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by John Campbell (jrcampbell@optusnet.com.au)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



There's a table in the middle of a police interview room.
DAVID WILSON (30 - 35) is sitting on the far side of the
table away from the door. His handcuffed hands are resting
on top of the table, his face is bruised and swollen.

JOHN WHILTSHIRE (38 - 42) and STEWART CORBITT (42 - 45) are
sitting on the other side of the table, near the door. There
faces are also bruised and swollen.

A triple deck recording unit is sitting on the far left hand
side of the table. In front of the tape recording unit are
three empty CD holders each with POLICE vs WILSON written on
the front of them in dark ink.
Dave, we're about to
commence the taped recorded
interview, what we need you to do
is speak in a loud clear voice,
so that the tape recording device
can hear you. Do you understand?
There's no response from DAVID. He sits and stares into open
space. JOHN and STEWART glance at one another.
Ok, lets begin.
JOHN reaches forward and pushes the record button on the
recording device.
This is a taped recorded
interview conducted at the Armed
Offenders Squad at the St Kilda
Road Police Complex. Interview
conducted between Detective Senior
Sergeant WHILTSHIRE and David
Wilson also present is Detective
Sergeant Stewart CORBITT.
Detective Sergeant CORBITT


Dave could you please state your
full name, date of birth and
address, please?
There is silence from DAVID as he sits there staring
JOHN and STEWART look at DAVID waiting for him to speak.
Dave, we need you to speak,
so as the tape recording unit can
record your voice and your version
of events. Do you understand?
Still no answer from DAVID.
Ok...Dave we have some
questions to put to you, you can
answer them anyway you want. I
must inform you that you are not
obliged to say or do anything, but
anything you say or do may be
recorded and given in evidence. Do
you understand this?
No answer from DAVID. There's a long pause. JOHN and
STEWART look at DAVID with hatred, men who are about to
I must inform you of your
following rights. You may
communicate with a friend or
relative to inform that person of
your whereabouts. You may
communicate with or attempt to
communicate with a legal
practitioner. Do you wish to
exercise any of these rights?
Silence from DAVID and no physical movement whatsoever.
For the record
of interview, Mr. WILSON
is nodding his head, which I take
that he wishes to exercise his
rights. Interview to be suspended
so that Mr. WILSON can exercise
his rights.


DAVID smiles as JOHN reaches over to push the pause button
on the recording device.
As JOHN'S finger comes off the pause button, he and STEWART
jump up from their chairs and lunge for DAVID who
simultaneously lunge towards JOHN and STEWART. The three men
exchange a flurry of punches.
A filthy jail cell door opens and DAVID is sitting patiently
on the edge of a single hard bed, which is hard up against
the wall. The beds harsh green blanket and course white
sheets have been made to military perfection. DAVID is
dressed in bright orange overalls. The jail cell is typical
with a single stainless basin in one corner of the room and
a stainless steel toilet in the other corner. The walls are
faded to a light green. There are no photographs or posters
displayed on the walls. The cell is sterile. DAVID slowly
stands and commences to walk to the cell door with a neutral
                                         CUT TO:
SHANE WILSON (50 to 55) is sitting on the edge of a
luxurious king size bed, he's rubbing his face, waking to
the early morning. In the background the early morning sun
shines through the large bedroom window, which depicts a
beautiful country landscape in the background. SHANE looks
over his left shoulder and looks down at the leg of a
beautiful women, which is laying over a pure white silk
doona cover. He reaches over and gently pats the leg, this
causes the unknown women to gently moan. SHANE removes his
hand and slowly stands up, he stretches and walks towards
the beautiful ornate en-suite with a small smile.
                                         CUT TO:
DAVID walks naked towards a group of naked prisoners who are
all facing a long shower wall, each standing under a shower


head, having a shower. DAVID is very physically fit with a
toned muscular body. All of the men are covered in varying
degrees in tattoos and scars. Some of them are bald, some
have a full head of hair. DAVID walks up behind an ugly tall
muscular heavily tattooed, bald prisoner and taps him on the
back. The male prisoner turns quickly around in anticipation
with anger, however instantly he recognizes DAVID and
instantly looks down at the ground in submission and walks
away from the shower, allowing DAVID to take his place. The
male prisoners on each side of DAVID automatically step away
and leave him with plenty of room to shower.
                                         CUT TO:
SHANE is standing naked in front of a beautiful marble
bathroom sink brushing his teeth. In the background can be
heard a shower running and a female humming to herself in
the shower. SHANE rinses his mouth and stands up to look at
himself in the large mirror surrounded by small bright
lights, he briefly admires his toned physic and slaps his
flat stomach in approval, he walks away from the mirror
towards the adjoining bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
A large prison meal room filled with rows of tables with
prisoners on each side of the tables eating their breakfast
from plastic food trays. DAVID holding a plastic food tray
filled with breakfast, walks towards a table of prisoners,
as he approaches the prisoners at the table make room for
him, respectfully moving to each side. DAVID sits in between
the prisoners and briefly looks at the prisoners in the
immediate area, they meet his gaze with a smile.
                                         CUT TO:
SHANE is sitting at a table, dressed in an immaculate suit,
in a boutique cafe looking out of a window lost in his
thoughts, watching people going to work and the traffic
passing by with the small remains of his breakfast in front
of him. He's brought back to the present moment by a
waitress placing his bill on the table. He looks up at her,
smiles and mouths the words thank you.


                                         CUT TO:
PRISON GUARD ONE and PRISON GUARD TWO walk to a prison cell.
PRISON GUARD ONE unclasp a bunch of keys from his belt and
inserts a key into the cell's door lock. PRISON GUARD TWO
stands to the left of the door. PRISON GUARD ONE knocks on
the door.
                       PRISON GUARD ONE
      (Speaking through
       the door)
It's time.
PRISON GUARD ONE opens the door and inside is DAVID standing
in the middle of the cell, facing the door, dressed in an
immaculate suit and polished shoes. He walks out of the
cell and past PRISON GUARD ONE AND TWO into the main
corridor and continues to walk down the long corridor past
other cells. PRISON GUARD ONE and PRISON GUARD TWO quickly
fall in behind him on either side.

Some of the cells are open. Occasionally in the door way of
a open cell, stands a fellow inmate who gives DAVID a nod of
respect as he passes. DAVID without looking, returns the

DAVID approaches a wide door that leads into an outside
recreation yard. The sunlight streams into the corridor.
      (Without turning
       his head)
Stay here.
PRISON GUARD ONE and PRISON GUARD TWO stop on command at the
entrance to the recreation yard.
SHANE is dressed in an immaculate suit, sitting in the front
passenger seat of a 7 Series BMW. Beside him driving, is his
stocky BODY GUARD who is also dressed in an immaculate suit.
The BODY GUARD is concentrating on driving through the
traffic. SHANE picks up a mobile phone from the center
console and makes a phone call.

The phone rings over the hands free speaker system in the


                       SUSAN (V.O)
Hi, I'm on my way. Meet you out
the front in 5?
                       SUSAN (V.O)
I'll be waiting.
Are you looking gorgeous?
                       SUSAN (V.O)
As always.
Good to hear, see you soon.
SHANE hangs up the phone call.
The outside recreation yard is filled with prisoners playing
basketball, lifting weights, standing around talking or some
sitting against the walls minding their own business.

As DAVID walks through the recreation yard all prisoners
stop what they are doing and all eyes are on him walking
across the yard towards a half a dozen prisoners sitting
around a table at the far end. As DAVID approaches the
table the prisoners stand up and face him. There's tension
in the yard. Prison guards are standing around the
recreation yard, watching with trepidation.

DAVID reaches the table and with menacing eyes, looks at
each prisoner. A moment of tension.
I've made my decision. Steves in
charge. Any objections. (Pause) I
don't want to send a fucking
message back in here to sort any
shit out, because someone wasn't
happy with my choice. So do we
all agree?
A slow nod of heads come from the group.


Good. Steve, come here.
DAVID and STEVE (35 - 38) walk away from the table, so as
not to be heard.
Steve, keep the peace, keep the
code, and you will keep control of
the guards. Watch the junkies,
they start trying to create a
market in here, deal with it hard.
They have NO code, understand?
Dave, you have my word. The peace
will continue. All the best out
DAVID and STEVE shake hands. The tension in the exercise
yard fades and slowly the prisoners go about what they were
doing. DAVID walks back to PRISON GUARD ONE and PRISON GUARD
TWO, who are standing at the entrance to the exercise yard
waiting for DAVID.
Steve is now in charge. The peace
will continue. The junkies step
out of line, they're on their own,
tell the other guards.
                       PRISON GUARD ONE
Yes, Mr. Wilson.
Now, get me the fuck out of this
DAVID is standing alone outside the prison foyer entrance.
He's waiting patiently. He hears the sound of cars
approaching and sees to his right a 7 Series BMW driving in
his direction followed by a limousine. He smiles. The BMW
and limousine stop directly in front of him, in a no
standing area.

A large stocky man gets out of the drivers side of the BMW,
while the chauffeur of the limousine gets out of the


driver's door and stands still next to the car. The large
stocky man walks around to the front passenger door of the
BMW and opens it.

Out steps SHANE with strength and purpose. He pauses, looks
at DAVID then a big smile appears on his face. DAVID and
SHANE walk towards each other and stop, facing each other.
The bodyguard stays by the BMW. There's moister in the eyes
of SHANE as he looks at DAVID.
It's been awhile.
That it has.
Good to see you son.
You to Dad.
The two men hug each other. SHANE takes a step back holding
onto both shoulders of DAVID.
You've kept in shape.
You know, nothing to do but work
That's my boy (Giving David a hug
around the shoulders with his
right arm as they walk towards the
So how's the Limo business going?
You know, it serving its purpose.
Forget that, lets get you the fuck
away from this shit hole and get
you into the lifestyle that you
deserve. I've set up in this very
swanky apartment in the city and
got this sweet ride for you.
Really, what?


Wait and see! (Pause) I've got a
surprise for you.
SHANE walks to the rear left hand door of the limo and opens
it, smiling at DAVID. DAVID his standing still, he sees a
beautiful set of women legs in the backseat resting on the
floor. The legs lead to a beautiful red dress. He recognizes
the women and a big smile comes across his face.

SUSAN slowly climbs out the back seat like a sophisticated
lady. She slowly walks to DAVID with a pompous attitude.
Suddenly her demeanor changes and she runs towards DAVID
with a big smile and a high shrilled excited scream. DAVID
meets her with a huge smile and opens his arms to accept
SUSAN into his arms. SUSAN jumps into DAVID'S arms and wraps
her legs around his waist, while meeting his lips in a
passionate kiss. The kiss lingers for a long moment. The two
stop the kiss and DAVID holds SUSAN back at arms length.
Been waiting for someone?
      (Looks into his
Just the love of my life.
He must be very special?
He's ok, you know what they say,
better the devil you know.
      (Motions to the
Lets get out of here.
You read my mind.
DAVID and SUSAN walk holding hands to the limo. SHANE is
standing next to the rear door of the limo, he's smiling.
DAVID helps SUSAN into the rear seat. SHANE closes the car
door. DAVID looks at SHANE.
Dad, Thank you.


S. WILSON walks to his bodyguard.
Lets go.
The bodyguard opens the front passenger door to the BMW for
SHANE. Once SHANE is seated, the bodyguard walks around to
the front driver's door and gets in.

At the same time, DAVID walks around the back of the limo
and the chauffeur opens the rear door for DAVID. DAVID sees
the butt of a pistol inside the jacket of the chauffeur and
      (Motioning to the
       gun and smiling.)
I see I'm in good hands.
                       THE LIMO CHAUFFER
The best, Mr. Wilson.
DAVID gets into the back seat of the limo. The chauffeur
closes the door and gets into the front drivers seat.
Driver, to the location.
SUSAN reaches forward and pushes a button that raises a
dividing panel, separating them from the chauffeur.
Where are we going?
Let me give you a guess.
SUSAN moves seductively towards DAVID showing white frilly
panties under the short red dress. She climbs on top of him
and gives him a teasing kiss, gently biting his bottom lip
and then slowly lowers her head down to his lap. The sound
of a zip can be heard being undone. DAVID visibly relaxes,
all tension disappearing from him. He reaches down with
both hands and grabs SUSAN'S hair.
Oh god, I've missed this.


The city lights shine gently through the large bedroom
apartment window casting a warm glow over the naked bodies
of DAVID and SUSAN. They're laying on a large king size bed
in a very modern bedroom. Their bodies are intertwined in
love making. Their longing for each other is being released
into unbridled passion. SUSAN is laying on her back, her
back is arched in ecstasy, while DAVID is on top making love
to her. They lock eyes and see true love for each other.
They reach for each other with their mouths and lock in an
embrace, becoming one.

