
I know.
Shawn looks away from the two of them. There is a look of
hurt and sadness on his face. He doesn't like talking about
this. It is too painful.
Shawn is on the phone with Michelle.
I got the packet from the embassy,
but I don't understand what
they're wanting me to do.
Are there instructions?
Yes, but they don't make any
sense. Here I'll scan them and
email it to you.
Shawn is drinking and becomes annoyed.


Babe, I'll look at this weekend.
We're not going to be able to do
anything about it tonight.
O...Okay. I just wanted you to
take a look to see if you could
understand it.
Shawn becomes more annoyed. The black shadow is standing
directly behind him again.
Babe, I said I'd look at it and I
will. Okay?!
Shawn why are you speaking to me
like this?! What did I do?!
Speaking to you like what?
Like I'm a piece of shit. I was
just trying to get your help and
you bite my head off.
What?! I'm not talking to you like
a piece of shit and I didn't bite
your head off. You asked me to
look at it and I said I would. Why
do you always think I'm being an
Can you hear yourself? Listen to
the tone in your voice. If I
talked to you like that you'd be
upset too.
Look. I'm sorry. I don't know what
it is that you're hearing in my
voice. I wasn't trying to upset


Shawn, I love you. When you talk
to me like that it really hurts.
I'm sorry. I love you too. Anyway,
I gotta go. I'll talk to you
tomorrow. Ok, babe?
I love you too, Shawn. Good night
Michelle hangs up the phone and begins to cry. Shawn
continues to drink as the black shadow reaches out and
places and gnarled hand on his shoulder.
                       BLACK SHADOW
Forget about it. She'll get over
it. Have another drink and watch
A few month have passed. Shawn is sitting in his cubicle at
work. He is speaking with Michelle over instant messenger.
Shawn, all we do is fight anymore.
I'm sick of it. Are you sure you
even want me anymore?
Babe, don't be crazy. Of course I
still want you. I know we've been
fighting and I'm sorry. It's just
the stress of all of this. I want
it to be over. I want you home. I
miss you.
I know Shawn. I want to come home
too, but I'm scared that this will
continue when I get there. Promise
me this will stop. Promise me the
man I fell in love with will come
back. Show him to me Shawn. I need
to know he's still there.
He's still here, babe. I still
love you and want you and need
you. Babe, I promise you, once you
get home everything will be


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
perfect. We'll be together and
happy again.
I hope so, Shawn. I love you, more
than you will ever know. I'm going
to go. I've some things I need to
get done.
I love you too. I'll talk to you
                                         CUT TO
Shawn stops at the liquor store on his way home.
Shawn is drinking heavily. The black shadow is pacing in the
background. The phone rings and Shawn answers it
Hey babe. How was your day?
Shitty, as usual
I'm sorry, hun. What happened?
Same shit that always happens.
Just dealing with idiots and
dipshits all day.
I'm sorry. I wish I was there. I'd
give you a nice massage after you
had a nice home cooked meal and we
could cuddle on the couch while
watching tv. Then, if you played
your cards right, I just might
take you upstairs and let you
violate me any way you wanted, or


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
let me violate you. Hahahahaha.
Shawn lets out a small chuckle.
Yeah, let's sounds nice.
Was that a smile I heard?
The black shadow quickly moves behind Shawn and places its
gnarled hand on his shoulder once more. A visible change
comes over Shawn.
I still need to talk to you about
some of these immigration papers.
Do you think you'll be up for it
I told you I would.
I know. I just wasn't sure if you
How could I forget? This is what
we've been working on for the past
2 years.
I know. Why are you getting mad at
me? It was just an innocent
question, Shawn.
The black shadow enters Shawn's body and takes control.
No, it wasn't just an innocent
question. You're always
questioning me and whether or not
I still want this or love you or
am committed to any of this
anymore. I'm sick of it! If I
didn't want this, if I wasn't


