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No more
by Star

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Two brothers they must grow up fast due to their situations

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



In the morning before first period Jack and Madison lock
themselves in the public bathroom. The air is still and the
mood is gloomy.They both stand in front of the sinks in
front of the mirrors and make eye contact with their
reflections in the mirror.
Did you get it?
Yes, you think we have enough time
before the bell rings?
Even if we don't I can't possibly
concentrate in class until we do
I don't really have to pee anymore
I'm so nervous!!!
It's going to be okay babe, but
until we do this we both are going
to be walking on egg shells.
Your right babe. Okay I'm going to
do this give me a kiss for good
Madison goes into the first stall and pees on the pregnancy
stick. As soon as she is done peeing she pulls her panties
and pants back up and hopes out of the stall.She holds the
stick in her left hand and grasps Jack's hand in her right
hand. They wait in silence for three minutes awaiting the
results. The scene ends after Madison looks down at the
stick and a tear begins to roll down her check.
This scene starts out with Madison looking out in the
distance into space with a sad expression on her face. Jack
twiddles his thumbs and bites his lip not knowing exactly


what to say. They ended up skipping class and walking to
their favorite diner and already ordered food however
neither one of them even touches their plates. With the time
being so early they are just about the only people in the
Babe its going to be okay I've
told from day one I've got you.
Just have a little faith in me.
Everything is going to shit!!!!
What the fuck are we going to do?
What the fuck are we going to do?
What is your brother Corey and his
wife Chelsea going to say? Your
brother already has enough on his
plate without our problems! What
are my parents going to say? I can
answer that one its simple they
are going to tell me to get the
fuck out period, point and blank.
What the fuck are we going to do
for money we both are still in
school and you only work part
Baby please calm down and look at
me. First and foremost I love you
and do whatever I have to to keep
us together,
You and I both know love is not
enough to keep this relationship
together lets be for real Jack. I
love you too but you throw teen
pregnancy in the mix and shit gets
I know it's not going to be easy
but there is no one else I want to
have carrying my baby but you
baby! We were planning on getting
married this summer and having
kids anyway this is just a little
quicker than we planned.


Yes Jack we planned on having kids
long after we were married and
when we were financially stable.
Like when we both have real jobs.
I know Madison I'll quit school if
I have to and work full time
No Jack you cant't do that this is
your last year your most important
year and I ruined it!
Babe it takes two to tangle you
didn't rein my year you brought
meaning to it and gave me
something to strive for.
You don't understand my family
will disown me. They already are
upset that I started dating a
black man, then I began a serious
relationship with a black man but
now I'm having a baby by a BLACK
You can move in with me and my
brother he loves you and us and is
not racist like your family.
Regardless if you brother love or
hates me you cannot put that
financial burden over his
shoulders. He already has to
support you his, wife and two
kids, and now me and this unborn
Scene dissolves into the next scene
This scene dissolves from the previous scene and begins with
Corey and Jack leaving the Army registration building. This
particular evening the sun is shining and hope seems to be


in the air. Corey walks on Jack's left side and looks at him
in admiration.
I never thought me and you could
be an closer my brother! But
however today you have made me so
proud! For today you have become a
man and your stepping up to the
plate and I couldn't be more
I'm glad your proud and thanks for
letting Madison move in with us
But what?
But I just don't know what if I
get stationed out in Iraq?
And whats wrong with that?
Nothing except who is going to
comfort Madison she is already
worried this would happen if I
signed up for the army. And what
if I die who is going to raise our
baby? I'm not you Corey, I'm not
brave or courageous I'm just your
baby brother!
Don't talk like that Jack your my
brother my blood and if you look
deep down inside yourself there is
courage you didn't even know you
had. But you'll never find it if
your not pushed beyond your
breaking points. Iraq may or msy
not be your test. You don't think
five years ago when mom died of an
overdose I didn't want to run away
and drop off the face of the earth
too. But I couldn't because I knew
I had to step up to the plate. I
had you and I had to be twice as
strong for me and you. I knew if I
didn't look deep down inside and


                       COREY (cont'd)
find my courage that there
wouldn't even be a fighting chance
for you to have the opportunity to
have a normal life or the chance
for you to find your courage. I
had to become a man overnight and
not one day did I regret my
decision to join the army. I knew
when I signed up the possibility
of going to Iraq and possibly
never coming home. But the
opportunity it gave us, it gave
you a future was worth me dying
for. And now you are faced with a
life altering decision and I can
only hope you can look deep inside
and find your courage!
Well with words like that Corey
anything I say at this point makes
me sound like a coward. And I
guess your right you did a lot for
me and I don't want you to think
it went unnoticed. For this day
forward I promise to find my
courage for if I remember nothing
else that you taught me I'll
remember this for all that you
gave up for me!
The scene ends with the two brothers sharing a heart felt
hug with the sun going down in the distance.
Scene opens in the church that Corey and Jack grew up in
with the minister at the stand with the holly bible in hand.
Jack and Madison stand hand in hand across from one another
with Corey to Jack's right and Chelsea to Madison's right.
Corey and Chelsea's children are in the front row of the
empty seats at the church. Jack and Madison decided to have
a small intimate wedding with no guest other than Corey,
Chelsea and their children. Chelsea looks into Corey's eyes
and begins to cry out of joy and her whole face lights up
and you can tell how proud she is of Jack and Madison as if
they were her own kids. Corey is wearing a white suite with
a light blue bow tie that matches Chelsea's light blue flowy
dress. Jack is dressed in a white suite the same color as
Madison's dress. Madison's dress has thin straps and is
short and flowly with a pearl detailed neckline. Her baby