DAVID turns SUSAN over roughly and she moans with the
roughness and the anticipation. DAVID mounts her from
behind, while bending forward kissing SUSAN on the mouth
DAVID and SUSAN are standing in the middle of a large
luxurious bedroom. SUSAN is facing DAVID adjusting his tie,
in the background is a very well slept in king size bed.
DAVID is wearing a very sharp suit and SUSAN is wearing an
elegant long flowing dress.
So are you going to tell me where
we're going?
I think you know, you're just
playing dumb.
Honestly I have no idea. How can
the day get any better. I've been
picked up in a limo by a beautiful
lady, taken to a lavish apartment
and made love too for hours.
Well, you'll just have to be
patient. There all done.
SUSAN stands back and looks at DAVID.
How lucky am I to be with such a
handsome man.


No, I'm the lucky one.
Ok flatterer, lets go, people are
waiting for us.
DAVID and SUSAN are in a luxurious Maserati driving through
city streets. The overhead street lights are reflecting off
the immaculate paint work of the vehicle. DAVID is driving
looking content, he looks over at SUSAN, she meets his gaze
with a smile and the two hold hands in the middle console.
They make a beautiful couple.
DAVID pulls the Maserati up outside the entrance to a
luxurious hotel. A hotel parking attendant walks swiftly to
the passenger door and opens the door for SUSAN. She gets
out and waits for DAVID who gets out of the drivers seat and
walks around to the parking attendant and hands the car keys
to him. DAVID grabs SUSAN'S hand and they walk up the lavish
stairs into the hotel.
DAVID and SUSAN walk arm in arm through the foyer of a
lavish hotel and approach the doors of a extravagant
restaurant. They're greeted by the MAITRE D'.
                       MAITRE D'
Evening Ms EVERARD, you're guests
are waiting. Please follow me.
DAVID and SUSAN follow the MAITRE D' through the empty
extravagant restaurant. DAVID looks around concerned.
Where's every one?
Your guests have booked the entire
place for the night.


DAVID, SUSAN and the MAITRE D' are standing in front of a
closed ornate carved wooden door at the far end of the
                       MAITRE D'
Ms EVERARD at your request the
waiters will only enter the room
when you request.
Thank you.
The MAITRE D' opens the door. Inside the dining room are
(35 - 40).

They're all facing DAVID with serious expressions, standing
around a set table, covered in a pristine white table
clothe, which has been set with fine china and silver

BODYGUARD ONE and BODYGUARD TWO are standing to the right
and the left behind SHANE. As DAVID sees inside the private
dinning room a serious expression comes across his face.
The MAITRE D' opens the door. Inside the dining room are
standing around a table facing DAVID with serious
expressions. The dinning table is covered in a pristine
white table clothe, set with fine china and silver cultlery.
THE BODYGUARD and LIMO DRIVER are standing to the right and
the left behind SHANE.

As DAVID sees inside the private dinning room a serious
expression comes across his face. The tension in the room
lingers for a moment before SHANE begins to slowly clap in a
slow beat and gently smiles, the others all except THE
BODYGUARD and the LIMO DRIVER join in. All of the group are
smiling big smiles, the clapping gets quicker and louder in
the room before SHANE breaks rank and walks quickly to
DAVID. The group join in and swarm DAVID, greeting him as a
hero, slapping his back, rubbing his hair and giving him
You're looking good Dave.


Great to have you back!
      (Steps in close to
       David and kisses
       him on the cheek,
       softly speaking
       into his right
Dave, You were truly missed.
MATT, SARAH and PETER step back and wait for DAVID to speak.
Guys, this means a lot to me. I
must admit I missed you ugly
bunch, not including you in that
of course Sarah.
Smiles come from SHANE, MATT, PETER and SARAH.
Dave, you were missed just as
DAVID looks over the shoulders of the group towards the
perfectly laid round table.
Now if my eyes don't deceive me,
is that a 15 year old Scotch. It's
been a while since I've had a
The group watch on as DAVID reaches forward grabs the bottle
of scotch opens it and pours a large amount into a scotch
glass, neat. DAVID drinks the scotch in one hit and feels
the liquid burn all the way down, without any trace of
Ahhhhh, now that's what I'm
talking about. Guys lets drink.
SUSAN gives a nod to the MAITRE D' who is standing within
the door. The MAIRE D' opens the door and immediately three
waiters come into the room carrying trays all loaded with
assorted cocktails.

The celebrations begin with everyone taking a drink and
talking excitedly among themselves. BODYGUARD and LIMO


DRIVER take a step back and stand against the wall next to
each other, not far from SHANE.
                       LIMO DRIVER
      (Talking softly to
       the body guard)
Who are these guys?
                       THE BODYGUARD
The Boss is real quiet. I've only
heard rumors on the street.
Apparently they served together in
                       LIMO DRIVER
Even the chick?
                       THE BODYGUARD
Even the chick! There a real close
knit group. They only mix with
themselves. The whisper is, don't
fuck with them.
The LIMO DRIVER nods is head slowly. THE BODYGUARD and LIMO
DRIVER look on as the celebration heats up.
and the LIMO DRIVER are standing out the front of the
luxurious hotel. Their all effected by alcohol, however
they're handling it well. There clothes are little
disheveled from the big night. Two taxis are cued up outside
the hotel in the drive.

SHANE approaches DAVID while the others watch on.
Son, I apologize.
      (slurring his
       words slightly)
Dad, it wasn't your fault. There's
nothing you could have done.
It shouldn't have happened. I
should have seen it coming.
Everyday I wanted to see you.


I know! We knew the rules, no
contact from anyone.
      (Nods his head)
You stood staunch, not a peep.
Drive my son home when he's ready.
Lets go.
SHANE and the LIMO DRIVER walk to a 7 series BMW.
stays in the background, watching.
Dave, we're going for a run
tomorrow. We need to talk.
      (Looks around the
       group and a
       knowing look
       comes across his
Ok, where and when?
Swan Street Bridge at 8.
Could we make it 11? I've got some
catching up to do.
DAVID looks at SUSAN with a smile. SUSAN looks down at the
ground smiling. The group all smile.
Joking, well kind of. I'll see you
guys there.


DAVID is sitting on the edge of a large king size bed in his
large luxurious bedroom. DAVID his only wearing boxer
shorts, he's leaning forward holding his head in his hands.

The early morning sun is shining light through a large
window. Through the window can be seen a city landscape.
Hung over?
DAVID slowly turns around to look down at SUSAN who is
laying under a pristine Doona. She looks tired, but
You bet ya.
Me too.
You look beautiful.
DAVID reaches down and kisses SUSAN on the lips.
Do you have to go?
Stay, I'll make some breakfast or
we can go out.
You don't know how tempting that
sounds. I told them I'd meet them.
What are you meeting about?
I don't know.
Make it another day. Come back to


Trust me, you don't know how much
I want to. (Pause) I've got to go.
DAVID stands up from the bed and walks towards the en-suite.
SUSAN watches DAVID walk away with suspicion.
DAVID, MATT, PETER, and SARAH are standing in a circle on a
running track, under a bridge next to a river. They're all
wearing running gear. All of them are extremely fit looking.
So, what's the go?
Dave, I have some info
about a possible job you might be
interested in? (Pause) However we
understand if you need time to
chill or if you've decided to
quite the game.
The group look at DAVID, there's a long pause from
him. Finally he looks at MATT.
Matt let me here what you
have to say on the run.
The team commence to run in a small group, keeping close to
hear what's being said. SARAH has taken point only a few
feet away, with MATT and DAVID in the center and PETER
bringing up the rear. It's a tactical formation.
This info just fell into my lap...
This mate of mine comes over about
a month ago. He works for a
trucking company that has the
contract with the Federal Mint to
transport overseas currency to the
Does your friend know of your
moon lighting?
He has no idea, he thinks I'm a
crane operator. As the night goes
on and the beer flows, he goes


                       MATT (cont'd)
right into detail. It was fucking
beautiful, I just had to sit there
and listen. He's not a happy
camper with his boss.

He sings like a bird, telling me
that the guards drive 4WDs, one in
front of the truck and one behind.
Three guards in each vehicle. Two
armed with semi auto pistols, one
in the back seat with a pump
action. Their vested up.
Apparently ex-coppers run the
A small group of joggers run towards the team. The team stop
talking until they pass.
Questions. How much are we
looking at? When is the next
delivery? Has a recon of the
Airport been done?
      (Talking over her
Pete and I have done a recon
of the Airport. We've done
sketches and taken photos.
Apparently we're looking at tens
of millions in Indonesian rupiah.
The next delivery, we don't know.
(Whistles) That's a lot of cash.
How do we launder it?
      (Talking forward)
Your Dad has done the groundwork
on that. A guy called the German
will do it. Your father said you
know him?
Yeah I know him. Good man. If Dad
thinks he can handle it, then I'm
cool. What's the German's


15. However his friends want 30.
Overseas interests in Indonesia.
Ok. So that leaves us with 55
to split. So the risks are these.
We're looking at men with lets say
a high degree of training, well
armed, a route we don't know until
at a moments notice. The
positives, a truck loaded with
cash and a truck driver who hates
his fucking job. Matt, do you
think your mate would tell us what
we need to know?
I think so for a slice.
A solo jogger runs by and the team go silent.
Good! Matt, go and talk to
this friend of yours, be careful,
if you feel he's not happy with
the proposal, laugh it off.
So tell me, how do you lot feel
about this?
My life's been pretty fucking
boring for the last 18 months, I
need some spice in it, I'm in.
      (Talking over her
I'm in, this girls got
expensive tastes. (Laughs)


Fuck, I was in when he spilled his
It's got to be a shock and awe
job. Get in fast, contain the
guards and get the fuck out even
faster. I'm in.
The remainder of the team smile at hearing DAVID saying he's
DAVID stops suddenly and throws up on the side of the
running track. The team look on smiling.
Last night catching up Dave.
      (Wiping his mouth
       and smiling)
Sorry guys, been out of action for
some time.
With a nod of the head from DAVID the team continue on their
I take it we still have the shed?
      (Talking over her
Yeah we do.
Excellent! Matt, if he's in, bring
your guy to the shed, in a safe
manner, if you know what I mean.
MATT nods his head.
Sarah, bring with you what you and
Pete have put together.


Ok guys, we're now in shut down
mode. Remember the golden rules,
no talking on the phones, in the
car or the house. Healthy paranoia
is a good thing. Nothing is said
to wives, family or friends. Got
Got it.
Got it.
Got it.
I can see you guys have been
keeping in shape.
Sure have.
DAVID stops running.
Alright then, lets see how in
shape you guys are. By my count,
lets do fifty.
All the team get down into the push up position next to the
running track. Waiting for DAVID's count.
Sarah, I don't want to see any
girly push ups.
      (Looks at DAVID
       with annoyance)
Fuck off.
The rest of the team laugh at SARAH's comment.


DAVID and SUSAN are walking along a picturesque beach, the
weather is clear and people are laying on the beach sun
baking, swimming in the sea and playing with theirs dogs.
DAVID and SUSAN are laughing and holding hands, a couple in
So tell me, when are you going to
      (A knowing smile)
Ask what?
The question.
      (Playing coy)
Question, I don't have a question.
The BIG question, cheeky.
Ahhhh, that question. (Pause)
How much of a good girlfriend was
I waiting for you?
I don't know. How much of a good
girlfriend were you?
I was the best girlfriend ever.
Did you miss me?
DAVID stops walking and grabs SUSAN in a tight embrace and
kisses her longingly.


There, does give you an idea?
      (Looking at David
       with cheek)
I'm not convinced.
DAVID gives SUSAN another passionate kiss.
Now I'm starting to believe.
The pair keep walking holding hands.
What are our plans Dave?
For the future, for us?
I have plans. For us, there big
Like what? A girl has to know
she'll be looked after.
Trust me, you'll always be looked
Do those plans involve the others?
What do you mean?
What did you talk to them about
Just stuff.
SUSAN stops suddenly and turns to DAVID who looks at her


You owe me more than that David. I
need to know you trust me.
I do trust you. I'm protecting
On that day you were arrested, the
police questioned me for hours and
I didn't say a word. They even
threatened me with going to jail.
      (Grabs Susan by
       the shoulders)
I know Susan, I know! Do you know
how much that meant to me and my
father? That's why you were looked
      (Angry - tears)
Forget about your father and the
money, it's not about that, it's
about us. I need to know you trust
me, I need to know I'm not wasting
my time.
Your not wasting your time.
I need to know you'll be sticking
around. I can't go through that
I'm not going anywhere.
Stop what?
This, what your doing right now.
You're evading me, tell me what's
going on. I at least deserve that!
DAVID pauses while looking around. He's uncertain.