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
committed then why the fuck am I
still here? Why the fuck am I
still fighting with the government
to get you here? Jesus, Michelle,
ask yourself why I would still be
doing all of this if I didn't want
it anymore.
Michelle begins to cry
Shawn, stop talking to me like
this! I don't deserve it. I didn't
do anything wrong. Stop!
Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.
You need to hear this because you
constantly questioning me is
causing damage to our
relationship. You're hurting us.
Do you get it?
Michelle is sobbing now
Shawn, you need to stop right now!
I'm begging you! Please stop!
I've asked you to stop several
times. Stop doubting me. Stop
questioning me, but you just keep
going. For 2 years I've had to
fight with the government and with
you to prove that this is what I
want. Sometimes I wonder why I'm
even with you anymore because you
sure as shit don't seem to have
any faith in me anymore.
Michelle lets out a wail and continues to sob
Shawn, I can't do this anymore.
This was the last straw. You've
cut me to my core. You, the one
person who held my heart in your
hands. You've taken it, thrown it
on the ground, and stomped on it.
For 2 years I've stood by you as
you slid further and further into


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
this hole you're in. I held out my
hand and I begged you repeatedly
to grab it, to let me pull you out
and you ignored me. I've sat by
and waited and waited for the man
I fell in love with to come back.
I hoped and prayed he would. That
man owns my soul. I gladly gave it
to him. Where is he Shawn. Where
did he go? Is he dead? I've asked
myself these questions so many
times on some many lonely nights.
You took your love away from me
Shawn, long ago and I can't wait
anymore. I can't hurt anymore. I
can't fight anymore. It's over
Michelle hangs up and continues to sob. The black shadow
exits Shawn's body. Shawn has a look of shock on his face.
He drops to knees and begins to weep uncontrollably. He
lifts his head and cries out. The black shadow stands behind
Shawn and laughs maniacally.
Shawn, Mark, and Paul are sitting in the bar talking about
the break up and drinking beer
It's been a couple weeks now. How
are you feeling?
Shawn sits there expressionless with a vacant stare. He
slowly turns his head to Paul.
Seriously? How the fuck do you
think I feel?
I'm sorry.
Shawn, we're just trying to be
your friends and help you get
through this.
I know. I'm sorry you guys. It
just still really hurts,
especially because she's hanging


                       SHAWN (cont'd)
out with her ex now.
Jesus Christ! Your body isn't even
cold yet! I thought she really
loved you man. She seemed to,
No shit. But she says it's not
like that, says they're just
friends. I guess he's been
offering to take her around and
see her friends since she didn't
have a way to before.
And you believe that?
I don't know. I want to. I mean,
she's not a liar and we're trying
to be friends. But, regardless of
how innocent she thinks it all is
I can guarantee you what's on that
Shawn slams his beer down on the table.
That slippery piece of shit! He
fucking knows full well what the
fuck he's doing. Oh yeah, how
convenient he shows up right when
she's the most vulnerable because
she's hurting so much and he's
just a shoulder to cry on, a good
friend. He's so understanding and
patient too, I bet. Meanwhile,
he's just bidding his time,
waiting for the right time to
spring on her. That fucking
cocksucker! Why can't she see what
the fuck he's doing?!?
Maybe she can. Maybe that's what
she wants.


Shawn shoots Mark a dirty look.
No! No way! We've been talking and
she's told me flat out that she
doesn't know what she wants or
what her future holds. Hell, there
may even be a chance she could
forgive me and we could be
together again in the future. She
doesn't know. She even said she's
not trying to be in another
relationship. She just wants to
start living again; having a life.
Dude, I know how much you love her
and how much this is tearing you
apart so I really hope, for your
sake, that any part of that is
true. But, I think you know as
well as we do where this is
Shawn opens his mouth to say something. He looks from Paul
to Mark and back to Paul. He realizes they're right and
nothing he can say will change that. He closes his mouth and
looks straight ahead with a vacant stare as he takes a drink
from his beer.
Shawn is kneeling on the floor in the dark. He's sobbing and
begging god for help. Reyrey is laying next to him and
God, please help me. Please make
all of this stop. Please god, I'm
begging you. I can't take anymore.
Please help me!
                       BLACK SHADOW
      (Off Screen)
He won't help you!
Shawn hears the voice and looks around. Reyrey begins to
growl and bark. The black shadow materializes in front of
Shawn. Reyrey runs away in fear. The shadow reaches down and
grabs Shawn by the throat. It lifts shawn off the floor and
they both disappear.