bump is there but yet very subtle and her face is just a
glowing with joy and so is Jack. No one knows it but today
will be the last day of joy the Strong family will have.
                       JACK (whispers to Madison)
I love you
                       MADISON (whispers to Jack)
I love you too
Jack do you take Madison to be
your lawful wedded wife?
I do
Madison do you take Jack to be
your lawful wedded husband
I do
Then by the power vested in me I
know pronounce you man and wife!
You may now kiss the bride.
Jack places his hands around Madison's waist and Madison
places her hands around Jack's neck and they begin to kiss
like no one else exist and the whole world stops. Then Corey
gives Madison a big hug.
                       COREY (to Madison)
Welcome to the family Madison,
I've always considered you my
                       CHELSEA (begins to cry)
Your such a beautiful bride my
love! Okay now everyone gather
around I want to capture this
Chelsea takes a couple of pictures until the minister takes
over so Chelsea can get in the pictures.
                       COREY (to Jack)
Today my brother is the second
most proudest you have made me.
Mom would be so happy of the man
you became.


                       JACK (to Corey)
Oh stop it Corey, mom would be
proud of both of us but mostly
you. Without you Corey this day
wouldn't be possible so thank you
for this! Thank you for all of
this! This will be a day me and
Madison will never forget and I'm
so happy you could be part of it!
                       MADISON (a tear begins to roll down her check)
Thank you guys so much for being
here I couldn't ask for a more
loving family.
I must say I have never seen such
strong young brothers. You would
make any mom or dad proud and I
wish you the best in life.
scene ends with the non diegetic sounds of the song Ordinary
Day by Vanessa Carlton fading out.
After the wedding Jack test out of every subject and gets
his diploma but no ceremony. The next couple of months he
begins boot camp which he completes with ease since he was a
quarterback at school. However what he does find hard to
cope with is he ended up getting stationed out Iraq. Corey
volunteers to go to Iraq with his crew after he finds out
Jack is stationed out there and his request is accepted.
After boot camp on this particular day of finding out the
bad news the brothers walk back home in silent. The weather
is dark and gloomy almost like the calm before the storm.
When the brothers arrive Chelsea and Madison and the
children are in the living room trying to find something on
TV. Chelsea already knows without a doubt by looking in
Corey's eyes the bad news.
I know your the best brother
anyone could ask for. Your also
the best husband. You know me and
the kids will be okay we will miss
you but we will be okay. And you
know we will take care of Madison
and the baby.
I knew this would happen Jack!!!


Madison storms out of the living room bawling and slams her
and Jack's bedroom door. She barriers her head in a pillow
and continues to cry.
You know your the best wife a
husband could ask for too. And
Jack your the best brother I could
ask for. I know you will find the
strength deep inside of you that
you didn't know you had. But in
the meantime you need to be the
strong one for Madison and your
baby. She really needs you you
right now go talk to her.
Jack goes to their bedroom to find Madison still crying and
her head still hidden in her pillow. He begins to rub her
back and she turns over and puts her sobbing face in his
chest and they both begin to cry.
The scene is outside on the porting dock, It is raining and
the sky is black. Today is the day the crew ships out to
Iraq. Chelsea and Madison are both tearful as they say their
last goodbyes.
                       CHELSEA (to Corey)
I am so proud of you and love you
so much babe
                       COREY (to Chelsea)
I love you too please take care of
Madison for me and I'll take care
of Jack.
I will don't you worry your head
Madison won't even notice he's
gone. And Jack promise you take
care of Corey for me
I promise
Chelsea gives Corey a big kiss and has both kids give him a
kiss. Then Corey just holds his family tight until its time
to depart.


I'm sorry Madison I know this not
how you wanted things but I
promise when I get back everything
is going to be okay. We will be an
official family and if it looks
anything like you it will be
Jack looks down at Madison now ever so round baby bumps and
rubs it.
Don't be sorry babe you have done
everything you can to make our
futures better I just have never
been away from you so I don't know
how I will cope.
Just know even when I'm not around
I'll still be there in spirit.
Oh Jack I love you!
I love you too!
Jack grabs Madison face and kisses her she takes his hand
and places it on her belly.
You feel that Jack our baby is
saying goodbye.
The scene fades out with Chelsea and Madison crying and
waving goodbye as the non diegetic sounds of the song Wake
me up when September Ends plays.
After a couple of months Chelsea and Madison receive the
devastation news that both brothers have been killed in the
war in Iraq. They have a small funeral and that night
Chelsea takes a gun to her head and blows out her brains.
Madison still pregnant goes into early labor and ends up
having a son she names Jack Corey Chelsea Strong and adopts
Chelsea and Corey's two children. At only eighteen and still
in high school and discovers the courage deep down we all
have but haven't discovered yet that Corey used to talk
about. Madison lives each day to the fullest in honor of


Jack, Corey, and Chelsea for if it wasn't for them there
would be no Madison


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