Ok, you're right SUSAN, you do
deserve to know.
DAVID, PETER and SARAH stand in a circle in front of a large
shed. The shed stands in the middle of a clearing,
surrounded by dense bush. All of the group are dressed in
black jump suits with a semi-automatic pistol strapped to
their upper right thigh. The pistols are fitted with laser
scopes. The front of the shed has a sliding door with a
normal door built to the right. DAVID is on a mobile phone.
      (Looks at the
How far off are you?... Ok, is he
prepared in the usual manner?...
Good. See you soon. (Hangs up)
They'll be here in a couple of
minutes, cover up.
At the order, the group place on balaclavas. The approachng
noise of a motor vehicle can be heard in the distance. They
all turn facing a dirt track, which comes out of the bush
and leads to the clearing. A moment later a 4WD appears,
driven by MATT. Next to him in the front passenger seat is
THE DRIVER blind folded. He's bare chested. The 4WD pulls
to a stop near the front of the shed. DAVID, PETER, and
SARAH go to the front passenger door.
                       THE DRIVER
      (Turns his head
       towards the voice)
Thank you for coming. I'm sorry
to ask you to come here in this
manner, but you must understand,
the precautions we must take.
You'll be helped from the car by
two people and taken into a room,
where you'll be placed upon a
seat. Please do not take your
blind fold off at any time, do you
understand this?!


                       THE DRIVER
Yes...I do.
Good, we don't want any problems.
DAVID nods at PETER and SARAH. PETER and SARAH helps THE
DRIVER from the car, while DAVID stands behind. THE DRIVER
is only wearing underwear.

PETER and SARAH grab a hold of each arm and guide him to the
shed, through the open door. MATT remains behind and stands
within the shed. At the far end of the shed is a single
chair. The shed has been transformed into a shooting range.
The walls are sound treated. The floor of the shed is
earthen. Behind the chair is a wall, which is sloping
upwards, it's covered in loose rubber granules. PETER and
SARAH walk THE DRIVER to the chair, followed by DAVID. They
sit him in the chair and stand on each side of him.
      (Kneels in front
       of THE DRIVER)
I've been told by Matt that you're
willing to be part of our future
                       THE DRIVER
Yes, he told me that I would get
some of the takings?
That's correct. I assure you that
it will be placed into a secure
account. Someone will contact you
with the account number when it's
deposited. But there are some
golden rules you must follow. They
are, you do not spend any of the
money for at least 18 months or
leave your job in that time. You'd
agree that it would look very
suspicious a truck driver suddenly
buying a new car or upgrading his
                       THE DRIVER
I agree.


Now lets get to business, when is
the next load due in?
                       THE DRIVER
In two weeks time, on the 12th.
What time and which gate do you
drive into to get the load?
                       THE DRIVER
I don't know the time yet. I wont
know that until the day before. I
can let Matt know this. I drive
into gate 12. It's on the far
western side of the airport.
Do the guards come in with you?
                       THE DRIVER
This is the golden question. How
much are we looking at?
                       THE DRIVER
I never know how much. But my
truck always carries around eight
airport cargo containers. I figure
taking into account how much each
container can hold and the
currency exchange, we're looking
at around 30 Million in Australian
DAVID looks up at SARAH and PETER with excitement as he
hears the figure.
How long does it take to unload
the truck?
                       THE DRIVER
About three quarters of an hour.
When it goes down YOU MUST stay
close to the truck, UNDERSTAND?


                       THE DRIVER
Now this is important, listen very
carefully to what I am about to
say. Your blind fold will be
taken off. After this you MUST
NOT move out of your chair or MOVE
in your chair, you MUST sit
frozen. Your safety depends on
                       THE DRIVER
What are you going to do?
You'll be ok, only if you follow
the directions I just gave!
DAVID nods at MATT who's standing near a light switch on the
inside of the shut garage. She turns the light switch off
and suddenly the garage is in total darkness.

THE DRIVER can feel his blind fold being undone. As it's
taken away he's greeted with blackness. He can hear a
number of footsteps walking away. The only light he can see
in front of him is a thin sliver of light shinning
underneath the main door. Suddenly four thin rays of red
light shine directly at him. They surround his head region.
The breathing of THE DRIVER becomes deep and heavy. Without
warning the sound of gunshots blast in the garage. The sound
echoes off the walls. THE DRIVER can feel and hear bullets
whizzing past his head. He screams out in horrific fear and
grabs hold of each side of the chair.

The shooting seems to last an eternity. At last the
shooting stops. There's an echo that continues for a few
moments, gradually dies down. THE DRIVER screams still
continue. The light to the garage is switched on by MATT.
THE DRIVER'S eyes are tightly shut, he's gripping each side
of the chair.
HEY, it's over. You can stop
screaming now!
THE DRIVER stops screaming and slowly opens his eyes. He
releases his grip on the chair and feels his head for any
bullet holes. Not finding any, he looks forward and sees
four people in front of him, dressed in black with
balaclavas. WILSON walks towards him.


                       THE DRIVER
What the fuck was that for! You
guys are fucking crazy!!
That was to make sure you
understand how serious we are!
We're not in the business to fuck
around! If at any time you get
the idea to pull out of this
business venture or to tell the
cops of our intended plan, WE WILL
hunt you down. You keep up the end
of your bargain and you'll be safe
and rich. After the job is done
you'll never hear from us again.
Have I made myself clear?
                       THE DRIVER
Yeah, but fuck man, I shit my
Well when this is done, you can
buy real fancy jocks. (Turns to
SARAH and PETERS) Take him back
to MATT. (Turns back to the
driver) You'll be blind folded
again, we prefer that people don't
know of our special location.
Don't forget, we need to know the
time of that delivery and the
DAVID pulls out of a side pocket on his jump suit a mobile
phone and a paper card, he hands both to THE DRIVER.
Take this phone. When you have
the info, ring MATT on that
DAVID points to the card. THE DRIVER reads the card.
                       THE DRIVER


After today you'll not see MATT
again and YOU WILL NOT visit MATT.
Do you understand this?
When you're interviewed by the
cops, YOU had nothing to do with
this! You stick to that and you'll
be ok.
SARAH and PETER come to the chair and re-blind fold the THE
DRIVER. They then lift him from the chair. As THE DRIVER
is walked past DAVID, he notices a fresh brown liquid stain
on THE DRIVER'S underwear.
Guys, take the man out so he can
clean himself up. Matt when you
get back, we start the planning.
As THE DRIVER is guided up to MATT, MATT takes over from
SARAH and grabs THE DRIVER'S left arm.
It's me.
                       THE DRIVER
Your friends are fucking nuts.
I know.
DAVID, MATT, PETER and SARAH are standing in the middle of
the shed.
Guys, we've got two weeks to train
and plan for this job. Lets brush
up on our firearm skills first,
then covering each other. We'll
then go over the photos and
sketches that Sarah and Peter did
of the airport. Sarah and Peter
you guys get the weapons. Matt and
I will go outside and set up the


DAVID and MATT walk out of the shed. Sarah and Peter walk to
the middle of the shed. They both go to two points on the
ground, kneel down and feel in the soil. They both search in
the ground for a short moment, before they find what there
looking for.
I've got mine.
Same here.
They each pull up a small piece of rope, which is attached
to a thick piece of chain. They take any slack out of the
chain, until its tight.
On the count of three?
One, two, three.
SARAH and PETER each walk away, pulling the chains over
their shoulders together. A large steel plate is pulled
along the earthen floor, exposing a large open concrete pit.
PETER feeling that they have pulled the steel plate enough
of a distance, stops.
Sarah, I think that's enough.
PETER and SARAH drop the chains on the floor and they both
go over to look down at the pit. At one end of the pit are
concrete stairs leading down into an Aladdin's cave
containing all types of weaponry and equipment.
      (Looking down at
       the pit)
Lets get the automatics first.
DAVID is standing behind a safety barrier watching SHARA
driving a lowered hotted up V8 car at high speed along a
race track. Hers is the only car on the track. DAVID watches
as SHARA at high speed flings the back of the car around at
one hundred and eighty degrees and continues driving
backwards at high speed in a perfectly straight line. After


a short distance SHARA places the car into drive and
accelerates at high speed, she comes to set of traffic cones
spaced evenly apart and weaves in between the traffic cones.
She once again flings the car around one hundred and eighty
degrees and drives in reverse in a perfectly straight line
at a fast rate of speed. DAVID smiles to himself impressed
by SHARA'S driving skills.

SHARA stops the car and accelerates forward at high speed to
where DAVID is standing behind the barrier. She comes to a
screeching stop directly beside DAVID. The front passenger
electric window of the car comes down.
      (Yelling out of
       the car)
Coming for a drive?
Impressive! You've still go it.
DAVID climbs over the barrier.
Never lost it.
DAVID opens up the passenger side door and gets into the
      (Looks around the
       interior of the
She's still in good shape. How's
Lucy going?
Better than ever.
Hows your truck driving skills?
      (Looks at DAVID
David! You insult me.
Just asking. Ok, take me for a


Suddenly SHARA puts her foot down on the accelerator, tyres
squeal, DAVID instinctively holds on with an excited
A medium size semi truck is driving along a Highway. The
sidings on the truck are plain with no sign writing or
logos. In front of the truck and behind the truck is a large
white 4WD. Both 4WD's are very close to the truck, keeping
the gap between the truck at a minimal. In each 4WD are
three armed security guards, heavily built and dressed in
matching dark blue T.Shirts and dark blue cargo pants.
Printed across the chest of each T.Shirt in white ink, is
the word, "SECURITY." The security guard sitting in the
back of each 4WD has a shot gun placed across his lap. All
the men are sitting in silence, in deep concentration.
A truck with a long trailer is parked on the airline tarmac
with a 4WD vehicle parked at the front of it and a 4WD
vehicle parked at the rear. In each of the 4WDS are three
security gaurds. They're alert watching the area around
THE DRIVER opens his door and climbs down the side of the
truck. He goes to one of the ties holding down the sliding
partition and begins to unclip it.
Inside a airport hanger is FORK LIFT DRIVER ONE and FORK
LIFT DRIVER TWO they are each sitting on their fork lifts
and start them. MATT and PETER appear from out of nowhere,
with stealth they run up beside FORK LIFT DRIVER ONE and

Mc CANN and MALES are dressed all in black, wearing gas
masks, balaclavas, ceramic ballistic vests, armed with
automatic weapons and pistols strapped to their legs. FORK
arms. Mc CANN and MALES motion the FORK LIFT DRIVE ONE and
FORK LIFT DRIVER TWO to get down from their machines. As
soon as the drivers get down, Mc CANN and MALES motion them
to lay on the ground. Mc CANN and MALES pull out cable ties
from their side leg pockets and zip tie the hands and ankles
of the two drivers. Mc CANN and MALES get into each of the
fork lifts and drive them at full speed out of the hanger.


Racing across the tarmac MATT aims his fork lift at the rear
4WD and PETER drives at full speed towards the front 4WD.
Each fork lift comes in from the side of each of the 4WDs
and raise their forks to the height of the side windows.
Only at the last minute, do the security guards in the 4WDs
see the fork lifts racing at full speed towards them.

There's an involuntary scream from the men in each of the
4WDs. The fork lifts smash full force into the side of the
4WDs, causing each of them to slide violently across the
tarmac. Almost immediately DAVID and SARAH who are also
wearing the same equipment as MATT and PETER appear. DAVD is
at the side of the fork lift that MATT is driving. He's
holding a tear gas gun and fires three tear gas canisters
into the cabin through the smashed windows. The front 4WD is
then automatically lifted off the ground by the fork lift.
Thick white smoke is billowing from the vehicle's windows.
The doors opposite the fork lift open and SECURITY GUARD
ONE, TWO and THREE jump out, desperately escaping the tear
gas. They all fall a few metres to the hard tarmac.

As they hit, involuntary groans of pain come out of their
mouths. They're all coughing wildly with their eyes running
with tears and mucous running out of their noses. DAVD runs
Spread your fucking arms and legs
now, or I'll blow your fucking
heads off. Do it NOW!!
SECURITY GAURD ONE, TWO and THREE immediately do as they are
DAVID holds his firearm with one hand and with the other
reaches down on his belt and grabs a bunch of black cable
ties. He throws them down at SECURITY GUARD ONE.
Tie your mates up.
While at the other 4WD a similiar situation is unfolding.
Tear gas cannisters have been shot into the 4WD's smashed
the tear gas out through the opposite doors to the fork lift
and fall to the ground. SARAH runs over to the security
guards and covers them with her automatic firearm, hanging
the tear gas gun over her right shoulder.
None of you fuckers move an inch!


At each of the 4WD's, MATT and PETER climb down from their
fork lifts and join their companions on the tarmac watching
over the coughing security guards.