They reappear in complete darkness. The shadow throws Shawn
to the floor. Shawn is terrified and confused.
What are you?!
                       BLACK SHADOW
the shadow points in front of himself and a section of the
darkness opens up. It is the size of a large television
screen. On the screen is an image of Michelle.
                       BLACK SHADOW
You cry for a whore.
Don't you fucking call her that!
Shawn jumps to his feet and lunges at the shadow. The shadow
grabs Shawn and throws him on the floor, directly in front
of the screen and holds him there.
                       BLACK SHADOW
The one you cry for, you wonder if
she still thinks about you or
cries over you or even has some
sort of feeling for you shoved
down inside. Look, and see your
Shawn looks toward the screen. He sees Michelle laying in
bed. She naked with a sheet covering her from the waist
down. One of her hands is under the sheet. She is
Why are you showing me this?
                       BLACK SHADOW
Shawn turns back to the screen. He sees a man enter the room
and undress. The man goes to Michelle. They begin to have


No. No, no, no.
Shawn closes his eyes. The shadow pries them open and forces
Shawn to continue to watch.
                       BLACK SHADOW
Look! Does it look like she thinks
of you, like she cries over you,
or has any sort of feeling for
you? No! You are the furthest
thing from her mind, unless she's
thinking about how you could never
please her like this. Look at her
face, she's in sheer ecstasy. You
know you never made her feel that
good. Look at the way her body is
trembling and convulsing. You
could never please her like that.
Listen to her moan. You had to beg
her to make noise.
No! Stop! It's not real! None of
it is real!
                       BLACK SHADOW
Look at her! She's not faking it
like she did with you! She doesn't
have to!
It's not real! I still talk to
her! She's not a liar! Everything
you're showing me is a lie!
                       BLACK SHADOW
Is it?
Stop. please stop.
                       BLACK SHADOW
You can make it stop anytime you
a gun slides across the floor from out of the darkness. It
stops directly in front of Shawn. Shawn looks at the gun and
back at the shadow.


                       BLACK SHADOW
Do you want the pain and suffering
to end? Pick it up. Solve your
problems....and hers! Do something
right for once in your miserable
                       BLACK SHADOW
You're pathetic! What are you
holding onto, some fantasy that
the two of you could ever be
together again? Not after the
fucking she's getting right now.
Look at her cumming again. You
never made her do that. Do you
realize when they aren't fucking
like rabbits they're sitting
around laughing at you and how
pathetic you are?! Do you realize
when you message her and cry to
her about your broken heart or
when you tell her you love her she
rolls her eyes at you. You are
nothing more than an annoyance to
her. A burden to her! If you love
her so much do her a favor and
make this stop!
Shawn looks down at the gun. Tears are streaming down his
cheeks. He picks up the gun.
                       BLACK SHADOW
Put it in your mouth.
Shawn is sobbing uncontrollably. He slowly lifts the gun and
begins to put it in his mouth. He looks towards the screen
and sees Michelle continuing to have sex. He hears her cries
of pleasure.
                       BLACK SHADOW
Yes! Do it! End her suffering and
A loud tone sounds followed by an electronic voice
announcing "You have 1 new message from Michelle" Shawn
removes the gun from his mouth. He looks up at the shadow.
His expression has changed to one of anger.


I told you it wasn't real!
Shawn fires the gun at the shadow until the clip is empty.
He soon realizes both the shadow and the screen are gone and
he is complete darkness shooting at nothing. A white light
fills the room. Shawn holds up his arm to shield his eyes.
The light fades. Shawn lowers his arm and looks around. he's
back in the meadow and Michelle is standing right in front
of him. He reaches out for her. She is sucked away by the
Find me!


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