Being replaced by PETER, SARAH runs over towards THE DRIVER
of the truck with an automatic firearm. As SARAH is
approaching THE DRIVER, SECURITY GUARD FOUR quietly reaches
down to his pistol, which is attached to his leg in a leg
holster. PETER has taken his eyes from the SECURITY GUARDS
as he watches SARAH run towards THE DRIVER. SECURITY GUARD
FOUR takes the pistol out of the holster and while still
laying on his back, aims it at SARAH. SECURITY GUARD FOUR
fires a shot at SARAH, which whizzes past SARAH's head and
accidentally shoots THE DRIVER in the head, who falls
straight to the ground dead, beside the truck. PETER
instantly reacts and fires two shots into the chest of
SECURITY GUARD FOUR. SARAH stops immediately, turns around
and looks at PETER with hesitation.
Now if any of you other FUCKERS
want to fuck around, please do it.
PETER holds his firearm with one hand and with the other
reaches down on his belt and grabs a bunch of black cable
ties. He throws them down at SECURITY GUARD THREE.
YOU, tie them up!
SARAH throws the automatic weapon over her right shoulder
with the tear gas gun, climbs up the side of the truck. She
gets in behind the steering wheel and starts the truck. The
truck roars into life and SARAH drives it towards the
security gate, building up speed.
As the truck drives off, DAVD, PETER and MATT run behind the
truck. The truck builds up speed and heads towards the
large closed wire mesh security gate. An UNARMED SECURITY
GUARD having heard the commotion and the sound of the
approaching truck steps out of a security booth, he sees the
truck heading towards him and waves his arms frantically in
the air.
                       UNARMED SECURITY GUARD
The truck dosen't stop and forces the UNARMED SECURITY GUARD
to dash into the safety of the booth, only seconds before


the truck crashes through the gate. The impact is so
forceful that the gate is ripped from its hinges and is
thrown metres to each side. DAVID, MATT and PETER run
towards a vehicle parked opposite the gate. As the men get
into the car, MATT starts it and the sound of a powerful V8
engine can be heard. The car speeds off, leaving rubber
marks on the bitchumen.
SARAH is driving the truck from the airport down the
backstreets of an industrial estate. She drives the truck
into the driveway that leads to a large warehouse, she stops
the truck in front of a large galvanized roller door.
Instantly upon the truck coming to a stop the roller door
raises. Standing on the right inside the door is SHANE, when
the truck is clear of the the door he waves SARAH through.
SARAH enters the large warehouse. As the rear of the truck
clears the roller door SHANE pushes a button on the wall and
the door commences to lower.
DAVID is driving the V8 getaway car, MATT is sitting in the
front passenger seat and PETER is sitting in the back seat.
They're very calm and DAVID is doing the speed limit. PETER
and MATT are stripping off their black jump suits where they
are sitting. Underneath both men are only wearing underwear.

PETER grabs a heavy duty plastic bag next to him and places
his jump suit and all his equipment into the plastic bag,
except for his firearm, he then hands the black plastic bag
over to MATT who does the same. MATT hands over his firearm
to PETER. PETER removes two uniforms with North Oranges
embroidered on the shirts and two wigs from two ordinary
looking backpacks and places his and PETER'S firearm into
the backpacks. PETER hands one of the uniforms and a wig
MATT. Both men begin to change into the uniforms and place
on their wigs.
A police scanner is sitting on the backseat next to PETER.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850.
Here it comes.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850 go ahead.


                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850, yours is a confirmed
armed robbery at Gate 12. Have
more details when you're ready.
Matt, lets swap.
DAVID and MATT swap seats, while the car is in motion. DAVID
commences to undress. DAVID hands over his jump suit to
PETER who hands DAVID his uniform and a wig. PETER places
the jump suit into the garbage bag with all of the teams
equipment. He places DAVID'S firearm into a third backpack.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850 Go ahead.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850. Four offenders
dressed in black jump suits have
decamped the scene, heading in an
unknown direction. One deceased
security guard. Sit rep Airport
850 when you arrive.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Broadmeadows 307, we'll back up
Airport 850.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850. Broadmeadows 307 are
heading your way.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Airport 850 receive that.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Attention all units heading to the
Airport, we have just received a
description of the offenders
vehicle. A brown Ford Falcon,
registration Zulu, Bravo, Quebec,
3, 6, 1. Last seen travelling
south along Airport Drive. All
units exercise extreme care, these
offenders are armed and dangerous.
It's out.
The team see in the distance a marked police van with
flashing lights and sirens, travelling towards them on the
opposite side of the road. The police van speeds by and then


suddenly comes to a sudden stop, screeching its tyres with a
cloud of smoke. The police van forces itself into oncoming
Looking over his shoulder through
the rear windscreen at the
approaching police van.
Looks in the rear view mirror.
                       POLICE SCANNER (V.O)
Broadmeadows 307. We've just
spotted the offender's vehicle
travelling south along Airport
Drive. Three heads on board.
We're almost there.
MATT drives the getaway car in a side suburban street and
parks the car. In the distance can be heard approaching
police sirens. PETER reaches down onto the back floor of the
car and pulls up a plastic container containing a fluid, on
the outside of the container is a timer and a small amount
of explosives. He pushes some buttons on the timer and
places the container inside the plastic garbage bag.
60 seconds.
MATT, PETER and DAVID walk calmly away from the car, each
dressed in their North Oranges uniforms, wearing their caps
and carrying their backpacks containing their firearms. They
walk a short distance down the street towards a small white
van which has printed on its sides, "North Oranges. Picked
Fresh Today! The van is parked in the street facing the
opposite direction.

DAVID walks to the front passenger door. MATT and PETER walk
to the side sliding door. Sitting in the drivers seat
waiting patiently is Alexander Adler (50-55).
Guten Morgen Männer. I can hear
your friends are on their way. I
think we had better leave.


Guten Morgen Alex. I think that
sounds like a good idea.
DAVID gets into the front passenger seat while MATT and
PETER get into the rear of the van. ALEX drives the van
towards the end of the street where the team drove in.
      (Hands David a
       North Oranges
Here put this on.
DAVID puts the cap on and adjusts his wig to suit.
The North Oranges van drives out of the street and turns
left into the adjoining street away from the direction of
the approaching police siren. Looking into the driver's side
mirror ALEX sees behind a police van quickly turn into the
street and then turn quickly again into the street where the
getaway car is parked.
A police van with sirens and flashing lights, quickly turns
left into a suburban street where the teams getaway car is
parked. As the police van races towards the getaway car, the
getaway car's interior blows up with a mild explosion. The
police van comes to a sudden stop, screeching it's tyres,
it's a fair distance away from the getaway car.

A police officer gets out of the passenger seat and a police
officer gets out of the driver's door. The police officer on
the passenger side reaches in and grabs a handset and
commences to talk into it. Both police officers are standing
watching the getaway car burn.
SHANE and SARAH have opened one side of the trucks
tarpaulin, both are standing back looking at the aircraft
containers on the trucks tray, they are both looking in awe
at the amount of containers there are.
Girl, I'm guessing there's more
than 30 million here.


How much you figure?
Enough that we should strongly
consider leaving this Country
permanently and retiring.
      (Staring at the
That sounds like a wonderful idea
to me.
Lets start unloading this fucker,
I hope the other trucks big
In the background can be seen a couple of forklifts and
another truck with the side tarpaulins stating, "North
Oranges. Picked Fresh Today!"
An unmarked police car pulls up outside the wrecked wire
mesh security gate at the airport. JOHN, STEWART and ROD
MATHESON (33 - 35) being the driver the vehicle, get out at
precisely the same time. The car doors close in unison. They
all meet next JOHN who's standing in front of the passenger
door. They stand together facing the security gate, taking
in the scene.

There are a large group of reporters and camera men at the
gate, facing the crime scene.
Rod considering your the new guy,
all I want you to do is listen and
watch, got it?
Got it.
Alright gentlemen, lets go and do
our job!
The three detectives walk towards the gate with JOHN in the


As the detectives near the reporters. A lone REPORTER who
is standing at the rear of the pack, turns and spots the
detectives approaching. He hurriedly approches the
detectives with a hand held microcassette recorder
Detectives what can you tell us
about this armed robbery?
We're here to assist our Federal
colleagues with the investigation
of this crime.
The other reporters hearing the REPORTER ask the question
behind them, turn around and quickly mob the detectives with
excited numerous questions.
                       FEMALE REPORTER
So your State Detectives?
Yes we are. Now if you people can
excuse us we have a job to do,
thank you!
The detectives push their way through the reporters and come
up to the crime scene tape. On the other side is a lone
I'm Senior Sergeant WHILTSHIRE
from the Armed Offenders Squad. My
men and I are here to see Federal
Boss he's at the crime scene. I've
been told to let him know when you
arrive. I need your names and
numbers for the log.
That's fine.
JOHN turning to ROD.
Senior Detective Matheson can you
give the Constable our details,
and then meet us at the crime
scene. We'll go and find


                       JOHN (cont'd)
ROD nods his head in agreement.
JOHN followed by STEWART lift the crime scene tape and walk
through the mangled wire gate.
JOHN and STEWART walk across the tarmac towards a fork lift
which is holding up a 4WD. JOHN sees a tall balding man
dressed in a suit with police I.D around his neck. The tall
man is in conversation with other detectives. JOHN walks up
to the tall balding man.
Excuse me men, which one of you is
That would be me. You must be
Detective Senior Sergeant
ROD joins the group.
That's me and these men are my
Thanks for coming, you can call me
I'm John. Tony thanks for letting
us assist you in this matter. We
perfectly understand that this
offence occurred on federal
jurisdiction and your in charge.
But I am betting these guys live
in this State and they may strike
again. I figure with us working
together we can provide each other
with info in order to identifying
the crooks who did this job.
I totally agree. If you and your
men want to follow me I'll show
you the crime scene.
JOHN, STEWART and ROD follow PARKINSON towards the parked
plane. The detectives see men and women dressed in blue


overalls around the crime scene. They're taking photographs
of the area, fingerprinting, taking DNA swabs from
machinery, and taking measurements from one point to
So what happened here Tony?
At approximately 9.30, just as
that international plane there
(Pointing) was about to be loaded
with fifty million in Indonesian
50 Million detective. I've had it
confirmed by the mint. This
gentlemen would make it possibly
the highest robbery in Australia's
history. Moving on, four well
armed masked men held up the
truck. From what a couple of the
guards tell us, one of them may
have been a women.
JOHN and STEWART give each other a quick knowing look.
Why do they think that?
One of the offenders standing over
them was yelling out in a female's
voice. They hit fast and hard,
taking out the armed security
guards with fork lifts and tear
gas. As you can see the 4WDs are
still in the air (Pointing to the
4WD'S) where they were left. Five
security guards are suffering from
the effects of tear gas. One guard
is dead, shot in the chest, he
took a pot shot at one of the
offenders, we believe it was at
the female as she was running
towards the truck. The shot missed
her and hit the truck driver, a
clean head shot, poor fucker.


Fuck, bad luck.
Anything at this stage to connect
or I.D who may have done this?
The only thing we'll have is the
slugs they pull out of the dead
guard. Other than that nothing.
We've fully finger printed the
fork lifts and the 4WD's. We've
found prints, but they could be
from anyone. From what we've been
told all of the offenders were
wearing gloves. Not until we take
elimination prints from the fork
lift drivers and the guards; and
run them, will we see if we've got
DNA swabbing?
We've swabbed anything we think
they may have touched. But again
because of the gloves the chance
of DNA is remote and none of the
offenders had cut themselves or
had been shot, so I am guessing
the results will be negative.
We've bagged the clothes from all
those directly involved.
We've got some news for you. One
of our vans began to pursue the
offenders, but they had enough
time to dump the getaway car and
torch it. It's about two k's from
here in a quiet side street. It
was a Holden V8, white. It comes
up as stolen.
That matches the description of
the car taking off from here.
There's nothing left but a shell.
There goes any chance of DNA. I
guess that's where the change over


                       JOHN (cont'd)
vehicle was.
      (Nods in agreement)
Well we're left with a unknown
crew of hard hitting crooks, who
know how to cover their tracks.
I totally agree, their not going
to fuck up that easy.
A mobile phone inside JOHN's suit pocket rings. He reaches
in and answers the phone.
Detective Senior Sergeant
Whiltshire. (Pause) Where abouts.
(Pause) Ok, we'll be there in
JOHN hangs up the phone.
All the detectives are facing JOHN.
That was the coms centre, they've
found the truck burning in a
JOHN walks through the detective's muster room. Detectives
are either sitting at their desks typing, making phone
calls, walking in and out of the room or talking to each
other. JOHN walks to a single office attached to the muster
room. He knocks on the door.
You wanted to see me boss?
INSPECTOR DIXON is sitting behind his desk reading the
contents in a manilla folder. In the office is a wall unit
containing police folders and Acts of Parliament. On the
walls are plaques, pictures of INSPECTOR DIXON with high
ranking officials and certificates in frames. On the desk
is a laptop.
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
Yes, come in John, take a seat.


JOHN sits on the opposite side of the desk to INSPECTOR
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
I'm just going through the info on
that airport job. How you going
with it, any leads?
No, been in continuous contact
with the FEDs, they've got no
leads either. Their tests came
back, no DNA, no prints, and no
suspects. I've got informers and
U.Cs out sniffing around, but
nothing yet.
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
So at the moment we've hit a brick
At the moment we have. But we've
got information reports coming in
that the boys are working on.
Nothing substantial yet, to get
warrants for.
INSPECTOR DIXON picks up the thick folder and begins to
flick through it.
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
So out of this information I have
in front of me and the information
reports that have come into our
office, you're telling me there's
not a single lead! John, I just
got off the phone with the
Assistant Commissioner not just
ten minutes ago. He want's to
know what the progress is. Now, I
can't ring him back and tell him
we're gong nowhere with these.
There must be something you have,
one clue to work with?
JOHN wipes his right palm across his face and looks down at
the floor, looks up slowly at INSPECTOR DIXON.
Boss we've got nothing. My boys
are out their putting the hours
in. Trust me it will be only a
matter of time and this team will


                       JOHN (cont'd)
slip up.
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
John you and your team have at
your disposal what ever you need
to find those offenders. We can't
afford to let them get away with
two murders and the largest
robbery in history.
Thanks Boss.
                       INSPECTOR DIXON
Any lead at all, I want to know
about it. This is starting to get
political. The Assistant
Commissioner is getting pressure
from above, which is flowing down
to me.
Boss, you'll be the first to know.
ROD and STEWART are sitting at a park bench in very shabby
clothes. Nearby is a child's playground with young children
and their parents. The parents are either playing with their
children or supervising them. ROD and STEWART are looking
around the park, expecting someone.
You guys are looking a bit nervy.
ROD and STEWART quickly turn around to see JOHN standing
behind them, he's also dressed in shabby clothing.
Fuck Boss, you scared the shit out
of me.
Shakes his head in annoyance.
Guys, you need to relax.


Yeah, yeah, take a seat shit
JOHN walks around the table and sits opposite ROD and
Thanks for meeting here. I had a
meeting with the Inspector this
morning. He's getting pressure to
solve this. He's given us anything
we need to bring in suspects.
What did you tell him?
      (Talking to
Nothing. I just got off the phone
with our friend. They'll let us
know the next move.
What friend? What are you guys up
Good fortunes smiling down on you.
You've just hit the jackpot, your
careers about to blossom.
What do you mean?
Stewy and I have things in order.
We've got to handle this just
right or we'll loose everything.
We'll do this by the book. At the
end we'll come out smelling like
roses. The hero's of the squad.
This guy's smart John, he fucked
us over last time. We're lucky he
went down last time. We can't
trust anyone internally with this


                       STEWART (cont'd)
one, it's too big to loose it!
You guys know who did this, don't
That's why we're meeting here?
It's a sad day when you can't
trust your colleagues.
When were you going to tell me?
We wont tell you everything, not
yet. When the time comes we'll
tell you all. In the meanwhile,
trust us.
Nods his head in understanding.
The beautiful thing is that this
time we've got them all and they
have no fucking idea (laughs).
Stew you and I start the
preparation. Rod not a word to
anyone, for this to work we need
total silence.
You can count on me.
Back at the office you can't let
on you know anything. We have to
treat this as a normal job,
gathering leads. Pretend we have
no idea who these guys are, get
Guys, I get it ok, not a squeak!


When the next move comes it's
going to come in fast, hot and
heavy. We'll be there greeting
those fuckers, (Smiles) they wont
know what the fuck is going on,
their heads will be spinning.
around a small wooden table in the middle of the shed. On
the table is a map of Victoria.
Alright guys lets begin. Dad,
Sarah how did you go?
Smooth. No probs. The trucks
undercover next door.
We saw that.
We need to protect that baby 24/7,
until we're ready to move.
Gentlemen, for the information of
my friends, have we confirmed how
      (Looking at Sarah
       with a smile.)
We have. (Pauses) 50.
Fifty million?
Well fuck me.


      (Look of shock)
Are you sure?
Your Dad and I opened up all the
containers and counted
approximately what was inside. 10
mill in each.
10 containers makes 50 mill.
GUYS! Not being a kill joy, but I
think we need to talk about what
happened at the airport.
What happened?
Matt's friend was killed.
      (Concerned look)
From one of the security guards.
The bullet was meant for me.
Any family?
A wife, two kids.
Matt, they'll be looked after.
For a long time.
There's a moments pause among the group.


Alex, How would your friends feel
amount this new amount?
No problem. I'll have to let them
know. They may want more of a cut.
The bribes will have to be bigger.
This much money means more risk,
more time in jail for them. They
have to bribe customs, local
police and officials.
Guys, Lets not get greedy. Each of
us in this room, will walk away
with four Mill each. No bad for a
days work.
(Smiles) That's right. (Pauses)
Alex, tell them how the money is
going to be laundered.
      (Looks down at the
       map and points)
When I get the word from my
friends. You gentlemen and lady,
will drive my truck up to my
orange farm in Mildura. I will
pack the money in with my oranges.
The truck will then continue onto
Why not bring a tuck load of
oranges down here, put the money
in the crates and ship them out of
I always ship my oranges out of
Adelaide, it's closer and less
suspicious. I start shipping them
out of Melbourne it might draw


Peter nods his head in understanding.
My oranges in twenty years have
never been checked in Adelaide.
Once they leave Adelaide on the
ship, we're safe.
How do we get our money?
Alex and I already have it.
There's surprise from MATT and PETER. DAVID has a knowing
Alex and I are spotting you guys
because we're real nice blokes.
We'll get reimbursed later.
      (Looks at David
       with a smile)
You knew about this, didn't you.
DAVID smiles.
You trust these characters in
We've known these characters for a
long time Matt, there's trust.
It's not the first time we've
conducted business in Indonesia.
(Smiles at SHANE who smiles back)
      (To Alex)
Show them the next step.
      (Looking down at
       the map)
You get your money once the
oranges are delivered. From there


                       ALEX (cont'd)
you drive to the local airport, a
plane will fly you back to
Melbourne. Friends, much safer
flying back than driving back with
millions in the trunk of your car,
A nod of heads and agreement from DAVID, MATT, SARAH and
How far from your farm to the
Just under 15 kilometers.
Sarah, when we get the go ahead
from Alex, you and Matt follow
Pete and I up in the truck.
Use Lucy?
Yes, just in case we need her.
What about equipment?
Fully armed, spare clips, vested
up. Wear baggy tops to hide the
vests. We're taking no chances on
this. Lets go over this map, I
want everyone to know the route
getting up to Mildura, the route
to the airport, towns on the way,
alternative escape routes.
DAVID and SUSAN are sitting at a table in a boutique
restaurant. The lighting is low and there's music playing
softly in the background. A candle sits in the middle of the
table. The table is against a window with the backdrop of
the city lights.

An immaculately dressed waiter comes over and shows DAVID
the bottle. DAVID nods his head. The waiter pours a little


into DAVID'S glass. DAVID tastes the wine and nods again.
The waiter pours more wine into DAVID'S glass and then into
SUSAN'S glass.
Thank you.
Anything else sir?
Not for the moment.
DAVID raises his glass and so does SUSAN.
Cheers. So how's it going?
Good, we're just waiting for the
word from overseas and then we
Where to?
An orange farm in Mildura.
What happens then?
We get the money, drive to the
local airport and fly out. (PAUSE)
And then I'm done!
What!? Your done?
Done, finished, kaput, over and
Oh David!
SUSAN gets out of her chair and runs around to DAVID. She
kisses him on the face repeatedly. DAVID laughs.


Ok, Ok.
SUSAN sits back in her chair.
Then I'm going away. I wont be
coming back, permanently. I want
you to come with me.
This is forever. Never coming back
to this country. You wont be able
to say goodbye to anyone.
Susan, do you understand?
David, I understand.
Good, lets eat.
DAVID raises his right hand in the air.
The WAITER comes over with a beautiful ornate dinner plate
on the top of the plate is a gleaming silver cloche.
You'll love the taste of this.
The WAITER then places the plate onto the table and waits
for DAVID'S command.
What is it?
DAVID nods at the WAITER. The WAITER lifts the cloche.
Sitting on the plate is a beautiful blue velvet open ring


box, sitting in the box is a large gleaming diamond ring.
SUSAN is totally awestruck!
A truck with a sign on each side stating, "North Oranges.
Picked Fresh Today!" is driving along a country highway.
DAVID is driving and MATT is sitting in the front passenger
seat. Both are wearing North Oranges uniforms with ballistic
vests underneath. MATT has an automatic firearm across his
lap and an automatic firearm is standing upright between the
two men. DAVID and MATT are alert but comfortable.

Following the North Oranges truck is SARAH and PETER in
SARAH'S vehicle, "LUCY." SARAH is driving and PETER is in
the front passenger seat. Two automatic firearms are resting
against PETER'S right leg in the foot well. SARAH and PETER
are dressed in casual clothing. There upper torso's are
bulky from the ballistic vest they're wearing under their
tops. SARAH'S concentrating on her driving and PETER is
looking out the window at the scenery going by.
Detectives are in the Armed Offenders Office, some sitting
at their desks making phone calls, reading reports, typing
away at their computers, while others are talking to each
other and some walking around the office holding documents.

JOHN is sitting on the corner of one of the detective's
desks having a general conversation with the detective who's
sitting at the desk. JOHN has a mug of coffee in his hand.
JOHN'S mobile phone rings in his top shirt pocket. He
reaches into the pocket and recognizes the number on the
phone's display. He's now fully alert.
Sorry Phil, I have to take this.
Yeah, no worries.
JOHN walks away from the desk towards an office, which has
his name stenciled on the door. He's still holding the mug
of coffee.
      (Answers the
       mobile phone)
Go ahead.


JOHN walks into his office and closes door. He walks behind
his desk and sits down.
What time! Looks at his watch.
FUCK. What took you so long?
(Pauses) Ok, we've got to work
with what we've got. We've got
around two hours to put the plan
into place. (pauses) It's going to
be tight, real tight. Keep me
JOHN hangs up the mobile phone, gets up from behind his desk
quickly, opens the office door and looks out into the room
filled with detectives, searching the room impatiently.
STEWART and ROD immediately stand up from their desks,
looking at JOHN.
What is it Boss?
Their on the move, get kitted up
STEWART and ROD with excitment, immediately begin to take
their pistols and operational equipment out of their desk
I'll go and see the Boss, get the
SOG and air wing on board.
JOHN walks back into his office quickly.
The North Orange truck is driving down a long dusty driveway
leading to a large orange farm. Following behind the truck
is the team's black V8 motor vehicle, "LUCY."
                                         CUT TO:


ALEX and SHANE walk out of a large farm shed, which has
North Oranges. Picked Fresh Today! painted on the front of
the shed.

To the right hand side of the entrance to the large shed is
a North Oranges truck. One side of the truck is fully open,
inside can be seen crates of oranges. A large forklift is
coming out of the shed carrying a crate of oranges on its
forks. It drives towards the truck and gently places the
crate onto the tray of the truck next to another crate.

ALEX and SHANE walk pass the truck and look in the distance
at a truck coming down the dusty drive way. A smile
appears on both their faces.
                                         CUT TO:
The North Oranges Truck comes to a stop outside the farm
shed. Behind the truck are SARAH and PETER in the black V8.
DAVID winds down the driver's window. Standing between the
truck and the shed are SHANE and ALEX.

To the right hand side of the large shed is the other North
Oranges truck with it's left hand side open, exposing crates
of oranges, which have been loaded. A large fork lift is
coming out of the shed carrying another crate of oranges to
load onto the truck.
Hello gentlemen, where would you
like this put?
Drive it straight into the shed,
down the back. This one will be
loaded in a couple of minutes, we
can then talk in private. Sarah
park your car over here. (Pointing
to the left hand side of the shed)
Any problems?
None, smooth sailing.


The North Oranges truck parked outside the large shed is
having the last pallet load of oranges loaded onto it by the
large forklift. The team's V8 black car is parked to the
left hand side of the entrance to the large shed. As the
forklift finishes loading the last pallet onto the truck, it
reverses and accidentally, slightly hits the rear left hand
tail light of the team's black V8 car, smashing the light
cover. The forklift driver is unaware and drives off into
the shed.
ALEX, SHANE, DAVID, SARAH, MATT and PETER are standing in
the middle of the orange shed, standing around a table with
eight large black canvas bags sitting on the table. The
large shed door is closed. Around them are crates of
oranges. On the outside of the crates are stenciled the
words, "North Oranges." Fork lifts are parked around the
shed. The North Oranges truck is in the background with the
side tarpaulin fully open, exposing ten aircraft containers
Gentlemen, there are two bags each
containing your share. Please feel
free to count the contents.
I'm cool.
I'd like to have a look.
MATT reaches for one of the bags, unzips it and opens it up.
The bag is filled with fresh money, bundled individually,
wrapped in elastic bands.
SHIT, that's a lot of money.
There are smiles from DAVID, SARAH and PETER.
Each bundle is worth $25,000.
There are eighty bundles in each
bag, which makes a total of four
million in the two bags.


A girl can do a lot of dress
shopping with this.
The group smiles at Sarah.
What!? It's true.
I'll phone my friend at the
airport, tell him you're on your
JOHN, STEWART, ROD and eight Special Operation Group (SOG)
members are walking across a tarmac towards two police
helicopters. The helicopter engines are starting up and
their blades are slowly gaining speed.

JOHN, SEWART and ROD are wearing ballistic vests over their
shirts. JOHN is carrying a shot gun in his right hand,
while STEWART and ROD are wearing pistols in their shoulder
holsters. The SOG members are all dressed in black jump
suits, wearing ceramic amour plating, a protective helmet,
eye protection, each with an automatic firearm hanging
across their chest, a communicative ear piece and pistols at
their sides.
A marked traffic operations vehicle is parked off the
Highway in a quiet Country lane. The day is beautifully
sunny. MILDURA 607 is in the drivers seat. It's quiet on the
road. He sees in the distance the TEAM'S vehicle approach
him from the left hand side. The passenger window of the
police vehicle is down. MILDURA 607 holds up a radar gun
sitting on his lap and points it at the approaching vehicle.
(PAUSE) The radar beeps and MILDURA 607 looks down at the
radar display below, the figure 100 is displayed on the
console face.

The TEAM'S vehicle passes MILDURA 607. He watches the
vehicle pass and sees the broken rear left hand tail light
smashed. He hesitates for a moment.
                       MILDURA 607
Just a check.


MILDURA points the radar gun down on the front passenger
seat and puts the police vehicle into drive.
The TEAM'S vehicle is driving at the speed limit along a
main country road. SARAH is driving concentrating on the
road ahead. DAVID is sitting in the front passenger seat,
PETER and MATT are sitting in the back seat, there's silence
in the car.

As the car passes a dirt side road, PETER sees out the
corner of his eye a stationary marked police car.
We've just past a traffic car.
Sarah looks into the rear view mirror.
Sarah, keep driving as you are.
He's put on his blueys, here he
In the rear view mirror can be seen the police car with it's
flashing lights on, and a cloud of dust as it pulls out of
the dirt side road.
Fuck, are you serious! What shitty
We can't pull over. (laughs) We've
got a bag of firearms in the
backseat and 16 million in the
Sarah, get us to that airport!
SARAH accelerates the car. Now the engine is roaring.
That fuckers going to be on the
radio telling all his mates he's
after us. Guys, I'm no fortune
teller, but I'm predicting that
our future is going to be met with


                       SARAH (cont'd)
a few challengers (Laughs).
How far would you say until we get
to the airport?
Fifteen minutes.
There's silence in the car as it dawns on each individual
what dilema their in.
DAVID turns around and looks at MATT and PETER, they all
look back at DAVID with reassuring smiles.
Two police helicopters are racing through the sky side by
side. In one of the helicopters is JOHN, SEWART, ROD and
four Special Operation Group members (SOG). The police pilot
and his observer are wearing radio monitored ear muffs. The
police observer turns to JOHN, points to his own ear muffs
and then at a set of ear muffs hanging behind JOHN.

JOHN nods his head, turns around and places the radio
monitored ear muffs on his head. JOHN listens to the police
Radio communication between a police vehicle and police
communications. The sound of police sirens in the
                       MILDURA 607 (V.O)
MILDURA 607, I've just past Looker
Road, I'm still travelling east
along the Sturt Highway, speed 200
Crime 265 urgent.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Go ahead crime 265.
Crime 265 what is MILDURA 607 in
pursuit of and why?
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Crime 265, Mildura 607 is in
pursuit of a black holden sedan,
registration MIKE, QUBEC, CHARLIE,


                       FEMALE OPERATOR (cont'd)
3, 5, 7. The vehicle had a broken
tail light and failed to stop for
a routine check. Four heads on
      (Yells in the
       cabin of the
FUCK. We just lost the jump on
STEWART, ROD and the SOG members look at JOHN with concern.
Crime 265. Inform MILDURA 607 that
the occupants of that vehicle are
highly dangerous and heavily
armed. He must NOT engage those
occupants alone. I want a secure
channel set up NOW for all units
in the area. No more open
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Received Crime 265.
MILDURA 607 is concentrating heavily on his driving and THE
TEAM'S vehicle in front of him. In his left hand he's
talking into a radio hand piece. The engine is revving
                       MILDURA 607
MILDURA 607 received the last. The
traffic is light, road dry and the
suspect vehicle is approximately
eighty metres in front. The
vehicle is doing 200 k'ms. Going
over to channel 36.
MILDURA 607 reaches over to the police radio and pushes
buttons on the radio set.
The TEAM are sitting in their car. A police scanner is
sitting in the center console. The TEAM are all listening to
it intently.


                       JOHN (V.O)
Crime 265. Inform MILDURA 607 that
the occupants of that vehicle are
highly dangerous and heavily
armed. He must NOT engage those
occupants alone. I want a secure
channel set up NOW for all units
in the area. No more open
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Received Crime 265.
The TEAM are all now deadly silent. Grime determination on
their faces.
WHO WAS THAT GUY? How does he know
about us?
I have no idea. Team there's a
shit storm coming our way.
MATT reaches for the large gun bag on the back seat,
containing the team's firearms. He keeps the bag low and
undoes the zip.
They've gone to a secure channel.
We're cut off.
That background noise was from a
chopper. There's no chance of
loosing them on the ground.
Team, serious decision time.
(pause) We stop right now and give
ourselves up or we fight our way
There's tension in the air as the team seriously think about
their dilemma.
We'll be going inside for a long
time. I can't do that.
We've come too far to stop.


I have plans and that doesn't
involve the pen.
MATT calmly recommences to take out one by one, an automatic
weapon and a spare clip of ammunition from the gun bag.
Keeping the weapons low, MATT passes two of the weapons
forward to DAVID.
One for Sarah.
DAVID nods.
Senior Sergeant JENKINS (50) is standing at the police radio
in the Watch House of the MILDURA police station. He's
dressed in his Senior Sergeant's uniform, talking into a
radio hand piece. Police are watching him and listening to
the police radio. All is quiet expect for the radio
Mildura 265. I've just heard what
Crime 265 said. Do we have have
any other units to back up 607?
                       MILDURA 257 (V.O)
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
MILDURA 257 go ahead.
                       MILDURA 257 (V.O)
MILDURA 257 I'm with 307, we've
just past PASCHENDALE Avenue,
we're approximately ten minutes
from intercepting with 607.
                       MERBEIN 207 (V.O)
      (Police siren in
       the background)
Merbein 207, I'm heading south
along the Robertson Lane. I'm one
up, approximately five minutes
from intercepting with 607.
                       BURONGA 207 (V.O)
      (Police siren in
       the background)
BURONGA 207, I can come and
assist, if permission is granted


                       BURONGA 207 (cont'd)
to cross the boarder. I'm
approximately fifteen from 607.
I'm also one up.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Mildura 265, you've got Mildura
257, 307, Merbein 207 backing up
607. Buronga 207 seeks permission
to assist?
265 Received that. Buronga 207
has permission to cross the
boarder. Tell all members to put
their vests on.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
To all members attending, 265 has
ordered that vests must be worn
and all units go to secure channel
The police communication centre is filled with approximately
a dozen work stations with radio operators at each. At one
work station a FEMALE OPERATOR sits in front of a large
computer screen, which has a road map depicted on it. On
the map are five small red dots moving along country roads.
The operator is wearing a head piece with a mouth piece.
                       JENKINS (V.O)
                       FEMALE OPERATOR
Go ahead 265.
                       JENKINS (V.O)
I'll be heading out, one up to
assist those units. Crime 265 will
be in charge. I'll be second in
                       FEMALE OPERATOR
Received that Mildura 265.


JOHN is sitting in the police helicopter talking through the
mouth piece.
Crime 265.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Go ahead Crime 265.
Crime 265. I need Mildura 265 to
nominate a location on the highway
for a safe road block?
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Mildura 265, did you hear the last
from crime 265?
                       JENKINS (V.O)
Mildura 265 received that. (Pause)
Approximately five ks east of
Keera Road wold be a good
location. There's nothing around.
JOHN speaks into the mouth piece to the helicopter pilot.
How far off are we from that
                       HELICOPTER PILOT
      (Holds up his left
       hand, showing
       five fingers)
Five minutes.
Crime 265, we'll meet Mildura 265
at that location in five minutes.
                       JENKINS (V.O)
Mildura 265 received the last. Can
I get Mildura 257 and 307 meet me
at that location.
THE TEAM'S vehicle is travelling at a fast rate of speed
along the highway with the MILDURA 607 in pursuit with his
sirens and police lights flashing. Both vehicle's engines


are howling with the speed their travelling at. The TACOS
on the vehicles are at their rev limits. The cars are a
flash on the road. All is quiet in THE TEAM'S vehicle as
each person is caught up in the pursuing tension.

MILDURA 607 is in deep concentration on the vehicle in
front. Both his hands are gripping the steering wheel
tightly, while a small bead of perspiration runs down his
MERBEIN 207 is stationary at an intersection. MERBEIN 207
is looking to his left and can see out of the heat haze
coming from a distance THE TEAM'S vehicle being pursued by
MILDRUA 607. He reaches for the radio handset on the
                       MERBEIN 207
Merbein 207.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Merbein 207 go ahead.
                       MERBEIN 207
Merbein I'm stationary at the
intersection of Robertson Lane and
the Sturt Highway. I'm observing
the suspects vehicle approaching
me at a very high rate of speed
with Mildura 607 in pursuit. I
will assist 607 with the pursuit.
Puts the hand set in between his legs.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR (V.O)
Merbein 207 received that.
At this point in time THE TEAM'S vehicle and MILDRUA 607
vehicles flash past MERBEIN 207. MERBEIN 207 puts is sirens
and lights on, and accelerates out of the side road,
screeching the rear wheels, causing momentarily the rear of
his vehicle to fish tail.
                       MERBEIN 207
      (Picks up the hand
Merbein 207, I am now in pursuit
with 607. Both vehicles are doing
well over two hundred.


SARAH looking into the rear view mirror with concentration.
Well lucky us, we have another
How much fuel do we have?
SARAH looking at the fuel gauge.
Very little. We've got enough to
get to the airport and little
beyond, but at this speed we're
chewing up the juice.
Well the upside is, we'll have a
police escort to our plane.
Very funny, very fucking funny.
The police helicopter with JOHN, STEWART, ROD and the SOG,
lands in the middle of a Highway. The down draft from the
helicopter's blades causes dust to be blown around the area.
The second helicopter hovers nearby with the second SOG
team still inside. Carrying his shot gun JOHN, STEWART, ROD
and the four man SOG team jump from the helicopter.

They all run towards three marked police units, which are
parked across the Highway with their lights flashing. In
the middle of the police units is a large police 4WD facing
forwards and on each side are two police vehicles parked
slightly diagonal.

The road on each side is heavily lined by large gum trees.

JOHN, STEWART, ROD and the SOG run towards the police units,
where four policeman wearing ballistic vests are standing in
front of the police vehicles. JOHN approaches a policeman
wearing the rank of Senior Sergeant.


I'm Detective Senior Sergeant
Whiltshire. Thanks for your quick
The group of policeman move in closer to hear what is being
JOHN yelling above the roar of the helicopter.
No problem Detective.
Yelling, looking around at the policeman.
You and your men understand that
the crooks heading this way are
extremely dangerous?
We do.
Ok! Now tell me what you've done
As you can see we've got three
cars set up with the 4WD in the
middle. (Pointing) Two hundred
meters down the road we've set up
tyre spikes. All traffic coming
out of Mildura has been stopped.
I've got units stopping traffic at
The Sturt Highway and Keera Road.
This section of the highway has
been sealed off.
How far are we from those traffic
Approximately four ks' in each
Are there any other roads between
the road blocks that might lead a
member of the public towards this


There's one, a small road to the
east, but I don't have the man
power at short notice to put any
men there. Thats are mainly used
by farmers.
I understand. You've done a good
JOHN waves the policeman to come in closer.
I don't want any of you to stand
any where near the cars, keep
yourselves off the road. Take
cover behind the trees. You
members are only to engage the
suspects when I give the command.
We'll also have support from a SOG
team in the air. SOG, because of
your firepower, I want you to take
up positions behind the road
block. Men we can't afford to
let these guys get into Mildura.
If they do, it will turn into one
big cluster fuck. Me and my men
will be joining the SOG behind the
road block. Do you understand
what I have said?
A nod of heads from the gathering policeman.
Any questions?
A shake of heads from the group.
Senior Sergeant do we have an
update on the location of the
suspect vehicle?
I'll check.
JENKINS holding a portable police radio, yells into the
mouth piece.
Mildura 265.


WHILTSHIRE moves in closer to hear the radio.
                                         CUT TO:
                       FEMALE OPERATOR
Go ahead Mildura 265.
                       JENKINS (V.O)
Mildura 265 what's the location of
Echuca 607?
FEMALE OPERATOR looks at a screen in front of her, which
depicts three red dots moving along a road.
                       FEMALE OPERATOR
Mildura 265, looking at my screen
Mildura 607 is approximately 2ks'
before from your location. Merbein
207 is approximately two minutes
behind 607.
                                         CUT TO:
Mildura 265 receive that.
Good that means we'll have two
units behind the suspects. Lets
hope we can box them in. Ok men
we've only got a couple of minutes
till they get here. Senior
Sergeant can you tell
communications we're in position
and ready to go. Ok, get into
positions and take care.
JOHN turns to the helicopter on the ground and motions to
the pilot to take off with an upward thumb signal. The
pilot gives a thumbs up signal and the helicopter takes off
and joins the other helicopter carrying four SOG members.
The two helicopters take off, flying low to the ground
creating distance from the road block.


An aerial shot shows THE TEAM'S veicle is travelling at high
speed with Mildura 607 close by with Merbein 207 in hot
pursuit in the distance.

THE TEAM'S vehicle can be seen only one kilometers from the
road block. The distance between the two is closing

In the vehicle SARAH is gripping the steering wheel with
both hands at the two and ten o'clock position. Deep
concentration and a sign of fatigue is etched onto her face.
She keeps glancing back into the rear view mirror.

From the aerial view THE TEAM'S vehicle and their pursuers
pass a road block.

MATT glimpses a flash of the road block on his side.
Fuck, we just past another cop
Something tells me we're about to
come across a nasty surprise! Men,
get ready, safetys off.
The TEAM in the car release their safety catches on their
automatic rifles.
Sarah, get ready to do some fancy
THE TEAM'S vehicle races up a small rise in the road, when
it reaches the top all the occupants can see the road block
at the bottom. Surprised expressions appear on all their

Sarah with super quick reflexes changes down the gears and
brakes heavily at the same time keeping control of the car.
The car's engine and brakes howl at the sudden drop in

Sarah's eyes open wide as she sees the tire spikes stretched
across the road. She slams on the brakes and with stunt
like driving skills, flings the rear of the car around so
that it spins one hundred and eighty degrees, attempting to
avoid the tire spikes. To brace themselves the passengers
in the car grip onto anything they can.


Go Sarah! (Laughing)
SARAH'S reactions aren't quick enough the rear wheels of the
car slide across the tyre spikes and the loud popping sound
of the tyers can be heard inside the cabin of the vehicle.
Keep driving!
SARAH automatically responds and slams the accelerator to
the floor. The rear wheels are flat and as the vehicle
accelerates at high speed, the wheels come off the rims and
sparks fly from the road.

At the top of the rise is Mildura 607 and MERBEIN 207. Both
vehicles quickly finish parking across the road with each
police member from the vehicles running to opposite sides of
the road and seeking cover behind trees.
We need a car. Sarah take us to
those cop cars. You guys in the
back watch our rear, Sarah and I
will watch the front. We'll make a
move for the cop car on the left.
SARAH screeches the car to a halt in front of the police car
on the left. Instantly all the occupants of the car get
out. DAVID and SARAH go in a crouching position each
raising their rifles and taking aim at the police members on
each side of the road, who are each taking cover behind a
large tree.

As the individual police members see themselves under threat
they begin to shoot at DAVID and SARAH. DAVID is hit in the
left leg. He screams out in pain and falls on his left
knee. He returns automatic fire at MILDURA 607, pelting the
large tree with a hail of bullets. The face of the tree is
torn apart by the force of the bullets. MILDURA 607 is hit
in the chest and falls to the ground.

SARAH returns fire to MERBEIN 207 on her side, forcing him
to remain behind the tree. The firepower of the automatic
firearms is too much for the service revolver of ERBEIN 207.

JOHN seeing the road block hasn't worked, begins to yell


We need to get up there! (Looking
to his right and left) SOG split
into two teams, one go up on the
right, the other up on the left.
Uniform members, split up and
follow the SOG members. All
members open fire when you have a
clear shot.
The SOG teams and uniform members do as they are told. Each
group run from behind the cover of the police car road
block. JOHN, STEWART and ROD are with the SOG members on the
right hand side of the road.
MATT yelling at seeing the police coming up to their
Here they come.
Using the trees along the road side as cover, they move up
the rise. The SOG members leap frog from tree to tree. When
the lead SOG member has made sure that he has the members
behind covered, he motions the other SOG members behind to
run forward. The uniform members fill in the positions made
vacant by the SOG members.

MATT and PETER are both half sitting on their sides of the
rear seat using their rear quarter panels of the car as
concealment. Upon seeing the police members move up along
the tree line they open fire. Even though the police members
are still approximately two hundred metres away, the
automatic gun fire from MATT and PETER cause some of the SOG
and uniform members to dive for cover, and other members to
run for cover behind trees. Almost immediately police return
fire. MATT and PETER lean back into the rear seat avoiding
the bullets that race towards them, hitting the rear of the
PETER sees the helicopter flying towards them.
Fuck, we've got a chopper above.
The helicopter containing the second team of SOG members
flies in low over the police road block, abruptly turns
facing side on to THE TEAM'S vehicle and the SOG members in
the open side of the helicopter open fire down upon the car.
DAVID and SARAH turn around to look at the sky. The pain in
DAVID'S left leg makes him grimace. MATT leans back against
the drivers seat and commences with anger to kick out the


rear window of the vehicle. He glances briefly up into the
sky and then returns his attention back at the policemen
coming up on their rear, he opens fire.

SARAH fires up at the helicopter. DAVID joins in the
shooting, aiming at the rear rotor blade. PETER through the
empty rear window and MATT fire short quick bursts at the
approaching policeman.

DAVID and SARAH begin to make an impact on the helicopter.
One of SARAH'S bullets hits a SOG member, who falls from the
helicopter and is suspended like a puppet in mid air by a
rope, which is attached to the floor of the helicopter.

DAVID'S aim is true, his bullets hits the rear rotor blade.
The rotor blade begins to vibrate violently, causing the
helicopter to go into a spin. The helicopter responds to
this by flying away awkwardly, trailing the dead SOG member
through the air.
Yeah that's it fuck off, and don't
come back.
All right my side's clear, lets
make a move!
The gang begin to move as one. DAVID limps from his
position towards the police car on the left. On reaching
it, he takes cover behind the police car and commences to
fire over the bonnet, covering THE TEAM. PETER fires a
burst of gunfire at the policemen coming up from behind, he
then runs towards the police car, joining DAVID.

SARAH runs towards the police car, as she does this MERBEIN
207 comes from behind the tree and fires at her. SARAH
while running returns fire and hits MERBEIN 207 who falls to
the ground. SARAH takes cover with DAVID and PETER, all
three are now firing at the approaching police coming up
from behind.
Come on Matt, I'll cover you.
As MATT climbs out of the car, PETER fires a burst of rounds
towards the police. The police return fire when they can.
The shooting between the two groups is intense.
As MATT runs towards the police car, his gun becomes silent.
Caught by surprise that his magazine is empty, he
instinctively dumps his empty magazine and reaches for a


fresh one tucked in a side pocket of his jump suit. Just as
he clicks in the new magazine a SOG member takes his chance,
aims and fires a shot at MATT. The shot hits him in the neck
and blood erupts out uncontrollably. Total surprise comes
across MATT'S face. His grip on his firearm loosens and the
gun falls to the ground. Another shot rings out and hits him
in the side of the chest. The impact from the shot forces
him to stagger back and his knees suddenly become weak. MATT
falls to his knees, sways upright for a brief moment and
then falls face first to the ground.
PETER sensing something is wrong, turns around to see MATT
on the ground.
DAVID and SARAH sees MATT fall to the ground. At seeing one
of his team members fall, DAVID looks down at the oncoming
police, judging the distance between the fallen MATT and the
police. DAVID by accident spots JOHN making his way up
through the trees. For a brief moment he and JOHN make eye
contact, the connection is intense. Suddenly it all seems
to make sense to DAVID. DAVID'S surprised expression of
meeting an old foe is quickly replaced with intense hatred.
DAVID shouts to THE TEAM.
Give them everything we have. No
fucking mercy!!
At the command given THE TEAM fire a burst of rounds down on
the police on the left and right. An angry roar comes from
PETER. The noise of gun fire is deafening. Bark is ripped
from trees, limbs and leaves are torn off. A couple of SOG
members, uniform police and ROD fall under the onslaught of
the firepower directed towards them.

The retribution by the TEAM last for approximately fifteen
seconds. The sudden end of the rapid shooting is replaced
by a deathly silence.
Sarah, PETE, bring back MATT. I'll
PETER sensing an opportunity, runs back to MATT. He throws
his firearm over his shoulder and kneels down, grabbing
MATT'S body under the arms. He drags the body towards the
police car.

DAVID and SARAH run up beside PETER and cover him,
occasionally firing a burst of rounds at any policemen who


even thinks of sticking his head up.

When MATT'S body reaches the police car, SARAH jumps into
the drivers seat and starts the engine. DAVID is crouching
in the open front passenger door, covering PETER as he puts
MATT'S body into the back seat.
JOHN seeing the gang gaining another getaway car yells out
his command.
Don't let those fuckers get away.
JOHN the remaining SOG members and uniform police open fire
with all their power. A uniform member can be seen
reloading his pistol behind a tree and a SOG member dumping
his empty magazine and quickly placing it with another.
PETER is just able to get MATT'S body and himself into the
rear seat of the police car, a second before the fire power
hits the vehicle. DAVID jumps into the front passenger seat.
Go, go, go!
SARAH rams the cars gears into reverse and accelerates
behind the secondary police car, which provides temporary
cover against the police bullets. SARAH slams the car into
first and accelerates at high speed along the Highway.
When their only one hundred meters from the road block THE
TEAM see BURONGA 207 approaching them at a high rate of
Pete, at my command, fire at that
cop car. Sarah you do what ever
you have to do, to get past him.
Watching intently at the fast approaching police car, DAVID
is waiting for the right time to fire. As the police car is
within effective shooting range he gives the order.
Leaning out of their respective rear windows DAVID and PETER
open fire at the approaching police car. The windscreen of
the police car is instantly pelted by bullets, shredding the
windscreen. The police car veers off dramatically to the
left and drives off the road, flipping end over end.


JOHN runs out onto the road with STEWART, two of the
remaining SOG members and some of the uninjured uniformed
police officers. JOHN is still holding the shot gun in his
right hand. They're all standing near the TEAM'S vehicle.
JOHN looks around uncertain what to do. He runs his left
hand through his hair as he surveys the carnage around him.
He sees police walking around numbly, some laying still on
the ground and others holding wounds to various parts of
their bodies. The scene is almost to much for him, but he
realizes that the few members standing around are looking at
him, waiting for a command. JOHN takes a mental grip on
himself and begins to give orders.
Senior Sergeant Jenkins?
                       UNIFORM SERGEANT
Senior Sergeant Jenkins is dead
Fuck. How many are down?
                       UNIFORM SERGEANT
I don't know, I'm guessing three,
but I don't know what's happened
to that member over the hill.
JOHN turns around and sees the billowing smoke coming from
over the hill.
Sergeant send a man quickly to
find out the condition of that
Just as JOHN gives his order a stumbling MERBEIN 207 walks
over the rise. His face is badly burnt with blood dripping
down. His uniform is also badly burnt with parts of his
uniform torn. He staggers a few more steps, stands
unsteadily, weaving from side to side, before collapsing on
the road.

JOHN and the group of policeman run up the rise towards the
fallen MERBEIN 207. When JOHN gets there, he rolls the
policeman onto his back, resting him on his lap, looking
down at a young unconscious man.
Son, can you hear me?


No reply from the young policeman. JOHN rests the young
policeman's head on the ground and leans over his face to
feel if there is any breath on his cheek. Feeling the young
policeman breathing, he gently places him in the coma
JOHN stands up.
He's still breathing. Ok Sergeant
this is what I want you to do. Get
ambulances here urgently and look
after the wounded. Categorize them
from serious to minor. (Looks at
Where's Rod?
Didn't make it.
JOHN holds is face in both of his hands and groans in pain.
He looks at STEWART again and sees him holding his upper
right arm with his left. Blood is seeping through his
fingers. JOHN is concerned.
Concern comes across JOHN'S face as he sees STEWART holding
his upper right arm with his left. Blood is seeping through
his fingers.
It's ok boss, it just a nick.
JOHN looks at a female Senior Constable.
Senior, help the Sergeant look
after the wounded. When the Ambos
get here start setting up a crime
Stewy I want you to come with me.
(Looking at the two SOG members)
Guys you're also coming. We're
going to get those bastards!
As the helicopter races through the sky in pursuit of THE
TEAM, JOHN, STEWART and the two SOG members are seated in


the back. JOHN is seated on the left hand seat of the
chopper with SEWART beside him and the two SOG members on
the right hand side of the rear bench seat.
Talking into the radio mouth piece to the pilot.
Do a sweep, They can't have got
that far away. Fly wide of the
Highway, I'm guessing they'll take
the back roads. I don't want them
to see us.
The pilot nods his head and veers the helicopter off to the
right at a fast rate of speed.
DAVID sits in the front passenger seat applying pressure
with his left hand to his bleeding gun shot wound. The blood
from his wound is spreading down his leg, staining the seat.
SARAH looks over and casts a worried look at DAVID. A bead
of perspiration runs across the forehead of DAVID. DAVID
looks at SARAH and smiles, trying to reassure her.

SARAH takes her eyes away, focuses her attention on the road
ahead, however a tear runs down her face. PETER seeing the
look of worry on SARAH'S face, moves in the back seat to
position himself in between the two front seats. He looks
at DAVID and the wound he's holding.
You ok Dave?
I'm ok, what we have to worry
about is getting out of this mess.
Sarah do you remember this area
from the map?
Good, get off this highway and
backtrack towards the boarder. We
need to dump this cop car and find
a place to bunker down. (Pause)
The cop who put me away was back


What's the chances of that
happening, the same cop?
      (Thinking intently)
Low, very low. Something or
someone stinks.
JOHN is sitting in the helicopter looking out in the
distance in deep concentration. He's scanning the roads
hoping to see the stolen police car.

In the distance he spots the stolen police car on a road
travelling at a fast rate of speed.
Speaks into the mouthpiece and points towards the police
Over there, 10 o'clock. There
heading towards the boarder.
The pilot looks over and upon seeing the police car nods his
Remember we don't wont to be seen.
Fly low and wide and get us to the
bridge! We don't want them
crossing over.
The pilot again nods his head and the engines roar as the
helicopter descends.
THE TEAM are in the police car travelling at high speed
along the Highway.
SARAH looks across at DAVID.
Dave, we're...
A worried look crosses over SARAH'S face as she sees DAVID'S
head leaning forward onto his chest, he's almost on the
verge of unconsciousness.


At hearing the worried shout from SARAH, PETER instantly
leans forward and looks around the seat at DAVID who's
profusely perspiring and the color of his skin is grey.
PETER places his left hand on DAVID'S right shoulder and
shakes him gently.
Dave, come on mate, pull it
together. We need you.
DAVID opens his eyes slowly and leans his head back into the
Fuck, I'm still here, don't you
guys count me out yet. (Pause)
What's going on?
We've back tracked, my guess we're
coming up to the boarder soon. No
sign of any cops.
I don't like it. One minute we're
surrounded by cops, next there's
DAVID breathing heavy.
You're right.
      (Trying to be
Come on guys, I thought we were
fucked back there, but we got out.
What's ever ahead we'll fight our
way out of that too. Then we'll
get you fixed up Dave.
Tears slowly run down SARAH'S face. PETER becomes somber
and looks down at the body of MATT laying on the backseat of
the car. MATT'S lifeless expression is staring straight back


(Slow motion) The men in the car look forward at SARAH'S
outburst. They see in front of them a bridge, which is
approximately a hundred meters away. Rising fast out of the
river next to the bridge is a police helicopter.

DAVID opens his eyes wide and gathering reserves of energy
he takes hold of his weapon and leans out of his side
window. PETER does the same.

The helicopter is facing side ways, exposing the interior of
the cabin. JOHN is sitting on the edge of his seat with a
shot gun raised against his shoulder. SEWART is kneeling to
his right, also holding a shot gun and the two SOG members
are standing behind them having connected themselves to the
roof of the helicopter with ropes.

Almost as if on a silent cue, both sides open fire at each
other. Both groups are yelling and screaming from being
caught up in the fire fight. Bullets pelt the helicopter
and the stolen police car.

Bullets hit the windscreen of the stolen police car and go
straight through. One bullet hits SARAH'S in the left arm.
This causes her to loose control of the police car, which
careers out of control to the right and hurtle past the
bridge. It catapults off the river bank into the river

The car hits the water with great force, flipping over. It
sinks briefly then rises on to it's roof. The police car is
slowly dragged down the river by the current.
Approximately 500 meters down from the bridge, DAVID's head
slowly comes out of the murky river. He's on all fours,
crawling towards the muddy river bank, his head is facing
down with blood dripping from a wound on his forehead. The
sound of a helicopter can be heard hovering in the distance.
His breathing is shallow and rattled. He's struggling to get
out of the river.
SHANE and ALEX are sitting at a table in a nice family
restaurant both are eating their meals and having a relaxed
They should be arriving in
Melbourne soon. Alex it's always
been a pleasure doing business


                       SHANE (cont'd)
with you. No bullshit, always
My friend, I feel the same.
SHANE's mobile phone which is sitting on the table rings. He
looks over and sees that no caller ID comes up on the
      (Looks at Alex)
They can leave a message.
Answer it, it might be a beautiful
SHANE reaches over and answers the call.
                       DAVID (V.O)
      (Soft, weak voice)
Dad, I need your help...
SHANE'S face suddenly turns deafly pale.
JOHN, STEWART and SUSAN are in DAVID'S lavish penthouse
lounge room. The room is fully lit, all of them are wearing
their police I.Ds around their necks.

SUSAN is sitting on a plush sofa. JOHN is standing up,
STEWART is in the kitchen. A large window exposes City views
in the background.

JOHN and STEWART are tired and disheveled from the long day
they've had. In the center of the lounge room in front of
JOHN are the eight black canvas bags that THE TEAM used to
carry the money in.
      (Opens the fridge
       in the kitchen
       and looks in)
Anyone want a beer?


Sounds like an excellent idea.
Lets celebrate and I'm thirsty as
all fuck. It's been a big day.
No, I'm fine.
Kathy, have a drink! We couldn't
have done this without you.
Shakes her head.
Just two beers then.
STEWART takes three beers out of the fridge, turns around
and searches through a top draw in the kitchen for a bottle
opener. He finds the opener and opens two bottles of beer on
the kitchen bench.
Kath, your not sad about that
crime getting what he deserved?
Of course shes not, not our girl.
JOHN and SEWART look at each other with concern over SUSAN'S
Walks into the lounge room with the beers and hands one to
Here you go.
      (Holds up his
Here's to a successful days work
and to Kath, to whom we couldn't
have done this without.
The men hold up their bottles and in unison, "Kath."

SUSAN looks around at the men with a sad smile.
                                         CUT TO:


Two pairs of legs are walking across a quiet City lane way
late at night. There's very little car traffic. The pair of
legs to the left are wearing suit pants and pair of legs to
the right are wearing filthy denim jeans covered in mud. The
pair of legs to the left are supporting the pair of legs to
the right, which are stumbling trying to walk upright with
                                         CUT TO:
Lets do this thing and get out of
here. I figure we take two mill
each and put the rest in as
Because that's all we found at the
      (Smile raises his
That's right, that's all we found.
Lets start counting this.
To bad Rod isn't here.
Yeahh to bad. I'm not sure if we
could have trusted him. He was
still a little green. I think he
needed a little more time to come
around to our way of thinking.
JOHN walks to the bags. He bends down to one of the bags and
unzips it. The bag is filled with bank notes, bundled
      (Looks around at
       the others in the
This wont take long. They've done
all the hard work for us. (


                       JOHN (cont'd)
                                         CUT TO:
A lift bell rings as a lift door opens up. Out of the
elevator walk the same pair of legs crossing the City lane
way previously. The legs walk onto plush clean white carpet.
The pair of legs on the right are leaving muddy footprints
footprints on the carpet. The left foot print has fresh
blood mixed in with the mud. The pair of legs to the left
are still supporting the pair of legs to the right. Both
pair of legs are stumbling their way to a ornate wooden
apartment door at the far end of the corridor.
                                         CUT TO:
Come on guys, I'm not counting
this myself.
STEWART's face becomes frozen with fear. He's looking
towards the hallway entrance that leads into the lounge
room. SUSAN automatically senses something terribly wrong,
she looks straight at STEWART, then immediately looks in the
direction that STEWARTS staring. STEWART'S face is one of
total disbelief. SUSAN'S face turns pale with shock.
JOHN is kneeling down at the black bag taking bundles of
money out of it. Now sensing the tense mood in the room he
looks up at STEWART.
STEWART doesn't say a word, he's stuck in fear. JOHN sensing
danger slowly looks around while still kneeling.
Standing at the entrance to the lounge room are SHANE and
DAVID. DAVID'S clothing is torn in places, mud, dirt and
fresh cuts are spread across his face. Fresh blood is coming
from a wound in his right leg. DAVID is pale from loss of
blood. SHANE is wearing what was an immaculate suit, but now
the right side is covered by mud and blood from supporting



The expression on DAVID'S face is of total betrayal seeing
SUSAN in the room with her police I.D around her neck, being
with the detectives and recognizing the bags of money on the
floor. SHANE'S look is of total hatred. SHANE is holding in
his right hand an automatic 9mm pistol, which he is pointing
towards the group in the lounge room.
You've got to be shitting me!
SHANE still supporting DAVID, slowly releases him. SHANE
stands erect and is totally focused on the group in the

DAVID takes his own weight and supports himself against the
wall. Slowly with pain, DAVID reaches into the inside of
his jacket and pulls out a 9mm automatic pistol. He rises
the pistol to waist height and also points it at the group.
      (Looks at Susan
       with betrayal.
       Very tired.)
I came back for you!
David I....
      (Quiet Anger)
Shut the fuck up. You're not
talking your way out of this one
SUSAN is looking at DAVID with mixed emotions, guilt,
remorse, betrayal and seeking forgiveness.
Someone once said to me. Shane,
cops have a job to do, but when
they become crooked, they're no
longer doing their job. No one
likes a bent cop and I can see
why. It leaves a fucking nasty
taste in your mouth. RIGHT NOW,
THIS SECOND there's one thing I
hate more than anything else, and
that's fucking bent cops.
(SLOW MOTION) JOHN quickly reaches for his service revolver
under his jacket, while he's kneeling.


      (Seeing JOHN reach
       for his pistol)
SHANE fires two rounds into JOHN as he just manages to pull
out his service revolver. JOHN collapses to the ground dead.
SUSAN instantly lays on the couch in the foetal position
covering her head. STEWART pulls out his service pistol and
starts to aim it at SHANE. SHANE instantly fires three
rounds into STEWART'S chest, which throws STEWART onto the
ground, his pistol falls from his hand, he's dead.
ROD looking at SHANE, slowly shakes his head seeking mercy.
ROD recognizes there's no mercy from SHANE and realizes he's
dead. SHANE fires three rounds into ROD'S chest. ROD is
thrown back against the window and slowly slumps to the
ground dead.
Now that's a better taste.
SHANE looks across at DAVID. The two men meet each others
gaze. There's a silent communication between them. After a
long pause, DAVID nods his head. SHANE stands still as DAVID
limps painfully around the couch. SUSAN comes out of the
foetal position and looks up at DAVID standing over her with
the pistol pointing directly at her. DAVID is grief
stricken, he has tear running down his cheek, causing rivets
down his mud, blood soaked face.
Did you ever love me?
I do.
How? There was never any TRUST!
(SCREAMS in pain)
DAVID fires three rounds into SUSAN'S chest.
DAVID is a shattered man. He's staring down at SUSAN in a
misery zombie like state.

SHANE quickly but quietly walks up to DAVID and gently pries
the pistol from his hand. SHANE then walks around the
kitchen bench and grabs a clothe from the kitchen, he
returns to STEWART with the clothe, he bends down and picks
up STEWART'S pistol, which he wipes down with the clothe and
replaces back into the holster under STEWART'S jacket. SHANE
wipes DAVID'S pistol down and places it into STEWART'S dead


right hand. SHANE stands up and quickly walks over to SUSAN.
SHANE wipes his pistol down with the clothe and places the
pistol into her right hand. SHANE stands back and looks
around at the room. Satisfied he looks at DAVID with
Son, we have to go (pause) now.
DAVID turns mechanically and looks at SHANE, tears are
streaming down his face. SHANE'S heart goes out to his son.
We cant stay any longer.
DAVID slowly nods his head. SHANE takes DAVID around the
waist and the two men slowly make their way towards the
apartment hallway with DAVID once again leaning on SHANE.
It's a sunny day, SHANE and DAVID are walking down a
yachting pier each carrying a sports luggage bag in their
right hands. Both men are dressed in very casual but neat
yachting clothing. DAVID is walking with a slight limp. He
has a small bandage taped across the top of his right eye
brow. He's got slight bruising under his left eye. SHANE and
DAVID are relaxed as they approach a large yacht moored
beside the pier. They look onto the deck of the yacht, which
is deserted.
A middle aged sailor sticks his head out of the galley.
The Smiths I take it?
That's right.


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From Thomas John Stevens Date 12/20/2013 ****
Loved it.

From Ria Simpson Date 12/15/2013 **
I think you have a gift for dialogue, but watch your spelling.

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